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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED3



Piece RG12/3656, Enumeration District 3, Folios 32a - 43b, Enumerator William Spencer

Consisting of the South Part of Uppermoor beginning at the Marsh Inn on one side and Merritt's House on the other both sides also Occupation Lane with Houses at the opposite the Lane, The Queen Beerhouse, James Banks, John Jones new house, four Villa residences at Tofts, Hylands Houses, the whole of Chapletown, both sides Riders row, part of School Street ending with Inghams Houses on one side and Brayshaws Houses on the other, Grove House, Grove Villa with the whole of Grove Road ending with William Cromack on one side and Isaac Bean on the other side of Chapletown.


1 Parsonage Fold BEAN Isaac Head m 39 Oat Bread Baker Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Hannah wife m 37   Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Mary dau s 17 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Florence dau   15 Woolen Cloth Weaver Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Frances dau   12 Oat Bread Baker Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Joseph son   10   Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Benjamin son   5   Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Eliza dau   4   Pudsey 32a
    BEAN Hannah dau   2   Pudsey 32a
2 Parsonage Fold BENN William Head m 45 Unemployed Leeds 32a
    BENN Mary wife m 44 Worsted Weaver LAN Bolton 32a
3 Parsonage Fold HARTLEY Charles A Head m 27 Boot Rivetter Leeds 32a
    HARTLEY Mary Hannah wife m 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32a
    HARTLEY Sarah A dau   7   Pudsey 32a
    HARTLEY Edward son   5   Pudsey 32a
    FAWBERT Sarah m in l w 60 Greengrocer Bradford 32a
4 Parsonage Fold SUGDEN Thomas Head m 29 Boot Rivetter Bramley 32a
    SUGDEN Mary A wife m 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32a
    SUGDEN Maude L dau   2   Pudsey 32a
5 Parsonage Fold ROSS John Head m 49 Living on own means Pudsey 32a
    ROSS Mary A wife m 43   Pudsey 32a
    ROSS Francis M dau   5   Pudsey 32a
6 Parsonage Fold LAMB Joseph Head m 43 Farm Labourer Stainburn 32a
    LAMB Martha wife m 43   Lindley 32a
    LAMB Mary H dau s 22   Farsley 32a
    LAMB George son s 21 Stone Mason Farsley 32b
    LAMB Maria dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32b
    LAMB Lavinia dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Stainburn 32b
    DAWSON Joseph lodg m 28 Stone Mason Pudsey 32b
7 Parsonage Fold BIRCH Richard Head m 64 Gardener Shadwell 32b
    BIRCH Hannah wife m 61   Tadcaster 32b
    BIRCH Sarah dau s 34 Worsted Weaver Leeds 32b
    BIRCH Annis dau s 28 Worsted Weaver Wakefield 32b
    BIRCH Harry son s 18 Iron Moulder Wakefield 32b
    JESSOP Maria dau w 33 Worsted Weaver Wakefield 32b
    JESSOP Thomas R gson   5 Scholar Pudsey 32b
    JESSOP Ethel gdau   2   Pudsey 32b
8 Parsonage Fold TURTON Watson Head m 30 Salesman stuff manuf. Bradford 32b
    TURTON Clara wife m 31   Pudsey 32b
    TURTON John W son   4   Pudsey 32b
9 Parsonage Fold BURROWS James Head m 32 Engine Fitter & Erector CHS Crewe 32b
    BURROWS Elizabeth A wife m 32   Leeds 32b
    BURROWS Florence dau   4 Scholar Hunslet 32b
10 Parsonage Fold ILLINGWORTH Alice Head w 59 On own means Pudsey 32b
    ILLINGWORTH Joshua son m 23 Boot Finisher Pudsey 32b
    ILLINGWORTH Hannah d in l m 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 32b
    ILLINGWORTH Alice gdau   1   Pudsey 32b
11 Parsonage Fold LISTER Samuel Head m 43 Fish Salesman Pudsey 32b
    LISTER Elizabeth wife m 43   Pudsey 32b
    LISTER Mary dau s 20 Cloth Mender Pudsey 32b
    LISTER Annie dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 32b
    LISTER Fred son   5 Scholar Shipley 32b
12 Parsonage Fold BENTLEY Henry Head m 52 Boot Clicker Pudsey 32b
    BENTLEY Elizabeth wife m 54   Pudsey 32b
    BENTLEY Samuel son s 24 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 32b
    BENTLEY Charley E son s 19 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 32b
13 Grove Road GAUNT John Head m 44 Mason's Labourer Pudsey 33a
    GAUNT Harriet wife m 43   Pudsey 33a
    GAUNT Harriet E dau s 16 Spinner Pudsey 33a
    GAUNT Arthur son   13   Pudsey 33a
    GAUNT Elizabeth A dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 33a
14 Grove Road YOUNG Sarah Ann Head w 42 Mason's Labourer LAN N*ton * W* 33a
    YOUNG Elizabeth dau   17   Bradford 33a
    YOUNG John son   16 worsted spinner Pudsey 33a
    YOUNG Mary H dau   13 worsted spinner Pudsey 33a
15 Grove Road HAYWORTH James Head wr 78 On own means Armley 33a
16 Grove Road HART Martha Head w 70 On own means Pudsey 33a
17 Grove Road WARDMAN James Head m 49 Coachman Hampsthwaite 33a
    WARDMAN Maria A wife m 41   Osgodby 33a
    WARDMAN Mary A dau s 18   Germany Saxony 33a
    WARDMAN Robert son   15 Boot upper cutter Germany Saxony 33a
    WARDMAN Emma dau   14 Dressmaker Germany Saxony 33a
    WARDMAN Herman son   13 printer Germany Saxony 33a
    WARDMAN Zilpha dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 33a
    HUTTON Stephen lodg s 24 Boot upper cutter Pudsey 33a
18 Grove Terr. WHITEHEAD George C Head wr 66 Boot Rivetter Knaresborough 33a
    WHITEHEAD Selina dau s 20 Boot factory machinist Pudsey 33a
19 Grove Terr. DURHAM Joseph Head m 36 Boot rivitter Foreman Pudsey 33a
    DURHAM Lavinia wife m 38   Pudsey 33a
    DURHAM Esther dau s 14 Boot Upper ass. Bramley 33a
    DURHAM Annie dau   12 Scholar Bramley 33a
    DURHAM Arthur son   10 Scholar Pudsey 33a
    DURHAM John E son   7 Scholar Pudsey 33a
    DURHAM Harry A dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 33a
    DURHAM Joseph son   2   Pudsey 33a
20 Grove Terr. MURGATROYD Myers Head m 36 Stone Merchant Idle 33b
    MURGATROYD Mary wife m 38   Idle 33b
    MURGATROYD Edith F dau   6 Scholar Idle 33b
    MURGATROYD Arthur E son   3   Pudsey 33b
21 Grove Terr. SPENCER Hannah E Head s 53 woolen warper Pudsey 33b
    SPENCER Sarah L sister s 43 boot machinist Pudsey 33b
22 Grove Terr. RAYNER William H Head m 37 joiner Horsforth 33b
    RAYNER Lydia wife m 38   Pudsey 33b
    RAYNER George son   14 shoemaker's errand boy Pudsey 33b
    RAYNER James son   11 Scholar Pudsey 33b
    RAYNER Joseph W son   8 Scholar Pudsey 33b
23 Grove Terr. CROFT William Head m 61 On own means Leeds 33b
    CROFT Caroline wife m 66   Leeds 33b
24 Grove Terr. STEVENSON Edwin Head m 31 Boot Clicker Rotherham 33b
    STEVENSON Emily wife m 31   SFK Bury St Edmunds 33b
    STEVENSON Ethel dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 33b
    BARBER P J board m 32 visitor SFK Bury St Edmunds 33b
    BARBER Hildegard board   6 Scholar Leeds 33b
    BARBER Cecil board   3   Leeds 33b
    BARBER Christopher H board   1   Leeds 33b
25 Grove Terr. FARRER John E Head m 30 Boot Finisher Pudsey 33b
    FARRER Laura wife m 30   Pudsey 33b
    FARRER Alice dau   1   Pudsey 33b
26 Grove Terr. COATES John W Head m 29 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 33b
    COATES Sarah A wife m 30   Pudsey 33b
    COATES Clifford son   5 Scholar Pudsey 33b
    COATES Arthur W son   11m   Pudsey 33b
27 Grove Terr. JONES Henry Head m 39 teamster Pudsey 33b
    JONES Sarah wife m 40 Worsted Weaver Gomersal 33b
28 Grove House SCALES William Dibb Head m 73 retired boot manuf. Leeds 34a
    ROBINSON Jane   m 54 housekeeper Broomhill 34a
    WILLIAMS Elizabeth serv s 30 Gen Serv Middlesborough 34a
    MUSCROFT? Mabel serv s 19 Gen Serv Healaugh 34a
29 New Street RANKIN George Head m 58 Grocer Pudsey 34a
    RANKIN Ellena wife m 58   Pudsey 34a
    RANKIN Willie son s 24 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 34a
    RANKIN Albert son s 22 Butcher Pudsey 34a
30 New Street HARE Albert Head m 41 foreman sole cutter Pudsey 34a
    HARE Mary wife m 40   Pudsey 34a
    HARE Ethel dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 34a
    HARE Martha J dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 34a
31 New Street STRICKLAND Joseph Head m 37 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 34a
    STRICKLAND Hannah wife m 31   Pudsey 34a
    CHILD Hannah board s 61 On own means Pudsey 34a
32 Riders Row CARTWRIGHT John Head m 37 Foreman Excavator LIN *ington 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Emma wife m 38   DBY C*n 34a
    CARTWRIGHT William son s 19 Blacksmith's Lab. DBY C*n 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Albert son s 17 Locomotive fireman DBY C*n 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Jane dau   14   DBY C*n 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Osmond son   13 Railway lab. DBY Norton 34a
    CARTWRIGHT George son   11 Scholar DBY Chesterfield 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Tom son   9 Scholar LIN Dunston 34a
    CARTWRIGHT John son   7 Scholar Rishworth 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Emma dau   2   Rishworth 34a
    CARTWRIGHT Sam son   6m   Pudsey 34a
33 Riders Row LONGFIELD William Head s 27 Gen. Lab. Pudsey 34a
    LONGFIELD Ann sister s 21 fitter in shoe factory Pudsey 34a
    LONGFIELD Charles bro s 14   Pudsey 34a
34 Riders Row NELLIST Ralph Head m 40 Gen. Lab. Flixton 34b
    NELLIST Elizabeth wife m 33   Filey 34b
    NELLIST Thomas son   12 Scholar Hull 34b
    NELLIST Mary J dau   5 Scholar Filey 34b
    NELLIST Charles Wrightson son   4m   Pudsey 34b
    SHAW William neph   15 Gen. Lab. M*ston 34b
35 Riders Row SPAVIEN Robert Head m 30 Ag. Lab. Driffield 34b
    SPAVIEN Sarah wife m 31   North Burton 34b
    NESFIELD William son   6 Scholar Driffield 34b
    SPAVIEN Hannah dau   5 Scholar Driffield 34b
    SPAVIEN Thomas son   2   Driffield 34b
    SPAVIEN Robert son   2   Driffield 34b
36 Riders Row FAWBERT Sarah Head s 77   Driffield 34b
37 Riders Row RAWLINSON Muff Quarmby Head m 36 Mason's lab. Pudsey 34b
    RAWLINSON Mary wife m 41   Pudsey 34b
    CARTER Herbert step son s 16   Pudsey 34b
    RAWLINSON Joseph Quarmby son   9   Pudsey 34b
    RAWLINSON Mary A dau   4   Pudsey 34b
    RAWLINSON Fanny dau   2   Pudsey 34b
38 Riders Row ROBERTS Ellen Head w 50 Charwoman Wales Monmouth 34b
39 Riders Row EVANS David Head m 29 excavator WIL 34b
    EVANS Emily wife m 25   MDX London 34b
    EVANS Hiram son   3   Dunford Bridge 34b
    EVANS Mary A dau   8m   Ramsden 34b
40 Riders Row COCKERHAM Thomas Head m 50 Brick burner Bramley 34b
    COCKERHAM Mary E wife m 37   Bramley 34b
    JOHNSON Minnie illeg.   9 Scholar Bramley 34b
    COCKERHAM Herbert W son   11m   Bramley 34b
41 Riders Row VERITY John Head m 35 millhand Pudsey 34b
    VERITY Emma wife m 33 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 34b
    VERITY William son   12 Scholar Pudsey 34b
    VERITY Lavinia dau   8 Scholar Skipton 35a
42 Riders Row SUTCLIFFE Lemuel Head m 25 Hose? Maker Pudsey 35a
    SUTCLIFFE Emma J wife m 24 Worsted Weaver Bradford 35a
43 Riders Row SCARTH Mary Head w 66   Pudsey 35a
    SCARTH Joseph son s 28 Woolen weaver Pudsey 35a
    WALKER Charles B bro s 23 Painter Pudsey 35a
44 School St RAISTRICK Edward B Head m 32 Boot Clicker Canada 35a
    RAISTRICK Sarah J wife m 35 Milliner Pudsey 35a
    RAISTRICK John Wm son   6 Scholar Pudsey 35a
    RAISTRICK Ann Elizabeth dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 35a
    RAISTRICK Ethel dau   9m   Pudsey 35a
45 School St HOLROYD Nancy Head w 50   Pudsey 35a
    HOLROYD Hannah dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Tong 35a
    HOLROYD Elizabeth dau s 22 Boot Machinist Tong 35a
46 School St SCARTH John William Head m 27 Plumber Pudsey 35a
    SCARTH Ann Elizabeth wife m 27   HRT Welwyn 35a
    SCARTH Clifford son   4   Pudsey 35a
    SCARTH Harrold son   3   Shipley 35a
    SCARTH Charles B son   8w   Pudsey 35a
47 School St EDMONDSON Isaac Head m 37 Leather Currier Leeds 35a
    EDMONDSON Rose wife m 36   Pudsey 35a
    EDMONDSON Samuel son   9 Scholar Pudsey 35a
    EDMONDSON George Glover son   7 Scholar Pudsey 35a
    EDMONDSON Rachel dau   2   Pudsey 35a
48 School St ROBINSON Arthur Head m 29 Worsted Manuf. Clerk Pudsey 35a
    ROBINSON Mary wife m 29   Pudsey 35a
    ROBINSON Herbert son   3   Pudsey 35a
49 School St LOBLEY Squire Head m 45 School Attendance officer Pudsey 35a
    LOBLEY Amy wife m 42   Pudsey 35a
    LOBLEY William H son s 20 Leather Currier Pudsey 35a
    LOBLEY John A son s 16 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 35a
51 School St LANGLEY Mathew Head w 62 Retired woolen Spinner Pudsey 35b
    LANGLEY Hannah M dau s 30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 35b
    LANGLEY Matthew H son m 28 elementary schoolmaster Pudsey 35b
    LANGLEY Betsy J d in l m 27   Bramley 35b
    TURNER Betty s in l s 72 retired warper Bramley 35b
52 School St MANN George E Head m 25 Leather Currier Natal Durban 35b
    MANN Annie wife m 25 ass. Schoolmistress Pudsey 35b
    MANN Paulina dau   2   Pudsey 35b
    MANN George son   8m   Pudsey 35b
53 School St PARKER Joseph C Head m 34 Watch & Clockmaker Pudsey 35b
    PARKER Clara L wife m 40   Sheffield 35b
    PARKER Annie niece s 15   Laisterdyke 35b
54 School St INGHAM Matthew Head m 57 asphalter Pudsey 35b
    INGHAM Mary wife m 59   Pudsey 35b
    INGHAM Sophia dau s 26 Woolen weaver Pudsey 35b
    INGHAM Helena dau s 20 Woolen weaver Pudsey 35b
55 School St MACDONALD Elizabeth Head w 42 Music Teacher SAL Iron Bridge 35b
    MACDONALD Lily H dau s 15 Pupil Teacher USA Kansas 35b
    MACDONALD Grace dau   11 Scholar Leeds 35b
    LISTER Elizabeth serv s 31 Gen. Dom. Serv. Rawdon 35b
56 School St DAWSON William Head m 34 Stone Mason Pudsey 35b
    DAWSON Clara A wife m 32 Woolen weaver Pudsey 35b
    DAWSON Frances Mary dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 35b
57 School St SUNDERLAND John William Head m 43 Bridge Erector Holbeck 35b
    SUNDERLAND Mary A wife m 43   North Bierley 35b
    SUNDERLAND Annie dau s 18   Pudsey 35b
    SUNDERLAND Charles son s 14 Scholar York 35b
58 School St MOORHOUSE Enoch Head m 37 Relieving officer LAN Padiham 35b
    MOORHOUSE Elizabeth wife m 36   LAN Barrowford 35b
    MOORHOUSE George son   6   LAN Padiham 36a
    MOORHOUSE Emily son   4m   Pudsey 36a
59 School St BRAYSHAW John Head m 53 Master Joiner Pudsey 36a
    BRAYSHAW Margaret wife m 55   Allerton 36a
    BRAYSHAW Willie son s 21 Joiner Pudsey 36a
    BRAYSHAW Jonathan son s 19 Mason's app Pudsey 36a
    BRAYSHAW Emily A dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 36a
    BRAYSHAW Rosemary dau s 15 Dressmaker Pudsey 36a
    BRAYSHAW John Abraham son   12 Scholar Pudsey 36a
60 School St RAMSDEN Mary Ann Head w 61   Pudsey 36a
    RAMSDEN Frances dau s 32 Dressmaker Pudsey 36a
    RAMSDEN Hannah dau s 27 Worsted Coating Weaver Pudsey 36a
    RAMSDEN Joseph B son s 23 worsted twister in Pudsey 36a
61 School St RICHARDSON George Head m 38 Assurance Agent NTT East Retford 36a
    RICHARDSON Maria S wife m 42   NTT Worksop 36a
    RICHARDSON Rosina Butt dau s 16 Dressmaker Pudsey 36a
    RICHARDSON Edith dau   14   Pudsey 36a
    RICHARDSON Frances Mary dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 36a
    RICHARDSON Emily dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 36a
62 School St MCLEAN Alexander Head m 30 Boot Upper Cutter Scotland Stirling 36a
    MCLEAN Ann wife m 34   Pudsey 36a
    BREARLY Peter bro s 16 Boot Upper Cutter Pudsey 36a
63 School St CLARKSON Ben Head m 41 coal merchant Pudsey 36a
    CLARKSON Sophia wife m 42   Pudsey 36a
    CLARKSON Lilly dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 36a
    CLARKSON Hetty dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 36a
64 School St SNOWDEN John Head m 35 retired publican Drighilngton 36a
    SNOWDEN Nanny E wife m 33   Clayton 36a
    SNOWDEN Percy son   12 Scholar Bradford 36a
    SNOWDEN Archie son   7 Scholar Bradford 36a
    SNOWDEN Arthur son   5   Bradford 36b
    SNOWDEN Sydney son   1   Bradford 36b
    SNOWDEN Ann m in l w 69 On own means Drighilngton 36b
65 School St WILSON John Head wr 49 Physician & surgeon SCT Edinbrough 36b
    WILSON Mary E H dau s 19 Pupil Teacher SCT *burn 36b
    WILSON John W B son s 18 ass. Teacher SCT *rremuir 36b
    WILSON Jeanie S R dau s 16   SCT *rremuir 36b
    WILSON Alexander D son s 15 Draper's app. SCT *rremuir 36b
    ANDERSON Agnes board s 38 housekeeper SCT Greenock 36b
66 School St RHODES William Head m 50 Engineer (unemp) Gomersal 36b
    RHODES Martha wife m 53   Pudsey 36b
    PETTY Julia A dau s 25   Morley 36b
    RHODES Walter son s 22 Mechanic Pudsey 36b
    RHODES William son s 15 Moulder's app. Pudsey 36b
    RHODES Ruth dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 36b
    RHODES Herbert son   10 Scholar Pudsey 36b
67 School St WEBSTER Emily Head s 36   Pudsey 36b
    WEBSTER Walter bro m 38 clothier Pudsey 36b
    WEBSTER Walter P neph   12 Scholar SFK Ipswich 36b
    WEBSTER John H neph   10 Scholar Holbeck 36b
    WEBSTER Sidney George neph   6 Scholar Holbeck 36b
    WEBSTER Norman C neph   3 Scholar Holbeck 36b
68 Chapeltown CROMACK William Head m 55 Builder & Contractor Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK Lydia wife m 56   Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK John son s 33 Stone Mason Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK George son s 23 Stone Mason Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK Bertha Ann dau s 22 Milliner Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK Annie E dau s 20 Dressmaker Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK William A son s 18 Mason/Builder Pudsey 36b
    CROMACK Arthur son   14 Mason/Builder Pudsey 36b
    SHEFFIELD William Arthur gdau   5 Scholar Pudsey 36b
69 Chapeltown MARSHALL John Head m 50 wool & Waste dealer Pudsey 37a
    MARSHALL Mary A wife m 53   Wortley 37a
    MARSHALL Thomas son s 25 wool & Waste dealer Pudsey 37a
70 Chapeltown HAINSWORTH Edith Head s 36 music & Elem. School teacher Pudsey 37a
    STRICKLAND Mary A board w 59 On own means Pudsey 37a
71 Chapeltown SHUTTLEWORTH Hodgson Head m 33 Painter & decorator Bradford 37a
    SHUTTLEWORTH Hannah wife m 34   Pudsey 37a
    SHUTTLEWORTH Sirenna dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 37a
    SHUTTLEWORTH Hannah dau   13 Scholar Pudsey 37a
    SHUTTLEWORTH Joseph John son   11 Scholar Pudsey 37a
    SHUTTLEWORTH Edith dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 37a
    SHUTTLEWORTH William son   4 Scholar Pudsey 37a
72 Chapeltown SUNDERLAND Benjamin Head wr 45 tailor & outfitter Pudsey 37a
    SUNDERLAND Luther son s 15 Clothier's app. Pudsey 37a
    SUNDERLAND Jane dau   14 Scholar Pudsey 37a
    SUNDERLAND Harold Hare son   11 Scholar Pudsey 37a
    SUNDERLAND Martha E cous   43 housekeeper Pudsey 37a
73 Chapeltown MARSDEN William Head wr 63 Photographic artist & Portrait painter Bradford 37a
    MARSDEN Henry R son s 22 Pork butcher Bradford 37a
    MARSDEN Clara dau s 18   Bradford 37a
    SQUIRES Mary Ann niece s 32 Dom serv Bradford 37a
74 Chapeltown ACKROYD Benjamin Head s 23 Dyer's lab. Pudsey 37a
    ACKROYD Esther A sister s 21   Pudsey 37a
75 Chapeltown HINCHLIFFE Elizabeth Head s 41   Holmfirth 37a
    HINCHLIFFE Emma sister s 29 Woolen weaver Holmfirth 37a
    HINCHLIFFE Ellen sister s 26 Woolen weaver Batley 37a
    WATERHOUSE Clara niece s 13 Woolen * Pudsey 37a
76 Chapeltown INGHAM George Head m 47 Drayman Farnley 37b
    INGHAM Martha wife m 49   Pudsey 37b
    INGHAM Annie E dau s 16 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 37b
    INGHAM Florence dau   13   Pudsey 37b
    INGHAM Hannah dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 37b
    INGHAM Rose dau   7 Scholar Pudsey 37b
    GAUNT Matthew board wr 62 Steward Conservative Club Pudsey 37b
77 Chapeltown ILLINGWORTH Thomas Head m 66 Grocer Pudsey 37b
    ILLINGWORTH Hannah wife m 59   Pudsey 37b
    ILLINGWORTH John J son s 40 warp dresser Pudsey 37b
    ILLINGWORTH Thomas H son s 32 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 37b
78 Chapeltown HUMBLE Thomas Head m 57 Grocer East Whiton 37b
    HUMBLE Harriet wife m 45   NTT Farnsfield 37b
    HUMBLE William son s 17 Pupil Teacher Middlesborough 37b
    HUMBLE Thomas H son   14 Scholar Middlesborough 37b
    HUMBLE Charles F son   12 Scholar Middlesborough 37b
    BLOAR Mary E niece   9 Scholar DBY Derby 37b
    TAYLOR Ada C serv   24 Gen Dom Serv HUN Alconbury? 37b
79 Chapeltown CLOUGH Esther Head w 54   Pudsey 37b
    ALLERTON Sarah A sister w 62 Dom serv Pudsey 37b
    CLOUGH J W son s 23 student Chr. Coll. Camb. Pudsey 37b
80 Chapeltown DRIVER Ellen Head w 36 confectioner Pudsey 37b
    DRIVER Howard son   10 Scholar DUR Sunderland 37b
    DRIVER David son   8 Scholar DUR Sunderland 37b
    DRIVER Sarah dau   7 Scholar Dewsbury 37b
    DRIVER Donald son   5 Scholar Dewsbury 37b
    ARMITAGE Hannah sister s 35 visitor Pudsey 37b
81 Chapeltown ROBINSON Hannah Head w 49   Pudsey 38a
    ROBINSON Harriet dau s 27 worsted in drawing Pudsey 38a
    ROBINSON Martha dau s 25 worsted in combing Pudsey 38a
    ROBINSON William son s 18 Bootmaker rivetter Stanningley 38a
    ROBINSON Beatrice dau s 17 worsted spinner Pudsey 38a
    ROBINSON Jim son   7 Scholar Pudsey 38a
82 Chapeltown GOLIGHTLY John Wm Head s 27 reg. chemist & druggist DUR Cassop cum Quarrington 38a
    GOLIGHTLY Jim sister s 34   DUR Durham 38a
    GOLIGHTLY Margaret E sister s 18 teacher's ass. DUR Durham 38a
83 Chapeltown BIRKS James Wm Head m 34 Hatter & Clothier Pudsey 38a
    BIRKS Caroline wife m 33   Pudsey 38a
    BIRKS Martha A dau s 11 Scholar Bradford 38a
84 Chapeltown PATCHETT Mary Head w 52 charwoman Leeds 38a
    PATCHETT Joseph son s 19 Filler woolen mill Pudsey 38a
    PATCHETT Jane A dau s 13 worsted spinner Pudsey 38a
    PATCHETT Benjamin son   9 Scholar LAN Salford 38a
    WOOD George board s 21 Filler woolen mill Leeds 38a
85 Chapeltown JOHNSON Squire Head m 43 joiner & cabinet maker Pudsey 38a
    JOHNSON Esther wife m 40   Pudsey 38a
    JOHNSON Mary L dau s 16 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 38a
    JOHNSON John G son   10 Scholar Pudsey 38a
    JOHNSON Ethel E dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 38a
    WEBSTER Mary board w 71 On own means Pudsey 38a
86 Chapeltown ASQUITH John Head m 50 Joiner Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Sarah A wife m 50   Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH James son s 16 Mill Deliverer Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Grace dau   12 Boot Lace maker Pudsey 38a
    ASQUITH Rider son   6 Scholar Pudsey 38a
87 Chapeltown SHUTTLEWORTH Harriett Head w 55 assist. In * shop George Street 38b
    SHUTTLEWORTH James son s 20 Painter & decorator Pudsey 38b
    SHUTTLEWORTH John W son   11 Scholar Pudsey 38b
88 Chapeltown TURNPENNY Charles H Head m 26 tinner Pudsey 38b
    TURNPENNY Caroline wife m 26   Stanningley 38b
    TURNPENNY Rose H dau   2   Pudsey 38b
    TURNPENNY Tom son   11m   Pudsey 38b
89 Chapeltown RAYNER Mary Head w 54 draper & Milliner Thornton 38b
    RAYNER Letitia wife s 24 Milliner shop ass. Pudsey 38b
    RAYNER Ethel dau s 15 Scholar Pudsey 38b
    INGHAM Sarah O serv s 29 Gen Dom Serv Thornton 38b
90 Chapeltown THOMPSON James Head m 58 Publican Richmond 38b
    THOMPSON Jane wife m 59   Dallowgill 38b
    THOMPSON Emma dau s 31 waitress Pudsey 38b
    THOMPSON Sarah J dau s 18 waitress Pudsey 38b
91 Chapeltown WEBSTER James Head m 48 wool & Waste dealer Pudsey 38b
    WEBSTER Nancy wife m 47   Pudsey 38b
    WEBSTER Emily dau s 23 dress & mantle maker Pudsey 38b
    WEBSTER Rosetta dau s 21 dress & mantle maker Pudsey 38b
    WEBSTER Sarah dau s 19 dress & mantle maker Pudsey 38b
    WEBSTER Charles son s 16 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 38b
    WEBSTER James son   12 Scholar Pudsey 38b
92 Chapeltown GILL Alfred Head m 37 Glass & China Dealer Pudsey 38b
    GILL Hannah wife m 36   Pudsey 38b
    GILL Thomas H son   11 Scholar Pudsey 38b
    GILL Herbert son   7 Scholar Pudsey 38b
    GILL Willie son   4 Scholar Pudsey 38b
    GILL Alice A dau   2   Pudsey 38b
93 Chapeltown BINKS James Head m 34 Butcher & Confectioner Pudsey 39a
    BINKS Elizabeth wife m 33 confectioner Pudsey 39a
    BINKS John E son   10 Scholar Pudsey 39a
    BINKS Herbert E son   6 Scholar Pudsey 39a
    BINKS Richard son   11m   Pudsey 39a
    SOWDEN Herbert board s 20 butcher's app. Gildersome 39a
    HALEY Ann m in l w 63 On own means Gildersome 39a
    ASQUITH Ann board s 20 Dom serv Gildersome 39a
94 Chapeltown NICHOLSON John Head m 44 Decorative painter NTT Newark 39a
    NICHOLSON Laura L wife m 44   GLS Bristol 39a
    NICHOLSON Laura M dau s 17 Pupil Teacher GLS Bristol 39a
95 Chapeltown BRAY Wm Sarah Head w 71   Pudsey 39a
    RAYNER Mathew board m 36 cloth fuller Pudsey 39a
    WEAR Luther board s 18 Mineral water manager Pudsey 39a
96 Chapeltown GAUNT Arthur Head m 34 Boot Shop Manager Pudsey 39a
    GAUNT Sarah A wife m 30   Stanningley 39a
    GAUNT Martha dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 39a
    GAUNT Luther son   4   Pudsey 39a
97 Chapeltown THORPE John Head m 39 Master Draper LAN Oswaldwhistle 39a
    THORPE Eliza wife m 30   LAN Manchester 39a
    THORPE Alice May dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 39a
    THORPE George Ernest son   3   Pudsey 39a
    ROBOTHAM Emma serv s 27 Gen Dom Serv STS Essington 39a
    THORPE Ellen sister s 25 On own means LAN Oswaldwhistle 39a
98 Chapeltown COATES Joseph Head m 65 Green grocer Pudsey 39a
    COATES Maria wife m 29   Pudsey 39a
99 Chapeltown EMSLEY John Head m 60 Bookseller & Stationer Pudsey 39a
    EMSLEY Mary A wife m 22   Haworth 39a
    EMSLEY Catherine G dau s 23 assist. Bookseller Pudsey 39a
    ROSENBAUM Rebecca gdau   4   Leeds 39a
100 Chapeltown LUMBY Richard Head m 50 Master Butcher Pudsey 39b
    LUMBY Ruth wife m 51   Pudsey 39b
    LUMBY William H son s 14 Ass. Butcher Pudsey 39b
101 Chapeltown WEBSTER John Head m 43 Plumber & Glazier Farnley 39b
    WEBSTER Nancy wife m 41   Pudsey 39b
    WEBSTER Leonard son s 20 Scholar Pudsey 39b
    WEBSTER Rachel dau   2   Pudsey 39b
102 Chapeltown SMITH James Head m 59 Blacksmith's * Thorner 39b
    SMITH Sophia wife m 52   Pateley Bridge 39b
    BROOK James board   10 Scholar Pudsey 39b
103 Chapeltown MORTON George Head m 50 fish merchant LIN East Halton 39b
    MORTON Emma L wife m 45   LIN Barmby 39b
    MORTON Lucy E dau s 22 Boot Machinist LIN Grimsby 39b
    LUMBY George board   9 Scholar Pudsey 39b
104 Chapeltown HATON Thomas Head m 42 joiner & Biulder Pudsey 39b
    HATON Sarah A wife m 45   Pudsey 39b
    HATON Francis dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 39b
    HATON Annis dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 39b
106 Chapeltown WALTON Joseph Head m 60 wool merchant Pudsey 39b
    WALTON Eliza wife m 60   Killinghall 39b
    MARSHALL David s in l m 23 Booking Clerk GNR LIN Louth 39b
    MARSHALL Elizabeth dau m 26   Pudsey 39b
    MARSHALL Minnie gdau s 10   LIN Lincoln 39b
107 Chapeltown CHANTRY George Head m 42 Tobacconist Goole 39b
    CHANTRY Ada M wife m 41   Goole 39b
    CHANTRY George son s 13 Scholar Goole 39b
    CHANTRY Ada E dau   10 Scholar Goole 39b
    CHANTRY Elsie Emily dau   8 Scholar Goole 39b
108 Chapeltown BEAUMONT William Head m 38 Butcher Pudsey 40a
    BEAUMONT Maria wife m 38   Pudsey 40a
    BEAUMONT Hannah E dau   10 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    BEAUMONT Clara Gertrude dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 40a
    BEAUMONT William son   6 Scholar Wortley 40a
109 Chapeltown BOYS Samuel Head wr 59 Grocer's Bookkeeper Pudsey 40a
    BOYS Sarah E dau s 28 Wholesale clothier's machinist Pudsey 40a
    BOYS Joseph son s 26 Contractor's time keeper Pudsey 40a
    BOYS Samuel son s 21 wholesale clothier's stock*er Pudsey 40a
110 Chapeltown PARKER Joseph Head m 76 Watch Maker Pudsey 40a
    PARKER Elizabeth wife m 50   Pudsey 40a
    PARKER Kate gdau s 17   Leeds 40a
111 Chapeltown FEARNLEY John Head m 45 Painter & Paper hanger Pudsey 40a
    FEARNLEY Sarah wife m 46   Pudsey 40a
    FEARNLEY Arthur Oddy son s 18 app. Mason Pudsey 40a
    FEARNLEY Hannah dau   17 worsted spinner Pudsey 40a
    FEARNLEY Louisa dau   15 worsted spinner Pudsey 40a
    FEARNLEY Fred son   7 Scholar Pudsey 40a
112 Chapeltown ROBERTS Walter Head m 29 Sewing Machine Agent Yeadon 40a
    ROBERTS Charlotte wife m 29 Sewing Machine seamstress Yeadon 40a
    ROBERTS Ann Elizabeth dau   7 Scholar Yeadon 40a
    ROBERTS Sarah J dau   5 Scholar Yeadon 40a
    ROBERTS Tryphena dau   1   Keighley 40a
    ROBERTS Benjamin gfath wr 76 On own means Yeadon 40a
113 Chapeltown ELSWORTH Susannah Head w 48   Gargrave 40a
    ELSWORTH Elizabeth dau s 24 dressmaker Pudsey 40a
114 Chapeltown LONDON Ada Head s 30 confectioner Saltaire 40a
    LONDON Alice E sister s 22 confectioner Saltaire 40a
115 Chapeltown HYLAND Mary Head w 89 On own means Farnley 40a
    BOYS Elizabeth niece s 41 companion to above Pudsey 40a
116 Chapeltown HYLAND Thomas E Head m 24 Drysalter Oil Merchant Pudsey 40b
    HYLAND Nancy wife m 25   Pudsey 40b
    HYLAND George son   4m   Pudsey 40b
    HYLAND Sarah A sister s 27 partner with above Pudsey 40b
    HYLAND Louisa sister s 16   Pudsey 40b
117 Lark Field House FORREST William Head m 46 Woolen Cloth Manf. Rawdon 40b
    FORREST Ellen wife m 45   Rawdon 40b
    GREY Fanny serv s 17 Gen Dom Serv LIN Immingham B* 40b
    MILLS Emma serv s 16   Rotherham 40b
118 Grove Mount FIRTH William W Head m 33 Clerk in holy orders CHS Bebbington 40b
    FIRTH Mary E wife m 31   Bramley 40b
    SUGDEN Edith serv s 18 Gen Dom Serv Castleford 40b
119 Grove Mount WADE William Head m 27 Boot & Shoe manuf. Pudsey 40b
    WADE Mary E wife m 25   Pudsey 40b
    RODGERS Annie serv s 19 Gen Dom Serv Darfield 40b
120 Meadow Hirst FORREST Walter Head m 21 Woolen Cloth Manf. Yeadon 40b
    FORREST Katie wife m 25   London *? 40b
    GREY Maria serv s 23 Gen Dom Serv LIN Donnington on * 40b
    BOSWELL Martha serv s 17 Gen Dom Serv LIN Grimsby 40b
121 Uppermoor JONES John E Head m 54 Retired Worsted Manuf. Pudsey 40b
    JONES Ann wife m 39   Baildon 40b
    JONES Louis son s 22 Theology Student Pudsey 40b
    JONES Elizabeth dau s 19   LAN Nelson 40b
    JONES Harry son   10 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    JONES John son   9 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    JONES Charles H son   7 Scholar Pudsey 40b
    JONES Beatrice V dau   5 Scholar Pudsey 40b
122 West House BANKS James Head m 73 Woolen Cloth Manf. Pudsey 41a
    BANKS Sarah A wife m 68   Leeds 41a
    BANKS Philip son s 35 Woolen Cloth Manf. Pudsey 41a
    BANKS George E son s 31 Woolen Cloth Manf. Pudsey 41a
    ODDY Sibina son s 33 Gen Dom Serv Pudsey 41a
123 Uppermoor STRICKLAND Rhoda Head w 62 waste dealer Pudsey 41a
    STRICKLAND Rebecca dau s 27 Worsted Coating Mender Pudsey 41a
    STRICKLAND William son s 24 woolen * foreman Pudsey 41a
124 Queen Hotel TO LET             41a
125 Uppermoor ACKROYD Joseph Head m 71 woolen warper Bolton 41a
    ACKROYD Ann wife m 67   Pudsey 41a
    ACKROYD Harriet dau s 41 Woolen weaver Pudsey 41a
126 Uppermoor SCHUTTE William Head m 37 Wool * * * Agent Germany Sulingen 41a
    SCHUTTE Eliza wife m 35   Hunmanby 41a
    SCHUTTE Lucy C M D dau   11 Scholar Bradford 41a
    SCHUTTE Lilly L dau   9 Scholar Shipley 41a
    SCHUTTE Gertrude Mabel dau   6 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    SCHUTTE Kate Eliza dau   5   Pudsey 41a
    SCHUTTE Percy William son   3   Pudsey 41a
    SCHUTTE Walter Bertram son   2 (blind froim birth) Pudsey 41a
    TERRY Annie serv s 15 Gen Dom Serv Ackworth 41a
127 Uppermoor LUMBY James Head m 40 Quarryman Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Martha wife m 40   Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Ann E dau s 20 Woolen weaver Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Daniel son s 15 Shoemaker Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Sarah dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Elizabeth son   7 Scholar Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Thomas son   5   Pudsey 41a
    LUMBY Mary A dau   1   Pudsey 41a
128 Uppermoor FEATHER Smith Head m 50 Worsted Manf. Cowling 41b
    FEATHER Mary wife m 51   Haworth 41b
    FEATHER Richard son s 31 Worsted Overlooker Haworth 41b
    FEATHER Frank son   14 Scholar Bradford 41b
    FEATHER James son   12 Scholar Bradford 41b
129 Uppermoor WOMERSLEY Daniel Head m 69 Living on own means Calverley 41b
    WOMERSLEY Mary wife m 62   Pudsey 41b
    WOMERSLEY Arthur son s 40 Wiilen Manf. Calverley 41b
    BATESON Priscilia serv s 19 Gen Dom Serv Castleford 41b
130 Uppermoor BARRACLOUGH John Head m 25 Carrier for woolen mill Pudsey 41b
    BARRACLOUGH Florence wife m 29   Leeds 41b
131 Uppermoor GORR Robert Head m 40 Landlord out of business LIN Boston 41b
    GORR Rebecca wife m 43   LIN Boston 41b
    GORR Ben son   19 Pork Butcher's Ass. White Lee nr Birstall 41b
    GORR Louisa dau   9   LIN Boston 41b
    BOARDMAN Rose niece s 17 Dom Serv. Pudsey 41b
132 Uppermoor BATEMAN Samuel Head m 48 Woolen Cloth Manf. Pudsey 41b
    BATEMAN Sarah A wife m 50   Pudsey 41b
    BATEMAN Esther A dau s 15 Dressmaker's Ass. Pudsey 41b
133 Uppermoor GAUNT William Head m 56 Warp Dresser Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT Hannah wife m 54   Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT Martha J dau s 29 Weaver Pudsey 41b
    GAUNT William son s 21 Woolen Cloth Tuner Pudsey 41b
134 Uppermoor BINKS George Head m 46 Woolen warp Beamer Pudsey 41b
    BINKS Hannah wife m 48   Pudsey 41b
    BINKS John son s 17 Joiner's app. Pudsey 41b
    BINKS Mary dau s 15 Woolen weaver Pudsey 41b
    BINKS Hannah E dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 41b
135 Uppermoor WILKS Darnborough Head m 32 Cotton warp dresser Windhill 41b
    WILKS Martha wife m 34   Pudsey 41b
136 Uppermoor BARRACLOUGH Elizabeth Head w 59   Armley 42a
    BARRACLOUGH Joseph son s 24 Mule spinner Pudsey 42a
    BARRACLOUGH Mary dau s 22 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42a
    BARRACLOUGH Alfred son s 20 Cloth finisher Pudsey 42a
137 Marsh Inn HELLEWELL Thomas Head m 30 Landlord Sowerby 42a
    HELLEWELL Lydia wife m 30   Sowerby 42a
    HELLEWELL John son   8m   Sowerby 42a
    CARR John lodg s 58 Machine fitter woolen mill Pudsey 42a
    FARRER Lewis lodg s 29 unemp. nk 42a
138 Uppermoor HINCHLIFFE Jonathan Head m 63 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42a
    HINCHLIFFE Mary wife m 62   Barkston ash 42a
    HINCHLIFFE Ellen dau s 34 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42a
    HINCHLIFFE Hannah dau s 32 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42a
    HINCHLIFFE Arthur son s 23 Woolen yarn spinner Pudsey 42a
139 Uppermoor BRIGGS Joseph Head m 51 Grocer Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Jane A wife m 50   Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Annie dau s 24 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Mary dau s 20 Sewing Machinist Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Sarah dau s 17   Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Jesse son   11 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Ethel dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 42a
    BRIGGS Leonard gson   5 Scholar Pudsey 42a
140 Victoria House WARD William Head m 49 Bed Flock Manuf. Pudsey 42a
    WARD Sarah wife m 47   Pudsey 42a
    WARD William W son s 27 Bed Flock Manuf. Pudsey 42a
    WARD Annie dau s 20   Pudsey 42a
    WARD Sarah A dau   11 Scholar Pudsey 42a
141 Uppermoor WALKER William Head m 76 Butcher & Farmer Baildon 42a
    WALKER Mary wife m 70   Deighton 42a
    WALKER Emma dau s 35   Pudsey 42a
    WALKER William son s 28 Butcher's ass. Pudsey 42a
142 Uppermoor GAUNT David Head wr 65 Travelling Draper Pudsey 42b
    COWLING Arthur s in l m 33 Wool Extractor & Science Teacher Calverley 42b
    COWLING Emmiline dau m 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 42b
143 Uppermoor WARD Edward Head m 49 Condenser filler Pudsey 42b
    WARD Emma wife m 52   Horsforth 42b
144 Uppermoor AINDOW Mary A Head m 45 (blind) Harewood 42b
    POWELL John step son s 22 Cloth dyer Hear* or Kear* 42b
    POWELL Fanny Elizabeth dau s 17 Woolen weaver Hear* or Kear* 42b
    POWELL Richard son s 15 worsted drawer Hear* or Kear* 42b
    POWELL Charles son   13 worsted twister in Hear* or Kear* 42b
    DEVANNY William lodg m 45 Police Constable Ireland Mayo 42b
    LEET Frederick lodg s 17 labourer NFK 42b
145 Occupation Lane HINCHLIFFE John Head m 28 Leather Currier Pudsey 42b
    HINCHLIFFE Clara wife m 26   Stanningley 42b
    HINCHLIFFE Harry son   2   Stanningley 42b
146 Occupation Lane RAYNER John Head m 38 Woolen Mule Spinner Pudsey 42b
    RAYNER Elizabeth wife m 38 Woolen weaver Stanningley 42b
    RAYNER Frances E dau s 14 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42b
    RAYNER Samuel son s 13 Mill Piecer Pudsey 42b
    RAYNER Eva dau   9 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    RAYNER Lister son   2   Pudsey 42b
    DAVEY Mary niece s 18 Woolen weaver Stanningley 42b
    DAVEY John neph   12 woolen piecer Stanningley 42b
147 Occupation Lane CARTER John Head wr 50 Excavator Marsden 42b
148 Occupation Lane WEBSTER Mary Head s 50 Woolen weaver Bramley 42b
149 Occupation Lane LUMBY Harry Head m 43 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42b
    LUMBY Mary wife m 25 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42b
    LUMBY Harriet dau   8 Scholar Pudsey 42b
    LUMBY John Willie son   6 Scholar Pudsey 42b
150 Occupation Lane WATERHOUSE Hannah Head w 63 Woolen weaver Pudsey 42b
    WATERHOUSE James son s 37 Shoemaker Pudsey 42b
151 Occupation Lane WARD Samuel E Head m 52 Flock Dealer Pudsey 43a
    WARD Hannah wife m 52   Pudsey 43a
    WARD George son m 31 Farm servant Pudsey 43a
    WARD Sarah E dau s 21 Weaver Pudsey 43a
    WARD Annie E dau s 16 Weaver Pudsey 43a
    WARD Emma dau   8   Pudsey 43a
152 Occupation Lane HINCHLIFFE John A Head m 50 Drayman Pudsey 43a
    HINCHLIFFE Martha wife m 49   Farsley 43a
    HINCHLIFFE Ralph son s 28 Woolen weaver Farsley 43a
    HINCHLIFFE Mary dau s 25 Woolen weaver Farsley 43a
    HINCHLIFFE Eva dau s 15 Woolen weaver Farsley 43a
    HINCHLIFFE Amy H dau   9 Scholar Farsley 43a
    HINCHLIFFE Alfred son   7 Scholar Farsley 43a
153 Prospect House RYLEY Frederick W Head m 31 Banker's Clerk Farsley 43a
    RYLEY Mary wife m 29   Farsley 43a
154 Occupation Lane BLACKBURN Johnson Head m 43 retired publican Farsley 43a
    BLACKBURN Amelia wife m 42   Farsley 43a
    BLACKBURN Arthur son   14 Printer's app. Farsley 43a
    BLACKBURN Annie dau   12 Scholar Farsley 43a
    BLACKBURN Joseph son   6 Scholar Farsley 43a
155 Heath House JONES Frederick H Head m 22 worsted spinner manuf. Farsley 43a
    JONES Sarah A wife m 24   Bramley 43a
    FUDGE Adelaide serv s 22 Gen Dom Serv STS Tipton 43a
156 Occupation Lane ARMITAGE Harry Head m 31 Farmer? Pudsey 43a
    ARMITAGE Sarah J wife m 29   Pudsey 43a
    ARMITAGE David son   10 Scholar Pudsey 43a
157 Occupation Lane MATHERS John Head m 31 woolen manuf. Manager Pudsey 43a
    MATHERS Martha wife m 26   Knaresborough 43a
    MATHERS Thomas C son s 3   Leeds 43a
    COOKE Mary Jane board s 28   Harrogate 43a
158 Occupation Lane HODGSON Richard Head m 37 Mngr worsted manf. Scholes 43b
    HODGSON Mary A wife m 37   Scholes 43b
    HODGSON Amy dau   13   Scholes 43b
    HODGSON Ethel dau   9 Scholar Liversidge 43b
    HODGSON Harold son   6 Scholar Liversidge 43b