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Voters in the Poll for a Knight of the Shire for the West Riding of Yorkshire 1848

Bradford Polling District, Pudsey Township


On Thursday December 14th and Friday December 15th 1848.

Candidates: Edmund Denison Esquire and Sir Culling Eardley Eardley, Baronet

The Votes for the respective candidates are indicated by the numerals 1 (Denison) and 2 (Eardley.

Denison won by a majority of 2948


John ACKROYD Milner Fold 2 John ILLINGWORTH Lowtown 1
James ALLOTT Lowtown 1 John INGHAM Farnley 2
John ARMISTEAD Wortley 2 Matthew INGHAM Stanningley 2
Abraham ARMITAGE Greenbottom 1 Thomas INGHAM Farnley 1
John ARMITAGE Smalewell 1 Timothy INGHAM Bradford 1
Joshua ARMITAGE Greenside 1 Jonathan JACKSON Jumbles Well 1
Joseph ARUNDALE Lowtown   William JEFFERSON Chapeltown 2
James ASQUITH Greenside 2 Rev. David JENKINS Parsonage 1
Joseph ATKINSON Delf End 2 Benjamin JOHNSON Waterloo Street  
George BAKER Lowtown Top 2 John JOHNSON South Royd Lane 1
Richard BAKER Lowtown Top 2 Christopher KENDALL Chapeltown 1
Samuel BAKER Lowtown Top 2 John LANGLEY Crimbles dead
Joseph BANKS Jumbles Well   Samuel LOBLEY Troydale  
Isaac BARNES Richardshaw Bottom 1 Joshua LUMBY Fartown Bottom 2
James BARNES Stanningley 1 William LUMBY Littlemoor 2
James BARRANS Horton 1 Isaac MARSDEN Fartown Top 1
Benjamin BARRON Littlemoor 1 Joseph MATTHEWMAN Chapeltown 1
Robert BARRON Littlemoor 1 William MERRITT Robin Lane 1
Jonas BATEMAN Uppermoor 2 John MIDGLEY Bramley 1
George BEAUMONT Greenside   Charles MILNER Aylesford Kent  
James BEAUMONT Chapeltown Top 1 Matthew MILNER Crimbles 2
J H BEAUMONT Crawshaw House 1 John MITCHELL Parktop 2
William BEAUMONT Greenside   Jonathan MITCHELL Lowtown  
William BEAUMONT Crawshaw House   Thomas MITCHELL Waterloo 1
William BEAUMONT jnr Crawshaw House 1 William MITCHELL Lidget Hill 2
Thomas BEEVERS Gildersome   John MOORE Roker Lane 2
John BENNET Radcliffe Lane 1 W MOORHOUSE Littlemoor Bottom 1
Edward BINKS Intake, Uppermoor 1 Charles MOSS Greenside 2
Mark BINKS Radcliffe Lane 1 Charles MOSS Marsh Lane 2
James BLACKBURN Greenside 2 Charles MOSS jnr Greenside 1
Joseph BLACKBURN Uppermoor 2 George MOSS Chapeltown Top 2
Isaac BOCOCK Lane End 1 John MOSS Greenside 2
Samuel BOYS Fartown 2 Samuel MUSGREAVE Bramley 2
Samuel BOYS snr. Church Lane 1 Cleophas MYERS Crimbles 2
William BOYS Black Hey 1 Matthew NAYLOR Hough Side 2
John BRADLEY Gibralter 2 Richard NAYLOR Fartown 2
Benjamin BRAITHWAITE Littlemoor   John NEWELL Radcliffe Lane 1
George BRAITHWAITE Greenside 1 John NORTHROP Fartown 1
Benjamin BROOK Fulneck 1 Joseph NORTHROP Church Lane 1
Joseph BROOK Crimbles Close 2 John PARKINSON Littlemoor 1
John BROOKBANK Greenside 1 Robert PARKINSON Lowtown 1
Emanuel BROWN Lidget Hill 1 Charles PEARSON Back Lane 1
Samuel CALVERT Coal Staith, Lowtown 2 John PEARSON Uppermoor 1
William CALVERT Robin Lane 2 Charles POOL Height House 1
Henry CARR Littlemoor 1 Joseph PRESTON Churwell 1
Henry CARR jnr. Littlemoor 2 Daniel PROCTER Back Lane 1
William CARR Greenside 1 Joseph PROCTER Fulneck 1
William CARTER Crimbles 1 Samuel PROCTER Bramley 2
Robert CASSON Greenside   Samuel PROCTER Back Lane 1
Joseph CAUTHERAY Greenside   William PROCTER Crimbles 2
James CHILD Waterloo Street 1 George RAISTRICK jnr Greenside 1
James CHILD jnr Uppermoor 1 William RAISTRICK Greenside 2
John COATES Gibralter 1 George RANKING Green Top 2
Jonathan COATES Gibralter 1 John RAYNER Fartown 1
Matthew COATES Robin Lane 2 John RAYNER Quarry Gap 1
John COOPER Pudsey   William RIDER Lowtown 2
J COOPER Cooper's Hill, Littlemoor 1 John ROBERTS Bradford 1
William COOPER Church Lane 1 Joseph ROBERTS Calverley 2
Ralph CORDINGLEY Victoria Street 2 Thomas ROBERTS Smalewell  
Benjamin CRABTREE Stanningley 1 John ROSS Radcliffe Lane 1
James CROMACK Armley   Jonathan ROSS Chapeltown 1
Benjamin CROWTHER Littlemoor   John SCHOLEFIELD Littlemoor 2
John CROWTHER Littlemoor 1 George SCOTT jnr Windmill Hill 1
John DAWSON Bank House 1 Benjamin SHARP Lidget Hill 2
William DEAN Stanningley 2 John SHARP Lowtown 1
William DENNISON Fartown Top 1 Richard Hey SHARP York  
John DRIVER Littlemoor 1 Samuel SHARP Lidget Hill 2
R DUCKITT Wild Grove, Tyersall 1 Samuel SHARP Toft House, Church Lane 1
Benjamin DUFTON Bankhouse Lane 1 William SHARP Lidget Hill 2
Samuel DUFTON Fartown 2 Joshua SHOESMITH Milner Fold 1
Benjamin EDDISON Marsh 1 John SINGLETON Bankhouse 1
John ELLIS Bridgetown Barbados   Jonathan SLINGSBY Lowtown 1
Joseph ELLSWORTH Lane End 2 Henry Charles SMITH Chapeltown 1
William ELLSWORTH Lane End 2 John SMITH Stanningley 1
Richard ELLWAND Roker Lane 2 William SPENCE Uppermoor 1
Joseph ELSWORTH Lane End   Joseph SPENCER Roker Lane 2
Elijah EMSLEY Hough Side   J SPENCER jnr Fartown Bottom 2
Joseph EMSLEY Robin Lane 2 William SPENCER Fartown 2
Mathew EXLEY Lowtown 2 Walter W STABLES jnr Meltham 1
Benjamin FARRER Church Lane 1 John SUGDEN Fartown 1
Charles FARRER Church Lane 1 William SUGDEN Windmill Hill 2
John FARRER Grove House 1 James SWAILES Richardshaw Lane 1
John FARRER Lowtown 1 Thomas TAYLOR Greenside 1
Joseph FARRER Stanningley 1 James TETLOW Quarry Gap 2
Joseph FARRER Robin Lane 2 John THOMPSON Crimbles  
Thompson FARRER Lane End 1 Benjamin THREAPLETON Lane End 1
John FEARNLEY Lowtown 2 Edward THREAPLETON Lowtown 1
John FEARNLEY jnr Lowtown 2 Jonathan THREAPLETON Crimbles 2
Joshua FEARNLEY Crimbles Close 2 William TOMLINSON East Retford 2
Samuel FIELD Bankhouse   George TORDOFF Roker Lane 1
William FIFIELD Parktop 2 Benjamin TROUGHTON Littlemoor 1
William FIRTH Stanningley 2 John TUNNICLIFFE Crimbles 2
John FOX Littlemoor Bottom 2 John TUNNICLIFFE jnr Crimbles 2
John FOX Littlemoor 2 Matthew TUNNICLIFFE Crimbles 2
Samuel Gaunt GAMBLE Littlemoor 2 Tristram Moss TUNNICLIFFE Fartown 1
James GARTH Lowtown Top 2 William TUNNICLIFFE Fartown  
William GARTH Lowtown Top 2 Jonas TURNER Bramley 1
William GARTH Gibralter 2 Jonathan TURNER Troydale 1
Benjamin GAUNT Lowtown 2 Thomas TURNER Uppermoor 1
Joseph GAUNT Lowtown Top 2 John VARLEY Richardshaw 1
Matthew GAUNT Windmill Hill 2 Samuel VARLEY Stanningley 2
James GELDART Bradford   William VARLEY Stanningley 1
Isaac GIBBONS Victoria Street 2 John VICKERS jnr Richardshaw 2
George GIBSON Littlemoor 2 Joseph VICKERS Stanningley 1
James GIBSON Fartown 2 Benjamin WADE Adcock Bank 2
John GIBSON Fartown 2 Benjamin WADE Victoria Street 2
George GLOVER Littlemoor 1 James WADE Fartown  
Henry GLOVER Robin Lane 1 John WADE Adcock Bank 2
John GLOVER Littlemoor Bottom 1 Matthew WADE Adcock Bank 2
Mark GLOVER Littlemoor 1 William WADE Robin Lane 2
William GLOVER Littlemoor 2 William WADE Chapeltown  
James GRAINGER Greenside 1 William WADE Green Top 2
John GREAVES Fartoiwn 1 George WALKER Windmill Hill  
William GREAVES Fartown   James WALKER Farnley 1
Edward GREENWOOD Church Lane 2 John WALKER Delf Hill 2
John GREENWOOD Delf Hill 2 Jos. WALKER Lane End 2
Joseph GREENWOOD Lowtown 2 John WALTON Fartown Bottom 2
William HAINSWORTH Roker Lane 2 William WALTON Littlemoor 2
John HALEY Richardshaw Lane 1 William WALTON Gibralter 2
Jonas HALEY Bowling 1 William WARD Chapeltown Top 2
Samuel HALL Waver Green 2 George WARING Armley 2
Christopher HALLIDAY Crimbles Green 2 George WATERHOUSE Chapeltown Top  
G HALLIDAY Lane End 2 James WATERHOUSE Greenbottom 1
John HALLIDAY Lowtown 2 Samuel WATERHOUSE Windmill Hill 1
Joshua HALLIDAY Crimbles 2 James WATKINSON Stanningley 2
Richard HALLIDAY Crimbles 2 George WEBSTER Lowtown 2
William HALLIDAY Crimbles 2 Jonathan WEBSTER Lowtown 2
William HALLIDAY Crimbles 2 Joseph WEBSTER Fulneck 2
William HARGRAVES Chapeltown 2 Richard WEBSTER Bramley Hough 2
Joshua HARGREAVES Lowtown Top   John WHEATER Richardshaw 1
Joseph HARRISON Lane End 1 John WHEATER jnr Stanningley dead
Joshua HARRISON Crimbles Close 2 William WHEATER Stanningley 2
William HARRISON Lowtown 2 William WHEATER Stanningley 1
John HEATON Crimbles 2 John WHITFIELD Littlemoor 2
John HIGGINS Richardshaw Lane 2 Joseph WHITFIELD Littlemoor Bottom 1
George HINCHCLIFFE Greenside 1 William WHITFIELD Horsforth  
John HINCHCLIFFE Fartown 1 John WHITTAM Stanningley 1
John HINCHCLIFFE Fartown   John WHITTAM jnr Varley Road 1
John HINCHCLIFFE jnr Fartown 1 Joseph WILSON Fartown 2
Samuel HINCHCLIFFE Lowtown 1 Samuel WILSON Greenside 1
George HININGS Lowtown 2 Samuel WILSON Fartown 2
Hugh HININGS Philadelphia 2 Samuel WILSON Fulneck  
John Asquith HININGS Lowtown 2 Henry WOMERSLEY Calverley Moor 2
William HININGS Lowtown 2 John WOMERSLEY Waterloo 1
W R HININGS Manor House Street 2 John WOMERSLEY Calverley  
Abraham HORN Lowtown 2 P WOMERSLEY nr Waterloo Mill 2
Thomas HUGGAN Crimbles 2 R WOMERSLEY Marsh Uppermoor 2
William HUGGAN Crimbles 2 William WOMERSLEY Marsh Uppermoor 3
Abraham HUTCHINSON Bankhouse Hill 1 George WOOD Fartown 2
Abraham HUTCHINSON Littlemoor   John WOOD Greenside 1
Henry Gwynn HUTCHINSON Littlemoor 1 William WOOD Lowtown Top 2
John HUTCHINSON London   Frederick WOODHEAD Alcoates Hill 1
Matthew HUTCHINSON Blackheath   Joseph WOODHEAD Fartown  
William HUTCHINSON Ackers Hall 1 John YEADON Waterloo 1
John HYLAND Fulneck 1