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Farsley Rehoboth Particular Baptist Burials


The Baptist Chapel at Farsley was built in 1777. The church was formed on 27th March 1780. Their first minister was William Roe. The first registered burial is 1785. Under Occupation, where the entry refers to a child, then occupation refers to the father.
Unfortunately, the burial records for the chapel are somewhat fragmented. Two sections have been found archived, these are for the periods 1785-1803 and 1824-1837..
Thanks to the help of church deacon Pam Ward and her colleagues, we have been able to add the records in their care, which date from 1887-2000. This leaves sizeable gaps of 21 years and 50 years, and it is not known if the records for this period still exist.
(Some burial details have been extracted from private contemporary diaries and have been entered here.)

In addition to these records, we have also been able to transcribe the grave book, which is a record of who was buried where in the chapel cemetery. This book appears to be a replacement for the original which must have gone missing in the 1890s. As such it is not reliable for dates and many entries of burials are not entered.
The "new" burial ground which opened in 1836 is situated in Bagley.