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Pudsey Voters 1807

The next great contest [after 1741] was in 1807, when the most exciting and expensive contest which ever occurred in the history of electioneering took place in this county, when the two great aristocratic families, Fitzwilliam (Whig) and Harewood (Tory), were contesting for the representation of the county in Parliament. The candidates were William Wilberforce, Esq., Lord Milton, and the Hon. Henry Lascelles. The real struggle was between Milton and Lascelles, as both parties concurred in the election of Mr. Wilberforce. During the fifteen days' poll, the county was in a state of the most violent agitation, party spirit being wound up to the highest pitch by the friends of the two noble families, and everything being done that money or personal exertion could accomplish; the roads in every direction were covered with conveyances of all descriptions, conveying voters from the most remote corners of this great county to York to record their votes. The poll commenced on May 20th and ended June 5th, when the numbers polled were - Wilberforce 11,806; Milton 11,177; Lascelles 10,989. 117 persons went from Pudsey, and they voted as follows:- Milton 98, 94 of them being plumpers; Lascelles 18; Wilberforce 18. The following is a list of the Pudsey voters:

Voted for
Voted for
Ainsworth Isaac Clothier   Milton
Ainsworth Jas Clothier Tong Milton
Ainsworth Titus Blacksmith   Milton
Awmack James Clothier   Wilberforce
Asquith John Cooper   Milton
Balm John Combmaker   Milton
Banks Thomas Clothier   Milton
Banks James Clothier Eccleshill Milton
Banks Joseph Clothier   Milton
Binns Samuel Clothier Alverthorpe Milton
Boocock John Clothier   Milton
Booth John Clothier   Milton
Boyes Samuel Clothier   Milton
Boyes Samuel Clothier   Milton
Boyes John Clothier   Milton
Brown James Woolstapler   Milton
Carbutt Thomas Clothier   Milton
Carlisle Thomas Fairfax Drysalter   Milton
Carter Richard Mason   Milton
Cauthray William Clothier   Milton
Clayton J. Drysalter Bramley Wilberforce and Lascelles
Clifford Jeremiah Merchant   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Cooper John Butcher   Milton
Cooper John Butcher   Milton
Cooper William Clothier   Milton
Cooper Joseph Clothier   Milton
Crampton William Clothier Bramley Milton
Crampton John Clothier Bramley Wilberforce and Milton
Crowther Jeremiah Clothier   Milton
Crowther John Clothier   Milton
Dean John Clothier   Milton
Dean Benjamin Clothier   Milton
Dodgson Joseph Clothier   Milton
Driver Joseph Carpenter   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Dufton Thomas Clothier   Milton
Elsworth Joseph Clothier   Milton
Elwind William Clothier Armley Lascelles
Elwind William Clothier   Lascelles
Farrar Richard Clothier   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Farrar Richard Woolstapler   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Farrar Samuel Gentleman Bramley Milton
Farrar Samuel Clothier   Milton
Farrar John Yeoman Bramley Wilberforce and Lascelles
Farrar John Clothier   Milton
Farrar William Clothier Farsley Milton
Farrar William Clothier   Wilberforce and Milton
Farrar Henry Clothier   Milton
Fearnley John Clothier   Milton
Gaunt Daniel Clothier   Milton
Gaunt John, junior Clothier   Milton
Greaves William Clothier   Milton
Greaves William Clothier   Milton
Haiste William Clothier   Milton
Hall Joseph Clothier   Milton
Hall David Clothier   Milton
Hare John Clothier   Milton
Hargreaves J.   Great Horton Milton
Harrison James Clothier   Milton
Harrison James Clothier   Milton
Harrison James Clothier Bramley Milton
Harrison John Clothier Bramley Milton
Harrison William Clothier   Milton
Howgate Samuel Yeoman   Milton
Helmsley John Clothier   Milton
Hinchliffe Joseph Farmer   Wilberforce and Milton
Hinchliffe John Clothier   Milton
Hinchliffe Samuel Clothier   Milton
Hinchliffe Samuel Clothier   Milton
Hining John Clothier   Milton
Hining Robert Clothier   Milton
Hining William Clothier   Milton
Hodgson William Fellmonger   Milton
Howarth William Clerk   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Hutchinson Abraham Woolstapler   Lascelles
Hutchinson Matthew Woolstapler   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Jackson James Gentleman Bramley Lascelles
Ingham Samuel Farmer   Milton
Jones Zachariah Smith   Milton
Laird Thomas Dissenting Minister   Milton
Lister John Clothier   Milton
Lobley John Clothier   Milton
Lumby William Clothier   Milton
Lumby William Miller   Milton
Lumby Joshua Clothier   Milton
Lumby Christopher Clothier   Milton
Mitchell Jonathan Carpenter   Milton
Mitchell John Carpenter   Milton
Mitchell John Clothier   Milton
Moor Daniel Butcher   Milton
Moss Charles Clothier   Milton
Moss William Butcher   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Moss Samuel Clothier   Milton
Musgrave John Clothier   Milton
Myers William Carrier   Milton
Nailor John Mason   Milton
Oates William Clothier   Milton
Pool George Gentleman Bramley Lascelles
Ratcliffe   Yeoman Bramley Wilberforce and Lascelles
Richardson James Woolstapler   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Rither Thomas Merchant   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Roberts Benjamin Joiner   Milton
Scarth William Clothier   Wilberforce and Lascelles
Senior Joseph Tailor   Milton
Scholefield John Clothier   Milton
Shoesmith Jno Worsted Manf.   Milton
Tindall Edmund Clothier   Milton
Upton John Clothier   Milton
Verity Benjamin Clothier Bramley Milton
Walker William Drysalter   Wilberforce and Milton
Walker John Carpenter   Milton
Watkinson John Cordwainer   Milton
Webster John Clothier   Milton
Wilkinson Jos. Shopkeeper   Milton
Wilkinson Henry Woolstapler   Milton
Whitfield John Clothier   Milton
Whitfield John Clothier   Milton
Wood Thomas Clothier   Milton