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Thruscross Census Returns 1881

The district of Thruscross contained 313 people on the day of the census.
The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

1 Low Mill JEFFERY John Head M 33 boot & shoemaker Thruscross
    JEFFERY Annie E Wife M 33   Kettlewell
    POUNDER Enoch Nephew   8 scholar Greenhow Hill
2 Low Mill HEATON John Head M 51 lead miner Greenhow Hill
    HEATON Sarah Wife M 47   Greenhow Hill
    HEATON Elizabeth Daughter U 24 carder at twine factory Greenhow Hill
    HEATON Thomas Son U 19 lead miner Greenhow Hill
    HEATON James Son U 16 scutcher at twine factory Thruscross
    HEATON Mary J Daughter   14 uneomployed nurse Thruscross
    HEATON Eliza Daughter   10 scholar Thruscross
    HEATON George HH Son   7 scholar Thruscross
3 Low Mill HANNAM Rachel Head Wid 30 annuitant Thruscross
    HANNAM Isaac Son   8 scholar Thruscross
    HANNAM Walter Son   7 scholar Thruscross
    HANNAM Jessie Daughter   2   Thruscross
    IMESON Joseph E Visitor U 25 stationary engine tenter LAN Preston
    IMESON Charles W Visitor U 18 mechanic LAN Preston
4 Low Mill WINN Sarah Head Wid 61 annuitant Birstwith
    WINN Joseph S Son U 17 lead miner & twine finisher Leeds
    WINN William W Son U 16 general labourer Haverah Park
    PULLAN Ada Grd daughter   1   Blubberhouses
5 Low Mill GILL Margaret Head Wid 56 hemp spinner & twine manufacturer employing 33 hands & farmer of 14 acres Dacre
    GILL John William Son U 29 flax spinning & weaving machine mechanic Thornthwaite
    GILL Mary J Daughter U 26   Hartwith
    GILL Joseph Son U 24 twine factory manager Hartwith
    GILL Harry Son U 22 farmer's son Hartwith
    GILL Alice Daughter U 19   Hartwith
    GILL Isabella Daughter U 17   Hartwith
    HOUSEMAN Tibby Mother Wid 80 annuitant Dacre
6 Low Mill - Grocer's Shop JEFFERY Sarah Head Wid 76 grocer Thruscross
    JEFFERY Godfrey Son M 56 joiner Fewston
7 Low Mill TOWERS Matthew Head M 45 farmer of 10 acres Newall with Clifton
    TOWERS Hannah E Wife M 42   Thruscross
    TOWERS Annie Daughter   15 farmer's daughter Thruscross
    TOWERS Charles Son   11 scholar Thruscross
    TOWERS Henrietta Daughter   7 scholar Thruscross
    TOWERS Harry Son   3   Thruscross
    TOWERS Alfred Son   10 mths   Thruscross
8 Low Mill MYERS Nancy Head Wid 81 annuitant Thruscross
9 Low Mill SMITHSON Edith Head Wid 81 former charowman Middleham
    SMITHSON Hannah Daughter U 30 twine factory worker Kettlewell
10 Low Mill SHEPHERD Jesse P Head M 25 mason's labourer Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Ellen Wife M 25   Stonebeck Down
    SHEPHERD John W Son   1   Thruscross
    IMESON Elizabeth Visitor M 51 housekeeper Lan
    GARNER Mary A Visitor U 22 weaver Lancs
    IMESON Sarah E Visitor   14 scholar Lancs
11 Mogington MYERS Matthew Head M 58 cattle dealer Nidderdale
    MYERS Hannah Wife M 52   Thornthwaite
    MYERS Sarah Daughter U 24 twine mill spinner Thruscross
    MYERS Elizabeth Daughter U 19 twine mill carder Thruscross
12 Mogington SMITH John Head Wid 74 plumber & glazier Hazlewood
    SMITH Jane Daughter M 38 housekeeper Pateley Bridge
    SMITH Sarah A Daughter U 36 twine mill factory hand Thruscross
    SMITH John W Grd son   12 twine packer Thruscross
    SMITH James Grd son   9 scholar Thruscross
    SMITH Margaret A Grd daughter   3 mths   Thruscross
13 Mogington PULLAN Margaret Head Wid 58   Thruscross
    PULLAN Susannah Daughter U 36   Thruscross
    PULLAN Jane Daughter U 33 twine mill rover Thruscross
    PULLAN Fred Grd son   4   Thruscross
    BLAKEY Mary A Daughter in law M 28 boarder Thruscross
    BLAKEY Lavinia Grd daughter   5 mths   Thruscross
14 West End WILSON Ephraim Head M 63 farmer of 12 acres Thruscross
    WILSON Sarah Wife M 67   Thruscross
15 Cockber PEEL Samuel Head M 55 joiner & farmer of 16 acres Thruscross
    PEEL Rebecca Wife M 47   Hampsthwaite
    HOUSEMAN Eliza Step daughter   13 scholar Hampsthwaite
    HOUSEMAN Betsy MM Step daughter   11 scholar Hampsthwaite
    DAVIDSON Elizabeth Boarder wid 53 housekeeper Darley
16 West End HOLMES Thomas Head M 38 stone carter Kettlesing
    HOLMES Mary Wife M 40   Idle
    HOLMES Amos Son   13 scholar Otley
    HOLMES Charles Son   8 scholar Otley
    HOLMES John Son   6 scholar Otley
    HOLMES Emily Daughter   2   Otley
17 Redshaw Hall GILL Jane Head Wid 59 farmer of 110 acres Bewerley
    HOLMES Lister Son in law M 25 unemployed farm labourer Fewston
    HOLMES Ann Daughter M 26 dressmaker Thruscross
    GILL Hannah Daughter U 24 dressmaker Thruscross
    GILL Jane Daughter U 21 dressmaker Thruscross
    HARKER Harriet Niece U 53 domestic servant Bewerley
18 Greystones BROWN John C Head M 36 farmer of 28 acres Linton
    BROWN Jane Wife M 30   Thruscross
    BROWN Ellen J Daughter   7 scholar Linton
    BROWN Mary A Daughter   5   Linton
    BROWN John E Son   3   Thruscross
    BROWN Jane Daughter   1   Thruscross
19 Craddock House SHEPHERD George Head M 60 farmer of 29 acres Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Nancy Wife M 50   Thruscross
    SHEPHERD William Son U 26 general labourer Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Mary JE Daughter U 19 dairymaid Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Samuel Son U 17 indoor farm labourer Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Annie Daughter   7 scholar Thruscross
20 Breaks Fold MYERS William Head M 33 farmer of 34 acres Thruscross
    MYERS Jane Wife M 28   Knaresborough
21 Breaks Fold GARTH Elijah M Head M 41 shoemaker Thruscross
    GARTH Isabella Wife M 38   Burley
    GARTH John Son   13 indoor farm labourer Thruscross
    GARTH Jane E Daughter   12 scholar Thruscross
    GARTH Esther A Daughter   10 scholar Thruscross
    GARTH Charlotte Boarder U 54 annuitant Thruscross
22 Broadshaw RIDSDALE William Head M 40 farmer of 44 acres Blubberhouses
    RIDSDALE Isabella Wife M 29   Settle
    RIDSDALE Hannah Daughter   6 scholar Thruscross
    RIDSDALE Martha M Daughter   3   Thruscross
    RIDSDALE Mary J Daughter   1   Thruscross
    MAUDE Benjamin Father Wid 64 son's partner Blubberhouses
23 Burnt House BAUMER George Head M 60 farmer of 320 acres Rathmell
    BAUMER Mary A Wife M 50   Clapham
    BAUMER William Son U 17 farmer's son Thruscross
    BAUMER Emanuel Son   12 scholar Thruscross
    BAUMER Frederick Son   10 scholar Thruscross
    BAUMER Elizabeth H Daughter   9 scholar Thruscross
    BAUMER Samuel Son   6 scholar Thruscross
24 Spittle Ings HODGSON John Head M 40 shepherd Yks
    HODGSON Margaret Wife M 32   Yks
    HODGSON Jane Daughter   11 scholar Yks
    HODGSON Margaret Daughter   9 scholar Yks
    HODGSON Ann Daughter   7 scholar Yks
    HODGSON Anthony Son   5 scholar Yks
    HODGSON Richard Son   3   Yks
    HODGSON Mary Daughter   1   Yks
    REDMAYNE John Servant U 17 shepherd's servant Yks
25 Hard Ing THOMPSON Alfred T Head M 36 farmer of 40 acres Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Alice Wife M 32   Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Jane Daughter   12 scholar Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Ada H Daughter   10 scholar Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Eli Son   9 scholar Hazlewood
    THOMPSON William Son   8 scholar Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Florence Daughter   7 scholar Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Fred C Son   5 scholar Hazlewood
    THOMPSON Elizabeth Daughter   2   Hazlewood
26 Bramley Head SEDGWICK John Head Wid 73 farmer of 119 acres employing 2 labourers Barden
    RISPEN Mary J Servant U 19 dairymaid Fridaythorpe
    NELSON John Servant U 17 indoor farm servant Dacre
    EMSLEY George Boarder U 61 tea dealer Thruscross
27 Brae House MYERS Robert Head Wid 57 gamekeeper & farmer of 78 acres Thruscross
    MYERS Mary A Daughter U 29 farmer's daughter Thruscross
    MYERS Robert T Son U 27 farmer's son Thruscross
    MYERS Ellen E Daughter U 24 farmer's daughter Thruscross
28 Bullace House METCALFE John Head M 23 farmer of 83 acres Thruscross
    METCALFE Margaret A Wife M 27   Thruscross
    METCALFE Polly Daughter   4   Thruscross
    METCALFE William J Son   2   Thruscross
    METCALFE Hannah Mother in law Wid 62 annuitant Thruscross
    TOWERS Stephen T Servant U 22 indoor farm servant Thruscross
29 Garth Crook SHELDON Peter Head M 57 gamekeeper & farmer of 50 acres Beamsley
    SHELDON Ellen Wife M 58   Skipton
    SHELDON Robert Son U 21 farmer's son Hazlewood
30 Hare Slack NEWBOULD Anthony Head M 31 farm labourer Thornthwaite
    NEWBOULD Ann E Wife M 24   Thruscross
31 Lane Head SEDGWICK William Head M 65 farmer of 32 acres Bolton Abbey
    SEDGWICK Nanny Wife M 57   Thruscross
32 Brace Croft BROWN William R Head M 28 farmer of 37 acres Hebden
    BROWN Elizabeth A Wife M 24   Thruscross
    BROWN John Son   2   Thruscross
    BROWN Thomas Son   7 mths   Thruscross
    HANNAM John Boarder U 51 farm labourer Thruscross
    QUINN Francis Visitor U 40 quarry excavator Knaresborough
33 Lane Bottom HANNAM James Head M 38 farmer of 76 acres Thruscross
    HANNAM Alice Wife M 34   Thruscross
    HANNAM Isaac Son   7 scholar Thruscross
    HANNAM Enoch Son   2   Thruscross
    HANNAM Annie Daughter   9 mths   Thruscross
    NEWBOULD Ann Visitor Wid 62 retired farmer Greenhow Hill
    NEWBOULD Jane H Visitor   13 scholar Thruscross
34 Hollins House ABBOTT William Head M 61 farmer of 27 acres Darley
    ABBOTT Sarah Wife M 58   Thruscross
    ABBOTT Joseph Son U 17 farmer's son Thornthwaite
    BUCKLE William Lodger U 60 retired farmer Thruscross
35 Hollins House NEWBOULD William Head M 40 farmer of 7 acres Thornthwaite
    NEWBOULD Ann Wife M 39   Fellbeck
    NEWBOULD Ellen Daughter U 16 twine mill carder Wilsill
    NEWBOULD Harriet Daughter   13 scholar Thruscross
    NEWBOULD Sarah A Daughter   6 scholar Thruscross
    NEWBOULD Robert Son   6 scholar Thruscross
    NEWBOULD William Son   5   Thruscross
    NEWBOULD John T Son   3   Thruscross
    NEWBOULD Enoch Son   1   Thruscross
36 Zions House HANNAM William Head M 49 farmer of 17 acres Thruscross
    HANNAM Pamela Wife M 33 farmer's wife Middleham
    HANNAM Hannah Daughter   12 scholar Thruscross
    HANNAM Ada Daughter   7 scholar Thruscross
    HANNAM Annie Daughter   4 scholar Thruscross
    HANNAM Clara Daughter   3   Thruscross
    HANNAM Emly Daughter   1   Thruscross
37 Duke Hill LAYCOCK William S Head M 59 farmer of 29 acres Silsden
    LAYCOCK Margaret Wife M 55   Thornthwaite
    LAYCOCK Robert H Son   11 scholar Thruscross
    MALONEY Anthony Boarder U 20 stone cutter Otley
38 Peat Hill NEWALL Joseph Head U 69 farmer of 40 acres Horton in Craven
39 Clogger Lane Head NELSON Peter Head M 58 farmer of 10 acres Dacre
    NELSON Hamutal Wife M 56   Thruscross
    NELSON John T Son U 17 farmer's son Thruscross
    NELSON Mary J Daughter   15 farmer's daughter Thruscross
    NELSON Elizabeth A Daughter   10 scholar Thruscross
40 Duke Lane SHEPHERD Ann Head Wid 75 annuitant Skipton
41 Whinney Hill GARTH Jane Head Wid 72 farmer of 50 acres Thruscross
    GARTH Anthony Son U 49 farmer's son Thruscross
    GARTH Richard Son U 47 farmer's son Thruscross
42 Rocking School SIMPSON William Head M 46 schoolmaster Bewerley
    SIMPSON Hannah Wife M 42   Masham
    SIMPSON Jane Hannah Daughter U 20   Bewerley
    SIMPSON William Henry Son U 19 twine mill factory hand Thruscross
    SIMPSON Arnold Son U 17 twine mill factory hand Thruscross
    SIMPSON Joseph C Son   15 scholar Thruscross
    SIMPSON Alice A Daughter   13 scholar Thruscross
    SIMPSON John W Son   10 scholar Thruscross
    SIMPSON George M Son   5 scholar Thruscross
    SIMPSON Mercy M Daughter   2   Thruscross
    SIMPSON Maud M Daughter   2 mths   Thruscross
43 Low Syke GILL William Head M 56 farmer of 41 acres Langbar
    GILL Maria Wife M 60   Silsden
44 Hobson City ABBOTT Thomas Head Wid 53 farmer of 17 acres Thruscross
    ABBOTT Mary A Daughter U 23 farmer's dau Thruscross
    ABBOTT Joseph Son U 22 farmer's son Thruscross
45 Hobson City - Grocer's Shop SHEPHERD John Head M 52 greengrocer Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Jane Wife M 66   Fewston
    SHEPHERD Stephen F Son U 24 master tailor Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Jane Daughter U 26 twine packer Thruscross
46 Cowas Hill HORSMAN Simon Head M 32 farm labourer Thruscross
    HORSMAN Rose A Wife M 29   Thruscross
    HORSMAN Margaret H Daughter   7 scholar Thruscross
    HORSMAN Christopher Son   5 scholar Thruscross
    HORSMAN Mary A Daughter   3   Thruscross
    HORSMAN Isabella Daughter   3 weeks   Thruscross
47 Cowas Hill HARDISTY Dinah Head Wid 78 housekeeper Thruscross
    HARDISTY Charles Son U 46 general labourer Thruscross
48 Gibb House DUNWELL Miles Head Wid 62 farmer of 40 acres Blubberhouses
    DUNWELL Hannah Daughter U 21 farmer's daughter Thruscross
49 Low Green NELSON William Head M 25 farm labourer Thruscross
    NELSON Mary Wife M 20   Thornthwaite
    NELSON Frank Son   12 days   Thornthwaite
50 Low Green PRESTON Thomas Head M 34 master stonemason employing 1 labourer Clifford cum Boston
    PRESTON Emma Wife M 35 dressmaker Thruscross
    PRESTON Albert Son   5 scholar Thruscross
    PULLAN Annie M Step daughter   13 scholar Thruscross
51 Holmefield House VERITY Thomas Head M 44 farmer of 500 acres Kirkby Malzeard
    VERITY Mary Wife M 45   Kirkby Malzeard
    VERITY Mary Daughter U 20 farmer's daughter Kirkby Malzeard
    VERITY Thomas Son U 18 farmer's son Kirkby Malzeard
    VERITY John Son U 17 farmer's son Kirkby Malzeard
    VERITY Annie Daughter   15 farmer's daughter Kirkby Malzeard
    RIDSDALE Robert Servant U 25 indoor farm servant Thruscross
52 Thruscross Green DUNWELL Isaac Head M 40 farmer of 28 acres Thruscross
    DUNWELL Elizabeth Wife M 39   Askwith
    DUNWELL Robert Son   10 scholar Thruscross
    DUNWELL Suannah Daughter   9 scholar Thruscross
53 Thruscross Green RHODES James Head Wid 54 farmer of 24 acres Masham
    RHODES Annie Niece U 20 housekeeper Richmond
    WHITAKER Sarah Mother in law Wid 88 annuitant Bewerley
54 Thruscross Green MIDDLETON Robert Head M 65 farmer of 33 acres Yks
    MIDDLETON Elizabeth Wife M 62   Manningham
    MIDDLETON Sarah Daughter U 30 spinner at hemp factory Manningham
    FOSTER - MIDDLETON Albert Adopted son   8 scholar Manningham
    LEACH Thomas Visitor M 54 farm labourer Cullingworth
55 Thruscross Green PULLAN William Head M 33 farmer of 32 acres Padside
    PULLAN Harriet Wife M 32   The Lodge
    PULLAN Emma Daughter   9 scholar Middlesmoor
    PULLAN Elizabeth Daughter   8 scholar LAN Manchester
    PULLAN Susannah Daughter   3   Thruscross
    PULLAN Ada Daughter   4 mths   Thruscross
56 Thruscross Green BLAKEY Jane Head M 21 stone cutter's wife Hampsthwaite
    BLAKEY Arthur Son   12 scholar Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Fred Son   11 scholar Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Mary A Daughter   9 scholar Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Alphonso J Son   7 scholar Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Stephen Son   5   Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Mark Son   3   Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Francis P Son   8 mths   Thruscross
57 Thruscross Green WIGGLESWORTH Robert Head Wid 76 farmer of 58 acres employing 1 man Lancs
    WIGGLESWORTH James Son M 41 farmer's son Thruscross
    WIGGLESWORTH Ann Daughter in law M 38   Thornthwaite
    WIGGLESWORTH Robert Grd son   5   Thruscross
    WIGGLESWORTH William H Grd son   5 mths   Thruscross
    HERRINGTON Thomas Servant Wid 52 indoor farm servant Scotton
58 Stone House Inn PEEL Jesse Head M 42 innkeeper & farmer of 21 acres Fewston
    PEEL Sarah E Wife M 39   Fewston
    PEEL Annie M Daughter U 17   Fewston
    PEEL Samuel Son   15 scholar DUR Stockton on Tees
    PEEL John Son   11 scholar Thruscross
    PEEL Robert Son   9 scholar Thruscross
    PEEL Fred Son   7 scholar Thruscross
    PEEL Francis P Son   6 scholar Thruscross
    PEEL Jessie Daughter   2   Thruscross
    PEEL Sarah J Daughter   2 mths   Thruscross
59 Ratten Row MYERS William Head Wid 52 farmer of 77 acres Darley
    MYERS Mary Daughter U 16   Darley
    MYERS John W Son   8 scholar Thruscross
60 Ratten Row WIGGLESWORTH John P Head M 35 farmer of 18 acres Thruscross
    WIGGLESWORTH Ellen Wife M 32   Rigton
    WIGGLESWORTH Susannah P Daughter   4   Rigton
    WIGGLESWORTH Mary E Daughter   1   Thruscross
61 Ratten Row DUNWELL Myers Head U 29 tailor & farmer of 18 acres Thruscross
    DUNWELL William Brother U 27 brother's partner Thruscross
62 Ratten Row HORSEMAN Christopher Head U 22 blacksmith Thruscross
    HORSEMAN George Brother U 20 blacksmith's apprentice Thruscross
    HORSEMAN Margaret Sister U 17 housekeeper Thruscross
63 Ratten Row ATKINSON Robert Head Wid 67 boot & shoemaker Thornthwaite
    ATKINSON Elizabeth Daughter U 42 housekeeper Thruscross
    ATKINSON Henry Son U 34 boot & shoemaker Thruscross
64 Gate Inn PEEL John Head M 45 innkeeper & farmer of 57 acres Thruscross
    PEEL Ann Wife M 53   Thruscross
    PEEL Sarah Daughter U 23 farmer's daughter Thruscross
    PEEL James A Son U 18 farmer's son Thruscross
    PEEL George A Son U 16 farmer's son Thruscross
    PEEL Abraham Son   13 scholar Thruscross
    PEEL Joseph Son   8 scholar Thruscross
    PEARSON William Boarder U 45 retired farmer Dacre
65 Scott Lane EMSLEY John Head M 62 grover & farmer of 7.5 acres Thornthwaite
    EMSLEY Ellen Wife M 54   Thruscross
    PULLAN Ada Grd daughter   13 scholar Thornthwaite