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Stonebeck Up Census Returns 1881

The 1881 census Stonebeck Up is covered by film RG 11/4313 Folios 1-10. The census was carried out around the 3rd April. The district contained 283 people on the day the census. The data is presented here in its original order.

1 Stean Valley - Halfway House George WILKINSON Head M 37 farmer of 505 acres   Lofthouse
    Emily WILKINSON Wife M 29     Kettlesing
    John W WILKINSON Son   8 scholar   Keighley
    Edith M WILKINSON Daughter   4     Lofthouse
    May WILKINSON Daughter   1     Stonebeck Up
2 Stean Valley - Hazel Close Ellen EGLIN Head Wid 50 farmer of 217 acres   Stonebeck Down
    Thomas EGLIN Son M 30 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth EGLIN Dau in law M 32     Stonebeck Up
    Mary Jane EGLIN Grd dau   3     Kirkby Malham
    John EGLIN Son U 28 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    Hanley EGLIN Son U 21 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    Benson EGLIN Son U 19 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    Mary Ellen EGLIN Daughter U 16 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
3 Stean Valley - Rusoce Robert MAWER Head M 47 farmer of 102 acres   Middlesmoor
    Hannah MAWER Wife M 44     Thornborough
    Elizabeth MAWER Daughter U 18     Stonebeck Down
    Albert MAWER Son   9 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Eli MAWER Son   6 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    William AKERS Lodger U 79 annuitant deaf & dumb Stonebeck Down
4 Stean Valley - Intake Farm Esther MAWER Head Wid 62 farmer of 11 acres   Stonebeck Down
5 Stean Valley - Low Riggs Matthew VERITY Head U 37 farmer of 252 acres   Middlesmoor
    Judith BUSFIELD Servant U 37 general domestic servant   West Burton
    Thomas LAYFIELD Servant U 23 indoor farm servant   Helperby
6 Stean Valley - High Riggs Thomas VERITY Head Wid 72 joint farmer of 285 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Peter VERITY Brother U 70 joint farmer of 285 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Thomas VERITY Son U 34 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth L VERITY Daughter U 27 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
    Dorothy PALEY Servant   13 general servant   Laverton
    Albert LAYFIELD Servant U 20 indoor farm servant   Darley
7 Stean Valley - Armathwaite John MAWER Head M 43 farmer of 847 acres   Middlesmoor
    Margaret MAWER Wife M 44     Middlsmoor
    Thomas MAWER Son U 22 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    William MAWER Son U 22 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    Mary Jane MAWER Daughter U 17 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
    Richard MAWER Son   10 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Jonathan MAWER Son   8 scholar   Middlesmoor
8 Scar House George MAWER Head M 61 farmer of 5515 acres   Middlesmoor
    Dorothy MAWER Wife M 59     Scrafton
    Matthew MAWER Son U 27 farmer's son   Stonebeck Down
    Mary MAWER Daughter U 18 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Down
    William FRYER Servant U 48 indoor farm servant   Stonebeck Down
9 Pry House William MOOR Head M 28 farmer of 70 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Jane MOOR Wife M 29     Leeds
10 Heathen Carr Thomas SIMPSON Head M 35 farmer of 332 acres   Carlton
    Margaret SIMPSON Wife M 36     Leyburn Moor
    Mary SIMPSON Daughter   9     Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth SIMPSON Daughter   7     Stonebeck Up
    Jane SIMPSON Daughter   5     Stonebeck Up
    Richard SIMPSON Son   4     Stonebeck Up
    Hannah SIMPSON Daughter   2     Stonebeck Up
    Edward SIMPSON Son   1     Stonebeck Up
    Margaret SIMPSON Daughter   3w     Stonebeck Up
    John BAINES Servant U 37 indoor farm servant   Aysgarth
11 Heathen Carr John VERITY Head U 35 joint farmer of 560 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Matthew VERITY Brother U 33 joint farmer of 560 acres   Stonebeck Up
    William VERITY Brother U 27 joint farmer of 560 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Jane CLARK Sister M 26 joint farmer of 560 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Mary Anne CLARK Niece   9 mths     Stonebeck Up
12 Angram Anthony HORNER Head M 63 farmer of 1600 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Ann HORNER Wife M 63     Stonebeck Up
    Anthony HORNER Son U 28 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    John BECKWITH Servant U 26 indoor farm servant   Carlton Highdale
    William BELL Servant U 23 indoor farm servant   Swaledale
    Joseph JOWETT Servant U - - indoor farm servant   Horsehouse
    Hannah ROBINSON Servant U 18 general domestic servant   Ilton cum Pott
13 West Houses William BANKS Head M 34 agr labourer   Carlton Highdale
    Elizabeth BANKS Wife M 32     Bedale
    William BANKS Son   11     Carlton Highdale
    John BANKS Son   9     Stonebeck Up
    Hammond BANKS Son   7     Carlton Highdale
    George BANKS Son   5     Stonebeck Up
    James BANKS Son   3     Stonebeck Up
    Margaret BANKS Daughter   1     Stonebeck Up
14 West Houses George HORNER Head M 28 farmer of 38 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Sarah Alice HORNER Wife M 34     Carlton Highdale
    Hannah HORNER Daughter   3     Stonebeck Up
    Annie HORNER Daughter   2     Stonebeck Up
    Richard Horner HORNER Son   2m     Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth HOWELL Servant   11 general domestic servant   Healey
16 Upper Stonebeck Richard ALLEN Head U 48 farmer of 889 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Sarah MOOR Servant Wid 65 domestic housekeeper   Stonebeck Up
    Ann MOOR Servant U 26 general servant   Stonebeck Up
    Elias HARRISON Servant U 22 indoor farm servant   Fountains Earth
    John MALLABY Servant U 16 indoor farm servant   Caldbergh
18 Upper Stonebeck John VERITY Head M 51 farmer of 776 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth VERITY Wife M 47     Fountains Earth
    Thomas V VERITY Son U 16 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    James VERITY Son   13 scholar   Stonebeck Up
19 High Woodale Esther THOMPSON Head Wid 74 farmer of 498 acres   Lofthouse
    Simon THOMPSON Son U 43 farmer's son   Stonebeck Up
    Mary THOMPSON Daughter U 41 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth THOMPSON Daughter U 38 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
    Matthew THOMPSON Brother in law M 68 indoor farm servant   Stonebeck Down
20 Middle Woodale John WOODRUP Head M 41 farmer of 250 acres   Middlesmoor
    Judith WOODRUP Wife M 43     Horsehouse
    John THOMPSON Servant U 32 indoor farm servant   Middlesmoor
21 Low Woodale Elias WOODRUP Head M 43 farmer of 250 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Jane WOODRUP Wife M 40     Stonebeck Up
    Mary Ann WOODRUP Daughter   6     Stonebeck Up
    Margaret WOODRUP Daughter   4     Stonebeck Up
    Sarah KIRKBRIGHT Visitor U 40 charwoman   Lofthouse
    George WOODRUP Servant U 18 indoor farm servant   Stonebeck Up
22 Low Woodale Thomas KIRKLEY Head M 65 farmer of 227 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Jane KIRKLEY Wife M 61     Middlesmoor
    George KIRKLEY Son U 24 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    Ann KIRKLEY Daughter U 23 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
    Joseph KIRKLEY Son U 21 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    Jane R KIRKLEY Grd dau   6     Kirkby Malham
    Thomas KIRKLEY Grd son   2     Kirkby Malham
23 New Houses Edge Robert KIRKLEY Head M 29 farmer of 420 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth KIRKLEY Wife M 31     Bishopdale
    Margaret KIRKLEY Daughter   3     Walden cum Burton
    Jane Dent KIRKLEY Daughter   1     Stonebeck Up
    Thomas DOLPHIN Servant U 19 indoor farm servant   Stonebeck Up
    Jane Ann MAWER Servant   14 general domestic servant   Kirkby Malzeard
25 New Houses Edge Thomas MAWER Head M 42 farmer of 128 acres   Fountains Earth
    Jane MAWER Wife M 37     Stonebeck Up
    Martha MAWER Daughter   9 scholar   Masham
    Paley MAWER Son   6 scholar   Masham
26 New Houses Edge Ann PALEY Head Wid 62 annuitant   Stonebeck Up
27 Summerstone Lodge Robert LOBLEY Head M 57 farmer of 80 acres   Preston
    Mary LOBLEY Wife M 51     Well
29 Upper Stonebeck Margaret DOLPHIN Head Wid 76 annuitant   Stonebeck Up
30 Upper Stonebeck Christopher STOTT Head U 42 stone waller & mason   Stonebeck Up
    Jane STOTT Mother Wid 67 domestic housekeeper   Wensley
    Elizabeth STOTT Sister U 44     Stonebeck Up
    James W LAMBERT Boarder   3     Stonebeck Up
    Mary Ann LAMBERT Visitor U 22 general domestic servant   Bellerby
31 Upper Stonebeck William DOLPHIN Head M 38 farmer of 1465 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Dinah DOLPHIN Wife M 35     Stonebeck Up
    Hannah DOLPHIN Daughter   13 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Margaret Ann DOLPHIN Daughter   10 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Mary Jane DOLPHIN Daughter   8 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    John William DOLPHIN Son   5     Stonebeck Up
    Emily Dinah DOLPHIN Daughter   3     Stonebeck Up
    Hetty DOLPHIN Daughter   1     Stonebeck Up
32 Haver Close Felix SAYER Head M 33 farmer of 1945 acres   Bishopdale
    Ann SAYER Wife M 34     Walden cum Burton
    Mary SAYER Daughter   7 scholar   Walden cum Burton
    Ann SAYER Daughter   5     Thoralby
    Jane SAYER Daughter   3     Stonebeck Up
    John SAYER Son   8 mths     Stonebeck Up
33 Limley Farm William CARLING Head Wid 47 farmer of 150 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Mary CARLING Daughter   14 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Jane CARLING Daughter   12 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Ellen CARLING Daughter   10 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    John William CARLING Son   8 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Emma CARLING Daughter   3     Stonebeck Up
    Margaret HUTCHINSON Servant U 36 general domestic servant   Healey
    Ellen VERITY Visitor U 33 annuitant   Stonebeck Up
34 Limley Farm George RHODES Head M 49 farmer of 1125 acres   Middlesmoor
    Jane RHODES Wife M 46     Thornton Watlass
    Hannah Jane RHODES Daughter   15 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
    Annie RHODES Daughter   15 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
    Thomas LONGSTAFF Servant U 18 indoor farm servant   Carthorpe
    Louisa LONGSTAFF Servant U 18 general domestic servant   Thornton Watlass
35 Howgill Robert WOODRUP Head M 42 gamekeeper   Stonebeck Up
    Mary WOODRUP Wife M 41     Roecliffe
    Mary WOODRUP Daughter   8 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Richard WOODRUP Son   6     Stonebeck Up
    Elias WOODRUP Son   2     Stonebeck Up
36 North Side Head John WILSON Head M 33 farmer of 100 acres   Carlton Highdale
    Jane WILSON Wife M 32     Stonebeck Up
    Richard WILSON Son   3 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Isabella WILSON Daughter   1     Stonebeck Up
    Jane Ann WILSON Daughter   1 mth     Stonebeck Up
    Martha A MAWER Visitor   14 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
37 North Side Head Joseph KIRKLEY Head M 69 retired farmer   Middlesmoor
    Margaret KIRKLEY Wife M 56     Fountains Earth
38 North Side Matthew RHODES Head M 60 farmer of 36 acres   Middlesmoor
    Margaret RHODES Wife M 50     Carlton Highdale
    Margaret RHODES Daughter U 20 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
    James RHODES Son U 17 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    Matthew RHODES Son   14 scholar   Middlesmoor
    George RHODES Son   11 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Mary Hannah RHODES Daughter   7 scholar   Middlesmoor
39 Middlesmoor Richard LEE Head M 36 joiner & builder   Middlesmoor
    Hannah LEE Wife M 33     Stonebeck Up
    Lawson LEE Son   9 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Jane LEE Daughter   3     Middlesmoor
    James LEE Son   1     Middlesmoor
    Roger RAYNER Boarder Wid 61 joiner's journeyman   Calton
40 Middlesmoor John HAMMELL Head Wid 47 lead miner   West Burton
    Ellen HAMMELL Daughter   14     Carlton Highdale
    Mary Ann HAMMELL Daughter   13 scholar   Middlesmoor
41 Middlesmoor Richard Shaw LEE Head Wid 69 woodman   Middlesmoor
    Martha E LEE Daughter U 38 general domestic servant   Middlesmoor
    James MUDD Grd son U 21 joiner's journeyman   Masham
42 Middlesmoor William MAWER Head Wid 76 retired farmer   Littondale
43 Middlesmoor Charles BROWES Head M 51 tailor   *
    Sarah BROWES Wife M 55     Kirkby Malzeard
    Jane BROWES Daughter U 18     Kirkby Malzeard
    Charles E BROWES Son   11 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Annie BROWES Grd dau   2     Middlesmoor
44 Middlesmoor Ann RAYNER Head U 65 annuitant   Middlesmoor
45 Middlesmoor John CARLING Head M 49 innkeeper & farmer of 65 acres   Middlesmoor
    Mercy CARLING Wife M 58     Middlesmoor
    Ann Rayner CARLING Daughter U 25 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
    Mercy Body CARLING Daughter U 23 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
    John Thomas CARLING Son U 20 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    William CARLING Son U 18 farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    Jane Verity CARLING Daughter   13 farmer's dau   Middlesmoor
47 Middlesmoor John VERITY Head M 63 blacksmith   Middlesmoor
    Mary VERITY Wife M 67     Stonebeck Up
    Mary MAWER Daughter M 20     Stonebeck Up
    John MAWER Son in law M 21 farmer's son   Stonebeck Down
48 Middlesmoor Catherine RYDER Head Wid 58 innkeeper & grocer   Middlesmoor
    Thomas RYDER Son U 25 assistant at home & farmer's son   Middlesmoor
    Septimus Wood RYDER Son U 19 assistant at home & farmer's son   Middlesmoor
49 Middlesmoor William FOSTER Head M 43 farmer of 4675 acres   Middlesmoor
    Mary FOSTER Wife M 35     Stonebeck Up
    Jane FOSTER Sister U 48 annuitant   Middlesmoor
    Herbert R RYDER Boarder U * former lieutenant in Kerry Regiment   India Bombay
    Hammond BANKS Servant U 23 indoor farm servant   Carlton Highdale
    William BANKS Servant U 46 indoor farm servant   Carlton Highdale
    Elizabeth HAMMOND Servant U 18 general domestic servant   Carlton Highdale
50 Middlesmoor Ann FOSTER Head Wid 88 annuitant   Fountains Earth
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Daughter M 47 visiting farmer's wife   Fountains Earth
    Sarah SCAIFE Servant U 28 general domestic servant   Dacre
54 Middlesmoor Thomas BROCKELL Head M 33 shepherd   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth BROCKELL Wife M 29     Lofthouse
    Thomas BROCKELL Son   4 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    William BROCKELL Son   7 mths     Middlesmoor
56 Middlesmoor Jane BROWN Head Wid 67 annuitant   Middlesmoor
57 Middlesmoor Thomas BROWN Head M 44 joiner & farmer of 12 acres   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth BROWN Wife M 42     Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth BROWN Daughter   11 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Jane BROWN Daughter U 21 farmer's dau   Stonebeck Up
    Francis BROWN Son   9 scholar   Stonebeck Up
    Thomas R BROWN Son   5 scholar   Stonebeck Up
58 Middlesmoor Ann BUTTERFIELD Head Wid 72 charwoman   Scrafton
    David BUTTERFIELD Son U 37 shoemaker   Scrafton
59 Middlesmoor Mary DOLPHIN Head Wid 60 annuitant   Stonebeck Down
    Joseph DOLPHIN Son U 37 coal miner   Stonebeck Up
    Thomas DOLPHIN Son U 28 coal miner   Stonebeck Up
    James DOLPHIN Son U 24 coal miner   Stonebeck Up
    Ann DOLPHIN Daughter U 16     Stonebeck Up
60 Middlesmoor Jane IVESON Head M 29 shepherd's wife   Carlton Highdale
    Ann IVESON Daughter   2     Middlesmoor
61 Middlesmoor George SUTTILL Head M 64 farmer of 17 acres   Stonebeck Down
    Dorothy SUTTILL Wife M 65     Bewerley
62 Middlesmoor Mary METCALFE Head U 20 dressmaker   Middlesmoor
63 Middlesmoor Abraham BUTTERFIELD Head M 27 coal miner   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth BUTTERFIELD Wife M 23     Carlton Highdale
64 Middlesmoor Edward CLARK Head M 50 schoolteacher   Leeds
    Mary H CLARK Wife M 55     Leeds
65 Middlesmoor Mary BECKWITH Head Wid 84 charwoman   Stonebeck Up
66 Middlesmoor Joseph MOOR Head M 60 agr labourer   Healey
    Isabella MOOR Wife M 66     Stonebeck Down
67 Middlesmoor William SIMPSON Head Wid 84 sexton   Middlesmoor
68 Middlesmoor Matthew BROWN Head M 55 coal miner & farmer of 12 acres   Lofthouse
    Ann BROWN Wife M 56     Stonebeck Down
    George BROWN Son M 29 coal miner   Middlesmoor
    Sarah Jane BROWN Dau in law M 26     Crook
    Dorothy Ann BROWN Grd dau   1     Middlesmoor
    Lavinia BROWN Grd dau   1 mth     Middlesmoor
69 Middlesmoor Joseph MAWER Head M 65 retired farmer   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth MAWER Wife M 66     Stonebeck Up
    Charles MAWER Grd son   10 scholar   Carlton Highdale
71 Middlesmoor John SIMPSON Head M 83 pauper & former coal miner   Middlesmoor
    Mary SIMPSON Wife M 72     *
72 Middlesmoor Francis RAYNER Head U 65 lodging housekeeper   Carlton Highdale
    Thomas LOFTHOUSE Boarder U 58 agr labourer   Carlton Highdale
73 Middlesmoor Matthew DOLPHIN Head M 41 former coal miner Blind Stonebeck Up
    Esther DOLPHIN Wife M 35     Carlton Highdale
    Mary DOLPHIN Daughter   11 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Robert DOLPHIN Son   10 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Jane DOLPHIN Daughter   8 scholar   Middlesmoor
    George DOLPHIN Son   6 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Martha E DOLPHIN Daughter   4     Middlesmoor
    William H DOLPHIN Son   1     Middlesmoor
74 Middlesmoor Mark STOTT Head M 74 pauper & former agr labourer   Stonebeck Up
    Elizabeth STOTT Wife M 68     Bellerby
75 Middlesmoor William METCALFE Head Wid 44 cordwainer   Grewelthorpe
    John William METCALFE Son   12 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Mary Elizabeth METCALFE Daughter   9 scholar   Middlesmoor
    Martha METCALFE Sister U * domestic housekeeper   Grewelthorpe
    William WAINWRIGHT Apprentice U 17 apprentice cordwainer   Leeds
76 Middlesmoor William RAYNER Head M 66 agr labourer   Horsehouse
    Elizabeth RAYNER Wife M 57     Aysgarth
    Peter RAYNER Son U 26 agr labourer   Stonebeck Up
    James RAYNER Son   12 scholar   Middlesmoor
77 Middlesmoor - Dead Mans Hill Francis PEARSON Head U * unemployed railway platelayer   Seacroft