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Bishop Thornton Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Bishop Thornton is covered by film RG 11/4316, folios 55-64. The district contained 479 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Bishop Thornton National School & Master's House James MOSS Head M 46 certificated schoolmaster SOM Chew Magna  
    Jane MOSS Wife M 44   Ulleskelf  
    Elizabeth Anne MOSS Daughter U 20   Ulleskelf  
    Gertrude MOSS Daughter   10 scholar Leeds  
2 Bishop Thornton Vicarage Thomas HIGHAM Head M 55 vicar of Bishop Thornton LAN nr Blackburn  
    Jane Mary HIGHAM Wife M 46   LAN Blackburn  
    Annie Slater HIGHAM Daughter U 18   LAN Wigan  
    Ethel Mary HIGHAM Daughter   10 scholar LAN Wigan  
    Eliza Emily LANE Servant U 26 governess WOR Malvern  
    Mary Louisa SCRATCHARD Servant U 19 housemaid Bishop Monkton  
    Jane SCAIFE Servant U 26 cook & domestic servant Burton Leonard  
    Thomas GRANGE Servant U 22 groom Clint  
3 Colber House Thomas TURNER Head Wid 70 farmer of 50 acres Melmerby  
    Orman Mark TURNER Son U 28 farmer's son Bishop Thornton  
    Charlotte PEACOCK Servant M 33 housekeeper Arkendale  
4 Hawksworth House Peter WHINCUP Head M 65 farmer of 13 acres & shoemaker Arkendale  
    Ann WHINCUP Wife M 58 farmer's wife Roecliffe  
    Emma WHINCUP Daughter U 21 domestic servant Arkendale  
    Frances Hannah WHINCUP Daughter   14 farmer's daughter Arkendale  
    William REYNARD Grd son   12 scholar Towton  
    Fred REYNARD Grd son   10 scholar Tong  
    Emma REYNARD Grd daughter   4   Drighlington  
5 Bishop Thornton George CARRINGTON Head M 32 blacksmith Clint  
    Mary CARRINGTON Wife M 27   Hedon  
    Catherine CARRINGTON Daughter   6 scholar Clint  
    Herbert CARRINGTON Son   4   Clint  
    George CARRINGTON Son   3   Clint  
    Ethel CARRINGTON Daughter   8m   Bishop Thornton  
6 Roman Catholic Chapel & Manse Herman Antony GUERTS Head U 40 Roman Catholic priest for Bishop Thornton Netherlands  
    Anne HILDYARD Servant U 30 housekeeper Hull  
    Nathan ELLISON Visitor U 33 land surveyor Sheffield  
7 West Hill Peter HUTCHINSON Head Wid 68 farmer of 76 acres employing 1 boy Bishop Thornton  
    Mary SNOW Grd daughter U 21 housekeeper Bishop Thornton  
    Fanny SNOW Grd daughter   12 scholar Clint  
    Charles ODDIE Servant   15 indoor farm servant Markington  
8 Bishop Thornton cottage Richard THORP Head M 66 carter Bishop Monkton  
    Mary THORP Wife M 72   Clayton - Knaresborough  
    Mary SCHOFIELD Grd daughter   10 scholar Bishop Thornton  
9 Bishop Thornton cottage Jane DENNING Head Wid 77   Broughton  
10 Bishop Thornton Home cottage James STUBBS Head M 35 butcher Bishop Thornton  
    Hannah STUBBS Wife M 39 butcher's wife Leeds  
    Frederick STUBBS Son U 20 journeyman butcher North Stainley  
11 Greenhill Charles SNOW Head Wid 86 farmer of 36 acres Burnt Yates Blind
    Elizabeth SNOW Daughter U 41 housekeeper Bishop Thornton  
    Richard SNOW Son U 39 farmer's son Bishop Thornton  
    Jane Ann GELDART Grd daughter   6 scholar Bewerley  
12 Bishop Thornton - near Church Ann MATTERSON Head Wid 70 farmer of 90 acres employing 2 servants Bishop Thornton  
    Thomas MATTERSON Son U 29 farmer's son Bishop Thornton  
    Francis MATTERSON Son U 31 farmer's son Bishop Thornton  
    Catherine WHARTON Daughter M 36 visitor Bishop Thornton  
    Annie WHARTON Grd daughter   11 visitor - scholar Thorp Arch  
    Martha CAMPBELL Servant U 20 servant Grewelthorpe  
    Joseph WRIGGLESWORTH Servant U 21 indoor farm servant Knaresborough  
13 Raventofts James STEAD Head U 29 farmer & cattle dealer Bishop Thornton  
14 Raventofts John JACKSON Head M 25 hind Galphay  
    Ann JACKSON Wife M 26   South Stainley  
    Sarah Elizabeth CHAMBERS Niece   4   Leeds  
15 Duke's Place Joseph Alfred STEAD Head M 27 farmer & cattle dealer employing 1 man Bishop Thornton  
    Elizabeth STEAD Wife M 23 farmer's wife Dent  
    James STEAD Son   3   Bishop Thornton  
    Richard STEAD Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
    Thomas STEAD Son   9m   Bishop Thornton  
    Annie Elizabeth ALLINSON Servant U 24 general domestic servant Carlton Miniott  
    Thomas ASHTON Servant U 34 indoor farm servant Birstwith  
16 Raventofts Joshua JACKSON Head M 69 corn miller Bishop Thornton  
    Ann JACKSON Wife M 65 miller's wife Fellbeck  
    Clara Isabella JACKSON Grd daughter   7   Bradford  
17 Hollin House William LUMLEY Head M 51 farmer of 27 acres Felliscliffe  
    Hannah LUMLEY Wife M 52   Beckwithshaw  
    Frederick Cuthbert LUMLEY Son U 19   Bishop Thornton  
    Thomas William LUMLEY Son U 17   Spofforth  
    John Robert LUMLEY Son   12 scholar Thorp Arch  
    Mary Catherine KETTLEWELL Servant   13 domestic servant Knaresborough  
18 Raventofts cottage Richard B RIDSDALE Head Wid 67 retired yeoman Bishop Thornton  
    Annie RIDSDALE Daughter U 19 housekeeper Bishop Thornton  
    James RIDSDALE Son U 16 farmer's son Bishop Thornton  
19 Watergate William HAXBY Head M 44 hind - farm bailiff Sawley  
    Hannah HAXBY Wife M 37   Walton  
    Robert HAXBY Son   4   Bishop Thornton  
    Frank HAXBY Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
    Walter HAXBY Son   3m   Bishop Thornton  
20 Raventofts John HARDCASTLE Head M 63 farmer of 96 acres Harrogate  
    Mary HARDCASTLE Wife M 61   Burnt Yates  
    Henry HARDCASTLE Son U 35   Bishop Thornton  
    Cordelia HARDCASTLE Daughter U 27   Bishop Thornton  
    John Stephen HARDCASTLE Son U 25   Bishop Thornton  
    Francis W HARDCASTLE Son U 20   Bishop Thornton  
21 Hebden Wood Thomas CARTER Head M 22 farm labourer Skipton  
    Mary Ann CARTER Wife M 27   Masham  
22 Carless House Joshua SCHOFIELD Head M 25 farmer of 96 acres Copt Hewick  
    Mary Ann SCHOFIELD Wife M 26   Bishop Thornton  
    Margaret SCHOFIELD Daughter   4   Bishop Thornton  
    Mary Ann SCHOFIELD Daughter   2m   Bishop Thornton  
    Thomas DODWORTH Uncle M 87 retired yeoman Bishop Thornton  
    Mary DODWORTH Aunt M 85   Bishop Thornton  
    Annie SCHOFIELD Daughter   4   Bishop Thornton  
23 Volla House John SCHOFIELD Head M 28 farmer of 40 acres Copt Hewick  
    Esther SCHOFIELD Wife M 26   Sawley  
    Margaret SCHOFIELD Daughter   6 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Mary Jane SCHOFIELD Daughter   5   Bishop Thornton  
    Elizabeth SCHOFIELD Daughter   3   Bishop Thornton  
    Isabella SCHOFIELD Daughter   9m   Bishop Thornton  
24 Throstle Nest Joseph LUMLEY Head M 41 farmer of 30 acres Birstwith  
    Isabella LUMLEY Wife M 46   Bishop Thornton  
    Mary Jane LUMLEY Daughter U 16   Nidd  
    Joseph Alfred LUMLEY Son   2   Bishop Thornton  
25 Bishop Thornton cottage Ann STUART Head Wid 60 farmer Bishop Thornton  
    Mary STUART Daughter U 30   Bishop Thornton  
    John STUART Son U 23   Bishop Thornton  
    James STUART Grd son   5 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Mary E STUART Grd daughter   2   Bishop Thornton  
26 Bishop Thornton cottage Harriet ATKINSON Head Wid 41 draper Malton  
    Eliza ATKINSON Daughter   15   Bishop Thornton  
    Charles ATKINSON Son   9 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Frank ATKINSON Son   6 scholar Bishop Thornton  
27 Bishop Thornton Roman Catholic school Annie MURPHY Head U 26 schoolmistress IRL  
28 Bishop Thornton cottage William MATTERSON Head M 34 farmer Bishop Thornton  
    Harriet MATTERSON Wife M 29 farmer's wife Bradford  
    Ada May MATTERSON Daughter   5   Bishop Thornton  
    Annie MATTERSON Daughter   2   Bishop Thornton  
    Catherine MATTERSON Daughter   1   Bishop Thornton  
29 Bishop Thornton joiner's shop Abraham STOTT Head M 59 joiner & wheelwright Ripley  
    Ann STOTT Wife M 55   Markington  
    George A STOTT Son U 18 wheelwright Bishop Thornton  
    Rebecca Ann WALKER Daughter M 21   Bishop Thornton  
    Joseph WALKER Son in law M 25 wheelwright Goldsborough  
    William WALKER Grd son   1   Bidhop Thornton  
    Annie E HARDCASTLE Grd daughter   12 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Cecilia J HARDCASTLE Grd daughter   4 scholar Bishop Thornton  
30 The Grove Thomas WILSON Head M 51 servant - domestic coachman Broughton  
    Mary Ann WILSON Wife M 51   Hunmanby  
    Eliza WILSON Daughter U 20 pupil teacher Leconfield  
    Henry WILSON Son   14 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Francis Brown WILSON Son   12 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Lucy Mary WILSON Daughter   9 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Leonard WILSON Son   6 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    James STILLINGFLEET Boarder U 29 groom - domestic servant LAN Rochdale  
31 Bishop Thornton cottage William JACKSON Head M 32 general day labourer Burton Leonard  
    Ellen JACKSON Wife M 31   Harrogate  
32 Bishop Thornton farm house Owen YATES Head M 89 farmer CUL Keswick  
    Jane YATES Wife M 56   Harrogate  
33 Bishop Thornton cottage James HAINSWORTH Head M 40 mason Bishop Thornton  
    Elizabeth HAINSWORTH Wife M 35   LAN Wrea Green  
    John Henry BARRETT Boarder   8 scholar Leeds  
34 Chequer's Inn Hannah THOMPSON Head U 64 innkeeper Bishop Thornton  
    Martha HARDCASTLE Servant M 30 barmaid Bishop Thornton  
35 Drover's Inn Edwin THOMPSON Head M 35 blacksmith & innkeeper Bishop Thornton  
    Emma THOMPSON Wife M 34 innkeeper's wife Knaresborough  
    Martha THOMPSON Daughter   6 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON Daughter   3   Bishop Thornton  
    Alice THOMPSON Daughter   2   Bishop Thornton  
    Mary BENSON Wife's aunt Wid 87   Birstwith  
36 Coldbeck House Thomas SCHOFIELD Head M 36 farmer of 16 acres Ripon  
    Frances SCHOFIELD Wife M 34   Roecliffe  
    Margaret SCHOFIELD Daughter   8 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Richard Thorpe SCHOFIELD Son   6   Sawley  
    Sidney SCHOFIELD Son   4   Sawley  
    Henry SCHOFIELD Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
37 Coldbeck Cottage Mary CHAPMAN Head Wid 69 landowner Bedale  
    John CHAPMAN Son U *   Bishop Thornton imbecile
38 Windy Hill George WALKER Head M 32 farmer of 84 acres employing 1 boy Hornby  
    Mary WALKER Wife M 35 farmer's wife Wigginton  
    Ann E WALKER Daughter   6m   Bishop Thornton  
    Ann T LENN Sister M 47 visitor Hornby  
    Elizabeth Ann ELLIOT Servant   14 general domestic servant NBL West Holywell  
    John KEESON Servant U 19 indoor farm servant LIN Friskney  
    Elizabeth WALKER Mother Wid 71   Thirlby  
39 Dole Bank Nanny ATKINSON Head Wid 76 farmer of 200 acres employing 1 boy Hartwith  
    John ATKINSON Son U 37 farmer's son Birstwith  
    Wilson ATKINSON Grd son U 17 indoor farm servant Bishop Thornton  
    Ann ATKINSON Grd daughter U 22 indoor farm servant Bishop Thornton  
40 Shutt House Mark ATKINSON Head M 45 farmer Birstwith  
    Jane ATKINSON Wife M 45 farmer's wife Bishop Thornton  
    Sabrina ATKINSON Daughter   14 farmer's daughter Bishop Thornton  
    Clara ATKINSON Daughter   12   Bishop Thornton  
    Joseph ATKINSON Son   10   Bishop Thornton  
    Laura ATKINSON Daughter   9   Bishop Thornton  
    Jane ATKINSON Daughter   7   Bishop Thornton  
    Margaret ATKINSON Daughter   4   Bishop Thornton  
    Mark ATKINSON Son   3   Bishop Thornton  
41 Thornton Moor Adam FRYER Head M 43 farmer Ashwood Side  
    Dorothy FRYER Wife M 45 farmer's wife Newhouses Edge  
    Ann MOORE Niece   13 servant Newhouses Edge  
42 Bishop Thornton cottage Thomas KIPLING Head Wid 58 farmer Bishop Thornton  
    Betty KIPLING Sister U 67 housekeeper Bishop Thornton  
    Beatrice KIPLING Niece   11 scholar Leeds  
43 Bishop Thornton cottage Jane LUPTON Head Wid 78   Aldfield  
    Thomas LUPTON Son U 36 farm labourer Bishop Thornton  
44 Kettlespring Jane PETTY Head Wid 66 farmer Brimham Rocks  
    William PETTY Son U 35 farmer's son Darley  
    Elizabeth PETTY Daughter U 30 farmer's daughter Darley  
    Hannah PETTY Daughter U 27 farmer's daughter Darley  
45 Hardgate William C EMSLEY Head M 47 farmer of 161 acres employing 1 man Felliscliffe  
    Hannah EMSLEY Wife M 46 farmer's wife Norwood  
    Simpson EMSLEY Son U 18 farmer's son Darley  
    Thomas EMSLEY Son U 16 farmer's son Darley  
    George E EMSLEY Son   14 farmer's son Darley  
    William EMSLEY Son   12 farmer's son Darley  
    Mary EMSLEY Daughter   9 scholar Darley  
    Allan E EMSLEY Son   6 scholar Darley  
    Matilda GUDGEON Servant U 16 domestic farm servant Great Ouseburn  
    Thomas SIMPSON Servant U 33 farm servant Fewston  
46 Bishop Thornton cottage John STUBBS Head U 59 agr labourer Clint  
47 Bishop Thornton cottage Sarah DARNBROOK Head U 70   Birstwith  
48 Bishop Thornton cottage Joseph SANDERSON Head U 52 farm labourer Bishop Thornton  
49 Bishop Thornton cottage Mary HARRISON Head Wid 86 charwoman Bishop Thornton  
50 Bishop Thornton farm Thomas JACKSON Head M 61 farmer of 53 acres Haverah Park  
    Jane JACKSON Wife M 58 farmer's wife Grewelthorpe  
    Catherine JACKSON Daughter U 23 farmer's daughter Bishop Thornton  
    Jonathan JACKSON Son U 21 farmer's son Bishop Thornton  
    Arthur JACKSON Grd son   11 scholar Bishop Thornton  
51 Bank Top Robert B ATKINSON Head M 39 butcher & farmer of 3 acres Bishop Thornton  
    Eliza ATKINSON Wife M 34 butcher's wife CHS Wybunbury  
    James W ATKINSON Son   4   Bishop Thornton  
    Albert E ATKINSON Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
52 Grange Samuel MORRELL Head M 53 farmer of 29 acres Pannal  
    Elizabeth MORRELL Wife M 55 farmer's wife Farnham  
    James W MORRELL Son   12   Bishop Thornton  
53 Bishop Thornton cottage Bridget FRAWLEY Head Wid 80 on parish relief IRL  
54 Shaw Mills draper's shop William HOLMES Head M 59 draper & grocer Beverley  
    Ellen HOLMES Wife M 49 draper & grocer's wife Mickley  
    Mary Jane HARRINGTON Visitor U 17 domestic servant Brearton  
55 Bishop Thornton cottage Robert ATKINSON Head M 28 silk dresser Mickley  
    Jane ATKINSON Wife M 26   Hartwith  
    Lillie ATKINSON Daughter   3   Bishop Thornton  
    Marsden ATKINSON Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
56 Bishop Thornton Post Office Mary Ann SWALES Head Wid 47 postmistress Hampsthwaite  
    William Thomas SWALES Son   10   Shaw Mills  
    Jane Ann SWALES Daughter   2   Ripley  
    Ellen DRIFFY Lodger U 40 silk rover LAN Preston  
    Norah KELLY Lodger U 20 silk rover Keighley  
    Sarah Jane RILEY Lodger U 21 silk spinner Bradford  
    Elizabeth STOTT Visitor M 27 domestic servant Bradford  
57 Upper & Lower Silk Mill Robert THRELFALL Head M 61 silk spinner LAN Preston  
    Mary Ann THRELFALL Wife M 45   Pateley Bridge  
    John THRELFALL Son U 29 silk mill manager CHS Wild Boar Clough  
    Ann THRELFALL Daughter U 23 silk spinner's daughter Ripponden  
    Arthur THRELFALL Son U 16 silk mill overlooker Shaw Mills  
    Edward THRELFALL Son   12 scholar Shaw Mills  
58 Nelson's Arms Jonathan WILSON Head M 42 innkeeper & farmer of 12 acres Shaw Mills  
    Charlotte WILSON Wife M 38   LAN Rochdale  
    Alfred WILSON Son   11 scholar Shaw Mills  
59 Bishop Thornton cottage Joseph HOLDSWORTH Head M 67 farm labourer Shaw Mills  
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Wife M 69   Hampsthwaite  
60 Bishop Thornton Charles THOMPSON Head M 54 tailor & draper employing 1 man Bishop Thornton  
    Margaret THOMPSON Wife M 54 tailor & draper's wife Darley  
    Mary Ann THOMPSON Daughter U 22 tailor & draper's daughter Shaw Mills  
    Elizabeth THOMPSON Daughter   15 tailor & draper's daughter Ripley  
    Hannah DEMAINE Sister in law U 51   Darley  
    Thomas THOMPSON Nephew U 22 tailor Studley  
61 Bishop Thornton Thomas BILTON Head M 48 land drainer Bishop Thornton  
    Ann BILTON Wife M 41   Bishop Thornton  
    Sarah Ann BILTON Daughter U 19 silk rover Bishop Thornton  
62 Bishop Thornton James BROWN Head U 27 joiner Grantley  
63 Bishop Thornton John GOLDSBOROUGH Head M 46 silk rover DUR Darlington  
    Mary Ann GOLDSBOROUGH Wife M 46   LINCS  
    Emma COOK Lodger U 24 silk spinner North *  
    William H SWALES Lodger U 21 postman Leeds  
    George SWALES Visitor U 19 groom Bishop Thornton  
64 Bishop Thornton John PLANT Head U 70 joiner & carpenter Bishop Thornton  
    Elizabeth PLANT Niece U 25 housekeeper Bishop Thornton  
    Jane Alice PLANT Grt niece   3m   Bishop Thornton  
65 Bishop Thornton Matthew HUTCHINSON Head M 48 shoemaker Clint  
    Susanna HUTCHINSON Wife M 41   Hampsthwaite  
    Mary Jane STOTT Step daughter U 18 silk spinner Bishop Thornton  
    John HUTCHINSON Son   13 silk spinner Bishop Thornton  
    Robert HUTCHINSON Son   11 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Thomas HUTCHINSON Son   9 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Ann HUTCHINSON Daughter   6 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Alfred HUTCHINSON Son   5   Bishop Thornton  
66 Bishop Thornton Wilfred SWALES Head M 22 silk dresser Pateley Bridge  
    Sarah Ann SWALES Wife M 22   Pateley Bridge  
    Mary E SWALES Daughter   2   Pateley Bridge  
    John W SWALES Son   9m   Pateley Bridge  
67 Bishop Thornton David WILSON Head M 48 grocer Shaw Mills  
    Ann WILSON Wife M 40 grocer's wife Bishop Thornton  
    Jane WILSON Daughter U 19 grocer's daughter Clint  
    Elizabeth WILSON Daughter U 18 grocer's daughter Shaw Mills  
68 Bishop Thornton Elizabeth Ann MARSDEN Head Wid 65 bible woman & poetess of tracts SCT Edinburgh  
69 Bishop Thornton Elizabeth HOLDSWORTH Head U 50 on parish relief Burnt Yates  
70 Bishop Thornton William WRAY Head M 28 silk dresser Saww Mills  
    Fanny WRAY Wife M 24   Clint  
    Sarah Ann WRAY Daughter   1   Shaw Mills  
71 Bishop Thornton John WRAY Head Wid 54 cordwainer - shoemaker Shaw Mills  
    Mary Elizabeth WRAY Daughter U 25 housekeeper Shaw Mills  
    John WRAY Son U 22 silk dresser Shaw Mills  
    Samuel WRAY Son U 21 silk dresser Shaw Mills  
    Emily A WRAY Daughter U 19 silk spinner Shaw Mills  
    Alexander WRAY Son U 17 silk dresser Shaw Mills  
    James Beecroft WRAY Son   12 scholar Shaw Mills  
72 Bishop Thornton John CROSSLEY Head M 30 silk dresser Ripley  
    Elizabeth CROSSLEY Wife M 30 silk warper CHS Congleton  
73 Bishop Thornton George HARKER Head M 49 factory engine driver Bishop Thornton  
    Mary HARKER Wife M 33 silk reeler Finghall  
    Charles HARKER Son   13 solk spinner Riccall  
    Alice HARKER Daughter   11 scholar Ripley  
    Annie HARKER Daughter   8 scholar Shaw Mills  
    Arthur HARKER Son   6 scholar Shaw Mills  
74 Bishop Thornton Thomas WRAY Head M 30 silk dresser Bishop Thornton  
    Caroline WRAY Wife M 30   NTT Nottingham  
    William H WRAY Son   7 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    John L WRAY Son   5 scholar Paddock - Huddersfield  
    Annie E WRAY Daughter   2   Paddock - Huddersfield  
    Emily WRAY Daughter   9m   Bishop Thornton  
75 Bishop Thornton Alice MARSHALL Head Wid 57   Shaw Mills  
    Mary Ann MARSHALL Daughter U 21 silk spinner Shaw Mills  
    Edward J DOBBY Lodger U 22 silk dresser Leeds  
76 Bishop Thornton James WALSH Head M 30 silk dresser Brighouse  
    Louisa WALSH Wife M 24   Shaw Mills  
    Mary E WALSH Daughter   1   Shaw Mills  
77 Bishop Thornton Sarah FALLISE Head Wid 42 charwoman Knaresborough  
    Robert FALLISE Son U 27 silk dresser Burnt Yates  
    James FALLISE Son U 18 silk dresser Burnt Yates  
    Maria FALLISE Daughter   15 nurse Burnt Yates  
78 Bishop Thornton George PLANT Head M 68 farm labourer Bishop Thornton  
    Mary PLANT Wife M 67   Sawley  
    Mary MANN Adopted dau U 22 silk reeler Bishop Thornton  
79 Bishop Thornton George WEATHERILL Head M 49 farmer of 16 acres Hartwith cum Winsley  
    Charlotte WEATHERILL Wife M 50 farmer's wife Wetherby  
    Mary A WEATHERILL Daughter U 19 farmer's daughter Markington  
    John W WEATHERILL Son U 18 farmer's son Markington  
    Edward W WHITEHEAD Nephew U 16 silk dresser Bedale  
    Edward BAMBER Lodger U 60 mechanic LAN Preston  
    John CARRINGTON Lodger U 31 silk dresser Clint  
    Alfred MURGATROYD Lodger U 28 silk dresser Halifax  
80 Bishop Thornton Ellen HARKER Head Wid 83   Clint  
    Stephen HARKER Son U 45 labourer Bishop Thornton  
    Charlotte HARKER Daughter U 36 silk spinner Bishop Thornton  
    William H HARKER Grd son   15 silk dresser Bishop Thornton  
    Thomas MARSHALL Grt grd son   6   Leeds  
81 Haw Cottage Simon MURRAY Head M 50 farm labourer IRL  
    Ellen MURRAY Wife M 49   IRL  
    Patrick MURRAY Son M 28 farm labourer Bishop Thornton  
    Samuel MURRAY Son U 22 silk dresser Ripon  
    Mary MURRAY Daughter U 25 silk spinner Ripon  
    Margaret MURRAY Daughter U 17 silk spinner Ripon  
    Sarah MURRAY Daughter   15 silk spinner Ripon  
    Adelaide MURRAY Grd daughter   5 scholar Mickley  
82 Bishop Thornton Mary ATKINSON Head M 58 former flax spreader Masham  
    Thomas ATKINSON Son U 24 silk dresser Mickley  
    Alexander ATKINSON Son U 18 silk spinner Clifton  
    Sarah SWALES Lodger U 21 silk spinner Wath  
    Mary McMANN Lodger U 27 silk spinner IRL  
    Kate McMANN Lodger U 19 silk spinner DUR Skelton on Tees  
83 Shaw Mills Joseph ATKINSON Head M 33 carter Shaw Mills  
    Elizabeth ATKINSON Wife M 36 silk spinner York  
    Eliza ROBINSON Step daughter U 17 silk spinner Sahw Mills  
84 Bishop Thornton Robert STEAD Head M 39 silk spinning mill overlooker Horsforth  
    Isabella STEAD Wife M 43   HER Ashwell  
    Martha BOOKER Step daughter U 19 silk spinner Headingley - Leeds  
    Thomas BOOKER Step son U 16 silk dresser Headingley - Leeds  
    John BOOKER Step son   14 silk dresser Headingley - Leeds  
    Frances STEAD Daughter   6 scholar Kirkstall - Leeds  
    Arthur STEAD Son   4 scholar Kirkstall - Leeds  
85 Bishop Thornton Arthur THOMPSON Head M 40 silk dresser Aberford  
    Mary THOMPSON Wife M 39   Aberford  
    Annie THOMPSON Daughter   15 silk spinner West Ardsley - Wakefield  
    Alfred THOMPSON Son   12 silk spinner & scholar Shaw Mills  
    Mary A THOMPSON Daughter   9 scholar Shaw Mills  
    Edgar THOMPSON Son   7 scholar Shaw Mills  
    Edith THOMPSON Daughter   5   Shaw Mills  
    John THOMPSON Son   11m   Shaw Mills  
86 Bishop Thornton Thomas DALBY Head Wid 59 agr labourer Dacre Banks  
    Mary DALBY Daughter U 20 silk spinner Dacre Banks  
    Jane DALBY Daughter   15 silk spinner Dacre Banks  
    Anne DALBY Daughter   11 silk weigher & scholar Dacre Banks  
87 Shaw Mills Tobias POTTER Head M 35 labourer Shaw Mills  
    Miranda POTTER Wife M 30 silk spinner Leeds  
    William POTTER Son   12 scholar Leeds  
88 Shaw Mills Joshua FALLISE Head M 30 labourer Bishop Thornton  
    Sarah FALLISE Wife M 27   IRL Belfast  
    Eliza B LEE Visitor U 18   France  
    Eliza FALLISE Daughter   2   Bishop Thornton  
89 Shaw Mills Mason HALL Head M 29 silk dresser Birstwith  
    Martha HALL Wife M 26   Clint  
    Joseph HALL Son   8 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    William HALL Son   4   Bishop Thornton  
    Harry HALL Son   2   Bishop Thornton  
    Hannah HALL Daughter   1   Bishop Thornton  
90 Shaw Mills Thomas ATKINSON Head M 38 corn miller & farmer of 8 acres employing 1 man Shaw Mills  
    Fanny ATKINSON Wife M 34 miller's wife Whitwell  
    Herbert ATKINSON Son   12 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Annie ATKINSON Daughter   13 miller's daughter Bishop Thornton  
    Edith ATKINSON Daughter   6 miller's daughter & scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Ernest ATKINSON Son   2   Bishop Thornton  
    William LUND Servant U 20 indoor farm servant How Hill - Markington  
91 Bishop Thornton Alice LEAKE Head Wid 37 factory silk spinner Hartwith  
    Mary LEAKE Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith  
    Annie LEAKE Daughter   6 scholar Hampsthwaite  
    Louisa LEAKE Daughter   2 scholar Hartwith  
92 Gill Moor Joseph GAUNT Head M 55 farmer of 134 acres employing 1 man Pudsey  
    Frances GAUNT Wife M 56 farmer's wife Horsforth  
    Walter S WEST Grd son   12 scholar Pudsey  
    Stephen CARRINGTON Servant U 22 indoor farm servant LAN Rochdale  
93 Gill Moor Thomas KIRBY Head M 62 farmer of 150 acres Marton le Moor  
    Elizabeth KIRBY Wife M 47 farmer's wife Skelton  
    George KIRBY Son U 20 farmer's son Skelton  
    Annie KIRBY Daughter U 18 farmer's daughter Skelton  
    William KIRBY Son   14 farmer's son Skelton  
    Mary KIRBY Daughter   5   Skelton  
94 Shaw Mills Joseph FORTON Head M 44 farmer of 56 acres Haworth  
    Emma R FORTON Wife M 47 farmer's wife Haworth  
    Joseph W FORTON Son U 17 silk dresser Halifax  
    Holmes FORTON Son   14 silk tiller Halifax  
    John E FORTON Son   10 factory hand & half time scholar Halifax  
    Herbert FORTON Son   7 scholar Halifax  
    Sarah E FORTON Daughter   4   LAN Manchester  
95 Bishop Thornton Kendall JACKSON Head M 37 farmer of 54 acres Galphay  
    Mary JACKSON Wife M 28 farmer's wife Hartwith  
    Ann E JACKSON Daughter   13 scholar Tadcaster  
    Arthur JACKSON Son   9 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Eliza E M JACKSON Daughter   6 scholar Bishop Thornton  
    Herbert JACKSON Son   3   Bishop Thornton  
    Fred JACKSON Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
    Isaac JACKSON Son   3m   Bishop Thornton  
96 Black House Gregory HAINSWORTH Head wid 67 farmer of 67 acres employing 1 man Birstwith  
    Anastasia IBBOTSON Daughter M 28 farmer's wife Bishop Thornton  
    James IBBOTSON Son in law M 36 indoor farm servant Sawley  
    Mary Anne HAINSWORTH Grd daughter   7 scholar Bishop Thornton  
97 Lillyput Hall John BAGSHAW Head M 30 labourer & farmer of 8 acres Warsill  
    Margaret BAGSHAW Wife M 25 farmer's wife Markington  
    Mary E BAGSHAW Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith  
    Maria BAGSHAW Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith  
    Rachel A BAGSHAW Daughter   2   Warsill  
    Thomas H BAGSHAW Son   5m   Bishop Thornton  
98 Booze Green William PEACOCK Head M 50 farmer of 193 acres Braithwaite Hall  
    Elizabeth PEACOCK Wife M 50 farmer's wife Sunley Rayne nr Ripon  
    William PEACOCK Son M 24 farmer's son Sunley Rayne nr Ripon  
    Jonathan PEACOCK Son U 18 farmer's son Potgate nr North Stainley  
    John PEACOCK Son   13 farmer's son Potgate nr North Stainley  
    Elizabeth PEACOCK Daughter * 21 farmer's daughter Potgate nr North Stainley  
    Henry PEACOCK Son   7 scholar Potgate nr North Stainley  
    Alice BILTON Servant U 18 domestic farm servant Burton Leonard  
99 Hatton House Isaac LUND Head M 53 farmer of 39 acres Bridge Hewick  
    Sarah LUND Wife M 4 farmer's wife Ryhill  
    Mary J ETHERINGTON Niece   7 scholar Darfield  
100 Kettlespring Robert FRYER Head M 27 farmer of 56 acres Sawley  
    Maria FRYER Wife M 22 farmer's wife Darley  
101 Hollings Michael SKIRROW Head M 57 farmer of 39 acres Thornthwaite  
    Sarah SKIRROW Wife M 51 farmer's wife Darley  
102 Bishop Thornton John KENT Head M 40 farmer of 83 acres Clint  
    Mary KENT Wife M 48 farmer's wife Grafton Grange  
    John T KENT Son   15 farmer's son Hartwith  
    Mary E KENT Daughter   12 farmer's daughter Hartwith  
    Jane A KENT Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith  
    Emma KENT Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith  
    Louisa KENT Daughter   6 scholar Hartwith  
    John KENT Father Wid 75 retired farmer Clint  
103 Bishop Thornton John LIGHT Head M 66 farmer of 99 acres employing 1 boy Newall  
    Hannah LIGHT Wife M 55 farmer's wife Clifton  
    John George LIGHT Grd son   7 scholar Yks New York  
    John P SWALES Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Silver Hill - Pateley Bridge  
104 Bishop Thornton Thomas SKAIFE Head M 30 farmer of 43 acres Hartwith  
    Mary Ann SKAIFE Wife M 27 farmer's wife Studley  
    Henry SKAIFE Son   5   Hartwith  
    Polly SKAIFE Daughter   2   Bishop Thornton  
    JS SKAIFE Son   3m   Bishop Thornton  
105 Bishop Thornton - Wapping Corn Mill Mark NORTH Head M 30 corn miller LEI Melton Mowbray  
    Ann NORTH Wife M 35 miller's wife Barwick  
    Fred NORTH Son   7 scholar Pateley Bridge  
    Anne NORTH Daughter   5   Pateley Bridge  
    William NORTH Son   4   Pateley Bridge  
    Elizabeth NORTH Daughter   2   Patetey Bridge  
106 Shaw Mills Edmund THOMPSON Head M 31 hind - farm bailiff WES  
    Mary Ann THOMPSON Wife M 33   CUL Kirkoswald  
    Thomas G THOMPSON Son   9 scholar Keighley  
    Mary J THOMPSON Daughter   7 scholar Keighley  
    Elizabeth A THOMPSON Daughter   3   Malton  
    Edmund THOMPSON Son   1   Bishop Thornton  
107 Bishop Thornton James RUSHWORTH Head M 44 farmer Stanbury  
    Sarah P RUSHWORTH Wife M 52 farmer's wife Stanbury  
    Hannah M RUSHWORTH Daughter U 18 farmer's daughter Keighley  
108 Gill Moor John LUND Head M 30 farmer of 45 acres Keighley  
    Mary E LUND Wife M 26 farmer's wife Kildwick  
    Clara LUND Daughter   2   Keighley  
    Samuel LUND Son   7m   Bishop Thornton  
109 Gill Moor William LUND Head M 39 farmer of 45 acres Keighley  
    Mary Ann LUND Wife M 32 farmer's wife Retford  
    Lilly HELK Niece   5 scholar Keighley