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Hartwith cum Winsley Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Hartwith is covered by piece RG 11/4316, folios 24-50. The district contained 1061 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order, but the schedule numbers are our own to help show the family groups.

1 Summerbridge - Clough House Timothy ROBINSON Head M 52 farmer of 69 acres employing 1 boy Hartwith
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Wife M 49   Hartwith
    Alice ROBINSON Daughter U 24   Hartwith
    John ROBINSON Son U 23 farmer's son Hartwith
    Mary A ROBINSON Daughter U 21   Hartwith
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Daughter   11 scholar Hartwith
    Robert E ROBINSON Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    George W ROBINSON Son   7 scholar Hartwith
    David BRAVERY Servant   15 indoor farm servant KENT Sheerness
2 Summerbridge - Dougill Hall Francis ROBINSON Head M 48 farmer of 72 acres employing 2 men Thornthwaite
    Isabella ROBINSON Wife M 51   Kirkby Malzeard
    Hannah ROBINSON Daughter U 22   Hartwith
    Thomas ROBINSON Son U 18 railway goods clerk Hartwith
    Sarah Ann ROBINSON Daughter U 16   Hartwith
    Mary Jane ROBINSON Daughter   13 scholar Hartwith
    Edward ROBINSON Grd son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Isabella ROBINSON Grd daughter   3   Hartwith
    Joseph Thomas RATHMELL Servant U 21 indoor farm servant Pannal
    Thomas BRADBURY Servant U 43 indoor farm servant Dacre
3 Hartwith cum Winsley Matthew PATTISON Head M 71 farmer of 182 acres employing 1 man Fountains Earth
    Ann PATTISON Wife M 69   Stonebeck Down
    Matthew PATTISON Son U 33 farmer's son Hartwith
    Harriet BRAMLEY Servant U 18 general domestic servant Darley
    Thomas PETTY Servant U 19 indoor farm servant Darley
4 Hartwith cum Winsley William PATTISON Head M 29 farmer of 110 acres employing 1 boy Hartwith
    Elizabeth PATTISON Wife M 35   Hartwith
    Margaret A PATTISON Daughter   4 scholar Hartwith
    William PATTISON Son   2   Hartwith
    Matthew Suttill PATTISON Son   1 mth   Hartwith
    John TINNISWOOD Servant   15 indoor farm servant Tockwith
5 Hartwith cum Winsley John STOTT Head M 64 farmer of 82 acres Middlesmoor
    Mary STOTT Wife M 63   Norwood
    Elizabeth STOTT Daughter U 31   Felliscliffe
    Mark STOTT Son U 25 farmer's son Felliscliffe
    John STOTT Son U 23 farmer's son Felliscliffe
    James STOTT Son U 18 farmer's son Hartwith
6 Hartwith cum Winsley Thomas LATHAM Head M 56 agr labourer Womersley
    Sarah LATHAM Wife M 58   Bolton upon Dearne
    John William MOORE Nephew   9 scholar Askern
7 Hartwith cum Winsley George WHITLEY Head M 35 farmer of 331 acres employing 6 labourers West Tanfield
    Mary A WHITLEY Wife M 30   Kirk Hammerton
    Mary Hannah WHITLEY Daughter   4   Hartwith
    John Hardcastle WHITLEY Son   3   Hartwith
    Francis Henry WHITLEY Son   2   Hartwith
    Susannah Helen WHITLEY Daughter   10m   Hartwith
    Benjamin HOUSEMAN Servant U 20 farm servant Darley
    Samuel ABBOTT Servant M 30 farm servant Dacre
    Samuel BELL Servant U 20 farm servant Hartwith
    Jane A HOWARD Servant U 17 general domestic servant Boroughbridge
8 Hartwith cum Winsley George HOUSEMAN Head U 81 farmer of 74 acres employing 1 labourer Hampsthwaite
    Mary BROWN Servant U 58 housekeeper Pateley Bridge
    Jane HOUSEMAN Niece M 52 dressmaker Pateley Bridge
9 Hartwith cum Winsley - Hardcastle Garth Charles BARKER Head U 27 general labourer Hartwith
    Mary Ann BARKER Mother Wid 65   Hartwith
    Arthur Grange BARKER Brother U 24 farm labourer Hartwith
    John WALKER Boarder U 66 farm labourer Hartwith
10 Hartwith cum Winsley - Hardcastle Garth Mary STOTT Head Wid 45 washerwoman Thirsk
    William STOTT Son   12 scholar Bishop Thornton
    Mary STOTT Daughter   9 scholar Clint
    John STOTT Son   5 scholar Hartwith
11 Hartwith cum Winsley - Hardcastle Garth William HOUSEMAN Head M 50 farmer of 96 acres Hartwith
    Ann HOUSEMAN Wife M 42   Darley
    George HOUSEMAN Son   15 farmer's son Darley
    Elizabeth H HOUSEMAN Daughter   12 scholar Darley
    John W HOUSEMAN Son   11 scholar Darley
    Robert HOUSEMAN Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Margaret HOUSEMAN Daughter   3   Hartwith
12 Summerbridge - 1 New Street George MEGGISON Head M 32 millwright Harden Side
    Mary MEGGISON Wife M 30   Ripon
    Charles MEGGISON Son   4   Hartwith
    Annie MEGGISON Daughter   2   Hartwith
    Gertrude MEGGISON Daughter   3m   Hartwith
    Mary J BROWN Visitor   14   Doncaster
13 Summerbridge - 2 New Street James KNOWLES Head M 44 joiner in a millwright's shop Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth KNOWLES Wife M 41   Bewerley
    Ellen KNOWLES Daughter U 19 flax spinner Pateley Bridge
    George KNOWLES Son   15 twine spinner Hartwith
    William KNOWLES Son   10 scholar Hartwith
14 Summerbridge - 3 New Street John GRANGE Head M 52 general labourer Dacre
    Sarah GRANGE Wife M 51   Masham
    Emma GRANGE Daughter U 27 preparer at flax mill Otley
    John GRANGE Son U 19 twine maker Hartwith
    George Bilton GRANGE Son   15 flax mill worker Dacre
    Ada GRANGE Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    Margaret A GRANGE Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
15 Summerbridge - 4 New Street Benjamin WILSON Head M 60 linen thread dyer Leeds
    Mary Ann WILSON Wife M 58   Pateley Bridge
    Hannah WILSON Daughter U 27 flax spinner Hartwith
    Eliza WILSON Daughter U 18 dyer's dau Hartwith
    William WILSON Grd son   3   Hartwith
16 Summerbridge - 5 New Street John REYNARD Head Wid 66 gardener Hartwith
17 Summerbridge - 6 New Street James THORLEY Head M 25 labourer at hemp spinning mill LAN Rochdale
    Annie THORLEY Wife M 21   Thirsk
    Ralph BARKER Son   2   Hartwith
    Rebecca THORLEY Daughter   9m   Hartwith
    Joseph POLLARD Lodger U 17 labourer at hemp spinning mill Bradford
18 Summerbridge - 7 New Street Bridget McCUDDEN Head M 50 hemp spinner Ireland
    Mary McCUDDEN Daughter U 16 hemp spinner NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
    Elizabeth McCUDDEN Daughter   14 twine spinner NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
    Patrick McCUDDEN Son   12 twine spinner NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
19 Summerbridge - 8 New Street John Smith SCAIFE Head M 54 warper at hemp spinning mill Dacre
    Isabel SCAIFE Wife M 54   Dacre
21 Summerbridge - 10 New Street John ROBINSON Head M 27 butcher Hartwith
    Hannah ROBINSON Wife M 27   Raskelf
    Fred ROBINSON Son   4 scholar Bingley
    William ROBINSON Son   2   Hartwith
    Frank ROBINSON Son   3m   Hartwith
22 Summerbridge - 11 New Street John GRAINGER Head M 64 tailor & draper Hutton Sessay
    Margaret GRAINGER Wife M 60   Fewston
    Jane GRAINGER Daughter U 22 draper's shop waiter Hartwith
    George F GRAINGER Grd son   5 scholar Hartwith
23 Summerbridge - Lane Top Frederick J ATKINSON Head M 28 hemp thread spinning mill foreman Bishop Thornton
    Mary J ATKINSON Wife M 27   Darley
    James H ATKINSON Son   8 scholar Dacre
    Francis ATKINSON Son   6 scholar Dacre
    Alfred ATKINSON Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    William A ATKINSON Son   3   Hartwith
    Thomas ATKINSON Son   8m   Hartwith
24 Summerbridge - Lane Top James ATKINSON Head M 51 coal merchant & master hemp spinner employing 6 men, 6 women & 1 boy Pateley Bridge
    Anne ATKINSON Wife M 49 coal merchant's wife Pateley Bridge
    Mary ATKINSON Daughter U 26 coal merchant's dau Bishop Thornton
    Emily ATKINSON Daughter U 22 coal merchant's dau Bishop Thornton
    Arthur ATKINSON Son U 20 no occupation Bishop Thornton
    Jane E ATKINSON Daughter   15 coal merchant's dau Hartwith
    William ATKINSON Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Annie ATKINSON Daughter   11 scholar Hartwith
    Lucy ATKINSON Daughter   9 scholar Hartwith
    Laura H ATKINSON Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
    Lowther Whitehead ATKINSON Grd son   2   Burnsall
25 Summerbridge - Providence House Peter ESKHOLME Head M 57 printer & stationer CUL Whitehaven
    Elizabeth ESKHOLME Wife M 60   Thruscross
    George W ESKHOLME Son U 23 printer & lithographer Hartwith
26 Summerbridge - Summerbridge House John ROBINSON Head M 46 unemployed wool buyer & farmer of 10 acres Ripley
    Sarah ROBINSON Wife M 44   Otley
    Rosamond ROBINSON Daughter U 18 farmer's dau Burley in Wharfedale
    John H ROBINSON Son   14 scholar Burley in Wharfedale
    Arthur D ROBINSON Son   11 scholar Burley in Wharfedale
    Frederick S ROBINSON Son   8 scholar Burley in Wharfedale
    Robert ROBINSON Son   8 scholar Burley in Wharfedale
    Jane A HUDSPETH Servant U 18 general domestic servant DUR West Hartlepool
27 Summerbridge - Bridge End John WIGGLESWORTH Head Wid 57 flour dealer Fewston
    Allan WIGGLESWORTH Son U 25 tailor Dacre
28 Summerbridge - Bridge End - 1 uninhabited              
29 Summerbridge - Bridge End Thomas SMITH Head M 56 bookkeeper Knaresborough
    Elizabeth SMITH Wife M 56   Bishopside
    William H SMITH Son U 22 deaf & dumb hemp dresser Knaresborough
    Albert SMITH Son U 20 flax dresser Knaresborough
30 Summerbridge - Bridge End Mary KITCHEN Head U 45 flax spnner Mickley
31 Summerbridge - Bridge End Mary A MOORE Head U 35 linen yarn reeler Hartwith
    Eleanor MOORE Daughter   12 flax mill worker Hartwith
32 Summerbridge - Hartwith Bank - Flying Dutchman Inn Thomas PALEY Head M 43 innkeeper Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth PALEY Wife M 47   Hartwith
    James PALEY Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Mary Bell PALEY Daughter   11 scholar Hartwith
    Jane E PALEY Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
    Margaret A PALEY Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
33 Summerbridge Annie PALEY Head (serv) U 40 general domestic servant  
34 Summerbridge William HULLAH Head M 71 linen yarn mill overlooker Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth HULLAH Wife M 70   Scotland
35 Summerbridge George BROOKS Head M 25 engine tenter at rope walk Boroughbridge
    Jane BROOKS Wife M 26   Bishop Thornton
    Thomas BROOKS Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    Minnie BROOKS Daughter   4 scholar Hartwith
    Nathaniel BROOKS Son   2   Hartwith
    Annie BROOKS Daughter   5m   Hartwith
36 Summerbridge Mary Ann WAITE Head U 37 dressmaker Hartwith
    Catherine WAITE Mother Wid 62   LAN Clitheroe
    Eliza WAITE Sister U 28 linen yarn factory hand Hartwith
    Alfred WAITE Brother U 23 flax dresser Hartwith
    Alice PULLAN Boarder Wid 66 annuitant Thruscross
37 Summerbridge - Melrose Terrace Joseph DIBB Head M 51 draper & grocer Hartwith
    Mary DIBB Wife M 42   Ripon
    Mary E DIBB Daughter U 20   Hartwith
    Emma DIBB Daughter U 18   Hartwith
    Annie E DIBB Daughter U 16   Hartwith
    Joseph DIBB Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Alice E DIBB Daughter   10m   Hartwith
38 Summerbridge Edward J ROGERSON Head Wid 39 master rope & twine maker employing 4 men & 1 boy NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
    Charlotte ORD Niece   9 scholar DUR Gateshead
    Emma MASON Servant Wid 32 housekeeper SAL Westbury
39 Summerbridge Isaac BROOKS Head M 56 iron moulder Bewerley
    Mary A BROOKS Wife M 55   Ripon
    Elizabeth BROOKS Daughter U 30 dressmaker Ripon
    William G BROOKS Son U 23 stonemason Boroughbridge
    Isaac BROOKS Son U 18 iron moulder Hartwith
40 Summerbridge John C SMITH Head M 26 flax dresser Knaresborough
    Sarah SMITH Wife M 23   Leeds
    Joseph A SMITH Son   3   Knaresborough
    Charles E SMITH Son   12m   Hartwith
41 Summerbridge James SIMPSON Head M 25 millwright Rimmington
    Mary SIMPSON Wife M 21 millwright's wife Boroughbridge
    Maud SIMPSON Daughter   9m   Hartwith
42 Summerbridge Mary THORPE Head U 38 dressmaker Hampsthwaite
    Mary THORPE Mother Wid 79   Fewston
43 Summerbridge Smith SKAIFE Head M 36 master tailor & draper employing 1 man & 2 boys Dacre
    Emma SKAIFE Wife M 35   Hartwith
    Thomas W SKAIFE Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Annie E SKAIFE Daughter   2   Hartwith
44 Summerbridge Michael TODD Head M 37 millwright & newsagent Bishopside
    Ellen TODD Wife M 37   Hartwith
    Mary J TODD Daughter   12 scholar Hartwith
    Jane BELL Mother in law Wid 72 annuitant Hartwith
45 Summerbridge Matthew SUMMERBRIDGE Head Wid 46 butcher & farmer of 12 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Francis BELL Brother U 44 retired innkeeper Hartwith
46 Summerbridge Michael ANDREW Head M 45 flax dresser Hartwith
    Margaret ANDREW Wife M 40   Hartwith
    Sarah A ANDREW Daughter U 17 flax spinner Hartwith
    Robert W ANDREW Son   10 linen thread reeler - dresser Hartwith
    Harry ANDREW Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Susannah SETTLE Niece   2   Leeds
    Michael IBBOTSON Lodger Wid 66 retired flax mill overlooker Hartwith
47 Summerbridge Sarah J WOOD Head Wid 38   Hartwith
    Clara WOOD Daughter U 16 flax spinner Hartwith
    Jane WOOD Daughter   13 flax mill worker Hartwith
    James A WOOD Son   11 flax mill thread dresser Hartwith
    Emma WOOD Daughter   9 scholar Hartwith
    Elizabeth WOOD Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
    Dora WOOD Daughter   2   Hartwith
48 Summerbridge David OURAM Head M 45 bootmaker Knaresborough
    Ann OURAM Wife M 44   Dacre
    Henry OURAM Son U 21 tailor Ripley
    Ambrose JARRETT Boarder U 20 millwright Brearton
49 Summerbridge Alexander DUNN Head M 49 blacksmith & millwright Bewerley
    Mary DUNN Wife M 47   Hartwith
50 Summerbridge Francis CORE Head U 19 tailor & local Wesleyan preacher Thornthwaite
    Arthur PETTY Boarder U 18 tailor Hartwith
51 Summerbridge - Mill Houses William BROWN Head M 40 iron moulder Knaresborough
    Mary BROWN Wife M 33   CAM *
    Emily BROWN Daughter   13 scholar Hartwith
52 Summerbridge - Mill Houses Emanuel SHEPHERD Head M 63 linen yarn mill overlooker Thruscross
    Mary SHEPHERD Wife M 54   Darley
    Sarah SWAIN Daughter M 30 spreader at linen yarn mill Bishopside
    Charlotte SHEPHERD Daughter U 28 spreader at linen yarn mill Hartwith
    Jane SHEPHERD Daughter U 23 linen yarn mill spinner Hartwith
    Emma SHEPHERD Daughter U 19 linen yarn mill reeler Hartwith
    Grace SHEPHERD Grd daughter   12 scholar Hartwith
53 Summerbridge - Mill Houses John BENSON Head M 33 rope maker Ripon
    Sarah Ann BENSON Wife M 31   Ripon
    William BENSON Son   11 scholar Thirsk
    Sarah Ann BENSON Daughter   12m   Hartwith
    George BENSON Son   1 mth   Hartwith
54 Summerbridge - Mill Houses Nelson RIPLEY Head U 51 marine store dealer Pateley Bridge
55 Summerbridge - Mill Houses Thomas SCRATCHARD Head M 51 fish dealer Ripon
    Sarah SCRATCHARD Wife M 40   Leeds
    Simeon A SCRATCHARD Son   14 linen factory hand Leeds
    John E SCRATCHARD Son   13 linen factory hand Ripon
    Thomas SCRATCHARD Son   10 scholar Leeds
    William H SCRATCHARD Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Arthur SCRATCHARD Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    Walter SCRATCHARD Son   3   Hartwith
56 Summerbridge Mary ANDREW Head U 41 linen factory reeler Hartwith
    Annie A SETTLE Niece   10 scholar Hartwith
57 Summerbridge Francis SWAIN Head M 41 dry waller - mason Dacre
    Mary SWAIN Wife M 39   Hartwith
    Fred W SWAIN Son   15 linen factory hand Hartwith
    Thomas SWAIN Son   13 linen factory hand Hartwith
    Ada SWAIN Daughter   11 linen factory hand Hartwith
    Jessie H SWAIN Daughter   9 scholar Dacre
    John A SWAIN Son   6 scholar Dacre
    Frank SWAIN Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    William SWAIN Son   3   Hartwith
    Robert Peter SWAIN Son   12m   Hartwith
    Hannah WILKINSON Mother in law Wid 76   Knaresborough
    Mary DALBY Boarder M 30 linen yarn factory spinner Hartwith
    Hannah J SURR Boarder U 21 linen factory worker Hartwith
58 Summerbridge - Mill Houses William HOWLAND Head M 32 police constable Bransby
    Sarah Ann HOWLAND Wife M 29   Ardsley
    Albert HOWLAND Son   8 scholar Leeds
    Fanny HOWLAND Daughter   5 scholar Bishop Monkton
    Laura HOWLAND Daughter   4 scholar Bishop Monkton
    Clark W HOWLAND Son   2   Hartwith
    Edith E HOWLAND Daughter   9m   Hartwith
59 Summerbridge - Hollies House Arthur THOMPSON Head M 43 solicitor Tadcaster
    Sarah Rose THOMPSON Wife M 44   Scotland
    Joseph S THOMPSON Son   10   Heworth
    Annie BEECROFT Servant U 17 general domestic servant Dacre
60 Summerbridge Ann HALLIWELL Head Wid 59 clogger Dacre
    John W HALLIWELL Son M 21 clogger & shoemaker employing 1 man Hartwith
    Mary C HALLIWELL Daughter in law M 19   Pateley Bridge
    James GILL Boarder U 22 millwright Dacre
61 Summerbridge - Belle Vue House Joseph TODD Head M 30 millwright Bishopside
    Elizabeth TODD Wife M 24   Hartwith
    Joseph TODD Son   4 scholar Hartwith
    Annie TODD Daughter   2   Hartwith
62 Summerbridge - 1 Low Row William UMPLEBY Head M 51 mill overlooker Darley
    Mary UMPLEBY Wife M 48   Thruscross
    Susannah UMPLEBY Daughter U 25 flax mill spinner Dacre
    Hannah UMPLEBY Daughter U 23 flax mill spinner Dacre
    Annie UMPLEBY Daughter U 21 flax mill spinner Dacre
    Margaret A UMPLEBY Daughter U 18 flax mill spinner Dacre
    Alice UMPLEBY Daughter   13 scholar Dacre
    William UMPLEBY Son   5   Hartwith
63 Summerbridge - 2 Low Row John HALPIN Head M 35 unemployed general labourer Ireland
    Mary HALPIN Wife M 40 preparer at flax spinning mill Ireland
    Ellen HALPIN Daughter   15 flax mill worker Clifford
    Bridget HALPIN Daughter   13 flax mill worker Ireland
    John HALPIN Son   11 flax mill worker Ireland
    Patrick HALPIN Son   8 scholar Ireland
    Margaret HALPIN Daughter   5 scholar Ripon
    Francis HALPIN Son   2   Ripon
64 Summerbridge - 3 Low Row John HERRINGTON Head M 48 farm labourer Scotton
    Mary HERRINGTON Wife M 47   Mickley
    Elizabeth HERRINGTON Daughter U 22 flax spinner Scotton
    Sarah HERRINGTON Daughter U 21 flax spinner Brearton
    Arthur HERRINGTON Son U 19 flax mill overlooker Brearton
    Ellen HERRINGTON Daughter   15 flax mill worker Nidd
    Alfred HERRINGTON Son   13 flax mill worker Scotton
    Charles HERRINGTON Son   11 flax mill worker Scotton
    Walter HERRINGTON Son   9 scholar Scotton
    Hannah HERRINGTON Daughter   8 scholar Scotton
65 Summerbridge - 4 Low Row John GILL Head M 44 linen yarn bleacher Bishopside
    Elizabeth GILL Wife M 44   Hartwith
    William GILL Son   15 linen yarn mill worker Hartwith
    Elizabeth A GILL Daughter   10 linen yarn mill worker & half timer Hartwith
    Isabella GILL Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
66 Summerbridge - 5 Low Row William HERRINGTON Head M 24 linen yarn mill overlooker Scotton
    Lydia HERRINGTON Wife M 31   Batley
    George HERRINGTON Son   4 scholar Dacre
    Ephraim HERRINGTON Son   2   Hartwith
67 Summerbridge - 6 Low Row George PETTY Head Wid 57 gas stoker Thornthwaite
    Sarah PETTY Daughter U 23 housekeeper Hartwith
    Annie PETTY Daughter U 21 flax spinner Darley
    Maria PETTY Daughter U 16 flax spinner Darley
    Mary J PETTY Daughter   15 flax mill worker Darley
    Isabella PETTY Daughter   12 flax mill worker & half timer Hartwith
    Hannah PETTY Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    William PETTY Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Emma PETTY Daughter   4 scholar Hartwith
    John PETTY Son   3   Hartwith
    Harry PETTY Son   12m   Hartwith
68 Summerbridge - 7 Low Row Margaret REINHEART Head Wid 45   Ireland
    Mary REINHEART Daughter U 17 preparer at flax mill Ireland
    Elizabeth REINHEART Daughter   14 flax mill spinner LAN Liverpool
    Jacob REINHEART Son   11 flax mill half timer LAN Liverpool
    Harry REINHEART Son   9 scholar LAN Liverpool
69 Summerbridge - 8 Low Row Esther GILL Head M 32 housekeeper Bewerley
    Eliza ROBINSON Sister U 27 linen yarn mill spreader Bewerley
    Selina ROBINSON Sister U 25 linen yarn mill reeler Bewerley
    Emily ROBINSON Sister U 22 linen yarn mill spreader Bewerley
    Mary J ROBINSON Sister U 18 linen yarn mill preparer Bewerley
    George William ROBINSON Son   9 scholar Thornthwaite
    Hannah ROBINSON Daughter   5 scholar Darley
    Joseh H ROBINSON Nephew   5 scholar Darley
    Annie GILL Daughter   6m   Hartwith
    William DOUGILL Boarder U 33 butcher Bishopside
70 Summerbridge - 9 Low Row George COLLINGWOOD Head M 59 linen yarn bleacher Bewerley
    Alice COLLINGWOOD Wife M 60   Bishopside
    Thomas COLLINGWOOD Son U 34 farm labourer Hartwith
    John COLLINGWOOD Son U 38 linen yarn bleacher Bishopside
    Charles KIRKBRIGHT Grd son U 17 linen yarn bleacher Bewerley
71 Summerbridge - 10 Low Row John ABBOTT Head M 61 flax dresser Dacre
    Elizabeth ABBOTT Wife M 54   Dacre
    Sarah ABBOTT Daughter U 22 flax spinner Dacre
    Martha ABBOTT Daughter U 19 flax spinner Dacre
    George R ABBOTT Son   15 flax mill worker Dacre
    Mary J ABBOTT Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
72 Summerbridge - 11 Low Row Catherine CAINE Head Wid 55 flax mill worker Ireland
    Mary CAINE Daughter U 32 flax mill worker Ireland
    Ellen FARREL Boarder U 19 flax mill spinner LAN Liverpool
73 Summerbridge - 12 Low Row William RANSLEY Head Wid 47 linen yarn mill overlooker Leeds
    Sarah J RANSLEY Daughter U 19 linen yarn spinner Leeds
    Annie RANSLEY Daughter U 17   Leeds
    Thomas RANSLEY Son   15 linen yarn mill worker Leeds
    Bertha RANSLEY Daughter   13 scholar Leeds
    Alfred RANSLEY Son   9 scholar Leeds
    Amy RANSLEY Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
74 Summerbridge - Birch Wood Cottage Thomas BENSON Head M 61 master flax spinner employing 43 men, 79 women, 32 boys & 35 girls Dacre
    Mary BENSON Wife M 59   Thornthwaite
    Susanna BENSON Sister U 49 general domestic servant Dacre
    Hannah DENNISON Sister Wid 35 wool sorter's widow Dacre
75 Summerbridge - Wood Field House Robert BENSON Head M 44 master flax spinner Hartwith
    Eliza BENSON Wife M 34   Thirsk
    John WILD Visitor M 67 retired builder Yarm
    Mary WILD Visitor M 68   Sowerby
    Rebecca TURVEY Servant U 18 general domestic servant Thirsk
76 Summerbridge - Prospect House Thomas Ludlam BENSON Head M 33 farmer of 42 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Hannah BENSON Wife M 29   Ripley
    Annie M BENSON Daughter   6 scholar Ripley
    Robert H BENSON Son   4 scholar Brearton
    Thomas S BENSON Son   3 scholar Brearton
    John Richardson BENSON Son   2   Dacre
    Mary Elizabeth BENSON Daughter   6m   Dacre
    Mary J PRATT Servant U 20 general domestic servant Pateley Bridge
77 Summerbridge - Swallow Hall Joseph M BENSON Head M 31 flax mill bookkeeper Hartwith
    Hannah BENSON Wife M 33   Darley
    Alice Maud BENSON Daughter   2   Hartwith
    Margaret Annie BENSON Daughter   1   Hartwith
    Nora BENSON Daughter   8m   Hartwith
    Julia DARBYSHIRE Servant U 16 general domestic servant Green Hammerton
78 New York - 1 Chip Street Mary PETTY Head Wid 54   Thornthwaite
    Elizabeth PETTY Daughter U 26 linen factory hand Darley
    Thomas PETTY Son U 20 flax mill spinning machine mechanic Thornthwaite
    John JACKSON Lodger U 29 flax mill engineer Darley
79 New York - 2 Chip Street Isabella DALE Head Wid 53   Pateley Bridge
    Ann DALE Daughter U 23 linen factory hand Hartwith
    Jane E DALE Daughter U 17 linen factory hand Hartwith
    Thomas DALE Son   15 Wesleyan pupil teacher Hartwith
    Thomas MYERS Lodger U 20 linen factory hand Hartwith
80 New York - 3 Chip Street Hezekiah PULLAN Head M 31 linen factory warehouseman Hartwith
    Harriet PULLAN Wife M 27   Leeds
    Christopher PULLAN Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    John W PULLAN Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    Sarah A PULLAN Daughter   2   Hartwith
    Frederick A PULLAN Son   1m   Hartwith
81 New York - 4 Chip Street James BUCK Head M 22 flax mill spinning machine mechanic Hartwith
    Emma BUCK Wife M 18   Hartwith
    Rebeeca BUCK Daughter   2   Hartwith
82 New York - 5 Chip Street Matilda CALVERT Head U 44 linen factory hand Bishopside
    Ann CALVERT Daughter   9   Hartwith
83 New York - 6 Chip Street Annie FARRELL Head Wid 49 flax mill worker Ireland
    Cecilia RIMMER Daughter M 21 flax mill worker LAN Liverpool
    Julia FARRELL Daughter U 17 flax mill worker LAN Liverpool
    Clara RIMMER Grd daughter   5m   Skipton
    Isabella TOWERS Boarder Wid 35 flax mill worker Ireland
84 New York - 1 High Row George BROCKBANK Head M 44 flax mill overlooker Hartwith
    Mary A BROCKBANK Wife M 33   Boroughbridge
    John BROCKBANK Son U 16 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Margaret HARRISON Sister in law M 29 dressmaker Boroughbridge
    Joseph TEBB Brother in law U 22 unemployed grocer Pateley Bridge
85 New York - 2 High Row Joseph LEUTY Head U * flax mill yarn dryer Bishopside
86 New York - 3 High Row John JACKSON Head M 46 flax mill joiner Fountains Earth
    Hannah JACKSON Wife M 44   Dallowgill
    Emma JACKSON Daughter   10 scholar Sawley
    Alice JACKSON Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
87 New York - 4 High Row Priscilla RIPLEY Head U 36 flax mill reeler Hartwith
88 New York - 5 High Row Joseph WAITE Head M 35 flax mill yarn packer Hartwith
    Hannah WAITE Wife M 40   Helperby
    Annie WAITE Daughter   13 flax mill worker Hartwith
    James H WAITE Son   11 scholar Hartwith
    John W WAITE Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Fred WALKER Grd son   4m   Hartwith
89 New York - 6 High Row James POSTLETHWAITE Head M 57 flax mill fireman LAN Penny Bridge
    Elizabeth POSTLETHWAITE Wife M 53   Hartwith
    William GRAHAM Step son U 25 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Mary J GRAHAM Step daughter U 23 housekeeper Hartwith
    Margaret A GRAHAM Step daughter U 19 flax mill hand Hartwith
    Joseph GRAHAM Step son U 16 flax mill hand Hartwith
    Demain GRAHAM Grd son   3   Hartwith
90 New York - 7 High Row Francis BROTHERTON Head M 49 flax mill mechanic Dacre
    Sarah BROTHERTON Wife M 43   Hartwith
    Elizabeth BROTHERTON Daughter U 23 dressmaker Hartwith
    Laura BROTHERTON Daughter U 19 flax mill worker Thruscross
    John BROTHERTON Son   14 flax mill worker Thruscross
91 New York - 8 High Row Ann HORNER Head Wid 72   Heathfield
    Elizabeth HORNER Daughter U 34 flax mill reeler Fountains Earth
    Sarah A HORNER Daughter U 30 flax mill spinner Hartwith
92 New York - 9 High Row Charlotte MYERS Head Wid 65   Dacre
    Delilah MYERS Daughter U 35 flax spinner Hartwith
    Sarah J MYERS Daughter U 21 flax spinner Hartwith
    Samuel MYERS Grd son   7 scholar Hartwith
93 New York - 10 High Row George THACKERY Head M 57 flax mill labourer Kirkby Malzeard
    Rebecca THACKERY Wife M 57   Kirkby Malzeard
    Emily LIGHT Daughter Wid 24 flax spinner Kirkby Malzeard
    Emma THACKERY Daughter U 22 preparer at flax mill Kirkby Malzeard
    Eli THACKERY Son U 16 flax mill thread dresser Kirkby Malzeard
    Eden THACKERY Daughter   15 flax spinner Kirkby Malzeard
    Arthur LIGHT Grd son   5 scholar Leeds
    David LIGHT Grd son   2   Kirkby Malzeard
94 New York - 11 High Row Edwin LOFTHOUSE Head M 48 flax mill warehouseman North Deighton
    Sarah LOFTHOUSE Wife M 47   Thorner
    Lavinia BOARDMAN Daughter M 25   Thorner
    John BOARDMAN Son in law M 23 railway guard Bishopside
    Arthur LOFTHOUSE Son U 18 railway porter Knaresborough
    Edward LOFTHOUSE Son U 16 flax mill worker Pickering
    Sarah Ann LOFTHOUSE Daughter U 16 flax mill worker North Deighton
    Lizzie LOFTHOUSE Daughter   12 flax mill worker Harrogate
    William LOFTHOUSE Son   12 flax mill worker Harrogate
    Henry J LOFTHOUSE Son   9 scholar Harrogate
    James LOFTHOUSE Son   6 scholar Hartwith
95 New York - 12 High Row Henry THORPE Head M 59 flax mill blacksmith Killinghall
    Ann THORPE Wife M 58   Birstwith
    Sarah THORPE Daughter U 23 flax spinner Bishop Thornton
    Henry THORPE Son U 20 flag stone quarryman Bishop Thornton
    Joseph THORPE Son U 18 flag stone quarryman Birstwith
    William THORPE Son   15 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Ned THORPE Grd son   14 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Frank THORPE Grd son   4 scholar Hartwith
96 New York - 13 High Row John W HICKHAM Head U 19 flax mill labourer Hartwith
    Jane BECKWITH Mother Wid 59   Hartwith
    Annie HICKHAM Sister U 28   Hartwith
    Lillie HARRISON Niece   5   Hartwith
    Polly HICKHAM Sister U 21 flax mill thread worker Hartwith
97 New York - 14 High Row John H DINSDALE Head M 22 stonemason Bishopside
    Mary DINSDALE Wife M 21   Knaresborough
    Ethel M DINSDALE Daughter   1   Hartwith
98 New York George W KNOWLES Head U 40 linen factory flax drsser Hartwith
    Mary KNOWLES Sister U 54   Knaresborough
99 New York James HULLAH Head M 54 linen thread overlooker Hartwith
    Isabella HULLAH Wife M 52   Hartwith
100 New York Benjamin WIGGLESWORTH Head U 59 linen yarn & thread worker Thornthwaite
    Sarah PULLAN Sister Wid 56 housekeeper Thornthwaite
101 New York Phillip MYERS Head M 37 shopkeeper & farmer of 5 acres Hartwith
    Jane MYERS Wife M 33   Bishopside
    Willian C POLES Lodger U 23 Primitive Methodist minister of Belle Vue Chapel SOM Bridgwater
102 New York - Hazel Bank James COWLING Head M 40 stonemason Bishopside
    Eliza COWLING Wife M 38   Hartwith
    Annie E COWLING Daughter   15   Hartwith
    Annie E MOORE Adopted daughter   4   Bishopside
    George W ATKINSON Lodger M 65 bobbin turner WES Staveley
103 New York - Hazel Bank James NEEDHAM Head M 63 flax mill manager Hartwith
    Ann NEEDHAM Wife M 56   Bishopside
104 New York - Belle Vue Terrace William PULLAN Head M 35 flax mill wood turner Hartwith
    Margaret PULLAN Wife M 29   Bewerley
    Sarah A PULLAN Daughter   4   Bishopside
    Eliza PULLAN Daughter   2   Hartwith
105 New York - Belle Vue Terrace William TODD Head M 68 retired flax mill overlooker Knaresborough
    Mary TODD Wife M 75   Knaresborough
    Emma TODD Daughter U 43 flax mill reeler Knaresborough
    Robert B TODD Grd son U 17 millwright Hartwith
106 New York - Belle Vue Terrace Elizabeth H ALLEN Head U 23 schoolmistress LAN Tottington
107 New York - Belle Vue Terrace John MILLWARD Head M 33 clogger Pateley Bridge
    Dorothy MILLWARD Wife M 31   Dacre
    Thomas MILLWARD Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Annie MILLWARD Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
    Edwin Grange MILLWARD Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    Fred MILLWARD Son   4   Hartwith
    Jane MILLWARD Daughter   2   Fountains Earth
    Maggie MILLWARD Daughter   9m   Hartwith
108 Low Laithe Samuel HAYTHWAITE Head M 39 flax mill bleacher Knaresborough
    Sarah A HAYTHWAITE Wife M 31   Mickley
    Henry KAY Son   14 flax mill worker Knaresborough
    Joseph HAYTHWAITE Son   12 flax mill worker & half time scholar Knaresborough
    Samuel HAYTHWAITE Son   10 flax mill worker & half time scholar Knaresborough
    John HAYTHWAITE Son   7 scholar Knaresborough
    George HAYTHWAITE Son   6 scholar Otley
109 Low Laithe - Dusty Miller Inn James BELL Head M 51 innkeeper & boot & shoemaker Dacre
    Maria BELL Wife M 43   Bewerley
    Robert BELL Son U 18 iron moulder Hartwith
    William BELL Son   15 apprentice bobbin turner Hartwith
    Jane E BELL Daughter   14 innkeeper's dau Hartwith
    Sarah A BELL Daughter   11 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Frank BELL Son   3   Hartwith
    Fred BELL Son   1   Hartwith
110 Low Laithe Jane JACKSON Head Wid 35 shoe dealer Hartwith
    Thomas JACKSON Son   9 scholar Bishopside
    Alfred JACKSON Son   6 scholar Bishopside
    William JACKSON Son   3   Hartwith
111 Low Laithe Edward HARRISON Head Wid 71 millwright Yeadon
112 Low Laithe Amos SCAIFE Head U 30 general labourer Hartwith
    Emma SCAIFE Niece U 21 preparer at a flax mill Hartwith
113 Low Laithe William ABBOTT Head M 44 flax mill overlooker Hartwith
    Elizabeth ABBOTT Wife M 43   Bishopside
    Mary Ann ABBOTT Daughter U 19 preparer at a flax mill Hartwith
    Jane ABBOTT Daughter U 18 preparer at a flax mill Hartwith
    Sarah ABBOTT Daughter U 16 general domestic servant Hartwith
    Hannah ABBOTT Daughter   15 flax mill spinner Hartwith
    Isabella ABBOTT Daughter   13   Hartwith
    George ABBOTT Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Annie ABBOTT Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
    Grange ABBOTT Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Joseph B ABBOTT Son   2   Hartwith
114 Low Laithe John ATKINSON Head M 26 flag stone quarryman Bishop Thornton
    Sarah Ann ATKINSON Wife M 25   Hartwith
    Mary J ATKINSON Daughter   6 scholar Bewerley
    Arthur ATKINSON Son   5 scholar Bewerley
    Anne ATKINSON Daughter   2   Bewerley
115 Low Laithe Joseph POWELL Head M 24 flax spinning mill mechanic Follifoot
    Rita POWELL Wife M 20   Hartwith
    Sarah A POWELL Daughter   2   Hartwith
    Ethel M POWELL Daughter   3m   Hartwith
116 Low Laithe Grace BUCK Head U 54   Thornthwaite
    Susannah BUCK Daughter U 30 flax spinner Thornthwaite
    Jane BUCK Daughter U 28 spinner Thornthwaite
    Peter BUCK Son U 23 flax spinner Hartwith
    Elizabeth BUCK Daughter U 19 flax spinner Bishopside
    Mary BUCK Daughter U 17 flax spinner Bishopside
    Dennis BUCK Son   15 flax dresser Bishopside
    Sarah BUCK Daughter   10 scholar Bishopside
    Alfred R BUCK Grd son   7 scholar Hartwith
    George BUCK Grd son   4   Hartwith
    Annie E BUCK Grd daughter   3   Pateley Bridge
117 Low Laithe George TEBB Head M 60 retired shoemaker Boroughbridge
    Emily A TEBB Wife M 39   Harrogate
    Fanny EA WALKER Step daughter   4   Hartwith
    Charles H TEBB Son   10m   Hartwith
118 Low Laithe Henry BENTLEY Head M 58 flax dresser Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth BENTLEY Wife M 65   Pateley Bridge
    Ibbotson ISLES Boarder U 62 flax spinner Bishopside
    William RANGER Boarder U 36 flax dresser Scotland
    William WADE Boarder U 32 twine maker Scotland
119 Low Laithe James WEBSTER Head M 43 wood turner Bishopside
    Martha WEBSTER Wife M 40   Knaresborough
    Isabella WEBSTER Daughter U 17 flax spinner Hartwith
    Clara WEBSTER Daughter   15 flax spinner Hartwith
    Harry WEBSTER Son   14 flax spinner Hartwith
    Mary WEBSTER Daughter   13 flax spinner Bishopside
    Bertha WEBSTER Daughter   10   Hartwith
    William WEBSTER Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Isaac M WEBSTER Son   7 scholar Hartwith
    Benjamin WEBSTER Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Emelda WEBSTER Daughter   4   Hartwith
    Frank Gladstone Stanley WEBSTER Son   1   Bishopside
120 Low Laithe Martin LOWCOCK Head M 52 grocer & farmer of 12 acres Darley
    Eliza LOWCOCK Wife M 51   Pateley Bridge
    Thomas LOWCOCK Son U 20 millwright Pateley Bridge
    Samuel LOWCOCK Son U 19 farmer's son Pateley Bridge
    Eliza LOWCOCK Daughter U 16 farmer's dau Hartwith
    John LOWCOCK Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Roseanna LOWCOCK Daughter   12 scholar Hartwith
    Alfred LOWCOCK Son   20 scholar Hartwith
121 Low Laithe Humphrey HANNAM Head M 33 bobbin turner Hartwith
    Jane HANNAM Wife M 36   Hartwith
    James A HANNAM Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Mary HANNAM Daughter   7   Hartwith
    Charles G HANNAM Son   1   Hartwith
122 Low Laithe John HOLDSWORTH Head M 34 unemployed stonemason Hartwith
    Ann E HOLDSWORTH Wife M 20   Guisborough
123 Low Laithe George KIRKBY Head M 69 flax mill joiner Bishopside
    Hannah KIRKBY Wife M 67   Bishopside
    Annie K SUTTILL Grd daughter   13 scholar Leeds
    Mary A SUTTILL Grd daughter   9 scholar Bishopside
124 Low Laithe Ellen HOLDSWORTH Head Wid 49   Bishopside
    Lavinia CALVERT Daughter U 27 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Emily CALVERT Grd daughter   4 scholar Hartwith
    Clara E CALVERT Grd daughter   11m   Hartwith
125 Low Laithe Thomas HOLDSWORTH Head M 59 unemployed stonemason Bishopside
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Wife M 60   Bishopside
    Ellen HOLDSWORTH Daughter U 22 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Mary Ann METCALFE Daughter M 29 flax mill worker Bishopside
    John METCALFE Grd son   4   Hartwith
126 Low Laithe William LEUTY Head M 52 bobbin turner Thornthwaite
    Alice LEUTY Wife M 55   Bewerley
127 Low Laithe George GRIMSTONE Head M 32 hemp spinning mill flax dresser Dacre
    Louisa GRIMSTONE Wife M 28   Hartwith
    Edith H GRIMSTONE Daughter   3   Hartwith
    Frederick W GRIMSTONE Son   11m   Hartwith
    Caroline WAITE Boarder M 26 hemp spinning mill worker Warsill
128 Low Laithe John INGLEBY Head M 63 shoemaker Eavestone
    Elizabeth INGLEBY Wife M 80   Ripley
129 Low Laithe Peter HUTCHINSON Head M 64 farmer of 20 acres Masham
    Mary M HUTCHINSON Wife M 56   Scruton
    Maria HUTCHINSON Daughter U 24   Gilling
    Abraham HUTCHINSON Son U 21 flag stone quarryman Middleton Tyas
130 Low Laithe Thomas ABBOTT Head M 29 saw mill labourer Dacre
    Hannah ABBOTT Wife M 27   Pateley Bridge
    John G ABBOTT Son   1   Dacre
    Herbert ABBOTT Son   4m   Hartwith
131 Low Laithe Jane BOARDMAN Head Wid 54   Bewerley
    Ellen BOARDMAN Daughter U 22 flax spinner Bishopside
    Betsy BOARDMAN Daughter U 20 flax spinner Bishopside
    Catherine BOARDMAN Daughter U 16 flax spinner Bishopside
    Jane BOARDMAN Daughter U 16 flax spinner Bishopside
    Henry BOARDMAN Son   11 wood turning mill worker Hartwith
132 Low Laithe Matthew GREETHAM Head M 50 butcher Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth GREETHAM Wife M 50   Scotton
    Simon GREETHAM Son U 19 bobbin turner Hartwith
134 Low Laithe John KIRKBY Head M 61 flax mill labourer Bishopside
    Sarah KIRKBY Wife M 53   Markington
    Alice KIRKBY Daughter U 25 flax mill worker Hartwith
    John E KIRKBY Son U 18 flax mill bleacher Hartwith
    Benjamin KIRKBY Son   15 flax mill worker Hartwith
    Sarah E KIRKBY Daughter   12 scholar Hartwith
135 Low Laithe - The Old Oak Inn William HULLAH Head M 51 innkeeper, straw dealer & farmer of 11 acres Aldborough
    Elizabeth HULLAH Wife M 35   Pool
    Margaret HULLAH Daughter U 25   Marton cum Grafton
    John HULLAH Son U 16 farmer's son Hartwith
    George H HULLAH Son   10 scholar Hartwith
    Frederick HULLAH Son   5   Hartwith
    Thomas S HULLAH Son   3   Hartwith
136 Low Laithe Ann WILKINSON Head Wid 65 farmer of 10 acres Ramsgill
    John DALBY Boarder Wid 62 indoor farm servant Dacre
137 Low Laithe Richard WARD Head M 53 general labourer Lofthouse
138 Low Laithe George PULLAN Head M 29 linen yarn bleacher Hartwith
    Jane PULLAN Wife M 27   Hartwith
    Benjamin C PULLAN Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Richard H PULLAN Son   3   Hartwith
    Minnie A PULLAN Daughter   1   Hartwith
139 Low Laithe Mary PEARSON Head M 57   Harrogate
    Enoch DICKINSON Son U 20 agr labourer Harrogate
140 Low Laithe Mark HANNAM Head M 63 sawyer Stonebeck Down
    Mary HANNAM Wife M 68   Knaresborough
141 Low Laithe John PROCTOR Head M 44 swyer Hartwith
    Alice PROCTOR Wife M 33   Bewerley
    Hannah LONGTHORNE Mother in law Wid 59   Bewerley
    Ellen PROCTOR Niece U 17 flax mill hand Hartwith
    Eliza PROCTOR Niece   15 flax mill hand Hartwith
142 Low Laithe William DINSDALE Head M 53 flax mill overlooker Bishopside
    Elizabeth DINSDALE Wife M 45   Boroughbridge
    Mary DINSDALE Daughter U 19 flax spinner Bishopside
    Hannah DINSDALE Daughter   12 flax spinner & half timer Bishopside
    Isaac DINSDALE Son M 23 flag quarryman Bishopside
    Margaret DINSDALE Daughter in law M 22   DEV *
    Arthur DINSDALE Grd son   2m   Bradford
143 Low Laithe Jane GILL Head U 47 flax mill worker Bishopside
144 Smelthouses William BELL Head M 60 tailor & farmer of 5 acres Pateley Bridge
    Isabella BELL Wife M 58   Pateley Bridge
    Diana BELL Daughter U 30 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth BELL Daughter U 27 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    William BELL Son U 24 flax mill spinning machine mechanic Pateley Bridge
145 Smelthouses George MOORE Head M 36 flax mill labourer Bishopside
    Sarah MOORE Wife M 36 flax mill spinner Bradford
146 Smelthouses Edward BENTLEY Head U 23 waste merchant Pateley Bridge
    Emma BENTLEY Mother Wid 51 annuitant Pateley Bridge
    Ann BENTLEY Sister U 19 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Sarah BENTLEY Sister U 17 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Emma BENTLEY Sister   14 flax mill worker Pateley Bridge
    Eliza BENTLEY Sister   12 scholar Pateley Bridge
147 Smelthouses - East House William KIRKBY Head U 63 master flax spinner employing 20 men, 18 women & 12 girls Hartwith
    Henry KIRKBY Brother U 67 no occupation Hartwith
    Elizabeth KIRKBY Sister in law Wid 61 annuitant Pateley Bridge
148 Smelthouses - Wising Elizabeth BENTLEY Head Wid 51 farmer of 9.5 acres employing 2 men & 2 boys Bishopside
    Haxby BENTLEY Son U 22 master twine maker Bishopside
    John BENTLEY Son U 17 twine maker Bishopside
    Joseph BENTLEY Brother in law M 48 flax dresser Bishopside
149 Smelthouses - Wising Joseph DAWSON Head M 31 bobbin turner Bishopside
    Dinah DAWSON Wife M 30   Bradford
    George E HEMSLEY Son   11 flax mill worker & half timer Darley
    Mary J DAWSON Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
    Annie E DAWSON Daughter   5   Hartwith
    Luther DAWSON Son   2   Hartwith
    John D DAWSON Son   8m   Hartwith
150 Smelthouses - Wising Thomas SWALES Head Wid 61 farmer of 50 acres Hartwith
    John SWALES Son U 33 farmer's son Hartwith
    Margaret HANNAM Servant U 25 housekeeper Kirkby Malzeard
151 Smelthouses - Wising John FRYER Head M 23 farmer of 26 acres Hartwith
    Elizabeth FRYER Wife M 27   Dacre
152 Smelthouses - Braisty Woods Thomas ROBERTS Head M 54 farmer of 160 acres employing 3 labourers Farnley
    Jane ROBERTS Wife M 50   Scotland
    Eva CLIFF Niece   12 scholar Farnley
    Rosamond COWLING Servant U 20 general domestic servant Hartwith
    Charles BICKERDIKE Servant U 48 indoor farm labourer Spofforth
    Charles O'DONNELL Servant U 20 indoor farm labourer Ireland
153 Smelthouses - Braisty Woods Isaac KING Head M 75 retired yarn dryer & imbecile Bishopside
    Elizabeth KING Wife M 75   Darley
    Ezra KING Son U 34 flax mill hand Thornthwaite
154 Hartwith - Millstone Quarry House Ann PULLAN Head Wid 55 farmer of 10 acres Coverdale
    John H PULLAN Son U 20 linen yarn factory dryer Hartwith
    George W PULLAN Son   14 scholar Hartwith
    Sophia PULLAN Daughter U 24 flax spinner Hartwith
    Alice Jane PULLAN Daughter U 17 linen yarn factory reeler Hartwith
    Arthur PULLAN Son   10 imbecile Hartwith
155 Hartwith - Oak Farm Peter CARRINGTON Head M 56 farmer of 46 acres Hartwith
    Mary A CARRINGTON Wife M 56   Hartwith
    Joseph CARRINGTON Son U 24 farmer's son LAN Rochdale
    Sarah CARRINGTON Daughter U 17 farmer's dau Hartwith
    Thomas CARRINGTON Son   14 scholar Leeds
156 Hartwith - White House Richard BELL Head wid 42 wood turner & farmer of 11 acres Dacre
    Smith BELL Son U 21 butcher Hartwith
    Sarah J PETTY Daughter M 20   Hartwith
    Robert PETTY Son in law M 25 tailor Hartwith
    Mary A PETTY Grd daughter   2   Hartwith
    Harry PETTY Grd son   5m   Hartwith
    Minnie BELL Daughter   11 scholar Hartwith
    Hannah WEATHERHEAD Aunt Wid 86 annuitant Masham
157 Hartwith - Elm Wood House John MINTOFT Head M 36 joiner Hartwith
    Rachel MINTOFT Wife M 32   Guiseley
    Arthur F MINTOFT Son   12 twine mill worker Bingley
    Annie E MINTOFT Daughter   10 scholar Guiseley
    Agnes MINTOFT Daughter   8 scholar Bradford
    George H MINTOFT Son   5 scholar Idle
    Susannah M MINTOFT Daughter   3   Burley
158 Hartwith - Elm Wood House George BRAMLEY Head M 40 millwright Dacre
    Emma BRAMLEY Wife M 38   Bewerley
    Joseph BRAMLEY Son   15 apprentice millwright Hartwith
    Mary J BRAMLEY Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Anne BRAMLEY Daughter   11 scholar Hartwith
    Harry BRAMLEY Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Francis BRAMLEY Son   7 scholar Hartwith
    William BRAMLEY Son   5 scholar Hartwith
    Charles F BRAMLEY Son   3 scholar Hartwith
    James W BRAMLEY Son   1   Hartwith
159 Hartwith - Bank Top Farm Anthony PETTY Head M 59 farmer of 26 acres Dacre
    Sarah PETTY Wife M 60   Knaresborough
    Simon PETTY Son U 30 farmer's son Hartwith
160 Hartwith - Lowcock's Farm John LOWCOCK Head M 45 blind farmer of 84 acres employing 1 man & 1 labourer Hartwith
    Margaret LOWCOCK Wife M 33   Birstwith
    Robert J LOWCOCK Son   13 scholar Birstwith
    Joseph L LOWCOCK Son   10 scholar Birstwith
    John William LOWCOCK Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Ellen LOWCOCK Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
    Georgiana LOWCOCK Daughter   11m   Hartwith
    Frederick TOPLIFF Nephew   1   Harrogate
    Mary E HAINSWORTH Servant U 17 general servant Hartwith
    Enoch THOMPSON Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Arkendale
161 Hartwith - Lowcock's Farm Joseph WALKER Head U 50 gentleman Darley
162 Hartwith - Edge Nook Matthew STOTT Head M 38 farmer of 69 acres Kettlesing
    Eliza STOTT Wife M 36   Crimple
    Ann E STOTT Daughter   9 scholar Harrogate
    Emily STOTT Daughter   7 scholar Follifoot
    Samuel STOTT Son   5 scholar Leeds
    James STOTT Son   1   Hartwith
163 Hartwith Vicarage John J LUCAS Head M 49 vicar of Hartwith LAN Liverpool
    Harriet M LUCAS Wife M 50   LAN Liverpool
    Eliza S LUCAS Daughter U 22 deaf LAN Liverpool
    Harriet C LUCAS Daughter U 20   LAN Liverpool
    Mary E LUCAS Daughter U 19   Bradford
    Sarah GREETHAM Servant U 35 dumb - domestic servant Hartwith
164 Hartwith - Farmhouse James SWALES Head M 66 farmer of 96 acres Hartwith
    Mary SWALES Wife M 62   Hartwith
    John SWALES Son U 32 farmer Hartwith
    Emma SWALES Daughter U 23   Hartwith
    Alfred SWALES Grd son   15 farm hand Hartwith
165 Hartwith - Schoolhouse George W STONES Head M 22 schoolmaster Pateley Bridge
    Mary E STONES Wife M 20   Leeds
166 Hartwith - Stripe Susannah SKAIFE Head Wid 64 farmer Pateley Bridge
    Dinah SKAIFE Daughter U 30   Hartwith
    Robert SKAIFE Grd son   4   LAN Manchester
167 Hartwith - Cow Close Farm Thomas LOWCOCK Head M 54 farmer of 120 acres employing 3 men Hartwith
    Mary LOWCOCK Wife M 48   Otley
    Sarah LOWCOCK Daughter U 18   Hartwith
    Joseph LOWCOCK Son   11 scholar Killinghall
    Elizabeth LOWCOCK Daughter   10 scholar Killinghall
    John LOWCOCK Son   8 scholar Killinghall
    Michael PAWSON Boarder U 77 retired farmer Pateley Bridge
    William HUTCHINSON Servant U 46 indoor farm servant Bishop Thornton
    James LEUTY Servant U 59 indoor farm servant Harrogate
    John ASHBY Servant U 37 indoor farm servant Kirby
168 Hartwith - Spring House William SHARPER Head M 60 farmer of 110 acres employing 2 boys Ferrensby
    Ann SHARPER Wife M 53   Knaresborough
    Mary A SHARPER Daughter U 20   Hartwith
    Thomas T SPENCE Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Pickering
    Thomas PULLAN Servant U 20 indoor farm servant WIL *
169 Hartwith - Stripe Thomas HAINSWORTH Head M 57 farm labourer Harrogate
    Mary J HAINSWORTH Wife M 55   Bishopside
    John HAINSWORTH Son U 20 farm labourer Hartwith
    Mary J HAINSWORTH Daughter   14   Hartwith
170 Hartwith - Stripe James HAINSWORTH Head Wid 65 farm labourer Harrogate
171 Hartwith - Stripe Robert HAINSWORTH Head M 24 farm labourer Hartwith
    Elizabeth HAINSWORTH Wife M 25   Killinghall
    Polly HAINSWORTH Daughter   6 scholar Ripon
    Albert HAINSWORTH Son   4   Killinghall
    Ambrose HAINSWORTH Son   2   Hartwith
    Sarah HAINSWORTH Daughter   1 mth   Hartwith
    Joseph HAINSWORTH Brother   11 scholar Hartwith
172 Hartwith - Ross Mill Joseph ROSS Head M 41 farmer & corn miller Thruscross
    Hannah ROSS Wife M 36   Birstwith
    Robert F ROSS Son U 16 no occupation Hartwith
    Joseph ROSS Son   14 scholar Hartwith
    William ROSS Son   12 scholar Hartwith
    Emily ROSS Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    Edith M ROSS Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
    Anne ROSS Daughter   6 scholar Hartwith
    Sarah A ROSS Daughter   5   Hartwith
    Jane HAINSWORTH Servant U 18 domestic servant Hartwith
    Mary A BAILEY Boarder Wid 48   Hartwith
173 Hartwith Henry SCAIFE Head M 28 corn miller Hartwith
    Mary SCAIFE Wife M 25   Harrogate
    Herbert Youdle SCAIFE Son   6   Harrogate
    Edward E SCAIFE Son   4   Hartwith
174 Hartwith - South Hill Farm Joseph MYERS Head M 66 farmer of 21 acres Stonebeck Down
    Ellen MYERS Wife M 68   Stonebeck Down
    Charlotte MYERS Daughter U 36   Hartwith
175 Hartwith - Low Stripe Farm Nathan HALL Head M 43 farmer of 45 acres Hartwith
    Elizabeth HALL Wife M 37   Bishopside
    Ann GRANGE Boarder Wid 80   Bishopside
    Sarah GRANGE Visitor U 38   Bishopside
176 Winsley Hall C F TAYLOR Head Wid 53 woollen manufacturer Baildon
    A E TAYLOR Son U 23 civil engineer Baildon
    M E TAYLOR Son U 29   Baildon
    George MIDGLEY Servant U 46 domestic man servant Collingham
    Fanny GREAVES Servant U 44 housekeeper Harewood
    Louisa LAMONT Servant U 21 housemaid SCT Largs - Ayrshire
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Servant U 26 housemaid Bradford
    Florence KING Servant U 19 kitchen maid KENT Eden Bridge
    Sarah HEBDEN Servant U 21 kitchen maid Leeds
177 Winsley Lodge William BLACKBURN Head M 38 domestic gardener Lightcliffe
    Emma BLACKBURN Wife M 38   Lightcliffe
    Edith A BLACKBURN Daughter U 16 servant Brighouse
    Amy BLACKBURN Daughter   13 scholar Lightcliffe
    Fred W BLACKBURN Son   9 scholar Halifax
    Agnes BLACKBURN Daughter   4m   Hartwith
178 Winsley House Grace JENNINGS Head Wid 57 lodging housekeeper Leeds
    Martha WARD Boarder U 50 annuitant Hunsworth
    Harriet ROBSON Lodger Wid 88   Hammerton
    Maria L S NIXON Lodger U 49   India Malignum - Bombay
179 Winsley Farm Hardisty LOWCOCK Head U 23 farmer of 81 acres employing 1 man Starbeck
    Hannah LOWCOCK Sister U 25   Hartwith
    Alice LOWCOCK Sister   15   Hartwith
    Thomas HAINSWORTH Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Hartwith
180 Dinmore House Matthew HALL Head M 45 farmer of 85 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Jane HALL Wife M 43   Hartwith
    Mary HALL Daughter   15 servant Killinghall
    John HALL Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Joseph HALL Son   11 scholar Hartwith
    Matthew HALL Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Jane HALL Daughter   6 scholar Hartwith
    Nathan HALL Son   2   Hartwith
    Anne HALL Daughter   7m   Hartwith
    Richard ROBINSON Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Leeds
181 Benneycarr Joseph HARDCASTLE Head M 37 farmer of 25 acres Hartwith
    Sarah HARDCASTLE Wife M 31   Horsforth
    William HARDCASTLE Son   9 scholar Hartwith
    Arthur HARDCASTLE Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Sarah S HARDCASTLE Daughter   4 scholar Hartwith
    John H HARDCASTLE Son   3   Hartwith
    Mary E HARDCASTLE Daughter   2   Hartwith
    Joseph HARDCASTLE Son   2m   Hartwith
182 Winsley Hall Gardens Metcalfe PARKER Head U 52 farmer of 110 acres Dacre
    Ann PARKER ? Mother Wid 41   Hartwith
    Thomas PARKER Son   14   Hartwith
    Annie PARKER Daughter   13 scholar Hartwith
    Mary PARKER Daughter   11 scholar Hartwith
    Hannah PARKER Daughter   9 scholar Hartwith
    John PARKER Son   8 scholar Hartwith
    Metcalfe PARKER Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    Jane PARKER Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
    Mary HALL Boarder Wid 85   Middlesmoor
    John METCALFE Boarder U 83 retired farmer Darley
183 Flask Farm Joseph GRATTON Head M 50 farmer of 140 acres employing 1 boy Clint
    Hannah GRATTON Wife M 40   Bishop Thornton
    William GRATTON Son   14 scholar Hartwith
    Elizabeth GRATTON Daughter   2   Hartwith
    William HARRISON Servant   15 indoor farm servant DUR Darlington
    Ellen GILL Servant U 20 domestic servant Monkton Moor
184 Cow Gate Farm Thomas SAUNDERSON Head M 49 farmer of 80 acres Sawley
    Margaret SAUNDERSON Wife M 47   Ripon
    Joseph SAUNDERSON Son U 18 farmer's son Hartwith
    Thomas SAUNDERSON Son   14 scholar Hartwith
    Mary J SAUNDERSON Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    James W SAUNDERSON Son   6 scholar Hartwith
    John SAUNDERSON Son   1   Hartwith
185 Strawberry Cottage Smith METCALFE Head Wid 36 gamekeper Bishopside
    Elizabeth METCALFE Daughter   13 scholar Bishopside
    William METCALFE Son   12 scholar Bishopside
    Ada METCALFE Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
    Smith METCALFE Son   4   Hartwith
186 Kents Hill Benjamin KENT Head M 60 farmer of 66 acres Hartwith
    Elizabeth KENT Wife M 63   Burton Leonard
    Edward KENT Son U 27 farmer's son Hartwith
    Margaret E KENT Daughter U 25 farmer's dau Hartwith
    Emma J KENT Daughter U 20 farmer's dau Hartwith
    Elizabeth M BROADLEY Grd daughter   3   Warsill
187 Kents Hill James FRYER head M 46 farmer of 8 acres Ripon
    Elizabeth FRYER Wife M 48   Clifton
    Joseph FRYER Son U 16 farmer's son BishopThornton
    Thomas FRYER Son   10 scholar Bishop Thornton
    Sarah J FRYER Daughter   8 scholar Bishop Thornton
    Mary FRYER Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
188 Kents Hill David JACKSON Head Wid 56 deaf farmer of 9 acres Birstwith
    Grace E JACKSON Daughter U 25 dairy maid Darley
189 Kents Hill Joseph METCALFE Head Wid 65 farmer of 18 acres Bishopside
190 Well House William WARDMAN Head U 38 farmer of 82 acres employing 1 boy Hartwith
    Sarah METCALFE Servant U 35 domestic servant Bishopside
    Henrietta METCALFE Servant's daughter   8 scholar Bishopside
    Henry RUDD Servant   14 indoor farm servant Hartwith
191 Taylor's Cottages William WILKINSON Head M 26 farm labourer North Newbald
    Emily WILKINSON Wife M 23   Lockington
    John W WILKINSON Son   3   Darley
    Joseph E WILKINSON Son   3m   Darley
    Jane WILKINSON Mother Wid 64   Rimswell
192 Taylor's Cottages Richard HODGSON Head M 30 farm labourer Linton in Craven
    Mary E HODGSON Wife M 28   Greenhow Hill
    Allen HODGSON Son   7 scholar Grassington
    Eva HODGSON Daughter   3   Bewerley
    Sarah H HODGSON Daughter   7m   Hartwith
193 Taylor's Cottages Frederick BARKER Head M 25 groom Ferrensby
    Sarah BARKER Wife M 27   Tockwith
    Lizzie BARKER Daughter   11m   Manningham - Bradford
    Charles BROWN Lodger U 24 groom NFK *
194 Taylor's Farm Yard John IVESON Head M 28 cowman Clint
    Lucy E IVESON Wife M 25   Clint
    Anne IVESON Daughter   1   Clint
195 Taylor's Farm Yard Thomas WATSON Head M 34 farm bailiff Myton on Swale
    Emma WATSON Wife M 30   Wortley - Leeds
    Annie E WATSON Daughter   4   Bank Newton
    Thomas WATSON Son   2   Bank Newton
196 Taylor's Farm Yard Thomas WILSON Head M 39 coachman Adel
    Jane WILSON Wife M 39   DUR Hartlepool
    Thomas H WILSON Son   14 scholar Richmond
    Elizabeth SKELTON Niece   7 scholar Richmond
197 Mansion House Farm Thomas ADDYMAN Head M 33 farmer of 220 acres Hartwith
    Mary ADDYMAN Wife M 32   Hartwith
    Ellen ADDYMAN Daughter   13 scholar Hartwith
    William Procter ADDYMAN Son   10 scholar Hartwith
    Emily ADDYMAN Daughter   8 scholar Hartwith
    Isabel ADDYMAN Daughter   6 scholar North Stainley
    Mary J ADDYMAN Daughter   4   North Stainley
    Thomas ADDYMAN Son   4   North Stainley
    Fred ADDYMAN Son   2   North Stainley
    Joseph ADDYMAN Son   4m   Hartwith
    Mark ADDYMAN Uncle U 43 indoor farm servant Hartwith
    Louisa ADDYMAN Sister U 22   Hartwith
    Thomas BELL Servant U 43 indoor farm servant Hartwith
198 Brimham Lodge George WALLBANK Head M 42 farmer of 150 acres employing 1 man & 2 boys Poppleton
    Sarah J WALLBANK Wife M 38   Markington
    William WALLBANK Son U 17 farmer's son Hartwith
    Edwin WALLBANK Son U 16 farmer's son Hartwith
    Elizabeth WALLBANK Daughter   14   Hartwith
    Alice WALLBANK Daughter   13 scholar Hartwith
    Mary WALLBANK Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    Sarah A WALLBANK Daughter   7 scholar Hartwith
    Anne WALLBANK Daughter   3   Hartwith
    Samuel WALLBANK Uncle U 61 indoor farm servant Hartwith
199 Garth's Farm John GARTH Head M 64 farmer of 112 acres employing 1 man & 1 boy Clifton
    Mary GARTH Wife M 50   Addingham
    Thomas GARTH Son U 26 indoor farm servant Bishop Thornton
    Alice RUDD Sister Wid 66 dairy maid Hartwith
    Joseph LOFTHOUSE Servant U 16 farm servant Wetherby
200 Cryer's Farm George CRYER Head M 64 farmer of 33 acres Warsill
    Ellen CRYER Wife M 50   Bishop Monkton
    George William CRYER Grd son   11   Hartwith
    Minnie SCRATCHARD Step daughter   14   Bishop Monkton
    Elizabeth SCRATCHARD Step daughter U 17 domestic servant Bishop Monkton
201 Summer Wood House James WEATHERHEAD Head M 70 farmer of 78 acres Hartwith
    Sarah WEATHERHEAD Wife M 70   Bishopside
    Elizabeth WEATHERHEAD Daughter U 38   Hartwith
201 Summer Wood Cottage Alice JACKSON Head Wid 75   Warsill
    Jane JACKSON Daughter U 53   Hartwith
    Alice JACKSON Daughter U 28   Hartwith
    Mary JACKSON Grd daughter   9 scholar Hartwith
    James JACKSON Grd son   5   Hartwith
    Elizabeth JACKSON Grd daughter   3   Hartwith
203 Riva Hill Farm Thomas HAINSWORTH Head M 61 farmer of 50 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Jane HAINSWORTH Wife M 27   Bishop Thornton
    Mary HAINSWORTH Servant U 27 domestic servant Rigton
    Edwin SCAIFE Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Hartwith
    Ada THACKERY Niece   9 scholar Pateley Bridge
204 Shepherd's Lodge Matthias HARRISON Head M 42 farmer of 130 acres employing 3 men & 1 boy Coverdale
    Mary HARRISON Wife M 42   Wensleydale
    William HARRISON Son U 20 farmer's son Wensleydale
    Richard HARRISON Son   13 scholar Kirkby Malzeard
    Margaret A SNOW Servant   15 domestic servant Bewerley
205 Moor Bottom Thomas BOWES Head M 50 blacksmith Langton
    Elizabeth BOWES Wife M 49 dressmaker Markington
    Matthew BLENKIRON Apprentice U 18 blacksmith's apprentice Ripon
206 Moor Bottom Anthony CRYER Head M 36 farm labourer Hartwith
    Elizabeth CRYER Wife M 32   Kirkby Malzeard
    Anthony CRYER Son   10 scholar Warsill
    Mary E CRYER Daughter   8 scholar Warsill
    James CRYER Son   5 scholar Warsill
    Samuel CRYER Son   4   Bishop Thornton
    Benjamin CRYER Son   2   Hartwith
207 Moor Bottom George THWAITES Head M 25 farm labourer Thornthwaite
    Mary THWAITES Wife M 23   Pateley Bridge
    Jane THWAITES Daughter   4   Pateley Bridge
    William THWAITES Son   2   Hartwith
208 Brimham Hall Nathan ADDYMAN Head M 58 farmer of 413.5 acres employing 3 men Hartwith
    Jane ADDYMAN Wife M 56   Warsill
    John ADDYMAN Son U 29 farmer's son Hartwith
    Alice ADDYMAN Daughter U 27   Hartwith
    Helena ADDYMAN Daughter U 19   Hartwith
    Nathaniel ADDYMAN Son U 16 farmer's son Hartwith
    Francis ADDYMAN Son   14 farmer's son Hartwith
209 Highfield Farm Samuel WARD Head M 52 farmer of 111 acres employing 1 labourer Alleron
    Sarah WARD Wife M 52   Allerton
    Mary WARD Daughter U 20   Allerton
    Joseph WARD Son U 16 farmer's son Allerton
    Samuel A WARD Son   13 scholar Hartwith
    Harriet E WARD Daughter   10 scholar Hartwith
    Christopher WARD Servant U 59 indoor farm servant Manningham - Bradford
    Isabella GRANGE Servant U 17 domestic servant Leeds
210 Fryer's Farm Thomas FRYER Head Wid 77 farmer of 30 acres Bishop Thornton
    Henry FRYER Son U 44 farmer's son Bishop Thornton
211 Moorside Ann SCAIFE Head U 54 farmer of 18 acres Hartwith
212 Moorside Cornelius BRADLEY Head Wid 55 farmer Hartwith
    Cornelius BRADLEY Son U 17 farmer's son Rodley
    Mary H BRADLEY Daughter   13 farmer's dau Calverley Bridge
213 Brimham Farm Joseph BELL Head M 29 farmer of 110 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Ann BELL Wife M 35   Hartwith
    Lilly BELL Daughter   4 scholar Hartwith
    William BELL Son   3   Hartwith
    Joseph BELL Son   2   Hartwith
    Hannah BELL Daughter   1   Hartwith
    Ann E OUTHWAITE Servant U 19 general servant Sawley
    Samuel WALKER Servant U 21 indoor farm servant Clint
214 High Wood Farm Heslington ROBINSON Head M 67 farmer of 45 acres employing 1 man Hartwith
    Alice ROBINSON Wife M 78   Dacre
    Mary E SWALES Servant   14 domestic servant Low Bishopside
215 Moor Farm John THWAITES Head M 63 farmer of 30 acres West End
    Anna THWAITES Wife M 61   Pateley Bridge
    Thomas THWAITES Son U 31 farmer's son Hampsthwaite