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Felliscliffe Census Returns 1861

The 1861 census in Felliscliffe is covered by piece RG 9/3206, Folios 49 to 56.
The district contained 347 people on the day of the census. The Enumerator was William Hare Gill.
The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

1 Kettlesing Bottom GILL William Hare Head U 25 Farmer of 21 acres (empl 1 man) Kettlesing Bottom 49a
  Kettlesing House GILL Tibbey Moth W 55 Independent (annuitant) Dacre 49a
    THOMPSON Robert Serv U 13 Farm Servant Aldborough 49a
2 Kettlesing Bottoms OSBORNE Mary Head W 62 School Listress Fisholme 49a
3 Kettlesing Bottoms CALVERLEY Elizabeth Head U 76 Receiving Parochial relief Felliscliffe 49a
    ELSWORTH Elizabeth   U 73 Receiving Parochial relief (deaf) Stainley 49a
4 Crag Lane BUSFIELD Jonathan Head M 34 Farmer of 20 Acres Darley 49a
    BUSFIELD Hannah E Wife M 31   Shipton 49a
    BUSFIELD Jonathan Son   10 Scholar Kettlesing 49a
    BUSFIELD Hannah E Daur   7 Scholar Kettlesing 49a
    BUSFIELD Susannah Daur   4   Kettlesing 49a
    BUSFIELD William Son   1   Kettlesing 49a
5 Crag Lane HORNBY John Head M 58 Farmer of 17 acres Huby 49a
    HORNBY Eliza Wife M 42   Chapeltown 49a
    HORNBY Hannah E Daur   12 Scholar Pannal 49a
    HORNBY Mary J Daur   11 Scholar Felliscliffe 49a
6 Crag Lane WAITE William Head M 70 Farmer of 28 acres Weston 49a
    WAITE Susannah Wife M 60   Kettlesing 49a
    WAITE Susannah Daur U 20   Felliscliffe 49a
7 Crag Lane LUMLEY Robert Head M 26 Farmer of 56 acres empl 1 man Birstwith 49a
    LUMLEY Mary A. Wife M 27   Pannal 49a
    LUMLEY Anne G. Daur   5ms   Felliscliffe 49a
    WOOD Mary Serv   12 House servant Pannal 49a
    SKIRROW George Serv   18 Carter Knaresborough 49a
8 White Wall GOODEAR William Head W 61 Farmer of 20 acres Great Ouseburn 49b
    GOODEAR William Son M 29 Railway Lab Felliscliffe 49b
    GOODEAR Elizabeth D-in-L M 24 Railway Lab wife Darley 49b
    GOODEAR William Gson   5   Pateley Bridge 49b
    GOODEAR Rose A Gdau   2   Felliscliffe 49b
9 White Wall DAVIDSON Wilks Head M 46 Farmer of 16 acres(Wesleyan local Norwood 49b
    DAVIDSON Elizabeth Wife M 46 Preacher) Felliscliffe 49b
    DAVIDSON William C Son   11   Felliscliffe 49b
    DAVIDSON Fanny Daur   9   Felliscliffe 49b
    DAVIDSON Elizabeth Daur   7   Felliscliffe 49b
    DAVIDSON Horner Son   4   Felliscliffe 49b
    DAVIDSON Lupton Son   2   Felliscliffe 49b
10 White Wall DAVY John Head M 56 Ag. Lab Birstwith 49b
    DAVY Martha Wife M 66   Kilvington 49b
11 Tang BOLTON John Head U 45 Farmer of 40 acres empl 1 man & weslean local praecher Birstwith 49b
    SWALES Sarah E Serv U 25 House Servant Caton 49b
12 Tang MARSTON James Head   36 Farmer of 13 acres empl 1 boy Dunkeswick 49b
    MARSTON Hannah Wife   36   Stainburn 49b
    MARSTON James Son   5   Caton 49b
    MARSTON Priscilla A Daur   4ms   Felliscliffe 49b
    DAVY ? Martha Step Dau   12   Lindley 49b
13 Tang GILL Mary Head W 64 Farmer of 15 acres Felliscliffe 49b
14   SNOW Elizabeth Head W 70 Independent (annuitant) Felliscliffe 49b
15 Tang GILL John Head M 35 Farmer of 30 acres empl 1 man Westmorland 50a
    GILL Mary Wife M 36   Birstwith 50a
    GILL Sarah Daur   6ms   Felliscliffe 50a
    WALMSLEY Christiana Step dau   10 Scholar Felliscliffe 50a
    WALMSLEY Joseph Step son   9 Scholar Felliscliffe 50a
    FELL Richard F-in-L W 78 Ag Lab Birstwith 50a
16 West Syke Green SNOW William Head   45 Farmer of 52 acres empl 1 man Birstwith 50a
    SNOW Mary A Wife   38   Farnham 50a
    SNOW Mary J Daur   17   Birstwith 50a
    SNOW Richard Son   15   Felliscliffe 50a
    SNOW Francis Son   12   Felliscliffe 50a
    SNOW Emma Daur   10 Scholar Felliscliffe 50a
    SNOW Elizabeth Daur   8 Scholar Felliscliffe 50a
    SNOW William Son   5 Scholar Felliscliffe 50a
    SNOW Smith Son   2   Felliscliffe 50a
    FELL Jacob Lab U 28 Ag Lab Birstwith 50a
17 West Syke Green BARKER Nicholas Head M 63 School Master Cononley 50a
  Day School BARKER Ellen Wife M 48 School Mistress Howgill 50a
    BARKER Selina Daur   13 Scholar Bingley 50a
    BARKER Albert Son   10 Scholar Bingley 50a
18 West Syke Green SWIRES Thomas Head M 56 Farmer of 33 acres Felliscliffe 50a
    SWIRES Ann Wife M 56   Fewston 50a
    SWIRES Ann Daur U 20   Leeds 50a
    SWIRES William Son U 16   Westend 50a
    SWIRES Jane Daur   11 Scholar Westend 50a
19 West Syke Green SMITH William Head M 32 Farmer of 33 acres Birstwith 50b
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife M 30   Hampsthwaite 50b
    SMITH Mary A Daur   6   Felliscliffe 50b
    SMITH Elizabeth Daur   5   Felliscliffe 50b
    SMITH John S Son   3   Felliscliffe 50b
    SMITH Deborah Daur   1   Felliscliffe 50b
20 Long Lane SHEPHERD John Head W 92 Farmer of 28 acres empl 2 man Ripon 50b
    SHEPHERD Thomas Son M 40 Ag Lab Swincliffe 50b
    SHEPHERD Hannah D-in-L M 33   Beckwithshaw 50b
    BINNS William S Gson   19 Farm Servant Felliscliffe 50b
21 Long Lane SMITH John Head M 74 Retired farmer Felliscliffe 50b
    SMITH Elizabeth Wife M 59   Fewston 50b
    OUTHWAITE William lodg W 40 Stone Quarryman Harrogate 50b
22 Long Lane BIRKENSHAW Sarah Head M 52 Farmer of 8 acres Pateley Bridge 50b
    BIRKENSHAW Joseph Son   13 Scholar Felliscliffe 50b
    BIRKENSHAW John Son   10 Scholar Felliscliffe 50b
    BIRKENSHAW William Gson   8 Scholar Felliscliffe 50b
    GREENWOOD Emily ? Board   4 Scholar Spofforth 50b
23 Pond House ELLIS John Head M 41 Farmer of 51 Acres Darley 50b
    ELLIS Rebecca Wife M 34   Darley 50b
    ROBINSON Jane Serv U 24 House Servant Birstwith 50b
    THORPE Joseph Serv U 17 Farm Servant Darley 50b
24 Long Lane BROWN Thomas Head M 68 Farmer of 26 acres not known 51a
    BROWN Dinah Wife M 56   Felliscliffe 51a
    BROWN Francis W Serv U 24   Felliscliffe 51a
    BROWN ? Daur U 18   Felliscliffe 51a
25 Long Lane HOUSEMAN Thomas Head M 66 Farmer of 82 acres empl 1 man Darley 51a
    HOUSEMAN Betty Wife M 58   Thornthwaite 51a
    HOUSEMAN John Son U 31   Darley 51a
    HOUSEMAN Rebecca Daur U 25 Dress maker Felliscliffe 51a
    LUMLEY Mary A Gdau   10 House Servant Felliscliffe 51a
    WAITE William Serv   13 Farm Servant Felliscliffe 51a
26 Swincliffe Side SANDERSON Thomas Head M 57 Farmer of 22 acres Bishop Thornton 51a
    SANDERSON Ann Wife M 48   Bishop Thornton 51a
    SANDERSON John Son U 24   Bishop Thornton 51a
    SANDERSON Mary Daur U 20   Felliscliffe 51a
    SANDERSON Elizabeth Daur U 16   Felliscliffe 51a
    SAYNOR Tereza Niece   9   Market Weeton 51a
27 Swincliffe Hill GILL Thomas Head M 66 Willow Sieve Maker Lanceston 51a
    GILL Elizabeth Wife M 65   Wetherby 51a
28 Swincliffe Hill HOLDSWORTH Joseph Head W 52 Farmer of 13 acres Bishop Thornton 51a
    HOLDSWORTH Hannah Daur U 19 Working In Cotton Factory Clint 51a
    HOLDSWORTH Mary Daur   15 Scholar Clint 51a
    HOLDSWORTH Thomas Son   12 Scholar Clint 51a
29 Swincliffe Hill PETTY Thomas Head U 44 Hawker of Drapery Goods Kirkby 51b
30 Swincliffe Top ANDERSON ? Thomas Head M 21 Mason's lab ? Great Osborne 51b
    ANDERSON ? Elizabeth Wife M 18   Newton on Ouse 51b
31 Swincliffe Top SUTTILL Hannah Head W 48 Inkeeper Killinghall 51b
  Bay House In SUTTILL John Son U 18 Stone Mason Killinghall 51b
    SUTTILL Elizabeth Daur   12 Scholar Killinghall 51b
    SUTTILL Ralph Son   10   Harrogate 51b
32 Swincliffe Top SMITH William Head M 30 Blacksmith Ripon 51b
    SMITH Ann Wife M 33   Lofthouse 51b
    SMITH Sarah J Daur   10   Hampsthwaite 51b
    SMITH John Son   7   Hampsthwaite 51b
    SMITH Alice Daur   4   Killinghall 51b
    SMITH Robert Son   2   Hampsthwaite 51b
    DIXON ? Joseph Lodg U 60 Farm Lab Ripon 51b
33 Swincliffe Top HOLDSWORTH Thomas Head M 48 Farmer of 34 acres Hampsthwaite 51b
    HOLDSWORTH Mary A Wife M 44   Felliscliffe 51b
    ALLEN Charles Serv U 17 Carter Studley 51b
34 Swincliffe Top WAITE Ann Head W 44 Washwoman not known 51b
    WAITE Elizabeth Daur   12   Swincliffe 51b
35 Swincliffe Top LONG Elizabeth Head W 67? Poultry dealer Darley 51b
    LONG Christopher Son M 36 Ag Lab Birstwith 51b
    LONG Emma Gdau   3   Hampsthwaite 51b
    LONG James Gson   1   Hampsthwaite 51b
    LONG Joseph Gson   1   Hampsthwaite 51b
36 Swincliffe Top SILVERSIDES Joseph Head M 34 Farmer of 5 acres Wreaks 52a
    SILVERSIDES Mary A Wife M 28   Hampsthwaite 52a
    SILVERSIDES Mary Daur   4   Swincliffe 52a
    SILVERSIDES Sarah Daur   1   Swincliffe 52a
37 Swincliffe Top DALBY Robert Head W 68 Ag Lab Hampsthwaite 52a
38 Swincliffe Top MORREL Joseph Head M 46 Ag Lab Farnham 52a
    MORREL Elizabeth Wife M 44   Hampsthwaite 52a
    MORREL Joseph Son U 19 Ag Lab Felliscliffe 52a
    MORREL Ann Daur   11 Scholar Felliscliffe 52a
    MORREL Tom Son   9 Scholar Felliscliffe 52a
39 Swincliffe Top SINCLAIR Henry Head M 65 Cordwainer Not Known 52a
    SINCLAIR Sarah Wife M 69   Not Known 52a
40 Cote Syke WARDMAN Mary Head W 57 Farmer of 64 acres empl 1 boy Hampsthwaite 52a
    WARDMAN Thomas Son U 20   Hampsthwaite 52a
    WARDMAN Elizabeth J Daur U 15   Felliscliffe 52a
41 Grayston Plain STEAD Elizabeth Head W 61 Farmer of 111 acres Haverah Park 52a
  Hampsthwaite House HAINSWORTH Mary A Niece U 17 Farmers niece Bishop Thornton 52a
    ROBINSON William Serv U 18 Farm servant Felliscliffe 52a
42 Grayston Plain DALBY William Head M 33 Railway Lab Swincliffe 52a
    DALBY Mary Wife M 28   Hampsthwaite 52a
    DALBY John Son   6 Scholar Felliscliffe 52a
    DALBY ? Son   ?   Felliscliffe 52a
    LEEDHAM John B-in-L U 21 Tailor Swincliffe 52a
43 Grayston Plain SMITH Edward Head M 94? Repairer of Highways (1851 60) not known 52b
    SMITH Sarah Wife M 84? (in 1851 66) Beckwithshaw 52b
44 Grayston Plain BRAMLEY William Head W 66 Repairer of Highways Killinghall 52b
45 Grayston Plain ELLISE Thomas Head M 63 Farmer of 160 acres Felliscliffe 52b
    ELLISE Elizabeth Wife M 55   Sawley 52b
    ELLISE Elizabeth Daur U 22   Felliscliffe 52b
    ELLISE Thomas Son U 21   Felliscliffe 52b
    ELLISE Sarah J Daur   14   Felliscliffe 52b
    ELLISE Eliza Gdau   3   Felliscliffe 52b
    WAITE William Serv U 19   Knaresborough 52b
46 Grayston Plain FOSTER Christopher Head M 63 Farmer of 140 acres Sutton 52b
    FOSTER Ann Wife M 53   Bishop Thornton 52b
    FOSTER John Son U 25   Hampsthwaite 52b
    FOSTER Mary Daur U 21   Hampsthwaite 52b
    FOSTER Stephen Son U 17   Hampsthwaite 52b
    FOSTER Francis Son   13   Felliscliffe 52b
47 Grayston Plain BAYNES William Head M 31 Farmer of 14 acres Warsil 52b
    BAYNES Ann Wife M 33   Markington 52b
48 Grayston Plain LUPTON John Head M 48 Farmer of 70 acres Felliscliffe 52b
    LUPTON Margaret F Wife M 35   Ripon 52b
    LUPTON John Son   7   Felliscliffe 52b
    LUPTON Fanny Daur   6   Felliscliffe 52b
    LUPTON Clara Daur   5   Felliscliffe 52b
    LUPTON Blakey Son   2   Felliscliffe 52b
49 Grayston Plain STOTT Thomas Head M 34 Ag Lab Ingerthorpe 53a
    STOTT Sarah A Wife M 30   Hampsthwaite 53a
    STOTT Swires Son   4   Snape 53a
    STOTT Eleanor Daur   3   Snape 53a
    STOTT Ann Daur   1   Snape 53a
    STOTT Ada Daur   6ms   Felliscliffe 53a
50 Moor Park LUPTON James Head M 41 Farmer of 123 acres Felliscliffe 53a
    LUPTON Mary A Wife M 33   Fewston 53a
    LUPTON John Son   13   Clint 53a
    LUPTON Ann Daur   12   Clint 53a
    LUPTON James Son   10   Felliscliffe 53a
    LUPTON Elizabeth Daur   9   Felliscliffe 53a
    LUPTON William Son   7   Felliscliffe 53a
    LUPTON Ellen Daur   2   Felliscliffe 53a
51 Moor Park AVESON John Head M 44 Farmer of 80 acres Hartwith 53a
    AVESON Rose Wife M 37   Clint 53a
    LEUTY James Serv U 35   Harrogate 53a
52 Knabs LUMLEY Thomas Head M 47 Farmer of 24 acres Felliscliffe 53a
    LUMLEY Mary Wife M 37   Darley 53a
    LUMLEY Elizabeth Daur   8   Felliscliffe 53a
    LUMLEY Sarah Daur   6   Felliscliffe 53a
    LUMLEY Hannah Daur   4   Felliscliffe 53a
    LUMLEY Margaret Daur   2   Felliscliffe 53a
53 Knabs Grove HOLDSWORTH William Head W 77 Ag Lab Bishop Thornton 53b
  Knabs House PICKLES Grace Serv U 46 House Keeper Darley 53b
    PEEL Ann Vis W 54 Farmer (acres not known) Felliscliffe 53b
54 Kettlesing BRAMLEY John Head U 45 Farmer 41 acres (empl 1 man) Fewston 53b
    HOUSEMAN Martha Serv U 17 House Servant Felliscliffe 53b
    REYNARD Jonathan Serv U 23 Farm servant Birstwith 53b
55 Kettlesing JACKSON John Head U 40 Ag Lab Felliscliffe 53b
56 Kettlesing DARNBROOK William Head   50 Farmer of 28 acres empl 1 man Lindley 53b
    DARNBROOK Elizabeth Wife   42   Felliscliffe 53b
    DARNBROOK Miriam Daur   13 Scholar Felliscliffe 53b
    DARNBROOK Joseph Son   8 Scholar Felliscliffe 53b
    DARNBROOK William Son   4 Scholar Felliscliffe 53b
    REYNARD Mark Serv   13 Farm servant Birstwith 53b
57 Skipton Road DANSON Richard Head M 65 Farmer of 5 acres Riffa 53b
    DANSON Elizabeth Wife M 55 Cattle doctor Norwood 53b
58 Kettlesing SIDDLE George Head M 52   Bewerley 53b
    SIDDLE Sophia Wife M 34   Hessey 53b
    SIDDLE Ellen   U 15   Felliscliffe 53b
    SIDDLE Priscilla Daur   11   Felliscliffe 53b
    SIDDLE Alfred Son   9 Scholar Felliscliffe 53b
59 Kettlesing BINNS Robert Head   50 Farmer of 35 acres empl 1 man Timble 54a
    BINNS Harriet Wife   33   Timble 54a
    BINNS Rhodes Son   11   Felliscliffe 54a
    BINNS Timothy Son   10   Felliscliffe 54a
    BINNS Harriet Daur   8   Felliscliffe 54a
    BINNS Hannah Daur   6   Felliscliffe 54a
    BINNS Ann Daur   4   Felliscliffe 54a
    BINNS Louiza Daur   2   Felliscliffe 54a
    BINNS Emma Daur   3ms   Felliscliffe 54a
60 Kettlesing DARNBROUGH Edmond? Head U 48 Ag Lab Kettlesing 54a
    DARNBROUGH Sarah sis U 40 Washerwoman Kettlesing 54a
61 Kettlesing BRAMLEY William Head M 55 Farmer of 47 acres Fewston 54a
    BRAMLEY Mary A Wife M 36   Kettlesing Head 54a
    EMSLEY William F-in-L W 66 Retired farmer Norwood 54a
    HEWITT Joseph Serv U 16 Farm servant Wreaks 54a
62 Kettlesing DARNBROUGH George Head M 37 Farmer of 47 acres Felliscliffe 54a
    DARNBROUGH Elizabeth Wife M 45   Fewston 54a
    HARDISTY Mary Niece U 17 House Servant Swincliffe 54a
    KNABY? Mark Serv U 16 Carter Ireland 54a
63 Kettlesing Head HORNBY Richard Head M 34 Farm lab Huby 54b
    HORNBY Ann Wife M 31   Pateley Bridge 54b
    HORNBY Edmond Son   11 Groom Kettlesing Bottom 54b
    HORNBY William Son   9 Scholar Kettlesing Bottom 54b
    HORNBY Jane Daur   6 Scholar Kettlesing Bottom 54b
    HORNBY Charles Son   4   Kettlesing Head 54b
    HORNBY Richard Son   1   Kettlesing Head 54b
64 Kettlesing Head WARDMAN James Head M 34 Farmer of 37 acres Hampsthwaite 54b
    WARDMAN Elizabeth Wife M 35   Kirk Deighton 54b
    WARDMAN George J Son   9 Scholar Hampsthwaite 54b
    WARDMAN Jane E Daur   8 Scholar Hampsthwaite 54b
    WARDMAN Mary S Daur   5   Killinghall 54b
    WARDMAN John W Son   2   Felliscliffe 54b
65 Kettlesing Head FRENCH Susannah Head W 79 Formerly Toll collector (Highways) Harewood 54b
66 Kettlesing Head FREEMAN William Head M 52 Innkeeper & Farmer of Geeses Pannal 54b
  Black Bull Inn FREEMAN Mary Wife M 49   Huby 54b
    FREEMAN Elizabeth Daur U 19   Farnley Otley 54b
    FREEMAN Harriet Daur   14   Farnley Otley 54b
67 Kettlesing Head FRENCH Moses Head M 60 Farmer of 114 acres Weeton 54b
    FRENCH Elizabeth Wife M 64   Lancashire 54b
    FRENCH Aaron Son U 35   Pannal 54b
68 Kettlesing Head WEBSTER Thomas Head M 53 Linen Weaver & Toll Collector (Highway) Ripon 54b
  Toll House WEBSTER Mary Wife M 51   Pateley Bridge 54b
    WEBSTER Thomas Son   8 Scholar Darley 54b
69 Kettlesing Head MORRELL Joseph Head M 32 Farmer of 27 acres Haverah Park 55a
    MORRELL Martha H Wife M 34   Fewston 55a
    MORRELL Annie E Daur   2   Felliscliffe 55a
70 Cold Coats ELLISE Marmaduke Head M 46 Farmer of 80 acres empl 1 man Felliscliffe 55a
    ELLISE Susannah Wife M 42   Darley 55a
    ELLISE Mary J Daur   4   Felliscliffe 55a
    ELLISE Sarah A Daur   1   Felliscliffe 55a
    COATES Mary Serv   10 House servant Darley 55a
    PULLAN Thomas Serv U 15 Farm servant Sawley 55a
71 Cold Coats GRANT Robert Head M 61   Pateley Bridge 55a
    GRANT Mary Wife M 60 Farmr of 50 acres empl 1 man Darley 55a
    THORPE John Serv   11 Farm servant Kettlesing 55a
72 Cold Coats BOLTON George Head U 48 Farmer of 27 acres Hampsthwaite 55a
    PIPES Elizabeth Serv U 42 House Servant Brompton 55a
73 Cold Coats NORFOLK Christopher Head   58 Farmer of 11 acres Snape 55a
    NORFOLK Elizabeth Wife   23   Caton 55a
    NORFOLK William Son   3   Felliscliffe 55a
    NORFOLK Christopher Son   1   Felliscliffe 55a
74 Cotter End TOWERS George Head M 51 Farmer Lindley 55a
    TOWERS Sarah Wife M 45   Hampsthwaite 55a
    TOWERS Wilkinson Son   11   Felliscliffe 55a
    TOWERS Sarah Daur   9   Felliscliffe 55a
    TOWERS George Son   6   Felliscliffe 55a
    TOWERS Joseph Son   6   Felliscliffe 55a
75 Staups GRAHAM William Head M 66 Farmer of 11 ac & House carpenter Felliscliffe 55b
    GRAHAM Sarah Wife M 56   Birstwith 55b
    GRAHAM Jane A Daur U 18 Dress maker Felliscliffe 55b
    GRAHAM Richard Son U 15 Scholar Birstwith 55b
76 Staups REYNARD Joseph Head M 31 Farmer of 11 acres Hampsthwaite 55b
    REYNARD Elizabeth Wife M 29   Dacre Banks 55b
    REYNARD John W Son   5   Birstwith 55b
    REYNARD Thomas Son   1   Felliscliffe 55b
    REYNARD Faith Daur   4ms   Felliscliffe 55b
77 Kettlesing WALMSLEY Joseph Head M 38 Farmer of 47 acres Felliscliffe 55b
  Summer House WALMSLEY Ann Wife M 37   Birstwith 55b
    WALMSLEY John B Son U 16   Felliscliffe 55b
    WALMSLEY Robert Son   12   Felliscliffe 55b
    WALMSLEY Joseph Son   10   Markington 55b
    WALMSLEY Emma Daur   5   Clint 55b
    WALMSLEY Ann Daur   3   Felliscliffe 55b
    WALMSLEY Selina Daur   1   Felliscliffe 55b
    MASON Joseph Board U 19 Ag Lab Birstwith 55b
78 Kettlesing Bottom BENSON John Head M 41 Farmer of 11 acre & Blacksmith Knaresborough 56a
    BENSON Jane H Wife M 41   Cinderby 56a
    BENSON John Son U 16   Kettlesing Head 56a
    BENSON Rose H Daur U 14   Kettlesing Bottom 56a
    BENSON Jane Daur   12 Scholar Kettlesing Bottom 56a
    BENSON Hannah E Daur   9 Scholar Kettlesing Bottom 56a
    BENSON Ruth Daur   7 Scholar Kettlesing Bottom 56a
    BENSON Omar Son   5   Kettlesing Bottom 56a
    BENSON Miles R Son   3   Kettlesing Bottom 56a
79 Kettlesing Bottom HATTERSLEY Samuel Head M 36 Farm lab Helperby 56a
  1 Paradise Row HATTERSLEY Eliza Wife M 31   Norwood 56a
    HATTERSLEY Mary E Daur   3   Norwood 56a
    HATTERSLEY William Son   1   Norwood 56a
80 3 Paradise Row HOLMES William Head   34 Tailor, Grocer & Draper Birstwith 56a
    HOLMES Mary A Wife   33   Birstwith 56a
    HOLMES Gregory Son   12 Scholar Felliscliffe 56a
    HOLMES Susannah Daur   4   Felliscliffe 56a
    HOLMES William Son   2   Felliscliffe 56a
    SURR Nancy Vis   5 Joiners Daur Clint 56a
    WILSON Susannah Serv U 14 House Servant Arthington 56a
81 Kettlesing Bottom SURR Robert Head M 39 Innkeeper & Farmer of Geses Birstwith 56a
  Queens Head Inn SURR Mary Wife M 39   Snainton 56a
    SURR John Son   7 Scholar Clint 56a
    SURR Betsy Daur   3   Clint 56a
    ? ? Neph   10 Farm Servant Foulcouts ? 56a
82 Kettlesing Bottom THOMPSON Joseph Head M 30 Boot & Shoemaker empl 2 app Pateley Bridge 56b
  Water Hall THOMPSON Mary Wife M 33   Birstwith 56b
    BENSON Robert App. U 18 Boot & Shoemaker apprentice Darley 56b
83 Kettlesing Bottom HATTERSLEY John Head M 68 Grocer Womald Green 56b
  Prospect House HATTERSLEY Ellen Wife M 63   Haverah Park 56b
    HATTERSLEY Mary A Daur U 26   Haverah Park 56b
84 3 Prospect Place DOWNHAM Joseph Head U 52 House Painter Haverah Park 56b