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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED13



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 13, Folios 52a - 60d, Enumerator Joshua Sutcliffe

Compromising the whole of Roker Lane from no1 J Moss Residence to the
Union Bridge Mill both sides including, Troughton Street, Carrs Row, Brick Row and Prospect Place all the south side of Fartown up to and including the houses belonging to J Stott.


1 Fartown STOTT Samuel head m 34 Joiner & cabinet maker Pudsey 52a
    STOTT Mary wife m 35 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 52a
    STOTT Ida dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 52a
    STOTT Clara dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 52a
2 Fartown SOWDEN William head m 31 leather warehouse man Bradford 52a
    SOWDEN Mary Elz wife m 29 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 52a
    SOWDEN Herbert son   6 Scholar Pudsey 52a
    SOWDEN Annie dau   1   Pudsey 52a
3 Fartown STOTT Jeremiah head m 61 Butcher Pudsey 52a
    STOTT Sarah wife m 53   Morley 52a
    STOTT Fountain son u 23 Butcher's Ass. Pudsey 52a
    STOTT Clara dau u 21   Pudsey 52a
4 Fartown KITCHEN Ellen head w 52 Washer Woman Stanningley 52a
    WARD Joseph son u 22 Ironstone Miner Stanningley 52a
    KITCHEN John Wm son u 16 Coal Hurrier Pudsey 52a
5 Fartown WOOD George head m 56 Lab. Pudsey 52a
    WOOD Martha wife m 51   Pudsey 52a
    WOOD Alice Mary dau u 18 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 52a
    WOOD Martha Elizabeth dau   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 52a
6 Fartown SHARP Samuel head m 36 Lab. Pudsey 52a
    SHARP Mary Ann wife m 31   Pudsey 52a
    SHARP Charlotte Ann dau   11 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 52a
    SHARP Beatrice Harriet dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 52a
    SHARP Caroline Louisa dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 52a
    SHARP Laura Annie dau   3m   Pudsey 52a
7 Highfield House HINCHCLIFFE Nancy head w 83   Pudsey 52a
    HINCHCLIFFE John son s 51 Wool Sorter Pudsey 52a
8 Highfield House HEAP Henry head m 64 Music Teacher Pudsey 52b
    HEAP Frances wife m 58   Pudsey 52b
    HEAP John Henry son u 32 Grocer Pudsey 52b
    HEAP Edith Mary dau u 29   Pudsey 52b
    HEAP Frederick Wm son u 27 Cabinet maker Pudsey 52b
    HEAP Frances Ethel dau u 22 Violin Teacher Pudsey 52b
9 Fartown BURTON Samuel head m 26 Iron Moulder Pudsey 52b
    BURTON Alice Mary wife m 21   Craven 52b
10 Fartown PEARSON William head m 64 Woolen Weaver Farnley 52b
    PEARSON Betsy wife m 62   Pudsey 52b
    PEARSON Mary Ann dau u 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 52b
11 Fartown HINCHCLIFFE Edwin head m 43 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 52b
    HINCHCLIFFE Frances wife m 43   Pudsey 52b
    HINCHCLIFFE Wm Henry son   11 Scholar Pudsey 52b
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah Ann dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 52b
12 Fartown COX James head m 35 Teamster SOM Dunnington 52b
    COX Eliza Ann wife m 36   SOM Dunnington 52b
    COX James William son   15 Points Turner Railway Boothtown 52b
    COX Elda? dau   12 Worsted Spinner Goole 52b
    COX John Henry son   3   Ovenden 52b
    COX William son   1   Ovenden 52b
13 Fartown DEAN Thomas head u 70 Wool Sorter Pudsey 52b
15 Fartown WARD William head m 25 Ironstone Miner Stanningley 52b
    WARD Frances wife m 23 Cotton Winder Pudsey 52b
16 Fartown INGHAM Benjamin head m 28 Asphalter Pudsey 52b
    INGHAM Hannah Mary wife m 28   Pudsey 52b
    INGHAM Harold son   3   Pudsey 52b
    INGHAM Maurice son   1   Pudsey 52b
17 Fartown HINCHCLIFFE John head m 66 Worsted Waste Dealer Pudsey 52b
    HINCHCLIFFE Mary wife m 50   Thornton 52b
18 Fartown HAINSWORTH Joseph S head m 30 Overlooker Worsted Pudsey 53a
    HAINSWORTH Alice wife m 29   Pudsey 53a
    HAINSWORTH Joseph son   5 Scholar Pudsey 53a
    RHODES Robert B in L u 32 Woolen Waste Dealer Pudsey 53a
19 Fartown ROBINSON John head m 40 Van? Driver LAN Long Preston 53a
    ROBINSON Elizabeth wife m 30   Undercliffe 53a
    ROBINSON Thomas son u 17 Worsted Spinner Undercliffe 53a
    ROBINSON Frank son   14 Worsted Spinner Undercliffe 53a
    ROBINSON Elizabeth dau   12 Worsted Spinner Undercliffe 53a
20 Fartown CRESSEY Thomas head m 40 Tanner Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Eliza wife m 41   Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Wilf son u 18 Tanner Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Sarah J dau u 17 Worsted Weaver Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Mary J dau   11 Worsted Spinner Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Ada dau   9 Scholar Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Martin son   7 Scholar Bramley 53a
    CRESSEY Thomas son   5 Scholar Bramley 53a
21 Fartown NAYLOR William head w 71 Grocer Wibsey 53a
    NAYLOR Betsy Holder dau u 48 House Keeper Wibsey 53a
    NAYLOR Gent? son u 29 Miner's Pony Driver Pudsey 53a
    NAYLOR Annie dau u 25 Dressmaker Pudsey 53a
22 Fartown MITCHEL Sarah head u 55 retired Pudsey 53a
23 Fartown SMITH Thomas head m 33 Miner IRL Sligo 53a
    SMITH Martha wife m 26   GLS Little Dean 53a
24 Fartown EMSLEY James head w 76 Ret. Weaver Pudsey 53a
25 Fartown GREEN Frances head m 74 Ret. Farmer Newmillerdam 53a
    GREEN Mary wife m 81   Pudsey 53a
    HAY Martha sis w 80   Newmillerdam 53a
26 Fartown JOHNSON John Gibson head u 45 farmer Pudsey 53a
    JOHNSON Mary sis u 35   Pudsey 53a
27 Fartown PROCTER Robert head m 50 farmer Pudsey 53b
    PROCTER Frances wife m 52   Farnley 53b
    PROCTER William son u 30 Cabinet maker Fulneck 53b
    PROCTER Harry son u 25 Moulder Fulneck 53b
28 Fartown SWALES George head w 79 Living on own means Heck? 53b
    ARUNDEL Martha serv u 29 House Keeper Pudsey 53b
29 South Royd Lane MUFF Alice head u 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 53b
    MUFF Sarah sis u 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 53b
30 South Royd Lane TETLEY Elizabeth head w 39 Dressmaker Bowling 53b
    TETLEY Lucy dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 53b
31 South Royd Lane RICHARDSON William head m 70 Flock & Waste dealer Birstall 53b
    RICHARDSON Mary wife m 69   Pudsey 53b
    RICHARDSON Hannah dau u 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 53b
32 South Royd Lane DRIVER Greenwood head m 45 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER Annie wife m 47   Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER William son u 19 Mechanic's App. Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER Alice dau u 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER Mary Eliz dau u 15   Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER Ernest son u 13 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER Richard son   10 Scholar Pudsey 53b
    DRIVER Luther son   8 Scholar Pudsey 53b
33 South Royd Lane SUGDEN Sarah Ann head w 77 Living on own means Pudsey 53b
    CARR Sarah neice u 46 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 53b
34 Oakdene House GOODALL John E head m 31 Leather manuf. Leeds 53b
    GOODALL Mary wife m 23   MDX London 53b
    WARD Mary serv u 19 Cook LEI Coalville 53b
    YOUNG Ann Jane serv u 20 Housemaid Halifax 53b
35 South Royd Lane MOORHOUSE Henry head m 27 Farmer's son Pudsey 53b
    MOORHOUSE Lavinia wife m 28   Bramley? 53b
    MOORHOUSE Esther dau   1   Pudsey 53b
36 South Royd Lane MOORHOUSE William head m 57 Farmer Stanningley 54a
    MOORHOUSE Elizabeth wife m 54   Armley 54a
    MOORHOUSE Hannah dau u 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 54a
    MOORHOUSE Mary dau u 20   Pudsey 54a
    MOORHOUSE Joseph son u 14   Pudsey 54a
    MOORHOUSE Herbert son   11 Scholar Pudsey 54a
37 South Park Villa JONES William head m 58 Worsted manuf Pudsey 54a
    JONES Elizabeth wife m 38   Pudsey 54a
    JONES Mary dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 54a
    JONES Lillian Alice dau   7   Pudsey 54a
    HODGSON Jane Ann serv   18 Dom Serv Pudsey 54a
38 South Park ROBERTS William head m 63 Joiner Pudsey 54a
    ROBERTS Ann wife m 62   Pudsey 54a
    ROBERTS Ellen dau u 36 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 54a
    ROBERTS Joseph Wm son u 26 Worsted Warehouse Man New Wortley 54a
    ROBERTS Maria dau u 23 Elem. School Teacher Leeds 54a
    ROBERTS Florence dau u 19 Worsted Weaver LAN Nelson 54a
39 South Park LAYCOCK Joseph head m 36 Cloth Passer Cowling 54a
    LAYCOCK Jane Eliza wife m 32   Dewsbury 54a
    LAYCOCK Gertrude dau   9 Scholar Bradford 54a
    LAYCOCK Lillian Amy dau   8 Scholar Bradford 54a
    LAYCOCK Mary dau   7 Scholar LAN Nelson 54a
    LAYCOCK John William son   5 Scholar Pudsey 54a
40 South Park MALLINSON Ben head m 29 Engine Tenter Paul? 54a
    MALLINSON Hannah Ann wife m 28 Cotton Winder Bradford 54a
41 South Park HOLMES David head m 57 Overlooker Worsted Keighley 54a
    HOLMES Bertha wife m 56   Eccleshill 54a
    HOLMES Sarah E dau u 25 Worsted Rover Stanningley 54a
    HOLMES John F son u 15 Boilermaker Stanningley 54a
    HOLMES David son   5 Scholar Stanningley 54a
42 South Park HARE John head m 45 Worsted weftman Pudsey 54b
    HARE Emma wife m 45   Pudsey 54b
    HARE Eliza Jane dau u 18 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 54b
    HARE Edith dau u 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 54b
    HARE Herbert son   14 Cotton warp Twister Pudsey 54b
    HARE Joseph Ernest son   7 Scholar Pudsey 54b
    HARE Lily dau   2   Pudsey 54b
    THREAPLETON John cous u 36 Cotton Beamer Pudsey 54b
43 South Park HALL Henry head m 38 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 54b
    HALL Mary wife m 36   Pudsey 54b
    HALL Herbert son   12 Cotton Twister Pudsey 54b
    HALL Hannah dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 54b
    HALL John Wm son   6 Scholar Pudsey 54b
    HALL Ernest son   1   Pudsey 54b
44 South park HINCHCLIFFE William head m 54 Warp dresser Pudsey 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Harriet wife m 52   Pudsey 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Martha dau u 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Frances dau u 25 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Jane dau u 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Clara dau   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 54b
45 South Park SUTCLIFFE Jonas head m 26 Cotton Twister Pudsey 54b
    SUTCLIFFE Hannah M wife m 26   Pudsey 54b
    SUTCLIFFE John son   2   Pudsey 54b
    SUTCLIFFE Ada dau   1   Pudsey 54b
    GAUNT Martha M in L w 68 Living on own means Pudsey 54b
46 South Park HINCHCLIFFE John W head m 22 Warp dresser Pudsey 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah E wife m 22   Methley 54b
    HINCHCLIFFE Emma Dorothy dau   1   Pudsey 54b
47 South Park DUFTON William H head m 27 Overlooker Worsted Pudsey 54b
    DUFTON Sophia wife m 25   Gomersal 54b
    DUFTON Florence Anne dau   4   Pudsey 54b
    DUFTON Frank Ernest son   2   Pudsey 55a
    DUFTON Sarah Ann dau   10m   Pudsey 55a
    RHODES Ann s in l u 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55a
    RHODES Laura s in l u 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55a
48 South Royd Lane RHODES Abraham head w 63 Gardener Bradford 55a
49 South Royd Lane INGHAM Robert head u 45 Mill Hand Pudsey 55a
50 Eastgate House MOSS Joseph head m 69 Farmer Pudsey 55a
    MOSS Anne wife m 69   Pudsey 55a
    MOSS Rachel Ann dau u 30 Dressmaker Pudsey 55a
51 Roker Lane HUDSON Richard head m 61 Flock manuf. Bradford 55a
    HUDSON Ann wife m 58   Leeds 55a
    PARKER Frances M d in l? u 33 School Mistress Leeds 55a
    HUDSON Ernest son u 21 Grocer's manager Pudsey 55a
    HUDSON Kate dau u 20   Pudsey 55a
52 Roker Lane SHAW Benj head m 31 Stat. Engineman Pudsey 55a
    SHAW Rhoda wife m 34   Pudsey 55a
    SHAW James son   4 Scholar Pudsey 55a
53 Roker Lane MOORE John head m 56 Gen Lab Skelton 55a
    MOORE Rose wife m 56   Pudsey 55a
54 Troughton St JOHNSON Hannah Maria head u 41 grocer Pudsey 55a
    ROBINSON Annie E sis u 39 Confectioner Pudsey 55a
    FOX Edwin visit   6 Scholar Cockersdale 55a
55 Troughton St CHAPMAN Joseph head m 25 Tanner Pudsey 55a
    CHAPMAN Elizabeth wife m 22   Pudsey 55a
    CHAPMAN Percy son   3m   Pudsey 55a
56 Troughton St RHODES Eliza head w 68 Living on own means Meanwood 55a
57 Troughton St FIRTH James head m 55 Gen Lab Ovenden 55a
    FIRTH Grace wife m 55   Thornton 55a
    FIRTH John son u 34 flock Mender Ovenden 55a
    FIRTH Charley son u 23 Brickworks Lab. Pudsey 55a
    FIRTH Hannah dau u 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55a
    FIRTH George son u 19 Goods Carrier Pudsey 55b
    FIRTH Sabina dau u 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
    FIRTH Clara dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 55b
58 Troughton St GAUNT Alfred head m 33 Banksman at Colliery Pudsey 55b
    GAUNT Elizabeth A wife m 35   Wakefield 55b
59 Troughton St WATSON Featherstone head m 61 Coal Miner Pateley Bridge 55b
    WATSON Ann wife m 58   LAN Bolton 55b
    WATSON Betsy dau u 36 (Deaf & Dumb) Dudley Hill 55b
    WATSON Elizabeth dau u 33 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
    WATSON Julia dau u 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 55b
    WATSON Lizzie dau   7 Scholar DUR Crook 55b
    WATSON Robert son   5 Scholar DUR Crook 55b
60 Troughton St NAYLOR Peter head m 41 Banksman at Colliery Farnley 55b
    NAYLOR Eliza wife m 40   Bowling 55b
    NAYLOR Gent son u 17 Painter's app. Pudsey 55b
    NAYLOR Joseph Wm son   14 Mill Hand Pudsey 55b
61 Troughton St WILSON Thomas head m 30 Carter Pickering 55b
    WILSON Charlotte wife m 29   York 55b
    WILSON Jane Elizabeth dau   3   Pudsey 55b
62 Troughton St FIRTH Joseph head m 25 Clay Miner Pudsey 55b
    FIRTH Emma wife m 22 Worsted Spinner Tong 55b
    FIRTH Fred son   2   Pudsey 55b
63 Troughton St MARSTON Alfred head m 30 Tanner Farnley 55b
    MARSTON Mary wife m 26   Farnley 55b
    MARSTON William son   5 Scholar Pudsey 55b
    MARSTON Horace son   4   Pudsey 55b
    MARSTON James son   2   Pudsey 55b
64 Troughton St CHAPMAN Alfred head m 46 Tanner Wibsey 56a
    CHAPMAN Sarah Ann wife m 46   Dudley Hill 56a
    CHAPMAN John William son u 19 Clay Miner Pudsey 56a
    CHAPMAN Edith dau u 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56a
    CHAPMAN General son u 16 Coal Hurrier Pudsey 56a
    CHAPMAN Jonas B son   12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 56a
    CHAPMAN Alice dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 56a
    CHAPMAN Benjamin son   8 Scholar Pudsey 56a
65 Troughton St SCHOFIELD William head m 35 Foreman Wool Sorter Pudsey 56a
    SCHOFIELD Hannah wife m 29   Staincross 56a
    SCHOFIELD Hannah Rella dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 56a
    SCHOFIELD Sarah Ethel dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 56a
66 Troughton St HOLLIDAY Samuel W head m 57 Farm Lab Seacroft 56a
    HOLLIDAY Mary wife m 66   Horton 56a
    HOLLIDAY James son   23 Tannery Lab Farnley 56a
    THROP Mary step dau   23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56a
67 Boar's Head Inn DIBB Henry head m 33 Hotel Keeper Greengates 56a
    DIBB Sarah E wife m 35   Thackley 56a
    DIBB Bertha dau   9 Scholar Thackley 56a
68 Roker Lane HARGREAVES Rachel head w 39 Charwoman Pudsey 56a
    HARGREAVES Grace dau u 17 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 56a
    HARGREAVES Jane dau   13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 56a
    HARGREAVES Margaret dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 56a
    HARGREAVES George W son   7 Scholar Pudsey 56a
69 Roker Lane ISLES John head m 44 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 56a
    ISLES Hannah wife m 41   Pudsey 56a
    ISLES Jane E dau u 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56a
    ISLES Laura Emma dau   11m   Pudsey 56a
70 Roker Lane MARSTON Charles head m 28 Engine Man Tannery Pudsey 56b
    MARSTON Sarah Ann wife m 33 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56b
    LANGLEY Jane Eliz step dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 56b
71 Roker Lane BATEMAN Henry head m 39 Green Grocer Shelf 56b
    BATEMAN Hannah wife m 32   Ovenden 56b
    BATEMAN Ezra bro u 28 Lab. Pudsey 56b
72 Roker Lane HINCHCLIFFE Albert head m 34 Hair Dresser Tobacconist Pudsey 56b
    HINCHCLIFFE Hannah wife m 30   Adwalton 56b
    HINCHCLIFFE George son   8 Scholar Pudsey 56b
73 Roker Lane PAYNE James head wr 70 Ret gas Manager SAL Bishop Castle 56b
    PAYNE Miriam neice u 15   WAR Birmingham 56b
    PAYNE Florence L neice u 14   WAR Birmingham 56b
    KEIGHLEY Sarah serv u 38 housekeeper Netherby 56b
    HODGSON Jane Ann serv u 18 Dom Serv Morley 56b
74 Roker Lane SOWDEN Frances Ann head w 37   Seacroft 56b
    SOWDEN Lilly Black dau u 16   Seacroft 56b
    SOWDEN Kennedy son u 15 Printer's Compositer Seacroft 56b
    SOWDEN Willie son   13 Printer's Compositer Huddersfield 56b
    BELL Thomas lodg u 27 Gardener Sowerby 56b
    BENSON? Joseph Herp? lodg u 18 Printer's Compositer Rawcliffe 56b
    HEALEY William H lodg u 17 Gardener SFK Stowmarket 56b
75 Roker Lane TORDOFF Henry head m 26 Butcher Hughtown 56b
    TORDOFF Annie E wife m 25   S*holme dale 56b
76 Roker Lane RUSHWORTH John M head m 41 Tanner Pudsey 56b
    RUSHWORTH Elizabeth wife m 40   Pudsey 56b
    RUSHWORTH Sarah dau u 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56b
    RUSHWORTH John William son u 15 Cabinet maker's App. Pudsey 56b
    RUSHWORTH Mary Ann dau u 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 56b
78 Carr's Row JOWETT Hannah head w 62 Ret Hotel keeper Bradford 57a
    JOWETT Sarah dau u 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 57a
    THACKLETON Sarah lodg u 65 house Help Bradford 57a
79 Carr's Row MARSHALL Joseph head m 64 Wool * Houseman Pudsey 57a
    MARSHALL Eliza wife m 65   Drighlington 57a
    PROCTER Ann neice w 45 Worsted Weaver Leeds 57a
    PROCTER James William neph u 19 Iron Works lab Pudsey 57a
    PROCTER Ernest neph u 18 Worsted R* Finisher Pudsey 57a
    PROCTER Sam neph u 16 Cabinet maker's App. Pudsey 57a
80 Carr's Row ELLIS Robert head m 35 farmer WAR Birmingham 57a
    ELLIS Ellen wife m 36   Pudsey 57a
    ELLIS James William son u 14 Cabinet maker's App. Pudsey 57a
    ELLIS John Henry son   12 Scholar Pudsey 57a
    ELLIS Alfred Payne son   11 Scholar Pudsey 57a
    ELLIS Laura dau   3 Scholar Pudsey 57a
    ELLIS Mary Hannah dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 57a
81 Carr's Row STEPHENSON Charles head m 44 Clerk & Salesman (Leather) Leeds 57a
    STEPHENSON Fanny wife m 42   Leeds 57a
    STEPHENSON Hannah dau u 15 Worsted Weaver Leeds 57a
    STEPHENSON Annie E dau   13 Scholar Leeds 57a
    STEPHENSON Charles son   11 Scholar Leeds 57a
    STEPHENSON Henry son   9 Scholar Leeds 57a
82 Prospect Place BATTERSBY Christopher head m 35 Railway warehouseman DUR Billingham 57a
    BATTERSBY Sarah Jane wife m 40   Ripon 57a
    SEATON Sarah Ann step dau u 20 Worsted Weaver DUR Yarm 57a
    SEATON Jane E step dau u 18 Worsted Weaver DUR Gorsepool 57a
    SEATON Eliza Alice step dau u 16 Worsted Weaver DUR Gorsepool 57a
    SEATON Selina step dau u 14 Worsted Weaver DUR Fighting Cocks 57a
    SEATON John step son   11 Scholar Newby 57a
    BATTERSBY Christopher son   8 Scholar Newby 57a
    BATTERSBY Mary Lenna dau   6 Scholar DUR Darlington 57b
    BATTERSBY Florence Annie dau   1   Pudsey 57b
    BATTERSBY William bro   30 farm serv. DUR Billingham 57b
83 Prospect Place COOPER Joseph head m 56 Coal Merchant Pudsey 57b
    COOPER Johnson son u 29 Drayman Pudsey 57b
    COOPER Annie dau u 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 57b
    COOPER Mary dau u 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 57b
    COOPER Hannah dau u 11 Scholar Pudsey 57b
84 Prospect Place DUFTON Henry J head m 37 Sack & Bag maker Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Eliza wife m 39   Staincross 57b
    DUFTON William Arthur son u 18 Carter Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Merinah dau u 16 Bag Maker Machinist Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Abraham son   14 Ripper bag making Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Harriet Ann dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Charles Henry son   12 Scholar Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Gilbert son   6 Scholar Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Edwin son   4 Scholar Pudsey 57b
    DUFTON Nelson son   2   Pudsey 57b
85 Prospect Place COATS Thomas head m 65 Coal Miner Middlesmoor 57b
    COATS Hannah wife m 64   Gt Horton 57b
    COATS Joseph bro w 70 ret Coal Miner Wensleydale 57b
86 Prospect Place LEE Jonathan head m 46 Ag Lab Collingham 57b
    LEE Mary wife m 42   Tadcaster 57b
    LEE Robert A son   11 Scholar Collingham 57b
    LEE Charles son   6 Scholar Collingham 57b
    LEE Jenny dau   2   Long Lee 57b
87 Prim. Meth. Chapel house WARSOP John head m 73 Chapel keeper LIN Twinshead 57b
    WARSOP Sarah wife m 68   LIN Pinchbeck 57b
88 Brick Row HUTCHINSON Benjamin head wr 63 Woolen Weaver Oulton 58a
    HUTCHINSON Wentworth son m 38 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 58a
    HUTCHINSON Harriet d in l m 37 Worsted Weaver Headingley 58a
    HUTCHINSON Hannah Gdau   14 Dom Serv Pudsey 58a
    HUTCHINSON Lilly Gdau   11 Scholar Pudsey 58a
89 Brick Row BRIARS Robert head m 48 Coal Miner LAN St Helens 58a
    BRIARS Jane Eliz wife m 44 Sack & Bag Darner LAN St Helens 58a
    BRIARS Elizabeth dau u 17 Worsted Weaver LAN St Helens 58a
    BRIARS Margaret dau   11 Worsted Spinner LAN St Helens 58a
90 Roker Lane MORTIMER Merritt head m 49 Coke Burner Farnley 58a
    MORTIMER Lizetta wife m 47 Worsted D*r Holmfirth 58a
91 Roker Lane CRAVEN John head m 23 Waggoner Pudsey 58a
    CRAVEN Sarah Ann wife m 23   Stanningley 58a
    CRAVEN Joseph son   2   Pudsey 58a
92 Roker Lane CRAMPTON Ann head u 48 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 58a
    CRAMPTON Sarah sis u 40 House Work Pudsey 58a
    CRAMPTON Emily sis u 35 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 58a
93 Roker Lane SPENCER Thomas head u 60 farmer Pudsey 58a
94 Roker Lane SPENCER Matthew head m 69 farmer Pudsey 58a
    SPENCER Elizabeth wife m 69   Wyke 58a
    SPENCER Emma dau u 40 Burler Pudsey 58a
95 Roker Lane SPENCER John head m 42 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 58a
    SPENCER Mary wife m 48 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 58a
    SPENCER Joseph son u 19 joiner's app. Pudsey 58a
    SPENCER Sarah dau u 16 Dressmaker's App. Pudsey 58a
96 Roker Lane CHAPMAN William head m 23 Coal Miner Pudsey 58a
    CHAPMAN Elizabeth wife m 21   Stanningley 58a
    CHAPMAN Mary Ann dau   2   Pudsey 58a
97 Roker Lane HARPER John F head m 43 Market gardener Stanningley 58a
    HARPER Ann wife m 42   Stanningley 58a
    HARPER Mary Ann dau u 18 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 58a
    HARPER Jane dau   16 Worsted Weaver Stanningley 58b
    HARPER Thomas son   11 Scholar Stanningley 58b
    HARPER George son   8 Scholar Stanningley 58b
    HARPER Martha dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 58b
98 Roker Lane HARPER Joseph head m 25 Gardener Stanningley 58b
    HARPER Maria wife m 23   Batley 58b
    HARPER Florence dau   1   Pudsey 58b
    HARPER Samuel son   4m   Pudsey 58b
99 Roker Lane BRUCE James head m 42 Coal Agent Leeds 58b
    BRUCE Emma wife m 45   Leeds 58b
    BRUCE Edith dau u 15 housemaid Leeds 58b
100 Roker Lane BRAY Joseph head m 41 Hide Flesher? Pudsey 58b
    BRAY Martha Ann wife m 44   Pudsey 58b
    BRAY William son u 20 leather warehouse man Pudsey 58b
    BRAY Adam son   14 Spinner's Doffer Pudsey 58b
    BRAY Tom son   11 Scholar Pudsey 58b
    BRAY John son   8 Scholar Pudsey 58b
101 Horse & Trumpet HAWKSWORTH Charles head m 53 Innkeeper Sheffield 58b
    HAWKSWORTH Ann wife m 54   Sheffield 58b
    HAWKSWORTH Sarah dau u 16   Holbeck 58b
    HAWKSWORTH James fath w 80 Living on own means Thir*land 58b
    JACKSON John Thomas lodg u 17 Painter York 58b
    SHELDON Emma lodg   13 Millhand Sheffield 58b
102 Roker Lane LANGLEY Thomas head m 58 Woolen Weaver Farnley 58b
    LANGLEY Jane wife m 56   Scholes 58b
    LANGLEY Benjamin son u 24 Shoemaker clicker Pudsey 58b
    LANGLEY Taylor son u 18 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 58b
    LANGLEY Bessie dau u 10 Scholar Pudsey 58b
103 Roker Lane STEPHENSON Thomas head m 55 Cowkeeper Pudsey 59a
    STEPHENSON John bro s 51 farmer's man Pudsey 59a
    STEPHENSON Ellen sis s 47   Pudsey 59a
    BEST George neph s 20 milk Hawker Raistrick 59a
104 Roker Lane CROWTHER Thomas head m 56 Ret Farmer Pudsey 59a
    CROWTHER Grace wife m 58   Pudsey 59a
    CROWTHER Benjamin son   16 Scholar Pudsey 59a
    MIDGLEY Firth s in l m 24 Yeast I*rter Pudsey 59a
    MIDGLEY Mary dau m 22 Serv Pudsey 59a
    BUCKLEY Mable adopt   4 Scholar London 59a
105 Roker Lane LANGLEY Dyson head m 29 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 59a
    LANGLEY Mary wife m 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 59a
    LANGLEY Florry dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 59a
    LANGLEY Grace dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 59a
106 Roker Lane PETTY Jonas Boland head m 28 Stoker Iron works Pudsey 59a
    PETTY Julia wife m 29   IRL Queen's Co. 59a
    PETTY Ruth dau   1   Bowling 59a
107 Roker Lane BINNS Henry head m 33 Coal Miner Wibsey 59a
    BINNS Sarah wife m 31   Pudsey 59a
    BINNS Joshua William son   12 Coal Hurrier Pudsey 59a
    BINNS Robert son   10 Millhand Pudsey 59a
    BINNS John son   9 Scholar Pudsey 59a
    BINNS Mary Ann dau   3 Scholar Pudsey 59a
    BINNS Albert son   2   Pudsey 59a
108 Roker Lane HALEY Firbin head m 51 farmer Buttershaw 59a
    HALEY Rachel wife m 52   Pudsey 59a
    HALEY Ada dau u 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 59a
    HALEY George son u 14 Scholar Pudsey 59a
109 Roker Lane PLATTS Samuel head m 57 * Gomersal 59a
    PLATTS Sarah wife m 60   Gomersal 59a
    PLATTS William son u 33 woolen spinner Gomersal 59a
    PLATTS Mary dau u 17   Pudsey 59b
110 Roker Lane MARSTON Elizabeth head u 40 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 59b
    MARSTON Arthur son u 20 Woolen waste sorter Pudsey 59b
111 Roker Lane GLOVER William head m 27 Confectioner Pudsey 59b
    GLOVER Jane wife m 22   Pudsey 59b
    GLOVER Mary Hannah dau   1m   Pudsey 59b
112 Roker Lane STIRK Robert head m 50 Farmer Clifford 59b
    CARTER Ellen serv w 38 housekeeper BEF Luton 59b
113 Roker Lane BROWN Robert head m 60 Coke Burner SFK Woodbridge 59b
    BROWN Ann wife m 58   Bradford 59b
    BROWN Mary dau u 22 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 59b
    BROWN Carrie dau u 19 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 59b
    BROWN Albert son u 15 Coke Burner Pudsey 59b
114 Roker Lane THORNTON Edwin head u 56 Coal Leader Pudsey 59b
115 Roker Lane TOWNEND James head m 57 farm Lab South *dley 59b
    TOWNEND Sarah wife m 50   Bramley? 59b
    TOWNEND Samuel son u 21 Iron Worker Pudsey 59b
    TOWNEND Ann Ely dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 59b
116 Roker Lane WOOD Joseph head m 58 Cloth Tenterer Pudsey 59b
    WOOD Sarah Jane wife m 52   Bradford 59b
117 Roker Lane EMSLEY Alfred head m 46 woolen spinner Pudsey 59b
    EMSLEY Ada wife m 48   Pudsey 59b
    EMSLEY Charles William son u 20 woolen spinner Pudsey 59b
    EMSLEY Samuel son u 16 Woolen piecer Pudsey 59b
    EMSLEY Arthur son u 14 Worsted Twister Pudsey 59b
118 Roker Lane INGHAM James head m 43 Gen Lab Farnley 59b
    INGHAM Harriet wife m 45   Farnley 59b
    INGHAM Charles son u 17 Basket Maker's App Farnley 59b
    INGHAM Sarah Emily dau u 15 Worsted Weaver Farnley 59b
    INGHAM Mary Louisa dau   13 Scholar Farnley 59b
    INGHAM Sam son   9 Scholar Farnley 60a
119 Roker Lane HUTCHINSON Joseph head u 67 Retired Halton 60a
120 Roker Lane CUSHIN William head m 52 farmer's man Colton 60a
    CUSHIN Maria wife m 54   Paul? 60a
    CUSHIN Thomas son u 24 Coal Miner Keyingham? 60a
    CUSHIN Charles son u 17 Cart driver Pudsey 60a
121 Roker Lane WATSON Samuel head m 21 Overlooker Worsted Pudsey 60a
    WATSON Margaret wife m 21   Stockton 60a
    WATSON James William son   3m   Pudsey 60a
122 Roker Lane MOSS Hannah head w 74 Living on own means Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Thomas son u 45 Cattle dealer Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Hannah dau u 43 housemaid Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Mary dau u 39 dressmaker Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Frances dau u 37 Poultry Maid Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Emma dau u 35 Dairy Maid Pudsey 60a
123 Roker Lane MOSS William head m 47 Cattle dealer Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Hannah wife m 40   Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Freddy son u 15 Millhand Pudsey 60a
    MOSS James son   14 Scholar Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Rose dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 60a
    MOSS Simeon son   3 Scholar Pudsey 60a
124 Roker Lane CRAWSHAW Thomas head m 48 Cloth Presser Mirfield 60a
    CRAWSHAW Phyllis wife m 49   Holmfirth 60a
    CRAWSHAW Clara dau u 17 PLW Weaver Emley 60a
    CRAWSHAW Florrie dau   12 Scholar Guiseley 60a
125 East House GALLOWAY Francis H head m 42 Cloth Manuf. Greengates 60a
    GALLOWAY Mary wife m 42   Greengates 60a
    GALLOWAY Henrietta dau u 16 Scholar Greengates 60a
    GALLOWAY George Ed son u 15 Scholar Greengates 60a
    GALLOWAY Annie Elizabeth dau   13 Scholar Greengates 60a
    GALLOWAY Alice dau   12 Scholar Greengates 60b
    GALLOWAY Henry son   5   Greengates 60b
    GALLOWAY Frederick Bro u 48 Manager woolen Mill Greengates 60b
    ROBINSON Sarah Ann serv u 23 Dom Serv Methley 60b
126 Roker Lane ARMISON William head m 57 Farmer NTT Worksop 60b
    ARMISON Hannah wife m 57 (deaf) Sampton? 60b
    ARMISON Margaret dau u 23   Old Malton 60b
    ARMISON George R son u 28 Millhand Old Malton 60b
    ARMISON William son u 22   Old Malton 60b
    ARMISON Hannah dau u 20 Woolen Weaver Old Malton 60b
127 Roker Lane AMBLER Alfred head m 54 farmer Bradford Moor 60b
    AMBLER Hannah wife m 60   Bradford Moor 60b
    AMBLER Elizabeth dau u 34 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 60b
    AMBLER Eve dau u 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 60b
    AMBLER Arthur son u 23 Kitchen Range Fitter Pudsey 60b
128 Roker Lane BATEMAN Joseph head m 65 Coal Miner Shelf 60b
    BATEMAN Hannah wife m 55   Allerton 60b
129 Roker Lane LUPTON Betty head w 64   Pudsey 60b
    LUPTON Elizabeth Ann dau u 42 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 60b
    LUPTON Edith dau u 28 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 60b
    LUPTON Ruth dau u 16 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 60b
130 Roker Lane HYDE Joseph head m 29 Cloth finisher Leeds 60b
    HYDE Jane Ann wife m 29   Leeds 60b
    HYDE Martha Eliz dau   6 Scholar Leeds 60b
    HYDE John William son   4   Leeds 60b
    HYDE Harry son   4m   Leeds 60b
131 Roker Lane HAINSWORTH Benjamin head m 46 Iron Worker Pudsey 60b
    HAINSWORTH Emily wife m 40   Bradford 60b
    HAINSWORTH Hannah E dau u 17 Stuff weaver Bradford 60b
    HAINSWORTH James Michael son   13 Woolen Millhand Pudsey 60b
    HAINSWORTH Clara dau u 15 Stuff weaver Pudsey 60c
    HAINSWORTH Alfred son   7 Scholar Pudsey 60c
    HAINSWORTH Jane dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 60c
    HAINSWORTH Lilly dau   5   Pudsey 60c
    HAINSWORTH Albert son   2   Pudsey 60c
132 Roker Lane WRIGHT Joseph head m 36 Cloth finisher Leeds 60c
    WRIGHT Maggie wife m 34   IRL D*land 60c
    WRIGHT Robert son   9 Scholar Leeds 60c
133 Roker Lane MANNERS Robert head m 65 Pedler Farnley 60c
    MANNERS Hannah wife m 59   Farnley 60c
    MANNERS Mary dau u 30 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 60c
    MANNERS Harry son u 21 Basket Maker Pudsey 60c
134 Roker Lane CAWTHREY Henry head m 29 T* Setter Leeds 60c
    CAWTHREY Emily wife m 29   Leeds 60c
    CAWTHREY James H son   4 Scholar Leeds 60c
    CAWTHREY Lillian dau   1   Leeds 60c
    STEPHENSON Ann visit u 16 Cloth Weaver Leeds 60c
    MANN Ethel visit u 18 Cloth Weaver Leeds 60c
135 Roker Lane PICKLES Isaac head w 60 Gardener Kirkheaton 60c
136 Roker Lane MITCHELL Timothy head m 54 Woolen Overlooker Eccleshill 60c
    MITCHELL Sarah Ann wife m 53   Guiseley 60c
    MITCHELL Ann dau u 21 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 60c
    MITCHELL Clara dau u 14 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 60c
137 Roker Lane CROSSLEY William H head m 39 Foreman Dyer Brighouse 60c
    CROSSLEY Frederica Rebecca wife m 38   Bergen Norway 60c
    CROSSLEY Henry Stansfield son u 14 Stationer's App. B* BS 60c
    CROSSLEY Eva Adelaide dau   8 Scholar Wakefield 60c
    CROSSLEY James William son   5 Scholar LEI Ayeston? 60c
138 Roker Lane HORN John head m 70 Cloth Fuller Guiseley 60c
    HORN Ann wife m 72   Calverley 60c
139 Wood Grove House HENDSON William head m 62 Butcher Bradford 60d
    HENDSON Sarah wife m 54   Marton? 60d
    HENDSON Alfred son u 28 Cabinet Maker Bradford 60d
    HENDSON Walter son u 20 Butcher Bradford 60d
    HENDSON Mary Beatrice dau u 19   Bradford 60d
    HENDSON Joseph Edgar son u 19 Farmer Bradford 60d
    HENDSON Arthur son u 17 milk Hawker Bradford 60d
    HENDSON William Gson   8   SCT Bridge of Weir 60d
    HENDSON John Gson   6   SCT Bridge of Weir 60d
140 Roker Lane CROWTHER Hannah head w 59? Living on own means Horsforth 60d
    CROWTHER Sarah F E dau u 25   Pudsey 60d
141 Troughton's Row STANCLIFFE Joseph Henry head m 48 Ch* Hawker Pudsey 60d
    STANCLIFFE Maria wife m 49   Pudsey 60d
    STANCLIFFE John son   12 Scholar Pudsey 60d