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A History of Pudsey by Simeon Rayner




The following attempt at a bibliography of Pudsey literature, includes a list of books, pamphlets, sermons, essays, tracts, and articles written by natives or residents of the place; also books written by strangers having reference to Pudsey, or its people. The list also includes books issued from the Pudsey press.

Armstrong, James Leslie. Was for some time a schoolmaster in Pudsey, and edited a local paper called
The Townsman or Pudsey Literary Entertainer. David Scott, Pudsey. Fortnightly 1/2d. Only 8 Nos. appeared. No. 1, November 12th, 1842; No. 8, February 18, 1843. In No. 7 was commenced "The Maid of Fulneck; or, the Affray of Adwalton." A Tale of Yore. By the Editor. The tale was afterwards published in one volume, under the title of "The Heir of St. Emerald." Printed at Bradford; Woodhead. The story forms the subject of a long poem by Robert Carrick Wildon, of Tong, "The Forbidden Union," which, along with other poems, was published by subscription in 1850, and dedicated to Col. Tempest, of Tong.
Scenes in Craven, in 1835. 136 pp.
Peningborough Hall; A Yorkshire Tale.
Beer, John T., F.S.A.S., F.R.S.L., of Threapland House, Pudsey
Miscellaneous Poems. Leeds, H.W. Walker, 1859, pp. 98.
The Prodigal. A Dramatic Poem. London; Peter Dow, 1861, pp. iv., 134.
Creation. A Poem. Leeds; B.W. Sharp, 1870. With Portrait of the Author. pp. viii., 240
The Prophet of Nineveh. A Dramatic Poem. Leeds, 1877, pp. xiii., 228
Published by subscription. List of subscribers, 12 pp. Price 4s. 6d.
The Beauty and Significance of Diversity. Four papers in the Yorkshire Magazine, volume I, 1872.
The Theory of Solar Absorption. Five papers in the Yorkshire Magazine, volume ii., 1873.
Comets; also several Poems in Yorkshire Magazine, volumes I and iii., 1871-4.
Boyes, John. Born at Pudsey, 1829
Sunday Schools: the Rise and Progress of, in Pudsey and its vicinity, pp. 19. No date, about 1870
T.. Stillings
Historical Sketch of Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Pudsey. Article in Methodist New Connexion Magazine, pp. 366-69, 1872
Edwards, John. Born at Fulneck, in 1772. Afterwards resided at Derby.
All Saints' Church, Derby. A Poem in blank verse, 4to 1805
The Tour of the Dove; or, a Visit to Dovedale. A Poem by John Edwards, Derby, 1821. A second
Edition was published some years afterwards, without date, containing reviews of the first edition,
"Recollections of Filey," etc.
England, Rev. John, Minister and Tutor at Fulneck
The Human Element in God's Work. A Sermon. Crown 8vo., 3d.
Hey, Rev. John, D.D. Born at Pudsey in 1734; was a "Tutor of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, from
1760 to 1779; Norrisian Professor of Divinity in that University from 1780 to 1795.
Redemption. A Poem. Scaton's prize at the University, 1763, 4to. Is. London
Thoughts on the Athanasian Creed. Sermon preached at Stoney Stratford, at the visitation of the
Archdeacon of Bucks., April 12, 1790. 8vo.
Lectures in Divinity. Delivered in the University of Cambridge, 1795-8. 4 vols., 8vo., 21s. A third
Edition of these Lectures was published in 1841, edited by Bishop Thomas Turton, of Ely, 2 vols,
Seven Sermons, preached on several occasions, 8vo.
Discourses on the Malevolent Sentiments: Hatred, Misanthropy, Envy, Malice, and Resentment,
1801. 8vo., pp. xx., 213
General Observations on the Writings of St. Paul. 1811, 8vo., pp. ii., 143
Letters on Patronage. In the Churchman's Magazine.
A Sermon on Ephesians, iv. Chap., 28 verse. Cambridge, 1777, 4to

*These lectures are much esteemed for the various and extended learning, the profound thought.
the copious and correct document, and the calm discussion for which they are distinguished.-
Darling's Cyclopedia
+A short memoir of Dr. John Hey appeared in the Literary Memoirs of Living Authors, published in 1798; in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1829; Dictionary of Living Authors, published in 1816; in Kosk's Biographical Dictionary; in Taylor's Leeds Worthies; also notices in Cyclopedia Bibliographia, Lownde's Bibliographer's Manual, etc. etc. Miniature portrait of Dr. Hey in possession of William
Hey, Esq., of Gledbow.

The Nature of Obsolete Ordinances. A sermon preached at the Assizes before the Honble. Sir Richard Aston, Knt., one of the Justices of the Court of Queen's Bench, on Wednesday, March 10th, 1773. pp. 15, London, 8vo.

A Sermon Preached Before the University of Cambridge, on Nov. 5th, 1774, to which are added two others on the Nature of Malevolent Sentiments, preached before the same audience in the same
year. Cambridge, 1774. Is., pp. 58
Substance of a Bill Respecting Parish Registers, as amended by the Committee. Ordered by the
House of Commons to be printed, 21st June, 1811, with remarks by Jno. Hey, D.D., rector of Passenham, in the County of Northampton, and of Calverton, Bucks. + Buckingham; 1812, pp.50
Hey, William, F.R.S., an eminent surgeon, born at Pudsey in 1736; was twice Mayor of Leeds. Died 23rd of March, 1819.++
Observations on the Blood, 1779. 8vo, 1s. 6d.
Practical Observations on Surgery. 8vo, 1803, 10s. A second edition was issued in 1810, 13s; and a third edition in 1814.
A Short Defence of the Divinity of Christ, and A Short Defence of the Doctrine of the Atonement. Two pamphlets, published at Leeds in 1772, and republished, with other Essays from the Christian
Observer, in one volume, 8vo, 1822, with the title, "Tracts and Essays, Moral and Theological, with Obituaries, etc., by the late William Hey, Esq., F.R.S." *
Extra Uterine Foetus. Medical Observer and Inquirer, vol iii., p. 341, 1767.
Account of a Rupture in the Bladder of a Pregnant Woman. Ibid. vol. Iv., p. 58
Account of the Effects of Electricity in Amaurosis, Ibid. v., p. 1, 1778.
On the Cure of Diseases of the Stomach, by Milk taken in small quantities at once. Ibid. vii., p. 319
An Account of Luminous Arches. Phil. Trans. 1790. vol. Xvi., p. 627 +
Hey, Richard, L.L.D. Born at Pudsey on the 22nd of August, 1745. Died Dec. 7th, 1825. Was a Fellow and Tutor of Sidney Sussex College, and afterwards of Magdalene College, Cambridge, from 1782 to 1796++
Dissertation on the Pernicious Effects of Gaming. Fifty Guineas Prize Essay. 1783
Dissertation on Suicide. Fifty Guineas Prize Essay. 1785
These three remarkable "Dissertations" were published in one volume, in 1812, pp. xxi., 271. 6s
Observations on Civil Liberty, and the Principles of Government. 1776. 8vo, pp. 70 1s.
Happiness and Rights; an Answer to Paine's "Rights of Man." 1792. 8vo. 3s.
The Captive Monarch, A Tragedy. 1794. 8vo. 1s. 6d.
Edington. A Novel. In two volumes, duodecimo. 1796. 6s.
Some Principles of Civilization, with Detached Thoughts on the Promotion of Christianity in British India. 1814. 8vo. 3s.
Holmes, Rev. John H., Minister at Fulneck from 1824 to 1837. Died there September 3rd, 1843 +++
History of the Protestant Church of United Brethren, 2 vols. 2s. 6d. each.
Historical Sketches of the Mission of the United Brethren. 1818. 1 vol. 2s 6d.
Jordan, Rev. John. Baptist Minister at Stanningley from 1834 to 1842.
The Refutation; or, Mr. John Farrer's Remarks in his Pamphlet entitled, "Correspondence between Mr. John Farrer and Mr. Jordan, of Pudsey, Proved to be False, by John Jordan." Wilson, Leeds.
Pp. 16. No date.
La Trobe, Christian Ignatius, of Fulneck.
The History of the Missions of the United Brethren among the Indians of North America, in three parts, translated from the German. 8vo. 1794.

++ The life of William Hey, Esq., F.R.S., by John Pearson, was published in one large 8vo volume, 1822, and a
second edition in two vols., small 8vo, in 1823. Both editions contain an excellent portrait of Mr. Hey, from a painting by Allen, and engraved by Scriven. For short memoirs of Mr. Hey, see Parson's History of Leeds; the
Christian Observer for August 1822; Darling's Cyclopedia Bibliographia; the appendix to Corton's Bibliographical Dictionary; Eminent Medical Man, published by the Religious Tract Society; Mayhall's Annuals of Leeds; Taylor's Leeds Worthies, etc., see Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis, and Whitaker's Loidis et Elmete for
Portrait engraved by Hall 4to.
* Full list of the Tracts and Essays in Darling's Cyclopedia; also in Watts' Bibliotheca Britannica, vol i., p. 493.
+ From Watts' Bibliotheca Britannica, vol. 1, p. 493 1824.
++ For notices of Dr. Richard Hey, see Literary Memoirs of Living Authors, 1792; Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors. 1816. the Leeds newspapers for December 1835; Darling's Cyclopedia Bibliographia;
Lownde's Bibliographical Manual; and Taylor's Leeds Worthies.
+++ A memorial of the Rev. J.B. Holmes was published in 1844. The introduction was written by James Montgomery. Memoir, pp 1-71; Hymns, pp. 82-143; Funeral Sermon for George IV., preached at Fulneck, July 13th, 1830, and other Sermons and Discourses pp. 144-194.

Letters From the Rev. H. Hansel., giving an account of the Nicobar Islands. 8vo, 1812
Journal of a Visit to South Africa, in 1815 and 1816, with some account of the Missionary Settlements of the United Brethren near the Cape of Good Hope. 4to. $2. 2s.
Lawson, Joseph, Horsforth
Progress in Pudsey During the Last Sixty Years. Birdsall, Stanningley, 1887. Reprinted from the Pudsey District Advertiser. Royal 8vo, pp. Xiv, 136.
Lincoln, Rev. W., Curate of Pudsey Church.
Will Christ Come Personally Before the Millenium? Two Sermons preached in Pudsey Church.
Joseph and Jesus; being an attempt to shed New Testament Light upon Old Testament History. By the Rev. W. Lincoln, A.K.C., Curate of Pudsey. Heaton, Leeds, 1853. 8vo, pp. Xiv. 293.
Middlebrook, John. Born at Pudsey in 1844.
All's Fair in Love. A Tale. In Yorkshire Magazine, vol. I., pp. 124-127. 1872
The Weyver's Awn Comic Olmenac, for 1875-8, under the nom-de-plume of Sammy Bruskett 2d.
The Pudsey and Stanningley News. Editor. Publisher, James Stillings. First No. published 1873.
The Voice of Spring. A Poem, in Country Words of the West Riding, vol. Ii., p. 42. 1871. Also
Printed in the Garland of Poetry, by Yorkshire Authors, published by Abm. Holroyd, 1870
p. 70.
Pudsey, Sir George
Three Speeches. 1684-5-7. Each folio.
Ramptler, Rev. C.F. Minister at Fulneck, 1813. Died October 25th, 1832.
The National Calamity Improved. A Sermon preached in reference to the interment of the Princess
Charlotte of Wales, November 19th, 1817, at Fulneck. E. Baines, Leeds. 1s.
Rayner, Simeon. Born at Pudsey, 1832. Died August 25th, 1886.
History of Nonconformity, in Pudsey. In the Congregational Register, W.R. Yorks. 1865.
Folk-Lore and Pudsey Worthies. Papers in Country Words of the West Riding, vol. I, 1870.
Yorkshire Village Life. Paper in Yorkshire Magazine, vol. ii, 1873.
Yorkshire Skits and Local Savings. Paper in Yorks. Mag., vol. iii., 1874.
Rides and Rambles During my Holidays, In Pudsey News, Oct., 1872.
Pudsey Almanac. Edited six years, 1868-1874. T. Stillings, 1d.
The History and Antiquities of Pudsey. Longmans, 1887. 8vo and 4to. Edited by William
Smith, F.S.A.S., of Morley.
Reichel, The Right Rev. Charles Parsons, Bishop of Meath, Ireland. Born at Fulneck, in 1816.
Sermons on the Lord's Prayer, and other subjects.
The Nature and Offices of the Church.
Lectures on the Prayer Book.
Sermons in Defence of the Faith. Norwich Cathedral Sermons.
Praise and Prayer.
The Trinity and the Athanasian Creed.
Ryley, John. Born at Pudsey, in 1747.
The Leeds Guide, giving a concise History of the rich and populous town, the circumjacent villages, and Kirkstall Abbey. Leeds: E. Haines, 1808. This work is now very scarce.
The Leeds Correspondent, a Literary, Mathematical, and Philosophical Miscellany. Leeds:
J. Nicholls, 1815.
Sewell, Edward. M.A. Born at Fulneck, 1820
Jubilee Cantata. In Commemoration of the Moravian Centenary Jubilee, 1855.
This is Jehovah's Temple. A Dedicatory Anthem, composed and published in
Commemoration of the New Congregational Church, Pudsey, 1866.
Notes on Pre-Historic Britain.
Geological Wanderings.
Sutcliffe, Rev. Joseph., M.A. Born 1786. Died May 14th, 1856, aged 94 years.
The Mutual Communion of Saints Exemplified. Second Edition. Trowbridge, 1794, 12mo. Pp. 74
Christian Liberty; or, Considerations on the Propriety of Methodists having the Lord's Supper in
their own Chapels. Bristol, 1795, 12mo., pp. 24.
A Treatise on the Universal Spread of the Gospel, the Glorious Millenium, and the Second Coming
of Christ. Doncaster, 1798, 12mo, pp, 24.
* For Memoir of Mr. Ryley, see page 165; also the Leeds Correspondent, vol. ii., pp. 97 and 141; Pudsey Almanac for 1873; Taylor's Leeds Worthies; and Leeds Intelligencer for 1815.

A Check to Infidelity. Doncaster, 1798, 12mo, pp.24.
An Introduction to Christianity, for the use of Young People. New York, 1801, 12mo, pp. 264.
Leeds, 1808, 12mo, pp. 322
Sermons, from the French of Saurin. 8vo, 1805, 6s.
The Exercise of the Christian Ministry, by the late J.F. Ostervald, Translated from the French, and
Illustrated with notes. York, 1804, 12mo, pp.144.
A Review of Methodism. A Discourse delivered on laying the Foundation Stone of New Street
Chapel, York. 1805, 12mo, pp. 46.
The Doctrines of Justification by Faith, etc. Four Sermons. Halifax, 1806, 8vo, pp. 50.
Albion Catechism, illustrating the Doctrines and Duties of the Christian Religion. 1806, 12mo.
The Experience of the Late Mrs. F. Pawson, with a Preface by J. Entwistle. London, 1813, 12mo.
pp. 114.
The Divine Mission of the people called Methodists to revive and spread Religion. A Sermon
Preached before the Macclesfield District Meeting. London, 1814, 8vo, pp. 56.
A Grammar of the English Language. 1815, 12mo, pp. 257. Second Edition, 1821, pp. 262.
A Short Introduction to the Study of Geology. London, 1817, 8vo, pp. 70.
A Guide to the Lord's Supper. London, 1819, 12mo. pp.23.
A Refutation of prominent errors in the Wernerian System of Geology, and in the theories of other
Writers. London, 1819, 8vo, pp. 34.
Sermons on Regeneration, comprising a general view of the Ruin and Recovery of Man. London,
1820, 8vo, pp. 280.
The Geology of the Avon, being an Enquiry into the Order of the Strata, and Mineral Productions
Washed by its Streams. Bristol, 1822, 8vo, pp. 104.
The English Cratylus; or, Essays on Language, Grammar, and Composition. London, 1825,
12mo, pp.263.
A Defence of the Immortality of the Soul. London, 1829, 8vo, pp.39.
A Commentary on the Old and New Testaments, in which the Sacred Text is illustrated with
copious notes, theological, historical, and critical; with Improvements and Reflections
at the end of each Chapter. Two volumes. London, Imp. 8vo with portrait. 1834-5;
2nd Edition, 1838-9; 5th Edition, 1850; 6th Edition, 1854. *
Psalms and Hymns. Second Edition, Improved. London, 1837, 32mo, pp. 186.
A Course of Original Sermons, adapted to the present times. 1840, 8vo, pp. 262.
Jehovah, The Christ: A discourse on the Ancient Prophets looking out for Christ as the
Consolation of Israel. London, 1851, 8vo, pp. 16.
Paternal Catechism of Religion, 8vo, 1847.
Sutcliffe, Rev. Charles. Born at Pudsey.
The Messenger, a Monthly Magazine. Edited by C.S. 2d.
National Prayer and Praise, a Sermon. Crown 8vo. 2d.
Wales, Rev. Elkanah, M.A., Minister at Pudsey. Died at Leeds, May 11th, 1669.
The Fall of Man, and his Recovery. Two vols., 4to, pp. 200-234.
Sermons at Public Fasts, 1623.
Thanksgiving After Ye Plague.
Sermons at the Exercise at Leedes, 1632.
Sermons preached upon the Holy-day Lecture, at Leedes, 1636.
Sermons upon Publick Occasions in ye late Times.
Officium Postulat Beneficium: the Office and Maintenance of Ministers; being the sum of Four
Sermons on 1. Cor. ix.-xi.
Mount Ebal Levelled, or Redemption from the Curse, by Elkanah Wales, M.A., preacher of the
Gospel at Pudsey, in Yorkshire. London, printed by R. Trott, for Thomas Johnson,
At the Golden Key, in St. Paul's Church Yard, 1659. A second edition was published
In 1823, to which was added a "Life of the Author," with a glance at the times in which
He lived, etc., in an address to the people of Pudsey, by Matthew Hutchinson, of
London, who was a native of Pudsey. 8vo, pp. lxxx,iv, 263.
A Writ of Error, or a Friendly examination of a Question and the Resolution of it, deeply
Concerning marryed persons, or such as intend to marry. By E.W. York, 1654, 8vo.
A Short Catechism, in the Thirty-four Questions and Answers, designed for the Youngest sort
Catechumens. By Elkanah Wales, M.A., of London, 1652, 8vo.

* The text of our authorized translation is not given in this Commentary, which is equally adapted for the family and the study, and embodies the results of the Author's labours for about forty years.
Many valuable elucidations of difficult passages will be found in this work, which are passed over in larger commentaries. The reflections at the end of each chapter are characterized by simplicity of diction combined with earnest piety. Horne's Bibl. Bib. Pp.3

MSS. There are several MSS. In the handwriting of Mr. Wales in the British Museum [Birch MS.,
No. 4,460] which have evidently been prepared for the press, but which have not been
Printed, viz:--
A Treatise on Proverbs XXVIII., 1-14. 4to, pp. 64.
The Whole Epistle to the Ephesians Opened. 3 vols., 4to.
Sermons on Psalms CXIX. 4to *Walker, Joseph, Pudsey.
The Pudsey Herald, and Record of Events, 1d. monthly. No. 1, August, 1855, 12 Nos. appeared.
Was recommenced as a Weekly Paper, March 3rd, 1860, 44 Nos. appeared.
The Pudsey Almanac. Editor.1855, 8, 9, 60 and 1867.
Night and Morning. Two poems, which appeared in the Garland of Poetry by Yorkshire Authors,
1873, pp. 179-180.

MEMOIRS, SERMONS, ESSAYS, REPORTS, etc., by Various Authors.

Memoir of W. Boyes, in Methodist New Connexion Magazine, March, 1851, pp 139-141
Memoir of Rev. James Sale of Pudsey. Calamy's Nonconformists' Memorial, vol. iii., pp. 440-1,
And edition. Also Parson's History of Leeds, vol. ii., p. 7, and Turner's Nonconformity in
Idle, p. 16, 1876.
Memoir of Rev. Thomas Laird, Independent Minister of Pudsey. In Evangelical Magazine, Jan.
1832, pp. 1-5.
Memoir of Rev. William Colefax, Minister at Pudsey: In West Riding Congregational Register,
1872, pp. 106-109. Also, in Congregational Year Book, 1873.
Memoir of John Shaw, of Pudsey. Methodist New Connexion Magazine, February 1881,
pp. 65-71.
The Power of the Gospel, An Essay, by Mr. W. Colefax, read at the Annual Meeting of the Idle
Academy, June 24th, 1818. In Evangelical Magazine, May 1818, p. 443.
The Ordination Service, of the Rev. William Turner, at a meeting of Dissenting Ministers at Pudsey,
On the 25th Sept., 1782. The whole service was printed and published by Johnson, of
St. Paul's Churchyard, London, 1782.
Report of the Pudsey Bible Association. Fifth, 1827, Rules, List of Officers, etc. Bradford,
T. Inskersley, Courier Office, 1827, pp., 16.
Rules and Catalogue. Pudsey Mechanics' Institution and Literary Society, Established 1847.
Pudsey - T. Stillings, 20 pp.
Floral and Horticultural Society. Annual Show and Prize List. 3rd Exhibition, 1859, pp. 8.
Mr. Gladstone Annotated. Conservative Association for the Pudsey Division, Pudsey News
Office, pp. 8.
The Expeditious and Legible Reporter; or, An Easy and Practical System of Short Hand. By
James Glover, Accountant, Pudsey. Leeds - T. Harrison, 1842.
Centenary Jubilee. Celebration of the Jubilee of the Congregation of the United Brethren in
Wyke, Mirfield, Gomersal, and Fulneck. April, 1855. Published by the Fulneck Jubilee
Committee. London - W. Maltalieu and Co., 8vo, pp. 105.
Summer Rambles at Fulneck and Pudsey. Two Sketches, by John Lee, of Bradford. In the
Leeds Mercury, May 19th and 26th, 1870.
Historical Sketches of Pudsey, by William Cudworth. In the Bradford Observer, March 23rd and
30th, 1876.
Historical Notice of Pudsey Church, by George Lawton. In Collections relating to Churches and
Chapels in the Diocese of York and Ripon, 1842, p. 118.
Historical Notice of Congregationalists in Pudsey, by F.G. Miall, in Congregationalism in Yorkshire
1860, p. 118.
Historical Sketch of the Independents at Pudsey. In Dissenters' Magazine for Yorkshire and
Lancashire, 1832, royal 8vo.
Ordnance Map. Calverley, Pudsey, Tong, Farnley, etc., being Sheet 217 of the Ordnance Map
of England and Wales. Scale - 6 inches to statute mile. Surveyed in 1847 by Captain
Tucker, R.E.; Continued in 1852 by Captain Barlow, R.E.; Engraved in 1852, under the
Direction of Capt. W. Zolland and W.D., Gossett, R.E. at the Ordnance Map office,
Southampton, and published by Lieut.-Col. Hall, R.E., Supt., Dec. 31st, 1852. 10s. 6d.
Block Plan of the Township of Pudsey, showing the Roads, Bye-Roads, Streets, and Water-
Courses, 1875. Samuel Smith, Surveyor, Bradford, Eng. By S.O. Bailey. Size: 3 feet,
7 inches by 2 feet, 10 inches. Scale: 71 chains to 1 foot. 10s.
An Act for Enclosing Lands in Pudsey. 51 George III., Cap. 28th. 25th May, 1811. London,
Eyre and Strahan, 1811.
Pudsey Parish Church Magazine. No. 1, September, 1885.
St. Paul's Pudsey, Parish Magazine. No. 1, January, 1885.
The Townsman, or Pudsey Literary Entertainer. No. 1, November 12th, 1842. Last No.,
February 18th, 1843. D. Scott, Greenside.
Pudsey Courant and General Advertiser. No. 1, January, 1855, 1d. No. 15, March 1856
J. and N. Halliday.
Pudsey, Farsley, and Stanningley Reporter. No. 1, February, 1869. W.A. Clarke. Only two
numbers published.
Pudsey Advertiser. No. 1, December, 1869. No. 14, July 21st, 1860 Emsley, Greenside.
Pudsey and Bramley Chronicle. No. 1, March 14th, 1868, 1d. No. 34, Oct. 31st. Printed
at Leeds.
Pudsey and Stanningley News. No. 1, 1872. T. Stillings, 1d. Friday.
Pudsey and District Advertiser. No. 1, 1885. J.W. Birdsall, 1d. Friday.