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Town Lane Primitive Methodist Church Marriages

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Marriages were first registered by the church in 1911. There are four volumes of marriages. The first having only 49 entries starts in 1911 and ends in 1931. The second and third have 20 entries each.

Father's Occ.
Father's Occ.
1911 09 14 CHAPPELL Samuel Charles 72 W Retired Boot Maker 77 Princess Street, Barnsley William Chappell (deceased) Weaver Martha Ellen Atkinson (Entry 1 crossed out) 2
  TOWNSEND Mary Hannah 61 W   41 Norman Drive, Eccleshill; late of 34 Mount Terrace, Eccleshill Joshua Mortimer (deceased) Drysalter John Leuty    
1912 01 13 THORNTON Herbert 25 B Drawing Overlooker (Worsted Mill) 14 New Street, Idle Snowden Thornton (deceased) Mason Albert Thornton   3
  EMSLEY Ethel 22 S Worsted Drawer 216 New Line, Greengates, Eccleshill     Eva Thornton    
1912 04 08 DUNN Michael 56 W Railway Platelayer 36a Leyfleaks Road, Idle Thomas Dunn (decd.) Labourer Arthur Fish   4
  FISH Eva 22 S Box Minder (Worsted Mill) 16 Joseph Street, Shipley George Fish (deceased) Labourer Nellie Fish    
1912 06 24 TEALE Harry 20 B Builder's Clerk 10 Fourlands Road, Idle William Teale Woollen Warper Albert Beaumont Hay   5
  THORNTON Eva 22 S Worsted Weaver 389 Highfield Road, Idle Snowden Thornton (deceased) Mason Ida Webster    
1912 06 25 BAXTER James Edgar 26 B Corporal 2nd Bn. Kings Liverpool Regiment 29 Cragg Hill Road, Thackley Thomas Baxter Labourer James Dunn   6
  ALSOP Mary 18 S Weaver 29 Cragg Hill Road, Thackley Charlie Alsop Quarry Man Annie Simpson    
1914 02 18 JOHNSON John Thomas 27 B Police and Fireman 23 Ramsden Street, Huddersfield John Johnson Farmer Charles Thomas Wrigley   7
  SIMPSON Emma 31 S   539 Leeds Road, Thackley Joseph Simpson Engine Man Dorothy Marion Johnson    
1914 02 25 HOLROYD Selwyn 24 B Electrician 159 Leeds Road, Idle Fred Holroyd Foreman Dyer Horace Holroyd   8
  ILLINGWORTH Elizabeth Ann 25 S Worsted Weaver 6 Aire Street, Thackley Edmund Illingworth (deceased) Foreman Painter Edith Illingworth    
1914 02 28 DICKINSON Samuel 33 B Confectioner's Van Driver 5 The Grove, Greengates James Dickinson Confectioner's Van Driver Fred Thompson   9
  MORRIS Bertha 31 S Woollen Weaver 15a Croft Street, Idle William Braithwaite   Mary Latham    
1914 04 25 HOLROYD Horace 26 B * Dyer 159 Leeds Road, Idle Fred Holroyd Foreman Dyer Ralph Dickinson   10
  SUTCLIFFE Joan 28 S Woollen Drawer 21 Cavendish Road, Idle Joseph Sutcliffe (deceased) Overlooker Nellie Sutcliffe    
1914 05 30 GRIMSHAW Charles Leonard 23 B Electrical Engineer 185 New Line, Greengates Hargreaves Grimshaw Weaver Smith Teale   11
  TEALE Sarah 27 S Burler and Weaver 226 New Line, Greengates Joseph Teale Cloth Finisher Mary Firth    
1915 10 16 JONES James Brooks 31 B Private Lancashire Fusiliers The Camp, Codford, Wiltshire James Brooks Jones Labourer George Jones, Mary Ellen Jones By Licence 12
  DIMELOW Mary 27 S Worsted Warper 11 Hutton Buildings, Park Road, Thackley William Dimelow Labourer William Dimelow, Susannah Dimelow    
1915 12 18 OUTTERSIDE John Thomas 25 B Woollen Piecer 4 Haworth Lane, Yeadon Thomas Outterside Broker G H Brayshaw, M H Thorpe   13
  BRAYSHAW Edith Emily 35 S Woollen Weaver 405 Highfield Road, Idle Isaac Brayshaw (deceased)   Minnie Bell, William Outterside    
1916 04 29 HAY Albert Beaumont 25 B Private 625 3rd.2nd. W.R.Field Ambulance R.A.M.C. 163 Dirkhill Road, Bradford Harry Hay Chief Clerk Dye Works Harry Teale By Licence 14
  TEALE Annie 25 S Woollen Weaver 10 Fourlands, Idle William Teale Time Keeper and Weigh Clerk William Teale    
1916 07 29 SENIOR Wilfred 37 W Law Clerk 6 Marlborough Road, Shipley John Senior News Agent Arnold Wright Ashworth, Albert Sutcliffe   15
  SUTCLIFFE Nellie 27 S Worsted Weaver 21 Cavendish Road, Idle Joseph Sutcliffe (deceased) Warehouseman Ada Robertshaw    
1916 10 21 THORNTON Thomas 24 B Toy Dealer's Assistant 26 New Street, Idle Snowden Thornton Mason Fanny Calver, Lucy Thorpe   16
  PETTY Edith 21 S Worsted Weaver 156 Highfield Road, Idle Joseph Petty Iron Fettler William Petty, Albert Thornton    
1917 03 24 PRIESTLEY James 28 B Warp Twister 58 Woodcliffe View, Greengates William Priestley Weftman Harry Illingworth, Edith Illingworth   17
  ILLINGWORTH Emiah 31 S Worsted Weaver 5 Boothroyd, Town Lane, Idle Edmund Illingworth (deceased) Painter Clara A Illingworth    
1917 09 29 OSBORNE James Joseph 22 B Sergeant R.F.C. "Glenholme", Manningham, Bradford Joseph James Osborne Engineer Arthur Baker   18
  GLEDSTONE Clara 19 S   5 Cragg Hill Road, Thackley Herbert Gledstone Mason Anne North    
1918 02 09 LEPINE Albert Ernest 23 B Bombardier R.F.A. (* Salesman) 95 Duncombe Road, Hornsey Rise, London Ludivic Jules Lepine Print Cutter Joseph Maskew, Alice Spence By Licence 19
  SPENCE Annie 22 S Blouse Finisher 16 Rawson Square, Idle Christopher John Spence Boiler Maker Christopher J Spence    
1918 11 23 ENTWISTLE Robert 27 B Sergeant 115842 Motor Transport (Motor Driver) 27 Myrtle Street, Bury, Lancs. Robert Entwistle (deceased) Machine and Metal Broker Harry Entwistle By Licence 20
  MUNTON Ethel 23 S Costumier 496 Leeds Road, Thackley Robert Munton Wool Sorter Robert Munton    
1919 02 15 HARRIS James Thomas 21 B Engineer 15 Victoria Road, Saltaire Thomas Harris (deceased) Engineer Clement Wright, Lucy Thorpe   21
  THORPE Clara 20 S Woollen Weaver 26 New Street, Idle Stephen Thorpe (deceased) Quarryman Margaret Harris, John W Cordingley    
1919 03 29 KENDALL Benjamin 54 B Wool Buyer Harehills House, Thackley Edwin Kendall (decd.) Bargeman Dora Naylor By Licence 22
  ILLINGWORTH Mary Ann 56 S   Harehills Cottage, Thackley John Illingworth (deceased) Woollen Spinner John Keighley    
1919 07 19 SHEARD Harry Blakey 25 B Printer's Overseer 149 Town Lane, Thackley William Sheard Mill Mechanic Frank Sheard, Eva Parkinson   23
  PARKINSON Florence 25 S Worsted Weaver 15 Thorpe Garth, Idle Joseph Parkinson Carting Agent Nellie Sheard    
1920 04 05 DINSDALE John 27 B Shop Assistant 24 Butler Street, Bradford Anthony Craddock Dinsdale Mill Hand Wilfred Palmer, Lizzie Ellison   24
  DIMELOW Susannah 27 S Woollen Weaver 11 Park Road, Thackley William Dimelow Labourer Ada Foden    
1920 12 18 HALFORD Willie 20 B Baker and Confectioner (Journeyman) 334 Highfield Road, Idle Ernest Arnold Halford Journeyman Joiner Frank E Rainbow   25
  WILKINSON Minnie 20 S Worsted Weaver 5 Claremont, Idle William Wilkinson Police Constable William Wilkinson    
1921 05 28 WRAY Thomas 61 W Wool Extractor 152 Brunswick Road, Greengates Joseph Wray (deceased) Mechanic Thomas Hardisty   26
  SLATER Grace 66 W   150 Brunswick Road, Greengates John Myers (deceased) Cloth Weaver Annie Hardisty    
1921 11 05 BELL Robert Mackenzie 26 B General Labourer 45 Cavendish Road, Idle Thomas Bell Hydraulic Engineer N Smith   27
  THORPE Lucy 27 S Woollen Weaver 26 New Street, Idle Stephen Thorpe (deceased) Quarryman Sarah Ellen Thorpe    
1922 04 15 HARWOOD William 33 B Weaving Overlooker 21 New Street, Idle Sutcliffe Harwood (deceased) Millwright Arthur Harwood By Licence 28
  LEE Annie 40 S   71 Blenheim Place, Idle John Lee (deceased) Boot and Shoe Maker S H Pullen    
1922 06 03 CLOUGH William Knight 28 B General Labourer 23 Sheridan Street, Bradford John Clough Railway Goods Inspector Ann Bywater   29
  BARRETT Mary Elizabeth 33 S Worsted Weaver 560 Leeds Road, Thackley Benjamin Barrett Farmer Fred Bolland    
1922 06 07 MITCHELL Cyril 29 B Clerk at Gas Works 52 Burnett Avenue, Bradford     Alfred Simpson   30
  SIMPSON May 24 S Waitress at GPO 523 Leeds Road, Thackley Alfred Simpson Coach Builder Harry Simpson    
1922 08 05 HALEY James Thomas 36 B Carting Agent 34 Moore Street, Holbeck Joseph Haley Carting Agent Joseph Maskew By Licence 31
  MASKEW Louie 33 S Costumier 33 South View, Thackley Greenwood Maskew (deceased) Textile Overlooker Jeremiah Mitchell    
1922 08 26 DICKSON Arthur 24 B Wood Pattern Maker 144 Bolton Hall Road, Bradford John Dickson General Labourer Henry Denny   32
  DENNY Sarah Ann 20 S Worsted Weaver 6 Burnwells, Thackley Henry Denny Navvies Ganger Stanley Will_s    
1922 11 18 OGDEN Sam Bateson 29 B Spinning Overlooker 3 Woodville Terrace, Windhill Feather Ogden Worsted Spinning Mill Manager Richard Ogden, Florrie Sheard   33
  SHEARD Nellie 24 S Dress Maker 149 Town Lane, Thackley William Sheard Mechanic William Sheard, Feather Ogden    
1922 12 23 BATES John William 30 B Coal Miner 12 The Crescent, Churchfields, Glass Houghton Stephen Bates Coal Miner Harry Walton   34
  TYERMAN Elsie 23 S Burler and Mender 7 Claremont, Idle     Elizabeth Draley?    
1924 05 31 DICKINSON Lewis 25 B Order Clerk 5 The Grove, Greengates James Dickinson Warehouseman * *   35
  ROBERTSHAW Ada 23 S Weaver 21 Cavendish Road, Idle George Robertshaw Engine Tenter G E Robertshaw    
1924 07 23 HARTLEY Harry 35 B Hair Cloth Manufacturer 118 Newlands Place, Undercliffe, Bradford Thomas Hartley Warp Dresser Harold Pattison   36
  CRABTREE Phoebe Anne 24 S   10 Fagley Terrace, Eccleshill, Bradford Thomas Edward Crabtree (deceased)   Louie Catherine __lls    
1924 12 06 WATMOUGH Frank 27 B Joiner (Journeyman) 2 Tomlinson's Buildings, Idle James Watmough (deceased)   Mary Dove   37
  DOVE Sarah Elizabeth 23 S Woollen Weaver 2 Stansfield Place, Idle John Dove (deceased)   John Garnett    
1925 07 18 WRIGHT Arthur Hebson 42 W Worsted Spinning Overlooker 57 Carrington Street, Bradford Colonel Wright (deceased) Woolsorter Albert Bennett   38
  THORPE Mary Hannah 42 S Worsted Weaver 387 Highfield Road, Idle John Thorpe (deceased) Carter Alfred Wright    
1925 08 12 LEE Arthur 22 B Motor Lorry Driver 22 Marlborough Road, Idle Tom Lee Warp Dresser Norman Lee   39
  WHITFIELD Frances Mary 23 S Typist 24 North Street, Thackley Edward Whitfield Building Contractor Hubert Whitfield    
1925 11 14 IVES Leonard 21 B Woollen Spinner 62 Thackley Road, Thackley William Henry Ives (deceased)   Arthur Jacklin   40
  JENKINSON Laura 19 S Twister in Worsted Mill 62 Thackley Road, Thackley Albert Hedley Jenkinson Carter Alice Bird    
1926 08 10 POTTINGER Eric 26 B Commercial Traveller 61 Park Street, Salisbury Richard Pottinger Grocer Henry J Lucas, Nancy F Lucas   41
  LUCAS Dorothy 24 S   12 Gordon Terrace, Idle Ernest Lucas Primitive Methodist Minister Eli F Lucas, Margaret Lucas    
1926 11 06 SHEARD Frank 24 B Mechanic (iron turner) 149 Town Lane, Thackley William Sheard Mill Mechanic Donald Dewar   42
  DOVE Florence Mabel 26 S Weaver 2 Stansfield Place, Greenfield Lane, Idle John Thomas Dove (deceased)   Mary Dove    
1927 07 30 UPTON Albert 30 B Motor Driver 4 Lydgate Street, Calverley George Upton Mason Frank Marflitt, Agnes Upton   43
  SHEARD Florrie 31 S Woollen Weaver 149 Town Lane, Thackley William Sheard Mill Mechanic William Sheard    
1927 07 30 TAYLOR Noris 28 B Motor Driver "Moorcroft", Wrose Cliff Grove, Shipley Walker Taylor Mill Mechanic Urban Mellor, Mary Priestley   44
  ILLINGWORTH Edith 28 S Weaver 5 Boothroyd, Town Lane, Idle Edmund Illingworth (deceased) Painter Edric Taylor    
1928 09 08 DARWENT Neville 23 B Motor Mechanic 175 Washington Street, Girlington Ernest Neville Darwent Foreman Dyer Arnold E Pickles   45
  ILLINGWORTH Nellie 20 S Box Minder in Mill 89 Blenheim Place, Town Lane, Thackley John Illingworth Plasterer's Labourer Eunice E Riley    
1929 06 08 STEADMAN Harry 35 B Textile Clerk 13 Highfield Avenue, Idle Henry Steadman (deceased)   John L Rundle   46
  RUNDLE Annie 27 S Shorthand Typist 64 Town Lane, Idle John Henry Rundle Hot Water Engineer Jessie K Rundle    
1929 07 27 WRIGHT Clement 40 B Warp Twister 50 Town Lane, Idle Alfred Wright (deceased)   Leon* Wright   47
  NELSON Iris 33 S Worsted Weaver 30 Pellon Terrace, Idle George Reginald Nelson (deceased)   Emily Nelson    
1929 08 07 HOUGH Ewart John 25 B Textile Designer 157 Norman Lane, Eccleshill John James Hough Textile Designer L Hough   48
  NORTH Ethel 23 S Clerk in Wholesale Chemists 18 Park Avenue, Thackley Joseph Arthur North Building Contractor M Kitchen    
1930 09 27 SLATER Charlie 21 B Beamer in Woollen Mill 35 Cragg Hill Road, Thackley George William Slater Quarryman Ernest Cordingley   49
  CORDINGLEY Harriet 22 S Worsted Weaver 54 New Street, Idle Ernest Cordingley Motor Driver William Wilber    
1931 11 21 MELLOR Fred 26 B Assistant Engineer (Textile Manufacturers) 166 Undercliffe Road, Eccleshill George Mellor Mechanic (retired) William Bell, Roy Grimshaw   50
  WEATHERELL Agnes Austin Cumming 25 S Textile Manufacturer's Secretary 11 Woodsley Road, Idle John Thomas Weatherell Mechanical Engineer J W Weatherell    
1932 02 08 WILKINSON Herbert 30 B Wool Sorter 3 Station Road, Clayton Holdsworth Wilkinson Plasterer Gwendoline Ogden   1
  BOOTH Betsy Jane 31 S Worsted Warper 560 Leeds Road, Thackley Charles Alfred Booth Wool Sorter Harry Campbell Southwaite    
1932 06 01 PATCHETT William Beanland 25 B Grocer's Assistant 22 Swaine House Crescent, Bolton, Bradford William Beanland Patchett Stonemason Charles Henry Gascoyne   2
  ILLINGWORTH Lilian 22 S   24 The Green, Idle Harry Illingworth (deceased)   Eliza? Illingworth    
1933 06 24 EXON Edward Francis 41 W Shipping Clerk 159 Stirling Street, Bradford Alfred Exon (deceased)   Albert James Rowles, Mary Ann Rowles   3
  ROWLES Eveline Mary 44 S   1 Oakroyd Terrace, Manningham, Bradford Albert James Rowles Secretary Jane Emily Marshall    
1933 08 12 OGDEN John 26 B Plasterer (Journeyman) 21 Albion Road, Idle Thomas Ogden Wool Sorter Willie Ogden   4
  HODGETT Echsah Rhoda 24 S House Maid Shaw House, Idle Joe Hodgett Coal Miner Edith Alice Garnett    
1933 09 05 GRAY Arnold Rennie 35 B Clerk Ministry of Labour 19 Prospect Street, Eccleshill James Gray (deceased) Clerk Richard Lee Rundle   5
  RUNDLE Jessie Kathleen 33 S Manageress for Hardware Dealer Oxford Road, Guiseley William Charles Rundle (deceased) Heating Engineer James Holbrook Gray    
1933 09 30 HESTER Norman 33 B Railway Clerk 171 Southgate, Pontefract Arthur Hester   Mary H Archer   6
  WILCOX Zillah Lena Evans 31 S Dental Nurse "Windycot", 38 Cyprus Drive, Thackley William Wilcox (deceased)   F Douglas Forth    
1933 12 27 WARD Cyril 26 B Secondary School Master 11 Lancaster Road, Canterbury Walter Ward Colliery Engine Driver L Reginald Barber   7
  GOODREID Dorothy 25 S Elementary School Teacher 3 Gordon Terrace, Idle William Edward Goodreid (deceased) Methodist Minister E Freda Goodreid    
1934 06 09 RENNISON Herbert 25 B Shop Assistant (Fish) 536 Leeds Road, Thackley Jesse Rennison Fish Fryer Ada Thornton   8
  THORNTON Edith 21 S Shop Assistant (Fish) 8 Hampton Place, Idle Albert Thornton Stone Mason Harry Wortley    
1934 08 04 RUSHWORTH Norman 31 B General Labourer 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley Fred Rushworth (decd.)   Fred W Parker   9
  PARKER Emma 24 S Worsted Winder 3 Pretoria Road, Bradford James Parker (decd.)   Elsie Conroy    
1934 12 22 RENNISON Jack 27 B Builder's Clerk 70 Crofts Road, Kenton, Middlesex John Marshall Rennison (deceased)   Lilian Pattison   10
  RUSHWORTH Louie 22 S Assistant in Confectioner's Shop 14 New Street, Idle Haydn Rushworth Warp Dresser Herbert Proctor    
1935 01 09 CRAVEN Walter Stanley 23 B Cafe Proprietor 67a Curzon Road, Bradford Joe Wilfrid Craven Cafe Proprietor Edwin Jackson   11
  CONROY Elsie 21 S Worsted Weaver 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley Percy Conroy Overlooker Marie Conroy    
1935 08 10 PROCTOR Herbert 25 B Pattern Weaver (Textiles) 7 Westfield Lane, Idle Albert Proctor Railway Platelayer Edith Jaques   12
  SMITH Emmie 20 S Worsted Weaver 3 Springfield Place, Idle Joseph Albert Smith (deceased)   Harry G Wilgrove    
1935 12 21 WATKINSON Harry Ouldridge 23 B Painter and Decorator (Master) 31 Croft Street, Idle William Watkinson Railway Platelayer Alice Kneeshaw   13
  PULLAN Olive 20 S Worsted Warper 127 Crag Road, Windhill, Shipley George Samuel Pullan (deceased)   William Geoffrey Teale    
1936 12 26 ILLINGWORTH Percy 26 B Engineer's Fitter 27 Kingston Road, Idle Alfred Illingworth Highways Labourer Norah Slater   14
  SLATER Mary 21 S Weaver (Woollen) 3 Park Road, Idle George William Slater Mason's Labourer James Illingworth    
1937 02 27 BRAMWELL John 25 B Printer's Packer 13 Oakdale Grove, Shipley Vincent Bramwell Cotton Spinner Leonard Webb, Lucy H Webb   15
  GLEDHILL Elsie 23 S Silk Hank Winder 30 Marlborough Road, Idle Arthur Gledhill (decd.)   Herbert Gledhill    
1937 06 26 TYAS Jack 24 B Confectioner's Clerk 11 Albert Avenue, Idle Irvin Tyas Police Sergeant (retired) Gladys Mary Leahy   16
  CORDINGLEY Olive 22 S Drawer at Worsted Mill 3 Derby Street, Idle Sam Cordingley (decd.)   Leslie Cordingley    
1938 06 04 HOLROYD Fred 22 B Sports Goods Manufacturer 56 Town Lane, Idle Horace Holroyd Dyer (Foreman) Donald Wright   17
  CANSFIELD Rene 21 S Worsted Winder 56 Town Lane, Idle Harry Cansfield Loom Fitter Eileen *    
1938 08 06 GRANTHAM Stanley 28 B Weaving Overlooker 4 Albert Buildings, Idle Charles William Grantham Gas Stoker (retired) Harold Sparks   18
  MURGATROYD Hilma May 28 S Worsted Weaver 37 Fourlands Road, Idle Ralph Murgatroyd Wool Extractor Iris Pearl Murgatroyd    
1939 09 30 CORNFORTH George Wright 26 B Weaving Overlooker 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley George Bentley Cornforth Willeyer Denis James Cornforth By Licence 19
  CONROY Marie 26 S Worsted Warper 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley Percy Conroy Spinning Overlooker Barbara Conroy    
1939 12 07 SIMPSON John Alfred 23 B Automobile Electrician 335 Highfield Road, Idle, Bradford Arthur Simpson Garage Proprietor William Harold Simpson, Phyllis Coulthread   20
  WAINWRIGHT Alice 22 S Knitting Supervisor (Institution for the Blind) 304 Kings Road, Bradford Edward Hardaker Wainwright Sheet Metal Worker Arthur Simpson, Edward H Wainwright    
1940 03 23 ARKLE Robert 28 B Gunner Royal Artillery No.812885 (Engineer's Labourer) 5 Burley Street, Bolton Woods, Bradford Charles Foster Arkle (deceased) Miner Charlie Slater   1
  SLATER Norah 22 S Woollen Weaver 3 Park Road, Thackley, Bradford George William Slater (deceased) Quarryman Florrie Slater    
1940 03 25 OGDEN Willie 28 B Approved Society's Clerk 21 Albion Road, Idle Thomas Ogden (deceased) Wool Sorter John Ogden   2
  SUTCLIFFE Dorothy 23 S Leeson? Winder 61 Albion Road, Idle Albert Sutcliffe Confectioner Irene Ogden    
1940 08 31 FARRELL John 27 B Private Manchester Regiment No.353262 (General Labourer) 19 Lievesley Street, Weasle, Lancs. Thomas Farrell Baker Lilian Louisa Farrell   3
  WARD Alice 21 S Twister (Woollen Mill) 48 Town Lane, Idle William Ward Fitter Charles Wainman    
1940 09 07 LANCASTER Thomas Ellis 25 B Pharmacist 41 The Grove, Baildon John Ellis Lancaster Retired John Ellis Lancaster   4
  BARTLE Phyllis Rachel 25 S Shop Assistant (Stationery) 553 Leeds Road, Thackley John Bartle Caretaker John Bartle    
1941 03 01 ROWLANDS Charles Eric 22 B Ordinary Seaman JX202479 Royal Navy (Commercial Artist) 64 Broadway Avenue, Bradford Charles Roland Rowlands Leading Aircraftsman R.A.F. (Piano Tuner and Repairer) Mary Patricia Naylor By Licence 5
  PRIESTLEY Mary 22 S Comptometer Operator 6 Harper Crescent, Idle, Bradford James Priestley Warp Twister Desmond Rowlands    
1941 03 29 THORNTON Frederick Snowden 22 B Private 4751784 Yorks and Lancs Regiment (Fish Fryer's Assistant) 18 New Street, Idle Albert Thornton Stone Mason Beatrice Ellen Thornton   6
  WOOD Agnes Mary 19 S Burler and Mender 62 New Street, Idle John Harold Wood Warehouseman John Harold Wood    
1941 07 19 HOLMAN Victor James 21 B Private 7382275 H.M.Army (School Teacher) Great Chesterford, Saffron Walden Frederick George Holman Master Grocer Elijah Green By Licence 7
  COLLINSON Dorothy Mary 25 S Shorthand Typist 464 Idle Road, Eccleshill, Bradford Tom Collinson Dentist Eric Walter Cross    
1941 07 26 RHODES Kenneth 23 B Engineer's Tool Fitter 10 Kingswood Place, Bradford James Rhodes Machine Tool Fitter Harold Pilkington, Eric Walter Cross   8
  BOOTH Ellen 22 S Clothing Club Clerk 508 Leeds Road, Thackley William Arthur Booth Monumental Mason Raymond Smith    
1941 08 09 BRITTON John Tanfield 25 B Engineer's Turner 26 Mount Road, Eccleshill, Bradford Joseph Britton (deceased) Carter Annie Ogden, Charles Marr   9
  OGDEN Irene 23 S Printer's Copy Holder 21 Albion Road, Idle, Bradford Thomas Ogden (deceased) Wool Sorter Ernest Ogden    
1942 07 25 BELL John Jack 37 B Brick Layer 2 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle, Bradford Thomas Bell (deceased) Engineer Robert Bell, E Ogden   10
  OGDEN Annie 37 S Woollen Weaver 21 Albion Road, Idle, Bradford Thomas Ogden (deceased) Wool Sorter Elizabeth Bell    
1942 12 12 WATMOUGH Arthur Clifford 20 B A.C.2 1670671 R.A.F. (Clerk) 24 Kingston Grove, Idle, Bradford James Arthur Watmough Joiner Amy Walker   11
  SHARPE Vera Dannatt 22 S Munition Worker (Bookbinder) 31 Town Lane, Idle, Bradford Thomas Henry Dannatt Sharpe Journeyman Printer Eric Walter Cross    
1943 04 14 LAST Percy William 20 B Lance Corporal 1872061 H.M.Army 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley, Bradford Arthur William Last Builder Elsie Craven By Licence 12
  CONROY Barbara 20 S Shorthand Typist 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley, Bradford Percy Conroy Spinning Overlooker George Wright Cornforth    
1943 04 22 CONROY Edwin 25 B Private T/89741 H.M.Army (Textile Designer) 25 Kingston Grove, Thackley, Bradford Percy Conroy Spinning Overlooker Norman Rushworth By Licence 13
  HARPER Joan 20 S Private W/214682 A.T.S. (Shorthand Typist) 12 Beech Crescent, Bradford Edwin Harper Warp Twister Elizabeth Harper    
1943 08 14 HELLIWELL Harry 37 W Plumber (Journeyman) 167 Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford Joseph Thomas Helliwell Cabinet Maker Barbara Dickinson   14
  HOLROYD Rene 27 W Munition Worker (Worsted Winder) 50 King Street, Eccleshill, Bradford Harry Cansfield (deceased) Loom Fitter Bernard Ribbons    
1943 12 18 BRADBURY Ernest 38 B Munition Worker (General Labourer) 31 Kingston Road, Thackley, Bradford Frederick Alfred Bradbury General Labourer Donald Thornton Hainsworth   15
  NELSON Emily 39 S Worsted Weaver 30 Pellon Terrace, Idle, Bradford George Reginald Nelson (deceased) Weaving Overlooker John Nelson    
1944 04 22 HANNAH Thomas 19 B Sergeant Air Gunner 1822303 R.A.F. (Apprentice Ironmonger) Oakington Neil Hannah Railway Signalman Alice Maskew By Licence 16
  MASKEW Joyce 21 S A.C.W. 476116 W.A.A.F. (Shorthand Typist) 22 Railway Road, Idle, Bradford Joseph Maskew Heating Engineer Neil Hannah    
1944 06 05 DAVEY John Joe 24 B Private 14404324 H.M.Army (Blacksmith's Striker) Army Post Office, England Patrick J Davey Policeman Eire Norah Arkle By Licence 17
  SLATER Florrie 23 S Munition Worker (Worsted Weaver) 3 Park Road, Thackley, Bradford George William Slater (deceased) Quarryman John Melia?    
1945 04 02 LEE William 51 W Dairyman 47 Park Road, Thackley, Bradford John Lee (deceased) Miner Elsie Watmough   18
  DOVE Mary 42 S Worsted Weaver 2 Stansfield Place, Idle, Bradford John Dove (deceased) Miner Arthur Lee    
1945 11 24 SANFORD Charles Eugene 21 B Private 14522099 H.M.Army (Machine Moulder) 16 Helena Avenue, Margate William Sanford Plasterer William H Sanford By Licence 19
  SLATER Phyllis May 19 S Dye Cleaner's Packer 13 Craghill Road, Thackley, Bradford James Edward Slater Motor Driver Alice Preece    
1948 06 05 DEACON William 20 B Painter and Decorator (Journeyman) 803 Leeds Road, Thackley, Bradford Harry Deacon Wool Sorter Kenneth Bartle, Kathleen M Jones   20
  BELL Margaret Amelia 20 S Shorthand Typist 2 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle, Bradford Robert Mackenzie Bell Bricklayer Robert Mackenzie Bell    
1948 06 19 BELL Harry 22 B Cloth Warehouseman 4 Howard Street, Shipley Fred Bell Dyer's Operative Ronald Bell, F Wilkinson   1
  WILKINSON Jean 19 S Burler and Mender 54 Park Road, Thackley, Bradford Fielding Wilkinson Textile Warehouseman June Wilkinson    
1948 06 23 FLETCHER Michael 22 B 2nd. Lieut. P/390795 R.E. (Student) 21 Kingston Grove, Thackley, Bradford William Fletcher Newsagent's Manager D B Palin, P A Horton   2
  DICKINSON Barbara 20 S Builder's Clerk 535 Leeds Road, Thackley, Bradford Lewis Wilkinson Clerk L Dickinson    
1948 08 26 MITCHELL Stanley Simpson 25 B Schoolmaster 333 Highfield Road, Idle, Bradford Cyril Mitchell Local Government Officer E Piers Tyrrell   3
  LIPPEK Martha Sophie 27 S   333 Highfield Road, Idle, Bradford Karl Lippek Railway Inspector Arthur Simpson    
1950 05 27 HARRISON Charles Peter 24 B Clerk (Chemical Industries) 310 Idle Road, Eccleshill, Bradford Charles Harrison Police Sergeant (retired) Charles Harrison   4
  STEAD Olive Bettine 22 S Comptometer Operator (Tanks and Drum Makers) 14 Park Road, Thackley, Bradford Martin Henry Stead Engineer Daisy Stead    
1950 09 06 HOBSON Sydney Spence 28 B Electrician (Journeyman) 549 Killinghall Road, Bradford Harold Hobson (deceased)   * Hobson, A M Cowbourne?   5
  WATMOUGH Elsie 24 S Shorthand Typist Textile Manufacturer 220 Westfield Lane, Idle, Bradford Frank Watmough (retired)   F Watmough, A Hobson    
1952 05 17 BLAKELEY Harold 48 * Sergeant 11283613 R.A.F. 5 Northall Avenue, Thackley, Bradford George Blakeley (retired)   Cissie Wilkinson, Kenneth Simpson By Licence. * Formerly husband of Kathleen Blakeley formerly Schorn spinster from whom he obtained a divorce 6
  WALKER * Susan 46 **   69 Bradford Road, Idle, Bradford Robert Griffiths (deceased)   Elizabeth Simpson * Formerly Griffiths. ** Formerly the wife of Harry Walker from whom she obtained a divorce  
1952 07 05 NUTTALL Stanley 22 B Retail Grocer's Assistant 5 Glenfield, Windhill, Shipley Robert Nuttall Engineer E Goleby   7
  ATKINSON Audrey 22 S Reader's Copy Holder for Printers 9 Vicarage Road, Windhill, Shipley George Sydney Atkinson Reader's Copy Holder for Printers F? Lee    
1953 02 14 BOOTH George 22 B Porter Salesman Fruit & Vegatables 552 Hunsworth Lane, East Bierley George Henry Booth Wireman (British Railways) Jack? Booth   8
  SLATER Irene 21 S Comptometer Operator 13 Craghill Road, Thackley, Bradford James Edward Slater Corporation Labourer Sarah Jane Stainton    
1953 07 25 ATTENBOROUGH Keith 26 B Industrial Cleaner Oil & Fat Blenders 13 Bowness Avenue, Bradford William Attenborough Tailor Journeyman C Walton, E Mead   9
  WALTON Kathleen 24 S Secondary Modern School Teacher 517 Leeds Road, Thackley, Bradford Herbert Walker Walton Engineer Fitter W Attenborough    
1954 12 07 LLOYD Frank 24 B Stereotyper (Printers) 56 Town Lane, Idle, Bradford Edward Askew Lloyd Printer's Assistant Rose? Priestley   10
  FREEAR Joan 24 S Book-keeper (Printers) 141 Sterling Street, Bradford James Freear Wool Warehouseman W Ellis    
1955 05 14 FEARNLEY Dennis 21 B Tpr. 22980677 Prince of Wales Dragoon Guards 28 Grandage Terrace, Bradford     Elsie Mercer   11
  STRICKLAND Beatrice Anne 18 S Burler and Mender (Textiles) 64 New Street, Idle, Bradford Fred Strickland Motor Lorry Driver Haulage B Robert