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Thornthwaite & Padside Census Returns 1911

The 1911 Census of Thornthwaite with Padside is covered by film RG 14/25834, ED 3. The Census was carried out by enumerator Mrs Mary Bradbury and contains 176 persons. The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

Eccl. Parish of Thornthwaite (part of): Fernbeck Diary, Folly Gill, Ivy House, Folly Hall, Leeming Style Lane, Red Syke, Wood Cottage, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Brow Top, Thornthwaite House, Brandreth House, Church Lane, Chapel Houses, St Saviour Church, The Springs, Wilks House, High and Low Houses, Bents Farm, Moorhouse Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel, Calf Craggs, Roundabout, New House, Padside, Padside Green, Yates House, Padside Hall, The Ridge, High House, Hummerstone Bank, High Platts.

Eccl. Parish of Greenhow Hill, St Mary's (part of): Redlish House, Little Redlish and Newbould's Houses

1 Fernbeck (Cornmill & Diary) BARKER Edmund Head M 60 Corn Miller and Dairyman Warnill
    BARKER Mary Jane Wife M 40y 61 Household Duties  
2 Ivy Hall ATKINSON Frederick Head M 59 Hemp Spinner Beslcop
    ATKINSON Mary Jane Wife M 40y 58    
    LODD Mary Daughter M 6y 28   Ripon
    LODD Joseph Son In Law M 32 Foreman of Show Rooms Harwick
    LODD Joseph G Son   4   Thornthwaite
    LODD Mary G Daughter   2   Thornthwaite
    PULLEN Alice Servant S 21   Dacre
3 Folly Gill MOORHOUSE John Head M 77 Formerly a Farmer Dacre
    MOORHOUSE Sarah Ann Wife M 39y 60   Darley
    MOORHOUSE Manney Son S 21 Warper at Twine Factory Thornthwaite
4 Leeming Lane PULLEN Fred Head M 34 Mechanic at a Hemp Mill Thruscross
    PULLEN Eliza Wife M 9y 31   Ilkley
    PULLEN Stanley Son   5   Thornthwaite
    PULLEN Evelyn Daughter   1   Thornthwaite
5 Leeming Lane HEATON John Henry Head M 58 Highway Labourer Bewerley
    HEATON Jane Wife M 34y 57   Thruscross
    HEATON Clara Annie Daughter S 25 Drawing Frame Minder Thruscross
    HEATON Ethel Jane Daughter S 17   Dacre
6 Leeming Lane HUDSON Tom   M 32 Carter Shibden
    HUDSON Clara Ellen   M 5y 26   Cawood
    HUDSON John   S 3   Darley
7 Leeming Lane CRYER Samuel Head M 34 Farmer Hartwith
    CRYER Florance Edith Wife M 11y 29   Darley
    CRYER Emma Elizabeth Daughter   8 School Thornthwaite
    CRYER Edith Emily Daughter   6 School Thornthwaite
8 Red Syke HOUSEMAN John Robert Head M 34 Farmer Thornthwaite
    HOUSEMAN Ada Wife M 13y 32   Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Robert Son   12 At School Darley
    HOUSEMAN John Son   9 School Darley
    HOUSEMAN Harold Son   2   Thornthwaite
    HOUSEMAN Maggie Daughter   0   Thornthwaite
9 Wood Cottage BENSON Elizabeth A Head W 54 Farmer Menwith Hill
    BENSON William Son S 26 Son Working on Farm Low Lane Darley
    BENSON Edwin Son S 21 Farm Labourer Thornthwaite Brow
    BENSON Maggie Daughter S 15 Farmers Daughter House Work Thornthwaite Brow
10 Folly Hall ATKINSON Frank Head M 36 Mechanic Dacre
    ATKINSON Evelyn Hanah Wife M 15y 36   Northallerton
    ATKINSON Violet Edith Daughter   14   Thornthwaite
    ATKINSON John Son   8   Thornthwaite
11 Brow Top SNOW Ann Head W 54 Farmer Fellescliffe
    SNOW Richard Son S 26 Mason’s Labourer Padside Thornthwaite
    SNOW Jane Daughter S 22 Farmers Daughter Working on Farm Padside Thornthwaite
12 Spring Field HEATON Joseph Head M 26 Highway Labourer Thruscross
    HEATON Nancy Wife M 3y 25   Thruscross
13 Chestnut grove BUSFIELD William Myers Head M 39 Farmer Thornthwaite
    BUSFIELD Ann Wife M 14y 38   Thornthwaite
    BUSFIELD Mary Daughter   8 School Thornthwaite
    BUSFIELD Joseph Son   2   Thornthwaite
14 Thornthwaite House IVESON James Head W 74 Formerly a Farmer Felliscliffe
    IVESON Annie Daughter S 51 House Keeper Dacre
15 Brandreth House SNOW Richard Head S 74 Farmer Birstwith
    SNOW Thomas Nephew S 35 Farm Worker Darley
16 Thornthwaite Lane PULLAN William Head M 85 Farmer Thornthwaite
    PULLAN Mary Wife M 50y 81   Dacre
    PULLAN Joseph Son M 44 Farmers Son Working on Farm Dacre
    PULLAN Rachel D In Law M 12y 36   Dacre
    PULLAN Annie G Child   11 School Thornthwaite
    PULLAN Nellie G Child   9 School Thornthwaite
    PULLAN Elsie G Child   7 School Dacre
    PULLAN Joseph G Child   5 School Thornthwaite
17 Church Lane SHEPHERD Jesse Peel Head M 54 Mason and Builder Thruscross
    SHEPHERD Ellen Wife M 31y 53   Stonebeck Down
    SHEPHERD John William Son S 31 Stone Mason Thruscross
    SHEPHERD George Son S 29 Stone Mason Thruscross
18 Chapel Houses SKAIFE Mary Ann Wife M 47   Hartwith
    SKAIFE Mary Daughter S 18 Millhand Baller and Twister Bishopside
    SKAIFE Frank Son S 16 Millhand Labourer at Bishopside
    SKAIFE Thomas Son   13 School Bishopside
    SKAIFE Annie Daughter   7 School Bishopside
19 Chapel SKAIFE George E B Head S 46 Retired Farmer Thornthwaite
20 The Springs SKAIFE Peter Head M 38 Farmer Thornthwaite
    SKAIFE Polly Wife M 14y 38   Menwith with Darley
21 Wilks House PULLAN John Head M 38 Farmer Dacre Parish
    PULLAN Elizabeth Wife M 10y 41 Assisting in the above Middlemor
    MAWER Stepdaughter   S 17 Roving Frame Minder Bilton Harrogate
22 Low House PEEL George William Head M 49 Farmeer and Joiner Thruscross
    PEEL Ada Ann Wife M 9y 31   Dacre
    PEEL Herbert Rowland Son S 15 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    PEEL Laurence Son   8 School Thornthwaite
    PEEL Laura Daughter   7 School Thornthwaite
    PEEL Flora Daughter   5 School Thornthwaite
    PEEL Audrey Muriel Daughter   3   Thornthwaite
    PEEL Beatrice Daughter   2   Thornthwaite
    PEEL Jesse Son   1   Thornthwaite
23 High House BUSFIELD Ann Head W 66 Farmer Thornthwaite
    BUSFIELD Thomas Son S 30 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    BUSFIELD Annie Daughter S 27 Farmers Daughter Dairymaid Thornthwaite
    SYLVESTER Harry Servant S 19 Farm Labourer Warwick Birmingham
24 Bents farm PULLAN Robert Head M 37 Sandstone Quarry Delver Dacre
    PULLAN Sarah Jane Wife M 5y 33   Burton Leonard
    PULLAN Eva Daughter   5   Thornthwaite
    PULLAN May Daughter   2   Thornthwaite
    CHAMBERS John S Son   13 School Half Time on Farm Markington
    NEWBOLD Sarah Mother in L W 70 Farmers Widow Bishop Monkton
25 Busfields House TEAL Willie Head M 22 Farm Labourer Askern Doncaster
26 Calf Craggs TULEY John Head M 35 Farmer Shipley
    TULEY Annie Wife M 14y 37   Thruscross
    TULEY Emily Daughter   10 School Thornthwaite
    TULEY William Henry Son   8 School Thornthwaite
    TULEY John Son   0   Thornthwaite
27 Calf Craggs LONGBOTTOM George Head M 64 Farmer Dacre
    LONGBOTTOM Sarah Jane Wife M 38y 60   Fountians Earth
    DISHMAN William Boarder S 23 Groom and Trainer LIN Northcotes
28 Calf Craggs NEWBOULD Mary Head W 49 Farmer Thruscross
    ALLEN Margaret Servant S 15 Assisting with Farmwork Thruscross
29 Roundabout PULLAN Joseph Head S 40 Labourer General Dacre
    NELSON Alice Sister W 57   Dacre Parish
    BECK William Brother i L M 60 No Occupation Private Means Lofthouse
    BECK Annie Sister M 30y 51   Dacre Parish
30 New House HOUSEMAN Joseph Head M 72 Farmer Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Keren Happack Wife M 47y 65   Dacre
    HOUSEMAN Henry Stanley Son S 24 Tailor All Round Hand Dacre
    PROCTOR George Servant   14 Farm Labourer Dacre
31 Padside Green NEWBOULD Sam Head M 58 Farmer Dacre
    NEWBOULD Martha Wife M 33y 58   Albro
    NEWBOULD Harry Son S 30 Farmers Son Working on Farm Birstwith
    NEWBOULD Frank Son S 28 Farmers Son Working on Farm Birstwith
    TULEY William Uncle W 89 Retired Farmer Thornthwaite
32 Padside Green GARTH Richard Skaife Head M 29 Farmer Thornthwaite
    GARTH Ellen Wife M 28   Dacre
    GLADHILL George Brumfitt Servant S 16 Farm Labourer Burley in Wharfedale
33 Padside Green HOUSEMAN George Head M 48 Farmer Morley
    HOUSEMAN Walter Son S 22 Rural Postman Availliary Brearton
    HOUSEMAN Alice Anne Daughter S 15 Farmers Daughter Dairy Work Thornthwaite
34 Yates House GARTH John Head M 73 Farmer Thornthwaite
    GARTH Susannah Wife M 30y 60   Dacre
    GARTH John Son S 28 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    GARTH Anthony Son S 26 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    GARTH Emily Jane Daughter S 20 Farmers Daughter Dairy Work Thornthwaite
    SIMPSON Joseph Servant S 16 Farm Labourer Thornthwaite
    METCALFE Eliza Servant S 20 General Servant Domestic Dacre
35 Padside Hall ADDYMAN Jane Head W 83 Farmer Thruscross
    ADDYMAN Robt Wigglesworth Son S 43 Farmers Son Working on Farm Managing Farmer Thornthwaite Padside Hall
    SHEPHERD Emma Daughter W 50 Dairy Woman Thornthwaite Padside Hall
    SHEPHERD Ada G Daughter   11 School Thruscross
    INMAN Christopher Ernest Servant S 15 Farm Servant Bishop Side
36 The Ridge ROBINSON Adam Head M 39 Farmer Gouthwaite Hall in the Parish Ramsgate
    ROBINSON Anne Ellen Wife M 14y 38   Thruscross
    ROBINSON Elizabeth Daughter   13 School Keighley
    ROBINSON Annie Daughter   11 School Timble Great
    ROBINSON Mary Daughter   9 School Timble Great
    ROBINSON Alice Daughter   8 School Timble Great
    ROBINSON Nellie Daughter   7 School Thornthwaite Padside
    ROBINSON Mabel Daughter   5   Thornthwaite
    ROBINSON Emily Daughter   4   Thornthwaite
    ROBINSON Elise Daughter   2   Thornthwaite
    ROBINSON Thomas William Son   0   Thornthwaite
37 High House HEATON Robert William Head M 47 Farmer and Game Keeper Bewerley
    HEATON Mary Ann Wife M 25y 45   Dacre
    HEATON Thomas Henry Son S 17 Farmers Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    HEATON Florrie Daughter   11 School Thornthwaite
    HEATON Annie Daughter   8 School Thornthwaite
    HEATON Robert William Son   3   Thornthwaite
38 High Platts MOORHOUSE Benjamin Head W 83 Farmer Thornthwaite
    MOORHOUSE Benjamin Son S 57 Farmers Son Working on Farm Dacre
    SIMPSON Benjamin G Son S 18 Farm Labourer Thornthwaite
    SIMPSON Jane G Daughter S 16 House Keeper Thornthwaite
39 Humsberstone Bank GARTH Enoch Head M 70 Sheep Farmer Thornthwaite
    GARTH Mary Ann Wife M 23y 47   Dacre
    GARTH Enoch Son S 21 Farmer Son Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    GARTH Mary Catherine Daughter S 17 Farmers Daughter Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    GARTH Thomas Brother S 60 Farmers Thornthwaite
    HEATON Maria Servant S 23   Thornthwaite
    HEATON Thomas Servant S 36 Farm Labourer Bewerley
    NELSON Harry Servant S 29 Farm Labourer Thruscross
40 Slade House MUDD William Edward Head M 60 Farmer Thruscross
    MUDD Frances Ann Wife M 38y 61   Hartwith
    MUDD John Richard Son S 31 Working on Farm Thornthwaite
    MUDD Frances Ellen Daughter S 27 General Work on Farm Thornthwaite
    MUDD Sarah Elizabeth Daughter S 19 General Work on Farm Thornthwaite
41 Redlish House SIMPSON Joseph Head M 44 Shepherd Bewerley
    SIMPSON Hannah Wife M 18y 44   Thornthwaite
    SIMPSON Allan Son S 15 Assisting His Father Thornthwaite
    SIMPSON Alfred Son   13 School Thornthwaite