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Abimelech Andrews’ Book 1822 - 1890



The manuscript derived from the personal journal known as Abimelech Andrews’ Book, is a simple record of events happening in the village of Farsley, resembling similar journals, such as the one kept by Reuben Gaunt. The book isn't solely the work of Abimelech, it was started before he was born, perhaps by his father or his Uncle George, and although Abimelech died in 1866, the journal continues, the last entry being in 1890. That entry and the two previous ones mention Charles Henry Andrews, so it may be that the book was discontinued whilst in his care.

The importance of the book is that it is mainly about local events, and practically every family in Farsley during the period 1822-1890 gets a mention, and although the detail is plain and sparse, one can find interesting snippets that embellish a simple vital record. There are gaps, most noticeably, the period after 1859. The journal changes style there, and lists some earlier family events from 1769 to 1890.

The document appears here in its entirety. Some names have been given their correct spelling to aid reserachers in finding them (eg Elis to Ellis). Some comments have been added by us for the sake of clarity and these appear in bracketed italics.


Farsley Dec 7th 1843
No of my Watch 108

Aug 13 Thomas Sagar died
Oct 26 William Wade, Samuel Hollings, John Horn, William Dowgill, Isaac Keighley Baptised
Oct 3 My father George Andrews died
Jun 5 William Lee died
John Wood died 10 June 1824
Jun 7 Joseph Coates married to Widow Wade “Maiden name” Hannah Parkin
Jun 12 Jonas Foster Minister of Farsley Baptist Chapel married to Sarah Spence
Jun 21 Joseph Wade married to Sarah Dowgill
Oct 6 John Wood died
May 25 William Cawson married to Mary Nicholson (Mary Cawson died 23 Sept 1826)
May 28 Hail and Snow. Snow same year June 21st
Jun 20 James Turner wife died (Sarah)
Jun 22 John Trickett Bramley Baptist Minister died
Dec 27 Isaac Gaunt’s wife died (Ann)
Dec 31 John Lister was found drowned. He was in the water 4 weeks
Dec Thomas Varley was made a bankrupt, his wife got a son the same month who they named Wm.
Jan 1 Robert Hardaker died at Leeds
Jan 17 Thomas Brayshaw died
Feb 25 My sister Betty Andrews died, her father died a few weeks before
May 25 James Roberts died, commonly known by King Roberts
May 26 Thomas Fairfax stabbed Joseph Blackburn with a sword and he died in 2 days after
Jun 11 Henry Stephens married to Hannah Brook
Jun 12 Milton Marshall Wilson Duncomb returned to Parliament
Jul 28 ?. Thompson wife died of Rawden
Jul Charles Fewster to possession of the Bay Horse Inn Farsley
Aug 2 Frances Duffield died
Sep 27 James Dawson married to Hannah Whitley
Oct 30 Charles Pickard married to Mary Keighley
Nov 6 James Turner married to Mary Crampton
Nov 8 Benjamin Keighley married to Annis Insliff
Nov 23 William Dowgill died
Nov My Uncle John Holmes died
Dec 4 Thomas Dowgill married to John Wade widow
Dec 11 William Johnson married to Ann Wade
Dec 13 William Horn married to Sarah Mush
Dec 23 Joseph Buckley died
Dec 27 Johnathan Turner married to Ann Waterhouse
Mar 6 Czasa Keighley died
Feb Jonathan Martin set fire to York Minister, verdict in the court insane
Mar John Dowgill died
Apr 26 Ross Mill Bramley in the possession of James Hudson Burned down
May 6 Richard Farrer son a young man died supposed to be occasioned by fighting with Jn. Ackroyd and very ill treated with John Wheater on Easter Sunday night proceeding
May 6 John Drake found dead in his own house Stanningley supposed to be choked by vomiting
May 12 Thomas Turner married to Mary Roberts
May 15 My Uncle Joseph Hainsworth died Friday morning at about 6 oclock
Feb 25 John Whitaker died Thursday morning about 5 oclock after an illness of 12 months
Mar 17 Abimelech Varley died, he laboured under severe infirmaties for the space of 3 or 4 years
Mar 19 Joseph Andrews was on a visit to Farsley, returned 30 day of March
Apr 12 First was laid for 2 houses of Ab. Hainsworth back front to road and the road measured betwixt Abraham Keighley house and ground of the old building to 18 ft
Apr 15 Samuel Keighley son died, George laboured under severe illness for the space of a year or two
Apr 22 Hannah Smer died
May 2 James Varley died
May 9 William Farrar jun. Died
Jul 15 The Kings Funeral George 4th
Sep 6 Peter Hainsworth married to Rebecca Ross both of Farsley at the Parish Church Leeds
Sep 14 Joseph Hardaker died
Sep 15 The railroad betwixt Manchester and Liverpool was opened, expenses above £800,000
Sep 15 Mr. Huskinson M.P. was killed on the Rail Road betwixt Manchester and Liverpool by a locomotive engine called the Rockett
Mar 30 Benjamin Craven wife died
Apr 9 James Myers wife died
May 22 Hannah wife of John Walker child died
May 25 Maria wife of John Wood died, Black Fever
Jun 4 Elizabeth Wood daughter of the above Maria Wood died
Jun 22 John Wood husband of the above Maria Wood died of the same illness
Jun 25 Joshua Wood of Farsley died
Dec 15 John N. Blakey Doctor of Bradford died of the Typhus Fever aged 46
Oct. Nov. Dec. The Asiatic Cholera is very prevelant in different parts of England Sunderland Newcastle and Gateshead
Jan 4 Hannah Child died of the Pox. Also Martha Jan 8, and Margaret Jan 9. Three daughters of Joseph and Sarah Child, Farsley
Jan 7 died Sarah Ann Coates daughter of John Coates
Feb 10 died old John Hainsworth who had been a servant of Abimilech Hainsworth upwards of 40 years and continued to work during the strike until a week prior to his death. (2nd month 10th. 1832)
May 6 died Johnson Horn of Farsley, aged 73 years
May 8 died in child bed 3 days after the was delivered in a good state of health an hour previous to her death, Hannah wife of Benjamin Turner, Stanningley
Oct 7 Hannah Allerton Sen. Unfortunately met with her death at Ilkley by a coach accident, she survived the fatal accident about 8 days and was interred at Calverley Nov 17
Oct 13 died John Busfield son of Samuel & Sarah Busfield, Clothiers, Farsley aged 15 ½ years. His remains were interred in the New burial ground, Baptist Chapel, Farsley which was given by Thomas Thornhill for that purpose. The burial ground was not entirely finished at that time. This was the first person that was interred there
Oct 16 died Peter Lee son of Matthew Lee, Clothier, Farsley who died in his infancy
Oct A new well was sunk by John Parkinson for the purpose of Lydia Andrews which does supply the old pump
Nov 7 died old Hannah Busfield and was interred at Baptist Chapel, Farsley
Dec 5 James Benson was murdered (supposed) by the Unionists on account of his refusing to strike with them from an advance of wages
Jan 13 died Hannah Dowgill of Farsley
Mar 2 died Hannah Sutcliff, Farsley
Mar 10 John Hainsworth married to Lydia Walker
Apr 18 died Fanny Ross of Beckbottom, Farsley
Apr 26 died Matthew Roberts aged 88 years
May 10 died Isaac Gaunt aged 74 years
May 16 died Abraham Grimshaw, very suddenly he was setting potatoes on the morning of the same day
Sep 23 died old John Whitaker, aged about 80 years
Oct 2 died David Wade son of Benjamin Wade, Sexton at Baptist Chapel, aged 20 years
Oct 7 died Joseph Gaunt son of John and Hannah Gaunt
Oct 8 Old Sarah Threpleton relate of James Threpleton of Bagley, aged 74 years
Oct 8 Nathan Overend was married to Sarah Duffield whose courtship lasted 23 years
Oct 8 died James Parkinson very suddenly. His son Thomas was fighting with John Brown and he James Parkinson had run from his own house Bagley in great haste to witness the scene at the Golden Fleece Inn and there expired
Nov 19 Joseph Wade Hainsworth was married to Ann Swithingbank
Jan 4 died Joshua Butterworth of Norwood Green
Jan 26 William Hargreaves was married to Mary Crabtree
Feb 21 Joseph Calvert married to Zilla Ross
Mar 7 died James Wade after an illness of about 24 hours leaving a wife and 5 children aged 34 years
Mar 17 died Nancy Roberts aged 27 years
Apr 1 Uncle James Walker was found killed as he was returning from Rodley Home about 11 oclock at night
May 7 died Hannah Walker aged 26 years
May 30 died John Hainsworth, his child died 1 week before him
Jun 1 died Samuel Spence of Calverley
Jun 5 died William Spence, Brother to the above Samuel Spence
Jul 18 died William Ross
Jul 24 died Hannah Skirrow of Farsley
Aug 18 Joseph Whitaker married to Martha Ross
Nov 27 died George Shephard of Bradford after an illness of 5 days
Nov 27 died Samuel Hollings, son of Samuel Hollings
Dec 2 died James Taylor of Farsley
Dec 2 Robert Gilchrist of Bradford
Dec died Mary Naylor, wife of William Naylor, Sunday morn about 5 o’clock she was confined to the house for more than 14 years through lameness in her legs
Jan 24 died Thomas Dowgill
Jan 24 John Calvert married to Emma Jackson
Jan 29 George Hanson married to Martha Butterworth a good player of a Piano Forte
Feb 11 Uncle Reuben (Hainsworth) married to Mary Littlewood of Calverley Carr
Jan 25 died old Sarah Keighley
Oct 28 John Hainsworth in the field aged 55 years.
Nov 15 John Shires of Stanningley married to Easter Marshall of Farsley
Nov 19 John Hainsworth above the New Mill died after a short illness
Dec 4 Dr. Thompson came to reside at Lydia Andrews
18 Queen Victoria Crowned
Jan 23 died Aunt Sarah Turner of Farsley
Jan 23 died Robert Holdsworth child aged 6 years
Feb 22 Cousin John Hainsworth married to Mary Wilson of Stanningley
Mar 9 Abimelech Andrews went to Rawden as a pupil
Jul 4 Henry Killerby died aged 33 years. A wet and thundering day
Dec 18 Charles Gaunt son of John Gaunt died
Jan there was a very great wind, much damage done, Dr. Thompsons brother had 3 children killed by the fall of a Malt Kiln which was erecting – the servant girl had gone for some water for the children to drink in bed and so escaped the consequences
Feb 16 John Hainsworth Junr. died
Feb 27 Reuben Keighley died son of Aunt Rose, he was worn to a skeleton
Mar 12 died Hannah Fairbank after a very short illness
Apr 9 died Joseph Ross son of Joshua Ross Cloth Manufacturer
Apr 16 died Samuel Keighley son of Aunt Rose
May 5 John Varley died aged 17 years son of Aunt Rose Keighley, he died of a consumption which he bore with Christian patience to the last
May 15 died William Andrews aged 11 ½ years.
May 26 William Keighley Bagley died aged 81, he was walking about on Wednesday and died on Sunday following
May 30 John Parkinson of Farsley got severley hurt at William Andrews Well top of the town by the rope breaking and letting a buckett of stones fall upon his head which caused his death. Aug 31 interred at Calverley.
Sep 2 Reuben Hollings my cousin got married to Fanny Marshall daughter of Joseph Do.
? 3 William Hainsworth my cousin got Baptised at Bagley Baptist Chapel at the same time Isaac Dowgill by Mr. Foster the Minister when he preached from Isiah 33 ch. forenoon and 10th ch. in numbers in the afternoon and 29th verse.
Nov Jeremiah Ness Naylor was married to Hannah Hainsworth above mill
Dec 21 died William Gott of Rodley
Jan 12 Joshua Busfield died of the Typhus fever.
Jan 18 James Castle came to fulfill the office of School Master at Farsley.
Jan 20 died Elizabeth Holdsworth after a very short illness.
Feb 10 Queen Victoria married to Prince Albert.
Feb 13 died old John Varley wife of Stanningley.
Feb 16 died Maria Strickland of Stanningley, Aunt Harriet Sister.
Mar 2 Rachel Hainsworth died aged 68 years, she had been badly a long time.
Mar 4 Joshua Ross died aged 71 years, he had been out at the Tentus only just before helping them to get some pieces in and came into the house and fell down and died immediately.
Mar 24 died Hannah Fewster aged 17 years daughter of Charles Fewster, Bay Horse Inn.
May 12 Sunny Bank Mill Farsley got on fire it was found out about 12 oclock night and was not extinguished till 4 oclock May 13, it was the boiler house that was on fire and great fears were entertained for the safety of the mill, but it did not get on fire – there was 6 engines got but 2 only worked.
May 14 A very great flood in Farsley accompanied by Thunder lightning and Hail stones many sky lights broken by the largest of Hail stones.
May 17 A melencholy occurrence happened at Roundhay Nr. Leeds at Mr. William Nicholson’s who shot his game keeper thinking it was some robbers that was about as there had been a good deal of robbing at the time. The game keeper had gone out to watch unknown to Mr. Nicholson and was set on the doorstep asleep.
May 18 My Uncle George Andrews went on a visit to London.
May 20 William Hainsworth got married to Ruth Parkinson at Rehoboth Chapel Farsley.
May 24 Lydia Dufton died aged 75 years, she lived with Jn. Fairbank.
May 25 Samuel Farrer of Horsforth apprentice to Uncle John got married to cousin Mary Ann Varley – at War with China.
May 27 died Sarah Greaves wife of Abraham Greaves, Farsley.
May 27 died James Fletcher of Farsley.
May Henry Dobson under overlooker Sunny Bank Mill Farsley got very much bruised by a strap catching hold of him and taking him round the shaft, his leg and his arm were broken in 2 or 3 places.
Jun 8 Richard Duffield was married to Sarah Wade of Farsley.
Jun 8 A shocking accident happened at Farsley. A child belonging to Claytons a slubber at Farsley Mill got so badly burnt that it died Jun 9th , a jury went over it on the Wednesday.
Jun 9 died Abraham Brook whose illness lasted but 1 week.
June 10 John Turner was married to Nancy Dinkinson of Bramley.
Jun 14 Joseph Spence died betwixt 2 and 3 oclock morning aged 31 years, he was down at Rodley on the Friday and he was taken badly and went to bed, but did not come down stairs at after till he was buried Jun 16th. At Calverley church.
Jun 29 They begun to pull Rawden Meeting House intending to rebuild it with some improvements.
Jul 25 Cousin John Wardel came on a visit to Farsley and went to York with Uncle George Jul 30.
Jul 28 Uncle Peter Hainsworth went to Sunderland Newcastle and North Shields.
Aug 8 John Andrews came on a visit to Farsley.
Sep Uncle George & Thomas Andrews went to York Meeting.
Sep 23 Little John Turner died aged 59 years after a short illness.
Oct 19 Thomas Booling was despatched to Wakefield prison and was found hanged by his son by his own handkerchief.
Oct 25 Ruth Hainsworth died daughter of George & Nancy Hainsworth.
Nov 5 Was a very beautiful Festival being the first that was in Farsley “supposed” to be upwards of 260 persons – the Bramley brass band played the teetotellers in procession down to Chapel whence lectures was delivered by John Foster John Andrews of Bradford.
Nov 12 Thomas Farrer son of Sam & Mary Ann Farrer died .
Nov 21 Sarah Laycock died wife of Timothy Laycock aged 70 years. She was blown down by the wind and only survived it a short time.
Nov 25 William Little Wood got married to Mary Ann Turner.
Nov 26 Jonathan Turner was married to Lydia Hainsworth above the New Mill.
Dec 23 William Keighley married to Nancy Keighley both cousins.
Dec 24 Charles Wood married to Ruth Nicholson of Pudsey.
Dec 24 William Threpleton was married to Betty Keighley.
Dec 25 James Brayshaw died aged 39 years married John Hainsworth’s daughter and left 7 children.
Dec 30 A very deal of children dead at Stanningley as many as 12 or 15 laid dead together a very bad disorder going about among cattle. William Waltons had 2 cows dead Dec27.
Dec 31 My sister Hannah Andrews got married to John Rhodes shoemaker.
Jan 13 died Edward Keighley very suddenly his illness being 23 hours.
Feb 23 There was a teaparty in our Chamber and had Pictures on different subjects from our friends Peter Hainsworth Daniel Hainsworth Robert Holdsworth & James Castle.
Apr 29 Uncle John Hainsworth bought of the Assignees of Mess. Greenwood’s a field called the Well Close in Farsley in the parish of Calverley in the county of York for the sum of 600 £.
Apr 29 Uncle George Andrews bought of the Assignees of Mess. Greenwood’s an estate called the Old Lock situated in Farsley the aforesaid consisting of dwelling houses old buildings barn and stabling.
Apr 29 John Turner bought of the assignees a field called the Goncroft for the purpose of a burial ground for the Methodists in Farsley.
May My mother, Aunt Martha Stamp and I was on a visit to Norwoodgreen.
Jun 7 Nancy Kirk died of Farsley.
Jun 26 James Hainsworth commonly known by the name of Faffy was killed by a waggon opposite the Thornhill Arms Inn Stanningley.
Jun 27 died Ezra Keighley son of William & Martha Keighley aged 4 ½ years.
Aug 10 Cousin George Andrews got married to Sarah Eastwood of Calverley.
Aug 15 James Hainsworth got married to Mary Smith of Farsley.
Oct 13 My sister Deborah Andrews was married to Benjamin Walker of Pudsey cloth manufacturer.
Nov 29 died Rev. Yeadon of Hunslet as proofs of the place which Rev. Yeadon held in the affections of the church we need only state hat being interred in the burial ground of the church in which he was a member viz “Rev. Hughes” his mortal remains were followed to the grave by a train of carriages 15 in number 11 of his brethen in the ministry together with several hundred spectators who had come to moisten with their tears the grave and pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of him who had led many of them with weeping and supplication to the cross of Christ. At the request of his relatives of the diseased this mournfull event was improved by the Rev. J. Gibs of Leeds who preached to an overflowing congregation very appropriate and impressive sermon from John 1ch. 8 verse.
Dec 30 died Uncle James Andrews who laboured under a typhus fever which he bore with patience to the last.
Jan 14 Jonathan Fairbank was married to Sarah Slater of Farsley.
Jan 21 There was handsome subscription gathered in Farsley for the relief of the poor in this town amounting to about 30£ - Farsley was never known to be in such a low state of trade before.
Mar 4 died Joseph Ross Cloth Manufacturer.
Mar 14 died Joseph Hainsworth a member of the Farsley Young men’s Society held in his town. He laboured under a lingering disease for a long time.
Apr 9 died my Uncle William Walker aged 63 years.
Apr 25 died Sarah Duffield Jur.
Apr 28 Aunt Mary Andrews went to York Retreat.
May 26 Cousin Frances Andrews went to York Friends Retreat.
Jun 6 Willoughly married to Betty Fox of Farsley.
Jun 20 died old Joseph Nicholson of Farsley.
Jun 28 My cousin John Wardel was on a visit to Farsley.
Jun 29 Cousin Thomas Hainsworth died after a long illness
Jul 1 died My Aunt Sarah Hainsworth cold lock.
Jul 8 The first stone was laid intended for a Church in the Village of Farsley – land given by Thomas Thornhill Esq.
Oct 16 Couses William Varley preached in the Baptist Chapel Farsley from 23 ch Numbers 10th verse.
Feb 1 died Joshua Ross Hainsworth son of Peter and Rebecca Hainsworth a few hours illness aged 5 years.
Feb 23 Aunt Betty Hainsworth married to Joseph Strickland of Stanningley.
Mar 4 Old William Roberts of Beckbottom died.
Apr 15 died cousin Mary Ann Hollings a lingering desease.
Apr 16 Mr. Foster baptised 4 persons.
Apr 27 Thomas Pulsford “the Revivalist” paid us a visit at Farsley and was very successful during his stay – returned deeply lamented by all.
Apr 29 died Phebe Holdsworth after a very short illness.
Aug 7 died Old Neddy Walton “commonly called” aged.
Nov 1 died Hannah Fox wife of William Fox of Farsley.
Nov 2 died Betty Hainsworth in the field above Sunny Bank Mill.
Nov 15 died Eneretta Snell daughter of Sarah & Thomas Snell Farsley. Also Nov 18th died Sarah Ann Snell who expressed strong confidence that she would meet with God at last.
Dec 13 died John Wade wife attendant of Bradford Moor leaving – children.
Dec 14 A melencholy occurrence happened John Saundersons a child burn to death occasioned by lighting a stick in the fire during the time that its mother had run to fetch an apron from tenters across the road.
Dec 17 died Timothy Rhodes of Shipley brother to John Rhodes Farsley of a lingering consumption.
Dec 23 Church at Farsley lighted up with Gass for the first time supplied by Joseph Whitaker.
Dec 23 died Hannah Wade wife of Thomas Wade of Farsley.
Jan 9 died Allison Parkins daughter of Sarah Parkin Beckbottom.
Jan 11 Cousin Elizabeth Hainsworth was married to Daniel Smith Clothier married at Dawson Chapel Bradford.
Jan 11 A public meeting was held in Rehoboth Chapel Farsley in aid of the League Fund for the abolishment of the Corn Laws. The meeting was addressed by Daniel Hainsworth “Chairman” Rev J. Foster, Robert Holdsworth, Peter Hainsworth, Richard Duffield & George Andrews & Mr. Plint of Leeds.
Subscriptions in aid of the League Fund amounted to 50£ more than twice as in 1843.
Jan 20 died Varley Farrar son of Samuel & May Farrar Farsley aged 2 years and 4 weeks.
Feb 9 An awful occurrence happened at Bradford many lives lost by the explosion of the boiler at Mitchells Mill.
Feb 17 died Johnathan Marshall Sen. About ½ past twelve P.M. Mr. Foster preached his funeral sermon John 5ch. 28 and 29 verse.
Feb 18 died cousin Martha Hollings daughter of Sally and Samuel Hollings age about 2 years and 9 months.
Feb 19 First stone was laid for the new Methodist Chapel Farsley the other being too small.
Mar 8 Uncle Daniel Hainsworth was sent as a delegate for the mills in this neighborough to London before the House of Commons to oppose the Bill brought forward by Sir James Graham for the restriction of children working hours in the mills. Returned on the 23rd.
Mar 19 died Thomas Snell sen. At about ½ past 9 oclock P.M. whose illness was but a few days.
Mar 21 died William Skirrow aged 83 years.
Mar 27 died Christopher Render Beckbottom his illness being but a few days.
Mar died Martha the mother of David & Charles Parish whose illness was but 2 days.
Mar 31 died Jonathan the son of Widow Hannah Dowhill of a lingering consumption.
Apr 6 Benjamin Hargreaves got married to Ruth Farrar of Bagley.
Apr 24 Amos Keighley got married to Sarah Wade at Bradford Chapel (1 Dousen).
May 1 Christopher Keighley got married to Elizabeth Horn at Dawson Chapel Bradford.
May 7 died William Shorts child (Mary A) of the small pox the first that was interred in the church burial ground.
May 7 Henry Whiteley was married to Sarah Parkinson at the Leeds Old Church.
May 27 Benjamin Gott of Calverley got severely wounded by the Irish Mob in Bradford for playing a tune through the streets called the Boyne Water the person wounded died of the wound –
May 31 Several others were severely wounded but are recovered except one at Eccleshill several of the mob are apprehended.
Jun 1 died cousin Mary Ann Farrar at about 9 o clock P.M. after a lingering consumption.
Jul 8 died David Keighley about 9 o clock in he evening of a lingering consumption.
July They began to add a new school to Bagley Baptist Chapel the town school being too small to contain the scholars.
July They begun on making preparations for a railroad betwixt Leeds and Bradford at the same time the short lines persons are endeavouring to get an act for an opposite line to go by Fulneck Pudsey and elsewhere.
Jul 13 My mother and myself went on a visit to Ilkley for a fortnight, returned on the 29th.
Jul 24 My Uncle Daniel Hainsworth was elected a town Counsellor for the Bramley Ward.
July At this time wool is very high from 1/8 to 2/3 per lb. Of Botany wool noils accordingley.
Aug 16 died James Ross the youngest son of widow Mary Ross aged about 7 years.
Aug 17 Died Hannah Wood daughter of Sarah & William Busfield of a short illness.
Aug 25 died Grace Clapham at about 1 oclock in the morning.
Sep 14 A serious accident occurred at Asheld as two men was attempting to cross the fir at about 2 oclock p.m. with a waggon for the purpose of fetching wood the stream being too rapid that it took them inand also the horses. One of the men was found on the 19th and was interred on Sunday the 22nd. The other was found on the 28th and was interred on the 29th.
Sep 25 I went to York Quarterly Meeting along with Uncle George Andrews and returned on the 26th ult.
Oct 18 The new Methodist Chapel was opened with morning and evening by Dr. Beaumont of Liverpool in the afternoon – by Everet of York and on 1st day following by Sam. Dun of Halifax morning and evening and Machowen in the afternoon – also on the 5th day following by aMac Donnald When the collection amounted to 200£.
Oct died George Walker Farsley of a lingering disease which terminated his life.
Oct died Charles Smith of Bradford Moor an esteemed man amongst the Methodist denomination in life. Beloved and in death lamented.
Nov 6 Samuel Barker of Bramley was married to Grace Ann Turner Farsley. A very wet day.
Nov 20 Wednesday was the opening of the Baptist Chapel Farsley, when 2 sermons were preached in the afternoon by T. F. Birchall of Rochdale and in the evening by J.E. Giles of Leeds. Also on Sunday the 24th inst. 3 sermons was preached in the morning and evening by C. M. Roe of Birmingham and in the afternoon by H. Dawson of Bradford. Also on Tuesday 26th 1 sermon was preached in the evening by G. B. Macdonald of Wakefield, when the collection for defraying the expences of the chapel amounted to £387.
Nov 28 died Ingham Winterburn son of Robert & Betty Winterburn.
Dec 7 died Charles Mellor, Farsley – interred at Brighouse.
Dec 9 died Mary Elizabeth Hainsworth daughter of Reuben and Mary Hainsworth aged 1 year 7 months.
Jan 1 cousin Joseph Andrews was married to Margret Ratcliffe of Sunderland.
Jan 5 died Henry Walker about 5 oclock morning.
Jan 13 A British & Foreign Day School commenced under the Supertendance of Jh. Garforth having a hundred scholars the first day.
Jan 18 died Benjamin Johnson of Farsley.
Jan 23 died Uncle Stephen Holmes of Bradford Moor.
Jan 25 Aunt Mary Andrews came on a visit to Farsley and returned on the 28th.
Jan 25 and 26th Was a great wind much damage done. The Methodist Chapel being much damaged.
Jan 31 died Cousin Emma Andrews of a consumption aged 21 years.
Feb 4 Cousin John Wardle and Cousin John Andrews was on a visit to Farsley and returned on the 11th inst.
Feb 4 died John Huggan of Pudsey.
Feb 10 James Pearson was married to Rachel Holdsworth at Leeds Old Church.
Feb 16 died Thomas Walker Sen. Interred on the 18th.
Feb 17 Jerimah Brook of Baildon married to Nancy Threapleton of Farsley.
Feb 26 Aunt Mary Andrews was married to Joseph Wood of Sunderland.
Mar 5 John Bateson of Horsforth married to Ann Hollings of Farsley at Calverley Church.
Mar 17 Monday Benjamin Waite Junr. married to Rose Hainsworth at Leeds Church.
Mar 18 died Ann Whitaker daughter of Martha Joseph Whitaker of Farsley.
Mar A man was killed on the rail road betwixt Leeds and Bradford near to Calverley and was interred at Horsforth Church.
Mar 29 Joseph Garforth British School teacher Farsley married to Jane the eldest daughter of George Whitaker, Earlsheaton, Dewsbury.
Apr 2 died Betty wife of David Ross of a short illness.
Apr 4 died Mary wife of William Pearson.
Apr 4 died Sarah Pontefract.
Apr 8 died Sarah Skirrow wife of William Skirrow of Farsley.
Apr 19 died William Leadbeater aged about 85 years.
Apr 23 A Town’s Meeting was held in the village School to elect a committee to act the ensuing three years the committee to consist of 13 viz Danl. Hainsworth, George Andrews, Thomas Andrews, George Hainsworth Jnr. Martin Walton, Jonathan Marshall, Benjamin Hainsworth Jnr. George Hainsworth Sen., Isaac Keighley, John Hainsworth Sen. John Turner Junr. John Cockshott, Joshua Fairbank.
Apr 26 died Old Mary Lee aged 87 years.
Apr 28 Docter Daniel Sharp from America came on a visit to Farsley & preached 2 anniversary sermons on the 29th in the Baptist Chapel.
May 3 Benjamin Wade of Beckbottom married to Sarah Pawson of Bramley.
Jun 6 A Lady’s British & Foreign day School commenced conducted by Miss Mary Harding from the British & Foreign school London commencing with 73 scholars the first day.
Jun 8 died Thomas Wickett of Bradford during a visit at Rawden he was going to the Meeting house and being taken ill returned and was taking a walk in the gardens belonging to Low Green School and there expired.
Jun 9 died Joseph the son of John & Mary Hainsworth aged 1 year and 7 months.
Jul 4 died Ann Hainsworth wife of George Hainsworth Farsley in the thirty sixth year of her age.
Jul 25 died Aunt Hannah Gaunt in a few minutes illness aged 48 years.
Aug 12 This day I and Uncle George Andrews started off for Sunderland and returned on the 21st inst.
Aug 14 Cousin John Andrews of Sunderland was married to Margret Binns of the same place at the friends meeting house Sunderland.
Aug 29 Jerimah Grimshaw married to Betsy Hodgson.
Nov 14 Eli Keighley was married to Mrs Jeffray of Wood Nook at Bradford Westgate Chapel.
1845 A new Bridge betwixt Farsley and Beck Bottom was erected. Daniel Hainsworth being overseer at this time.
Feb 15 Matthew Fairbank was married to Sarah Roberts at Calverley Church after a courtship of 17 years.
Feb 17 Wednesday a supper was made at Mrs. Spence’s Fleece Inn in commemoration of the return of Lord Morpeth to Parliament for the West Riding when 82 persons sat down to supper after was a meeting held. Daniel Hainsworth in the Chair who occupied a few minutes in speaking when Peter Hainsworth arose and proposed a toast and spoke at some length after which Joseph Garforth addressed the meeting in support of the toast and also Byles of Bradford addresses the meeting. It was also taken into consideration of the building of a Town Hall, but was not entered into with that spirit which was desirable.
Mar 10 died Joseph the son of Robert Holdsworth aged 10 month
Mar 27 died Old Timothy Laycock interred at Bagley Chapel
Mar 27 died Walter William Askwith son of Sarah Snell of the Crook.
Mar 30 The Landlord of the Inn called the Oddfellows Hall Idle was killed by a throw from his gig as he was returning from the laying of the first stone at Br…….? Railway Tunnel.
Apr 12 Daniel Webster of Bramley … ey daughter of Robert Holdsworth at Leeds Old Church. ( Daniel Webster married Sarah Holdsworth, but at St Oswald’s Guiseley)
April cousin Isaac Hainsworth died aged about 22 years.
May 2 died May Wade of Bagley mother of William Wade Jnr. Of Bagley.
May 11 John Wade of Stanningley married to Hannah Ingham of Farsley at Calverley Church.
Jun 1 Benjamin Keighley married to Eliza Hainsworth at the Register Office Bradford.
Jun 4 Peter Barnets child (Edward) died after a few hours illness.
Jun 6 Aunt Mary Wood was on a visit to Farsley and returned on the 9th inst.
Jun 6 James Parkinson Junr. Beckbottom died in an apperplex fit, he was at his work at 11 oclock forenoon and died about 1 oclock P.M. – was interred at Bagley Chapel.
Jun 10 died Martha Whitaker wife of Joseph Whitaker after a long illness.
Jun 11 William Rogers was married to Sarah Ann at Bradford.
Jun 17 died Cousin Joseph Andrews aged 25 years interred at Rawden Meeting 20th.
Jun 23 I went to Liverpool accompanied by Uncle Daniel and returned on the 27th.
Jun 30 The Railway Between Leeds and Bradford was opened when trains started from Leeds accompanied by two or three Bands of Music and many hundred passengers.
Jul 10 I along with Mother and cousin Margret Hainsworth Grace Aunte went on a visit to Ilkley and returned on the 22nd.
Jul 17 Peter Wade married to Mary Parkinson of Calverley at Bradford Office.
Jul 20 cousin John Grimshaw of Sunderland was on a visit to Farsley and returned on the 24th inst.
Jul 24 Hannah Ross the wife of the late Joshua Ross dryer at New Mill Farsley died.
Jul 26 James Barrett married to Mary Walker daughter of the late Thomas Walker at Bradford Register Office.
Jul 26 John Wilson married to Betty Wade daughter of the late James Wade.
Jul 31 died Hannah the wife of Jeremiah Naylor after a tedious illness interred at Bagley on Aug 4th.
Jul 31 There was a scene of great entertainment at Pudsey where many hundreds of people assembled to partake of a great Pudding weighing betwixt 40 and 50 stones and was carried through the place by 4 Grey Horses made in commemoration of the Repeal of the Corn Laws.
July Charles Dockray married to Eliz Ann Fewster both of this town.
Aug 3 James Horn married to Nanny Rhodes at the Register Office Bradford both of this town.
Aug 5 A great dinner to commerate the downfall of monopoly was made in this town when about 300 sat down to partake of it. After dinner a meeting was held when several old veterans of Free Trade addressed the meeting in the tent erected for the occasion. Daniel Hainsworth in the chair.
Aug 7 Died Uncle Thomas Andrews of a lingering disease which he bore with patience to the last – buried at Rawden meeting on 10th aged nearly 64.
Aug 7 A man was killed on the Leeds & Bradford Railway near Newlay caused by him leaping from the place of the Guard whilst the train was in motion.
Aug 28 Sarah wife of Henry Pontefract interred at Bagley.
Aug 31 John Lobley of Stanningley married to Leah Proctor of Farsley at the Register Office Bradford.
Sep 7 Very much thunder and lighting and thunder. A woman at Pudsey was killed by the lighting and other misfortunes.
Sep 10 George Hainsworth Jnr. married to Mary Ann Cockshott at Calverley Church.
Sep 16 cousin John Andrews Jnr. and I went to Ackworth School to see cousins Hannah & James Andrews.
Sep 25 Elizah Slater of Stanningley married to Mary Hannah Hainsworth of Farsley at Leeds Parish Church.
Sep 28 Robert Petty of Bradford married to Sarah Turner of Farsley at East Brook Chapel Bradford.
Sep 30 died James Nicholls of Stanningley a sorter at Peter Hainsworth for several years.
Sept The new Bridge betwixt Bagley and Rodley was finished and on the Oct 2nd was given a supper by Thomas Farrar of Bramley to commorate its erection. Daniel Hainsworth overseer of Farsley.
Oct 22 Mary Harding teacher of the Female British School Farsley left to commence at a school at Hunslet belonging Messrs Wilkinsons’ flax Spinners.
Nov 6 died Mary Waite daughter of Benjamin Waite aged 21 and interred at Methodist Chapel.
Nov 20 died Elizabeth daughter of William Lawson of Rodley aged about 20 interred at Bagley.
Nov 22 Sarah Duffield died after a short illness commonly known by Old Sally.
Jan 21 Edward Wood’s wife died after a short illness and interred Wesleyan Chapel.
Jan 18 An appalling accident happened on the Leeds & Bradford Railway at the Calverley Bridge Station at about 6 oclock A.M., as several carts were crossing the said lines, a luggage train came from Bradford without lights and with without whistling and before the last cart had time to cross the lines the train came in contact with the cart, killed the horse, and injured the man, so that he died immediately after they had got him to the Leeds Infirmary. The name of the man was Anderson the cart driver for J. Farrar of Rawden.
Jan 22 A meeting of the householders of Farsley assembled in the village School for the purpose of electing legal Trustees of the said School when 13 persons was elected viz Daniel Hainsworth, John Cockshott, Joshua Fairbank, George Andrews Junr., Benjamin Hainsworth Jonathan Marshall, G. Andrews Sen., G. Hainsworth Sen., G. Hainsworth Jnr., Isaac Keighley, John Turner Junr. Hohn Hainsworth Sen., and T. Andrews.
Feb 15 A meeting was held in the Wesleyan School, Farsley to devise the means to relieve the destitute poor in the said place who are suffering for want of Employment. J. Foster in the chair, when it was agreed that a subscription should be raised and the relief to be distributed for 6 weeks. The committee for the same consisted of the following persons namely Jonas Foster, Reuben Gaunt, James Ingham, Daniel Hainsworth, John Turner, Joseph Strickland, Isaac Gaunt, Reuben Hainsworth Jnr., David Smith, James Turner, John Cockshott, John Smith, and Joshua Fairbank, above £70 was subscribed for the said object, and was distributed to the families in the most need of it – flour being at this time 4/8 per stone. When this money was exhausted through distribution and to many families still lacking food a price of Boring in Calverley Wood was taken of Whinn and Farsley men were employed at 1/9 per day, but in consequence of so many being out of work, one person could only go 3 days a week.
Mar 15 Died Reuben son of Joseph Dowgill at about 11 o clock P.M.
Mar 15 A public meeting was held in the Baptist Chapel Farsley, the object was to enlighten the public mind of the numerous effects arising from the introduction of the Government Scheme of Education which was introduced by Lord Landsdown into the Committee of Council. D. Hainsworth in the Chair, the meeting addressed by J. Turner Tunnicliffe of Leeds, Kenion of Bradford. J Foster of Farsley, Peter Hainsworth, Robert Phillips, James Macphearson of Bramley. Colcroft Baptist Minister of Stanningley and the Chairman gave a short address.
Mar 19 Cousin John Wadrdell from London came on a visit to Farsley with his son Joseph and returned Apr 25th.
Mar 27 Uncle Joseph Andrews of Sunderland was on a visit to Farsley and returned on the 30th inst.
Apr 5 Died Thomas Read of Farsley very suddenly of an apperplex fit, and interred at Bagley the 7th inst.
Apr 22 Frederick Taylor Joiner married to Mary eldest daughter of William Lawson all of Rodley.
April John Wilson Jnr., of Stanningley died of a consumption a maker for Peter Hainsworth & Co.
Apr 28 Died Judeatha Cropland daughter of Johnathan Cropland Boot & Shoe maker Farsley. (actually Judith Crossley!)
May 7 Died Nancy Marshall relict of the late Jonathan Marshall Drysalter Farsley aged 79 years. He had been a member of Bagley Baptist Chapel for about 60 years.
May 22 Died the wife of Benjamin Lobley Senr., aged 62 years.
May 24 Died Jonas Thompson of Rawden a member of the Society of Friends aged 80 years.
May 26 Cousin James Andrews left Ackworth School and went to Sunderland to be apprenticed to Wilson Brothers Grocers Jun 4th, accompanied by Cousin John Andrews.
Jun 1 Died Mary Ann Littlewood the wife of William Littlewood Calverley aged 31 years.
Jun 5 died Samuel Dowgill commonly (Sam) after a short illness interred at Bagley Chapel Jun 7th.
Aug 28 Died Martha the wife of John Hollings Jnr. after a weeks illness of an inflamation in the side.
Aug 28 Married Ann Fairbank to William Wood both of this town.
Aug 29 Cousin John Andrews and I went to Harrogate and returned on the 30th inst.
Aug 30 Reuben Dowgill married to Caroline Inscliffe both of this town.
Aug 30 Squire Hainsworth married to Elizabeth Booth both of this town.
Sep 3 died Henry Stephens after a lingering disease.
Sep 7 Thomas Dibb met with a severe accident occasioned by a fall of Earth in the quarry belonging to Petty’s at Pool Bank. He was carried to Leeds Infirmary where he expired on the 8th inst., from the injuries he had received leaving a wife and 4 children.
Sep 28 Died Benjamin Wade Sen., aged about 70 years.
Sept Elizabeth Wardell and J. W. Wardell’s sister was on a visit to Farsley and returned on the next day.
Oct 10 died Martha Ingham of Farsley.
Oct 13 died Edmond Hustler of Rawden a member of the Society of Friends.
Oct 20 died Edward Hainsworth the landlord of the Sun Inn Stanningley.
Oct 25 died Cornealous Comer servant man to Jn. Gaunt his disease being a slow fever.
Nov 10 died Sarah the wife of Martin Walton of a lingering consumption.
Nov 12 A Deputation from the Anti state Church Association held a meeting in the Baptist Chapel Farsley to discuss the subject of none interference of Church & State. When Miab and Kingsley two persons sent us a deputation addressed the meeting very ably and at great length. Other persons also addressed the meeting very briefly. Peter Hainsworth in the chair.
Nov 20 died Edward Bedford, Painter Bramley, he having become a Clerk in Woodlesford Station House was attending to his duties having given the signal for the train to start, he was endeavering to get on the steps of the train as it was in motion and slipped off by which he came in contact with the train and was killed.
Nov 22 William Winckup of Pudsey was married to Margret Bannster of Farsley.
Nov 25 died Grace the wife of William Marshall of the Swan Inn Farsley of an ulcer in her breast.
Dec 1 died Uncle George Hainsworth of a very short illness he being working in his barn a few days previous aged 76 years.
Dec 9 died Uncle George Hainsworth Andrews after an illness of 1 year 9 months aged 66 years, interred at Rawden Meeting on 15th.
Dec 23 Died William Hustler Senr., of Rawden a member of the Society of Friends.
Dec 24 Died Ann the wife of John Cockshott aged 46 years.
Dec 25 Died Robert the son of Robert & Susannah Philpotts British School Teachers.
Jan 11 Died Niece Alice Rhodes the daughter of sister Hannah Rhodes aged 4 ½ years of the Scarlet Fever, interred at Bagley Chapel.
Jan 12 Died Elizabeth the daughter of William And Mary Roberts of Beckbottom aged 6 years of Scarlet Fever.
Jan 16 Died Niece Emma Rhodes the daughter of sister Hannah Rhodes aged 2 years 7 months of Scarlet Fever, interred at Bagley Chapel on the 19th.
Feb 1 Died John Hainsworth Smith, son of Elizabeth & David Smith of the Scarlet Fever 3 years and 2 months old, interred on the 4th.
Feb A very many children dyed and laid dead Thomas Turners child dead. William Johnsons child dead, David Marshall’s child dead, William Robinson’s child dead and 2 or 3 in the Beckbottom all of Scarlet Fever also its ravishes are very much felt at Stanningley where also many children are affected.
Mar 22 Joseph Hainsworth married to Hannah Hainsworth the daughter of Benjamin Hainsworth at Parish Church Calverley.
Mar 17 Thomas Pulsford the revivalist visited Farsley and preached every succeeding night until the 23rd on which day he returned home, he also preached on Sunday fornoon and Evening the 17th to an overflowing congregation when collections were made for the British weekday School – amounting to £25.
Mar 31 Died Cousin Mary Hannah wife of Eliza Slater aged about 25 years of a lingering consumption.
Apr 20 Thomas Hollings married to Eliza Fawcett of Wortley at the Baptist Chapel Bramley.
Apr 20 Daniel Hollings married to Mariah Pearson of Beck Bottom at the Baptist Chapel Bramley.
May 22 Died Samuel Procter the son of John & Hannah Procter aged about 17 years.
May 28 A very heavy thunder storm and lighting by which Samuel Wade of Beck Bottom was killed whilst carying something into the lobey. His death was instantaneous, interred at Bagley Chapel.
Jun 19 David Pickard was married to Grace Ann Fearnley niece of Benjamin & Hannah Keighley all of Farsley.
June Isaac Gaunt married to Priscilla Hainsworth at East Brook Chapel Bradford.
Jul 24 Benjamin Waite Senr., died and was interred at the Wesleyan Chapel Farsley.
Jul 24 A woman named Pratt (Mary) of Calverley was killed by a cow belonging to Daniel Illingworth of Horsforth Hall which got over the hedge to her as she was walking up the lane about 3 oclock in the morning. Verdict accordingly accompanied by an order for the cow to be fed and killed and nothing levied upon the owner, although he knew the cow to be a bad one.
Aug 3 Died Edward Binns Senr., of Leeds aged 74 formerly member of Parliament for the Borough of Leeds in three successive Parliaments and Senior propietor of the Leeds Mercury of which he had been propietor more than 47 years. He was also a magistrate for the West Riding and for the Borough of Leeds.
Aug 9 William Walker married to Elizabeth Clarkson both of Farsley.
Sep 4 Joseph Ackroyd married to Jane Keighley both of Farsley.
Sep 4 John Pickard married to Rebecca Duffield both of Farsley.
Sep 7 John Newall of York married to cousin Frances Andrews of Farsley.
Sep 30 Died very suddenly John Pickard, he was helping to dye pieces early in the morning but feeling rather ill he went home where he expired in a few minutes, verdict by the Jury died by visitation of God. His remains were interred at the Wesleyan Chapel on Oct 2nd.
Oct 25 Died Aunt Harriet Hainsworth of a lingering disease caused in the breast aged 47 years.
Oct 28 died Old William Busfield commonly called (Yardy) found dead in bed. He had complained of not being well the night before.
Nov 2 Joseph Sutcliff son of John & May Sutcliff died whils being an inmate of the Wakefield Asylum, he died during one of his fits which occurred very frequently.
Nov 21 Died Benjamin the son of Robert and Elizabeth Winterburn, interred at Baptist Chapel.
Nov 21 died Sarah daughter of John & Hannah Nicholson (Old Lock) of a consumption.
Nov 23 died Priscilla Atkinson at Leeds, formerly house keeper for Daniel Hainsworth of the Erysipelas in the head only 4 days illness died in the house of recovery.
Dec 28 Died Matthew Marshall formerly of Horsforth interred at the Methodist Chapel aged 62 years.
Dec 29 died Uncle Joseph Andrews of Sunderland aged 63 years. A large circle of friends followed his remains to the grave.
Jan 7 Died our old Parrott whose years cannot be numbered.
Jan 8 Died Charles Hartley, interred at Bagley Baptist Chapel.
Jan 24 Jonas Hemingway married to Ann Hindle at East Book Chapel.
Jan 24 Matthew Horn married to Elizabeth Keighley (Widow)
Jan 24 Henry Parkinson married to Sarah Brook of Priesthorpe.
Jan 27 Thomas Gray aged 18 years the son of John Gray, Butcher, Rodley was drowned in the canal near to the Bridge. His father having sent him to Calverley Bridge with some meat the night being dark and cold it is supposed he run headlong into the canal. He was got out in about ¼ hr but life was extinct.
Mar 12 Wright Hainsworth married to Bodithia (Bertha) Barnes of Stanningley.
Mar 14 Jonathan Marshall Drysalter married to Mary Turner of Keighley.
Mar 21 Simon Dyson Fryer Tea dealer Leeds married to Lucy Hall of Manchester.
Mar 22 Benjamin Overend of Beckbottom died.
Apr 1 Died Richard Varley Cloth Manufacturer Stanningley ½ past 12 oclock A.M.
Apr 2 Died Mary Parkinson very suddenly.
Apr 6 Died Thorners Gott’s child in a fit.
Apr 7 John Booth married to Nancy Ross at Leeds.
Apr 9 Farebank Barnes married to Ann Roberts daughter of William Roberts overlooker Cape Mill Bramley.
Apr 19 Died James Pearson of Bagley.
Apr 27 Died Rebecca the wife of William Mitchell overlooker at Sunny Bank Mills Farsley.
Apr 29 Died Mary Ann Clapham daughter of William Clapham Slubber at New Mill Farsley.
May 14 Died Jane Ackroyd wife of Joseph Ackroyd in child birth.
May 14 I went to London the first time and returned on the 21st inst.
May Died Betty the wife of William Hollings Senr. Farsley.
May 18 Died Aunt Sarah Horn aged 88 years.
Jul 2 John Johnson married to Rachel Walton both of Farsley.
Jul 2 James Wade married to Elizabeth Marshall both of Farsley.
Jul 3 George Procter married to Mary Holdsworth both of Farsley.
Jul 4 Died Uncle William Andrews of an inflamation in the liver after 6 weeks illness.
Jul 11 Died Elizabeth Walton wife of old William Walton.
Sep 3 John Greaves married to Sarah Taylor.
Sep 3 Samuel Dockray married toMary Ann Wood.
Sep 7 Died Benjamin Lobley Jnr., son of Benjamin Lobley Farsley.
Sept The cholera is very prevalent in different parts of England. In Bradford and Leeds it is much fearful. The 12th inst 14 beds have been taken out of Wapping and burned in a pile to prevent it spreading.
Sep 21 Died Abimelech the son of Benjamin and Deborah Walker Pudsey aged 1 year, 1 day.
Oct 7 James Hartley of Calverley married to Elizabeth Threapleton of Farsley at Calverley Church.
Oct 31 died Thomas Brown of Bradford, aged 71 years.
Dec 1 Died old John Hollings of Farsley after a few days illness.
Dec 2 Richard Dowgill married to Harriet Hainsworth.
Jan 8 Died John Petty Jnr., of a lingering disease aged 49 years.
Jan 8 William Walker son of Thomas Walker of Pudsey accidentally fell into a tub and knocked the spicket out of a boiling pan of sysing which flew on to him which caused his death on the 10th inst, aged about 30 years.
Jan 11 Died Sarah Hainsworth in the field aged 65 years.
Feb 11 Died John Womersley of Pudsey aged 46 years.
Feb 15 died Abraham Ellis snr., cloth miller at Sunny Bank Mill.
Mar 21 Died Ann Pickard wife of the late John Pickard of a lingering disease.
Mar 26 Died Sarah Foster wife of Jonas Foster Baptist Minister Farsley rather suddenly about 1 week or 10 days illness.
Apr 17 Married Reuben Hainsworth to Hannah Hainsworth at East Brook Chapel Bradford.
Apr 18 married Jonathan Lister Pudsey to Ann Hainsworth.
Jun 16 died J. Webster of Pudsey aged 29 years.
Jul 12 A boy of Elizabeth Dibbs’ died very suddenly, he was playing in the evening and in the night he begun to be badly and died in a few minutes. The Jury went over him, and the verdict returned was ----.
July Died Robert Peel Baronete caused by a fall from his horse after surviving the accident 2 days, almost universally esteemed by the community at large by distinguishing himself, whilst Prime Minister of England in being the means of abolishing the Obnoxious Corn Laws and his zealousness in advocating reformations in the legislature of England, he being at the same time a Tory. Lord John Russell is the Prime Minister at this time.
Jul 16 Died James Johnson of consumption after a very long illness.
Dec 24 Died Timothy Rhodes of Shipley aged 66 years.
Feb 10 Died James Barrett after a long disease of about 13 months.
Feb 23 Died James Hainsworth very suddenly was well at 11 oclock and died about 9 next morning aged 77 years.
Feb 26 Died Mary Horn of a lingering disease.
Feb 26 Died Sarah Smithson of Bramley.
Feb 26 Died Old Mrs. Butterworth of Norwood Green.
Mar 4 Died Ann Mountain of Askwith. She went to bed quite well and cheerful and died next morning about 9 oclock.
Mar 30 Died Matthew Roberts, Brick Layer.
Mar 31 Died Joseph Walker Pudsey, aged 67 years.
Apr 26 Died Lititia Hargreaves of a few days illness aged 78 years.
Apr 27 Died Mary Parkinson wife of Thomas Parkinson Farsley.
Apr 28 Jennet Farrar wife of John Farrar of Bagley.
May 1 The great exhibition of the works of industry of all Nations was opened this day by Queen Victoria. A very fine day admitted into the Exhibition 10 thousand persons.
May 8 The tenders were received this night at Charles Fewster’s Bay Horse Inn, for the erection of a New school intended for the village of Farsley. The masons work let to Richard Carter for the sum of £92. 10. 0. The Joiners work to John Walker of Rawdon for £129. 0. 0. The plastering to Joseph Wheater of Calverley for £12. 10. 0. The slaters work to William Thornton Jnr. Woodhall Hills for £3. 12. 0. The pluming and glazing work to John Firth, Hirst, Pudsey for £20. 16. 0 for glazing, and £13. 10. 0 for gass fittings. The painting to George Craven for £6. 0. 0 stone leading to Henry Carter. Above £230 was subscribed previous to letting.
Jun 4 Married George Hudson, British School Teacher Farsley to Hannah Hollings at Westgate Chapel Bradford.
Jun 5 Died John Petty very suddenly, he was out several times during the day and died during the night.
Jul 25 Died Sarah wife of the late Uncle Samuel Hainsworth of Armley where he had gone to reside.
Jul 26 Died Sarah daughter of Reuben & Hannah Hainsworth aged 5 months.
Aug 28 Died Uncle Daniel Hainsworth very suddenly in the 45th year of his age.
Sep 9 Died Ellen daughte of David Yewdall Eccleshill aged 20 years.
Oct 1 Died Cousin Margret Andrews of Sunderland after an illness of 1 year and 9 months. The internment took place on the 5th inst. Benjamin Andrews and myself attended and stayed till the 8th inst.
Oct 10 Died Sarah wife of Benjamin Hainsworth farmer, Green Farsley.
Nov 7 died Hannah wife of Benjamin Keighley in her 73 year.
Nov 8 Died Samuel Farrar’s child very suddenly.
Nov 18 Died Hannah Keighley Sunny Bank in her 73 year.
Dec 1 Died Hannah wife of James Hustler.
Dec 1 Died Lydia Dowgill of Bagley.
Dec 2 and 3rd. The new village School was opened with a bazaar, which realized about 76 pounds also on the 22nd a Tea party was made and afterards a concert was given. The surplus amounting to £13. 10. 0., the school at this time being about £70 in debt. The whole cost amounting to about £500.
Dec 5 Died Joseph Turner aged 37 years of about 4 weeks illness, commencng with a small scratch by a dead pigs tooth on his thumb.
Jan 11 died Edeth daughter of Benjamin & Rose Waite aged 3 years & 4 months.
Jan 16 died Joseph Horn aged 27 years caused by a crash betwixt the cart wheel and the stone at the bottom of Gambles Hill. The horse taking fright and running away.
Jan 26 Clara daughter of Benjamin and Rose Waite aged one year and four months died.
Jan 20 Died Margret the daughter of John and Hannah Rhodes aged 3 years.
Feb 3 One hundred lives lost at Holmfirth caused by the bursting of a large reservoir and demolishing several mills, and a large number of houses.
Feb 7 Died Benjamin Hainsworth Sunny Bank aged 41 years.
Feb 22 Died Benjamin Allerton of Bagley. He was at the Chapel on the Sabbath and died the following day.
Mar 7 Died John Isles after a fortnights illness aged 46 years.
Mar 8 The New Warehouse of P. Hainsworths was opened by James Bannister beginning to weave in it first.
Mar 21 Born Daniel Hainsworth son of John & Hannah Rhodes at ½ past 3 oclock A.M.
Apr 27 Died Ann Walton of Stanningley.
Jun 8 Died Samuel Farrar aged 32 years.
Jun 18 Died John Bannister Jnr., aged 27 years of a lingering consumption.
Jun 20 The Wesleyan Chapel Farsley was reopened by the reformers who have purchased it for £900. The collection amounting to £40 this day sermons preached by Samuel Dunn.
Jul 1 Died John Hainsworth Jnr., of an affection of the liver aged 46 ½ years.
Nov 8 Died Thomas Calvert, Father of Joseph Calvert Pudsey.
Nov 21 Died John Nicholson Old Lock age 79 years.
Nov 24 Died James Ingham aged 45 years he was taken badly at his work in Bradford and died in 2 or 3 days afterwards.
Nov 30 Died John Greaves of Leeds aged 70 years.
Jan 3 Died Joshua eldest son of Jonathan Ross Farsley aged 17 yr.
Jan 24 Job Hainsworth set sail from Liverpool to Australia in the ship Prince Arthur.
Jan 31 Benjamin Andrews went to London to assist John Wardell in the shop and returned home poorly Mar 28th.
Feb 5 Died Old Rebecca Fairbank aged 79 years.
Mar 11 Died Uncle Peter Hainsworth aged 43 years of cancer in the Rectum. He was afflicted 12 months, but bore his pain with Christian fortitude. His remains was interred at the Baptist Chapel Farsley at which place he had been a member for 17 years and a deacon for 12 years. Mr Foster preached his funeral sermon founded on John 11th chp. and part of the 11th verse on the 27th .
Mar 24 Died Joseph Marshall son of Abraham Marshall aged 18 years.
Mar 27 Died John Richard son of John and Mary Musgrave of a consumption aged 17 years.
Apr 16 A Friends meeting was held in the village school addressed by Sarah Tatham and Martha Shipley also a meeting was held May 5th by the same parties.
May 3 Died Abimelech Hainsworth very suddenly aged 30 years.
Jul 2 A new clock was placed in Farsley Church having 4 dials and a bell weighing 13 cwt., the whole costing £230 raised by subscription and is denominated a public clock.
Aug 1 Died Martha Webster of Pudsey aged 34 years.
Aug 26 Died Reuben Hainsworth Sunny Bank of a lingering consumption.
Aug 27 Died Jonathan son of Samuel & Sally Busfield aged 23 years.
Sep 7 Died Mary Walton of Farsley aged 23 years.
Sep 26 Died Hannah wife of the late James Walker.
Oct 17 Died Rose the wife of the late Benjamin Hainsworth Sunny Bank aged 43 years.
Oct 20 Died Uncle Samuel Hollings of a lingering painfull disease aged 62 years.
Nov 25 Died Jons. Ross aged 54 years.
Dec 12 Died George Hainsworth aged 45. He went to bed quite well and died in 20 minutes.
Jan 14 Died Fred Hainsworth Waite son of Benjamin & Rose Waite aged 10 months.
Mar 10 Died Sarah wife of Uncle Isaac Hainsworth of Beckbottom aged 64.
Mar 27 Died Rachel wife of John Smith Sunny Bank aged 65 years.
May 4 Abimelech Hollings set sail to Australia in the ship called The Red Jacket also Charles Fewster as companion.
May 14 Died Rhoda daughter of Robert & Elizabeth Winterburn aged 2 yrs. 3 months.
May 15 Died Sarah wife of Christr. Skirrow woolsorter Farsley aged 30 years.
May 26 Died Joshua Willoughly.
Jul 5 married Emanuel Wade to Lydia Hainsworth.
Jul 15 Died James Pickard.
Aug 1 Died Old William Booth.
Aug 24 Died James Roberts Beckbottom aged 50 years.
Oct 8 Cousin William Varley his wife and 2 children set sail for Port Elizabeth Algo Bay South Africa.
Oct 24 Died Nancy wife of Joseph Roberts aged 62 years
Nov 5 The first battle was fought betwixt the Allied Armies & the Russians at Sebastipol.
Nov 15 Cousin Hannah Hainsworth removed into her new house in Well Street.
Nov 29 Died Phoeby wife of William Hollings.
Dec 14 Died William Wade Old Fold aged 67 years.
Dec 26 Isaac Gaunt Senr son called William was smothered to death, his brother and another young man were drinking with him in John Gaunt’s barn at Cote, when the wall was pressed on to them by a large quantity of turnips. The others miraculously escaped death.
Jan 28 Died Thomas Turner aged 66 years.
Feb 17 Died Aunt Sarah Andrews aged 67 years.
Mar 2 Died Nicholas, Emperor of all Russia aged 59 years.
Nobody mourns him, nobody sighs,
Nobody pities him, nobody cries,
For Nobody grives when old Nick dies,
Where he’s gone and how he fares,
Nobody knows and nobody cares.
Mar 4 Died Eliza Bannister of Rodley.
Mar 6 Died Elizabeth wife of James Parkinson Beckbottom aged 72 years.
May 17 Died James Smith aged 58 years.
Jun 6 Died Hannah daughter of Uncle James Andrews aged 20 years.
Jun 9 Died Mary daughter of Jon. & Elizabeth Ross aged 17 years.
Jun 18 Married Abimelech Andrews to Ann daughter of John Fairbank Farsley.
Jun 18 The news of peace was proclaimed by telegraph from the Crimea and was received by a general rejoicing.
Aug 14 Died Martha Bannister aged 72 years.
Aug 31 Died Sarah Taylor aged 84 years.
Sep 21 An ox was roasted whole opposite the Fleece Inn Farsley to commorate the memorable event of the great and glorious victory of the Allies over the Russians in the falling of Sebastipol.
Jan 6 Died Cousin John Grimshaw of Sunderland.
Jan 21 Died Cousin Edward Andrews of Sunderland aged 32 years.
Feb Took possession of John Farrar’s farm, containing 9 acres.
Mar 24 Married Edward Busfield to Mary Ann Wade.
Apr 2 Married Charles Roberts to Mary daughter of Benjamin Hainsworth Green Farsley.
Apr 5 Died James Roberts aged 76 years.
Apr 13 Died John Littlewood son of William Littlewood Calverley Carr. His death was caused by one of the horses taking fright in the plough and ran tha plough into his thigh which caused his death aged 14 years.
Apr 18 Died John Fairbank aged 54 years.
May 1 Died Elizabeth Horn aged – years.
May 17 Died William Busfield aged 57 years.
Jul 19 Died William Keighley aged 40 years.
Aug 1 Died Sarah Ann Walton aged 21 years.
Aug 13 Died Sarah Smith aged 57 years.
Aug 19 Born Allison Andrews at 3 oclock P.M.
Sep 2 Died Sarah Holdsworth wife of Mathew Holdsworth aged 66 years.
Sep 2 Died Ann Willerby aged 66 years.
Sep 4 Sarah wife of Benjamin Wade Beckbottom aged 47 years died.
Sep 5 Begun shearing wheat a very loud crop.
Sep 23 Died Joseph Bannister aged 24 years he was going to sink a well near William Woods houses and went down the first and was sufficated with the Black damp. Accidental death.
Sep 24 Died Charles son of Benjamin Hainsworth of Green whilst working at Durham only 4 days illness of inflamation and Mortification.
Sep 25 Died Mrs. Grimshaw, the second wife of Jeremiah Grimshaw of child birth.
Oct 17 Died Elizabeth Isles aged 78 years.
Nov 7 Died Jane Midgley aged 46 years.
Nov 31 Died James Scott aged 28 years.
Jan 26 Married Benjamin Andrews to Jane Appleyard.
Feb 5 Died Aunt Martha Hainsworth aged 76 years.
Feb 15 Benjamin Whitley aged 80 years.
March Mr. & Mrs. Clark Thornhill granted to the inhabitants of Farsley 5 acres of ground in the field called the Lees and 20 by 30 in. Mrs John Hainsworth croft for a towns hall, in liew of the roads to be stopped in Calverley Woods. The committee for the same being John Turner, John Andrews, Samuel Stead, Daniel Walker, Joseph Parkinson & Joseph Whitaker and A. Andrews Secretary of Committee.
Mar 4 Died John Walker aged 65 years.
Apr 26 Died Uncle Isaac Hainsworth.
Apr 26 Died Joshua Wroe of Farsley aged 79 years.
May 9 Died John Procter 84 years.
May 11 Died Hannah Stead aged 52 years.
May 27 Died Sarah Dockray aged 66 years.
Jun 1 Died Elizabeth Walker 33 years.
Jun 2 Died John Whitaker 58 years.
Jun 4 Died Jane Keighley 38 years.
Jun 13 Married Charles Hainsworth to Alice Holdsworth of Yeadon.
Jul 25 Died John Turner aged 80 years.
Aug 5 Died John Booth Senr. Melbourn aged 65 years.
Aug 11 Died Old Elizabeth Isles Senr. aged 74 years.
Aug 13 Died Nancy Whitaker of Farsley.
Aug 13 Died Mary Ann Whitaker Winterburn aged 25 of a lingering consumption.
Aug Died Jane wife of m. Grimshaw.
Sep 2 Died Sarah Rhodes aged 71 years. Relict of Timothy Rhodes, Shipley.
Nov 10 Died Herbert Gaunt son of Isaac & Priscilla Gaunt aged 9 months.
Nov 20 Died John Light Foster aged 1 yr. & 7 months.
Dec 18 Died Benjamin Baker, Cockshott aged 15 years.
April probably, Died William Wade of Bagley.
Jul 31 Martin Walton aged 54 years.
Aug 6 Died Samuel Ward aged 84 years.
Aug 30 Died Richard Duffield very suddenly aged 59 years.
Aug 31 Died Jane Ross, wife of Joseph Ross aged 22 years.
Sep 13 Died John Bannister, short of an hours illness, aged 70 years.
Sep 17 Queen Victoria, Prince Albert Helenea & Alice, paid a visit to Leeds and were received with great demonstrations. The streets were lined with spectators and the decorations were superb.
Sep 23 Died Martha daughter of Jerimiah N. Naylor aged 14 years.
Sep 23 Died Anne Wade daughter of Emanuel & Lydia Wade aged 4 years.
Feb 3 Died Joseph Walton having been for his pension he had got on the Canal Bank and got over the wall near to the Lodge Bridge where he was found dead. It being a cold frosty night, it is supposed he was starved to death.
Feb 3 Died John Smith Sunny Bank Mill, aged – a deacon – and 50 years a member of the Baptists.
Mar 7 Died Joseph son of Benj. Hainsworth at Green aged -.
Apr 30 and 31st Thornhills sold by Auction in St. Georges’ Hall part of their Estate.
Thornhills Sale comprises the following Lots and purchased as follows: -
Lot 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 bought by Vints of Idle by private.
Lot 7 11 acres by Peckover £600.
Lot 11 Croft 0.3.17 ½ Peckover £135.
Lot 18 17.2.9 by Peckover £1120.
Lot 19 17.0.32 by Peckover £1120.
Lot 20 13.2.30 ½ S. Gray £1000.
Lot 21 22.2.22 ½ Yewdale £1620.
Lot 22 23.2.13 ½ Parkin £1320.
Lot 23 46.0.31 J. Hainsworth £3550.
Lot 25 30.3.25 J. Parkin £1500.
Lot 26 35.0.38 J. Gaunt £1900.
Lot 27 14.1.17 Vints
Lot 28 7.2.24 ½ Vints
Lot 29 17.3.3. Vints J. Gaunts Farm.
Lot 30 19.1.34 Vints W. Sowdens Farm.
Lot 40 8.0.0. B. Wade £435.
Lot 41 3.3.13 ½ B. Wade £220.
Lot 48 8.0.22 C. Hainsworth £450.
Lot 50 6.0.8 ½ Lamberts.
Aug Died Aunt Sally Holling very suddenly. She was out on Tuesday and died on Sunday evening of the asiatic Cholera.
Sept The Leeds Banking Company suspended payment causing a depression in Trade about Leeds. The deficiency to pay by shareholders being £814,740 or £111 per share, of 7340 shares discount being at the Bank of England at 9%.
Sep 5 Died Jesse Sutcliffe of dropsy aged 46 years.

1769 Nov Grandfather Abimelech Hainsworth was born.
1791 Oct 31 Grandfather Abimelech Hainsworth married to Hannah the daughter of John Walker.
1792 Jan 21 John the son of Abimelech Hainsworth was born and died when 42 weeks old.
1793 May 7 Lydia the daughter of the above named Abimelech Hainsworth was born.
1795 Jan 1 Samuel was born.
1797 Jan 1 Hannah was born.
1798 Jun 23 Sally was born.
1800 Feb 1 John was born. Oat Meal at £3. 12. 0d. per load.
1801 Jul 3 Died Rose Hainsworth Benjamin Keighley’s wife.
1802 Mar 19 Joseph was born.
1803 Aug 12 George was born. A great report of Bonapart invading England.
1805 Mar 28 Rose was born.
1805 Jun 24 Died John the brother of Grandfather Abimelech Hainsworth.
1806 Feb 9 His widow married to William Ross.
1806 Nov 11 Daniel was born. A bad trade and much war.
1807 Jun 9 George Hainsworth Father of Abimelech died.
1807 Jun 29 Also his mother died.
1808 May 4 Job was born. Most horrible bad trade at war with nearly all nations.
1810 Mar 4 Peter was born. Bonapart divorced his last wife and has got married again.
1811 Jul 9 Mary Ann was born. A great many soldiers in Portugal of England.
1811 Jul 21 Mary Ann died and was buried at Farsley Chapel.
1812 Oct 29 Reuben was born. Bad trade Oat Meal £5 per load. Bonapart defeated in Russia and run away back
to France. Got home the 18th Dec the same year.
1813 Mar 15 Also his brother Benjamin died.
1813 March Lydia Hainsworth married to Benjamin Andrews.
1814 Feb 7 Deborah Andrews born, 4 oclock afternoon.
1814 June John Walker died.
1815 Jul 26 Hannah Andrews born, 11 oclock night.
1816 Jun 30 Benjamin widow married to Benjamin Whitley.
1817 Aug 22 John Andrews born, 4 oclock P.M. died Aug 7th 1822.
1818 Mar 12 William Varley died.
1818 Jul 6 Samuel Hollings of Calverley married to Sally Hainsworth.
1818 Aug 1 Corn shorn in different places in town.
1820 Mar 12 Allison Andrews born, 5 oclock p.m. died Oct 19th 1837 aged 17 after a long illness which she
bore with patience to the last.
1821 May Thps. Varley maried to Rose Hainsworth.
1821 Sep 8 Died The Rev. John Sharp Baptist Minister Farsley.
1822 Mar 27 John Hainsworth married to Harriet Strickland.
1822 Jul 21 George Hainsworth married to Elizabeth Turner.
1822 Sep 18 Lydia Andrews born, 2 oclock morning.
1824 Aug 28 Margrett Andrews born.
1826 Jul 20 Corn shorn in this town.
1827 Mar 28 Abimelech Andrews born.
1827 Aug ….her Benjamin Andrews died
1828 Oct 5 Harriet Hainsworth gave birth to a girl, about 6 oclock evening. Flour 4/- per stone “Hannah”.
1829 May 29 Hannah Gaunt gave birth to a son, ½ after 10 oclock evening.
1830 Feb 14 Josh. Child was preaching in the Baptist Chapel Farsley, Holdsworth, Marshall likewise.
1830 Jan 17 Company Hall Farsley was let at Charles Fewsters Bay Horse Inn, Masd.. … Farrers…, work to
Pickards, digging … Childs. Engine …………, stone getting and leading to Charles Fewster. He
gave …….. 16th. owing to some complaints by the architect Samuel Grimshaw. First ………as laid
Jan 17th 1830.
? …her Benjamin Andrews died 8th month 1827.
? my uncle? Job Hainsworth die…………… a lingering …………. 29 weeks. He …………..
Bradford a fortnight ………. To his death and we supposed he got cold a fortnight ….. rain and
terminated his life.
? Jun 16 ather John Walker died 6th month 16th 18… Thursday he was 32? years … Monday preceeding
……………….. the particular Baptists. ………. ards of … years, and also lived ………. Fourth
generation. His …… ……. ndents follow sons. …. …. children 50, great grand children ……
great great grand children ………… preached his funeral sermon founded on ……….
? Brother Benjamin ……….. died th month ……….. .from inflamation. He was .. Leeds market on the
Saturday before ……. … died on the Monday follow…… 32 years and 6 months.
1830 May 10 Elizabeth, William Listers wife gave birth to a daughter.
1830 May 11 Harriet Hainsworth, John’s wife gave birth to a son about ½ past 1 oclock being …. child 3rd son.
1830 May Sarah, Martin Walton’s wife gave birth to a son, 2nd child, 1st son betwixt 4 or 5 oclock a.m.
1836 Mar father Abimelech Hainsworth died after a very short illness, his pain was severe.
1837 Mar 2 brother Samuel Hainsworth died aged 42 years.
1837 Mar 13 mother Hannah Hainsworth died after a long and tedious illness, bore with patience aged 64 years
1838 May 13 my brother George Hainsworth died aged 34 years 9 months.
31 My sister Hannah …….. gave birth to a son which …………. Benjamin Andrews.
1843 14 Sarah Parkin of Beckbottom gave birth to a daughter they called “Allison” about 11 oclock.
1844 Died Allison Parkin daughter of the above Sarah Parkin.
1844 Feb 6 Hannah Horn gave birth to a son.
1844 Oct 6 Cousin Sarah Andrews gave birth to a son which they called Thomas about 12 oclock a.m.
1844 Nov 24 Elizabeth Smith gave birth to a son which they called John Hainsworth.
1844 Nov 25 Aunt Betty Strickland gave birth to a daughter.
1845 26 Grace Ann Barker gave birth to 2 sons.
1845 Jun 3 Sister Hannah Rhodes gave birth to a daughter which is named Emma.
1845 Aug 1 Sarah Whiteley was delivered of a daughter which is called Elizabeth.
1845 Aug 14 Sister Deborah Walker was delivered of a daughter which they called Hannah.
1845 Aug 29 Aunt Mary Hainsworth gave birth to a son which is called Abimelech William.
1849 Mar 1 Harriet the daughter of David and Elizabeth Smith was born.
1849 Apr 25 William the son of Sarah and George Andrews was born.
1849 May Clara the daughter of Thomas and Eliza Hollings was born.
1849 Nov the daughter of Reuben and Mary Hainsworth was born.
1850 Jan 12 Allison was born daughter of Henry and Sarah Whiteley.
1850 Jul 17 born Arthur the son of Mary Ann and Edward Andrews of Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland.
1851 Feb 14 Born Sarah the daughter of Reuben and Hannah Hainsworth about 4 oclock A.M.
1851 Mar 9 Born Mary Ann the daughter of Abraham and Rose Keighley being the 17th child.
1855 Apr 28 Born Thimeotheus son of John and Hannah Rhodes.
1857 Mar 11 Mary Roberts of Horsforth of a daughter at 1 oclock.
1857 Dec 11 Born Emma daughter of Benjamin and Jane Andrews.
1859 Feb 3 Born Charles Henry the son of Albert and Ann Andrews at ½ past 3 oclock in the morning.

1863 Aug 12 I pleadge myself a teetoler from this day.

Nov 26 Hannah Ord died and was interred at the Friends Burial Ground Rawden Nov 29th.
Feb 24 David Hainsworth son of Benjamin & Rose Hainsworth found drowned near Kirkstall and was interred at the Baptist burial ground Farsley Feb 27th. He was in the water nearly 7 weeks.
Feb 24 Marshall Keighley son of Ephram Keighley died Feb 24th and was interred at the Farsley Baptist burial ground Feb 27th. He died at Burnley in Lancashire where he had been living.
Mar 7 Allison Horn married to M. Longstone in the Baptist Chapel.
Mar 14 Shires married to Walter Keighley.
Mar 19 Mr. Stott of London preached morning and evening in the Baptist Chapel Farsley.
Apr 1 Clara Halliday married to Rhodes Dockray.
Apr 16 John Cliffe Yewdall son of the late David Yewdall died and was interred at the Bramley Baptist burial ground Apr 19th age 35 years.
Apr 19 Elizabeth Busfield daughter of John and Martha Busfield died and was interred at Farsley Baptist burial ground Apr 22nd aged 24 years.
May 2 Clara Dockray wife of Rhodes Dockray died and was interred at the Farsley Church burial ground May 4th.
May 3 Nancy Busfield wife of Matthew Busfield died, was interred at the Farsley Baptist burial ground May 6th.
May 14 Hannah Rhodes wife of John Rhodes died, and was interred at the Baptist burial ground Farsley May 16th aged 60 years.
Jun 13 Ada daughter of Joseph and Susannah Booth died aged 8 months.
Jun 19 Mary Ann wife of John Thompson, Butter factor, Horsforth died aged 53 years.
Jun 19 Apolena widow of the late William Varley of Stanningley Hall near Leeds died at the residence of her son in law Gh. Massey St. Annes’ Burley Nr. Leeds and was interred at Farsley Church Jun 23rd.
Jun 20 James Turner Clothier of Farsley, died and was interred at Calverley Church Jun 23rd age 91 years.
Jun 22 Martha daughter of Hugh Nicholson died, and was interred at the Baptist burial ground Jun 24 age 19 years.
Jun 22 William Hainsworth died and was interred at the Farsley Baptist burial ground Jun 24th.
Jun 24 Mrs. Sam Hustler confined of a daughter.
Jul 13 Mary Hannah daughter of William and Mary Jane Johnson died, and was interred at Farsley Baptist burial ground Jul 15th.
Mar 18 Annie daughter of John & Rachel Butler married to Roger Arthur Gartsides.
Sep 23 Died suddenly at Landport Hants, Sarah Ann wife of Hy. Tetley in her 43rd year.
Oct 1 at Bridge Street Free Methodist Chapel, Bradford, Richard son of Joseph Harrison, West View, Farsley to Mary daughter of Benjamin Cheetham, Stockport.
Oct 3 Miss Mawson, Otley married to Hy. Armitage.
Oct 3 The marriage of Mr. Ellis Denby son of John Denby Esq. of Wycliffe House, Shipley to Clara Sophia eldest daughter of Jeremiah & Elizabeth Slater, Longfield, Stanningley was celebrated on Wednesday at the Parish Church, Calverley.
Oct 25 at the Baptist Chapel Benjamin Johnson was married to Elizabeth Balmforth of Bradford.

1887 Jul 4 Charles Henry Andrews married to Miss Clarke of Ballarat.
1888 Feb 20 Born Charles Sydney Andrews son of C. H. & Kate Andrews.
1890 Jan 15 Born George Victor son of Charles H. & Kate Andrews.

Emma Grimshaw, No. 1 Henry Street, Hendon Road, Sunderland.
William Harrieson Oxley, Elsecar, Barnsley.
James Andrews at Joshua Wilson & Brothers, High Street, Sunderland.
Joseph Wood No 28 Chester Row, Sunderland.
Ann Hinsley at Charles Mothams, Cottingham, Nr. Hull.
Miss Whiteman, Meadow Lane, Leeds.
Emma Andrews, No. 102, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle on Tyne.
John Grimshaw, No. 4, Nicholson Street, Sunderland.