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Pudsey Old Independent (Congregational) Baptisms

1710-1717 | 1771-1773 | 1785-1800 | 1801-1820 | 1821-1830 | 1831-1837 | 1885-1905 | 1919-1967


The earliest available baptism register was kept by Elkanah Berry, who was a pastor at the Old Independent Chapel in Pudsey until 1717, then moved to Barnsley. The single Barnsley entry at the end indicates that the register may be complete for his period in Pudsey. The chapel itself became the Congregational Church.
We have tracked down the baptisms for 1771 to 1773, then there is a gap of nine years until 1784, from which date the records appear complete until June 1837, when civil registration began.
After this period, we only have the baptisms for 1885-1905 and 1919-1967. So the gaps in the baptism records are:

  • 1717-1770
  • 1774-1783
  • 1837-1885
  • 1906-1918

It is not known if baptism records still exist for any of these periods, but our research continues.

In many cases, the mother's maiden name has been entered. These are both taken from the records where entered but also added from our own research.

Note that up until 1752 the calendar was still the old style and the year began on 25th March, not January 1st.