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Tong Census Returns

Tong has been lucky regarding census returns. Early censuses were usually destroyed; the 1841 census being the first census to be preserved on a national level. The censuses of Tong for the years 1811 and 1821 however, survived.

These census returns gave little information, limiting it to the name and surname of the head of the household, which of three classes of occupation the head of the family was involved with and the amount of males and females in the household.

The census of 1841 gave more information about each household member, though the ages were usually rounded down to the nearest five years for anyone over fifteen years old. The Birthplace only indicated whether born in Yorkshire or not. Occupations for family members other than the head were usually not listed. Relationship between household members was not listed.

The 1851 census was the first to include the correct ages, relationships to household head, occupations of all occupants, address, marital status, any infirmaties and birthplaces.


The indexes here vary as to material included. All include the Folio number enabling you to find an entry in the original census films.

The dates of all these censuses were as follows:


  • 1811 – 27 May
  • 1821 – 28 May
  • 1841 – 6 June
  • 1851 – 30 March
  • 1861 – 7 April
  • 1871 – 2 April
  • 1881 – 3 April
  • 1891 – 5 April
  • 1901 – 31 March
  • 1911 – 2 April
  • 1921 - 19 June