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Fulneck United Brethren (Moravian) Marriages

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Marriage performed by the Moravian chapel at Fulneck start in 1918. Previous "Registrar present" marriages will be under North Bierley District at Bradford Register Office, only a sample of these appear in our records.
Column 'Ref' has the reference for that record at Leeds Reegister Office (LRO).

His Occ.
His Occ.
1869 10 11 JOHNSON Samuel               at Bradford RO  
  RAISTRICK Eden                  
1889 01 09 JOHNSON Francis Michael               at Bradford RO  
  ODDY Sarah Ann                  
1890 04 07 ABBOTT Arthur Albert               at Bradford RO  
  WARD Louie                  
1918 04 26 WAUGH Christopher England 28 B Schoolmaster Boys' School, Fulneck, Pudsey Joseph Waugh (dec'd) Moravian Minister William Templeton Waugh AP298/1 By Licence
  GOTT Mary Annie 29 S Schoolmistress Girls' School, Fulneck, Pudsey William Henry Gott (dec'd) Rope Manufacturer Edith Jane Gott    
1918 06 15 DRIVER Richard Richardson 37 B Joiner (Journeyman) 57 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Benson Greenwood Driver (dec'd) Warp Dresser Arthur Sowden AP298/2  
  SOWDEN Violetta 35 S Worsted Weaver 8 Tennyson Street, Valley Rd, Pudsey Ezra Sowden (dec'd) Farmer Mabel Sowden    
1919 07 31 BRAMLEY James William 32 B Teacher 23 Dunstable Road, Richmond, Surrey William Bramley Retired H R Carter AP298/3  
  CARTER Edith 27 S . 31 New Street, Pudsey Fred Carter Railway Official Rhoda Duggan    
1919 09 06 KELK Leonard 25 B Worsted Dyer 30 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Charles Edward Kelk Foreman Woollen Spinner Edward Kelk AP298/4  
  SWITHENBANK Ruth 24 S Burler & Mender 44 Houghside Road, Pudsey James Swithenbank Manager Sewage Works Rosetta Swithenbank    
1919 10 22 GAUNT Irwin 33 B Cabinet Maker Ex Army 1 Windmill Hill, Pudsey George Gaunt Insurance Agent Matthew Henry Gaunt AP298/5  
  PROCTER Martha Ann 29 S Clerk 15 Windmill Hill Frederick Procter Insurance Agent Henrietta Gaunt    
1920 05 22 GAUNT Herbert 27 B Piecer at Woollen Mill 14 Fartown, Pudsey William Glover Gaunt Carter Eric Brooke AP298/6  
  WHITLEY Clara 26 S Silk Weaver 7 South Park Terrace, Pudsey Thomas Whitley Mule Spinner Hilda Whitley    
1921 03 17 GREGORY Frederic George 25 B Solicitor Rose Cottage, South Parade, Pudsey George Henry Gregory Coal Merchant Robert I Gregory AP298/7  
  LITTLETON Elsie 31 S Teacher at Blind School Rose Cottage, South Parade, Pudsey Louis Littleton (dec'd) Surveyor May Littleton    
1921 04 25 SHEFFIELD Ernest Howard 28 B Taxi Cab Proprietor 1 Hillthorpe Road, Pudsey Alfred Sheffield Woolcombing Trade John Richard Harling Woodhead AP298/8  
  BRADLEY Letitia 31 W Housekeeper (Domestic) 129 Fartown, Pudsey Richard Woodhead Shopkeeper Greengrocer Walter Townend    
1921 07 30 RAYNER William 31 B Spinner at Woollen Mill 2 Hillthorpe Street, Pudsey Squire Rayner (dec'd) Miner Albert Rayner AP298/9 By Licence
  HICKLING Ethel 22 S Domestic Servant Ladies' School, Fulneck Charles Hickling Joiner Annie Smith    
1921 07 30 HARGREAVES Harry 28 B Boot & Shoe Operative 65 Greenside, Pudsey Cecil Hargreaves (dec'd) Joiner & Cabinet Maker William Harrison Cassells AP298/10  
  DUFTON Ruth 23 S Woollen Mender 97 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Edmund Dufton Greengrocer Ann Esther Driver    
1921 08 27 GAUNT Albert Ackroyd 36 W Willeyer at Woollen Mill 25 Pembroke Road, Pudsey James Alfred Gaunt (dec'd) Foundry Labourer James Halliday Gaunt AP298/11 By Licence
  LUMBY Emily 37 S Warper at Woollen Mill 12 School Street, Pudsey Simeon Lumby (dec'd) Warper Florence Lumby    
1922 04 10 YEADON Victor Marshall 25 B Woollen Cloth Finisher 17 Bramley Street, Bramley Richard Yeadon Farmer Walter Oddy AP298/12  
  CLAYTON Maria 29 S Worsted Weaver 11 Clarendon Buildings, Littlemoor, Pudsey Thomas Henry Clayton Tailor Annie Westmoreland    
1922 11 22 STOTT Frederick 32 B Greengrocer (Master) 22 Fulneck, Pudsey John Stott Groundsman in Engineering Works Henry Mathers Gaunt AP298/13 By Licence
  BALMFORTH Amy 25 S . 23 Fulneck, Pudsey William Balmforth (dec'd) Manager of Boot Depot Clara Stott    
1923 04 02 STOTT Frank 24 B Dairy Co's Asst Salesman 22 Fulneck, Pudsey John Stott Groundsman in Engineering Works Hugh Lenton Brook AP298/14  
  BATES Hannah 26 S Worsted Weaver 124 Lowtown, Pudsey Fred Bates Hairdresser Clara Bates    
1923 08 04 BENNETT Edward 20 B Pattern Maker 3 Springfield Terrace, Sunfield, Stanningley Thomas Bennett Foreman Pattern Maker Fred Bennett AP298/15  
  LANGLEY Sarah Ethel 21 S Worsted Weaver 10 School Street, Pudsey Dyson Langley (dec'd) Boot Rivetter Joseph Slater Worsnop    
1923 08 25 BROOK Hugh Lenton 25 B Joiner (Journeyman) 10 Fulneck, Pudsey Joseph Brook Stone Mason Eric Brook AP298/16  
  MITCHELL Helena 24 S Worsted Weaver 70 Sunnybank, Bruntcliffe William Morton Dixon . Edith Dixon    
1923 12 22 CASSELLS William Harrison 34 B Cloth Merchant 370 Barkerend Road, Bradford John Cassells Hide Classer Leonard Driver AP298/17  
  DRIVER Ann Esther 24 S Worsted Weaver 79 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey William Driver (dec'd) Mechanic Hilda Binks    
1924 06 09 STREETS Harry 21 B Railway Goods Porter 11 Cross Street, Gainsborough William Streets Engine Driver Thomas Agar Aldcroft Healey AP298/18  
  HEALEY Elizabeth Agar Aldcroft 25 S Dressmaker West End, Fulneck, Pudsey Charles Healey Engineer Mary Rayner, Thomas Aldcroft    
1925 04 13 RAYNER Albert 30 B Mason's Labourer 2 Hillthorpe Street, Pudsey Squire Rayner Miner Elsie Rayner AP298/19  
  SMITH Annie 28 S Cook Girls' School, Fulneck, Pudsey Charles Smith Farm Labourer Harry Lobley    
1925 05 02 BROOK Eric 22 B Railway Passenger Porter 10 Fulneck, Pudsey Joseph Brook (dec'd) Stone Mason Hugh L Brook AP298/20  
  WHITLEY Hilda 27 S Worsted Weaver 7 South Park Terrace, Pudsey Thomas Whitley Mule Spinner Mary Elizabeth Whitley    
1925 07 18 NAYLOR Reginald 25 B Building Contractor 201 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley Abimalech Procter Naylor Greengrocer Emily Wade AP298/21  
  WADE Dora Irene 25 S . Westroyd, Pudsey Sam Wade Gentleman Edward Strickland    
1925 08 29 LA TROBE Henry Percival 56 B Assistant Master Fulneck, Pudsey Henry La Trobe Chemist Muriel Ethelwyn Price AP298/22  
  LITTLETON May 32 S Commercial Clerk Rose Cottage, South Parade, Pudsey Louis Littleton (dec'd) Surveyor Frank Leonard Stooke    
1925 12 19 GAUNT Thomas 36 B Fishmonger 137 Fartown, Pudsey John Gaunt Fishmonger James William Arundale AP298/23  
  LANGLEY Bessie 33 S Worsted Weaver 10 School Street, Pudsey Dyson Langley (dec'd) Boot Rivetter Grace Langley    
1926 02 20 DRIVER Harold Moorhouse 28 B House Painter 2 Armitage Square, Pudsey Joseph Driver Master Painter William Driver AP298/24  
  PROCTER Mary Frances 26 S . Morningside, Fulneck, Pudsey Henry Procter Boarding House Proprietor Dora Procter    
1926 04 03 WILLIAMS Victor Clarence 23 B Worsted Piece taker in 5 Park Square, Church Lane, Pudsey Herbert Williams . Arthur Rhodes AP298/25  
  RHODES Edith 27 S Worsted Weaver 33 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Benjamin Rhodes (dec'd) Miner Hilda Binks    
1926 04 24 ACKROYD Samuel 59 W Dyed Goods Sorter 27 Ashwell Street, Bradford John Ackroyd (dec'd) Dyer Joseph R Ackroyd AP298/26  
  ACKROYD Naomi 40 S Worsted Weaver 5 Carlisle Road, Pudsey Joseph Ackroyd (dec'd) Miner Annie Whitley    
1926 07 10 HUTTON Edmund 25 B Building Society Clerk 5 Woodland View, Fulneck, Pudsey Henry Hutton Foreman Mason George William Hutton AP298/27  
  WILSON Elsie 26 S Worsted Weaver 19 Greenside, Pudsey James William Wilson Master Mason Lily Wilson    
1926 08 24 ORMEROD John 69 W Stone Mason 2 Fern Terrace, Thorpe Road, Pudsey Seth Ormerod (dec'd) Stone Mason Joseph William Hollings AP298/28  
  DIXON Ann 61 W . 2 Park Row, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey William Naylor (dec'd) Grocer Houlden Naylor    
1926 11 27 NORTON Simeon 31 B Foreman Woollen Warehouse 9 South View, Lowtown, Pudsey Isaac Norton Wool Warehouseman George W Wood AP298/29 By Licence
  WADE Mabel Alice 31 S Clerk in Laundry Westroyd Hall, Pudsey Sam Wade Gentleman Emily Wade    
1927 08 27 WADE Walter Gilbert 26 B Laundry Manager Westroyd, Pudsey Sam Wade (dec'd) Gentleman Fountain Stott AP298/30  
  STOTT Doris 22 S Fancy Goods Dealers Buyer 159 Fartown, Pudsey Fountain Stott Butcher Emily Wade    
1927 12 03 RAISTRICK Fred 42 B Stone Pavior 1 Greaves Yard, Fartown, Pudsey Samuel George Raistrick Farmer Albert Rayner AP298/31  
  LINDLEY Elsie 34 S Woollen Weaver 152 Fartown, Pudsey Tom Lindley Moulder Phyllis Wilkinson    
1928 08 04 FLETCHER George Frederick Handel 45 W Iron Moulder 15 Swinnow Road, Bramley George Fletcher Joiner Daniel Godfrey Fletcher AP298/32  
  SWITHENBANK Rosetta 35 S Cloth Mender 44 Houghside Road, Pudsey James Swithenbank Manager Ruth Kelk    
1929 01 26 WHARFE Charles 25 B Baker's Salesman Shamrock Inn, Lowtown, Pudsey Charles Wharfe (dec'd) Publican Job Andrew Ross AP298/33  
  GRIMSHAW Nelly 31 S Burler & Mender 10 Fulneck, Pudsey Harry Grimshaw Cupola Tenter Phoebe H Carter    
1929 07 22 BARKER Harry 50 W House Painter 14 Fulneck, Pudsey William Barker Stone Mason J L Bramley AP298/34  
  BRAMLEY Hannah Mary 52 S . 47 Fulneck, Pudsey William Bramley (dec'd) Gardener M B Shaw    
1929 08 24 ELLIOTT Norman 31 B Iron Moulder 57 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Herbert Barron Fitter George Parkin AP298/35  
  SCAIFE Margaret 28 S Woollen Weaver 74 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Matthew Scaife Miner Annie Burton    
1929 12 23 HAIGH Robert 27 B Aero Engine Fitter Elloughton Dale Cottages, Elloughton John William Haigh Woolsorter William N Maddison AP298/36  
  RAYNER Mary 31 S Woollen Weaver 51 Fulneck, Pudsey Squire Rayner (dec'd) Coal Miner N Haigh    
1930 08 30 AINSWORTH Walter 32 B Fireman Bradford Corporation 78 Arncliffe Terrace, Bradford Walter Ainsworth Cabinet Maker Eugene Hanson AP298/37  
  RAISTRICK Emma 27 S Shorthand Typist 82 Fartown, Pudsey Jack Stockwell Groomsman Winifred Stooke    
1930 10 01 HALLIDAY Joseph Binner 28 B Market Gardener's Assistant 40 Houghside Road, Pudsey William Halliday Market Gardener Vincent Reginald Stott AP298/38  
  STOTT Hilda 27 S . 159 Fartown, Pudsey Fountain Stott Meat Purveyor Ethel Marjorie Stott    
1930 04 15 ALLERTON Job 25 B Friendly Society Clerk 4 Waver Green, Pudsey David Allerton Textile Edgar Wilcock AP298/39  
  PROCTOR May 25 S Burler & Mender 19 Fulneck, Pudsey Sam Nussey Proctor Joiner Isabel Proctor    
1931 05 21 KINSELLA Ernest 57 W Income Tax Collector 34 Daisy Bank, Bacup (unknown) . W J McBride? AP298/40  
  LANGLEY Grace 45 S Worsted Weaver 10 School Street, Pudsey Dyson Langley Boot Rivetter Emily Bramley    
1931 08 15 HUTTON George William 28 B Bricklayer 5 Woodland View, Fulneck, Pudsey Henry Hutton Mason Edmund Hutton AP298/41  
  ODDY Mary 27 S Bookkeeper 9 Tong Village, Tong Edward Oddy Engine Fitter Jane Oddy    
1931 08 22 WILSON Edward 46 W Fettler at Woollen Mill 55 Southroyd Park, Pudsey John Wilson (dec'd) Paver? Dyson Wilson AP298/42  
  EMSLEY Sarah Edith 47 S Worsted Weaver 205 Fartown, Pudsey Frederick William Emsley . Annie Emsley    
1931 09 26 MANN John 33 B Cloth Finisher 203 Fartown, Pudsey Thomas Lawton Mann Waterworks Inspector Joseph Mann AP298/43  
  RAISTRICK Frances 30 S Worsted Weaver 37 Fulneck, Pudsey James Henry Raistrick Warehouseman Eleanor Mann    
1932 01 09 GAUNT Fred 29 B Cabinet Maker 5 Grove Terrace, Pudsey Herbert Hall Warp Twister Harold Glover AP298/44  
  OGDEN Matilda 24 S Burler & Mender 20 Green Top, Pudsey Fred Ogden (dec'd) General Carrier Nanny Ogden    
1932 05 14 MOSS Charles 25 B Journeyman Joiner 83 Lane End, Pudsey Squire Moss Journeyman Joiner Henry Hinchliffe AP298/45  
  HINCHLIFFE Frances Doris 26 S Worsted Weaver 28 St Vincent Road, Pudsey William Henry Hinchliffe Power Loom Overlooker Gladys Tennant    
1932 12 15 HANNAN John 42 B Municipal Accountant 1 Woodland View, Fulneck, Pudsey Robert Hannan Retired Hatter William Harrison Cassells AP298/46 By Licence
  BINKS Hilda 29 S Woollen Mender 13 East Terrace, Fulneck, Pudsey Henry Binks Woollen Operative Hannah Walker Pimblott    
1934 08 25 WEST Walter 29 B Spinning Machine Minder 121 Fartown, Pudsey Ben West Corporation Employee Lawrence Ramsden AP298/47  
  STAWMAN Hilda 28 S Woollen Weaver 7 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Walter Stawman Labourer Judith West    
1934 10 06 WOODHEAD Leonard Hepworth 36 B Cloth Manufacturer Harper House, Farnley, Leeds George Woodhead Mill Manager John Clifford Hepworth AP298/48  
  DRIVER Bertha 25 S Office Clerk 10 Westroyd, Pudsey Ernest Driver (dec'd) Joiner Edith Driver    
1935 05 25 FIRTH Willie 29 B Wool Caser 73 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Bedford Firth Power Loom Overlooker Harold Firth AP298/49  
  HUTTON Florence 23 S Typist and Bookkeeper 5 Woodland View, Fulneck, Pudsey Henry Hutton Bricklayer Elsie Place    
1935 09 21 PAINE Charles Herbert 25 B Cloth Miller 42 Intake Road, Bramley Robert Henry Paine Retired Policeman John Thomas Paine AP298/50  
  MILNER Hilda 25 S Woollen Weaver 2 Hillthorpe Street, Pudsey Haley Milner Fettler Phyllis Milner    
1936 02 29 LINLEY Wilfred 39 B Confectioner's Warehouseman 1 West View, Fartown, Pudsey Tom Lindley (dec'd) Foreman Moulder Fred Gaunt AP298/A/1  
  OGDEN Nancy 36 S Woollen Weaver 20 Green Top, Pudsey Fred Ogden (dec'd) General Carrier Lily Ogden    
1936 04 11 FULLER Percy Watson 26 B Assistant Secretary Childrens Hosp 15 West Central Drive, Swinton Percy Vincent Fuller Painter & Paper Hanger Arthur Charles Fuller AP298/A/2  
  NORTON Muriel 21 S Woollen Weaver 9 Carlisle Grove, Pudsey Hugh Norton (dec'd) Mule Spinner Kathleen Norton    
1936 04 11 DAVISON Matthew Frizzle 28 B Radial Machine Driller 9 Milton Terrace, Halifax Robert Davison Caretaker John Birtwhistle Walker AP298/A/3  
  SWALLOW Hilda May 26 S Woollen Weaver 36 Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey Harold Swallow Labourer Annie Swallow    
1936 04 22 WILCOCK Edgar 33 B Master Printer The Langdales, Pudsey Sam Wilcock Master Printer Reginald Whittam Waterhouse AP298/A/4  
  PROCTOR Isabel 26 S Burler & Mender 19 East Terrace, Fulneck, Pudsey Sam Nussey Proctor Retired Wood Carver Alice M Wilcock    
1936 10 07 WILSON Albert Procter 24 B Bank Clerk Varwood? Alexandra Road, Pudsey Albert Wilson (dec'd) Registrar of Births & Deaths Edward Lancelot Schofield AP298/A/5  
  ARANDLE Dora 27 S Hairdresser's Assistant 15 Southroyd, Pudsey George Arandle Hairdresser Elsie Overend    
1937 07 31 GILL Walter 30 B Engineer's Pattern Maker 6a School Terrace, Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph Gill Engine Tenter David Gill AP298/A/6  
  MANN Ethel 29 S . 203 Fartown, Pudsey Thomas Lawton Mann Waterworks Inspector (Retired) Dora Procter    
1937 12 04 RANSON Sidney Rupert Hodge 24 B Accountants Clerk 35 Fulneck. Pudsey Thomas Edwin Ranson Civil Servant Edwin Marshall Ranson AP298/A/7  
  BOOTH May 23 S Drapery Buyer 7 Chelmsford Road, Harrogate Albert Booth Insurance Superintendent John Booth    
1938 02 09 HARRISON Samuel 29 B Bank Clerk 4 Carlisle Road, Pudsey John Harrison (dec'd) Clicker at Boot Factory Norman S Johnson AP298/A/8  
  RICHARDSON Eunice Emma 25 S School Teacher 33 Fulneck, Pudsey Frank Richardson Mill Manager Muriel O Roberts    
1938 07 09 BRAMLEY Cyril 28 B Draughtsman 10 Turkey Hill, Pudsey Wilfred Bramley Market Gardener Harry Pitts AP298/A/9  
  BURGE Gladys 22 S Typist Bookkeeper 52 Fulneck. Pudsey James Burge (dec'd) Railway Platelayer Frank Stott    
1938 08 03 SELLERS Harry 26 B Cigar Salesman 177 Paley Road, Bradford John William Sellers (dec'd) . G Sellers, L Fell AP298/A/10  
  HUDSON Phyllis May 26 S Burler & Mender 44 Somerset Road, Pudsey James Henry Hudson Joiner Mrs Sellers    
1938 08 20 PAULSON John Leslie Watson 24 B Diesel Engineer Buckstone Drive, Rawdon John Dickinson Paulson Retired Schoolmaster Douglas Brian Roberts AP298/A/11  
  SCHOFIELD Ouida 22 S Ladies Hairdresser 51 Greenside, Pudsey Louis Henry Schofield Retired Cabinet Maker Margery Spencer    
1939 02 25 GAUNT Joseph Edwin 57 W Domestic Gardener 68 Fulneck, Pudsey John Gaunt (dec'd) Coal Miner Thomas Gaunt AP298/A/12  
  WHITLEY Annie 50 S Domestic Servant 7 South Park, Pudsey Thomas Whitley (dec'd) Mule Spinner Florence Stockdale Harrison    
1939 10 07 ACKROYD Irvine 24 B Wool Merchant's Clerk 4 Lynwood Gardens, Pudsey Joseph Robinson Ackroyd Worsted Spinner's Weft Man Cyril Bramley AP298/A/13  
  WHITAKER Doris 23 S . 73 Broad Lane, Bradford . . Edna Edmondson    
1940 03 23 RHODES Fred 21 B Aircraftsman RAF (Mechanical Engineer) 12 Carlisle Road, Pudsey Ben Rhodes Painter & Decorator Leonard Rhodes AP298/A/14  
  APPLEYARD Bessie 22 S Printers' Proof Reader 1 Oakdene Terrace, Pudsey Willie Appleyard Weaving Overlooker Doris Frudd    
1940 03 25 LAISTER John 26 B Baker's Assistant 41 Grange View, Pudsey George Laister Window Cleaner Harold Franks AP298/A/15  
  SHEARD Hilda May 23 S Burler & Mender 39 Robin Lane, Pudsey William Sheard Leather Currier Phyllis Sheard    
1940 05 25 STOTT William Harold 26 B Retail Butcher's Assistant 159 Fartown, Pudsey Fountain Stott (dec'd) Master Butcher Vincent Reginald Stott AP298/A/16 By Licence
  MUTIMER Marjorie 21 S Domestic Servant 11 Church Hill Terrace, Stanningley Sydney Mutimer (dec'd) Railway Labourer Jennie Mutimer    
1941 01 04 GRAYSON George 22 B Gunner No 963827 RA (Postman) 4 Providence Cottages, Bank Street, Morley Irwin Grayson Woollen Spinner Arthur Grayson AP298/A/17  
  WILSON Gladys 20 S Woollen Weaver 55 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Edward Wilson Woollen Fettler Dorothy Wilson    
1941 04 19 INGHAM John 22 B Corporal 7614967 RAOC (Cloth Mnfrs Clerk) 1 Oakleigh, Roker Lane, Pudsey Willie Ingham Carding Overlooker Percy Ingham AP298/A/18  
  NORTON Freda 22 S Artificial Silk Weaver 1 Woodland View, Fulneck, Pudsey Hugh Norton (dec'd) Mule Spinner Constance Mary Norton    
1941 05 31 LODGE Raymond 25 B Lance Cpl 7909570 HM Army (Commercial Artist) 7 Thorpe Road, Pudsey Frederick Lodge Clothing Agent Philip Hutchinson AP298/A/19  
  LISTER Frances Beaumont 21 S Clerical Assistant GPO 21 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Joseph Beaumont Lister Railway Clerk Marion Nelda Lister    
1941 06 26 WATERHOUSE James Ronald 25 B Private HM Army (Insurance Clerk) 7 Alexandra Road, Pudsey Luther Waterhouse Director of Woollen Mill Roderick Peter Robinson AP298/A/20  
  PROCTER Dora 33 S Council School Teacher 32 Bankhouse, Pudsey Henry Procter (dec'd) Iron Moulder Anna Beryl Driver    
1941 09 02 HUDSON Fred 26 B Mechanical Engineers Turner 41 Daleside Road, Thornbury, Pudsey Joseph Hudson Boilersmith Bernard Moorhouse AP298/B/1  
  MOORHOUSE Phyllis 27 S Farmer's Assistant Hope Farm, Fulneck, Pudsey Herbert Moorhouse Farmer Clarice Dalby    
1942 04 18 POWELL Harold 30 B Private 4625682 HM Army (Woollen Spinner) 16 Intake Road, Bramley Thomas Henry Powell (dec'd) Foundry Labourer Fred Powell AP298/B/2  
  NORTON Kathleen 26 S Munition Worker 1 Woodland View, Fulneck, Pudsey Hugh Norton (dec'd) Mule Spinner Lorna Petty    
1943 03 27 BINNS Allan 43 B Farmer Woodlands Farm, Rawdon Benjamin Binns Farmer Karl England AP298/B/3  
  MUTIMER Janet 28 S Housemaid 2 Hare Lane, Fulneck, Pudsey Sidney Mutimer (dec'd) Railway Labourer Edith Annie Binns    
1943 07 31 MITCHELL James 35 B Foreman Worsted Weaving Overlooker Toft Cottage, Toft Road, Pudsey Edward Appleyard Mitchell Labourer George Carver Mitchell AP298/B/4  
  BARKER Kathleen Mary 31 S Womens Land Army (Clerk) 59 Greenside, Pudsey Frederick Barker (dec'd) Commercial Traveller Eunice Emma Harrison    
1943 12 13 PEACH Neville Eric 33 B L/Sgt 1519917 HM Army (Insurance Clerk) Deep Cut Albert Edwin Neville Peach Engineers Clerk Jack Wilfred *ant AP298/B/5 By Licence
  BIRTILL Charlotte Maud Ruth 29 S Domestic Science Teacher 62 Fulneck, Pudsey James Monygomery Birtill Minister of Religion Mary Montgomery Birtill    
1944 01 19 BROOK Cyril 23 B Petty Officer P/MX 86092 RN (Cloth Finisher) 34 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Benjamin Brook Carding Fettler Bernard Brook AP298/B/6 By Licence
  COURT Constance Lily 24 S Private W/69677 HM Army (Weaver) 16 Southroyd Park, Pudsey George William Court (dec'd) H M Army Edith Marjory Annie Court    
1944 03 04 STOTT Vincent Reginald 40 D Butcher's Manager 159 Fartown, Pudsey Fountain Stott (dec'd) Master Butcher Philip Hardcastle Stott AP298/B/7 Former wife Hilda May nee Metcalfe
  DORMER Mabel Bowdler 34 W Commercial Clerk 22 South Parade, Pudsey Thomas Holland (dec'd) Works Manager Thomas Charles Holland    
1944 03 08 BRAMLEY Fred 20 B Sapper 14278219 Royal Engrs (Draughtsman) 10 Turkey Hill, Pudsey Wilfred Bramley Market Gardener Stanley Haggerty AP298/B/8 By Licence
  MACLEAVY Mary Elise 21 S Aircraftswoman 2056380 (Commercial Clerk) 29 Fulneck, Pudsey Thomas Edward MacLeavy Clerk Dorothy Marguerite MacLeavy    
1944 11 18 NORTON William Hugh 23 B PO 182873 Royal Air Force (Woollen Spinner) 38 Bankhouse, Pudsey Hugh Norton (dec'd) Foreman Mule Spinner Jack Appleyard AP298/B/9 By Licence
  PETTY Lorna 20 S Pte W/288258 H M Army (Weaver) 538 Lane Side, Farnley, Leeds James Petty Miller Constance Mary Norton    
1945 01 09 MACLEAVY Basil La Trobe 27 B Minister of Religion Fulneck Boys' School, Pudsey George William MacLeavy Minister of Religion Lucy Elise MacLeavy AP298/B/10  
  BLACK Vera Alice 25 S School Teacher Fulneck Boys' School, Pudsey Ernest Black Clerk Donald Basnett    
1945 02 08 HINDLE Edwin Drake 45 B Postman 41 Greenthorpe Road, Bramley Barraclough Hindle (dec'd) Clerk Leonard Kelk AP298/B/11  
  FLETCHER Rosetta 51 W Woollen Mender 30 Waterloo Grove, Pudsey James Swithenbank (dec'd) Sewage Works Manager Ruth Kelk    
1945 05 19 GLOVER Kenneth Buckley 23 B Butcher's Assistant 7 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Harold Glover Butcher George Raymond Worth AP298/B/12  
  STOTT Ethel Marjorie 37 S Butcher's Assistant 159 Fartown, Pudsey Fountain Stott (dec'd) Butcher Philip Hardcastle Stott    
1945 10 10 FIGG Alfred 31 B Sgt 271638 H M Army (Baker Journeyman) 12 Eaton Road, Stapleford Alfred Figg (dec'd) Groom Mary Elizabeth Shakespeare? AP298/B/13 By Licence
  MORETON Clara Martha 30 S Housekeeper 26 Fulneck, Pudsey Albert Ewart Cecil Moreton Decorator Edith Ann Moreton    
1946 02 23 TAYLOR Roland Henry 32 B Motor Engineer & Garage Proprietor 23 Bury New Road, Sedgley Park, Prestwich William Henry Taylor Garage Proprietor O Knowles AP298/B/14  
  ACKROYD Edna 22 S Woollen & Worsted Weaver 2 New Street Gardens, Pudsey Arthur Ackroyd Fitter M Ackroyd    
1946 11 09 HINCHCLIFFE John Herbert 22 B Assistant House Governor (Hospital) 31 Meadow Road, Newbold-on-Avon, Rugby Herbert Hinchcliffe Warp Twister J Desmond Brook AP298/B/15 By Licence
  NORTON Constance Mary 22 S Grocer's Clerk 38 Bankhouse, Pudsey Hugh Norton (dec'd) . Muriel Fuller    
1947 03 01 LYLE Ronald Bartlett 30 B Counting Machine Examiner The Cottage, Bramhope, Leeds Robert Lyle Civil Servant William Kendall Statters AP298/B/16  
  ASTBURY Mildred Harris 25 S Clerk Ministry of Fuel & Power Green Park House, Green Top, Pudsey . . Jessie Davidson Stafford    
1947 06 21 WARD Peter 22 B Apprentice Cabinet Maker 3 Peel Street, Pudsey Robert William Ward (decd) . Albert Edward Ryalls AP298/B/17  
  RHODES Elsie 22 S Cloth Mender 80 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Herbert Chancellor Rhodes (dec'd) . Doreen Rhodes    
1947 09 11 WILSON Eric 31 D Flt Sgt 947936 RA 7 (Solicitor's Clerk) 14 Barmby Avenue, York Frederick Wilson (dec'd) . Harry Wilson AP298/B/18 Former wife Winifred Mary nee Richardson. By Licence
  KETTLEWELL Grace Eleanor Mary 25 S . 15 Bankhouse, Pudsey Herbert Kettlewell Newspaper Clerk Thomas Thornton Chamberlain Kettlewell    
1947 12 13 SHEARD Elliott 20 B Coal Miner 39 Roker Lane, Pudsey William Sheard Leather Cleaner Sydney Ackroyd AP298/B/19  
  MARTIN Elizabeth 23 S Box Makers Coverer 10 Crawshaw Gardens, Pudsey George Martin Engineering Works Manager Phyllis Sheard    
1948 03 27 WALKER Leslie 26 B Joiner's Labourer 6 Merton Gardens, Farsley William Walker Corporation Official Clifford F Walker AP298/B/20  
  SHEARD Phyllis 29 S Cardboard Box Maker 39 Roker Lane, Pudsey William Sheard Leather Cleaner Hilda May Laister    
1948 05 08 WEST Sam 24 B Bank Clerk 21a Smalewell Road, Pudsey Beaumont Gomersall West (dec'd) . Wilfrid Farrer?    
  WILKINSON Kathleen Eva 27 S Clerk Glynn Lea, Lumby Lane, Pudsey Harry Wilkinson (dec'd) . Joyce Emmett    
1948 10 16 WILLIS John Edward 21 B Tailor's Cloth Examiner 4 Moorland Avenue, Gildersome Charles Henry Willis Textile John MacLeavy   By Licence
  MACLEAVY Susan Marguerite 20 S Shorthand Typist 29 Fulneck, Pudsey John Charles MacLeavy Accountant Sheila MacLeavy    
1949 03 12 APPLEBY Ronald 21 B Costing Clerk 14 Fairfield Crescent, Bramley James Appleby Clerk Jesse Appleby    
  MACLEAVY Dorothy Marguerite 22 S Shop Assistant (Confectionery) 54 Fulneck, Pudey Thomas Edward MacLeavy Clerk M E Bramley    
1949 09 12 SAMPSON Fred 41 B Secretary House Furnishers 2 Edgar Street, Clayton, Bradford Fred Sampson Retired Florence Drinkall    
  DRINKALL Alice 38 S Worsted Yarn Drawer 66 Moss Lane, Gomersall . . Alan Cutler?    
1950 03 18 LUNN Eric 24 B Woollen Twister 90 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Joseph Lunn Jointers Mate L B Bower    
  ATKINSON Joyce 20 S Shop Assistant (Stationery) 23 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Harry Atkinson Bookbinder Harry Atkinson    
1950 03 18 HORNER Gerald 29 B Inland Revenue Tax Officer 23 Carrington Terrace, Guiseley James Herbert Horner Retired Olga D McDougall    
  MCDOUGALL Marion Shaw Wallace 23 S Shorthand Typist Inland Revenue 5 Burmantofts Street, Leeds 9 James McDougall Carpenter A Owen Sanderson    
1950 04 22 SYKES Arthur 21 B Cpl RAF 3501958 (Assistant Butcher) 31 Cambridge Gardens, Bramley Harold Sykes (dec'd) . Elizabeth M Brook    
  GAUNT Constance Mary 22 S Shop Assistant (Drapery) 7 South Park Terrace, Pudsey Herbert Gaunt Mule Spinner Harold E Sykes    
1950 07 08 BREARLEY William 24 B Labourer Leather Tannery 4 South Park Terrace, Pudsey Alfred Brearley Miner John Fielding    
  RAISTRICK Betty 21 S Woollen & Worsted Weaver 53 Fulneck, Pudsey Fred Raistrick (dec'd) . Betty Clare Swaine    
1950 09 09 BROOK Joseph Desmond 25 B Assurance Agent 31 Fulneck, Pudsey Hugh Lawton Brook Joiner John H Hinchcliffe    
  SPENCE Thelma Alice 22 S Tax Officer (Inland Revenue) 10 Melbourne Grove, Bramley Joseph Thomas Spence Warehouseman Elsie Spence    
1951 10 27 WELBURN Clifford 52 W Pump Room Attendant Corporation Water Works 70 Springstone Avenue, Ossett William Welburn (dec'd) . John Welburn   By Licence
  PRENTICE Florence Hilda 48 S Worsted Weaver 49 Fulneck, Pudsey Arthur Prentice (dec'd) . Dorothy Davies    
1951 12 22 RAISTRICK Samuel 21 B Signalman (Roy Inf) 22500327 (Journeyman Joiner) 53 Fulneck, Pudsey Fred Raistrick (dec'd) . Ivy Ann Powell    
  POWELL Renee 19 S Woollen Burler & Mender 11 Inghams Avenue, Pudsey Charles Baden Powell Wool Warehouseman William Brearley    
1952 04 08 PETTERSON Karl 46 B Seaman Merchant Navy 1 Moorfield Crescent, Pudsey Karl Petter Petterson (dec'd) . L Woodhead   By Licence
  DRIVER Edith 45 S Worsted Weaver 1 Moorfield Crescent, Pudsey Ernest Driver (dec'd) . J W Bramley    
1952 06 28 THROUP Donald 21 B Newspaper Company's Cashier's Clerk 7 Hill Crest Mount, Denholm Frank Wade Throup Woolsorter Geoffrey Haigh    
  BROOK Elizabeth Margaret 22 S Departmental Store Shop Assistant 1 South Park Terrace, Pudsey Eric Brook Railway Van Driver Mary Hustler    
1953 08 22 PRENTICE Roy 23 B Salesman (Household Textile Warehouse) 60 Fulneck Arthur Prentice Leather Currier P Brook    
  ROGERSON Enid Betty 20 S Insurance Clerk 7 Pinder Street, Leeds 12 Willie Rogerson (dec'd) . S Hancock    
1954 01 09 FORMAN John Kenneth 31 B Transformer Designer Electrical Engineering Works 22 Marsland Road, Doxey, Stafford Douglas Evans Forman (dec'd) . Phyllis Jean Bishop    
  SUMMERS Constance Muriel 36 S Grammar School Teacher 29 Alexandra Road, Pudsey Walter Alec Summers Minister of Religion Ronald Alec Summers    
1954 04 03 WADE David Edric 22 B Personnel Clerk (Electrical Engineers) 7 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Walter Gilbert Wade Retired F C Wade    
  KITCHIN Rita Sally 25 S Cost Clerk (Electrical Engineers) 32 Marsh, Pudsey Edwin Kitchin Motor Coach Manager P T Kitchin    
1954 10 19 DEAN Cedric Peter 24 B Chartered Accountant 47 Whitecote Hill, Leeds 13 Cyril Dean Joiner S Marshall    
  SPENCE Elsie 25 S Shorthand Typist (Insurance) 2 Hillthorpe Road, Pudsey Joseph Thomas Spence Warehouseman *    
1955 03 05 HODGSON Kenneth 24 B Clerk 2 Merton Drive, Farsley John Edward Victor Hodgson Textile Worker F Brian Halliday    
  SCHOLEY Margaret 22 S Finance Clerk (General Infirmary) 2 Greaves Yard, Fartown, Pudsey Albert William Scholey Warehouseman A Wardman    
1955 03 26 MITCHELL Brian 23 B Retail Ironmongers Shop Assistant 5 Heath Grove, Pudsey Jonathan Banks Mitchell Motor Driver R Favell    
  ATKINSON Olive 19 S Winder in Worsted Mill 23 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Harry Atkinson Bookbinder H Atkinson    
1955 10 29 MITCHELL Digby Clarke 21 B Worsted Yarn Salesman (Worsted Spinners) 36 St Margarets Road, Horsforth Norman Gladstone Mitchell Comercial Stationer C * Walker    
  MORRIS Ann Heather 21 S Shop Assistant (Department Store) 36 St Margarets Road, Horsforth Leonard Augustus Morris (dec'd) Textile Agent A R Morris    
1959 01 24 MOSS Keith Hedley 24 B Builders Merchants Estimator 44 Bankhouse, Pudsey Charles Moss Joiner's Manager M *    
  CHAPMAN Jean Mary 27 S Shorthand Typist Trade Protection Association 13 Brunswick Road, Pudsey William Chapman Mechanic Patricia M Currey    
1960 04 16 PEARSON Donald 21 B 23650904 Guardsman Coldstream Guards Guards Depot, Caterham Walter Pearson Publican Edward Brandon    
  MEGAW Anne Hilary 22 S Engineers Comptometer Operator 9 Richmond Avenue, Leeds 6 Thomas Carmichael Megaw Mill Manager Rosemary Pearson    
1960 07 22 HUTTON Robert Barry Masterman 42 B School Master 62 Fulneck, Pudsey Joseph E Hutton (dec'd) Minister of Religion J R Ennis?    
  ABBEY Sheilah Margaret 25 S Child Care Officer Bradford Corporation 1 Park Grove, Frizinghall, Bradford Charles Abbey (dec'd) Lithographer * Abbey    
1960 09 03 HALLIDAY Fountain Brian 27 B Decorative Florist 9 Gable End Terrace, Pudsey Joseph Binner Halliday Market Gardener N S Gaunt    
  MEGAW Margaret Yvonne 24 S Washing Machine Maker's Demonstrator 62 Lowtown, Pudsey Thomas Carmichael Megaw Mill Manager *    
1962 04 14 GRIMSHAW Roy 23 B School Teacher 47 Grange View, Pudsey George Herbert Grimshaw Maintenance Engineer A Muller?    
  WALKER Christine Joyce 22 S Wages Clerk 3 Grove Avenue, Pudsey Alfred Womersley Walker Representative B Grimshaw    
1962 04 21 POWELL Terry 23 B Audit Clerk 21 Kings Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 Fred Powell Textile Broker Alan Schofield    
  HUTTON Christine Margaret 24 S Primary School Teacher 5 Fulneck, Pudsey George William Hutton (dec'd) Building Trade Foreman Jean E Asquith    
1962 08 02 BENNETT Raymond 25 B Insurance Clerk 15 Park Avenue, Leeds 12 Reginald Raymond Bennett Engineer *    
  HANNAN Ruth 26 S Primary School Teacher 32 Bankhouse, Pudsey John Hannan Retired Borough Treasurer J A Endersby    
1962 08 18 HUGHES Richard Philip Glyn 21 B Student 151 Divinity Road, Oxford Thomas Lewis Hughes Retired Civil Servant T L Hughes   By Licence
  CRAIG Felicity Ann 24 S School Teacher 26 Fulneck, Pudsey Patrick Edward Septimus Craig Minister of Religion R M B Connor    
1963 06 08 CLEGG Donald Edward 31 B Clerk Electricity Board 11 Pembroke Road, Pudsey Charles Edward Clegg Insurance Superintendent *    
  BURNETT Anne 23 S Service Centre Assistant Electricity Board The Pheasant Inn, Gelderd Road, Birstall George Burnett Licensee *    
1963 09 02 TAYLOR Max 30 B Salesman Household Products 36 Thorn Lane, Leeds 8 Abraham? Taylor Watchman Dorothy Hardcastle   By Licence
  KITCHIN Romola 27 S Shop Assistant 17 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Henry Walker Kitchin Garage Proprietor Reuben Taylor    
1965 08 28 TAYLOR Albert Howard 20 B Armature Winder Electrical Engineer 19 Lymington Drive, Bradford 4 Benjamin Taylor (dec'd) Decorator Lorraine Anne Wells, June Lynne Barker    
  SMITH Enid Lydia 20 S Shorthand Typist 17 Lower Bankhouse, Pudsey Thomas Marcus Smith Farm Worker Michael David Kellett    
1965 09 25 FRISBY Mervyn Frederick 25 B Trainee Cost Accountant 21 York Road, Manchester 21 Frederick Henry Frisby Customs Clerk L Barker, Barry Ruston?    
  BARKER June Lynne 20 S Insurance Clerk 59 Littlemoor Crescent, Pudsey Leslie Barker Maintenance Fitter Rosanna Yvonne Frisby    
1966 08 19 BURKE Wilfred Desmond 37 D Electrician The Cottage, Sheepscar Street North, Leeds 7 Wilfred Burke Tailor Cutter J L Fraser    
  FRASER Julia Maureen 31 S Teacher 14 Rockwood Road, Woodhall Lane, Calverley Raymond Bulkeley Withycombe Fraser Company Director Ray? Watson    
1967 05 12 PHILLIPS Geoffrey 25 B Company Director 2 Stairfoot Lane, Leeds 17 James Leslie Phillips Company Director Alan N Clark    
  HIGHAM Jean Elizabeth 25 S . 24 Westmoor Avenue, Baildon James Lees Higham Company Director Ann L Phillips    
1967 11 20 LYTHE Stanley 36 B Wholesale Clothier 16 Woodhall Lane, Pudsey George Wilfred Lythe (dec'd) Wholesale Clothier Marjorie Parker    
  DRIVER Molly 36 S Medical Technician 9 Fulneck, Pudsey John William Driver Retired Engineer Graham Lythe    
1968 08 31 TROUGHTON William 49 D Executive Officer Civil Service 21 Roker Lane, Pudsey James Barrow Troughton (dec'd) Railway Guard Ann Grimshaw    
  GRIMSHAW Lorna 26 S Clerical Officer Civil Service 47 Grange View, Pudsey George Herbert Grimshaw Engineer Anthony Morrisroe    
1968 09 09 FARRAR Richard George 21 B Dairy Farmer Cow Close Farm, Wyke, Bradford John Ernest Farrar Farmer Robert Farrar, Rita S Galloway    
  GALLOWAY Dorothy Margaret 22 S Medical Laboratory Technician Maythorne Farm, Tong, Bradford Fred Galloway Farmer Susan Smith    
1968 07 26 SOUTHERN John Stephen 22 B Photo Engraver (Printing Plate Makers) 14 Victoria Villas, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey George Herbert Hudson General Dealer Janet Elizabeth Bertram    
  BROWN Susan 23 S School Teacher 32 Bankhouse Lane, Pudsey John Edward Brown Legal Executive Charles Peter Hurd?    
1969 08 16 REID Stuart Carson 23 B Corporal R E M E 69 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey William Reid (dec'd) Health Officer Ian Alexander Thomson   By Licence
  NORTON Ruth Margaret 20 S Private W R M C 69 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey William Hugh Norton Sales Manager Lorna Norton    
1969 09 09 FEARNLEY James Douglas 24 B Transport Manager (Haulage Contractor) Silverdale, 10 Dewsbury Road, Gomersal James Wild Fearnley Managing Director B J Fearnley    
  HUDSON Julia Lyn 24 S Secretary 14 Sunnybank Avenue, Thornbury, Bradford Frederick Hudson Marketing Manager (Engineering) John? Fearnley    
1969 09 13 MANN Brian Ernest 25 B University Research Fellow 15 Midland Road, Leeds 6 Ernest Mann Joiner Phyllis Lucy Lloyd    
  LLOYD Ann Wendy 29 S Broadcasting Production Secretary 11 Fulneck, Pudsey Gerald Ronald Lloyd Minister of Religion John Arthur Midgley    
1969 09 20 BENNETT Edward 66 W Pattern Maker 46 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Thomas Bennett Pattern maker Ronald Langley Bennett    
  CRUDDACE Evelyn 59 W Cook 14 Standale Avenue, Pudsey Smith Holdsworth Overlooker Textile Mill Peter Cruddace    
1970 05 30 MARSHALL Richard Beverley 25 B Technical Sales Engineer Fearnlea, 100 Crouch Hill, London N8 Leonard John Marshall Transport Manager David John Baxter    
  STOTT Susan Margaret 24 S Drawing Office Assistant Green Court, School Street, Pudsey William Harold Stott Master Butcher Pauline Elizabeth Stott    
1970 09 12 WOODHOUSE Keith 24 B Industrial Chemist 34 Holgate Road, Sheffield 5 Ronald Woodhouse Steelworker Janet Ann Herbert    
  EMSLEY Joyce Elizabeth 23 S Bank Clerk 29 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Wilfred Emsley Storekeeper Patrick Michael Keyworth    
1971 09 06 THORPE Geoffrey Robert 22 B Farm Worker Maythorne Farm, Tong, Bradford Raymond Thorpe Journeyman Electrician Dorothy Margaret Farrar    
  GALLOWAY Rita Susannah 25 S Recorder Administrator, Milk Marketing Board Maythorne Farm, Tong, Bradford Fred Galloway Dairy Farmer Roger Briggs    
1971 09 08 PERRY Leslie Robert 21 B Electrician (Electrical Contractors) Flat 1, The Headlands, Scotland Lane, Horsforth Walter William Perry Store Manager Kathleen Joyce Rooke    
  PICKARD Christine Margaret 24 S Secretary Fairholm, 41 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Herbert Wilson Pickard Retired Michael Addison Stamp    
1971 09 25 WARD Owen 27 B Bank Clerk 33 Sandhill Lane, Selby Benjamin Ward Labourer Christine Mutimer    
  MUTIMER Ann 19 S Bank Clerk 221 Fartown, Pudsey Frederick Mutimer Store Manager Desmond Ward    
1972 01 01 BIRKIN Gerald Leslie 20 B Senior Computer Operator 65 Southcroft Way, Leeds 10 James Birkin Colliery Official Rosemary Sheard    
  WALKER Jean 20 S Computer Operator 14 Crawshaw Rise, Pudsey Leslie Walker Engineer Michael Pritchard    
1972 07 22 FRASER Andrew Withycombe 26 B B Sc. Post Graduate Student 14 Rockwood Road, Woodhall Lane, Calverley Raymond Bulkeley Withycombe Fraser Company Director * Alexander Watson Fraser    
  RANSOM Susan Denise 23 S Dress Designer 31 Chatsworth Road, Pudsey Leslie Ransom Company Director Julie Anne Ransom    
1972 09 09 LONGSTAFF Kevin 20 B Student 93 Harehills Avenue, Leeds 8 Henry Carter Longstaff Concrete Moulder Karren Longstaff    
  SHEARD Maureen Anne 20 S Student Nurse 15 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Elliott Sheard Landscape Gardener Harrison Bramhald    
1972 09 16 MANKIN Gordon John 27 B Impregnating Plant Operator 9 The Cote, Farsley John William Mankin Labourer Anne Laister    
  LAISTER Jean 21 S Burler & Mender 19 Back St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey Alan Laister Progress Chaser (English Electric) Jeffrey Thornton    
1973 04 21 ROBBINS Philip George 22 B School Teacher 94 South Parade, Pudsey George Harold Latimer Robbins Bank Official * Robbins    
  FIRTH Jean Mavis 25 S School Teacher 15 Sunnyridge Avenue, Pudsey Willie Firth Retired Freda E Jackson    
1973 05 05 LAISTER Steven Ellis 22 B Painter & Decorator 36 Woodlands Park Road, Pudsey Roland Ellis Laister Painter & Decorator J Laister    
  MARRINER Susan Irene 18 S Clerical Officer (Dept of Employment) 35 Fairfield Road, Leeds 13 Herbert Marriner Civil Servant T Ross    
1973 09 05 KEIGHLEY David Neil 24 B Bank Clerk 46 Uppermoor, Pudsey Jack Keighley (dec'd) . John H Keighley    
  MILLER Elaine Margaret 19 S Bank Clerk 14 Crawshaw Gardens, Pudsey Henry Miller School Teacher Jillian A Smith    
1974 05 04 PARKER Andrew 25 B Carpet Finisher (Carpet Manufacturers) 14 Garden Close, Delph Hill, Wyke, Bradford Kenneth Parker Retired T Parker    
  ACKROYD Audrey Gillian 21 S Private Secretary (Advertising Agency) 2 Shortway, Woodhall Park, Stanningley Irvine Ackroyd Wool Merchant E L Moorhouse    
1974 07 14 DION John David 32 B Nurseryman 10 Robin Wood Court, Park Villas, Leeds 8 Charles Leslie Dion Retired C Mutimer    
  STOTT Pauline Elizabeth 25 S Caterer Green Court, School Street, Pudsey William Harold Stott Retired John *    
1974 08 04 PORTER Richard John 21 B Jounalist 68 South Parade, Pudsey Peter Michael Porter Production Engineer Ro* M Porter    
  MUTIMER Christine 20 S Student 221 Fartown, Pudsey Fred Mutimer Produce Manager A Mutimer    
1974 09 07 SHAW Peter Anthony 21 B Shop Fitter 134 Carr Manor Road, Leeds 17 Brian Shaw Driver * Shaw    
  NORTON Judith Mary 24 S Clerk Typist 69 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey William Hugh Norton Commercial Traveller S Cluderay    
1975 08 02 HOPPS Graham Leslie 26 B Representative (Textile Manufacturers) 17 Hammerton Grove, Pudsey Ernest Hopps Retired Engineer R O Marshall    
  WILSON Jacqueline Grace 21 S Secretary 64 Fulneck, Pudsey Eric Wilson Office Manager M O Fox    
1975 10 11 PEREIRA Stuart Anthony 30 D Graphic Designer 53 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Antonio Pereira not known Martin John Collinson    
  WARD Daryl 20 S Accounting Machine Operator 53 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Fred Ward Engineer Carol Ann Burns    
1976 05 08 ROBSON Robert Leslie 21 B Road Accident Investigation Technician 56 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Leslie Robson Electrical Engineer Bryan Thomson    
  WADE Hilary 19 S Student Nurse 13 Crawshaw Road, Pudsey David Edric Wade Manufacturers Agent Elizabeth Wade    
1976 07 24 BLACKBURN Stephen Gregory 30 B School Master 17 Ashdene Crescent, Pudsey Sam Blackburn Retired Headmaster John C Blackburn    
  ATKINSON Valerie Claire 31 S School Teacher 18 Greenfield Gardens, Eastburn, Keighley Leonard Rene Nicholas Atkinson Civil Servant Angela F Atkinson    
1976 10 30 SMITH Antony 22 B Engineers Fitter (Glass Mould Makers) 12 South Drive, Farsley Leslie Lewis Smith Railwayman J I Watmuff    
  PRENTICE Anne Susan 19 S Student Nurse 12 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Roy Prentice (dec'd) . R A Prentice    
1977 01 15 ARMITAGE David Charles 25 B Sales Representative 20 The Fairway, Pudsey George Henry Douglas Armitage Hardware Store Manager A H Curtis?    
  WADE Elizabeth 18 S Wages Clerk 13 Crawshaw Road, Pudsey David Edric Wade Manufacturers Agent Hilary Robson    
1977 04 02 REILLY Edwin Peter 29 B Medical Practitioner Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City Albert George Edwin Reilly Cabinet Maker Margaret Biss    
  ROGERS Sheena 24 S Medical Practitioner 10 Lee Lane East, Horsforth Michael Simeon Rogers National Health Service Officer Robert Whitwill?    
1977 09 09 ROBBINS David John 23 B Bank Cashier 94 South Parade, Pudsey George Harold Latimer Robbins Retired Bank Official P G Robbins    
  CADMAN Christine Elizabeth 22 S Physiotherapist 31 Moorhead Lane, Shipley John Halliday Cadman Company Director Textile Mnfrs Alison M Cooper    
1978 01 02 VINT Gordon James Shepherd 23 B University Research Student 26 Easby Road, Bradford Ronald Wilfrid Terry Vint Solicitor & Notary Public P W Roberts    
  ROBERTS Susan Felicity 25 S School Teacher 19 Ashdene Crescent, Pudsey George Arthur Roberts House Furnisher Neil A Hanson    
1978 02 28 THROUP Donald 46 W Company Secretary 37 Oakdene Close, Pudsey Frank Wade Throup Retired Woolsorter R A Prentice    
  PRENTICE Enid Betty 45 W Doctor's Receptionist 12 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Willie Rogerson (dec'd) Tailor's Cutter D A Throup    
1978 03 22 HUNT John Graham 24 B Police Constable West Yorkshire Police 9 Woodlands Avenue, Clayton Heights, Bradford Leslie Holman Hunt Asst Executive Engineer, Post Office P A Steele    
  ROBERTS Pamela Wendy 21 S Assistant Catering Manageress (Restaurant) 19 Ashdene Crescent, Pudsey George Arthur Roberts Retail House Furnisher S F Vint    
1978 12 09 FULLER Percy Watson 68 W Hospital Administrator (Retired) 10 Ashdene Crescent, Pudsey Percy Vincent Fuller (dec'd) Painter & Decorator Gary? Rodgers    
  RODGERS Elizabeth Eleanor 67 W . 3 Amblers Buildings, Pudsey Charles Johnathan Strother (dec'd) Boot & Shoe Maker * Blackburn    
1979 06 16 BOUDARENKO Peter 25 B Manager Wholesale Warehouse 64 Whitby Road, Bradford Andrew Boudarenko Retired Warehouseman S P Marsden    
  STRACHAN Christine Smith 24 S Articled Clerk Solicitors 32 Woodhall Lane, Stanningley, Pudsey David Buchan Strachan General Medical Practitioner D B Strachan    
1979 11 03 ROBERTS Philip 31 B Motor Engineer 40 Kirkdale Crescent, Leeds 12 Stanley Roberts (dec'd) Railway Worker Anne Laister    
  CHAPPLE Denise Lucinda 25 S Insurance Clerk 213 Fartown, Pudsey Frederick William Chapple Retired Health Service Administrator W? R Bowers    
1979 11 17 DUCKWORTH Kenneth 31 B Company Executive 15 Hill Foot, Nab Wood, Shipley Joseph Duckworth (dec'd) School Caretaker I Edwards    
  RANSOM Julie Anne 21 S Designer Menswear 31 Chatsworth Road, Pudsey Leslie Ransom Engineer B *    
1980 02 02 RHODES David Keith 32 D Clothiers Accountant 45 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Frank Rhodes (dec'd) Gas Board Official C Porter    
  MUTIMER Ann 27 D Clerk 221 Fartown, Pudsey Frederick Mutimer Produce Manager A Jewkes?   formerly known as WARD
1980 08 09 BEIDAS David Omar 23 B Theatre Manager 7 Merton Drive, Farsley Abdullah Said Beidas Analytical Chemist J Kew    
  McGARVA Jane Elspeth 22 S Post Office Telephonist 17 Kensington Court Robert McGarva Retired Hotel Manager E D Braman    
1981 07 11 O'SULLIVAN Eric 33 D Taxi Driver 29 Ashton Place, Leeds 8 Eugene O'Sullivan (dec'd) Storeman A Crossley    
  SHEARD Elizabeth 24 S State Certified Midwife 15 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Elliott Sheard Storeman M A Longstaff    
1981 08 15 BODDY David John 23 B Postman 27 Southroyd Park, Pudsey James Boddy Transport Manager J Boddy    
  LAISTER Linda 22 S Tourist Cashier (Travel Agents) 12 Littlemoor Gardens, Pudsey Alan Laister Transport Manager A Laister    
1982 04 10 CHESWORTH Brian Eric 35 D Technician / Storekeeper (University) 64 Redhall Crescent, Leeds 11 Eric Chesworth (dec'd) Packer L N Milburn    
  BARKER Kathryn 25 S Clerk (University) 59 Littlemoor Crescent, Pudsey Leslie Barker Retired Engineer D Barker    
1982 07 24 WARNER Hedley James 36 B Telecommunications Engineer 90 Park Avenue, Palmers Green N13 Joseph James Warner Retired Post Office Engineer C Wilkinson    
  WILKINSON Julie Sian 23 S School Teacher 119 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Norman Wilkinson Managing Director (Textiles) D P Liggins    
1982 08 03 JAMESON Andrew Martin 27 B Navigating Officer (Merchant Navy) Hillthorpe Cottage, Hillthorpe Road, Pudsey James Mountier Jameson Jeweller J Catherine Stead    
  STEAD Helen Yvonne 27 S School Teacher 5a Greentop, Pudsey Ronald Stead Engineer S Jameson    
1982 09 11 SUTCLIFFE Christopher Ralph 32 B Wool Merchant 20 Westfield Avenue, Meltham, Huddersfield Ralph Herbert Sutcliffe Retired Wool Merchant J S Shackleton    
  SHACKLETON Susan Penelope 23 S Display Artist 14 Canford Grove, Allerton, Bradford John Charles Shackleton (dec'd) Dental Surgeon M V Sutcliffe    
1983 06 18 PAPENDICK John Reinhold 23 B Textile Operative 7 Royd Wood Terrace, Cullingworth, Bradford Reinhold Papendick Engineer Martin Harrison    
  THROUP Helen Margaret 25 S SRN Staff Nurse General Hospital 7 Royd Wood Terrace, Cullingworth, Bradford Donald Throup (dec'd) Company Secretary (Newspaper Co) P A Chorley    
1983 09 03 RUSSELL Nigel John 22 B Baker & Confectioner 38 Becketts Park Crescent, Leeds 6 Brian Edward Russell Compositor (Newspapers) S K Sharpe    
  PURDY Michelle Andrea 22 S Secretary (Life Assurance) 7 The Grove, Pudsey Eric Purdy Company Director (Textiles) Susan Gibbon    
1983 09 17 HEALEY Malcolm Roger 53 B Executive Director 22 Ashdene Crescent, Pudsey Thomas Agar Aldcroft Healey Railway Clerk H S Morgan    
  ROOK Shirley 48 W . 6 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey Walter Henry Hill (dec'd) Tiler John Marchant?    
1983 10 08 CHARLTON David Edward 22 B Hospital Gardener 59 Lowtown, Pudsey George Charlton Greengrocer J A Wishart    
  WATERHOUSE Tracey 21 S Assistant Officer H M Customs & Excise 22 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Barry Waterhouse Security Guard B Waterhouse    
1984 06 02 WARBURTON Donald Anthony 39 D Gardener Municipal Parks Department 53 Hoyle Court Road, Baildon . . I Patrickson    
  SHAW Virginia Margaret 20 S Clerk Municipal Housing Department 7 Ashdene Crescent, Pudsey John Shaw Managing Director *    
1984 10 05 HINCHCLIFFE John Herbert 60 W Retired Area Supplies Officer Health Authority 27 Fulneck, Pudsey Herbert Hinchcliffe (dec'd) Warp Twister James I Rayne    
  WHITAKER Mollie 55 D Senior Nurse Manager 15 Crossways, Hull Road, York Fred Rayne (dec'd) Yarn Foreman John H Winter    
1985 03 09 ROBINSON John Stuart 35 D Design Draughtsman 8 Westbourne Avenue, Leeds 11 John Simpson Robinson Engine Driver * Tillotson    
  LAISTER Judith 31 S Accounts Supervisor (Engineers) 36 Woodlands Park Road, Pudsey Roland Ellis Laister Painter & Decorator L M Robinson    
1985 04 27 SIMMONS Ernest Edward 64 W Retired Buyer (Aircraft Engineering) 20 Littlemoor Crescent, Pudsey Albert Edward Simmons (dec'd) Labourer P Walsh    
  BROOKS Marlene 48 W Clerical Officer (Telecommunications Co) 23 Oakdene Close, Pudsey George Pickles Oil Blender P A Walsh    
1985 05 03 LUNN Raymond 22 B Printer 14 Smawthorne Grove, Castleford Arthur Lunn Club Steward J Coulson    
  SHEARD Bridget Mary 20 S Auxiliary Nurse 15 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Elliott Sheard Storekeeper S Vause    
1985 07 24 WATTS Keith 39 B School Teacher 73 Tyersal Avenue, Pudsey Thomas Henry Watts Retired Shop Manager Brian Watts    
  RHODES Marjorie 44 S School Matron 62 Fulneck, Pudsey Frank Rhodes (dec'd) Fitter L Brayshaw    
1987 03 28 FINLAY Paul Anthonie 24 B Technician (Education Department) 89 Chaucer Avenue, Pudsey William Finlay Painter & Decorator Philip John Jackson   formerly known as Paul Anthony
  LEE Sarah Elaine 25 S School Teacher 29 Fulneck, Pudsey Eric Anthony Lee Journalist Jenny Rosalind Meadway    
1987 12 19 WILLIAMS Clive Geoffrey 34 B Development Chemist 10 Hawks Nest Rise, Leeds 17 Geoffrey Williams Toolmaker Mary Moore    
  FOSTER Karen Margaret 30 D Building Society Cashier 8 Carlisle Road, Pudsey Laurie Milner Retired Spares & Service Manager Julia Kirk    
1988 06 04 McOWAT Andrew Hamilton 28 B Bank Officer 38 Fulneck, Pudsey W John H McOwat Minister of Religion J Goodwin    
  FOEY Cathryn Anne 24 S Midwife 52 Somerton Road, Breightmet, Bolton Ian Foey Works Manager Shirley A Foey    
1989 05 06 HICKS Steven 22 B 24694163 Corporal 8 Signal Regt Vimy Barracks, Catterick Garrison Brian Hicks Computer Engineer J A Chapman    
  NORTON Valerie Jean 23 S General Assistant Leisure Company 69 Mill Hill, Fartown, Pudsey William Norton Manufacturers Agent C Lindsay?    
1989 09 29 DUNN Lee Antony Warrick 31 B Public Relations Consultant (Publicity & Advertising) Oakroyd House, Sunfield Place, Pudsey Kenneth Roy Dunn Horticultural Consultant D J Kay    
  ROOK April 30 S Secretary Oakroyd House, Sunfield Place, Pudsey Colin Rook (dec'd) Engineer C Rook    
1989 10 14 CURRIE Ian 25 B Doctor of Medicine 10 St James's Court, St James's Hospital, Leeds 9 John Currie Managing Director *    
  WETHERILL Wendy Margaret 26 D District Nurse 31 Queensthorpe Avenue, Bramley, Leeds 13 John W Bolan Engineer *    
1989 11 04 SNOOK Nigel Andrew 33 D Hotel General Manager 42 Westgate, Mid Calder Lawrence W H Snook Retired Fire Officer Duncan Leng    
  DAVEY Samantha May 21 S Floor Housekeeper (Hotel) 54 Waterloo Road, Pudsey Ronald Davey Industrial Contracts Manager *    
1989 11 11 HAYTON Christopher 29 B Site Agent 44 Fieldway Rise, Rodley James Hayton (dec'd) Civil Engineer *    
  IBBOTSON Jill Elizabeth 28 S Sports Event Manager 21 Ravens Mount, Robin Lane, Pudsey Derek Ibbotson Retired Company Director Julie A Lawman    
1990 04 14 RODDICK Brian James 29 B Systems Analyst 108 Newlaithes Road, Horsforth Ronald J Roddick Engineering Storekeeper Wayne Johnson    
  GRIMSHAW Debra Louise 26 S Clerical Officer 10 Westroyd Avenue, Pudsey Roy Grimshaw Teacher Joanne E Smalley    
1990 06 09 FRANCE Gordon Ellis 33 D Lithographic Retoucher 1 Ellison Fold, Baildon Eric G France (dec'd) Company Secretary *    
  MORTIMORE Ruth Fiona 30 S Librarian 23 Delph Hill, Baildon Wilfred J Mortimore Retired Minister of Religion * Ward    
1990 07 21 FORD Bertie 47 D Engineering Supervisor 2 Woodlands Court, Pudsey Bertie Ford (dec'd) Coach Trimmer Mark Arundel    
  DAILEY Rona Janet 37 S Occupational Therapist 2 Woodlands Court, Pudsey Gerald Dailey Retired Policeman Jayne Ford    
1991 03 23 CRANE Brian 38 D School Teacher 48 Westgate, Tranmere Park, Guiseley Reginald Crane Retired Rent Collector P R Crane    
  EAGLE Alison Elizabeth 28 S School Teacher 8 Woodhall Park Crescent East, Pudsey Geoffrey Eagle School Teacher Kay Kenning    
1991 09 14 ORRELL Anthony Simon 39 D Journalist 78 Borough Road, Loughor, Swansea Harold Orrell (dec'd) Civil Servant A Barlow    
  HEMINGWAY Laraine Amanda 32 S Journalist 223 Fartown, Pudsey Geoffrey Hemingway Retired Assistant Editor *    
1992 09 12 GREAVES David Mark 29 B Joiner 43 West Park, Pudsey Charles Andrew Greaves Printer N W*    
  WIDDAS Donna Marie 22 S Electronics Assembler 308 Swinnow Lane, Bramley, Leeds Peter Widdas Foreman Engineer A Armitage    
1993 05 08 NAYLOR Geoffrey 39 B Bottled Gas Suppliers Tester 4 Woodlands Park Road, Pudsey John Naylor Retired Ultrasonic Wash Operator *    
  HARGREAVES Irene 46 D Administrative Officer 4 Woodlands Park Road, Pudsey Edward Pickersgill Retired Crane Driver B Hargreaves    
1993 05 29 HALLIDAY Matthew Nigel 28 B Technical Sales Engineer 9 Gable End Terrace, Pudsey F Brian Halliday International Floral Artist S P *    
  MORLEY Beverley Marie 26 S Computer Trainer 3 Gable End Terrace, Pudsey James Morley Lift Supervisor R J Halliday    
1993 08 07 SETON James Guy 24 B Journalist 5 Stairfoot Close, Leeds 16 David Seton District Valuer M Seton    
  ATTENBOROUGH Lisa Jayne 23 S Teacher 25 Netherdale Court, Wetherby Joseph Attenborough Engineer *    
1993 08 10 BIRKS Geoffrey Woolsey 63 D Professional Artist 67 Church Lane, Pudsey Frank Birks (dec'd) Weaving Manager *   By Licence. Previously married at St Lawrence, Pudsey on 1953 05 16. Marriage dissolved 1989 08 31
  BIRKS Moira 61 D Retired Building Society Cashier 67 Church Lane, Pudsey George Broughton (dec'd) Grocery Manager Audrey Littlewood    
1993 10 02 SNEE Michael David 25 B Building Materials Sales Executive 1 Hillthorpe Street, Pudsey Andrew John Snee Sales Representative N Grimshaw    
  FRUTTAURO Amanda Liza 26 S Telephone Sales Operator 1 Hillthorpe Street, Pudsey Mario Fruttauro Company Director *    
1994 08 06 BROWN Jason Edward 27 B Furniture Designer 6 Blackpool Terrace, Leeds 12 Barry J Brown Architect A J Brown    
  WALSH Helen Elizabeth 26 S Secretary 6 Blackpool Terrace, Leeds 12 Patrick Walsh Catering Sales Manager * Marsden    
1994 09 03 IMRIE Andrew Cameron 26 B Quality Engineer 8 King George Croft, Morley James Cameron Imrie Printer D G Westerman    
  AITKEN Andrea Janice 27 S Company Accountant 8 King George Croft, Morley Leonard Frederick Aitken Retired Locomotive Engineer C A Walker   By Licence
1995 04 12 HARDILL Guy Ian Wilson 22 B Investment * & Administrator Highlands, * Ian Ronald Hardill Retired Company Director *    
  FEARNLEY Sally Jane 22 S Banking Administrator 41 Ibbetson Oval, Churwell James Douglas Fearnley Company Director T Peers    
1995 07 01 HINCHCLIFFE Wayne Harvey 29 B Engineer 47 Lincroft Crescent, Bramley, Leeds 13 Harvey Francis Hinchcliffe Transport Manager *    
  BARKER Sharon Miranda 25 S Secretary 47 Lincroft Crescent, Bramley, Leeds 13 David Barker Computer Programmer L Petch?    
1995 07 22 NEWTON Bruce Emmett 52 D Painter & Decorator 12 Greenside, Pudsey John William Allinson Newton (dec'd) Textile Cropper *    
  WHITAKER Janet 44 D Cook 12 Greenside, Pudsey John William Butterill (dec'd) Storeman J Kenyon?    
1995 10 14 SHAW Nigel Martin 32 D Accountant 19 Rushton Street, Calverley Graham Brian Shaw Watchmaker Jeweller Julian Marman?    
  JOHNSON Gillian Ann 30 S Legal Executive 19 Rushton Street, Calverley Ernest Johnson Retired Sales Representative * Wight    
1996 06 22 COOK Peter William David 27 B Van Driver 52 Fairfield Avenue, Farsley John David Cook Care Worker *    
  McMAHON Amanda Jayne 21 S Personnel Officer 13 Meadow Park Crescent, Pudsey David? Graham McMahon Electrician S McMahon    
1996 08 02 BADLAND Anthony Martyn 40 B Contracts Manager 5 Hillfoot Crescent, Pudsey Paul Nicholson Badland Retired Sales Manager Chris C Sp*    
  GREGORY Barbara Ann 42 D Teacher 5 Hillfoot Crescent, Pudsey Ernest Bellamy Brain Retired Managing Director K Gregory