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Lay Subsidies 1524 & 1545


The tax called "Lay Subsidy" was levied by Henry VIII in 1524 on all persons with property over a certain amount. Only 11 people were rated in Calverley, at a rate of 1 shilling in the pound for land and sixpence in the pound on goods.


Sir Walter Calverley Land £40 per annum
William Calverley Land 20s
Richard Calverley Goods ?
William Rawdon Goods £3
John Alenbrigg Goods 40s
Thomas Alenbrigg Goods 40s
John Walker Goods 40s
Thomas Birkenshaw Goods 40s
Gilbert Birkenshaw Goods 40s
Smith's wife Goods 40s
Kitson's wife Goods 40s


The second subsidy was levied in 1545. This was on all who were worth the smaller amount of 20shilling. From it can be seen who were the householders of the parish at that time.

William Calverley Thomas Alanbrigg Andrew Smith James Dawson
Gibson's wife John Baily Robert Waterworth John Alanbrigg
John Armitage Robert Belhouse William Waterworth Thomas Swain
Thomas Wilson William Kitson Thomas Walker Edward Swain
William Flather Thomas Ward John Wright George Swain
John Moss Richard Henrison Richard Jenkinson Thomas Kent
John Day William Amler Robert Dawson Edward Pollerd
William Skelton Admergill's wife William Rediall Richard Walker
Richard Caru Percival Longfellow Peter Mechill Thomas Bait
John Haire total 1s 9d John Goodall Richard Swain
William Kitson   Thomas Dawson Thomas Sowden
William Pickard   John Dawson Brian Hall
Robert Hunter   Robert Dawson de Garth George Netherwood
Gilbert Birkenshaw   Isabella Walker John Hoill
Nicholas Harper   George Lepton John Grenall
John Thompson   John Gaunt James Stable
Richard Stead   John Marshall Tristram Legiard
John Taylor   Richard Lepton Thomas Legiard
Thomas Rhydyng   Thomas Claighton John Ramsden
Edward Sowden   John Scacherd John Waterhouse
Rawden's wife   Adam Croft Humphrey Nussey
Robert Kitchen   Thomas Smith Richard Fletcher
Richard Wolflett   William Ferrore Barnard Sandall
John Stead   John Alanbrigg Edward Rook
Thomas Illingworth   William Lee John Valis
John Rawden   Richard Gaunt John Kitchen
total 5s 6d   Thomas Grave total 4s 10d
    Alicia Dawson  
    Robert Lumby  
    John Whitley  
    Walkher Blahey  
    Nicholas Gibson  
    Henry Sharpe  
    Henry Claighton  
    William Dawson  
    Richard Bens  
    Ralph Gibson  
    William Mechill  
    John Wilson  
    Isabell Dawson  
    Richard Walker  
    Ralph Hill  
    total 20s 1d