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Census Index 1871 Farsley: ED8


Piece RG10/4505 Enumeration District 8, Folios 135 - 150, Enumerator: Abraham Tetley

Comprising outlying portions belonging to Farsley The Cote - Mr. Gaunts - Both sides of Bradford Roadsides including Farsley Lane End Mr Grimshaws - Mr Varley's & Ground houses. Mrs. Pitts & garden House Thornhill Hotel & premises, to the Bottom of Sunclose - including the Block below Thornhills houses - Singletons shops Cottages under the archway & in Providence Mill Yd Smiths Mill Yd up to Varleys Mill Yd on Wilsons Block Back & Front the shops from Butchers to opposite Mr Lawsons shop on Gambles Whip Wilson's & Dickens(?) Block. Rattenbury's Villa - Springfield Terrace all the Top side of Sunclose, Slaters - Roberts - villas - Chapel house - Turners Rohr Lawsons shop the nick Waits mill & yard to the oil Merchants - Mr F Barnes

1 Sunclose Mary BUSFIELD Head M 53 Charwoman Bramley 135
    Samuel BUSFIELD Son U 27 Woollen Mill Hand Farsley  
    Maria BUSFIELD Dau U 19? Woollen Mill Washer Farsley  
    Jane DEAN Gdau U 10 Nurse Pudsey  
    John W BUSFIELD Gson   3      
2 Sunclose William PARKER Head M 39 Woollen Beamer Pudsey 135
    Sarah PARKER Wife M 37   Farsley  
    Joseph J PARKER Son   13 Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley  
    James P PARKER Son   11 Scholar Stanningley  
    Arthur PARKER Son   9 Scholar Stanningley  
    Martha PARKER Dau   5 Scholar Stanningley  
    Schofield PARKER Son   1      
    Hannah PEARSON Vis M 58      
3 Sunclose Samuel HOLDSTOCK Head U 28 Coal Merchant & Methodist Local Preacher Grimston 135
    Annie HOLDSTOCK Sis U 22 House Keeper Kirby Wharfe  
4 Sunclose Sabina BOOCOCK Head W 36 Bonnet Maker Hull 135
    Arthur BOOCOCK Son U 18 Woollen Mill Hand Bramley  
    Clara BOOCOCK Dau   15 Woollen Mill Hand Holbeck  
    George F BOOCOCK Son   8 Scholar Stanningley  
5 Sunfield Alfred RHODES Head M 34 Woollen Weaver Bramley 135
    Harriet RHODES Wife M 30 Woollen Weaver Pudsey  
    John F RHODES Son   10 Mill Hand Farsley  
    Sarah RHODES Dau   5 Scholar Farsley  
6 Sunfield John CLAYTON Head M 65   Yeadon 135
    Catherine CLAYTON Wife M 66 Woolsorter Bramham  
7 Sunfield Mary ATHORN Head W 56 Woollen Weaver Stanningley 135
    Jacob HUDSON Bro U 61 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
8 Sunfield Jonas ATHORN Head M 54 Woollen Weaver York 135
    Hannah ATHORN Wife M 55 Woollen Weaver Wakefield  
    Alfred ATHORN Son U 21 Woollen Weaver Bramley  
    John ATHORN Son U 18 Woollen Weaver Bramley  
    William ATHORN Son U 16 Woollen Weaver Bramley  
    Sarah ATHORN Dau   13 Woollen Piecer Bramley  
    Rawson LISTER Lodg U 18 Labourer Iron Works Bramley  
9 Sunfield George FLIGG Head M 45 Iron Moulder Cowick 135
    Elizabeth FLIGG Wife M 45   Rotherham  
    Sarah E FLIGG Dau U 19 Woollen Mill Hand Rotherham  
    John FLIGG Son U 16 Iron Moulder Rotherham  
    Ann FLIGG Dau   5 Scholar Stanningley  
    Rosa FLIGG Dau   2   Stanningley  
10 Cote Henry HAINSWORTH Head M 32 Cloth Manuf. emp 5 workman & 2 women Farsley 136
    Allison HAINSWORTH Wife M 33      
    Mary HAINSWORTH Dau   4   Farsley  
    Borders? LUPTON Serv U 22 Gen Serv Arthington  
11 Cote Lane James CRAVEN Head M 30 Farm Lab Calverley 136
    Ann CRAVEN Wife M 26   Armley  
12 Cote Lane Jesse WOOLFORD Head M 38 Farm Lab Kirk Deighton 136
    Ann WOOLFORD Wife M 36      
    James WOOLFORD Son   10      
    Mary Ann WOOLFORD Dau   7      
    Albert WOOLFORD Son   5      
    Alice WOOLFORD Dau   5m      
13 Cote Lane John CURTIS Head U 40 Farmer 46 acres Farnley 136
    Harriet CURTIS Sis U 47 Partner Otley  
    Peter CURTIS Bro U 38 Grocer Farnley  
    Henry CURTIS Bro   36 Grocer Farnley  
    Isaac HARPER Serv   21 House Serv Weeton  
14 Bradford Rd Side Joseph GAUNT Head M 33 Manuf. Emp. 9 hands Farsley 136
    Mary GAUNT Wife M 32   Farsley  
    Annie GAUNT Dau   8      
    Clara GAUNT Dau   5      
    Herbert GAUNT Son   3      
    James E GAUNT Son   1      
    Ann COOK Serv   21 General Servant Syke House 136
15 Bradford Side John GAUNT Head W 74 Out of Business Farsley 136
16 Bradford Side Phebe BIRDSALL Head W 45 House Duties Farsley 136
    Jonathan BIRDSALL Son U 19 Woollen Clerk Miller Yeadon  
    Sarah Ann BIRDSALL Dau U 18 Woollen Weaver Yeadon  
    Priscilla BIRDSALL Dau U 15 Woollen Weaver Yeadon  
    Mary A BIRDSALL Dau U 14 Mill Hand Ovenden Lane  
    John W BIRDSALL Son   11 Mill Hand Ovenden Lane  
    Joseph BIRDSALL Son   9 Mill Hand Stanningley  
    Matilda BIRDSALL Dau   6 Scholar Stanningley  
17 Bradford Side Alexander HINCHLIFFE Head M 50 Farmer's man Stanningley 136
    Martha HINCHLIFFE Wife M 48   Stanningley  
    Ann Elizabeth HINCHLIFFE Dau U 19 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Sarah N HINCHLIFFE Dau U 17 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Matilda HINCHLIFFE Dau U 16 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Winter HINCHLIFFE Son   15 Blue Maker (App) Stanningley  
    Sam HINCHLIFFE Son   12 Scholar    
    Mary HINCHLIFFE Dau   10 Scholar    
    Martha HINCHLIFFE Dau   4 Scholar    
18 Bradford Side George CARTER Head M 56 Stone Labourer Farsley 136
    Rebecca CARTER Wife M 56   Pudsey  
19 Bradford Side Daniel AMBLER Head M 30 Woollen Designer Stanningley 136
    Frances AMBLER Wife M 31 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
20 Bradford Road William GREAVES Head M 41 Woollen Weaver Stanningley 137
    Nancy GREAVES Wife M 44   Stanningley  
    Ruth YEADON Dau U 24 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Alfred GREAVES Son U 19 Stone Mason Stanningley  
    Sarah GREAVES Dau U 17 Worsted Spinner Stanningley  
    Mary GREAVES Dau U 13 Worsted Spinner Stanningley  
    Emily GREAVES Dau U 10 Worsted Spinner Stanningley  
    Frances GREAVES Dau U 6 Scholar Stanningley  
    Joshua GREAVES Son   3 Scholar Stanningley  
    Wright GREAVES Son   1   Stanningley  
21 Bradford Road Samuel CARTER Head M 34 Wood Turner Stanningley 137
    Martha CARTER Wife M 31      
23 Bradford Road Abraham JACKSON Head M 49 Wood Turner Pudsey 137
    Mary JACKSON Wife M 47      
    John F JACKSON Son U 19      
    Ruth Ann JACKSON Dau U 17 Woollen Weaver    
    Simeon JACKSON Son U 14      
    Emily JACKSON Dau U 8      
22 smelter James SMITH Head M 35 Wood Turner Stanningley 137
    Martha SMITH Wife M 40   Stanningley  
    Emma SMITH Dau   10 Scholar Stanningley  
    Erwin SMITH Son   8 Scholar Stanningley  
    Charley SMITH Son   6 Scholar Stanningley  
    Reuben SMITH Son   3 Scholar Stanningley  
    Albert SMITH Son   1   Stanningley  
24 Bradford Road Robert JEFFRIES Head M 31 Woollen Spinner Leeds 137
    Eliza JEFFRIES Wife M 29   Farsley  
    Alice JEFFRIES Dau   10 Scholar Farsley  
    Hannah JEFFRIES Dau   7   Farsley  
    Ada JEFFRIES Dau   3   Farsley  
    William JEFFRIES Son   1      
25 Bradford Road Ephraim KEIGHLEY Head W 55 Woollen Weaver Pudsey 137
    Jonathan KEIGHLEY Son U 21 Wood Turner Farsley  
    Marshall KEIGHLEY Son U 19 Shoe Maker Farsley  
    Mary H KEIGHLEY Dau U 17 Housemaid Farsley  
26 Bradford Road Samuel COLLINS Head M 38 Worsted Overlooker Bradford 137
    Ellen COLLINS Wife M 28   Bradford  
    Janet COLLINS Dau   4   Bradford  
    Annie COLLINS Dau   2   Bradford  
27 Bradford Road Isaac WARD Head M 46 Manager Worsted Mill Bradford 137
    Hannah WARD Wife M 38   Bradford  
    Esther WARD Dau   10 Scholar Bradford  
    Harry WARD Son   10 Scholar Bradford  
    Ernest WARD Son   7 Scholar Farsley  
    Fred WARD Son   2   Farsley  
28 Bradford Road John TURNER Head M 42 Worsted Overlooker Stanningley 138
    Hannah TURNER Wife M 44   LAN Colne  
    Elizabeth TURNER Dau U 17 Dress Maker Farsley  
    Harry TURNER Son   7 Scholar Farsley  
    Ada TURNER Dau   2 Scholar Farsley  
    Isabella HARTLEY Lodg W 67 Annuitant Askrigg  
29 Bradford Road Jeremiah GRIMSHAW Head W 51 Dry Salter Calverley 138
    Carleton GRIMSHAW Son   16 Book keeper Calverley  
    Nancy GRIMSHAW Moth W 80   Calverley  
    Ann GRIMSHAW Sis U 40 House Keeper Calverley  
30 Bradford Road Thomas SOLLI* Head M 30 Groom Coachman Walton 138
    Mary SOLLI* Wife M 26   Sheriff Hutton  
    Thomas SOLLI* Son   4   Sheriff Hutton  
    Wilson SOLLI* Son   3   Sheriff Hutton  
    George SOLLI* Son   1   Sheriff Hutton  
31 Stamp Hall Apolina VARLEY Head W 55 Ret Worsted Manuf Widow Leeds 138
  Bradford Road Ada S VARLEY Dau U 24   Farsley  
    Lister M VARLEY Dau U 18   Ireland Dublin  
    John CHAMBERS Vis U 24 Clergyman Curate of St. Joseph Spoville Galway? Ireland Dublin  
    Hannah CARTER Serv U 21 Servant Ripon  
    Sarah SMITH Serv U 20 Servant Yorkshire  
32   Harriet INGHAM Head W 40 Charwoman Scotton 138
    Harriet A INGHAM Dau   12 Scholar Scotton  
33 Garden Row John A WOOD Head M 25 Cab Proprietor Bramley 138
    Eliza WOOD Wife M 25   Otley  
35 Thornhill Hotel William SOWDEN Head M 61 Inn Keeper & Butcher Farsley 138
    Hannah SOWDEN Wife M 54   Farsley  
    Jane COSTELLO Serv U 29 Servant Clare Ireland  
    Thomas SOWDEN Serv U 25 Assistant Pudsey  
    John W JACKSON Serv   12 Servant    
36 Bradford Road John BARRY Head M 47 Woollen Spinner Huddersfield 138
    Elizabeth BARRY Wife M 51   Pool  
    Sarah A COUSINS Vis M 47   Pool  
    Arthur COUSINS Son   12 Scholar Harrogate  
    Sam COUSINS Son   2   Harrogate  
    William LITTLE Lodg U 26 Woollen Mill Longwood  
    William B JOHNSON Lodg U 20 School Master Hull  
37 Bradford Road Robert DAWSON Head W 54 Cloth Woollen Furler Calverley 138
    Mary DAWSON Dau U 27 House Keeper Pudsey  
    Sarah H DAWSON Dau U 19 Mill Hand Pudsey  
    Sarah DAWSON Gdau   9 Scholar Pudsey  
    Ann E BROTHERTON Dau   21 Cotton Winder Pudsey  
    Thomas BROTHERTON s in l M 26 Boiler Maker WOR Evesham  
    Harry BROTHERTON Lodg U 19 Gardener WOR Evesham  
38 Bradford Road Elijah WHITAKER Head M 48 Woollen Cloth Minder Calverley 139
    Nancy WHITAKER Wife M 50   Pudsey  
    Nancy R WHITAKER Dau   7 Scholar Calverley  
39 Bradford Road Thomas STRICKLAND Head M 61 Woollen Overlooker Bramley 139
    Elizabeth STRICKLAND Wife M 59   Thirsk  
    Jonathan STRICKLAND Son U 26 Joiner Bramley  
    Major STRICKLAND Son U 24 Woollen Wool Sorter Bramley  
    Martha STRICKLAND Dau U 18 Woollen Weaver    
40 Bradford Road Joseph CLARK Head M 65 Black Smith Stanningley 139
    Betty CLARK Wife M 58   Stanningley  
    Mary CLARK Dau U 21 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Elizabeth CLARK Dau U 16 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Hannah CLARK Dau U 14   Stanningley  
    Sarah CLARK Dau U 11 Scholar Stanningley  
41 Bradford Road Benjamin CLARK Head M 38 Iron Moulder Stanningley 139
    Eliza CLARK Wife M 31   Sowerby  
    Joseph CLARK Son   9 Scholar Stanningley  
    Samuel CLARK Son   7 Scholar Stanningley  
    Thomasina CLARK Dau   5 Scholar Stanningley  
    Martha CLARK Dau   2   Stanningley  
    George CLARK Son   6m   Stanningley  
42 Bradford Road George SINGLETON Head M 49 Grocer Huddersfield 139
    Esther SINGLETON Wife M 49   Hu  
    Martha SINGLETON Dau U 26   Baildon  
    William SINGLETON Son U 24 Stone Miner Baildon  
    Ruth SINGLETON Dau U 15 Shoe Stamper Tong  
    Emily SINGLETON Dau U 13 Shoe Stamper Tong  
43 Bradford Road Joseph WILSON Head M 60 Coal Merchant Stanningley 139
    Mary WILSON Wife M 59   Stanningley  
    Theodosia WILSON Dau U 20   Stanningley  
    Emily HAYNES Gdau   8   Farsley  
44 Bradford Road William KITCHEN Head M 61 Machine Maker emp 8 men & 3 App Horsforth 139
    Hannah KITCHEN Wife M 61   Horsforth  
    Richard CARTER Neph   13   Stanningley  
    Edwin CARTER Neph   7 Scholar Stanningley  
45 Sunclose Joseph MYERS Head M 49 Mechanic Farsley 139
    Hannah MYERS Wife M 49 Woollen Hand Bingley  
    James MYERS Son U 22 Boiler Maker Farsley  
46 Sunclose John RHODES Head M 48 Wool Comer Farsley 139
    Mary Ann ATKINSON Dau W 28 Wool Weaver Farsley  
    John RHODES Gson   16 (Apprentice) Ex  
47 Sunfield Elizabeth YEADON Head W 40 Woollen Cloth Burler Stanningley 140
  Stanningley Mary Ann YEADON Dau   14 Mill Hand Stanningley  
    Miriam YEADON Dau   9 Scholar Stanningley  
    Albert YEADON Son   4 Scholar Stanningley  
48 Spring Field Inn Abraham TETLEY Head M 64 Agent Fire & Life * 140
    A E TETLEY Wife M 62 Agent Fire & Life Gildersome  
49   William FIRTH Head M 34 Manufacturer Gildersome 140
    Sarah FIRTH Wife M 33   Armley  
    Joseph H FIRTH Son   2   Stanningley  
    Sarah J FIRTH Dau   2m      
50 Springfield Ter James WATKINSON Head M 63 Retired Grocer LAN Bolton 140
    Jane WATKINSON Wife M 57   Bramley  
    James E WATKINSON Son U 25 Woollen Manufacturer    
51 Springfield Ter Joseph ROBERTS Head M 60 Architect Farsley 140
    Elizabeth ROBERTS Wife M 45   Holbeck  
52 Dry Field Hanson Henry RATENBURY Head M 27 Wesleyan Minister   140
  Stanningley Caroline RATENBURY Wife M 25   Sheffield  
    John E RATENBURY Son   3m   OXF Banbury  
    Emma SMITH Serv U 19 Servant Wakefield  
53 Springfield Ter John S INGHAM Head M 53 Railway Inspector LIN Barrow 140
    Diana INGHAM Wife M 48   LIN Barrow  
    Augustine DICKINSON Dau M 28 Visitor LIN Gorhill  
    Charles E DICKINSON Vis   5   Peterborough  
54 Springfield Ter William HAMMERTON Head W 70 Attorney at Law Tong 140
    Agnes E HAMMERTON Dau U 32   Farsley  
    Eleanor HAMMERTON Dau U 29   Farsley  
56 Sunclose Elizabeth CLOUGH Head W 76   Stanningley 140
57 Sunclose Edward WILSON Head M 49 Woollen Weaver Stanningley 140
    Mary WILSON Wife M 50   Lightcliffe  
    Sarah E WILSON Dau   11   Stanningley  
58 Mount Pleasant James VARLEY Head M 47 Worsted Spinner Manager Stanningley 140
    Ann VARLEY Wife M 57      
59 Mount Pleasant Charles WORTH Head M 30 Rope & twine Maker Ruthe? 140
    Maria WORTH Wife M 30   Calverley  
    James H WORTH Son   7 Scholar Calverley  
    Benjamin WORTH Son   5 Scholar Calverley  
60 Wilson Fold John WILSON Head M 28 Coal & Lime Merch. Farsley 141
    Sarah Ann WILSON Wife M 35   Batley  
    Joseph WILSON Son   4   Farsley  
    Richard F WILSON Son   2   Farsley  
    John A WILSON Son   1   Farsley  
    Mary PRINCE Vis M 2   Batley  
    Sarah E PRINCE Niece   11   Huddersfield  
61 Wilson Fold Thomas HORN Head W 34 Mechanic Farsley 141
    Hannah HORN Dau   11 Home Duties Farsley  
    James HORN Son   8 Scholar Farsley  
    Clara HORN Dau   7 Scholar Farsley  
    Harry HORN Son   4      
62 Wilson Fold Samuel CLOUGH Head M 47 Woollen Weaver Farsley 141
    Ann CLOUGH Wife M 53 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
    John W CLOUGH Son U 21 Woolsorter Farsley  
    Albert CLOUGH Son   8 Scholar Farsley  
63 Wilson Fold John CARTER Head M 33 Machine Maker Pudsey 141
    Sarah CARTER Wife M 34   Pudsey  
    Mary CARTER Dau   11 Scholar Farsley  
    Tom CARTER Son   4   Farsley  
64 Wilson Fold Joseph BROOKS Head M 24 Pattern Maker Leeds 141
    Sarah L BROOKS Wife M 24   Calverley  
    John W BROOKS Son   4   Pudsey  
    Annie BROOKS Dau   6m      
65 Wilson Fold Richard WILSON Head M 22 Worsted Wool Sorter Stanningley 141
    Mary WILSON Wife M 23   Bradford  
    Ada WILSON Dau   3m   Stanningley  
66   Edwin CARTER Head M 30 Woollen Cloth Fuller Pudsey 141
    Susanah CARTER Wife M 31   Bramley  
    Rebecca CARTER Dau   7 Scholar Farsley  
    Mary CARTER Dau   1   Farsley  
67   Samuel HARRISON Head M 43 Providence Mill Watchman   141
68 Providence John ALLERTON Head M 38 Woollen Overlooker Leeds 141
  Mill Yard Elizabeth ALLERTON Wife M 32   Pudsey  
    James ALLERTON Son   5 Scholar Pudsey  
    Elizabeth Ann ALLERTON Dau   3 Scholar Pudsey  
69   John WADE Head W 83 Infirm with old age Farsley 141
    Sarah WADE Dau U 40 Dom Duties    
70 Smiths Yard Nancy NORTON Head W 71 Annuitant Stanningley 141
    Hannah NORTON Dau U 31 Weaver    
71 Smiths Yard Mary ARMITAGE Head W 66   Pudsey 142
    Nancy ARMITAGE Dau U 28 Weaver Pudsey  
    Jonathan ARMITAGE Son U 25 Engine Tenter Pudsey  
72 Smiths Yard Joseph SIMPSON Head W 55 Superintendant Leeds 142
    William SIMPSON Son U 26 Woolsorter Leeds  
    John SIMPSON Son U 24 Engineer Leeds  
    Sarah E SIMPSON Dau U 16 House Keeper Leeds  
    Samuel WILSON Vis   11 Scholar Leeds  
73 Bradford Road John BRIGGS Head M 48 Farm Lab Holme 142
    Louisa BRIGGS Wife M 47 Woollen Burler Knaresborough  
    Sarah Ann BRIGGS Dau U 21 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Louisa BRIGGS Dau   16 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Alfred BRIGGS Son   10 Lab Stanningley  
    Sarah PEARSON Board W 70 Mother in Law Knaresborough  
74 Bradford Road John HOWCROFT Head M 55 Woollen Spinner Halifax 142
    Mary HOWCROFT Wife M 48   Stanningley  
    John HOWCROFT Neph U 21 Mechanic Stanningley  
75 Bradford Road Jonathan BRAYSHAW Head M 28 Carpenter Pudsey 142
    Sarah BRAYSHAW Wife M 28 Worsted Weaver Stanningley  
    Harriet BRAYSHAW Dau   4   Stanningley  
    Matilda BRAYSHAW Dau   1   Stanningley  
    Emily BRAYSHAW Dau   9wks   Stanningley  
76 Bradford Road William NORTON Head M 27 Woollen Spinner Eccleshill 142
    Mary NORTON Wife M 28   Leeds  
77 Bradford Road Ellen BRAY Head W 45 Grocer Stanningley 142
    Thomas BRAY Son   13 Joiner Stanningley  
78 Bradford Road Joshua WILSON Head M 52 Woollen Hand Stanningley 142
    Ann WILSON Wife M 52   Sowerby  
    Mary WILSON Dau U 26 Woollen Hand Stanningley  
    Hannah Wilson GLEDHILL Board   3   Stanningley  
79 Bradford Road George HARGREAVES Head M 44 Lab Foundry Pudsey 142
    Maria HARGREAVES Wife M 48 Groom    
80 Bradford Road Peter HARRISON Head M 44 Woollen Spinner Bramley 142
    Ellen HARRISON Wife M 43   Holbeck  
    William HARRISON Son U 21 Out of employ Holbeck  
    Sarah Ann HARRISON Dau U 18 Woollen Weaver    
    Mary E HARRISON Dau U 16 Woollen Weaver    
81 Town St Phineas SUNDERLAND Head M 45 Cloth Fuller Bramley 142
    Rebecca SUNDERLAND Wife M 47   Bramley  
    Elizabeth STEPHENSON Niece U 14 Woollen Weaver    
82 Bradford Road John CLAYTON Head M 53 Farm Lab Stanningley 143
    Janet? CLAYTON Wife M 49      
83 Bradford Road William PENNINGTON Head M 52 Butcher * Stone 143
    Hannah PENNINGTON Wife M 46   Armley  
    Joseph PENNINGTON Son   16 Scholar Pudsey  
    Elizabeth PENNINGTON Dau   14 Scholar Farsley  
    Ellen PENNINGTON Dau   11 Scholar Farsley  
    Henry PENNINGTON Son   9 Scholar Farsley  
    Samuel PENNINGTON Son   7 Scholar Farsley  
    Frederick PENNINGTON son   4 Scholar Farsley  
84 Bradford Road Wright EDMONDSON Head W 68 Farm Lab Farsley 143
    Barbara EDMONDSON Dau U 24   Farsley  
    Raymond EDMONDSON son U 19 Carter Farsley  
85 Bradford Road Elizabeth KIRK Head W 66   Yeadon 143
    John KIRK son U 25 Woollen Lab    
86 Bradford Road James MYERS Head M 24 Tin & Iron plate Worker Stanningley 143
    Phidela MYERS Wife M 22   Stanningley  
87 Bradford Road James WATERHOUSE Head M 40 Woollen Fuller Stanningley 143
    Mary WATERHOUSE Wife M 39   Armley  
    Joseph WATERHOUSE Son   16 Woollen Hand Bramley  
    William WATERHOUSE Son   14 Woollen Hand Bramley  
    James WATERHOUSE Son   10 Scholar    
    Alfred WATERHOUSE Son   8 Scholar Bramley  
88 Bradford Road William CAWSON Head M 26 News Agent Stanningley 143
    Grace CAWSON Wife M 26   Stanningley  
    John H CAWSON Son   2   Stanningley  
    Sarah MITCHELL Moth W 64   Halifax  
    Lilly CORN* Serv   13 Dom Serv Leeds  
89 Bradford Road Thomas POPPLEWELL Head M 36 Boot & Shoe Maker Farsley 143
    Jane POPPLEWELL Wife M 35   Farsley  
    John William POPPLEWELL son   9      
90 Bradford Road Matthew KEIGHLEY Head M 41 Grocer Farsley 143
    Martha KEIGHLEY Wife M 39   Rawden  
91 Bradford Road James WHITELEY Head M 41 Cotton Warp Dresser Pudsey 143
    Mary WHITELEY Wife M 28 News Agent    
    Sarah WHITELEY Dau U 18 Worsted Spinner Pudsey  
    Frances WHITELEY Dau U 11 Night Scholar Pudsey  
    Harriet WHITELEY Dau U 4   Pudsey  
92 Sunclose John LAWSON Head M 35 Grocer Horsforth 144
    Sarah LAWSON Wife M 30   Farsley  
    William LAWSON Son   2   Farsley  
    William HOLDER Cous   16 Grocer's Assistant Horsforth  
    Rebecca BISCOMB Serv U 17 Dom Serv Kippax  
93 Sunclose Benjamin PITTS Head M 56 Engine Fitter Bradford 144
    Betsey PITTS Wife M 57   Bradford  
    Hannah PITTS Dau U 22 Woollen Mill Hand Bradford  
    William PITTS Son U 20 Engine Fitter    
    Fanny PITTS d in l M 21      
    Benjamin PITTS Gson   1      
94 Sunclose Joseph PARKER Head M 52 Woollen Weaver Pudsey 144
    Esther PARKER Wife M 56 Worsted    
    Mary PARKER Dau U 18 Worsted Farsley  
    Amos PARKER Son U 16 Worsted Farsley  
    Sarah Jane PARKER Dau U 13 Worsted Farsley  
    Harry PARKER Son   9 Scholar Farsley  
95 Sunclose George HOWE Head M 43 Boiler Maker DUR Bolton 144
    Matilda HOWE Wife M 45   Wakefield  
    William HOWE Son U 19 Boiler Maker    
    Herbert HOWE Gson   4      
96 Sunclose Frances J MAUD Head M 32 Woollen Machine Maker Farsley 144
    Rebecca MAUD Wife M 33   Farsley  
    Joseph W MAUD Son   11 Scholar Farsley  
    Martha E MAUD Dau   8 Scholar Farsley  
    Eli Taylor MAUD Son   6 Scholar Farsley  
    Frances MAUD Dau   2 Scholar Farsley  
    Rebecca MAUD Gmoth W 77   Farsley  
97 Sunclose Robert WRIGHT Head M 57 Stone Merchant Thornton 144
    Mary WRIGHT Wife M 57   Allerton  
    Mary WRIGHT Dau U 21 Worsted Weaver    
    Alma WRIGHT Son   16 Paper Hanger Allerton  
    Jersia WRIGHT Dau   11 Scholar Bradford  
    Mary E BERRY Gdau   7 Scholar Bradford  
    Harry ROCKET Lodg U 18 Farm Lab Sussex  
98 Sunclose William FIELDING Head M 31 Iron Foundry Leeds 144
    Jane FIELDING Wife M 29 Fitter Londonderry Ireland  
    Emma FIELDING Dau   8   Londonderry Ireland  
    Margaret FIELDING Dau   6 Scholar Londonderry Ireland  
    Mary H FIELDING Dau   2   Stanningley  
    Ann FIELDING Dau   2   Stanningley  
99 Sunclose David John MUNDY? MOODY? Head M 24 Fitter Iron Works Lancashire 144
    Sarah A MUNDY? MOODY? Wife M 21 Spinner in Worsted Mill Hunslet  
100 Nick Sarah LISTER Head W 81 Formerly Woollen Spinner   145
    Mary LISTER Dau U 44 Woollen Weaver Apperley  
101 Nick William HOLDER Head M 38 Drayman Pudsey 145
    Annie HOLDER Wife M 35 Woollen Weaver    
    Maria HOLDER Dau   2   Farsley  
102   Elizabeth MATHERS Head W 75 Formerly Bread Baker Farsley 145
    Eli STANSFIELD s in l M 31 Tanner Stanningley  
    John Edward MATTHEWS Gson M 7 Scholar Stanningley  
    Sarah STANSFIELD   M 35 Bread Baker    
103 Nick Lanes John T COATES Head M 29 Carrier Armley 145
    Rebecca COATES Wife M 31      
    Sarah COATES Dau   10 Scholar Stanningley  
    Eva COATES Dau   6 Scholar Stanningley  
    Joseph COATES Son   4 Scholar Stanningley  
    Ann COATES Dau   2   Stanningley  
    Elizabeth COATES Dau   1m   Stanningley  
104 Turners Row James RHODES Head M 56 Woollen Cloth Weaver Stanningley 145
    Mary RHODES Wife M 54   Stanningley  
    Elizabeth A RHODES Dau U 17 Woollen Twister Stanningley  
105 Nick John WALKER Head M 40 Woollen Weaver Pudsey 145
  No 12 Sarah Ann WALKER Wife M 38 Woollen Weaver    
    Charles WALKER Son   2      
    Mary J WALKER Dau   2      
    Martha WALKER Dau   8m      
106 Nick William WATERHOUSE Head M 59 Woollen Weaver Eccleshill 145
  No 13 Hannah WATERHOUSE Wife M 54   Stanningley  
    Ann WATERHOUSE Dau U 23 Woollen Weaver    
107 Nick Mary Hannah GAUNT Head U 22 Power Loom weaver Stanningley 145
    Hannah E GAUNT Dau   6 Nurse Stanningley  
    Squire GAUNT Son   2   Stanningley  
108 Nick William WILSON Head M 59 Woollen Weaver Stanningley 145
    Maria WILSON Wife M 59 Woollen Burler Stanningley  
    Sarah E WILSON Dau U 29 Woollen Warper Stanningley  
    Alice WILSON Dau U 19 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
109   Alfred WILSON Head M 36 Woollen Weaver Stanningley 145
    Eliza WILSON Wife M 36 Formerly Power Loom Weaver Stanningley  
    Grace WILSON Dau   14 Scholar Stanningley  
    Ellen WILSON Dau   6 [Inbecile From Birth] Stanningley  
    John WILSON Son   2   Stanningley  
110   Joseph HIGGINS Head W 82 Roller * Stanningley 145
111 Sunfield Mark SHORT Head M 38 Woollen Cloth Weaver Leeds 146
    Sarah Ann SHORT Wife M 39 Woollen Warper Bramley  
    Mary DAVEY Dau   9 Scholar Bramley  
112   Jeremiah SLATER Head M 45 Woollen Manuf emp120 hands Guiseley 146
    Elizabeth SLATER Wife M 40   Stanningley  
    John S SLATER Son   12 Scholar Stanningley  
    Emma SLATER Dau   10 Scholar Stanningley  
    Annie SLATER Dau   9 Scholar Stanningley  
    Harold SLATER Son   5 Scholar Stanningley  
    Elizabeth SLATER Dau   3   Stanningley  
    Frank SLATER Son   10m   Stanningley  
    Sarah Ann HOLLIDAY Serv U 31 General Servant    
    Sarah YEADON Serv W 55 general Servant Nurse    
113 Sun Cottage Israel ROBERTS Head M 40 Master Woollen Manuf emp 203 people Stanningley 146
    Sarah ROBERTS Wife M 41   Stanningley  
    William H ROBERTS Son U 19   Stanningley  
    Evangeline ROBERTS Dau U 16   Stanningley  
    Mary H ROBERTS Dau U 11 Scholar Stanningley  
    Neriah S ROBERTS Son   9 Scholar Holbeck  
    Mary Ann BRAYSHAW Serv U 37 General Servant Holbeck  
    Sarah Jane WILDER Serv U 23 Housemaid Hunslet  
114 Providence Cottages John J BARNES Head M 47 Oil Dealer & farmer 11 acres Stanningley 146
  Sunclose Ann BARNES Wife M 45 emp 8 men Farsley  
    Joseph R BARNES Son U 18 Book keeper Farsley  
    Betty BARNES Dau U 12 Scholar Farsley  
    William H BARNES Son   9 Scholar Farsley  
    Mary Hannah BARNES Dau   8 Scholar    
    Harriet ANDREWS Serv U 22 Servant LIN Spilsby  
115 Sunclose Mary ROBERTS Head W 68   Farsley 146
    Mary H CARTER Gdau   8 Scholar Farsley  
    Elizabeth BUSFIELD Gdau U 19 Woollen Burler Farsley  
116   John HOLDSWORTH Head M 66 Woollen Weaver   146
    Betty HOLDSWORTH Wife M 60   Stanningley  
    Hannah HOLDSWORTH Dau U 23 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Mary HOLDSWORTH Dau U 20 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
    Clara HOLDSWORTH Gdau   6 Scholar Pudsey  
117 Nitch William RAYNER Head M 51 Woollen Mill Hand Farsley 146
    Harriet RAYNER Wife M 47 Woollen Mill Hand Farsley  
    Esther M RAYNER Dau U 23 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
    Ruth RAYNER Dau U 22 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
    Joshua RAYNER Son U 19 App Mechanic    
    Sabina RAYNER Dau   17 Woollen Warper    
    Ann E RAYNER Dau   15 Woollen Warper    
    Elijah RAYNER Son   12 Scholar    
    Harris RAYNER Son   7 Scholar Farsley 147
118 Nitch Joshua GREAVES Head W 69 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 147
    Grace GREAVES Dau U 43 Worsted Drawer Pudsey  
    George HARRISON s in l M 32 Warp Dresser Pudsey  
    Sarah HARRISON Wife M 31 Woollen Warper Farsley  
    Mary HARRISON Dau   9 Scholar Farsley  
    Joseph HARRISON Son   7 Scholar Farsley  
    John HARRISON Son   4 Scholar Farsley  
    Jabez HARRISON Son   1   Farsley  
119 Nitch William STEVENS Head M 27 Brick Layer Regents Park London 147
    Elizabeth STEVENS Wife M 23 Dress Maker BEF Leighton  
    William STEVENS Son   3   BEF Leighton  
    Emily STEVENS Dau   hrs?   Stanningley  
120 Mill Yard Benjamin DAVEY Head M 62 Woollen Weaver Pudsey 147
    Rebecca DAVEY Wife M 68 Woollen Weaver Pudsey  
    Hannah DAVEY Dau U 76 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
122 Temperence Mill Yard Hannah GLEDHILL Head U 74 Cloth Burler Stanningley 147
    Rebecca GLEDHILL Dau U 50 Cloth Burler Stanningley  
123   William RAISTRICK Head M 33 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 147
    Esther RAISTRICK Wife M 52 Cloth Weaver Pudsey  
    Oliver RAISTRICK Son   11 Scholar Pudsey  
    * RAISTRICK Dau   8 Scholar Pudsey  
    George RAISTRICK Son   6 Scholar Pudsey  
    Evangeline RAISTRICK Dau   4     147
    Eda RAISTRICK Dau   12m      
124 Sunclose William GRANT Head M 30 Mason Lab Pudsey 147
    Winifred GRANT Wife M 31 Cloth Weaver Pudsey  
    Thomas GRANT Son   5   Pudsey  
    Elizabeth GRANT Dau   1   Pudsey  
125   Ellen PICKLES Head U 26 Condenser Fitter Stanningley 147
    Caroline PICKLES Sis U 23 Condenser Fitter Stanningley  
    Hannah PICKLES Sis U 19 Condenser Fitter Stanningley  
    David PICKLES Son   6 Scholar Stanningley  
126 Sunclose James HARRIS Head M 49 Mill Hand Woollen Almondbury 147
    Eliza HARRIS Wife M 49 Mill Hand Woollen Almondbury  
    Phebe HARRIS Dau U 19 Mill Hand Woollen Almondbury  
    Annie HARRIS Dau   9 Scholar Almondbury  
    Joe HARRIS Son   17 Mule Piecer Almondbury  
127   John BLISSETT Head M 44 Boiler Maker Howsdendike 147
    Elizabeth BLISSETT Wife M 43   Stanningley  
    Mary E MILNES Niece U 17 Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley  
128   John HAMER Head M 38 Woollen Cloth Designer Almondbury 147
    Mary E HAMER Wife M 32 Cloth Cap Maker Farsley  
    Mary HAMER Dau U 17 Woollen Cloth Weaver Farsley  
    Herbert Victor HAMER Son   6 Scholar Farsley  
    Ernest Wilfred HAMER Son   1   Farsley  
129 Nich Nancy SCOTT Head W 85   Farsley 148
    George WARD Gson M 26 Iron Moulder Farsley  
    Jane H WARD Dau U 22 Woollen Cloth Weaver Stanningley  
130   William DEAN Head M 34 * Pudsey 148
    Martha DEAN Wife M 34 Woollen Mill Hand Pudsey  
    George DEAN Son   14 Nurse Girl Pudsey  
    Emma DEAN Dau   11   Pudsey  
    Mary DEAN Dau   5   Pudsey  
    John DEAN Son   6m   Pudsey  
    Samuel DEAN Lodg U 23 Woollen Jobber Pudsey  
    Sarah BROOK Lodg M 55   Pudsey  
131 Turners Row Joseph GAMBLE Head M 44 Master Joiner Pudsey 148
    Ann GAMBLE Wife M 33   Carlton  
    Hannah GAMBLE Dau   1   Farsley  
    Sarah Ann NUN* Niece   13 Worsted Mill Hand Carlton  
132 Turners Row Matthew BARNES Head M 28 Case Nailer Farsley 148
    Agnes BARNES Wife M 24   Farsley  
    * Gainbank BARNES Son   2   Farsley  
    Job BARNES Son   9m   Rawden  
133 Turners Row John ATKINSON Head M 54 Lab Pudsey 148
    Mary ATKINSON Wife M 55 Oil Extractor Pudsey  
    Ellen ATKINSON Dau U 31 Cloth Weaver Pudsey  
    John ATKINSON Son   18 Mechanic at Condensing Work Pudsey  
134 Turners Row William FIELDER Head M 56 Oil Extractor Wakefield 148
    Eliza FIELDER Wife M 54   Wakefield  
    Alfred FIELDER Son U 19 Woollen Spinner Stanningley  
    Samuel FIELDER Son U 17 Woollen Spinner Stanningley  
135 Turners Row James GORDON Head M 34 Wool Dryer Farsley 148
    Elizabeth GORDON Wife M 34   Farsley  
    Sarah GORDON Dau   5 Scholar Farsley  
    Tom GORDON Son   3   Farsley  
136 Turners Row William ELLIOT Head M 38 Boiler Maker Bramley 148
137 Turners Row William WARD Head M 42 Woollen Weaver Pudsey 148
    Mary WARD Wife M 31 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
    Emily WARD Dau   14 Mill Hand Weaver Farsley  
    Squire WARD Son   8 Scholar Farsley  
138 Turners Row Joseph SCHOFIELD Head W 52 Carrier Stanningley 148
    Susannah SCHOFIELD Dau   14 Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley  
    Fred SCHOFIELD Son   12 Woollen Mill Hand Stanningley  
139 Sunclose Abimelech HOLLINGS Head M 40 Wool Sorter Farsley 148
    Sarah Ann HOLLINGS Wife M 37 Woollen Warper Farsley  
    Annie HOLLINGS Dau   11 Scholar Farsley  
    Joseph HOLLINGS Son   8 Scholar Farsley  
    Frances HOLLINGS S   5m   Farsley  
    David HOLLINGS Son   2   Farsley  
    Maria KINGSLEY s in l U 33 Worsted Weaver Farsley  
140 Sunclose Thomas GAMBLE Head U 45 Woollen Spinner Pudsey 149
141 Sunclose John GREENWOOD Head M 62 Grocer Pudsey 149
    Susannah GREENWOOD Wife M 62   Pudsey  
    Sarah Ann GREENWOOD Dau U 28 Dress Maker Pudsey  
142 Sunclose John GAMBLE Head W 54 Woollen Hand Pudsey 149
    William Henry VICKERS Head M 36 Stone Merchant Stanningley  
143   Mary VICKERS Wife M 36   Armley 149
    S E VICKERS Dau   6 Scholar Stanningley  
    William VICKERS Son   5 Scholar Stanningley  
    John F VICKERS Son   3 Scholar Stanningley  
    Jane VICKERS Dau   2   Stanningley  
    Joseph RACE Vis U 25 Draper Carlton  
    Eva VICKERS Dau   6m   Stanningley  
    Eliza FLIGG Dau   12 Servant DUR Tudor  
144 Sunclose John AMBLER Head M 29 Quarry Man Stanningley 149
    Ann AMBLER Wife M 28   Stanningley  
    Harry AMBLER Son   5   Stanningley  
    Tom AMBLER Son   2   Stanningley  
    Elizabeth AMBLER Dau   3m   Stanningley  
145   John H ROGERS Head M 29 Wool Sorter Stanningley 149
    Mary E ROGERS Wife M 28   Stanningley  
    Mabel H ROGERS Dau   1m   Stanningley  
146 Sunclose George MUSK? Head M 38 Carter SFK Mollis 149
    Hannah MUSK? Wife M 36 Worsted Weaver Pudsey  
147 Sunclose William WILSON Head W 74 Retired Manufacturer Stanningley 149
    William WILSON Son W 31 Worst? Merchane Stanningley  
    Mary WILSON Dau   5 Scholar Stanningley  
148   Alfred HOLDEN Head M 25 Boiler Maker DBY Swanwick? 149
    Sarah HOLDEN Wife M 24 Iron Foundry HRT Mordeford?  
    Rhoda Mary HOLDEN Dau   2   Calverley  
    Sarah A HOLDEN Dau   2m   Calverley  
149   Joseph RHODES Head M 58 Woollen Weaver Farsley 149
    Mary RHODES Wife M 58 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
150 Sunclose Benjamin CAWSON Head W 58 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 149
    Benjamin CAWSON Son U 23 Cloth Weaver Stanningley  
    Elizabeth CAWSON Dau U 13 Dom Serv Stanningley  
    Jane CAWSON Dau U 16 Power Loom weaver Stanningley  
    James CAWSON Son   13 Mule Piecer Stanningley  
151 Sunfield House Joseph RIGBY Head M 28 Baptist Minister salem chapel Cheshire 149
    Priscilla RIGBY Wife M 27   Yorkshire  
    Annie M RIGBY Dau   1m   Yorkshire  
152 Sunfield House Enoch HARRISON Head M 36 Woollen Lab Bramley 149
    Hannah HARRISON Wife M 36   Pudsey  
    Mary J HARRISON Dau   10 Scholar Pudsey  
    Elizabeth HARRISON Dau   4   Farsley  
    Hanah HARRISON Dau   1   Farsley 150
153 Sunclose Edward JENNINGS Head M 21 Cabinet Maker WES Kendal 150
    Isabella JENNINGS Wife M 21 Milliner WES Kendal  
    Alfred E JENNINGS Son   4m   WES Norton  
    Annie GREAVES Moth W 39 Dress Maker WES Norton  
154 Sunclose John INGHAM Head W 44 Woollen Spinner Pudsey 150
    Elizabeth INGHAM Dau U 20 Woollen Spinner Pudsey  
155 Sunclose Whitaker SLATER Head M 35 Slubber Woollen Mill Yeadon 150
    Ann SLATER Wife M 32   Horsforth  
    Joseph SLATER Son   9 Scholar Horsforth  
    Mary H SLATER Dau   7 Scholar Horsforth  
    Clara SLATER Dau   6 Scholar Horsforth  
    Alfred SLATER Son   4 Scholar Horsforth  
156 Sunclose William PICKARD Head M 39 Woollen Carrier Farsley 150
    Mary PICKARD Wife M 39 Woollen Piece Burler Pudsey  
    Mary Ann PICKARD Dau U 19 Woollen Weaver Farsley  
    Louisa PICKARD Dau U 14 Woollen Mule Piecer Farsley  
    Alfred PICKARD Son   12 Woollen Mule Piecer Farsley  
157 Sunclose Mary Ann CROFT Head W 54 Woollen Power Loom Weaver Pudsey 150
    John CROFT Son U 21 Mechanic Farsley  
    William CROFT Son U 18 Black Smith Farsley  
    Hannah CROFT Dau   15 Worsted Spinner Farsley  
158 N Lane Reuben COULSON Head M 42 Woollen Weaver Pudsey 150
    Elizabeth COULSON Wife M 40 Woollen Burler Pudsey  
    Thomas COULSON Son   8 Scholar Farsley  
    Joseph COULSON Son   7 Scholar Farsley  
    Hannah COULSON Dau   3 Scholar Farsley  
    Clara COULSON Dau   5m   Farsley  
159   Eliza PARKER Head M 24 Foundry Striker Stanningley 150
    Jane PARKER Wife M 22 Woollen Weaver Stanningley  
160 N Lane Sarah BARNES Head U 52 Cloth Burler Stanningley 150
    Jane H HOWE Lodg U 22 Worsted Spinner Stanningley  
161 Foundry Yd Joseph HART? Head M 37 Iron Foundry SAL Bennington 150
    Sarah Ann HART? Wife M 34   LAN Bolton  
    Joseph T HART? Son   11 Scholar STS Mallinghole?  
    Mary E HART? Dau   7 Scholar SAL Dinnington  
    Louisa HART? Dau   5 Scholar SAL Dinnington  
    Benjamin HART? Son   7m   Calverley .