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Hampsthwaite Parish Church Marriages 1911-1936

The Marriage records for Hampsthwaite Parish church date from 1603. Unfortunately there is a large gap between 1630 and 1653 where only the records for 1637 are saved.

Note that in 1752, the year started on the 1st January for the first time. During 1837, civil registration began, so a reference to the entry held at Harrogate Register Office is included.

His Occ.
His Occ.
1910 12 26 WILSON Joseph Harold 22 b * Fitter South Camp, Aldershot Thomas Wilsom Engine Driver W Archie Barker, Ernest Weatherhead  
  BARKER Ethel Georgina   s   Hampsthwaite     Eleanor Weatherhead  
1911 04 01 WINTERINGHAM John Edward 23 b Labourer Hollins Lane Hampsthwaite John Winteringham Farmer Joseph Hebblethwaite  
  STEPHENSON Rebecca 21 s   Hollins Lane Hampsthwaite Daniel Stephenson Boilerman Lily Dunwell  
1911 05 19 CLAPHAM John 35 b Labourer Hampsthwaite John Clapham Farm Bailiff Maurice Ward  
  BARKER Minnie 36 w   Hampsthwaite     Wilfred A Barker  
1911 06 05 ELLIS Thomas Richard 35 b Labourer Fellescliffe Robert Ellis Labourer Harry Watson  
  CATTERALL Agnes Louisa 27 s   Fellescliffe William Catterall Shoemaker Lucy Caroline Ellis  
1911 07 26 CRYER Frederick 22 b Farmer Hartwith Anthony Cryer Farmer George Wilson  
  WILSON Edith Ann 20 s   Farnley, Otley George Wilson Farmer Joseph Wilson  
1911 09 30 HOUSEMAN Fred Gill 26 b Farmer Long Lane Fellescliffe     J Appleby  
  APPLEBY Lilly 24 s   Hollins Lane Hampsthwaite John Appleby Quarryman C Houseman  
1911 09 30 MOSS John 25 b Labourer Otley Charles Edward Moss Carter Harry Grange  
  GRANGE Lillie 35 s   Fellescliffe Joseph Grange Farmer Alice Robinson  
1912 02 20 FOSTER Robert 39 b Farmer Fellescliffe Robert John Foster Farmer (deceased) Aaron Hardcastle  
  HARDCASTLE Annie 23 s   Fellescliffe John Edward Hardcastle Farmer Alice Hardcastle  
1912 04 08 INMAN Fred 23 b Gentleman Hampsthwaite Charles William Inman Gentleman Hubert Jeffey  
  TAYLOR Margaret Jane 23 s   Hampsthwaite James Taylor Butcher Helena Taylor  
1912 07 06 ATKINSON James Henry 21 b Butcher Burnt Yates William Atkinson Labourer * Atkinson  
  FARRINGTON Minnie 21 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Farrington Stoker * Atkinson  
1912 09 16 HOBSON John Joseph 30 b Farmer Haverah Park James Hobson Farmer James Morrell Hobson by Licence
  NEWBY Emily 24 s   Burley Bank, Hampsthwaite James Newby Farmer Ada Newby  
1913 02 01 LUMLEY George Whitley 50 w Farmer Hampsthwaite William Lumley Farmer Robert Ellis  
  ELLIS Mary Elizabeth 30 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Ellis Labourer William Lumley  
1913 03 24 SMITH Tom 47 b Leather worker Bramley George Smith Dyer's Labourer (Deceased Teddy Webster  
  TODD Alice 39 s   West Dyke, Fellescliffe John Todd Farmer (deceased) Elizabeth Foster  
1913 08 18 TOMLINSON John 33 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Thomas Tomlinson Farmer Joseph Fawcett  
  FAWCETT Mary Emma 35 s   Skipton Road, Hampsthwaite Joseph Fawcett Farmer Sarah Ann Fawcett  
1913 12 08 FAWCETT William 31 b Farmer Fellescliffe Joseph Fawcett Farmer J S Surr  
  SURR Edith 29 s   Fellescliffe John Simpson Surr Licensed Victualler Sarah Grange  
1914 01 10 MUNNINGS John Henry 25 b Police Constable Guisborough Samuel Munnings Labourer Everton James Emmerson, Pamela Ada Harrison  
  HARRISON Martha Annie 29 s   Hampsthwaite John Mudd Harrison Labourer Margaret Alice Harrison  
1914 04 15 ELSWORTH Arthur 47 w Farmer Kettlesing Head Edward Elsworth Farmer (deceased) George Milnthorpe Licence
  MILNTHORPE Mary Eleanor 30 s   Kettlesing Head George Milnthorpe Hotel Keeper *  
1914 04 25 DRURY Richard 21 b Labourer Hampsthwaite William Drury Labourer (deceased) *  
  WINTERINGHAM Mary Alice 19 s   Hampsthwaite John Winteringham Labourer Martha Jane Winteringham  
1914 04 29 SKAIFE Joseph 37 b Grocer Darley Robert Skaife Grocer (deceased) Tom Whitley Skaife  
  HARPER Emily 32 s   Hampsthwaite William Harper Farmer (deceased) Joseph Harper, Jennie Harper  
1914 08 15 CURREY Charles 32 b Packer Laisterdyke James Currey Clogger Martha Jeffray  
  WINTERINGHAM Florrie 27 s   Hampsthwaite John Winteringham Labourer Edith Ann Hainsworth  
1914 10 31 LOCKWOOD Frank 26 b Millwright Yeadon Herbert Lockwood Trades Union Secretary William Toakley  
  BARKER Margaret 21 s   Hampsthwaite Mark Barker Labourer Nellie McCormack  
1915 01 30 BEALE George 26 b Gardener Harrogate Owen Beale Gardener Martha B*, Jeffrey Swale Licence
  SWALE Ada 29 s   Hampsthwaite Richard Swale Labourer Emma Swale  
1915 03 24 HORNER Fred 25 b Farmer Hampsthwaite John Horner Farmer Sydney Horner  
  MOON Mabel Elizabeth 27 s   Hampsthwaite Edwin Moon School Master (deceased) Mary Emma Forrest  
1915 04 15 TRUEMAN Tom 20 b Farm Labourer Spofforth Tom Trueman Labourer Amos Addyman  
  ADDYMAN Elsie 20 s   Hampsthwaite Amos Addyman Farmer Annie Addyman  
1915 07 19 PILKINGTON Sydney Settle 20 b Joiner 16 Garfield Terrace, Pudsey Joseph Frederick Pilkington Cloth Miller Leonard *aylor  
  BUSSEY Eva 20 s   Kettlesing William Bussey Steel Melter Mary Procter  
1915 08 04 PARKER Charles Stanley 29 b Farmer South View, Doncaster William Parker Postman Fred Parker  
  POTTER Emily Jane 24 s   Hampsthwaite Richard Potter Farmer Edith Voakes  
1915 10 14 KNOWLES Albert Septimus 22 b Farmer Fellescliffe Dennis Peacock Knowles   A Hardcastle, J Hardcastle  
  HARDCASTLE Alice 21 s   Fellescliffe John Edwin Hardcastle Farmer P Hardcastle  
1915 10 23 WAINWRIGHT George 19 b Groom Nidd Ernest Wainwright Shell Grinder John Swale  
  SWALE Selina Ann 20 s   Hampsthwaite John Swale (deceased) Farmer Rachel Ross  
1915 12 25 THROWER William Charles 25 b Stoker, Royal Navy Brompton Kent Thomas Thrower Bricklayer Ethel Wilson  
  WILSON Dorothy Elizabeth 18 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Wilson Engine Driver Archie Barker  
1916 04 29 STEVENSON Robert Lumley 25 b Farmer Esholt Robert Stephenson Farmer Fred Parker Licence
  PARKER Belle 26 s   Hampsthwaite William Parker Farmer Hilda Marjorie Parker  
1916 05 06 HUDSON Harold Reginald 27 b Private * R.A.M.C * Camp, Church * John William Hudson Joiner John S Smith  
  HUNTER Margaret Hannah 28 s   West Syke James Hunter (deceased) Lime Worker Fred Hudson  
1916 06 12 WALKER James Edward 29 b Farmer Fellescliffe Francis Walker Farmer S Bailes  
  BROWN Alice 18 s   Fellescliffe Fred Brown Coalman Doris Brown  
1917 04 28 BARKER Walter 41 w Mason Hampsthwaite     Joseph M Bowers  
  HAW Edith Ethel 24 s   Hampsthwaite Thomas Haw Master Blacksmith John W Bowers  
1917 10 15 ASHBY Harold Crowther 25 b Lieut: R.*.A Hampsthwaite John Ashby (deceased) Surgeon Alfred Rawn* Licence
  ROBINSON Adile Redfearn 22 s   Hampsthwaite Frederick Refearn Robinson Wool Merchant (deceased) W.P. Hutchinson  
1917 12 26 WALMSLEY Ernest Lofthouse 26 b Gardener Harewood Lofthouse Walmsley Farmer Ivy Cundall  
  WITTERINGHAM Martha Annie 22 s   Hampsthwaite John Witteringham Farm Labourer Marjorie Hawe  
1918 05 08 BAREN James 28 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Edward Baren Farmer Fred Kay, Percy Baren  
  KAY Nellie 27 s   Hampsthwaite Fred Kay Farmer Ethel Foulcher  
1918 12 26 BARNES Ernest John 38 b H.M. Forces Catterick Charles Thomas Barnes *der Harry Bryant  
  BRYANT Christiana 30 s   Hampsthwaite David Bryant Baker Tom Bryant  
1919 04 16 BOTTOMLEY Hanby 38 w Asst.Manager Colour Manufacturer 55 Chelmsford Rd, Bradford Joseph Richard Bottomley Retired Dyer Robert John Mason Licence
  MILNTHORPE Harriet Lenora 26 s   Black Bull, Kettlesing Head George Milnthorpe Farmer and Publican Thomas Henry Wilson  
1919 12 26 BUSSEY Ralph 20 b Butcher Kettlesing William Bussey Gardener Walter Morris  
  MORRIS Emma 22 s   Kettlesing Joseph Morris Farmer Evelyn Reynard  
1920 06 28 BROUGHTON Sydney 25 b Wholesale Confectioner 32 Grange Avenue, Harrogate Richard Broughton Wholesale Confectioner James Morris Holden, Doris Houseman Licence
  HOUSEMAN Emma 27 s   Haverah Park, Long Liberty farm Micheal Houseman Farmer (deceased) J.B. Houseman  
1920 06 14 BUSSEY William 58 w Gardener Kettlesing John Bussey Labourer (deceased) Joseph Freeman  
  RETALLICK Harriet 43 w   Kettlesing James Marston Inn Keeper (deceased) Lilian Freeman  
1920 07 14 JEFFREY Edward Rawdon 43 b Farmer Hampsthwaite Charles Jeffrey Farmer (deceased) Thomas *arr, Licence
  CRAWFORD Ada Jane 46 w   Hampsthwaite George Carr Signalman (deceased) Hubert Jeffrey  
1921 02 08 LANGSTAFF Arthur 26 b Horseman Hartwith Joseph Langstaff Farm Baliff William Haxby, F Haxby  
  HAXBY Elsie 26 s   Hampsthwaite William Haxby Saddler Eva Langstaff  
1921 10 18 HENDERSON George Hardwick 46 b Painter Hampsthwaite George Henry Henderson Butler(deceased) William H. Henderson ?  
  FORREST Mary Emma 41 s   Hampsthwaite Albin Forrest Gardener Hannah L Forrest  
1921 11 10 BAILEY Allan 27 b Farmer Fewston Benjamin Bailey Farmer John C Houseman  
  HOUSEMAN Ethel 23 s   Hurst Grove Hampsthwaite John Charles Houseman Farmer Fred Bailey  
1922 03 25 STYAN George William 22 b Farmer Killinghall Albert Styan Farmer Amos Addyman, Christiana Addyman  
  ADDYMAN Lilian 21 s   Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite Amos Addyman Farmer William Amos Addyman  
1922 06 07 FRANKLAND Willie 30 b Farmer Skipton Road, Gill House, Hampsthwaite Christopher Thomas Frankland Farmer Ellen Frankland  
  PARKER Kate 28 s   Rowden View, Hampsthwaite William Parker Farmer William Parker  
1922 09 06 PAWSON Fred 25 b Farm Labourer Killinghall Edward Pawson Roadman Harold Pawson  
  IBBETSON Annie 22 s   Hampsthwaite George Ibbetson Farmer George Herbert Yates  
1923 03 31 FREEMAN John Thomas Harold 26 b Joiner Field House, Kettlesing John Hardisty Freeman Farmer Joseph Freeman Licence
  LIDDERDALE Nellie 28 w   Kettlesing Fred * Stone Mason (deceased) Lily Freeman  
1923 05 30 SWALES Frank 24 b Farmer Burley Bank Farm James Swales Farmer (deceased) A.W.Hare, E Swales  
  HARE Emily 25 s   Burley Bank Farm Arthur Willam Hare Farmer    
1923 06 30 BROTHERTON John James 29 b Farm Labourer Long Lane James Henry Brotherton Woodman (deceased) William Addyman  
  ADDYMAN Annie 24 s   Greystone Plain Amos Addyman Farmer Jane Brotherton  
1923 09 12 BIRKBY John 30 b Grocer Woodside, Horsforth Sam Birkby Publican Johnson Wrigglesworth, Sam Birkby  
  WRIGGLESWORTH Eliza 23 s   Hampsthwaite Johnson Wrigglesworth Slater Ada Wrigglesworth,J.A Birkby  
1923 10 04 TETLEY John Arnold 30 b Tobacconist The Bungalow, Churwell, Morley George Smith Tetley Tobacconist Alice Tetley Licence
  MILNTHORPE Lylie Kirk 25 s   Black Bull Hotel, Kettlesing Head George Milnthorpe Licensed Victualler (deceased) Eliza Milnthorpe  
1924 01 22 HARDWICK Frederick 24 b Steam car driver Fewston Andrew Hardwick Labourer Frank Hardwick  
  BENTLEY Anice Mary 23 s   Fellescliffe Arthur Bentley Grocer Dorothy E Bentley  
1924 06 11 FARRAR Norman Hall 42 b Worsted spinner 15 Saville Park Halifax Edmund Farrar Worsted Spinner (deceased) Harold F Farrar, N.K. Bottomley, G.M. Bottomley  
  LISTER Mary 36 s   Clint Hall, Hampsthwaite Sylvester Lister Farmer Sylvester Lister,K. Farrar, M.P. Wilson, J.M.Wilson  
1924 09 02 AYKROYD George Hammond 24 b Manufacturer Cliffe Hall, Lightcliffe, Nr Halifax William Henry Aykroyd Manufacturer Montgarret, William H Aykroyd,/, F.A. Aykroyd  
  AYKROYD Margaret Roberts 21 s   Birstwith Hall, Nr Harrogate Frederic Alfred Aykroyd Merchant James Roberts, * Aykroyd, L.M. Ackroyd  
1924 12 06 MORRIS Walter 31 b Farm Labourer Cote Hill Farm, Birstwith Joseph Morris Farmer Harry Reynard, Sarah Ellen Morris  
  REYNARD Evelyn 25 s   Staups Farm, Fellescliffe John William Morris Mason    
1925 01 06 CLOUGH Harry 30 b Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite Benjamin Joseph Clough Carting Agent (decesaed) Fred Clough, William Fawcett  
  FAWCETT Sarah Ann 33 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Fawcett Farmer (deceased)    
1925 04 18 CRAWFORD Bert 32 b Woolen Spinner Fewston William Crawford Overlooker (deceased) Frank Watson, Sarah Jane Shepherd  
  WATSON Sarah Elizabeth 28 s   Fellescliffe George Watson Farmer    
1925 06 16 SMART Cyril 30 b Groom Birstwith Robert Smart Farmer F. Davidson, M.O. Gill  
  DAVIDSON Nellie 32 s   Tang Farm, Fellescliffe Lupton Davidson Farmer (deceased)    
1926 06 16 HOUSEMAN Leneord William 29 b Farmer Hardcastle Hall, Hartwith John William Houseman Farmer (deceased) J.E. Houseman. Eleanor Annakin  
  ANNAKIN Eva Florence Barker 27 s   The Laurels, Hampsthwaite George Annakin Dairyman George Annakin  
1926 12 08 ROBINSON Ralph 21 b Farmer Clint Samuel Robinson Farmer (deceased) Joseph M Bowers, Mary E Robinson  
  BOWERS Mary 19 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Mathew Bowers Mason M.G. Biwers  
1927 01 22 SPIRRIT Joseph 54 b Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite Joseph Spirrit Farmer (deceased) Mabel E. Holmes, Fred Horner  
  HARE Rachel Ann 52 s   Husthwaite William Hare Farmer (deceased)    
1927 03 19 CHAPMAN Harry 21 b Plasterer Brearton James Chapman Painter * Chapmen, Alfred Hardisty  
  HALL Alice 21 s   Haverah Park, Hampsthwaite        
1927 06 04 HULLAH Charlie 26 b Farmer Haverah Park Samuel Hullah Farmer George Wilson, George Moore  
  WILSON Victoria Alice 26 s   White Wall, Kettlesing George Wilson Farmer    
1927 06 04 HULLAH Richard Alfred 23 b Farmer Haverah Park Samuel Hullah Farmer J. Hattersley, Ernest Hullah  
  HATTERSLEY Nellie 22 s   Knabbs Grove, Fellescliffe Joseph Hattersley Farmer    
1927 06 28 HARDCASTLE William 21 b Farmer Cock Hill Gate Farm, Shelf Benjamin Hardcastle Farmer (deceased) William Atkinson, Joseph Allan Hardcastle  
  ATKINSON Margaret Annie 19 s   Rowden Lane, Hampsthwaite William Atkinson Farmer    
1927 11 19 BARKER Arthur Harrison 29 b Motor driver Hampsthwaite     Leonard Johnson, Ada Hebblethwaite  
  JOHNSON Dora 28 s   Killinghall Azariah Johnson Farmer    
1928 04 07 TOWERS George Albert Edward 26 b Farmer Howe Farm, Beckwithshaw George Towers Farmer (deceased) Tom Barker, M. Barker Licence
  BARKER Frances Emma 24 s Milliner Hampsthwaite Tom Barker Mason Francis William Towers  
1928 06 16 LUNDELL Eric William 21 b Painter Hampsthwaite Gummer William Lundell Tailor Herbert Bickerdike,  
  BICKERDIKE Mabel Annie 26 s   Rowden Lane, Hampsthwaite Herbert Bickerdike Farmer Rosetta Lundell  
1928 11 03 BOTTOMLEY Harold Edgar 34 b Clerk 21 Ashleogh Street, Keighley John Walker Bottomley Chemist (deceased) John Innocent, Florence Linfoot  
  LINFOOT Olga Florence 25 s   Rose Villa, Hampsthwaite William Ernest Linfoot Engineer W.E. Linfoot, Vera Eleanor Linfoot  
1929 04 24 SHIRES William Henry 30 b Bus-driver Bachelor Gardens, Bilton, Harrogate Arthur Shires Jeweller Joseph Hebblethwaite, Arthur Shires?  
  HEBBLETHWAITE Ada Alice 26 s Typist Hollins Lane, Hampsthwaite Joseph Hebblethwaite Insurance Agent    
1929 11 06 ATKINSON Alec 29 b Farmer Florence House, Hampsthwaite William Atkinson Farmer William Atkinson,, John W Bowers Licence
  JENNINGS Ruby Carrie Bowers 21 s Typist Hampsthwaite        
1930 04 19 HEWSON George 27 b Fitter 21 Spring Terrace, Oatlands Mount, Harrogate Albert Ernest Hewson deceased Frederick Hobkinson,Flora Jane Hewson  
  HOBKINSON Ethel Mary 26 s   Hampsthwaite Frederick Hobkinson Shoemaker    
1930 04 21 BOWERS Reginald 28 b Builder Hampsthwaite Joseph Mathew Bowers Builder Joseph M Bowers, Ella Haigh  
  BRYAN Winifred 22 s   32 Wedderburn Rd, Harrogate Dennis Bryan Turf Accountant    
1930 04 21 FAWCETT David 23 b Chauffeur 16 Fairlea Rd, Taylor Hill, Huddersfield Herbert Fawcett Joiner Joseph Hebblethwaite, Herbert Fawcett  
  HEBBLETHWAITE Maud Mary 22 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Hebblethwaite Insurance Agent    
1930 06 02 INNOCENT John Lord Steel 30 b Engineer Coltersworth, Nr Grantham George Albert Innocent Engineer (retired) H.E. Bottomley, W.E. Linfoot, A.E. Linfoot  
  LINFOOT Vera Eleanor 33 s Teacher Rose Villa, Hampsthwaite William Ernest Linfoot Engineer (retired)    
1930 06 21 SWIRES Norman 29 b Farmer Whin Hall Farm, Haverah Park Joseph Leconby Swires Farmer (deceased) * Addyman, J.F. Swires  
  ADDYMAN Emma 26 s   Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite Amos Addyman Farmer    
1930 07 02 PATCHETT Norman 43 b Poultry Farmer The Grange, Kettlesing Isaac Marsden Patchett Accountant (deceased) M.R. Vickerman, E.W Lockwood  
  LOCKWOOD Gladys Constance 31 s   108. Leeds Old Rd, Thornbury, Bradford John William Lockwood Manufacturer (deceased) J* Williams  
1930 11 22 MORRIS William 42 w Labourer Kettlesing William Dalby Morris Farmer (deceased) May Morris, Robert Morris  
  PUNSHON Ann Wills 31 s Domestic servant Black Bull Hotel, Kettlesing Michael Punshon Plumber (deceased)    
1931 05 27 BRADLEY George 27 b Farmer Springfield Farm, Kettlesing Charlie Bradley Farmer Albert Clarke, Enoch Bradley  
  CLARKE Nelly 28 s   Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite Albert Clarke Farmer    
1931 06 10 EMSLEY James 25 b Farmer Cote Syke, Fellescliffe William Elmsley Farmer (deceased) Charles Emsley  
  THORPE Bonnie 22 s   Kettlesing Mark Thorpe Labourer Sidney Thorpe  
1931 09 18 PECK Herbert Gordon Savile 27 b Solicitor The Vicarage, Hampsthwaite Herbert John Peck Clerk in Holy Orders M.B. Foster  
  FOSTER Phyllis Mary 27 s   Eton House, Harrogate Michael Bernard Foster Physician E.J. Brunskill  
1932 05 14 SNOW Fred 21 b Gardener Hampsthwaite Robert Snow Labourer Alec Barker  
  PRATT Helen 20 s Domestic servant Hampsthwaite     Mary Annie Chapman  
1932 08 17 NEWBOULD Stanley 27 b Draper Warren Bank, Killinghall Arthur Ernest Newbould Mason Joseph Hebblethwaite,  
  HEBBLETHWAITE Nellie 26 s Dressmaker Glendale House, Hampsthwaite Joseph Hebblethwaite Insurance Agent Mary Newbould  
1933 03 04 WRIGHT Frederick Clifford 22 b Chauffeur The Lodge, Birstwith Hall Fred Wright Chauffeur Joseph Harold Wilson  
  WILSON Dorothy Margaret 22 s   Hampsthwaite Joseph Harold Wilson Decorator Fred Wright  
1933 06 28 FRANCE James Townsend 31 b Departmental Manager Markington, Leicester Charles Arthur France Dyers Technician P.D. Dwyer  
  WARD Jennie Elizabeth Mary 26 s   Melrose, Hampsthwaite Samueal Ambrose Ward Wool Merchant Alan W Rhodes  
1933 09 30 STEEL Frank 25 b Farm Labourer Clint Edgar Steel Farm hand V.E. Bowers  
  BOWERS Laura 22 s   Hampsthwaite John William Bowers Joiner H. Steel  
1934 02 20 BRIGGS Allan 27 b Police Constable 2 Thorold, Road, Chatham, Luton George Briggs Police Constable (retired) Francis H.A. Holmes  
  HOLMES Eileen Martha 26 s   Clarence Terrace, Hampsthwaite Frederick Henry Archdal* Holmes Police Constable Graham Holmes  
1934 03 19 DAWSON Roland Meridith 33 b Builder Spring Haven, Hampsthwaite Charles Frederick Dawson Solicitor Chas J. Dawson  
  PECK Mary Gwyneth 28 s   The Vicarage, Hampsthwaite Herbert John Peck Clerk in Holy Orders H.G. Savile Peck  
1934 07 10 EMSLEY Charles 34 b Poultry Farmer Shepherds Lodge Burnt Yates, William Elmsley (deceased) Farmer Walter Barker, Annie Rigg,  
  BARKER Eveline Annie 31 s   Hampsthwaite Walter Barker Builder Arthur Bell  
1934 10 03 MARSLAND John James 21 b Labourer Willow Brook, Fellesclife John Edward Marsland Labourer Harold Dawson, Mary Freeman Licence
  FREEMAN Clarice Emily 25 s   Field House, Fellescliffe John Hardisty Freeman Farmer    
1934 12 26 COLMAN Albert 28 b Gardener 14 High Street, Knaresborough James Frederick Colman Labourer Wilfred Barrett,  
  BARRETT Gladys Maud 24 s   1 Propect Terrace, Kettlesing Walter Barrett Warehouseman Dorothy Aske  
1935 02 12 ADDYMAN Peter 32 b Farmer Greystone Plain, Hampsthwaite Amos Addyman Farmer Elsie May Rabbitt,  
  HOWARTH Alice 28 s   Pond House Farm, Hampsthwaite Peter Howarth Overlooker   entered Haworth, signed Howarth
1935 02 18 AGAR Bernard Alan 33 b Railway Clerk Highfield, Chesham, Bucks John Edward Agar Schoolmaster (deceased) H.B. Thomas  
  FORREST Elizabeth Alice 30 s   Hampsthwaite William Albion Forrest Farm Labourer    
1935 04 02 CLOUGH James 42 w Labourer Mavis Clair, Hampsthwaite Benjamin Josepjh Clough Carting Agent (decesaed) Eileen Mary I'anson, Licence
  MILLER Kathleen Mabel 38 s Housekeeper Mavis Clair, Hampsthwaite Harry Miller Electrical Engineer (deceased) W.A. Barker  
1935 05 25 STOTHART John William 35 b Farmer Markington William Stothart Farmer Amos Addyman,  
  ADDYMAN Amy 30 s   Hampsthwaite Amos Addyman Farmer William Stothart  
1935 06 25 LUMLEY George Miles 25 b Railway Employee Leyburn John James Lumley Gamekeeper (deceased) Robert Herring,  
  HERRING Millie 35 s   Hampsthwaite Robert Herring Farmer Maggie Herring  
1936 04 13 CLARK Wilfred 28 b Roadman Swarcliffe Top, Birstwith Robert Clark Coachman (deceased) Ella Petty,  
  HAIGH Sarah Alice 32 s   Clarence Terrace, Hampsthwaite Roger Bywater Haigh Gardener (deceased) Harry Raw  
1936 06 03 HARRISON Sydney Harold 26 b Farmer Moorlands, Bramhope Harry Harrison Farmer Mary E.?. Smorfitt,  
  SMORFITT Violet Emily May 26 s   Ashville, Ripley Charles William Smorfitt Farmer L Howard