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Scotton Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Scotton is covered by film RG 11/4325, folios 109-115. The district contained 291 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Rawson's Lodge William FRYER Head M 56 farmer of 50 acres employing son Hampsthwaite
    Mary FRYER Wife M 57   Myton
    Robert FRYER Son U 25 farmer's son Helperby
    Edith FRYER Daughter   10 scholar Scotton
2 Rawson's Lodge William BENTLEY Head M 28 hemp spinner employing 32 hands Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth BENTLEY Wife M 26   Pateley Bridge
    William BENTLEY Son   2   Brearton
    David BENTLEY Brother U 44 flax mill spinning machine mechanic Hartwith
3 Scotton Richard ELLIS Head M 25 farm labourer Brearton
    Martha ELLIS Wife M 21   Scotton
    Thomas Richard ELLIS Son   2   Scotton
    William POULTER Lodger Wid 80 retired farmer & grocer Knaresborough
4 Scotton Hannah STOREY Head Wid 66 farmer of 14 acres Hartwith
    William Robinson STOREY Son U 36 flax spinner employing 23 hands Wilsill
    Louisa STOREY Daughter U 31 no occupation Leeds
    Mary Ellen STOREY Daughter U 25 no occupation Summerbridge
    John STOREY Grd son   1o scholar Scotton
    Elizabeth STOREY Grd daughter   7 scholar Kirkby Malzeard
    Hannah STOREY Grd daughter   5 scholar Kirkby Malzeard
5 Scotton Thomas CLARK Head U 54 flax dresser Wilsill
6 Scotton Frederick STOREY Head M 56 flax dresser Leeds
    Rachael STOREY Wife M 49   LIN Crowle
    Elizabeth STOREY Daughter   10 scholar Scotton
    Arthur STOREY Son   6 scholar Scotton
7 Scotton Thomas JOPSON Head M 70 retired bleacher WES Cowan Head
    Mary JOPSON Wife M 70   Spofforth
    Elizabeth BARRETT Cousin U 17 domestic servant Leeds
    Eliza Cosgrove ALMOND Nurse child   4 scholar Knaresborough
8 Scotton Francis SCAIFE Head M 44 farm labourer Scotton
    Margaret SCAIFE Wife M 38   Knaresborough
    Hannah SCAIFE Daughter   10 scholar Scotton
    Eliza SCAIFE Daughter   7 scholar Scotton
    Emma SCAIFE Daughter   5 scholar Scotton
    John William SCAIFE Son   3   Scotton
    Elizabeth SCAIFE Daughter   1   Scotton
9 Scotton George JOHNSON Head M 53 general labourer Scriven
    Elizabeth JOHNSON Wife M 49   Farnham
    Mary Ellen JOHNSON Daughter   13 scholar Scotton
    Annie JOHNSON Daughter   8 scholar Scotton
10 Scotton - St. Ann's Villa Charles EASTWOOD Head M 51 annuitant Leeds
    Elizabeth EASTWOOD Wife M 35   Leeds
    Charles William EASTWOOD Son   1   Scotton
    Sarah DAVISON Servant U 18 general domestic servant Scotton
    Sarah Ann BROADBELT Servant   14 nurse girl Scotton
11 Scotton John METCALFE Head M 35 flax dresser West End
    Emma Jane METCALFE Wife M 36   Leeds
    Elizabeth Ann METCALFE Daughter   13 scholar Leeds
    Amy Louisa METCALFE Daughter   4 scholar Scotton
    Agnes Ellen METCALFE Daughter   2   Scotton
    Florence Emma METCALFE Daughter   1   Scotton
12 Scotton John HASTINGS Head M 31 police constable LAN Dalton in Furness
    Eliza HASTINGS Wife M 26   Scotton
    William Henry HASTINGS Son   9 scholar LAN Dalton in Furness
    Robert Isaac HASTINGS Son   7 scholar LAN Barrow in Furness
    Jane Elizabeth HASTINGS Daughter   2   Scotton
    Agnes Ellen HASTINGS Daughter   8 mths   Scotton
13 Scotton Thomas SMITH Head M 37 stonemason Armley - Leeds
    Harriet SMITH Wife M 37   Leeds
    Thomas Verity SMITH Son   9 scholar Armley - Leeds
    Ann SMITH Daughter   6 scholar Armley - Leeds
    Joseph SMITH Son   4   Scotton
    Mary SMITH Daughter   3 mths   Scotton
14 Scotton Richard DEARLOVE Head Wid 81 retired shoemsker Scotton
15 Scotton - Albert House John SPINK Head M 52 farmer of 15 acres Scotton
    Margaret SPINK Wife M 41   Scotton
    John Edward SPINK Son   6 scholar Scotton
    William SPINK Son   4 scholar Scotton
    Arthur SPINK Son   2   Scotton
    Albert SPINK Son   2 mths   Scotton
    Sarah SPINK Niece   14 visitor Scotton
16 Scotton - Ashworth Cottage John Crosland BATTYE Head M 50 no occupation Leeds
    Caroline BATTYE Wife M 20   Harroagte
17 Scotton - Langton Villa Benjamin CLAYTON Head U 52 house owner Armley - Leeds
    Alice TASKER Servant U 47 housekeeper Skipton
18 Scotton Thomas IRELAND Head Wid 61 farmer & grocer SRY Betchworth
    Elizabeth IRELAND Daughter U 30 housekeeper Scotton
    Fanny IRELAND Daughter U 18 grocer's shop assistant Scotton
    Grace STOREY Grd daughter   8 scholar Shipley
19 Scotton William DAVISON Head M 49 farmer of 28 acres Whixley
    Mary Ann DAVISON Wife M 43   Ferrensby
    Mary Ann DAVISON Daughter   12 scholar Scotton
20 Scotton Thomas BUCKLE Head M 38 agr labourer Scotton
    Sarah BUCKLE Wife M 36   Knaresborough
    Emma BUCKLE Daughter   12 scholar Scotton
    Arthur BUCKLE Son   10 scholar Scotton
    Thomas BUCKLE Son   8 scholar Scotton
    Elizabeth BUCKLE Daughter   6 scholar Scotton
    Hannah BUCKLE Daughter   4   Scotton
    Sarah BUCKLE Daughter   1   Scotton
    George SWEETING Head M 32 railway platelayer Market Weighton
21 Scotton Elizabeth SWEETING Wife M 27   Morton on Swale
    Mary Ellen SWEETING Daughter   6 scholar Scotton
    Richard SWEETING Son   4   Nidd
    Amy SWEETING Daughter   2   Scotton
22 Scotton John PICKARD Head M 63 agr labourer Helperby
    Sarah PICKARD Wife M 66   Flaxby
23 Scotton Elizabeth HUSTHWAITE Head Wid 70 retired farmer Escrick
    Richard GELDARD Son U 29 agr labourer Scotton
24 Scotton David CHADBURN Head M 35 flax mill overlooker Doncaster
    Mary CHADBURN Wife M 35   Leeds
    Walter CHADBURN Son   8 scholar LAN Manchester
    Albert CHADBURN Son   4 scholar LAN Manchester
    Ada CHADBURN Daughter   2   LAN Manchester
    Mary Jane CHADBURN Daughter   1 mth   Scotton
25 Scotton John STERNBRIDGE Head M 64 flax dresser DOR Bridport
    Grace STERNBRIDGE Wife M 61   Leeds
26 Scotton James WATT Head Wid 32 general labourer Scotton
    Ann WATT Daughter   12 scholar Scotton
    John WATT Son   10 scholar Scotton
    William WATT Son   8 scholar Scotton
    Isaac WATT Son   6 scholar Scotton
    Thomas WATT Son   3   Scotton
27 Scotton John BAYNES Head M 56 railway platelayer Ripon
    Eliza BAYNES Wife M 46   Bradford
    Sarah BAYNES Daughter U 18 flax mill worker Scotton
    William BAYNES Son U 16 flax mill worker Scotton
    Thomas BAYNES Son   13 flax mill worker Brearton
    Richard BAYNES Son   11 scholar Mickley
    Mary BAYNES Daughter   9 scholar Nidd
    Ann BAYNES Daughter   8 scholar Nidd
    Jane BAYNES Daughter   4   Dacre Banks
    Eliza BAYNES Daughter   1   Scotton
28 Scotton Matthew HANNAM Head M 55 grocer & provision dealer Bridgehouse Gate
    Isabella HANNAM Wife M 52   Scotton
    Isabella Florence HANNAM Grd daughter   7 scholar Scotton
29 Scotton Frederick MORLAND Head M 31 farmer Ferrensby
    Emma Amelia MORLAND Wife M 32   Brearton
    Emma MORRELL Step daughter   9 scholar Scotton
    Maria MORRELL Step daughter   6 scholar Scotton
    Serena Ingham MORRELL Step daughter   4   Scotton
    Stephen MORRELL Step son   2   Scotton
    Amelia MORLAND Daughter   8 mths   Scotton
    Emma DIXON Servant U 16 domestic servant Tadcaster
30 Scotton Elizabeth WILKINSON Head Wid 75 retired farmer's widow Brearton
    Jane Annie FAWCETT Visitor U 20 companion Knaresborough
31 Scotton Stephen WELLS Head M 61 farmer of 39 acres North Stainley
    Ann WELLS Wife M 64   Knaresborough
    Stephen WELLS Son U 23 farmer's son Galphay
    Harriet WELLS Daughter U 26 farmer's daughter Galphay
32 Scotton William SWAINSTON Head M 36 rope maker Ripon
    Phillis SWAINSTON Wife M 36   High Bishopside
    Francis SWAINSTON Son   11 scholar Hartwith
    Jane Annie SWAINSTON Daughter   6 scholar Ripon
    Polly SWAINSTON Daughter   5 scholar Hartwith
    Alice SWAINSTON Daughter   3   Hartwith
    Charlotte SWAINSTON Daughter   1   Scotton
    Joseph BENTLEY Boarder M 50 flax & hemp dresser Pateley Bridge
33 Scotton Thomas HARDCASTLE Head M 54 agr labourer Nidd
    Jane HARDCASTLE Wife M 51   Hutton Conyers
    Joseph HARDCASTLE Son U 19 agr labourer Scotton
    William ALMOND Lodger M 64 agr labourer Scotton
34 Scotton John BODDY Head M 40 retired grocer & provision dealer Ingerthorpe
    Lucy BODDY Wife M 45   Halifax
    Lucy Ann BODDY Daughter   13 scholar Leeds
    Eleanor Sarah BODDY Daughter   11 scholar Leeds
    Florence Arabella BODDY Daughter   9 scholar LAN Blackpool
    Barnard BODDY Father Wid 80 retired corn miller Bishop Thornton
35 George IV Inn James HAW Head M 62 farmer of 26 acres Leeds
    Helen HAW Wife M 52   Kirkby Malzeard
    Martha HAW Daughter   13 farmer's daughter Holme on Spalding Moor
36 Scotton Simon GOODRICK Head M 34 farmer of 47 acres employing 1 man Eccup
    Julia GOODRICK Wife M 39   Bedale
    Ellen GOODRICK Daughter   14 farmer's daughter Leeds
    Edward GOODRICK Son   11 scholar Leeds
    James GOODRICK Son   8 scholar Scotton
    Annie GOODRICK Daughter   6 scholar Scotton
    Mary GOODRICK Daughter   4 scholar Scotton
    Simpson REYNARD Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Darley
37 Scotton William GELDARD Head M 39 agr labourer Scotton
    Eliza GELDARD Wife M 29   Collingham
    Emma GELDARD Daughter   4 scholar Scotton
    Robert William GELDARD Son   3   Scotton
    Sidney John GELDARD Son   1   Scotton
38 Scotton Hannah BROADBELT Head Wid 43 agr labourer Scotton
    Herbert BROADBELT Son   12 scholar Scotton
    Ada Beatrice BROADBELT Daughter   10 scholar Scotton
39 Scotton William BARKER Head M 50 farmer of 200 acres employing 3 boys Ferrensby
    Frances BARKER Wife M 55   Aldborough
    William ELLIS Nephew U 18 indoor farm servant Knaresborough
    Albert DEIGHTON Servant U 17 indoor farm servant DUR Sunderland
    William BUCKLE Servant U 18 indoor farm servant Knaresborough
    Mary OUTHWAITE Servant U 16 domestic servant Knaresborough
40 Scotton Joseph FAWCETT Head M 31 joiner Scotton
    Martha FAWCETT Wife M 24   Knaresborough
    Mary Emma FAWCETT Daughter   2   Scriven
    William FAWCETT Son   6 mths   Scotton
41 Scotton Christiana HOLMES Head Wid 48 charwoman Scotton
    Frances HOLMES Daughter U 21 domestic servant Scotton
    Henry HOLMES Grd son   1 mth   Knaresborough
42 Scotton Hall William THACKRAY Head M 50 farmer of 150 acres employing family Walshford
    Hannah THACKRAY Wife M 44   Staveley
    William Dickinson THACKRAY Son U 19 farmer's son Scotton
    Elizabeth THACKRAY Daughter U 18 farmer's daughter Scotton
    Isabella THACKRAY Daughter U 16 farmer's daughter Scotton
    Richard Fletcher THACKRAY Son   12 scholar Scotton
    Eleanor Tabitha THACKRAY Daughter   10 scholar Scotton
    Joseph THACKRAY Son   7 scholar Scotton
    Richard DICKINSON Father in law Wid 80 retired farmer Bishop Monkton
43 Scotton Thomas KING Head M 40 joiner & carpenter Markington
    Sarah Ann KING Wife M 30 dressmaker Scotton
    Sarah Hannah KING Daughter   7 scholar Scotton
    Isa KING Daughter   3   Scotton
44 Scotton William BICKERDIKE Head M 66 farmer of 8 acres Kirby Hill
    Mary Acomb BICKERDIKE Wife M 61   Rustwick
    Mary Jane BICKERDIKE Daughter U 20 farmer's daughter Kirby Hill
    John Butler MITCHELL Lodger U 49 M.A. Cambridge & vicar of Farnham KEN Woolwich
45 Scotton Jane THACKRAY Head Wid 44 charwoman Halifax
    Charles THACKRAY Son   12 scholar Scotton
    Mary Jane THACKRAY Daughter   8 scholar Scotton
    Sarah THACKRAY Daughter   6 scholar Scotton
    George WISBY Visitor U 21 farm servant ESS Myland
46 Scotton John THACKRAY Head M 70 blacksmith Scotton
    Isabella THACKRAY Wife M 70   Scotton
    James THACKRAY Son U 27 blacksmith Scotton
    Ellen THACKRAY Grd daughter U 22 employed at home Scotton
47 Scotton Thomas THACKRAY Head M 68 agr labourer Scotton
    Sarah THACKRAY Wife M 66 charwoman NBL Newcastle upon Tyne
48 Scotton Ann ALMOND Head U 57 charwoman Scotton
    Tamar RILEY Boarder U 37 unemployed domestic servant Horsforth
49 Scotton William HANNAM Head M 30 stonemason Scotton
    Louisa HANNAM Wife M 23   WAR Hatton
    Matthew Buckley HANNAM Son   1   Scotton
50 Bay Horse Inn William THORPE Head M 32 innkeeper & farmer of 8 acres Lumby
    Francis Anne THORPE Wife M 26   Shadwell
    John Edwin THORPE Son   3   Northallerton
    Arthur THORPE Son   10 mths   Scotton
51 Scotton Eliza McDOWELL Head Wid 56 housekeeper IRL Belfast
    Ann Jane WILSON Daughter M 33 hemp mill worker IRL Belfast
    William McDOWELL Son U 16 hemp mill worker HAM Aldershot
    John William WILSON Grd son   1   Clifford
52 Scotton Jane FEASBY Head Wid 57 housekeeper Darley
    Sarah BAYBUTT Daughter Wid 34 hemp mill worker Shaw Mills
    Jane Margaret BAYBUTT Grd daughter   15 hemp mill worker Clifford
    Joseph BAYBUTT Grd son   14 hemp mill worker Clifford
    Thomas BAYBUTT Grd son   12 hemp mill worker Clifford
    Alvinia BAYBUTT Grd daughter   5 scholar Clifford
    Alfred BAYBUTT Grd son   3   Clifford
53 Scotton Simon BUCKLE Head M 37 butcher Scotton
    Jane BUCKLE Wife M 46   Scotton
    Walter BUCKLE Son   13 scholar Scotton
    Jane Annie BUCKLE Daughter   11 scholar Scotton
54 Scotton Ann ALMOND Head M 79 no occupation - former flax mill worker Scotton
    Joseph SCAIFE Brother Wid 68 agr labourer Scotton
    William SCAIFE Nephew U 22 general labourer Scotton
55 Star Inn Theophilus BURTON Head Wid 68 innkeeper NTT North Leverton
    Walter BURTON Son M 29 stonemason NTT North Leverton
    Ann BURTON Daughter in law M 33   NTT North Leverton
    Mary Ellen BURTON Grd daughter   5 scholar Scotton
    Ida BURTON Grd daughter   2   Scotton
56 Scotton Jonathan CLEMMIE Head U 40 general labourer Scotton
57 Scotton Mary THACKRAY Head U 57 retired ladies maid Scotton
    Mary Hannah THACKRAY Niece   14 scholar Scotton
58 Scotton John JOHNSON Head M 46 farmer & publican Scotton
    Mary JOHNSON Wife M 40 farmer's wife Scotton
    David Briggs JOHNSON Son U 20 butcher Scotton
    Mary Maria JOHNSON Daughter   8 scholar Scotton
    Louisa JOHNSON Daughter   1   Scotton
59 Scotton - Preston House John DENNISON Head M 50 farmer of 30 acres Warsill
    Esther DENNISON Wife M 50   Galphay
60 Scotton - Preston Bottoms John JOY Head M 58 farmer of 130 acres employing own family & 1 man Scotton
    Elizabeth JOY Wife M 68   North Ferriby
    Arthur KING Step son U 34 farmer's son Knaresborough
    Robert JOY Son U 23 farmer's son Scotton
    John JOY Son U 22 farmer's son Scotton
    Charles HODGSON Servant U 60 agr labourer Harrogate
61 Scotton - Lingerfield House Walter SPINK Head M 43 farmer of 8 acres Scotton
    Mary Ann SPINK Wife M 28 farmer's wife Knaresborough
    Mary Ellen SPINK Daughter   11 mths   Scotton
    Henry SPINK Lodger U 55 farm labourer Scotton
62 Scotton - Lambershill House Ambrose MORRELL Head M 55 farmer of 60 acres employing own family Farnham
    Charlotte MORRELL Wife M 55   Monk Burton
    John Thomas MORRELL Son U 17 farmer's son Farnham
    Ambrose MORRELL Son   15 farmer's son Farnham
63 Scotton - Crosspass House Mary FAWCETT Head Wid 70 farmer of 17 acres Knaresborough
64 Scotton Elijah WAITE Head M 58 farmer of 24 acres Knaresborough
    Rosa WAITE Wife M 48   Knaresborough
    Elizabeth WAITE Daughter U 21 farmer's daughter Knaresborough
    Joseph WAITE Son U 20 farmer's son Knaresborough
    Annie WAITE Daughter   13 scholar Knaresborough
    Arthur WAITE Son   12 scholar Knaresborough
    Clara WAITE Daughter   6 scholar Knaresborough
65 Scotton - Bleach Works Mary MUSCHAMP Head U 72 farmer of 11 acres Harrogate
    George INMAN Nephew U 54 unemployed bleacher Harrogate
    Thomas INMAN Nephew Wid 45 unemployed bleacher Scotton
    Thomas INMAN Grt nephew   5 scholar Brearton
66 Scotton - School House John Thomas PULLAN Head M 45 elementary schoolteacher Leeds
    Isabella PULLAN Wife M 35 sewing mistress Farnham
    John Thomas PULLAN Son   3 scholar Scotton
    William Edmund PULLAN Son   1   Scotton
67 Scotton Josiah PALMER Head M 60 small farmer & gardener SFK Gislingham
    Mary Ann PALMER Wife M 64   NFK Mellis