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Hampsthwaite Census Returns 1871

The 1871 census of Birstwith is covered by film RG 10/4273, Folios 40 to 51.
The district contained 570 people on the day of the census. The Enumerator was Turner Grange.
The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

1 Cote Hill PARKER Ellen Head U 70   Birstwith 40a
    PARKER Jabez Son U 43 Ag Lab Birstwith 40a
2 Cote Hill HUDSON Eliza Head U 44   Birstwith 40a
    HUDSON George Son U 17 Employed on Farm Birstwith 40a
3 Staupes DAVIDSON Robert Head M 44 Farmer 32 Acres Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Annie Wife M 44   Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Joseph Son U 23 Corn Miller Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Andrew Son U 15   Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Mary dau U 12   Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Sam Son U 10   Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Robert E   U 4   Fewston 40a
    DAVIDSON Thomas Bro U 50 Ag Lab Fewston 40a
4 Staupes HORNER John Head K 79 Ag Lab Birstwith 40a
    HORNER Margaret Wife M 79   Palsy 40a
    HORNER William Son U 45 Ag Lab Not Known 40a
5 Staupes WILSON John Head M 66 Farmer 5 acres Birstwith 40a
    WILSON Annie Wife M 66   Fewston 40a
    WILSON Elizabeth dau U 20   Fewston 40a
6 Staupes MARSDEN William Head M 33 Ag Lab Darley 40a
    MARSDEN Sarah Wife M 31   Darley 40a
7 Staupes JACKMAN John Head W 82 Linen Weaver Darley 40a
8 Staupes POTTERTON James Head M 71 Farmer 6 acres Dacre 40a
    POTTERTON Susannah Wife M 60   Sols 40a
    POTTERTON William Son U 23 Boot & Shoemaker Birstwith 40a
9 Staupes JACKMAN John Head M 61 Ag Lab Birstwith 40b
    JACKMAN Elizabeth Wife M 45 Laundress Tadcaster 40b
    BENSON Mary Board U 9 Scholar Linley 40b
    ROBINSON James Board U 52 Annuitant (lunatic) Tockwith 40b
    HOBSON Margaret B W 63 Annuitant (imbecile) Hampsthwaite 40b
10 Staupes GRANGE Thomas Head M 43 Farmer 14 acres Hampsthwaite 40b
    GRANGE Sarah Wife M 48   Rigton 40b
    GRANGE Joseph Son U 14   Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Annie M dau U 11 Scholar Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Hannah dau U 8 Scholar Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Ada dau U 6 Scholar Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Eliza dau U 4 Scholar Birstwith 40b
11 Langscales LUMLEY Hannah Head W 65 Farmer Felliscliffe 40b
    BRADBURY Grace Sis W 69 Retired Felliscliffe 40b
12 Langscales SNOW Robert Head U 26 Carpenter Carlton 40b
13 Langscales THORPE Ann Head W 71   Lindley 40b
    THORPE Benjamin Gson U 13 Farm serv Birstwith 40b
14 Langscales GRANGE Joseph Head M 36 Farmer 9 acres Thornthwaite 40b
    GRANGE Ann Wife M 36   Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Mary A dau U 8 Scholar Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Alfred Son U 6 Scholar Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Hannah dau U 3   Birstwith 40b
    GRANGE Horatio J Son U 1   Birstwith 40b
    HOLMES Ann M-in-L W 76 Retired Farmer Birstwith 40b
15 Langscales ANDREW John Head U 60 Farmer 70 acres emp 1Man 1 Boy Clint 41a
    ANDREW Elizabeth H Cous W 65 Annuitant Wakefield 41a
    TOWERS Ellen Serv U 24 Gen Serv Dom Felliscliffe 41a
16 Langscales KAY William Head M 56 Farmer 12 acres Follifoot 41a
    KAY Elizabeth Wife M 62   Hampsthwaite 41a
    KAY Joseph Son U 20 Farm labourer Hampsthwaite 41a
    KAY Abel Son U 18 Farm labourer Hampsthwaite 41a
    KAY Ellen dau U 15   Hampsthwaite 41a
    DALBY John Board U 45 Retired Carpenter Hampsthwaite 41a
17 Langscales SNOW Harriet Head W 47 Farmer 40 acres Driffield 41a
    SNOW Thomas Son U 24 Farm labourer Birstwith 41a
    SNOW Mary dau U 22   Birstwith 41a
    SNOW Richard Son U 20 Farmers son Birstwith 41a
    SNOW Harriet dau U 17   Birstwith 41a
18 Langscales SURR Thomas Head M 45 Farmer 50 acres Birstwith 41a
    SURR Elizabeth Wife M 44   Birstwith 41a
    SURR John Son U 20 App. carpenter Yeadon 41a
    SURR Elizabeth dau U 12 Scholar Birstwith 41a
    SURR Hannah dau U 10 Scholar Birstwith 41a
    SURR Rosa dau U 6 Scholar Birstwith 41a
    SURR Ann dau U 3   Birstwith 41a
    SURR Walmsley Son U 11m   Birstwith 41a
19 Langscales ANDREW Charles Head M 49 Oil Merchant Addle 41a
    ANDREW D. R. Wife M 31   Selby 41a
    ANDREW M. A. E. dau U 14   Leeds 41b
    ANDREW Rosa dau U 12   Leeds 41b
    GIBSON Sarah Serv U 22   Borough Bridge 41b
20 Langscales SMITH Joseph Head M 34 Farmer 6 acres Birstwith 41b
    SMITH Mary Ann Wife M 38   Birstwith 41b
    SMITH Emley dau U 7   Birstwith 41b
    SMITH Eliza dau U 5   Felliscliffe 41b
    SMITH Elinor dau U 3   Birstwith 41b
    SMITH Esther dau U 1   Birstwith 41b
21 Tang MYERS William Head M 48 Farmer 38 acres Birstwith 41b
    MYERS Mary A Wife M 53   Lingston 41b
    MYERS William Son U 20 Draper Markington 41b
    REYNARD Simpson Serv U 14 Farm serv Birstwith 41b
22 Tang REYNARD Mark Head M 46   Birstwith 41b
    REYNARD Hannah Wife M 54 Grocer Birstwith 41b
23 Tang REYNARD Hannah Head W 55   Myton 41b
    REYNARD William Son U 24 Joiner Birstwith 41b
    REYNARD Charlotte dau U 16   Birstwith 41b
24 Tang FAIRBURN Mark Head M 62 Ag Lab Birstwith 41b
    FAIRBURN Mary Wife M 49   Felliscliffe 41b
    FAIRBURN Mary dau U 23 Deaf & Dumb from birth Birstwith 41b
    FAIRBURN Hannah dau U 8 Scholar Birstwith 41b
    FAIRBURN Grace E dau U 5   Birstwith 41b
25 Tang MORRELL Joseph Head M 40 Farmer 9 acres Haverah Park 41b
    MORRELL Martha A Wife M 46   Fewston 42a
    MORRELL Annie E dau U 12   Felliscliffe 42a
    MORRELL Alfred Son U 10   Felliscliffe 42a
    MORRELL Mary H dau U 8   Felliscliffe 42a
    MORRELL Martha A dau U 4   Birstwith 42a
    MORRELL Ellenor dau U 1   Birstwith 42a
26 Longscales ATKINSON John B Head M 29 Farmer 24 acres Dacre 42a
    ATKINSON Eliza Wife M 29   Bishop Thornton 42a
    ATKINSON Sarah J dau U 2   Bishop Thornton 42a
    ATKINSON Frances A dau U 3ms   Birstwith 42a
    PRATT Esther A S-in-L U 25 General serv Bishop Thornton 42a
27 Longscales JEFFRAY Thomas Head M 46 Farmer & Landowner 100 acres Birstwith 42a
    JEFFRAY Hannah J Wife M 27   Hartwith 42a
28 Longscales LONG Robert Head M 37 Farmer 7 acres Birstwith 42a
    LONG Emma D Wife M 32   Dacre 42a
29 Longscales ELLIS Susannah Head W 52 Annuitant Darley 42a
    ELLIS Sarah A dau U 11 Scholar Felliscliffe 42a
30 Longscales PEACOCK William Head M 43 Farmer 28 acres Borough Bridge 42a
    PEACOCK Ann Wife M 28   Hampsthwaite 42a
    PATRICK John W Son U 5   Hampsthwaite 42a
    PEACOCK Matthew Son U 6ms   Birstwith 42a
31 Crag Hall KNOWLES Richard Head M 42 Farmer 41 acres Ingenthorpe 42a
    KNOWLES Jane Wife M 40   Scotton 42a
    KNOWLES William Son U 18   Bilton 42a
    KNOWLES Ellen dau U 14 Scholar Bilton 42b
    KNOWLES Jane dau U 12 Scholar Bilton 42b
    KNOWLES Richard Son U 11   Birstwith 42b
    KNOWLES James Son U 9 Scholar Birstwith 42b
    KNOWLES Edward Son U 6 Scholar Birstwith 42b
    KNOWLES Alfred Son U 5 Scholar Birstwith 42b
    KNOWLES Anne E dau U 1   Birstwith 42b
32 Hew Green THACKWRAY Thomas Head W 59 Farmer 21 acres Swinsty 42b
    SPENCE Ann serv U 19 Housekeeper Fewston 42b
33 Hew Green REYNARD Jonathan Head W 33 Ag Lab Birstwith 42b
    REYNARD Ellen Sis U 50 Housekeeper Birstwith 42b
    REYNARD Margaret dau U 9   Felliscliffe 42b
    REYNARD Grace dau U 7   Birstwith 42b
    REYNARD Robert Son U 4   Birstwith 42b
    WHITHEAD Martha Vis U 20   Greehowhill 42b
34 Hew Green REYNARD Edward Head M 30 Ag Lab Birstwith 42b
    REYNARD Sarah J Wife M 25   Birstwith 42b
    REYNARD Jonathan Son U 5   Birstwith 42b
    REYNARD Thomas Son U 2   Birstwith 42b
35 Swarcliffe Top BAKE Amos Head M 47 Landowner & Farmer 63 acres Darley 42b
    BAKE Sarah J Wife M 45   Darley 42b
    BAKE Mary A dau U 21   Darley 42b
    BAKE Robinson Son U 11   Birstwith 42b
36 Swarcliffe Top WATSON Hiram Head M 58 Farmer 11 acres Stone Beck 43a
    WATSON Harriet Wife M 43   Stone Beck 43a
    WATSON John Son U 18 Farm labourer Stone Beck 43a
    WATSON David Son U 13   Hartwith 43a
    WATSON Mary A dau U 10   Hartwith 43a
    WATSON Maria J dau U 4 Scholar Clint 43a
    WATSON Hiram Son U 2 Scholar Birstwith 43a
37 Swarcliffe Top FAWCETT Walter Head M 32 Joiner Darley 43a
    FAWCETT Susannah Wife M 30   Birstwith 43a
    FAWCETT John W Son U 9   Birstwith 43a
    FAWCETT Frederick Son U 7   Birstwith 43a
    FAWCETT Richard Son U 5   Birstwith 43a
    FAWCETT Sarah E dau U 3   Birstwith 43a
    FAWCETT Arthur C Son U 2   Birstwith 43a
    FAWCETT Harry Son U 5ms   Birstwith 43a
38 Swarcliffe Top ROBINSON Simpson Head M 34 Farmer 7 acres Birstwith 43a
    ROBINSON Ann Wife M 35   Hampsthwaite 43a
    ROBINSON Thomas Son U 10   Birstwith 43a
    ROBINSON Robert Son U 9 Scholar Birstwith 43a
    ROBINSON William Son U 5 Scholar Birstwith 43a
    ROBINSON John Son U 4   Birstwith 43a
    ROBINSON Mary E dau U 1   Birstwith 43a
39 Swarcliffe Top THACKWRAY Francis Head M 77 Landowner 13 acres Swinsty 43a
    THACKWRAY Ann Wife M 74   Birstwith 43a
    MEDLEY Louisa Serv U 35   Birstwith 43a
40 Swarcliffe Top REYNARD Joseph Head M 40 Ag Lab Hampsthwaite 43b
    REYNARD Elizabeth Wife M 39   Dacre Banks 43b
    REYNARD John W Son U 15 Ag Lab Felliscliffe 43b
    REYNARD Faith dau U 10 Scholar Felliscliffe 43b
    REYNARD Emma dau U 7 Scholar Birstwith 43b
    REYNARD Mary dau U 4   Birstwith 43b
    REYNARD Hannah dau U 2   Birstwith 43b
    REYNARD Sarah E dau U 5ms   Birstwith 43b
41 Swarcliffe Top MYERS John Head M 37 Farmer 20 acres Addingham 43b
    MYERS Ellen Wife M 33   Felliscliffe 43b
42 Swarcliffe Top THOMPSON James Head M 34 Blacksmith Bishop Thornton 43b
    THOMPSON Jane Wife M 32   Melmerby 43b
    LINSLEY Thomas Son U 12 Scholar Studley 43b
    THOMPSON Edwin Son U 3   Swarcliffe 43b
    THOMPSON Mary J dau U 9ms   Swarcliffe 43b
    DALE Aaron app U 15 Apprentice New York 43b
43 Swarcliffe Top THORP David Head W 58 Shoemaker Birstwith 43b
    THORP Mary dau U 23   Kearby 43b
    HEWITT Hosea Vis U 23 Primitive Wes. Minister Not Known 43b
44 Swarcliffe Top LUPTON James Head M 50 Farmer 17 acres Killinghall 43b
    LUPTON Elizabeth Wife M 54   Warsill 43b
    LUPTON James Son U 9 Scholar Birstwith 43b
45 Swarcliffe Top DIBB Joseph Head M 46 Ag Lab Leeds 43b
    DIBB Elinor Wife M 57   Cottenworth 43b
    REYNARD Mary Gau U 13   Birstwith 43b
46 Swarcliffe Top HANNAM Mark Head M 54 Farmer 99 acres empl 1 man Pateley Bridge 44a
    HANNAM Hannah Wife M 49   Hartwith 44a
    HANNAM Ruth dau U 23   Birstwith 44a
    HANNAM Mark Son U 22 Farmers son Birstwith 44a
    HANNAM Sarah dau U 21   Birstwith 44a
    JEFFRAY Susannah Gau U 6   Birstwith 44a
    JEFFRAY Mary J Gau U 3   Birstwith 44a
47 Swarcliffe Top BROWN John Head M 37 Ag Lab Felliscliffe 44a
    BROWN Elizabeth Wife M 30 Dress Maker Birstwith 44a
    BROWN Joseph Son U 7 Scholar Clayton 44a
    BROWN Mary E dau U 1   Keighley 44a
48 Swarcliffe Top WILSON John Head M 30 Gardener (do. Serv) Dorsetshire 44a
    WILSON Mary Wife M 30   Bedfordshire 44a
    KING Annie M Niece U 6 Scholar Surrey 44a
49 Swarcliffe Top COOPER George Head U 27 Gardener (do. Serv) Lancashire 44a
50 Swarcliffe Top BRAMLEY John Head M 70 Farmer 63 acres empl 1 man Hampsthwaite 44a
    BRAMLEY Ann Wife M 66   Hampsthwaite 44a
    BRAMLEY John Son U 35 Farmers son Birstwith 44a
    BRAMLEY Eliza dau U 32   Birstwith 44a
    MYERS Bramley Gson U 14 Scholar (lame) Birstwith 44a
    HUDSON John Serv U 18 Farm serv Knaresborough 44a
51 Swarcliffe Top FOREST Elizabeth Head U 46 Lodge Gate Keeper Birstwith 44a
    FOREST Sarah Sis U 51 Assistant Gate Keeper Birstwith 44a
52 Meg Gate CULLINGWOOD Richard Head M 50 Coachman Tadcaster 44b
    CULLINGWOOD Ann Wife M 45   Carthorpe 44b
    CULLINGWOOD Edward Son U 11   Birstwith 44b
53 Meg Gate GRAY John Head M 46 Farm Bailiff Scotland 44b
    GRAY Elizabeth Wife M 44   Suffolk 44b
    GRAY William Son U 13 Scholar Birstwith 44b
    GRAY Henry D Son U 11 Scholar Birstwith 44b
    GRAY John L Son U 9 Scholar Birstwith 44b
    GRAY Charles A Son U 7 Scholar Birstwith 44b
    GRAY Mary E dau U 4   Birstwith 44b
    GRAY Edith dau U 1   Birstwith 44b
    WAITE Rebecca Serv U 13 dom serv Birstwith 44b
54 Meg Gate BROOMFIELD Robert Head M 48 Certificated Schoolmaster London 44b
    BROOMFIELD Henrietta Wife M 43 Certificated Schoolmistress Essex 44b
55 Clapham Green BROTHERTON John Head M 44 Farmer 52 acres empl 2 man Clint 44b
    BROTHERTON Sarah Wife M 50   Moortown 44b
    BROTHERTON James Son U 16   Birstwith 44b
    BROTHERTON Ann dau U 21 Dress Maker Birstwith 44b
    PATTERSON John Serv U 13 Farm serv Clint 44b
56 Clapham Green REYNARD David Head M 45 Ag Lab Felliscliffe 44b
    REYNARD Sarah A Wife M 30   Draughton 44b
    REYNARD George Son U 2   Birstwith 44b
    WHITINGHAM Eliza M-in-L W 55 Laundress Wilberforce 44b
57 Clapham Green HARPER Elizabeth Head W 57   Scotton 45a
    HARPER Richard Son U 16 Gardener (do. Serv) Birstwith 45a
    HARPER Thomas Gson U 3   Birstwith 45a
58 Clapham Green REYNARD Matthew Head M 32 Ag Lab Hampsthwaite 45a
    REYNARD Sarah E Wife M 35   Penniston 45a
    REYNARD Sarah M dau U 5   Harrogate 45a
    REYNARD William Son U 2   Birstwith 45a
59 Clapham Green PARKER Benjamin Head M 66 Gardener Darley 45a
    PARKER Mary Wife M 54   Dacre Banks 45a
60 Clapham Green MASON Francis Head M 58 Farmer 16 acres Birstwith 45a
    MASON Jane Wife M 50   Doncaster 45a
    MASON James Son U 14   Birstwith 45a
61 Clapham Green NETTLETON William Head M 23 Shoemaker Birstwith 45a
    NETTLETON Ellen Wife M 19   Hartwith 45a
62 Clapham Green SPINK Thomas Head M 70 Farmer 20 acres Hartwith 45a
    SPINK Dorothy Wife M 76   Hartwith 45a
    SPINK John Son U 45 Farmers Son Hartwith 45a
    SPINK Joseph Son U 32 Gardener Hartwith 45a
    SPINK Annie D-in-L M 32   Hartwith 45a
63 Hirst Grove DAWSON Richard H Head W 31 Surgeon Lincolnshire 45a
    DAWSON Henry S Son U 3ms   Birstwith 45a
    DAWSON Catherine M Sis U 26   Lincolnshire 45a
    THOMPSON Elizabeth Serv U 24 dom serv Lincolnshire 45a
    STOTT Anne Nurse U 41 Professional Nurse Spofforth 45a
64 Hirst Grove BODDY Richard Head M 40 serv Man Thirsk 45b
    BODDY Mary Wife M 41   Easingwold 45b
    BODDY Richard Son U 11 Scholar Thirsk 45b
    BODDY William Son U 3   Thirsk 45b
    BODDY Joseph W Son U 6ms   Thirsk 45b
65 Hirst Grove HODGSON John Head U 59 Farmer 39 acres Birstwith 45b
    SMITH George Neph U 14 Farm serv Birstwith 45b
66 Birstwith Hall BRIGGS Rawdon Head M 45 Magistrate Halifax 45b
    BRIGGS Louisa D Wife M 39   Wakefield 45b
    BRIGGS Louisa M dau U 12 Scholar Northumberland 45b
    BRIGGS Alice M M dau U 10 Scholar Northumberland 45b
    BRIGGS William C Son U 9 Scholar Birstwith 45b
    BRIGGS Arthur C Son U 4 Scholar Birstwith 45b
    BRIGGS Harold L Son U 1   Birstwith 45b
    CROSSLAND Ellen Gov U 36 Governess Leeds 45b
    BARFF Eliza A S-in-L U 48 Annuitant Wakefield 45b
    BARFF Ada C Niece U 9 Scholar Roxbrogshire 45b
    BELL Ann Serv U 26 Cook Thorp Underwood 45b
    ROSS Ann E Serv U 26 Waiting Maid Sandal Magna 45b
    ROSS Eliza A Serv U 22 Nurse Leeds 45b
    BIRDIR Ellen B Serv U 29 House Maid Scotland 45b
    BELL Sarah Serv U 16 Under Nurse Thorp Underwood 45b
67 those schedules ABBIR Margaret E Serv U 20 Kitchen Maid York 45b
68 belong to Birstwith Hall SCATCHARD Thomas Serv U 19 Groom Bishop Thornton 45b
69 Hirst Grove HOLDSWORTH Sarah Head W 73 Charwoman Not Known 46a
70 Hirst Grove SMITH Thomas Head M 44 Ag Lab Farham 46a
    SMITH Martha Wife M 49   Hampsthwaite 46a
    SMITH John Son U 18 Ag Lab Braton 46a
71 Hirst Grove ABBOTT Henry Head M 39 Coachman Barwick in Elmet 46a
    ABBOTT Mary Wife M 40   Derbyshire 46a
    ABBOTT Mary dau U 10 Scholar Derbyshire 46a
    ABBOTT Matthew A Son U 4 Scholar Barwick in Elmet 46a
72 Tang Beck LUMLEY Thomas Head M 46 Farmer 52 acres Hampsthwaite 46a
    LUMLEY Mary S Wife M 41     46a
    LUMLEY Thomas Son U 12 Scholar Birstwith 46a
    LUMLEY Mary J dau U 10 Scholar Birstwith 46a
    LUMLEY John W Son U 7 Scholar Birstwith 46a
    DOVE Mary Serv U 21 General serv Birstwith 46a
    LUMLEY Robert Bro U 37 Farmer 14 acres Birstwith 46a
    MYERS Thomas Vis W 76 Retired Farmer Darley 46a
73 Tang House LUMLEY William Head M 60 Farmer 20 acres Felliscliffe 46a
    LUMLEY Hane Wife M 51   Felliscliffe 46a
    LUMLEY William R Son U 13   Birstwith 46a
    LUMLEY Jane H dau U 11   Birstwith 46a
    LUMLEY George W Son U 9   Birstwith 46a
74 Tang House MARSTON Edward Head M 41 Farmer 33 acres Birstwith 46a
    MARSTON Susannah Wife M 40   Thornthwaite 46a
    MARSTON Elizabeth dau U 16   Birstwith 46a
    MARSTON Edward Son U 12 Scholar Birstwith 46b
    MARSTON Mary E Son U 8 Scholar Birstwith 46b
    MARSTON Margaret L dau U 6 Scholar Birstwith 46b
    MARSTON Charles F Son U 2   Birstwith 46b
75 Swincliffe Bottom ROBINSON Francis Head M 36 Tailor Slaidburn 46b
    ROBINSON Elizabeth Wife M 37   Ripley 46b
    ROBINSON Matthias Son U 10 Scholar Birstwith 46b
    ROBINSON Sarah A dau U 4 Scholar Birstwith 46b
76 Swincliffe Bottom NETTLETON William Head M 31 Butcher Ripley 46b
    NETTLETON Elizabeth Wife M 27   Hampsthwaite 46b
    NETTLETON Annie dau U 1   Birstwith 46b
77 Swincliffe Bottom STOTHART Sarah Head U 46   Durhamshire 46b
78 Swincliffe Bottom PETTY William Head M 34 Farmer 40 acres Dacre Banks 46b
    PETTY Sarah Wife M 45   Clifton 46b
80 Swincliffe Bottom WALKER Joseph Head U 40 Annuitant from Railway Shares Darley 46b
    SUDDABY Jane Serv U 38 Housekeeper, dom serv Lincolnshire 46b
81 Swincliffe Bottom WALKER Thompson Head M 48 Annuitant from Railway Shares Rawdon 46b
    WALKER Rachel Wife M 36   Mirfield 46b
    WALKER Mary dau U 13   Rawdon 46b
    WALKER Charles Son U 11   Birstwith 46b
    WALKER Frederick T Son U 9   Birstwith 46b
    WALKER Lucy dau U 7   Birstwith 46b
    WALKER Henry Son U 6   Birstwith 46b
    WALKER Annie dau U 5 Scholar Birstwith 47a
    WALKER Emily dau U 4 Scholar Birstwith 47a
    WALKER Edith dau U 1   Birstwith 47a
    FELL Jane M Serv U 22 Cook, dom serv Pudsey 47a
    STOBBS Elizabeth Serv U 18 Housemaid, dom serv Pateley Bridge 47a
    ROBINSON Alice Serv U 15 dom serv Birstwith 47a
82 New Bridge HOBKINSON Daniel Head W 51 Farmer 31 acres Birstwith 47a
    HOBKINSON Sarah dau U 15   Birstwith 47a
    HOBKINSON Daniel Son U 13   Birstwith 47a
    HOBKINSON Alfred Son U 11   Birstwith 47a
    HOBKINSON Mary dau U 9   Birstwith 47a
    HOBKINSON Ann Moth W 73   Hartwith 47a
83 East View WALKER Mary Head W 70 Annuitant Lingeroft 47a
    SMITH Ann Serv U 30 General serv Leathley 47a
    HOUSEMAN Sarah A Serv U 18 General serv Birstwith 47a
84 East View HOUSEMAN Thomas Head M 57 General serv Braisty Woods 47a
    HOUSEMAN Ann Wife M 50   Darley 47a
    HOUSEMAN Mary J dau U 14   Birstwith 47a
    HOLMES Sarah J Niece U 6 Scholar Darley 47a
    HOUSEMAN Hannah F Gau U 5 Scholar Leeds 47a
85 Swincliffe Bottom KAY Jabez Head M 22 Porter at a lodge Hampsthwaite 47a
    KAY Mary Wife M 21   Ouseburn 47a
86 Wreaks MAWSON Christiana Head W 30 Ag Lab Birstwith 47b
    MAWSON John W Son U 7 Scholar Birstwith 47b
    MAWSON Mary A dau U 3 Scholar Birstwith 47b
87 Wreaks MAWSON George Head M 76 Woodman Scriviner 47b
    MAWSON Jane dau M 43 Housekeeper Birstwith 47b
88 Wreaks SANDERSON Michael Head M 37 Ag Lab Bishop Thornton 47b
    SANDERSON Ann Wife M 31   Bishop Thornton 47b
    SANDERSON Ellen dau U 5 Scholar Bishop Thornton 47b
    SANDERSON John W Son U 2   Birstwith 47b
    SANDERSON Mary A dau U 2ms   Birstwith 47b
89 Wreaks DOVE Elizabeth Head U 41 Mill Hand Birstwith 47b
    JEFFREY Hannah Aunt W 86   Darley 47b
    DOVE Selina Niece U 16 Scholar Birstwith 47b
90 Wreaks NETTLETON Sarah Head W 55   Bentley 47b
    NETTLETON Joseph Son U 16 Ag Lab Birstwith 47b
    NETTLETON Harriet dau U 13   Birstwith 47b
    NETTLETON Esther Gau U 6   Birstwith 47b
    NETTLETON Rebecca Gau U 1   Birstwith 47b
91 Wreaks PEARSON Elizabeth Head W 56 Retired Mill-hand Hampsthwaite 47b
92 Wreaks WILKS Ann Head W 63 Retired Mill-hand Breaton 47b
    WILKS Jane dau U 30 Laundress Birstwith 47b
93 Wreaks ROWELL James Head M 46 Gardener Borobridge 47b
    ROWELL Ann Wife M 45   Marston le Moor 47b
    ROWELL Pickering Son U 11 Scholar Marston le Moor 47b
    ROWELL Archibald Son U 9 Scholar Linderby 47b
    ROWELL Margaret dau U 6 Scholar Carthorpe 48a
    ROWELL Jonathan Son U 5 Scholar Carthorpe 48a
94 Wreaks REYNARD William Head M 54 Ag Lab Hampsthwaite 48a
    REYNARD Mary Wife M 54   Pateley Bridge 48a
    REYNARD Moses Son U 10 Scholar Birstwith 48a
    DIBB James F-in-L W 76 Ag Lab Hampsthwaite 48a
95 Wreaks MARSHALL David Head M 25 Carpenter Sherbure 48a
    MARSHALL Mary A Wife M 21 Laundress Melmerby 48a
    FRANKLAND Maragaret S-in-L U 14 Scholar Birstwith 48a
96 Wreaks OLIVER Thomas Head M 73 Ag Lab Wealey 48a
    OLIVER Ellen Wife M 66   Monk Fryston 48a
    OLIVER Elizabeth Gau U 12 Scholar Monk Fryston 48a
97 Wreaks EWBANK Jackson Head M 47 Stone Mason Birstwith 48a
    EWBANK Mary Wife M 43   West End 48a
    EWBANK Jackson Son U 12 Scholar Birstwith 48a
    EWBANK Robert Son U 10 Scholar Birstwith 48a
    EWBANK Mary E dau U 6 Scholar Birstwith 48a
    EWBANK Arthur K Son U 4 Scholar Birstwith 48a
    WILSON Jane M-in-L W 71   Knox Mill 48a
98 Wreaks THORPE John Head M 54 Quarryman Durham 48a
    THORPE Ellen Wife M 56   Clint 48a
    THORPE Thomas Son U 16 Ag Lab Shawmills 48a
    THORPE Mary dau U 14 Scholar Shawmills 48a
99 Wreaks COOPER George Lodge U 22 Gardener Durham 48a
100 Wreaks METCALFE Elizabeth Head W 46 Milliner Darley 48b
    RHODES George H Son U 16 Letter Boy (Post men) Clayton 48b
    METCALFE Maria A dau U 8 Scholar Darley 48b
    SMITH Arthur A Nurse Child U 2   Dewsberry 48b
101 Wreaks JACKSON Robert Head M 50 Grocer Birstwith 48b
    JACKSON Grace Wife M 46   Birstwith 48b
    JACKSON Mary A dau U 28 Dressmaker Birstwith 48b
    JACKSON Sarah dau U 17   Birstwith 48b
    LOWCOCK Margaret dau U 23   Birstwith 48b
    LOWCOCK Annie Gau U 5 Scholar Birstwith 48b
    LOWCOCK Joseph Gson U 1ms   Birstwith 48b
    JACKSON Bob ?(male) U 1   Birstwith 48b
102 Wreaks WOOD Thomas Head M 55 Corn Miller Burley 48b
    WOOD Ann Wife M 52   Otley 48b
    WOOD Edwin Son U 24 Corn Miller Burley 48b
    WOOD Frederick T Son U 22 Corn Miller Burley 48b
    WOOD Sarah A dau U 20   Birstwith 48b
    WOOD George Son U 12 Scholar Birstwith 48b
103 Wreaks BELL Mark Head U 35 Corn Miller Not Known 48b
104 Wreaks ROBINSON Henry Head M 52 Waggoner Burton Leonard 48b
    ROBINSON Mary A Wife M 49   Melberby 48b
    ROBINSON Mary J dau U 27   Carlsmoor 48b
    ROBINSON Leonard Son U 15   Carlsmoor 48b
    ROBINSON Thomas Son U 12   Carlsmoor 48b
105 Wreaks MASON John Head M 62 Ag Lab Blubberhouse 49a
    MASON Ann Wife M 63   Birstwith 49a
    HALL Mason Gson U 20 Engine Tender Birstwith 49a
    HAXBY George E Nurse child U 8 Scholar Hampsthwaite 49a
    SURR John W Nurse child U 3   New York 49a
    TEAL Ann Lodge W 80 Retired Mill-hand Pateley Bridge 49a
    MASON Sarah Lodge U 55 Retired Mill-hand Blubberhouse 49a
106 Wreaks WALKER Joseph Head W 78 Retired Blacksmith Ripley 49a
107 Wreaks MILNER George Head M 42 Blacksmith Ripley 49a
    MILNER Maria A Wife M 41   Birstwith 49a
    MILNER John W Son U 11 Scholar Birstwith 49a
    MILNER Elizabeth dau U 9 Scholar Birstwith 49a
    MILNER Isabella dau U 8 Scholar Birstwith 49a
    MILNER Joseph Son U 2   Birstwith 49a
108 Wreaks EWBANK John Head M 32 Stone Mason Birstwith 49a
    EWBANK Mary Wife M 29   Hemsworth 49a
    EWBANK William Son U 4 Scholar Birstwith 49a
    EWBANK Jane A dau U 1   Birstwith 49a
109 Wreaks SMITH Joseph Head M 42 Woodman Cononley 49a
    SMITH Jane Wife M 36   Keighley 49a
    SMITH Alice dau U 8   Wreaks 49a
    SMITH Alfred Son U 6   Wreaks 49a
    SMITH Annie dau U 3   Wreaks 49a
    SMITH Minnie dau U 5ms   Wreaks 49a
110 Wreaks BELLAMY John H Head M 32 Corn Miller Lincolnshire 49b
    BELLAMY Susannah Wife M 33 Dressmaker Addlethorpe 49b
    BELLAMY Sarah A dau U 6 Scholar Addel 49b
    BELLAMY George H Son U 5 Scholar Wheardley 49b
    BELLAMY Mary A dau U 2   Harewood 49b
    BELLAMY Charles Son U 6ms   Birstwith 49b
111 Wreaks NETTLETON Elizabeth Head W 60   Birstwith 49b
    NETTLETON Samuel Son U 25 Stonemason Birstwith 49b
112 Wreaks SCHOON Sarah Head W 70 Annuitant Keighley 49b
113 Wreaks BENSON Charles Head M 45 Butcher & Farmer Ripon 49b
    BENSON Sarah Wife M 45   Lancashire 49b
    BENSON Mary dau U 20 Dressmaker Ripon 49b
    BENSON Eliza dau U 16 Scholar Birstwith 49b
    BENSON Frederca C Son U 12 Scholar Birstwith 49b
    BENSON Harry B Son U 8 Scholar Birstwith 49b
114 Wreaks BAKE John Head M 53 Ag Lab Darley 49b
    BAKE Elizabeth Wife M 60   Carlton 49b
    BAKE Hannah dau U 24 Dressmaker Birstwith 49b
    BAKE John W Gson U 5 Scholar Birstwith 49b
115 Wreaks WHITE Peter Head M 44 Retired Sergeant Ireland 49b
    WHITE Mary J Wife M 31   Middlesex 49b
    WHITE William F Son U 8 Scholar Hampshire 49b
    WHITE Martha M dau U 7 Scholar Hampshire 49b
    WHITE Amelia dau U 3   Ireland 49b
    WHITE Mary J dau U 1   Ripley 49b
116 Wreaks THORPE Thackeray Head M 38 Clogger & Coachman Huddersfield 50a
    THORPE Beatrice Wife M 22   Hampsthwaite 50a
    THORPE Eliza dau U 1   Birstwith 50a
117 Wreaks DOVE Abraham Head M 26 Ag Lab Birstwith 50a
    DOVE Mary Wife M 25   Pannal 50a
    DOVE Susannah dau U 2   Birstwith 50a
118 Wreaks BELL Rebecca Head W 77   Burley Wood 50a
119 Wreaks BUCK Ann Lodge U 76 Retired Mill-hand Clint 50a
120 Wreaks SWALE James Head M 60 Ag Lab Nidd 50a
    SWALE Susannah Wife M 58 Washerwoman Scotton 50a
    SWALE Thomas Son U 28 Ag Lab Birstwith 50a
    SWALE William Son U 14 Scholar Birstwith 50a
121 Wreaks DOVE Abraham Head M 58 Ag Lab Birstwith 50a
    DOVE Sarah Wife M 64   Hampsthwaite 50a
122 Wreaks FELL Richard Head M 54 Ag Lab Birstwith 50a
    FELL Jane Wife M 53   Hampsthwaite 50a
    FELL William H Son U 20 Stonemason Hampsthwaite 50a
    FELL Askwith Son U 17 Coachman Hampsthwaite 50a
123 Wreaks UMPLEBY John Head W 66 Retired Farm serv Darley 50a
    HOLMES Hannah dau M 42   Darley 50a
    HOLMES Mary Gau U 7 Scholar Bradford 50a
    HOLMES Richard W Gson U 1   Bradford 50a
124 Wreaks LUPTON Elizabeth Head U 33 Dressmaker Bishop Thornton 50a
    BROADBELT Dorinda Niece U 11 Scholar Killinghall 50a
125 Wreaks MORLEY Thomas S Head W 52 Tailor & Draper Askham Rickard 50b
    MORLEY Sarah Ann Dau U 21 House keeper Birstwith 50b
    MORLEY Benjamin Son U 17 Apprentice tailor Birstwith 50b
126 Wreaks THORP John Head W 55 Grocer & Shoemaker Birstwith 50b
    THORP Sugden Son U 25 Shoemaker Hartwith 50b
    THORP Thackeray Son U 11 Shoemaker Birstwith 50b
    WILKINSON Elizabeth Serv U 57 Housekeeper Pateley Bridge 50b
127 Wreaks HALES George Head M 43 Vicar Birstwith & Private Tutor Norfolk 50b
    HALES Ann H Wife M 41   Lancashire 50b
    HALES Caroline D dau U 18   Lancashire 50b
    HALES George H Son U 16 Scholar Lancashire 50b
    HALES Herbert M Son U 15 Scholar Lancashire 50b
    HALES Annie M dau U 9 Scholar Birstwith 50b
    HALES James P Son U 7 Scholar Birstwith 50b
    HALES Mary dau U 6 Scholar Birstwith 50b
    HALES Ernest B Son U 4 Scholar Birstwith 50b
    HALES John P Son U 5ms   Birstwith 50b
    GREY Frederick T Board U 27 Curate Birstwith Sussex 50b
    RUSHTON Hannah Serv U 49 Nurse, dom serv Lancashire 50b
    RIGG Mary A Serv U 28 Cook, dom serv Sheffield 50b
    PARKER Mary Serv U ? Housemaid, dom serv Birstwith 50b
    BROTHERTON Elizabeth Serv U 18 Kitchen Maid, dom serv Birstwith 50b
    FLETCHER Emily A Serv U 13 Nursery Maid, dom serv Ripley 50b
128 Wreaks BOWLING Hannah Head W 50   Norwood 51a
    BOWLING John Son U 21 Stone Mason Birstwith 51a
    BOWLING Hannah dau U 14 Scholar Birstwith 51a
129 Wreaks FRANKLAND John Head M 61 Dom Serv Unemp Kirkby Malzeard 51a
    FRANKLAND Maria Wife M 47   Birstwith 51a
130 Wreaks BARBER Alice Head W 59 Hawker Kent 51a
131 Wreaks WHITAKER James Head M 59 Gardener, dom serv Birstwith 51a
    WHITAKER Mary Wife M 54   Birstwith 51a
132 Wreaks JACKSON John Head M 47 Quarryman Birstwith 51a
    JACKSON Dinah Wife M 51   Otley 51a
    JACKSON Thomas Son U 22 Quarryman Birstwith 51a
    JACKSON Joseph Son U 17 Quarryman Birstwith 51a
    JACKSON Dinah dau U 11 Scholar Birstwith 51a
    CONSTANTINE Olive Niece U 9 Scholar Birstwith 51a
133 Wreaks HARPER William Head M 27 Mason Lab Starley 51a
    HARPER Emma Wife M 23   Killinghall 51a
    KAY Ellen Niece U 5 Scholar York 51a
134 Moss House DURY John Head M 47 Cotton Spinner Keighley 51a
    DURY Barbarica C Wife M 49   Middlesex 51a
    DURY Theodore Son U 16 Scholar Ripley 51a
    DURY Amey W dau U 13 Scholar Birstwith 51a
    ABBOTT Elizabeth Serv U 27 Housemaid, dom serv Berwick in Elmet 51a
    THOMBER Jane Serv U 22 Cook, dom serv Berwick in Elmet 51a
    FAITH Mitton Serv U 19 Nursery Maid, dom serv Wath 51a
    DURY Mary L dau U 9 Scholar Birstwith 51a
135 Swarcliffe Hall GREENWOOD John Head M 42 J.P for North & West Ridings, Dep for North & West Riding, Major Prince Wales Own Yks Hussars Bingley 51b
    GREENWOOD Louisa E Wife M 43   Suffolk 51b
    GREENWOOD Clara L dau U 18   Norton Conyers 51b
    GREENWOOD Frederick B Son U 17 Scholar at Eton College Swarcliffe Hall 51b
    GREENWOOD Charles L Son U 13 Scholar at Eton College Swarcliffe Hall 51b
    GREENWOOD Edwin W Son U 9 Scholar at Home Swarcliffe Hall 51b
    GREENWOOD Hubert J Son U 3     51b
    CALDWELL Anna M Serv U 23 Governess Middlesex 51b
    MARFIELD James Serv U 29 Assistant Butler, dom serv Devonshire 51b
    MANGHAM William Serv U 27 Footman, dom serv Durham 51b
    WRIGHT William Serv U 29 Coachman, dom serv Riffa Otley 51b
    BROOKS John Serv U 17 Groom, dom serv Bolton in Bowland 51b
    BARNETT Mary Serv U 46 Nurse Wath Ripon 51b
    RAINE Elizabeth Serv U 47 Housekeeper, dom serv Thornton Pickering 51b
    WHITAKER Fanny A Serv U 23 Housemaid, dom serv Birstwith 51b
    PANETT Eliza Serv U 20 Housemaid, dom serv York 51b
    BROOKS Jane Serv U 32 Kitchen Maid, dom serv Flexton Scarborough 51b
    BELL Annie Serv U 19 Stillroommaid, dom serv Durham 51b
    RICHMOND Elizabeth Serv U 17 Under nurse, dom serv Carlton Thirsk 51b
    CUMMINGS Mary A Serv U 19 Scullery maid, dom serv Northumberland 51b