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Menwith & Darley Census Returns 1911

The 1911 Census of Menwith with Darley is covered by film RG 14/25833, ED 2. The Census was carried out by enumerator John H Whitley and contains 580 persons. The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

The whole of the Civil Parish of Menwith-with-Darley: Post Office, Corn Mill, "Wellington Inn", Darley Carr, Low Lane, Lawns Farm, Creamery Lane, Scott Beck, Hookstones, Hookstones School, Maltkiln, Day Ash, Volta House, Delves Ridge, Forest Moor Farm, Thorn Hill House, Mount Park Farm, Long Slack, Forest Lodge, Nessfield, Moorcock Hall, Mount Pleasant, Prospect Farm, Turpin Lair, Heck Gill Head, Fairfield House, Egmond House, Milner Mount, North View, Holly Bank, Craike Lane, Rhodes Lane, Heck Gill, Port House, Sheepscote Hill, Primitive Methodist Chapel, Sheepscote Lane, Fringill, Stumps Lane, Turner Ing, Dicken Dykes, Stone Beds, North Pole, Lolly Bogs, Cinder Hills, The Holme, "New Inn", Moke Hill, Nidd Lane Top, South View, Stumps Lane Bottom, Sunny View, Friends Meeting House, Tunnel Bank, Silverdale, Prospect Row, Railway Station and Cottages, Waller's Square, Stocks Green, Green Lane, Walker Farm and House, Christ Church, Vicarage, Field House, Darley House, Milner Fold and Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Laburnum Cottage.

1 Post Office Darley BRADBURY John Charles Head M 55 Bootmaker and Sub-Postmaster Darley
    BRADBURY Mary Wife M 30 y 57 Assisting in the Business Bishopside
    BRADBURY Clara Daughter S 19 Dressmaker Post Office Assistant Darley
    LONSDALE Harold Foster-Son   8   Patricroft Cheshire
2 Bridge House PICKARD William Head M 38 * Maker Leeds
    PICKARD Margaret Wife M 11 y 37   Leeds
    PICKARD John Son   10 School Leeds
    PICKARD Arnold Bastow Son   8 School Leeds
    PICKARD William Son   5 School Leeds
3 Darley Mill MYERS Albert Head W 73 Farmer Darley
    METCALFE Alfred Myers Stepson M 43 Farmers Son Working on Farm Darley
    METCALFE Mary Hannah Daughter in Law M 23 y 44 House Work Dacre
    METCALFE Lily Granddaughter S 19 Dairy Work Darley
    METCALFE Alice Mary Granddaughter   14   Darley
    METCALFE Albert Myers Grandson   11 School Darley
    METCALFE Ada Louisa Granddaughter   8 School Darley
4 Ing Cottage GILL Susannah Head W 82 Private Means Height Dacre
    THOMPSON Ann Servant W 69 General Domestic Servant Lofthouse
5 Quaker Cottage WHALLEY John Head M 83 Retired Chemist and Dentist Yeadon
    WHALLEY Alice Wife M 22 y 85   Pateley Bridge
6 Wellington Inn BLAKEY Mark Head M 62 Farmer and Innkeeper Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Mary Ann Wife M 30 y 58   Thruscross
    BLAKEY Shadrack Son S 25 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Mary Margaret Daughter S 21   Thornthwaite
    BLAKEY Stephen Son S 18 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
7 Carr Cottage HEAP John Swain Head M 71 Retired Ironmonger Cumberworth
    HEAP Elizabeth Wife M 69   Menwith cum Darley
    HEAP Harold Chandler Son S 32 Solicitor Bradford
    WILSON Mary Gertrude Visitor S 28 Secondary Assistant Mistress London
    GRANGE May Servant S 20 General Domestic Servant Birstwith
8 Carr Farm METCALFE Alfred Head M 55 Farmer Darley
    METCALFE Jane Wife M 14 y 38   Dacre
    METCALFE Arthur Son   14 School Darley
    METCALFE Mabel Beatrice Daughter   11 School Darley
9 Carr Farm THORPE George Head M 65 Farmer Darley
    THORPE Grace Wife M 14 y 42   Felliscliffe
    THORPE Joseph Son   11 School Darley
    THORPE Margaret Edna Daughter   7 School Darley
10 Fogfield House FISHER Thomas Mercer Head M 39 Elementary Teacher Cowling nr Keighley
    FISHER Isobel Charles Wife M 11 y 39 Elementary Teacher Edinburgh
    HOUSEMAN Katherine Servant S 17 Domestic Servant Darley
11 Rose Cottage OLIVER Isaac Head M 31 Farmer Dacre
    OLIVER Phoebe Wife M 1 y 33   Dacre
    OLIVER Mary Hannah Daughter   1   Dacre
12 Low Lane Farm HEMSLEY John Head M 67 Farmer Little Ouseburn
    HEMSLEY Sarah Flora Wife M 12 y 46   Horsforth Scotland
    HEMSLEY Isabella Daughter   8 School Darley
    HEMSLEY John Son   6   Darley
    MAWER Ann Sister W 69 Formerly Boarding House Keeper Little Ouseburn
13 Low Lane SMITH Mary N Head W 40   Dacre
    SMITH Alf Son S 19 Paint Mixer Hunslet
    SMITH Zilpha Daughter   13 School Dacre
    SMITH William Stone Son   10 School Hunslet
    SMITH Harry Son   8 School Hunslet
    SMITH Ruth Daughter   7   Hunslet
    SMITH Ada Daughter   5   Hunslet
14 Low Lane  BENSON Frederick Head M 34 Farm Labourer Thornthwaite
    BENSON Elizabeth Grace Wife M 8 y 41   Darley
    BENSON Arthur Son   7 School Darley
    BENSON Frederick Joseph Son   1   Darley
15 Low Lane  ATKINSON Thomas Head M 30 Hemp Spinner and Twine Finisher Summerbridge
    ATKINSON Mary Hannah Wife M 7 y 31   Thornthwaite
    ATKINSON Phyllis Daughter   6   Darley
    ATKINSON Bessie Daughter   3   Darley
16 Low Lane  ADDYMAN Arthur Head M 35 General Labering Dairyman Sawley
    ADDYMAN Minnie Wife M 9 y 32   Warsill
    ADDYMAN Walter Son   8 School Darley
    ADDYMAN Ernest Son   7   Darley
    ADDYMAN John Stanley Son   1   Darley
17 Low Lane  SKAIFE Mary Alice Head S 43 Private Means Dacre
18 Low Lane  HOUSEMAN William Head M 52 Farm Labourer Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Margaret Anna Wife M 29 y 53   Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Annie Daughter   14   Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Edith Daughter   13 School Dacre
19 Lawns Farm HARDCASTLE John Robert Head M 37 Farmer and Postman Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Flora Annie Wife M 11 y 34   Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE John William Son   11 School Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Annie Edith Daughter   9   Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Fred Son   7   Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Mary Jane Daughter   4   Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Percy Son   2   Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Lily Daughter   0   Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE John Father W 67 Formerly a Farmer Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Thomas Brother S 39 Horse Man for Diary and Corn Mill Menwith with Darley
20 Creamery Lane  HOUSEMAN Thomas Head M 30 Farmer Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Emily Mary Wife M 3 y 25   Pannal Harrogate
    HOUSEMAN Norman Son   3   Pannal Ash Harrogate
    HOUSEMAN Elsie Daughter   0   Darley
21 Scott Beck EMSLEY Demaine Head M 52 Farmer Darley
    EMSLEY Mary Jane Wife M 28 y 50   Hartwith
22 Hook Stones WALLER Robert Head M 50 Farmer and Grocer Corndealer Darley
    WALLER Ellen Elizabeth Wife M 25 y 45   Dacre
    WALLER John William Son S 25 Carter Darley
    WALLER Maggie Daughter S 18 Assistant in Grocers Shop Darley
    WALLER Ellen Daughter S 15   Darley
23 Hookstone House WALMSLEY Lofthouse Head M 49 Farmer Kettlesing
    WALMSLEY Hannah Wife M 20 y 49   Ramsgill
    WALMSLEY Archie Son S 17 Mill Hand Card Minder Darley
    WALMSLEY Frank Son   12 School Darley
    WALMSLEY Arthur     11 School Darley
24 Malt Kiln MARSHALL Charles Head M 42 General Labourer Armley
    MARSHALL Clara Wife M 10 y 29   Sawley
    MARSHALL Nora Daughter   9   Thornthwaite
    MARSHALL Florrie Daughter   6   Armley
    MARSHALL Leonard Son   2   Armley
25 Malt Kiln SAVILLE Margaret Ann Head W 47 Card Miner Hemp Spinner Hartwith
    GRAHAM Nathan Son S 26 General Labourer Pateley Bridge
26 Malt Kiln SWALES Goliath Head M 40 Licensed Earthenware Hawker Malton nr Scarborough
    SWALES Elizabeth Wife M 16 y 36   Castleford nr Leeds
    SWALES James Son S 15 Assist his Father Drighlington nr Bradford
    SWALES Hannah Daughter   13 School Riverhaig nr Hull
    SWALES Mary Ann Daughter   11 School Gildersome
    SWALES Harry Son   7   Darley
    SWALES Jacob Son   4   Darley
    SWALES Emily Daughter   1   Darley
    SWALES Robert Visitor M 36 Marine Store Dealer Easingwold
    SWALES Earnest Visitor   9 School N.K.
27 Malt Kiln FLANAGAN Elizabeth Head W 64 Drawing Frame Minder Ormby St Off Scotland
    SHAW Margaret Ann Daughter M 24 Domestic Service Mansfield St Liverpool Lancs
    SHAW Laura Granddaughter   6   Tolby Gill Darley
28 Malt Kiln SWIRES John Head M 37 Shoe Maker and Dealer Glasshouses
    SWIRES Polly Wife M 15 y 37   Sawley
    SWIRES Eleanor Daughter S 15 At Home Darley
    SWIRES Ada Daughter   4   Darley
29 Malt Kiln MILLARD John Head M 50 Tunnel Miner Doddington Ash Gloucestershire
    MILLARD Agnes Wife M 12 y 37   Attleborough Norfolk
    GOODMAN Mabel Stepdaughter S 17 Roving Frame Minder Stanningley
30 Day Lane Malt Kiln SETTLE Peter Head M 20 y 65 Farmer, Joiner and Wheelwright Darley
    SETTLE Mary Jane Wife M 57   Durham
    SETTLE William Son S 26 Farm Servant Dacre
    SETTLE Joseph Goland Son S 18 Apprentice Dacre
    SETTLE Emily Mary Niece Fosterchild   3   Dacre
31 Day Ash SNOW Richard Head M 66 Farmer Felliscliffe
    SNOW Mary Wife M 42 y 71   Birstwith
    SNOW Richard Son S 41 Farmers Son Working on Farm Darley
    SNOW Alfred Son S 37 Farmers Son Working on Farm Darley
32 Volta House ELLIS Edmund James Head S 41 Poultry Keeping and Private apartments Baldersby
    ELLIS Esther Elizabeth Sister S 50 Poultry Keeping and Private apartments Baldersby
33 Delves Ridge House WATSON Ralph Head M 42 Farmer Coverham
    WATSON Elizabeth Wife M 15 y 39 Assisting in the Business Coverham
    WATSON Ralph Cummings Son   14 Assisting on Farm Barnsley
    WATSON Annie Daughter   3   Coverham
34 Forest Moor Farm HIRST Joseph Briggs Father M 56 Retired Wool Merchant Bradford
    HIRST Mary Elizabeth Mother M 29 y 56   Bingley
    HIRST Hugh Ingham Son S 27 Farmer Eccleshill
    HIRST George Son S 22 Farmer Thackley
    SETTLE Mary Elizabeth Servant S 15 General Domestic Darley
35 Thornhill Farm Blubberhouses YEADON Wilfrid Head M 28 Farmer Fewston
    YEADON Annie Maud Wife M 7 y 27   Rigton
    YEADON Lillie Sister S 27 Assisting on Farm Fewston
    YEADON Mary Alice Daughter   5   Birstwith
    YEADON Charles Raymond Son   3   Birstwith
    YEADON Amelia Annie Daughter   1   Darley
    KNOWLES Richard Servant S 15 Farm Labourer Starbeck
36 Mount Bank BRADLEY Smith Head S 30 Farming Menwith Darley
    BRADLEY Harriet Sister S 42 House Keeper Darley
    BRADLEY Ellen Mother W 65   Darley
    BRADBURY George Servant   17 Farming Labourer Dacre
37 Long Slack Farm WHITE Edward Head M 35 Farmer Leeds
    WHITE Annie Wife M 13 y 36   Leeds
38 Forest Lodge IVESON James Henry Head M 52 Farmer Clint
    IVESON Alice Wife M 13 y 50   Stainburn
    IVESON Annie Daughter   11 School Darley
    IVESON Richard Son   9 School Darley
    IVESON Doris May Daughter   5   Darley
    DENNIS Arthur Servant S 19 General Farm Work Clifton
39 Nessfield WILLIAMS Adeline Mary Head M 38 Private Means Bramley nr Leeds
40 Moorcock Hall HOUSEMAN Midian Head M 13 y 37 Husband from Home Gone to South Africa Hemel Hempstead Herts
    HOUSEMAN B. Gordon Son   12 School Leeds
    HOUSEMAN Gwendoline Grace Daughter   9 School Horsforth
    HOUSEMAN Ryswynn Foskett Son   8 School Horsforth
    HOUSEMAN Irene Midian Daughter   5 School Horsforth
    HOUSEMAN Ena Sylvia Daughter   3   Darley
    FOSKETT Emma Mother to Head W 65 Private Means St Albans Herts
41 Mount Farm Menwith Hill METCALFE Robert Head M 66 Farmer Low Bishopside
    METCALFE Annie Wife M 33 y 57   Low Bishopside
    METCALFE Mathew Son S 33 Farmers Son Working on Farm Low Bishopside
    METCALFE Robert Jr. Son S 29 Farmers Son Working on Farm Dacre
42 Mount Pleasant UMPLEBY Jacob Head M 44 Farmer Darley
    UMPLEBY Elizabeth Ann Wife M 12 y 40   Bishop Monkton
    UMPLEBY Bertha Daughter   12 School Darley
    UMPLEBY Doris May Daughter   10 School Darley
    UMPLEBY Raymond Waddington Son   9   Darley
    UMPLEBY Ethel Mary Daughter   7   Darley
    UMPLEBY Joseph Gilbert Son   4   Darley
    UMPLEBY George Kingsley Son   3   Darley
    UMPLEBY Richard Cyril Son   0   Darley
43 Menwith Hill  DOVE Robert Head M 72 Farmer Norwood
    DOVE Jane Wife M 45 y 69   Thirsk
    FOSTER James W Grandson   14 School Stockton Durham
44 Menwith Hill  JACKSON John Head S 59 Farmer Darley
    JACKSON Grace E Sister S 56 Farmer Darley
45 Menwith Hill  PARKER Charles Head M 49 Farmer Darley
    PARKER Annie Wife M 10 y 39   Dacre
    PARKER Henry Son   7   Darley
46 Prospect Farm DOWNS George Head M 69 Farmer Darley
    DOWNS Ann Wife M 46 y 66   Darley
    DOWNS Albert Son S 45 Farmers Son Working on Farm Darley
    DOWNS John Robert Son S 26 Farmers Son Working on Farm Darley
47 Turpin Lair IVESON James Head M 23 Road Man Highway Repairer Salford Lancs
    IVESON Millie Wife M 1 y 24   Crosshills
    IVESON Florance Daughter   1   Darley
48 Heck Gill Head BARKER Arthur Grange Head M 53 Farm Bailiff Hartwith
    BARKER Emily Wife M 8 y 50 Assistant Darley
49 Fairfield House SWALE James Head M 76 Farmer Wilsill
    SWALE Mary Wife M 50 y 73   Beckwithshaw
    SWALE Colin Son S 42 Farmers Son Working on Farm Fewston
    SWALE Fred Grandson S 18 Farm Labourer Darley
50 Egmont House MORRIS Fred Head M 30 Farmer Ripon
    MORRIS Elizabeth Wife M 24   Birstwith
51 Milner Mount ANDREW John Head M 54 Farmer Thornthwaite
    ANDREW Emma Wife M 21 y 55   Birstwith
    UMPLEBY Margaret Emily Stepdaughter S 28 Assisting on Farm Darley
    SWALE Selina Sister in Law W 51 Private Means Felliscliffe
    LEAK Cyril Servant S 17 Farm Servant Leeds
52 North View THACKRAY John Head M 51 Farmer Pateley Bridge
    THACKRAY Ruth Wife M 19 y 51   Pateley Bridge
    THACKRAY May Daughter S 18 Dressmaker Leeds
    THACKRAY Ruth Daughter S 16   Harrogate
53 Holly Bank DEMAINE Mary Head W 71 Farmer Kildwick
    CHESTER Millicent Niece S 44 General Servant Domestic Kildwick
54 Craike Lane  JEFFREY Wilkes Head M 43 Farm Labourer Thruscross
    JEFFREY Grace Wife M 17 y 44   Thruscross
    JEFFREY Harold Son   15 General Labourer Halton East
    DINSDALE Annie Ethel Adopted   8   Summerbridge
55 Ing Farm HARDCASTLE Sarah Head W 64 Farmer Menwith with Darley
    HARDCASTLE Richard William Son S 44 Farmers Son Working at Home Darley
    HARDCASTLE Anne Eliza Daughter S 45 Farmers Daughter Working at Home Menwith with Darley
    WATERHOUSE Marion Elizabeth Boarder S 30 Assistant in Elementary School Bradford
    BEEDLE Robina Ophelia Maude M Visitor S 28 Poor Law Office Curator Bradford
56 The Pines DOWNS George Head M 40 Farmer Darley
    DOWNS Annie Wife M 6 y 38   Darley
    DOWNS George H Son   2   Darley
    APPLEBY Florence Servant   14 Maid Servant Hampsthwaite
57 Craike Lane  LONGSTER Harry Head M 32 Wheelwright and Farmer Pateley Bridge
    LONGSTER Dorothy May Wife M 6 y 32   Dacre
    LONGSTER Infant Girl Daughter   5 d   Darley
58 Rhodes Lane  FURNISS Joseph Head M 53 Farmer Darley
    FURNISS Emmaline Wife M 16 y 45   Fewston
    FURNISS Joseph Son S 20 Farmers Son Working on Farm Darley
    FURNISS Mary Elizabeth Daughter   14   Darley
    FURNISS Sarah Ann Daughter   12 School Darley
    FURNISS John Son   9   Darley
    FURNISS Willie Son   5   Darley
59 Heck Gill JOHNSON George Head M 64 Farmer Sawley
    JOHNSON Elizabeth Wife M 5 y 59   Kettlesing
60 Heck Gill SMITH Alice Head M 17 y 34 Laundry Maid Ironer Chesterfield Derby
    SMITH Emma Daughter S 16 Laundry Maid Ironer Chesterfield Derby
    SMITH Lily Daughter   13 School Lancet
    SMITH James E Son   9   Manchester Lancs
    SMITH Herbert Son   7   New Millerdam
61 Port House FURNISS William Head M 46 Farmer Darley
    FURNISS Mary Wife M 4 y 45   Kirkby Malzeard
    BAILEY William Servant S 62 Farm Labourer Knaresborough Moor
62 Sheep Cote Hill  TEAL Samuel R Head M 39 Blacksmith Otley
    TEAL Ada Wife M 14 y 35   Swinsty
    TEAL Arthur Son   12 School Darley
    TEAL Lily Daughter   9   Darley
    TEAL Joseph Son   7   Bolton Abbey
    TEAL Claude Son   4   Whitley Bridge
    TEAL Edith Daughter   2   Chapel Haddley
63 Sheepcote Hill  LAYFIELD Thomas Head M 86 Formerly a Farmer Stonebeck Down
    LAYFIELD Jane Wife M 50 y 73   Dacre
    LAYFIELD Alice J Daughter S 47   Hartwith
64 Sheepcote Lane  SIMPSON Thomas William Head M 31 Farmer Arthington
    SIMPSON Janet Wife M 6 y 30   Menwith with Darley
    SIMPSON Hannah Mary Daughter   5   Darley
    SIMPSON Lily Daughter   4   Darley
    SIMPSON Earnest Son   3   Darley
65 Sheepcote Lane  SIMPSON Yeadon Head W 74 Farmer Norwood
66 Bridge House Farm Fringill Lane KEIGHLEY Sidney Head M 23 Farmer and Butcher Farnley
    KEIGHLEY Annie E Wife M 1 y 20   Pudsey
67 Lake View Fringill Lane  SKAIFE Robert Head M 37 Hemp and Tow Spinner Foreman Darley
    SKAIFE Ethel Wife M 7 y 30   Darley
    SKAIFE Marie Daughter   5   Darley
68 Fringill Lane  HAXBY Harry Head M 28 Signal Porter Dacre
    HAXBY Maria Wife M 6 y 26   Darley
    HAXBY Florence M Daughter   6   Darley
    HAXBY Edith G Daughter   3   Darley
    HAXBY Eva Daughter   1   Darley
69 Mill Cottage Fringill Lane  SKAIFE George Edwin Head M 40 Corn Miller Darley
    SKAIFE Rebecca Wife M 13 y 37   Nether Silton
    SKAIFE Tom Son   9   Darley
    SKAIFE Margaret Anne Daughter   6   Darley
70 Fringill Lane  HOUSEMAN Michael Head S 50 Masons Labourer Darley
    HOUSEMAN Elizabeth Mother W 79   Shaw Mills
    HOUSEMAN Elizabeth Sister S 44 Private Means Darley
71 Fringill Lane  ALDON Amos Head M 64 Farmer Norwich Norfolk
    ALDON Mary E Wife M 41 y 64   Beswick
    WALMSLEY John Servant   14 Farm Servant Darley
72 Fringill Lane  UMPLEBY Thomas Head M 74 Farmer Darley
    UMPLEBY Saleena Wife M 55 y 72   Darley
73 Stumps Farm Stumps Lane  HULLAH Samuel Head W 64 Farmer Felbeck
    HULLAH Charley Son   9   Darley
    HULLAH Richard A Son   7   Darley
    HEATON Mary A Servant S 31 House Keeper Grassington
    HEATON Harold S Boarder   5   Otley
    WALMSLEY Earnest Servant S 19 Cowman on Farm Darley
74 Turner Ing CRAVEN Mary Head W 58   Ripon
    CRAVEN Clarke Son S 21 Cowman on Farm Pateley Bridge
    CRAVEN Minnie Daughter   16 Sorter and Ironer Pateley Bridge
    LAYFIELD William Visitor   15 Draper Apprentice Pateley Bridge
75 Dicken Dykes PATTISON Elizabeth Head W 67 Farmer Middlesmoor
    PATTISON William Son M 33 Stone Quarry Man Hartwith
    PATTISON Florence Daughter in Law M 3 y 33   Burton Leonard
76 North Pole HAINSWORTH Thomas Head M 44 Farmer and Road Repairer Hartwith
    HAINSWORTH Sarah H Wife M 15 y 37   Boroughbridge
    HAINSWORTH William Son   13 School Half Time and Farm Darley
    HAINSWORTH Walter Son   8   Darley
    HAINSWORTH Thomas Son   4   Darley
    HAINSWORTH Eva Daughter   2   Darley
77 Lolly Bogs JACKSON William Head S 26 Farm Labourer Birstwith
    JACKSON Jane Mother W 64   Felbeck
78 Cinder Hills SWALE William Head M 49 Farmer Leeds
    SWALE Sarah Elizabeth Wife M 23 y 43   Darley
    SWALE James Son   13 School Darley
    SWALE Annie Daughter   6 School Darley
    MORRIS Emily Jane Servant   15 General Servant Felliscliffe
79 Cinder Hills THORPE Benjamin Head M 70 Farmer Menwith with Darley
    THORPE Hannah Wife M 13 y 42   Menwith with Darley
    THORPE Benjamin Son   7   Menwith with Darley
80 The Holme DARNBROUGH Frank Head M 34 Farmer Darley
    DARNBROUGH Grace Wife M 10 y 35   Birstwith
    DARNBROUGH Arthur Son   9 School Birstwith
81 The Holme FAWCETT Joseph Head M 55 Farmer Darley
    FAWCETT Margaret Wife M 31 y 58   Darley
    FAWCETT Charlie Son S 25 Blacksmith Darley
    FAWCETT Mary Hannah Daughter S 20 Laundry Maid Packer and Sorter Darley
    FAWCETT Alice Daughter   15 Laundry Maid Sorter Darley
82 The Holme PULLAN Sarah Jane Head W 57 Laundry Proprietor and Farmer Bradford
    PULLAN Sarah Mother in Law W 77   Birstwith
    BROWN William George Son in Law M 28 Laundry Assistant Manager Plymouth Devon
    BROWN Mary Alice Daughter M 30 Manageress Farnley
    PULLAN Lucy Emma Daughter S 19 Packer Darley
    PULLAN Ada Susannah Daughter   15 Sorter Darley
83 The Holme WHITLEY John H Head M 33 Farmer Hartwith
    WHITLEY Annie Wife M 7 y 30   Darley
84 The Holme BAGSHAW Tom Head M 27 Motor Van Driver Warsill
    BAGSHAW Maud Wife M 1 y 26 Ironer Armley
85 The Holme REYNARD Edward Head M 23 Laundry Clerk Birstwith
    REYNARD Frances Annie Wife M 1 y 23   Knaresborough
    REYNARD Gladys Mary Daughter   0   Darley
86 New Inn MAWSON Tom Head M 31 Small Farmer and Jobbing Mason and Innkeeper Felliscliffe
    MAWSON Margaret Rosamond Wife M 4 y 28   Galphay Ripon
    MAWSON Robert Son   3   Darley
    MAWSON Margaret Daughter   2   Darley
    MAWSON Charles William Son   9 m   Darley
87 Moke Hill  PICKLES Frederick Head M 41 Farmer Stockton on Tees Durham
    PICKLES Ann Elizabeth Wife M 9 y 37   Felbeck
    PICKLES Matilda Daughter S 17 Laundry Maid Packer and Sorter Darley
88 Moke Hill  WHITLEY Aaron Head M 57 Farmer Hayshaw
    WHITLEY Ann Wife M 25 y 52   Hartwith
    FENWICK Mary Stepdaughter S 34 Assisting in Farm Work Darley
    WHITLEY Aaron Son S 21 Railway Passenger Porter Darley
    WHITLEY Hannah Daughter S 18 Laundry Maid Collar Machinist Darley
89 Moke Hill  BURTON James Head S 70 Formerly a Plate Layer Dacre
    BURTON Francis Sister S 78 Formerly House Keeper Dacre
    BURTON Eliza Niece S 54 Cook Domestic Dacre
    BURTON John Nephew S 38 General Labourer Dacre
90 Moke Hill  DARNBROUGH Isabella Head W 52   Dacre
    DARNBROUGH Mary Daughter S 27 Dressmaking Sleeve Hand Skyehome
    DARNBROUGH Ethel E Daughter S 22 Laundry Finery Ironer Laverton
91 Moke Hill  JOHNSON Elizabeth Head S 61 Farmer Dacre
    JOHNSON Sarah Sister S 67 Farmer Hartwith
92 Nidd Lane Top WHITLEY Martha Ann Head S 49 Laundry Maid Ironer Dacre
    WHITLEY Sidney Son   9   Darley
93 Nidd Lane Top RAW William Head M 56 Formerly General Labourer Smelthouse
    RAW Marie Wife M 30 y 47 Laundry Maid Washer Ramsgill
    RAW Annie Daughter S 20 Laundry Maid Ironer Leeds
    RAW Ellen Daughter S 19 Laundry Maid Collar Machinist Leeds
    SPENCE William Father in Law W 76 Farm Labourer Ramsgill
94 Nidd Lane Top DARNBROUGH Mrs Head W 67 Farmers Widow Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Ethel Granddaughter   16 Laundry Maid Ironer Harrogate
95 Nidd Lane Top WILSON Maria Head S 60 Laundry Maid Calendar Hand Summerbridge
96 South View UMPLEBY Thomas Head M 38 Stone Mason and Builder Darley
    UMPLEBY Faith Wife M 14 y 36   Darley
    UMPLEBY William Son   14 Errand Boy Darley
    UMPLEBY Louisa Daughter   10 School Darley
    UMPLEBY Robt Son   5   Darley
97 South View ROBSON William Head W 69 Retired Station Master Pensioner Richmond
    WHEELHOUSE Helen Servant S 52 General Servant Domestic Thornthwaite
    OXTOBY Martha Visitor S 21 Domestic Service York
98 South View REYNARD Robert Head M 42 Laundry Van Man Birstwith
    REYNARD Mary Elizabeth Wife M 12 y 37   Hartwith
    REYNARD Margaret Alice Daughter   9   Harrogate
    REYNARD John Son   8   Harrogate
    REYNARD George Son   6   Harrogate
99 South View KIRKBRIGHT Edward Head M 49 Hemp and Tow Batcher Pateley Bridge
    KIRKBRIGHT Eleanor Wife M 10 y 47   Brough Hill Westmorland
    LAYFIELD George Stepson S 20 Hemp Spinner and Twine Making hand Pateley Bridge
    LAYFIELD John Stepson S 17 Collar Starcher Pateley Bridge
    KIRKBRIGHT Ida May Daughter   9 School Pateley Bridge
    KIRKBRIGHT Edwin Son   3 School Pateley Bridge
100 Stumps Lane Bottom VERITY VICKERS Albert Head M 47 Licensed Hawkers Dacre
    VERITY VICKERS Emmalette Wife M 26 y 46   Colne Lancs
    VERITY VICKERS George Son   12 School Darley
101 Stumps Lane Bottom WARDMAN Margaret Head M 17 y 46 Laundress Ironer Norton Lee Clay
    WARDMAN Bertha Daughter   16 Laundress Ironer Yeadon
    WARDMAN Clara Annie Daughter   7   Fewston
    WARDMAN Ada Daughter   6   Fewston
102 Stumps Lane Bottom WHITLEY Maria Head M 24 Husband a Joiner Thruscross
    NELSON Annie Daughter   2   Thruscross
    NELSON Hamutal Sister S 17 Laundress Calendar Hand Thruscross
    NELSON Lizzie Niece   3 m   Thruscross
103 Stumps Lane Bottom PERKS William Head M 41 Engineman Bridgnorth Shropshire
    PERKS Sarah Wife M 17 y 53   Knaresborough
    PERKS Charles Son S 17 Railway Passenger Porter Knaresborough
    AINSWORTH Sarah Stepdaughter S 24 Laundress Ironer Knaresborough
    AINSWORTH John Stepson S 21 Wash Houseman Knaresborough
104 Stumps Lane Bottom WILSON Julia Wife W 45 Laundry Hand Ironer Birstwith
    HOLMES Harry Illegimate Son S 17 Laundry Hand General Keeper Bradford
105 Sunny View ALDON Walter Head M 28 Grocer and Cycle Dealer Norwich Norfolk
    ALDON Elizabeth A Wife M 4 y 27 Assisting in Business Spetton on Ure
    HINT Joseph E Boarder S 25 Police Constable Ringenglow Sheffield
106 Sunny View NESS George Head M 28 Washerman Killinghall
    NESS Mary Elizabeth Wife M 5 y 32 Laundress Ironer Knaresborough
107 Sunny View HEY Samuel Head M 54 Stone Mason Bradford
    HEY Emeline Wife M 23 y 56   Alphamstone Essex
108 Sunny View RAYNER Aaron Walker Head M 52 Labourer on Highway Norwood
    RAYNER Sophia Wife M 27 y 46   Darley
    RAYNER Sam Son S 23 Labourer on Highway Darley
    RAYNER Mary Jane Daughter S 19 Laundry Maid Dryer Darley
    RAYNER Lavania Daughter S 17 Laundry Maid Dryer Darley
    RAYNER Joshua Son   13 School Darley
    RAYNER Alice Daughter   10 School Darley
    RAYNER Ada Daughter   8 School Darley
    RAYNER Fred Son   4   Darley
109 Tunnel Bank HOUSEMAN John Head M 44 Farmer Darley
    HOUSEMAN Mary Ellen Wife M 1 y 27   Hampsthwaite
110 Silverdale Farm HOUSEMAN William Head M 40 Farmer Thornthwaite
    HOUSEMAN Alice Wife M 6 y 36   Fewston
    MYERS John Servant S 67 Cowman on Farm Thornthwaite
111 Prospect Row  SKAIFE Michael Head M 47 Grocer and Miller Farmer Corn and Twine Manufacturer Darley
    SKAIFE Sarah Elizabeth Wife M 15 y 36   Darley
    SKAIFE Anne Mary Daughter   14   Darley
    SKAIFE Robert Benson Son   11 School Darley
    SKAIFE Nora Elizabeth Daughter   8   Darley
    SKAIFE Clarice Edna Daughter   4   Darley
112 Prospect View BARKER Peter W Head M 46 Corn Miller Glasshouses
    BARKER Louisa Wife M 19 y 46   Wetherby
    BARKER Elise M Daughter S 17 Laundry Maid Collar Machinist Glasshouses
113 Prospect View WEBB Thomas Edward Head M 36 Carter Ripon
    WEBB Fanny Wife M 11 y 33   Ramsgill
    WEBB Ivy Irene Daughter   10 School Harrogate
    WEBB John Percy Son   8   Ramsgill
    WEBB James William Son   7   Ramsgill
    WEBB Sydney Son   5   Ramsgill
    WEBB Frank Son   3   Pateley Bridge
    WEBB Elsie Daughter   2   Pateley Bridge
    WEBB Joseph Son   0   Darley
114 Prospect Inn INGLEBY Haxby P Head M 40 Farmer and Innkeeper Felbeck
    INGLEBY Annie Wife M 19 y 40   Manchester Lancs
    INGLEBY Sarah R Daughter S 18 Assisting at House Wilsden
    INGLEBY Alice Daughter   16 Laundry Maid Sorter Wilsden
    INGLEBY Edith Daughter   10 School Darley
    INGLEBY Robert Son   3   Darley
115 School House WADDINGTON John James Head M 50 Head Teacher Elementary Bilton nr Harrogate
    WADDINGTON Harriet Wife M 22 y 44   Sunderland Durham
    WADDINGTON Edith Daughter S 18   Darley
    WADDINGTON Walter Son   14 School Darley
    WADDINGTON Leonard Son   10 School Darley
    WADDINGTON Harriet Daughter   5 School Darley
    BUMAND Margaret Mother in Law W 74   Sunderland Durham
    DAVISON Mary Watson Visitor M 1 y 26   Windhill Shipley
116 Birchhill Bottom HOUSEMAN Rachel Head S 77 Formerly a Seamstress Darley
117 Pear Tree House Laburnum Cottage WHEELHOUSE Louisa Head W 59 Boarding House Keeper Doncaster
    WHEELHOUSE Ada Daughter S 34 Dressmaker Doncaster
118 Darley Station MITCHELL Robert Head M 53 Station Master York
    MITCHELL Sarah Annie Wife M 20 y 58   Beverley
    MITCHELL Lionel Son S 19 Student Darlington Durham
    LITTLE Elizabeth Sister in Law S 60 No Occupation Beverley
    LITTLE Martha Sister in Law S 50 No Occupation Beverley
119 Station Cottage  HUNTER John Richard Head M 35 Railway Platelayer Wetherby
    HUNTER Laura Ann Wife M 9 y 40   Hopperton
    HUNTER Ada Mary Daughter   9 School Ouseburn
    HUNTER Herbert Son   7 School Starbeck
    HUNTER Fred Son   5 School Starbeck
    HUNTER John Son   4 School Darley
120 Station Cottages  HAXBY William Head M 59 Platelayer Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Mary Ann Wife M 14 y 50 Housewife Masham
    HAXBY Dora Daughter   13 School Darley
121 Station Lane Farm HEY William Head M 28 Farmer and Mason Hewer Bradford
    HEY Emma Wife M 8 y 30   Darley
    HEY Alice Daughter   6   Darley
    HEY Gladys Daughter   2   Darley
    HEY Leonard Son   0   Darley
122 Wallers Square  WHITLEY William Head M 55 General Draper Dacre
    WHITLEY Mary Elizabeth Wife M 31 y 60   Mickley
    WHITLEY Ellen Daughter S 39 Secretary Typewriting Dacre
    WHITLEY Noel Son S 25 Iron Foundry Moulder Dacre
    WHITLEY Beatrice Daughter S 20 Milliner Assistant Dacre
123 Wallers Square  WHITLEY Jane Head W 61 Housekeeper Bishop Thornton
    WHITLEY John George Son S 37 Postman Farm Labourer Darley
    HOLMES Hannah Boarder S 48 Laundry Maid Machine Ironer Darley
124 No 3 Wallers Square  BINNS Harriet Head W 58   Hampsthwaite
    BINNS Annie Daughter S 23 Laundry Maid Ironer Birstwith
    BINNS Sarah Daughter S 20 Laundry Maid Ironer Birstwith
125 Wallers Square  HARDCASTLE John Head W 72 Formerly a Farmer Fewston
    HARDCASTLE Joseph S Son M 40 Farm Labourer Fewston
    HARDCASTLE Martha E Daughter in Law M 9 y 39   Darley
    HARDCASTLE John T Grandson   8   Darley
    HARDCASTLE Margart E Granddaughter   5   Darley
    HARDCASTLE Beatrice E Granddaughter   2   Darley
    HARDCASTLE Annie R Granddaughter   8 m   Darley
    PARKER Sarah A Boarder   14 Day Girl Timble
126 Stocks Green  HOUSEMAN Fred Head M 34 Farmer and Joiner Darley
    HOUSEMAN Mary Wife M 12 y 33   Hayshaw Dacre
    HOUSEMAN John Rob Son   12 School Darley
    HOUSEMAN Ada Daughter   10 School Darley
    HOUSEMAN Amy Elizabeth Daughter   7 School Darley
    HOUSEMAN Mary Daughter   4   Darley
    HOUSEMAN Charles Son   3   Darley
    HOUSEMAN Lillie Daughter   0   Darley
    MARSHALL Clara May Servant   15 Servant Hayshaw Dacre
127 Stocks Green  WINSPEAR Pennock Head M 59 Pensioned Policeman Glaisdale
    WINSPEAR Annie Wife M 30 y 58   Morley
128 Stocks Green  ABBOTT Elizabeth Head W 62 Farmer Darley
    ABBOTT Minnie Elizabeth Daughter S 24 Dressmaker Birstwith
    BURGESS John Servant S 75 Farm Labourer Darley
129 Stocks Green  HAINSWORTH Reynard Head M 39 Gardener Domestic Hartwith
    HAINSWORTH Kate Wife M 10 y 37   Skelton
    HAINSWORTH Annie Daughter   9   Darley
    HAINSWORTH Stanley Son   5   Darley
    HAINSWORTH George Son   1   Darley
130 Stocks Green  STEELE John Head M 56 Farmer Darley
    STEELE Ann Wife M 28 y 53   Darley
    STEELE Clara Elizabeth Daughter S 26 Laundry Maid Ironer Darley
    DOWNS Elizabeth Mother in Law 94     Darley
    WALLER Tom Boarder W 44 Clogger Darley
131 Green Lane  HUDSON Marshall Head S 70 Farm Labourer Darley
132 Green Lane  HOUSEMAN Arthur Head M 43 General Labourer Darley
    HOUSEMAN Arthur Son S 17 Farm Labourer Darley
    HOUSEMAN Isabell Daughter   13 School Darlington
    HOUSEMAN Isabell Wife M 22 y 48   Kirkby Malzeard
133 Walker Farm NEWBOULD William Robert Head M 36 Joiner and Farmer Darley
    NEWBOULD Ann Elizabeth Wife M 12 y 35   Darley
    NEWBOULD John Myers Son   11 School Darley
    NEWBOULD Sarah Alice Daughter   9 School Darley
    NEWBOULD Frederick William Son   6 School Darley
    NEWBOULD Margaret Ann Daughter   1   Darley
    MORRIS Ethel Servant S 19 Farm Servant Domestic Felliscliffe
    HOUSEMAN George Servant S 16 Cowman on Farm Thornthwaite
134 Walker House MYERS Margaret Head W 71 Private Means Darley
    HOUSEMAN John Son in Law M 26 Waggoner for Millers Kirk Hammerton
    HOUSEMAN Mary Edith Daughter M 26   Darley
    HOUSEMAN Olive Daughter   6 m   Darley
135 St Saviours Vicarage ELLIOTT George Hugh Head M 43 Clergyman Established Church High Heskert Cumberland
    PETTLE Annie Visitor W 57 Private Means Whitby
    MUDD Phyllis Louisa Servant S 35 Cook Thornthwaite
    MUDD Mary Susannah Servant S 22 Housemaid Thornthwaite
136 Main Road  SKAIFE John Benson Head M 50 Farmer Draper Twine Manufacturer Grocer Corn and Flour Miller Menwith with Darley
    SKAIFE Margaret Ann Wife M 20 y 46 Household Duties Darley
    SKAIFE John Robert Son S 19 Grocery Assistant Darley
    SKAIFE Anne Daughter S 17 Household Duties Darley
    SKAIFE Frank Son   15 School Darley
    SKAIFE Benson Son   11 School Darley
    SKAIFE Alice Margaret Daughter   4   Darley
137 Field House SKAIFE Ann Head W 74 Private Means Tanfield
    SKAIFE Joseph Son S 34 Grocer Draper Corn Miller Darley
    SKAIFE Tom Whitley Son S 30 Horseman Darley
    GRAINGER Ellen Frances Servant S 35 General Servant Domestic Kirkby Malzeard
    BEECROFT John Charles Servant   16 Farm Man Carter Heathfield Pateley Bridge
138 Darley House CLARKSON Mary Emma Head W 81 Private Means Gargrave
    MASON Sarah Ann Sister   84 Private Means Gargrave
    CLARKSON Bertie Daughter S 43   Cowton
    CLARKSON William Clarkson Son M 54 Doctor Not in Practice Bradford
139 Milner Fold WARD Stephen Head M 94 Formerly Farm Labourer Ropley Hampshire
    WARD Harriet Wife M 50 y 72   Chilton Hampshire
140 Milner Fold NELSON William Head M 54 Wheelwright Dacre
    NELSON Selina Wife M 22 y 54   Dacre
    NELSON Joseph Herbert Son S 20 Carter Dacre
    NELSON George Edward Son   13 School Dacre
141 Main Road  BENSON David William Head M 41 Saddler Harness Maker and Farmer Kirk Hammerton
    BENSON Mary Jane Wife M 10 y 38   Bishop Monkton
    BENSON Frederic Waddington Son   8   Wetherby
    BENSON George William Son   7   Wetherby
    BENSON Agnes Jennie Daughter   5   Wetherby
142 Laburnum House FAWCETT Mary Head W 73 Private Means Dacre Banks
    WILKINSON Jane Visitor W 80 Companion Knaresborough