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Pudsey & Calverley Poll Tax 1379


The "Lay Subsidy" or Poll Tax of 1379 was granted by the spring parliament of the twelve year old king Richard II. Unlike the poll tax of Edward III two years earlier, which was a tax of 4d a head on all the population over twelve, this tax was graded from 10 marks for the Duke of Lancaster, down to 4d for a labouring man. Nevertheless, the 32 entries for Pudsey are all classed at the lowest rate.
The entries for Calverley below do not include the amount levied.

Tax Due
Tax Due
Thomas de Tyrisall 4d  
Willelmus Kyng 4d  
Nicholaus de Pudesay 4d  
Willelmus Brode 4d  
Walterus Coke 4d  
Petrus de Pudesay 4d  
Robertus Pycard 4d  
Willelmus Attewell 4d  
Willelmus Attewell junior 4d  
Johannes Wayt 4d  
Johannes Malynson 4d  
Rogerus Flayer 4d  
Johannes Sclake 4d  
Johannes de Sutill 4d  
Johannes de Heton 4d  
Willelmus Gilleson 4d  
Thomas de Pudesay 4d  
Johannes de Holcoft 4d  
Johannes filius Willelmi 4d  
Johannes de Brenn 4d  
Willelmus Skinner 4d  
Willelmus Alan 4d  
Thomas de Slake 4d son of Thomas of Pudesay
Robertus de Lumby 4d  
Johannes de Staunton 4d  
Robertus de Rotherlay 4d  
Cecilia Brode 4d  
Elizabeth Coke 4d  
Alicia atte Well 4d  
Alicia, relict Willelmi 4d  
Alicia de Heton 4d  
Willelmus de Tiresall 4d  
Walter de Calverley  
John Shepley  
Walter Hugelot  
William Walker  
Thomas Batty  
Nicholas Spenser  
John Voylayn  
Adam de Smythly  
John de Bayldon  
Roger del Hole  
John de Rotheley  
Simon Colston  
William Webster  
Thomas de Rotheley  
John de Priesthrop  
John de Schelf  
Walter Cosson  
Christiana del Schelf  
Walter son of Walter (de Calverley)
Magota Walker  
Isabella Spencer  
Johanna Nuris  
Alicia Walker  
John Milner  
Alice Milner  
Dyota Batty  
John Wright  
Thomas Whiteacre  
John Webster  
Beatrix Harper  
Mariota Webster  
Elena Harper