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Dacre & Dacre Banks Census Returns 1881

The districts of Dacre & Dacre Banks contained 641 people on the day of the census.
The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

1 Board School House Joseph MASON Head M 47 schoolmaster Fewston
    Hannah MASON Wife M 42   Otley
    William MASON Son U 20   Fewston
    Harold MASON Son   2   Dacre Bank
2 Hill Top Thomas HALL Head M 54 farmer Dacre
    Elizabeth HALL Wife M 58   North Stainley
    Charles HOLDSWORTH Step son U 16 agr labourer Dacre
    Martha THOMPSON Visitor   13   Wistow
3 Hill Top Edmund LONGSTER Head M 63 farmer of 30 acres Bishopside
    Ruth LONGSTER Wife M 50   Stonebeck Down
    Edwin LONGSTER Son U 18 farmer's son Dacre
4 Hill Top Luke ABBOTT Head M 55 farmer of 16 acres Dacre
    Rebecca ABBOTT Wife M 46   Pateley Bridge
    Robert ABBOTT Son U 18 farmer's son Dacre
    Ann E. ABBOTT Daughter   15   Dacre
    Joseph ABBOTT Son   13   Dacre
    Matthew ABBOTT Son   11 scholar Dacre
    Hannah ABBOTT Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    Frederick ABBOTT Son   3   Dacre
    Luke ABBOTT Father Wid 80 retired farmer Dacre
    John ABBOTT Brother U 53 indoor farm servant Dacre
5 Birch Hill William GRANGE Head M 53 carriage - coach builder Bewerley
    Elizabeth GRANGE Wife M 51   Melmerby
    Christopher L. GRANGE Son   12 scholar Bridgehouse Gate
    Edwin GRANGE Son   10 scholar Bridgehouse Gate
    Louisa GRANGE Daughter in law M 22 former laundress MDX London
6 Harewell Woods Fanny J. JARRETT Head Wid 40 farmer of 77 acres employing 1 man LIN Bardney
    Michael JARRETT Son   1   Dacre
    Thomas NELSON Servant M 21 indoor farm servant Dacre
    Ellen NELSON Servant M 23 general domestic servant Pannal
7 Harewell Hall Margaret SIMPSON Head Wid 53 farmer of 200 acres employing 1 man Nunnington
    John Towers SIMPSON Son U 27 farmer's son Barnsley
    Alice SIMPSON Daughter U 20   Hartwith
    Bennet SIMPSON Son U 18   Hartwith
    Joseph SIMPSON Son   15 farmer's son Dacre
    Kate SIMPSON Daughter   13   Dacre
    Mary SIMPSON Mother in law Wid 81 annuitant Hartwith
    Manasseh KING Servant U 30 indoor farm servant Thornthwaite
8 Woodside Matthias GRANGE Head M 35 farmer of 28 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Jane GRANGE Wife M 31   Hunsingore
    Jane Elizabeth GRANGE Daughter   4   Dacre
    Dorothy May GRANGE Daughter   2   Dacre
    Matthias GRANGE Son   3 mths   Dacre
    Eva GRANGE Niece   13 scholar Dacre
    John GRANGE Nephew   12 scholar Dacre
    William RANT Servant U 28 indoor farm servant Dacre
9 Dacre Lane Sarah J. BRADBURY Head Wid 52 farmer of 13 acres Darley
    William BRADBURY Son U 24 farmer's son Dacre
    Peter BRADBURY Son U 18 spinning mill card feeder Dacre
    Marmaduke BRADBURY Son   15 linen weaving bobbin turner Dacre
10 Dacre Lane Shadrach NEWBOULD Head M 24 farmer of 43 acres Dacre
    Hannah NEWBOULD Wife M 25   Pateley Bridge
    Thackwray NEWBOULD Son   3   Dacre
    Samuel NEWBOULD Son   7 mths   Dacre
11 Dacre Thomas GRANGE Head U 40 hawker *
12 Dacre William WATSON Head M 64 linen weaver Dacre
    Mary WATSON Wife M 64   Dacre
13 Dacre Hall Charles NEWBOULD Head M 32 farmer of 38 acres employing 1 boy Bridgehouse Gate
    Annie Alice NEWBOULD Wife M 28   Dacre
    Thomas WELLOCK Servant   14 indoor farm servant Bewerley
14 Dacre James HARKER Head Wid 78 retired farmer Grassington
    Sarah Ann HARKER Daughter U 39 deaf & dumb Grassington
    James P. BROADBENT Grd son   7 scholar Leeds
15 Dacre Matthew HARDISTY Head U 62 linen weaver Dacre
16 Dacre Thomas SCOTT Head M 41 draper & grocer Pateley Bridge
    Alice SCOTT Wife M 32   Bishop Thornton
    Gregory SCOTT Son   4   Dacre
17 Dacre Joseph HALL Head M 67 woodman Dacre
    Elizabeth HALL Wife M 57   Dacre
18 Dacre Thomas ARMSTRONG Head M 51 mason WES Kirkby Lonsdale
    Jane ARMSTRONG Wife M 50   Darley
    John REYNARD Father in law Wid 82 agr labourer Bishop Thornton
19 Dacre Richard COWLING Head M 35 woodman Dacre
    Ruth COWLING Wife M 30   Wistow
    Mary Naomi COWLING Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
    Louisa COWLING Daughter   9 scholar Dacre
    Ada COWLING Daughter   8 scholar Dacre
    Zilpha COWLING Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    Thomas COWLING Son   5 scholar Dacre
    Hannah COWLING Daughter   3 scholar Dacre
    Elizabeth COWLING Daughter   1   Dacre
20 Dacre James IVESON Head M 42 farmer of 11 acres Felliscliffe
    Selina IVESON Wife M 36   Dacre
    Annie IVESON Daughter U 21 dressmaker Dacre
    Samuel J. IVESON Son   10 scholar Dacre
    Thomas IVESON Son   8 scholar Dacre
    Priscilla IVESON Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    Emma IVESON Daughter   4   Dacre
    Isabella J. IVESON Daughter   1   Dacre
21 Dacre Joseph MOORE Head Wid 62 highway labourer Heathfield
    Sarah MOORE Grd daughter   12   Dacre
22 Dacre Robert METCALFE Head M 35 quarryman Pateley Bridge
    Ann METCALFE Wife M 28   Pateley Bridge
    Matthew METCALFE Son   3   Pateley Bridge
    George METCALFE Son   1   Pateley Bridge
23 Beeston House Ralph STEEL Head M 50 farmer of 52 acres Darley
    Elizabeth STEEL Wife M 46   Killinghall
    Sarah STEEL Daughter U 22   Darley
    John STEEL Son   15 farmer's son Darley
    Kerenhappuch STEEL Daughter   8 scholar Dacre
24 Oxenclose Farm Isaac OLIVER Head M 30 farmer of 145 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Elizabeth H. OLIVER Wife M 25   Dacre
    Isaac Allanson OLIVER Son   1   Dacre
    Caroline OLIVER Daughter   6 mths   Dacre
    Grace OLIVER Mother U 64 annuitant Pannal
    Caroline OLIVER Sister U 43   Dacre
    Jacob LOFTHOUSE Servant U 17 indoor farm servant Kirkby Malzeard
    Annie Elizabeth SWALE Servant   14 general servant Bishopside
25 Rushfield George PARK Head M 68 farmer of 42 acres Bewerley
    Elizabeth PARK Wife M 69   Bingley
    Hannah PARK Daughter U 31   Fellbeck
    Ada PARK Grd daughter   4   Keighley
26 Clocken Syke Farm John ADDYMAN Head Wid 55 farmer of 72 acres Dacre
    John ADDYMAN Son M 26 farmer's son Kirkby Malzeard
    Polly ADDYMAN Daughter in law M 21   Darley
    Jane Elizabeth ADDYMAN Grd daughter   2   Darley
    John Charles ADDYMAN Grd son   1   Dacre
    Alfred REYNARD Servant U 17 indoor farm servant *
27 Mill Hirst Thomas ADDYMAN Head M 53 farmer of 54 acres Dacre
    Mary Ann ADDYMAN Wife M 51   Dacre
    Elizabeth Ann ADDYMAN Daughter U 26   Darley
    James Henry ATKINSON Grd son   8 visitor Dacre
28 Mill Hurst Peter SETTLE Head M 36 farmer of 30 acres Thornthwaite
    Alice SETTLE Wife M 36   Bishopside
    John William HARDISTY Step son   13 scholar Guiseley
    Annie HARDISTY Step dau   8 scholar Guiseley
    Frederick S. SETTLE Son   1   Dacre
29 Mill Hurst Joseph HOUSEMAN Head M 42 farmer of 35 acres Dacre
    Kerenhappuch HOUSEMAN Wife M 35   Dacre
    Kerenhappuch HOUSEMAN Daughter U 16   Dacre
    Robert HOUSEMAN Son   14 flax mill operator Dacre
    Samuel HOUSEMAN Son   12 scholar Dacre
    Tibby HOUSEMAN Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
    Joseph HOUSEMAN Son   9 scholar Dacre
    Maggie A. HOUSEMAN Daughter   7 scholar Dacre
    John Charles HOUSEMAN Son   5 scholar Dacre
    Thomas HOUSEMAN Son   10 mths   Dacre
30 Pyefield House Michael SKAIFE Head Wid 51 farmer of 61 acres employing 1 man Darley
    Jane SKAIFE Daughter U 24   Dacre
    Margaret Ann SKAIFE Daughter U 20   Dacre
    Michael Joseph SKAIFE Son   15 scholar Dacre
    Mary Alice SKAIFE Daughter   13 scholar Dacre
    Robert Benson SKAIFE Son   12 scholar Dacre
    Clara SKAIFE Daughter   10 scholar Dacre
    Ada Lavinia SKAIFE Daughter   8 scholar Dacre
    Rachel SKAIFE Daughter   7 scholar Dacre
    Leonard SKAIFE Grd son   1   Dacre
31 Pyefield House James William METCALFE Head M 26 agr labourer Ripon
    Annie METCALFE Wife M 28   Boroughbridge
    Mary H. METCALFE Daughter   1   Darley
32 Low Hall William GROVES Head M 43 farmer of 206 acres employing 2 men & 1 boy Pateley Bridge
    Jane GROVES Wife M 30   Pateley Bridge
    Margaret GROVES Daughter   1 mth   Dacre
    Joseph GREETHAM boarder U 60   Pateley Bridge
    Groves ATKINSON Servant U 17 indoor farm servant Hartwith
    George GRANGE Servant U 32 indoor farm servant Dacre
    Joseph IVESON Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Dacre
    Jane Anne WARD Visitor U 26 laundress Ramsgill
    Mary Ann THORPE Servant U 20 dairymaid Darley
33 Dover Castle Mary BRAMLEY Head Wid 74   Thornthwaite
    Sarah BRAMLEY Daughter U 29 laundress Dacre
34 Well Bank William BELL Head M 44 retired flax spinner Dacre
    Hannah BELL Wife M 36   Bishop Thornton
    Matthew HUTCHINSON Visitor U 50 farmer Bishop Thornton
    Ada WARD Servant U 18 general servant Hartwith
35 Dacre Thomas BENNETT Head M 38 Wesleyan minister Snaith
    Emily BENNETT Wife M 37   Tadcaster
    Mary BENNETT Daughter   12 scholar DEV Dawlish
    Margaret W. BENNETT Daughter   11 scholar DEV Sidmouth
    Thomas J.Gregory BENNETT Son   9 scholar DEV Barnstaple
    William B. BENNETT Son   7 scholar Gomersal
    Hannah PARISH Servant U 28 cook Calverley
    Eliza Ann BROWN Servant U 20 housemaid Leeds
36 Dacre Railway Station William GROVES Head M 47 station master Malton
    Mary GROVES Wife M 41   York
    Emily Mary GROVES Daughter U 17   Castleton
    Helen GROVES Daughter   15   Castleton
    Thomas GROVES Son   13 scholar Castleton
    Eliza Ineson GROVES Daughter   11 scholar Castleton
    Robert James GROVES Son   9 scholar Pannal
    Arthur Christopher GROVES Son   6   Dacre Banks
    Annie GROVES Daughter   4   Dacre Banks
    George E. GROVES Son   1   Dacre Banks
37 Dacre William ELLIS Head M 46 labourer & farmer of 11 acres Dacre Banks
    Ann ELLIS Wife M 45   Hartwith
    Robert ELLIS Son   10 scholar Dacre
    William ELLIS Son   7 scholar Dacre
    George S. ELLIS Son   5 scholar Dacre
    Eva GILL Visitor M 25   Hartwith
    Harry GILL Visitor   2   Pateley Bridge
38 Dacre Elizabeth PARKER Head M 20   Hartwith
    Thomas PARKER Son   4 mths   Dacre
    William ADDYMAN Brother U 18 general labourer Hartwith
39 Dacre Thomas GILL Head M 24 carter & farmer of 7 acres Dacre
    Mary GILL Wife M 24   Bishop Thornton
    Thomas GILL Son   1   Dacre
    Mary GILL Sister   14   Dacre
40 Dacre - Royal Oak Inn William JARRETT Head M 33 innkeeper Otley
    Elizabeth JARRETT Wife M 30   Otley
    Mabel JARRETT Daughter   1   Dacre
    Mary CURTIS Mother in law Wid 55   Otley
    Ada SETTLE Servant   14 general servant Dacre
41 Dacre John PAWSON Head M 51 shoemaker, grocer & farmer Dacre
    Jane PAWSON Wife M 53   Wakefield
    Ibbotson PAWSON Son   10 scholar Dacre
42 Dacre William JARRETT Head Wid 52 farmer of 25 acres Dacre
    Alice JARRETT Daughter U 28   Dacre
    William BODDY Grd son   12 scholar Dacre
43 Dacre William SETTLE Head Wid 47 joiner & farmer Darley
    Robert SETTLE Son U 20 joiner Dacre
    Hannah SETTLE Daughter U 17 housekeeper Dacre
    Peter SETTLE Son   13 scholar Dacre
    Joseph SETTLE Son   10 scholar Dacre
44 Dacre Post Office George MYERS Head M 40 postmaster, grocer & draper Hartwith
    Mary Ann MYERS Wife M 38   Hartwith
45 Dacre Mary BELL Head U 57   Heyshaw
    Samuel BUCK Nephew U 22 waste dealer Dacre
    Mary Elizabeth WHITLEY Niece M 29   Mickley
    William WHITLEY Niece's husband M 26 gamekeeper Heyshaw
    George WHITLEY Grt nephew   14 mths   Dacre
    Ellen WHITLEY Grt niece   3 mths   Dacre
46 Dacre William GRANGE Head U 68 retired flax spinner Dacre
    Margaret CASS Sister Wid 35   Dacre
    Emma CASS Niece   11 scholar Knaresborough
47 Dacre Michael HORNER Head U 71 flax dresser Pateley Bridge
    Ann FEASBY Servant U 43 housekeeper Pateley Bridge
    Esther MUGGINS Lodger U 21 flax spinner Leeds
48 Dacre John PROCTER Head M 33 butter factor Dacre
    Annie E. PROCTER Wife M 25   Hartwith
    Sarah E. PROCTER Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    Harry PROCTER Son   4 scholar Dacre
    Mary PROCTER Daughter   2   Dacre
    Christopher W. PROCTER Son   10 mths   Dacre
49 Dacre Jane RAYNER Head Wid 59   Knaresborough
    Arthur RAYNER Son U 28 farm labourer Dacre
    Selina RAYNER Daughter U 25 flax dresser Dacre
    Joseph BRUNTON Brother U 57 farm labourer Knaresborough
50 Dacre John William ABBOTT Head M 25 bobbin mill labourer & greaser Hartwith
    Sarah ABBOTT Wife M 25   Knaresborough
    Emma ABBOTT Daughter   5 scholar Dacre
    George A. ABBOTT Son   3   Dacre
    Sarah E. ABBOTT Daughter   1   Dacre
51 Dacre Martin STEEL Head M 67 retired farmer Hampsthwaite
    Margaret STEEL Wife M 60   Hampsthwaite
    Mary SKAIFE Daughter M 35 miller's wife Hampsthwaite
    Louisa A. SKAIFE Adopted dau   12   Hampsthwaite
52 Dacre John HORNER Head M 60 bleacher *
    Margaret HORNER Wife M 65   Hartwith
53 Dacre William WATTS Head M 32 railway labourer Dewsbury
    Mary Ann WATTS Wife M 29   Melmerby
    John William WATTS Son   5 scholar Sherburn
    Goerge H. WATTS Son   2   Hartwith
54 Dacre Benson RENTON Head M 63 unemployed agr labourer Darley
    Hannah RENTON Wife M 59   Darley
    Benson RENTON Son U 17 blacksmith's apprentice Dacre
    Isabella RENTON Grd daughter   6 scholar Bradford
55 Dacre William DENNIS Head M 63 retired schoolmaster Harome
    Mary Ann DENNIS Daughter U 34 housekeeper Bagby
    Elizabeth M. JARRETT Visitor   3   Dacre
56 Dacre William HOLMES Head M 48 master tailor employing 1 boy Dacre
    Mary HOLMES Wife M 55   Fewston
    Joshua HOLMES Son   10 scholar Dacre
    John HOLMES Son   8 scholar Dacre
    Joseph PETTY Nephew   13 scholar Dacre
    Francis HOLMES Apprentice U 16 apprentice tailor Burnt Yates
57 Dacre John BROTHERTON Head M 57 grocer & seedsman Dacre
    Ann BROTHERTON Wife M 55   Dacre
    Jane SIMPSON Daughter M 31   Dacre
    Richard SIMPSON Son in law M 29 unemployed mechanic Ripley
    John William SIMPSON Grd son   4 scholar Otley
    Sarah Ann SIMPSON Grd daughter   3   Otley
    Mary E. SIMPSON Grd daughter   1   Otley
58 Dacre Patrick GALLAGHER Head M 55 general labourer IRL Sligo
    Ellen GALLAGHER Wife M 49   Dacre
    John GALLAGHER Son U 22 flax operative Darley
    Margaret GALLAGHER Daughter   15 flax operative Darley
    Charles GALLAGHER Son   10 scholar Dacre
    Isabella GILL Step dau U 21 flax operative Dacre
59 Dacre John BARKER Head M 59 rope maker Yarm
    Mary A. BARKER Wife M 52   Thornton le Beans
    John BARKER Son U 26 rope maker Tadcaster
    Mary BARKER Daughter U 24 domestic servant Knottingley
    Harriet BARKER Daughter U 18 flax dresser Alne
    Thomas BARKER Son U 16 rope maker Alne
    Thomas BENSON Grd son   3   Hartwith
60 Dacre Jospeh DINSDALE Head M 64 highway labourer Thruscross
    Elizabeth DINSDALE Wife M 59   Thruscross
    Jane DINSDALE Daughter U 33 flax spinner Thruscross
    Rachel DINSDALE Daughter U 30 flax spinner Thruscross
    Mary DINSDALE Daughter U 26 flax twister Thruscross
    Moses DINSDALE Son U 24 twine packer Thruscross
    Grace DINSDALE Daughter   14 nurse maid Thruscross
    Elizabeth A. DINSDALE Grd daughter   2   Dacre
    Ellen DINSDALE Grd daughter   1   Dacre
61 Dacre Esther GILL Head Wid 60 flax factory operative Killinghall
    Nettleton GILL Son U 29 tailor Hartwith
62 Dacre Charles GILL Head M 57 flax mill mechanic Bishopside
    Jane GILL Wife M 57   Pateley Bridge
63 Dacre William HAXBY Head M 29 boot & shoemaker Hampsthwaite
    Sarah HAXBY Wife M 29   Dacre
    John C. HAXBY Son   3   Norwood
    John BEECROFT Brother in law U 28 farm labourer Dacre
    Joseph BEECROFT Brother in law   12 scholar Dacre
    Elizabeth A. BEECROFT Sister in law   8 scholar Dacre
64 Dacre Charles HOLMES Head M 35 general labourer Hartwith
    Isabel HOLMES Wife M 37   Aldborough
    Zilpha B. HOLMES Daughter   15 twine paperer Hartwith
    Aaron HOLMES Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Betsy J. HOLMES Daughter   7 scholar Burley
    John C. HOLMES Son   7 scholar DUR West Hartlepool
    Maria HOLMES Daughter   4   Burley
    Mary E. HOLMES Daughter   1   Dacre
65 Dacre Charles J.N. HOWARD Head M 40 retired army captain STS Lichfield
    Agnes C. HOWARD Wife M 35   Dunnington
    Elizabeth PRATT Servant U 29 cook Alley Hill
66 Dacre Thomas WHITLEY Head M 34 farmer of 52 acres Pateley Bridge
    Mary E. WHITLEY Wife M 34   Dacre
    Anne E. WHITLEY Daughter   5 scholar Dacre
    John William WHITLEY Son   3   Dacre
    Mary E. WHITLEY Daughter   8 mths   Dacre
67 Dacre Mary THORPE Head Wid 37   Dacre
    Eva DALGLISH Niece   6 scholar Aldborough
68 Dacre Samuel MOORHOUSE Head M 31 blacksmith employing 1 boy Dacre
    Isabela MOORHOUSE Wife M 30   Darley
    Annie MOORHOUSE Daughter   3   Dacre
    infant MOORHOUSE Daughter   2 weeks   Dacre
    William HOUSEMAN Apprentice U 17 apprentice blacksmith Dacre
    Thomas HARDCASTLE Brother in law U 29 farm labourer Darley
69 Dacre Vicarage Richard HORSFALL Head M 70 Church of England clergyman Stansfield
    Jane HORSFALL Wife M 72   Guiseley
    Richard H. HORSFALL Nephew U 20 student Todmorden
    Sophia HORNER Servant U 16 general servant Pateley Bridge
70 Dacre - Grange Terrace Charles GILL Head M 32 rope spinner & twine manufacturer Thornthwaite
    Jane GILL Wife M 33   Hartwith
    Frederick W. GILL Son   5 scholar Thruscross
    Charles L. GILL Son   9 mths   Dacre
    Ann SETTLE Servant   12 nurse Dacre
71 Dacre - Grange Terrace John HARRISON Head M 23 schoolmaster LIN Boston
    Rose HARRISON Wife M 28   SFK Westerfield
    Rose NORMAN Visitor   9 scholar SFK Westerfield
72 Dacre - Grange Terrace Anne BENSON Head U 46 annuitant Dacre
    Alexander L. BENSON Brother U 22 annuitant Hartwith
    James Edward BENSON Brother U 21 annuitant Hartwith
    Jane Ann GREEN Servant   15 general servant Bewerley
73 Dacre - Railway Cottages Samuel ADDYMAN Head Wid 45 railway labourer Hartwith
    Mary ADDYMAN Daughter   10 scholar Dacre
74 Dacre - Railway Cottages Benjamin MOORHOUSE Head M 26 railway porter Dacre
    Sarah E. MOORHOUSE Wife M 29   Darley
    Anne E. MOORHOUSE Daughter   1   Dacre
    John C. MOORHOUSE Son   3 mths   Dacre
75 Dacre - Springfield Villas Mary J. BENNETT Head Wid 64 annuitant Pateley Bridge
    Jane REYNARD Servant U 19 general servant Hartwith
76 Dacre - Springfield Villas Thomas GRANGE Head M 31 master flax spinner Dacre
    Mary Jane GRANGE Wife M 36   New Zealand
    Ellen Mary GRANGE Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    Frances L. GRANGE Daughter   3   Dacre
    William E. GRANGE Son   2   Dacre
    Hannah SMITH Servant U 18 general servant Knaresborough
77 Dacre - The Grange Peter WILKINSON Head M 46 timber merchant & bobbin maker employing 38 men & 8 boys Hartwith
    Hananh WILKINSON Wife M 45   Sawley
    Sarah J. WILKINSON Daughter U 22   Hartwith
    Elizabeth WILKINSON Daughter U 18   Hartwith
    Eliza WILKINSON Daughter U 16 scholar Hartwith
    Hannah WILKINSON Daughter   15 scholar Hartwith
    Alice Maud WILKINSON Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    Amy WILKINSON Daughter   9 scholar Hartwith
    Peter WILKINSON Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Frederick William WILKINSON Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Henry S. WILKINSON Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    George E. WILKINSON Son   4   Dacre
78 Dacre - Hackler's Hill William HOUSEMAN Head M 58 farmer of 82 acres Dacre
    Catherine HOUSEMAN Wife M 52   Dacre
    Ann HOUSEMAN Daughter U 24   Dacre
    William HOUSEMAN Son U 22 farmer's son Dacre
    Jane HOUSEMAN Daughter U 18   Dacre
    Arthur LAYFIELD Visitor U 17   Askwith
79 Dacre Hill Top Elizabeth BRADBURY Head Wid 80 farmer of 43 acres Dacre
    John GRANGE Nephew M 58 farm manager Dacre
    Margaret GRANGE Niece M 52   West End
    John GRANGE Grt nephew   15 farm labourer Dacre
    Elizabeth GRANGE Grt niece   13   Dacre
80 Horse Pasture Jonathan MOORHOUSE Head Wid 72 farmer of 11 aces & wheelwright employing 1 man Dacre
    Sally MOORHOUSE Sister U 84   Dacre
    Thomas PARKER Nephew Wid 51 indoor farm servant Dacre
81 New Farm Joseph SKAIFE Head M 65 farmer of 140 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Mary SKAIFE Wife M 62   Dacre
    Rosa SKAIFE Daughter U 19   Dacre
    Smith T. SKAIFE Grd son   4   Dacre
    Isabella BROTHERTON Daughter M 25 visitor Dacre
82 New Closes Thomas DOBBY Head M 58 farmer of 15.5 acres & butter factor Fewston
    Mary A. DOBBY Wife M 47   Hartwith
    Hannah DOBBY Daughter U 22   Dacre
    Thomas DOBBY Son U 17 farmer's son Dacre
    Robert DOBBY Son   15 scholar Dacre
    Mary A. DOBBY Grd daughter   7   Dacre
83 Carr Lodge Edward THACKERY Head Wid 62 farmer of 78 acres employing 1 man Ripon
    Mary A. THACKERY Niece U 32 housekeeper Eavestone
    George PARKER Nephew Wid 44 indoor farm labourer Fellbeck
    John THACKERY Son U 21 farmer's son Fellbeck
84 Trustee Farm Samuel NEWBOULD Head M 63 farmer of 32.5 acres Dacre
    Mary NEWBOULD Wife M 56   Dacre
    Mesach NEWBOULD Son U 20 farmer's son Dacre
    Mary NEWBOULD Daughter U 17   Dacre
85 Banger House Farm Benson NEWBOULD Head M 70 farmer of 115 acres employing 2 men Dacre
    Elizabeth NEWBOULD Wife M 71   Darley
    Mary NEWBOULD Daughter U 34   Dacre
    Ellen PETTY Grd daughter   15   Dacre
    Thomas DOWNS Servant U 39 agr labourer Dacre
86 Holebottom Matthew NELSON Head Wid 54 farmer of 58 acres Dacre
    Matilda H. NELSON Daughter U 19   Dacre
    Mary E. NELSON Daughter   11   Dacre
    Ellen NELSON Grd daughter   1 mth   Dacre
87 Holebottom John PULLAN Head Wid 72 farmer of 50 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Ann PULLAN Daughter in law M 31   Dacre
    Christopher PULLAN Son M 23 agr labourer Dacre
    Frederick P. PEARSON Grd son   12 scholar Dacre
    Emma PULLAN Grd daughter   6 mths   Dacre
88 Newell House Thomas HARDISTY Head Wid 83 farmer of 8 acres Fewston
89 The Row Thomas PULLAN Head M 54 general labourer Thornthwaite
    Elizabeth PULLAN Wife M 48   Dacre
    Thomas PULLAN Son U 19 general labourer Dacre
    John PULLAN Son   9 scholar Dacre
    Robert PULLAN Son   7 scholar Dacre
    Mary E. PULLAN Daughter   3   Dacre
    Ada A. PULLAN Grd daughter   1   Dacre
90 Bent House Thomas WHITLEY Head M 55 general labourer Dacre
    Sarah WHITLEY Wife M 50   Leeds
    Nathan WHITLEY Son U 16 general labourer Dacre
    Mary A. WHITLEY Daughter   13 scholar Dacre
    Joseph WHITLEY Son   11 scholar Dacre
    Agnes WHITLEY Daughter   9 scholar Dacre
    Selina WHITLEY Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
91 The Row Arthur S. NEWSOME Head M 21 farmer of 15 acres Clifton
    Hannah S. NEWSOME Wife M 21   Dacre
92 Braithwaite Thomas J. FEWSTON Head M 56 schoolmaster NTT Nottingham
    Hannah FEWSTON Wife M 55   Thruscross
    Robert J. FEWSTON Son U 17 scholar Dacre
    Ellen E. FEWSTON Daughter   15 general domestic servant Dacre
    Arthur FEWSTON Son   12 scholar Dacre
93 Foldshaw Lane John HALL Head M 60 farmer of 22 acres Dacre
    Susannah HALL Wife M 52   Thruscross
    Richard HALL Son   14   Dacre
    Susannah HALL Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
94 Foldshaw Lane Bottom Thomas HORSEMAN Head M 46 farmer of 77 acres Dacre
    Alice HORSEMAN Wife M 45   Dacre
    Elizabeth HORSEMAN Daughter U 18 farmer's daughter Dacre
    Mary A. HORSEMAN Daughter   15   Dacre
    Ellen HORSEMAN Daughter   13   Dacre
    Susannah HORSEMAN Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
    Thomas HORSEMAN Son   9 scholar Dacre
    Enoch HORSEMAN Son   6 scholar Dacre
95 Foldshaw Lane Alfred ABBOTT Head M 37 general labourer & farmer of 10 acres Dacre
    Elizabeth A. ABBOTT Daughter M 44   Dacre
96 Foldshaw Lane John W. DOBBY Head M 24 general labourer Dacre
    Charlotte DOBBY Wife M 21   Dacre
    Thomas DOBBY Son   3   Dacre
    Elizabeth A. DOBBY Daughter   1   Dacre
97 Low Wood John NEWBOULD Head M 75 farmer of 14 acres Dacre
    Hannah NEWBOULD Wife M 68   Dacre
    Charles NEWBOULD Son U 34 farmer's son Thornthwaite
98 Deer Ing Thomas HARDISTY Head M 44 farmer of 36 acres Dacre
    Ann HARDISTY Wife M 36   Otley
    William J. HARDISTY Son   10 scholar Dacre
    Jane HARDISTY Daughter   8 scholar Dacre
    Thomas A. HARDISTY Son   3   Dacre
99 Deer Ing Henry TEAL Head M 35 general labourer & farmer of 18 acres Pateley Bridge
    Betty TEAL Wife M 32   Danby
    Frederick TEAL Son   7 scholar Dacre
    John TEAL Son   6 scholar Dacre
    Annie E. TEAL Daughter   5   Dacre
    Henry TEAL Son   11 mths   Dacre
100 Deer Ing House William PULLAN Head M 53 farmer of 80 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Elizabeth PULLAN Wife M 50   Dacre
    Thomas G. PULLAN Son   11 scholar Dacre
    Joseph ABBOTT Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Dacre
101 Heights Grange ABBOTT Head M 59 general labourer & farmer of 9 acres Dacre
    Mary ABBOTT Wife M 53   Dacre
    David ABBOTT Son U 25 general labourer Dacre
102 Heights Benson NEWBOULD Head M 31 general labourer & farmer of 13 acres Dacre
    Jane NEWBOULD Wife M 29   Leeds
    Benson PETTY Nephew   11 scholar Leeds
    Thomas NEWBOULD Son   2   Dacre
    Fred NEWBOULD Son   9 mths   Dacre
103 High Rails Aaron ABBOTT Head M 56 farmer of 30 acres employing 1 labourer Dacre
    Mary ABBOTT Wife M 53   Dacre
    James ABBOTT Son U 21 general labourer Dacre
    John ABBOTT Son   9 scholar Dacre
    Hannah ABBOTT Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
104 High Rails Thomas BROOKS Head Wid 23 farmer of 26 acres Bewerley
    Susannah YOUNG Servant Wid 60 housekeeper West End
105 Heights Benjamin PARKER Head U 23 general labourer & farmer of 14 acres Dacre
    Hannah PARKER Aunt U 49 imbecile Dacre
106 Cragg Cottage Benjamin HOLMES Head M 57 butcher Dacre
    Mary A. HOLMES Wife M 59   Birstwith
    Thomas HOLMES Brother U 50 general labourer Dacre
    Frances A. HOLMES Grd daughter   11 scholar Dacre
107 Foldshaw Top Joseph ELLIS Head M 26 farmer of 26 acres employing 1 boy Thornthwaite
    Hannah ELLIS Wife M 24   Dacre
    Grace A. ELLIS Daughter   2   Dacre
    Ephraim ELLIS Brother U 17 indoor farm servant Thornthwaite
    Charles Thomas B. ELLIS Brother   12 scholar Thornthwaite
108 Moon Garth James GRANGE Head M 27 blacksmith Dacre
    Ann GRANGE Wife M 25   Aysgarth
    Margaret E. GRANGE Daughter   4   Fewston
109 Woodman Wray Jane BRADBURY Head Wid 58 farmer of 35 acres Fountains Earth
    George BRADBURY Son U 30 stone quarryman employing 2 men Dacre
    William BRADBURY Son U 21 indoor farm servant Dacre
    Amos MARSHALL Son in law M 25 indoor farm servant Dacre
    Catherine MARSHALL Daughter M 24 farmer's daughter Dacre
    John S. MARSHALL Grd son   8 mths   Dacre
    Miles PARKER Visitor   11 scholar Thornthwaite
110 Woodman Wray William LAYFIELD Head M 61 farmer of 25 acres Ramsgill
    Mary LAYFIELD Wife M 59   Dacre
    Belle LAYFIELD Daughter U 17 farmer's daughter Dacre
111 Dike Lane Top William FURNISS Head M 50 farmer of 69 acres employing 1 man Darley
    Hannah FURNISS Wife M 50   Darley
    John FURNISS Servant U 47 indoor farm servant Darley
112 Dike Lane John TEAL Head M 43 stone quarryman Pateley Bridge
    Rachel TEAL Wife M 43   Warsill
    Fred BAINES Son U 18 stone quarryman Pateley Bridge
    George H. TEAL Son U 16 general labourer Pateley Bridge
    John H.B. TEAL Son   5 scholar DUR North Bitchburn
113 Cragg Garth John WHITLEY Head M 38 general labourer Dacre
    Jane WHITLEY Wife M 33   Ramsgill
    Harriet A. SPENCE Niece   7 scholar Ramsgill
114 Dike Lane - Dodd Hill James ABBOTT Head U 25 farmer of 37 acres Dacre
    Joseph ABBOTT Brother U 29 unemployed joiner Dacre
    Mary J. ABBOTT Sister U 21   Dacre
115 Dike Lane Bottom William R. HOUSEMAN Head M 38 farmer of 85 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy Dacre
    Ann HOUSEMAN Wife M 38   Darley
    Hestinton HOUSEMAN Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    John R. HOUSEMAN Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Ann HOUSEMAN Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
    Frederick HOUSEMAN Son   2   Dacre
    William SCAIFE Servant U 50 indoor farm servant Dacre
    Abraham LEEMING Servant U 50 indoor farm servant Burton Leonard
    Sarah LIGHT Servant U 18 general domestic servant Bishop Thornton
116 Monk Ing Peter NELSON Head M 58 farmer of 39 acres Dacre
    Sarah J. NELSON Wife M 43   Hampsthwaite
    William NELSON Son U 23 joiner & wheelwright Dacre
    Joseph NELSON Son   13 scholar Dacre
    Sarah NELSON Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
    Elizabeth NELSON Daughter   10 scholar Dacre
    Jane NELSON Daughter   8 scholar Dacre
    Edward NELSON Son   3   Dacre
    George NELSON Son   1   Dacre
117 Monk Ing Norris JOHNSON Head M 44 farmer of 37 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    Hannah JOHNSON Wife M 36   Dacre
    George JOHNSON Son   12 scholar Dacre
    Abigail JOHNSON Daughter   10 scholar Dacre
    Albert JOHNSON Son   2   Dacre
118 Monk Ing John ATKINSON Head M 64 farmer of 23 acres & butter factor Dacre
    Abigail ATKINSON Wife M 64   Dacre
    Sarah J. ATKINSON Daughter U 31   Dacre
    Rosa ATKINSON Daughter U 23 dressmaker Dacre
    Grace ATKINSON Daughter U 19   Dacre
    Spence ATKINSON Son U 16 farmer's son Dacre
119 Lanes Foot Joseph DOUGILL Head M 29 stone quarryman Pateley Bridge
    Ann DOUGILL Wife M 30   Knaresborough
    Elizabeth ODDY Mother in law Wid 60 no occupation Felliscliffe
    Emily Ann ODDY Niece   8   Killinghall
    Mary J. ODDY Niece   3   Keighley
120 Lanes Foot Thomas ABBOTT Head M 26 general labourer Dacre
    Elizabeth ABBOTT Wife M 35   Dacre
    Herbert PETTY Step son   8 scholar Leeds
    Ada ABBOTT Daughter   2   Dacre
121 Heyshaw John MARSHALL Head M 58 farmer of 139 acres Bewerley
    Mary MARSHALL Wife M 53   Thornthwaite
    John MARSHALL Son U 35 farmer's son Warsill
    William MARSHAL Son U 23 clogger - shoemaker Dacre
    Christopher MARSHALL Son U 21 faremr's son Dacre
    Joseph MARSHALL Son   13 scholar Dacre
    Mary TULLY Servant U 20 general domestic servant Thornthwaite
122 Heyshaw Matthew METCALFE Head M 35 farmer of 25 acres Dacre
    Mary A. METCALFE Wife M 32   Dacre
    Christopher METCALFE Son   12 scholar Dacre
    Joseph METCALFE Son   11 scholar Dacre
    Ann METCALFE Daughter   9 scholar Dacre
    Dinah METCALFE Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    Albert METCALFE Son   3   Dacre
    Thomas METCALFE Son   9 mths   Dacre
    Dinah METCALFE Mother Wid 68   Dacre
123 Heyshaw Martha ABBOTT Head U 50 charwoman Dacre
124 Heyshaw - Rolls Garth Mary ABBOTT Head Wid 80 farmer of 4 acres Dacre
    Joseph ABBOTT Grd son U 27 general labourer Dacre
125 Heyshaw Matthew NELSON Head M 37 farmer of 20 acres & butter factor Dacre
    Lydia NELSON Wife M 33   Dacre
    John NELSON Son   14 farmer's son Dacre
    Mary E. NELSON Daughter   11 scholar Dacre
    Sarah NELSON Daughter   8 scholar Dacre
    Joseph NELSON Son   6 scholar Dacre
    Levi NELSON Son   2   Dacre
    James H. NELSON Son   7 mths   Dacre
    Ruth NELSON Daughter   5 scholar Dacre
126 Heyshaw Thomas WEATHERHEAD Head Wid 46 farmer of 67 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Ann HARDISTY Servant U 21 general servant Dacre
    Thomas HARDISTY Son   7 scholar Dacre
    Thomas ROBINSON Servant U 21 farm servant Harewood
127 Heyshaw William WHITLEY Head M 63 farmer of 1000 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Grace WHITLEY Wife M 62   Bewerley
    Sophia WHITLEY Daughter U 20 farmer's daughter Dacre
    Martin BROOKES Servant U 60 shepherd Bewerley
128 Heyshaw Sarah HARDISTY Head Wid 47 farmer of 16 acres Bewerley
    Joseph HARDISTY Son   5 scholar Dacre
129 Hill Top James WHITLEY Head U 54 farmer of 110 acres employing 1 man Dacre
    Sarah WHITLEY Sister U 56   Dacre
    John W. WHITLEY Nephew U 35 stonemason Dacre
    William ABBOTT Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Dacre
130 Hood Gap William WHITLEY Head Wid 53 farmer of 40 acres Dacre
    John WHITLEY Son U 27 indoor general labourer Dacre
    Joseph WHITLEY Son U 25 indoor general labourer Dacre
    Mary WHITLEY Daughter U 24 housekeeper Dacre
    James WHITLEY Son U 21 general labourer Dacre
    George WHITLEY Son U 20 stone dresser Dacre
    Jane WHITLEY Daughter   15 servant Dacre
    Fred WHITLEY Son   12 farmer's son Dacre
131 Hood Gap Joseph BEECROFT Head Wid 56 farmer of 31 acres Bewerley
    Harriet ABBOTT Servant U 25 housekeeper Dacre
    Grace E. ABBOTT Niece   2   Dacre
132 North Woods James GILL Head M 57 farmer of 100 acres Dacre
    Susannah GILL Wife M 52   Dacre
    Phoebe GILL Daughter U 27 farmer's daughter Dacre
    Frederick GILL Son U 20 farmer's son Dacre
    Francis GILL Son   13 scholar Dacre
    Annie GILL Grd daughter   6   Hartwith
    Phoebe GILL Grd daughter   4   Hartwith
    Edith GILL Grd daughter   5 weeks   Dacre
133 North Woods James GRANGE Head M 50 farmer of 93 acres Thruscross
    Elizabeth GRANGE Wife M 48   Thornthwaite
    Clara GRANGE Daughter   14 farmer's daughter Dacre
    William GRANGE Son   11 scholar Dacre
    Elizabeth GRANGE Daughter   9 scholar Dacre
    Ada GRANGE Daughter   6 scholar Dacre
    James GRANGE Son   4   Dacre
134 Woodman Wray David GRANGE Head M 56 farmer of 31 acres Dacre
    Dora J. GRANGE Wife M 35   Bainbridge
    John GRANGE Son   13   Dacre
    David C. GRANGE Son   10 scholar Dacre
    Fred GRANGE Son   6 scholar Dacre
    James C. GRANGE Son   8 scholar Dacre
135 Dacre Cottage Thomas GRANGE Head Wid 62 linen weaver Dacre