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Names in the News


Names in the News is a section holding transcriptions of small news items or diary extracts from the 18th & 19th century for districts in Calverley Parish, the criteria being that the items mention local people or important events from the district, especially marriage and death notices. Hopefully, this will go some way to "fleshing out" the basic details gathered from parish register and census entries. This will be an ongoing project with additions transcribed regularly. The database will be searchable rather than browsable, though an index of pages is available. The entries are formated as follows example:


Source: Leeds Mercury
Date: 1845 12 27
Subject: Trouble at t'mill.
-Yesterday workers at Bumthwaite's mill in Pudsey went on strike to reduce the working day from 25 to 24 hours and 12 on Saturday...


Searches for items can be conducted through the main page search engine or the one below. Items from this section will be recognisable by the above format style.
The search facility covers the whole site, so to ensure that only items from this section are called, enter the words News Source along with your search words; eg News Source Smithson, will produce all Smithson entries from the database without bringing up all the other plentiful occurences throughout the site.
The presence of ... after or in the text indicates that the item has been abridged.

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