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Bewerley Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census Bewerley part 1 is covered by film RG 11/4313. The census was carried out around the 3rd April. The district contained 712 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Bewerley Lodge Thomas MOORE Head M 67 gardener Bewerley
    Sarah MOORE Wife M 64   Bewerley
    Sarah Ellen MOORE Servant U 18 general servant Pateley Bridge
2 Grassfield House Hanley HUTCHINSON Head M 70 West Riding magistrate Bewerley
    Charlotte Maria HUTCHINSON Wife M 65   MDX London
    William Hanley HUTCHINSON Son U 28 solicitor Bewerley
    Anne HUTCHINSON Sister U 70   Bewerley
    Sarah JOHNSON Servant U 24 cook LIN Ancotts
    Elizabeth RICHMOND Servant U 17 housemaid Heathfield
    George AUTY Servant U 24 domestic house servant LIN Crowle
3 Grassfield Cottage Joseph SHANN Head M 34 flax spinner Hartwith
    Alice SHANN Wife M 34   Pateley Bridge
    Mary ROBINSON Sister in law U 46 dressmaker Pateley Bridge
    Ann ROBINSON Sister in law U 41 dressmaker Pateley Bridge
    Jane ROBINSON Sister in law U 39 dressmaker Pateley Bridge
4 Brigg House Thomas PICKARD Head M 62 farmer of 110 acres Middlesmoor
    Alice PICKARD Wife M 61   Pateley Bridge
    Jane Elizabeth PICKARD Daughter U 26   Pateley Bridge
    Sarah Ellen PICKARD Daughter U 25   Pateley Bridge
    Thomas PICKARD Son U 18 farmer's son Pateley Bridge
    John MOOR Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Pateley Bridge
5 Lead Mill House John ROGERS Head M 64 lead roller Pateley Bridge
    Isabel A. ROGERS Wife M 58   Pateley Bridge
    George ROGERS Son   14 pupil teacher Bewerley
6 Rodwell Houses William PICKARD Head M 25 farmer of 18 acres & garden labourer Pateley Bridge
    Mary Ellen PICKARD Wife M 26   Bewerley
    Ruth Alice PICKARD Daughter   3   Pateley Bridge
    Thomas PICKARD Son   1   Pateley Bridge
7 Rodwell Houses Ann HARDCASTLE Head Wid 78 farmer of 67 acres Sawley
    James LEEMING Brother Wid 69 jobbing gardener Sawley
    Ann Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Grd daughter U 20 general servant Bewerley
8 Rodwell Houses John WAITE Head M 55 lead roller Heathfield
    Jane WAITE Wife M 59   Sawley
    Ralph WAITE Son U 23 lead roller Heathfield
9 Foster Beck Cottage Stephen BUCK Head M 53 flax mill overlooker Sawley
    Ruth BUCK Wife M 48   Pateley Bridge
    Eliza BUCK Daughter U 24 flax mill operative Sawley
    James BUCK Son U 20 rural postman Sawley
    Jane BUCK Daughter U 18 flax mill operative Sawley
    William BUCK Son U 16 flax mill operative Sawley
    Sarah BUCK Daughter   14 scholar Hartwith
    Smith BUCK Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    Thomas BUCK Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    Rachel BUCK Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Elizabeth BUCK Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
10 Low Wood Joseph MOORE Head M 39 farmer Stonebeck Up
    Eliza MOORE Wife M 29   Stonebeck Up
    Ada Ann MOORE Daughter   4   Thornthwaite
    John Thomas MOORE Son   2   Thornthwaite
    Ethel MOORE Daughter   5 mths   Thornthwaite
    Anne DOLPHIN Servant   13 general servant Bewerley
11 Mosscarr Abraham BAINES Head M 43 lime burner Warsill
    Ann BAINES Wife M 32   Scackleton
    William BAINES Son   12 scholar DUR Church Merrington
    Elizabeth Ann BAINES Daughter   6 scholar DUR South Church
    Sarah Jane BAINES Daughter   1   Pateley Bridge
12 Mosscarr Matthew DICKINSON Head M 25 groom Lofthouse
    Hannah DICKINSON Wife M 29   Sawley
13 High Ladies Riggs Ralph WILSON Head M 37 farmer of 90 acres Otley
    Mary WILSON Wife M 34   Appletreewick
    Annie WILSON Daughter   15   Appletreewick
    Albert WILSON Son   13 scholar Appletreewick
    Emma WILSON Daughter   11 scholar Appletreewick
    Ada WILSON Daughter   9 scholar Appletreewick
    Alice WILSON Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    Mary WILSON Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
    Maggie - Margaret WILSON Daughter   3   Bewerley
    Louise WILSON Daughter   1   Bewerley
    John BARNET Servant - - 45 farm servant Ireland
  Bale Bank Farm John STONES Head M 56 farmer of 52 acres Bewerley
    Sarah STONES Wife M 50   Bewerley
    William STONES Son U 17 employed on the farm Bewerley
    Sarah Jane STONES Daughter   15 employed on the farm Bewerley
    John Thomas STONES Son   13 scholar Bewerley
    Fred STONES Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    Nathan STONES Son   3 scholar Bewerley
14 Low Ladies Riggs John WEST Head Wid 77 farmer of 37 acres Bewerley
    Bigen ? GRANGE Servant U 56 female housekeeper Kikrby Malzeard
15 Maxfield Plain James RAW Head M 48 farmer of 30 acres Hartwith
    Ellen RAW Wife M 41   WOR Malvern
    John Thompson RAW Son U 17 pupil teacher Huddersfield
    James Arthur RAW Son   11 scholar LAN Manchester
    Herbert RAW Son   8 scholar Bewerley
    Eliza Constance RAW Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
16 Maxfield Plain Thompson RAW Head M 78 retired farmer Bewerley
    Isabella RAW Wife M 77   Bewerley
17 Eagle Hall James ROBINSON Head M 36 gardener CUL J809Keswick
    Mary Ann ROBINSON Wife M 35   BRK Bracknell
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Daughter   9 scholar BKM Upton
    William ROBINSON Son   7 scholar BKM Upton
    Mary Ann ROBINSON Daughter   5 scholar BRK Windsor
    Harry ROBINSON Son   4   SRY Farnham
    Roseanna J. ROBINSON Daughter   2   SRY Farnham
    Edward John ROBINSON Son   4 mths   Bewerley
    Fanny HUTCHINSON Servant   14 general servant Pateley Bridge
18 Bewerley - Street Lane George MARSHALL Head M 29 master joiner Bewerley
    Ann MARSHALL Wife M 26   Bewerley
    Herbert MARSHALL Son   8 mths   Bewerley
    Samuel BLACKAH Apprentice U 18 apprentice joiner Bewerley
19 Bewerley - Street Lane Christopher STONEY Head M 38 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Margaret STONEY Wife M 32   York
    John STONEY Son   11 flax mill operative Bewerley
    Alice STONEY Daughter   10 flax mill operative Bewerley
    Fred STONEY Son   8 scholar Bewerley
    William STONEY Son   5 scholar Bewerley
    Joseph STONEY Son   1   Bewerley
20 Bewerley - Street Lane William BENTLEY Head M 73 carter Bewerley
    Hannah BENTLEY Wife M 77   Bewerley
    Mary Ann POUNDER Daughter M 46 lead miner's wife Bewerley
    Grace LOFTHOUSE Daughter M 33   Bewerley
    Frd LOFTHOUSE Grd son   7 mths   Otley
21 Bewerley - Street Lane Jane HARLAND Head U 58   Richmond
    Ralph SUNTER Lodger U 56 agr labourer Bewerley
22 Calf Hall Joseph SUMMERSGILL Head M 50 farmer of 37 acres Bewerley
    Hannah SUMMERSGILL Wife M 32   Bewerley
    Elizabeth SUMMERSGILL Daughter   10   Bewerley
    Frederick SUMMERSGILL Son   10 scholar Bewerley
    Annie SUMMERSGILL Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Alice SUMMERSGILL Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    Emma SUMMERSGILL Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
    Joseph SUMMERSGILL Son   3   Bewerley
    Laura SUMMERSGILL Daughter   1   Bewerley
    Thomas SWALE Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Bewerley
23 Strawberry Hill James WEST Head M 51 farmer of 130 acres Pateley Bridge
    Mary WEST Wife M 49   Bewerley
    Annie WEST Daughter U 22   Bewerley
    Christopher WEST Son U 20 wheelwright Bewerley
    Austin WEST Son U 18 pupil teacher Bewerley
    Alfred NEWBOULD Nephew   8 scholar Bewerley
    John McFLYNN Lodger U 45 stonemason Ireland
24 Lamb Hill Cottage John SIMPSON Head M 51 farmer & lead miner Bewerley
    Mary SIMPSON Wife M 48 farmer's wife Pateley Bridge
    Sarah WEST Mother in law Wid 84   Pateley Bridge
25 Lamb Hill Joseph STONEY Head M 71 farmer of 23 acres Bewerley
    Ellen STONEY Wife M 66   Bewerley
26 Brandstone Scar James STONEY Head M 43 farmer of 27 acres & wheelwright Bewerley
    Selina STONEY Wife M 39   Bewerley
    Joseph STONEY Son U 17 farmer's son Bewerley
    Timothy STONEY Son   14 wheelwright's apprentice Bewerley
    Mary A. STONEY Daughter   13 scholar Bewerley
    William STONEY Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    Ann STONEY Daughter   9 scholar Bewerley
    Thomas STONEY Son   8 scholar Bewerley
    Jane STONEY Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    John STONEY Son   3   Bewerley
    James STONEY Son   1   Bewerley
27 Woodtop House Joseph BIRCH Head M 53 farmer of 22 acres Stonebeck Up
    Isabella BIRCH Wife M 46   Knaresborough
    Albert SIMPSON Servant   15 indoor farm servant Stonebeck Down
28 Haver Garth John William HARDISTY Head M 26 farmer of 27 acres Dacre
    Elizabeth HARDISTY Wife M 28   Pateley Bridge
    William HARDISTY Son   2   Pateley Bridge
    Henry HARDISTY Son   11 mths   Pateley Bridge
29 Moorhouses Bottom Thomas STONEY Head U 34 farmer Bewerley
    Mary STONEY Mother Wid 56 housekeeper Bewerley
    Emma STONEY Sister U 26 dressmaker Bewerley
    John STONEY Brother U 23 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    John E. STONEY Nephew   2   Bewerley
30 Bents Cottage Alfred SKAIFE Head M 35 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Hannah SKAIFE Wife M 37   Farnley
    Ann M. SKAIFE Daughter   1   Bewerley
31 Bents Farm Benjamin HARLING Head M 56 farmer of 34 acres Killinghall
    Hannah HARLING Wife M 55   Farnley
    Sarah Ellen HARLING Daughter   15   Killinghall
32 Long Green Head James INMAN Head Wid 66 farmer of 40 acres Burnsall
    Mary INMAN Daughter U 27 housekeeper Burnsall
33 Rock House John BIRCH Head M 58 farmer of 14 acres Stonebeck Up
    Mary BIRCH Wife M 54   Stonebeck Up
34 Red Brae Christopher WEST Head M 45 farmer of 100 acres Pateley Bridge
    Ellen WEST Wife M 42   Skipton
    Scaife WEST Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    Marjory WEST Daughter   9 scholar Bewerley
    Ward WEST Son   7 scholar Bewerley
    Walter WEST Son   5   Bewerley
    Jeffrey WEST Son   1   Bewerley
35 Red Brae Robert KIRKBRIGHT Head M 40 agr labourer Bewerley
    Fanny KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 33   Bewerley
    Edwin KIRKBRIGHT Son U 16 corn miller Bewerley
    Sarah KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   14 flax mill operative Bewerley
    Alexander KIRKBRIGHT Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Charles H. KIRKBRIGHT Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    Mary Alice KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   4   Bewerley
    Frank KIRKBRIGHT Son   2 mths   Bewerley
36 Middle Tongue Richard WESSON Head M 43 general labourer Tanfield
    Mary WESSON Wife M 46   CHS Knutsford
    Julia WESSON Daughter U 21   CHS Mere
    John WESSON Son   8 scholar Tanfield
    Henry WESSON Son   5 scholar Tanfield
37 Middle Tongue Isabella BENTLEY Head Wid 70 no occupation Pateley Bridge
    Hannah LISTER Grd daughter   6   Leeds
38 Middle Tongue Barnabas KIRKBRIGHT Head M 35 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Emma KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 29   Leeds
    Eliza Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Grace KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   1   Bewerley
3.9 Middle Tongue John KIRKBRIGHT Head M 45 gardener Bewerley
    Elizabeth KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 37   Bewerley
    Arthur KIRKBRIGHT Son   15 flax mill doffer Bewerley
    Charles KIRKBRIGHT Son   13 flax mill doffer Bewerley
    Amy KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   11 flax mill doffer Bewerley
    Laurence KIRKBRIGHT Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    Ernest KIRKBRIGHT Son   7 scholar Bewerley
    Fred KIRKBRIGHT Son   5 scholar Bewerley
    Eleanor KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   2   Bewerley
    Anneta KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   4 mths   Bewerley
40 Middle Tongue George HEATON Head M 26 stonecutter Bewerley
    Sarah HEATON Wife M 26   Leeds
    Annie HEATON Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
    Hannah HEATON Daughter   2   Bewerley
41 Middle Tongue Catherine STONEY Head Wid 78   Bewerley
42 Middle Tongue John TULLY Head M 33 gritstone cutter Thornthwaite
    Annie TULLY Wife M 36   WOR Clent
    Mary TULLY Daughter   6 scholar Shipley
    John TULLY Son   5 scholar Shipley
    Joseph TULLY Son   3   Bolton
    William TULLY Son   2   Bewerley
    Annie TULLY Daughter   5 mths   Bewerley
43 Middle Tongue Jonas STOTT Head M 29 stone merchant & quarry owner employing 8 men Clayton
    Ann STOTT Wife M 28   Allerton
    Martha C. STOTT Daughter   5   Thornton
    Alice STOTT Daughter   1   Bewerley
44 Strikes Thomas JOY Head M 53 agr labourer & farmer of 10 acres Bewerley
    Catherine JOY Wife M 55   Bewerley
    Catherine JOY Daughter U 20 dressmaker Bewerley
    Emma STONEY Grd daughter   6   Batley
45 West Cliffe Edward NEWBOULD Head Wid 59 farmer of 70 acres Bewerley
    Mary NEWBOULD Daughter U 27 housekeeper Bewerley
    Edward NEWBOULD Son U 23 farmer's son Bewerley
    Elizabeth DEACON Servant U 18 domestic servant Bewerley
    Albert KIRKBRIGHT Servant   15 indoor farm servant Bewerley
46 High West Cliffe William LEYLAND Head M 31 joiner Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth LEYLAND Wife M 28   NBL Morpeth
    Jane Ellen LEYLAND Daughter   6 scholar Bradford
    John William LEYLAND Son   4   Bewerley
    Kate Mary LEYLAND Daughter   2   Bewerley
47 Low West Cliffe Thomas KING Head M 46 farmer of 42 acres Bewerley
    Mary Ann KING Wife M 47   Bewerley
    Alice BENTLEY Grd daughter   2   Bewerley
    Robert YOUNG Brother in law U 26 gritstone cutter Bewerley
48 Bailey Gap Robert SHERRINGTON Head M 36 gamekeeper Catterick
    Annie SHERRINGTON Wife M 35   Downholme
    Annie SHERRINGTON Daughter   10 scholar Leathley
    Margaret SHERRINGTON Daughter   8 scholar Heathfield
    Fred SHERRINGTON Son   5 scholar Heathfield
    Alfred SHERRINGTON Son   1   Heathfield
49 Bailey Gap James MOORE Head M 69 farmer of 40 acres Stonebeck Down
    Mary MOORE Wife M 53   Fountains Earth
    Elizabeth MOORE Daughter U 16   Fountains Earth
50 Hollin House Mill Ralph P. UMPLEBY Head M 41 corn miller Darley
    Mary UMPLEBY Wife M 48   Darley
    Selina UMPLEBY Daughter   11 scholar Bewerley
    Ethel May UMPLEBY Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    Edgar UMPLEBY Son   6 scholar Bewerley
51 High Fold Robert BROADBELT Head M 21 flax mill overlooker Bewerley
    Margaret BROADBELT Wife M 24   Hartwith
    John Arthur BROADBELT Son   3   Bewerley
    Sam BROADBELT Son   1   Bewerley
52 High Fold Matthew BENTLEY Head M 58 stone merchant Pateley Bridge
    Mary Ann BENTLEY Wife M 49   Pateley Bridge
    John BENTLEY Son U 18 stone merchant Pateley Bridge
    Emma BENTLEY Daughter   14 flax mill operative Pateley Bridge
    Eliza BENTLEY Daughter   12 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Herbert BENTLEY Son   7 scholar Pateley Bridge
53 High Fold William BENTLEY Head M 30 stone merchant Pateley Bridge
    Agnes BENTLEY Wife M 27   Sheffield
    Hannah BENTLEY Daughter   6 scholar Sheffield
54 High Fold William KIRKBRIGHT Head M 70 carter Bewerley
    Dinah KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 45   Bewerley
    Mary Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 31 flax mill spinner Bewerley
    Sarah KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 29 flax mill spinner Bewerley
    John KIRKBRIGHT Son U 25 flax mill screwer Bewerley
55 Hollin House Farm James BROADBELT Head Wid 67 farmer of 20 acres Dewsbury
    Hannah E. BROADBELT Daughter U 25   Bewerley
56 Low Fold Joseph D. KIRKBRIGHT Head M 70 agr labourer Bewerley
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 62   Middlesmoor
    William KIRKBRIGHT Son U 26 flax yarn dryer Bewerley
    John KIRKBRIGHT Son U 25 agr labourer Bewerley
    George KIRKBRIGHT Son U 17 flax mill screwer Bewerley
    Edward KIRKBRIGHT Son U 17 agr labourer Bewerley
57 Low Fold Stephen BENTLEY Head M 29 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Eleanor BENTLEY Wife M 24   Bewerley
    Rose BENTLEY Daughter   1   Bewerley
    John YOUNG Boarder U 34 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
58 Low Fold William BENTLEY Head M 51 gardener Bewerley
    Hannah BENTLEY Wife M 39   Bewerley
    Sophia BENTLEY Daughter U 19 flax mill reeler Bewerley
    Thomas METCALFE Step son U 16 agr labourer Bewerley
    Mary Jane METCALFE Step daughter   13 flax mill worker Bewerley
    George BENTLEY Son   8 scholar Bewerley
    Hannah BENTLEY Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
    Clara BENTLEY Daughter   2   Bewerley
59 Low Fold Thomas MARSHALL Head M 35 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Margaret MARSHALL Wife M 30   Pateley Bridge
    Thomas MARSHALL Son   11 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Jane Ann MARSHALL Daughter   6 scholar Pateley Bridge
60 Low Fold Jane MILLWARD Head M 61 stonemason's wife - he out seeking employment Pateley Bridge
    Jane MILLWARD Daughter U 27 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
61 Low Fold John BALES Head M 23 gas stoker Hartwith
    Mary Ann BALES Wife M 24   Bewerley
    Hetty BALES Daughter   2   Bewerley
620 Low Fold James BARBER Head M 33 flax dresser Clint
    Mary Ann BARBER Wife M 38   Pateley Bridge
    Annie BARBER Daughter   10 scholar Bewerley
    William BARBER Son   7 scholar Bewerley
    Selina BARBER Daughter   1   Bewerley
63 Low Fold Farm William GILL Head M 57 farmer & agr labourer Pateley Bridge
    Eliza GILL Wife M 50   Pateley Bridge
    James LAMBERT Lodger U 24 gritstone quarryman Leeds
64 Castlestead George METCALFE Head Wid 54 flax spinner employing 327 people & brewer employing 77 men Pateley Bridge
    Eliza Mary METCALFE Daughter U 21   Bewerley
    George METCALFE Son U 17   Bewerley
    Herbert William METCALFE Son   10 scholar Bewerley
    Reginald METCALFE Son   8 scholar Bewerley
    Percival METCALFE Son   7 scholar Bewerley
    Phoebe STRANGER Servant U 31 governess - teacher DEV Tiverton
    Ellen TALLYDER Servant U 40 cook CON St Austell
    Elizabeth WOOLFOOT Servant U 23 housemaid Leeds
    Leila BELL Servant U 24 serving maid SFK Ipswich
    Elizabeth GILL Servant U 16 kitchen maid Pateley Bridge
65 Castlestead Cottage Alexander C. YOUNG Head M 38 gardener Scotland
    Mary Jane YOUNG Wife M 41   Felliscliffe
66 Bewerley Farmstead John McWILLIAM Head M 38 agr labourer Scotland
    Jessie McWILLIAM Wife M 36   Scotland
    Isabella McWILLIAM Daughter   11 scholar Scotland
    Elsie McWILLIAM Daughter   9 scholar Scotland
    Emily McWILLIAM Daughter   7 scholar Otley
    William NORRIS Servant U 28 indoor farm servant Scotland
67 Garden House David CARRUTHERS Head M 27   Scotland
    Agnes CARRUTHERS Wife M 25   USA
    Janet BRYDEN Sister in law U 29 visitor Scotland
68 Bewerley Hall John YORKE Head M 54 magistrate Bewerley
    John Henry LOCKWOOD Servant Y 35 butler LIN West Halton
    Thomas WILBURN Servant U 18 footman Hunmanby
    John Thomas WHELLANS Servant U 26 groom DUR Sunderland
    Sarah MICKLEWRIGHT Servant U 43 housekeeper MDX London
    Annie RICHARDSON Servant U 26 housemaid DUR Lumley Castle
    Margaret HUTTON Servant U 21 kitchen maid Redcar
    Ann HEALD Servant U 19 dairy maid CHS Palternton
    Jane BOGIE Servant U 19 housemaid NBL North Shields
69 Bewerley House Frank PHILLIPS Head M 56 mineral & land agent DEV Mary Tavy
    Selina PHILLIPS Wife M 50   CON Calstock
    Bessie J. PHILLIPS Daughter U 25   CON Calstock
    Katie PHILLIPS Daughter U 18   CON Calstock
    Alice PHILLIPS Daughter   13 scholar Bewerley
    Archibald PHILLIPS Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    John HUTCHINSON Servant U 27 general servant Bewerley
    Mary SLATER Servant Wid 31 general servant Helks
70 Bewerley Charles GREEN Head M 69 agr labourer Pateley Bridge
    Mary GREEN Wife M 50   Bewerley
    Eliza SIMPSON Step daughter U 22   Bewerley
    Elizabeth GREEN Daughter U 19 flax mill spinner Bewerley
    Ann GREEN Daughter U 16 flax mill spinner Bewerley
71 Bewerley James HANNAM Head M 37 agr labourer Stonebeck Up
    Mary HANNAM Wife M 36   Stonebeck Up
    Polly HANNAM Daughter   4 mths   Bewerley
72 Bewerley William GRAHAM Head M 56 wood charger Bewerley
    Elizabeth GRAHAM Wife M 52   Bewerley
73 Bewerley William GREEN Head M 60 woodman Pateley Bridge
    Mary GREEN Wife M 59   Fountains Earth
    Charles GREEN Son U 26 flax mill worker Bewerley
    Harriet GREEN Daughter U 23   Bewerley
    Thomas GREEN Son   13 scholar Bewerley
74 Bewerley Peter VERITY Head M 66 blacksmith Bewerley
    Henrietta VERITY Wife M 60   Bewerley
    Mary VERITY Daughter U 35 dressmaker Bewerley
    Christiana VERITY Daughter U 33   Bewerley
    Harry VERITY Son   15 chemist's apprentice Bewerley
75 Bewerley John GRAHAM Head M 44 woodman Bewerley
    Ellen GRAHAM Wife M 37   Bewerley
    William GRAHAM Son U 16 gardener's apprentice Bewerley
    John GRAHAM Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    Edith GRAHAM Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Fred GRAHAM Son   5 scholar Bewerley
76 Bewerley Thomas BROWN Head M 46 coachman Thinstone
    Esther BROWN Wife M 42   NTT Barnby Moor
    Mary BROWN Daughter U 17 flax mill spinner Burnt Woods
    Esther BROWN Daughter   11 scholar Worsborough
    Faith BROWN Daughter   6 scholar Worsborough
    Grace BROWN Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
    Fanny BROWN Daughter   2   Bewerley
    Charles BROWN Son   2 mths   Bewerley
77 Bewerley Ann GELDART Head Wid 73   Pateley Bridge
    Annie IRVIN Grd daughter   15 scholar Bewerley
78 Bewerley Thomas CALVERT Head M 41 stonemason Bewerley
    Mary Alice CALVERT Wife M 32 dressmaker pateley Bridge
    Mary Jane CALVERT Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Granville CALVERT Son   6 scholar Bewerley
79 Bewerley Richard ELLAM Head M 36 police constable Newby
    Ellen ELLAM Wife M 35   Ramsgill
    Richard ELLAM Son   13 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Margaret ELLAM Daughter   9 scholar Pateley Bridge
80 Bewerley John GELDART Head M 33 stonemason Bewerley
    Margaret GELDART Wife M 35   Clint
    Elizabeth GELDART Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
    Clara GELDART Daughter   3   Bewerley
    Ada Mary GELDART Daughter   8 mths   Bewerley
81 Bewerley William VERITY Head M 68 carpenter Bewerley
    Margaret VERITY Wife M 66   Bewerley
82 Bewerley Jonathan VERITY Head M 26 blacksmith Bewerley
    Sarah Ann VERITY Wife M 26   Fountains Earth
    Henrietta VERITY Daughter   3 mths   Bewerley
83 Bewerley Clark PARKER Head M 49 agr labourer Ramsgill
    Caroline PARKER Wife M 46   Bewerley
    Mary PARKER Daughter U 19 flax spinner Bewerley
    William PARKER Son U 17 blacksmith's apprentice Bewerley
    Emily PARKER Daughter   9 scholar Bewerley
84 Bewerley Edward RICHMOND Head M 58 agr labourer Pateley Bridge
    Jane RICHMOND Wife M 58   Pateley Bridge
85 Bewerley John HOLMES Head M 49 stonemason Bewerley
    Eliza HOLMES Wife M 52   Bewerley
    Jane HOLMES Daughter U 23 flax mill reeler Bewerley
    Ellen HOLMES Daughter   14 flax mill reeler Bewerley
86 Bewerley David PARKINSON Head Wid 72 grocer Bewerley
    Ellen PARKINSON Daughter U 29   Bewerley
87 Bewerley George WHITEHEAD Head Wid 59 carpenter Bewerley
    Hannah WHITEHEAD Daughter U 25 dressmaker Bewerley
88 Bewerley William PARKINSON Head M 53 blacksmith Bewerley
    Mary PARKINSON Wife M 38   Leeds
89 Bewerley Mary KIRKBRIGHT Head Wid 70 garden labourer Sigsworth
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 48 flax reeler Bewerley
    Ellen KIRKBRIGHT Grd daughter U 24 flax reeler Bewerley
90 Bewerley Lofthouse LAYFIELD Head M 29 gritstone quarryman Helperby
    Elizabeth LAYFIELD Wife M 25   Middlesmoor
    John William LAYFIELD Son   5   Middlesmoor
    Samuel LAYFIELD Son   2   Bewerley
    Lofthouse LAYFIELD Son   1   Bewerley
    Thomas STOTT Lodger U 19 gritstone quarryman Bradford
91 Bewerley Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Head M 40 butcher Bewerley
    Dinah KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 38   Bewerley
    Harry KIRKBRIGHT Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Fred KIRKBRIGHT Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    Emma KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
    Clara KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   4 scholar Bewerley
    Samuel KIRKBRIGHT Son   6 mths   Bewerley
92 Bewerley John DINSDALE Head M 37 gritstone quarryman Swaledale
    Sarah DINSDALE Wife M 39   Bewerley
    William DINSDALE Son   15 garden labourer Bewerley
    Martha DINSDALE Daughter   10 scholar Bewerley
    Hannah DINSDALE Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    John DINSDALE Son   5 scholar Bewerley
    Mary Jane DINSDALE Daughter   3   Bewerley
    Joseph DINSDALE Son   5 mths   Bewerley
    William KIRKBRIGHT Father in law Wid 81 pensioner Bewerley
93 Bewerley Edward PARKINSON Head M 42 blacksmith Bewerley
    Zillah PARKINSON Wife M 41   Bewerley
    Thomas PARKINSON Son U 17 blacksmith Bewerley
    Sarah PARKINSON Daughter   12 scholar Bewerley
    Fred PARKINSON Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    Thomas PARKINSON Lodger Wid 86 retired blacksmith Bewerley
94 Bewerley Edward STOBBS Head M 35 general labourer Bewerley
    Sophia STOBBS Wife M 27   Bewerley
    Maria STOBBS Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    Charles STOBBS Son   4 scholar Bewerley
    Mary Elizabeth STOBBS Daughter   1   Bewerley
95 Bewerley Joseph KIRKBRIGHT Head M 44 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Caroline KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 46   Bewerley
    Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Son U 19 stone quarryman Bewerley
    Mary Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 17 flax spinner Bewerley
    Ellen KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   14 dressmaker Bewerley
    Faline KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Jane BARKER Lodger U 34 flax spinner Bewerley
    Sarah Jane BARKER Lodger   14 flax spinner Beverley
96 Bewerley James FRYER Head M 44 agr labourer Heathfield
    Sarah FRYER Wife M 36   Bewerley
    Ellen FRYER Daughter   13 scholar Bewerley
    Sarah Ann FRYER Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
    Ann WOOD Mother in law Wid 65 on parish allowance Bewerley
97 Bewerley Catherine STONEY Head Wid 65   Bewerley
    Sarah STONEY Daughter U 36 flax mill spinner Bewerley
    Thomas STONEY Son U 33 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    John Thomas STONEY Grd son   7 scholar Bewerley
98 Bewerley George TEBB Head M 37 brewery employee Boroughbridge
    Sophia TEBB Wife M 31   Bewerley
    George Edward TEBB Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Joseph TEBB Son   10 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Robert TEBB Son   7 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Arthur TEBB Son   5 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Charlotte TEBB Daughter   3   Pateley Bridge
    Maurice TEBB Son   1   Pateley Bridge
99 Bewerley Peter CALVERT Head U 40 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    William CALVERT Brother U 36 gritstone quaryman Bewerley
100 Bewerley Joseph BARKER Head M 27 railway lump man Warsill
    Alice BARKER Wife M 29   Pateley Bridge
    John William BARKER Son   5 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Jane Elizabeth BARKER Daughter   3   Pateley Bridge
    Annie BARKER Daughter   1   Pateley Bridge
101 Hill Top House William STONES Head Wid 62 farmer Pateley Bridge
    Mary LAYFIELD Servant U 22 housekeeper Darley
102 The Mount Robert INGLEBY Head M 46 master flax spinner Pateley Bridge
    Mary Jane INGLEBY Wife M 34   Gatebridge
    John Tennant INGLEBY Son   1   Bewerley
    Mary Ann ELLIS Servant U 17 domestic servant Thornthwaite
103 Bridgehouse Gate William ELLIS Head M 33 elementary schoolteacher Wales Flintshire - Hawarden
    Annie C. ELLIS Wife M 27   CHS Birkenhead
    Horace C. ELLIS Son   8 scholar CHS Asbury
    William James ELLIS Son   3 scholar Pateley Bridge
104 Bewerley - Royal Oak Inn Mary LAYFIELD Head Wid 44 innkeeper Bewerley
    John William LAYFIELD Son U 19 brewer's clerk Bewerley
    Elizabeth LAYFIELD Daughter U 17   Bewerley
    Hannah LAYFIELD Daughter   15   Bewerley
    James LAYFIELD Son   13 scholar Bewerley
    Harriet LAYFIELD Daughter   9 scholar Bewerley
    Allan LAYFIELD Son   4 scholar Bewerley
    Edward JEFFERSON Servant U 21 general domestic servant Wath
105 Bridgehouse Gate Hannah KNOWLES Head Wid 75 retired innkeeper Bewerley
    George HULLAH Grd son U 28 bookkeeper Bewerley
106 Bridgehouse Gate George NOBLE Head M 27 flour mill manager CUL Egremont
    Sarah Ann NOBLE Wife M 23   Ripon
    Walter Latimer NOBLE Son   5 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Margaret NOBLE Daughter   9 mths   Pateley Bridge
    Robert NOBLE Brother U 22 flax mill overlooker Norway
    George NOBLE Son   3   Pateley Bridge
107 Bridgehouse Gate Robert James SEDGWICK Head M 25 journeyman corn miller East Witton
    Elizabeth SEDGWICK Wife M 26   Castle Bolton
    Herbert SEDGWICK Son   11 mths   Bewerley
108 Bridgehouse Gate Joseph LONGSTER Head M 36 corn miller's clerk Dacre
    Ellen LONGSTER Wife M 27   Hartwith
    Joseph P. LONGSTER Son   4   Pateley Bridge
    Peter W. LONGSTER Son   2 mths   Pateley Bridge
    Alice SIMPSON Servant   12 domestic servant Greenhow Hill
109 Bridgehouse Gate David IRVIN Head M 43 lead smelter Pateley Bridge
    Jane IRVIN Wife M 36   Bewerley
    Alice IRVIN Daughter   10 scholar Bewerley
110 Bridgehouse Gate Robert M. GARNER Head M 25 agr labourer CUL Whitehaven
    Margaret GARNER Wife M 23   Darley
    Amy GARNER Daughter   2   Pateley Bridge
111 Bridgehouse Gate Elizabeth SHANN Head Wid 60 master flax spinner's widow Sawley
    Sarah Jane SHANN Daughter U 27   Hartwith
    Helah SHANN Daughter U 21   Pateley Bridge
1123 Bridgehouse Gate George WATTERS Head M 63 agr labourer Bewerley
    Elizabeth WATTERS Wife M 58   Hartwith
    Albert WATTERS Son U 17 stone hewer Bewerley
113 Bridgehouse Gate John RICHMOND Head M 67 tailor Stonebeck Down
    Ann RICHMOND Wife M 67   Pateley Bridge
    James WALLBROOK Apprentice U 16 tailor's apprentice Hartwith
    Joseph SIMPSON Boarder   14 flax mill worker Stonebeck Down
114 Bridgehouse Gate Margaret STOBBS Head U 52 dressmaker Bewerley
115 Bridgehouse Gate James RICHMOND Head M 37 assistant brewer Pateley Bridge
    Harriet RICHMOND Wife M 34   Pateley Bridge
    Joseph RICHMOND Son   10 scholar Pateley Bridge
    David RICHMOND Son   9 scholar Pateley Bridge
    John RICHMOND Son   7 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Sarah Ann RICHMOND Daughter   3 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Alice RICHMOND Daughter   11 mths   Pateley Bridge
116 Bridgehouse Gate William WEST Head M 43 highway labourer Pateley Bridge
    Mary WEST Wife M 44   Pateley Bridge
    Frederick WEST Son U 21 highway labourer Pateley Bridge
    Noah Henry WEST Son U 18 flour mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Sarah WEST Daughter U 16 flour mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Og WEST Son   9 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Kirk WEST Son   6 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Fanny WEST Daughter   3   Pateley Bridge
117 Bridgehouse Gate Alexander KIRKBRIGHT Head M 48 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 45   Bewerley
    Moss KIRKBRIGHT Son U 22 agr labourer Bewerley
    John KIRKBRIGHT Son U 20 carter Bewerley
    James KIRKBRIGHT Son U 18 flax mill worker Bewerley
    Elizabeth KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   12 scholar Bewerley
    Edward KIRKBRIGHT Son   10 scholar Bewerley
    Ellen KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
118 Bridgehouse Gate Fred DAWSON Head M 26 clogger Pateley Bridge
    Eliza DAWSON Wife M 27   Leeds
    Herbert William DAWSON Son   2   Bewerley
119 Bridgehouse Gate George HAYTHWAITE Head M 49 tailor Wilsill
    Mary Ann HAYTHWAITE Wife M 48   Wilsill
    Robert William HAYTHWAITE Son U 19 tailor Pateley Bridge
    Joseph HAYTHWAITE Son U 16 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Florence HAYTHWAITE Daughter   14 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Sarah Ann HAYTHWAITE Daughter   11 scholar Pateley Bridge
120 Bridgehouse Gate Sarah MARSHALL Head Wid 49   Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth MARSHALL Daughter   14 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Mary MARSHALL Daughter   13 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    William MARSHALL Son   9 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Thomas KING Nephew   6 scholar Shipley
121 Bridgehouse Gate Harriet TOPHAM Head U 51 annuitant Pateley Bridge
    John TOPHAM Brother U 58 annuitant Pateley Bridge
    Susanna TOPHAM Sister U 49 annuitant Pateley Bridge
    Annie TOPHAM Sister U 44 annuitant Pateley Bridge
122 Ings House William LEEMING Head M 35 journeyman joiner Sawley
    Sarah LEEMING Wife M 36   Pateley Bridge
    Jane Ellen LEEMING Daughter   15 flax mill spinner Pateley Bridge
    John Thomas LEEMING Son   13 flax mill spinner Bradford
    William LEEMING Son   7 scholar Bradford
    Herbert LEEMING Son   3   Pateley Bridge
123 Bridgehouse Gate John Henry MARSHALL Head M 26 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Annie MARSHALL Wife M 24   Bewerley
    Wilkinson MARSHALL Son   5   Bewerley
    Fred MARSHALL Son   4   Bewerley
    Albert MARSHALL Son   1   Bewerley
    Benjamin NEWBOULD Father in law Wid 75 lead miner Bewerley
124 Bridgehouse Gate Christopher JOY Head M 52 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Betty JOY Wife M 55   Wensleydale
    William JOY Son U 21 stonemason Bewerley
    Alice JOY Daughter U 19 flax mill worker Bewerley
    Ellen JOY Daughter U 17 flax mill worker Bewerley
    Christopher JOY Son   15 flax mill worker Bewerley
    Eliza JOY Daughter   11 scholar Bewerley
    John JOY Son   10 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Lavinia JOY Grd daughter   2   Pateley Bridge
125 Bridgehouse Gate Joseph SIMPSON Head M 26 gritstone quarryman Pateley Bridge
    Mary Ellen SIMPSON Wife M 28   Lofthouse
    Walter SIMPSON Son   4 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Arthur SIMPSON Son   1   Pateley Bridge
126 Bridgehouse Gate William JEFFERSON Head M 32 carter Pateley Bridge
    Grace JEFFERSON Wife M 32   Pateley Bridge
    Ada JEFFERSON Daughter   8 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Anne JEFFERSON Daughter   6 scholar Pateley Bridge
    John JEFFERSON Son   2   Pateley Bridge
127 Bridgehouse Gate Richardson LONGSTER Head M 32 master grocer Dacre
    Mary LONGSTER Wife M 29   Cawood
    Edith L. LONGSTER Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Christopher L. LONGSTER Son   6 scholar Bewerley
    Margaret Elizabeth LONGSTER Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
    Mary Ethel LONGSTER Daughter   3   Bewerley
    Edmund LONGSTER Son   1   Bewerley
    William COCKSHAW Apprentice U 18 grocer's apprentice Pateley Bridge
    Margaret LOFTHOUSE Servant U 17 domestic servant Laverton
    Isabella WEST Servant   13 nurse Bewerley
128 Bridgehouse Gate James JOY Head M 29 stonemason Bewerley
    Rose JOY Wife M 30   Hull
    Thomas JOY Son   5 scholar Bewerley
129 Bridgehouse Gate Michael GRANGE Head M 50 carrier Bewerley
    Jane GRANGE Wife M 41   Sawley
    Johnson GRANGE Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Sarah GRANGE Daughter   10 scholar Bewerley
    Anne GRANGE Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    Etty GRANGE Daughter   5 scholar Bewerley
    Elizabeth GRANGE Daughter   3   Bewerley
130 Bridgehouse Gate Nancy GRANGE Head Wid 84 annuitant Bewerley
    Eliza WHITLEY Servant U 24 domestic servant Dacre
131 Bridgehouse Gate Pattison TEAL Head M 52 grocer Fountains Earth
    Ellen TEAL Wife M 51   Halifax
132 Bridgehouse Gate Thomas WALKER Head M 28 journeyman printer Pateley Bridge
    Hannah WALKER Wife M 28   Pateley Bridge
    William WALKER Son   8 scholar DUR Darlington
    Arthur WALKER Son   6 scholar Keighley
    Kitty WALKER Daughter   3   Pateley Bridge
    Margaret WALKER Daughter   2   Pateley Bridge
133 Low Wood Anthony FRYER Head M 49 farmer Stonebeck Down
    Elizabeth FRYER Wife M 43   Embsay
    Mary Mason FRYER Daughter   15   Bewerley
    Joseph William FRYER Son   13   Bewerley
    Sarah Ann FRYER Daughter   10   Bewerley
    John Phillip FRYER Son   7   Bewerley
    George FRYER Son   4   Bewerley
134 Toft Riggs Benjamin WELLOCK Head M 27 agr labourer Rylstone
    Mary WELLOCK Wife M 26   Wilsill
    Annie WELLOCK Daughter   6   Bewerley
    Isabella WELLOCK Daughter   3   Bewerley
    Elizabeth WELLOCK Daughter   1   Bewerley
    Agnes WELLOCK Daughter   3 mths   Bewerley
135 Toft Gate Thomas WELLOCK Head M 70 farmer of 150 acres Hebden
    Isabella WELLOCK Wife M 66   Stainforth
    Nancy SARGINSON Servant U 42 domestic servant - deaf & dumb Skeldgate
    Agnes GARNETT Visitor - - 47   Arncliffe
    John William JOHNSON Servant   15 farm servant Arncliffe
136 High Fleak Gate George STONEY Head M 57 farmer Bewerley
    Caroline STONEY Wife M 56   Pateley Bridge
    Mary STONEY Daughter U 20 farm servant Bewerley
    Grace STONEY Grd daughter   1   Bewerley
    William STONEY Grd son   5 mths   Bewerley
137 Moor Houses John BRADBURY Head M 72 farmer of 21 acres Bewerley
    Mary BRADBURY Wife M 69   Bewerley
    William BRADBURY Son U 27 quarryman Bewerley
    Sarah Ann BRADBURY Daughter U 25 dressmaker Bewerley
138 Moor Houses Jonas TEAL Head M 44 farmer of 65 acres Fountains Earth
    Jane TEAL Wife M 44   Bewerley
    Edward STONEY Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Bewerley
139 Moor Houses Ann TEASDALE Head Wid 75 farmer of 14 acres Stonebeck Up
    Thomas TEASDALE Son U 34 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Ann TEASDALE Grd daughter U 16 domestic srvant Dewsbury
140 Moor Houses John SWALE Head M 45 farmer of 50 acres Pateley Bridge
    Mary SWALE Wife M 49   Otley
    Sarah COOPER Step daughter U 23 domestic servant Otley
    Henry SWALE Son   14   Bewerley
    James SWALE Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Mary Grace SWALE Daughter   9 scholar Bewerley
    Clara W. COOPER Visitor   8 mths dau of S.Cooper Bewerley
141 Shepherd's Rest William ROBINSON Head M 41 shepherd Kettlewell
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Wife M 41   Warsill
    Mary ROBINSON Daughter   14 scholar Masham
    William K. ROBINSON Son   10 scholar Coverdale
    Adam ROBINSON Son   7 scholar Stonebeck Down
142 Noon Stone John STODDART Head M 44 quarryman & farmer of 9 acres Bewerley
    Elizabeth STODDART Wife M 42   Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth E. STODDART Daughter   10 scholar Bewerley
    Sarah Ann STODDART Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    John STODDART Son   4   Bewerley
    Edward STODDART Son   4   Bewerley
    Hetty STODDART Daughter   2   Bewerley
143 Ravens Nest William KIRKBRIGHT Head M 47 lead miner Bewerley
    Hannah KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 52   Bewerley
    Mary Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   12 scholar Bewerley
    Grace KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   9 scholar Bewerley
144 Ravens Nest George KIRKBRIGHT Head M 35 quarryman & farmer Bewerley
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 36   Bewerley
    Sarah KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 17 flax mill reeler Bewerley
    John KIRKBRIGHT Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Alfred KIRKBRIGHT Son   9 scholar Bewerley
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   7 scholar Bewerley
    Grace KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   4   Bewerley
    Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Son   3   Bewerley
    George KIRKBRIGHT Son   1   Bewerley
145 Ravens Nest Susannah GRANGE Head Wid 39 annuitant Bewerley
    Elizabeth GRANGE Daughter   8 scholar Bewerley
    John DIXON Lodger U 22 gritstone quarryman Thornton
146 Ravens Nest Joseph LONGBOTTOM Head M 36 quarryman Thornton
    Rachel LONGBOTTOM Wife M 26   Pateley Bridge
    Arthur LONGBOTTOM Son   5   Pateley Bridge
    Bertha LONGBOTTOM Daughter   1   Pateley Bridge
147 Bewerley Thomas OLDFIELD Head U 26 certificated master teacher Leeds
    Mary Elizabeth BYRNE Step sister U 36 sewing mistress & housekeeper Leeds
    Sarah Elizabeth OLDFIELD Niece   6 scholar Leeds