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Hampsthwaite Parish Church Marriages 1838-1910

The Marriage records for Hampsthwaite Parish church date from 1603. Unfortunately there is a large gap between 1630 and 1653 where only the records for 1637 are saved.

Note that in 1752, the year started on the 1st January for the first time. During 1837, civil registration began, so a reference to the entry held at Harrogate Register Office is included.

His Occ.
His Occ.
1 1837 09 23 Thomas WIGGLESWORTH 26 b Yeoman Padside Head Robert Wigglesworth Yeoman Matthew Pullan   C33CL/1/1
    Jane PULLAN 26 s   Thornthwaite Matthew Pullan Farmer Clara Wigglesworth    
2 1837 09 30 Nathaniel WALLBANK 24 b Labourer Scarah Jonas Wallbank Farmer Francis Binns   C33CL/1/2
    Elizabeth GILL fa s   Hampsthwaite John Gill Grocer Jacob Gill    
3 1837 12 26 Adam HARKNESS 27 w coal miner Birstwith blank blank Thomas Hardcastle   C33CL/1/3
    Charlotte WALKER 24 s   Birstwith blank blank Jane *    
4 1838 01 27 John HARDCASTLE 23 b Labourer Birstwith Chrstopher Hardcastle Labourer Abraham Low   C33CL/1/4
    Ruth THORP 32 s   Birstwith Reuben Thorp Cottoner James Stubbs    
5 1838 02 17 Joseph WAITE 22 b Flax Dresser Darley     William Newbould   C33CL/1/5
    Jane BUSFIELD 19 s   Darley William Busfield Stonemason Stephen Busfield    
6 1838 02 26 Robert HAXBY 28 b Sadler Hampsthwaite William Haxby Baker William Haxby   C33CL/1/6
    Frances A PHILLIPSON 20 s   Hampsthwaite Ralph Phillipson   George Sigsworth    
7 1838 04 18 Thomas THACKWRAY 21 b Husbandman Harewood Thomas Eteson Bleacher Jane Holdsworth by licence C33CL/1/7
    Mary SKAIFE 21 s   Birstwith John Skaife Corn Miller John Metcalfe    
8 1838 05 21 William CRAVEN 25 b Farmer South Stainley William Craven Farmer John Craven by licence C33CL/1/8
    Elizabeth HARDCASTLE 25 s   Saltrergate Hill Benjamin Hardcastle Farmer Sarah Craven    
9 1838 07 07 Richard BARKER 26 b Stonemason Hampsthwaite William Barker Stonemason William Barker   C33CL/1/9
    Eliza WOOD 20 s   Bishop Thornton John Wood Bleacher Hannah Close    
10 1838 07 24 George TOPHAM 30 b Farmer South Stainley Joseph Topham Farmer George Henson by licence C33CL/1/10
    Mary HENSON 24 s   Hampsthwaite John Henson Farmer John Metcalfe    
11 1838 07 29 John HUDSON 22 b Labourer Darley Joseph Hudson Weaver John Metcalfe   C33CL/1/11
    Elizabeth MOOR 20 s   Darley William Moor Collier Richard Barker    
12 1838 10 22 Thomas STEAD 27 b Ham Factor Thornthwaite John Stead Weaver Benson Newbould by licence C33CL/1/12
    Ann HOUSEMAN 21 s   Dacre William Houseman Farmer Elizabeth Houseman    
13 1838 10 27 William SWALE 27 b Joiner Hampsthwaite Richard Swale Weaver William Barker   C33CL/1/13
    Maria DOVE 31 s   Wreaks Edward Dove Coal Miner James Swale    
14 1838 11 03 David SIMPSON 25 b Carpenter Killinghall Edward Simpson Weaver John Turner, William Burrill   C33CL/1/14
    Susannah SKAIFE 22 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Skaife Weaver Hannah Skaife    
15 1838 11 11 Samuel BARBER 21 b Wool Comber Birstwith Samuel Barber Farmer Joseph Jackson by licence C33CL/1/15
    Zilpha BOTTOMS 21 s   Birstwith George Bottoms Worsted Weaver Robert Jackson    
16 1838 11 17 William DARNBROOK 28 b Farmer Felliscliffe William Dibb Farmer William Gill by licence C33CL/1/16
    Elizabeth DARNBROUGH 21 s   Felliscliffe William Darnbrough Farmer John Hardisty    
17 1838 11 17 Benson NEWBOULD 28 b Butcher Dacre Edward Newbould Farmer William Newbould   C33CL/1/17
    Elizabeth HOUSEMAN 26 s   Darley Benjamin Houseman Farmer John Pullan, Margaret Skaife    
18 1838 11 25 John MAUDE 22 b Farm Servant Dacre     Thomas Thackwray   C33CL/1/18
    Jane HOLDSWORTH 24 s   Birstwith James Holdsworth Farmer Mary Thackwray    
19 1838 01 12 John WILKS 36 b Weaver Birstwith William Wilks Farmer John Guite   C33CL/1/19
    Ann GUITE 31 s   Birstwith Jonas Guite Farmer John Thorpe    
20 1838 12 04 Enoch NEWBOLD 22 b Labourer Thornthwaite     Joseph Rhodes   C33CL/1/20
    Nancy SMITHSON 19 s     John Smithson Lead Miner Robert Coates    
21 1838 12 10 Thomas HORSMAN 24 b Labourer Menwith Hill Thomas Horsman Labourer John Uttley   C33CL/1/21
    Ann HOLMES 19 s   Menwith Hill Andrew Holmes Labourer James Stubbs    
22 1839 01 26 Ralph BARKER 25 b Weaver Hampsthwaite Ralph Barker Weaver William Barker Ralph signed x C33CL/1/22
    Mary EWBANK 21 s   Wreaks Jackson Ewbank Mason James Swale    
23 1839 02 04 Thomas WAITE 26 b Blacksmith Darley Robert Waite Bridle bit Maker William Barker   C33CL/1/23
    Ann PETTY 22 s   Darley Robert Petty Farmer John Barker    
24 1839 03 09 Stephen BUSFIELD 22 b Stonemason Darley William Busfield Stonemason John Ellis   C33CL/1/24
    Mary STEEL 18 s   Menwith Hill John Steel Blacksmith D* Parker    
25 1839 06 03 William DOVENER 33 b Farmer Kettlewell John Dovener Farmer Jonathan Dovener   C33CL/1/25
    Jane MUDD 25 s   Thornthwaite Edward Mudd Farmer Ellin Buck    
26 1839 09 12 George INGRAM fa b Farmer Felliscliffe George Metcalfe Schoolmaster William Gill by licence C33CL/1/26
    Ann HODGSON fa s   Birstwith William Hodgson Farmer William Darnbrook    
27 1839 09 29 Edward HOULDSWORTH 20 b Flax Dresser Wilsill William Houldsworth Bleacher Thomas Houldsworth   C33CL/1/27
    Ellen LEEDAM 20 s   Birstwith Solomon Leedam Tinner James Stubbs    
28 1839 12 16 Joseph THORPE 23 b Labourer Menwith Hill John Thorpe Labourer Benson Newbould   C33CL/1/28
    Mary HOUSEMAN fa s   Darley Benjamin Houseman Farmer Elizabeth Newbould    
29 1840 02 11 William NEWBOULD 25 b Farmer Darley Robert Newbould Farmer Joseph Wilks   C33CL/1/29
    Sarah RHODES fa s   Darley John Rhodes Farmer John Milner    
30 1840 02 11 Joseph HARDCASTLE fa b Farmer Darley John Hardcastle Farmer Joseph Wilks   C33CL/1/30
    Ann WILKS 24 s   Darley William Hardcastle Farmer John Milner    
31 1840 02 20 Charles POWELL 28 b Solicitor Knaresborough SamuelPowell Solicitor Jane *oise, Jane Powell by licence C33CL/1/31
    Elizabeth SMITH 26 s   Thornthwaite Christopher Smith Flax Spinner Emma Louisa Smith    
32 1840 03 09 William STEEL 21 b Blacksmith Menwith with Darley John Steel Blacksmith John Ellis   C33CL/1/32
    Sarah A METCALFE fa s   Thornthwaite Joseph Metcalfe Farmer John Steel    
33 1840 06 30 William REYNARD fa b Wheelwright Felliscliffe William Swires Farmer James Stubbs   C33CL/1/33
    Hannah THWAITES fa s   Felliscliffe John Thwaites Farmer William Calverley    
34 1840 08 07 William HOWARD fa b Pot Seller Hampsthwaite Richard Howard Pot Seller James Stubbs   C33CL/1/34
    Christiana STEPHENSON fa s   Hampsthwaite Alexander Stephenson Pot Seller John Metcalf    
35 1840 11 17 Matthew PULLAN fa b Flax Dresser Thornthwaite Matthew Pullan Farmer Gill Wigglesworth   C33CL/1/35
    Ann WIGGLESWORTH 25 s   Padside Robert Wigglesworth Farmer Sarah Pullan    
36 1840 11 21 Joseph PICKARD 30 b Weaver Darley Robert Pickard Bleacher William North   C33CL/1/36
    Ann HARDCASTLE 27 s   Birstwith Christopher Hardcastle Labourer James Stubbs    
37 1840 11 25 Richard METCALFE 23 b Farmer Menwith Hill John Metcalfe Farmer Ralph Smithson   C33CL/1/37
    Eliza SHUTT 24 s   Thornthwaite William Shutt Gardener Thomas Shutt    
38 1840 12 01 James ATKINSON 28 b Carpenter Hampsthwaite James Atkinson Carpenter James Weatherhead   C33CL/1/38
    Elizabeth STEPHENSON fa s   Hampsthwaite Marmaduke Stephenson Farmer James Stubbs    
39 1840 12 02 William JACKSON 28 b Farmer Padside Jonathan Jackson Farmer James Stubbs by licence C33CL/1/39
    Hannah ETESON 25 s   Fewston Thomas Eteson Bleacher Joseph Gill    
40 1840 12 07 Abraham DOVE 27 b Labourer Birstwith Abraham Dove Coal Miner Mary Haxby   C33CL/1/40
    Sarah HAXBY fa s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Haxby Labourer John Hardcastle    
41 1840 12 26 George TOWERS 28 b Husbandman Haverah Park     Aynes Morrell   C33CL/1/41
    Sarah REYNARD 24 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Reynard Weaver Abigail Leedhams    
42 1841 01 31 James WOOD 27 b Cordwainer Darley     Benjamin Jeffrey   C33CL/1/42
    Rachel RUDD fa s   Darley     William Richardson    
43 1841 03 20 George NETTLETON fa w Gardener Birstwith Thomas Nettleton Labourer Robert Jackson   C33CL/1/43
    Sarah WALKER fa s   Birstwith William Walker Whitesmith James Stubbs    
44 1841 03 22 John BENSON 21 b Blacksmith Felliscliffe William Benson Shopkeeper Miles Robinson   C33CL/1/44
    Jane Hannah HALLEWELL fa s   Felliscliffe Isaac Hallewell Labourer James Stubbs    
45 1841 03 30 William KENDALL fa b Weaver Hampsthwaite Joseph Kendal Weaver William Haxby   C33CL/1/45
    Hannah SWALE fa s   Harrogate Richard Swale Farmer Ann Swale    
46 1841 05 29 Richard FELL 23 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Ricahrd Fell Labourer John Haxby   C33CL/1/46
    Jane HAXBY fa s   Hampsthwaite William Haxby Publican Susanna Haxby    
47 1841 05 31 John ROUTLEDGE 21 b Hostler Birstwith Thomas Routledge Jobber Hannah Hardcastle   C33CL/1/47
    Mary HARDCASTLE 20 s   Birstwith Chrstopher Hardcastle Labourer James Stubbs    
48 1841 06 01 Samuel REYNARD 21 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Samuel Reynard Weaver James Stubbs   C33CL/1/48
    Elizabeth PEARSON 23 s   Low Harrogate William Pearson Gentleman's Servant Joseph Hardcastle x    
49 1841 06 08 Wilkes DAVIDSON fa b Farmer Felliscliffe John Davidson Farmer John Davidson   C33CL/1/49
    Elizabeth LUPTON fa s   Felliscliffe John Lupton Farmer Sarah Lupton    
50 1841 07 10 Joseph BARKER 25 b Mason Hampsthwaite William Barker Mason James Stubbs   C33CL/1/50
    Mary PARKER 25 s   Hampsthwaite George Parker Farmer Benjamin Jeffrey    
51 1841 09 13 William MYERS 22 b Farmer Darley William Myers Farmer Thomas Clarkson by licence C33CL/1/51
    Mary A MYERS 21 s   Darley John Myers Farmer * Barley    
52 1841 07 24 William HENSON 23 b Farmer Hampsthwaite John Henson Farmer John Malthouse   C33CL/1/52
    Sarah MALTHOUSE 21 s   Felliscliffe William Matthews Linen Weaver Thomas Baines    
53 1841 09 27 James LUPTON 21 b Cabinet Maker Felliscliffe James Lupton Cabinet Maker James *   C33CL/1/53
    Sarah MEDLEY 24 s   Birstwith Thomas Medley Farmer Thomas Kensitt?    
54 1841 12 06 William PATRICK fa b Weaver Hampsthwaite William Patrick Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/54
    Mary HAXBY fa s   Hampsthwaite William Haxby Publican John Metcalf    
55 1841 12 14 John EXLEY 21 b Woolstapler Menston Robert Exley Farmer William Exley Brayshay by licence C33CL/1/55
    Ann STEAD 19 s   Felliscliffe John Stead Farmer William Exley    
56 1841 12 20 Francis SNOW fa b Farmer Birstwith Richard Snow Farmer William Gill by licence C33CL/1/56
    Hannah SURR fa s   Birstwith Robert Surr Farmer George Ingram    
57 1842 01 10 John REYNARD 23 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Samuel Reynard Labourer Ann Swales   C33CL/1/57
    Mary MILNER 27 s   Hampsthwaite John Milner Labourer James Swale    
58 1842 11 28 Charles FREEMAN fa b Plasterer Great Ouseburn Michael Freeman Plasterer George Freeman   C33CL/1/58
    Sarah HEWITT fa s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Hewitt Servant Elizabeth Hewitt    
59 1842 12 05 William TREES 22 b Wheelwright Darley Samuel Trees Wheelwright David Bentley   C33CL/1/59
    Grace CORE 24 s   Thornthwaite Francis Core Overlooker James Swale    
60 1843 01 18 Joseph POWELL 26 b Farmer Birstwith Joseph Powell Wheelwright * Hewitt   C33CL/1/60
    Ann EWBANK 20 s   Birstwith William Mason James Swale    
61 1843 01 30 Edward MUDD 36 b Farmer Thornthwaite Edward Mudd Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/61
    Ann ANDREW fa s   Clint John Andrew Farmer Peter Mudd    
62 1843 02 27 Christopher REYNARD 23 b Labourer Hampsthwaite     James Swale   C33CL/1/62
    Elizabeth PARKER 21 s   Birstwith Henry Parker Carrier Joseph Rennard x    
63 1843 03 18 George SHUTT 24 b Post Boy Harrogate William Shutt Stagecoach man Amos Swain   C33CL/1/63
    Sarah MOOR 21 s   Darley William Moor Collier James Swale    
64 1843 03 21 William SNOW 21 b Yeoman Birstwith Richard Snow Yeoman William Gill by licence C33CL/1/64
    Mary A SMITH 21 s   Birstwith Francis Smith Blacksmith Ralph Dearlove    
65 1843 06 19 Joseph WALMSLEY fa b Farmet Birstwith Joseph Walmsley Farmer Richard Snow by licence C33CL/1/65
    Ann SURR fa s   Birstwith Robert Surr Farmer William Gill    
66 1843 07 10 Luke REYNARD 23 b Labourer Birstwith Joseph Reynard Labourer Thomas Darling   C33CL/1/66
    Mary STONEY 21 s   Birstwith George Stoney Miner James Swale    
67 1843 08 28 Joseph HARDCASTLE fa b Labourer Hampsthwaite     James Swale   C33CL/1/67
    Harriet REYNARD fa s   Hampsthwaite Samuel Reynard Weaver Mark Swale    
68 1843 09 24 Edward MALLINSON fa b Stonemason Lockwood, Almondbury Edward Mallinson Stonemason John Gill   C33CL/1/68
    Ann GILL fa s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Gill Siever Stephen Horsfall    
69 1843 10 14 John BROADBELT fa b Farmer Ripley John Broadbelt Farmer Martin Broadbelt   C33CL/1/69
    Rose GILL fa s   Hampsthwaite Walter Gill Farmer James Swale    
70 1844 05 20 William SHEPPARD fa b Labourer Darley Joseph Sheppard Clothier James Swale   C33CL/1/70
    Mary SUMMERSGILL fa s   Darley Richard Summersgill Labourer William Henson    
71 1844 06 10 Thomas LONG 31 b Farmer Hampsthwaite George Long Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/71
    Abigail LEEDHAM 24 s   Hampsthwaite John Leedham Woodman James Dalby    
72 1844 06 11 William MITCHELL 26 b Bricklayer Ripon Roger Mitchell Bricklayer John Gill   C33CL/1/72
    Mary GILL 25 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Gill Siever Thomas Webster    
73 1844 11 28 David JACKSON 19 b Farmer Birstwith John Jackson Mason Joseph Jackson   C33CL/1/73
    Mary REYNARD 23 s   Darley John Reynard Gardener James Swale    
74 1844 12 10 Jonathan BUSFIELD fa b Farmer The Row nr Pateley Jonathan Busfield Farmer William Barker   C33CL/1/74
    Mary BUSFIELD fa s   Thornthwaite William Busfield Farmer James Swale    
75 1844 12 21 William MARSTON 21 b Shoemaker Birstwith Edward Marston Farmer John Bootherton by licence C33CL/1/75
    Mary ROBINSON 20 s   Birstwith Robert Robinson Farmer Walter Robinson    
76 1845 01 13 John HOBKINSON 23 b Labourer Birstwith Daniel Wilkinson Labourer Daniel Hobkinson   C33CL/1/76
    Margaret LAIDLAW 23 s   Birstwith Adam Laidlaw Stone Mason James Swale    
77 1845 05 24 Thomas LEEDAM 23 w Overlooker Birstwith Solomon Leedam Traveller Joseph Jackson   C33CL/1/77
    Ann HANNAM 24 s   Birstwith William Hannam Labourer Jane Solomon    
78 1845 06 01 Joseph JACKSON 22 b Miller Birstwith William Jackson Miller Robert Jackson by licence C33CL/1/78
    Ann SCHOON 20 s   Birstwith Simeon Schoon Bookkeeper John Harrison    
79 1845 07 03 Robert EMSLEY 26 b Farmer Menwith Hill Robert Emsley Farmer Joseph Waite   C33CL/1/79
    Hannah BUSFIELD 25 s   Thornthwaite William Busfield Mason James Swale    
80 1845 08 25 Thomas RYDER 32 b Farmer Darley John Ryder Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/80
    Sarah A WILKS 23 s   Darley William Wilks Weaver William Benson x    
81 1845 11 01 John COOK 28 b Hawker Birstwith Peter Cook Weaver James Swale   C33CL/1/81
    Ann TEAGUE 24 s   Birstwith Patrick Teague Labourer Elizabeth Gill x    
82 1845 12 27 William APPLEBY 22 b Labourer Hampsthwaite William Appleby Farmer Hannah Appleby   C33CL/1/82
    Ellen REYNARD 21 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Reynard Weaver James Swale    
83 1846 01 19 Christopher NORFOLK 46 w Farmer Felliscliffe Christpher Norfolk Farmer Robert Grange by licence C33CL/1/83
    Ellen CLARK 44 s Dressmaker Birstwith Henry Clark Farmer James Swale    
84 1846 01 25 Peter BARKER 37 b Joiner Hampsthwaite Richard Barker Stone Mason John Gill Blind Peter'. The couple married in register office previously. C33CL/1/84
    Mary BARKER 33 s   Hampsthwaite James Lupton Joiner James Swale    
85 1846 02 28 James ANDREW fa b Farmer Menwith Hill John Andrew Farmer Christopher Holmes by licence C33CL/1/85
    Mary HOLMES fa s   Thornthwaite Zachariah Holmes Farmer James Swale    
86 1846 03 13 Henry PARKER 27 b Grocer and draper Darley John Parker Labourer Joseph Myers by licence C33CL/1/86
    Maria FURNISS 26 s   Darley Joseph Furniss Blacksmith and farmer Richard Metcalfe    
87 1846 04 11 John STEEL 31 b farmer Darley John Steel Blacksmith John Ellis   C33CL/1/87
    Ann PARKER 27 s   Darley William Parker Linen Weaver Rebecca Myers    
88 1846 04 11 Charles HOLDSWORTH fa w Labourer Birstwith James Holdsworth Farmer's man William Fenwick   C33CL/1/88
    Sarah HAXBY fa w   Birstwith Robert Marston Labourer James Swale    
89 1846 07 02 Henry CREASER fa b Builder York John Creaser Farmer Ellen Buck, John Mitton   C33CL/1/89
    Elizabeth BUCK fa s   Thornthwaite Bolland Buck Yeoman Willam Creaser    
90 1846 11 02 Joseph BLAKEY 22 b Farmer Pateley Bridge William Blakey Weaver Shadrach Newbould x   C33CL/1/90
    Mary NEWBOULD 18 s   Thornthwaite Thomas Newbould Mason James Swale    
91 1846 11 15 William BENSON 25 b Farmer Menwith Hill Joseph Benson Miller Frederick Benson   C33CL/1/91
    Elizabeth MUDD 26 s   Menwith Hill John Mudd Farmer James Swale    
92 1846 12 24 Amos BAKE 23 b Farmer Darley Amos Bake Miller Thomas Hewitt   C33CL/1/92
    Sarah J MYERS 21 s   Darley John Myers Farmer James Swale    
93 1846 12 25 John METCALFE 32 w Stonemason Thornthwaite John Metcalfe Stone Mason George Thwaites   C33CL/1/93
    Martha NEWBOULD 44 w   Hartwith George Emmott Weaver James Swale    
94 1847 01 16 John Umpleby ELLIS 27 b farmer Menwith Hill John Ellis Farmer William Myers   C33CL/1/94
    Rebecca MYERS 20 s   Menwith cum Darley John Myers Farmer Ann Jackson    
95 1847 02 18 Joseph PULLAN 25 b Joiner Harrogate Joseph Pullan Publican John Bielby by licence C33CL/1/95
    Mary GRANGE 24 s   Darley William Grange Flax dresser Edward Pullan    
96 1847 03 06 William SKIRROW 27 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Edward Skirrow Labourer John Gill   C33CL/1/96
    Rose HARDISTY 20 s   Felliscliffe John Hardisty Auctioneer James Swale    
97 1847 04 03 James LUPTON 21 b Farmer Felliscliffe John Lupton Farmer John Lupton by licence C33CL/1/97
    Mary A BRAMLEY 20 s   Birstwith William Bramley Farmer William Lumley    
98 1847 05 10 Samuel NEWALL 25 b Farmer Blubberhouses John Newall Farmer Joseph Waite by licence C33CL/1/98
    Elizabeth MYERS 24 s   Swarcliffe John Myers Farmer Hannah Newall    
99 1847 07 31 Matthias IMESON 22 b Tailor Knaresborough Matthias Imeson Stone Mason Robert Beck   C33CL/1/99
    Sarah ROBINSON 27 s   Kettlesing Francis Robinson Farmer Elizabeth Robinson    
100 1847 12 13 Shadrach NEWBOULD 24 b Mason Thornthwaite Thomas Newbould Mason Samuel Newbould   C33CL/1/100
    Jane HOLMS 22 s   Darley Edward Holms Labourer James Swale    
101 1847 12 29 William HOLMES 21 b Tailor Birstwith Joseph Holmes Tailor Joseph Walmsley   C33CL/1/101
    Mary A GRAHAM 20 s   Birstwith William Graham Carpenter Thomas *    
102 1848 01 17 Charles STEEL 24 b Blacksmith Darley John Steel Blacksmith Robert Pullan   C33CL/1/102
    Alice PULLAN 21 s   Darley Thomas Pullan farmer Robert Steel    
103 1848 02 05 Richard BROWN 21 b Labourer Felliscliffe Thomas Brown farmer Joseph Waite   C33CL/1/103
    Ann BUSFIELD 18 s   Thornthwaite William Busfield Stone mason James Swale    
104 1848 02 10 Robert HARDESTY 23 b Labourer Killinghall Robert Hardesty Labourer John Lupton   C33CL/1/104
    Elizabeth CALVERLEY 18 s   Hampsthwaite John Calverley Weaver James Swale    
105 1848 02 26 William DAWSON fa b Farmer Leeds William Dawson Farmer David Atkinson by licence C33CL/1/105
    Hannah SMITH fa s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Smith Tailor Hannah Scaife    
106 1848 03 04 John WILSON 30 b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite Peter Wilson Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/106
    Hannah REYNARD 31 w   Menwith Hill Joseph Umpleby Weaver James Greaves x    
107 1848 03 07 David ATKINSON fa b Cabinet Maker Hampsthwaite John Atkinson Joiner William Dawson by licence C33CL/1/107
    Hannah SCAIFE fa s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Scaife Yeoman Alice Blackburn    
108 1848 04 15 John WALLER 25 b farmer Darley John Waller Farmer Michael Skaife   C33CL/1/108
    Margaret ABBOT 26 s   Darley William Abbot Weaver Peter Metcalfe    
109 1848 04 22 Robert ANDERSON 35 b Farmer's Servant Norton le Clay Robert Anderson Fasrmer's servant John Clarkson   C33CL/1/109
    Mary CLARKSON 21 s   Birstwith John Clarkson Weaver Hannah Robinson x    
110 1848 05 20 Richard HOLMES 28 b Tailor Darley John Holmes Bleacher William Rollinson   C33CL/1/110
    Hannah UMPLEBY 20 s   Birstwith John Umpleby Weaver James Swale    
111 1848 05 23 Thomas LUDLAM 41 b farmer Thornthwaite John Ludlam Farmer Ann Grange x   C33CL/1/111
    Margaret PLACE fa w   Bewerley James Fryer Labourer James Swale    
112 1848 06 10 David DOVE fa b coal miner Wreaks Edward Dove Coal Miner Frederick Dove   C33CL/1/112
    Alice ASHTON 25 s   Wreaks George Ashton Shoemaker Edwin Ashton    
113 1848 07 08 William ROLLINSON 25 b Flax Dresser Birstwith William Rollinson Flax dresser John Milner   C33CL/1/113
    Ann HORNBY 22 s   Birstwith Jonathan Hornby Gardener James Swale    
114 1848 07 23 Frederick DOVE 25 b Labourer Wreaks James Dove Coal Miner John Gill   C33CL/1/114
    Mary WARD 32 s   Wreaks Thomas Ward Mill Overlooker James Swale    
115 1848 09 04 Richard HORNBY 23 b Farmer's Servant Felliscliffe John Hornby Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/115
    Ann CLARK 19 s   Felliscliffe Edward Clark Weaver Thomas Gill    
116 1848 09 16 John JACKMAN 35 b Farmer's Servant Menwith Hill Solomon Jackman Farmer John Ellis   C33CL/1/116
    Elizabeth ROBINSON 22 s   Birstwith Thomas Robinson Bricklayer Sophia Osborne    
117 1849 03 05 John THORPE 28 b Farmer Darley John Thorpe Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/117
    Sarah HOLMES 26 s   Darley Andrew Holmes Farmer Jane Patrick x    
118 1849 04 07 William FAWCETT 43 w Joiner Darley John Fawcett Farmer Robert Houseman   C33CL/1/118
    Hannah BUSFIELD 36 s   Padside William Busfield Farmer Myers Busfield    
119 1849 04 30 Patrick GALAGHAR 23 b Labourer Darley Daniel Gallagher Tailor John *aran   C33CL/1/119
    Nancy MCDARMID 21 s   Darley Charles McDarmid Labourer James Swale    
120 1849 06 04 William CROSLEY 29 b Labourer Birstwith John Crosley Tradesman John Swales   C33CL/1/120
    Elizabeth BAKE 23 s   Birstwith Nathan Bake Farmer James Swale    
121 1849 07 09 James WARDMAN 23 b Farmer Felliscliffe George Ashton Farmer George Lamb?   C33CL/1/121
    Elizabeth ROSS 24 s   Killinghall James Ross Farmer Elizabeth Ross    
122 1849 07 23 Martin REYNARD 24 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Samuel Reynard Weaver William Slater   C33CL/1/122
    Alice EDMONDSON 23 s   Clint Thomas Edmondson Labourer James Swale    
123 1849 08 06 Robert WOOD 45 b Shoemaker Darley John Wood Labourer John Mullarky   C33CL/1/123
    Bridget TEAGUE fa s   Darley Patrick Teague Labourer James Swale entry Tigue  
124 1849 09 22 John JACKSON 31 b Shepherd Birstwith Walter Jackson Farmer James Walker by licence C33CL/1/124
    Jane WALKER 27 s   Birstwith Joseph Walker Blacksmith Rachel B Walker    
125 1849 10 22 Richard HOLMES fa w linen weaver Thornthwaite Robert Holmes Linen Weaver Abednego Newbould x   C33CL/1/125
    Ann NEWBOULD fa s   Thornthwaite Thomas Newbould Mason James Swale    
126 1849 11 13 William HAGUE 26 b Groom Birstwith John Hague Groom Rachel B Walker   C33CL/1/126
    Hannah WHITTAKER 28 s   Birstwith John Whittaker Labourer James Swale    
127 1849 11 24 Thomas HOUSEMAN 25 b Farmer Long Lane Thomas Houseman Farmer Joseph Downham   C33CL/1/127
    Hannah BROTHERTON 20 s   Clapham Green James Brotherton Farmer Mary Simpson    
128 1849 12 01 William FAWCETT 20 b Carpenter Darley William Fawcett Carpenter James Swale   C33CL/1/128
    Jane NETTLETON 23 s   Darley George Nettleton Labourer Walter Gill    
129 1849 12 28 Thomas SURR 22 b Farmer Birstwith Robert Surr Farmer Joseph Downham   C33CL/1/129
    Elizabeth WALMSLEY 21 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Walmsley Farmer James Swale    
130 1849 12 29 Samuel COATES 23 b Carpenter Darley John Coates Carpenter William Pullan   C33CL/1/130
    Sarah DAVIDSON 21 s   Hampsthwaite John Davidson Farmer William Thorp    
131 1850 05 25 James DALBY 24 b Carpenter Hampsthwaite John Dalby Carpenter Fanny Sigsworth   C33CL/1/131
    Susannah BLACKBURN 22 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Blackburn Linen Weaver James Swale    
132 1850 06 03 James LUPTON 29 w Cabinet Maker Birstwith James Lupton Cabinet Maker Walter Robinson registrar's certificate C33CL/1/132
    Elizabeth ROBINSON 34 s   Felliscliffe Francis Robinson Blacksmith James Swale    
133 1850 06 08 William PULLAN 26 b Wheelwright Darley Thomas Pullan Farmer Robert Pullan   C33CL/1/133
    Ellen GRAHAM 21     Otley Morton Graham Farmer Alice Steel    
134 1850 06 08 Thomas LUMLEY 21 b Farmer Felliscliffe Thomas Lumley Farmer John Davidson   C33CL/1/134
    Mary HOUSEMAN 26 s   Felliscliffe Thomas Houseman Farmer Elizabeth Houseman    
135 1850 07 16 John JENNINGS 34 b farmer Halifax John Jennings Farmer Francis Gill   C33CL/1/135
    Elizabeth GILL 21 s   Hampsthwaite Francis Gill Farmer Mary Ann Gill x    
136 1850 08 19 James BRENKLEY 22 b Labourer Darley Robert Brenkley Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/136
    Mary Ann WARD 22 s   Darley William Ward Collier Elizabeth Ward x    
137 1850 09 26 Joseph KNOWLES 21 b Corn Miller Ripley or Shipley Jonas Knowles Tanner John Ellis   C33CL/1/137
    Mary A ELLIS 21 s   Thornthwaite Joseph Ellis Farmer Elizabeth Ellis    
138 1850 11 04 John MUDD 34 b Farmer Thornthwaite Edward Mudd Farmer Samuel Newbould   C33CL/1/138
    Phillis PROCTER 21 s   West End William Procter Farmer Ellen *ley    
139 1850 11 16 Andrew HOLMES 27 b Farmer Menwith Hill Andrew Holmes Farmer Thomas Horsman   C33CL/1/139
    Elizabeth ABBOTT 27 s   Darley William Abbott Weaver      
140 1850 11 25 David BRADBERRY 23 b Labourer Birstwith John Bradberry Weaver Charles Hogg   C33CL/1/140
    Elizabeth THORP 22 s   Birstwith William Thorp Turner? James Swale    
141 1850 11 26 Charles Askwith HAXBY 26 b Saddler Clint William Haxby Publican Marmaduke Bramley   C33CL/1/141
    Ann THACKWRAY 21 s   Hampsthwaite Henry Thackwray Farmer Agnes Morrell    
142 1850 12 07 John WALMSLEY 33 b Farmer Felliscliffe Joseph Walmsley Farmer Thomas Spink by certificate C33CL/1/142
    Mary A FELL 27 s   Birstwith Richard Fell Labourer Mary Twole x    
143 1850 12 23 William SMITH 20 b Blacksmith Rowden Lane Robert Smith Blacksmith Jane Stones   C33CL/1/143
    Ann STONES 28 s   Haverah Park John Stones Mason John Newbould    
144 1851 01 14 Thomas CARTWRIGHT fa b Grocer Otley George Cartwright Farmer Marmaduke Ellis   C33CL/1/144
    Jane WALLER fa s   Menwith Hill Thomas Waller Farmer John Ellis    
145 1851 01 27 Samuel NEWBOULD 32 b Mason Dacre Thomas Newbould Mason Abednego Newbould   C33CL/1/145
    Mary TULEY 26 s   Thornthwaite John Tuley Farmer William Tuley    
146 1851 03 08 Joseph HOBSON 21 b Farmer Birstwith Moses Hobson Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/146
    Agnes MORRELL 21 s   Haverah Park James Morrell Farmer Mary Swales x    
147 1851 03 31 Mark BRADBERRY 28 b Farmer Dacre Robert Bradberry Farmer William Waller   C33CL/1/147
    Sarah Jane SETTLE 22 s   Darley William Settle Wright William Metcalfe    
148 1851 04 22 William LUMLEY 21 b Farmer Nabbs Ash Thomas Lumley Farmer James Andrew   C33CL/1/148
    Elizabeth ANDREW 21 s   Birstwith John Andrew Farmer James Swale    
149 1851 04 24 Michael PHILLIPSON 21 w Carpenter London Ralph Phillipson Saddler James Swale by licence C33CL/1/149
    Alice SCHOON 21 s   Wreaks Simeon Schoon Steward Hannah Swale x    
150 1851 08 18 John DAVIDSON 40 b Farmer's Servant Felliscliffe John Davidson Farmer Thomas Lumley   C33CL/1/150
    Elizabeth HOUSEMAN 21 s   Felliscliffe Thomas Houseman Farmer James Swale    
151 1851 07 22 James WOOD 42 b Farmer Felliscliffe John Wood Farmer James Swale by licence C33CL/1/151
    Alice MARSHALL 21 s   Haverah Park Thomas Marshall Farmer Mary Grange    
152 1851 09 20 John HEATON 22 b Miner Thornthwaite Henry Heaton Miner Elisha Newbould   C33CL/1/152
    Sarah NEWBOULD 18 s   Thornthwaite Mark Newbould Miner James Swale    
153 1851 11 23 Joseph SKAIFE 26 b Farmer Thornthwaite Benson Skaife Farmer John Ellis   C33CL/1/153
    Jane ELLIS 23 s   Darley William Ellis Farmer Ralph Grange    
154 1851 12 20 Walter ROBINSON 23 b Farmer Birstwith Robert Robinson Farmer James Lupton by certificate C33CL/1/154
    Hannah REYNARD 18 s   Otley John Reynard Weaver Ann Reynard    
155 1851 12 29 Joseph CHAPMAN 26 b Labourer Rigton Jonathan Chapman Labourer Robert Pullan   C33CL/1/155
    Elizabeth WARD 27 s   Menwith Hill William Ward Collier James Swale    
156 1852 01 05 Joseph CORLASS 26 b Manager Keighley William Corlass Gentleman Sarah Reynard by licence C33CL/1/156
    Elizabeth GILL 26 s   Wreaks William Gill Mechanic James Swale    
157 1852 01 19 Francis BLACKBURN 29 b Tailor Harrogate Robert Blackburn Weaver John C*   C33CL/1/157
    Celia Jane TURNBULL 20 s   Hampsthwaite Benjamin Turnbull Flax dresser Peter Ridsdale    
158 1852 01 20 Martin DYSON 21 b farmer Darley Valentine Dyson Farmer John *es by licence C33CL/1/158
    Elizabeth Ann ELLIS 38 w   Thornthwaite Thomas Ellis Farmer Isabella Ellis    
159 1852 02 03 Thomas WEBSTER 45 b linen weaver Darley William Webster Bricklayer James Swale   C33CL/1/159
    Mary BENSON 38 s   Darley     Sarah Reynard    
160 1852 02 05 George MORRELL 28 b Farmer Haverah Park Joseph Morrell Farmer Thomas Stott   C33CL/1/160
    Emma STOTT 21 s   Saltergate Hill William Stott Farmer Marmaduke Bramley    
161 1852 02 21 Marmaduke BRAMLEY 21 b Butcher Hampsthwaite William Bramley Farmer Joseph Morrell by licence C33CL/1/161
    Agnes MORRELL 21 s   Haverah Park Joseph Morrell Farmer Elizabeth *    
162 1852 02 23 Abednego NEWBOULD 20 b Mason Thornthwaite Thomas Newbould Mason James Swale   C33CL/1/162
    Maria ATKINSON 20 s   Thornthwaite George Atkinson Wright William Atkinson x    
163 1852 05 01 William WALLER 27 b   Darley John Waller Farmer William Metcalfe   C33CL/1/163
    Hannah SETTLE 21 s   Darley William Settle Wheelwright Joseph Rhodes    
164 1852 05 02 Ralph GRANGE 34 b Weaver and Farmer Darley     Michael Skaife   C33CL/1/164
    Margaret SKAIFE 32 s   Darley Benson Skaife Farmer Joseph Skaife    
165 1852 05 22 Charles HOGG 21 b Tailor Wreaks Henry Hogg Flax spinner John Milner by certificate C33CL/1/165
    Caroline THORP 21 s   Wreaks William Thorp Farmer Ellen Hogg    
166 1852 06 05 Matthew PEARSON 48 w Labourer Wreaks William Pearson Labourer Mary Swale x   C33CL/1/166
    Elizabeth THORP 37 w   Wreaks Thomas Mason Joiner James Swale    
167 1852 07 20 William METCALFE 21 b Farmer Darley Peter Metcalfe Farmer John Furniss   C33CL/1/167
    Mary ALLANSON 19 s   Menwith Hill Joseph Allanson Farmer Elizabeth Allanson    
168 1852 08 02 John LUPTON fa b farmer Felliscliffe John Lupton Farmer William Morris by licence C33CL/1/168
    Margaret Frances BLAKEY fa s   Hollings James Blake< Servant Ann Blakey, James Lupton    
169 1852 08 23 Robert STEEL 27 b Tailor Darley John Steel Blacksmith William Jackson   C33CL/1/169
    Jane HOUSEMAN 23 s   Darley Thomas Houseman Linen Weaver James Swale    
170 1852 09 19 Joseph DIBB 33 b Labourer Wreaks James Dibb Labourer Joseph Holdsworth   C33CL/1/170
    Eleanor FAWCETT 38 w   Wreaks William Thomas Fawcett Labourer James Swale    
171 1852 10 23 Thomas ADDYMAN 25 b Farmer Dacre John Addyman Farmer Joseph Umpleby   C33CL/1/171
    Mary A ABBOT 22 s   Darley Thomas Grange Farmer John Addyman jnr    
172 1852 10 26 John ENGLAND 33 b Blacksmith Rigton William England Blacksmith William Lewis   C33CL/1/172
    Margaret WARDMAN 25 s   Hampsthwaite John Wardman Farmer Mary Wardman    
173 1852 11 22 William SMITH fa b Farmer Dacre Inn Bewerley John Smith Farmer Marmaduke Bramley   C33CL/1/173
    Elizabeth SWIERS fa s   Hampsthwaite John Swiers Farmer Sarah Ann Swiers    
174 1852 11 27 Joseph RHODES 27 b sieve maker Darley Joseph Rhodes Sieve maker James Swale   C33CL/1/174
    Hannah SHEPHERD 30 s   Darley Francis Shepherd Linen Weaver Matthew Marston    
175 1852 11 27 James SIGSWORTH 32 b Labourer Hampsthwaite George Sigsworth Shoemaker James Swale   C33CL/1/175
    Mary BRAMLEY 35 s   Felliscliffe William Bramley Labourer Matthew Marston    
176 1853 01 22 Richard GILL 25 b Labourer Darley Richard Gill Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/176
    Hannah THORP 25 s   Wreaks     * Reynard    
177 1853 04 09 Christopher HARDCASTLE 55 w Labourer Birstwith Christopher Hardcastle Labourer James Swale by registrar's certificate C33CL/1/177
    Elizabeth CULLINGWORTH 47 w   Harrogate James Robinson Labourer David Oliver    
178 1853 05 07 Michael SKIRROW 29 b Farmer Thornthwaite John Skirrow Farmer Joseph Waite   C33CL/1/178
    Sarah BUSFIELD 29 s   Thornthwaite William Busfield Stone mason James Swale    
179 1853 05 09 Henry BURNISTON 24 b Gardener Drax Joseph Burniston dead? Peter Wardman   C33CL/1/179
    Mary WARDMAN 24 s   Hampsthwaite Peter Wardman Farmer Jane Picknett    
180 1853 05 16 Thomas Skaife PULLAN 33 b Farmer Darley Thomas Pullan Farmer Thomas Bentley   C33CL/1/180
    Hannah BENSON 27 s   Hartwith Thomas Benson Weaver Robert Pullan    
181 1853 05 16 John JEFFRAY fa w Farmer Killinghall William Jeffray Farmer William Jeffray by licence C33CL/1/181
    Sarah LUPTON fa s   Felliscliffe John Lupton Farmer Isabel Simpson    
182 1853 09 05 William BRAMLEY fa b Farmer Felliscliffe John Bramley Farmer John Rushforth   C33CL/1/182
    Mary A EMSLEY fa s   Darley William Emsley Farmer William Emsley by licence  
183 1853 11 13 Charles GILL 28 b Mechanic Thornthwaite Charles Gill Mechanic Joseph Pullan   C33CL/1/183
    Mary WARD 27 s Servant Darley Michael Ward Woolcomber Mary K*    
184 1853 11 14 Myers BUSFIELD 23 b Farmer Thornthwaite Joseph Busfield Farmer Robert Pullan by licence C33CL/1/184
    Sarah J HOLMES 20 s   Thornthwaite Richard Holmes Farmer John Cooper    
185 1853 12 03 Joseph THOMPSON 23 b Shoemaker Birstwith John Thompson Butcher edward Marston   C33CL/1/185
    Mary MARSTON 26 s   Birstwith Edward Marston Farmer James Swale    
186 1853 12 17 Edward MARSTON 24 b farmer Birstwith Edward Marston Farmer Joseph Thompson   C33CL/1/186
    Susannah GRANGE 23 s   Felliscliffe Robert Grange farmer Mary Thompson    
187 1854 01 28 David SIMPSON fa w Carpenter Hampsthwaite Edward Simpson Gardener William Marsden   C33CL/1/187
    Frances JEFFREY fa w   Hampsthwaite John Robinson Blacksmith Martha Hewitt    
188 1854 03 06 William PETTY 29 b Labourer Thornthwaite Thomas Petty Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/188
    Mary RAYNARD 27 s Servant Thornthwaite John Raynard Farmer Mary Sigsworth x    
189 1854 08 16 Benjamin HOLMES fa b Labourer Wreaks James Holmes Linen * James Swale   C33CL/1/189
    Mary BELL fa s   Wreaks George Bell Weaver Peter * x    
190 1854 18 19 Charles PULLAN 24 b Farmer Darley Thomas Pullan Farmer Robert Pullan   C33CL/1/190
    Sarah REYNARD 21 s   Birstwith Jonathan Reynard Labourer Robert Reynard    
191 1854 08 26 Thomas BROWN 23 b Servant Darley Thomas Brown Farmer John Ellis   C33CL/1/191
    Margaret UMPLEBY 18 s   Felliscliffe Isaac Umpleby Farmer James Swale    
192 1854 10 14 Marmaduke ELLIS fa b Farmer Felliscliffe Richard Ellia Farmer Amos Bake by licence C33CL/1/192
    Susannah BAKE fa s   Darley Amos Bake Corn miller Mary Ann Wray    
193 1854 11 23 William DEARNLEY fa b bleacher Norland, Halifax parish Robert Dearnley Bleacher John Asquith Hol* by licence C33CL/1/193
    Mary KENT fa s   Hampsthwaite William Kent Farmer Marianne Jenkinson?    
194 1855 01 08 John REYNARD 37 b Labourer Hartwith Owen Reynard Labourer John Metcalfe   C33CL/1/194
    Jane STEEL 29 s Servant Darley John Steel Farmer Hannah Parker    
195 1855 01 13 William HOLMES 36 b Labourer Darley Edward Holmes Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/195
    Maria PARKER 32 s   Darley William Parker Linen Weaver John Holmes x    
196 1855 02 17 John IVESON fa b Farmer Felliscliffe John Iveson Farmer Michael Dickinson   C33CL/1/196
    Rose GOODYEAR 30 s   Felliscliffe William Goodyear Farmer Joseph Silversides    
197 1855 04 07 Peter BARKER 25 b Mason Hampsthwaite William Barker Mason Emanuel Barker   C33CL/1/197
    Jane HERRINGTON 22 s Domestic servant Hampsthwaite William Herrington Labourer Francis Jeffray    
198 1855 04 23 William REYNARD 38 b Labourer Birstwith Jonathan Reynard Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/198
    Mary DIBB 38 s Spinner Wreaks James Dibb Weaver James Dibb    
199 1855 05 03 Thomas LUPTON 47 w Farmer Thornthwaite Thomas Lupton Farmer William Milner   C33CL/1/199
    Jane DAGGET fa w   Greenhow Hill William Waddilove Farmer James Swale    
200 1855 05 14 Thomas THORPE 24 b Cordwainer Birstwith William Thorpe Cordwainer Joseph Thompson   C33CL/1/200
    Sarah BURGESS 19 s   Darley Francis Burgess Labourer Sarah Swales x    
201 1855 05 31 Francis MASON fa b Farmer Birstwith James Mason Farmer William Mason   C33CL/1/201
    Jane HAZLEWOOD fa s Domestic servant Birstwith Phillip Hazlewood Farmer Fanny Wood    
202 1855 06 23 John WARDMAN fa b farmer Swincliffe Top George Wardman Farmer Thomas Beckwith   C33CL/1/202
    Mary Ann BECKWITH fa s Servant Pannal Thomas Beckwith Carrier M A Wardman    
203 1855 08 23 Oswald Pearson ALLEN fa b Schoolmaster Birstwith George Allen Schoolmaster William Marsden   C33CL/1/203
    Martha HEWITT fa s Domestic servant Hampsthwaite Thomas Hewitt Gardener Mary Allen    
204 1855 10 04 Thomas UMPLEBY fa b Carter Wreaks David Umpleby Farmer John Furniss   C33CL/1/204
    Selina DOWNS fa s   Darley George Downs Farmer James Swale    
205 1855 10 06 Ralph Petty UMPLEBY fa b Miller Thornthwaite Ralph Umpleby Miller Thomas Metcalfe   C33CL/1/205
    Mary BUSFIELD fa s   Thornthwaite William Busfield Stone mason John Furniss    
206 1855 10 18 George THOMPSON fa w incumbent of * Durham Scarborough George Thompson Classical Teacher Bilton Josephus Wilson   C33CL/1/206
    Anne Isabella POLLOCK fa s   Hampsthwaite William Pollock Gentleman Sarah Wilson plus 3    
207 1855 11 12 William ATKINSON fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite James Atkinson Carpenter William Haxby by licence C33CL/1/207
    Matilda SMITH fa s Dressmaker Hampsthwaite Thomas Foxton Joiner James Swale    
208 1855 11 13 William GOODYEAR 35 b Farmer Felliscliffe William Goodyear Farmer Michael Dickinson   C33CL/1/208
    Elizabeth GROVES 20 s Servant Felliscliffe James Groves Farmer Joseph Rathmell    
209 1855 11 17 Thomas WILSON fa b Labourer Birstwith Peter Wilson Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/209
    Maria NETTLETON fa s   Birstwith John Nettleton Stone mason William *    
210 1855 12 03 William MYERS fa b Farmer Birstwith Thomas Myers Farmer John Bramley by licence C33CL/1/210
    Mary Ann BRAMLEY fa s   Birstwith John Bramley Farmer James Swale    
211 1855 12 08 Reuben REYNARD fa b Labourer Hollings Joseph Reynard Farmer William Pearson   C33CL/1/211
    Anne ELLIS fa s   Hollings William Ellis Farmer Joseph Skaife    
212 1855 12 11 Joseph HOLDSWORTH fa b Labourer Birstwith Charles Holdsworth Labourer Robert Haxby   C33CL/1/212
    Hannah REYNARD fa s   Birstwith Jonathan Reynard Weaver Jane Holdsworth x    
213 1855 12 15 Jacob UMPLEBY fa b Cordwainer Menwith Hill William Umpleby Corn Dealer Thomas Umpleby   C33CL/1/213
    Hannah ABBOTT fa s   Menwith Hill William Abbott Labourer James Swale    
214 1855 Humphrey HANNAM fa b Farmer Timble Little William Hannam Farmer James Swale by licence C33CL/1/214
    Elizabeth FRENCH fa s   Felliscliffe Moses French Farmer Mark Hannam x    
215 1855 12 24 Benjamin BARKER fa b Joiner Harrogate George Barker Bookkeeper Edmund Kay   C33CL/1/215
    Anne KAY fa s   Hampsthwaite Edward Kay Schoolmaster George Barker    
216 1855 12 24 Francis HATTERSLEY fa b Farmer Felliscliffe John Hattersley Farmer John Gill   C33CL/1/216
    Sarah GILL fa s   Felliscliffe John Gill Farmer Mary Ann Hattersley    
217 1855 12 31 William BAINES fa b Labourer Felliscliffe Jonathan Baines Labourer John Hainsworth   C33CL/1/217
    Anne FOSTER fa s   Felliscliffe Christopher Foster Farmer Mary Foster    
218 1856 04 03 William HARDY fa b Major unattached Harrogate Robert Cope Hardy Solicitor Rawdon Briggs by licence C33CL/1/218
    Matilda BRIGGS fa s   Birstwith Hall, Hampsthwaite Rawdon Briggs Gentleman plus 3    
219 1856 04 15 Henry HEATON fa b Miner Greenhow Hill Henry Heaton Miner Thomas Fielding father deceased C33CL/1/219
    Maria WHITEHEAD fa s   Greenhow Hill George Whitehead Miner Ann Simpson    
220 1856 05 08 James GARTH fa b farmer Thornthwaite Ralph Garth Butcher John Moorhouse   C33CL/1/220
    Ellen MOORHOUSE fa s   Thornthwaite William Moorhouse Farmer Thomas Parker, Ann Moorhouse    
221 1856 05 12 William CLARK fa b Labourer Darley Richard Clark Farmer Thomas Armstrong   C33CL/1/221
    Nanny RICHARDSON fa s   Darley John Richardson Stone mason Maria Darnbrough    
222 1856 05 20 Francis KIRK fa b farmer Roecliffe Robert Kirk Farmer John Exley, John Kirk   C33CL/1/222
    Dorinda STEAD fa s   Felliscliffe John Stead Farmer Robert Dawson, William Stead    
223 1856 07 03 George DARNBROUGH fa b Farmer Felliscliffe William Darnbrough Farmer Jane Darnbrough father deceased C33CL/1/223
    Elizabeth BRAMLEY fa s   Felliscliffe John Bramley Farmer Francis Swale    
224 1856 07 13 Benjamin GILL fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite John Gill Farmer John Bilton   C33CL/1/224
    Sarah Jane HUDSON fa s   Hampsthwaite John Hudson Farmer James Swale    
225 1856 07 19 Thomas METCALF fa b Stone Mason Thornthwaite John Metcalfe Stone mason Thias West   C33CL/1/225
    Hannah UMPLEBY fa s   Thornthwaite Ralph Umpleby Miller James Swale    
226 1856 07 22 William SPENCE 30 b Farmer Kirby Malzeard Joseph Spence Farmer Joseph Trees   C33CL/1/226
    Mary METCALF 23 s   Darley Peter Metcalfe Farmer Joseph Myers    
227 1856 08 23 John FURNISS 30 b Blacksmith Darley Joseph Furniss Blacksmith William Furniss by licence C33CL/1/227
    Elizabeth ALLANSON 25 s   Darley John Allanson Farmer Hannah Skaife    
228 1856 09 25 Samuel MICKLEBROUGH 31 b Butler Swarcliffe Robert Micklebrough   Joseph Walker   C33CL/1/228
    Diana WALKER 26 s   Swarcliffe Joseph Walker Blacksmith James Walker    
229 1856 10 06 Christopher LONG fa b Labourer Felliscliffe George Long Farmer James Swale father deceased C33CL/1/229
    Sarah HOLDSWORTH fa s   Felliscliffe Joseph Holdsworth Farmer Joseph Holdsworth by registrar's certificate  
230 1856 10 07 John GRAY 32 b Gardener Swarcliffe William Gray Farmer Alexander Donaldson   C33CL/1/230
    Elizabeth CARDY 29 s   Swarcliffe Henry Cardy Tailor Catherine Cardy, Louisa Greenwood    
231 1856 11 08 Thomas ARMSTRONG fa b Labourer Heaton, Bradford William Armstrong Mason Martin Lowcock   C33CL/1/231
    Mary GILL fa s   Darley John Gill Tailor Charlotte Hattersley    
232 1856 12 01 George PATTISON fa b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite John Pattison Shoemaker James Swale   C33CL/1/232
    Susannah DIBB fa s   Wreaks James Dibb Weaver Jane Fawcett x    
233 1856 12 30 John SMITH 22 b Labourer Darley Robert Smith Farmer Wiliam Metcalfe   C33CL/1/233
    Elizabeth Margaret SHAW 22 s Servant Darley Michael Shaw Labourer Mary Tyge x    
234 1857 01 17 Robert HAXBY fa b Tailor Birstwith Abraham Haxby Farmer Robert Reynard   C33CL/1/234
    Sarah Ann BARKER fa s   Hampsthwaite     James Swale    
235 1857 02 20 Charles BUCK fa b Husbandman Darley Marmaduke Buck Farmer Emanuel Barker   C33CL/1/235
    Eliza BARKER fa s   Harrogate William Barker Stone mason Frances Jeffrey father deceased  
236 1857 04 25 John WRIGHT fa b farmer Batley John Wright Farmer George Wardman father deceased C33CL/1/236
    Hannah SEAVERS fa w   Hampsthwaite Edward Skirrow Farmer Mary Ann Wardman father deceased  
237 1857 06 20 John COCKSHOTT fa b Labourer Darley Robert Cockshott Labourer John Walker father deceased C33CL/1/237
    Mary METCALFE fa s   Darley Robert Metcalfe unknown James Swale father deceased  
238 1857 09 15 Amos HOLMES fa b Farmer Menwith Hill Mark Holmes Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/238
    Jane WARD fa s Dressmaker Menwith Hill William Ward Coal Miner James Bentley x    
239 1857 09 19 John REYNARD fa w Labourer Darley Jonathan Reynard Labourer Charles Pullan   C33CL/1/239
    Charlotte HATTERSLEY fa s   Darley Solomon Hattersley Whitesmith James Swale    
240 1857 09 21 Christopher NORFOLK fa w Farmer Felliscliffe Christopher Norfolk Farmer George H Wetherill father deceased C33CL/1/240
    Elizabeth WETHERILL minor s   Felliscliffe Robert Wetherill farmer Robert Pullan    
241 1857 09 28 David Hargreave HARRISON fa b tanner Meanwood John Harrison Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/241
    Bessie SCAIFE fa s   Birstwith William Scaife Bricklayer Ellen B* x    
242 1857 11 02 Thomas GAMLIN fa b Stone Mason Hampsthwaite thomas Gamlin Weaver James Swale   C33CL/1/242
    Ann CALVERLEY fa s Servant Hampsthwaite John Calverley Weaver Robert Hardisty    
243 1857 11 24 James LAYFIELD fa w Miller Darley William Layfield Farmer Christopher Hammond father deceased C33CL/1/243
    Jane MYERS fa w   Swarcliffe Thomas Hainsworth Miller John Gray by licence  
244 1857 12 24 Robert LUPTON fa b Miner Thornthwaite John Lupton Miller Joseph Stubbs   C33CL/1/244
    Elizabeth HOLLIDAY fa s   Winxsley, Ripon Thomas Holliday Labourer James Swale    
245 1858 01 16 Thomas LUMLEY fa b farmer Birstwith Thomas Lumley Farmer John Myers father deceased C33CL/1/245
    Mary Snow MYERS fa s   Birstwith Thomas Myers Farmer James Swale by licence  
246 1858 03 05 Edmund HALL fa b Weaver Dacre Thomas Hall Weaver Thomas Long father deceased C33CL/1/246
    Hannah HOLMES fa s   Darley Mark Holmes Farmer James Swale father deceased  
247 1858 05 03 Demaine EMSLEY fa w Farmer Darley Robert Emsley Farmer David Thorpe father deceased C33CL/1/247
    Mary A BANKS fa s   Darley unknown   H* Cook    
248 1858 05 24 Emmanuel MOORHOUSE fa b farmer Thornthwaite William Moorhouse Farmer George Ingleby   C33CL/1/248
    Mary JACKSON fa s   Thornthwaite William Jackson Farmer B J Wilson    
249 1858 07 04 Joseph WIGGLESWORTH fa w Farmer Thornthwaite Benjamin Wigglesworth Farmer Thomas Long father deceased C33CL/1/249
    Jane WILKINSON fa s   Kirby Malzeard Thomas Wilkinson Farmer James Swale father deceased  
250 1858 09 01 Joseph TREES fa b Carpenter Darley Samuel Trees Carpenter Robert Pullan   C33CL/1/250
    Mary COULING fa s   Darley Robert Cowling Farmer Lupton Cowling    
251 1858 09 13 Ambrose STEPHENSON minor b Potter Darley Edward Stephenson Potter James Swale   C33CL/1/251
    Ann LOWTHER fa s   Darley Wilfred Lowther Potter Mary Jane Stephenson x father deceased  
252 1858 09 19 Joseph GRANGE fa b Farmer Felliscliffe Robert Grange Farmer edward Marston   C33CL/1/252
    Ann HOLMES fa s   Felliscliffe Joseph Holmes Tailor James Swale father deceased  
253 1858 09 25 William YATES fa w Weaver Darley John Yates soldier James Swale father deceased C33CL/1/253
    Ann RENTON fa s   Darley James Renton Labourer Robert Renton x    
254 1858 11 27 William ELLIS fa b Labourer Menwith Hill William Ellis Farmer Joseph Skaife   C33CL/1/254
    Mary PICKARD minor s   Menwith Hill John Pickard Labourer William Pickard    
255 1859 03 15 John ELLIS fa w farmer Menwith Hill Ricahrd Ellis Farmer James Layfield   C33CL/1/255
    Nanny PULLAN fa w   Dacre William Layfield Farmer Jane Layfield    
256 1859 08 01 Peter ALLAN fa w Tinner Darley John Allan Potter James Swale Blind in 1861 cenus C33CL/1/256
    Margaret BYRNE fa w   Darley Thomas Bryne Miller Joseph Ashton Irish  
257 1859 08 06 John Jeffray GILL fa b farmer Felliscliffe William Gill farmer William Hare Gill father deceased C33CL/1/257
    Ellen HOLDSWORTH fa s   Swincliffe Thomas Holdsworth Farmer John Myers, Ellen Hardisty by licence  
258 1859 08 13 Walter FAWCETT fa b Joiner Darley William Graham Joiner Joseph Walmsley   C33CL/1/258
    Susannah GRAHAM minor s Dressmaker Felliscliffe William Fawcett Joiner Robert Pullan    
259 1859 09 04 John GILL fa b Farmer Felliscliffe John Gill Farmer James Swale father deceased C33CL/1/259
    Mary Ann WALMSLEY fa w   Felliscliffe Richard Fell Labourer Joseph Silversides    
260 1859 09 11 Richard Robert THORNTON fa w Labourer Killinghall Matthew Thornton Miller James Swale by Registrar's Certificate C33CL/1/260
    Susannah BARKER fa s   Hampsthwaite Ralph Barker Weaver William Haxby    
261 1859 10 22 Jonathan BUSFIELD fa w Farmer West End Jonathan Busfield Farmer William S Wetherill   C33CL/1/261
    Sarah PULLAN fa s   Thornthwaite Matthew Pullan Farmer Mary Newall    
262 1859 11 19 William WETHERILL fa w Farmer Bishop Thornton John Wetherill Farmer John Wetherill by licence C33CL/1/262
    Mary MYERS fa s     William Myers Farmer Mary Wetherill father deceased  
263 1859 11 26 Thomas HOLDSWORTH fa w Farmer Swincliffe John Holdsworth Butcher Adam Harkness father deceased C33CL/1/263
    Ann HARDISTY fa w   Hampsthwaite William Darnbrough Farmer James Swale by licence  
264 1859 11 27 Henry THORP fa b Labourer Pateley Bridge Francis Thorp Farmer James Swale father deceased C33CL/1/264
    Ann METCALF fa s   Darley George Metcalf Labourer John Gill    
265 1859 12 24 John FURNISS fa w Blacksmith Darley Joseph Furniss Blacksmith James Swale by licence C33CL/1/265
    Mary HOUSEMAN fa s   Darley John Houseman farmer      
266 1860 01 12 William WILKS fa w Weaver Darley William Wilks Weaver James Swale   C33CL/1/266
    Elizabeth WAITE fa s   Darley William Waite Labourer Robert Newall    
267 1860 03 03 Henry THACKWRAY fa b farmer S*den Parish of Weston Joseph Thackwray Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/267
    Isabella PETTY fa s   Hampsthwaite James Petty Farmer John Thackwray    
268 1860 05 01 Benjamin MOORHOUSE fa w farmer Thornthwaite William Moorhouse Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/268
    Sarah WHITLEY fa s   Dacre Henry Scott Mason Thomas Wigglesworth    
269 1860 05 28 Joseph MILNER fa b Tailor Hampsthwaite William Milner Farmer Ann Dawson   C33CL/1/269
    Elizabeth BELL fa s Shoemaker Hampsthwaite William Bell Shoemaker John Milner father deceased  
270 1860 05 28 William FURNISS fa b Farmer Darley Joseph Furniss Farmer William Skaife by licence C33CL/1/270
    Hannah SKAIFE fa s   Darley Thomas Skaife Farmer Sophia Skaife    
271 1860 07 30 George REYNARD fa b farmer Darley William Reynard Farmer Henry Parker father deceased C33CL/1/271
    Mary A COVERDALE fa s   Darley William Coverdale Farmer Maria Parker    
272 1860 08 21 George DEMAIN fa b Farmer's Servant Darley Joseph Demain Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/272
    Mary CAMERON fa s   Darley Daniel Cameron Farmer James Newall father deceased  
273 1860 08 26 John IRISH fa b Farmer Fewston Joseph Irish Farmer James Swale father deceased C33CL/1/273
    Betty TULEY fa s   Thornthwaite John Tuley Farmer Ward Swale x by licence  
274 1860 09 29 John KAY fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite Edmund Kay Schoolmaster M Ward by Reigstrar's certificate C33CL/1/274
    Elizabeth WARD fa s   Hampsthwaite Matthew Ward Cab Propietor James Appleby    
275 1860 11 10 George HOUSEMAN fa b Tailor Darley Thomas Houseman Weaver John Ellis   C33CL/1/275
    Hannah UMPLEBY fa s   Darley Isaac Umpleby Farmer Margaret Houseman    
276 1860 12 22 Jesse PEEL fa b Joiner Fewston George Peel Joiner William Mudd x Father deceased C33CL/1/276
    Sarah Elizabeth PROCTER minor s   Thornthwaite William Procter Joiner Ellen Procter    
277 1861 02 16 William MUDD fa b Labourer Darley William Mudd Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/277
    Alice HOUSEMAN fa w   Dacre Edward Richmond Farmer William Myers    
278 1861 03 01 William SETTLE fa b Wheelwright Dacre Banks William Settle Wheelwright William Ellis   C33CL/1/278
    Sophia WILKINSON fa s   Darley Robert Wilkinson Tailor James Swale    
279 1861 03 06 Henry RHODES fa b Farmer Kirkheaton Richard Rhodes Farmer Elizabeth F* father deceased C33CL/1/279
    Margaret FRENCH fa s   Felliscliffe Moses French Farmer James Swale    
280 1861 03 07 Robert WARDMAN fa b Farmer Felliscliffe George Wardman Farmer Edmund J B* father deceased C33CL/1/280
    Mary LONG fa w   Hampsthwaite William Raper Farmer James Swale    
281 1861 04 22 William ALLAN 20 b Tinner Darley Peter Allan Tinner James Swale   C33CL/1/281
    Ann WATSON 18 s   Darley James Watson Tinner George Stewart x father deceased  
282 1861 05 20 Thomas PETTY fa b Farmer Darley Thomas Petty farmer Joseph Sheard   C33CL/1/282
    Delila MYERS fa s   Darley Joseph Myers Timber Merchant Thomas Myers    
283 1861 06 22 Ellis BROWN fa b Farmer Haverah Park Thomas Brown Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/283
    Sally WHEELHOUSE fa s   Darley John Wheelhouse Farmer John Wheelhouse    
284 1861 09 30 Gill WIGGLESWORTH 20 b Labourer Darley Robert Wigglesworth Farmer John Gill   C33CL/1/284
    Elizabeth ATKINSON 24 s   Darley Christopher Atkinson Schoolmaster      
285 1861 10 23 John CHRISTIAN fa b Pilot Walton Lancaster George Christian Optician James Swale by licence C33CL/1/285
    Sarah A FARMERY fa s   Felliscliffe James Farmery deceased Mary Holdsworth    
286 1861 12 07 John HARDCASTLE 46 w Farmer Hampsthwaite Christopher Hardcastle Labourer William Carrington by Registrar's Certificate C33CL/1/286
    Ann TURNER 28 s   Holbeck, Leeds Edward Turner Engineer James Hardcastle    
287 1861 12 21 Jonathan REYNARD fa b Labourer Felliscliffe Jonathan Reynard gardener James Swale father deceased C33CL/1/287
    Martha HOUSEMAN minor s   Felliscliffe John Mountain Labourer Edward Reynard    
288 1862 05 26 John MYERS fa b Farmer Birstwith Thomas Myers Farmer Thomas Lumley   C33CL/1/288
    Ellen HARDISTY fa s   Hampsthwaite John Hardisty Auctioneer Mary Hardisty    
289 1862 11 10 Benjamin GOODALL fa b bookkeeper Benden, Chester Robert Goodall Hackney Coach Proprietor Sarah Ann Hardcastle by licence C33CL/1/289
    Mary HARDCASTLE fa s   Hampsthwaite John Hardcastle Farmer James Clamley?    
290 1862 12 29 John MILNER fa b farmer Darley Jonathan Milner Farmer Ellis Newall   C33CL/1/290
    Dorothy GRANGE fa s   Darley Michael Grange Farmer James Swale    
291 1863 05 16 Denis RUDDOCK 30 b farmer Lunds Green Thomas Ruddock Farmer Robert Coates by licence C33CL/1/291
    Jane COATES 24 s   Hampsthwaite Denis Coates Farmer Mary Coates    
292 1863 06 06 John KIRK fa b Mason Headingley Thomas Kirk Labourer Samuel Krk   C33CL/1/292
    Sarah BUSFIELD fa s   Darley William Jackson Farmer Elizabeth Fawcett    
293 1863 06 13 Jesse PARKER 21 b Farmer's labourer Birstwith     Thomas Surr   C33CL/1/293
    Jane Annie GRAHAM 21 s   Felliscliffe William Graham Carpenter James Swale    
294 1863 10 13 John GRISDALE fa b Clerk in orders Burnsall Joseph Grisdale Gentleman Thomas Strother, Bilton Josephus Wilson by licence C33CL/1/294
    Anne HARDCASTLE fa s   Hampsthwaite Henry Hardcastle Gentleman Ann Simpson, Ann Grisdale    
295 1863 11 23 Joseph TULEY 24 b farmer Thornthwaite John Tuley Farmer William Hall   C33CL/1/295
    Diana SLACK 20 s   Darley     Albert Newall    
296 1863 11 15 John HOUSEMAN 32 b farmer Darley Thomas Houseman Farmer Thomas Pratt   C33CL/1/296
    Ann HOUSEMAN 31 s   Darley Thomas Houseman Weaver James Swale    
297 1864 01 02 Thomas ARMSTRONG 33 w Labourer Darley William Armstrong Mason Joseph *s   C33CL/1/297
    Jane REYNARD 33 s   Darley John Reynard Farmer Matthew Gill    
298 1864 01 09 Robert BENSON 21 b Shoemaker Kettlesing     William Busfield   C33CL/1/298
    Rose Hannah BENSON 17 s   Kettlesing John Benson Blacksmith Sarah Wilson    
299 1864 01 16 Richard Coulton WRATHALL fa b Farmer Keighley John Wrathall Farmer Thomas Airton   C33CL/1/299
    Ellen HALL 19 s   Darley Benson Hall Labourer Mary Longbottom    
300 1864 01 30 William BARKER fa b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite Joseph Barker Mason Betsy Jane Haxby   C33CL/1/300
    Eliza Ann HAXBY fa s Servant Hampsthwaite John Haxby Labourer Nathaniel Walbank    
301 1864 02 13 William MARSDEN 26 b Farmer Darley William Marsden Farmer John Ellis   C33CL/1/301
    Sarah UMPLEBY fa s   Darley Isaac Umpleby Farmer Hannah Houseman    
302 1864 05 16 Henry Thomas PICKLES 26 b painter Stockton on Tees Thomas Pickles draper Thomas Leeming Pickles   C33CL/1/302
    Matilda MYERS 21 s   Darley Joseph Myers Timber Merchant * Myers    
303 1864 08 03 William Hare GILL fa b farmer Kettlesing William Gill Farmer John Jeffray Gill by licence C33CL/1/303
    Elizabeth BRAMLEY fa s   Norwood John Bramley farmer Ann Buck    
304 1864 08 13 Joseph TREES 32 w Carpenter Darley Samuel Trees Carpenter James Swale   C33CL/1/304
    Maria WALLER 30 s   Darley John Waller Farmer Thomas Armstrong    
305 1864 09 10 William Grange SNOW fa b Farmer Thornthwaite William Snow Farmer Anthony Garth   C33CL/1/305
    Elizabeth GARTH fa s   Thornthwaite Richard Garth Farmer Hannah Garth    
306 1864 09 24 Alfred WHITEHEAD fa b Engine Cleaner Leeds Abraham Whitehead gardener Edward Birkinshaw   C33CL/1/306
    Mary Ann BIRKINSHAW fa s   Felliscliffe Edward Birkinshaw Farmer Hannah Marston    
307 1864 12 05 William HOULDSWORTH fa w Labourer Kettlesing James Houldsworth Labourer John *   C33CL/1/307
    Grace PICKLES fa s   Kettlesing Jonathan Pickles Weaver James Swale    
308 1864 12 22 William SWIFT fa b Coal agent Tadcaster William Swift farmer Elizabeth *ilham   C33CL/1/308
    Sarah WOODS fa s   Hampsthwaite Charles Woods College servant Charles Woods    
309 1865 01 07 William HARDCASTLE 24 b Veternary Darley John Hardcastle Farmer Albert Myers   C33CL/1/309
    Sarah METCALFE 18 s Student Darley Richard Metcalfe Farmer Ann Metcalfe    
310 1865 01 21 Abednego NEWBOULD 32 w Mason Thornthwaite Thomas Newbould Mason James Swale by licence C33CL/1/310
    Esther ATKINSON 29 s   Thornthwaite     William Atkinson x    
311 1865 02 19 Robert GREAVES 23 b Farm servant Darley James Greaves Farmer George Grange x   C33CL/1/311
    Elizabeth GRANGE 21 s   Darley George Grange Miner John Calvert    
312 1865 04 29 Charles MAWSON fa b Overlooker Fewston Jonathan Mawson Overlooker Mary Swale by licence C33CL/1/312
    Ann PLOWS fa s   Thornthwaite Richard Plows Gardener James Swale    
313 1865 06 13 Thomas WALLER fa b Quarryman Darley John Waller Farmer Abraham Barrett   C33CL/1/313
    Eliza UMPLEBY fa s   Darley Ralph Umpleby Miller Sarah Patrick    
314 1865 06 19 John FAIRBURN fa b Shoemaker Kettlesing Mark Fairburn Labourer Francis Hattersley   C33CL/1/314
    Mary Ann HATTERSLEY fa s   Kettlesing John Hattersley Grocer Emma Hardcastle    
315 1865 09 09 John ABBOTT 24 b Farmer Menwith Hill William Abbott Weaver Robert Dibb?   C33CL/1/315
    Priscilla Ann NEWALL 22 s   West End James Newall Joiner Elizabeth Abbott    
316 1865 10 28 John Graham METCALFE 24 b Butcher Darley Richard Metcalfe Farmer Albert Myers   C33CL/1/316
    Elizabeth COVERDALE 26 s   Darley William Coverdale Blacksmith Ann Metcalfe    
317 1865 11 01 Thomas FREEMAN fa b Timber Merchant Wetherby in Spofforth Samuel Freeman Timber Merchant William Robinson   C33CL/1/317
    Mary HARDISTY fa s   Kettlesing John Hardisty Farmer Jane Darnbrough    
318 1865 11 04 George DOWNS fa b Farmer Darley George Downs Farmer Turner Grainge   C33CL/1/318
    Ann NEWBOULD fa s Farmer Darley William Newbould Farmer James Swale    
319 1865 12 11 Frederick POOLE 21 b Farm servant Wighill John Poole Labourer Richard Swale   C33CL/1/319
    Mary SWALE 24 s   Hampsthwaite William Swale Joiner James Swale    
320 1865 12 14 John DAVY fa w Labourer Felliscliffe George Davy Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/320
    Dinah ROBINSON fa s   Felliscliffe John Robinson Farmer John Gill    
321 1865 12 14 James JACKSON 28 b joiner Felliscliffe Henry Jackson Joiner Francis Suttill   C33CL/1/321
    Mary Jane SNOW 24 s   Felliscliffe William Snow Farmer Hannah Dolphin    
322 1865 12 18 Samuel HULLAH 21 b Quarryman Darley     Susannah Hardcastle   C33CL/1/322
    Emma HARDCASTLE 21 s   Darley John Hardcastle Farmer James Swale    
323 1866 01 01 James LONG fa w Labourer Hampsthwaite George Long Farmer Nathaniel Walbank   C33CL/1/323
    Ellen DALBY fa s   Hampsthwaite Jophn Dalby Carpenter Margaret Bell    
324 1866 02 07 William LEAKE fa b Farmer Hartwith Thomas Leake Farmer James Swale by licence C33CL/1/324
    Alice SWALE fa s   Hampsthwaite James Swale Parish Clerk Mary Swale x    
325 1866 06 06 Thomas LAWSON fa b Coachman Marton Thomas Lawson Farm Lab George Webster   C33CL/1/325
    Esther ATKINSON fa s   Hampsthwaite Mark Atkinson Farmer Ann Webster    
326 1867 04 19 Benjamin HODGSON 25 b Mechanic Kirkstall Benjamin Hodgson Cloth dresser Edwin Drake   C33CL/1/326
    Elizabeth FAWCETT 23 s   Hampsthwaite William Fawcett Carpenter Mary Ann Fawcett    
327 1867 05 25 Horatio HEBDEN fa w Farmer Dacre Thomas Hebden Weaver * by licence C33CL/1/327
    Margaret GRANGE fa s   Felliscliffe Robert Grange Farmer James Swale    
328 1867 05 29 William HARPER fa b Farmer Felliscliffe William Harper Joiner James Swale   C33CL/1/328
    Sarah Jane ELLIS fa s Farmer Felliscliffe Thomas Ellis Farmer George Bell    
329 1867 08 26 William Smith BINNS 26 b Farmer Felliscliffe John Smith Farmer John Birkinshaw   C33CL/1/329
    Ellen BIRKINSHAW 30 s   Felliscliffe Edward Birkinshaw Farmer James Swale    
330 1868 04 11 Robert MINTOFT fa b Schoolmaster Pontefract John Mintoft Thread Worker George Oddy by licence C33CL/1/330
    Sarah Jane SMITH fa s   Felliscliffe     Hannah E Busfield    
331 1868 04 18 Robert ELLIS fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite William Ellis Farmer Sarah Wilson   C33CL/1/331
    Elizabeth WAITE 20 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Waite Blacksmith Elizabeth Wilson    
332 1868 07 25 Robert John FOSTER fa b Farmer Felliscliffe Christopher Foster Farmer Stephen Foster   C33CL/1/332
    Margaret Ann STOTHART fa s   Felliscliffe Robert Stothart Schoolmaster *    
333 1868 09 19 Horatio HARPER fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite William Harper farmer Mary Lonsdale   C33CL/1/333
    Ann LUPTON 20 s   Hampsthwaite James Lupton farmer Sarah Bramley, John Lupton    
334 1868 11 15 Albin FOREST fa b   Bradford William Forest farmer William Nettleton father deceased C33CL/1/334
    Drusilla HAXBY fa s   Hampsthwaite     Elizabeth Fell    
335 1868 11 16 John FRANK fa b joiner Hampsthwaite Anthony Frank Draper John Milner, John Horsfield   C33CL/1/335
    Jane A PATRICK fa s   Hampsthwaite William Haxby Hu*ler Francis Ann Haxby    
336 1868 12 21 Francis WARD 32 b Farm servant Hampsthwaite John Ward Timber * Joseph Barker   C33CL/1/336
    Mary C HAXBY 27 s   Hampsthwaite John Haxby farm servant Allan Forrest    
337 1868 12 24 John STOTHART 35 b farmer Felliscliffe Robert Stothart   Frances Fisher   C33CL/1/337
    Mary FOSTER 29 s   Felliscliffe Christopher Foster Farmer James Swale    
338 1869 01 28 Arthur METCALFE 22 b Farmer Clint Timothy Metcalf Farmer John Thorp   C33CL/1/338
    Ann DAWSON 29 s   Hampsthwaite John Dawson   Timothy Thorp father deceased  
339 1869 06 24 William WILSON 34 w tradesman Hampsthwaite Thomas Wilson   John Stockdale father deceased C33CL/1/339
    Sarah MILNER fa w   Hampsthwaite George Swale Labourer Mary Stockdale    
340 1870 06 18 Jonathan GILL fa b Mason Shiply? Isaac Gill Labourer Thomas Gill, R Mintoft   C33CL/1/340
    Elizabeth Jane WARDMAN fa s   Hampsthwaite George Wardman Farmer Margaret Bell    
341 1870 07 11 William TOPHAM fa b Farmer Bilton William Topham Farmer George Topham x   C33CL/1/341
    Mary A TOPHAM fa s   Hampsthwaite George Topham Farmer Maria *wler    
342 1870 09 20 Thomas KITCHELL fa b Gardener Wragby Thomas Kitchell Gamekeeper James Swale   C33CL/1/342
    Mary WOOD fa s   Hampsthwaite George Wood Farmer Fanny Kitchell    
343 1871 04 25 James SHEPHERD 24 b Grocer Patricroft? George Shepherd Farmer Emily Cooper by licence C33CL/1/343
    Mary COOPER 23 s   Hampsthwaite Richard W Cooper *son Mary E Smith    
344 1871 05 11 Joseph FREEMAN fa b Farmer Tollerton Joseph Freeman Farmer Thomas Sigsworth by licence C33CL/1/344
    Ann SIGSWORTH fa s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Sigsworth Farmer Mary Jane Sturdy    
345 1871 09 23 Christopher PHILLIPS fa w Farmer Hampsthwaite Joseph Phillips Farmer Elizabeth Dalton   C33CL/1/345
    Margaret BELL fa s   Hampsthwaite William Bell Shoemaker Joseph Speight    
346 1871 11 28 John STYAN 21 b Labourer New Wortley, Leeds George Styan Joiner Charles Reynard   C33CL/1/346
    Charlotte REYNARD 22 s   Hampsthwaite William Reynard Farmer Eliza Reynard    
347 1871 12 05 Robert SNOW fa b joiner Birstwith Frances Snow Farmer John Myers by licence C33CL/1/347
    Miriam DARNBROOK fa s   Hampsthwaite William Darnbrook Farmer James Swale    
348 1871 12 30 Francis FOSTER fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite Christopher Foster Farmer Susannah Busfield   C33CL/1/348
    Hannah Elizabeth BUSFIELD 18 s   Hampsthwaite Jonathan Busfield Farmer Jonathan Busfield    
349 1872 02 17 Charles JEFFREY fa b Mason Hampsthwaite Benjamin Jeffrtey Labourer john Wilson   C33CL/1/349
    Frances Hannah BULMER fa w   Hampsthwaite Joseph Biggins Mason Emma Barker    
350 1872 04 24 John BLACKWOOD 24 b Pawn Broker Bradford Benjamin Blackwood Pawn broker Christopher Long   C33CL/1/350
    Elizabeth LONG 21 s   Hampsthwaite Christopher long Farmer Harriet Blackwood plus 2    
351 1872 09 23 Peter BARKER 26 b Mason Hampsthwaite Mark Barker Mason John Milner   C33CL/1/351
    Sarah Ann EMSLEY 21 s Servant Harrogate James * Farmer Fanny Barker    
352 1874 08 01 James Brotherhead TAYLOR 20 b Painter Hampsthwaite Joseph Taylor Tailor Thomas Metcalfe   C33CL/1/352
    Ada BAILEY 18 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Bailey Farmer Hannah Bramham    
353 1874 09 10 Joseph BOWERS 24 b Groom Hampsthwaite Matthew Bowers Coachman James Swale   C33CL/1/353
    Phoebe BARKER 23 s   Hampsthwaite John Barker Stone mason Josiah Swale    
354 1875 06 14 William HARDISTY fa b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite William Hardisty Farmer George Ingram by licence C33CL/1/354
    Jane INGRAM fa s   Hampsthwaite George Ingram Auctioneer Jane Smith, Mary Hannam    
355 1875 12 25 Robert PULLAN 20 b Farmer Darley Charles Pullan Farmer Joseph Fawcett   C33CL/1/355
    Sarah Jane DALBY 22 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Dalby Schoolmaster Ruth Benson    
356 1876 04 04 Frederic William WATSON 23 b Servant Hampsthwaite Thomas Watson Farmer John Gill   C33CL/1/356
    Ann GILL 19 s   Hampsthwaite John Gill Farmer William Mitchell, Mary Mitchell    
357 1876 06 08 Thomas ELLIS fa b Farmer Felliscliffe Thomas Ellis Farmer John U Ellis by licence C33CL/1/357
    Emily COOPER fa s   Hampsthwaite Richard W Cooper Surgeon William Harper    
358 1876 11 06 John BENSON 26 b Labourer Felliscliffe William Benson Farmer William Haxby   C33CL/1/358
    Mary NETTLETON 35 s   Felliscliffe William Nettleton Gardener James Swale    
359 1876 11 18 Richard LEE 26 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Joseph Lee Farmer William Lee   C33CL/1/359
    Susannah BUSFIELD 20 s   Hampsthwaite Jonathan Busfield Farmer Mary Jane Busfield    
360 1877 06 21 James WARDMAN fa w Farmer Killinghall George Wardman Farmer James Swale   C33CL/1/360
    Ann HARPER fa w   Hampsthwaite James Lupton Farmer William Haxby    
361 1878 03 11 Daniel SOWERBY 19 b Hawker Hampsthwaite Daniel Sowerby Hawker James Swale   C33CL/1/361
    Jane FIRTH 20 s Hawker Hampsthwaite Henry Firth Hawker Josiah Swale    
362 1878 07 02 William HEBBLETHWAITE fa b Grocer St Peter's Harrogate Samuel Hebblethwaite Shoemaker John Wardman   C33CL/1/362
    Sarah Ann BECKWITH fa s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Beckwith Green grocer Fanny Beckwith, Thomas Beckwith    
363 1878 07 06 Tom BARKER 24 b Corn Miller Fewston Isaac Barker Corn Miller Ann Denison by Licence C33CL/1/363
    Ann GILL 24 s   Felliscliffe William Gill Engineer James Swale    
364 1878 08 03 Thomas HALL 18 b Quarryman Ilkley Thomas Hall Farmer William Smith Binns   C33CL/1/364
    Emily BIRKINSHAW 21 s   Hampsthwaite     James Swale    
365 1878 10 23 George JACKSON fa b Tanner Burton Leonard George Jackson Tanner Edwin Wood by licence C33CL/1/365
    Hannah ATKINSON fa s   Hampsthwaite William Atkinson Timber Merchant Jennie Atkinson    
366 1878 12 17 William Francis STURDY 21 b Labourer Hampsthwaite George Sturdy Corn Miller George Fothergill   C33CL/1/366
    Mary A HARLING 21 s   Pateley Bridge Benjamin Harling Farmer Rhoda Hutchinson    
367 1878 12 25 William MAWSON fa b Quarryman Fewston Joseph Mawson Quarryman �John Simpson Surr   C33CL/1/367
    Nancy SURR fa s   Hampsthwaite Robert Surr Innkeeper Betsy Surr, Jonathan Mawson    
368 1879 02 01 Samson ROBINSON 20 b Quarryman Hampsthwaite Mark Robinson Green grocer William Henr yL Swales   C33CL/1/368
    Mary Ann NORFOLK 18 s   Hampsthwaite Christopher Norfolk Farmer Isabell Close    
369 1879 05 03 Thom MORRELL 26 b Labourer Felliscliffe Joseph Morrell Labourer William Busfield   C33CL/1/369
    Martha ATHERTON 22 s   Hampsthwaite William Atherton Labourer Sarah Ann Henson    
370 1879 05 03 John HANDLEY 21 b Quarryman Ripley Christopher Handley Farmer Matilda Appleby, Eleanor Appleby   C33CL/1/370
    Dorinda APPLEBY 24 s   Hampsthwaite William Appleby Quarryman John Appleby, James Brotherton    
371 1879 09 20 William HALL 22 b Farmer Felliscliffe Matthew Hall Farmer Horner Wilson   C33CL/1/371
    Ann NOBLE 21 s   Felliscliffe Thomas Noble Gentleman's servant Maria Noble    
372 1879 12 17 John WALMSLEY fa b Auctioneer Guiseley Ephraim Walmsley Auctioneer Alfred Pilley by licence C33CL/1/372
    Mary Jane HORNBY fa s   Hampsthwaite John Hornby Farmer Joseph Wilkinson, Hannah Eliza Hornby    
373 1879 12 27 William BUSFIELD 21 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Jonathan Busfield Farmer Lupton Davidson   C33CL/1/373
    Sarah Ann HENSON 22 s   Hampsthwaite William Henson Labourer Mary Jane Busfield    
374 1880 02 05 George BELL fa b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite William Bell Shoemaker Alfred Swale, Ann Elizabeth Rhodes   C33CL/1/374
    Mary A SWALE fa s   Hampsthwaite James Swale Parish Clark Annie Louisa Swale    
375 1880 02 07 John William IVESON 29 b Labourer Ripley Charles Iveson Farmer Samuel Jackson   C33CL/1/375
    Sarah PATRICK 30 s   Hampsthwaite James Patrick Labourer Ellen Patrick    
376 1880 04 10 William Jackson MANNERS 23 b Labourer Felliscliffe George Manners Labourer James Swale   C33CL/1/376
    Rose Ann GOODYEAR 21 s   Felliscliffe William Goodyear Farmer Elizabeth Goodyear    
377 1880 08 28 Henry LOVEDAY 24 b Labourer Hampsthwaite William Loveday Farmer William Ellis   C33CL/1/377
    Mary Ann REYNARD 24 s   Hampsthwaite Reuben Reynard Farmer Rose Ann Wetherill    
378 1880 10 02 William SWALES 24 b Labourer Birstwith James Swales Labourer Charles Reynard   C33CL/1/378
    Eliza REYNARD 27 s   Hampsthwaite William Reynard Farmer Elizabeth Hardisty    
379 1880 11 13 John HATTERSLEY 22 B Farner Felliscliffe Samuel Hattersley Farmer Wilson Ashton   C33CL/1/379
    Hannah BINNS 26 S   Felliscliffe Robert Binns Farmer James Swale    
380 1880 12 18 William ELLIS 28 b Labourer Hampsthwaite     George Sanderson   C33CL/1/380
    Rose Ann WETHERILL 30 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Wetherill Farmer Ann Wetherill    
381 1881 01 26 John Henry CRUSE 24 b Tailor Skipton John Cruse Tailor T Frankland   C33CL/1/381
    Sarah A FRANKLAND 23 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Frankland Farmer M Frankland    
382 1881 03 05 Joseph NATTRASS 25 b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite Matthew Nattrass Miner Alfred Hobkinson   C33CL/1/382
    Sarah HOBKINSON 25 s   Arthington Daniel Hobkinson Farmer Mary Bernice hobkinson    
383 1881 09 03 Joseph TOWERS 25 b Labourer Felliscliffe George Towers Farmer W R Gibson   C33CL/1/383
    Hannah SKIRROW 20 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Skirrow Farmer Isabella Stobbs    
384 1881 12 26 William Joseph LONG 26 b Grocer St John's Middlesborough James Long Grocer Harry Barker   C33CL/1/384
    Emma BARKER 26 s   Hampsthwaite Peter Barker Mason James Long, M A Newbould    
385 1881 12 29 William SWIRES fa b Farmer Hampsthwaite Thomas Swires Farmer George Emsley   C33CL/1/385
    Anne BROTHERTON fa s   Hampsthwaite John Brotherton Farmer Elizabeth Brotherton    
386 1883 03 17 John DOWNS fa b Farmer Darley George Downs Farmer John Brotherton   C33CL/1/386
    Elizabeth BROTHERTON fa s   Hampsthwaite John Brotherton Farmer Sarah Jane Umpleby    
387 1883 05 14 William Robinson GIBSON 23 b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite Joseph Gibson Tailor John Hebden   C33CL/1/387
    Emma BINNS 22 s     Robert Binns Farmer Louisa Binns    
388 1883 08 22 Thomas ROBINSON fa b Tea Dealer Victoria Park Manchester Anthony Robinson Tea Dealer James Bardner   C33CL/1/388
    Susan Jean Milne BARDNER fa s   Hampsthwaite Henry Bardner Land Agent Edward Robinson. Anthony Robinson father's name corrected from 'James Andrew'  
389 1883 10 18 Matthew KEENLEYSIDE fa b Traveller Sunderland Joseph Keenleyside Stationer Edwin Moon   C33CL/1/389
    Jane SINCLAIR fa s   Hampsthwaite Frances Sinclair Builder Jane Fowler    
390 1883 12 22 William APPLEBY 22 b Labourer Bilton William Appleby Labourer James Appleby   C33CL/1/390
    Priscilla LUMLEY 22 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Lumley Farmer Hannah Lumley    
391 1883 12 26 Enoch WILSON fa w Blacksmith Felliscliffe Henry Wilson Labourer John Shepherd Binns   C33CL/1/391
    Louisa BINNS fa s   Felliscliffe Robert Binns Farmer Harriet Binns    
392 1884 06 12 John Shepherd BINNS 36 b Mason Felliscliffe John Shepherd Binns Mason Enoch Wilson   C33CL/1/392
    Harriet BINNS 31 s   Felliscliffe Robert Binns Farmer Louisa Wilson    
393 1884 07 08 Christopher Thomas FRANKLAND 25 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Joseph Frankland Farmer John Lupton   C33CL/1/393
    Ellen LUPTON 25 s   Hampsthwaite James Lupton Farmer Lupton Davidson    
394 1884 10 30 James BAILEY 33 b Farmer Fewston Benjamin Bailey Farmer Charles Jeffrey by licence C33CL/1/394
    Sarah WINTERBURN 42 w   Felliscliffe James Harwood Peter Taylor Gentleman John Mason    
395 1885 05 23 Joseph GRANGE 29 b husbandman Felliscliffe Thomas Grange Farmer John Simpson Surr   C33CL/1/395
    Betsy SURR 27 s   Felliscliffe Robert Surr Joiner Harriet Surr    
396 1885 06 03 James APPLEBY 22 b policeman Goole James Appleby Quarryman Harry Barker   C33CL/1/396
    Hannah LUMLEY 25 s   Felliscliffe Thomas Lumley Farmer Grace Lumley    
397 1886 09 25 Robert DIBB fa b Farmer Felliscliffe John Dibb Farmer Francis Dibb   C33CL/1/397
    Mary Ann BOLTON fa s   Felliscliffe Roundhill Bolton Farmer Sarah Thompson    
398 1887 01 19 Charles Garnett Marsden SCOTT 22 b Carpenter Harewood Thomas Marsden Scott Gardener Jonathan Busfield   C33CL/1/398
    Harriet Robson BUSFIELD 22 s   Hampsthwaite Jonathan Busfield farmer Sarah Busfield    
399 1887 05 18 John HARDCASTLE 27 b Farmer Collingham John Hardcastle farmer Thomas Freeman   C33CL/1/399
    Martha Eleanor FREEMAN 20 s   Felliscliffe Thomas Freeman farmer Edward Hardcastle    
400 1887 12 24 Lupton DAVIDSON 28 b Farmer Felliscliffe Wilks Davidson farmer John Gill   C33CL/1/400
    Sarah GILL 27 s Farmer Felliscliffe John Gill farmer Christiana Walmsley    
401 1888 07 28 George HAINSWORTH 33 b Labourer Felliscliffe Joseph Hainsworth Farmer William Ellia   C33CL/1/401
    Alice Ann ELLIS 26 s   Felliscliffe William Ellis Farmer Sarah Annie Pantry    
402 1888 10 17 Edward HARDCASTLE 32 b Farmer Bardsey John Hardcastle * John Jeffray Gill   C33CL/1/402
    Lucy Caroline GILL 28 s   Felliscliffe John Jeffray Gill Farmer Sarah Ann Hardcastle    
403 1889 06 08 John Thomas KENT 24 b Farmer Bishop Thornton John Kent Farmer Jonathan Busfield   C33CL/1/403
    Mary Jane BUSFIELD 26 s   Hampsthwaite Jonathan Busfield Farmer Sarah Busfield    
404 1889 07 27 George Arthur HALL 24 b Carter Harrogate Samuel Hall Gardener Margaret Elizabeth Saunders   C33CL/1/404
    Mary E BECKWITH 24 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Beckwith Tailor William Hebblethwaite    
405 1889 09 11 James DINSDALE 26 b Gardener Hampsthwaite James Dinsdale Farmer Thomas Houseman   C33CL/1/405
    Elizabeth HOUSEMAN 22 s   Hampsthwaite John Houseman Farmer Annie Houseman    
406 1889 10 23 William HATTERSLEY 30 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Samuel Hattersley Farmer William Swires   C33CL/1/406
    Sarah BROTHERTON 32 s   Hampsthwaite John Brotherton Farmer Mary Ellen Hattersley    
407 1890 07 24 Benjamin CLOUGH 47 w Contractor Leeds Benjamin Clough Surgeon? William Wright   C33CL/1/407
    Martha HAW 23 s   Hampsthwaite James Haw Innkeeper Ellen Haw    
408 1890 09 03 Thomas William ASKE 24 b Brewer Leeds William Aske Labourer Richard Freer Barrett   C33CL/1/408
    Hannah Freer BARRETT 24 s   Hampsthwaite Abraham Barrett Farmer Grace Barrett    
409 1890 11 05 Arthur ELSWORTH 24 b Farmer Kirby Overblow Edward Elsworth Farmer Thomas Freeman   C33CL/1/409
    Mary Elizabeth FREEMAN 21 s   Felliscliffe Thomas Freeman Farmer Rebecca Jane Freeman    
410 1890 11 29 Mark REYNARD 21 b Blacksmith Killinghall George Reynard Mason John Lupton   C33CL/1/410
    Sarah LUPTON 20 s   Hampsthwaite James Lupton Farmer Fanny Lupton    
411 1891 07 20 Edward ATKINSON 26 b Gardener Wetherby George Atkinson Butcher John Pullan   C33CL/1/411
    Nancy BARKER 24 s   Hampsthwaite Emanuel Barker Bootmaker Ada Barker    
412 1891 12 03 Robert James DALL 24 b Miner Lar* Fifeshire James Dall Farmer Richard Freer Barrett   C33CL/1/412
    Ellinor BARRETT 26 s   Hampsthwaite Abraham Barrett Farmer Grace Barrett    
413 1892 02 20 Francis George BARKER 22 b Mason Hampsthwaite George Barker Mason Charles Jeffrey   C33CL/1/413
    Minnie NETTLETON 18 s   Hampsthwaite     Mary Jane Barker    
414 1892 03 10 William HAXBY 29 b Saddler Hampsthwaite Charles Askwith Haxby Saddler William Jackson   C33CL/1/414
    Emma Victoria JACKSON 26 s   Ripley William Jackson Fishmonger Ann Haxby    
415 1892 04 09 Harry Oswald SHUTT 28 b Coach Builder Pannal? Isaac Thomas Shutt Architect Richard Jeffrey by licence C33CL/1/415
    Fanny JEFFREY 23 s   Hampsthwaite Richard Jeffrey Shoemaker Helena Jeffrey    
416 1892 10 12 Joseph HIRST 22 b Law Clerk Leeds Joseph Hirst Licenced Victualler Charles * by licence C33CL/1/416
    Clara JEFFREY 20 s   Hampsthwaite Richard Jeffrey Shoemaker Elizabeth Ann Hirst    
417 1892 11 21 Robert FIRTH 26 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Edward Firth Labourer William Silversides   C33CL/1/417
    Jane BARKER 44 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Barker Mason Hannah M Silversides    
418 1892 12 03 John Henry BELLERBY 22 b Farmer Killinghall John Bellerby Farmer James Rawson Renton   C33CL/1/418
    Fanny LUPTON 19 s   Hampsthwaite James Lupton Farmer Jane Elizabeth Bellerby    
419 1892 12 26 Herbert Kenyon SAGAR 27 b Salesman Bradford J K Sagar Shopkeeper Frederick *   C33CL/1/419
    Fanny PRATT 24 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Pratt Lead miner? Thomas Pratt x    
420 1893 01 14 James LEAF 20 b Clerk St Thomas York George John Leaf Porter Frank M Green   C33CL/1/420
    Emma THOMPSON 20 s   Hampsthwaite Francis Thomas Thompson Carpenter Clara Thompson    
421 1893 04 08 Christopher CRABTREE 26 b Farmer Clifton nr Otley James Crabtree Farmer William Crabtree   C33CL/1/421
    Hannah GRANGE 26 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Grange Farmer Mary J Horner    
422 1893 08 17 Herbert WARRINER 24 b Groom Birstwith Thomas Warriner Coachman Thomas Houseman   C33CL/1/422
    Annie HOUSEMAN 23 s   Hampsthwaite John Houseman Farmer Jane Houseman    
423 1893 08 26 Charles MCLEAN 25 b Carrier Hunslet, Leeds Thomas McLean Labourer John William Milner   C33CL/1/423
    Elizabeth MILNER 26 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Milner Tailor Clara M Stockdale, Elizabeth A Milner    
424 1893 11 20 Thomas Park SUMMERSALL 29 b Butcher Pateley Bridge Christopher Summersall Butcher Thackrey Summersall by special licence C33CL/1/424
    Eliza HAW 30 s   Hampsthwaite James Haw Innkeeper Ellen Haw    
425 1893 12 13 Charles Arthur DUNN 23 b Stoker Hollings Hampsthwaite Simpson Dunn Farmer Mary Jane Goodyear   C33CL/1/425
    Sarah Ellen GOODYEAR 26 s   Hollings Hampsthwaite William Goodyear Quarryman James Henry Goodyear    
426 1894 01 27 George DINSDALE 21 b Mason Kettlesing George Dinsdale Contractor Benjamin Bailey   C33CL/1/426
    Mary Ann BLAMSFIELD 22 s   Kettlesing George Blamsfield   Alice Hobson father deceased  
427 1894 12 24 John PULLAN 25 b Butcher Hampsthwaite John Pullan Butcher Eliza Barker, Albert Barker   C33CL/1/427
    Ada BARKER 24 s servant Hampsthwaite Emmanuel Barker Shopkeeper Annie Pullan.    
428 1895 02 16 John HARRISON 47 b Farmer Sneaton William Harrison Farmer Sabina Grange   C33CL/1/428
    Margaret GRANGE 34 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Grange Farmer John Haxby    
429 1895 08 17 Charles Henry DIXON 40 w Engine Driver Hampsthwaite William Henry Dixon Farmer Frederick Hobkinson   C33CL/1/429
    Sarah Jane HOBKINSON 23 s   Hampsthwaite James Hobkinson Farmer Emily Holmes    
430 1895 11 27 Benjamin Guite FRYER 25 b Farmer Felliscliffe William Fryer Farmer Joseph Fryer, Louisa Joplin   C33CL/1/430
    Mary Ann SNOW 22 s   Felliscliffe Francis Snow Farmer Frank Snow    
431 1896 01 01 Robert NEWBY 21 b Farmer Killinghall James Newby Farmer Arthur Hardisty   C33CL/1/431
    Sarah Elizabeth HARDISTY 19 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Hardisty Gas Stoker Elizabeth Newby    
432 1896 01 07 John William ELLIS 22 b Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite Robert Ellis Quarryman Charles Jeffrey, Thomas Richard Ellis   C33CL/1/432
    Elizabeth A JEFFREY 23 s   Hampsthwaite Charles Jeffrey Mason Helena Jeffrey, Martha Jeffrey    
433 1896 02 08 Thomas HAINSWORTH 28 b Farmer Darley Joseph Hainsworth Farmer Reynard Hainsworth   C33CL/1/433
    Sarah H HUNTER 22 s   Hampsthwaite     Mary Binns    
434 1896 04 29 William PARKIN 27 b Farmer North Deighton Henry Parkin Farmer Joseph Freeman Parkin by special licence C33CL/1/434
    Martha Eleanor HARDCASTLE 29 w   Felliscliffe Thomas Freeman Farmer Thomas Freeman    
435 1896 05 25 Walter JEFFREY 21 b Blacksmith Hampsthwaite Charles Jeffrey Mason John Pullan   C33CL/1/435
    Eliza BARKER 24 s servant Hampsthwaite Emmanuel Barker Shoemaker Lucy Barker    
436 1896 06 06 Alfred Robert ADDYMAN 22 b Farmer Hampsthwaite James Addyman Farmer Jonathan Foster   C33CL/1/436
    Sarah BUSFIELD 29 s   Hampsthwaite Jonathan Busfield Farmer Elizabeth Foster    
437 1896 09 22 George BRIGGS 31 w policeman Hampsthwaite William Briggs Farmer Arthur Metcalfe   C33CL/1/437
    Sarah HELM 31 s   Hampsthwaite John Helm   Albina Alice Dalby, A W Henderson    
438 1896 12 05 William BARRETT 26 b Labourer Hampsthwaite John Barrett Farmer Reuben Porter   C33CL/1/438
    Annie COWGILL 28 s   Hampsthwaite William Cowgill Farmer John Haxby    
439 1896 12 05 Reuben PORTER 23 b Labourer Kirby Hill Henry Porter Blacksmith William Barrett   C33CL/1/439
    Elizabeth Ann BARRETT 21 s   Hampsthwaite John Barrett Farmer John Haxby    
440 1896 12 29 George IBBETSON 29 b Farmer High Harrogate John Ibbetson Farmer Joseph Phillips   C33CL/1/440
    Mary Elizabeth PHILLIPS 20 s   Hampsthwaite Christopher Phillips Farmer Mary Umpleby    
441 1897 05 15 Joseph Whitaker WALMSLEY 23 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Robert Walmsley Farmer Birtie James Newby   C33CL/1/441
    Rachel Elizabeth NEWBY 21 s   Hampsthwaite James Newby Farmer L Newby    
442 1897 06 08 John HUNTER 46 b Farmer Felliscliffe William Hunter Farmer James Hobson   C33CL/1/442
    Eleanor SMITH 29 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Smith Farmer Eliza Jackson    
443 1897 07 13 Arthur Bueble COOPER 42 w Farmer Felliscliffe Thomas Cooper Mason William Thackray   C33CL/1/443
    Jane DARNBROOK 53 s   Felliscliffe William Darnbrook Farmer Eunice Sarah Cooper, Marion Snow    
444 1897 09 01 Alfred William HENDERSON 23 b Joiner Hampsthwaite George Edward Henderson Butler Arthur Metcalfe, Elizabeth Ann Milner,   C33CL/1/444
    Albina Alice DALBY 23 s   Hampsthwaite     George Edward Henderson    
445 1897 12 27 George ANNAKIN 24 b Mason 25 Station Parade, Harrogate Richard Annakin Signaller Tom Barker, Carry Batchelor   C33CL/1/445
    Eleanor BARKER 25 s   Hampsthwaite Peter Barker Mason William Joseph Long    
446 1897 12 29 John Hardisty FREEMAN 26 b Farmer Felliscliffe Thomas Freeman Farmer E Long   C33CL/1/446
    Emily Ann WILSON 19 s   Haverah Park John Wilson Farmer G S Freeman    
447 1898 04 09 John CLAPHAM 24 b Railwayman Aldbro' Henry Clapham Railwayman Charles F Vere   C33CL/1/447
    Chrissie GRANGE 26 s   Felliscliffe Joseph Grange Farmer Sabina Grange    
448 1898 12 26 Tom BARKER 29 b Mason Hampsthwaite Peter Barker Mason Harry Barker, G R Jeffrey   C33CL/1/448
    Helena JEFFREY 28 s   Hampsthwaite     E Jeffrey, J M Ewbank    
449 1899 01 19 Bertie James NEWBY 18 b Labourer Hampsthwaite James Newby Farmer G Clarke, H Newby   C33CL/1/449
    Elizabeth ROBINSON 26 s   Ripon Road Harrogate     C Hasley, E Clarke    
450 1899 04 26 Herbert STUBBS 28 b Painter Boston Spa William Stubbs Flax dresser Joe Frankland, Annie Elizabeth Stubbs   C33CL/1/450
    Harriet FRANKLAND 25 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Frankland Farmer Mary Frankland, William *    
451 1899 04 29 Frank SNOW 27 b Farmer Kettlesing Head Francis Snow Farmer F Waddington   C33CL/1/451
    Emily Ann WADDINGTON 21 s   Birstwith William Waddington Mechanic Rosa Ethel Snow    
452 1899 05 20 Harry PATRICK 25 b Engineer 3 Cliftonville Ave, Belfast Peter Patrick joiner & builder Fred Patrick, Lucy Binns   C33CL/1/452
    Clara BINNS 25 s   Felliscliffe     john Hattersley    
453 1900 02 03 John LAZENBY 30 w Insurance Agent Hampsthwaite David Lazenby Farmer Albert Styan   C33CL/1/453
    Clara STYAN 23 s   Hampsthwaite John Styan Farmer Amy Styan    
454 1900 04 14 Walter BARKER 24 b Mason Hampsthwaite     William Hebblethwaite   C33CL/1/454
    Annie HEBBLETHWAITE 20 s   Hollings Lane William Hebblethwaite Ass. Overseer Maud Hebbelthwaite, John W Benson    
455 1900 04 16 William BENSON 23 b Gardener Hurst Grove, Hampsthwaite John Benson Labourer David Henry Jackson   C33CL/1/455
    Mary Ann JACKSON 23 s   Swincliffe, Hampsthwaite Thomas Jackson Quarryman Minnie Nettleton, John Brotherton father deceased  
456 1900 07 02 Thomas CARR 28 b Signalman Wharfe Cottage, Ulleskelf George Carr Signalman John Bowers   C33CL/1/456
    Clara THOMPSON 20 s   Hampsthwaite Francis Thomas Thompson Mechanic Emma Forrist    
457 1900 07 02 Herbert GILL 23 b Lithographer Hampsthwaite Joseph Gill Blacksmith Charles Preston father deceased C33CL/1/457
    Louie BARKER 20 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Barker Mason Elizabeth Barker father deceased  
458 1900 11 03 Horace STRATTON 25 b Labourer Hampsthwaite Thomas Stratton Labourer Polly Stothart   C33CL/1/458
    Elizabeth A FOSTER 25 s   Hampsthwaite Francis Stratton Farmer Jonathan Foster    
459 1900 12 26 Arthur STOCKBURN 22 b Plasterer Hampsthwaite Richard Stockburn Shoemaker C G Barker   C33CL/1/459
    Laura BARKER 19 s   Hampsthwaite George Barker Labourer J Barker    
460 1901 01 14 John WIlliam YEADON 47 w Farmer Fewston Joshua William Yeadon Farmer H Bramley by licence C33CL/1/460
    Elizabeth Jane LAMB 30 s   Hampsthwaite     Ann Matilda Scaife    
461 1901 01 15 William Grange SNOW 18 b Labourer Hampsthwaite William Grange Snow Farmer W Sotlerton?   C33CL/1/461
    Louisa WALMSLEY 20 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Walmsley Farmer John Haxby    
462 1901 04 13 George Watson GILL 28 b Farmer Littlethorpe, Ripon Christopher Gill Farmer Alfred Waterhouse   C33CL/1/462
    Sarah Elizabeth WATERHOUSE 26 s   Hurst Grove, Hampsthwaite     Mary Ellen Downs    
463 1901 05 05 Wilson ASHTON 57 b Shoemaker Hampsthwaite Joseph Ashton Shoemaker Edwin Moon   C33CL/1/463
    Margaret SINCLAIR 60 w Sievemaker Hampsthwaite John Fowler Gardener John Haxby    
464 1902 08 16 Barton WILD 28 b Locomotive Fireman East Ardsley Barton Wild Grocer J H Walker, Margaret J Hattersley   C33CL/1/464
    Laura Pringle HATTERSLEY 26 s   Hampsthwaite William Hattersley Butler Amy Wild + 2    
465 1902 09 25 John Robert WILSON 24 b Stone dresser Felliscliffe Jonathan Wilson Quarryman Robert Ellis, Margaret Ellen Ellis   C33CL/1/465
    Laura Annie ELLIS 21 s Domestic Servant Swincliffe Top Robert Ellis Farm Lab Thomas Richard Ellis    
466 1902 12 13 Herbert NEWBY 20 b Farm Labourer Burley Bank, Hampsthwaite James Newby Farmer Emily Newby   C33CL/1/466
    Alice Mary PAWSON 19 s   Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite William Pawson Farmer J Myers    
467 1903 02 19 George MARSTON 29 b Carter Felliscliffe Edward Marston deceased R Fawcett   C33CL/1/467
    Lilly NEWBY 19 s   Hampsthwaite James Newby Farmer M J Newby    
468 1903 02 24 Albert Edward ATKINSON 23 b Butcher Bishop Thornton Robert B Atkinson Butcher Thomas Park Summersall   C33CL/1/468
    Annie Mary HAW 20 s   Hampsthwaite     Mary Ellen Hart    
469 1903 11 07 Edwin MOON fa w Bookkeeper Hampsthwaite Thomas Moon *red G W Stockdale by licence C33CL/1/469
    Clara Maude STOCKDALE fa s Postmistress Hampsthwaite John Stockdale Blacksmith E Stockdale    
470 1903 11 14 Arthur WILSON fa w Gas stoker Granville Terrace Harrogate John Wilson Farm Labourer Wilson J Holmes   C33CL/1/470
    Julia HOLMES fa s   Felliscliffe William Holmes Tailor Ada Wilson    
471 1903 12 12 Christopher George BARKER 26 b Joiner Hampsthwaite George Barker Labourer Arthur Stockburn   C33CL/1/471
    Beatrice HIRST 20 s   Hampsthwaite     Martha Ann Pearson    
472 1904 04 21 John SNOW 26 b Farmer Thornthwaite Richard Snow Farmer John W Harper, Emily Harper   C33CL/1/472
    Annie Eliza HARPER 25 s   Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite William Harper Farmer Frank W Henderson, Jessie Harper    
473 1904 06 18 Tom MOON 34 b Butcher Hampsthwaite Edwin Moon Schoolmaster H Whitley Maud   C33CL/1/473
    Margaret HOUSEMAN 28 s   Long Lane, Hampsthwaite John Houseman Farmer Thomas Houseman, Mabel E Moon    
474 1905 02 06 Richard Ingram HARDISTY 27 b Farmer Hampsthwaite William Hardisty Farmer *   C33CL/1/474
    Emma Elizabeth CLOUGH 17 s   Hampsthwaite Benjamin Joseph Clough Horsekeeper Fanny Clough, G R Jeffrey    
475 1905 04 27 George Tuck WALLER 28 b Coachman S. Thomas, Hull John Waller Ship's Captain Isabel Barker   C33CL/1/475
    Margaret Ann BARKER 28 s   Hampsthwaite Peter Barker Farmer Albert E Atkinson    
476 1905 11 20 Tom PAPE 26 b Grocer Knaresborough William Pape deceased     C33CL/1/476
    Mary Eliza ELLIS 23 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Ellis deceased      
477 1906 03 10 Herbert George MANTON 28 b Mechanic Healey deceased deceased C Jeffrey   C33CL/1/477
    Lucy JEFFREY 28 s   Hampsthwaite Richard Jeffrey   * Newbould    
478 1906 04 28 John William WOODMANSEY 45 b Painter Hampsthwaite Richard Woodmansey Joiner Joseph Dove   C33CL/1/478
    Priscilla DOVE 46 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Dove Farmer Emily Rookes.    
479 1906 07 28 Alexander Francis WESTERMAN 35 b Farm Labourer Felliscliffe William Westerman Painter Arthur John Westerman   C33CL/1/479
    Minnie TAYLOR 35 s   Felliscliffe Samuel Taylor Labourer John Haxby    
480 1906 11 03 Walter HARRIS 28 b Cabinet Maker Leather House Farm, Hampsthwaite William Harris Gentleman William Harris   C33CL/1/480
    Polly STOTHART 31 s   Hampsthwaite John Stothart Farmer Hannah Stothart    
481 1907 04 03 Frank William HENDERSON 26 b Builder Leslie St, Tauton James Henderson Gentleman John W Harper   C33CL/1/481
    Jessie HARPER 22 s   Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite William Harper   C J Henderson father deceased  
482 1907 05 07 William PEARSON 77 w retired 2 Almshouses, Felliscliffe Matthew Pearson     father deceased C33CL/1/482
    Eliza WHITELEY 58 s   2 Almshouses, Felliscliffe David Whiteley     father deceased  
483 1907 10 23 John SWALE 21 b Farmer Felliscliffe John Swale Farmer Lupton Davidson   C33CL/1/483
    Minnie DAVIDSON 20 s   Felliscliffe Lupton Davidson Farmer F Davidson    
484 1907 11 09 Stansfield KASSELL 22 b Plasterer Mountain Ash Henry Kassell Mason J Grange   C33CL/1/484
    Emily FRANKLAND 22 s   Hampsthwaite Christopher Thomas Frankland Farmer M E Grange    
485 1908 04 08 Jasper Hubbard FOULCHER 25 b Agricultural Labourer Hall Farm, Fulford George Foulcher Farm Lab. Benjamin Whitmire   C33CL/1/485
    Ethel RIDSDALE 21 s   Rowden Lane, Hampsthwaite     H Carrington    
486 1908 04 18 John Thompson WHITFIELD 26 b Engineer 31 Pembroke St, Middlesborough George Whitfield Farmer William Whitfield, Maggie Whitfield   C33CL/1/486
    Maude M HEBBLETHWAITE 25 s   Hollings Lane, Hampsthwaite William Hebblethwaite Farmer Maud Jones, Mary Hebblethwaite    
487 1908 04 20 Wilfred PRATT 35 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Thomas Pratt Tailor Herbert Kenyon Sagar   C33CL/1/487
    Daisie Kate GARBUTT 21 s   Hampsthwaite John William Garbutt Surveyor J Haxby    
488 1908 05 27 George BELL 57 w Shoemaker Hampsthwaite William Bell Shoemaker Robert Ellis   C33CL/1/488
    Margaret Ellen ELLIS 36 s   Swincliffe Robert Ellis Labourer John William Ellis    
489 1908 06 15 Alfred James WADDINGTON 24 b Factory Hand New Park Bilton James Waddington stonemason J. Barker   C33CL/1/489
    Isabel BARKER 27 s   Hampsthwaite Peter Barker Farmer Belle Brown, Robert Richardson    
490 1908 08 05 George CHAPMAN 28 b Mason 14 York Place Harrogate James Chapmen Retired James Wade, Annie Wade   C33CL/1/490
    Eliza WADE 28 s   Hampsthwaite James Wade Tinner Tom Chapman    
491 1908 09 29 Alfred HEATON 28 b Clerk Audenshaw, Manchester Robert Heaton Retired * Blamire   C33CL/1/491
    Ethel HAXBY 28 s   Hampsthwaite John Haxby Joiner John Haxby    
492 1908 11 25 Noah Irwin HALLIDAY 22 b Clerk Pateley Bridge Frederick Halliday tailor C Houseman   C33CL/1/492
    Ann Elizabeth DARNBROUGH 22 s Dressmaker Hampsthwaite David Darnbrough Farmer Ada Darnbrough    
493 1909 04 10 William HOUSEMAN 44 b Farmer Ling Lane Felliscliffe John Houseman Farmer Richard Bertram Hallewell father deceased C33CL/1/493
    Mary Ellen HALLEWELL 23 s   Ling Lane Felliscliffe Richard Hallewell Mechanic Sarah Ethel Scarlett    
494 1909 06 10 Francis PARKER 21 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Francis Parker Farmer Robert Close father deceased C33CL/1/494
    Jane ELLIS 19 s   Harrogate William Ellis Waggoner Ada Ellis father deceased  
495 1909 10 20 Joseph Sumpter FARRAH 20 b Farmer West Syke Felliscliffe John Farrah - Constance Annie Farrah father deceased C33CL/1/495
    Florence DAVIDSON 20 s   Tang farm Felliscliffe Lupton Davidson Farmer Nellis Davidson, Sarah Davidson    
496 1909 10 21 Arthur METCALFE 62 w Grocer Hampsthwaite   Farmer Charles Edward Howroyd father deceased C33CL/1/496
    Ann WADE 32 s   Hampsthwaite James Wade Tinner James Wade    
497 1909 11 15 Christopher FOSTER 40 b Farmer West Syke Felliscliffe Robert John Foster * Mary H Foster   C33CL/1/497
    Elizabeth HAW 30 s   West Syke Felliscliffe Thomas Haw Carter Thomas Haw    
498 1910 02 02 Thomas Shepherd BINNS 27 b Farmer Fewston William Shepherd Binns Farmer T E Margerison   C33CL/1/498
    Gladys Irene MILNTHORPE 22 s   Kettlesing Head George Milnthorpe Innkeeper George Milnthorpe    
499 1910 04 27 Walter FAWCETT 27 b Farmer Felliscliffe Joseph Fawcett Farmer John Downs   C33CL/1/499
    Sarah A SWIRES 24 s   Felliscliffe William Swires Farmer Joseph Fawcett, Sarah Ann Fawcett    
500 1910 08 22 Harold Wordsworth DICKINSON 31 b Commercial Traveller York Robert Dickinson Grocer William L*ay   C33CL/1/500
    Annie Elizabeth ARMITAGE 35 w   Felliscliffe Jonathan Marshall Farmer Robert Dickinson