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High & Low Bishopside Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census is covered by piece RG11/4314 and was carried out about the 3rd April. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Pateley Bridge - Wath Road Jane PARKER Head Wid 45 farmer Bishopside
    William PARKER Son U 19 stone quarryman Bishopside
    George PARKER Son U 17 stone quarryman Bishopside
    Jane PARKER Daughter   12 scholar Bishopside
    Hannah PARKER Daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas PARKER Son   3   Bishopside
2 Goose Green William BURTON Head M 26 stonemason Bishopside
    Mary A. BURTON Wife M 29   Bewerley
    Martha A. BURTON Daughter   6 mths   Bishopside
3 Goose Green Francis SNOW Head M 47 retired merchant Bishopside
    Etty SNOW Wife M 32   Bedale
    Frank R. SNOW Son   6 scholar Leeds
4 Goose Green William MOOR Head M 29 farmer of 14 acres Bouthwaite
    Jane MOOR Wife M 29   High Woodale
    Albert MOOR Son   2   Bishopside
5 Silver Hill William BARLOW Head M 38 gritstone quarry delver NTT. *
    Alice E. BARLOW Wife M 28   Harding Moss
    James BARLOW Son   9 scholar Harding Moss
    Fanny BARLOW Daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
    Sarah BARLOW Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    Alice BARLOW Daughter   3   Bishopside
    Henry BARLOW Son   2   Bishopside
    Sarah ARNFIELD Mother in law M 77   CHS. Ashley
    Hugh ARNFIELD Brother in law U 41 gritstone quarry master CHS. Stockport
    John HOLLINGS Lodger U 22 gritstone stone dresser Idle
6 Silver Hill Rose DAWSON Head Wid 46   *
    William DAWSON Son U 21 stonemason *
    Robert DAWSON Son U 18 stonemason *
    Derwood DAWSON Son   9 scholar *
    Thomas ROGERS Boarder M 29 gritstone quarryman CON. *
    Bell ROGERS Boarder M 32 flax mill hand *
7 Silver Hill Harry WEATHERHEAD Head M 25 butcher & farmer of 23 acres Bishopside
    Annie WEATHERHEAD Wife M 25   Bewerley
    Robert WEATHERHEAD Nephew   14   Bewerley
8 Silver Hill Charles SANDY Head M 61 civil engineer DEV. Plympton
    Mary A. SANDY Wife M 57   DEV. Plymouth
    Lizzie M. SANDY Daughter U 23   MDX. Enfield
    Alfred E. SANDY Son U 21 mining engineer MDX. Enfield
    Annie LOFTUS Servant U 17 general domestic servant Bishopside
9 Sandholm House Christopher LAMBERT Head M 56 farmer of 17 acres Masham
    Ellen LAMBERT Wife M 55   Ripon
    Thomas LAMBERT Son U 23   Ripon
    John LAMBERT Son U 19   Ripon
10 Porch House William CLARKSON Head M 62 farmer of 30 acres Bedale
    Sally CLARKSON Wife M 61   Colsterdale
    Esther WILKINSON Mother in law Wid 91 former farmer's widow Colsterdale
    Frances J. LAYFIELD Servant U 18 general domestic servant Darley
11 Low Green John TENNANT Head M 66 retired farmer of 6 acres Arncliffe
    Elizabeth TENNANT Wife M 59   Grewelthorpe
    Elizabeth TEAL Servant U 22 general domestic servant Fountains Earth
12 High Green John LUPTON Head M 72 retired farmer Bishopside
    Jane LUPTON Wife M 68   Bishopside
    Hannah LUPTON Daughter U 29 imbecile Bishopside
13 High Green William MOOR Head M 40 farmer of 24 acres Stonebeck Up
    Margaret MOOR Wife M 28   Bishopside
    Isabella MOOR Daughter   1   Bishopside
14 Wickwoods Joshua GILL Head U 29 farmer Bishopside
    Margaret HARDCASTLE Servant Wid 46 housekeeper Richmond
    Leonard H. HARDCASTLE Boarder   9 scholar Bishopside
    Mary WILLIAMS Boarder M 35 seamstress CON. *
15 Tub House George JEFFERSON Head M 65 farmer of 22 acres Tanfield
    Ann JEFFERSON Wife M 60   Bishopside
    Margaret Ann JEFFERSON Daughter U 19 dressmaker Bishopside
16 Wath Thomas JEFFERSON Head M 27 farm labourer Fountains Earth
    Alice JEFFERSON Wife M 27   Bishopside
    Elizabeth JEFFERSON Daughter   5   Bishopside
    Alfred JEFFERSON Son   3   Dacre
    John H. JEFFERSON Son   2   Dacre
17 Wath Margaret COWLING Head Wid 78 former farmer's widow Bishopside
18 Wath Christopher LONGSTER Head M 32 joiner Stonebeck Up
    Sarah Ellen LONGSTER Wife M 30   Dacre
    Annie LONGSTER Daughter   8 scholar Menwith cum Darley
    Jane LONGSTER Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Harry LONGSTER Son   1   Bishopside
19 Wath Loftus LONGSTER Head M 67 blacksmith Yks
    Elizabeth LONGSTER Wife M 68   Sawley
    William LONGSTER Son U 42 farmer of 26 acres Bishopside
    Edmund LONGSTER Son U 39 stonemason Bishopside
    Thomas LONGSTER Son U 30 farmer of 30 acres Bishopside
20 Wath Christopher LONGSTER Head Wid 71 retired farmer Bishopside
21 Wath William CRAVEN Head M 67 farmer of 135 acres Knaresborough
    Ann CRAVEN Wife M 64   Stonebeck Down
    Hannah CRAVEN Daughter U 38   Bishopside
    Joseph CRAVEN Son U 29 farmer's son Bishopside
    John CRAVEN Son U 21 farmer's son Bishopside
    Sarah CRAVEN Daughter U 19   Bishopside
22 Wath Ann MYERS Head Wid 57 former farmer's widow Fountains Earth
    Ellen LAYFIELD Niece   11 scholar Fountains Earth
23 Wath Thomas LAYFIELD Head Wid 81 retired farmer Stonebeck Down
    Lucy E. LAYFIELD Grd dau U 16 general domestic servant Darley
24 Wath Sarah JOHNSON Head Wid 74 retired farmer widow Stonebeck Down
    Elizabeth JOHNSON Daughter U 30 general domestic servant Ripon
25 Wath William CRAVEN Head U 62 farmer of 60 acres Fountains Earth
    Sarah CRAVEN Wife U 42   Bishopside
    Walter CRAVEN Brother U 36 farmer's brother Bishopside
    Martha CRAVEN Niece   12 scholar Bishopside
    Sarah CRAVEN Mother Wid 82 former farmer's widow Fountains Earth
26 Wath George BARKER Head Wid 46 wheelwright & farmer of 18 acres Bishopside
    Elizabeth BARKER Daughter U 18   Bishopside
    Anthony BARKER Son U 16 farmer's son Bishopside
    George C. BARKER Son   12 scholar Bishopside
    Henry BARKER Son   10 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas BARKER Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Jane BARKER Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    Ellen BARKER Daughter   4 scholar Bishopside
27 Wath William COWLING Head M 42 farmer of 40 acres Bishopside
    Mary COWLING Wife M 32   Stonebeck Up
    John COWLING Son   11 scholar Stonebeck Up
    Enoch COWLING Son   7   Bishopside
    Mary COWLING Daughter   4   Bishopside
    William COWLING Son   2   Bishopside
    Alfred COWLING Son   11 mths   Bishopside
28 Yeadon Thomas LONGSTER Head Wid 75 farmer of 128 acres Bishopside
    William LONGSTER Son U 36 farmer's son Bishopside
    Christopher LONGSTER Son M 35 farmer's son Bishopside
    Jane LONGSTER Daughter in law M 33   Bishopside
    Mary LONGSTER Daughter U 28   Bishopside
29 Yeadon Christopher NORRIS Head U 71 farmer of 98 acres Stonebeck Down
    Sarah JOHNSON Niece U 35 housekeeper Hartwith
    Ann JOHNSON Grt niece   11 scholar Dacre
30 Somerset House George WARDMAN Head M 50 farmer of 12 acres & labourer Knaresborough
    Jane WARDMAN Wife M 38   Bewerley
    Sarah A. WARDMAN Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
    Mary A. WARDMAN Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    George WARDMAN Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth WARDMAN Daughter   7 scholar Bishopside
    Jane WARDMAN Daughter   3   Bishopside
    Minnie WARDMAN Daughter   3 weeks   Bishopside
31 High & Low Bishopside James HARDCASTLE Head M 43 stone dresser Bishopside
32 Brown Stay Ridge Jerome WILSON Head M 30 farmer of 76 acres West End
    Frances WILSON Wife M 24   Bishopside
    Ann WILSON Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Polly WILSON Daughter   2   Bishopside
    Fred WILSON Son   1   Bishopside
    Ralph WILSON Father Wid 77 indoor farm labourer Thornthwaite
    Mary Jane WEST Servant   13 general domestic servant Leeds
33 Laverock William TEALE Head M 49 farmer of 8 acres Fountains Earth
    Elizabeth TEALE Wife M 45   Stonebeck Down
    George TEALE Son U 23 gritstone quarryman Stonebeck Down
    Emmanuel TEALE Son U 19 gritstone quarryman Bishopside
    William TEALE Son U 16 gritstone quarryman Bishopside
    Rebecca TEALE Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
    Ada TEALE Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    John TEALE Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Moses TEALE Son   7 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth TEALE Daughter   5   Bishopside
    Mary TEALE Daughter   2   Bishopside
34 Wild Carr Jonathan JENNINGS Head M 36 gritstone quarry owner & farmer of 9 acres Thornton
    Elizabeth JENNINGS Wife M 39   Shipley
    Ackroyd JENNINGS Son   12   Shipley
    Samuel JENNINGS Son   11 scholar Bishopside
    Stapleton JENNINGS Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Walter JENNINGS Son   7 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth JENNINGS Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Avis JENNINGS Daughter   1   Bishopside
    John M. GARNER Boarder U 50 agr labourer - carter CUL. Whitehaven
35 Drayman's Field John MOOR Head M 25 farmer of 23 acres Stonebeck Down
    Mary J. MOOR Wife M 23   Fountains Earth
    Annie MOOR Daughter   11 mths   Bishopside
    Harriet TEALE Visitor U 14   Fountains Earth
36 Quarry House William Snr. DUNN Head Wid 74 farmer Osmotherley
    William Jnr. DUNN Son U 26 farm labourer Sutton Grange
    Mary PROCTOR Servant Wid 62 general domestic servant Bishopside
37 Cross Lane House John RICHMOND Head M 63 farmer Stonebeck Down
    Hannah E. RICHMOND Wife M 50   Pannal
    Thomas RICHMOND Son U 22 schoolteacher Bishopside
    Eleanor RICHMOND Daughter U 20   Bishopside
    Ellen PARKER Mother in law Wid 78 former farmer's widow Middlesmoor
38 Knott Edward CHARLTON Head M 42 labourer NBL. - - - - - -
    Mary CHARLTON Wife M 41   Bewerley
    George CHARLTON Son   15 gritstone quarry hand Eston
    Arthur CHARLTON Son   10 scholar Ilkley
    Anne CHARLTON Daughter   8   Ilkley
    Polly CHARLTON Daughter   6   Ilkley
    Jane CHARLTON Daughter   4   Burley
    Eliza CHARLTON Daughter   1   Ilkley
39 Knott James HOLDSWORTH Head M 34 stone delver Bewerley
    Jane HOLDSWORTH Wife M 31   Bewerley
    William HOLDSWORTH Son   7 scholar Bewerley
    Hannah E. HOLDSWORTH Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
40 Knott John SINCLAIR Head M 32 retired farmer Bishopside
41 Knott David BENTLEY Head M 34 stonemason Bishopside
    Eliza BENTLEY Wife M 35   Bewerley
    Sarah E. BENTLEY Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
    Jane BENTLEY Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    James BENTLEY Son   3 scholar Bishopside
    Mary BENTLEY Daughter   12 mths   Bishopside
42 Knott Joseph PAWSON Head Wid 58 gritstone delver & farmer of 8 acres Bishopside
    Robert PAWSON Son U 21 stonemason Bishopside
    Joseph PAWSON Son U 18 stonemason Bishopside
    Thomas PAWSON Son   14 scholar Bishopside
43 Wheel House John WALKER Head M 65 farmer of 40 acres Bishopside
    Mary WALKER Wife M 48   Bishopside
44 Hole House Gill George SIMPSON Head M 49 lead miner Bewerley
    Elizabeth SIMPSON Wife M 46   Bewerley
    William SIMPSON Son U 18 stone quarry labourer Bewerley
    Sarah J. SIMPSON Daughter   15 flax mill hand Bewerley
    George SIMPSON Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    James SIMPSON Son   6 scholar Bewerley
    Alice SIMPSON Daughter   4   Bewerley
    Joseph SIMPSON Son   1   Bishopside
45 Old Workhouse George KEMP Head M 40 gritstone quarryman Knaresborough
    Maria KEMP Wife M 37   Bradford
    Jane E. KEMP Daughter U 16 flax mill hand Bradford
    Mary A. KEMP Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bradford
    Frederick KEMP Son   2   Bishopside
    Joshua HILL Brother in law U 29 stone quarryman Bradford
    Henry NEALE Boarder U 21 stone quarryman & clogger Huddersfield
46 Tiplady John BROWN Head M 45 farmer of 49 acres Sharow
    Mary BROWN Wife M 38   Hartwith
    Eliza BROWN Daughter U 17 home assistant Kettlesing
    William BROWN Son   15 scholar Kettlesing
    Frederick BROWN Son   9 scholar Kettlesing
47 Kiln Hill Robert HAYTHWAITE Head M 54 tailor & farmer of 16 acres Bishopside
    Hannah HAYTHWAITE Wife M 47   Sawley
    Mary HAYTHWAITE Daughter M 47 indoor farm servant Bishopside
    John R. HAYTHWAITE Son   14 scholar Bishopside
    Jane HAYTHWAITE Daughter   12 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth HAYTHWAITE Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
    George W. HAYTHWAITE Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    Hannah HAYTHWAITE Daughter   4   Bishopside
48 Kiln Hill Christopher HANNAM Head M 45 farmer of 19 acres Bewerley
    Mary HANNAM Wife M 38   Bishopside
    John HANNAM Son   10 scholar Guiseley
    Sarah HANNAM Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
    Ellen HANNAM Daughter   7 scholar Bishopside
    Solomon GILL Boarder U 25 indoor farm servant Bishopside
49 Glasshouses Thomas N. CLARKE Head Wid 48 grocer Bishopside
    Joseph CLARKE Son U 21 general labourer Bishopside
    William CLARKE Son U 19 general labourer Bishopside
    Mary J. CLARKE Daughter U 16 housekeeper Bishopside
    Sarah A. CLARKE Daughter   14 scholar Bishopside
50 Glasshouses John CLARKE Head M 27 joiner Bishopside
    Jane CLARKE Wife M 25   Bishopside
    Maggie CLARKE Daughter   2   Bishopside
51 Glasshouses Fred GILL Head M 24 stonemason Bishopside
52 Glasshouses David GILL Head M 65 farm labourer Bishop Thornton
    Ruth GILL Wife M 50   Knaresborough
    Jacob GILL Son U 27 stonemason Sawley
    John GILL Son U 22 stonemason Sawley
    Jessie R. GILL Son U 21 tinner, plumber & glazier Bewerley
    Sarah A. GILL Daughter   15 flax spinner Bewerley
    William GILL Son   13 flax spinner Bewerley
    Eliza A. GILL Daughter   12 flax spinner Bewerley
    Emma E. GILL Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
53 Glasshouses Sarah READER Head Wid 53 charwoman Warsill
    Joseph BAYNE Son U 28 gritstone miner Hampsthwaite
54 Glasshouses William FEASBY Head U 24 hemp spinner Bishopside
    Mary Ann FEASBY Sister U 32 charwoman Bishopside
    James FEASBY Nephew   8 scholar Bishopside
55 Glasshouses John MYERS Head Wid 48 labourer & farmer of 3 acres Stonebeck Down
    Samuel MYERS Brother U 26 indoor farm servant Stonebeck Down
56 Glasshouses Thomas RAYNER Head M 48 shoemaker Fountains Earth
    Margaret RAYNER Wife M 33   Stonebeck Down
    James RAYNER Son   11 scholar Fountains Earth
    Alice WALKER Visitor & boarder   11 scholar Stonebeck Down
57 Glasshouses John ROBINSON Head M 48 farmer of 21 acres Hartwith
    Mary ROBINSON Wife M 46   Sawley
    William ROBINSON Son U 20 apprentice mechanic Bishopside
    Mary Ann ROBINSON Daughter U 18 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Charles ROBINSON Son U 16 flax mill hand Bishopside
    John ROBINSON Son   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    James ROBINSON Son   10 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
    Walter ROBINSON Son   3   Bishopside
58 Glasshouses Francis THORPE Head M 24 farmer of 40 acres Bishopside
    Ellen THORPE Wife M 43   Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary J. THORPE Daughter U 19 home assistant Bishopside
    Sarah THORPE Daughter U 18 dressmaker Bishopside
    William THORPE Son   13 scholar Bishopside
    Mercy THORPE Daughter   10   Bishopside
    Homer THORPE Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    Eleanor THORPE Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Mary GILL Mother in law Wid 74 former mason's widow Kirkby Malzeard
59 Glasshouses Jane POTTER Head - - 44 charwoman Bishopside
    William SMITH Son U 16 gritstone dresser Harrogate
    John J. WALLS Step son   12 scholar Harrogate
60 Glasshouses John CALVERT Head M 61 mechanic & farmer of 9 acres Bishopside
    Jane CALVERT Wife M 60   Bewerley
    Sarah A. CALVERT Daughter U 29 dressmaker Bishopside
    Edith A. CALVERT Grd dau   4   Bishopside
61 Glasshouses Thomas MARSHALL Head M 25 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Mary E. MARSHALL Wife M 25   Skipton
    Fred MARSHALL Son   3   Bishopside
    Amanda A. MARSHALL Daughter   8 mths   Bishopside
62 Glasshouses Jacob HARDCASTLE Head M 21 gritstone quarryman Hartwith
    Selina HARDCASTLE Wife M 30 flax spinner Dacre
    Clara GRANGE - HARDCASTLE Step dau   12 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas GRANGE - HARDCASTLE Step son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Mary Jane GRANGE - HARDCASTLE Step dau   8 scholar Bishopside
63 Glasshouses Ann HOLDSWORTH Head Wid 52 former flax spinner Bishopside
    William HOLDSWORTH Son U 23 stonemason Bishopside
    Thomas HOLDSWORTH Son U 26 gritstone quarryman Bishopside
    Mark HOLDSWORTH Son   14 flax spinner Bishopside
64 Glasshouses John RHODES Head M 50 flax mill jobber West End
    Mary RHODES Wife M 49   Hartwith
    Martha RHODES Daughter U 21 flax spinner Bishopside
    Amy RHODES Daughter U 19 flax spinner Bishopside
    Joseph W. RHODES Son U 16 unemployed factory hand Bishopside
    George RHODES Son   14 flax spinner Bishopside
    Edith E. WINTERBURN Grd dau   2   WAR. Coventry
65 Glasshouses Robert HARDCASTLE Head M 46 flax dresser Bishopside
    Margaret HARDCASTLE Wife M 44   Bishopside
    Hannah HARDCASTLE Daughter U 22 flax mill hand Hartwith
    Robert HARDCASTLE Son U 17 gritstone quarryman Hartwith
    Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Daughter U 16 flax spinner Hartwith
    Francis HARDCASTLE Son   11 flax mill hand Hartwith
66 Glasshouses George HACKNEY Head M 25 gritstone quarry labourer LAN. Liverpool
    Catherine HACKNEY Wife M 21   LAN. Liverpool
    Margaret E. HACKNEY Daughter   1   Bishopside
    John HACKNEY Son   1 mth   Bishopside
67 Glasshouses Matthew TEASDALE Head M 26 carter at flax mill Bishopside
    Maria TEASDALE Wife M 23   Bewerley
    William TEASDALE Son   5   Bishopside
    Matthew TEASDALE Son   3   Bishopside
    Anna TEASDALE Daughter   11 mths   Bishopside
68 Glasshouses Rachel GRANGE Head Wid 52   Knaresborough
    Jane GRANGE Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Joseph GRANGE Son   12 bobbin turner Bishopside
    Margaret A. GRANGE Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    Fanny ATKINSON Boarder U 29 flax mill hand Knaresborough
69 Glasshouses Eliza CLAYDON Head M 44   CAM. Stetchworth
    Mary L. CLAYDON Daughter U 21 flax mill hand CAM. Wood Ditton
    Annie L. CLAYDON Daughter U 16 flax mill hand CAM. Wood Ditton
    Harry CLAYDON Son   14 flax mill hand CAM. Wood Ditton
    Emma CLAYDON Daughter   11 flax miil hand CAM. Wood Ditton
    Alice CLAYDON Daughter   4   Bishopside
70 Glasshouses Mary E. HACKNEY Head Wid 55 flax mill hand LAN. Liverpool
    Benjamin HACKNEY Son M 29 stone quarry labourer LAN. Liverpool
    Margaret HACKNEY Daughter U 22 flax mill hand LAN. Liverpool
    Ellen HACKNEY Daughter U 17 flax mill hand LAN. Liverpool
    Mary A. HACKNEY Grd dau   5 scholar LAN. Liverpool
71 Glasshouses Thomas HOLMES Head M 49 general labourer Bishopside
    Ellen HOLMES Wife M 50   Bishopside
    Mary A. HOLMES Daughter U 23 flax spinner Bishopside
    Christopher HOLMES Son U 18 plumber & glazier Bishopside
    Frank HOLMES Son U 16 factory labourer - oiler Bishopside
    Richard HOLMES Son   15 factory labourer - oiler Bishopside
    John HOLMES Son   12 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Foster HOLMES Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Lucy HOLMES Grd dau   2 weeks   Bishopside
72 Glasshouses Thomas BARKER Head M 52 coal weighman Grantley
    Mary BARKER Wife M 47   Ripon
    Robert R. BARKER Son U 19 joiner's apprentice Warsill
    Henry BARKER Son U 17 joiner's apprentice Warsill
    Peter W. BARKER Son   15 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Sarah E. BARKER Daughter   14 flax mill reeler Bishopside
    Jane A. BARKER Daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
73 Glasshouses Edmund RICHMOND Head M 51 gas manager Stonebeck Dowm
    Ann RICHMOND Wife M 50   Bewerley
    William RICHMOND Son U 19 gritstone quarry manager Stonebeck Down
    Edmund RICHMOND Son   15 linen yarn drier Stonebeck Down
74 Glasshouses Charlotte KNOWLES Head Wid 43 laundress Hartwith
    Margaret A. KNOWLES Daughter U 21 flax mill reeler Bishopside
    Hannah KNOWLES Daughter U 16 flax mill reeler Bishopside
    Henry KNOWLES Son   15 apprentice mechanic Bishopside
    Mary KNOWLES Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
    Edwin KNOWLES Son   11 scholar Bishopside
    Arthur KNOWLES Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Ernest REDSHAW Nephew   4 scholar Sheffield
75 Glasshouses James HALLIWELL Head M 64 mechanic & engine smith Knaresborough
    Elizabeth HALLIWELL Wife M 48   Ripon
    Elizabeth HALLIWELL Daughter   12 scholar Bishopside
    Mary HALLIWELL Daughter   10   Bishopside
76 Glasshouses William H. CHESTER Head M 37 flax spinning mill manager Leeds
    Mary CHESTER Wife M 34   Bishopside
    Annie CHESTER Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    Arthur CHESTER Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Mary E. CHESTER Daughter   7 scholar Bishopside
    William H. CHESTER Son   5 scholar Bishopside
    Sarah E. CHESTER Daughter   1   Bishopside
    Hannah GRAHAM Servant   14 general domestic servant Bishopside
77 Glasshouses William BICKERSTAFF Head M 59 vicar designate of marriages LAN. Marton
    Mary BICKERSTAFF Wife M 37   Wakefield
    Maud BICKERSTAFF Daughter   7   Chapelthorpe
    Francis W. BICKERSTAFF Son   4   Bishopside
    John SCOTT Visitor U 36 solicitor Sandal Magna
    Rebecca METCALFE Servant U 19 general domestic servant Bishopside
78 Glasshouses Thomas CHAMBERS Head M 47 1st class certificated schoolteacher NBL. Whittingham
    Sarah CHAMBERS Wife M 49   NBL. Newcastle upon Tyne
    James A. CHAMBERS Son   12 scholar LAN. Wigan
    Elizabeth A. CHAMBERS Daughter   10 scholar LAN. Newtown - Wigan
    Albert T. CHAMBERS Son   7 scholar Bishopside
79 Glasshouses Ruth WOOD Head Wid 51   Bewerley
    Mary TEASDALE Daughter U 20 flax spinner West End
    Eveline TEASDALE Daughter   18 flax spinner Mickley
    Enoch TEASDALE Son   15 bobbin turner Mickley
    Martha TEASDALE Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth WEST Boarder U 20 flax spinner Bishopside
    Maud WEST Boarder   4 mths   Bishopside
80 Glasshouses Ruth SMITH Head Wid 60 annuitant Fountains Earth
    Edwin SMITH Son U 20 flax mill overlooker's assistant Fountains Earth
    Clara A. SMITH Daughter U 18 flax mill reeler Fountains Earth
    Czarina SMITH Grd dau   9 scholar LIN. Grimsby
81 Glasshouses John PROCTOR Head Wid 47 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    John S. PROCTOR Son U 26 stonemason Bishopside
    Ninion PROCTOR Son U 24 stonemason Bishopside
    Edward W. PROCTOR Son U 22 blacksmith Bishopside
    Elizabeth PROCTOR Daughter U 19 housekeeper Bishopside
    Christopher PROCTOR Son U 17 errand boy Bishopside
    Kate PROCTOR Daughter   12 scholar Bishopside
    Eleanor PROCTOR Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    Fred PROCTOR Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Herbert PROCTOR Son   4   Bishopside
82 Glasshouses Mary MARSHALL Head Wid 69   Bishopside
    Jane MARSHALL Daughter U 25 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Eliza MARSHALL Daughter U 21 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Hannah MARSHALL Daughter U 19 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Maria MARSHALL Daughter U 16 flax mill hand Bishopside
    John H. MARSHALL Grd son   1   Bishopside
83 Glasshouses John GREEN Head M 35 flax yarn packer Bewerley
    Hannah GREEN Wife M 34 flax spinner Bewerley
    William GREEN Son   12 scholar Bewerley
    Rizpah HANSON Boarder   6 scholar Harden
84 Glasshouses George KIRKBRIGHT Head M 39 flax dresser overlooker Bewerley
    Jane KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 36   Menwith cum Darley
    Jane KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   15 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Mary Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   13 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Emma KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   7 scholar Bishopside
    Luke KIRKBRIGHT Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    Mark KIRKBRIGHT Son   4   Bishopside
85 Glasshouses William PEARSON Head M 67 general labourer North Stainley
    Sarah PEARSON Wife M 57   Bishopside
    Sarah A. PEARSON Daughter U 19 flax factory hand West End
    George PEARSON Son U 16 stonemason Bishopside
    James PEARSON Son   14 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Robert PEARSON Son   12 scholar Bishopside
    John W. SWIERS Boarder M 21 joiner Bishopside
    Caroline SWIERS Boarder M 22 flax factory hand West End
    Charles SWIERS Boarder   2 mths   Bishopside
86 Glasshouses John MARSHALL Head M 28 general labourer Bewerley
    Fanny MARSHALL Wife M 29   LAN. Ulverston
    James MARSHALL Son   5   Bishopside
    Ernest J. MARSHALL Son   2   Bishopside
    Carter MARSHALL Son   7 mths   Bishopside
87 Glasshouses Thomas LUMB Head M 46 cashier & local Wesleyan preacher Leeds
    Hannah LUMB Wife M 42   Leeds
    Beatrice A. LUMB Daughter U 16 pupil teacher Leeds
88 Glasshouses William KIRKBRIGHT Head M 39 flax mill overlooker Bewerley
    Emma KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 34   Dacre
    Ada KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Joseph KIRKBRIGHT Son   12 flax mill hand & scholar Bishopside
    Walter KIRKBRIGHT Son   10 flax mill hand & scholar Bishopside
    Herbert W. KIRKBRIGHT Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Clement KIRKBRIGHT Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    Sarah A. KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Frank KIRKBRIGHT Son   4 mths   Bishopside
89 Glasshouses Thomas THACKERY Head Wid 47 wood turner Shaw Mills
    George THACKERY Son U 21 flax yarn dresser Bishopside
    Elizabeth THACKERY Daughter U 20 housekeeper Bishopside
    Mary THACKERY Daughter U 18 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Harriet THACKERY Daughter U 18 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Annie THACKERY Daughter U 16 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Edward THACKERY Son   12 flax mill hand & scholar Bishopside
    Grace THACKERY Daughter   10 flax mill hand & scholar Bishopside
    Thomas THACKERY Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Jane THACKERY Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    Eliza THACKERY Daughter   4   Bishopside
90 Glasshouses Jonathan BRAMLEY Head Wid 80 retired flax dresser Knaresborough
    Elizabeth DALE Servant Wid 52 housekeeper Blubberhouses
91 Glasshouses William WILKINSON Head M 23 stone hewer Hartwith
    Jane A. WILKINSON Wife M 24   Bishopside
    Martha SIMPSON Aunt U 74 flax machine hand Bewerley
    Sarah E. INGLEBY Sister in law U 17 flax spinner Bishopside
    Mary WILSON Visitor M 26   Bishopside
    Annie WILSON Visitor   2   Hartwith
    Frank WILSON Visitor   3 mths   Bishopside
92 Glasshouses Elizabeth MILLWARD Head Wid 62   Bishopside
    John MILLWARD Son U 29 brewery man Bewerley
    Jane MILLWARD Daughter U 27 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Ellen MILLWARD Daughter U 25 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Ann MILLWARD Daughter U 22 flax mill hand Bewerley
    William MILLWARD Son U 20 cooper Bishopside
    Joseph MILLWARD Son U 17 cooper Bishopside
    John MILLWARD Grd son   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Sarah E. MILLWARD Grd dau   12 scholar Otley
    Alfred MILLWARD Grd son   8 scholar Leeds
93 Glasshouses John NEEDHAM Head M 41 general labourer Bishopside
    Sarah NEEDHAM Wife M 40   Bishopside
    Annie NEEDHAM Daughter   11 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas NEEDHAM Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    George NEEDHAM Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    William NEEDHAM Son   4   Bishopside
    Robert NEEDHAM Son   2   Bishopside
94 Glasshouses Richard WARD Head M 31 gritstone quarryman Ramsgill
    Eliza WARD Wife M 34   Bewerley
    George WARD Son   10 scholar Bewerley
    John WARD Son   7 scholar Bewerley
    Anne WARD Daughter   5   Bewerley
    Bell WARD Daughter   3   Bishopside
    Agnes WARD Daughter   1   Bishopside
95 Glasshouses Robert ANDREWS Head M 32 flax spinning overlooker IRL. County Down
    Mary Jane ANDREWS Wife M 29   IRL. County Armagh
    Berty G.B. ANDREWS Son   2   Bishopside
    Margaret C. ANDREWS Daughter   1   Bishopside
96 Glasshouses John SIMPSON Head M 41 flax mill overlooker Bishopside
    Elizabeth SIMPSON Wife M 40   Otley
    Mary SIMPSON Daughter   11 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Alfred SIMPSON Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Harry SIMPSON Son   5 scholar Bishopside
    Walter SIMPSON Son   3   Bishopside
    Annie SIMPSON Daughter   1 mth   Bishopside
97 Glasshouses James FRYER Head M 31 flax dresser Bewerley
    Jane FRYER Wife M 31   Bewerley
    Leeming FRYER Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    Florence A. FRYER Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Elizabeth A. FRYER Daughter   2   Bishopside
98 Glasshouses William WEST Head M 54 coachman Bishopside
    Alice WEST Wife M 52   Bishopside
    Frederick WEST Son U 20 apprentice joiner Bishopside
    Arthur WEST Son U 17 apprentice mechanic Bishopside
    Serena TURPIN Boarder U 21 schoolmistress Castleford
99 Glasshouses John DAYKIN Head M 54 flax mill overlooker Bishopside
    Martha DAYKIN Wife M 50   Bishopside
    Joseph DAYKIN Son U 18 assistant schoolteacher Bishopside
    William H. DAYKIN Son U 17 bookkeeper - clerk Bishopside
    Hannah DAYKIN Daughter   15 flax mill reeler Bishopside
    John DAYKIN Son   12 scholar Bishopside
    Arthur DAYKIN Son   8 scholar Bishopside
100 Glasshouses John HOLLAND Head M 45 plate layer NTT. Gotham
    Sarah HOLLAND Wife M 40   Ripley
    Sarah Ann HOLLAND Daughter U 19 flax factory hand Ripley
    Ann MUDD Mother in law Wid 78 former labourer's widow Fewston
101 Glasshouses David INGLEBY Head Wid 74 linen weaver Skyreholme
    Thomas INGLEBY Son U 38 brewery cask washer Bishopside
    Thomas HANNAM Grd son   15 flax mill hand South Elmsall
102 Glasshouses John HANLEY Head Wid 36 general labourer Ramsgill
    Emily HANLEY Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas HANLEY Son   8 scholar Bishopside
103 Glasshouses Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Head M 49 agr labourer Bewerley
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 48   Bishopside
    William KIRKBRIGHT Son U 21 flax hewer Bewerley
    Sarah KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 20 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Hannah KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 17 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Ellen KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   15 flax mill hand Bewerley
104 Glasshouses John SUMMERSGILL Head M 54 highway repairer Bishopside
    Elizabeth SUMMERSGILL Wife M 48   Stonebeck Down
    John PARKER Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    William SUMMERSGILL Son U 21 unemployed farm servant Bishopside
105 Glasshouses Faith ROBINSON Head Wid 40 flax mill hand Dacre
    Jane ROBINSON Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    John ROBINSON Son   12 scholar Bishopside
    Annie ROBINSON Daughter   5 scholar Bishopside
    Aaron Holland ROBINSON Son   1   Bishopside
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Daughter U 18 flax mill hand Bishopside
106 Glasshouses Joseph SHUTTLEWORTH Head M 50 master plasterer Skipton
    Sarah SHUTTLEWORTH Wife M 48   Bishopside
    Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH Son U 24 plasterer Skipton
    Sarah Ann SHUTTLEWORTH Daughter   14 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Joseph SHUTTLEWORTH Son   11 flax factory hand & scholar Bishopside
    John SHUTTLEWORTH Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Esther SHUTTLEWORTH Daughter   5 scholar Bishopside
107 Glasshouses Thomas MILNER Head M 45 platelayer Burton Leonard
    Amelia MILNER Wife M 39   Bishopside
    George MILNER Son U 17 gritstone quarryman Bishopside
    Elizabeth MILNER Daughter U 16 flax yarn reeler Bishopside
    John MILNER Son   14 flax yarn reeler Bishopside
    Harriet MILNER Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
108 Glasshouses William BARKER Head M 25 stonemason Warsill
    Clara BARKER Wife M 25   Ripon
    Herbert BARKER Son   7 mths   Bishopside
109 Glasshouses Margaret BARBER Head Wid 40 former stone quarryman's widow Bishopside
    Jane BARBER Daughter   7 scholar Bishopside
    Mary BARBER Daughter   5 scholar Bishopside
110 Glasshouses Betsy BRAMLEY Head Wid 49 dressmaker Bewerley
    John A. BRAMLEY Son U 18 blacksmith LAN. Manchester
111 Glasshouses Alfred BELL Head M 40 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Mary J. BELL Wife M 38   Bewerley
    Sarah J. KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Eliza BELL Daughter   4 scholar Bishopside
    Fred BELL Son   1   Bishopside
112 Glasshouses David COWLING Head M 59 stonemason Bishopside
    Jane COWLING Wife M 59   Ripon
    Jane F. COWLING Daughter U 22   Bishopside
    George COWLING Son U 20 stonemason Bishopside
    Henry COWLING Son U 18 stonemason Bishopside
    Ann COWLING Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
113 Glasshouses Thomas SWIERS Head M 47 bobbin turner Bishopside
    Elizabeth SWIERS Wife M 41   Aldfield
    Ellen SWIERS Daughter U 16 flax factory hand Bishopside
    James SWIERS Son   14 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Ursula SWIERS Daughter   12 scholar Bishopside
    Isaac SWIERS Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas SWIERS Son   4   Bishopside
114 Glasshouses Joseph WRAY Head M 27 stonemason Shaw Mills
    Caroline WRAY Wife M 24   Sawley
    Emma WRAY Daughter   3   Bishopside
    Annie WRAY Daughter   2   Bishopside
    John T. WRAY Son   1   Bishopside
115 Glasshouses Isaac SWIERS Head M 45 gritstone quarryman Bishopside
    Ellen SWIERS Wife M 38   Bishopside
    Fanny SWIERS Daughter U 16 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Margaret SWIERS Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Benjamin SWIERS Son   11 scholar Bishopside
    John SWIERS Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Mary A. SWIERS Daughter   2   Bishopside
116 Glasshouses George HORNER Head M 58 joiner Bishopside
    Charlotte HORNER Wife M 56   Bishopside
    George HORNER Son U 18 joiner Bishopside
117 Glasshouses John DUNN Head M 47 rural letter carrier Bewerley
    Marguerite DUNN Wife M 37   Bewerley
    Edward DUNN Son   13 flax factory hand Bewerley
    Alice DUNN Daughter   11 flax factory hand & scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth E. DUNN Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
    Annie DUNN Daughter   5 scholar Bishopside
    John T. DUNN Son   3   Bishopside
    Emily DUNN Daughter   1   Bishopside
118 Glasshouses John SWIERS Head M 51 general labourer Bewerley
    Margaret SWIERS Wife M 50   Bishopside
119 Glasshouses Mary KAYBERRY Head Wid 61 grocer Bewerley
120 Glasshouses George KAYBERRY Head M 25 unemployed joiner Bishopside
    Sarah KAYBERRY Wife M 26 dressmaker Bishopside
    Alfred KAYBERRY Son   4   Bishopside
    Polly KAYBERRY Daughter   3   Bishopside
121 Glasshouses Benjamin IBBOTSON Head Wid 31 police constable Linton
    Thomas W. IBBOTSON Son   7 scholar Halifax
    Henry IBBOTSON Nephew   14 scholar Leeds
122 Glasshouses Richard HOLMES Head M 54 flax dresser Bishopside
    Mary HOLMES Wife M 46   Dacre
    John DOUGILL Son U 20 flax dresser Bishopside
    Joseph DOUGILL Son U 17 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Jane DOUGILL Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Thomas DOUGILL Son   9 scholar Bishopside
123 Glasshouses John BALES Head Wid 56 gneral labourer Bishopside
    Catherine BALES Daughter U 20 flax mill hand Shaw Mills
    Elizabeth BALES Daughter U 18 flax mill hand Shaw Mills
    Ann BALES Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Emma BALES Daughter   12 flax mill hand Bishopside
    William BALES Son   10 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Harriet BALES Daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
    Mary Jane BALES Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    Thomas BALES Son   4 scholar Bishopside
124 Glasshouses John INGLEBY Head M 32 flax warehouse man Bishopside
    Lucy INGLEBY Wife M 26   Bishopside
    George INGLEBY Son   11   Bishopside
125 Glasshouses Benjamin EIDSON Head M 52 lead miner Bewerley
    Maria EIDSON Wife M 50   Bewerley
    Albert EIDSON Son U 21 gritstone quarryman Bewerley
    Eunice EIDSON Daughter U 20 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Beatrice EIDSON Daughter U 17 flax mill hand Bewerley
    Isabella EIDSON Daughter   13 flax mill hand Bewerley
126 Glasshouses John GILL Head M 60 general labourer Bishopside
    Mary GILL Wife M 53   Bewerley
    Samuel GILL Son U 17 blacksmith's apprentice Bishopside
    Clara GILL Daughter   15 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Jesse GILL Son   13 flax mill hand Bishopside
    William GILL Son   7 scholar Bishopside
127 Glasshouses Isaac LOFTHOUSE Head M 84 shoemaker Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary LOFTHOUSE Wife M 75   Spofforth
128 Glasshouses David RAW Head M 37 stonemason Bishopside
    Hannah RAW Wife M 38   Darley
    William YEATES Son U 20 flax dresser West End
    Annie RAW Daughter   15 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Sarah RAW Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Richard RAW Son   12 scholar Bishopside
    Jane RAW Daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
    Mary A. RAW Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    James A. RAW Son   4   Bishopside
129 Glasshouses William SWIERS Head M 55 unemployed joiner Bishopside
    Eliza SWIERS Wife M 50   Bishopside
    Jane SWIERS Daughter U 16 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Eliza SWIERS Daughter   13 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Thomas SWIERS Son   11 flax factory hand Bishopside
130 Glasshouses Joseph LONSDALE Head M 57 joiner Sawley
    Mary LONSDALE Wife M 46   Bishopside
    Joseph LONSDALE Son U 19 falx mill hand Winksley
    Amelia R. LONSDALE Daughter   13 flax mill hand Mickley
    Margaret A. LONSDALE Daughter   12 flax mill hand & scholar Mickley
    Ada LONSDALE Daughter   10 flax mill hand & scholar Bishopside
    Thomas H. LONSDALE Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Nancy LONSDALE Daughter   5 scholar Bishopside
131 Glasshouses Benjamin KIRKBRIGHT Head M 41 master boot & shoemaker Bewerley
    Margaret KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 44   IRL. *
    John KIRKBRIGHT Son U 16 gritstone flag quarry hand Bewerley
    Margaret A. KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   13 flax factory hand Bewerley
    Benjamin KIRKBRIGHT Son   9 scholar Ripon
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   7   Ripon
132 Glasshouses Edward THACKERY Head M 44 flax yarn dresser Bishopside
    Matilda THACKERY Wife M 45   Bishopside
    Mary A. THACKERY Daughter   7 scholar Bishopside
    William LONSDALE Boarder U 28 mechanic Sawley
133 Glasshouses Timothy KIRKBRIGHT Head M 41 engine man at stone quarry Bewerley
    Eliza KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 41   Bishopside
    Alice KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 16 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   14 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Timothy KIRKBRIGHT Son   12 flax factory hand Bishopside
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    Eva KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   7 scholar Lofthouse
    Emma KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   5   Bishopside
    Minnie KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   3   Bishopside
    Fred KIRKBRIGHT Son   7 mths   Bishopside
134 Glasshouses Isabella WILSON Head U 38 flax factory hand Ripley
    John WILSON Son U 11 flax factory hand Bishopside
135 Glasshouses James ABBOTT Head M 46 flax hackler Hartwith
    Mary ABBOTT Wife M 35   Dacre
136 Glasshouses Saran Ann BENTLEY Head Wid 43 housekeeper Hunslet - Leeds
    Ellen S. HEY Daughter U 17 flax mill hand Hunslet - Leeds
    James BENTLEY Son   12 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Margaret BENTLEY Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
137 Glasshouses Jonathan GILL Head M 38 gritstone miner Sawley
    Mary GILL Wife M 39   Clint
    Richard CUNDALL Step son U 19 brewer's fireman & yeastman Shaw Mills
    Elizabeth A. GILL Daughter   10 mths   Bishopside
138 Stock Plain Joseph CALVERT Head M 48 farmer of 22 acres Bewerley
    Mary Ann CALVERT Wife M 44   Hartwith
    Elizabeth CALVERT Daughter U 22   Bewerley
    James CALVERT Son U 20 farmer's son Bewerley
    Benjamin CALVERT Son   12 scholar Bewerley
139 Stock Plain Edward HOWARTH Head M 68 farmer of 3 acres Bishopside
    Jane HOWARTH Wife M 63   Hull
140 Stock Plain Thomas MILWARD Head M 35 flax mill overlooker Bishopside
    Ellen MILWARD Wife M 27   Bramley
    Anna MILWARD Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
    Arthur MILWARD Son   7 scholar Bishopside
141 Stock Plain John KIRKBRIGHT Head M 34 gritstone miner Bewerley
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 36   Bewerley
    Henry MACKWELL Step son   15 flax factory reeler Bewerley
142 Stock Plain Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Head M 31 farmer of 24 acres Bewerley
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 38   Bishop Thornton
    Thomas ATKINSON Boarder U 28 gritstone quarryman Shaw Mills
143 Knott Jonathan PEACOCK Head Wid 78 farmer of 16 acres Bishopside
    Jonathan PEACOCK Son U 31 stonemason Bishopside
    Ann WORMALD Servant Wid 60 housekeeper Bishopside
    Hannah WORMALD Boarder   14 scholar Bishopside
144 Knott Burrill MOORE Head M 24 brewer's man Bishopside
    Mary MOORE Wife M 21   Bishopside
    Arthur W. MOORE Son   11 mths   Bishopside
145 Knott Barnabas CHAPMAN Head M 46 general agr labourer Pannal
    Jane CHAPMAN Wife M 47   Hampsthwaite
    Jonathan CHAPMAN Son U 18 gritstone dresser Bishopside
    George CHAPMAN Son U 16 gritstone dresser Bishopside
    William CHAPMAN Son   13 scholar Bishopside
    John J. CHAPMAN Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Benjamin CHAPMAN Son   6   Bishopside
    Mary Ellen CHAPMAN Daughter   3   Bishopside
146 High Harefield George THWAITES Head M 54 postman & farmer of 11 acres Hartwith
    Eliza THWAITES Wife M 44   Bishopside
    George W. THWAITES Son   8 scholar Bishopside
    Annie E. THWAITES Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    John THWAITES Son   4   Bishopside
    Arthur E. THWAITES Son   2   Bishopside
147 Dredging Box William PENNOCK Head M 31 stonemason Bishopside
    Sarah PENNOCK Wife M 32   Bishopside
    John PENNOCK Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    Elizabeth PENNOCK Daughter   4 scholar Bishopside
    Grace PENNOCK Daughter   2   Bishopside
    Charles FIRTH Boarder U 24 stonemason Bishopside
148 High Plain Edward CLARKE Head M 24 farmer of 18 acres Glasshouses
    Eliza CLARKE Wife M 24   Warsill
    Sarah Ann CLARKE Daughter   7 mths   High Plain
    Ann COWLING Mother Wid 68   Glasshouses
149 High Plain George DANIEL Head M 54 general labourer Blazefield
    Hannah DANIEL Wife M 53   Knaresborough
    John William DANIEL Son U 18 gritstone quarryman Low Plain
    George DANIEL Son   15 flax mill hand Low Plain
    Ann Eliza DANIEL Daughter   9 scholar Low Plain
    James DANIEL Son   8 scholar Low Plain
    Alfred DANIEL Son   5 scholar High Plain
150 High Plain Alexander D. PRATT Head M 35 gritstone quarryman Greenhow Hill
    Elizabeth PRATT Wife M 37   Warsill
    George W. PRATT Son   11 flax factory boy Greenhow Hill
    Mary J. PRATT Daughter   9 scholar Greenhow Hill
151 High Plain Allan KIRKBRIGHT Head M 25 gritstone quarryman Middle Tongue
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 24   Ripon
    Patrick McMAHON Visitor U 19 silk dresser Shaw Mills
    Ann KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   3   Hollin House
    David KIRKBRIGHT Son   1   Shaw Mills
    George KIRKBRIGHT Son   6 mths   High Plain
152 Sykes House Thomas COWLING Head M 67 farmer of 16 acres Wath
    Dinah COWLING Wife M 57   Pateley Bridge
    Sarah COWLING Daughter U 16 servant Tiplady
    Florence MITCHELL Visitor   5   Dewsbury
153 High Plain William HALLAH Head M 36 farmer of 29 acres Allerton
    Sarah A. HALLAH Wife M 37   Norton
    Emily HALLAH Daughter   12 scholar Leeds
    Ann HALLAH Sister U 34   Flaxby
154 Rock House Amos FAWCETT Head M 70 mason Rock House
    Ellen FAWCETT Wife M 67   White Houses
    Sarah A. BROWN Daughter M 30   Rock House
    John R. BROWN Grd son   1   Grantley
155 Blazefield Joseph FEASBY Head Wid 70 general labourer White Houses
156 Blazefield Ann THORPE Head Wid 52 flax mill hand Darley
    Francis THORPE Son U 18 general labourer Bishopside
157 Blazefield William B. LAMBERT Head M 25 quarry labourer Leeds
    Eliza LAMBERT Wife M 19   Glasshouses
    John LAMBERT Son   5 mths   Glasshouses
158 Blazefield Peter WEATHERHEAD Head U 69 linen weaver Raikes
159 Blazefield Thomas SCAIFE Head M 34 joiner Blazefield
    Mary Ann SCAIFE Wife M 31   Greenhow Hill
    Elizabeth LONGTHORNE Daughter   13 scholar Greenhow Hill
    John W. SCAIFE Son   11 scholar New Wortley - Leeds
    Ada SCAIFE Daughter   4   Blazefield
    James SCAIFE Son   2   Blazefield
160 Blazefield George COWLING Head M 65 mason Glasshouses
    Elizabeth COWLING Wife M 62   Fellbeck
    Elizabeth COWLING Grd dau   13   Scarborough
    Jane COWLING Grd dau   11 flax mill hand & scholar LAN. Bury
161 Blazefield Smith GREETHAM Head M 49 butcher Low Plain
    Ann GREETHAM Wife M 50 butcher Low Laithe
162 Blazefield Thomas PEARSON Head M 28 gritstone quarryman Hartwith
    Louisa PEARSON Wife M 26   CUL. Egremont
    Hannah PEARSON Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    John W. PEARSON Son   4 scholar Bishopside
    James A. PEARSON Son   2   Bishopside
163 Blazefield Benjamin HEATON Head M 34 general labourer Frizinghall
164 Blazefield George B. CHARLTON Head M 41 woodman NBL. Gunnerton
    Maria L. CHARLTON Wife M 39   New York
    John B. CHARLTON Son   10 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Harry CHARLTON Son   8 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Arthur CHARLTON Son   6 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Joseph CHARLTON Son   3   Pateley Bridge
165 Blazefield Elizabeth PROCTER Head M 39 labourer's wife DEV. Ivybridge
    John PROCTER Son   9 scholar Shipley
    William PROCTER Son   7 scholar Shipley
    Minnie PROCTER Daughter   4   Pateley Bridge
    Fred PROCTER Son   1   Pateley Bridge
    Nanny WOODMAS Mother Wid 77   CUL. Alston
    John WOODMAS Brother U 34 imbecile CUL. Carlisle
    Thomas WOODMAS Brother U 44 general labourer CUL. Carlisle
166 Cockle Hill Aaron PARKER Head Wid 67 gardener Skelding
167 Cockle Hill Hannah HOLMES Head Wid 51 farmer of 6 acres Church Green
    Miles HOLMES Son U 16 general labourer Wath
    Edward HOLMES Son   13 scholar Bridgehouse Gate
    Mary J. HOLMES Daughter   12 scholar Blazefield
    Sarah A. HOLMES Daughter   10 scholar Blazefield
168 Blazefield John HORNER Head M 56 general labourer Fountains Earth
    Ellen HORNER Wife M 54   Tiplady
    Robert HORNER Son U 30 idiot Kiln Hill
    John HORNER Son U 29 general labourer Kiln Hill
    Sarah HORNER Daughter U 25 servant Kiln Hill
    George HORNER Son U 18 general labourer Knott
    Josiah HORNER Son U 17 general labourer Knott
    Mary E. HORNER Daughter   10 scholar Blazefield
169 Harton House James INGLEBY Head Wid 67 farmer of 8 acres Bishopside
    Mary INGLEBY Daughter U 20 housekeeper Sawley
170 Blazefield William LONGSTER Head M 52 butcher Bishopside
    Ann LONGSTER Wife M 47   Overton
    William LONGSTER Son U 19 deaf & dumb flax mill hand Bishopside
    Mary LONGSTER Daughter   15 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Charlotte LONGSTER Daughter   14 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Sarah LONGSTER Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
171 Blazefield John KIRKBRIGHT Head M 33 general labourer Bewerley
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 35   Bishop Thornton
    Sarah A. KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
    Caroline KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   6 scholar Bishopside
    William KIRKBRIGHT Son   3   Bishopside
    Joseph KIRKBRIGHT Son   9 mths   Bishopside
172 Bishop Kell William BOLTON Head M 59 farmer of 22 acres Ripon
    Jane BOLTON Wife M 48   Northallerton
    Richard HOULDEN Boarder Wid 46 indoor farm labourer Rawdon
173 Raikes Top Thomas WEST Head M 68 general labourer Pateley Bridge
    Mary WEST Wife M 67   Hampsthwaite
    William WEST Son U 22 delver Braisty Woods
    Frederick WEST Son U 19 mason Braisty Woods
174 Cliffe House Joseph THORPE Head M 57 farmer of 43 acres Bishopside
    Johan THORPE Wife M 42   Bishopside
    Agnes PEACOCK Mother Wid 65   CUL. Whitehaven
175 Gulley Farm William BEECROFT Head M 45 hind - farm bailiff Guisecliff End
    Isabella BEECROFT Wife M 33   Kirkby Malzeard
    Jane BEECROFT Daughter   14 flax mill hand Glasshouses
    John BEECROFT Son   12 flax mill hand & scholar Glasshouses
    Thomas BEECROFT Son   9 scholar Darley
    Sarah Ann BEECROFT Daughter   7 scholar Blazefield
176 New Causeway Farm Thomas SCAIFE Head U 35 farm labourer Hartwith
    George MOOR Boarder U 47 farm labourer Silkstone
177 Cliffe Grange Elizabeth BURTON Head Wid 77 farmer of 110 acres Richmond
    George BURTON Son U 46 farm labourer Ripon
    Henry BURTON Son U 44 farm labourer Ripon
178 Fern Cottage William HANSON Head M 66 chimney sweep Linton
    Mary HANSON Wife M 60   Leeds
    William LAMBTON Grd son   7 scholar WAR. Birmingham
179 Coombes Cottage George SWIERS Head M 34 farmer of 7.5 acres Low Plain
    Charlotte SWIERS Wife M 40   New York
    Albert SWIERS Son U 17 indoor farm labourer Birstwith
    John W. SWIERS Son U 16 indoor farm labourer Low Plain
    Alfred SWIERS Son   11 scholar Wilsill
    Elizabeth A. SWIERS Daughter   8 scholar Wilsill
    Priscilla SWIERS Daughter   6   Low Plain
    George SWIERS Son   5   Low Plain
180 North Oaks Joseph SWIERS Head M 42 farmer of 220 acres Bishopside
    Mary A. SWIERS Wife M 47   Knaresborough
    Charles SWIERS Son U 20 farm labourer Low Plain
    George SWIERS Son U 18 farm labourer Low Plain
    Jonathan SWIERS Son U 17 farm labourer Low Plain
    Joseph SWIERS Son   10 scholar Low Plain
    Sarah SWIERS Daughter   13 scholar Low Plain
    Frances SWIERS Daughter   6   Low Plain
    Fred SWIERS Son   5   Low Plain
    Thomas SWIERS Son   4   Low Plain
    Isaac SWIERS Son   2   Low Plain
    Mary A. SWIERS Daughter   10 mths   Low Plain
    Frances SWIERS Mother Wid 83   Appletreewick
    Sarah WARDMAN Mother in law Wid 77   Sutton
181 Kingstone Farm John SHEPHERD Head U 43   *. *
    Elizabeth HESELTINE Servant U 35 housekeeper Askrigg
182 Cockhall Hill Joseph HORNER Head M 53 farmer of 53 acres Sawley
    Ann HORNER Wife M 52   Dallowgill
    Elen BARRETT Daughter M 25   Kiln
    Mary A. HORNER Daughter   13   Kiln
    Sarah HORNER Daughter   11   Kiln
    Eliza HORNER Daughter   10 scholar Kiln
    Fred BARRETT Grd son   4 mths   Fellbeck
183 Fellbeck William GRAHAM Head M 52 farmer of 54 acres Darley
    Maria GRAHAM Wife M 50   New York
    Mary GRAHAM Mother Wid 80   Padside
718 Fellbeck John STEPHENSON Head M 72 joint farmer & occupier Fellbeck
    Hanah STEPHENSON Wife M 70   Hartwith
    Joseph SWALE Son in law M 28 joint farmer & occupier Hartwith
    Alice SWALE Daughter M 28   Fellbeck
    Mary H. SWALE Grd dau   4   Fellbeck
    Louisa SWALE Grd dau   3   Fellbeck
    Thomas SWALE Grd son   1   Fellbeck
    James SWALE Servant U 38 indoor farm servant Hartwith
184 Fellbeck - Half Moon Inn George METCALFE Head M 42 farmer & innkeeper Fellbeck
    Hannah METCALFE Wife M 36   Fellbeck
    John METCALFE Son U 17 indoor farm servant Fellbeck
    Sarah A. METCALFE Daughter   13   Fellbeck
    Joseph METCALFE Son   11 scholar Fellbeck
    Arthur METCALFE Son   9 scholar Fellbeck
    Ernest (George) METCALFE Son   7 scholar Fellbeck
    Frederick METCALFE Nephew U 16 indoor farm servant Wilsill
185 Brimham Rocks Inn William HARDCASTLE Head M 57 innkeeper Bishop Thornton
    Jane HARDCASTLE Wife M 52   Baildon
    James A. HARDCASTLE Son   11 scholar Leeds
186 Hill Top House Mary METCALFE Head Wid 77 farmer of 29 acres Fellbeck
    Robert METCALFE Son U 39 farm servant Fellbeck
    Elizabeth NORTH Boarder U 16   Haverah Park
    Henry GRANGE Servant   13 farm servant Northwoods
187 Spicy House Thomas DOUGILL Head M 32 hind - farm bailiff North Pasture
    Sarah DOUGILL Wife M 36   Cliff Top
    George DOUGILL Uncle Wid 71 former farmer Blazefield
188 Quarry House David INGLEBY Head U 39 farmer Fellbeck
    John INGLEBY Twin brother U 39 farmer Fellbeck
    Ann SUTCLIFFE Servant U 51 housekeeper Bishop Thornton
189 Fellbeck Joseph SPENCE Head M 49 farmer of 38 acres Bishopside
    Margaret SPENCE Wife M 47   Bewerley
    James SPENCE Son U 19 indoor farm servant Ramsgill
    John SPENCE Son U 19 indoor farm servant Ramsgill
    Thomas SPENCE Son U 19 indoor farm servant Ramsgill
    Peter SPENCE Son   12 scholar Fellbeck
    Jane SPENCE Daughter   9 scholar Fellbeck
    Arthur SPENCE Son   5 scholar Fellbeck
190 Spring Hill John GRANGER Head M 55 farmer of 10 acres Baldersby
    Elizabeth GRANGER Wife M 51   Pateley Bridge
    Ellen GRANGER Daughter U 27   Fellbeck
    James GRANGER Son U 23 indoor farm labourer Fellbeck
    William GRANGER Son U 19 indoor farm labourer Fellbeck
    Joseph GRANGER Son   14 scholar Fellbeck
    Mary GRANGER Daughter   14 scholar Fellbeck
    Annie GRANGER Daughter   12 scholar Fellbeck
191 Collar Stoop Thomas GRANGE Head M 47 farmer of 60 acres Northwoods
192 Mount Pleasant Lawrence SWALE Head M 34 farmer of 16 acres Fellbeck
    Selina SWALE Wife M 28   Shaw Mills
193 Fellbeck Joshua HAINSWORTH Head M 64 farmer of 11 acres Hartwith
    Sarah HAINSWORTH Wife M 57   Bishop Thornton
    James HAINSWORTH Son U 25 farm labourer Bishop Thornton
    Sarah HARDISTY Daughter M 23 soldier's wife Bishop Thornton
    Thomas HAINSWORTH Son U 19 farm labourer Warsill
    Annie L. HARDISTY Grd dau   2   Fellbeck
    Martha HARDISTY Grd dau   14 weeks   Fellbeck
194 Fellbeck John MOOR Head U 66 gentleman Fellbeck
195 Fellbeck Cottage John JACKSON Head Wid 66 flax spinner's foreman Fellbeck
    Annie E. JACKSON Daughter U 19 house keeper Winksley
    George JACKSON Son   13 flax spinner Crag House
    Henry JACKSON Son   11 flax spinner Crag House
    Hannah JACKSON Daughter   9 scholar Crag House
    Mary JACKSON Daughter   5 scholar Crag House
    Archibald JACKSON Son   1   Fellbeck
196 Fellbeck - Knollside Enoch KNOWLES Head M 29 farmer of 26 acres Kiln Hill
    Jane KNOWLES Wife M 39   Wath
    James KNOWLES Son   13 scholar Knollside
    William KNOWLES Son   10 scholar Knollside
    Arthur KNOWLES Son   7 scholar Knollside
    George KNOWLES Son   4 scholar Knollside
    Elizabeth KNOWLES Daughter   1   Knollside
197 Fellbeck - Knoll Top George DOUGILL Head M 30 farmer of 20 acres Raikes Top
    Elizabeth DOUGILL Wife M 38   Laverton
    Mark S. DOUGILL Son   6   Wising
    Elizabeth E. DOUGILL Daughter   4   White Houses
    Edith H. DOUGILL Daughter   2   Low Laithe
    Mary J. DOUGILL Daughter   1   Fellbeck
198 Fellbeck - Knoll Top George BECK Head U 55 gamekeeper Dallowgill
    Christopher BECK Nephew U 42 gamekeeper Fellbeck
    James BECK Nephew U 29 farm labourer Fellbeck
199 Fellbeck House William MYERS Head M 61 farmer Darley
    Mary A. MYERS Wife M 61   Darley
    John MYERS Son U 37 farm labourer Darley
    Jane ROBINSON Servant U 44 general servant Darley
    George METCALFE Servant U 25 indoor farm servant Darley
200 Fellbeck Mill Christopher HAYTHWAITE Head M 28 flax spinner Crag House
    Sarah HAYTHWAITE Wife M 28   Smelthouse Mill
    Frederick HAYTHWAITE Son   4 mths   Fellbeck Mills
    Ellen SMITH Sister in law U 37 deaf & dumb general servant Smelthouse Mill
201 Moorland House Thomas DOBBY Head M 62 farmer of 11 acres Bishop Thornton
    Margaret E. DOBBY Wife M 50   Risplith
    John W. DOBBY Son U 25 farmer Risplith
    Margaret WALKER Boarder Wid 92   Wath
202 Braithwaite Sike Farm William INGLEBY Head M 50 farmer of 45 acres Fellbeck
    Rebecca INGLEBY Wife M 51   Fellbeck
    Jane INGLEBY Daughter U 23 general servant Fellbeck
    William INGLEBY Son U 21 indoor farm servant Fellbeck
    Robert INGLEBY Son   13 indoor farm servant Fellbeck
    Haxby D. INGLEBY Son   10 scholar Fellbeck
    Walter INGLEBY Son   7 scholar Fellbeck
203 Rock View William HAYTHWAITE Head M 55 mechanic & farmer of 21 acres Wilsill
    Mary HAYTHWAITE Wife M 54   Fellbeck
    Frederick W. HAYTHWAITE Son U 20 mechanic Crag House
    George H. HAYTHWAITE Son   15 indoor farm servant Fellbeck
    Ernest HAYTHWAITE Son   9 scholar Fellbeck
204 Cliffe Top George METCALFE Head M 72 farmer of 30 acres Cliffe Grange
    Sarah METCALFE Wife M 68   White Houses
205 White Houses James SWALES Head M 66 farmer of 11 acres Appletreewick
    Jane SWALES Wife M 48   Blazefield
    Jane E. SWALES Daughter U 19 genral servant White Houses
    Herbert SWALES Son   12 scholar White Houses
    John SWALES Son   6 scholar White Houses
206 White Houses William DOUGILL Head Wid 42 farmer of 21 acres White Houses
    William H. DOUGILL Son   13 scholar White Houses
    John DOUGILL Son   10 scholar White Houses
    Mary J. DOUGILL Daughter   8 scholar White Houses
    Annie E. DOUGILL Daughter   5 scholar White Houses
207 White Houses Joseph GRANGE Head M 34 farmer of 38 acres White Houses
    Mary GRANGE Wife M 35   White Houses
    Jesse GRANGE Son   7 scholar White Houses
    Fred GRANGE Son   4 scholar White Houses
    Joseph GRANGE Son   2   White Houses
208 White Houses Christopher JACKSON Head M 52 farmer of 73 acres Fellbeck
    Ellen JACKSON Wife M 47   White Houses
    Ann JACKSON Daughter U 20 general servant White Houses
    Jane JACKSON Daughter   15 general servant Crag House
    Christopher JACKSON Son   13 farm servant Crag House
    Elizabeth E. JACKSON Daughter   11 scholar Crag House
    Henry JACKSON Son   9 scholar White Houses
    Mary JACKSON Daughter   7 scholar White Houses
    John W. JACKSON Son   4   White Houses
209 White Houses William FEASEBY Head M 65 flax factory overlooker White Houses
    Grace FEASEBY Wife M 56   Sawley
    Thomas FEASEBY Son U 30 flax dresser White Houses
    Jane FEASEBY Daughter U 27 spreader at flax factory Mickley
    William FEASEBY Son U 16 flax factory spinner White Houses
210 White Houses William Geldard BRAYSHAW Head M 43 farmer of 13 acres Hartwith
    Ann BRAYSHAW Wife M 41   Kirkby Malzeard
    Sarah E. BRAYSHAW Daughter U 16 general servant Bishopside
    Ann E. BRAYSHAW Daughter   12 scholar Hazel Heads
    William BRAYSHAW Son   4   Hazel Heads
    Albert BRAYSHAW Son   2   Bishopside
211 White Houses Jane THORPE Head U 49 farmer of 8 acres Low Laithe
    Francis THORPE Son U 22 farmer Low Laithe
212 Crag House Joseph JACKSON Head M 23 farmer White Houses
    Annie JACKSON Wife M 22   Kexmoor
    Elizabeth JACKSON Daughter   2   Crag House
    Christopher JACKSON Son   1 mth   Crag House
    Robert LOFTHOUSE Father in law Wid 66 farmer Beck Meetings
2013 Crag House Thomas Mason SWALES Head U 46 farmer of 60 acres High Cayton Hall
757 Cragg House William PHILLIPSON Head M 54 farmer of 14 acres LAN. Lancaster
    Grace PHILLIPSON Wife M 38   Galphay
214 Smelthouses Thomas HORSMAN Head M 43 bobbin turner Summerbridge
    Harriet HORSMAN Wife M 39   Wilsill
    Cornelius R. HORSMAN Son   8 scholar Smelthouses
    Mary J. HORSMAN Daughter   6 scholar Smelthouses
    Charles HORSMAN Son   3   Smelthouses
    Kirkby HORSMAN Son   5 mths   Smelthouses
215 Smelthouses Jane HORSMAN Head Wid 68 farmer of 5 acres Dacre Banks
    Alice HORSMAN Daughter U 29 general servant Smelthouses
    Benson HORSMAN Son U 23 rope & twine maker Smelthouses
216 Smelthouses William WEBSTER Head Wid 68 farmer Pateley Bridge
    Ann WEBSTER Daughter U 24 housekeeper Smelthouse Mill
    Mary J. WEBSTER Grd dau   1   Smelthouse Mill
217 Smelthouses Thomas TURNER Head M 35 quarryman Southowram
    Elizabeth TURNER Wife M 32   Fellbeck
    William H. TURNER Son   13 flax factory hand & scholar Bradford
    James TURNER Son   12 flax factory hand & scholar Morton
218 Smelthouses Catherine DAWSON Head Wid 54 housekeeper Merryfield
    Annie DAWSON Daughter U 23 flax mill hand Smelthouses
    Mary H. DAWSON Daughter U 19 flax mill hand Smelthouses
    William DAWSON Son U 16 rope & twine maker Smelthouses
    Sarah E. DAWSON Daughter   12 flax mill hand & scholar Smelthouses
219 Smelthouses William MYERS Head M 32 agr labourer Darley
    Jane MYERS Wife M 25   Bishopside
    Albert BENTLEY Son   6 scholar Fellbeck
    Annie E. MYERS Daughter   4   Fellbeck
    Mary E. MYERS Daughter   1   Smelthouses
220 Smelthouses James DAWSON Head M 22 bobbin turner Smelthouses
    Margaret A. DAWSON Wife M 23   Lofthouse
    Rhoda DAWSON Daughter   7 mths   New York
221 Smelthouses Hannah SUTCLIFFE Head Wid 83   Walshford
222 Smelthouses Benjamin HORSMAN Head M 33 carter Smelthouses
    Elizabeth J. HORSMAN Wife M 29   Bramley
    Margaret A. HORSMAN Daughter   5   Smelthouses
    Benjamin HORSMAN Son   3   Smelthouses
    Jane A. HORSMAN Daughter   1   Smelthouses
223 Smelthouses Charles BENTLEY Head Wid 56 flax dresser Pateley Bridge
    Joseph BENTLEY Son U 24 hemp dresser Low Bishopside
    James BENTLEY Son U 20 hemp dresser Low Bishopside
    John W. BENTLEY Son U 17 hemp dresser Low Bishopside
224 Smelthouses Richard WOOD Head M 44 bobbin turner Fellbeck
    Annie WOOD Wife M 43   Chapeltown
    Ellen WOOD Daughter   16 hemp spinner Smelthouses
    Annie J. WOOD Daughter   13 scholar Smelthouses
    Christiana WOOD Daughter   9 scholar Smelthouses
    Alice WOOD Daughter   6   Smelthouses
    Mary WOOD Daughter   4   Smelthouses
225 Smelthouses Robert WAITE Head M 74 flax warper Birstwith
    Eliza WAITE Wife M 56   Pateley Bridge
226 Smelthouses Thomas DINSDALE Head M 56 linen weaver Bishopside
    Mary DINSDALE Wife M 51   Bishopside
    Ellen DINSDALE Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
227 East Heads Mark FAWCETT Head M 61 mason & contractor Smelthouses
    Ether FAWCETT Wife M 59   Coverdale
    James FAWCETT Son U 24 stonemason Topcliffe
    Mary FAWCETT Daughter U 19   Smelthouses
    Florence ROBINSON Grd dau   6   Ovenden
    Mary A. FAWCETT Niece   3   Harrogate
    Thomas A. BENTLEY Apprentice U 20 stonemason's apprentice Smelthouses
228 East Heads Thomas Martindale ROUTLEDGE Head M 37 assistant surgeon DEV. Plymouth
    Mary ROUTLEDGE Wife M 27   DUR. Blanchand
    Thomas B. ROUTLEDGE Son   3   DUR. Annfield Plain
    Florence ROUTLEDGE Daughter   1   DUR. Annfield Plain
229 East Heads William CHENNEL Head M 56 wood turner Kiln
    Mary Ann CHENNEL Wife M 54   Cliff Top
    Lavinia CHENNEL Niece   13 scholar Leeds
230 Wilsill John BENTLEY Head M 68 farmer Pateley Bridge
    Annis BENTLEY Wife M 54   Pateley Bridge
    Anthony BENTLEY Son U 22 flax dresser Pateley Bridge
    Arthur BENTLEY Son U 18 indoor farm servant Pateley Bridge
231 Kiln Jonathan SWALE Head M 34 farmer of 20 acres Bishopside
    Sarah SWALE Wife M 34   Bishopside
232 Kiln James BROWN Head M 58 farmer of 20 acres SCT. - - - - - -
    Elizabeth A. BROWN Wife M 45   Ripley
    Colin BROWN Son U 18 agr labourer Bishopside
233 Kiln John HOLMES Head U 55 agr labourer Bishopside
234 Kiln Nathan BENTLEY Head U 27 gritstone cutter Crag House
    Margaret SIMPSON Boarder U 45 dressmaker Pateley Bridge
    George SIMPSON Boarder U 19 flag hewer Kiln
235 Kiln Richmond MOOR Head M 32 farmer of 24 acres Pateley Bridge
    Jane MOOR Wife M 29   Dacre Banks
    George MOOR Son   9   Wath
    Alfred MOOR Son   2   Kiln
236 Raikes Joseph SLACK Head Wid 67 agr labourer Pateley Bridge
237 Raikes William FAWCETT Head M 37 mason Rock House
    Ann FAWCETT Wife M 40   Ramsgill
    Thomas FAWCETT Son   14 mason's apprentice Raikes
    John W. FAWCETT Son   13 scholar Raikes
    Frederick FAWCETT Son   11 scholar Raikes
    Ann E. FAWCETT Daughter   10 scholar Craggs
    Sophia FAWCETT Daughter   8 scholar Craggs
    Joseph FAWCETT Son   6   Gulley Farm
    Albert FAWCETT Son   4   Gulley Farm
    Ada FAWCETT Daughter   1   Gulley Farm
    Christiana FAWCETT Daughter   6 mths   Kiln
238 Raikes William MOOR Head M 30 flag dre+G941sser & stone merchant High Bishopside
    Mary A. MOOR Wife M 34   Low Laithe
    Charles MOOR Son   5 scholar Raikes
    James W. MOOR Son   1   Raikes
239 Raikes John NEWBOULD Head M 47 farmer of 15 acres Banger Houses
    Mary Ann NEWBOULD Wife M 56   Heathfield
    Ralph NEWBOULD Son U 19 clogger Braithwaite
    John NEWBOULD Son   12 scholar Braithwaite
    William E. NEWBOULD Son   10 scholar Braithwaite
240 Wilsill John HULLAH Head M 50 bobbin turner Wilsill
    Mary A. HULLAH Wife M 48   Leeds
    William HULLAH Son U 24 agr labourer Wilsill
    George HULLAH Son U 21 fax stacker Wilsill
    Catherine SHARP Adopted daughter   12 flax mill hand Glasshouses
241 Wilsill James HULLAH Head M 57 flax dresser Wilsill
    Ellen HULLAH Wife M 41   Wilsill
    Ann HULLAH Mother Wid 80   Wilsill
242 Wilsill Joseph WHEELHOUSE Head M 60 farmer Blubberhouses
    Avis WHEELHOUSE Wife M 64   Bishopside
    George WHEELHOUSE Son U 36 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Matthew WHEELHOUSE Son U 26 flax mill hand Bishopside
    Wilson WHEELHOUSE Son U 20 falx mill hand Bishopside
    Thomas KING Grd son   5 scholar DUR. Stockton on Tees
    Isaac KING Grd son   7 scholar DUR. Stockton on Tess
243 Wilsill James MITCHELL Head M 44 farmer of 24 acres Allerton
    Elizabeth MITCHELL Wife M 33   Thornton
    Elizabeth CROSSHAW Servant U 21 general servant Bishopside
244 Wilsill Ellen STROTHER Head Wid 68 flax mill hand Bewerley
245 Wilsill Peter WILKINSON Head Wid 80 linen weaver Glasshouses
246 Wilsill Jonathan METCALFE Head Wid 67 general labourer Fellbeck
    Betty METCALFE Daughter U 21 dressmaker Wath
    William METCALFE Son U 16 stone hewer Smelthouses
247 Wilsill Ann HULLAH Head U 35 flax mill hand Wilsill
    Isabella HULLAH Niece U 18 flax mill hand Killerby
248 Wilsill Jane WILKINSON Head M 50   Knaresborough
    John WILKINSON Boarder U 42 general labourer Low Laithe
249 Wilsill William LUMLEY Head M 51 farmer of 24 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Ann LUMLEY Wife M 44   Heathfield
    Hannah WHITEHEAD Step dau   10 scholar Greenhow Hill
250 Wilsill Thomas NELSON Head M 58 stationery engine fireman Hardcastle
    Elizabeth NELSON Wife M 56   Hardcastle
    Eliza NELSON Daughter U 21   Hardcastle
    Thomas NELSON Son U 17 flax warper Hardcastle
    Elizabeth NELSON Daughter   15 flax mill hand Hardcastle
    Annie L. NELSON Grd dau   11 mths   Wilsill
251 Wilsill John METCALFE Head M 32 quarryman Fellbeck
    Jane METCALFE Wife M 27   Wilsill
    George A. METCALFE Son   5   Wilsill
    Albert METCALFE Son   3   Low Laithe
    Mary E. METCALFE Daughter   1   Wilsill
252 Wilsill Marmaduke BELL Head M 60 cotton weaver Wilsill
    Elizabeth BELL Wife M 60   Bridgehouse Gate
    William BELL Son U 32 bobbin turner Wilsill
    Eliza BELL Daughter U 17 flax mill hand Wilsill
253 Wilsill Joseph HULLAH Head M 48 shoemaker Pateley Bridge
    Ann HULLAH Wife M 46   Bewerley
    William HULLAH Son U 18 mechanic Pateley Bridge
    John HULLAH Son   9 scholar Wilsill
    George HULLAH Son   7 scholar Wilsill
254 Wilsill Robert WEATHERHEAD Head M 34 farmer of 16 acres Pateley Bridge
    Ellen WEATHERHEAD Wife M 27   Pateley Bridge
    Jane WEATHERHEAD Daughter   5 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Edith E. WEATHERHEAD Daughter   2   Pateley Bridge
    Annie WEATHERHEAD Daughter   1   Pateley Bridge
    John GILL Servant U 20 indoor farm servant Pateley Bridge
    Jane GILL Sister in law   11 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth WEATHERHEAD Mother Wid 74   Pateley Bridge
255 Wilsill James WEATHERHEAD Head M 36 farmer of 11 acres Wilsill
    Caroline WEATHERHEAD Wife M 38   Craggs
    Mary WEATHERHEAD Mother Wid 74   Fellbeck
    John WEATHERHEAD Brother U 46 broker White Houses
    James W. WEATHERHEAD Son   1   Wilsill
    Thomas G. WEATHERHEAD Son   3 mths   Wilsill
256 Wilsill John RICHMOND Head M 45 farmer of 25 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary RICHMOND Wife M 54   Ripon
    Sarah Jane RICHMOND Daughter   10 scholar Ripon
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Servant   14 general servant Lofthouse
257 West House Joseph GREETHAM Head U 24 farmer Wilsil
    Martha GREETHAM Mother Wid 64   Eavestone
    Joseph THORPE Servant   14 indoor farm servant Kettlesing
258 West House Arthur Henry LISTER Head M 27 curate of Pateley Bridge Thornhill
259 Wilsill - Birch Inn Joseph Henry PEACOCK Head M 33 innkeeper & auctioneer Pateley Bridge
    Mary J. PEACOCK Wife M 30   Ripon
    William H. PEACOCK Son   10 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth PEACOCK Daughter   8 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Sidney PEACOCK Son   7 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Grace PEACOCK Daughter   2   Pateley Bridge
260 Blazefield John PARK Head Wid 71 former farmer Bewerley
261 Fell Beck John METCALFE Head U 47 schoolmaster Fellbeck
262 Smelthouses Joseph DOUGILL Head U 29 flax dresser North Pasture
263 Smelthouses Jane MOOR Head Wid 45 laundress Osmotherley
    John MOOR Son U 24 joiner Baildon
    John C. MOOR Son U 16 coal leader Smelthouses
264 East Heads Welbury MOOR Head M 27 bobbin turner Baildon
    Mary A. MOOR Wife M 27   Wilsill
    Jane E. MOOR Daughter   5 scholar Low Laithe
    Sarah E. MOOR Daughter   4   Low Laithe
    Charles MOOR Son   2   Low Laithe
    Margaret E. MOOR Daughter   1   Low Laithe