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Stonebeck Down Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census for Stonebeck Down is covered by film RG 11/4313. The census was carried out around the 3rd April. The district contained 331 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

78 Raygill House Mark HARRISON Head U 29 farmer Raygill House
    Mary HARRISON mother Wid 67   Gouthwaite
    Peter METCALFE serv   14 indoor farm servant Hilton
79 Raygill House William PICKARD Head M 59 farmer The Riggs
    Mary PICKARD wife M 57   West Burton
    Rose M PICKARD dau U 20   Raygill House
    William R PICKARD son   14   Raygill House
    Leonard CHAPMAN serv U 45 indoor farm servant Coverhead
    John DUNN lodger U 26 gamekeeper Allerton
80 Colt House John CLARK Head M 65 farmer Fountains Earth
    Ellen CLARK wife M 61   Winksley
    John CLARK son U 25 farmer's son Biggin Grange
    Thomas CLARK son U 20 farmer's son Biggin Grange
81 Colt House Stephen ATKINSON Head M 64 farmer Colt House
    Ann ATKINSON wife M 65   Heathfield
    Ann ATKINSON dau U 32   Colt House
    Mary Alice SIMPSON grd dau   3   Colville House
    James GILL serv U 25 indoor farm servant Wath
82 Gouthwaite Hall Miles VERITY Head M 56 farmer Middlesmoor
    Hannah VERITY wife M 44   Middlesmoor
    Miles VERITY son U 17 farmer's son Longside
    William VERITY son   15 farmer's son Longside
    Thomas VERITY son   13   Longside
    Robert VERITY son   8   Longside
    Isabella VERITY dau   5   Longside
    Julia SCAIFE serv U 18 domestic servant Dacre
83 Gouthwaite Hall Peter WEATHERHEAD Head M 55 farmer Gouthwaite
    Susannah WEATHERHEAD M   48   Gargrave
    John W WEATHERHEAD son U 22 farmer's son Gouthwaite
    Rathmel WEATHERHEAD son U 21 farmer's son Gouthwaite
    Mary WEATHERHEAD dau   15   Gouthwaite
    Ann WEATHERHEAD dau   11   Gouthwaite
    Jane WEATHERHEAD son   10   Gouthwaite
    Peter WEATHERHEAD son   6   Gouthwaite
84 Gouthwaite Hall William HANNAM Head M * farmer of 112 acres Pateley Bridge
    Mary HANNAM wife M 39   Ramsgill
    William HANNAM son   12   Pateley Bridge
    Robert HANNAM son   10   Pateley Bridge
    Eleanor HANNAM dau   9   Pateley Bridge
    Emanuel HANNAM son   6   Pateley Bridge
    William WHITE serv U 26 agr labourer Heathfield
85 Stripe Head Farm Joseph CARLING Head M 41 farmer of 136 acres Limley
    Hannah CARLING wife M 37   Leeds
    John CARLING son   11   Wath
    Thomas CARLING son   9   Stripe Head
    Arthur CARLING son   6   Stripe Head
    Robert CARLING son   4   Stripe Head
    Ann PULLEN serv U 21 general servant Braithwaite
86 Ivy House Isaac FRYER Head M 37 farmer of 82 acres Sawley
    Elizabeth FRYER wife M 32   Ferensby
    George M GARNER serv U 19 indoor farm servant *
    Mary E SPENCE serv   14 domestic servant Heathfield
87 Corn Close Thomas HARTLEY Head M 48 farmer of 58 acres Fellbeck
    Elizabeth HARTLEY wife M 41   Grayston
    Eliza E HARTLEY dau U 23   Grayston
    Mary J HARTLEY dau U 17   Shipley
    Sarah E HARTLEY dau   7   Corn Close
    Emma A HARTLEY dau   3   Corn Close
    John HARTLEY father Wid 83   Sykes House
    George MALLERBY serv U 40 agr labourer Mickley
88 Heathfield Smelt Mill Thomas MOOR Head M 54 lead smelter Heathfield
    Sarah A MOOR wife M     Leeds
    Jane LOFTHOUSE mother Wid 73   Masham
89 Heathfield Smelt Mill Robert FRYER Head M 40 road repairer Ashfold Side
    Betty FRYER wife M 33   Yeadon
    Sarah FRYER dau   12   Low Wood
    Thomas FRYER son   10   Heathfield Smelt Mill
    Robert FRYER son   5   Heathfield Smelt Mill
    Jane FRYER dau   2   Heathfield Smelt Mill
    Isaac FRYER son   1 mth   Heathfield Smelt Mill
90 Heathfield Smelt Mill William MOOR Head M 27 lead smelter Heathfield
    Sarah MOOR wife M 24   Yeadon
91 Heathfield Smelt Mill Robert MOOR Head M 44 lead smelter Heathfield
    Margaret MOOR wife M 50   Fellbeck
    Albert MOOR son   12   Heathfield Smelt Mill
    Joseph MOOR son   10   Heathfield Smelt Mill
    Ellen MOOR dau   10   Heathfield Smelt Mill
92 Spring House Mary LAYFIELD Head M 53 farmer of 7 acres Wath
    George E LAYFIELD son   13   West Darley
    Clara P LAYFIELD dau   10   Menwith cum Darley
    John W LAYFIELD son   6   Spring House
    William LAYFIELD nephew U 26 indoor farm servant Helperby
94 Farfield House Joseph BEECROFT Head M 35 farmer of 120 acres Heathfield
    Mary BEECROFT wife M 32   Heathfield
    George BEECROFT son   5   Heathfield
    Sarah A BEECROFT dau   5   Heathfield
    Mary A MOOR serv   15 domestic servant Heathfield Smelt Mill
    James METCALFE serv U 18 indoor farm servant Middlesmoor
95 Ashfold Side William VERITY Head M 56 farmer of 76 acres Heathfield
    Elizabeth VERITY wife M 63   Ashfoled Side
96 Gill Heads William RICHMOND Head M 71 farmer of 29 acres Wilsill
    Sarah RICHMOND wife M 44   Dacre
    John W RICHMOND son   6   Gill Heads
97 Merryfield Thomas RICHMOND Head M 67 farmer of 105 acres Pateley Bridge
    Jane RICHMOND wife M 66   Broughton
    Robinson RICHMOND son U 39 lead miner Bewerley
    Elizabeth RICHMOND dau U 21   Merryfield
    James NEWBOULD serv u 25 farm servant Thruscross
98 Highfield Sarah MYERS Head U 29 farmer of 231 acres Heathfield
    Rose MYERS sister U 38 domestic servant Heathfield
    Myers BEECROFT nephew   8   Heathfield
    Richard WAITE serv U 60 indoor farm servant Dallowgill
    John WAITE serv U 18 indoor farm servant Heathfield
    John ATKINSON boarder U 29 farmer Colt House
99 Heathfield Thomas VERITY Head M 26 general labourer Ramsgill
    Mary VERITY wife M 25   Middlesmoor
    William VERITY son   3   Lofthouse
    Kate E VERITY dau   2   Heathfield
    Sarah A VERITY dau   1 mth   Heathfield
    Thomas RAYNER visitor M 24 stonemason Middlesmoor
    Mary E RAYNER lodger M 23 schoolmistress DUR West Hartlepool
100 Heathfield Thomas RICHMOND Head M 29 farm labourer Stonebeck Down
    Sarah A RICHMOND wife M 26   BRK Kimpley
101 Heathfield George GIBSON Head M 26 stonemason Scarborough
    Martha GIBSON wife M 30   Heathfield
    George W GIBSON son   3   Heathfield
    Walter GIBSON son   4 days   Heathfield
    Lucy JEFFERSON visitor M 24   Pateley Bridge
    Emma JEFFERSON visitor's dau   9 mths   Pateley Bridge
102 Heathfield James MOOR Head M 49 lead smelter Heathfield
    Susannah MOOR wife M 47   Bridgehouse Gate
    Susan MOOR dau   14   Heathfield
    Jane MOOR dau   10 scholar Heathfield
103 Heathfield William MOOR Head M 42 lead smelter Heathfield
    Jane MOOR wife M 39   Pateley Bridge
    Elizabeth MOOR dau   10   Heathfield Smelt Mill
    Emma MOOR dau   8   Heathfield Smelt Mill
104 Heathfield Emanuel HANNAM Head M 36 gamekeeper Colt House
    Ann HANNAM wife M 38   Lofthouse
    Emanuel HANNAM son   7   Heathfield
    Mary HANNAM dau   6   Heathfield
    James W HANNAM son   4   Heathfield
    William BECK boarder U 30 shepherd Lofthouse
105 Heathfield Jane VERITY Head Wid 46 farmer of 9 acres Bewerley
    Margaret MOOR visitor   13   Heathfield
106 Spring Hill Simon MOOR Head M 56 farmer of 70 acres Spring Hill
    Miriam MOOR wife M 50   Heathfield
    William MOOR son U 23 farmer's son Spring Hill
    Edmund MOOR son U 16 farmer's son Spring Hill
    Simon MOOR son   9 scholar Spring Hill
    Mary NEWBOULD serv U 20 domestic servant Dacre
107 Heathfield Thomas MOOR Head M 21 lead smelter Pateley Bridge
    Thirza MOOR wife M 19   Spring Hill
    Mary MOOR dau   3 weeks   Heathfield
108 Pie Gill William WILKINSON Head M 64 woodman Ramsgill
    Ann WILKINSON wife M 60   Ashwood Side
    John WILKINSON father M 91 retired farmer Raygill House
    Hannah WILKINSON mother M 91   Masham
    Sarah WILKINSON niece   14   Prescot
109 West Wood Farm John BEECROFT Head M 43 farmer of 9 acres Heathfield
    Betty BEECROFT wife M 41   Middlesmoor
    John BEECROFT son U 21 farmer's son Middlesmoor
    Elizabeth BEECROFT dau U 20 dressmaker Wath
    Mary E HOLGATE niece   4   Guiseley
110 Quarry House Thomas MOOR Head M 29 farmer of 60 acres Heathfield
    Ellen MOOR wife M 22   Heathfield
    Maggie MOOR dau   2   *
111 Ramsgill Vicarage Thomas POWELL Head M 34 M.A.Cambs. & vicar of Ramsgill Hutton Magna
    Clara M POWELL wife M 24 vicar's wife SOM Norton Malreward
    Ethel Mary POWELL dau   3   CON Probus
    John POWELL son   1   CON Probus
    Arthur Robert POWELL son   5 mths   CON Probus
    Richmond E HARDING wife's cousin U 17 scholar & servant Ireland
    Hannah MARSHALL serv U 21 general domestic servant Greenhow Hill
    Maud R MARTIN serv U 21 children's nurse CON St. Neots
112 Ramsgill George THACKERY Head M 53 butcher & farmer Ramsgill
    Ann THACKERY wife M 47 farmer's wife West House
    Sarah Ann THACKERY dau U 20 dressmaker Ramsgill
    James THACKERY son U 18 farmer's son Ramsgill
    Harriet THACKERY dau   6 scholar Ramsgill
    John William THACKERY son   2   Ramsgill
113 Ramsgill James THACKERY Head M 62 farmer of 61 acres Ramsgill
    Betty THACKERY wife M 53 farmer's wife Holm House
    Elizabeth THACKERY sister U 48   Ramsgill
    James THACKERY son U 33 indoor farm servant Ramsgill
114 Ramsgill Robert HANNAM Head Wid 65 farmer of 27 acres Heathfield
    Betty HARKER dau M 22 housekeeper Ramsgill
    Ellen HANNAM dau U 20 servant Ramsgill
    John HARKER son in law M 23 indoor farm servant Grassington
115 Ramsgill   Richard ROBSON Head M 58 certificated schoolmaster Thornton
    Jane ROBSON wife M 46 teacher HAM Brockenhurst
    Francis ROBSON son U 19 employed at home Hull
    Jenvey R ROBSON son   12 scholar Bugthorpe
116 Ramsgill George WATSON Head M 39 farmer of 28 acres Ramsgill
    Mary Ann WATSON wife M 42 farmer's wife Spennithorne
    Godfrey WATSON son son 6 scholar Ellingstring
117 Ramsgill ' Yorke Arms James HARKER Head M 52 farmer & innkeeper Grassington
    Martha HARKER wife M 53 farmer's wife Grassington
    Hannah HARKER dau U 21 farmer's dau Grassington
    James HARKER son   15 farmer's son Grassington
    William HARKER son   13 scholar Grassington
    Joseph HARDWICK serv M 26 horse breaker Guiseley
118 Ramsgill William URWIN Head M 52 farmer & grocer Ramsgill
    Alice URWIN wife M 48 farmer's wife Bouthwaite
120 Ramsgill Orlando ATKINSON Head M 39 house carpenter Kirby
    Martha ATKINSON wife M 36 carpenter's wife Ramsgill
    Jane Elizabeth ATKINSON dau   12 scholar Ramsgill
    Mary ATKINSON dau   11 scholar Ramsgill
    Ada ATKINSON dau   6 scholar Ramsgill
    Frederick ROBSON apprentice U 18 carpenter's apprentice Hull
    Thomas HORNER lodger U 77 annuitant Middleham
    Maria WATSON cousin   15   Clint
121 Ramsgill William THACKERY Head M 60 unemployed blacksmith Ramsgill
    Harriet THACKERY wife M 60   Ramsgill
    Robert THACKERY lodger U 22 unemployed carpenter Ramsgill
122 Ramsgill William THACKERY Head M 33 woodman ' labourer Kirby
    Hannah THACKERY wife M 32   Colt House
    John Robert THACKERY son   9 scholar Ramsgill
    Annie THACKERY dau   7 scholar Ramsgill
    Margaret THACKERY dau   5 scholar Ramsgill
    William E THACKERY son   3   Ramsgill
123 Ramsgill John BROWN Head M 45 police officer Guiseley
    Jane BROWN wife M 44   Scotland
    Charles LEADBEATER visitor M 43 currier Otley
    Frederick LEADBEATER visitor U 38 tanner Otley
124 Ramsgill Jane SUTTILL Head Wid 61 farmer & miller Stonebeck Down
    John SUTTILL son U 27 corn miller Stonebeck Down
    David SUTTILL son U 25 farmer's son Stonebeck Down
    George SUTTILL son U 24 farmer's son Stonebeck Down
    Jane Ann SUTTILL dau U 23 farmer's dau Stonebeck Down
125 Ramsgill Ann CLARK Head Wid 50 farmer of 100 acres Pateley Bridge
    Francis CLARK son U 22 farmer's son Ramsgill
    Edmund CLARK son U 22 farmer's son Ramsgill
    Ann CLARK sister in law U 61   Wath
126 Ramsgill ' Grindstone Hill House Alfred LOCKWOOD Head M 31 gamekeeper NFK Croxton
    Mary LOCKWOOD wife M 27   Ramsgill
    Harry LOCKWOOD son   7 scholar Ramsgill
    Kate LOCKWOOD dau   5 scholar Ramsgill
    Joseph LOCKWOOD son   4   Ramsgill
    Martha LOCKWOOD dau   2   Ramsgill
    Jesse LOCKWOOD dau   5 mths   Ramsgill
127 West House Joseph VERITY Head M 63 farmer of 46 acres Ramsgill
    Elizabeth VERITY wife M 58 farmer's wife Witton
    William VERITY son U 26 farmer's son Ramsgill
    Hannah VERITY dau U 20 farmer's dau Ramsgill
128 West House John BECK Head U 45 joint farmer of 119 acres Stonebeck Down
    Thomas BECK brother U 42 joint farmer of 119 acres Stonebeck Down
    Sarah BECK mother Wid 70 annuitant Stonebeck Down
    Hannah BECK sister U 33 housekeeper Stonebeck Down
    Margaret HAMMELL serv U 21 servant Arkleside in Coverdale
    Thomas CLARK serv U 17 indoor farm servant Low Bishopside
129 Blayshaw John HAWKIN Head M 39 farm labourer Lofthouse
    Anna HAWKIN wife M 39   Dallowgill
    Alice HAWKIN dau   15 scholar Blayshaw
    Annie HAWKIN dau   11 scholar Blayshaw
    Eliza HAWKIN dau   7 scholar Blayshaw
    John Willis HAWKIN son   4   Blayshaw
130 Blayshaw Jacob WALKER Head M 52 farmer of 68 acres Blayshaw
    Judith WALKER wife M 51 farmer's wife Lofthouse
    Anne WALKER dau U 24   Blayshaw
    John WALKER son U 19 farmer's son Blayshaw
    Jane WALKER dau   14 scholar Blayshaw
    Matthew WALKER son   9 scholar Blayshaw
131 Moor House Francis FOSTER Head M 59 farmer of 407 acres Middlesmoor
    Elizabeth FOSTER wife M 52 farmer's wife Fellbeck
    William FOSTER son U 28 farmer's son Middlesmoor
    Robert FOSTER son U 26 farmer's son Middlesmoor
    Annie FOSTER dau U 22 farmer's dau Middlesmoor
    Florence FOSTER dau   15 farmer's dau Middlesmoor
    Cecilia FOSTER dau   13 scholar Middlesmoor
    Fannie FOSTER dau   11 scholar Middlesmoor
    Jane FOSTER dau   7 scholar Middlesmoor
    Alice Maud PETTYT serv U 24 governess SFK Mildenhall
    George METCALFE serv U 23 indoor farm servant Middlesmoor
    Maria FRYER serv U 54 general domestic servant Pateley Bridge
132 Stean John SUTTILL Head M 52 farmer of 24 acres Studfold
    Mary SUTTILL wife M 47 farmer's wife Carlton
    Ann SUTTILL dau U 22 farmer's dau Middlesmoor
    George SUTTILL son   8 scholar Stean
133 Stean William HARRISON Head M 32 farmer of 58 acres Fountains Earth
    Jane HARRISON wife M 32 farmer's wife Middlesmoor
    William HARRISON son   4   Stean
    David HARRISON son   7 mths   Stean
    William CALDBECK serv U 16 indoor farm servant Kirby Newland
134 Stean John RIDER Head U 65 retired farmer Stonebeck Down
135 Stean Matthew VERITY Head M 62 farmer of 8 acres Stonebeck Down
    Mary Ann VERITY dau U 17 farmer's dau Stonebeck Down
136 Stean William MAWER Head M 64 farmer of 30 acres Stonebeck Up
    Esther MAWER wife M 53 farmer's wife Stonebeck Down
    Grace THACKERY dau Wid 24 farmer's dau Fountains Easth
    John MAWER son   15 farmer's son Stonebeck Down
    George William THACKERY grd son   3   Keighley
    Harriet Ann THACKERY grd dau   2   Stonebeck Down
137 Stean John William MOOR Head M 25 farmer of 60 acres Pateley Bridge
    Alice MOOR wife M 24 farmer's wife Stonebeck Down
    Moses REYNARD serv U 20 indoor farm servant Birstwith
139 Stean Thomas WEATHERHEAD Head U 30 farmer of 127 acres Stean
    William WEATHERHEAD father M 74 retired farmer Longside
    Jane WEATHERHEAD mother M 65   The Riggs
    Dorothy WEATHERHEAD sister U 27 employed at home Stean
    Peter HANLEY serv U 19 indoor farm servant New Close
    Isabel PALEY serv   15 domestic servant Dallowgill
    Christopher DIXON lodger U 22 unoccupied boarder WES
140 Stean - Well House Richard MAWER Head M 48 farmer of 134 acres Middlesmoor
    Jane MAWER wife M 38 farmer's wife Coverham
    Homer MAWER son U 19 farmer's son Stonebeck Down
    Thomas MAWER son U 17 farmer's son Stonebeck Down
    Herbert R MAWER son   6 scholar Stonebeck Down
    Anne E MAWER dau   3   Stonebeck Down
    Ernest M MAWER son   10 scholar Stonebeck Down
    Martha SPENCE serv U 19 domestic servnt Carlton
141 Whitbeck James SPENCE Head M 58 farmer of 25 acres Coverdale
    Catherine SPENCE wife M 47 farmer's wife Stonebeck Down
    John SPENCE son   15 farmer's son Stonebeck Down
    Ellen SPENCE dau   13 scholar Hubhill
    James SPENCE son   10 scholar Hubhill
142 Studfold James PEACOCK Head M 38 lead mine agent & farmer Redmire
    Judith PEACOCK wife M 38   Redmire
    George R PEACOCK son   12 scholar Redmire
    Edmund PEACOCK son   11 scholar Redmire
    Ann PEACOCK dau   8 scholar Redmire
    Jane E PEACOCK dau   7 scholar Redmire
    John PEACOCK son   4   Redmire
143 Studfold Henry BARRETT Head M 26 gamekeeper Hornby
    Jane BARRETT wife M 29   Bewerley
    Mary E BARRETT dau   9 mths   Middlesmoor
144 Studfold Elias WOODRUP Head M 61 farmer of 43 acres Lofthouse
    Elizabeth WOODRUP M   46 farmer's wife West Houses
    Sarah WOODRUP dau   13 scholar Lofthouse
145 Studfold William VERITY Head U 29 farmer of 100 acres Stonebeck Down
    Ann VERITY mother M 51   Fountains Earth
    Jane VERITY sister U 19 farmer's dau Stonebeck Down
146 Whitbeck William EGLIN Head M 26 carpenter employing 1 man Middlesmoor
    Agnes M EGLIN wife M 27   LAN
    Lucy F EGLIN dau   1 mth   Middlesmoor
    Mark HAWKIN journeyman U 20 carpenter's journeyman Middlesmoor
147 Stean William FRYER Head M 38 lead miner Heathfield
    Ann FRYER wife M 38   Moorhouse
    Joseph FRYER son   14 scholar Ashwood Side
    Martha FRYER dau   8 scholar Pateley Bridge
    Samuel FRYER son   4   Greenhow Hill