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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED18



Piece RG12/3657, Enumeration District 18, Folios 116a - 124b, Enumerator William B Burdett

Beginning at the south side of Smalewell Road from Bradley's Houses and including the whole southern part of Greenbottom with Brick Row, Brick Works, West Road Hill, Windmill Hill, Jumbles Well, Smalewell, The Banks and Tyersal Lane to where the railway crosses it.


1 Tyersall Hall Samuel FAULKNER head m 58 Railway Excavator CAM Whittlesea 116a
    Lydia FAULKNER wife m 47   BED Welton 116a
    Samuel FAULKNER son s 17 Railway Excavator DBY Norton Woodseats 116a
    William FAULKNER son s 15 Railway Excavator CAM Whittlesea 116a
    Hannah FAULKNER dau s 6   WAR Birmingham 116a
    George REEDMAN lodg s 22 Railway Excavator LIN Tedcoat 116a
    Samuel BROWN lodg s 19 Railway Excavator GLS Bedminster 116a
    William GRAY lodg s 40 Railway Excavator LIN Kimbolton 116a
    Henry GREEN lodg s 24 Railway Excavator SSX Heathfield 116a
2 Tyersall Hall William MITCHELL head m 55 Farmer & Milk Dealer Cross Road 116a
    Mary Ann MITCHELL wife m 50   Haworth 116a
    Fred MITCHELL son s 29 Farm Labourer Haworth 116a
    Ann MITCHELL dau s 24 Silk Satin Weaver Haworth 116a
    Martha Emma MITCHELL dau s 19 Silk Satin Weaver Haworth 116a
    Nathan MITCHELL son s 16 Milk Boy Damems, Keighley 116a
    Willie MITCHELL son s 13 Scholar Damems, Keighley 116a
    Mary Hannah MITCHELL dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 116a
    Ethel MITCHELL dau s 5 Scholar Pudsey 116a
3 Tyersall Hall John Thomas LAST head m 45 Solicitor SFK Thurston 116a
    Mary Ann LAST wife m 46   SFK Barton Mills 116a
    Richard LAST son s 13 Scholar Bradford 116a
    John LAST son s 12 Scholar Manningham 116a
    Emma LAST dau s 11 Scholar Manningham 116a
    Jessie M LAST dau s 8   Manningham 116a
    Caroline LAST dau s 3   Shipley 116a
    Mary Ann JOWSON gv'ness s 23 School Governess Thirsk 116a
    Dinah MCALL serv s 23 Domestic serv LAN Liverpool 116a
    Oswald BETTS visitor s 6 Scholar Manningham 116a
4 Tyersall Old Hall Frank ILLINGWORTH head m 21 Farmer Bradford 116a
    Amy ILLINGWORTH wife m 29   SAL Kinnersley 116a
    George HEBDEN f in l W 76 Living on Own Means Holgate nr York 116a
    George HEBDEN b-in-l s 35 Stuff Warehouse Clerk SAL Kinnersley 116b
    Benjamin COOPER serv s 25 Domestic serv SAL Newport 116b
5 Tyersall Old Hall Annie BUTTERFIELD head s 38 Living on Own Means Bradford 116b
    Elizabeth BUTTERFIELD sis s 33 Living on Own Means Bradford 116b
6 86 Smalewell Road Robert WALTON head m 60 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 116b
    Betty WALTON wife m 57 Worsted Weaver Calverley 116b
7 84 Smalewell Road George ENGLAND head m 41 Quarry CartMan Selby 116b
    Sarah Ann ENGLAND wife m 40   Pudsey 116b
    Hannah ENGLAND dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 116b
    William ENGLAND son s 14 Worsted Card Lacer Pudsey 116b
    Mary ENGLAND dau s 10   Pudsey 116b
    George ENGLAND son s 6   Pudsey 116b
    Florence ENGLAND dau s 1m   Pudsey 116b
9 82 Smalewell Road Will GARSIDE head m 60 Wool MillHand Holmfirth 116b
    Mary GARSIDE wife m 52 Woolen Weaver Leeds 116b
    Harry GARSIDE son s 34 Wool MillHand Batley ? 116b
    Ada GARSIDE dau s 23 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 116b
    Edith GARSIDE dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 116b
    Frances GARSIDE dau s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 116b
    Arthur FOWLER lodg s 20 Collier Ossett 116b
10 141 Smalewell Road William CLARKSON head m 50 Stone Quarry Foreman [out of work] Pudsey 116b
    Martha CLARKSON wife m 51   Saxon 116b
    Frederick William CLARKSON son s 28 Engine Man Pudsey 116b
    Ann HAINSWORTH dau m 26 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 117a
    Joseph HAINSWORTH s in l m 26 Plush & Velvet Cutter Bradford 117a
11 137 Smalewell Road Hannah TURNPENNY head w 37 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 117a
    James TURNPENNY son s 16 Wool Mule Piecer Pudsey 117a
    Grace TURNPENNY dau s 12 Wool Mule Piecer Pudsey 117a
    Freddie TURNPENNY son s 10 Scholar Pudsey 117a
12 135 Smalewell Road Edward HINCHLIFFE head m 51 Wool Warp Dresser Pudsey 117a
    Lucy Ann HINCHLIFFE wife m 50   Pudsey 117a
    Hannah M HINCHLIFFE dau s 24 Wool Warp Winder Pudsey 117a
    Clara HINCHLIFFE dau s 21   Pudsey 117a
    Herbert HINCHLIFFE son s 9   Pudsey 117a
    Sophia HINCHLIFFE dau s 7   Pudsey 117a
13 133 Smalewell Road William WILSON head m 40 Whlsle Wool Flock Mfgr Pudsey 117a
    Frances WILSON wife m 44   Pudsey 117a
    Harold WILSON son s 14 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 117a
    Emily WILSON dau s 11 Scholar Pudsey 117a
14 131 Smalewell Road John HINCHLIFFE head m 64 Commission Coal Agent Pudsey 117a
    Hannah HINCHLIFFE wife m 44 ShopKeeper Bradford 117a
15 129 Smalewell Road Wilson BATEMAN head s 31 Woolen Waste Dealer Pudsey 117a
    Jonas BATEMAN bro s 48 Woolen Waste Dealer Pudsey 117a
16 ? Smalewell Road Josiah JERVIS head m 38 Railway Excavator LAN Kirkham 117a
16   Irvine JERVIS wife m 30   DUR South Shields 117a
    Rhoda JERVIS dau s 12 Scholar NBL Newcastle on Tyne 117a
    Isabella JERVIS dau s 10 Scholar DUR Walsingham 117a
    Henry JOHNSON lodg s 24 Railway Excavator NBL North Shield 117a
    Thomas WHITE lodg s 40 Railway Excavator GLS 117a
    Thomas GRAHAM lodg s 32 Railway Excavator Halifax 117a
17 * Smalewell Road Richard GAUNT head m 60 Farmer Pudsey 117a
    Phoebe GAUNT wife m 58   Pudsey 117b
    Sarah GAUNT dau s 33   Pudsey 117b
    Elizabeth Ann GOMERSALL dau m 30 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 117b
    Ellen GAUNT dau s 21 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 117b
    Rose GAUNT dau s 19 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 117b
    John Richard GOMERSALL gson s 9 Scholar Pudsey 117b
    Horace GOMERSALL gson s 7 Scholar Pudsey 117b
18 119 Smalewell Road George PUDGE head m 53 Railway Plate WorkMan WOR Bromsgrove 117b
    Caroline PUDGE wife m 55   STS 117b
    Fred PARSONS lodg m 32 Railway Plate WorkMan WOR Bromsgrove 117b
    Harriet PARSONS lodg m 22   STS 117b
    Fred PARSONS lodg s 21m   DBY Padley Wood 117b
    Rose PARSONS lodg s 1wk   Pudsey 117b
    William TAYLOR lodg s 19 Railway Plate WorkMan DEV 117b
    George HILTON lodg s 49 Railway Plate WorkMan LAN 117b
    James MORGAN lodg s 18 Railway Plate WorkMan SAL 117b
    Thomas MORGAN lodg s 60 Railway Plate WorkMan SAL 117b
    Alfred OSFIELD lodg s 19 Railway Plate WorkMan LAN Manchester 117b
19 121 Smalewell Road William WARD head m 66 Living on Own Means Bramley 117b
    Sarah WARD wife m 66 Living on Own Means Pudsey 117b
    Jane WARD dau s 40   Pudsey 117b
20 123 Smalewell Road Harriet LOBLEY head s 63 Living on Own Means Pudsey 117b
    Frances TURNER sis w 61 Living on Own Means Pudsey 117b
    Frances NAYLOR niece s 22 Dressmaker Pudsey 117b
    Harriet NAYLOR niece s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 117b
    Martha HUDSON niece s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 117b
21 127 Smalewell Road Abraham ACKROYD head W 52 Waste Dealer Pudsey 117b
22 129 Smalewell Road Edwin BENNETT head m 36 Stone Dresser Pudsey 117b
    Elizabeth Ann BENNETT wife m 36   Pudsey 117b
    Sarah Emma BENNETT dau s 13   Pudsey 117b
    Hannah BENNETT dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 118a
    Martha BENNETT dau s 1m   Pudsey 118a
23 113 Smalewell Road John Edward JONES head m 24 Farmer's Son Calverley 118a
    Marie JONES wife m 24   Bradford 118a
24 113a Smalewell Road Elizabeth WILSON head W 54 Wool Burler Apperley Bridge 118a
    Sarah Ann WILSON dau s 26 Wool MillHand Apperley Bridge 118a
    John Wm WILSON son s 19 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 118a
25 112 Smalewell Road James BINKS head s 33 Living on Own Means Pudsey 118a
    Rebecca GAUNT sis w 70   Pudsey 118a
26 111 Smalewell Road George JOHNSON head m 32 Scribbler Overlooker [Woolen Mill] Pudsey 118a
    Louisa JOHNSON wife m 32   Birstall 118a
    William Henry JOHNSON son s 3   Pudsey 118a
    Horace JOHNSON son s 2   Pudsey 118a
    Sarah Louisa JOHNSON dau s 1m   Pudsey 118a
27 69 Smalewell Road Sarah GALLOWAY head w 54 Wool Hand Loom Weaver Pudsey 118a
    Martha GALLOWAY dau s 31 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 118a
28 70 Smalewell Road John William GREAVES head m 31 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 118a
    Maria GREAVES wife m 27   Pudsey 118a
    Sarah Elizabeth GREAVES dau s 4   Pudsey 118a
29 ?? Smalewell Road Benjamin JONES head m 64 Milk Cow Helper Morley, Leeds 118a
    Charlotte JONES wife m 63   Morley 118a
    Alfred JONES son s 37 Loom Tuner Pudsey 118a
    Esther JONES dau s 35 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 118a
    Mary Elizabeth JONES dau s 29 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 118a
30 64 Smalewell Road John ILLINGWORTH head W 72 Living on Own Means Pudsey 118a
31 66 Smalewell Road John THOMPSON head m 23 Joiner SCT 118a
    Kate Alice THOMPSON wife m 21   SAL Bridgenorth 118a
    Arthur THOMPSON son s 1   Driffield 118a
    George Henry THOMPSON son s 6m   Pudsey 118a
32 72 Smalewell Road Alice TORDOFF head w 57 Wholesale Rag Dealer Pudsey 118a
    Annie TORDOFF dau s 28 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 118a
    George TORDOFF son s 23 Rag Sorter Pudsey 118b
    Willie TORDOFF son s 20 HairDresser Pudsey 118b
    Lily TORDOFF dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 118b
33 60 Smalewell Road Rowland THIRKILL head m 25 Inn Keeper Bradford 118b
  "Fox and Grapes" Harriet THIRKILL wife m 24   Bradford 118b
    Mary Emma RADCLIFFE serv s 30 General serv Cleckheaton 118b
34 58 Smalewell Road Hannah CROMACK head w 73 Living on Own Means Rodley 118b
    Rebecca BRAY dau m 46 Cloth Power Weaver Pudsey 118b
35 56 Smalewell Road Samuel WARD head m 44 Painter's Labourer Farsley 118b
    Mary Ann WARD wife m 39   Pudsey 118b
    Harriet Ann WARD dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 118b
    Annie WARD dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 118b
    J Wm WARD son s 12 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 118b
    Carrie WARD dau s 9 Scholar Pudsey 118b
    James Arthur WARD son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 118b
    Clare WARD dau s 5   Pudsey 118b
    Harriet DREWERY m in l w 72 [blind] Leeds 118b
36 * Elizabeth CLARKSON head w 67 Carpet Rug Maker Pudsey 118b
    George SHAW lodg s 41 Mason Barnsley 118b
    William COWEL lodg s 40 Engine Fitter LAN Fleetwood 118b
    Fred SMITH lodg s 32 BrickLayer Tankersley 118b
37 * George CASSWELL head m 43 Railway Excavator MON 118b
    Eliza CASSWELL wife m 35   STS Belston 118b
    Margaret CASSWELL dau s 17   STS Belston 118b
    Richard CASSWELL son s 15 Railway Excavator STS Belston 118b
    Will? CASSWELL son s 13 Railway Excavator SAL Oswestry 118b
    Gertrude CASSWELL dau s 6   CHS Rock Ferry 118b
    William CASSWELL son s 4   CHS Birkenhead 118b
    Robert CASSWELL son s 2   SCT Greenock 118b
    Margaret WILLIAMS m in l w 64   SAL Oswestry 118b
    Richard WOODHOUSE lodg s 50 Mason STS West Bromwich 118b
    John HALL lodg s 21 Railway Excavator SSX Maxfield 119a
    Robert CARR lodg s 48 Railway Excavator NTT Nottingham 119a
38 50 Smalewell Road John BURROW lodg s 38 Railway Excavator LEI Westbourne 119a
    Alfred JACKSON head m 27 HairDresser's ass. Pudsey 119a
    Frances JACKSON wife m 26   Pudsey 119a
39 4? Smalewell Road Grace WARD head s 46 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 119a
    Margaret WARD dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 119a
    Grace Ann WARD dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 119a
    Betsy WARD dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 119a
    Charles WARD son s 12 Worsted Weaver's Asst Pudsey 119a
    Sarah WARD dau s 10   Pudsey 119a
40 101 Samelwell Terr John ARMITAGE head m 51 Wool Cloth Manufacturer Pudsey 119a
    Sarah ARMITAGE wife m 51   Holbeck, Leeds 119a
41 103 Smalewell Terr Charles MYERS head m 31 Woolen Fettler Bradford 119a
    Amelia MYERS wife m 30 Wool MillHand Pudsey 119a
42 105 Smalewell Terr Samuel HINCHLIFFE head m 57 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 119a
    Emma HINCHLIFFE dau s 28 Wool MillHand Pudsey 119a
    Edwin HINCHLIFFE son s 21 Woolen Fettler Pudsey 119a
43 107 Smalewell Terr Thomas PALETHORPE head m 45 Railway Plate Labourer NTT Nottingham 119a
    Ellen PALETHORPE wife m 45   LAN Liverpool 119a
    John DOUGHTY stepson s 18 Wool Dyer's Labourer LAN Manchester 119a
    Emma DOUGHTY stepdau s 16 Wool Cloth Weaver Lofthouse nr Wakefield 119a
    John WILLIAMS lodg W 42 Railway Plate Labourer DBY Brampton 119a
    J S ? WILLIAMS lodg m 26 Worsted Twister & Loomer Bradford 119a
44 109 Smalewell Terr Samuel HINCHLIFFE head m 59 Woolen Clothier Pudsey 119a
    Elizabeth HINCHLIFFE wife m 64   Rodley, Calverley 119a
45 111 Smalewell Terr Ben MITCHELL head m 43   Pudsey 119a
    Emma MITCHELL wife m 43 PlateLayer Pudsey 119a
    Ernest MITCHELL son s 18 MillHand - Mule Piecer Pudsey 119a
    Mary MITCHELL dau s 11 MillHand - Spinner Pudsey 119a
    Alice MITCHELL dau s 5   Pudsey 119a
46 113 Smalewell Terr Mary Ann TAYLOR head w 50 Grocer Bramley 119b
    John Wm TAYLOR son s 28 Shoemaker Pudsey 119b
    Thomas Hy TAYLOR son s 22 Wool Warp Dresser Pudsey 119b
    Samuel TAYLOR son s 21 Shoemaker Pudsey 119b
    Annie TAYLOR dau s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 119b
    Matilda TAYLOR dau s 17 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 119b
47 3 West Royd Hill Alfred JOWETT head m 26 Postal Letter Carrier Pudsey 119b
    Sarah E JOWETT wife m 26   Pudsey 119b
    James Wm JOWETT son s 2   Pudsey 119b
    Harry JOWETT bro s 20 Shoemaker Calverley 119b
48 4 West Royd Hill Alfred SUNDERLAND head m 34 Mason's Waller Pudsey 119b
    Martha SUNDERLAND wife m 34 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 119b
49 5 West Royd Hill Joshua SHOESMITH head m 57 Blanket Maker Pudsey 119b
    Hannah SHOESMITH wife m 59 Retired Dressmaker Halifax 119b
    Sarah Ann SHOESMITH dau s 28 Elementary School Teacher Pudsey 119b
50 6 & 7 West Royd Hill Harriet RAYNER head m 41   Pudsey 119b
    Joseph FARRER bro s 28 Boot Finisher Pudsey 119b
    Albert FARRER bro s 24 Boot Salesman Pudsey 119b
    William FARRER bro s 20 Stationer Pudsey 119b
    Clara FARRER sis s 18 Dressmaker Pudsey 119b
    Fountain MYERS board s 50 Green Grocer Pudsey 119b
51 8 West Royd Hill Samuel BEAUMONT head m 63 Living on Own Means Pudsey 119b
    Hannah BEAUMONT wife m 63   Pudsey 119b
    William BEAUMONT son s 33 Wool Dresser Pudsey 119b
    Albert BEAUMONT son s 18 Master Mechanic Pudsey 119b
    Rose Ann BEAUMONT dau s 16 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 119b
    Harold BEAUMONT son s 9   Pudsey 119b
    Arthur BEAUMONT son s 4   Pudsey 119b
52 9 West Royd Hill Joseph WADSWORTH head m 24 Tunnel Miner DUR Penshaw ? 119b
    Sarah Ann WADSWORTH wife m 23   ? 119b
    Ann Elizabeth WADSWORTH dau s 3m   Pudsey 119b
    John PRESTON board s 58 Plate Excavator LEI Leicester 120a
53 10 West Royd Hill Mary Ann STENNETT head w 50 Living on Own Means Holbeck, Leeds 120a
    Kezia STENNETT dau s 15 Cashmere Tenterer Holbeck, Leeds 120a
    Frances E WHITLEY dau m 21   Holbeck, Leeds 120a
    Samuel WHITLEY s in l m 23 Wool Steam Warper Tapper Guiseley 120a
54 11 West Royd Hill William THOMPSON head m 54 Plate Tunnel Miner LON 120a
    Elizabeth THOMPSON wife m 54   DUR Stockton 120a
    Sarah THOMPSON dau s 22 Cotton Spinner Keighley 120a
    Hannah THOMPSON dau s 19 Cotton Spinner Keighley 120a
    William THOMPSON son s 15 Plate Railway Boy Keighley 120a
    Joseph THOMPSON son s 2m   Pudsey 120a
    Herbert DAVIES board s 15 Plate Railway Boy Bradford 120a
    John BUCKLEY board s 39 Plate Tunnel Miner STS Stafford 120a
55 12 West Royd Hill Joseph COOMBES head m 35 Plate Tunnel Miner SOM Willow Bath 120a
    Mary COOMBES wife m 41   LAN Liverpool 120a
    Mary GREEN stepdau s 16 Cotton Spinner Settle 120a
    Edward GREEN stepson s 11 Scholar Queensbury 120a
56 13 West Royd Hill Annie DENTON head s 29 Worsted Weaver Bradford 120a
    Blanche DENTON dau s 7 Scholar Pudsey 120a
    Mary Ellen SYKES board m 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 120a
57 14 West Royd Hill William JACKSON head m 47 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 120a
    Elizabeth JACKSON wife m 48   Pudsey 120a
    John JACKSON son s 23 Blanket Warehouseman Pudsey 120a
    Annie JACKSON dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 120a
58 15 West Royd Hill Joshua RAYNER head m 39 Iron Fitter Stanningley 120a
    mary RAYNER wife m 43   Pudsey 120a
    Eva RAYNER dau s 11   Farsley 120a
    Willie RAYNER son s 9   Pudsey 120a
59 16 West Royd Hill David MYERS head m 64 Farmer Pudsey 120a
    Eliza MYERS wife m 63   Pudsey 120a
    Arthur MYERS son s 30 Wool Warp Dresser Pudsey 120a
    Matthew Henry MYERS son s 22 Wool Warp Dresser Pudsey 120b
    William Henry MYERS neph s 19 Wool Cloth Tenterer Pudsey 120b
60 17 West Royd Hill Mary MYERS head w 40 Baker Pudsey 120b
    Jesse MYERS son s 18 Worsted Twister Pudsey 120b
    Cooper MYERS son s 15 Woolen Mule Piecer Pudsey 120b
    Arthur MYERS son s 11 Worsted Bobbin Layer Pudsey 120b
    Bertha BROADBENT visitor s 11 Scholar Pudsey 120b
61 18 West Royd Hill Benjamin MYERS head m 37 Woolen Warp Dresser Pudsey 120b
    Nancy MYERS wife m 37   Pudsey 120b
    Eliza Ann MYERS dau s 15 Cotton Spinner Pudsey 120b
    Florence Annie MYERS dau s 7   Pudsey 120b
62 19 West Royd Hill David MYERS head m 29 Wool Cloth Presser Pudsey 120b
    Mary Ann MYERS wife m 27 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 120b
63 20 West Royd Hill Hannah PEARSON head w 74 Living on Own Means Bradford 120b
    Mary PEARSON dau s 47 Living on Own Means Bradford 120b
64 21 West Royd Hill Andrew BEST head m 60 Living on Own Means Farnley, Leeds 120b
    Emma BEST wife m 58 Living on Own Means Leeds 120b
65 97 Windmill Hill James COX head m 53 Retail Fruit Dealer WOR Kidderminster 120b
    Eliza COX wife m 46   MDX Hounslow 120b
    Emma Alice COX dau s 20 Worsted Spinner & Drawer Leeds 120b
    James Henry COX son s 18 Printer Compositor Leeds 120b
    Mary Ann COX dau s 16 Worsted Spinner & Drawer Leeds 120b
    William COX son s 15 Worsted Jobber Leeds 120b
    Louisa COX dau s 13 Worsted Jobber Leeds 120b
    Clara COX dau s 11 Scholar Leeds 120b
    Edith COX dau s 6   Leeds 120b
    Alfred COX son s 5   Leeds 120b
    Herbert COX son s 23m   Leeds 120b
66 98 Windmill Hill John WALKER head W 72 Living on Own Means NBL Newcastle on Tyne 120b
57 99a Windmill Hill Mary CROMACK head s 46 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 120b
    Emma ASPINALL sis m 42 Domestic Housekeeper Pudsey 120b
68 95 Windmill Hill Simeon HINCHLIFFE head m 24 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 121a
    Mary Ann HINCHLIFFE wife m 27   Pudsey 121a
    Nora HINCHLIFFE dau s 2   Pudsey 121a
69 97 Windmill Hill Smith READ head m 26 House Painter & Decorator Bingley 121a
    Mary Ellen READ wife m 30   Pudsey 121a
    Fred READ son s 4   Saltaire 121a
    Sydney READ son s 2   Saltaire 121a
    Norman READ son s 8m   Pudsey 121a
    Mary BECKWITH board w 72   Gildersome 121a
    Maud GRIERSON visitor s 9   Saltaire 121a
70 90 Windmill Hill Jeremiah WOOD head m 63 [Invalid] Pudsey 121a
    Sarah WOOD wife m 57 Wool Cloth Burler Pudsey 121a
71 17 Windmill Hill William WOOD head m 41 Stone Miner * 121a
    Mary Jane WOOD wife m 29   Hemsworth 121a
    Harriet WOOD dau s 12 Scholar Wortley 121a
    Joseph RICHARDSON lodg s 32 Plate Railway Labourer Halifax 121a
72 16 Windmill Hill Matthew COOPER head m 35 Coal Miner Bradford 121a
    Ann COOPER wife m 28 Wool Cloth Weaver Bradford 121a
    John ROSS b-in-l m 24 Labourer Bradford 121a
    Joseph SUGDEN board m 42 Labourer Pudsey 121a
73 15 Windmill Hill Albert MYERS head m 33 Farmer's Son Pudsey 121a
    Hannah MYERS wife m 42   Pudsey 121a
74 14 Windmill Hill William Henry WARD head m 32 Twister & Warp Dresser Pudsey 121a
    Sarah Ann WARD wife m 34 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 121a
    John WARD fath W 71 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 121a
75 13 Windmill Hill William EMSLEY head m 63 Cloth Merchant Pudsey 121a
    Ellen EMSLEY wife m 54   Pudsey 121a
    Martha BRAITHWAITE dau m 30 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 121a
    Sylvester BRAITHWAITE s in l m 28 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 121a
76 12 Windmill Hill Benjamin THREAPLETON head m 21 Woolen Cloth Gigger Pudsey 121a
    Elizabeth THREAPLETON wife m 21   Calverley 121a
77 11 Windmill Hill William Elsworth ARMITAGE head m 30 Wool Mule Spinner Pudsey 121b
    Lily ARMITAGE wife m 28   Pudsey 121b
    Susan ILLINGWORTH board s 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 121b
    Priscilla ILLINGWORTH board s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 121b
78 8 Windmill Hill George GAUNT head m 36 Woolen Warehouseman Pudsey 121b
    Hannah GAUNT wife m 31   Pudsey 121b
    Irwin GAUNT son s 5   Pudsey 121b
    Matthew Henry GAUNT son s 3   Pudsey 121b
    Margaret GAUNT dau s 1   Pudsey 121b
79 9 Windmill Hill Sarah HAINSWORTH head s 62 Cloth Burler Pudsey 121b
    Elizabeth HAINSWORTH sis s 44 Living on Own Means Pudsey 121b
    Phoebe FARRER sis m 58 Sick Nurse Pudsey 121b
    Rebecca FARRER niece s 33 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 121b
80 10 Windmill Hill Matthew GAUNT head m 63 Farmer Pudsey 121b
    Margaret GAUNT wife m 61   Pudsey 121b
    Mawson GAUNT son s 30 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Pudsey 121b
    Charles E GAUNT son s 28 Farmer's Son Pudsey 121b
81 7 Windmill Hill Benjamin DEAN head m 52 Leather Dealer Pudsey 121b
    Martha DEAN wife m 49   Bradford 121b
    Ben DEAN son s 23 Leather Dealer's Asst Pudsey 121b
    Jane DEAN dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 121b
    Florence DEAN dau s 12 Scholar Pudsey 121b
82 6 Windmill Hill Joseph SCOTT head m 40 Living on Own Means Pudsey 121b
    Mary SCOTT wife m 41   Pudsey 121b
    Martha Ann SCOTT dau s 6   Pudsey 121b
    George SCOTT son s 4   Pudsey 121b
    Martha RILEY m in l w 65 Living on Own Means Tong 121b
83 5 Windmill Hill Fanny HILLMAN head W 34 Lodging Housekeeper STS Old Hill 121b
    William George HILLMAN son s 15 ? Railway Shunter STS Waterfal Lane 121b
    Albert HILLMAN son s 13 Wool Mill Operative WOR Ayleshowen 121b
    Abadiah HILLMAN son s 5   LAN Liverpool 121b
    Esther HILLMAN dau s 3   LAN Liverpool 122b
    Benes HILLMAN son s 8m   Pudsey 122b
    Caroline MANGER moth w 56 Sick Nurse HEF Webley 122b
    Robert POWELL board s 30 Plate Railway Excavator BRK Lichener 122b
84 4 Windmill Hill J SHARMAN head m 30 [arm amputee] LEI Leicester 122b
    Sarah Ann SHARMAN wife m 30   SCT Glasgow 122b
    James William ? SHARMAN son s 8   CHS Birkenhead 122b
    Florrie SHARMAN dau s 6   CHS Birkenhead 122b
    Sarah Ann SHARMAN dau s 4   CHS Birkenhead 122b
    John F SHARMAN son s 2   Pudsey 122b
    William LOWE f in l W 65 Tunnel Miner BRK Reading 122b
    Nicholas KIRBY lodg s 29 Tunnel Miner DEV Plymouth 122b
    William LOWE lodg s 24 Tunnel Miner GLS Winterburn 122b
    George GREEN lodg s 24 Tunnel Miner YKS ..? 122b
    Fred GREEN lodg s 24 Tunnel Miner YKS ..? 122b
    Percy LEWIS lodg s 31 Tunnel Miner STS Burstam 122b
    James FOX lodg s 44 Tunnel Miner DBY Chapel en le Frith 122b
85 3 Windmill Hill Henry JOHNSON head m 25 Ballast Train Guard SCT 122b
    Annie JOHNSON wife m 24   SOM Wells 122b
    Albert JOHNSON son s 4   Huddersfield 122b
    David JOHNSON son s 2   Huddersfield 122b
    Henry JOHNSON son s 7m   LAN Cadishead ? 122b
    Walter JOHNSON bro s 18 Coal Miner's Labourer Hull 122b
    William HALLIWELL board s 21 Mining Foreman LAN Stalybridge 122b
    George EARBY board s 19 Carpenter's Labourer LIN * 122b
86 2 Windmill Hill Jane WOOD head w 72 Living on Own Means Pudsey 122b
87 1 Windmill Hill Samuel WATERHOUSE head m 34 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 122b
    Thameson WATERHOUSE wife m 58   Rawdon 122b
    Richard WATERHOUSE son s 26 Stone Quarry Miner Pudsey 122b
    Martha GALLOWAY dau m 24 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 122b
    Emily GALLOWAY gdau s 3   Pudsey 122b
    Joseph GREAVES s in l m 30 Church Sexton Pudsey 123a
    Annie GREAVES dau m 29 Wool Cloth Weaver Pudsey 123a
    Wilks GREAVES gson s 5   Pudsey 123a
    Sam GREAVES gson s 4   Pudsey 123a
    Willie GREAVES gson s 3   Pudsey 123a
88 Green Lane Huddersfield George ARMITAGE head m 63 Living on Own Means Pudsey 123a
    Elizabeth ARMITAGE wife m 48   Pudsey 123a
    Benjamin ARMITAGE son s 20 Living on Own Means Pudsey 123a
    George ARMITAGE son s 18 Law Articled Clerk Pudsey 123a
    Eveline Mary ARMITAGE dau s 15 Scholar Pudsey 123a
    Catherine ARMITAGE dau s 14 Scholar Pudsey 123a
    Constance ARMITAGE dau s 13 Scholar Pudsey 123a
    Ann BRAITHWAITE serv s 71 House Maid Farsley 123a
    Margaret BRISKHAM serv s 26 General serv York 123a
89 * Green Lane Fred COATES head m 52 Wool Weaver YKS R* 123a
    Jane COATES wife m 49   YKS R* 123a
    Harry COATES son s 27 Boiler Rivetter YKS R* 123a
    Mary E COATES dau s 20 Worsted Weaver YKS R* 123a
    Martha COATES dau s 18 Worsted Drawer YKS R* 123a
    Thomas COATES son s 16 Worsted Twister YKS R* 123a
    Samuel COATES son s 12 Worsted Bobbin Pegger YKS R* 123a
    Matthew COATES son s 9 Scholar YKS R* 123a
    Beatrice COATES dau s 6 Scholar YKS R* 123a
90 40 Green Lane Joseph WARD head m 37 Fish Monger Farsley 123a
    Mary WARD wife m 38   Pudsey 123a
    Annie Eliza WARD dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 123a
    Samuel WARD son s 11 Worsted Bobbin Pegger Pudsey 123a
    Harry WARD son s 9 Scholar Pudsey 123a
    Isaac WARD son s 7 Scholar Pudsey 123a
    Mary Ann WARD dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 123a
    Freddie WARD son s 3   Pudsey 123a
    Amy WARD dau s 1   Pudsey 123b
91 39 Green Lane Joseph BRAY head s 50 Plate Railway Labourer Pudsey 123b
92 36 Smalewell Road John GAUNT head W 69 Cart Man Pudsey 123b
    Elizabeth GAUNT sis s 71 Domestic Housekeeper Pudsey 123b
    George GAUNT bro s 50 Woolen Mill Filler Pudsey 123b
    Joshua GAUNT son s 39   Pudsey 123b
    Bessie GAUNT dau s 34 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    John William GAUNT gson s 16 Wool Mule Piecer Pudsey 123b
    Freddy GAUNT gson s 9 Scholar Pudsey 123b
93 34 Smalewell Road Fred ARMITAGE head m 60 Wool Dyer Pudsey 123b
    Harriet ARMITAGE wife m 58   Pudsey 123b
    Martha A BROUGHTON dau m 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    James Henry BROUGHTON s in l m 29 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 123b
    John Richard ARMITAGE son s 19 Wool Mule Piecer Pudsey 123b
    Hannah ARMITAGE dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    ? BROUGHTON gson s 3m   Pudsey 123b
94 32 Smalewell Road John LAWSON head m 43 Plate Railway Labourer Pudsey 123b
    Esther LAWSON wife m 50   Pudsey 123b
    Herbert LAWSON son s 14 Woolen MillHand Pudsey 123b
    Ruth Ann LAWSON dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 123b
95 35 Green Lane William GAUNT ? head W 67 Spin. Mill Jobber ? Pudsey 123b
96 39 Green Lane Charles MELLER head m 55 Woolen Weaver Dewsbury 123b
    Martha MELLER wife m 48 Worted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    Hannah E MELLER dau s 18 Worted Weaver Pudsey 123b
    George MELLER son s 6 Scholar Pudsey 123b
    Charles MELLER son s 5 Scholar Pudsey 123b
    Mary JACKSON m in l w 71 Domestic Housekeeper Pudsey 123b
97 26 Green Lane Mary WARD head w 65 Living on Own Means Pudsey 123b
    Joseph Ward BOYD gson s 11   Pudsey 123b
98 24 Smalewell Road James SUTCLIFFE head m 62 Stone Quarryman Farsley 124a
    Hannah SUTCLIFFE wife m 57   Pudsey 124a
    Stephen SUTCLIFFE son W 33 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 124a
    Nancy SUTCLIFFE dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 124a
    Amelia SUTCLIFFE dau s 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 124a
    Harry SUTCLIFFE son s 8   Pudsey 124a
99 20 Smalewell Road Benjamin LUMBY head m 45 ? Warehouseman Pudsey 124a
    Hannah LUMBY wife m 50   Pudsey 124a
    Walter LUMBY son s 22 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 124a
    Fred LUMBY son s 20 Boot & Shoe Finisher Pudsey 124a
    Hannah LUMBY dau s 14 Worsted Factory Girl Pudsey 124a
    Phoebe LUMBY dau s 13 Domestic Pudsey 124a
    Eva LUMBY dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 124a
100 22 Smalewell Road John William BROADBENT head m 29 Woolen Spinner Bramley 124a
    Alice BROADBENT wife m 29   Pudsey 124a
    James BROADBENT son s 3   Pudsey 124a
101 18 Smalewell Road Thomas HARGREAVES head m 43 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 124a
    Sarah HARGREAVES wife m 47   Pudsey 124a
    Ethel Ann HARGREAVES niece s ?   Pudsey 124a
102 16 Smalewell Road John S BOYD head m 29 Elementary School Master Hull 124a
    Frances BOYD wife m 29   Pudsey 124a
    Simeon BOYD son s 10   Pudsey 124a
    William BOYD son s 2   Pudsey 124a
103 14 Smalewell Road Joseph SOWDEN head m 39 Stone Mason Bradford 124a
    Susannah SOWDEN wife m 39   Bradford 124a
    thomas SOWDEN son s 18 Stone Mason Bradford 124a
    Fanny SOWDEN dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Bradford 124a
104 12 Smalewell Road Samuel COOPER head m 34 Wool Warp Dresser Pudsey 124a
    Mary Ellen COOPER wife m 33   Burley Woodhead 124a
    Freddie COOPER son s 12 Wool Waste Sorter Pudsey 124a
    Annie COOPER dau s 10 Scholar Pudsey 124a
    Sarah COOPER dau s 6 Scholar Pudsey 124b
    Edith COOPER dau s 4   Pudsey 124b
105 10 Smalewell Road Thomas WADE head m 60 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 124b
    Mary WADE wife m 59   Heckmondwike 124b
    Rose Emma WADE dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 124b
    John WADE son s 13   Pudsey 124b
106 8 & 6 Smalewell Road W MARTEN head m 46 Tunnel Miner CON Falmouth 124b
    E MARTEN wife m 48   DEV Bampton 124b
107 Tyersal Railway Cottages Benjamin EDEN head m 32 Plate Railway Excavator WIL Dunning 124b
    Mary Ann EDEN wife m 31   SOM Haslebury Plucknet 124b
    Sarah Ann EDEN dau s 12   SSX Horsham 124b
    Edith EDEN dau s 10   SSX Newick 124b
    Benjamin EDEN son s 3   GLA Eastbrook 124b
    Louisa EDEN dau s 2   LAN Hollins Green 124b
    John MARSH lodg s 28 Plate Railway Excavator Sanford Bridge 124b
    Joseph SMITH lodg s 37 Plate Railway Excavator OXF Astor 124b
    George ATHINS lodg s 53 Plate Railway Excavator CAM Thorney 124b
    Willam STIRST lodg s 30 Plate Railway Excavator NBL 124b
    George TAYLOR lodg s 33 Plate Railway Excavator NTT Nottingham 124b
108 Tyersal Railway Cottages William HULL head m 61 Excavator Foreman LEI Barrow upon Soar 124b
    Mary HULL wife m 60?   LEI Knighton / Knipton ? 124b
    Sarah Jane HULL dau s 28 Domestic serv BDF Bedford 124b
    Samuel HULL son s 23 Plate Railway Excavator SRY Lower Norwood 124b
    Charles HULL son s 17 Plate Railway Excavator WES Appleby 124b