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Fellescliffe & Kettlesing Census Returns 1911

The 1911 Census of Fellescliffe is covered by film RG 14/25936, ED 31. The Census was carried out by enumerator Claude Harold Hare-Gill and contains 321 persons. The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

The whole of the Civil Parish of Felliscliffe:

Swincliffe, Swincliffe Top, Graystone Plain, Pond House Farm, Long Lane, West Syke Green, Crag Lane, Water Hall, Paradise Row, Prospect House & Terrace, Summer House, Hareville, Kettlesing, Kettlesing Head & Bottom, Cold Cotes, Fang Beck House, White Hall, Staupes, Crag Hall, Almshouses, Holly Bank, Cote Syke, High Moor Farm, Quarry Farm, Swincliffe Side Farm, Hampsthwaite House, West Syke Farm, The Knabs.

1 Hareville Kettlesing Birstwith HARE-GILL William Head W 75 Farmer Felliscliffe
    HARE-GILL Florence Lilian Daughter S 46   Felliscliffe
2 Crag Lane MANNS George Head M 55 Farmer Standish Gloucestershire
    MANNS Jane Wife M 30 y 56   Oweston Leicestershire
    KNAPTON Thomas Boarder   14 School Harrogate
3 Almshouse No 1 BROOKE Jane Head W 78   Nidd Bridge
4 No 2 Crag Lane BALMFORTH Susannah Head S 79   Leeds
5 No 3 Crag Lane SMITH Mrs.       (away from home)  
6 No 4 Crag Lane PEARSON William Head M 80   Clint
    PEARSON Eliza Wife M 3 y 62   Armley
7 No 5 Crag Lane FENTEMAN Ann Head W 85   Beaghall
8 Crag Lane WALKER Thomas Head M 40 Farmer Darly
    WALKER Elizabeth Wife M 18 y 39 Farmers Wife Dacre
    WALKER Joseph Earnest Son S 17 Working on Farm Felliscliffe
    WALKER Isabella Niece S 15 Working on Farm Birstwith
9 Crag Lane GILL Abram Head S 42 Farm Labour Felliscliffe
    GILL William Brother S 43 Farm Labour Felliscliffe
    WALMSLEY Christiana Half Sister S 60 House Keeper Felliscliffe
10 Crag Lane SPENSLEY Simon Head M 61 Farmer Carperby
    SPENSLEY Thomas Metcalfe Son S 22 Farm Work Tullis Cote
    SPENSLEY Bertha Daughter S 19 Dairy Work Tullis Cote
    SPENSLEY Ethel Daughter S 15 Dairy Work Boudley Hale
    SPENSLEY Grace Daughter S 12 School Broughton Copy
11 White Wall HARDCASTLE John E Head M 45 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    HARDCASTLE Elizabeth Wife M 24 y 45 Assisting in the Business Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Aaron Son S 24 Working on Farm Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Annie Daughter S 22 Dairy Work Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Harry Son S 20 Working on Farm Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Ambrose B Son S 18 Working on Farm Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Alice Daughter S 17 Dairy Work Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Pollie Daughter   14 Dairy Work Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE John Son   13 School Felliscliffe
    HARDCASTLE Allan Grandson   3   Felliscliffe
12 White Wall WALKER Francis Head W 55 Farmer Ripon
    WALKER James Son S 24 Working on Farm Harrogate
    WALKER Thomas Son S 22 Working on Farm Harrogate
    WALKER Bertie Son S 20 Working on Farm Harrogate
    WALKER Arthur Assistant   14 School Harrogate
13 Fang Beck DAVIDSON Lupton Head M 49 Farmer Felliscliffe
    DAVIDSON Sarah Wife M 30 y 48   Felliscliffe
    DAVIDSON Fred Son S 19 Home Felliscliffe
    DAVIDSON Nellie Daughter S 17   Felliscliffe
14 West View No 1 BLAKEBOROUGH Edwin Head M 40 Grocers Managers Pateley Bridge
    BLAKEBOROUGH Annie Elizabeth Wife M 2 y 26   Clifton with Norwood
    BLAKEBOROUGH Cyril Edwin Son   2   Felliscliffe
15 West View No 2 BOSOMWORTH Mrs.       (away from home)  
16 West View No 3 BENTLEY Arthur Head M 48 Butcher Pateley Bridge
    BENTLEY Edith Lillian Wife M 12 y 37   Pateley Bridge
    BENTLEY Mary Daughter   10 School Minskip
    BENTLEY Dorothy Daughter   7   Fellbeck
    BENTLEY Margaret Daughter   5   Fellbeck
    BENTLEY John Son   2   Fellbeck
    BENTLEY Infant under one month   0   Felliscliffe
    SPENSLEY Elizabeth   M 29 y 54 Friendly Nurse Preston under Scar
17 West View No 4 LAWFORD Robert Head M 31 Grocers Waggoner Saddleworth
    LAWFORD Ellen Wife M 11 y 31   Norwood
    LAWFORD Fred Son   10 School  
    LAWFORD Mary Daughter   9 School  
    LAWFORD Robert Son   8 School  
    LAWFORD Christopher Son   7 School  
    LAWFORD George Son   6 School  
    LAWFORD James Son   4    
    LAWFORD Harold Son   2    
    LAWFORD Nellie Daughter   4    
18 Holly Bank FISHER John Head M 61 Worsted Spinner Old Backenham Norfolk
    FISHER Hannah Wife M 5 y 56   Cullingworth
    SCOTT Alice Servant S 21 Domestic Servant Tadcaster
    WILCOCK Gordon James Cob Visitor M 32 Manufacturers Agent Idle
    WILCOCK Mary Gertrude Visitor M 2 y 29   Keighley
    TARRY Florence Visitor S 19 Domestic Servant Marsden Moor Derbyshire
19 Holly Bank Lodge WRAY Frederick Head M 38 Chauffeur Gardener Domestic Thorpe Barrett
    WRAY Elizabeth Wife M 12 y 37   Crompton on Swale
    WRAY John Son   11 School Malton
    WRAY Hilda Daughter   9   Malton
    WRAY William Son   7   Malton
20 West Syke FARRAH Joseph Head M 21 Farmer Harrogate
    FARRAH Florence Wife M 1 y 21   Felliscliffe
    FARRAH Joseph Son   1   Felliscliffe
    FARRAH John Son   0   Felliscliffe
    THORPE Sarah Nurse W 61 Monthly Nurse Birstwith
    SURRIS Jane Servant   15 Servant Domestic Birkenshaw
21 West Syke FOSTER Robert Head S 39 Farmer Felliscliffe
    FOSTER Margaret Ann Mother W 70   Coverdale
    FOSTER Mary Hannah Sister S 31 Dairy Work Haverah Park
    FOSTER Madge Niece S 17 Dairy Work West Syke Felliscliffe
22 West Syke Green RIDSDALE Frederic Head M 40 Masons Labourer Ribstone
    RIDSDALE Florence Wife M 14 y 36   Harrogate
    RIDSDALE Frederic Son   13 School Harrogate
    RIDSDALE Florence Daughter   11 School Harrogate
    RIDSDALE Thomas Son   10 School Harrogate
    RIDSDALE Austin Son   8 School Harrogate
    RIDSDALE Lillie Daughter   6 School Burnt Yates
    RIDSDALE Nellie Daughter   3   Kettlesing
23 West Syke Green PARKER Fred Head M 30 Farmer Clint
    PARKER Elizabeth Wife M 28   Pateley Bridge
24 West Syke Green SWIRES Anne Head W 62   Birstwith
25 Long Lane Felliscliffe HOUSEMAN Thomas Head W 47 Farmer Darley
    JONES Alice Maud Housekeeper W 45 Working Housekeeper Shipbrooke Cheshire
    HOUSEMAN John Dickinson Son   10 School Felliscliffe
    HOUSEMAN Elizabeth Ann Daughter   9 School Felliscliffe
    HOUSEMAN Ida Mary Daughter   7 School Felliscliffe
26 Long Lane Felliscliffe PICKLES Tristram Head S 57 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    TODD Herbert George Nephew S 22 Farmer Heworth
    PICKLES Emma Sister S 64 House Keeper Hampsthwaite
    PICKLES Bertie Nephew S 36 Farmer Hampsthwaite
27 Long Lane Felliscliffe HOUSEMAN William Head M 45 Farmer Darley
    HOUSEMAN Mary Ellen Wife M 2 y 25   Leeds
    HOUSEMAN Fred Gill Nephew S 26 Labourer on Farm Felliscliffe
    DINSDALE Elizabeth Turpin Sister W 44 Visitor Dacre
    PETTY Clara Servant S 15 General Servant Domestic Dacre
    BAXTER Richard Son   1   Felliscliffe
    HOUSEMAN William Son   1   Felliscliffe
28 Swincliffe Side KNIGHT Allan Head M 49 Gardener Domestic Compton Surrey
    KNIGHT Maria Wife M 26 y 48   York
    KNIGHT Wilfred Edwin Son   9 School Green Hammerton
    CATTERALL Agnes Louisa Boarder S 27 Laundress Domestic Liverpool Lanc
29 Swincliffe Side HAMMOND Charles Head M 39 Waggoner Cockfield
    HAMMOND Dora M Wife M 12 y 36   Yorkshire
    HAMMOND Arthur Son   10 School Ripon
    HAMMOND Harold Son   5   Birstwith
    HAMMOND George Son   3   Birstwith
    HAMMOND Winifred Daughter   0   Hampsthwaite
30 Swincliffe Side MARSTON Fred Head M 38 Farmer Yeadon
    MARSTON Harriet Wife M 12 y 39 Farmers Wife Bilton nr York
    MARSTON Annie Mabel Daughter   10 School Felliscliffe
    MARSTON Arthur Son   9 School Felliscliffe
    MARSTON David Lawrence Son   2   Felliscliffe
    LAZENBY Harriet Mother in Law W 75   Hunsingore
31 Bay Horse Inn Swincliffe Top DYSON Alfred Head M 42 Landlord or Inn Keeper Kings Lynn Norfolk
    DYSON Sarah Wife M 20 y 40   Blakney Norfolk
    DYSON Gladys Daughter S 19   Leeds
    DYSON Maggie Daughter   14   Leeds
32 Swincliffe Top BOWERS Joseph William Head M 36 Mason Builder Hampsthwaite
    BOWERS Mary Ann Wife M 10 y 35   Knaresborough
    BOWERS Reginald Son   9   Knaresborough
    BOWERS Arthur Son   8   Knaresborough
    BOWERS Norman Son   5   Knaresborough
    BOWERS Mary Daughter   4   Knaresborough
33 Swincliffe House MARSTON Edward Head M 52 Farmer Birstwith
    MARSTON Elizabeth Helen Wife M 27 y 53   Bishopside Pateley Bridge
34 Swincliffe Top ELLIS Robert Head W 74 Labourer Hampsthwaite
    ELLIS Thomas Richard Son S 35 Labourer Hampsthwaite
    ELLIS Mary Elizabeth Daughter S 27 House Keeper Hampsthwaite
    ELLIS Arthur Grandson   4   Hampsthwaite
    MYERS Brumley Boarder W 48 Commercial Clerk Darley
    WATSON Harry Visitor S 25 Blacksmith Knapton
35 Swincliffe Top POTTER Albert Head M 43 Small Farmer Buckerton Parish Bilton
    POTTER Eliza Wife M 14 y 40   New Park Parish Bilton
    POTTER Wilfred Son   0   Felliscliffe
36 Swincliffe Top BAYNE Miss       (away at Southport)  
37 Cote Syke FRANKLAND Christopher Thomas Head M 51 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    FRANKLAND Ellen Wife M 26 y 52   Hampsthwaite
    FRANKLAND Willie Son S 19 Farmers Son Hampsthwaite
    LUPTON Mary Ann Mother in Law W 83 Private Means Fewston Otley
38 Hampsthwaite House DAVY George Head M 46 Farm Bailiff Skipton
    DAVY Hannah Wife M 20 y 45   Weston
    DAVY George Harold Son S 17 Cowman Fewston
    DAVY Ellen Frances Daughter S 16   Fewston
39 Graystone Plain MYERS Arthur R Head M 40 Farmer Yorkshire
    MYERS Emma Wife M 2 y 40   Nottingham
    MYERS Adela G Visitor S 35   Yorkshire
40 Graystone Plain PAWSON Richard Head S 62 Farmer Adel cum Eccup
    PAWSON Jessie Sister in Law W 49 House Keeper Cardiff Wales
    ELLIS Ernest Servant   14 Tending Cattle Hampsthwaite
41 Graystone Plain HARPER Sarah Jane Head W 64 Farmer Greyston Plain Felliscliffe
    HARPER John W Son S 37 Farmers Son Working on Farm Hampsthwaite House Felliscliffe
    HARPER Emily Daughter S 28 Farmers Daughter House Work Hampsthwaite House Felliscliffe
    HARPER Horatio Son S 22 Farmers Son Working on Farm Hampsthwaite House Felliscliffe
42 Graystone Plain HARRIS Walter Head M 32 Farmer Leeds
    HARRIS Polly Wife M 4 y 35   Hampsthwaite
    HARRIS Hannah Louisa Daughter   3   Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Hannah Aunt Boarder W 68   Ripon
    SMITH Mary Jane Aunt Boarder S 62   Leeds
43 Graystone Plain ADDYMAN Amos Head M 43 Farmer Hartwith
    ADDYMAN Mary H Wife M 18 y 43   Marton
    ADDYMAN Elsie Daughter S 16 Farmers Daughter Diary Work Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN William Son   14 Farmers Son Working on Farm Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN Annie Daughter   12 School Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN Lilian Daughter   10 School Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN Christina Daughter   9 School Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN Peter Son   8 School Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN Emma Daughter   7 School Greystone Plain
    ADDYMAN Amy Daughter   6 School Greystone Plain
44 Graystone Plain NOBLE C Head M 74 Farmer Lund House Green Pannal
    NOBLE Hannah Sister S 76   Lund House Garet Lannock
    NOBLE Mrs Charles Wife M 1 y 27 Farmers Wife Bishop Thornton
45 Low Moor Farm FAWCETT Joseph Head M 61 Farmer Scotton
    FAWCETT Martha Ellis Wife M 34 y 55   Knaresborough
    FAWCETT Mary Emma Daughter S 32 Dairy Work Scriven
    FAWCETT Joseph Son S 24 Farm Work Scotton
    FAWCETT John Henry Son S 23 Farm Work Scotton
    FAWCETT Arthur Ellis Son   16 Farm Work Felliscliffe
    FAWCETT Tom Son   11 School Felliscliffe
    FAWCETT George Albert Son   11 School Felliscliffe
    FAWCETT James Herbert Son   8 School Felliscliffe
46 High Moor Farm NEWBY Herbert Head M 29 Farmer Norton
    NEWBY Alice Mary Wife M 9 y 28   Gledhow Leeds
    NEWBY Bertha Daughter   8 School Hampsthwaite
    NEWBY Hilda Daughter   7 School Felliscliffe
    NEWBY Ernest Son   5 School Felliscliffe
    NEWBY Wilfred Son   4   Felliscliffe
    NEWBY Harold Son   1   Felliscliffe
    NEWBY Herbert Son   0   Felliscliffe
    NEWBY Henry Brother S 19 Working on Farm Red House Killinghall
    KELL Sarah Emma Servant S 19 Domestic Appleton St Leeds
47 Knabbs Farm WALKER Jonathan Head W 80 Retired Farmer Ilkley
    WALKER Lizzie Granddaughter   13 School Birstwith
    LUMLEY Grace Servant S 45 House Keeper Hampsthwaite
48 Knabbs Grove HATTERSLEY Joseph Head M 45 Farmer Felliscliffe
    HATTERSLEY Annie Wife M 7 y 36   Fewston
    HATTERSLEY Nellie Daughter   6   Felliscliffe
    LOFTHOUSE Fred Servant S 18 Farm Labourer Timble
49 Knabbs Ash FAWCETT William Head S 29 Farmer Knaresborough
    FAWCETT Sarah Ann Sister S 20 House Keeper Hampsthwaite
    FAWCETT Alfred Brother S 15 Farm Worker Hampsthwaite
50 The Knabbs HOLMES David Brother S 31 Farmer Felliscliffe
    POULTER James W Visitor S 10 Schoolboy Middlesmoor
51 Pagannie ATKINSON John Head W 62 Labourer Shaw Mills
    WRIGHT Jane Housekeeper W 48 House Work Marlborough Wilts
52 Willow Brook COOPER Arthur Head M 56 Retired Grocer Scotton nr Knaresborough
    COOPER Jane Wife M 13 y 66   Kettlesing
    COOPER Arthur Mahlon Son S 25 Social Student and Essayist Harrogate
53 Bottom Farm HATTERSLEY John Head M 53 Farmer Norwood
    HATTERSLEY Mary H Wife M 4 y 42   Bewerley Pateley Bridge
    HATTERSLEY Renton Son S 21 Working on Farm Kettlesing
54 The Grange THORNTON John Head M 55 Learner Sawley
    THORNTON Elizabeth Wife M 22 y 58   Felliscliffe
55 Felliscliffe WATSON George Head M 48 Farmer Timble nr Otley
    WATSON Mary Hannah Wife M 21 y 47   Menwith Hill Darley
    WATSON Charles Son S 17 Farmers Son Working on Farm Felliscliffe Hampsthwaite
    WATSON Sarah Elizabeth Daughter   14 Farmers Daughter Diary Work Felliscliffe Hampsthwaite
    WATSON Frank Son   7 School Felliscliffe Hampsthwaite
56 Field House FREEMAN John Head M 40 Farmer Wetherby
    FREEMAN Emily Wife M 13 y 33   Haverah Park
    FREEMAN Lily Daughter   9 School Kettlesing
    FREEMAN Ruth Daughter   7 School Kettlesing
    FREEMAN Mary Daughter   5 School Kettlesing
    FREEMAN Clarice Daughter   2   Kettlesing
    STEEL Hannah Servant S 18 General Servant Domestic Harrogate
    WALKER Charles Servant S 25 Working on Farm Knaresborough
57 Moor View ELSWORTH Arthur Head W 46 Farmer Wetherby
58 Kettlesing Head WALMSBY John William Head S 35 Farmer Darley
59 Black Bull Hotel MILNTHORPE George Head M 52 Licensed Police Pensioner Innkeeper Manor House Arthendale
    MILNTHORPE Lile Wife M 28 y 49   Westwick Hall Ripon
    MILNTHORPE J R Son S 26   Leeds
    MILNTHORPE H L Daughter S 19   Leeds
60 Springfield BRADLEY Charles Head M 44 Farmer Mount Bark Farm Dalsy
    BRADLEY Abigail Wife M 10 y 40   Mount Ling Dacre
    BRADLEY Mark Son   9   Springfield Farm Felliscliffe
    BRADLEY George Son   7   Springfield Farm Felliscliffe
    BRADLEY Annie Daughter   6   Springfield Farm Felliscliffe
    BRADLEY Enoch Son   3   Springfield Farm Felliscliffe
    BRADLEY Maud Daughter   1   Springfield Farm Felliscliffe
    SHILLITO Christopher George Servant   14 Farm Labourer Pateley Bridge
61 Cold Cotes WADE Henry Head M 44 Farmer Sawley
    WADE Mary Wife M 27 y 54 Assisting in Business Fewston
    HOWARD Frederick Edgar Farmer M 3 y 27 Waggoning Cattle Man Grantley
62 Cold Cotes UTLEY William Head M 57 Farmer West Scrafton
    UTLEY Mary Wife   53   Hulme Manchester
    UTLEY William Edward Son S 18 Worker Mauley Cheshire
    UTLEY Edith Daughter S 21 Dairy Work Bramley Grange
63 Cold Cotes WILSON John Robert Head M 33 Farmer Felliscliffe
    WILSON Laura Annie Wife M 8 y 29   Felliscliffe
    WILSON Kathleen Daughter   6 School Felliscliffe
    WILSON Annie Elizabeth Daughter   4 School Felliscliffe
    ELLIS Edward Rawdon Nephew   10 School Hampsthwaite
64 Cotter End MORRIS Joseph Head M 45 Foreman Worker on Highways Staveley
    MORRIS Mary Wife M 20 y 45   Birstwith
    MORRIS Hannah Eliza Daughter S 21   Birstwith
    MORRIS Ethel Daughter S 19   Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Walter Son S 17   Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Emily Daughter S 15   Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Emma Daughter   13 School Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Percy Son   11 School Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Sarah Daughter   7 School Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Elsie Daughter   5 School Felliscliffe
    MORRIS Florie Daughter   3   Felliscliffe
65 Staups GURNY Joseph James Drusow Head M 33 Farmer Renhold nr Bedford
    GURNY Sabina Wife M 10 y 36   Felliscliffe
    GURNY Harry Son   10 School Felliscliffe
    GURNY Ernest Son   9 School Harbeck nr Harrogate
    GURNY Ann Eliza Daughter   4   Felliscliffe
66 Summer House SWALE John Head M 25 Farmer Fewston
    SWALE Minnie Wife M 3 y 23   Hampsthwaite
    SWALE John Stanley Son   2   Hampsthwaite
    SWALE Lupton Son   1   Hampsthwaite
67 Rockholme HARE-GILL Claude Harold Head M 40 Farmer Felliscliffe
    HARE-GILL Elizabeth Wife M 8 y 32   Thornthwaite
    HARE-GILL Hubert Victor Son   7 School Fellislciffe
    HARE-GILL Dennis Gauth Son   5 School Felliscliffe
    HARE-GILL Gwendolyn May Claudia Daughter   4   Felliscliffe
68 Paradise Row No 1 WALKER John William Head M 42 General Labourer Public Works Darley
    WALKER Sarah Wife M 20 y 42   Dacre
    WALKER Sarah Ann Daughter   9 School Birstwith
    WALKER Edith Daughter   6 School Hampsthwaite
    WALKER Rushforth Son   2   Hampsthwaite
    WALKER Ada May Daughter   1   Hampsthwaite
69 Paradise Row No 2 THORPE Mark Head M 30 Labourer Darley
    THORPE Elizabeth Wife M 6 y 28   Felliscliffe
    THORPE Clara Daughter   6 School Kettlesing
    THORPE Sidney Son   4   Birstwith
    THORPE Bessie Daughter   2   Kettlesing
70 Paradise Row No 3 WILSON Elizabeth Head W 73   Cayton
71 Queen's Head Inn SURR John Simpson Head M 57 Licensed Victualler Harrogate
    SURR Mary Elizabeth Wife M 25 y 55   Harrogate
    SURR Edith Daughter S 27 Dressmaker Harrogate
    SURR George Son S 19 Carpenter Harrogate
72 School House SUTCLIFFE John Henry Head M 51 Certified Elementary School Head teacher Burnley Lancashire
    SUTCLIFFE Elizabeth Ann Wife M 28 y 48 Elementary School Supplementary teacher Halifax
    SUTCLIFFE Norman Robert Son   10 School Felliscliffe
73 Spring Bank FOSTER Christopher Head M 41 Highway Road Worker Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Elizabeth Wife M 33 Worker Ripon
    TODD Alice Boarder S 38   Darley
74 Prospect House SNOW Robert Head M 66 Farmer and Postmaster Crossgates
    SNOW Miriam Wife M 40 y 63 Grocer and Postmistress Felliscliffe
    SNOW Miriam Daughter S 27 Housework Bristwith
    SNOW Robert D Son S 23 Postman Birstwith
75 No 1 Prospect Terrace HALL William Head M 54 Labourer Fewston Otley
    HALL Annie Wife M 32 y 52   Thorner Leeds
77 No 3 Prospect Terrace BIRKINSHAW Elizabeth Head M 60 Sewing and Knitting Birstwith
    BEECROFT James Boarder S 33 Coachman Pateley Bridge