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Clint, Burnt Yates & Winsley Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Clint, Burnt Yates & Winsley is covered by piece RG 11/4316. The district contained 452 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order, but the schedule numbers are our own to help show the family groups.

1 Burnt Yates - New Row Joseph WATKINSON Head M 46 farmer of 30 cares Clifton
    Hannah WATKINSON Wife M 43 shopkeeper Bishop Thornton
    John WATKINSON Son U 18 farmer's son Hartwith
    Sarah A WATKINSON Daughter   13 farmer's dau Clint
    Louisa M WATKINSON Daughter   11   Clint
    Emma WATKINSON Daughter   8   Clint
    Margaret WATKINSON Daughter   5   Clint
    Joseph E WATKINSON Son   2   Clint
2 Burnt Yates William DOWNS Head Wid 52 cordwainer Hampsthwaite
    James ADDISON Boarder M 56 cordwainer High Dunsforth
    Elizabeth CLARKSON Servant U 24 domestic servant Clint
    John CLARKSON Servant's son   3   Clint
    Eva CLARKSON Servant's dau   10 mths   Clint
    Edward SWALE Servant   14 errand boy Clint
3 Burnt Yates Jane THORPE Head Wid 64 farmer's widow Killinghall
4 Burnt Yates Sarah WALKER Head Wid 55   Bishop Thornton
    Joseph WALKER Son U 22 quarryman Bishop Thornton
    George WALKER Son   13 scholar Clint
5 Burnt Yates Thomas PENNINGTON Head M 66 labourer Brearton
    Margaret PENNINGTON Wife M 73   Hartwith
    Arthur MAWSON Grd son   10 scholar Guiseley
6 Burnt Yates Jackson EWBANK Head M 29 tailor Burnt Yates
    Mary EWBANK Wife M 29   WES Burton in Holme
    William EWBANK Son   9 scholar Burnt Yates
    Jane A EWBANK Daughter   5 scholar Burnt Yates
7 Burnt Yates - New Road David DOVE Head M 62 quarryman Birstwith
    Alice DOVE Wife M 59   Birstwith
    Edward DOVE Son U 27 quarryman Birstwith
    John DOVE Son U 19 imbecile Birstwith
    Harriet DOVE Daughter U 18 domestic servant Clint
    George DOVE Son U 19 quarryman Clint
    Maria DOVE Grd daughter   12 scholar Clint
8 Burnt Yates - High Road Anthony THOMPSON Head M 46 farm labourer Horsehouse, nr Coverham
    Mary THOMPSON Wife M 37   Stonebeck Up
    Mary Jane THOMPSON Daughter   12 scholar Thornthwaite
    Betty THOMPSON Daughter   9 scholar Thornthwaite
    Emily A THOMPSON Daughter   8 scholar Thornthwaite
    Anthony THOMPSON Son   6 scholar Thornthwaite
    Robert THOMPSON Son   4   Bishop Thornton
    Alice THOMPSON Daughter   3   Bishop Thornton
    Ethel THOMPSON Daughter   1   Bishop Thornton
9 Burnt Yates - High Road Frederick LONG Head U 22 general labourer Clint
    Fanny FAIRBURN Servant M 26 housekeeper Clint
    Joseph FAIRBURN Son   5 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Frederick FAIRBURN Son   8 mths   Clint
    Samuel JACKSON Lodger U 25 quarryman Hampsthwaite
10 Burnt Yates - Back of Curb Robert PARKER Head M 40 general labourer Barnsley
    Sarah A PARKER Wife M 36   Otley
    George PARKER Son   15 silk dresser Leeds
    James PARKER Son   11 scholar Cullingworth
    Robert PARKER Son   8 scholar Bradford
    Elizabeth PARKER Daughter   6 scholar Cullingworth
    Joseph PARKER Son   3   Cullingworth
    Henrietta PARKER Daughter   1   Clint
11 Burnt Yates - Fold Charles DINSDALE Head M 35 rural letter carrier Clint
    Jane DINSDALE Wife M 37   KENT Warden
    Charles W DINSDALE Son   13 scholar HAM Portsmouth
    Joseph DINSDALE Son   10 scholar Clint
    Elizabeth DINSDALE Daughter   8 scholar Cint
    Richard DINSDALE Son   5 scholar Clint
    John T DINSDALE Son   3   Clint
12 Burnt Yates - Fold John H HORNER Head M 61 sawyer Dallowgill
    Elizabeth HORNER Wife M 57   Pateley Bridge
    Thomas Smith HORNER Son U 40 woodman Dallowgill
    Nathan W HORNER Son U 17 gardener Burnt Yates
    Frederick W HORNER Son   14 scholar Burnt Yates
    Cora HORNER Grd daughter   2   Wadsworth
    Joseph RICHMOND Son in law M 37 farm servant Markington
13 Burnt Yates - Fold John T BRYAN Head M 40 Chelsea pensioner LIN West Deeping
    Eliza A BRYAN Wife M 34   KENT Warden
    Frances BRYAN Daughter   4   BDF Bedford
    James Eugene BRYAN Son   2   BDF Bedford
14 Burnt Yates - Farm House John WATKINSON Head M 40 farmer of 34 acres Otley
    Jane Jennings WATKINSON Wife M 40 farmer's wife Burnt Yates
    Richard Ralph WATKINSON Son   14 farmer's son Burnt Yates
    William Jennings WATKINSON Son   12 scholar Burnt Yates
    Sarah Jane WATKINSON Daughter   7 scholar Burnt Yates
    Robert WATKINSON Son   2   Burnt Yates
15 Burnt Yates - Farm House Enoch BUSFIELD Head M 32 farmer of 48 acres employing 1 man Otley
    Mary A BUSFIELD Wife M 25 farmer's wife Hartwith
    Emily BUSFIELD Daughter   3   Hartwith
    Annie BUSFIELD Daughter   2   Clint
    John BUSFIELD Son   1   Clint
    James HYMAS Servant U 19 indoor farm servant Pateley Bridge
16 Burnt Yates William CROSSLEY Head M 53 labourer Wetherby
    Elizabeth CROSSLEY Wife M 55   Clint
    Robert CROSSLEY Son U 29 labourer's son Clint
    Nathan CROSSLEY Son U 22 labourer's son Clint
17 Burnt Yates Martin ALLINSON Head M 51 cordwainer Kirkby Malzeard
    Sarah ALLINSON Wife M 41   Clint
    Edward ALLINSON Son U 18 railway clerk Clint
    John J ALLINSON Son   4   Clint
18 Burnt Yates - Public House Miles POTTER Head M 73 innkeeper Birstwith
    Jane POTTER Wife M 66 innkeeper's wife Ripon
19 Burnt Yates - Public House John SWALES Head M 64 labourer Clint
    Ann SWALES Wife M 57   Clint
20 Burnt Yates - Public House Jane EWBANK Head U 21 needle woman Clint
21 Burnt Yates - High Road Faith CLARKSON Head Wid 53 labourer's widow Clint
    Mark CLARKSON Son U 26 labourer Clint
    Joseph CLARKSON Son U 18 labourer Clint
22 Burnt Yates - High Road Ellen SUTCLIFFE Head Wid 54 charwoman Clint
    John SUTCLIFFE Son U 22 labourer Clint
    Frank SUTCLIFFE Son U 20 labourer Clint
    William SUTCLIFFE Son U 17 labourer Clint
23 Burnt Yates - High Road John HARRISON Head M 40 farm labourer Follifoot
    Rachel HARRISON Wife M 38   Tollerton
    Mary J HARRISON Daughter   12 scholar Clint
    John HARRISON Son   10 scholar Hartwith
    Thomas HARRISON Son   4   Hartwith
    Emma HARRISON Daughter   2   Hartwith
    Margaret A HARRISON Daughter   1   Hartwith
24 Burnt Yates - High Road George POTTER Head M 77 grocer Westow
    Catherine POTTER Wife M 69 grocer's wife Brampton Hall
25 Burnt Yates - High Road Bar William ATKINSON Head M 54 innkeeper Darley
    Mary Ann ATKINSON Wife M 54 innkeeper's wife Bishop Thornton
    Jane HANSON Sister in law Wid 50 domestic servant Clint
26 Burnt Yates - High Road Thomas STEPHENSON Head M 49 farmer of 3 acres & coal leader Bolton
    Ann STEPHENSON Wife M 54 farmer's wife & laundress Aldborough
27 Burnt Yates - High Road Charles G RUSH Head M 21 labourer SFK
    Mary J RUSH Wife M 20   Clint
28 Burnt Yates - School House Maria FAWCETT Head U 26 certificated schoolmistress Leeds
    Ellen HOLMES Servant Wid 65 housekeeper Clint
    George HOLMES Servant U 19 under gardener Clint
29 Scarah Bank Mary RICHMOND Head Wid 64 farmer of 8 acres Shadwell
30 Scarah Bank William DIBB Head M 76 labourer Otley
    Hannah DIBB Wife M 58   Harewood
    William RAPER Boarder Wid 81 annuitant Ripley
31 Scarah Bank David SMITH Head M 42 cordwainer Clint
    Mary SMITH Wife M 42   Garforth
    John SMITH Brother U 54 farm labourer Clint
32 Scarah Bank Mary A IVESON Head Wid 78   LAN Eccles
    Annie E IVESON Grd daughter U 19 silk winder Clint
33 Scarah Bank John WILSON Head M 77 labourer Pateley Bridge
    Caroline WILSON Wife M 57   KENT Canterbury
34 Scarah Bank Thomas SLINGER Head M 55 farm labourer Clint
    Ann SLINGER Wife M 49   Knaresborough
    John SLINGER Son U 21 gardener Clint
    James SLINGER Son U 19 gardener Clint
    Sarah SLINGER Daughter U 16 silk spinner Clint
    Mary A SLINGER Daughter   13 invalid Clint
    Jane SLINGER Daughter   11 scholar Clint
    Florence SLINGER Grd daughter   2   Shipley
35 Scarah Bank George LONG Head M 32 farm labourer Clint
    Louisa LONG Wife M 26   Birstwith
    Admiral LONG Son   7 scholar Clint
    Barney LONG Son   5 scholar Clint
    Mary A LONG Daughter   4   Clint
36 Clint William SLINGER Head M 61 farm labourer Bishop Thornton
    Mary SLINGER Wife M 49   Scriven
    Joseph NETTLETON Son in law M 26 stonemason Birstwith
    Esther NETTLETON Daughter M 23   Clint
    Martha SLINGER Daughter U 19   Clint
    Sarah SLINGER Daughter   15   Clint
    Maria SLINGER Daughter   13   Clint
    Melissa SLINGER Daughter   11 scholar Clint
    Arthur SLINGER Son   7 scholar Clint
37 Clint Bradley GRANGE Head M 25 stonemason Clint
    Eliza GRANGE Wife M 27   Stockton
38 Clint George DINSDALE Head M 32 stonemason Clint
    Mary A DINSDALE Wife M 28   Knaresborough
    George W DINSDALE Son   6 scholar Knaresborough
    Fred DINSDALE Son   2   Knaresborough
    Emily DINSDALE Daughter   7 mths   Clint
39 Clint Bridget RAWE Head Wid 46   Clint
    Alfred James RAWE Son U 24 blue slater Clint
    Thomas W RAWE Son U 21 slate merchant's clerk Clint
    Emily A RAWE Daughter   5 scholar Clint
40 Clint James SWALES Head M 45 labourer Clint
    Ellen SWALES Wife M 49   Bishop Thornton
    Hannah SWALES Daughter   15 domestic servant Bishop Thornton
41 Clint William JEFFERSON Head M 43 domestic gardener DUR Coundon
    Isabella JEFFERSON Wife M 45   NBL Chatton
    George JEFFERSON Son   13 scholar DUR Haughton le Skerne - Darlington
    Isabella JEFFERSON Daughter   11 scholar Clint
    Rose JEFFERSON Daughter   9 scholar Clint
    Tyma JEFFERSON Daughter   7 scholar Clint
    Ellen JEFFERSON Daughter   5 scholar Clint
    Hayton JEFFERSON Son   4 scholar Clint
42 Clint William DINSDALE Head M 63 farmer of 6 acres Hartwith
    Elizabeth DINSDALE Wife M 59 farmer's wife Spofforth
    Joseph DINSDALE Grd son   14 grocer Knaresborough
    George DINSDALE Grd son   10 scholar Knaresborough
43 Clint Francis SWALES Head M 51 farmer of 127 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy South Stainley
    Alice SWALES Wife M 48 farmer's wife Bishop Thornton
    Elizabeth SWALES Daughter U 18 farmer's dau Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary SWALES Sister U 64 general domestic servant Clint
    William ATKINSON Boarder U 29   Leeds
    Joseph STOBBS Servant U 19 indoor farm servant Hartwith
    William GAMBLING Servant   14 indoor farm servant Hampsthwaite
44 Clint Thomas STOBBS Head M 58 farmer of 61 acres Pateley Bridge
    Ann STOBBS Wife M 37 farmer's wife Kirkby Malzeard
    Thomas STOBBS Son U 22 postman Norton le Clay
    Edward STOBBS Son   14 farmer's son Clint
45 Clint Peter HARRISON Head M 53 farm labourer Bishop Thornton
    Maria HARRISON Wife M 21   South Eston
46 Clint John AKERS Head M 65 farm labourer Low Dunsforth
    Elizabeth AKERS Wife M 58   Aldborough
    John AKERS Son U 18 farm labourer's son Clint
    Mary AKERS Daughter   14 scholar Clint
47 Clint Samuel GOODALL Head M 78 farmer of 12 acres Hampsthwaite
    Mary GOODALL Wife M 68 farmer's wife South Stainley
    Grace MARSHALL Daughter Wid 29 dressmaker Clint
    Mary A MARSHALL Grd daughter   6 scholar Clint
    Annie MARSHALL Grd daughter   5 scholar Clint
    Ernest MARSHALL Grd son   3   Clint
    Emily MARSHALL Grd daughter   2   Clint
48 Clint Thomas WARDMAN Head M 45 joiner & wheelwright Hartwith
    Catherine WARDMAN Wife M 36   Acaster
    Mary WARDMAN Daughter   2   Clint
    George WARDMAN Son   6 mths   Clint
    William RUDD Nephew U 18 joiner & wheelwright Bishop Thornton
49 Clint William HEBDEN Head M 59 farmer of 11.5 acres Sawley
    Jane HEBDEN Wife M 55 farmer's wife Bishop Thornton
    Mary Jane HEBDEN Niece U 23 dressmaker Sawley
50 Clint Thomas ATKINSON Head M 48 labourer Birstwith
    Ruth ATKINSON Wife M 45   Bishop Thornton
    Selina ATKINSON Daughter U 18 dressmaker Bishop Thornton
    Joseph ATKINSON Son   15 labourer Bishop Thornton
    Albert ATKINSON Son   9 scholar Clint
51 Clint Joseph HARDCASTLE Head M 64 farmer of 10.5 acres Darley
    Ann HARDCASTLE Wife M 67 farmer's wife Darley
    William HARDCASTLE Son U 40 farmer's son Darley
    Benson HARDCASTLE Son U 26 farm labourer Hartwith
52 Pye Lane Peter MATTERSON Head M 47 farmer of 62.5 acres Bishop Thornton
    Martha MATTERSON Wife M 37 farmer's wife Bishop Thornton
    Sarah MATTERSON Daughter   8 scholar Clint
    William MATTERSON Son   5 scholar Clint
    Edward MATTERSON Son   3   Clint
    Mary MATTERSON Daughter   6 mths   Clint
    Mary RUDD Mother in law Wid 80   Ripley
53 Hill Top Edward MATTERSON Head M 75 farmer of 20 acres Rockley
    Hannah MATTERSON Wife M 73 farmer's wife Darley
    William MATTERSON Son U 54 farmer's son Darley
54 Hill Top Alice GROVES Head U 62 farmer of 5.5 acres Aldershaw
    Ann GROVES Sister U 70   Aldershaw
55 Hill Top Thomas ATKINSON Head M 57 millwright for spinning machine manufacturer Hampsthwaite
    Emma ATKINSON Wife M 51   Ripon
    Thomas ATKINSON Son U 25   Ripon
    William ATKINSON Son U 23   Ripon
    Phillis ATKINSON Daughter U 19 silk spinner Northallerton
    Emma ATKINSON Daughter   9 scholar Clint
    John A HORNE Visitor U 20 unemployed groom & gardener Hunslet - Leeds
56 Hill Top Mark SNOW Head M 51 farmer of 16 acres Bishop Thornton
    Ann SNOW Wife M 44 farmer's wife Hartwith
    Hannah SNOW Daughter U 17 farmer's dau Bewerley
    Ada SNOW Daughter   11 scholar Clint
    Peter SNOW Son   9 scholar Clint
    Minnie SNOW Grd daughter   3   Clint
57 Beckside John MAUD Head Wid 65 general labourer Clint
    Mark MAUD Son U 28 general labourer Killinghall
    Charlotte MAUD Daughter U 20 housekeeper Clint
58 Beckside John IVESON Head M 77 farm labourer Ripon
    Martha IVESON Wife M 73   Pickhill
59 Beckside William JACKSON Head M 32 farmer of 40 acres Ripon
    Jane A JACKSON Wife M 29 farmer's wife Bedale
    John W JACKSON Son   8 scholar DUR Darlington
    Alice M JACKSON Daughter   6 scholar Bedale
    Elizabeth JACKSON Daughter   4   Clint
    Annie JACKSON Daughter   2   Clint
    Louisa JACKSON Daughter   5 mths   Clint
60 Beckside William PLANT Head M 60 woodman Bishop Thornton
    Mary PLANT Wife M 60   Pateley Bridge
    Arthur PLANT Grd son   10 scholar Clint
61 Beckside Charles RUDD Head M 42 farmer of 20 acres Bishop Thornton
    Elizabeth RUDD Wife M 36 farmer's wife Craven
    Mary Ann RUDD Daughter U 18 silk factory girl Warsill
    George RUDD Son   15 silk factory boy Warsill
    Elizabeth RUDD Daughter   13 scholar Warsill
    Hannah RUDD Daughter   12 scholar Warsill
    Annie RUDD Daughter   11 scholar Warsill
    Blanche RUDD Daughter   8 scholar Warsill
    Thomas RUDD Son   7 scholar Warsill
    Arthur RUDD Son   4   Warsill
    Clarissa RUDD Daughter   1   Clint
62 Hark Hill Richard SICKLING Head M 43 farmer of 34 acres Ripon
    Mary SICKLING Wife M 38 farmer's wife Bishop Monkton
    Charles SICKLING Son   13 farmer's son Bishop Monkton
    Mary SICKLING Daughter   9 scholar Bilton
    Elizabeth SICKLING mother Wid 73   Ripon
    Thomas SICKLING Son   6 scholar Clint
63 Burnt Yates Mary HOUSEMAN Head Wid 73 farmer of 20 acres Hartwith
    Jane HOUSEMAN Daughter U 43 farmer's dau Clint
64 Burnt Yates Charles HARDCASTLE Head Wid 51 blacksmith Clint
    Martha CROSSLEY Servant U 19 domestic servant Clint
65 Clint Road Stephen SLINGER Head M 26 farm labourer Clint
    Alice SLINGER Wife M 25 silk factory worker Shipley
66 Clint House William THOMPSON Head M 42 farmer employing 1 labourer & 2 boys Arkendale
    Elizabeth THOMPSON Wife M 40 farmer's wife York
    Sarah Ann THOMPSON Daughter   12 scholar Arkendale
    William THOMPSON Son   10 scholar Arkendale
    Edith THOMPSON Daughter   8 scholar Arkendale
    Ethel THOMPSON Daughter   2   Arkendale
    Joseph DERBYSHIRE Servant U 20 indoor farm servant Arkendale
    John KENDALE Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Arkendale
    Annie SWALES Servant U 17 general domestic servant Hartwith
67 Station Hotel Robert WEARING Head M 42 plumber & painter WES Milnthorpe
    Elizabeth WEARING Wife M 43   Colt House
    John WEARING Son   15 plumber's son WES Milnthorpe
    Sarah A WEARING Daughter   9 scholar WES Milnthorpe
    William WEARING Son   7 scholar WES Milnthorpe
    Mabel WEARING Daughter   2   Clint
    Thomas SWALES Lodger U 38 farm labourer Birstwith
68 Clint John MYERS Head M 47 farmer of 12 acres Addingham
    Ellen MYERS Wife M 43 farmer's wife Felliscliffe
69 West House John HOUSEMAN Head M 54 farmer of 253.5 acres employing 5 men Killinghall
    Margaret HOUSEMAN Wife M 46 farmer's wife Bishop Thornton
    Elizabeth PEARSON Servant U 28 general domestic servant Birstwith
    William JARROTT Servant U 25 indoor farm servant Brearton
    Fred FRYER Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Bishop Thornton
    Benjamin WALKER Servant   15 indoor farm servant Pateley Bridge
70 Clint Thomas DIBB Head M 56 farmer of 12 acres Leeds
    Elizabeth DIBB Wife M 64 farmer's wife Clint
    John DIBB Son U 22 farmer's son Clint
71 Clint William SWALES Head M 72 labourer Clint
    Ann SWALES Wife M 69   Clnt
    John SWALES Son M 42 labourer Clint
    Elizabeth A SWALES Grd daughter   9 scholar Clint
    Mary SWALES Grd daughter   7 scholar Cint
    * SWALES Grd son   4 scholar Clint
72 Clint Richard HOLMES Head M 37 joiner Clint
    Jane HOLMES Wife M 38   Bishop Thornton
    Amelia J HOLMES Daughter   12 scholar Clint
    Elizabeth HOLMES Daughter   9 scholar Clint
    Arthur HOLMES Son   5 scholar Clint
    Herbert HOLMES Son   3 scholar Clint
    William HOLMES Son   1   Clint
73 Clint William PARKER Head M 25 farmer of 15 acres Darley
    Annie PARKER Wife M 23 farmer's wife Norton le Clay
    Fred PARKER Son   10 mths   Clint
74 Clint William MYERS Head M 53 farmer of 25 acres Addingham
    Mary A MYERS Wife M 52 farmer's wife Hampsthwaite
    Mary J MYERS Daughter   11 scholar Hampsthwaite
75 Clint Edwin WOOD Head M 34 farmer of 115 acres employing 2 men Burley
    Alice WOOD Wife M 30 farmer's wife Harrogate
    Thomas WOOD Son   2   Clint
    Clara WOOD Daughter   1   Clint
    Elizabeth HARDISTY Servant U 22 general domestic servant Hampsthwaite
    Joseph GAMBLING Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Hampsthwaite
    John NEWBOULD Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Pateley Bridge
76 Clint Thomas HERRINGTON Head U 32 farm servant Clint
77 Clint David BRADBERRY Head M 53 farmer of 18 acres Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth BRADBERRY Wife M 52 farmer's wife Otley
    Bottomley WHITLEY Son in law M 29 silk mill overlooker Bingley
    William WHITLEY Grd son   2   Bingley
78 Clint Thomas SCRATCHARD Head M 57 farmer of 126 acres employing 1 man Cattal
    Jane SCRATCHARD Wife M 35 farmer's wife Hartwith
    Mary SCRATCHARD Daughter   13 scholar Hartwith
    Thomas SCRATCHARD Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Jane SCRATCHARD Daughter   8 scholar Clint
    Francis SCRATCHARD Son   4 scholar Clint
    Louisa SCRATCHARD Daughter   2   Clint
    Florence SCRATCHARD Daughter   8 mths   Clint
    William WHINCUP Servant U 26 indoor farm servant Clint
79 Whipley Lane William ATKINSON Head Wid 63 butcher Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth ATKINSON Daughter U 25 butcher's dau Bishop Thornton
    William ATKINSON Son U 17 no occupation Bishop Thornton
80 Whipley Lane George SWALES Head Wid 75 pauper Bishop Thornton
    Grace WRIGHT Daughter M 39 mill worker - artisan Clint
    Grace SWALES Grd daughter   12 scholar Clint
81 Whipley Lane Ann WILSON Head M 76 pauper Leeds
    Mary Ann WILSON Daughter U 26 dressmaker Clint
82 Whipley Lane Bradley GRANGE Head U 67 farmer of 20 acres Dacre Banks
83 Whipley Lane William GRANGE Head M 65 farmer of 14 acres Dacre Banks
    Ann GRANGE Wife M 57 farmer's wife Clint
    Joseph GRANGE Son Wid 37 stonemason Clint
    Sarah GRANGE Grd daughter   13 scholar Clint
    John GRANGE Grd son   10 scholar Bishop Thornton
    Annie GRANGE Grd daughter   6 scholar Bishop Thornton
    Charlotte GRANGE Grd daughter   4 scholar Clint
84 Clint Thomas HARDISTY Head M 30 railway porter *
    Mary Ann HARDISTY Wife M 33   *
    William HARDISTY Son   8 scholar *
    Annie HARDISTY Daughter   7 scholar *
    Amy HARDISTY Daughter   6 scholar *
    Alfred HARDISTY Son   4   *
    Henry HARDISTY Son   1   *
85 Clint John TYREMAN Head M 28 railway platelayer Sawley
    Jane TYREMAN Wife M 29   Sawley
    William TYREMAN Son   7 scholar Clint
    Charles TYREMAN Son   4   Clint
    George TYREMAN Son   2   Clint
86 Clint - Hampsthwaite Station John HODGSON Head M 65 station master Thirsk
    Jane HODGSON Wife M 58   LAN Preston
87 Clint Joseph POWELL Head Wid 64 farm bailiff Bishop Thornton
    Samuel POWELL Son U 20 no occupation Clint
    Jane POWELL Daughter U 19   Clint
    Mary POWELL Daughter   15   Clint
    Sarah WALKER Daughter M 24   Clint
    Thomas WALKER Son in law M 25 general labourer Dringhouses
88 Clint James CLARKE Head Wid 54 schoolmaster LEI Quorndon
    Eliza M CLARKE Daughter U 27 governesss GLS Stow on the Wold
    Louisa C CLARKE Daughter U 21 housekeeper Burnt Yates
89 Warsill Schoolhouse Jane SWIRES Head U 31 elementary schoolteacher West End
    Grace WILSON Servant   12 domestic servant Felliscliffe
90 Warsill - Smith's Cottage Charles W SMITH Head M 27 woodman DUR Monkwearmouth - Sunderland
    Mary SMITH Wife M 26   Hawes
    Mary E SMITH Daughter   2   Marsett
    Isabella SMITH Daughter   3 mths   Warsill
91 Warsill - Low Farm John BROADLEY Head M 42 farmer of 45 acres employing 1 man Stonebeck Up
    Ann BROADLEY Wife M 33   Clint
    Margaret E BRODALEY Daughter   2   Warsill
    Benjamin BROADLEY Son   2 mths   Warsill
    Thomas WAITE Servant M 26 indoor farm servant Hartwith
92 Warsill - Rabbit Hill Farm William GRANGE Head M 42 farmer of 83 acres Bishopside
    Sarah J GRANGE Wife M 40   Sawley
    John GRANGE Son   15 farmer's son Bishopside
    Ann E GRANGE Daughter   14   Bishopside
    Joseph GRANGE Son   11 scholar Bishopside
    Jane GRANGE Daughter   11 scholar Bishopside
    Alice GRANGE Daughter   5 scholar Bishopside
93 Warsill Hall Michael ADDYMAN Head M 56 farmer of 122 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Eliza ADDYMAN Wife M 57   Sawley
    Agnes ADDYMAN Daughter U 22   Warsill
    Hellena ADDYMAN Daughter U 16   Warsill
    Dora ADDYMAN Daughter   13 scholar Warsill
    John ADDYMAN Grd son   4   Warsill
    Catherine ADDYMAN Grd daughter   2   Warsill
94 Warsill - Warren House Thomas BAGSHAW Head M 67 farmer of 46 acres Warsill
    Mary BAGSHAW Wife M 65   North Stainley
    Sarah BAGSHAW Daughter U 36 farmer's dau Warsill
    Hannah GRANGER Grd daughter   3   Fallrise nr Malton
95 Warsill - South East Farm Whittaker BRIGG Head M 43 farmer of 83 acres Sutton
    Jane BRIGG Wife M 45   LAN Great Marsden - Nelson
    Samuel D BRIGG Son   9 scholar LAN Colne
    Mary E BRIGG Daughter   8 scholar Warsill
    Thomas BRIGG Son   6 scholar Warsill
    Emma J BRIGG Daughter   5   Warsill
    Abraham BRIGG Son   2   Warsill
96 Warsill - Middle Farm William HORNER Head M 56 farmer of 101 acres Sawley
    Mary HORNER Wife M 57   Hartwith
    Joseph HORNER Son U 24 farmer's son Pateley Bridge
    John HORNER Son U 18 farmer's son Pateley Bridge
97 Warsill - Broadley's Farm Francis BROADLEY Head M 40 farmer of 30 cares Dacre
    Esther BROADLEY Wife M 31   Dacre
    Anne BROADLEY Daughter   4   Warsill
    Christopher BROADLEY Son   2 mths   Warsill
98 Warsill - Gamekeeper's House John SWALES Head M 50 game watcher & farmer of 10 acres Skelding
    Mary SWALES Wife M 45   Ramsgill
    Richard SWALES Son   12 scholar Warsill
    William SWALES Son   10 scholar Warsill
    Thomas SWALES Son   8 scholar Warsill
    Jane SWALES Daughter   6 scholar Warsill
    Hannah SWALES Daughter   4   Warsill
99 Warsill - South Farm William SWALES Head M 45 farmer of 46 acres Bishopside
    Catherine SWALES Wife M 41   Sawley
    Thomas LAYFIELD step son U 19 farmer's son Bewerley
    Allan LAYFIELD step son   12 scholar Wath nr Pateley Bridge
    Mary SWALES Daughter   11 scholar Warsill
    James SWALES Son   5 scholar Warsill
    Catherine SWALES Daughter   4   Warsill
    Leeming Allanson SWALES Son   6 mths   Warsill