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Clayton Workhouse Census 1911


The North Bierley Union workhouse was built during 1855-1858 at Clayton, by the Horton Bank reservoir. It could accommodate about 400 inmates. The building was designed by Henry F Lockwood and William Mawson. This census return is compiled of all inmates and staff in the 1911 census. The 1861 census presented the inmates by initials only, rendering it useless.

Current or Former Occupation
Current or Former Occupation
SUMMERFIELD Joseph Head M 42 M Workhouse Master LEI Barrow on Soar
SUMMERFIELD Sarah Ann Wife F 38 M Workhouse Matron LEI Countesthorpe
SUMMERFIELD Ida Dau F 9     Clayton
SUMMERFIELD Mabel Dau F 4     Clayton
HARE Annie Rebecca Servant F 39 S Superintendent Nurse Pudsey
COCKRAM William Charles Servant M 45 M Porter DOR Stoborough
COCKRAM Edith Servant F 40 M Portress SOM Somerton
GARSIDE Mary Alice Servant F 23 S Hospital Nurse Idle
WOOD Nora Middlebrook Servant F 24 S Hospital Nurse Undercliffe
PAYNE Annie Servant F 30 S Hospital Nurse Shipley
LEATHER Blanche Servant F 29 S Hospital Nurse Outwood
CLOSE Mary A Servant F 35 S Hospital Nurse Eccleshill
HOLROYD Elizabeth Servant F 25 S Hospital Nurse Shelf
TOWNEND Annie Servant F 33 S Hospital Nurse Wombwell
GREEN Nellie Servant F 23 S Hospital Nurse LAN Manchester
BIRKBECK Adela Servant F 30 S Hospital Nurse Low Moor
LAWSON Mary Servant F 25 S Hospital Nurse Bramley
SENIOR Charlotte Evelyn Servant F 26 S Hospital Nurse Pudsey
AVERY Beatrice Servant F 23 S Hospital Nurse LAN Manchester
DRAKE Maud Ruby Servant F 23 S Hospital Nurse Bradford
KELSEY Frances Servant F 22 S Hospital Nurse SUR Walworth
HASSALL Janet Lillian Servant F 21 S Hospital Nurse Shipley
STONES Adela Servant F 28 S Hospital Nurse Wortley
WHITELY Annie Servant F 29 S Hospital Nurse DER Derby
ROBINSON Louisa Servant F 38 S Hospital Cook Bradford
CONNOR James Servant M 38 M Imbecile Attendant Gomersal
CONNOR Annie Letitia Servant F 37 M Imbecile Attendant Bradford
VINCENT Caroline Servant F 61 M House Cook NFK Flitcham
JOHNSON Elizabeth Hannah Servant F 30 S Attendant Shipley
HORSFALL Eliza Servant F 38 S Infant Nurse Denholme
SPEIGHT Albert Ed Servant M 32 S Attendant Wibsey
SNEESBY William Smith Servant M 40 S Attendant CAM Wilburton
McINTYRE Agnes Servant F 57 S Laundress DUR Sunderland
JOHNSON Charles Servant M 15 S Assistant Clerk Pudsey
CROWTHER William A Servant M 35 M Imbecile Attendant Halifax
CROWTHER Mary E Servant F 36 M Imbecile Attendant Leeds
ABBOTT Mark Inmate M 78 W Domestic Gardener Pateley Bridge
AINSWORTH Hannah Inmate F 68 S Dressmaker Shipley
ACKROYD Booth Inmate M 66 S Farm Labourer Queensbury
ASQUITH Earl Inmate M 61 W General Outdoor Labourer Saltaire
ACKROYD Edwin Inmate M 38 S Warehouse Packer Shipley
ADAMS Mary Inmate F 39 S Laundress LIN Sleaford
AMBLER Oswald Inmate M 10 .   Stanningley
ALLERTON Eli Inmate M 65 W Wool Mixer in Mill Farsley
ARMITAGE Joshua Inmate M 73 W Shoemaker Pudsey
ALLOTT Joseph Inmate M 82 W General Outdoor Labourer Pudsey
ACKROYD Charles Inmate M 73 W Coal Miner Queensbury
ACTON John Inmate M 51 W General Outdoor Labourer Shipley
BRADLEY John Inmate M 46 S Iron Foundry Labourer Wibsey
BARKER Emma Inmate F 61 S . Stanbury
BAXENDALL John Ed Inmate M 53 S Warehouse Clerk Buttershaw
BEAUMONT Benjamin Inmate M 77 M Tailor Bramley
BENTLEY Joseph Inmate M 63 M Spinning Overlooker Cleckheaton
BURNETT Sarah Ann Inmate F 62 S Worsted Spinner Low Moor
BATTY Thomas Inmate M 50 W Outdoor Labourer Doncaster
BISHOP Sarah Jane Inmate F 45 W Worsted Weaver Persia (Resident)
BARRACLOUGH Henry Inmate M 77 W Iron Works Forgeman Buttershaw
BROWN Herbert Inmate M 26 S . Pudsey
BRIER Jane Inmate F 69 W Coalpit Bank LAN St Helens
BELVERSTONE Richard Inmate M 64 S House Painter CAM Wisbech
BURRIDGE Mary Inmate F 32 S Twister in Mill Eccleshill
BARNETT Sarah Inmate F 72 W . Not known
BAKER John Inmate M 59 W Warp Dresser Shipley
BARKER George Inmate M 58 M Market Gardener Leeds
BURROWS Harriet Inmate F 79 W Domestic Servant Idle
BOOCOCK Margaret J Inmate F 67 W Domestic Servant Leeds
BARBER Mary Inmate F 22 S Worsted Spinner Brighouse
BOTTOMLEY James Inmate M 60 W Pork Butcher Bradford
BROWN Sarah Alice Inmate F 30 S Domestic Servant Wyke
BOLTON George Inmate M 40 S . Bradford
BROOK Ruth Inmate F 57 S Worsted Mill Weaver Oakenshaw
BROOK George Inmate M 66 S Farm Labourer NFK Attleboro
BAGULEY Horace Inmate M 11 . . Bradford
BARRACLOUGH Walter Inmate M 59 W Woolsorter Buttershaw
BELLABY Maria Inmate F 37 W Woolcomber Wortley
BELLABY Willie Inmate M 5 . . Stanningley
BURKE Patrick Inmate M 44 S Mason's Labourer Tong
BRADY Thomas Inmate M 72 W Woolcomber IRE West Meath
BINNS William Inmate M 67 W Stone Quarryman Norwood Green
BINNS Joseph Inmate M 86 W Mason's Labourer Clayton
BENSON Abraham Inmate M 44 M Butler Heckmondwike
BARRACLOUGH Mary Inmate F 75 . . Not known
BARBER Henry Inmate M 68 W Stuff Presser Bradford
BINNS Frederick Inmate M 57 S Stone Mason Oxenhope
BOOTH David Wilcock Inmate M 53 M Cloth Fuller Eccleshill
BEAN Thomas Inmate M 32 M Woollen Mill Labourer Baildon
BELLABY Edith Harriet Inmate F 2m . . Clayton
BLAND Lavinia Inmate F 48 W Domestic Servant York
BOWER Jonas Inmate M 68 W General Outdoor Labourer Bradford
BLAKE Maria Inmate F 74 W Woolcombing Machinist Shipley
BENN Jonas Inmate M 57 W Brickmaker Queensbury
BOTTOMLEY David Inmate M 63 W Plasterer Wibsey
BARRON Robert Inmate M 53 M School Master Bradley, Kildwick
CRYER William Inmate M 83 S Farm Labourer Calverley
CRYER James Inmate M 67 S Wood Turner Pudsey
CRAVEN Wright Inmate M 57 S Weaving Overlooker Thornton
CROWTHER Mary Inmate F 91 W Woolcomber Huddersfield
CALVERLEY Sarah J Inmate F 62 S Twister in Mill Shipley
CRABTREE Lucy Inmate F 60 S Domestic Servant Howarth
CLIFFE Edward Inmate M 79 M Newsagent Leeds
CORDINGLEY William Inmate M 48 S . Cleckheaton
CLOUGH Mary Inmate F 75 W Domestic Servant Leeds
CLAYTON John Inmate M 76 W Coalpit Engineman Low Moor
CLOUGH William Inmate M 23 S . Cleckheaton
CARDUS Samuel Inmate M 66 S Currier Calverley
COULSON Mary Inmate F 56 W Charwoman Stanningley
CRABTREE Herbert Inmate M 43 S . Saltaire
COOPER Sarah Jane Inmate F 39 M Domestic Servant Bradford
CLAPHAM William Inmate M 80 W Farm Labourer North Rigton
CUSHINGS William Inmate M 71 W Farm Labourer NFK Bavier
CLAUGHTON Joseph Inmate M 63 S Railway Platelayer Yeadon
COWMAN Joseph Inmate M 64 W Cloth Weaver Apperley Bridge
CARNEY Michael Inmate M 49 S Brush Maker Bailiff Bridge
CLINES John Inmate M 60 W Mill Mechanic LAN Manchester
CRYER Abraham Inmate M 74 S Yarn Slubber Drighlington
COULTAS James Inmate M 64 W Coal Miner Bradford
COLE Sarah Ann Inmate F 60 M Dressmaker LIN Spittlegate
CURRIE Hugh Inmate M 72 W General Outdoor Labourer IRE Belfast
CUNNINGHAM John Inmate M 63 M Auctioneer SCT Gourock
CRAWSHAW John W Inmate M 65 W Carter Leeds
CLIFFORD Thomas Inmate M 60 M Warp Dresser Wibsey
CRABTREE Joshua Inmate M 62 S Farm Labourer Not known
COATES George Inmate M 46 W Mill Boiler Fireman Pudsey
CHURCH Willie Inmate M 4 . . Clayton
COWMAN Ellen Inmate F 74 W Domestic Servant LAN Blackburn
CODD John W Inmate M 62 W General Outdoor Labourer Kingston upon Hull
CARNEY Kate Inmate F 50 M Domestic Servant IRE Donegal
CRAVEN Ernest Inmate M 54 W Mason's Labourer Calverley
DEACON William Inmate M 45 S . Shipley
DUFTON Samuel Inmate M 72 S Yarn Slubber Pudsey
DEAN Isabella Inmate F 74 W Charwoman Harrogate
DRAKE Jonas Inmate M 73 S . Thornton
DODSON Joseph Inmate M 62 S Worsted Weaver Wilsden
DOWNS James Inmate M 55 M . Low Moor
DOWNS Amanda Inmate F 50 M Worsted Spinner Shipley
DEACON Eleanor Inmate F 51 S Worsted Weaver Shipley
DALE Edward Inmate M 69 M Shoemaker Northowram
DUNCAN William Inmate M 77 W Iron Foundry Labourer SCT Dundee
DAWSON Hannah Inmate F 72 W Worsted Weaver Bradford
DOWELL Matilda Inmate F 79 W Midwife MDX Clapton
DEACON John Inmate M 40 W Stationary Engineman NTT Newark
DENNING William Inmate M 90 W Woolcomber WOR Kidderminster
DONAHUE Thomas Inmate M 62 S Coppersmith IRE Galway
DOWGILL Job Inmate M 54 W Fellmonger Farsley
DUTTON Agnes L Inmate F 1 . . Clayton
DUTTON Ann Inmate F 74 W Card Room Hand LAN Liverpool
EXLEY Eva Inmate F 16 S . Idle
EMMOTT Sarah Inmate F 52 S . Yeadon
ENGLAND George Inmate M 58 M Mill Stoker Farsley
EXELBY William Inmate M 16 S Coal Miner Farsley
ELLIOTT John Inmate M 55 W Rope Splicer SOM Chard
FARQUHAR Harry Inmate M 17 S . Wibsey
FAIRBURN Mary Inmate M 64 S Needlewoman Not known
FOSTER Harry Inmate M 28 S . Denholme
FEARNLEY Thomas Inmate M 68 S Coal Miner Bradford
FLETCHER Stephen Inmate M 57 W Farm Labourer Shipley
FARRAR Martha G Inmate F 71 S Domestic Servant Pudsey
FIRTH Nellie Inmate F 50 S Cloth Weaver Pudsey
FIRTH Annie Inmate F 12 S . Huddersfield
FEARNLEY Lylie Inmate F 61 S Domestic Servant Bradford
FIRTH Walter Inmate M 26 S Farm Labourer Clayton
GRANGE Joshua Inmate M 63 S . Pudsey
GUY Mary Jane Inmate F 51 S . Drighlington
GILL Thomas Henry Inmate M 36 S . Pudsey
GREEN Jane Inmate F 50 S Worsted Spinner Not known
GOULD Harriet Inmate F 74 W Domestic Servant Queensbury
GREEN Richard Inmate M 69 W Warp Twister Halifax
GARSIDE William Inmate M 58 S Stone Quarryman Farnley
GOMERSAL Jonathan Inmate M 66 S Worsted Mill Mechanic Denholme
GILLON Margaret Inmate F 63 S Domestic Servant Not known
GREENOUGH Annie Inmate F 78 W Reeler in Cotton Mill Wakefield
GREENWOOD Charlie Inmate M 51 S . Cleckheaton
GULLAN Charlotte Inmate F 58 W Spinner in Cotton Mill Halifax
GARNER Thomas Inmate M 75 W Worsted Weaver Barnsley
GIBSON Richard Inmate M 57 S Currier Pudsey
GREENWOOD Thomas Inmate M 68 S General Outdoor Labourer Grassington
GREENWOOD Esther Inmate F 66 W Worsted Weaver Bradford
GLEDHILL Squire Inmate M 62 S Coal Miner Drighlington
GREEN Alice Inmate F 42 M Woolcomber Low Moor
GLOVER Isaac Inmate M 62 S Cloth Miller Pudsey
GARNHAM James Inmate M 65 W Farm Labourer SFK Rickinghall
GOTT John Inmate M 77 W Coal Miner Not known
HARDAKER John Inmate M 70 S . Leeds
HORNER Alfred Inmate M 43 S . Idle
HARTLEY Sarah Inmate F 59 S Domestic Servant Eccleshill
HOLDSWORTH William Inmate M 70 S . Farsley
HESLING Mark Inmate M 79 S Coal Miner Bierley
HORSFALL Pearson Inmate M 51 S . Denholme
HEAP Sarah Inmate F 42 S . Thornton
HANSON John Inmate M 54 M Dyer's Labourer Wyke
HARDY Cyrus Inmate M 62 W Stone Quarry Stationary Engine Driver Drighlington
HILLAS Mary Inmate F 70 W Shopkeeper (Grocer) Slaidbourne
HARROP Gertrude Inmate F 21 S Cotton Spinner Leeds
HOPKINSON Gwendoline Inmate F 15 S . Eccleshill
HEY Lawrence Inmate M 69 W Tailor LAN Accrington
HESLOP Rose Ann Inmate F 88 W Domestic Servant IRE Ballerooney
HIRT Rhoda Inmate F 66 W Charwoman Shelf
HEWITT Jane Inmate F 52 M Domestic Servant LIN Retford
HIGGINS Robert Inmate M 65 M Gas Stoker Low Moor
HAINSWORTH Edith Inmate F 56 S School Mistress Pudsey
HARDAKER Thomas Inmate M 58 S Domestic Gardener Greengates
HARTLEY Spence Inmate M 73 M Cloth Weaver Greengates
HUDSON Hilda May Inmate F 39 S Hotel Waitress SCT Edinburgh
HARPER Frank Inmate M 45 S Woolcomber Bingley
HAINSWORTH Ratcliffe Inmate M 66 W Plasterer Bradford
HARRISON Fred Inmate M 69 W Iron Works Forgeman Low Moor
HOPKINSON Joseph Inmate M 48 S . Cleckheaton
HALEY Ezra Inmate M 56 S Farm Labourer Leaventhorpe
HOLGATE Fred Inmate M 58 W Stone Quarryman Halifax
HODGSON Ann Inmate F 73 W Cotton Weaver Hessle
HILL Sarah Inmate F 43 S Worsted Spinner Cullingworth
HEWITT Hannah Inmate F 37 M Winder in Cotton Mill Wyke
HEWITT Morris Inmate M 1 . . Wyke
HEYWARD George Inmate M 60 W Stone Mason ESS Romford
HODGSON Albert Inmate M 37 S Ship's Stoker Saltaire
HOLT Margaret Inmate F 4 . . Not known
HOWSAM Joseph Inmate M 70 W Farm Labourer Methley
HARTLEY Henry Inmate M 69 S Iron Works Labourer Bradford
HALEY Albert Inmate M 64 W Engine Fitter LAN Stalybridge
HIRST Elizabeth Inmate F 76 W Worsted Weaver Bingley
HUTLEY? John Inmate M 20 S Canal Boatman COR South Downs
HARGREAVES Henry Inmate M 67 S Coal Miner Wibsey
HARTLEY David Inmate M 80 W Mule Spinner Birstal
HIRST Annie L Inmate f 28 S Domestic Servant Huddersfield
HEWITT Benjamin Inmate M 58 W Carter Pudsey
HARRISON William Inmate M 68 W Greengrocer Bramley
HIBBERTSON Margaret Inmate F 32 S . Thornton
HAIGH Mary Ann Inmate F 74 W Worsted Spinner Shelf
HUDSON Arthur Inmate M 40 M Coal Hawker Bradford
INGHAM Herbert Inmate M 43 S . Denholme
IVES Ellen Inmate F 45 S Domestic Servant Bradford
JOWETT James Inmate M 70 W Platelayer Weston
ILLINGWORTH Martha Inmate F 52 S . Shipley
JONES Emma Inmate F 28 S Spinner in Cotton Mill Wyke
JOWETT William Inmate M 37 S . Wibsey
ILLINGWORTH Joshua Inmate M 69 S Farm Labourer Pudsey
JAY Robert Inmate M 76 W Farm Labourer SFK Eye
JARRATT Richard Inmate M 33 S . Clayton
INMAN George Inmate M 44 S General Outdoor Labourer Wortley
INGHAM John Inmate M 35 S . Halifax
JOHNSON Phyllis Inmate F 21 S Twister in Mill DUR Newcastle on Tyne
JENKINSON John Inmate M 66 M Cotton Weaver Yeadon
ILLINGWORTH Betsey Inmate F 32 S Cotton Weaver Bingley
JACKSON George Inmate M 61 S General Outdoor Labourer Eccleshill
KENDALL Robert Inmate M 63 M Farm Labourer Pudsey
KNAPTON Sam Inmate M 24 S Mill Warehouseman Bramley
KITSON Elizabeth Inmate F 62 S Cloth Weaver Calverley
KNOWLES Joseph Inmate M 46 S General Outdoor Labourer Stanningley
KELLEY James Inmate M 56 S Farm Labourer DUR Stockton on Tees
KILNER Margaret Inmate F 26 S Domestic Servant Bradford
LINGARD Sarah E Inmate F 39 S . Thornton
LAYCOCK James L Inmate M 56 S School Master Low Moor
LANGLEY David Inmate M 71 W Mason's Labourer Pudsey
LANGLEY Naomi Inmate F 23 S Spinner in Cotton Mill Pudsey
LAWLER Margaret Inmate F 1 . . Halifax
LEES Albert Inmate M 56 S Coal Miner Tong
LUMB Richard Inmate M 64 M Stone Mason DUR Newcastle on Tyne
LIGHTOWLER Jonas Inmate M 60 W Warp Dresser Bradford
LEE Gaythorne Inmate M 24 S Mill Mechanic Thornton
LONGBOTTOM Joseph Inmate M 68 M Well Sinker Luddendenfoot
LOFTHOUSE Thomas Inmate M 33 M Mill Warehouseman Bradford
MORRELL Ellen Inmate F 26 S . Shipley
MURGATROYD Oliver Inmate M 66 M Stone Mason Shipley
METCALFE George Inmate M 71 S Dyer's Labourer Neeve
MYERS Samuel Inmate M 75 W Canal Boatman Baildon
MARSDEN Thomas Inmate M 76 W Bricklayer STS Hanley
MILSON Ann Inmate F 79 W Laundress LIN Louth
MYERS Fountain Inmate M 71 S General Outdoor Labourer Pudsey
MITCHELL Eliza Inmate F 39 S Domestic Servant Stanningley
MILLS Samuel Thomas Inmate M 69 S Chemist DEV Exworthy
MURGATROYD Benjamin Inmate M 60 M Stone Quarryman Idle
MALLOY James Inmate M 3 . . Shipley
MOORE Susannah Inmate F 69 W Worsted Weaver Baildon
MYERS Jessie Inmate F 32 M Domestic Servant Leeds
MOULDING Charles W Inmate M 58 S General Outdoor Labourer Bradford
MARSHALL Isaac Inmate M 68 S Farm Labourer Farsley
McMANN Elizabeth Inmate F 70 S Domestic Servant Barnsley
MALLALIEU George H Inmate M 60 W Leather Currier Saddleworth
MILBURN Maggie Inmate F 26 S Domestic Servant WES Kendal
MILBURN Harry Inmate M 4m . . Wibsey
MIDDLETON George Inmate M 36 S General Outdoor Labourer Heaton
MILNER Alfred Inmate M 2 . . Not known
MASON Eleanor Inmate F 30 S Domestic Servant WES Gatebeck
McDONALD James Inmate M 71 W Mill Stoker IRE Dublin
NICHOLS James Inmate M 29 S Worsted Spinner Eccleshill
NELSON Ann Inmate F 75 W Domestic Servant SCT South Leith
NASH William Inmate M 75 M Stone Mason WLT Albourne
NEWSTEAD John Inmate M 74 W Farm Labourer NOR Norwich
NORTON Annie E Inmate F 59 S Handloom Weaver Bramley
NEWALL Fred Inmate M 62 S Mason's Labourer Todmorden
ODDY Sabina Inmate F 52 S Domestic Servant Pudsey
OUTHWAITE Joseph Inmate M 69 W Butcher Spofforth
OGDEN Alice Inmate F 54 M Worsted Weaver Shipley
ONION William Inmate M 69 W Stone Quarryman Wyke
O'NEIL James Inmate M 31 S Woolcomber LAN Stalybridge
PETTY John Inmate M 49 S Dyer's Labourer Wibsey
PARKINSON Sarah Inmate F 40 S . Rodley
PONTEFRACT Harriet Inmate F 48 S . Stanningley
PETTY Samuel Inmate M 58 W Cloth Finisher Leeds
PEARSON Rose Ann Inmate F 63 M Cloth Weaver Bradford
PARKINSON George Inmate M 56 S . Idle
PROSSER Annie Inmate F 46 W Cotton Weaver Bradford
PETTY Julia A Inmate F 45 S . Pudsey
PEDLEY Eliza Inmate F 70 W Domestic Servant Sheffield
PICKLES Janet Inmate F 72 W Worsted Weaver CUL Longtown
PEEL Martha Inmate F 18 S . Pudsey
PINDER James D Inmate M 50 W Cloth Warehouseman Leeds
PRIESTLEY Ada Inmate F 53 S . Wyke
PICKERING John Inmate M 57 S Sack Maker Pudsey
PLATT Mabel Inmate F 1 S   Not known
PINDER Thomas Inmate M 72 S Cloth Dresser Leeds
PELL? Louisa H Inmate F 13 .   Not known
PELL? Caroline Inmate F 12 .   Not known
PLATT John Inmate M 44 S General Outdoor Labourer LAN Manchester
PRIESTLEY William Inmate M 81 W Coal Miner Wibsey
POWELL Thomas Inmate M 56 W Boilermaker SAL Cleobury Mortimer
RILEY John Inmate M 58 M Barber Halifax
ROGERS Mary Inmate F 58 S . LAN Manchester
ROBINSON William Inmate M 73 W Joiner Broston
RAISTRICK Joseph Inmate M 44 M Woollen Spinner Pudsey
RANDALL John Inmate M 73 M Iron Foundry Labourer WOR Stourport
ROBINSON Emily Inmate F 2 . . Not known
RIDSDALE Jane Inmate F 76 S Domestic Servant Thirsk
ROBERTS Annie Inmate F 78 S Domestic Servant Cleckheaton
ROBINSON Warren Inmate M 58 M Outdoor Labourer USA Boston
ROBERTSHAW Joseph Inmate M 50 M Mill Mechanic Bingley
RAISTRICK Henry Inmate M 67 W Cloth Weaver Pudsey
ROBINSON Alice Inmate F 12 . . Stanningley
RICHMOND Abraham Inmate M 74 W Bricklayer's Labourer DUR Darlington
ROSS Minnie Inmate F 32 M Twister in Mill Pateley Bridge
ROSS Ben Inmate M 7 . . Shipley
ROBINSON Alice Inmate F 52 M Cloth Weaver Dewsbury
ROBINSON Gertrude Inmate F 6 . . Stanningley
ROBINSON John Inmate M 4 . . Stanningley
ROGERS Thomas Inmate M 39 S Clay Miner Bradford
ROSS Edith Inmate F 3 . . Shipley
SCHOFIELD Mary Ann Inmate F 63 S . Pudsey
SKIRROW John Inmate M 77 S Cloth Weaver Calverley
STONEY William Inmate M 67 S Saw Sharpener Burnt Yates
SMITH James Inmate M 75 S Iron Works Labourer Apperley Bridge
SLATER Simon Inmate M 23 S . Drighlington
SPARKS Frank Inmate M 26 S . Bradford
SKEELS Joseph Inmate M 70 W Stone Quarryman CAM Chatteris
SMITH Herbert Inmate M 33 S . Shipley
SHARPE Isaac Inmate M 70 M Blacksmith's Striker Shelf
STIRK Alice Inmate F 43 S . Shipley
SMITHSON Eliza Inmate F 70 W Domestic Servant Bishop Monckton
SOWDEN William Inmate M 77 S Carpet Weaver Cleckheaton
SHACKLETON Christopher Inmate M 66 W Worsted Spinner Eccleshill
STEPHENS Emma Inmate F 53 M Pen Factory Worker WAR Castle Bromwich
SIMMS William Inmate M 58 W House Painter Howden
SNOWDEN Ethel Inmate F 25 S . Huddersfield
SWINDLEHURST John Inmate M 4 .   Not known
SMITH Henrietta Inmate F 64 W Cloth Weaver Thornton
SUGDEN Edna Inmate F 7 .   Eccleshill
SYKES Fred Inmate M 54 S Dyer's Labourer Huddersfield
SHARPE Dan Inmate M 63 W Coal Miner Bradford
SHEARD Elizabeth Inmate F 77 W Dressmaker Harrogate
SIMPSON Benjamin Inmate M 59 M Mason's Labourer Little Ouseburn
SMITH Adam Inmate M 63 W Woolcomber Wibsey
SEED Benjamin Inmate M 60 S Joiner Low Moor
STODDART Timothy Inmate M 76 S Farm Labourer Pateley Bridge
SHOOTER Herbert S Inmate M 51 S General Outdoor Labourer Low Moor
SIMPSON Mary Ann Inmate F 31 M Winder in Mill Bradford
SIMPSON Marian Inmate F 10m . . Shipley
SCOTT John Inmate M 70 W Dyer's Labourer Wibsey
SMITH Fred Inmate M 58 W Coal Miner Wibsey
SIMPSON John Inmate M 79 W Stationary Engine Driver Leeds
SHARPE William Inmate M 62 S Coal Miner Pudsey
SHAW Winifred Inmate F 9 . . Low Moor
SHAW Clement Inmate M 5 . . Low Moor
STEAD Sarah Inmate F 65 W Charwoman Drighlington
SCHOFIELD John Inmate M 58 W Gas Stoker Tong
SCARBORO Richard Inmate M 3 . . Low Moor
SWALES Arthur Inmate M 40 S Compositor High Hoyland
SOWDEN Samuel Inmate M 64 W Machine Mechanic Bradford
STOTT Charles A Inmate M 72 W Grocer LAN Shaw
THORNTON Henrietta Inmate F 68 S Cotton Weaver Idle
THORNBURY William Inmate M 63 M Railway Porter GLS Cheltenham
THORPE Annie Inmate F 72 W Worsted Spinner Idle
TERRY Martha Ann Inmate F 50 S Cloth Weaver Shelf
TURNER Richard Inmate M 61 M Woolcomb Maker Bradford
THOMPSON Charles Inmate M 30 S , Not known
THORPE James Inmate M 70 S Iron Works Puddler Buttershaw
TYNE Hannah Inmate F 75 W Worsted Weaver Bradford
THORNTON Paul Inmate M 59 S Coal Miner Wibsey
TERRY Joseph Inmate M 83 W Blacksmith Not known
TOWNSLEY Albert Inmate M 38 W Warehouse Clerk Shipley
TELFORD Bradley Inmate M 65 W Coal Miner Drighlington
TILLOTSON Samuel Inmate M 64 S Warp Dresser Shipley
TROTTER Squire Inmate M 34 S Woolcomber Saltaire
THOMPSON John Henry Inmate M 34 S Coal Mine Hewer Thornton
THACKRAY Robert Inmate M 80 M Canal Boatman Leeds
THORNTON John Inmate M 61 S Coal MIner Wibsey
THORNTON Arnold Inmate M 4 . . Bradford
TAYLOR Orrin Inmate M 56 S General Outdoor Labourer Meltham
THORNTON Ramoth Inmate M 60 S Stone Miner Wibsey
THOMPSON Ada Inmate F 33 S Drawer in Mill DER Bonsel
THORNTON Willie Inmate M 11 . . Bradford
TAYLOR Eliza Inmate F 73 W Worsted Weaver STS Wolverhampton
VERITY Samuel Inmate M 53 S Printer Pudsey
WILMAN Ann Inmate F 74 S . Wibsey
WARDLE Robert Inmate M 53 S . Heckmondwike
WHATMOUGH Bertha Inmate F 23 S . Eccleshill
WILSON Albert Inmate M 56 W Woollen Warehouseman Eccleshill
WOOD Ellen Inmate F 63 W Domestic Servant LAN Lancaster
WARNER Harriet Inmate F 48 S Winder in Worsted Mill Halifax
WATERHOUSE Jane Inmate F 78 M Worsted Weaver Bradford
WALSH William Inmate M 25 S . Shipley
WATERWORTH Jacob Inmate M 70 W Woollen Weaver Yeadon
WARD Benjamin Inmate M 65 S Woolcomber Pudsey
WARDMAN John Inmate M 75 W General Labourer Wibsey
WEBSTER James Inmate M 60 S Canal Boatman Kelbrook
WADDINGTON Martha J Inmate F 84 S Domestic Servant Halifax
WRAY Robert Inmate M 73 W General Outdoor Labourer Beeston
WRIGHT Maria Inmate F 77 S Domestic Servant Bradford
WIMPRESS Donald Inmate M 4 . . Not known
WIMPRESS Harry Inmate M 3 . . Not known
WIMPRESS Cascandra Inmate F 2 . . Not known
WIDDOWSON William Inmate M 47 S Domestic Gardener LIN Grantham
WOOD Horace Inmate M 3 . . Not known
WILKINSON Florence Inmate F 26 S Domestic Servant Wyke
WINFIELD Charlotte Inmate F 74 W Dressmaker BDF Bedford
WOOD Clara Inmate F 30 S Twister in Mill Bradford
WILKINSON Annie Inmate F 49 S Domestic Servant Leeds
WEBBER Florence Inmate F 22 S Drug Stores Clerk DER Derby
WILKINSON Lucy Inmate F 32 S . Not known
WEST Samuel Inmate M 4 . . Not known
WILKINSON Mary Inmate F 42 S Domestic Servant Shipley
WOOD Sarah Inmate F 39 M Card Hand in Mill Rodley
WILSON Albert Inmate M 29 S . Cleckheaton
WHITELY Benjamin Inmate M 29 S . Bradford
WORSNOP Joseph Inmate M 52 S Iron Works Labourer Pudsey
WILKINSON James Inmate M 58 S Dyer's Labourer Wibsey
WOOD James Inmate M 6 . . Clayton
WILSON Henry Inmate M 63 W Mason's Labourer LIN Bourne
WEBB Henry Inmate M 67 S Carpet Weaver SAL Bridgenorth
WARNER Hannah Inmate F 24 S Domestic Servant Bradford
WADE Harriet Inmate F 67 W Worsted Weaver Wilsden
WOLVINGTON Mary Inmate F 67 W Worsted Weaver Thackley
WATSON John Inmate M 60 W Woollen Warehouseman Shipley
WADDINGTON John Inmate M 60 S Dyer's Labourer Not known
WOODHEAD Joseph Inmate M 51 S Stone Mason Pudsey
WATERHOUSE Emily Inmate F 66 S Dressmaker Eccleshill
WILSON Henry Inmate M 62 S Bricklayer STS Lane Ends
WHITAKER Brook Inmate M 69 S Stone Quarryman Shipley
YOUNG Emma Inmate F 70 W Domestic Servant Bradford
YATES Robert Inmate M 69 W Railway Engine Driver Penistone
YOUNG John Inmate M 65 W Coal Miner Bradford
MACK James Casual Inmate M 35 S General Outdoor Labourer IRE Dublin
PRICE William Casual Inmate M 38 S General Outdoor Labourer LAN Liverpool
DRAKE Herbert Casual Inmate M 48 S Stationary Engineman Bradford
LEE Thomas Casual Inmate M 34 W Woollen Fettler Leeds
BRADLEY George Casual Inmate M 52 S General Outdoor Labourer Almondbury
PARKER James Casual Inmate M 53 S General Outdoor Labourer LAN Manchester
CROSSLEY Thomas Casual Inmate M 43 S Iron Dresser LAN Manchester
Children's Receiving Home, Clayton
FORD Lilly Head F 25 S Foster Mother Runcorn, Cheshire
CRELBY Maud Assistant F 20 S Assistant Foster Mother Farsley
HARTLEY Harry? Inmate M 13 . . Not Known
PERKINS Charles Inmate M 12 . . Not Known
FISHER Edward Inmate M 10 . . Not Known
THORNTON Norman Inmate M 9 . . Not Known
ROBINSON Willie Inmate M 10 . . Stanningley
ROSS Ben Inmate M 7 . . Not Known
WOOD Frank Inmate M 9 . . Clayton
HEWITT John Inmate M 7 . . Not Known
POLLARD Frank Inmate M 9 . . Farsley
IVES Fred Inmate F 6 . . Not Known
HOLT Minnie Inmate F 12 . . Leeds
AMBLER Ada Inmate F 12 . . Pudsey
HEWITT Mary Inmate F 10 . . Not Known
JOHNSON Rhoda Inmate F 10 . . Not Known
HOLT Rose Inmate F 8 . . Eccleshill
MITCHALL Elsie Inmate F 7 . . Not Known
ROSS Alice Inmate F 5 . . Not Known