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Valley Road Methodist Chapel Marriages

This chapel is situated in Valley Road, Littlemoor, Pudsey. It was built in 1868 at a cost of £2000 and closed in 1967. Marriages by chapel started in June 1902. The reference number refers to the registration held at Leeds Register Office. There were certainly earlier marriages where the registrar attended. These records are found under North Bierley Register Office and are now located at Bradford R. O.

Father occ.
Father occ.
1895 10 16 GREAVES Thomas Blackburn   B   Beulah View, Pudsey George Greaves (dec.)      
  WEBSTER Elizabeth   S   Pudsey Joseph Webster (dec.)      
1902 06 28 CRAVEN Walter 31 B Glazier at Iron Works Larkfield Farm, Pudsey Thomas Craven (deceased) Quarryman John Hesling AP287/1
  HESLING Maud 22 S . Fulneck End, Pudsey John Hesling Master Tailor Mary Craven  
1902 12 13 KITCHIN James William 23 B Puddler at Iron Works 6 Troydale, Pudsey William Kitchin Shipwright Matthew H Tidswell AP287/2
  TIDSWELL Bertha 28 S . 1 Tennyson Street, Pudsey David Tidswell Miner Barnabas Kitchin  
1903 04 13 HORNER George Alfred 26 B Clicker at Boot factory 30 South Parade, Pudsey Thomas Brown Horner Engine minder Charles Firth AP287/3
  RAISTRICK Emily 26 S Woollen Weaver Lumby Lane, Pudsey James Edward Raistrick Coal Miner Edward Durham  
1903 07 04 WINDSOR George Arthur 25 B Weaving Overlooker 112 Valley Road, Pudsey Charles Windsor Woollen spinner Simeon Myers AP287/4
  LANGLEY Hannah 26 S Weaver at Woollen Mill 3 Tennyson Street, Pudsey Mathew Langley . Julia Langley  
1903 08 12 HOPPER William 29 B Wesleyan Minister Road Head, Hunsonby James Hopper Paper maker H Scales Wade AP287/5
  WEBSTER Clara Teresa 31 S . Beulah View, Littlemoor, Pudsey Joseph Webster (deceased) Top Manufacturer John A Webster  
1904 04 09 WEBSTER Joseph William 23 B Woollen Manufacturers Manager Beulah View, Pudsey Joseph Webster (deceased) Top Manufacturer Joshua Ward AP287/6
  GILL Lucy 24 S . 126 Valley Road, Pudsey David Gill (deceased) Engineer Eliza Sutcliffe  
1904 08 29 MYERS Simeon 26 B Wool sorter St Vincents Cottage, Pudsey Simeon Myers (deceased) Top Merchant Oliver Myers AP287/7
  GILL Annie 26 S . Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Charles Gill Cabinet Maker Lewis Tidswell  
1906 04 14 JACKSON Harry 27 B Iron Moulder 115 Valley Road, Pudsey John Jackson Farmer Mathew Henry Tidswell AP287/8
  RIDER Annie Eliza 25 S Worsted Weaver 1 Tennyson Street, Pudsey Samuel Rider Teamer June Gerty Jackson  
1906 08 25 WATKINSON Fred 25 B Cloth Fuller Turkey Hill, Pudsey Joseph Dean Watkinson Fettler Herbert Watkinson AP287/9
  MORRELL Ada 24 S Tailoress Silver Royd Hill, Wortley John Morrell Leather Merchant Lizzie Morrell  
1906 12 15 HINCHLIFFE Willie 25 B Grocer 1 Crowthers Yard, Pudsey Joseph Hinchliffe Cloth Fuller Joseph Hinchliffe AP287/10
  BENNETT Hannah 25 S Mender in Woollen Mill 120 Valley Road, Pudsey Edwin Bennett (deceased) Stone dresser Alice Wilkinson  
1907 06 05 JOWETT Emanuel 38 B Farmer 101 Valley Road, Pudsey Ephraim Jowett Miner Abraham Jowett AP287/11
  WEBSTER Emma Annie 28 S Worsted Weaver 34 Robin Lane, Pudsey James Webster Contractor James William Webster  
1907 10 23 JACKSON John William 24 B Scourer at Woollen Mill 5 The Lanes, Pudsey John Jackson Currier Joseph Shaw AP287/12
  GILL Clara 22 S Woollen Weaver 4 Littlemoor Bottom, Pudsey John Gill Engineman (deceased) John Webster  
1910 11 16 BEAUMONT Percy 25 W Grocer's Manager 13 Northfield Road, Pudsey John Beaumont Manufacturers Gatekeeper Fred C Taylor AP287/13
  TAYLOR Mary Emily 31 S Stationer's Assistant 31 Rosemont, Pudsey Jonathan Taylor Drugstore Manager Jonathan Taylor  
1911 04 17 SCARTH William Vincent 26 B Grocers Assistant 27 South Parade, Pudsey John Edward Scarth Plumber Walter Scarth AP287/14
  CROWTHER Mary Alice 26 S Woollen piece mender 10 St Vincent Road, Pudsey James Crowther Weaving Overlooker Elliot Crowther  
1911 06 03 BRIGGS Lewis 33 B Boot Rivetter 289 Upper Town Street, Bramley Samuel Briggs (deceased) Woollen spinner William Halliday AP287/15
  HORN Sarah 31 S Woollen Cloth Weaver 11 Tennyson Street, Pudsey Irwin Horn Joiner Ethel Stephenson  
1912 01 20 ROBINSON Herbert 24 B Newspaper clerk 8 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Arthur Robinson Insurance Agent R Milligan AP287/16
  MILLIGAN Sarah Hannah 25 S . 24 Victoria Terrace, Pudsey Richard Milligan Coal Merchant E Milligan, Arthur Ackroyd  
1913 09 27 YOUNG William Kershaw Porritt 22 B House Painter 9 Woodfield Terrace, Robin Lane, Pudsey William Porritt Young Musician John Edmund North Gower AP287/17
  PARKINSON Alice 22 S Assistant in Drapery Store 9 Woodfield Terrace, Robin Lane, Pudsey Joseph Parkinson Woollen Spinner Tom Weston Hornby, Carrie Young  
1914 01 21 BEAUMONT Laurence Arnold 26 B Cloth Designer 75 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Albert Beaumont Mill Manager James Alfred Shaw AP287/18
  SCRUTON Ethel 27 S . 75 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Richard Scruton Mechanical Engineer Annie Shaw  
1915 09 11 BEDFORD Thomas 24 B General Labourer 84 Roker Lane, Pudsey Tom Bedford Fettler Jim Schofield AP287/19
  SCHOFIELD Florence 25 S Woollen Weaver 63 Brittania Road, Morley Jim Schofield Blacksmith Oliver Bedford  
1915 12 26 HARRISON Allan Denton 26 B Market Gardener Arbourer 17 Lidget Hill, Pudsey James Harrison Weaving overlooker William Procter AP287/20
  PROCTER Minnie 27 S Florist Glynlea, Lumby Lane, Pudsey William Procter Market Gardener J W Harrison  
1916 04 22 ROBERTS John Ben 25 B Mechanic (Engineers) 90 Valley Road, Pudsey Sugden Roberts Engine tenter Robert Brown AP287/21
  BROWN Mary 26 S Woollen Weaver 4 Cooper Hill, Pudsey Joseph Brown Waste sorter John William Grayshon  
1916 06 10 SMITH John 30 B Machine man (Engineers) Wharncliffe Street, Scotswood Road, Newcastle upon Tyne John Smith Deputy Overman (miner) William Henry Foreman AP287/22
  RAISTRICK Sarah Hannah 36 S . 8 Lumby Lane, Pudsey James Edward Raistrick Miner Isabella Smith  
1917 06 09 WEBSTER Nelson 26 B Shipping clerk Grasmere, Church Lane, Pudsey John Webster Commercial Traveller Joseph Arthur Webster AP287/23
  SMAILES Mary Cecilia 24 S Telephone Operator 26 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Edward Smailes Gardener Edward Smailes  
1918 02 16 KITCHIN Barnabas 36 W Puddler Back Lane Farm, Pudsey William Kitchin Shipwright Annie Kitchin AP287/24
  GAUNT Helena 40 S Woollen Weaver 3 Lidget Hill, Pudsey Mathew Gaunt (deceased) Weaver Edith Gaunt  
1918 03 02 HARRISON Percy 31 B Private 4th West Riding Regiment (Coal Dealer) 44 Skipton Old Road, Foulridge, Colne Fred Harrison Weaver Herbert Robinson AP287/25
  MILLIGAN Ellen Ann 35 S . Northrop Terrace, Church Lane, Pudsey Richard Milligan (deceased) Coal Merchant Sarah Hannah Robinson  
1918 11 30 SOUTHERN John William 36 B Painter for G.N.Railway 34 Intake Road, Lowtown, Pudsey John Southern Foreman Painter Harry Jackson AP287/26
  JACKSON Jane Gertrude 30 S Worsted Weaver 9 Crowther Fold, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey John Jackson (deceased) . Mabel A Southern  
1918 12 07 GOWER William Henry North 25 B Private 403067, 1/2nd West Riding Field Ambulance 8 Glebe Street, Pudsey William North Gower (deceased)   Hannah Boocock AP287/27
  BOOCOCK Maud 21 S . 40 Melbourne Cottages, Pudsey John Edward Boocock (deceased) . Isaac Wood  
1919 09 22 WEBSTER David 52 W Wool Merchant 25 Roker Lane, Pudsey James Webster (deceased) Wool sorter Edith Scruton AP287/28
  RHODES Agnes 49 W . 23 Roker Lane, Pudsey Henry Scruton (deceased) Commercial Traveller Wilfrid Scruton  
1920 08 07 INGHAM Harry 26 B Wool sorter 114 Valley Road, Pudsey William Ingham Currier Simeon Myers AP287/29
  GILL Amy 24 S . 85 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Charles Gill Joiner and Cabinet Maker Lewis Tidswell  
1920 08 14 GOWER John Edmund North 30 B Overlooker at Woollen Mill 8 Glebe Street, Pudsey William North Gower (deceased) Overlooker at Woollen Mill Leonard Wilson North Gower AP287/30
  HUDSON Clarice 30 30 Teacher of Music 14 Vincent Road, Pudsey Sam Hudson Cloth Fuller Sam Hudson  
1920 08 21 MALKIN Walter 30 B Woollen Card Fettler 6 St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey John William Ross Malkin Drain Examiner Harry Ingham AP287/31
  INGHAM Hilda 28 S Burler at Woollen Mill 114 Valley Road, Pudsey William Ingham Currier Clara Malkin  
1920 09 05 GRAYSHON John William 30 B Woollen Merchant St Vincent Road, Pudsey Ezra Grayshon Cloth Presser Philip Webster AP287/32
  WEBSTER Lillian 30 S Woollen Weaver 63 Valley Road, Pudsey David Webster Waste Dealer Harry Jackson  
1921 03 16 SPEAK Arthur Ernest 35 B Postman (GPO) 12 Church Hill Street, Stanningley John Speak Hotel Waiter Betty Rider AP287/33
  JOHNSON Mary Elizabeth 37 S Woollen Weaver 105 Fartown, Pudsey Frederick William Johnson Retired Boot Repairer Hannah Clough  
1921 11 05 CRESSEY Ernest 22 B Piecener at Woollen Mill 92 Valley Road, Pudsey William Cressey Willeyer in Woollen Mill Herbert Hinchcliffe AP287/34
  SWALES Ethel Warrington 22 S Woollen Cloth Weaver 25 Byron Street, Pudsey . . Sarah H Cressey  
1922 12 26 EMSLEY William 29 B Clerk (Boot Factors) 8 Albion Street, Pudsey James Emsley Labourer William Glover AP287/35
  GLOVER Alice 28 S . Clarendon Buildings, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey William Glover Greengrocer Annie Glover  
1923 02 17 FEARNLEY Willie 23 B Wholesale Confectioner 1 Park Square, Pudsey Henry Fearnley (deceased) . Raymond Smith AP287/36
  BROWN Amelia 25 S Woollen Weaver 4 Cooper Hill, Pudsey Joseph Brown (deceased) . Ada Brown  
1923 06 11 BARRAN Ernest 27 B Worsted Weaving Overlooker 76 Rosemount, Bagley Lane, Farsley Jonah Barran (deceased) Fettler Harry Glover AP287/37
  GLOVER Annie 26 S Drapers Assistant 1 Clarendon Buildings, Pudsey William Glover Fruiterer William Glover  
1923 07 21 DIXON William Harrison 32 B Engineers Fitter 396 Bradley Hill Place, Stanningley Joe Dixon Engineers Labourer Ernest Dixon AP287/38
  BOOCOCK Hannah 27 S Cloth Weaver 40 Melbourne Cottages, Pudsey John Edward Boocock Miner (deceased) Lily Sanders  
1924 01 26 SUGDEN Frank 24 B Cooper 36 Primrose Hill, Stanningley Sam Sugden Furnace Charger Norman Sugden AP287/39
  WEBSTER Doris Amy 22 S Warehouse Assistant 103 Valley Road, Pudsey Milner Webster Market Gardener Clarice May Webster  
1924 04 19 SMITH Raymond 33 B Boot Machine Operator 54 Hammerton Street, Pudsey William Thomas Smith French Polisher & Upholsterer Brian Smith AP287/40
  BROWN Ada 31 S Cardboard Box Maker 2 Cooper Hill, Pudsey Joseph Brown (deceased) . Laura Brown  
1924 04 30 TIMMIS Reginald Harry 28 B Assistant Engineer 3 Roseville Terrace, Manston, Crossgates John Henry Timmis Retired Pawnbroker Percy H Timmis AP287/41
  WEBSTER Jane Elizabeth 26 S . Grasmere, Church Lane, Pudsey John Webster Cloth Merchant Mary Louisa Webster  
1924 06 07 SMITH Brian 33 B Station Painter (Railway Co) 54 Hammerton Street, Pudsey William Thomas Smith French Polisher & Upholsterer Harold Cooper AP287/42
  COOPER Doris 26 S Worsted Weaver 15 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Tom F Cooper Coal Merchant Raymond Smith  
1924 08 20 ILLINGWORTH Reginald 25 B Grocer 10 Chapeltown, Pudsey J H Illingworth Grocer Edward Mann AP287/43
  GLOVER Miriam 21 S . 6 Clarendon Buildings, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey William Glover Fruiterer Hilda Glover  
1925 05 30 WILSON Edward Kitchener 24 B Packer Cloth Warehouse 83 Valley Road, Pudsey William Wilson Plumber John Edward Wood AP287/44
  WALKER Lilian 23 S Woollen Weaver 302 Stanningley Road, Bramley James Walker Fettler Violet Walker  
1925 08 01 HARDAKER James 24 B Motor Driver 29 Parkfield Terrace, Pudsey John C Hardaker Foreman Horsekeeper Joseph Hardaker AP287/45
  BRAY Hilda 24 S Weaver 94 Valley Road, Pudsey Joseph W Bray (deceased) . Nellie Fletcher  
1925 08 15 RAISTRICK Harry 28 B Textile Finisher 10 Temple Street, Bradford Mawson Raistrick Yeast Merchant John Gill AP287/46
  HOBBS Elsie 20 S Shorthand Typist 80 Valley Road, Pudsey Henry John Hobbs Boot Repairer Lily Hobbs  
1925 09 07 MYERS Walter 33 B Market Gardener 3 Park View, Church Lane, Pudsey Henry Myers Wool Salesman Herbert Myers AP287/47
  LONGBOTTOM Lillie 33 S Worsted Weaver 7 Crowthers Yard, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Richard Longbottom Overlooker A L Longbottom  
1925 10 14 CHAMBERS Sydney 25 B Ironmonger (Master) Heath House, Pudsey Edwin Chambers Sheet Metal Worker (Master) Henry Robinson AP287/48
  ROBINSON Maud 23 S . 138 Valley Road, Pudsey Henry Robinson Tenterer Edwin Chambers  
1926 08 02 CROSLAND Harold 30 B Woollen Under-spinner 89a, Valley Road, Pudsey Arthur Crosland Loom Tuner Alfred Slater AP287/49
  GAUNT Edith 35 S Shop Assistant 3 Lidget Hill, Pudsey John William Gaunt Boot & Shoe Dealer Hilda Gaunt  
1927 06 04 SLATER Alfred 30 B Woollen Spinner 65 Valley Road, Pudsey Jeremiah Slater Woollen Spinner Joe Sugden AP287/50
  MYERS Sarah 32 S Top Makers Cashier 3 Park View, Pudsey Harry Myers Wool Salesman Herbert Myers  
1927 09 24 KITCHIN John Herbert 33 B Firewood Merchant 17 Robin Lane, Pudsey William Kitchin Shipwright Rose Kitchin AP287/A/1
  BENNETT Martha 35 S Insurance Agents Collector 40 Valley Road, Pudsey Edwin Bennett (deceased) . John Boocock  
1928 01 28 GILL David 27 B Spinning Mill Mechanic 6a School Terrace, Lowtown, Pudsey Joseph Gill Engine tenter James Gill AP287/A/2
  MAWSON Doris May 23 S Back Washer in Spinning Mill 72 Low Bank Streeet, Farsley Samuel Mawson Moulder Mary Gill  
1928 07 07 MASON Herbert Henry 32 B Civil Servant GPO 114 Hammerton View, Pudsey Herbert Henry Mason Fitter Raymond Smith AP287/A/3
  BROWN Laura 34 S Box Makers Cutter 4 Cooper Hill, Pudsey Joseph Brown (deceased) Foundry Worker Ann Smith  
1928 10 06 ELSWORTH Ben 23 B Electrical Engineers Labourer 7 Manor House Street, Pudsey Joshua Frederick Elsworth (deceased) Boot Rivetter Henry Ackroyd AP287/A/4
  ACKROYD Emily 25 S Woollen Reeler 10 Troughton Street, Pudsey Henry Ackroyd Tannery Labourer Hilda Clark  
1929 08 03 FORD Arthur 23 B Wool Willeyer 59 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Harry Ford Scribbling Overlooker Frank Marshall AP287/A/5
  KIRK Ivy 23 S Woollen Weaver 2 Station Road, Pudsey Henry Kirk Hairdresser Edith Annie Kirk  
1930 08 09 LISTER Leonard 23 B Mule Spinner 68 Fartown, Pudsey Harry Lister Road Labourer Benjamin Croft AP287/A/6
  COATES Elsie 24 S Woolcomber 79 Valley Road, Pudsey Matthew Coates (deceased) Foundry Labourer John William Brigg  
1930 11 22 CRESSEY Frank 25 B Willeyer in Woollen Mill 92 Valley Road, Pudsey William Cressey (deceased) Chapel Keeper Ernest Cressey AP287/A/7
  HOLTON Ivy Winifred 25 S Worsted Twister 1 Hillthorpe Terrace, Pudsey John Holton (deceased) Boot Finisher Grace Florence Holton  
1931 01 14 JAMIESON Frank 26 B Grocers Manager 183 Gladstone Street, Bradford Joseph Alexander Jamieson Hairdresser Victor Alexander Jamieson AP287/A/8
  GLOVER Rose 22 S . Clarendon Buildings, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey William Glover (deceased) Greengrocer Harry Glover  
1931 04 04 SMAILES Edward Clarence 31 B Accountants Clerk 26 St Vincent Road, Pudsey Edward Smailes Gardener Ann Hodgson AP287/A/9
  GRAYSHON Sarah 27 S . 5 Lumby Lane, Pudsey Ezra Grayshon Cloth Presser Philip Webster, John William Grayshon  
1931 04 06 FURNISS George 23 B Tailor's Assistant Manager 2 Cornwall Terrace, Bradford Alfred Furniss (deceased) Detective Inspector (Police Force) Harry Furniss AP287/A/10
  GLOVER Hilda 24 S Shop Assistant (Greengrocers) 1 Clarendon Buildings, Pudsey William Glover (deceased) Greengrocer Harry Glover  
1932 02 20 SMITH Harry 25 B Police Constable, Bradford City Police 180 Gladstone Street, Bradford John William Smith Overlooker at Woollen Mill Ruth Ann Gaunt AP287/A/11
  GAUNT Lily 31 S Worsted Weaver 6 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey William Henry Gaunt (deceased) Overlooker Woollen Mill J W Smith  
1933 09 06 SWANN William Leslie Wake 31 B Electrician 47 Parsonage Road, West Bowling Frederick Arthur Swann Railway Foreman Frank Tidswell AP287/A/12
  TIDSWELL Hilda 28 S Typist West House, 40 Greenside, Pudsey Lewis Tidswell (deceased) Grocer Gavin Swann  
1933 12 16 HUMPHREYS Clifford Joseph 24 B Electrician (Wireman) 21 Bath Lane, Bramley Samuel Humphreys Leather Worker George Gilbert Humphreys AP287/A/13
  WHITE Eleanor 23 S Woollen Twister 9 Lumby Lane, Pudsey Joseph Arthur White Woollen Mill Caroline Vincent Bentley  
1933 12 22 LAWSON Frank 28 B Master Mechanical Engineer 53 Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey Harry Lawson Spinner Lilian Lawson AP287/A/14
  KITCHIN Bertha 27 S Cloth Mender 32 Marsh, Pudsey James William Kitchin Bus Proprietor Oliver Hudson  
1934 05 19 NIELD Eric John 26 B Journeyman Millwright 147 Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey James William Nield Fish Trade Frederick A Lodge AP287/A/15
  JACKSON Frances Ann 24 S Cloth Mender 23 Smalewell Road, Pudsey Thomas Henry Jackson Hairdresser Frances A Nield  
1934 08 25 RAISTRICK Arthur Vivian 26 B Professional Accountant 34 Vermont Street, Bramley George Arthur Raistrick Grocery Manager Edith Mary Sanderson AP287/A/16
  DOWGILL Marian 23 S Cloth Mender 11 Huggan Row, Pudsey Leonard Dowgill Manager Weft Dept William Holt  
1934 09 08 TERRY Fred Blenkinsop 24 B Cloth Finisher 52 Church Lane, Pudsey . . Raymond Terry AP287/A/17
  WEBSTER Rhoda Edna 27 S Fancy Goods Saleswoman 14 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Milner Webster Labourer Clarice May Webster  
1934 11 14 WEBSTER Dixon 31 B Motor Driver (Coal Merchant) 14 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Milner Webster Labourer Mary Edith Stephenson AP287/A/18
  CLIFF May 30 W Office Cleaner 125 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Eccleshill Herbert Wadsworth (deceased) . L P Webster  
1934 12 22 SHIRES Benjamin 33 B Coal M Getter 7 Oakfields, Methley Samuel Shires (deceased) Miner Ellen Shires AP287/A/19
  SMITH Frances Annie 30 S Woollen Weaver 57 Lowtown, Pudsey John William Smith Textile Worker Myra Wheeler, Thomas Dodgson  
1935 06 01 WILSON Frank 33 B Master Painter 28 Milner Fold, Pudsey John William Wilson Quarryman Amy Crosland AP287/A/20
  CROSLAND Lily 34 S Woollen Weaver 19 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Arthur Crosland (deceased) Weaving Overlooker William Whiteley  
1935 06 08 MARLOW Leonard 31 B Cloth Warehouseman 11 Stanley Terrace, Armley John Marlow Worker Gasworks Clara Robinson AP287/A/21
  ROBINSON Miriam 24 S Cashier 64 Valley Road, Pudsey Henry Robinson Cloth Tenterer George Whitaker  
1936 04 04 BARRACLOUGH William 24 B Kerb Fitter 33 Longfield Mount, Pudsey William Barraclough Wool Warehouseman Doris Mary Spurr AP287/A/22
  SPURR Norah 25 S Worsted Weaver 5 St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey Joseph Spurr Stone Mason Arthur Hindle  
1936 05 30 THOMAS Edwin Henry 23 B Joiner Journeyman Swinnow House Cottage, Bramley Mason Thomas (deceased) Dairyman Margaret Gaunt AP287/A/23
  GAUNT Irene Walker 22 S Cloth Burler & Mender 30 St Vincent Road, Pudsey William T Gaunt Clerk George Butterfield  
1936 06 13 ACKROYD Herbert 24 B Cloth Finisher 10 Troughton Street, Pudsey Henry Ackroyd Labourer Phyllis Milner AP287/A/24
  MILNER Violet 21 S Silk Weaver 2 Hillthorpe Street, Pudsey Thomas H Milner . John Ackroyd  
1936 08 01 CRAVEN Samuel 43 B Window Cleaner (Master) 7 Bath View, Bramley Samuel Craven (deceased) Window Cleaner Evelyn Hudson AP287/A/25
  PROCTER Alice 39 S Box Makers Cutter 18 Houghside Road, Pudsey Alfred Procter (deceased) Market Gardener John William Swales  
1936 08 01 SWALES John William 36 B Temporary Postman 12 Pontefract Place, Leeds 9 Arthur Swales Cab Driver Evelyn Hudson AP287/A/26
  PROCTER Annie 34 S Tailoress 18 Houghside Road, Pudsey Alfred Procter (deceased) Market Gardener Samuel Craven  
1936 08 29 AYRTON John 25 B Plasterer's labourer 74 Primrose Hill, Pudsey . . Alfred Septimus Fisher AP287/A/27
  FISHER Jane 24 S Woollen Weaver 13 Byron Street, Pudsey Alfred Fisher Fettler Thomas Oliver  
1936 09 05 EMSLEY Edgar 31 B Railway Porter 62 Coach Row, Bradford John George Emsley (deceased) Carter Webster Emsley AP287/A/28
  MIDGLEY Edna Jennett 30 S . 53 Roker Lane, Pudsey Firth Midgley Yeast Merchant Elizabeth Emsley  
1936 09 12 HINDLE Arthur 24 B Mill Bobbin Makers Labourer 14 Owlcotes Terrace, Pudsey Harry Richardson Hindle Collier Wilfred Thompson AP287/A/29
  ROUNDHILL Dorothy Mary 22 S Worsted Weaver 27 Byron Street, Pudsey James William Roundhill (deceased) . Muriel Roundhill  
1936 10 31 STOTT Joseph Henry 23 B Iron Turner (Railway) 8 Ross Grove, Bramley Arthur Stott Carding Overlooker Thomas Stott AP287/A/30
  HOBSON Louie 21 S Burler & Mender 97 Valley Road, Pudsey Webster Hobson (deceased) Woolsorter Amy Spencer, Arthur Stott  
1936 12 26 MOSS Freddy 60 W Woollen Weaving Overlooker 27 St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey William Moss Farmer W Taylor AP287/A/31
  LONGBOTTOM Annie Lizzie 59 S Woollen Weaver 99 Valley Road, Pudsey Richard Longbottom (deceased) Weaving Overlooker L Myers  
1936 12 26 MAKIN Harry 27 B Mechanical Engineer 87 Manse Road, Rainham John H Makin Cotton Spinner Harold F Shakeshaft AP287/A/32
  SMITHSON Doris 23 S Woolcomber 71 Valley Road, Pudsey Albert Smithson (deceased) Grinder Constance J Joynt  
1937 01 02 RODGERS William Emsley 24 B Journeyman House Painter 94 Valley Road, Pudsey Joseph Rodgers Journeyman House Painter William Holt AP287/A/33
  GOMERSALL Florence Edith 25 S Woollen Weaver 88 Valley Road, Pudsey Horace Gomersall Textile Worker Annie Rodgers, James Brook  
1937 01 02 DAVEY Maurice 27 B Painter (LNER Railway) 7 Sun Street, Stanningley Joseph Davey (deceased) Textile Worker Alfred Hughes AP287/A/34
  BARRACLOUGH Elsie 23 S Burler & Mender 33 Longfield Mount, Pudsey William Barraclough Warehouseman Edith Barraclough, William Barraclough  
1937 03 27 WARD Cyril Charles 24 B Cloth Finisher 17 Windmill Hill, Pudsey James Arthur Ward Woollen Spinner Reggie Ward AP287/A/35
  GAUNT Margaret 25 S Burler & Mender 30 St Vincent Road, Pudsey William Thompson Gaunt Order Clerk Mary Catherine Coates, Wm T Gaunt  
1937 07 31 LEE Frank 31 B Willeyer in Woollen Mill 165 Wyther Park Hill, Armley Harry Lee Boot Repairer C Hinchliffe, Ruth Gaunt AP287/A/36
  GAUNT Grace 29 S Typist (Engineering) 14 Crawshaw Road, Pudsey William Henry Gaunt (deceased) Weaving Overlooker L Gaunt, H Lee  
1937 09 18 WALKER Lawrence 35 B Labourer at Copper Works 17 St Albans Street, Leeds 2 Smith Walker Stone Mason Smith Walker, Walter Crosland AP287/A/37
  CROSLAND Hilda 30 S Woollen Weaver 19 Southroyd Park, Pudsey Arthur Crosland (deceased) Tuner Amy Crosland, Alice Bell  
1937 12 25 BOYS Edwin 35 B Chemist & Druggist 59 Chapeltown, Pudsey Fred Boyes Retired Donald H Pontefract AP287/A/38
  HOBSON Miriam Ella 25 S Opticians Assistant 46 New Street, Pudsey George Hobson General Labourer Sarah Hobson, G D Hobson  
1938 04 16 DREDGE William 24 B Iron Moulder 4 Studley Terrace, Pudsey Joseph William Dredge (deceased) Labourer Frank Broadbent AP287/A/39
  WHEELER Connie 22 S Woollen Weaver 2 Adcock Bank, Pudsey Ernest Wheeler Collier Vera Wheeler, L Barraclough  
1938 07 23 DEARNLEY Norman 25 B Woollen Spinning Overlooker 45 Randolph Street, Bramley Fred Dearnley Tin Smith Alice Walsh AP287/A/40
  WALSH Margaret Emily 22 S Cloth Burler & Mender 12 Blenheim Terrace, Pudsey Alfred B Walsh Dyers Labourer Norman Kaye  
1938 07 23 DEXTER William Holmes 31 B Stockkeeper Glass & China 6 Poplar Avenue, Halton George Arthur Dexter Commercial Traveller Molly Leahy AP287/A/41
  PEACE Mabel 27 S Shop Assistant 19 Hammerton Grove, Pudsey Joseph Arthur Peace French Drawer Fred Sellars  
1938 07 30 SLATER Frank 26 B Cloth Finisher 3 Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey Percival Slater Mill Spinner Edith Annie Parker AP287/A/42
  FRANCE Doris 31 S Woollen Weaver 89a Valley Road, Pudsey . . Harry Slater  
1938 09 24 BROADBENT Frank 24 B Painter & Decorator 85 Waterloo Road, Pudsey James Broadbent Spinner Donald Williams AP287/A/43
  BARRACLOUGH Edith 20 S Shorthand Typist 35 Longfield Mount, Pudsey William Barraclough Warehouseman W Barraclough, Edna Barraclough  
1939 06 17 HOLT William 28 B Cloth Warehouseman 4 Scott Street, Valley Road, Pudsey John Holt Fitter Annie Rodgers AP287/A/44
  SANDERSON Edith Mary 25 S Burler & Mender 37 Acres Hall, Pudsey George Sanderson (deceased) Engineer Arthur Vivian Raistrick  
1939 09 30 RODGER Joseph 53 W Journeyman Painter 94 Valley Road, Pudsey Reuben Rodger Teamer William Emsley Rodger AP287/A/45
  CRESSEY Sarah Hannah 41 S Worsted Weaver 92 Valley Road, Pudsey William Cressey Willeyer Amy Crosland, Annie Rodger  
1939 12 21 FOUND Albert Ronald 29 B Engineers Draughtsman 143 Killinghall Road, Bradford Richard Daniel Found Engineer William L Swann AP287/A/46
  TIDSWELL Edna 31 S Typist 40 Greenside, Pudsey Lewis Tidswell (deceased) Grocer Mary Tidswell, Esme Found  
1940 07 20 MUSTILL William Ernest 25 B Journeyman House Painter 5 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Charles William Mustill Journeyman Painter Leonard Mustill AP287/A/47
  BARRACLOUGH Laura 24 S Burler & Mender 33 Longfield Mount, Pudsey William Barraclough Warehouseman Vera Barraclough, L M Mustill  
1941 04 12 PARKER Isaac Henry 25 B Corporal RASC (Woollen Weftman 17 Southroyd Park, Pudsey William Parker Fitter F Pickard, V Fenwick AP287/A/48
  FENWICK Edna 22 S Cloth Mender 69 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Charles William Fenwick Cloth Warehouseman William Parker, M Parker  
1941 04 12 ELSON Fred 21 B Private 4623136 H M Army (Woollen Weaver) 7 North View, West Ardsley Fred Elson Coal Hewer Harry Elson AP287/A/49
  RAWSON otherwise WALKER Vera 18 S Woollen Weaver 49 Troydale, Pudsey . . Violet Elson, Charles F Walker  
1941 07 16 BARKER Harold 34 B Trooper 7928372 H M Army (Cardboard Box Maker) 32 Undercliffe Street, Barkerend Road, Bradford Timothy Talbot Barker (deceased) Gasworker William Edwin Carlisle AP287/A/50
  BRADSHAW Caroline 28 S Woollen Warper 23 Byron Street, Valley Road, Pudsey Thomas Bradshaw Labourer June Taylor, Mary Bradshaw  
1941 12 20 THOMAS Glynn 32 B Minister of Religion 2 St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey Richard Thomas (deceased) Commercial Traveller L Jolly AP287/B/1
  DREDGE Annie 30 W Burler & Mender 2 St Lawrence Terrace, Pudsey Sam Watson Labourer Harold Hawkins  
1942 01 07 ACKROYD Albert 22 B Private 4457219 H M Army (Warp Twister) 12 Troughton Street, Pudsey Henry Ackroyd Labourer Frank Ackroyd AP287/B/2
  MILNER Mabel 20 S Woollen Spinner 11 Robin Lane, Pudsey Harry Milner Labourer Rose Cushin, Emily Elsworth  
1942 02 28 HOGG Brian Whitley 21 B Lithographic Artist 31 Skelton Avenue, Leeds 9 Harold Hogg LNER Masterer? Harold Horner AP287/B/3
  ROBINSON Ethel 20 S Mechanical Engineers Clerk 35 Longfield Mount, Pudsey Henry Robinson Cloth Finisher Henry Robinson, John Francis Cobbold  
1942 07 04 BARRETT Wilfred Alan 27 B L/Cpl 191552 H M Army (Grocers Warehouseman) 18 Eastwood Cottages, Conyer, Teynham George Henry Ashdown Labourer Charles Francis Walker AP287/B/4
  DALY Audrey 17 S Railway Clerk 62 Waterloo Mount, Pudsey Francis Daly (deceased) Moulder Thomas Daly  
1942 09 19 MUSTILL Leonard 22 B Cpl 980066 RAF (Sheet Metal Worker) 5 Brunswick Road, Pudsey Charles William Mustill Master Decorator K Mustill AP287/B/5
  HALL Marjorie 19 S Burler & Mender 61 Valley Road, Pudsey John William Hall Woollen Worker F Mustill, Kathleen Glover  
1942 12 26 JACKSON Joseph 26 B Cloth Finisher 35 Troydale Estate, Pudsey John Jackson Fireman E Ash AP287/B/6
  YATES Alice Annie 20 S Woolcomber 4 Valley Square, Pudsey William Henry Yates Cloth Finisher G H Yates  
1943 06 01 GLOVER William 33 B Leather Trades Nailer 8a Sharp Row, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey John Dickenson Glover (deceased) Market Gardener Alice Fowler AP287/B/7
  DARWIN Emma 19 S Munition Worker 5 Cromack View, Waterloo, Pudsey Richard Darwin Labourer M Smith, Richard Darwin  
1943 06 21 ELLIS Joseph Squire 22 B AC1486863 RAF (Steel Erector) 10 Dufton Terrace, Fartown, Pudsey William Ellis Textile Worker W Swithenbank AP287/B/8
  WHITE Ada May 22 S Munition Worker (Topper - Jam Factory) 8 Park Spring Rise, Bramley Joseph Arthur White (deceased) Textile Worker * Humphreys  
1943 07 10 MARSHALL Tom 25 B Mechanical Engineers Turner 26 Green Hill Crescent, Leeds 12 Tom Lumsden Marshall Coal Miner S Dawson AP287/B/9
  BLACKER Kathleen 26 S 48289 Womens Land Army (Tailoress) 3 Springfield Gardens, Pudsey Fred Blacker Engineers Stoker M Blacker  
1943 09 18 STOCKWELL Norman 24 B Seaman 196141 H M Navy (Commercial Clerk) 474 Harewood Street, Bradford Arthur Stockwell (deceased) . Louisa Eccles AP287/B/10
  ROUNDHILL Muriel Clara 22 S Munition Worker 27 Byron Street, Pudsey James William Roundhill (deceased) . Arthur Hindle  
1944 04 01 STRUDWICK Albert John 26 B Bdr 1448567 H M Army (Boiler Engineer) Militia Camp, Royston Albert Edward Strudwick (deceased) . Ernest Blakey AP287/B/11
  HALL Hilda 22 S Pte W/161567 H M Army (Munition Worker) 12 Roker View, Pudsey William Hall (deceased) . Violet Hall  
1944 04 08 STEPHENSON Alfred 32 B Motor Mechanic 3 Troydale, Pudsey Terry Stephenson Farm Labourer C Dredge AP287/B/12
  WHEELER Vera 32 S Canteen Cook 3 Troydale, Pudsey Ernest Wheeler Club Steward B Sunderland  
1944 04 22 BEAUMONT George William 20 B Private 14289209 H M Army (Bakers Assistant) 6 Rugby Terrace, Harrow St, Hessle Road, Hull George Robert Beaumont Dock Worker H H M Dixon AP287/B/13
  DIXON Betty 18 S Private W/249966 H M Army (Woollen Weaver) 33 Littlemoor Road, Pudsey Harold Hector Macdonald Dixon Munition Worker C Cormack?  
1945 01 20 BARKER Wilfred Stead 35 B Boot & Shoe Repairer 57 Stonegate Road, Meanwood, Leeds William Henry Barker Postal Servant (Retired) C E Barker AP287/B/14
  MARSHALL Olive 31 S Laundry Worker 83 Valley Road, Pudsey William Marshall Cemetery Superintendent (Retired) E G Myers?  
1945 02 21 DOWGILL Leslie Mark 25 B Gunner 1607685 H M Army (Accountant) 21 Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey Leonard Dowgill (deceased) . James Clough AP287/B/15
  CLOUGH Lucy 24 S Private W/257660 H M Army (Textile Weaver) 9 Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey Harry Clough Woollen Weaving Overlooker Edna Barraclough  
1945 06 28 COATES Eric 21 B Private 14329781 H M Army (Commercial Clerk) 7 Roker Avenue, Pudsey Matthew Coates Woollen Worker A M McClelland AP287/B/16
  MURDOCK Mary 21 S Munition Worker 7 Roker Avenue, Pudsey William Lees Murdock Farmer J E South?  
1946 04 30 BLISSETT Raymond Essam 23 B Flying Officer RAF 182421 (Student) 18 Carlton Rise, Pudsey Rolph Essam Blissett Sales Director Boot & Shoe Manufacturers Peter E Blissett AP287/B/17
  EMSLEY Joan 22 S Inland Revenue Clerk 18 Carlton Rise, Pudsey William Emsley Secretary Boot & Shoe Factors Annie Emsley  
1946 09 07 WOOD Robert 24 B Grocers Assistant 108 Roker Lane, Pudsey John Clough Wood Fettler Dorothy Charlesworth AP287/B/18
  FOWLER Alice 37 S Woollen Drawer 8a Sharp Row, Pudsey Frankland Fowler (deceased) Grinder & Glazier Ernest Wood  
1947 07 26 MURGATROYD Alan 26 B Woolsorter 18 Prospect Avenue, Pudsey Frank Murgatroyd Foreman Textiles F Murgatroyd AP287/B/19
  BARRACLOUGH Edna 26 S Engineers Clerk 33 Longfield Mount, Pudsey William Barraclough Warehouseman William Barraclough  
1947 08 02 KNAGGS John Henry 23 B Leather Finisher 11 Albion Street, Pudsey John Henry Knaggs (deceased) Fireman A Leech AP287/B/20
  LEECH Ruby 24 S Woollen Weaver 42 Roker Crescent, Pudsey George Albert Leech Labourer (Retired) C Leech  
1947 09 27 ROGERS Arthur 25 B Wholesale Tobacconist & Confectioner The Hollies, Sunfield, Stanningley Charles Henry William Rogers Wholesale Confectioner & Tobacconist Annie Emsley AP287/B/21
  EMSLEY Audrey 20 S Ministry of Fuel Clerk 18 Carlton Rise, Pudsey William Emsley Secretary Boot & Shoe Factors Margery Rogers  
1948 03 06 BROWN Edwin 31 D Master House Painter 10 Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey John Joseph Brown Woollen Fettler Muriel Willacy AP287/B/22
  COATES Mary Catherine 32 S Burler & Mender 45 Valley Road, Pudsey Dick Jennings Coates Cloth Miller George Brown  
1948 05 15 ELSWORTH Bernard 22 B Journeyman Joiner 28 Victoria Row, Bramley . . Wm Barraclough, Rita Barraclough AP287/B/23
  BARRACLOUGH Vera 22 S Burler & Mender 33 Longfield Mount, Pudsey William Barraclough Warehouseman Wm Murgatroyd, Alice Elsworth  
1948 09 04 PROCTOR Harry 21 B Railway Goods Porter Parkside House, Green Lane, Farnley, Leeds Herbert Proctor (deceased) Poultry Farmer John William Holmes AP287/B/24
  HOLMES Mavis 20 S Typist Ministry of Health 29 Longfield Mount, Pudsey John William Holmes Iron Dresser Shirley Holmes  
1949 01 22 HAGGERTY Stanley 25 B Cashier 11 Scott Street, Pudsey Alfred Haggerty Basket Maker Edgar Westerman AP287/B/25
  WESTERMAN Georgina Kathleen 24 S Woollen Weaver 868 Tong Road, Leeds 12 Edgar Westerman Cloth Finisher Georgina Sophia Westerman  
1949 09 17 SCHOLES Theodore 25 B Raincoat Manufacturers Warehouse 42 Acres Hall Avenue Prokop Proszczuk Farmer Samuel As* AP287/B/26
  HOLMES Gladys 32 S Grocers Shop Assistant 51 Acres Hall Avenue, Pudsey Robert Holmes Millhand Barbara H*  
1949 12 17 MARSDEN Jack 22 B Mechanical Engineers Fitter 55 Fairfield Terrace, Bramley Thomas Herbert Marsden Crane Driver Matthew Coates AP287/B/27
  COATES Jean 20 S Clerk Worsted Mill 7 Roker Avenue, Pudsey Matthew Coates Spinner Thomas Gaines  
1950 08 12 BENNETT Allan Carter 24 B Wholesale Cloth Warehouse Manager 7 Carlton Rise, Pudsey Frank Bennett Wholesale Merchant Edward Asquith AP287/B/28
  SANDS Sheila Mary 17 S Worsted Weaver 14 Scott Street, Pudsey Lawrence Sands Bricklayer Doris Mary Sands  
1950 12 18 CRACKNELL Alan 23 B University Student (Metallurgy) 15 Nora Place, Bramley Henry John William Cracknell Overlooker at Worsted Mill Kenneth Jackson AP287/B/29
  CRESSEY Joan 24 S Shorthand Typist 9 Springfield Gardens, Pudsey Ernest Cressey Textile Worker Irene Cressey  
1950 12 23 SIMPSON Ronald William 22 B Electrical Engineer 12 Belle Vue, Farsley Harold Simpson Worsted Spinner Douglas S Lund AP287/B/30
  READSHAW Mabel 23 S Worsted Weaver 37 Troydale, Pudsey Albert Anderson Readshaw Woollen Scribbler Mona Readshaw