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Census Index 1901 Pudsey: ED3



Piece RG13/4187 Enumeration District 3 Folios 39a - 53a,

All that part of central Ward including both sides of Lowtown to the Lowtown Station Railway Bridge from Veritys Shop on the South Side to the said Bridge (this includes School Terrace, Whittams Yard and Croft Place) from Wesley Square on the north side to the said Bridge this includes Studley Terrace, Woodbine Square, Delph Hill, and Scales Fold and also all that part of the Lanes in the central ward west of the Railway line and south of Mount Pleasant Road this includes Grayshon's Houses Wharrells Villas and Nobles Houses.


1 5 Lowtown Alfred LAW head W 30 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 39a
    John William AVERY board m 39 Cotton Warp Dresser Farsley 39a
    Rose Ann AVERY serv m 35 Dom. Housekeeper Stanningley 39a
2 9 Lowtown Joseph HINCHLIFFE head m 48 Grocer & Currier Pudsey 39a
    Louisa HINCHLIFFE wife m 46   Dudley Hill 39a
    Arthur HINCHLIFFE son s 22 Iron Glazer Pudsey 39a
    Ethel HINCHLIFFE dau s 18 Milliner's app. Pudsey 39a
    Bertha HINCHLIFFE dau s 10   Pudsey 39a
    Freddy HINCHLIFFE son s 10   Pudsey 39a
3 11 Lowtown George GAUNT head m 58 Green Grocer & China Dealer Churwell 39a
    Emma GAUNT wife m 54   Pudsey 39a
    Ethel SYKES adptdau s 24 Boarding School Teacher Morley 39a
4 3 School Terr, Lowtown William Hy VERITY head m 33 Boot Rivetter Leeds 39a
    Mary VERITY wife m 30   Farsley 39a
    Harold VERITY son s 6   Pudsey 39a
5 4 School Terr, Lowtown John Ed VERITY head m 43 Joiner Pudsey 39a
    Martha VERITY wife m 40   Pudsey 39a
    Fred VERITY son s 16 Stove Grate Fitter Pudsey 39a
    Geo VERITY son s 13 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 39a
    Harry VERITY son s 11   Pudsey 39a
    Leonard VERITY son s 10   Pudsey 39a
    Albert VERITY son s 8   Pudsey 39a
    Clarissa VERITY dau s 3   Pudsey 39a
    Victoria VERITY dau s 2m   Pudsey 39a
6 5 School Terr, Lowtown Fred CHAPHAM head m 24 ShopKeeper - Hatter Pudsey 39a
    Margaret CHAPHAM wife m 23   Pudsey 39a
    Alice CHAPHAM dau s 5   Pudsey 39a
    Frank CHAPHAM son s 3   Pudsey 39a
    Walter CHAPHAM son s 11m   Pudsey 39a
7 7 School Terr, Lowtown Emma HAIGH head s 47 Boot Machinist Pudsey 39b
8 9 School Terr, Lowtown Jonathan EDMONDSON head m 44 Grocer's Teamer Tadcaster 39b
    Ruth EDMONDSON wife m 42   Pudsey 39b
    Grace EDMONDSON dau s 20 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 39b
    Barbara EDMONDSON niece s 16 Woolen Weaver Hunslet 39b
9 11 School Terr, Lowtown Richard BERRY head m 23 Painter's lab. Pudsey 39b
    Sarah Ann BERRY wife m 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 39b
10 13 School Terr, Lowtown Arthur RIDER head m 37 Coal Carter Pudsey 39b
    Ann Maria RIDER wife m 34   Pudsey 39b
    Thos RIDER son s 12 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 39b
    William RIDER son s 7   Pudsey 39b
    Ann Maria RIDER dau s 3   Pudsey 39b
11 15 School Terr, Lowtown William VERITY head m 56 Borough Collector Pudsey 39b
    Hannah VERITY wife m 58   Pudsey 39b
    John Haigh VERITY son m 28   Pudsey 39b
    Ann VERITY d in l m 29   Halifax 39b
12 6 School Terr, Lowtown Mary Ann BUTLER head w 67 School Caretaker Pudsey 39b
13 15 Lowtown Irwin WHITLEY head m 41 Club Curator Farsley 39b
    Eliza WHITLEY wife m 36   LIN Thorpe Fen 39b
    Ben Johnson WHITLEY son s 3   Pudsey 39b
    Frank WHITLEY son s 1   Pudsey 39b
14 1 Whitham Road, Lowtown Abraham WHITHAM head m 51 Joiner & Wheelwright Pudsey 39b
    Matilda WHITHAM wife m 50     39b
    Alice WHITHAM dau s 21 Milliner Pudsey 39b
15 2 Whitham Road, Lowtown Thos Ed ROBINSON head m 26 Iron Plate Drilling Machine Minder Batley 39b
    Annie ROBINSON wife m 19   Howden Clough 39b
    Phyllis ROBINSON dau s 6m   Pudsey 39b
16 19 Lowtown Richd WAITE head m 40 Green Grocer Doncaster 40a
    Mary WAITE wife m 41   Kirkstall 40a
    Emma WAITE dau s 19 Worsted Weaver Armley 40a
    Edward Cooper WAITE son s 16 Steam Crane Fitter Kirkstall 40a
17 21 Lowtown Geo TIDGEWELL head m 36 Fishmonger Pudsey 40a
    Annie TIDGEWELL wife m 32   SRY Dottling 40a
    John TIDGEWELL son s 13 Foundry Polisher Pudsey 40a
    Clara TIDGEWELL dau s 7   Pudsey 40a
    Fred William TIDGEWELL son s 3   Pudsey 40a
18 23 Lowtown Jabez GOTT head m 53 Grocer & Stone Mason Yeadon 40a
    Hannah GOTT wife m 49 Grocer Yeadon 40a
    James GOTT son s 22 Stone Mason Yeadon 40a
    Lawrence GOTT son s 6   Pudsey 40a
19 25 & 27 Lowtown William Sykes CROWTHER head m 53 WhiteSmith Farnley 40a
    Martha CROWTHER wife m 49 Confectioner Pudsey 40a
    Harriet E A CROWTHER dau s 25   Pudsey 40a
    Florence Annie CROWTHER dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 40a
    John Mitchell CROWTHER son s 19 WhiteSmith Pudsey 40a
    Sarah Ann CROWTHER dau s 16 Milliner Pudsey 40a
    Ethel CROWTHER dau s 8     40a
20 29 Lowtown Sophia INGHAM head w 53 Draper & Outfitter Bradford 40a
    Helen INGHAM dau s 14 Schol Pudsey 40a
    Bertha Annie METCALFE serv s 15 General dom. DUR Darlington 40a
    John Edward MOORE   s 15 Draper's app. SFK Lowestoft 40a
21 2 Ingham's Yard, Lowtown Matthew INGHAM head s 51 Machine Fitter Armley 40a
22 3 Ingham's Yard, Lowtown Hannah BOOCOCK head m 39   Farsley 40a
    John E J WALKER son s 21 Mineral Water Drayman Pudsey 40a
    Harry BOOCOCK son s 20 Iron Foundry Fitter's Appr Pudsey 40a
    Maud L BOOCOCK dau s 14 Boot Fitter Pudsey 40a
    Robert BOOCOCK son s 11   Pudsey 40a
    Robt BOOCOCK son s 7   Pudsey 40b
    Emanuel BOOCOCK son s 4     40b
23 4 Ingham's Yard, Lowtown Cornelius APPLEYARD head W 59 Navvy Teamster Pudsey 40b
    Rose APPLEYARD dau s 24 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 40b
24 1 Verity's Bldgs, Lowtown Geo VERITY head m 51 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Pudsey 40b
    Mary VERITY wife m 51   Pudsey 40b
    Laura VERITY dau s 19   Pudsey 40b
    Bennie VERITY son s 17 Joiner Pudsey 40b
25 2 Verity's Bldgs, Lowtown Frederick HAFNER head m 36 Pork Butcher GER 40b
    Caroline HAFNER wife m 36   NTH Peterboro 40b
26 3 Verity's Bldgs, Lowtown James Francis NAIFF head m 34 Baker & Confectioner LON Greenwich 40b
    Isabelle Ann NAIFF wife m 27   Harrogate 40b
    Dorothy NAIFF dau s 5   Harrogate 40b
    Philip Cuthbert NAIFF son s 2   Guiseley 40b
    Fred NAIFF bro s 25 Baker's ass. Knaresboro 40b
27 4 Verity's Bldgs, Lowtown Geo Hainsworth DRIVER head m 28 Green Grocer Pudsey 40b
    Frances DRIVER wife m 28   Pudsey 40b
    Halliday DRIVER son s 2   Pudsey 40b
28 33 Lowtown Simeon BRIGGS head m 56 Fish Fryer Pudsey 40b
    Sophia BRIGGS wife m 44 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 40b
    Willie BRIGGS son s 20 Iron Moulder's app. Pudsey 40b
    Emily BRIGGS dau s 15 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 40b
    Mary Hannah BRIGGS dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 40b
    John Rider BRIGGS son s 11   Pudsey 40b
29 2 Blackburn Yard, Lowtown Matthew WALKER head W 69 Furniture Dealer & Town Crier Pudsey 40b
30 35 Lowtown Thomas B THOMPSON head m 52 Grocer & Woolen Weaver Pudsey 40b
    Jessie THOMPSON wife m 40   Market Rasen 40b
    Thos B THOMPSON son s 11   Farsley 40b
    Harry THOMPSON son s 7   Farsley 40b
31 37 Lowtown Phoebe BLACKBURN head w 80   Pudsey 41a
    George NORTH s in l m 39 Rope Maker Farsley 41a
    Alice Hester NORTH dau m 40   Pudsey 41a
32 1 Croft Place, Lowtown Albert SWAIN head m 39 Coal Miner Pudsey 41a
    Eliza SWAIN wife m 35   Pudsey 41a
    Harry Webster SWAIN son s 13 Woolen Piecer Pudsey 41a
    Elijah SWAIN son s 11   Pudsey 41a
    John Edw SWAIN son s 8   Pudsey 41a
    Musgrave SWAIN son s 4   Pudsey 41a
    Walton SWAIN son s 1   Pudsey 41a
34 3 Croft Place, Lowtown Thos Edwin STEAD head m 25 Boot Rivetter Bramley 41a
    Mary Hannah STEAD wife m 24   Pudsey 41a
    Ernest STEAD son s 10m   Pudsey 41a
35 4 Croft Place, Lowtown Martha EXELBY head w 31 Charwoman Leeds 41a
    Elsie EXELBY dau s 9   Farsley 41a
    Willie EXELBY son s 6   Farsley 41a
    John EXELBY son s 3   Farsley 41a
36 6 Croft Place, Lowtown Thos Banks MITCHELL head m 29 Joiner Pudsey 41a
    Ann MITCHELL wife m 23   York 41a
37 7 Croft Place, Lowtown Thos Edw HIRST head m 24 Wood Turner Pudsey 41a
    Helena HIRST wife m 24 Worsted Spinner Batley 41a
    Edw HIRST son s 1   Stanningley 41a
38 8 Croft Place, Lowtown Michael ROUGHAN head m 26 Mechanical Engineer's lab. Pudsey 41a
    Lucy Ellen ROUGHAN wife m 27 Worsted Coating Weaver Pudsey 41a
39 9 Croft Place, Lowtown Mary LOGAN head m 23 Worsted Coating Weaver York 41a
40 10 Croft Place, Lowtown Emily E SEDGE head s 27 Salvation Army Officer KEN Hallingbourne 41a
    Sibylls BROADBENT visit s 20 Salvation Army Officer Gildersome 41a
41 11 Croft Place, Lowtown Thos COATES head m 26 Worsted Warp Dresser Pudsey 41b
    Clara COATES wife m 24 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 41b
    Lavinia Amy COATES dau s 1   Pudsey 41b
42 12 Croft Place, Lowtown William CUNNINGHAM head m 34 Boot Clicker Leeds 41b
    Jane CUNNINGHAM wife m 32   Hunslet 41b
    James William CUNNINGHAM son s 7   Hunslet 41b
    Edith CUNNINGHAM dau s 6   Hunslet 41b
    Annie CUNNINGHAM dau s 3   Leeds 41b
43 13 Croft Place, Lowtown Joseph GAUNT head m 37 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 41b
    Rebecca GAUNT wife m 35   Pudsey 41b
    Esther Ann GAUNT dau s 12   Pudsey 41b
    Phyllis Mary GAUNT dau s 6   Pudsey 41b
    Charles William GAUNT son s 3   Pudsey 41b
    Annie GAUNT dau s 1   Pudsey 41b
44 14 Croft Place, Lowtown Grimshaw FIRTH? head m 27 Steam Crane Fitter Idle 41b
    Martha FIRTH? wife m 27   Pudsey 41b
    Dorothy FIRTH? dau s 9m   Pudsey 41b
45 15 Croft Place, Lowtown Joe SCHOFIELD head m 25 Mineral Water Salesman LAN Bolton 41b
    Ethel SCHOFIELD wife m 20   LIN Edenham 41b
    Alex SCHOFIELD son s 4m   Pudsey 41b
46 1 Farrer's Yard, Lowtown Albert WORTLEY b-in-l s 23 Stone Delver LIN Osenby 41b
    Thomas HARGREAVES head m 37 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 41b
    Eliza HARGREAVES wife m 34   Pudsey 41b
    Ethel HARGREAVES dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 41b
    Oliver HARGREAVES son s 4   Pudsey 41b
    Ellen HARGREAVES dau s 3   Pudsey 41b
47 2 Farrer's Yard, Lowtown Geo WEST head m 55 Machine Minder Rodley 41b
    Marie WEST wife m 49   WLS Flint 41b
    William DAVEY son s 20 Cabinet Maker's Appr ? 41b
    Mary H DAVEY dau s 23   ? 41b
    John DAVEY son s 16 Cabinet Maker's Appr Pudsey 42a
    Catherine WEAR dau s 10   Bramley 42a
    Ethel WEAR dau s 7   Bramley 42a
    John LENNON board s 42   Laister Dyke 42a
    Edw LYNCH board s 31   Pudsey 42a
48 4 Farrer's Yard, Lowtown Polly BROUGH head s 37 Fish Fryer STS Marley 42a
    Mary DAVEY board s 21 Woolen Mill Filler Stanningley 42a
    Ben DAVEY board s 19 Iron Moulder's app. Stanningley 42a
49 5 Farrer's Yard, Lowtown Thomas DALY head m 57 Plasterer's lab. IRE Knock 42a
    Mary DALY wife m 59   IRE Galway 42a
    Michael DALY son s 26 Woolen Piecer Leeds 42a
    Bernard DALY son s 24 Woolen Piecer Hunslet 42a
    Thomas DALY son s 20 BrickLayer's lab. Pudsey 42a
    Peter MACDONALD visit m 50 Plasterer's lab. IRE Knock 42a
    Thos MC LOUGHLIN visit s 21 Plasterer's lab. IRE Knock 42a
50 39 Lowtown Robert BLACKBURN head m 42 Butcher Pudsey 42a
    Sarah BLACKBURN wife m 38   Pudsey 42a
    Horace BLACKBURN son s 13   Pudsey 42a
    Esther BLACKBURN dau s 7   Pudsey 42a
    Louie BLACKBURN dau s 5   Pudsey 42a
    Eleanor BLACKBURN dau s 1   Pudsey 42a
    Joseph HOYLE   s 17 Butcher Boy Pudsey 42a
51 43 Lowtown Squire ROOK head m 28 Foundry lab. Armley 42a
    Hannah ROOK wife m 28   Pudsey 42a
    Sarah Ann ROOK dau s 1   Pudsey 42a
    John Lee ROOK son s 1m   Pudsey 42a
    Martha A RAISTRICK s in l s 35 [feeble-minded] Pudsey 42a
52 45 Lowtown Ann NAYLOR head w 74   Farnley 42a
    Ellen GAMBLES dau w 38 Living on Own Means Pudsey 42a
    Ann GAMBLES gdau s 10   Pudsey 42a
53 47 Lowtown Mary E BINKS head m 26 Charwoman Stutton 42b
    Edith BRANNAN visit s 20 Charwoman Stanningley 42b
    Lilly BINKS dau s 5   Pudsey 42b
54 49 Lowtown John COSTELLO head m 49 Grocer & Gas Works lab. IRE Mayo 42b
    Mary Jane COSTELLO wife m 47 Grocer Pudsey 42b
    Margaret COSTELLO dau s 18 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 42b
    James COSTELLO son s 15 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 42b
    Bridget COSTELLO dau s 12   Pudsey 42b
    Kate COSTELLO dau s 10   Pudsey 42b
    Mary Jane COSTELLO dau s 8   Pudsey 42b
    Michael COSTELLO board s 29 Sewerage lab. IRE Mayo 42b
    Rodrick COSTELLO board s 32 Sewerage lab. IRE Mayo 42b
    James COSTELLO board s 17 Sewerage lab. IRE Mayo 42b
55 51 Lowtown Joshua FARRER head m 61 Woolen Weaver Farsley 42b
    Elizabeth FARRER wife m 55   Pudsey 42b
    John FARRER son s 25 Machine Maker's Driller Pudsey 42b
56 53 Lowtown Robert FARRER head W 70 LampLighter Beeston Royds 42b
57 55 Lowtown Grace Ann HEY head w 45 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 42b
    Jane Ann HEY dau s 14 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 42b
58 57 Lowtown John PARKER head m 49 Navvy Bradford 42b
    Elizabeth PARKER wife m 47   Bradford 42b
    John PARKER son s 24 BrickLayer's lab. Bradford 42b
    Albert PARKER son s 22 Railway lab. LON 42b
    Alice PARKER dau s 20   Bradford 42b
59 59 Lowtown John BLENKINSOP head m 40 Grocer & Plumber Welton 42b
    Emma BENKINSOP wife m 34 Boot Machinist Pudsey 42b
    Joseph RIDER son s 16 House Painter's Appr Pudsey 42b
    J W BLENKINSOP son s 12   Pudsey 42b
    M E BLENKINSOP dau s 5   Pudsey 42b
    Clara BLENKINSOP dau s 3   Pudsey 42b
    Maria MILNER m in l w 73     43a
    Joseph MILNER b-in-l s 36 Teamer Pudsey 43a
    Joseph HUGGAN board s 45 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 43a
60 61 Lowtown Mary GLOVER head w 68   Carlton 43a
    Frances GLOVER dau s 22 Charwoman Pudsey 43a
61 63 Lowtown James Hy BROUGHTON head m 39 Painter's lab. Pudsey 43a
    Martha Ann BROUGHTON wife m 42 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 43a
62 65 Lowtown Esther ARMITAGE head w 55   Pudsey 43a
    William? ARMITAGE son s 35 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 43a
    Hannah ARMITAGE dau s 27 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 43a
    Esther ARMITAGE dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 43a
63 67 Lowtown John E PILCH head m 37 Forge Striker [Blacksmith] Bradford 43a
    Mary PILCH wife m 37   Pudsey 43a
    Harriet E PILCH dau s 12   Pudsey 43a
64 69 Lowtown Elizabeth HINCHLIFFE head s 34 Boot Machinist Pudsey 43a
65 71 Lowtown Michael GIBBONS head m 26 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 43a
    Hannah GIBBONS wife m 26 Worsted Spinner Bramley 43a
66 73 Lowtown James ATKINSON head m 23 Gas Stoker Farnley 43a
    Sarah ATKINSON wife m 22   Pudsey 43a
67 75 Lowtown John CONNOLY head m 23 Gas Stoker IRE Mayo 43a
    Ann CONNOLY wife m 27 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 43a
68 77 Lowtown Sophia BEANLAND head s 49 Retired School Mistress Pudsey 43a
69 79 Lowtown James EMSLEY head m 39 Navvy Pudsey 43a
    Martha EMSLEY wife m 39   Pudsey 43a
    Jos Edw EMSLEY son s 14 Pawn Broker's ass. Pudsey 43a
    William EMSLEY son s 7   Pudsey 43a
    Frank PEEL board s 18 Pawn Broker's ass. Windhill 43a
70 81 Lowtown Samuel HINCHLIFFE head W 86 Retired Clothier Pudsey 43a
71 83 Lowtown Geo SCHOFIELD head m 60 Railway Porter Pudsey 43a
    Betty SCHOFIELD wife m 58   Pudsey 43a
    Mary Ann SCHOFIELD dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 43a
72 1 Claremont, Lowtown Joseph HALLIDAY head m 60 Woolen Cloth Man Pudsey 43b
    Eliz HALLIDAY wife m 51   York 43b
    Annie HALLIDAY dau s 25 Boarding School Teacher Bramley 43b
    Clarise HALLIDAY dau s 25 Boarding School Teacher Bramley 43b
73 2 Claremont, Lowtown Herbert POPPLEWELL head m 29 Tailor's Cutter Holmfirth 43b
    Florence POPPLEWELL wife m 36   Batley 43b
74 20 Lowtown Herbert ATTENBOROUGH head m 37 Grocer's ass. NTT Bingham 43b
    Edna Olive ATTENBOROUGH wife m 29   LIN Butterwick 43b
    Hilda Mary ATTENBOROUGH dau s 6   Bradford 43b
    Horace ATTENBOROUGH son s 4   Pudsey 43b
75 1 Booth's Yard Thos TURNPENNY head s 24 Iron Monger's ass. Pudsey 43b
    William LAWSON head W 60 Green Grocer Pudsey 43b
76 3 Booth's Yard Richd LAWSON son s 29 Blacksmith's Striker Pudsey 43b
    Harry LAWSON son s 18 Iron Foundry lab. Pudsey 43b
77 4 Booth's Yard Charles R FARRER head s 40 Butcher's ass. Pudsey 43b
    William Beaumont FARRER bro s 57 Living on Own Means Pudsey 43b
    Nancy Jane FARRER sis s 51 Living on Own Means Pudsey 43b
78 26 Lowtown Robert WINTERBURN head W 40 Iron Monger Ripon 43b
    William Farrer WINTERBURN son s 7   Pudsey 43b
    Robert WINTERBURN son s 5   Pudsey 43b
    Harold WINTERBURN son s 3   Pudsey 43b
    Fanny ELEY   s 19 dom. Housekeeper LIN Lincoln 43b
79 2 Studley Terrace, Lowtown William ROSS head m 42 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 43b
    Isabella ROSS wife m 44   Leeds 43b
80 3 Studley Terrace, Lowtown Albert EMSLEY head m 33 Joiner Pudsey 43b
    Violetta EMSLEY wife m 26   Bramley 43b
    Joe EMSLEY son s 8m   Pudsey 43b
81 4 Studley Terrace Edward HARGREAVES head m 42 Tailor Pudsey 44a
    Eliz HARGREAVES wife m 41 Woolen Weaver Leeds 44a
    Miriam HARGREAVES dau s 14 Pupil Teacher Pudsey 44a
    Louis HARGREAVES son s 12   Pudsey 44a
82 1 Woodbine Square, Lowtown Patrick FALKIN head m 47 Mason's lab. Pudsey 44a
    Ada FALKIN wife m 49 Charwoman Bramley 44a
83 2 Woodbine Square, Lowtown Sarah ALLOTT head w 56     44a
    Maranda ALLOTT dau s 26 Wool Comber Pudsey 44a
    Lilly ALLOTT dau s 20 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 44a
    Annie E ALLOTT dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 44a
    Herbert RANDALL board s 21 Wool Warehouseman Pudsey 44a
84 3 Woodbine Square, Lowtown William CLARK head m 36 Boot Finisher SFK Bury St. Edmonds 44a
    Alice CLARK wife m 36   DUR Darlington 44a
    Eleanor CLARK dau s 14 Worsted Twister Pudsey 44a
    Lizzie CLARK dau s 12 Worsted Doffer Hunslet 44a
    Benjamin CLARK son s 8   Pudsey 44a
    Harry CLARK son s 6   Pudsey 44a
    Victor CLARK son s 4   Pudsey 44a
85 4 Studley Terrace Simeon HARGREAVES head m 56 Boot Finisher Foreman Pudsey 44a
    Martha HARGREAVES wife m 56   Pudsey 44a
    Charles HARGREAVES son s 22 Boot Finisher Pudsey 44a
    Mary Eliz HARGREAVES dau s 20 Cloth Mender Pudsey 44a
    Edwin HARGREAVES son s 18 Boot Finisher Pudsey 44a
86 5 Studley Terrace, Lowtown Alfred CALVERT head m 45 Chimney Sweep Little Horton 44a
    Elizabeth CALVERT wife m 48 Charwoman Little Horton 44a
    Amy CALVERT dau s 19   Little Horton 44a
    Alice CALVERT dau s 16 Worsted Doffer Little Horton 44a
    Ada CALVERT dau s 12   Pudsey 44a
    Edith CALVERT dau s 10   Pudsey 44a
    Emily CALVERT dau s 7   Pudsey 44a
    Geo CALVERT son s 4   Pudsey 44b
    Lucy CALVERT dau s 2   Pudsey 44b
87 5 Woodbine Square, Lowtown William GOODALL head W 55 Stone Quarry lab. Garforth 44b
    Samuel GOODALL son s 18 Woolen Cloth Finisher Garforth 44b
    Frank GOODALL son s 15 Woolen Rag Grinder Garforth 44b
88 6 Woodbine Square, Lowtown Ernest ALLOTT head m 28 Iron Foundry Driller Pudsey 44b
    Hannah Mary ALLOTT wife m 27 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 44b
    Angelina BOOCOCK aunt s 39 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 44b
89 7 Woodbine Square, Lowtown Mary CARVER head w 56   Pudsey 44b
    Harriet Emma CARVER dau s 37 Boot Upper Shiver Pudsey 44b
    John Lawson CARVER son s 28 Cabinet Maker Pudsey 44b
90 36 Lowtown Benjamin WILCOCK head m 50 Plumber Pudsey 44b
    Elizabeth WILCOCK wife m 52   Pudsey 44b
    Glover WILCOCK son s 21 Stone Mason Pudsey 44b
    Tom WILCOCK son s 19 Iron Moulder Pudsey 44b
    Caroline WILCOCK dau s 17 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 44b
    Agnes WILCOCK dau s 15   Pudsey 44b
    Lizzie WILCOCK gdau s 3   Pudsey 44b
91 Lowtown Joseph DICKINSON head m 65 Mason's lab. Pudsey 44b
    Hannah DICKINSON wife m 60 Charwoman Pudsey 44b
    Elizabeth DICKINSON dau s 22 Worsted Warper Pudsey 44b
    Joseph DICKINSON gson s 5   Pudsey 44b
92 Lowtown Alfred James ELLIKER head m 43 Leather Tanner Kirkstall 44b
    Sarah ELLIKER wife m 44   STS 44b
    William ELLIKER son s 22 Stone Quarry lab. Kirkstall 44b
    James ELLIKER son s 15 Woolen Spinner Bramley 44b
    Jos William MYERS son m 26 Boot Clicker Kirkstall 44b
    Rhoda MYERS d in l m 26   Pudsey 44b
    Hugh MYERS gson s 1   Pudsey 44b
  38 Lowtown Pollie BROOKE head s 38 Confectioner Farsley 45a
93 40 Lowtown Mary H WHITLEY board s 38 Confectioner Farsley 45a
94 42 Lowtown John Thos RODGERS head m 39 Cycle Agent Leathley ? 45a
    Clara S RODGERS wife m 35   HEF Cwin Dales? 45a
    Albert RODGERS son s 14 Cycle Agent's Son North Rigton 45a
    Florence A RODGERS dau s 12   North Rigton 45a
95 4 Delph Hill John GILCOCK head m 58 Innkeeper Pudsey 45a
    Martha WILCOCK son m 59   Bramley 45a
    Mary WILCOCK dau s 29   Pudsey 45a
    Eliz FARRER dau w 27   Pudsey 45a
    Edwin J WILCOCK son s 15 Auctioneer's Clerk Pudsey 45a
96 1 Walker's Bldgs, Delph Hill John William HIGGINS head m 24 Woolen Mule Spinner Otley 45a
    Jane Anne HIGGINS wife m 24 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 45a
97 2 Walker's Bldgs, Delph Hill Arthur William ABBOTT head m 27 Wool Washer Kirkstall 45a
    Edith ABBOTT wife m 23 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 45a
    Rose Eliz ABBOTT dau s 1   Pudsey 45a
98 3 Walker's Bldgs, Delph Hill Tom KITCHINGMAN head m 26 BrickLayer Ripon 45a
    Louisa KITCHINGMAN wife m 28 Worsted Drawer Ripon 45a
99 4 Walker's Bldgs, Delph Hill Benjamin ATKINSON head m 59 Yeast Dealer Pudsey 45a
    Lydia ATKINSON wife m 43   Pudsey 45a
    Sarah THOMPSON dau m 32   Pudsey 45a
    Richard THOMPSON s in l m 37 Woolen Willeyer Pudsey 45a
    Sarah H THOMPSON gdau s 12   Bramley 45a
100 5 Walker's Bldgs, Delph Hill Mary H LAYCOCK head w 45 Tailor Pudsey 45a
    Sam Driver LAYCOCK son s 12   Leeds 45a
    Claud LAYCOCK son s 10   Leeds 45a
    Lancelot LAYCOCK son s 8   Leeds 45a
101 6 Shamrock Cottage Joseph HOLDER head m 26 Leather Currier Leeds 45a
    Martha HOLDER wife m 21   Pudsey 45a
102 1 Towns Fold, Delph Hill Alfred GOODALL head m 30 Stone Mason Pudsey 45b
    Grace Ann GOODALL wife m 35   Stanningley 45b
103 2 Towns Fold, Delph Hill John DUTSON head m 68 Woolen Willeyer LON 45b
    Sabina DUTSON wife m 57   Stanningley 45b
104 3 Towns Fold, Delph Hill Joseph FARRAR head m 58 Mason's lab. Pudsey 45b
    Mary Ann FARRAR wife m 59   Stutton 45b
    Mary Ann BATLEY niece s 22 Worsted Drawer DUR Bishop Auckland 45b
    James R HARTLEY gson s 13 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 45b
105 4 Towns Fold, Delph Hill William LOBLEY head m 65 Machine Minder Pudsey 45b
    Mary E AMBER dau m 30 Weaver Pudsey 45b
    Louisa LOBLEY dau s 13   Pudsey 45b
    Ada LOBLEY dau s 2   Pudsey 45b
    Thompson CRAVEN board W 34 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 45b
106 5 Towns Fold, Delph Hill James ROBINSON head m 38 Wheelwright Selby 45b
    Eliz ROBINSON wife m 36   Selby 45b
    Frances ROBINSON dau s 14 Woolen Weaver Selby 45b
    Harry ROBINSON son s 12   Selby 45b
    Ida ROBINSON dau s 10   Selby 45b
    Arthur ROBINSON son s 8   Selby 45b
    Joe ROBINSON son s 6   Selby 45b
    Florrie ROBINSON dau s 4   Selby 45b
    John ROBINSON son s 2   Bradford 45b
107 7 Towns Fold, Delph Hill Nancy WILCOCK head w 68 Charwoman Pudsey 45b
    Nancy BRIGGS niece s 26 Charwoman Pudsey 45b
108 9 Towns Fold, Delph Hill Joshua SHARP head W 73 Retired Weaver Bradford 45b
    William SHARP son s 51 Navvy Bradford 45b
    John SHARP son s 47 Navvy Bradford 45b
109 15 Delph Hill Robert NORTON head m 67 Draper Pudsey 46a
    Betty NORTON wife m 67   Pudsey 46a
110 19 Delph Hill Edw MITCHELL head m 40 Boiler Rivetter Bradford 46a
    Etta MITCHELL wife m 25   LAN Liverpool 46a
    Henry MITCHELL son s 18 Moulder's app. Pudsey 46a
    Annie MITCHELL dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 46a
    Agnes MITCHELL dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Stanningley 46a
    Martha MITCHELL dau s 11   Stanningley 46a
    Mary MITCHELL dau s 9   Pudsey 46a
    Arthur MITCHELL son s 6   Pudsey 46a
    Eleanor Louise MITCHELL dau s 1   Bramley 46a
111 27 Delph Hill John GAUNT head m 21 BrickLayer's lab. Pudsey 46a
    Maud GAUNT wife m 24   LON 46a
    Florence REYNOLDS visit w 71 Living on Own Means SOM Bath 46a
112 33 Delph Hill John B SHARP head m 70 Living on Own Means Pudsey 46a
    Sarah J SHARP wife m 62   Bradford 46a
    Elizabeth AUDAIR visit s 64 Living on Own Means Knottingley 46a
113 35 Delph Hill John William SHARP head m 52 Iron Foundry Driller Pudsey 46a
    Sarah SHARP wife m 54   Pudsey 46a
    John Varley SHARP son s 25 Butcher Pudsey 46a
114 37 Delph Hill James WOOD head m 64 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 46a
115 41 Delph Hill Lottie GREGSON head w 47   Pudsey 46a
    John GREGSON son s 21 Road lab. Pudsey 46a
    Harry GREGSON son s 11   Pudsey 46a
    Albert MITCHELL s in l m 27 Woolen Willeyer Pudsey 46a
    Mary E MITCHELL dau m 25   Pudsey 46a
    Joshua MITCHELL gson s 2   Pudsey 46b
    Ann MITCHELL gdau s 1   Pudsey 46b
116 43 Delph Hill Sam HARRISON head m 42 Green Grocer Pudsey 46b
    Florence A HARRISON wife m 41   Pudsey 46b
    Geo HARRISON son s 17 Iron Works Mechanic Pudsey 46b
    Ernest HARRISON son s 6   Pudsey 46b
117 45 Delph Hill Frances HARRISON head w 63   Pudsey 46b
    Walter HARRISON son s 40 Green Grocer Pudsey 46b
    Ann HARRISON dau s 35 Dressmaker Pudsey 46b
    Alice GREEN serv s 15 dom. serv Methley 46b
118 47 Delph Hill Emanuel SUGDEN head m 38 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 46b
    Annie SUGDEN wife m 38   Pudsey 46b
    James SUGDEN son s 15 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 46b
    Edith SUGDEN dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 46b
    Lawrence SUGDEN son s 7   Pudsey 46b
    Emily SUGDEN dau s 4   Pudsey 46b
    Frederick SUGDEN son s 1   Pudsey 46b
119 49 Delph Hill Mary Eliz WEBSTER head w 39   Stanningley 46b
    Harry WEBSTER son s 17 Cloth Finisher Pudsey 46b
    Willie WEBSTER son s 15 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 46b
    Ellen WEBSTER dau s 13 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 46b
    Jane WEBSTER dau s 7   Pudsey 46b
    Ada WEBSTER dau s 4   Pudsey 46b
    Fountain DAVEY lodg W 65 Painter Stanningley 46b
119a 51 Delph Hill Geo BUSFIELD head m 43 Mason's lab. Pudsey 46b
119b 53 Delph Hill Henrietta BUSFIELD wife m 49   Pudsey 46b
120 55 Delph Hill John William BUSFIELD son s 22 Blacksmith's Striker Pudsey 46b
    Mary BUSFIELD dau s 18 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 46b
    Rebecca BUSFIELD dau s 13 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 46b
    Hannah Mary CRAVEN cousin s 32 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 46b
    Harold ASQUITH adptson s 3   Pudsey 46b
121 57 Delph Hill Michael HEANEY head m 28 Mason's lab. IRE 47a
    Sarah J HEANEY wife m 26   Pudsey 47a
    Mary E HEANEY dau s 1   Pudsey 47a
122 59 Delph Hill Joseph DUTSON head m 58 Waste Dealer Pudsey 47a
    Sarah Ann DUTSON wife m 58   Pudsey 47a
    Martha Ada DUTSON dau s 23 Tailoress Pudsey 47a
123 20 Delph Hill Samuel FARRER head s 63 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 47a
    Sarah Ann FARRER sis s 52 Stuff Weaver Pudsey 47a
    James Arthur FARRER neph m 29 Slater's lab. Pudsey 47a
    Emma FARRER niece m 28 Stuff Weaver Bradford 47a
    Sophia FARRER niece s 5   Pudsey 47a
124 18 Delph Hill James SCURRAH head m 24 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 47a
125 16 Delph Hill Norman BRIGGS head m 46 Woolen Card Cleaner Pudsey 47a
    Margaret BRIGGS wife m 45   Embsay 47a
    Rachel BRIGGS dau s 19 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 47a
    Bertha BRIGGS dau s 16 Worsted Twister Pudsey 47a
    Norman BRIGGS son s 14 Asst Cloth Twister Pudsey 47a
    Agnes BRIGGS dau s 5   Pudsey 47a
    William BRIGGS son s 4   Pudsey 47a
126 14 Delph Hill Martha BRIGGS head w 78 Living on Own Means Pudsey 47a
127 12 Delph Hill John RILEY head m 27 Foundry Blacksmith Bradford 47a
    Jane RILEY wife m 28   Bradford 47a
    Margaret E RILEY dau s 7   Bradford 47a
    Florence RILEY dau s 5   Bradford 47a
    Harry RILEY son s 1   Pudsey 47a
128 10 Delph Hill Edward HARRISON head s 72 Coal Merchant Pudsey 47a
129 8 Delph Hill Thomas BRIGGS head w 57 Woolen Card Cleaner Pudsey 47a
    William BRIGGS son s 24 Iron Moulder Pudsey 47a
    Webster BRIGGS son s 17 Worsted Mill Filler Pudsey 47a
    Agnes BRIGGS dau s 15 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 47a
    Maurice BRIGGS son s 10   Pudsey 47b
    Brook BRIGGS son s 8   Pudsey 47b
130 44 Lowtown Eliza WALKER head w 63 House Painter & Decorator SRY Dorking 47b
    Frederick WALKER son s 21 Improver * Pudsey 47b
    John WALKER son s 19 Painter & PaperHanger Pudsey 47b
131 46 Lowtown James Hy VERITY head m 48 Grocer Pudsey 47b
    Emily VERITY wife m 44   Pudsey 47b
    Herbert VERITY son s 20 Grocer's ass. Pudsey 47b
    Ethel VERITY dau s 19 Dressmaker Pudsey 47b
    James VERITY son s 17 Stuff Merchant's Clerk Pudsey 47b
    Willie VERITY son s 14 Joiner's app. Pudsey 47b
    Emma VERITY dau s 9   Pudsey 47b
    Archibald VERITY son s 8   Pudsey 47b
132 48 Lowtown Herbert HELLIWELL head m 28 Butcher's Manager Halifax 47b
    Emily HELLIWELL wife m 31   Walton 47b
    Vida HELLIWELL dau s 2   Pudsey 47b
    Thos HELLIWELL son s 4m   Pudsey 47b
    Ernest HELLIWELL bro s 18 Stone Mason Halifax 47b
133 53 & 54 Lowtown William BURNAND head m 35 Grocer & Boot Rivetter Pudsey 47b
    Harriet BURNAND wife m 32 Grocer Pudsey 47b
    Grace A BURNAND dau s 11   Pudsey 47b
    Marion G BURNAND dau s 9   Pudsey 47b
    Florence BURNAND dau s 7   Pudsey 47b
134 56 Lowtown Haley WILCOCK head m 40 Plumber Pudsey 47b
    Eliza WILCOCK wife m 42   Bramley 47b
    Herbert B WILCOCK son s 18 Plumber's Son Pudsey 47b
    Allan WILCOCK son s 16 Worsted Jobber Pudsey 47b
    Sarah H WILCOCK dau s 14   Pudsey 47b
    Frank H WILCOCK son s 10   Pudsey 47b
    Blanche WILCOCK dau s 7   Pudsey 47b
134a 58 Lowtown Samuel CLAPHAM head m 58 ShopKeeper [Hatter] Cleckheaton 48a
135 60 & 62 Lowtown Mary Eliz CLAPHAM wife m 54   Pudsey 48a
136 7 Towns Fold, Lowtown John ARMITAGE head s 52 Mason's lab. Pudsey 48a
137 8 Towns Fold, Lowtown Mary HANSON head w 59   Horbury 48a
    Ruth A ARMITAGE lodg m 45 Woolen Mill Filler Bramley 48a
138 64 Lowtown A C BELLHOUSE head m 36 Publican Wortley 48a
    E BELLHOUSE wife m 36   Ramsey 48a
    William D BELLHOUSE son s 14 Stuff Warehouseman Wortley 48a
    Glads BELLHOUSE dau s 7   Manningham 48a
    Harry CORNEY neph s 15 Stuff Warehouseman LAN Manchester 48a
    Polly SHELDON serv s 20 dom. serv Barnsley 48a
    Edith BRANNON serv s 20 dom. serv Stanningley 48a
139 68 Lowtown Fred William SOWDEN head m 28 PawnBroker Pudsey 48a
    Mary SOWDEN wife m 26   Shelley 48a
    Dorlinda M SOWDEN dau s 7m   Pudsey 48a
    Arthur BROWN board s 17   LAN Manchester 48a
    Haigh PENNINGTON board   16   DUR 48a
    Lilian SHEARD serv   18   Armley 48a
140 70 Lowtown Hannah BUTTERFIELD head   75 Living on Own Means Bramley 48a
141 72 Lowtown Simeon Geo WEBSTER head   62 BootMaker Pudsey 48a
    Sarah Ann WEBSTER wife   66   Pudsey 48a
    Matthew WEBSTER son   33 Worsted Mill lab. Pudsey 48a
    Emma E WEBSTER d in l   31   Otley 48a
    Henry WEBSTER gson   12   Bramley 48a
    Maggie WEBSTER gdau   11   Pudsey 48a
    Sarah Ann WEBSTER gdau   8   Pudsey 48a
    Jane WEBSTER gdau   6   Pudsey 48a
    Marian WEBSTER gdau   1   Pudsey 48a
    Bertha WEBSTER gdau s 3m   Pudsey 48a
142 74 Lowtown John LEE head m 46 Fish Salesman Pudsey 48b
    Martha LEE wife m 46   Pudsey 48b
    Samuel LEE son s 25 Coal Carter Pudsey 48b
    Halliday LEE son s 23 Mineral Works Bottler Pudsey 48b
    Fred LEE son s 16 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 48b
    Hetty LEE dau s 10   Pudsey 48b
    Clara HALLIDAY s in l s 27 Woolen Knotter Pudsey 48b
    Harry HALLIDAY neph s 12   Pudsey 48b
143 76 Lowtown Geo HOLDSWORTH head m 39 Draper & Woolen Warp Dresser Pudsey 48b
    Eliz HOLDSWORTH wife m 39 Draper & Woolen Warp Dresser Pudsey 48b
    Charles HOLDSWORTH son s 13 Litho Printer Pudsey 48b
    Irwin HOLDSWORTH son s 9   Pudsey 48b
    Esther HOLDSWORTH dau s 6   Pudsey 48b
144 2 Farrer's Fold, Lowtown Harriet MARSHALL head w 67   Pudsey 48b
    Mary Ann MARSHALL gdau s 18 Worsted Spinner Heckmondwike 48b
145 3 Farrer's Fold, Lowtown Eliz BROUGHTON head w 76   Cleckheaton 48b
    Fred BROUGHTON gson s 10   Pudsey 48b
146 4 Farrer's Fold, Lowtown Jonathan B MITCHELL head W 60 Joiner & Cabinet Maker Pudsey 48b
    Jane Eliz WOOD dau m 30 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 48b
    Simeon F WOOD s in l m 34 Wool Sorter Pudsey 48b
    Thompson M WOOD gson s 3m   Pudsey 48b
147 5 Farrer's Fold, Lowtown James APPLEYARD head m 41 Tripe Dresser & Dealer Pudsey 48b
    Annie APPLEYARD wife m 34   Leeds 48b
148 6 Farrer's Fold, Lowtown William FARRER head s 64 Farmer Pudsey 48b
    Clara A FARRER niece s 30 Dressmaker Pudsey 48b
149 78 Lowtown Edwin FARRER head m 56 Waste Dealer Pudsey 48b
    Ann FARRER wife m 58   Hawksworth 48b
150 80 Lowtown Thos GIBSON head m 36 Leather Currier Pudsey 48b
    Emily Jane GIBSON wife m 34 Leather ShopKeeper SOM Frome 48b
151 82 Lowtown Edwin NAYLOR head m 41 Boot ShopKeeper Pudsey 49a
    Annie NAYLOR wife m 41   Pudsey 49a
    John NAYLOR son s 18 Iron Turner's app. Pudsey 49a
    Edgar NAYLOR son s 10   Pudsey 49a
    Minnie NAYLOR dau s 6   Pudsey 49a
152 84 Lowtown Eliza BEEVERS head w 42 Grocer DBY Ilekston 49a
    Albert BEEVERS son s 14 Grocer's Son Huddersfield 49a
    Annie BEEVERS dau s 12   CA 49a
153 88 Lowtown Charles REYNOLDS head m 50 Actor [Theatre] MDX London 49a
    Fanny REYNOLDS wife m 50   MDX London 49a
    Grace REYNOLDS dau s 18 Worsted Spinner WOR Brumsgrave 49a
    Minnie REYNOLDS dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Cleckheaton 49a
    Albert REYNOLDS son s 14 Butcher's Boy Pudsey 49a
    May REYNOLDS dau s 9   Pudsey 49a
154 92 Lowtown Benjamin CONNELL head m 48 Gas Company lab. Pudsey 49a
    Sarah CONNELL wife m 47   Pudsey 49a
    John William CONNELL son s 24 Coachman & Gardener Pudsey 49a
    Benjamin CONNELL son s 21 Teamer Pudsey 49a
155 94 & 96 Lowtown John CROMACK head m 45 PawnBroker & Clothier Bradford 49a
    Emily CROMACK wife m 39 Clothier CHS Nantwich 49a
    Florence DAVISON serv s 24 dom. serv Sheffield 49a
156 98 Lowtown James BEDFORD head m 44 Railway StationMaster Gildersome 49a
    Mary Ann BEDFORD wife m 38   Leeds 49a
157 1 Seales Fold, Lowtown James RIDDLE head m 79   IRE 49a
    Ann RIDDLE wife m 58   IRE 49a
    Margaret RIDDLE dau s 32 Boot Factory Machinist IRE 49a
    William RIDDLE son s 28 Woolen Dyer Pudsey 49a
    Charles RIDDLE son s 23 Woolen Spinner Pudsey 49a
158 2 Seales Fold, Lowtown Joseph COATES head m 64 Coal Dealer Pudsey 49b
    Anne COATES wife m 63   Pudsey 49b
    Sam COATES son s 41 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 49b
    John HARMAN gson s 17 Iron Moulder Pudsey 49b
159 3 Seals Fold, Lowtown Abraham CRYER head s 63 Woolen Willeyer Drighlington 49b
    Geo CRYER bro s 60 Woolen Willeyer CHS 49b
160 4 Seales Fold, Lowtown Annie LYNCH head w 38 Woolen Weaver Bradford 49b
    James W LYNCH son s 17 Worsted Doffer Bradford 49b
    Stephen LYNCH son s 16 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 49b
    John LYNCH son s 12 Barber's ass. Pudsey 49b
    Thos LYNCH son s 9   Pudsey 49b
161 5 Seales Fold, Lowtown William GIBBONS head m 48 Cement & Lime Plasterer Pudsey 49b
    Ruth GIBBONS wife m 50   Pudsey 49b
    Emma GIBBONS dau s 26 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 49b
    Ruth A GIBBONS dau s 17 Worsted Drawer Pudsey 49b
    Clara A GIBBONS dau s 15 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 49b
    Laura GIBBONS dau s 13 Boot Eyelet Machine Minder Pudsey 49b
    Amy GIBBONS dau s 10   Pudsey 49b
162 6 Seales Fold, Lowtown Emma ARUNDALE head w 50   Pudsey 49b
    M Ann ARUNDALE dau s 30   Pudsey 49b
    Charles ARUNDALE son s 28 Leather Currier Pudsey 49b
    Joseph ARUNDALE son s 26 Stone Mason Pudsey 49b
    Ann ARUNDALE dau s 22 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49b
    Geo ARUNDALE son s 21 Stone Mason Pudsey 49b
    John ARUNDALE son s 20 Mason's lab. Pudsey 49b
    Mary E ARUNDALE dau s 17 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49b
    James ARUNDALE son s 14 Factory Boot Black Pudsey 49b
    Willie ARUNDALE son s 12   Pudsey 49b
163 7 Seales Fold, Lowtown Martha KNOWLES head m 42   Pudsey 49b
    Mary Jane KNOWLES dau s 16 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 49b
    Lilly KNOWLES dau s 14 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 50a
    Joseph KNOWLES son s 12   Pudsey 50a
    Sam KNOWLES son s 10   Pudsey 50a
    Jane KNOWLES gdau s 2   Pudsey 50a
    James W SCULL s in l m 23 Painter & Decorator Keighley 50a
    Sarah A SCULL dau m 21   Pudsey 50a
    Martha SCULL gdau s 6m   Pudsey 50a
164 Seales Fold Webster GAUNT head m 57 Mason's lab. Pudsey 50a
    Benjamin SHARP board s 33 Mason's lab. Pudsey 50a
165 6 The Lanes, Lowtown Elizabeth FENTON head w 63   Pudsey 50a
    Ben HEWITT lodg m 50 Navvy Pudsey 50a
    Charles BATLEY lodg W 81 Filter Beds Waterman NFK Shelton 50a
166 8 The Lanes, Lowtown Benjamin DIXON head m 44 Furniture Drayman Wortley 50a
    Grace Ann DIXON wife m 43 Burler Pudsey 50a
    Sam DIXON son s 16 Boot Finisher Pudsey 50a
    Maude DIXON dau s 12   Pudsey 50a
    Herbert DIXON son s 9   Pudsey 50a
167 10 The Lanes, Lowtown Squire BRIGGS head m 42 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 50a
    Frances BRIGGS wife m 43   Pudsey 50a
    Sarah A MILLER dau m 20 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 50a
    Lilly BRIGGS dau s 13   Pudsey 50a
    Anne E BRIGGS dau s 10   DBY Chesterfield 50a
    Squire BRIGGS son s 7   DBY Chesterfield 50a
    Joseph MILLER gson s 7m   Pudsey 50a
168 12 The Lanes, Lowtown Ruth Ann GIBBONS head w 61 Cloth Burler Pudsey 50a
    George W BATEMAN neph s 17 Leather Roller Pudsey 50a
169 1 The Lanes, Lowtown William LAWSON head m 44 Iron Foundry Dresser Pudsey 50a
    Emma LAWSON wife m 39   Pudsey 50a
    Esther LAWSON dau s 16 Worsted Winder Pudsey 50a
    Robert LAWSON son s 10   Pudsey 50a
    Willie LAWSON son s 7   Pudsey 50b
    Leonard LAWSON son s 3   Pudsey 50b
170 1 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Sam DUFTON head s 40 Woolen Mill Filler Pudsey 50b
    Squire DUFTON bro m 35 Green Grocer Pudsey 50b
171 3 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown John HINCHLIFFE head m 37 Leather Currier Leeds 50b
    Clara HINCHLIFFE wife m 36   Leeds 50b
    Henry HINCHLIFFE son s 12   Leeds 50b
172 5 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown John William TOWNEND head W 35 Tea Merchant's Traveller Leeds 50b
176 7 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Ann BINNS head w 66   Skipton 50b
    Margaret BINNS dau s 30 Cloth Weaver Pudsey 50b
    Mary Jane BINNS dau s 27 Boot Machinist Pudsey 50b
174 9 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Oliver BRIGGS head m 39 Currier's lab. Pudsey 50b
    Sarah Eliz BRIGGS wife m 38   Pudsey 50b
    Ada BRIGGS dau s 16 Boot Factory Learner Pudsey 50b
    Mary Ann BRIGGS dau s 14 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 50b
    Maurice BRIGGS son s 10   Pudsey 50b
    Herbert BRIGGS son s 5   Pudsey 50b
    Irwin BRIGGS son s 2   Pudsey 50b
176 2 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Job WILCOCK head m 33 Wool Sorter Pudsey 50b
    Sarah Jane WILCOCK wife m 34 Boot Machinist Bramley 50b
    Florrie WILCOCK dau s 9   Bramley 50b
177 4 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Sunderland WILSON head m 31 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 50b
    Harriet WILSON wife m 29   Pudsey 50b
    Rella WILSON dau s 8   Pudsey 50b
    John WILSON son s 2   Pudsey 50b
178 6 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Alfred POWELL head m 38 House Painter Eccleshill 50b
    Mary Jane POWELL wife m 32   Bramley 50b
    Annie Eliz POWELL dau s 1   Pudsey 50b
179 8 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Sam JAGGER head m 47 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 51a
    Letitia JAGGER wife m 47   Farsley 51a
    Mary H JAGGER dau s 19 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 51a
    Fanny JAGGER dau s 16 Punching Machinist [Boot] Pudsey 51a
    Annie Eliz JAGGER dau s 8   Pudsey 51a
180 10 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown Willie CARTER head m 25 Boot Finisher Pudsey 51a
    Henrietta CARTER wife m 26 Woolen Cloth Weaver LAN Bury 51a
181 12 Grayshon Bldg, Lowtown William THOMPSON head m 46 Shoemaker Pudsey 51a
    Mary Ann THOMPSON wife m 45 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
    Hannah THOMPSON dau s 7   Pudsey 51a
182 1 * Bldgs ? William GRAYSHON head m 47 Living on Own Means Bramley 51a
    Mary GRAYSHON wife m 44   Pudsey 51a
183 2 * Bldgs ? Richard GRAYSHON head m 41 Butcher Pudsey 51a
    Hannah GRAYSHON wife m 40   Pudsey 51a
    Mary GRAYSHON dau s 7   Pudsey 51a
    Sarah E GRAYSHON dau s 3   Pudsey 51a
184 13 The Lanes Thos JESSOP head m 40 Iron Foundry lab. Sprortley nr Hull ? 51a
    Mary JESSOP wife m 39   Pudsey 51a
    John William JESSOP son s 14 Iron Moulder Pudsey 51a
185 15 The Lanes Eliz TOWNEND head w 66   Dunnington 51a
    Emily TOWNEND dau s 29 BootMaker Rivetter Pudsey 51a
    Alice Ann TOWNEND dau s 26 Boot Machinist Pudsey 51a
    Joseph Hy TOWNEND son s 24 BootMaker's Clerk Pudsey 51a
186 17 The Lanes Grace ISLES head w 62 Woolen Burler Pudsey 51a
    Ruth Ann WILCOCK niece s 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51a
187 19 The Lanes Eliz EMSLEY head w 51   Pudsey 51a
    Sarah H BONELL dau w 34 Worsted Twister Pudsey 51a
    John BONELL gson s 15 Worsted Puller ? Pudsey 51a
    Varley BONELL gson s 14 Worsted Bobbin Taker-off Pudsey 51a
    James BONELL gson s 13 Worsted Doffer Pudsey 51a
    Maud BONELL gdau s 11   Pudsey 51b
    George BONELL gson s 9   Pudsey 51b
    Kate BONELL gdau s 7   Pudsey 51b
188 14 The Lanes Harry EASTWOOD head m 19 Stationary Engine Driver Bramley 51b
    Carrie EASTWOOD wife m 21 Worsted Weaver Pudsey 51b
189 16 The Lanes William PROCTER head m 37 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 51b
    Charlotte Jane PROCTER wife m 22 Worsted Weaver BKM Newport Pagnal 51b
190 18 The Lanes William JESSOP head m 28 Gas Fitter's lab. Bramley 51b
    Ann Eliza JESSOP wife m 25 Woolen Weaver Bramley 51b
191 20 The Lanes Esther SWAIN head w 72   Bolton 51b
    Eliza FARRER dau m 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 51b
    Ethel FARRER gdau s 1   Pudsey 51b
    Joshua SWAIN son W 32 Navvy Pudsey 51b
192 22 The Lanes Willie NAYLOR head m 26 Boot Finisher Pudsey 51b
    Lily NAYLOR wife m 24 Cotton Weaver Pudsey 51b
193 23 Rosemont, The Lanes Mathew Henry NORTON head m 40 Basket Maker Pudsey 51b
    Nancy NORTON wife m 38   Pudsey 51b
    John Clough NORTON son s 12   Pudsey 51b
    Ben NORTON son s 10   Bramley 51b
    Verity NORTON son s 8   Bramley 51b
    Joseph Clough NORTON son s 5m   Pudsey 51b
    Judith NORTON moth w 82   Bramley 51b
194 25 Rosemont, The Lanes Edward BUSFIELD head m 33 Woolen Spinner Farsley 51b
    Sarah BUSFIELD wife m 28   Bradford 51b
    Lilian May BUSFIELD dau s 7   Bradford 51b
    Hubert BUSFIELD son s 3   Farsley 51b
195 27 Rosemont, The Lanes Mary GREAVES head w 59   Rawdon 51b
    Sarah GREAVES dau s 39 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 51b
    Emily GREAVES dau s 24 Woolen Weaver Rawdon 51b
    Ethel GREAVES dau s 14   Rawdon 51b
196 29 Rosemont, The Lanes Joseph TINDALL head m 50 Blacksmith Fairburn 52a
    Elizabeth TINDALL wife m 45   Pudsey 52a
    Thomas Varley TINDALL son s 25 Factory Blacksmith Bramley 52a
    Edith TINDALL dau s 23 Worsted Weaver Bramley 52a
    Bertha TINDALL dau s 21 Worsted Weaver Morley 52a
    Horace TINDALL son s 19 Millwright/Fitter Appr Morley 52a
    Harold TINDALL son s 15 Machine Fitter's Appr Morley 52a
197 31 Rosemont, The Lanes Jonathan TAYLOR head m 50 Drugstore Manager CrossGates 52a
    Alice TAYLOR wife m 50   Templethorpe 52a
    Mary E TAYLOR dau s 22 Stationer's ass. Brotton 52a
    Fred C TAYLOR son s 19 Photographer's ass. CrossGates 52a
    Lorenzo TAYLOR son s 15 Printer's app. CrossGates 52a
198 33 Rosemont, The Lanes George Harold NOBLE head m 32 Building Contractor Pudsey 52a
    Anna Maria NOBLE wife m 30   Pudsey 52a
    Walter NOBLE son s 9   Pudsey 52a
    Rose NOBLE dau s 7   Pudsey 52a
    Maud L EMSLEY stepdau s 4   Pudsey 52a
    Anne NOBLE dau s 8m   Pudsey 52a
199 35 Rosemont, The Lanes Annie SKYES head w 49 Grocer SCT 52a
    Eliz SKYES dau s 28   Gildersome 52a
    Eliz BEST moth w 71   IRE 52a
    Arthur HUTTON board s 23 Boot Rivetter Pudsey 52a
200 9 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Hugh THREAPLETON head m 32 Leather & ?? Merchant Leeds 52a
    Edith Annie THREAPLETON wife m 32   Leeds 52a
    Dorothy THREAPLETON dau s 2   Leeds 52a
201 8 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Louisa ATKINSON head w 33 Dressmaker Leeds 52a
    Arthur ATKINSON son s 11   Leeds 52a
    Theresa ATKINSON dau s 9   Leeds 52a
202 7 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Thos VARLEY head m 23 Stone Mason & Waller Pudsey 52a
    Olive VARLEY wife m 20   Farsley 52a
    Claude VARLEY son s 10m   Pudsey 52a
203 6 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Herbert William BEECH head m 27 Railway Signalman HRT Cole Green 52b
    Sarah Ann BEECH wife m 26   CHS Alderley Edge 52b
    Gladys Mabel BEECH dau s 1   Pudsey 52b
204 5 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Geo H BARBER head m 25 Railway Porter & W--ch Agent NTH Peterborough 52b
    Lilian BARBER wife m 22   Dewsbury 52b
    Ivy BARBER dau s 1   YKS * 52b
    Charlie BARBER board s 21 Railway Porter CAM Wi-----ow 52b
205 4 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Tom WORMALD head m 36 Iron Moulder Leeds 52b
    Mary Hannah WORMALD wife m 37   Pudsey 52b
    John William WORMALD son s 16 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 52b
    Samuel WORMALD son s 15 Woolen Machine Minder Pudsey 52b
    Ada WORMALD dau s 12   Pudsey 52b
    Harry WORMALD son s 9   Bramley 52b
    Mary E WORMALD dau s 4m   Pudsey 52b
    Harold WORMALD son s 3   Pudsey 52b
206 2 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Joseph DUTSON head m 25 Joiner & Builder Pudsey 52b
    Florence A DUTSON wife m 22   Pudsey 52b
    Percy DUTSON son s 11m   Pudsey 52b
207 1 Rosemont Terr, The Lanes Lavinia STRICKLAND head w 38 Boot Machinist Pudsey 52b
    Emily STRICKLAND dau s 18 Boot Fitter Stanningley 52b
208 1 Rosemont Terrace Alfred NOBLE head m 27 Engineer Bradford 52b
    Eliza Ann NOBLE wife m 27   Pudsey 52b
    Harry NOBLE son s 2   Pudsey 52b
    James NOBLE son s 1   Pudsey 52b
209 2 Rosemont Avenue Ernest Geo BODIMEAKE? head m 22 Railway Signalman STS Stafford 52b
    Lillie BODIMEAKE? wife m 25   Doncaster 52b
    Gladys May BODIMEAKE? dau s 3m   Bradford 52b
210 3 Rosemont Avenue William Hy MURGATROYD head m 30 Jobbing Carter Armley 52b
    Eliza Jane MURGATROYD wife m 28   BRISTOL 52b
    Ernest MURGATROYD son s 5   Pudsey 53a
    Violet MURGATROYD dau s 2   Pudsey 53a
211 4 Rosemont Ave, The Lanes Taylor EARNSHAW head m 30 Police Constable YKS * 53a
    Clara EARNSHAW wife m 28   Meltham 53a
    Lawrence EANSHAW son s 3   Pudsey 53a
    Lilian EARNSHAW dau s 1m   Pudsey 53a
212 5 Rosemont Ave, The Lanes John WITCOMB head m 59 Retired Engine Smith SOM Wells, nr Frome 53a
    Emma WITCOMB wife m 53   SOM Frome 53a
    Annie WITCOMB dau s 24 Worsted Weaver WAR Birmingham 53a
    Geo WITCOMB son s 22 Cabinet Maker WAR Birmingham 53a
    Florence WITCOMB dau s 19 Woolen Weaver WAR Birmingham 53a
    William Henry WITCOMB son s 17 dom. Groom Sunderland 53a
    Gertrude WITCOMB dau s 11   Stanningley 53a
213 6 Rosemont Ave, The Lanes Fred CROWTHER head m 29 General Engineer Pudsey 53a
    Agnes CROWTHER wife m 30     53a
214 7 Rosemont Ave, The Lanes Walter TWEEDY head m 26 Railway Clerk Askham Bryan, nr York 53a
    Florence TWEEDY wife m 26   WAR Alcester 53a
215 8 Rosemont Ave, The Lanes Ellen FOYER head w 43   WES Preston Patrick 53a
    Robt FOYER b-in-l s 39 Woolen Willeyer Sedburgh 53a
    Robt Geo FOYER son s 22 dom. Gardener Sedburgh 53a
    Dorothy FOYER dau s 21 Woolen Weaver Sedburgh 53a
    Mary FOYER dau s 18   Sedburgh 53a
    Edith FOYER dau s 8   Sedburgh 53a
216 Rosemont Villas Charles ALLUM head m 29 Woolen Mill Secretary WAR Coventry 53a
    Florence ALLUM wife m 28   LEI Leicester 53a
    Charles Eustice ALLUM son s 6   WAR Coventry 53a
    William Herbert ALLUM son s 3   Stanningley 53a
    Florence M ALLUM dau s 9m   Pudsey 53a
217 Rosemont Villas William Jones NOBLE head m 53 Auctioneer & Valuer Pudsey 53a
    Eliz NOBLE wife m 53   Pudsey 53a
    Iveson NOBLE son s 25 Litho Printer Pudsey 53a
    Rose NOBLE dau s 22 dom. Housemaid Pudsey 53a
    Clough NOBLE son s 16 * Planer Pudsey 53a
    Sarah Eliz NOBLE dau s 11   Pudsey 53a
218 28 Lowtown William WILCOCK head m 70 Stone Quarryman Pudsey 53a
    Elizabeth WILCOCK wife m 71   GSY 53a
219 29 Delph Hill, Lowtown Eliz HARGREAVES head w 68   Bramley 53a
220 31 Delph Hill, Lowtown Alfred MORTIMER head s 48 Electric Bell Fitter Pudsey 53a