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Fewston Census Returns 1881

The district of Fewston contained 323 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Hopper Lane Hotel Thomas WARD Head U 60 innkeper & farmer of 60 acres Fewston
    Mary SUGDEN Niece U 23 housekeeper Manningham
    George PHILLPS Servant U 25 indoor farm servant - agr labourer BRK Newbury
    James RAYNER Servant   15 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Bramhope
    William DAVIS Boarder U 26 mason HER Hereford
2 Low Hopper Lane William Henry SUMMERS Head M 27 police constable Cawthorne
    Harriet SUMMERS Wife M 30   Gawber
    Lilian SUMMERS Daughter   6 scholar Gawber
    John H SUMMERS Son   4 scholar Gawber
    Alice SUMMERS Daughter   1   Gawber
    Thomas V SUMMERS Son   1 mth   Gawber
3 Hardisty Hill Bottom Emanuel MOORHOUSE Head M 50 grocer Thornthwaite
    Mary MOORHOUSE Wife M 47   Fellbeck
    Emanuel MOORHOUSE Son   13 scholar Great Timble
    Jane MOORHOUSE Daughter U 19 servant Fellbeck
    Mary E MOORHOUSE Daughter   5 scholar Fewston
4 Hardisty Hill Bottom Emma MAUD Head M 37   Beamsley
    Fred MAUD Son   7 scholar Fewston
    Andrew MAUD Son   2   Fewston
    Mary MAUD Daughter U 17 servant Blubberhouses
    Louisa MAUD Daughter   9 scholar Fewston
    Ada MAUD Daughter   5 scholar Fewston
5 Hardisty Hill Anne CARR Head U 71 farmer of 15 acres Skipton
    Elizabeth SHACKLOCK Sister Wid 59   Skipton
    John BRAMLEY Nephew M 37 farmer Fewston
    Elizabeth C BRAMLEY Niece M 36 farmer's wife LAN Chorlton
    William H C BRAMLEY Grt nephew   5 scholar Fewston
    Claudia E M BRAMLEY Grt niece   2   Fewston
    Priscilla R M BRAMLEY Grt niece   9 m   Fewston
6 Hardisty Hill John WALKER Head M 50 coal mine labourer East Witton
    Harriet WALKER Wife M 48   Kirklington
    James E WALKER Son U 22 coal mine labourer Leeming Lane
    John T WALKER Son   11 scholar Leeming Lane
7 Hardisty Hill Robert LAND Head M 57 excavating labourer - navvy DEV Holbeton
    Margaret LAND Wife M 53   CON Relaut ?
    Margaret TERRY Grd daughter   9 scholar Wales Tiverdee ?
8 Hardisty Hill Joseph TEAL Head M 64 shoemaker Fewston
    Peter GRAHAM Boarder U 79 no occupation Masham
9 Skaife House Matthew GILL Head M 55 farmer of 540 acres employing 3 labourers Blubberhouses
    Ann GILL Wife M 42 farmer's wife Great Timble
    John GILL Son U 17 farmer's son Blubberhouses
    Susannah GILL Daughter   15 farmer's daughter Blubberhouses
    Wilks GILL Son   13 scholar Blubberhouses
    Sarah J GILL Daughter   11 scholar Blubberhouses
    Charles GILL Son   7 scholar Blubberhouses
    Esther A GILL Daughter   5 scholar Blubberhouses
    James E GILL Son   2   Blubberhouses
10 Hardisty Hill Joseph N RENTON Head M 48 farmer of 27 acres Great Timble
    Christiana N RENTON Wife M 45 farmer's wife Thruscross
    John N RENTON Son U 21 farmer's son Fewston
    Ann N RENTON Daughter U 19 farmer's daughter Fewston
    George HN RENTON Son U 17 farmer's son Fewston
    Joseph N RENTON Son   15 farmer's son Fewston
    Sarah JEN RENTON Daughter   13 scholar Fewston
    Thomas AN RENTON Son   12 scholar Fewston
    Florence ACN RENTON Daughter   9 scholar Fewston
    Alfred HN RENTON Son   6 scholar Fewston
11 Hardisty Hill John T THACKWRAY Head Wid 47 farmer of 52 acres Newton - Ripley
    Mary TURNER Sister M 42 housekeeper Fewston
    Ethelred RA TURNER Nephew U 16 scholar Bishop Thornton
    Clara TURNER Niece   12 scholar USA Chicago
    Thomas THACKWRAY Brother Wid 33 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Fewston
    Joseph T THACKWRAY Nephew   9 scholar Morley
12 Hardisty Hill James BENTLEY Head Wid 66 coal miner Pateley Bridge
    William BENTLEY Son Wid 33 coal miner Smelthouses
    James BENTLEY Grd son   11 scholar Greenhow Hill
    Elizabeth BENTLEY Grd daughter   9 scholar Greenhow Hill
    John BENTLEY Grd son   7 scholar Greenhow Hill
    George BENTLEY Grd son   5 scholar Skirethorns
    Selina BENTLEY Grd daughter   2   Grassington
13 Hardsity Hill John PARNABY Head M 57 farmer of 9 acres Eavestone
    Harriet PARNABY Wife M 62 farmer's wife York
    Thomas PARNABY Son U 24 farmer's son Great Timble
14 Hardsity Hill Thomas SHEPHERD Head M 75 farmer of 3.5 acres Thruscross
    Sarah SHEPHERD Wife M 59 farmer's wife Otley
15 Hardisty Hill Robert STOCKELD Head M 50 agr labourer Littlethorpe
    Sarah STOCKELD Wife M 56   Fewston
16 Hardisty Hill Robert DUNWELL Head M 60 farm labourer Thruscross
    Mary A DUNWELL Wife M 59   Thruscross
17 Hardisty Hill Top Betty IRISH Head Wid 47 farmer of 20 acres Padside
    Betty IRISH Daughter U 16 servant Meagill - Fewston
    John IRISH Son   14 scholar Meagill - Fewston
    Hannah IRISH Daughter   11 scholar Meagill - Fewston
    Joseph IRISH Son   8 scholar Meagill - Fewston
    Rose A IRISH Daughter   2   Meagill - Fewston
    Charles SNOW Boarder U 37 general labourer ESS Pledgeton ?
18 Hardisty Hill Top Joseph PULLAN Head M 50 farmer of 46 acres Thornthwaite
    Mary PULLAN Wife M 50 farmer's wife Fewston
    Lydia BENTLEY Niece U 21 servant Knaresborough
    Robinson BENTLEY Nephew   15 agr labourer Knaresborough
19 Meagill William HARDCASTLE Head M 43 farmer of 37 acres Tockwith
    Sarah A HARDCASTLE Wife M 41 farmer's wife Birstwith
    Sarah J HARDCASTLE Daughter U 16 farmer's daughter Fewston
    Mary E HARDCASTLE Daughter   15 scholar Fewston
    Francis S HARDCASTLE Son   13 scholar Fewston
    George W HARDCASTLE Son   1   Fewston
20 Meagill William COWGILL Head U 52 farmer of 35 acres Leeds
21 Meagill John UMPLEBY Head M 47 farmer of 92 acres Fewston
    Hannah UMPLEBY Wife M 41 farmer's wife Haverah Park
    Ann UMPLEBY Sister U 58 servant Fewston
    Luke UMPLEBY Brother U 56 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Fewston
    Isaac UMPLEBY Brother U 42 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Fewston
    John Newall NEWALL Nephew U 21 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Fewston
22 Meagill Benson BAILEY Head M 26 farmer of 36 acres Fewston
    Louisa A BAILEY Wife M 29 farmer's wife Bilton
    Benjamin BAILEY Son   3   Fewston
    Mary E BAILEY Daughter   1   Fewston
23 Meagill George DALE Head M 46 farmer of 50 acres Stainburn
    Mary A DALE Wife M 40 farmer's wife Stainburn
    Emily DALE Daughter   15 scholar Staiburn
    Charles DALE Son   10 scholar Clifton
    Charlotte DALE Daughter   10 scholar Clifton
    Mary G DALE Daughter   7 scholar Clifton
    Edith DALE Daughter   5 scholar Clifton
24 High House Samuel PENNINGTON Head M 58 farmer of 26 acres Fewston
    Mary A PENNINGTON Wife M 55 farmer's wife Otley
    Samuel PENNINGTON Son U 24 farmer's son Fewston
    Frederick PENNINGTON Son U 22 farmer's son Fewston
    Jane E PENNINGTON Daughter U 19 farmer's daughter Fewston
    Francis PENNINGTON Son   13 scholar Fewston
    James W TOMLINSON Grd son   1   Ilkley
25 High House Abraham ENGLAND Head M 51 farmer of 40 acres Kildwick
    Jane ENGLAND Wife M 55 farmer's wife Fewston
    Henry WILSON Visitor Wid 45 general labourer Fewston
    John WARDMAN Servant   15 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Pateley Bridge
    Martha A SPINKS Servant   15 domestic farm servant - agr labourer Leeds
26 Prospect House Joshua W YEADON Head M 56 farmer of 53 acres Norwood
    Mary A YEADON Wife M 56 farmer's wife Eccup
    John W YEADON Son U 28 farmer's son Fewston
    James A YEADON Son U 26 farmer's son Fewston
27 Cobby Syke George FAIRBURN Head M 73 farmer Birstwith
    Sarah FAIRBURN Wife M 76 farmer's wife Great Timble
28 Fewston Bents Ann FAIRBURN Head Wid 49 charwoman Fewston
    Sarah A FAIRBURN Daughter   11 scholar Fewston
29 Watling Street William WARDMAN Head M 46 farmer of 159 acres Flasby
    Ann WARDMAN Wife M 40 farmer's wife Middlesmoor
    Jonathan WARDMAN Son U 20 farmer's son High Bishopside
    William WARDMAN Son   14 scholar High Bishopside
    James WARDMAN Son   12 scholar High Bishopside
    Taylor WARDMAN Son   9 scholar Low Bishopside
    Sarah J WARDMAN Daughter   7 scholar Fewston
    Matthew WARDMAN Son   74 scholar Fewston
    Lawson L WARDMAN Son   1   Fewston
    Martha A WARDMAN Daughter   5 m   Fewston
30 pinksburn Thomas B ROBINSON Head M 44 farmer of 8 acres Fewston
    Margaret ROBINSON Wife M 37 farmer's wife Fewston
    Emma J ROBINSON Daughter   5   Fewston
31 Spinksburn John ANDREWS Head U 56 farmer of 8 acres Fewston
    Arthur E ANDREWS Nephew U 21 indoor farm servant - agr labourer Harrogate
    Grace FAIRBURN Mother M 77 housekeeper Norwood
32 Highfield House Benjamin BAILEY Head M 69 farmer of 41 acres Norwood
    Sarah BAILEY Wife M 61 farmer's wife Farnley
    John BAILEY Son U 32 farmer's son Fewston
    James BAILEY Son U 28 farmer's son Fewston
    Grace BAILEY Daughter U 22 farmer's daughter Fewston
    Benjamin BAILEY Son U 19 farmer's son Fewston
33 Spinksburn Sarah SHEPHERD Head Wid 66 farmer of 64 acres Norwood
    Matthew SHEPHERD Son U 43 stonemason Fewston
    John SHEPHERD Son U 33 farmer's son Fewston
    Hannah SHEPHERD Daughter U 29 farmer's daughter Fewston
34 Spinksburn William SHEPHERD Head M 37 farmer Fewston
    Elizabeth SHEPHERD Wife M 32 farmer's wife Norwood
    Hudson Marston SHEPHERD Son   8 scholar Norwood
    Mary SHEPHERD Daughter   6 scholar Norwood
    Sarah E SHEPHERD Daughter   3   Fewston
35 Spinksburn John HARDISTY Head M 52 shoemaker Fewston
    Annabella HARDISTY Wife M 52   Blubberhouses
    Albert Binns HARDISTY Son U 20 shoemaker Fewston
    Lucy HARDISTY Daughter   13 scholar Fewston
    Timothy HARDISTY Son   12 scholar Fewston
    Alice HARDISTY Daughter   8 scholar Fewston
36 Fewston Bents David PETTY Head M 37 farmer of 23 acres Fewston
    Elizabeth PETTY Wife M 35 farmer's wife Haverah Park
    Charles PETTY Son   11 scholar Fewston
    Frederick PETTY Son   9 scholar Fewston
    Emily PETTY Daughter   6 scholar Fewston
    Hannah PETTY Daughter   4   Fewston
    Annie PETTY Daughter   2   Fewston
    Maria PETTY Mother Wid 63   Pateley Bridge
37 Fewston Bents Jerome PETTY Head M 43 farmer of 23 acres Fewston
    Jane PETTY Wife M 45 farmer's wife Darley
    Sarah PETTY Daughter U 19 farmer's daughter Fewston
    Syvester PETTY Son   8   Fewston
38 Fewston Bents John BEECROFT Head M 48 farmer of 21 acres Fewston
    Mary BEECROFT Wife M 42 farmer's wife Fewston
    John W BEECROFT Son   11 scholar Fewston
    Hardisty BEECROFT Son   9 scholar Fewston
    Margaret BEECROFT Daughter   7 scholar Fewston
    Ann BEECROFT Daughter   5 scholar Fewston
39 Wydra Isaac WILSON Head M 36 farmer of 17 acres Haverah Park
    Mary A WILSON Wife M 40 farmer's wife Fewston
    Alice WILSON Daughter   6 scholar Fewston
    Fanny WILSON Daughter   4 scholar Fewston
40 Wydra Joseph SPENCE Head M 38 farmer of 15 acres Norwood
    Mary A SPENCE Wife M 33 farmer's wife Little Timble
    John W SPENCE Son   13 scholar Little Timble
    Ann SPENCE Daughter   6 scholar Norwood
    David SPENCE Son   3   Norwood
41 Wydra Robert BRAMLEY Head U 65 farmer of 24 acres Fewston
    Elizabeth PRATT Servant Wid 70 housekeeper Askrigg
    Herbert REED Servant   13 indoor farm servant Pool
42 Wydra Henry Snr PENNINGTON Head M 54 farmer of 27 acres Fewston
    Frances PENNINGTON Wife M 56 farmer's wife Fewston
    Joseph PENNINGTON Son U 20 farmer's son Fewston
    Sarah A PENNINGTON Daughter U 17 farmer's daughter Fewston
43 Wydra Henry Jnr PENNINGTON Head M 24 farmer of 18 acres Fewston
    Sarah A PENNINGTON Wife M 21 farmer's wife Felliscliffe
    John H PENNINGTON Son   2   Little Timble
    Frances A PENNINGTON Daughter   10 m   Fewston
    Susannah ELLIS Mother in law Wid 62 annuitant Darley
44 Fewston Smith Arms Thomas MASON Head M 40 farmer, smith & innkeeper Fewston
    Margaret MASON Wife M 41 farmer's wife Norwood
    Thomas TURNER Step son   13 scholar Starbeck
    Gertrude TURNER Step daughter   12 scholar Fewston
    Martha TURNER Step daughter   11 scholar Fewston
    Sophia TURNER Step daughter   10 scholar Fewston
    Charles TURNER Step son   9 scholar Fewston
    Eleanor TURNER Step daughter   8 scholar Fewston
    Louis MASON Son   7 scholar Fewston
    Annie MASON Daughter   6 scholar Fewston
    Edwain MASON Son   4   Fewston
    James EDEN Servant U 30 blacksmith East Layton
    Mary CROMACK Servant U 16 domestic servant Leeds
45 Fewston Bay Cottage Elizabeth NORVALD Head Wid 55 shopkeeper LEI Leicester
    Emma M FAUX Niece   8 m   Fewston
46 Fewston Robert BRAMLEY Head U 39 farmer of 40 acres Fewston
    Sarah BRAMLEY Sister U 32 housekeeper Fewston
47 Fewston Vicarage John M ASHLEY Head M 52 vicar of Fewston MDX London
    Ellen ASHLEY Wife M 38   MDX London
    Cyril ASHLEY Son   10 scholar MDX London
    Edith ASHLEY Daughter   8 scholar MDX London
    Anselm ASHLEY Son   6 scholar Fewston
    Theodore ASHLEY Son   3   Fewston
    Mary A BAILEY Servant U 22 domestic servant Fewston
48 Fewston - Toad Hole Thomas RYDER Head M 68 farmer of 13 acres Darley
    Sarah A RYDER Wife M 60 farmer's wife Darley
49 Fewston - Toad Hole Joshua WADE Head M 74 saddler Pannal
    Grace WADE Wife M 70   Fewston
50 Fewston - Mill House Joseph MOON Head Wid 86 farmer & corn dealer Beamsley
    Joseph MOON Son U 54 farmer & corn dealer Beamsley
    George MOON Son U 52 farmer & corn dealer Beamsley
    Caroline DICKINSON Grd daughter U 26 housekeeper LAN Barrowford
    Mary FAIRBURN Servant U 19 servant Fewston
51 Reservoir House Thomas E BOWER Head M 29 waterworks superintendant Dodworth
    Matilda P BOWER Wife M 27   Great Timble
    George E BOWER Son   4   BRK Old Windsor
    Millicent A BOWER Daughter   2   Great Timble
52 Fewston Stephen BEECROFT Head M 35 grocer & farmer of 10 acres Fewston
    Sarah A BEECROFT Wife M 30 farmer's wife Tadcaster
    Margaret M BEECROFT Daughter   5   Fewston
    Herbert BEECROFT Son   2   Fewston
53 Fewston Henry FAUX Head Wid 32 excavator - navvy NFK Norwich
    Rachel FAUX Mother Wid 64 housekeeper NFK Norwich
    William FAUX Son   7 scholar Fewston
    Elizabeth FAUX Daughter   5 scholar Fewston
54 Fewston Samuel MOUSLEY Head M 59 blacksmith WAR Atherstone
    Mary A MOUSLEY Wife M 58   WAR Knowle
    Sarah H MOUSLEY Daughter U 22 domestic servant STS Princess End
    Ellen MOUSLEY Grd daughter   1   Fewston
55 Fewston Jane DICKINSON Head Wid 74 housekeeper Fewston
    William DICKINSON Son U 36 general labourer Little Timble
56 Fewston John TOWNSON Head M 25 general labourer LAN Ulverston
    Jane TOWNSON Wife M 29   LAN Bouth
    John W CHADWICK Step son   2   LAN Bouth
    Elizabeth TOWNSON Daughter   1 mth   Fewston
57 Fewston Sarah BOLDY Head M 22 general labourer's wife Bowes
    James BOLDY Son   4   Norwood
    Henrietta BOLDY Daughter   1   Norwood
58 Fewston Thomas PICKARD Head M 40 general labourer Yks
    Etta PICKARD Wife M 29   Yks
    James PICKARD Son   9 m   Yks
    Rueben GRUNWELL Lodger U 39 general labourer Yks
59 Fewston John OVERHALL Head M 26 carter - agr labourer CAM Castle Camps
    Mary A OVERHALL Wife M 24   LAN
    Hannah OVERHALL Daughter   2   Fewston
    Harriet OVERHALL Daughter   5 m   Fewston
    John MYERS Lodger U 40 general labourer Fewston
60 Fewston William BEECROFT Head M 45 farmer of 32 acres Fewston
    Mary BEECROFT Wife M 31 farmer's wife Killinghall
    Fred BEECROFT Son   6 scholar Fewston
    Letty BEECROFT Daughter   2 m   Fewston
    Stephen BEECROFT Father Wid 70 farmer Great Timble
61 Fewston Harry BOTTOMLEY Head M 26 schoolmaster Huddersfield
    Annie L BOTTOMLEY Wife M 27   Huddersfield
    John W BOTTOMLEY Son   3   WOR Oldbury
    Harry BOTTOMLEY Son   1 mth   Fewston
62 Fewston Robert BUCK Head Wid 78 farmer of 10 acres Fewston
    Ann BUCK Daughter U 40 housekeeper Fewston
    Mary J WARD Grd daughter U 25 servant Bradford
63 Busky Dyke Thomas PEARSON Head M 77 farmer of 3 acres Kirk Hammerton
    Ann PEARSON Wife M 68 farmer's wife Weston
    Elizabeth CARTER Servant U 20 farmer's servant NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
64 Bainbridge House Thomas NEWALL Head M 35 farmer of 39 acres Snowden
    Alice NEWALL Wife M 29 farmer's wife Fewston
    John W NEWALL Son   6 scholar Fewston
    Charles E NEWALL Son   4 scholar Fewston
    Thomas A NEWALL Son   2   Fewston
    Arthur NEWALL Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Fewston
65 Bainbridge House Matthew NEWALL Head M 56 farm labourer Fewston
    Mary NEWALL Wife M 54   Fewston
    Sarah L NEWALL Daughter   14   Fewston
66 Lower Cragg Richard HOLMES Head U 35 farmer of 13 acres Newhall
    Emily SMITH Sister - - 33   Newhall
    Samuel SMITH Nephew   12 scholar Otley
67 Cragg Cottage Gill WIGGLESWORTH Head M 52 farmer of 34 acres Hampsthwaite
    Jane WIGGLESWORTH Wife M 58 farmer's wife Little Timble
    Hannah WIGGLESWORTH Daughter U 32 farmer's daughter Fewston
    Thomas WIGGLESWORTH Son U 27 farmer's son Fewston
    Henry L WIGGLESWORTH Son U 20 farmer's son Fewston
68 Cragg Hall William WATKINSON Head M 56 farmer of 45 acres Clifton
    Richard WATKINSON Son U 18 farmer's son Fewston
    Jane E WATKINSON Daughter   13 scholar Fewston
    Sarah A HARRISON Daughter M 22 farmer's wife Fewston
    Annie HARRISON Grd daughter   2   Timble
    Frank HARRISON Grd son   10 m   Timble
    Eliza JACKMAN Servant U 40 dairymaid - agr labourer Galphay
69 Cragg Hall William WATKINSON Head M 25 farmer of 18 acres Fewston
    Mary J WATKINSON Wife M 25 farmer's wife Hampsthwaite
    John W WATKINSON Son   2   Fewston
    Ann M WATKINSON Daughter   4 m   Fewston
70 Hardisty Hill George SPENCE Head Wid 63 joiner Fewston
    Sarah J SPENCE Daughter U 32 housekeeper Fewston
    David SPENCE Son U 22 joiner Hartwith