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Nidd Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Nidd is covered by film RG 11/4325, folios 72-75. The district contained 149 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Nidd Moor Richard BODDY Head M 51 farmer of 117 acres Sawley
    Hannah BODDY Wife M 49 farmer's wife Brearton
    Mary J BODDY Daughter U 23 farmer's daughter Brearton
    Thomas L BODDY Son   11 scholar Brearton
    Emma INMAN Niece   4 scholar Brearton
    Thomas BARNETT Boarder U 25 gamekeeper West Rounton
2 Holme Bottom John HARRISON Head M 38 farmer of 80 acres Tholthorpe
    Annie HARRISON Wife M 30 farmer's wife Thrintoft
    Ethel M HARRISON Daughter   4   Nidd
    Alfred C HARRISON Son   3   Nidd
    Edwin HARRISON Son   9 mths   Nidd
    William MORRELL Servant   14 indoor farm servant Copgrove
3 Nidd Railway Junction John WETHERALL Head M 37 railway labourer Wetherby
4 Keeper's Cottage Albany JEFFREY Head M 52 gamekeeper Askwith
    Ann JEFFREY Wife M 49   Askwith
    Ann SCARGILL Visitor Wid 56 housekeeper Bradford
5 Hill Top John W MORRELL Head M 26 farmer of 83 acres Nidd
    Annie M MORRELL Wife M 23 farmer's wife Leeds
    John W MORRELL Son   1   Nidd
    John MORRELL Uncle U 72 retired agr labourer Beckwithshaw
    Annie LIGHT Servant   13 general domestic servant Bishop Thornton
6 Nidd Joseph SMITH Head M 57 farmer of 100 acres employing 2 labourers Otley
    Elizabeth SMITH Wife M 51 farmer's wife Thornthwaite
    Mary E SMITH Daughter U 19   MDX Hampstead - London
    Peter WILSON Servant U 16 indoor farm servant Ripley
7 Nidd John SCAIFE Head M 74 agr labourer Goldsborough
    Charlotte SCAIFE Wife M 65   Aldborough
    John F SCAIFE Grd son   8 scholar Scotton
    James STEVENSON Boarder U 60 general labourer Scotton
8 Nidd - grocer's shop George SMITH Head M 47 gardener & shopkeeper Plompton
    Maria SMITH Wife M 54   Brearton
    George M SMITH Son U 19 joiner's apprentice Brearton
    John SMITH Son U 17 railway porter Brearton
9 Nidd Thomas MOUNTAIN Head M 59 agr labourer Brearton
    Ann MOUNTAIN Wife M 54 agr labourer Brearton
    Thomas MOUNTAIN Son U 18 joiner's apprentice Nidd
    Betsy H OUTHWAITE Grd daughter   7 scholar Pannal
10 Nidd William HOLT Head M 50 farmer of 84 acres Horbury
    Mary H HOLT Wife M 49 farmer's wife Cundall
    Elizabeth HOLT Mother Wid 81 annuitant LIN Luddington
    William SMITHSON Father in law Wid 91 retired farmer Helperby
    William COCKETT Servant U 21 agr labourer BDF Leighton Buzzard
11 Nidd William YELLOW Head M 25 agr labourer Burton Leonard
    Elizabeth YELLOW Wife M 25   Tockwith
    Henry YELLOW Son   3   Tockwith
    Annie E YELLOW Daughter   1   Walshford
12 Nidd Hall Elizabeth RAWSON Head U 86 gentlewoman LAN Bolton
    William MITCHELL Servant M 41 coachman Hovingham
    Thomas BRYAN Servant U 19 footman NTH Wansford
    Jacob PATRICK Servant U 18 groom South Stainley
    Thomas GATES Servant U 18 groom North Cowton
    Mary SMITH Servant U 33 ladies maid SOM Bath
    Annie M JAMES Servant U 32 ladies maid GLS Berkeley
    Charlotte PEANE Servant U 23 housemaid WOR Kings Norton
    Ellen MITCHELL Servant M 39 cook Goldsborough
    Annie HENSON Servant U 19 kitchenmaid GLS Alvington
    Hannah METCALFE Servant U 18 scullerymaid Tunstall
    Sarah SOWLER Servant U 22 housemaid NBL Banisford
    CM WILSON Visitor U 67 gentlewoman India Madras
13 Nidd Hall Yard George HARBISHER Head M 40 cowman - agr labourer Dunsford
    Eliza HARBISHER Wife M 37 poultry keeper - bird dealer Brompton
    Jane HARBISHER Daughter U 16 poultry keper Brampton
14 Nidd Hall Yard William UMPLEBY Head M 65 gardener Leathley
    Mary UMPLEBY Wife M 62   Calverley
    Arthur H UMPLEBY Son U 25 gardener Nidd
    Martha E UMPLEBY Daughter U 22 ladies maid Nidd
    Eliza UMPLEBY Daughter U 20   Nidd
    Rachel SWALES Visitor   6 scholar Farsley
15 Nidd - Old Vicarage John GAINS Head M 56 agr labourer Nidd
    Ann GAINS Wife M 59   Grafton
    William GAINS Son U 28 agr labourer Nidd
    John GAINS Son U 21 agr labourer Nidd
    Elizabeth GAINS Grd daughter   14 scholar Nidd
16 Nidd Ellen BARKER Head Wid 80 retired cook Birstwith
    William BARKER Son U 48 general labourer Nidd
    Richard BARKER Son U 38 agr labourer Nidd
17 Nidd William W CLAYTON Head M 47 carpenter Yeadon
    Ellen CLAYTON Wife M 46 laundress Nidd
    Emma CLAYTON Daughter U 17 laundress Nidd
    Arthur CLAYTON Son   13 scholar Nidd
    John W CLAYTON Son   10 scholar Nidd
    Lucy CLAYTON Daughter   5 scholar Nidd
18 Nidd James MOUNTAIN Head M 63 gardener Brearton
    Ann MOUNTAIN Wife M 53 laundress West Tanfield
    Sarah MOUNTAIN Daughter U 17 laundress Nidd
    Margaret MOUNTAIN Daughter   12 scholar Nidd
19 Nidd - Railway Station House John BOOTH Head M 45 station master Womersley
    Elizabeth BOOTH Wife M 41   South Stockton
    Louis W BOOTH Son   13 scholar Nidd
    John W BOOTH Son   10 scholar Nidd
20 Nidd - Railway Cottages Henry ANDREWS Head M 38 stonemason BKM Penn
    Elizabeth ANDREWS Wife M 37   CAM Strosney?
    Herbert ANDREWS Son   9 scholar Helmsley
    John ANDREWS Son   8 scholar Newton
    Elizabeth ANDREWS Daughter   7 scholar Kirbymoorside
    Lilly ANDREWS Daughter   5 scholar Kirbymoorside
    Mary ANDREWS Daughter   1   Nidd
21 Nidd - Railway Cottages George ISLES Head M 35 railway signalman Naburn
    Mary ISLES Wife M 36   DUR White Kirkley
22 Nidd - Railway Cottages William METCALFE Head M 46 railway signalman Killinghall
    Sarah METCALFE Wife M 39   Bilton
    Richard METCALFE Son   15 unemployed agr labourer Ripon
    Annie METCALFE Daughter   13 scholar South Stainley
    John METCALFE Son   11 scholar South Stainley
    Edward METCALFE Son   9 scholar Nidd
    Kate METCALFE Daughter   5 scholar Nidd
    Jessie METCALFE Daughter   1   Nidd
23 Nidd - Steward's Cottage James BUCKLE Head M 59 joiner Killinghall
    Jane BUCKLE Wife M 61   Leeds
24 Nidd - Steward's House William SIMPSON Head Wid 59 estate agent Knaresborough
    Emma BROWN Servant U 22 upper servant Clint
    Isabella THACKRAY Servant   14 general servant Scotton
25 Nidd - Rock House William COWLING Head M 41 coach smith - builder Pannal
    Mary COWLING Wife M 39   Pannal
    Ann COWLING Daughter   12 scholar Pannal
    Samuel COWLING Son   9 scholar Pannal
    Mary COWLING Daughter   8 scholar pannal
    Elizabeth COWLING Daughter   6 scholar Pannal
    Jane COWLING Daughter   4   Pannal
    Ada COWLING Daughter   1   Nidd
26 Nidd - Lime Kiln Farm Samuel MORRELL Head M 51 farmer of 240 acres employing 2 labourers Farnham
    Margaret MORRELL Wife M 51 farmer's wife Scotland Edinburgh
    Jessie S MORRELL Daughter U 21 farmer's daughter Aldborough
    Jane S MORRELL Daughter   11 scholar Aldborough
    George W WAITE Servant   15 farm servant Knaresborough
27 Nidd - Flat Farm Elizabeth JUDSON Head Wid 36 farmer of 140 acres Roecliffe
    Ada M JUDSON Daughter   13 scholar Thirsk
    Emily E JUDSON Daughter   8 scholar Thirsk
    Thomas R JUDSON Son   4 scholar Knaresborough
    Francis THOMPSON Brother M 40 farm bailiff Ripon
    Rachel CARVER Servant U 17 domestic servant Thirsk
    George BROWN Servant U 18 agr labourer Thirsk
    William MARQUIS Servant U 16 agr labourer Ripon
28 Nidd Hall Lodge William ROBSON Head M 55 butler NBL Horningham
    Elizabeth ROBSON Wife M 52   York
    Alfred ROBSON Son U 21 unemployed bookkeeper Nidd
    Elizabeth ROBSON Daughter   15 scholar Nidd
    Wilmer ROBSON Son   12 scholar Nidd
29 Newton Hall Henry TURNER Head M 59 farmer of 140 acres employing 1 boy Newton Hall - Nidd
    Eliza TURNER Wife M 55 farmer's wife Minskip
    Thomas TURNER Son U 19 farmer's son Nidd
    Margaret TURNER Daughter U 16 farmer's daughter Nidd
    Maria LAMB Daughter M 32 farmer's wife Minskip
    Robert H LAMB Grd son   2 mths   Leeds
    George PEDLER Servant   15 agr labourer Harewood
30 Newton Lodge Edward METCALFE Head M 75 gardener Ripley
    Sarah METCALFE Wife M 70   Eccleshill
    Richman P METCALFE Son M 25 railway signalman Ripley
    Selina METCALFE Daughter in law M 22   Fewston