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Census Index 1891 Pudsey: ED6



Piece RG12/3656, Enumeration District 6, Folios 75a - 86b

Comprising the whole of Radcliffe Lane beginning at Edmondson's, both sides Crawshaw Street, St Lawrence Terrrace, Back St Lawrence Terrace, Radcliffe Terrace and Robin Lane as far as William Wade's on one side, Ravensmount Spence's Houses to and including Phoebe Gibsons on the other side.


1 Radcliffe Lane EDMONDSON Isaac Head m 68 Farmer & Currier's foreman Richmond 75a
    EDMONDSON Mary Wife m 62   Pudsey 75a
    EDMONDSON Henry Son s 23   Pudsey 75a
    EDMONDSON Grace Dau s 21 Board School Teacher Pudsey 75a
    EDMONDSON Grace Gdau s 12 scholar Hunslet 75a
3 Radcliffe Lane JONES Lister Head m 33 Joiner Pudsey 75a
    JONES Sarah Wife m 34   Pudsey 75a
    JONES Rachel Dau   5   Pudsey 75a
    JONES Benjamin Son   3 scholar Pudsey 75a
    JONES Lilian Dau   2   Pudsey 75a
    JONES Frederick Son   1m   Pudsey 75a
2 Radcliffe Lane PEEL Henry Head m 55 Farm Lab. Eldmere 75a
    PEEL Elizabeth Wife m 48   Ferensby 75a
    PEEL Jane Dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 75a
    PEEL Lily Dau s 20 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 75a
    PEEL Thomas Son s 17 Boot *er App. Pudsey 75a
    PEEL Bertha Dau s 15   Pudsey 75a
    PEEL Albert Son   10 scholar Pudsey 75a
    PEEL Alfred Son   7 scholar Pudsey 75a
    PEEL John Son   4   Pudsey 75a
4 Radcliffe Lane WATERHOUSE Eunice Head w 61   Pudsey 75a
    WATERHOUSE Harriet E Dau s 28   Pudsey 75a
    WATERHOUSE William Son s 17 Boot *er App. Pudsey 75a
    RIMMER Sydney R lodg s 24 Church Curate India 75a
5 Radcliffe Lane CARR Frederick Head m 46 No occupation Pudsey 75a
    CARR Martha Wife m 44   Calverley 75a
    CARR Henry Johnson Son   4   Pudsey 75a
6 Radcliffe Lane CLARKSON John E Head m 43 Butter Factor Pudsey 75a
    CLARKSON Sarah Wife m 48   Pudsey 75a
    CLARKSON Henry Son s 16 App. Pudsey 75a
    CLARKSON Horace Son   12 scholar Pudsey 75a
    BINKS Harriet serv s 32 Domestic Pudsey 75b
    FRANKLAND William lodg s 21 Booking clerk Egton? 75b
7 Radcliffe Lane WALKER John Head m 43 Gardener Oulton 75b
    WALKER Mary Wife m 42   Oulton 75b
    WALKER William A Son s 17 Printer compositer Horsforth 75b
    WALKER Sarah E Dau s 15   Horsforth 75b
    WALKER Donald Son   12 scholar Horsforth 75b
    WALKER Ethel Dau   9 scholar Horsforth 75b
9 Radcliffe Lane HYLAND Samuel Head m 50 Cashier Pudsey 75b
    HYLAND Eleanor Wife m 39   Ingleton 75b
    DALES Annie serv s 38 dom serv Huby? 75b
10 Radcliffe Lane KERSHAW Hugh Head s 30 reg practitioner Brighouse 75b
    RHODES Samuel W   s 24 medical student Halifax 75b
    GARDINER Lucy   s 44 housekeeper Bridlington 75b
    DEARNLEY Frances   s 17 dom serv Worsbro Bridge 75b
11 Radcliffe Lane GAMBLES Hannah Head w 59   Stanningley 75b
    GAMBLES Arthur Son s 26 boot rivetter Farsley 75b
    GAMBLES Alice Dau s 23 dressmaker Farsley 75b
    GAMBLES John Son s 20 App monumental mason Farsley 75b
12 Radcliffe Lane CHILD Benjamin Head m 66 ret. Caretaker Eccleshill 75b
    CHILD Martha Wife m 72   * 75b
13 Radcliffe Lane ACKROYD Sarah Head w 68 seamstress Pudsey 75b
14 Radcliffe Lane GLOVER Jonathan W Head m 51 Drysalter Pudsey 75b
    GLOVER Elizabeth Wife m 51   Pudsey 75b
    GLOVER Sarah H Dau s 21   Pudsey 75b
15 Radcliffe Lane STILLINGS James Head m 49 Boot & Shoe manuf. Sowerby Bridge 75b
    STILLINGS Mary Ann Wife m 52   Armley 75b
    JONES Emma   s 21 cook DBY Eckington 75b
    BUXTON Jane E   s 20 dom serv DBY Ilkeston 75b
16 Radcliffe Lane NEWELL Mathew B Head s 32 solicitor Pudsey 76a
    NEWELL Joseph Bro s 28 estate agent Pudsey 76a
    NEWELL Harold Bro s 25 university student Pudsey 76a
    NEWELL Bertha R Sis s 23   Pudsey 76a
    NEWELL Catherine Sis s 20   Pudsey 76a
    NEWELL Gertrude D Sis s 19   Pudsey 76a
    MILNER Charlotte Niece   7   LAN Southport 76a
17 Radcliffe Lane BANKS Martha Head s 56 Own means Pudsey 76a
18 Radcliffe Lane POTTS William B Head m 52 Clothmaker Pudsey 76a
    POTTS Eliza Wife m 44   SAL Kynnersley 76a
    POTTS Henry J Son s 20 woolen warehouse clerk Pudsey 76a
    POTTS Thomas Banks Son s 16 app. Watchmaker Pudsey 76a
    POTTS Elizabeth Dau s 14   Pudsey 76a
    POTTS Matthew Son   13   Pudsey 76a
    POTTS Edith Mary Dau   11   Pudsey 76a
    POTTS Arnold Hebdon Son   8   Pudsey 76a
    NEWTON Elizabeth Aunt w 88 Own means * 76a
    LOWE Esther E serv s 44 dom serv LAN Leigh 76a
19 Radcliffe Lane JACKS Katharine R Head s 45 Music teacher LON Hackney 76a
    MOXON Marie ass s 44 ass. Teacher Bradford 76a
    DALE Mary vis s 27 ass. Teacher Armley 76a
20 Radcliffe Lane ARMITAGE Joseph Head m 73 wool dyer Pudsey 76a
    ARMITAGE Rosetta Wife m 61 Burler Pudsey 76a
21 Radcliffe Lane ARMITAGE Joseph Head m 57 Grocer Birstall 76a
    ARMITAGE Sarah Wife m 58   Bradford 76a
    WHITE Joseph lodg s 23 grocer domestic Woodhouse 76a
22 Radcliffe Lane SCOTT George Head m 59 Boiler maker LIN Lincoln 76a
    SCOTT Christiana Wife m 58   Pudsey 76a
    SCOTT Emma Dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 76a
    SCOTT Christiana Dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 76a
    SCOTT George Son s 20 Boiler maker Pudsey 76a
    VICKERS Caroline Gdau   11   Pudsey 76b
23 Radcliffe Lane EMSLEY Joseph Head m 59 Gardener Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY Sarah Wife m 59   Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY William Son m 36 boot rivetter Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY Ben gson s 15 Spriger in boot warehouse Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY Walter gson   12 Doffer Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY Sarah E Gdau   10   Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY Joseph gson   8   Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY William gson   5   Pudsey 76b
    EMSLEY Bertha Gdau   3   Pudsey 76b
24 Radcliffe Lane JONES Aaron Head m 49 Shoemaker GLS 76b
    JONES Sarah Wife m 59   Pudsey 76b
    JAGGER Thomas lodg m 30 Gardener York 76b
    JAGGER David lodg   6   York 76b
25 Radcliffe Lane MITCHELL Sarah Head w 65 grocer Gomersal 76b
26 Radcliffe Lane WEBSTER Samuel H Head m 46 Timekeeper Pudsey 76b
    WEBSTER Ann Wife m 45   Stanningley 76b
    WEBSTER Mary Dau s 20 Weaver Pudsey 76b
    WEBSTER Emily Dau s 17   Pudsey 76b
    WEBSTER Norman gson   4   Pudsey 76b
27 Radcliffe Lane SUTCLIFFE John E Head m 53 Coal Merchant Pudsey 76b
    SUTCLIFFE Elizabeth Wife m 55   Wortley 76b
    SUTCLIFFE Martha Dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 76b
    SUTCLIFFE Matthew H Son s 16 app organ builder Pudsey 76b
    SUTCLIFFE Mary E Dau   12 scholar Pudsey 76b
28 Radcliffe Lane STRICKLAND Hannah Head w 68   Pudsey 76b
    SCHOFIELD Nancy Dau s 32 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 76b
    SCHOFIELD Eli Son s 42 Clicker boot trade Pudsey 76b
29 Radcliffe Lane BAKER Sarah Head w 62 Own means Pudsey 76b
    CRAMPTON Richard C S in l   31 Quarryman Pudsey 76b
    CRAMPTON Mary Ann Dau   29   Pudsey 76b
    CRAMPTON Annie Gdau   8 scholar Pudsey 77a
30 Radcliffe Lane PICKLES Agnes Head m 38 woolen weaver Pudsey 77a
    PICKLES Alfred Son s 16 spinner Pudsey 77a
    PICKLES Isaac Son   13 spinner Pudsey 77a
    PICKLES John Son   11 spinner Pudsey 77a
31 Radcliffe Lane GIBSON William Head m 46 Commission agent Pudsey 77a
    GIBSON Louise Wife m 40   Goole 77a
    GIBSON Maude A Dau s 18   Pudsey 77a
    GIBSON Edith Dau s 17   Pudsey 77a
    GIBSON Grace Dau   5   Pudsey 77a
32 Radcliffe Lane LUMB William Head m 79 ret. Shoemaker Swinefleet 77a
    LUMB Sarah Wife m 72   Reedness 77a
33 Radcliffe Lane ROSE John F Head m 50 Railway porter KEN Kingston 77a
    ROSE Mary Wife m 51   NTT Butter* 77a
    CROWTHER Eleanor lodg m 50 Own means Manningham 77a
34 Radcliffe Lane SEWARDS John G Head m 49 Foreman Platelayer LIN Boston 77a
    SEWARDS Elizabeth Wife m 48   LON City 77a
    SEWARDS Elizabeth Dau s 20 dressmaker LON Islington 77a
    SEWARDS John Son s 18 Platelayer LON Islington 77a
    SEWARDS George Son s 16 Platelayer LON Islington 77a
35 Radcliffe Lane CAMELLO Manuel Head m 59 Ret. Draper London 77a
    CAMELLO Betty Wife m 54   Bramley 77a
    CAMELLO Bertha Dau s 21   Pudsey 77a
    CAMELLO Martha Dau s 19   Pudsey 77a
    CAMELLO Lucretia Syrena V Dau s 14 scholar Pudsey 77a
    CAMELLO Betsey Dau   9 scholar Pudsey 77a
36 Radcliffe Lane COOPER Jane E Head w 46 Worsted Stuff Manuf. Pudsey 77a
    COOPER Arthur Son s 17 * worsted mill Pudsey 77a
    COOPER Fred W Son s 14 scholar Pudsey 77a
    COOPER Thomas A Son   12 scholar Pudsey 77a
37 Radcliffe Lane TIDSWELL Hannah Head w 62   Pudsey 77b
    TIDSWELL Mary E Dau s 31 Charwoman Pudsey 77b
    TIDSWELL Elizabeth Dau s 29 woolen weaver Pudsey 77b
38 Radcliffe Lane BUTTERFIELD Thomas Head m 24 Warehouseman Crosshills 77b
    BUTTERFIELD Clara A Wife m 31   Pudsey 77b
39 Radcliffe Lane PROCTER Robert Head m 48 Machine Cleaner Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Sarah Wife m 46   Farsley 77b
    PROCTER Elizabeth Ann Dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Harry Son s 16 Millhand Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Eliza J Dau   13 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Luther Son   12 Millhand Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Herbert Son   9   Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Francis Son   8   Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Ethel Dau   7   Pudsey 77b
    PROCTER Emily Dau   4   Pudsey 77b
40 Radcliffe Lane BLACKBURN Sarah A Head s 30 woolen weaver Pudsey 77b
    BLACKBURN Joseph neph s 15 woolen weaver Pudsey 77b
41 Radcliffe Lane PEARSON Elizabeth Head w 51   Rigton 77b
    PEARSON Sarah A Dau s 30 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 77b
    PEARSON Alice Dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 77b
    PEARSON Joseph Son s 23 spinner Pudsey 77b
    PEARSON Mountain Son s 19 Overlooker Pudsey 77b
    PEARSON James Son s 15 * Pudsey 77b
    PEARSON Thomas Son s 15 spinner Pudsey 77b
    PEARSON Frank Son   12   Pudsey 77b
42 Radcliffe Lane THREAPLETON Sarah A Head w 55   Pudsey 77b
    THREAPLETON Joseph Son s 21 Warehouseman Pudsey 77b
43 Radcliffe Lane & Robin Lane APPLEYARD Oliver Head m 25 Butcher Pudsey 77b
    APPLEYARD Emily Wife m 26 grocer Bramley 77b
    APPLEYARD James Edward Son   11m   Pudsey 77b
44 Robin Lane CHAPMAN Adam Head m 35 Tanner Wibsey 78a
    CHAPMAN Sarah A Wife m 38   Pudsey 78a
    CHAPMAN John W Son   14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 78a
    CHAPMAN Nelly Dau   6 scholar Pudsey 78a
45 Robin Lane DUFTON James Head m 35 Millhand Pudsey 78a
    DUFTON Rose H Wife m 36   Pudsey 78a
    DUFTON George E Son   11 scholar Pudsey 78a
    DUFTON Bertha G Dau   10 scholar Pudsey 78a
    DUFTON James W Son   8 scholar Pudsey 78a
46 Robin Lane COE John Head m 37 House Painter Pudsey 78a
    COE Rosetta Wife m 31   Pudsey 78a
    COE Laura Dau   10   Pudsey 78a
    COE Frank Son   9   Pudsey 78a
47 Robin Lane GAUNT Charles Head m 69 Weaver Pudsey 78a
    GAUNT Harriet Wife m 51   East Morton 78a
48 Robin Lane WATSON Joseph Head m 66 Cloth Fuller Bramley 78a
    WATSON Nancy Wife m 68   Pudsey 78a
49 Robin Lane MERRITT Thomas Stead Head m 47 spinner Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Emma Wife m 43   Armley 78a
    MERRITT Tom Stead Son s 19 currier Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Joseph William Son s 17 spinner Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Walter Ernest Son s 13 spinner Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Frank Son   11   Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Frances Anne Dau   9   Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Jane Dau   7   Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Marian Dau   5   Bramley 78a
    MERRITT Albert Jessop Son   3   Pudsey 78a
50 Robin Lane HINCHCLIFFE Joseph Head m 53 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 78a
    HINCHCLIFFE Elizabeth Wife m 53   Pudsey 78a
    HINCHCLIFFE Martha Dau s 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 78a
    HINCHCLIFFE Hannah Dau s 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 78b
    HINCHCLIFFE John Son s 25 Cloth Fuller Pudsey 78b
    HINCHCLIFFE Joseph Son s 22 Boot Finisher Pudsey 78b
    HINCHCLIFFE Willie Son   10 scholar Pudsey 78b
    HINCHCLIFFE Emily Dau   18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 78b
    GIBSON Jane rel s 63 [deaf & dumb] Pudsey 78b
51 Robin Lane DUFTON Joseph Head m 46 Wool scourer Pudsey 78b
    DUFTON Sarah A Wife m 46   Pudsey 78b
    DUFTON Edmund Son s 24 Shoemaker Pudsey 78b
    DUFTON Rodger Son   11   Pudsey 78b
52 Robin Lane SHEARD Fred Head m 63 wool packer Wakefield 78b
    SHEARD Emma Wife m 58   Pudsey 78b
    SHEARD Maria A Dau s 28 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 78b
    SHEARD Thomas Son s 27 boot rivetter Pudsey 78b
    SHEARD Herbert Son s 21 cloth weaver Pudsey 78b
    SHEARD William David Son s 19 Cloth twister Pudsey 78b
    SHEARD Fred gson   5   hunslet 78b
53 Robin Lane RAISTRICK John Head m 56 card Nailer Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Mary J Wife m 52   Guiseley 78b
    RAISTRICK David Son s 27 currier Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Joseph Son s 25 card Nailer Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Thomas H Son s 22 Grocer's currier Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Clara Dau   13   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Herbert Son   10   Pudsey 78b
    RAISTRICK Florance A Dau   7   Pudsey 78b
54 Ravensmount HUGGAN Hannah Wife m 40   Pudsey 78b
    HUGGAN Halliday Son s 18 assistant * Pudsey 78b
    SALTER Charles Sanders S in l m 22 currier Pudsey 78b
    SALTER Sarah Dau m 20   Pudsey 78b
    SALTER Robert gson   9m   Bramley 79a
    DURRANT Laura serv s 16 housemaid Holton 79a
    EASTHALL Alice serv   13 Nurse Rodley 79a
55 Robin Lane WADE William Head w 77 ret woolen manuf. Pudsey 79a
    WADE William Son s 40 Outfitters manager Pudsey 79a
    WADE Amelia Dau s 38   Pudsey 79a
    ARMITAGE William gson s 19 Warehouseman Pudsey 79a
    ARMITAGE Ernest Edward gson s 16 * Pudsey 79a
56 Robin Lane JOHNSON Eliza Head s 46 Own means Pudsey 79a
57 Robin Lane WATERHOUSE Hannah Head w 41 Burler Pudsey 79a
    WATERHOUSE Sidney Son s 16 Wool F* Lab. Pudsey 79a
    WATERHOUSE Amy Carrie Dau   11   Leeds 79a
58 Robin Lane LONGSTAFF Simeon Head m 60 Weaver Pudsey 79a
    LONGSTAFF Emma Wife m 57   Pudsey 79a
    LONGSTAFF Harriet Dau s 18 Boot Machinist Pudsey 79a
59 Robin Lane LUND Alfred Head m 41 Worsted Spinner Queensbury 79a
    LUND Elizabeth Wife m 42   Bowling 79a
    LUND Herbert Son s 15 scholar Bowling 79a
    LUND Edgar Son   11 scholar Pudsey 79a
    LUND Rufus Son   9 scholar Pudsey 79a
    LUND Douglas Son   5 scholar Pudsey 79a
    BLAKEBOROUGH Ernest Edward serv s 35 housemaid Bowling 79a
    BURGESS Clara serv s 20 dom serv Rotherham 79a
60 Robin Lane TOWN Joseph Head m 61 Nuisance Inspector Pudsey 79a
    TOWN Jane Wife m 52   Pudsey 79a
    TOWN William Son s 26 Butcher Pudsey 79a
    TOWN Frederick Son s 26 foreman clothier Pudsey 79a
    TOWN Leonard Son s 19 Butcher Pudsey 79a
    TOWN Fanny Dau s 16   Pudsey 79a
    TOWN Annie Dau s 14 scholar Pudsey 79a
    TOWN Lillian E Dau   10 scholar Pudsey 79a
61 Robin Lane HAINSWORTH Thomas Head w 66 out of business Pudsey 79b
    HAINSWORTH Mary Dau s 27 Millhand Pudsey 79b
    HAINSWORTH Eva Dau s 22 Millhand Pudsey 79b
    HAINSWORTH Jane A Dau s 20 * Pudsey 79b
62 Robin Lane WATSON Frank Head m 31 Foundry Lab. Armley 79b
    WATSON Susan Wife m 28   Pudsey 79b
    WATSON Arthur Son   6   Pudsey 79b
    WATSON Lillian Dau   11m   Pudsey 79b
    MALKIN Annie E lodg s 19 woolen weaver Pudsey 79b
    MALKIN Jane lodg s 17 woolen weaver Pudsey 79b
63 Robin Lane FOX John W Head m 28 boot rivetter Pudsey 79b
    FOX Sarah A Wife m 28   Pudsey 79b
    FOX Charlotte Dau   8   Pudsey 79b
    FOX Emily Dau   6   Pudsey 79b
    FOX Edith Dau   4   Pudsey 79b
    FOX William Son   2   Pudsey 79b
64 Robin Lane WATERS Thomas W Head m 24 Well Sinker Skelton green 79b
    WATERS Martha A Wife m 20 Weaver Pudsey 79b
65 Robin Lane ALDERSON James Head m 35 Master Currier Leeds 79b
    ALDERSON Grace Wife m 34   Bramley 79b
    ALDERSON Sarah A Dau   10 scholar Bramley 79b
    ALDERSON Emily Dau   6 scholar Bramley 79b
    ALDERSON Lilly Dau   3   Bramley 79b
    ALDERSON John Son   3m   Bramley 79b
66 Robin Lane MASON Henry Head m 36 Currier Armley 79b
    MASON Eliza Wife m 31   Seacroft 79b
    MASON James W Son   13 app currier Wortley 79b
    MASON Beatrice Dau   11   Bramley 79b
    MASON Thomas Son   7   Bramley 79b
    MASON Eliza Dau   2   Armley 79b
67 Robin Lane BROOK John Head m 39 currier Pudsey 80a
    BROOK Margaret A Wife m 37   Pudsey 80a
    BROOK Fred Son s 16 app Pudsey 80a
    BROOK Titus Son   14 Boot Finisher Pudsey 80a
    BROOK Sophia Dau   3   Pudsey 80a
    BROOK Ethel Dau   9m   Pudsey 80a
68 Robin Lane HOLGATE Christopher Head m 30 Currier Pudsey 80a
    HOLGATE Mary E Wife m 28 Worsted Weaver Bradford 80a
69 Robin Lane WALKER Joseph Head m 62 Chemist Bramley 80a
    WALKER Mercy A Wife m 57   Pudsey 80a
    JAMES Annie Dau m 30   Pudsey 80a
    JAMES Annie M L gdau   2   WAR Birmingham 80a
70 Robin Lane STABLES William Head m 47 Flock manuf. Bramley 80a
    STABLES M H E Wife m 41   Pudsey 80a
    STABLES M E Dau s 21   Pudsey 80a
    STABLES Lilly Dau s 10 scholar Pudsey 80a
71 Robin Lane WEBSTER Joseph Head m 40 Wool Merchant Pudsey 80a
    WEBSTER Ruth Wife m 42   Pudsey 80a
    WEBSTER Elizabeth Dau s 20   Pudsey 80a
    WEBSTER Clara Dau s 19   Pudsey 80a
    WEBSTER Joseph A Son   10 scholar Berry Brow 80a
72 Robin Lane HOLLIDAY Christopher Head m 26 woolen waste dealer Pudsey 80a
    HOLLIDAY Martha M Wife m 25   Wombwell 80a
73 Robin Lane MALKIN Joseph Head m 54 * lab. Holbeck 80a
    MALKIN Elizabeth Wife m 54   Pudsey 80a
    MALKIN Harriet E Dau   14 Boot Machinist Pudsey 80a
    MALKIN Laura Dau   11   Pudsey 80a
    SYKES Esther lodg w 78   Hunslet 80a
74 Radcliffe Terr. STEPHENSON John Head m 53 Boot Finisher NTT Mansfield 80b
    STEPHENSON Emily Wife m 53   Rotherham 80b
    STEPHENSON Ann E Dau s 29 Boot Machinist Rotherham 80b
    STEPHENSON Frank Son s 26 Boot Clicker Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON John Son s 21 Printer compositer Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON George H Son s 18 House Painter Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON Laura Hannah Dau   10   Pudsey 80b
    STEPHENSON Amy C rel   5   Pudsey 80b
75 Radcliffe Terr. COATES Charles Head m 29 boot rivetter Pudsey 80b
    COATES Caroline Wife m 29   CAM Bury St Edmunds 80b
    COATES Granville Son   4   Pudsey 80b
76 Radcliffe Terr. WATERHOUSE Charles Head m 52 woolen weaver Pudsey 80b
    WATERHOUSE Mary Wife m 51   Pudsey 80b
    WATERHOUSE Thomas H Son   30 boot rivetter Pudsey 80b
77 Radcliffe Terr. HOLDSWORTH George Head m 29 * Pudsey 80b
    HOLDSWORTH Elizabeth Wife m 29   Pudsey 80b
    HOLDSWORTH Charles Henry Son   3   Pudsey 80b
78 Radcliffe Terr. METCALF Thomas H Head m 41 Coachman dom Pudsey 80b
    METCALF Elizabeth Wife m 41   Bramley 80b
    METCALF Ann Dau s 18 cotton weaver Pudsey 80b
79 Radcliffe Terr. VARLEY John Clutheray Head m 36 Stone mason Pudsey 80b
    VARLEY Hannah Wife m 36   NFK Norwich 80b
    VARLEY Thomas Clutheray Son   13 scholar Pudsey 80b
    VARLEY Florence Dau   9 scholar Pudsey 80b
    VARLEY Ethel Maud Dau   7 scholar Pudsey 80b
    VARLEY Mabel Dau   4   Pudsey 80b
    VARLEY Frederick Fisher Son   9m   Pudsey 80b
80 Radcliffe Terr. HARE Samuel Head m 32 railway clerk Pudsey 80b
    HARE Mary H Wife m 30   Pudsey 80b
    HARE Martha Annie Dau   5   Pudsey 80b
    HARE Sidney Birks Son   4   Pudsey 80b
    HARE Rose Dau   1m   Pudsey 81a
    HIBSEN Hannah M serv s 38 nurse Pudsey 81a
81 Radcliffe Terr. PARISH Richard Head m 37 foreman mason DEV Stamford 81a
    PARISH Eliza Wife m 40   LAN Eccles 81a
82 Radcliffe Terr. BIRKS George Head m 59 outfitter Woodhouse * 81a
    BIRKS Annie Wife m 58   Pudsey 81a
    VICKERS Lillian niece s 14 pupil teacher Pudsey 81a
83 Back Lawrence Terr. MILLER David Head m 35 Boiler maker NTH Northampton 81a
    MILLER Rose A Wife m 38   Bradford 81a
    MILLER Harry Son   9 scholar Pudsey 81a
    MILLER John Son   5 scholar Pudsey 81a
    MILLER Herbert Son   4 scholar Pudsey 81a
84 Back Lawrence Terr. SHARPE Mathew Head m 36 Tanner? Pudsey 81a
    SHARPE Isabella Wife m 40   SCT Aberdeen 81a
    SHARPE David Son   12   Pudsey 81a
    SHARPE Benjamin Wade Son   7   Pudsey 81a
    SHARPE Robert Mearns Son   2   Pudsey 81a
    SHARPE Maggie Mearns Dau   4   Pudsey 81a
    MEARNS Maggie S in l s 47 Currier SCT Aberdeen 81a
85 Back Lawrence Terr. SCOTT Eliza Wife m 33   NTT Bothamsall 81a
    SCOTT George H Son   7 Worsted Weaver * 81a
    SCOTT Edith Dau   5   * 81a
    SCOTT Samuel Son   3   * 81a
    SCOTT Bertha Dau   2   * 81a
86 Back Lawrence Terr. HUTTON George Head m 47 Currier Pudsey 81a
    HUTTON Mary Wife m 38   Gomersal 81a
    HUTTON Laura Dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 81a
    HUTTON Arthur Son   13 bobbin pegger Pudsey 81a
87 Back Lawrence Terr. BERRY George Head m 58 woolen weaver Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Sarah A Wife m 54   Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Mary E Dau s 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Sarah Dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 81b
    SOWDEN Emma Step dau s 22 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 81b
    BERRY Grace A Dau s 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 81b
88 Back Lawrence Terr. ARMSTRONG Jonathan Head m 45 Warehouseman Pudsey 81b
    ARMSTRONG Sarah Wife m 45   Pudsey 81b
    ARMSTRONG William Son s 20 turner's app. Pudsey 81b
    ARMSTRONG Sarah A Dau s 19 Weaver Pudsey 81b
    ARMSTRONG Harry Dau s 17 butcher's app. Pudsey 81b
89 Back Lawrence Terr. GAUNT John W Head m 23 Bootmaker Pudsey 81b
    GAUNT Jane A Wife m 23   Pudsey 81b
    LUMBY Mary Ann m in l m 50   Pudsey 81b
90 Back Lawrence Terr. FARRER Samuel Head m 38 Joiner Bramley 81b
    FARRER Emma Wife m 38   Gomersal 81b
    FARRER James Son s 15 doffer Pudsey 81b
    FARRER Sarah A Dau   10   Armley 81b
    FARRER Harriet Dau   8   Armley 81b
    FARRER William Son   2   Pudsey 81b
91 Back Lawrence Terr. ARMITAGE William E Head m 26 unemployed Bradford 81b
    ARMITAGE Hannah M Wife m 26   Stanningley 81b
    ARMITAGE Mary Ann Dau   2   Pudsey 81b
    ARMITAGE Harry Son   1   Pudsey 81b
92 Back Lawrence Terr. ASQUITH Albert Head m 32 Stone mason Pudsey 81b
    ASQUITH Ellen Wife m 28   Morton nr Sheffield 81b
    ASQUITH Alfred Son   2   Pudsey 81b
    ASQUITH Herbert Son   6m   Pudsey 81b
93 Back Lawrence Terr. GIBBONS Martin Head m 48 quarryman IRL Co Mayo 81b
    GIBBONS Mary Wife m 46   IRL Co Clare 81b
    GIBBONS Mary Dau s 22 woolen weaver Pudsey 81b
    GIBBONS Kate Dau s 20 woolen weaver Pudsey 82a
    GIBBONS Ann Dau s 18 cotton weaver Pudsey 82a
    GIBBONS Michael Son s 16 quarryman Pudsey 82a
    GIBBONS John Son   7   Pudsey 82a
94 Back Lawrence Terr. ASHTON Thomas Head m 50 Coachman & Gardener Newton Lane End 82a
    ASHTON Ann Wife m 56   Ardsley 82a
    ASHTON Richard Son s 20 Poultryman Fulneck 82a
    ASHTON James W Son s 18 Boot Clicker Fulneck 82a
    ASHTON Mary J Dau   13   Fulneck 82a
95 Back Lawrence Terr. HALLIDAY John Head m 52 Own means Pudsey 82a
    HALLIDAY Sarah J Wife m 55 Own means Windhill 82a
96 Back Lawrence Terr. JESSOP Elizabeth Head w 55   Preston 82a
    JESSOP Eliza Dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Sproatley 82a
    JESSOP Rebecca Dau s 22 Dressmaker Sproatley 82a
    JESSOP William Son s 18 Boot Finisher Bramley 82a
97 Back Lawrence Terr. HAINSWORTH Sophia Head s 43   Pudsey 82a
    HAINSWORTH Judith Dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82a
    HAINSWORTH Frederick bro s 28 Railway lab. Pudsey 82a
98 Back Lawrence Terr. HUDSON John Head m 49 Cotton warp dresser Calverley 82a
    HUDSON Anne Wife m 48   Bradford 82a
    HUDSON Isaac Son s 20 Lithographer Pudsey 82a
    HUDSON Tom Son s 17 Cotton warp dresser Pudsey 82a
    HUDSON Harry Son s 13 bobbin pegger Pudsey 82a
99 Back Lawrence Terr. RUSHWORTH John Head m 37 Boot Clicker Bradford 82a
    RUSHWORTH Mary Wife m 33   Pudsey 82a
    RUSHWORTH Elizabeth Dau   9   Pudsey 82a
    RUSHWORTH Lily Dau   6   Pudsey 82a
100 Back Lawrence Terr. SUTCLIFFE Alfred Head m 49 worsted warp dresser Pudsey 82a
    SUTCLIFFE Ann Wife m 48   Pudsey 82a
    SUTCLIFFE Clara Dau   8   Pudsey 82a
101 Back Lawrence Terr. GARSIDE Daniel Head m 45 Mechanic Birkenshaw 82b
    GARSIDE Sarah E Wife m 43   Bradford 82b
    GARSIDE Anne J Dau s 18 Worsted Weaver Birkenshaw 82b
    GARSIDE Emily Dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 82b
    GARSIDE Elizabeth Dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 82b
    GARSIDE Harriet Dau s 13   Bradford 82b
103 St Lawrence Terr. WEBSTER Ann Head m 59   Leeds 82b
    WEBSTER Fred Son s 29 Lab. Pudsey 82b
    MALONE Mike lodg s 30 Lab. Otley 82b
104 St Lawrence Terr. BLACKBURN Mary Head w 60   NBL Alnwick 82b
    BLACKBURN Emma Dau s 26 worsted weaver Pudsey 82b
    BLACKBURN Joseph Son s 21 Shoemaker Pudsey 82b
    BLACKBURN William Son s 18 Shoemaker Leeds 82b
    BLACKBURN George gson   8   LON Hoxton 82b
105 St Lawrence Terr. HAINSWORTH Albert Head m 37 Shoemaker Pudsey 82b
    HAINSWORTH Sarah A Wife m 40   Farnley 82b
    ELSWORTH John b in l s 34 Shoemaker Bowling 82b
106 St Lawrence Terr. ELSWORTH Ellen Head w 63 washerwoman Farnley 82b
    ELSWORTH Mary Dau s 37 [imbecile] Bradford 82b
107 St Lawrence Terr. HUSTLER Alfred Head s 35 Shoemaker Pudsey 82b
108 St Lawrence Terr. DRAKE John Head m 50 Railway lab. Pudsey 82b
    DRAKE Nancy Wife m 47 woolen weaver Pudsey 82b
    DRAKE Lewis S Son s 13 Worsted Spinner Gomersal 82b
109 St Lawrence Terr. WEBSTER Harry Head m 29 wool sorter Stanningley 82b
    WEBSTER Sarah Wife m 31 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 82b
110 St Lawrence Terr. HOBSON Maria Head s 31 Dressmaker New Wortley 82b
    HEIRS Emily lodg s 30 Schoolmistress NTH Raunds 82b
111 St Lawrence Terr. JAGGER Edwin Head m 39 Tanner Pudsey 82b
    JAGGER Esther H Wife m 36   Pudsey 82b
    JAGGER John Son s 16 Boot Finisher Pudsey 82b
    JAGGER Oliver Son   12 HT Spinner Pudsey 83a
    JAGGER Herbert Son   5   Pudsey 83a
    JAGGER Sarah A Dau   9m   Pudsey 83a
112 St Lawrence Terr. MASTILL Henry J Head m 27 House painter ESS Chishall 83a
    MASTILL Mary Ann Wife m 29   Pudsey 83a
    MASTILL Charles William Son   5 scholar Pudsey 83a
    MASTILL Clara Annie Dau   3   Pudsey 83a
113 St Lawrence Terr. SLINGSBY George Head m 30 Overlooker Pudsey 83a
    SLINGSBY Rhoda Wife m 29   Pudsey 83a
    SLINGSBY William Arthur L Son   4   Pudsey 83a
114 St Lawrence Terr. GAUNT Mary Ann Head w 47 Weaver LEI Leicester 83a
    GAUNT Charles A Son   7 Scholar Pudsey 83a
    COOPER Clara Dau m 25 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 83a
    COOPER Edward S in l m 24 boot rivetter NFK 83a
115 St Lawrence Terr. LEES Alex L Head m 25 boot rivetter Pudsey 83a
    LEES Annie Wife m 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 83a
116 St Lawrence Terr. BROWN William Head m 39 woolen weaver Pudsey 83a
    BROWN Martha Wife m 45 woolen weaver Pudsey 83a
117 St Lawrence Terr. BARTON Fred Head m 23 Plumber's Lab. Pudsey 83a
    BARTON Grace H Wife m 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 83a
118 St Lawrence Terr. WALKER William Head m 80 Joiner Pudsey 83a
    WALKER Hannah Wife m 73   Pudsey 83a
    WALKER Agnes Dau s 42 Weaver Pudsey 83a
119 St Lawrence Terr. SHARP James Head m 59 grocer Pudsey 83a
    SHARP Alice Wife m 58   Pudsey 83a
120 St Lawrence Terr. COULSON Margaret Head w 68   Pudsey 83a
121 St Lawrence Terr. HARGREAVES Charles Head m 37 Weaver Pudsey 83a
    HARGREAVES Esther Wife m 39 Weaver Pudsey 83a
    HARGREAVES Squire Son s 14 millhand Pudsey 83a
    HARGREAVES Miriam Dau   11   Pudsey 83a
    HARGREAVES Esther Dau   3   Pudsey 83b
122 St Lawrence Terr. BAILEY Jane Head s 52 Worsted Weaver Holmfirth 83b
    BAILEY Ruth Sis s 50 Worsted Weaver Holmfirth 83b
    BAILEY Sally Sis s 38 Worsted Weaver Holmfirth 83b
    BAILEY Joe bro s 35 Currier Holmfirth 83b
123 St Lawrence Terr. RODGERS Joshua Head m 42 boot rivetter Pudsey 83b
    RODGERS Frances Wife m 41   Pudsey 83b
    RODGERS Joseph B Son s 17 app. Pudsey 83b
    RODGERS Esther A Dau s 16 Boot Machinist Pudsey 83b
    RODGERS Sarah Dau   10   Pudsey 83b
    RODGERS Herbert Son   9   Pudsey 83b
    RODGERS Nancy Dau   2   Pudsey 83b
124 St Lawrence Terr. ROUGHAN John Head m 48 millhand IRL 83b
    ROUGHAN Jane Wife m 47   Pudsey 83b
    ROUGHAN Anne Dau s 27 Weaver Pudsey 83b
    ROUGHAN Mary Dau s 21 Iron fettler Pudsey 83b
    ROUGHAN Michael Son s 16 spinner Pudsey 83b
    ROUGHAN Freddy gson   1m?   Pudsey 83b
125 St Lawrence Terr. LOBLEY Joseph Head m 62 gen. Lab. Farnley 83b
    LOBLEY Alice A Wife m 61   Elland 83b
    LOBLEY James D Son s 37 C*er Pudsey 83b
    LOBLEY Joseph D Son s 27 Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 83b
    LOBLEY Alice A Dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 83b
    LOBLEY Eliza Dau s 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 83b
126 St Lawrence Terr. GAUNT James Head m 42 Foundry Lab. Pudsey 83b
    GAUNT Rhoda Wife m 37   Pudsey 83b
    GAUNT William Son s 15 Iron wks app. Pudsey 83b
    GAUNT Samuel Son   13 millhand Pudsey 83b
    GAUNT Sarah A Dau   11 millhand Pudsey 83b
    GAUNT Albert Ackroyd Son   6   Pudsey 83b
127 St Lawrence Terr. DICKSON John W Head m 33 waste dealer Pudsey 84a
    DICKSON Sarah A Wife m 35   Pudsey 84a
    DICKSON Florence A Dau   11   Pudsey 84a
    DICKSON Harry Son   8   Pudsey 84a
128 St Lawrence Terr. WEBSTER Joseph Head m 58 Tailor Pudsey 84a
    WEBSTER Ann Wife m 58   Pudsey 84a
129 St Lawrence Terr. WALKER Joseph Head m 37 Painter & Paperhanger Pudsey 84a
    WALKER Margaret Wife m 43   T*toft 84a
    WALKER Joseph C Son s 18 app. Machine maker Pudsey 84a
    WALKER Robert Walter Son   8   Pudsey 84a
    WALKER Albert Victor Son   6   Pudsey 84a
    WALKER Percy Brown Son   3   Pudsey 84a
130A St Lawrence Terr. NEASON Hannah Head w 73   Bramley 84a
130 St Lawrence Terr. HAINSWORTH Joseph Head m 42 boot & shoe cutter Stanningley 84a
    HAINSWORTH Rose S Wife m 40   Pudsey 84a
    HAINSWORTH Lilly Dau   12 spinner Pudsey 84a
    HAINSWORTH John Edward Son   11 doffer Pudsey 84a
    HAINSWORTH Emily Dau   7   Pudsey 84a
    HAINSWORTH Abraham Son   5   Pudsey 84a
    HAINSWORTH Jane Dau   4   Pudsey 84a
    HAINSWORTH Walter Raistrick Son   2   Pudsey 84a
131 St Lawrence Terr. WEBSTER Tom Head m 30 cotton twister Pudsey 84a
    WEBSTER Mary Wife m 29   Bramley 84a
    WEBSTER Ernest E Son   8   Bramley 84a
    WEBSTER Teddy Son   6   Bramley 84a
    WEBSTER Wilfred Son   2m   Pudsey 84a
132 St Lawrence Terr. SUNDERLAND Sarah A Head w 45 Weaver Pudsey 84a
    SUNDERLAND Samuel Son s 16 worsted doffer Pudsey 84a
    SUNDERLAND Sophia Dau   13 worsted doffer Pudsey 84a
    SUNDERLAND James Arthur Son   11 waste sorter Pudsey 84a
    SUNDERLAND Fanny Dau   8   Pudsey 84a
133 St Lawrence Terr. MEEGHAN Philip Head m 27 bootmaker Leeds 84b
    MEEGHAN Elizabeth D Wife m 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 84b
134 St Lawrence Terr. GLOVER Mark Head m 59 Lamplighter Pudsey 84b
    GLOVER Mary Wife m 58 Dressmaker Farnley 84b
    GLOVER Harry Son s 24 spinner Pudsey 84b
    GLOVER Jane Dau s 22 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    GLOVER Lilly Dau s 20 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    GLOVER Mark Son s 17 worsted spinner Pudsey 84b
    GLOVER John W Son s 15 worsted spinner Pudsey 84b
135 Crawshaw Road SCARTH Thomas Head m 58 Plumber Pudsey 84b
    SCARTH Emma Wife m 44   Pudsey 84b
    SCARTH L Son s 18 bootmaker Pudsey 84b
    SCARTH Sarah Dau s 19 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    SCARTH Jane Dau   5 scholar Pudsey 84b
    SCARTH Hannah Dau   4   Pudsey 84b
136 Crawshaw Road WINDSOR Albert Head m 38 mason's lab Pudsey 84b
    WINDSOR Mary Wife m 38 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    WINDSOR Rhoda Dau s 15 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    WINDSOR Thomas H Son   12 millhand Pudsey 84b
    WINDSOR Matthew Webster Son   5 scholar Pudsey 84b
    WINDSOR Eva Dau   3   Pudsey 84b
137 Crawshaw Road WATERHOUSE Zillah Head w 44 Weaver Eccleshill 84b
    WATERHOUSE Sidney Son s 18 Iron Moulder Pudsey 84b
138 Crawshaw Road HINCHCLIFFE Thomas Head s 54 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah A Sis s 57 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    HINCHCLIFFE James bro s 35 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    HINCHCLIFFE Sarah A   s 24 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    MOORHOUSE Elizabeth   m 46 Weaver Pudsey 84b
    MOORHOUSE Joe Ben   s 21 Mule spinner Pudsey 84b
    MOORHOUSE Hannah   s 16 Weaver Pudsey 84b
139 Crawshaw Road TUKE Jane Head m 51 Own means Wortley 85a
    TUKE John R Son s 21 Shoemaker Pudsey 85a
    EMSLEY John S in l m 35 Shoemaker Pudsey 85a
    EMSLEY Mary H Dau m 31 Weaver Pudsey 85a
    EMSLEY Mary J gdau   4   Pudsey 85a
    HOLLINGS John step fath w 41 Retired Cloth weaver Bramley 85a
140 Crawshaw Road CLOUGH George Head m 45 Top maker Pudsey 85a
    CLOUGH Hannah Wife m 41   Pudsey 85a
    CLOUGH Mary Ann Dau s 15   Pudsey 85a
    CLOUGH Maria Dau   9   Pudsey 85a
141 Crawshaw Road SELICK James S Head m 61 lawyer's Clerk WI St Kitts 85a
    SELICK Martha Wife m 68   WI St Kitts 85a
    RANDELSON? Henrietta serv s 26 dom serv Doncaster 85a
142 "Woodville" DEWHURST Charles Head m 40 Woolen Manf. Bradford 85a
    DEWHURST Mary E Wife m 37   LIN Hemswellcliffe 85a
    DEWHURST Charles L Son   8   Honley 85a
    DEWHURST Kathleen M Dau   8   Honley 85a
    SPITTLEHOUSE Ellen serv s 22 cook LIN Coningham 85a
    TUXFORD Susannah serv s 17 Housemaid LIN Kirton 85a
143 "Crawshaw House" WEBSTER Jonathan Head m 47 Boot manuf. Pudsey 85a
    WEBSTER Elizabeth Wife m 51   Armley 85a
    WEBSTER William S Son s 23 Clerk Rotherham 85a
    WEBSTER Elizabeth Dau s 18   Pudsey 85a
    BROWN Annie serv s 20 Housemaid Staithes 85a
    CURRY Emily serv s 19 dom serv DBY Alfreton 85a
144 Crawshaw Road MUFF Joseph Head m 44 Cloth manuf. Calverley 85a
    MUFF Mary A Wife m 49   Calverley 85a
    MUFF Ann Dau s 17   Calverley 85a
    LAZENBY Lousia serv s 24 dom serv Scarborough 85a
145 Crawshaw Road KENYON Walter Head m 35 Bank manager Denby 85b
    KENYON Martha Wife m 33   Pudsey 85b
    JACKSON Mary J serv s 24 dom serv Hull 85b
146 "Blenheim House" FARADAY John W Head m 32 Wesleyan minister London 85b
    FARADAY Mary C Wife m 31   IRL Enniskillen 85b
    FARADAY Irene Dau   5   SA Fort Banford 85b
    FARADAY Milton S Son   1   Gravesend 85b
    HARRISON Nelly serv s 18 dom serv MDX Tottenham 85b
147 "Crawshaw Villa" MATHERS Thomas Head m 52 Cloth manuf. Pudsey 85b
    MATHERS Sarah Wife m 52   Pudsey 85b
148 Crawshaw Road STOCKWELL Oliver Head m 55 Clothier's manager Wortley 85b
    STOCKWELL Mary Wife m 47   Pudsey 85b
    JACKSON Nancy Dau   9   Pudsey 85b
149 Crawshaw Road BROWN Joseph Head m 36 Book Binder Pudsey 85b
    BROWN Eden Wife m 36   Pudsey 85b
    BROWN Joshua Spencer Son s 14 Banker's Clerk Pudsey 85b
    BROWN Clara Dau   13   Pudsey 85b
150 Crawshaw Road WADE Selina Head w 49 Own means Pudsey 85b
    WADE Elizabeth Dau s 25   Pudsey 85b
    WADE Harry Son s 23 Boot & Shoe manuf. Pudsey 85b
    WADE Benjamin Son s 19 medical student Pudsey 85b
    WADE Hugh Gardum Son s 18 Engineering * Pudsey 85b
    WADE Hannah Scales Dau s 16   Pudsey 85b
    WADE Frank Norton Son s 13 Scholar Pudsey 85b
    PENISTONE Rebecca serv s 20 dom serv Wickerley 85b
151 Crawshaw Road BURNELL William B Head m 31 Sec. & librarian Mechanic's Inst. Markington 85b
    BURNELL Edith M Dau   10   DBY *ston 85b
    BURNELL Ethel H Dau   8   Bingley 85b
152 Crawshaw Road GAUNT James Head m 66 Retired Cloth weaver Pudsey 85b
    GAUNT Sarah Wife m 61 wife Pudsey 85b
153 Crawshaw Road DURHAM Alfred Head m 57 Coal Merchant Pudsey 86a
    DURHAM Hannah Wife m 57   Pudsey 86a
    HORNER Ruth A Dau m 34 Boot Fitter Pudsey 86a
    HORNER George Alfred gson   15 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 86a
154 Crawshaw Road DURHAM Edward Head m 30 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 86a
    DURHAM Jane E Wife m 27   Pudsey 86a
155 Crawshaw Road TURNER Joseph J Head m 45 Woolsorter Farsley 86a
    TURNER Jane Wife m 47   Newsham 86a
    TURNER Annie Dau w 19 Worsted Weaver Farsley 86a
    TURNER Marie Dau s 17 Worsted Weaver Farsley 86a
    TURNER Alice Dau   10   Bramley 86a
    TURNER Maud Dau   10   Bramley 86a
    TURNER Amelia Dau   7   Pudsey 86a
156 Crawshaw Road MILNER Samuel Head m 40 Leather Finisher Pudsey 86a
    MILNER Ellen Wife m 37 Dressmaker LIN Boston 86a
    MILNER Arthur Son   10 Scholar Pudsey 86a
157 Crawshaw Road SUGDEN Alfred Head m 53 Gen Lab Bramley 86a
    SUGDEN Elizabeth Wife m 51   Bramley 86a
    SUGDEN Alice A Dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Bramley 86a
    SUGDEN Isaac Son s 23 Shoemaker Bramley 86a
    SUGDEN Arthur Son s 20 Gen Lab Bramley 86a
    SUGDEN Ethel Dau   12 Scholar Pudsey 86a
158 Crawshaw Road PARROTT Hannah Head w 62   Haworth 86a
    PARROTT Sarah H Dau s 24 woolcomber Stanningley 86a
    PARROTT John W gson   10 Scholar Stanningley 86a
    PARROTT Annie gdau   8   Stanningley 86a
    PARROTT Herbert gson   2   Keighley 86a
159 Crawshaw Road WALTON Simeon Head m 54 Woolen weaver Pudsey 86a
    WALTON Martha Wife m 53   Pudsey 86a
160 Crawshaw Road SUGDEN Joseph Head m 31 Shoe Rivetter Pudsey 86b
    SUGDEN Sarah A Wife m 31   Pudsey 86b
    SUGDEN John Edward Son s 2   Pudsey 86b
161 Crawshaw Road PARKER George Head m 67 Stone mason Pudsey 86b
    PARKER Elizabeth Wife m 67   Pudsey 86b
    PARKER Jane Dau s 39 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 86b
    PARKER Emily Dau s 30 Machinist Pudsey 86b
    PARKER Granville gson s 6 Scholar Pudsey 86b
162 Crawshaw Road LEWIS Harry B Head m 25 Book Keeper LAN Little Bolton 86b
    LEWIS Alice Wife m 24   Pudsey 86b
    LEWIS Bernard Rayner Son   3m   Pudsey 86b
    PARKER Clara J cous   13   Pudsey 86b
163 Crawshaw Road HEAP Elijah Head w 53 Book Keeper Pudsey 86b
    HEAP Martha Dau s 16   Pudsey 86b
    HEAP Womersley Son s 13   Pudsey 86b
164 Crawshaw Road LEE Joshua Head m 50 Time Keeper Pudsey 86b
    LEE Ann Wife m 50   Pudsey 86b
    LEE Emma Dau s 26 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 86b
    LEE Arthur Son s 19 Time Keeper Pudsey 86b
    LEE Annie Dau s 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 86b
    LEE Martha A Dau s 13   Pudsey 86a