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Calverley Trinity Methodist Chapel Marriages


The Methodist Church at Calverley,
formerly the Primitive Methodist Park Chapel.

The first Methodist Chapel in Calverley was erected in 1832. In 1861, a new chapel was erected on Clarke St and the first marriage took place there in 1876.

In 1872, the Primitive Methodists opened Park Chapel (photo).

The Calverley Wesleyan Chapel was renamed Calverley Trinity Chapel in 1933.

The Trinity Chapel was demolished in 1943 when the Trinity Chapel and Park Chapel joined to became Calverley Methodist Church.

Trinity Chapel conducted its own marriages from 1909.
The reference number refers to the registration held at Leeds Register Office. Park Chapel, later Calverley Methodist Church, conducted its own marriages from 1929. The last page in the register has this note:

'In consequence of the Trinity Methodist Church, Calverley having ceased to be used as a place for worship by the Congregation on whose behalf it was certified, this and the duplicate marriage Register are officially closed at this point by direction of the Registrar General, and the duplicate register has been placed in the custody of the Superintendent Registrar for Wharfedale Registration District'.

Father's Occ.
Father's Occ.
1909 05 29 WALKER Samuel 38 B School Master 8 Rushton Road, Calverley Ezra Woodhead Walker Gentleman W T Hartley   AP290/1
  HARTLEY Gertrude 35 S . Fairfield, Leeds Road, Calverley William Thompson Hartley Coal Merchant E W Walker    
1910 05 10 PEARSON John Overend 24 B Land Surveyor Fairfield, Farsley Benjamin Overend Pearson Woollen Manufacturer B O Pearson   AP290/2
  GRIMSHAW Elsie Elizabeth 22 S Milliner Laurel Bank, Calverley Jarvis Grimshaw (dec.) Cloth Manufacturer Edward Grimshaw    
1910 10 08 PRATT Angus Raymond 25 B Worsted Warper West End Road, Calverley Alfred Pratt Fellmonger Walter Coldwell   AP290/3
  BOTTOMLEY Agnes 30 S Worsted Weaver 19 Thornhill Street, Calverley Walter Bottomley Gentleman Frances Elsie Pratt    
1910 10 15 HUDSON Hainsworth 29 B Pattern Maker 55 Aire View, Rodley Isaac Hudson Iron Turner Emmerson Hudson   AP290/4
  CLARKE Edith 27 S . 9 Chapel Street, Calverley Charles Albert Clarke (dec.) . Read Chantry    
1911 01 03 CALVERT Herbert 24 B Master Grocer 27 Allerton Road, Allerton Thomas Calvert Painter Charles Henry Hobson   AP290/5
  GRIMSHAW Constance Anna 24 S Confectioner Back Lane, Calverley Walter Grimshaw Manufacturer Walter Grimshaw    
1911 04 15 DAVISON Benjamin Barrett 37 W Cloth Miller 54 Thornhill Street, Calverley Reuben? Davison (dec.) . Charles Firth   AP290/6
  FIRTH Mary Elizabeth 38 S Dress Maker Park View, Calverley David Firth (dec.) . Charles Davison    
1911 05 02 COLDWELL Walter 39 W Master Draper 16 Mount Street, Eccleshill Henry Coldwell (dec.) . Thomas Henry Grimshaw   AP290/7
  BOTTOMLEY Elizabeth 37 S Burler & Mender 19 Thornhill Street, Calverley Walter Bottomley Gentleman William Coldwell    
1911 07 08 GRAY Alfred 24 B Commercial Traveller 27 Salisbury Street, Calverley Walter Blackett Gray Gas Inspector Alfred Wright Parkinson   AP290/8
  BARKER Edith 27 S Stationer's Assistant 21 Salisbury Street Henry Barker (dec.) . John W Barker    
1911 10 14 LEAKE Lister 32 B Railway Company's Drayman 1 High Street, Farsley Thomas Leake (dec.) . Tom Cocking   AP290/9
  BRENTNALL Lizzie Alice 29 W Mill Company's Charwoman 4 Vine Street, Farsley Robert Johnson Shaw (dec.) . Ada Shaw    
1912 01 17 WRIGHT John William Arthur 28 W Pharmacist Chemist 85 Thornhill Street, Calverley Harry Sparrow Wright Engineer Herbert Lynn Wright   AP290/10
  GRAY Beatrice Annie 27 S Dress Maker 27 Salisbury Street, Calverley Walter Blackett Gray Gas Inspector Walter B Gray    
1912 04 03 ACKROYD Frank 21 B Worsted Spinner Willow Hall, Sowerby Bridge Samuel Ackroyd Gentleman B W Marchant,Samuel Ackroyd   AP290/11
  GRIMSHAW Doris May 22 S . The Laurels, Calverley Lane, Horsforth Arthur Grimshaw Director Arthur Grimshaw    
1912 08 07 BANKS Bertie 28 B Gas Meter Inspector 11 Woodhall Road, Calverley Samuel Banks Willeyer Alfred Banks   AP290/12
  CHARLES Margaret Hannah 26 S Woollen Weaver 10 Petrie Street, Calverley Henry Charles Gentleman Henry Charles    
1912 10 19 FOX John William 3* B Kitchen Range Fitter 4 Woodford Terrace, Robin Lane, Pudsey William Fox (dec.) . George Hainsworth Sugden   AP290/13
  JAGGER Alice Ann 24 S . Lee Farm, Priesthorpe Road, Calverley David Jagger Farmer Harriet Jagger    
1912 12 14 BOOTH Edgar 23 B Machine Presser 1 Lister Street, Farsley Alfred Booth (dec.) . Harry Lawson   AP290/14
  KEIGHLEY Alice 23 S Woollen Weaver 6 Turner Street, Farsley Alfred Keighley (dec.) . Ada Lawson    
1913 05 10 MORTIMER James Thomas Armitage 30 B Tailor's Cutter 72 Headingley Avenue, Leeds Squire Dean Mortimer Gentleman Simeon Davison   AP290/15
  DAVISON Janet 25 S Confectioner's Assistant 50 Thornhill Street, Calverley Simeon Davison Foreman Ernest Whiteley    
1913 12 01 BUTLER Fred 26 B Hosiery Buyer 83 Northampton Street, Bradford John Butler (dec.) . Fred Pilley   AP290/16
  PILLEY Gladys 23 S Dress Maker 23 Thornhill Street, Calverley Fred Pilley Bank Clerk H E Hudson    
1914 06 18 PARKINSON Alfred Wright 27 B Wool Buyer 21 Thonhill Street, Calverley Isaac Parkinson (dec.) . Margaret Ellen Thornton   AP290/17
  ROGERS Ethel Ann 24 S . Rosebank, Calverley Simeon Rogers Manufacturer Alfred Ewart Pilley    
1914 08 26 SMITH John 60 W Retired Clothier 33 Capel Street, Calverley Joshua Smith (dec.) . Walter Carlisle   AP290/18
  CARLISLE Amelia 51 S Dress Maker Shell Lane, Calverley James Carlisle (dec.) . Mary Carlisle, Lillie Carlisle    
1914 09 03 WINTER William Henry 26 B Drapery Buyer 47 Carlisle Place, Bradford Albert Willie Winter Mechanic Lewis Holt   AP290/19
  BUTTERFIELD Florence 27 S Shorthand Writer & Typist 19 Park View, Calverley Charles Wilkinson Butterfield Estate Agent Agnes Gertrude Winter    
1915 01 26 CARTER George Herbert 25 B Rope & Twine Manufacturer Victoria House, Calverley Alfred Carter (dec.) . Joseph Doughty   AP290/20
  DOUGHTY Annie Smith 28 S . 31 Thornhill Street, Calverley Joseph Doughty Grocer Robert Outhwaite    
1915 02 27 WOODHEAD Harry 41 B Check Clerk 14 Odsal Road, Odsal William Woodhead (dec.) . Lilian Gray   AP290/21
  GRAY Maria 30 S Milliner 36 Thornhill Street, Calverley Wilfrid Gray Warehouseman Willie Woodhead    
1915 08 04 HUDSON Harold Ernest 27 B Analytical Chemist Chestnut Grove, Calverley George Hudson Retired Manufacturer Fred Pilley   AP290/22
  PILLEY Phyllis 27 S . 23 Thornhill Street, Calverley Fred Pilley Bank Clerk George Alexander Hudson    
1915 08 14 MOZLEY Fred 23 B Cloth Shrinker 5 Salisbury Place, Calverley Abraham Lee Mozley (dec.) . Arthur E Andrews   AP290/23
  DUNN Constance 23 S Domestic Servant Ashburn, Calverley Walter Dunn Miner Sarah Elsie Andrews    
1915 08 25 LUCAS Norris North 26 B Elementary School Teacher 85 Lees Road, Oldham Charles Edward Lucas Saddler Walter Stanley Grimshaw   AP290/24
  GRIMSHAW Dora 25 S Confectioner St Wilfrid's View, Back Lane, Calverley Walter Grimshaw Traveller Norman Grimshaw    
1915 12 25 THOMPSON Thomas W 24 B Greaser at Spinning Mill 16 Wheater's Fold, Stanningley William Thompson Blacksmith's Striker Harriet Jagger   AP290/25
  JAGGER Rachel 24 S Domestic Servant Springwood, Farsley David Jagger Farmer Elsie Thompson    
1916 01 12 BOWMAN George Herbert 29 B Railway Clerk Woodville, Monk Fryston Digby Bowman (dec.) . James Ernest Thornton   AP290/26
  THORNTON Alice 30 S . Westfield, Calverley James Ernest Thornton Coal Merchant Thomas William Peat    
1916 02 26 PROCTER Raymond 27 B Tenter at Woollen Mill Broomfield House, Farsley Robert Holdsworth Procter Woollen Overlooker Elsie Snowden   AP290/27
  SNOWDEN May 22 S Worsted Weaver 5 Hilsathorpe Terrace, Farsley William Snowden (dec.) . John Cyril Procter    
1916 05 20 RATHMELL Arthur 32 B Journalist 6 West End Road, Calverley John Edward Rathmell Farmer Albert Blackburn   AP290/28
  DAVISON Clarice 24 S Worsted Weaver 8 West End Road, Calverley Albert Davison Carter Alfred Davison    
1917 03 14 GRIMSHAW Walton 47 B Draughtsman (Engineers) 50 Thornhill Street, Calverley Jonathan Grimshaw (dec.) . Hannah M Barker   AP290/29
  BARKER Mary Elizabeth 41 S . 46 Thornhill Street, Calverley Emanuel Barker (dec.) . Arthur Grimshaw    
1917 05 26 HOLDSWORTH Harry 24 B Electrician 15 Hildathorpe Terrace, Farsley Fred Holdsworth (dec.) Mechanic E Holdsworth   AP290/30
  MELL Violet Gladys 26 S Worsted Weaver 7 Hildathorpe Terrace, Farsley George Edward Mell Commercial Traveller Mary Hartley, A Rhodes    
1918 08 31 WALLER Thomas 28 B Gunner Royal Marine Artillery (Fettler) 26 Old Hall, Calverley John Waller Roadman M Davison By Licence AP290/31
  DAVISON Hilda 26 S Woollen Weaver 16 Clarke Street, Calverley Marshall Davison Labourer A Grimes    
1923 04 02 WILSON Frank Maurice 23 B Drapery Buyer Redroyd, Farsley Ernest Arthur Gladstone Wilson Draper Vernon E Howgate   AP290/32
  GRIMSHAW Effie 19 S Typist at Ministry of Defence Park View, Calverley Fred Grimshaw (dec.) Schoolmaster Henry Ibbetson    
1924 06 07 MOORHOUSE Arthur Guthrie 23 B Woolsorter 92 Thornhill Street, Calverley Emmanuel Moorhouse Superintendent Registrar David Fletcher, Clara Brown   AP290/33
  COLE Alice Ann 26 S Weaver 20 West End Road, Calverley George Edward Cole Traveller Bethsheba Cole, E Moorhouse    
1924 07 14 ROBBINS George Whyatt 36 W Engineer's Pattern Maker 39 Woodhall Road, Thornbury George Whyatt Robbins Engineer Wilfrid Gray   AP290/34
  GRAY Lilian 32 S . 92 Thornhill Street, Calverley Wilfrid Gray Gentleman Fred Robbins    
1924 08 16 ILLINGWORTH Benjamin 51 W Cloth Miller 148 Oaklea, Greengates Benjamin Illingworth (dec.) Quarryman Horace Attenborough   AP290/35
  BARKER Ethel 37 S Shorthand Typist 45 New Line, Greengates Fred Barker (dec.) Warehouseman Lucy Attenborough, Ezra Knowles    
1924 09 23 GRANGE Charles 34 B Engineer East End, Calverley William Grange Farmer Edward Gray Grimshaw By Licence AP290/36
  GRIMSHAW Renee 23 S Clerk at Gas Company Holmleigh, Carr Road, Calverley Edward Gray Grimshaw Secretary Henry Gott    
1925 11 14 EDGELY Clarence 34 B Stone Quarryman 56 Hill Top Road, Thornton James Edgley Permanent Way Inspector on Railway Thomas E Bates   AP290/37
  ISLES Doris Irene 28 S Worsted Weaver 33 * Henry Isles Woollen Spinner Kathleen Lois Isles    
1926 03 18 ELLIS Herbert 42 B Fruiterer 7 Bolton Hall Road, Bradford John Ellis (dec.) . Thomas Rhodes   AP290/38
  RHODES Maggie 36 S Shop Assistant 17 Park View, Calverley Frederick Rhodes (dec.) . John W Ellis    
1926 05 08 FLOYD Bertie William 29 B Gardener 9 Queen Street, Greengates, Bradford William James Floyd Dyer's Labourer Annie Windsor   AP290/39
  WINDSOR Laura 32 S Burler & Mender Woodholme, Woodhall Road, Calverley John Rider Windsor Spinner William James Floyd    
1926 06 09 HARPER George 23 B Manufacturer's Clerk Netherleigh, New Road Side, Horsforth James Henry Harper Gentleman Mary Harper   AP290/40
  GRIMSHAW Annie Kathleen 24 S . Woodbank, Calverley Ernest Grimshaw (dec.) . F S Waller, H M Davidson    
1926 08 04 IRELAND George William 30 B Bricklayer 17 Cross Flatts Road, Beeston, Leeds William Ireland Bricklayer Henry Charles   AP290/41
  CHARLES Pauline Eleanor 30 S Domestic Servant 4 Clarke Street, Calverley Henry Charles Clerk W Ireland    
1928 05 30 PETTY Arthur Threapleton 25 B Electrical Engineer South Ville, Stanningley Joshua Petty (dec.) Inspector of Schools George Henry Viney   AP290/42
  WAITE Florence Irene 24 S . Woodroyd, Calverley Jabez Wright Waite Wool Merchant Clarice May Waite    
1928 08 02 MARSHALL Herbert 25 B Chauffeur The Foxholes, Calverley John Hugh Marshall Licensed Victualler G E Latimer   AP290/43
  DAVISON Myra 25 S Woollen Weaver 23 Thornhill Street, Calverley Charles Davison Decorator Kathleen Carlisle    
1930 04 17 SOUTHALL Cyril 24 B Salesman (Furnishing) 56 Richmond Grove, Chorlton on Wedlock Enoch Burton Southall Tailor Edward F Simpson   AP290/44
  GRIMSHAW Florence Eileen 20 S . Park Royd, Chapel Street, Calverley Charles Henry Grimshaw Warping Manager Phyllis Grimshaw    
1930 10 07 LINTON James 28 B Mains Superintendent (Borough Council) Ospringe? Great Eastern Ave, Southend-on-Sea James Linton (dec.) Master Mariner Elizabeth Carlisle   AP290/45
  CARLISLE Kathleen Margaret 27 S Shorthand Typist 20 Brookfield Avenue, Rodley Louis James Carlisle (dec.) Spinner Isabella Linton    
1930 12 20 BANKS Thompson 23 B Letterpress Machine Minder 11 Woodhall Road, Calverley William Banks Market Gardener Benjamin George Carr   AP290/46
  SPENCER Esther May 22 S Worsted Twister 26 Thompson Avenue, Bolton, Bradford Wilson Spencer (dec.) Boatdischarger Lily Banks, Mabel Creighton    
1931 06 27 HARTLEY Norman 24 B Assistant Inspector of Taxes Toc H, Shaw Royd, Halifax Moses Hartley (dec.) Monumental Mason Simeon Rogers, Violetta Grimshaw   AP290/47
  GRIMSHAW Dorothy 21 S School Teacher 29 Capel Street, Calverley Norman Grimshaw (dec.) Mill Manager Elizabeth Hartley    
1932 10 08 DAY Harold 31 B Railway Clerk 129 Belle Vue Road, Leeds Charles Herbert Day Director Herbert Day   AP290/48
  WILKINSON Hilda 25 S Colour Artist 45 Brookfield Avenue, Calverley John Wilkinson Clerk * Hope    
1933 04 15 STEVENS Walter Henry 28 B Municipal Officer 67 Foxham Road, Tufnell Park, London George Samuel Stevens Restorer of Works of Art C V Knave   AP290/49
  CHARLES Phyllis May 29 S Asst Supervisor of Occupation Centre 74 Thornhill Street, Calverley Harry Charles Boot Dealer N Gray, H Charles    
1933 04 17 WHITEHEAD Kenneth 25 B Insurance Agent 16 North Avenue, Otley Ernest Whitehead (dec.) Clerk Edmund W Varley   AP290/50
  CALVERT Eileen Marie 23 S Shorthand Typist Hillcote, Carr Road, Calverley Harry Calvert Traveller Margaret Evelyn Calvert    
1933 05 27 ROBERTS George Scott 31 B Clothier Peasehill, Rawdon Frank Roe Roberts Clothier Frank R Roberts   AP290/A/1
  KELLETT Gertrude Annie 28 S . 11 Capel Street, Calverley Arthur Kellett Company Secretary Arthur Kellett    
1933 06 03 THOMPSON James 28 B Storekeeper (Engineers) 6 Haigh Hall Road, Greengates John Morris Thompson Woollen Fettler Florence Bradley   AP290/A/2
  BRADLEY Jane 29 S Woollen Weaver 11 Chapel Street, Calverley Fred Bradley Labourer Herbert Thompson    
1933 07 05 HANLON Raymund Eckersley 26 B Bank Clerk 242 Wellesley Terrace, Bradford Arthur Patrick Hanlon Cashier J T Newbould   AP290/A/3
  NEWBOULD Alvie 23 S . Hatfield?, Calverley William Newbould Oil Extractor * Grimshaw    
1933 07 12 TURNER Francis Edward 26 B General Clerk 15 Chapel Street, Calberley Reginald Turner Wholesale Smallware Merchant Charles G Gray   AP290/A/4
  GRAY Muriel 25 S Commercial Clerk 92 Thornhill Street, Calverley Charles Grainger Gray Joiner & Undertaker Reginald Turner    
1934 03 07 WAINWRIGHT Alfred 44 W Stereotyper 22 Salisbury Street, Calverley James Wainwright (dec.) . Clarice B Harrison   AP290/A/5
  HARRISON Doris Elsie 39 S . 33 Salisbury Street, Calverley William Harrison Retired Engineer T E Harrison    
1934 12 22 BRAY Ralph Ernest 25 B Weftman 2 Woodlands View, Calverley Ernest Bray Retired Packing Case Maker H Maskell   AP290/A/6
  MASKELL Hilda Irene 25 S Domestic Servant Albion House, Greengates, Bradford Harry Maskell Engineer H Armitage    
1935 02 02 BATES Thomas Ernest 30 B Motor Engineer's Turner 258 Leeds Road, Thackley, Bradford Ernest Bates Drawing Overlooker Ernest Bates   AP290/A/7
  ISLES Kathleen Lois 30 S Woollen Weaver 33 Woodhall Road, Calverley Henry Isles Woollen Spinner Edward Cecil Isles    
1935 09 05 CARSON William 31 B Accountant's Clerk 31 Salisbury Street, Calverley William Robert Tinniswood Carson Retired Ida Mary Carson   AP290/A/8
  PEARSON Alma Overend 24 S . Laurel Bank, Calverley John Overend Pearson (dec.) . Alexander Kinnison Davidson    
1935 09 14 LUPTON Leslie 29 B Printer's Engineer's Fitter The Wood Lodge, Burley-in-Wharfedale Philander Lupton Retired Engineer Florence Bradley   AP290/A/9
  BRADLEY Alice 27 S Woollen Weaver 11 Chapel Street, Calverley Fred Bradley General Labourer Harold Lupton    
1935 12 07 KNIGHT Albert Buxton 40 B Foreman Woolsorter 93 Harewood Street, Bradford John William Buxton Wright (dec.) . * Sutcliffe   AP290/A/10
  GRAY Eleanor 41 S Dress Maker 17 Thornhill Street, Calverley Walter Blackett Gray (dec.) . Ernest Gray    
1935 12 26 SHAW John William 25 B Managing Director 27 Rosemont Hill, Bramley Asa Marsden Shaw Pattern Maker Clifford Bernard Clayton   AP290/A/11
  CLAYTON Esther Hannah 21 S Shorthand Typist 34 Salisbury Street, Calverley Fred Clayton Joiner Ethel Clayton    
1936 05 27 CLAYTON Frank Edmund Weller 24 B Ironmonger's Clerk 34 Salisbury Street, Calverley Fred Clayton Joiner John William Shaw   AP290/A/12
  GRIMSHAW Louie 26 S . 84 Thornhill Street, Calverley Davison Grimshaw Newsagent Reginald Alexander *    
1936 10 22 WALLER Frederic Stanley 34 B Bank Official 81 Thornhill Street, Calverley John Henry Waller (dec.) . Alexander Balmforth Smith By Licence AP290/A/13
  WOODFIELD Ivy Mary 23 S . Woodlands, Carr Road, Calverley Albert Edward Woodfield * *    
1937 05 20 WAITE Maurice Winston 24 B Confectioner's Commercial Traveller 84 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle, Bradford Thomas Bouskill Waite Drapery Traveller Harry Holgate   AP290/A/14
  SAVILLE Mabel 23 S Shorthand Typist 13 Victoria Road, Calverley Philip Reginald Saville Lithographic Artist Dorothy Muriel Waite    
1939 06 27 NEWBOULD Kenneth Mark 25 B Dental Surgeon 1 Salisbury Street, Calverley William Newbould Oil Extractor Steven *   AP290/A/15
  CALVERT Margaret Evelyn 25 S Bank Clerk 143 Carr Road, Calverley Harry Calvert Traveller *    
1939 07 01 STAINTHORPE William 29 B Bus Conductor 1 Sherborne Road, Bradford Arthur Stainthorpe (dec.) . Harry Tordoff   AP290/A/16
  IDDISON Lilian Mary 30 S Weaver 6 Capel Street, Calverley Henry Francis Iddison Gardener Annie Wilson    
1940 06 15 ALDERSON James Leslie 28 B Woolcombers Clerk 13 Gladstone Street, Bradford James Alderson Cashier Vernon Gaythorpe   AP290/A/17
  DUFTON Marjorie Elizabeth 24 S Wool Spinner's Clerk 29 Brookfield Avenue, Rodley Ernest Dufton Warehouseman Bertha Banks    
1940 09 07 FRYER Harry 26 B Gunner 822003 Royal Artillery (Builders Labr) 12 Holdforth Street, New Wortley, Leeds John Robert Fryer Retired Stoker Charles Slater   AP290/A/18
  JOWETT Laura 18 S Woollen Weaver 22 Blackett Street, Calverley Samuel Jowett Fettler Agnes Jowett    
1941 02 08 COLEMAN Rex Brisby 23 B Farmer West Field, Burton Fleming Walter Frederick Coleman Farmer Walter * Coleman   AP290/A/19
  HEAP Emma Winifred 29 S Physical Training Mistress Crag View, Calverley Joseph Hammond Heap Solicitor *    
1941 04 02 GREEN Harold Sugden 30 B Worsted Spinner & Manufacturer Westfield, Bradley George Sugden Green Worsted Spinner & Manufacturer George Wilson Green   AP290/A/20
  HOLLINGS Edith May 34 S . Parkleigh, Calverley Samuel Banks Hollings (dec.) . Martha Ann Hollings    
1941 07 07 CLARK Alan Ernest 19 B Ac/2 1091775 RAF (Commercial Traveller) 1 Frazer Road, Calverley Ernest Clark Leslie Bell     AP290/B/1
  BELL Eunice 21 S * Typist 44 Woodhall Road, Calverley William Bell Branch Manager Margaret * By Licence  
1941 07 26 DENNIS Henry 24 B Machine Tool Fitter Simla, Bushmead Road, Eaton Socon Henry Dennis Engine Driver Sydney Kinsey   AP290/B/2
  BEACH Eileen 21 S Burler & Mender 13 Shaftesbury Place, Calverley Sydney George Beach Carding Overlooker May *    
1942 02 28 HEAZELL Frederick Arthur 39 B Electrical Engineer (Sugar Refiners) 16 Ashton Drive, West Kirby Albert Edward Heazell (dec.) . Edward Francis Heazell   AP290/B/3
  DUFTON Dorothy Annie 31 S Municipal Midwife 29 Brookfield Avenue, Rodley Ernest Dufton Warehouseman Marjorie Elizabeth Alderson    
1942 08 08 AIREY Allan 24 B Engineering Tool Maker 75 South End Villas, Crook Joseph Fairess Airey Bi Product Worker James William Smallwood   AP290/B/4
  FOSTER Eva 24 S Pte A* W/116927 (Building Society Cashier) 28 Salisbury Street, Calverley Thomas William Foster Miner Jean Mary Foster    
1942 12 05 THACKRAY Frederick 34 B Metal Burner 31 Carr Road, Calverley Herbert Thackray Horse Dealer Marjorie Elizabeth Alderson   AP290/B/5
  ANDREWS Gladys Mabel 41 S Mechanical Engineer's Telephonist 1 Galloway Road, Calverley Fred Andrews (dec.) Woollen Weftman *    
1943 02 26 GRIMSHAW Eric Malcolm 27 B Lining Manufacturer's Export Manager Park Road, Chapel Street, Calverley Charles Henry Grimshaw Warping Manager L* Alan Grimshaw   AP290/B/6
  CALVERT Dorothy Gray 22 S Bank Clerk 143 Carr Road, Calverley Harry Calvert Manufacturer's Salesman Charles Henry Grimshaw    
1943 10 02 THORP Douglas 21 B Technical Teacher? 4 * Avenue, Pudsey John William Thorp Joiner? * Thorp   AP290/B/7
  ROBINSON Kathleen 19 S Firewoman NFS 13 Woodhall Road, Calverley * * * Thorp    
1945 01 13 FINCH James Howard 32 B Captain H M Army 42 Sussex Road, Gorleston James Finch (dec.) . *   AP290/B/8
  BEECROFT Joyce 19 S Booking Clerk & Telegraphist 78 Woodhall Road, Calverley Sydney Beecroft Shipping Manager *    
1946 07 02 OGG Arnold McIntyre 43 B Commercial Traveller 31 Warrender Park Terrace, Edinburgh 7 James McIntyre Ogg Shoemaker John *   AP290/B/9
  WHITEHEAD Eileen Murie 37 W Shorthand Typist 143 Carr Road, Calverley Harry Calvert Company Director * Margaret Ogg