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Pudsey Voters 1741


The first known contested election in which Pudsey took part was in 1741, the candidates being Cholmeley Turner and George Fox. The purpose was to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Lord Morpeth. The poll began on 15th January and was open eight days. The 54 freeholders of Pudsey voted as follows: -


Voted For
Voted For
Bailey Benjamin Fox
Banks Thomas Fox
Barraclough John Fox
Beaumont John Turner
Binks Benjamin Fox
Bowcock Joseph Fox
Brooks Thomas Fox
Crummuck Joseph Fox
Darnbrough John Fox
Darnobrough John Fox
Dodgson Samuel Turner
Dodgson William Fox
Eyles Thomas Fox
Farrer Abraham Fox
Farrer Robert Turner
Farrar William Fox
Fenton Samuel Fox
Ferrand Benjamin Fox
Hey Richard Fox
Hillas Samuel, jnr Fox
Hillhouse Samuel Fox
Himsworth John Fox
Hinchliffe John Fox
Hinchliffe Samuel Fox
Hinchliffe Samuel Turner
Hollingworth Thomas Turner
Hutchinson John Fox
Hutchinson Joseph Fox
Ingham Thomas Fox
Knewstub John Fox
Langley Thomas Fox
Langley William Fox
Lobley John Fox
Lumby Samuel Fox
Lumby William Turner
Lumby William, sen. Turner
Milner Mathew Turner
Moss John Fox
Moss Samuel Fox
Moss William Fox
Moss William Turner
Procter Jacob Fox
Procter John Fox
Rhodes Joseph Fox
Ryley William Turner
Smith Robert Fox
Snow Francis Fox
Taylor David Fox
Wainman John Turner
Walker Samuel Fox
Willassey John Fox
Wilson William Turner
Watson William Turner
Wilson Jeremiah Fox