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Fountains Earth Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census Fountains Earth is covered by film RG 11/4313. The census was carried out around the 3rd April. The district contained 322 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

148 Park House John HUTCHINSON Head M 45 gamekeeper Middlesmoor
    Elizabeth HUTCHINSON Wife M 34   Middlesmoor
    John William HUTCHINSON Son   11 scholar Ramsgill
    Emerson HUTCHINSON Son   10 scholar Ramsgill
    Elizabeth Ann HUTCHINSON Daughter   8 scholar Oriam
    Sarah Jane HUTCHINSON Daughter   3   Middlesmoor
149 Breckon Ridge Elias MAWER Head M 44 farmer High Riggs
    Jane MAWER Wife M 40   High Sykes
    James Stott MAWER Son U 18 farmer's son Lofthouse
    Hannah MAWER Daughter   12 dau Stockwath
    Margaret MAWER Daughter   9 scholar Stockwath
    Elias MAWER Son   7   Breckon Ridge
    Mary Elizabeth MAWER Daughter   2   Breckon Ridge
    John MAWER Son   1 mth   Breckon Ridge
150 Thwaite House Horner MOOR Head M 38 farmer Heathen Carr
    Susannah MOOR Wife M 34   Middlesmoor
    Sarah Ann MOOR Daughter   14   Thrope
    John MOOR Son   12   Thrope
    Elizabeth MOOR Daughter   9   Thrope
    Ada MOOR Daughter   8   Thrope
    William H MOOR Son   6   Thwaite House
    Moses T MOOR Son   4   Thwaite House
    Albert MOOR Son   1   Thwaite House
151 High Thrope John DOWNS Head M 34 farmer Coverdale
    Elizabeth DOWNS Wife M 36   Middlesmoor
    Polly DOWNS Daughter   12 scholar Middlesmoor
    Isabella DOWNS Daughter   10 scholar Thrope
    George Walter DOWNS Son   4   Thrope
152 Low Thrope John DOLPHIN Head M 29 farmer Howgill
    Mary DOLPHIN Wife M 32   Whitbeck
    Eliza DOLPHIN Daughter   8 scholar Middlesmoor
    Joseph E DOLPHIN Son   7 scholar Middlesmoor
    John George DOLPHIN Son   2 mths   Thrope
    John ARMIN Servant U 20 indoor farm servant Topcliffe
156 Lofthouse Robert MOOR Head M 32 farm labourer Middlesmoor
    Ann MOOR Wife M 29   West Houses
    Isabella MOOR Niece   3   New York
157 Lofthouse Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Head M 48 cordwainer Lofthouse
    Margaret KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 42   Dallowgill
    Moses KIRKBRIGHT Son U 20   Lofthouse
    Alexander KIRKBRIGHT Son   15 scholar Lofthouse
    Mary Alice KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   12 scholar Lofthouse
    Esther E KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   11 scholar Lofthouse
    William KIRKBRIGHT Son   6 scholar Lofthouse
    John Ingleby KIRKBRIGHT Son   2   Lofthouse
    Susanna KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   1   Lofthouse
    Elizabeth KIRKBRIGHT Niece   9 scholar Lofthouse
158 Lofthouse Joseph APPLEBY Head U 25 blacksmith Ellingstring
    Mary Ann APPLEBY Sister U 16 housekeeper Ellingstring
    Thomas THACKERY Apprentice U 17 apprentice blacksmith Lofthouse
159 Lofthouse Harriet DICKINSON Head Wid 62 washerwoman Bouthwaite
    William DICKINSON Son U 28 farm labourer Lofthouse
    Annie DICKINSON Daughter U 21   Lofthouse
160 Lofthouse Frederick Stoney KIRKBRIGHT Head M 31 lead miner Lofthouse
    Jane KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 23   Raygill House
    Emily Etta KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   3 scholar Hub Hill
    Albert Harrison KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   2   Hub Hill
161 Lofthouse Nancy RAYNER Head Wid 74 annuitant Greenhow Hill
162 Lofthouse Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Head Wid 56 boot & shoemaker Lofthouse
    Augusta KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 21 dressmaker Park House
    John Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Son U 19 boot & shoemaker Park House
163 Lofthouse Mary HUTCHINSON Head Wid 69   Lofthouse
    Sarah HIRST Boarder U 33 certificated teacher Austonley
164 Lofthouse Betty THOMPSON Head U 81 annuitant Lofthouse
165 Lofthouse John INMAN Head M 38 grocer & draper Craven
    Sarah INMAN Wife M 37   Ramsgill
166 Lofthouse William HARRISON Head M 77 retired farmer Galphay
    Jane HARRISON Wife M 62   West Houses
167 Lofthouse Betty RAYNER Head U 50 pauper Lofthouse
168 Lofthouse John WHITAKER Head wid 81 general labourer Lofthouse
170 Lofthouse John HAWKIN Head M 72 farm labourer Lofthouse
    Sarah HAWKIN Wife M 68   Lowlare Carr
    Jonathan WALKER Grd son   10 scholar Lofthouse
171 Lofthouse William HAWKIN Head M 42 lead miner Lofthouse
    Dorothy HAWKIN Wife M 33   Tanfield
    Robert Thomas HAWKIN Son   6 scholr Lofthouse
    Reuben HAWKIN Son   5   Lofthouse
    Eliza HAWKIN Son   1   Lofthouse
    Mary Ellen TAYLOR Step dau   9 scholar Tanfield
172 Lofthouse Benjamin FRYER Head U 39 farm labourer Ramsgill
173 Lofthouse James WALKER Head M 30 boot & shoemaker Tunstall
    Mary WALKER Wife M 26   Knaresborough
174 Lofthouse John LOBLEY Head U 44 lead miner Preston
175 Lofthouse Elizabeth THACKERY Head wid 72 annuitant Lofthouse
    Mark STONEY Lodger U 65 annuitant Thwaite House
177 Lofthouse George BECK Head Wid 69 farmer West Houses
    George BECK Son U 35 farm labourer Lofthouse
178 Lofthouse William RAYNER Head M 50 grocer & draper Lofthouse
    Esther RAYNER Wife M 69   Lofthouse
179 Lofthouse William WILKINSON Head M 68 farmer Lofthouse
    Isabella WILKINSON Wife M 43   Coverdale
    William WILKINSON Son U 24 farmer's son Lofthouse
    Robert Bell WILKINSON Son   2   Lofthouse
    Jane BELL Servant   11 domestic servant Coverdale
180 Lofthouse Mary THOMPSON Head M 69   Lofthouse
    Mary SIMPSON Daughter M 29 farmer's wife Lofthouse
    Christopher SIMPSON Son in law M 27 farmer Carlton
    Richard SIMPSON Grd son   9 mths   Lofthouse
181 Lofthouse William RAYNER Head Wid 73 farm labourer Lofthouse
    Hannah MOOR Daughter M 32 farmer's dau Lofthouse
    James MOOR Son in law M 36 farmer Middlesmoor
    John MOOR Grd son   7 scholar Lofthouse
    Charlotte MOOR Grd dau   2   Lofthouse
182 Lofthouse Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Head M 38 farmer Lofthouse
    Mary Ann KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 42   Lofthouse
    Matthew KIRKBRIGHT Son   3   Lofthouse
183 Lofthouse Richard RAYNER Head wid 41 farmer Lofthouse
    Dorothy HAWKSWELL Servant Wid 47 housekeeper Coverdale
    Moses RAYNER Son U 17 farmer's son Lofthouse
    Matthew RAYNER Son U 16 farmer's son Lofthouse
    John RAYNER Son   14 scholar Lofthouse
184 Lofthouse John THACKERY Head M 59 butcher Pateley Bridge
    Jane THACKERY Wife M 40   Lofthouse
    William THACKERY Son U 19 joiner Lofthouse
    Richard J THACKERY Son   12 scholar Lofthouse
    Frederick John THACKERY Son   10 scholar Lofthouse
    George THACKERY Son   8 scholar Lofthouse
    Arthur THACKERY Son   5 scholar Lofthouse
    Annie THACKERY Daughter   4   Lofthouse
    Henry James THACKERY Son   1   Lofthouse
    Annie BROADLEY Visitor U 19 dressmaker Heathen Carr
    Catherine Jane VARE Visitor U 20 dressmaker Ellington
186 Lofthouse Mary SIMPSON Head Wid 74 annuitant Bewerley
187 Lofthouse Alice KIRKBRIGHT Head Wid 73 annuitant Bouthwaite
    Thomas KIRKBRIGHT Son Wid 26 butcher Lofthouse
    James KIRKBRIGHT Grd son   9   Lofthouse
188 Lofthouse Michael RAYNER Head M 44 farmer Lofthouse
    Mary RAYNER Wife M 38   Hartwith
    James H RAYNER Son   3   Lofthouse
    Joseph M RAYNER Son   1   Lofthouse
    Thomas RAYNER Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Lofthouse
191 Lofthouse Edmund KIRKBRIGHT Head Wid 50 farmer Lofthouse
    Mary E KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 22 farmer's dau Lofthouse
    Alice KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 21   Lofthouse
    James KIRKBRIGHT Son U 20 farmer's son Lofthouse
    Mercy KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 19   Lofthouse
    Agnes KIRKBRIGHT Daughter U 16   Lofthouse
    Edwin KIRKBRIGHT Son   13 scholar Lofthouse
    Fanny KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   8 scholar Lofthouse
192 Middlesmoor Vicarage George Grainger CASS Head M 45 B.A.Oxford & vicar of Middlesmoor Goole
    Frances Eliza CASS Wife M 47   Halifax
    Emily Ann CASS Daughter U 18   Crossgates - Leeds
    Edward Eden CASS Son U 17 scholar Leeds
    George W L CASS Son   12 scholar Goole
    William George HUNTER Boarder   15 scholar Stoke Newington - London
    Walter Seggins PRATT Boarder U 20 lay reader & tutor - teacher SFK Sudbury
    Ann WALKER Servant U 24 domestic servant Lofthouse
    Mary WALKER Visitor   12 scholar Lofthouse
193 High Lofthouse George Leuty POULTER Head M 27 farmer Asenby
    Jane POULTER Wife M 20   Stean
    Mary Jane POULTER Daughter   3 mths   High Lofthouse
    Ellen HAWKIN Servant U 17 domestic servant Lofthouse
    Fred STRINGER Servant   13 indoor farm servant Ainderby
194 High Sykes John KIRKBRIGHT Head Wid 41 farmer Lofthouse
    James KIRKBRIGHT Son U 17 farmer's son High Sykes
    Mary KIRKBRIGHT Daughter   9   High Sykes
    John KIRKBRIGHT Son   6   High Sykes
    Mary LAMB Mother in law Wid 82   Masham
    Elizabeth RAW Servant U 16 domestic servant Pateley Bridge
195 Low Sykes Grange James KIRKBRIGHT Head M 47 farmer of 56 acres Lofthouse
    Ellen KIRKBRIGHT Wife M 43   Lodge
    Thomas Allen KIRKBRIGHT Son   10 scholar Longside
    Edwin James KIRKBRIGHT Son   5 scholar Sykes Grange
    Margaret PRATT Servant   14 domestic servant Pateley Bridge
196 Sykes John KIRKBY Head M 60 farm labourer Bouthwaite
    Elizabeth KIRKBY Wife M 35   West Witton
    William H KIRKBY Son   6 scholar Lofthouse
    Mary Alice KIRKBY Daughter   4   Bouthwaite
    Thomas Albert KIRKBY Son   1   Sykes
197 Longside Matthew MAWER Head M 40 farmer Riggs
    Jane MAWER Wife M 37   Bramley Grange
    Wood MAWER Son U 18 farmer's son Sykes
    Joseph SPENCE Servant U 19 indoor farm servant Ramsgill
    Margaret Ellen KING Servant   15 domestic servant Dallowgill
198 Longside John HANNAM Head M 34 gamekeeper Colt House
    Elizabeth HANNAM Wife M 35   Bouthwaite
    Suttill HANNAM Son   6   Blayshaw
199 Longside William VERITY Head M 60 farmer Bales House
    Ann VERITY Wife M 65   Lofthouse
    Thomas VERITY Brother U 55 farmer Middlesmoor
    Ruth KIRKBRIGHT Niece U 22   Lofthouse
200 Helks William SUTTILL Head U 39 farmer Ramsgill
    Mary SUTTILL Sister U 38 housekeeper Ramsgill
    Joseph METCALFE Servant U 32 indoor farm servant Lofthouse
201 Bouthwaite William MOISTER Head M 70 farm labourer Sedbergh
    Isabella MOISTER Wife M 69   Otley
202 Bouthwaite Ann HANLEY Head Wid 52 farmer Coverdale
    John Wilson HANLEY Son U 20 farmer's son Coverdale
    Esther HANLEY Daughter   15   Bouthwaite
    Mary Ann HANLEY Daughter   14   Bouthwaite
    Matthew HANLEY Son   12   Bouthwaite
    Edwin S Jnr SMITH Lodger M 24 lay deacon - scripture reader Chatham
    Isabel SMITH Lodger's wife M 39   STS Lichfield
203 Bouthwaite Joseph WALKER Head M 28 tailor Bouthwaite
    Margaret Ann WALKER Wife M 24   DUR Neasham
    Edward H WALKER Son   2   Bouthwaite
    Matthew WALKER Son   9 mths   Bouthwaite
    Edward THOMAS Boarder U 21 tailor LAN Liverpool
204 Bouthwaite Ralph WALKER Head M 64 sculptor Ramsgill
    Jane WALKER Wife M 64   Heathfield
    Jane Elizabeth WALKER Grd dau   4   Bouthwaite
205 Bouthwaite William VERITY Head M 71 farm labourer Heathen Carr
    Elizabeth VERITY Wife M 77   Bentham
206 Bouthwaite Thomas SPENCE Head M 68 farm labourer Ramsgill
    Ann SPENCE Wife M 63   Heyshaw
    William SPENCE Son Wid 42 farm labourer Heyshaw
207 Bouthwaite Lucy PARKER Head Wid 74 farmer Grantley
    William PARKER Son wid 49 farmer Skelding
    Mary PARKER Grd dau U 17   Grewelthorpe
    Lucy PARKER Grd dau   15   Grewelthorpe
    John EMERSON Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Clifford
208 Bouthwaite John KNOWLES Head M 68 farmer Riggs
    Esther KNOWLES Wife M 69   Ramsgill
209 Bouthwaite Rebecca BELL Head U 38 living off income from land Ramsgill
    Other WALKER Boarder U 49 cordwainer Redmire
212 Holling Hill Eneas PATTISON Head M 64 farmer Holling Hill
    Margaret PATTISON Wife M 55   Ramsgill
    Eneas PATTISON Son U 26 farmer's son Holling Hill
    Matthew PATTISON Son U 25 farmer's son Holling Hill
    Esther Ruth PATTISON Daughter U 16   Holling Hill
213 Holling Hill Edward THACKERY Head M 65 farmer Ramsgill
    Sarah THACKERY Wife M 58   Stonebeck Down
    George THACKERY Son U 36 farmer's son Fountains Earth
    Edward THACKERY Son U 27 farmer's son Fountains Earth
    Ruth THACKERY Daughter U 19   Fountains Earth
    John Joseph THACKERY Son   14 scholar Fountains Earth
215 Coville House Robert SMITH Head Wid 64 farmer Skelding
    James SMITH Son U 26 farmer's son Fountains Earth
    Leonard SMITH Son U 23 farmer's son Fountain Earth
    Robert SMITH Son U 19 farmer's son Fountains Earth
    Harriet Ann SMITH Daughter U 16   Fountains Earth
    John SMITH Son   15 no occupation Fountains Earth
    Ellen ARMITAGE Sister in law M 57   Swetton
    Sarah Ann SMITH Grd dau   5   Fountains Earth
    John Leonard SMITH Grd son   3   Lothersdale
    Mary Jane PREST Servant U 18 domestic servant Masham
216 Coville House Solomon SIMPSON Head M 47 farmer of 412 acres Bewerley
    Ellen SIMPSON Wife M 35   Stonebeck Down
    Urwin SIMPSON Son   14 scholar Stonebeck Down
    Annie Kate SIMPSON Daughter   4   Fountains Earth
    James A SIMPSON Son   1   Fountains Earth
    Sarah E SIMPSON Daughter   1 mth   Fountains Earth
    Thomas NEWBOULD Servant U 29 indoor farm servant Bewerley
    Hannah Stott MOOR Servant   15 domestic servant Stonebeck Up
217 High Holme House Thomas LAYFIELD Head M 36 farmer Holme House
    Sarah LAYFIELD Wife M 37   Colt House
    Ann Elizabeth LAYFIELD Daughter   15   Holme House
    William LAYFIELD Son   13 scholar Holme House
    George LAYFIELD Son   9 scholar Holme House
    Mary Jane LAYFIELD Daughter   5 scholar Holme House
    John LAYFIELD Son   3   Holme House
    Elizabeth LAYFIELD Mother Wid 76   Bishopside
    James WEATHERHEAD Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Stonebeck Down
218 Low Holme House Layfield TEAL Head M 53 farmer of 100 acres Fountains Earth
    Elizabeth TEAL Wife M 49   Pateley Bridge
    George TEAL Son U 21 farmer's son Fountains Earth
    Ann Margaret TEAL Daughter U 18   Fountains Earth
    Priscilla TEAL Daughter   10 scholar Fountains Earth
    Ada TEAL Daughter   7   Fountains Earth
219 Pheasant Cock Hall John BONE Head M 30 gamekeeper NFK Foulden
    Houner BONE Wife M 28   NFK Ashill
    Annie CODLING Visitor U 26   NFK Ashill
220 Moss Wood William SPENCE Head M 55 farmer of 33 acres High Bishopside
    Mary SPENCE Wife M 47 blind Menwith cum Darley
    Joseph SPENCE Son   11 scholar Fountains Earth
221 Tenement Matthew TEAL Head M 42 corn miller & farmer Kirkby Malzeard
    Mary TEAL Wife M 44   Bewerley
    Joseph TEAL Son   11 scholar Bewerley
    Barbara H TEAL Daughter   9 scholar Fountains Earth
    Mary E TEAL Daughter   7 scholar Fountains Earth
223 Moss Wood Top John JEFFERSON Head M 60 farmer of 42 acres Sigsworth
    Esther JEFFERSON Wife M 53   Spring Hill
    Peter JEFFERSON Son M 29 farmer's son Spring Wood Top
    John JEFFERSON Son U 20 farmer's son Spring Wood Top
    Ellen JEFFERSON Daughter U 16   Spring Wood Top
    Esther JEFFERSON Daughter   14 scholar Spring Wood Top
    Arthur JEFFERSON Grd son   3   Spring Wood Top
224 Sigsworth John MOOR Head M 61 farmer of 130 acres Heathfield
    Ellen MOOR Wife M 53   Heathfield
    Alfred MOOR Son U 22 farmer's son Bouthwaite
    John MOOR Son U 19 farmer's son Bouthwaite
    Mary Ellen CLARKSON Daughter M 26 farmer's wife Bouthwaite
    William CLARKSON Grd son   2   Colsterdale
    John George CLARKSON Grd son   7 mths   Colsterdale
    Esther MALLABY Servant U 18 general servant Coverdale
225 Sigsworth Grange Thomas THACKERY Head U 32 farmer of 37 acres Ivy House
    Sophia THACKERY Sister U 22 housekeeper Holling Hill
    Elizabeth RICHMOND Aunt U 44 annuitant Heathfield
    Ann RICHMOND Aunt U 42 annuitant Heathfield
226 New Bridge Sarah TENNANT Head Wid 79 annuitant Bewerley
    Sarah Ann TEAL Grd dau U 17   Bewerley
227 New Bridge James HARRISON Head M 43 boot & sheomaker Gouthwaite Hall
    Margaret HARRISON Wife M 47   Pateley Bridge
    Sarah Jane HARRISON Daughter U 19   Pateley Bridge
    John William HARRISON Son   15 shoemaker Wath
    George William THACKERY Boarder   6 scholar Ramsgill
228 New Bridge Hannah TEAL Head Wid 83   Holling Hill
    George TEAL Son U 63 farm labourer Holling Hill
    Thomas TEAL Son U * shoemaker Holling Hill
229 New Bridge William MOOR Head M 70 retired farmer - blind Wath
    Rose MOOR Wife M 70   Gouthwaite Hall
230 New Bridge Ann PALMER Head Wid 71 pauper Healey
233 New Bridge John REASON Head Wid 57 land steward - farm bailiff SFK Stratford St Mary
    George Alfred REASON Son M 26 clothiers - tailor's manager SFK Burgh
    Phillis WARE Servant Wid 66 housekeeper Pateley Bridge
234 Whysing House Lupton COWLING Head M 46 farmer of 35 acres Wath
    Ann COWLING Wife M 39   High Green
    John W COWLING Son U 18 farmer's son Whysing House
    Emma COWLING Daughter U 16   Whysing House
    Lupton COWLING Son   14 scholar Whysing House
    George COWLING Son   11 scholar Whysing House
    Mary Jane COWLING Daughter   10 scholar Whysing House
    Jonathan COWLING Son   7   Whysing House
    Frederick COWLING Son   5   Whysing House
    Annie R COWLING Daughter   3   Whysing House
    Charlotte COWLING Daughter   1   Whysing House
235 Boggle Dyke Ann WATSON Head Wid 59 annuitant Bewerley
    William WATSON Son U 33 farm labourer Ramsgill
236 Boggle Dyke Thomas HANLEY Head Wid 43 corn flour miller Ramsgill
    Jane KIRKBRIGHT Niece U 17 housekeeper Lofthouse
237 Boggle Dyke John CAMPBELL Head M 69 tailor & draper Ramsgill
    Hannah CAMPBELL Wife M 57   Arkengarthdale