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Farsley Rehoboth Particular Baptist Marriages

The first marriage ceremony conducted by the Baptist Chapel on Priesthorpe Lane at Farsley was in 1915. Marriages before then are found in North Bierley Registers at Bradford Register Office.. The church was formed on 27th March 1780. Their first minister was William Roe.

His occ
Reg Ref
His occ
Reg Ref
1893 03 10 ISLES Job     Engineer Prospect House, Farsley          
  KIDD Emily A       Ringland, Norfolk          
1915 04 01 WILSON Percy 27 B Stuff Warehouseman Crossfield House, Farsley Dan Wilson Woollen Merchant Alfred Ernest Leppingwell   AP291/1
  WHITLEY Frances Annie 27 S Confectioner 2 Beckbury Street, Farsley John Whitley Confectioner Ernest Whitley    
1915 04 03 WATERHOUSE David 27 B Worsted Warp Dresser 1 Crag Hill Terrace, Horsforth Thomas Waterhouse (dec'd) Quarryman William Waterhouse   AP291/2
  ILLINGWORTH Ada 26 S Worsted Warper 17 Bryan Street, Farsley James Illingworth Mechanic Herbert Illingworth    
1915 04 19 BUSFIELD Morris 26 B Electrician Grove Cottages, Swinefleet Road, Old Goole Israel Busfield Cloth Percher Harry Brook   AP291/3
  WALKER Hilda 24 S Burler & Mender Kirklees Terrace, Farsley James William Walker Woolsorter Mabel Elsworth    
1915 05 22 SOFTLEY Harry 27 B Draper (Journeyman) 8 Rowston Street, Cleethorpes George Softley Ironmoulder Leonard Softley   AP291/4
  BROWN Henrietta 25 S Weaver 15 Hilderthorpe Terrace, Farsley John Brown Farmer Annie Softley    
1915 08 02 RHODES William Calvert 23 B Gunner R.F.A. (Clothier's Cutter) Parochial Institute, Bennett Road, Leeds Frederick Rhodes Butcher James Pearson Calvert   AP291/5
  BUSFIELD Edith 21 S Burler & Mender 3 Sydney Street, New Street, Farsley Samuel Busfield Cloth Scourer Gladys May Busfield    
1915 08 04 METCALFE Harold 28 B Tram Conductor 12 New York Place, Hough End, Bramley Arthur Metcalfe Shoemaker Ernest Butler   AP291/6
  BUSFIELD Agnes Ann 28 S Cloth Mender Commercial Hotel, Farsley James Busfield Innkeeper Florence Kitching    
1915 09 22 LEE William 50 B Tailor & Outfitter Ivy Cottage, Farsley Charles Lee (dec'd) Tailor Herbert Lee   AP291/7
  JEFFERIES Ada 48 S Dressmaker 3 West View, Farsley Robert Jefferies Woollen Spinner Agnes Jefferies    
1915 09 22 ATKINSON John Roland 26 B Lieut 15th West Yorks Regiment No 1 Camp, Ripon Francis Richard Atkinson Manufacturer Philip Gaunt   AP291/8
  GAUNT Emily Blanche 27 S Masseuse Hazelbrae, Farsley Leonard Gaunt Manufacturer Leonard Gaunt    
1916 02 26 BANKS Alfred 26 B Fettler in Woollen Mill 11 Woodhall Road, Calverley Samuel Banks Willeyer John Woodhouse Palmer   AP291/9
  WILLIAMS Myra Gwendoline Mary 24 S Woollen Weaver 1 Low Bank Street, Farsley Seth Williams (dec'd) Clerk Lily Banks    
1916 03 18 SMITH William Edward 23 B Power Loom Tuner 7 Bramley Place, Bramley George Smith Caretaker Harold Brown, Betsy Hilda Smith   AP291/10
  ROBINSON Alice Mary 21 S Worsted Mender 21 Charles Street, Farsley James Alfred Robinson (dec'd) Percher John Whitehead    
1916 10 15 ROBERTSON Squire 25 B Warehouseman 12 Edward Street, Dudley Alexander Robertson Mule Spinner Harold Alexander Robertson   AP291/11
  POWELL Alice Maud May 22 S . Springwood Cottage, Priesthorpe Lane, Farsley Benjamin Hudson Powell Gardener Mabel Jane Robertson    
1917 07 23 SUTCLIFFE James 25 B Private R.A.M.C. Schoolmaster 29 Melbourne Street, Farsley Lemuel Sutcliffe Bootmaker Bernard Petty   AP291/12
  OVEREND Hilda 25 S Worsted Weaver 22 Kingswood Terrace, Great Horton, Bradford Jabez Overend Willeyer Evelyn Sutcliffe    
1917 12 15 SENIOR Willie 51 W Weaving Overlooker 1 Rosemont Avenue, Pudsey John Senior (dec'd) Weaver Arthur Isles   AP291/13
  WOODCOCK Polly 55 W . 13 West Grove Street, Stanningley Charles Faulkner (dec'd) . Annie Senior    
1917 12 20 BUTLER Ernest 22 B Draper's Assistant 5 Springfield Place, Bramley Samuel Butler (dec'd) Leather Finisher Leonard Walter Bell   AP291/14
  KITCHING Florence 27 S Cloth Burler 17 Ruskin Street, Farsley John William Kitching (dec'd) Weaver Margaret Jane Carlton    
1918 02 20 LEATHAM Frank Denton 23 B Ordinary Seaman R.N. 1 Goodson Row, Bramley Charles Leatham Diesinker Joshua Procter By Licence AP291/15
  WOOD Annie 28 S Woollen Cloth Weaver 3 Well Street, Farsley Sam Wood Weftman Clara Wood, Sam Wood    
1918 08 03 PEARSON Walter 25 B Linotype Operator 59 Burton Street, Farsley William Pearson Warehouseman Morris Busfield   AP291/16
  STRICKLAND Annie 25 S Woollen Cloth Mender 29 Calverley Lane, Farsley Harry Strickland Cloth Percher Nellie Strickland    
1918 08 06 SMITH Thomas 27 B Sapper 342495 Royal Engineers Boiler Fixer at Textile Mill 19 Cavendish Square, Beckbottom, Farsley Henry Smith Engineer Percy Ernest Coward By Licence AP291/17
  DALEY Edith Annie 29 S Power Loom Weaver 10 Roseberry Terrace, Stanningley John Daley Caretaker Alice Coward    
1919 02 05 BIRKINSHAW Leonard 28 B La Cpl MT A.S.C.112196 Dyer's Labourer Swinnow Cottage, Stanningley Austin Birkinshaw Joiner Wilfred Birkinshaw   AP291/18
  SHACKLETON Annie 26 S Worsted Weaver 10 Andrew Square, Farsley Pullan Shackleton Warper Clara Shackleton    
1919 04 15 GRIMSHAW Frank 21 B Painter & Decorator Town Street, Farsley Hainsworth Grimshaw Painter & Decorator Hainsworth Grimshaw   AP291/19
  TURNER Lily 21 S . 29 Mulberry Street, Church Lane, Pudsey Walter Turner Moulder Ada Turner    
1919 09 27 FARRAR Harrison Overend 30 B Army Pensioner 13 Beckbury Street, Farsley James Farrar (dec'd) Cloth Merchant John William Pearson   AP291/20
  FENTON Florence 31 S Warper at Woollen Mill 22 Kirkham Street, Rodley Arthur Fenton Painter Alice Farrar    
1919 10 18 PICKARD Fred 46 W Woolcomber 21 Woodlands Avenue, Farsley Samuel Pickard (dec'd) Weaver Frederick Hollings   AP291/21
  HARGREAVES Alice 40 S . 53 Roseville Terrace, Farsley Joseph Hargreaves Carding Overlooker Rebecca Hollings    
1919 12 13 WOOD Walker Wilson 29 B Fettler at Woollen Mill 5 Wesley Street, Farsley Joseph Wood (dec'd) Stone Mason Frank Denton Leatham   AP291/22
  WOOD Clara 27 S Woollen Weaver 3 Well Street, Farsley Sam Wood Weftman Annie Wood    
1920 03 31 EDDISON William 26 B Woolsorter 7 Irwin Street, Farsley John Eddison Joiner Walter Eddison   AP291/23
  PARKINSON Alma 27 S Worsted Mender 82 Beck Bottom, Rodley John Parkinson Warehouseman Harriet Parkinson    
1920 06 09 BOYS Harold 24 B Asst Manager Army Employment Exchange 70 South Parade, Pudsey Fred Boys Draper Maurice Boys   AP291/24
  WEBSTER Emily 22 S Com* Burler & Mender 7 Ash Grove Terrace, Wesley Road, Stanningley Charles Webster Clerk Emma Boys    
1920 06 17 ELSWORTH Samuel Heaton 61 W Foreman Engineer 30 Bentley Grove, Meanwood, Leeds Ephraim Elsworth (dec'd) Coal Agent Joshua Shutt   AP291/25
  KEIGHLEY Fanny 60 S . 4 Low Bank, Farsley Peter Keighley (dec'd) Woolsorter Mary Hannah Whitley    
1920 09 11 BRADLEY Harris Henry 27 B Grocer's Assistant 7 Bethel Terrace, Bramley Joseph Bradley (dec'd) Willeyer Joe Buckton   AP291/26
  DOCKRAY Ada 24 S Worsted Mender 65 Bryan Street, Farsley Fred Dockray Joiner Hilda Lee    
1920 12 25 CHILD Joseph Cecil 26 B Shop Assistant 34 Salisbury Street, Calverley Arthur Child Spinner Ernest Barran   AP291/27
  BARRAN Hilda 28 S Weaver Rosemont, Bagley Lane, Farsley Josiah Barran (dec'd) Fettler Florence Edna Child    
1921 03 22 LAMBERT William 29 B Structural Engineer 74 Elmwood Place, Stanningley John Lambert (dec'd) Grocer John Sydney Lambert By Licence AP291/28
  HAINSWORTH Mabel 28 S . 11 Beckbury Street, Farsley Frederick Hainsworth Foreman Woolsorter Clara Lambert    
1921 04 20 WHITEHEAD Leonard 33 W Cloth Manufacturer (Partner) 83 Saint Enoch Road, Wibsey Willie Whitehead Manufacturer Ernest Whitehead, Jessie Louisa Riley   AP291/29
  CROWTHER Agnes 30 S . Harthill House, Gildersome Samuel Crowther Gentleman Samuel Crowther    
1921 09 07 MILNER William 29 B Company Secretary 977 Leeds Road, Bradford William Milner Insurance Agent Arthur Yeadon   AP291/30
  ROBINSON Gladys 28 S Clerk 6 Nethercape, Farsley Benjamin Robinson (dec'd) Overlooker Gertrude Ellen Threapleton    
1922 07 29 LAMBERT John Edward 23 B Motor Mechanic 6 Womersley Place, Bradford Road, Stanningley John Albert Lambert Warehouseman John Albert Lambert   AP291/31
  HEMINGWAY Beatrice 26 S Burler Wadlands Lodge, Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Frederick William Hemingway Gardener Sarah Ann Ingham    
1922 08 05 ROBSON Harry 23 B Cloth Miller 6 North View Street, Vickersdale, Stanningley . . Leonard Lambert Bradley By Licence AP291/32
  SUTCLIFFE Lilian 21 S Burler & Mender 3 Andrew Square, Farsley Joseph Sutcliffe Cabinet Maker Annie Maria Sutcliffe    
1922 08 12 STEAD Harold 23 B Armature Winder (Electrical Engineers) 8 Tennyson Street, Old Road, Farsley Seth Stead Warper & Beamer Horace Schofield By Licence AP291/33
  HUTTON Emily 21 S Worsted Weaver 16 Bryan Street, Farsley Joseph Hutton (dec'd) Blacksmith Olive Hutton    
1922 09 25 BARRAN Albert Edward 21 B Green Grocer (Master) 9 High Street, Farsley John Barran Wool Dryer Hubert Barron By Licence AP291/34
  DARNBOROUGH Cissie 20 S Worsted Spinner 1 High Street, Farsley George Illingworth Darnborough Crane Driver Lillian Busfield    
1922 10 21 BENNETT Fred 24 B Iron Planer 6 Truro Street, Armley Thomas Bennett Pattern Maker Edward Bennett   AP291/35
  BUSFIELD Gladys May 25 S Worsted Mender 3 Sydney Street, Farsley Sam Busfield Cloth Miller Frances Annie Busfield    
1923 01 10 STRICKLAND Joe 23 B Printer's Compositor 29 Kirklees Terrace, Farsley Harry Strickland Woollen Cloth Percher John William Baden Powell Atkins   AP291/36
  GRAVER Miriam Millicent 23 S Cloth Mender 12 Land Street, Farsley Isaac Graver Smith's Striker Nellie Strickland    
1923 03 30 LAND Thomas Turner 44 B Elementary School Teacher Providence House, Farsley Philemon Land (dec'd) Wool Merchant Charles Roberts   AP291/37
  WALKER Mabel 31 S Elementary School Teacher 77 Town Street, Farsley John Walker Bootmaker Agnes Walker    
1924 04 19 AMBLER Willie 24 B Woollen Warehouseman Melbourne House, Valley Road, Pudsey Arthur Ambler Carrier Albert Edward Brown   AP291/38
  KITCHING Ruth Mary 26 S Woollen Weaver North View, High Street, Farsley Thompson Kitching Warping Overlooker Hilda Ambler    
1924 09 10 GRIMSHAW James Aubrey 24 B Woollen Manufacturer Woodbank, Town Gate, Calverley Ernest Grimshaw (dec'd) Woollen Manufacturer James M*   AP291/39
  WILSON Doris 23 S . 17 Summerfield Terrace, Old Road, Stanningley James Wilson Cloth Merchant Mabel Wilson    
1924 10 28 HOLLINGS Adonijah 23 B House Decorator 31 Town Street, Farsley Reuben Andrew Hollings House Decorator Frank Maurice Wilson   AP291/40
  WILSON Ida May 20 S . Redroyd, Farsley Ernest Arthur Gladstone Wilson Draper Emily Shaw    
1925 02 21 RHODES Wilson 37 B Wool Sorter 124 Birch Lane, West Bowling Lot Owen Rhodes Engineer George Albert Rhodes, Emily Maud Ambler   AP291/41
  AMBLER Frances Lillian 23 S Confectioer's Shop Assistant 5 Carlisle Street, Bradford Road, Farsley George Arthur Ambler Warp Twister George Arthur Ambler    
1925 04 11 DOWGILL Alfred 24 B Clerk 21 Wells Street, Farsley Arthur Dowgill Machine Man Maurice Dowgill   AP291/42
  FOSTER Constance Muriel 19 S Clerk 4 Lister Street, Farsley Charles Foster Baker Charles Foster    
1925 05 30 BROOK Harry 35 B Wool Clerk 17 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Ernest Brook Weaving Overlooker James Edwin Stephenson   AP291/43
  WHITHAM Louie 29 S Typist 30 Yewdall Road, Rodley Charles Whitham Warp Dresser Laura Snowden, Fred Brook    
1925 07 25 SCHOFIELD Horace 24 B Assistant Foreman Engineer 30 Somerset Road, Pudsey William Henry Schofield Machine Man Albert Firth   AP291/44
  HUTTON Olive 23 S Clerk 16 Bryan Street, Farsley Joe Hutton (dec'd) Engineer Doris Horn    
1926 03 30 SHIRES Harry 39 B Commercial Traveller 26 Sunfield, Farsley Joseph John Shires (dec'd) Gas Engineer Thomas Shires   AP291/45
  PRIESTLEY Edith 30 W Typist 17 Summerfield Terrace, Old Road, Stanningley James Wilson Cloth Merchant James Wilson    
1926 04 05 DICKINSON George 24 B Farm Labourer 15 Mulberry Street, Farsley George Dickinson General Dealer Ernest Dickinson   AP291/46
  O'GORMAN Millicent 23 S Worsted Spinner 15 Mulberry Street, Farsley Arthur Wade O'Gorman (dec'd) Labourer Annie Kershaw    
1926 05 12 BUSFIELD Albert 22 B Cabinet Maker 3 Sydney Street, Farsley Samuel Busfield Cloth Miller Frank Busfield   AP291/47
  GODDING Hilda 19 S House Maid Prospect House, Farsley . . Frances Annie Busfield    
1926 05 22 LEE Percy 28 B Dyer's Labourer 8 New Brighton, Oakenshaw Thornton Lee Collier Maurice Lee   AP291/48
  ILLINGWORTH Sarah 29 S Cloth Weaver 17 Bryan Street, Farsley James Illingworth Engineer Laura Illingworth    
1926 07 07 WATSON John Richard 40 B Chartered Accountant 98 Leeds Old Road, Bradford Henry Watson Gentleman Joseph Terry By Licence AP291/49
  WILD Annie May 48 S . 1 Thornhill Villas Benjamin Wild (dec'd) Gentleman Florence Crossland    
1926 07 21 BROOK Irvin 68 W Woollen Mill Manager 7 Back Lane, Farsley William Brook (dec'd) Weaver Naylor? Marsden   AP291/50
  ISLES Ruth Hettie 43 S . Prospect House, Farsley Job Isles (dec'd) Engineer Job Thomas Aubrey Isles    
1927 12 03 WOOD John Charles 31 B Bank Cashier 4 Hudson Street, New Street, Farsley John Henry Wood Retired Engineer * Pontefract   AP291/A/1
  WILSON Mabel 28 S Shorthand Typist 17 Summerfield Terrace, Old Road, Stanningley James Wilson Woollen Merchant Colin Wilson    
1927 12 28 INKPEN William James 27 B Elementary School Teacher The Nook, North Road, Midsomer Norton John Reece Bradford Inkpen Tailor Hugh Grimshaw   AP291/A/2
  HARGREAVES Agnes 40 W . 19 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley . . Chas Hilliam    
1928 02 11 WILLANS Herbert 32 B Spinning Manager's Assistant 21 Bryan Street . . Fred Sheard   AP291/A/3
  SNOWDEN Laura 32 S Clerk 5 Hillderthorpe Terrace, Farsley . . Nellie Snowden    
1928 05 30 RILEY Thomas William 25 B Salesman 12 Gladstone Street, Farsley Benjamin Edward Riley Spinning Overlooker Johnson Michael Brotherton   AP291/A/4
  SHEARD Annie 21 S Cloth Mender 12 Gladstone Street, Farsley . . William Davison    
1928 06 30 BICKERDYKE George Henry 28 B Roadman, Farsley Council 132 Old Road, Farsley . . Willie Houlbrook   AP291/A/5
  HOULBROOK Dorothy 19 S Spinner 132 Old Road, Farsley Robert Houlbrook Warehouseman Ada Lee    
1928 12 01 HARRISON William 29 B Fitter 1 High Street, Farsley . . Thomas Housencroft   AP291/A/6
  DARNBOROUGH Eva 29 S Spinner 1 High Street, Farsley George Illingworth Darnborough Crane Driver Lily Harrison    
1929 06 15 CLAY Richard 25 B Motor Engineer 151 Richardshaw Lane, Stanningley George Simpson Clay Retired Connie Acklam   AP291/A/7
  WHITLEY Rebecca 28 S Confectioner 2 Beckbury Street, Farsley John Whitley Grocer Ernest Whitley    
1929 06 19 GARNETT Francis Woodhead 28 B Textile Manufacturer The Park, Eccleshill, Bradford George Garnett Textile Manufacturer Geoffrey Whitley Garnett   AP291/A/8
  HAINSWORTH Kathleen Mary 22 S At home Springwood, Farsley Reuben Gaunt Hainsworth Textile Manufacturer Reuben Gaunt Hainsworth jnr    
1929 06 20 WOOD Arthur Wallace 28 B Solicitor 156 Otley Road, Far Headingley, Leeds Arthur Edward Broadbent Wood Solicitor Gertrude A Isles   AP291/A/9
  ISLES Mary 24 S At home Prospect House, Farsley Job Isles (dec'd) . Thomas Clifford Ibbitson    
1929 08 03 DAWSON Frank 25 B Engineering Turner 17 Melbourne Street, Farsley James Ogden Dawson Woollen Twister Samuel Pratt   AP291/A/10
  PRATT Marion 24 S Cloth Mender 44 Oaklands Avenue, Calverley Samuel Pratt Fettler at Woollen Mill Mary Dawson    
1929 10 02 BARLOW Arthur Norman 32 B Company Director 49 Westbourne Road, Birkdale, Lancs Arthur Barlow Company Director Chas Hainsworth, Edith Barlow   AP291/A/11
  HAINSWORTH Elizabeth Margaret 22 S At home The Grange, Farsley Charles Hainsworth Woollen Manufacturer Arthur Barlow, * Barlow    
1929 11 02 MERTHA Herbert 23 B Wireless Material Manufacturer 59 Richmond Avenue, Hollinwood, Oldham Robert Mertha Spinner Ethel Isabel Mertha   AP291/A/12
  DOHERTY Marion 21 S Woollen Weaver 9 Hilderthorpe Terrace, Priesthorpe Road, Farsley John Henry Doherty Motor Mechanic S E Doherty    
1930 01 30 BRAMFITT Joe Ducker 26 B Reed Maker Rawdon View, Red Lane, Farsley Matthew Edward Bramfitt Spinner Alwin Peter Johnson, Agnes May Busfield   AP291/A/13
  BUSFIELD Dorothy Jane 20 S At home Gates Croft, Tranfield, Guiseley Louis Pickersgill Busfield Shopkeeper Florence May Outhwaite Old address 187 Aireville Mount, Frizinghall  
1930 06 07 STEPHENSON James Edwin 29 B Electrician 53 Prospect Street, Farsley Denton Smith Stephenson (dec'd) . John Reginald Rhodes   AP291/A/14
  BROOK Frances 27 S Cloth Mender 17 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Ernest Brook Weaving Overlooker Margaret Mary Stephenson, Ernest Brook    
1930 07 01 CORDINGLEY Samuel Pratt 26 B Woollen Manufacturer Ravensmount, Pudsey Pratt Cordingley Woollen Manufacturer Pratt Cordingley   AP291/A/15
  HAINSWORTH Ann Rhodes 21 S At home The Grange, Farsley Charles Hainsworth Woollen Manufacturer Chas Hainsworth    
1930 08 09 BRADLEY Leonard Lambert 32 B Cloth Finisher 14 Yewdall Road, Calverley Clifford Henry Bradley (dec'd) Driller William Sutcliffe   AP291/A/16
  SUTCLIFF Doris 34 S Weaver 3 Andrew Square, Farsley Joseph Sutcliffe Joiner Annie Myers    
1931 02 21 JONES Robert Slicer 28 B Roving Warehouse Foreman 33 High Street, Farsley Fred Jones (dec'd) . Florence Mary Jones   AP291/A/17
  BATTYE (MYERS) Annie 24 S Weaver 27 High Street, Farsley George Herbert Battye At one time Miner Harry Smith    
1931 08 01 BRAYSHAW William 27 B Engineer (Iron Foundry) 13 Back Lane, Farsley John William Brayshaw (dec'd) Fishmonger Henry Midgley   AP291/A/18
  MIDGELY Mabel 22 S Worsted Weaver 57 Prospect Street, Farsley Henry Midgley Drawing Overlooker (Retired) Tom Midgley    
1931 08 19 SHAW Edwin 35 B Police Constable 3 Woodlands Grove, Farsley Ezra Shaw Steelworks Foreman Willie Hanwell   AP291/A/19
  STRICKLAND Nellie 29 S Cloth Picker (Worsted) 29 Kirklees Terrace, Farsley Harry Strickland Foreman Cloth Overlooker Mary Dawson    
1931 09 26 NEWTON Hubert 27 B Assistant Secretary to Building Society 83 Redland Road, Redland, Bristol Joe Newton Retired Carpenter St* Lee, Phyllis Keighley   AP291/A/20
  WILSON Elsie 24 S Clerk to Building Society 17 Old Road, Farsley James Wilson Woollen Merchant Harry Wilson    
1932 08 31 WHITHAM Frank 29 B Worsted Manufacturer's Clerk 3 Coal Hill Lane, Rodley William Henry Whitham Engineer John Irvin Whitham   AP291/A/21
  KEIGHLEY Sarah 26 S Cloth Picker 5 Wesley Street, Farsley Charles Keighley Plumber Marion Keighley    
1932 10 01 LEWIS Edward Harold 26 B Provision Broker's Traveller Providence House, Farsley John Pugh Lewis Retired Gardener George Swallow   AP291/A/22
  PODMORE Cecilia 22 S Tailor's Machinist Providence House, Farsley John Rowland Podmore Foreman Engineer Annie Coates    
1932 10 08 WATMOUGH Joseph George 26 B Spinner 15 Norbury Road, Eccleshill, Bradford Fred Watmough Retired Insurance Agent James H Crosland? By Licence AP291/A/23
  SMALES Mary 20 S Worsted Mender 19 High Street, Farsley (deceased) Coal Carrier Ada Smales    
1932 10 11 WILSON Harry 32 B Reed & Heald Manufacturer Fern Bank, Half Mile Lane, Stanningley Arthur Wilson Reed & Heald Manufacturer Arthur Wilson By Licence AP291/A/24
  LAMBERT Dorothy Elizabeth 29 S Doctor's Secretary Moor Bank, Old Road, Farsley John Lambert (dec'd) Medical Dr Mary Wilson    
1933 08 22 WALKER John Stuart Womersley 26 B Poultry Farmer Wayside, Uppermoor, Pudsey Alfred Ernest Walker Retired Contractor A E Walker   AP291/A/25
  KEIGHLEY Phyllis 24 S At home West View, Stanningley John Benjamin Keighley Managing Director Engineering Works J B Keighley    
1933 09 11 ISLES Frank Busfield 30 B Textile Agent (Yarns Waste) Sunny Nook, Priesthorpe Road, Farsley John William Isles (deceased) Margaret Ann Bennett, Eunice Isles   AP291/A/26
  BENNETT Emiley Beatrice 34 S Clerk (Woollen Manufacturers) Briar Dene, Armley Grange Drive, Armley Irwin Bennett (deceased) Marjorie Adelaide Bennett, E Isles    
1933 09 16 JOHNSON Alwin Peter 31 B Laundry Engineer Brentwood, Rusholme Drive, Farsley Richard Johnson (dec''d) Meat & Food Inspector Fred Johnson   AP291/A/27
  SAYNOR Alice 26 S Woollen Cloth Mender 25 Kirklees Terrace, Farsley Harry Saynor Pattern Maker Marjorie * Smith    
1933 12 23 EASTWOOD Edward James 28 B Furniture Salesman Rowley's Cottage, Wood Lane, Headingley, Leeds James Eastwood French Polisher Arthur Wilson By Licence AP291/A/28
  WILSON Mary 25 S . 3 Ashville Terrace, Farsley Arthur Wilson Retired Reed & Heald Manufacturer James Eastwood    
1934 03 10 CRAVEN William Sheldon 32 B */Staff Sgt 15th Kings Royal Hussars No 537135 27 Shoreham Road, Upper Wortley, Leeds John William Craven Labourer Joseph A Atha By Licence AP291/A/29
  WRIGHT Clarice 33 W Woollen Weaver 9 Rawson Street, Farsley (deceased) . Ruth Atha    
1934 06 16 KEIGHLEY Archibald 27 B Rate Collector 13 Bryan Street, Farsley Overend Percy Keighley Mule Spinner Samuel Thompson Wheelwright   AP291/A/30
  COATES Annie 22 S Cloth Mender 116 Old Lane, Farsley Walton Coates Fellmonger Walton Coates    
1934 06 20 JOHNSON Thomas Benjamin Sands 24 B Dyer & Cleaner 60 Croxteth Road, Liverpool Thomas Sands Johnson (dec'd) . Gertrude A Isles, Edith H H Johnson   AP291/A/31
  ISLES Sarah Nancye 21 S At home Prospect House, Farsley Job Isles (dec'd) . Ben S Johnson    
1934 07 21 NAYLOR Cyril 24 B Clerk in Textile Warehouse 20 Musgrave Grove, Eccleshill Percy Naylor Warp Twister F Naylor   AP291/A/32
  ROBINSON Ellen Isles 24 S At home Hazeldene, 8 Belle Vue Drive, Farsley James Robinson (dec'd) . T P Robinson, Irwin Brook    
1934 08 04 FIELDING Willie 26 B Cloth Designer 19 Low Bank Street, Farsley Irwin Fielding Engineer's Fitter Edwin Wade   AP291/A/33
  WADE Eleanor 21 S Cloth Burler 1 Nethercape, Farsley Edwin Wade Textile Engineer Leonard Rawson, Irwin Fielding    
1934 08 11 KIRBY John Henry 27 B Woolsorter 7 Oakroyd Terrace, Richardshaw Lane, Pudsey Charles Kirby Woolsorter Charles Kirby   AP291/A/34
  DOHERTY Frances 27 S Silk Weaver 9 Hilderthorpe Terrace, Priesthorpe Road, Farsley John A Doherty (dec'd) . Sarah E Doherty    
1934 10 27 POSKITT John 23 B Haulage Contractor Kellington Manor, Whitley Bridge Thomas Henry Poskitt Retired Farmer Irwin Brook   AP291/A/35
  ARCHBOLD Sarah 24 S Domestic Servant Woodroyd, Old Road, Stanningley Adam Archbold (dec'd) . Thomas Northrop, Mabel Payne    
1935 06 29 KILLEY Samuel 28 W Baker 28 Sunfield, Farsley Samuel (dec'd) . Arthur Procter   AP291/A/36
  PROCTER Elsie 27 S Baker 6 Frederick Street, Farsley Arthur Iron Moulder Marjorie Killey    
1935 08 01 WILSON Leslie Hardy 28 B Accountant's Clerk Mona Bank, Old Road, Farsley Sydney Wilson Retired Secretary Sydney Wilson   AP291/A/37
  DAWSON Annie 27 S Milliner 17 Melbourne Street, Farsley James Ogden Dawson Warp Dresser James Ogden Dawson    
1935 11 23 ODDY George Henry 25 B Electrical Wireman 10 Christ Church Avenue, Armley Henry Oddy Electrician (Foreman) Wilfrid Hainsworth   AP291/A/38
  HADDOCK Irene 23 S Worsted Weaver 61 Town Street, Farsley Walter Haddock Mule Piecer Dorothy Mary Haddock    
1936 04 22 LAMBERT James 27 B Woollen Mill Assistant Manager Moor Bank, Old Road, Farsley John Lambert (dec'd) Surgeon Ernest * Walker   AP291/A/39
  ISLES Gertrude Kathleen 27 S Bank Clerk Prospect House, Farsley Job Isles (dec'd) Crane Maker Enid Mary Muff, Marion Lambert    
1936 05 23 TURNER James Reginald Benson 29 B Worsted Spinner Field House, Clayton William Arthur Turner (dec'd) Chartered Accountant Geoffrey Redman Turner   AP291/A/40
  HAINSWORTH Marjorie Clarke 27 S . Springwood, Farsley Reuben Gaunt Hainsworth Manufacturer Elizabeth Hainsworth    
1936 05 30 HIGGINS Clifford Turner 27 B Pattern Weaver 2 North View Street, Stanningley Joseph Higgins (dec'd) . Douglas Herbert Beanland Brodrick   AP291/A/41
  SMITH Edith Annie 22 S Hand Warper 27 High Street, Farsley Harry Smith Machinist Elsie Priscilla Smith    
1936 06 20 WHITAKER Joseph William 27 B Assistant Mill Manager 3 Beckbury Street, Farsley Harold Whitaker Mill Manager John Busfield Whitaker   AP291/A/42
  BAYLISS Anne 26 S Woollen Weaver 6 Park Terrace, Stanningley William Bayliss Cabinet Maker Norah Turner    
1936 10 24 BENTLEY Derrick Thirkill 31 B Wool Merchants' Manager 43 Lower Rushton Road, Bradford Sam Whitaker Bentley Commercial Traveller Albert Victor Duncan   AP291/A/43
  HOLLINGS Eileen Mary 27 S Shorthand Typist 31 Town Street, Farsley Robert Christian Hollings Decorator Ruth Lambert    
1937 04 03 CRAVEN Arthur 27 B Chiropodist 14 Dalmeny Terrace, Rodley George Edward Craven General Merchant George Gilpin   AP291/A/44
  GOUGH Constance Irene 26 S Woollen Weaver 7 St Johns Avenue, New Street, Farsley Sidney Archibald Gough Engineer Marjorie Gough    
1937 07 10 EDGLEY Jim 30 B Painter (Journeyman) 44 Calverley Moor Avenue, Bolton Royd, Calverley James Edgley (dec'd) Platelayer Archibald Sidney Gough   AP291/A/45
  GOUGH Doris Evelyn 31 S Worsted Cloth Mender 7 St Johns Avenue, New Street, Farsley Sidney Archibald Gough Engineer Doreen Doxey    
1938 04 21 LAMB Henry James Benoni 30 B Garage Manager Prospect House, Farsley William Henry Lamb (dec'd) Private Secretary Job Thomas Aubrey Isles   AP291/A/46
  ISLES Margaret Bromley 27 S Invoice Clerk Prospect House, Farsley Job Isles (dec'd) Engineer Gertrude Agnes Isles    
1938 06 04 RAMSBOTTOM Walter 37 B Woolsorter 39 Prospect Street, Farsley Fred Ramsbottom (dec'd) Fellmonger Fred Challiss Ramsbottom   AP291/A/47
  STEPHENSON Margaret Mary 38 S Worsted Mender 53 Prospect Street, Farsley Denton Smith Stephenson (dec'd) Coachman Frances Stephenson    
1938 06 18 LAKER Denis 18 B Worsted Manufacturers' Wage Clerk 6 Prospect Avenue, Pudsey Harold Loker Electric Welder Jack Loker   AP291/A/48
  THREAPLETON Irene May 20 S Cloth Burler 14 Wheatlands, Farsley Frank Threapleton Pattern Weaver Nancy Edith Threapleton    
1938 07 12 SUNDERLAND Frank 28 B Woolcomber's Chemist 103 Rochester Street, Bradford Bertram Sunderland Joiner Eric Shepherd   AP291/A/49
  WILLANS Edith 24 S . Fern Bank, Half Mile Lane, Stanningley Sam Willans (dec'd) Production Manager Kathleen Mary Holdsworth    
1938 09 03 HOLMES Noel Galliflent 28 B Assistant Architect 16 Manor Park, Richmond Charles William Galliflent Holmes Sales Manager Roy Neal   AP291/A/50
  WILSON Constance 22 S Secretary 37 Wesley Road, Farsley Percy Wilson Company Director Eileen Wilson    
1938 10 08 LORD Wilson Booth 56 B Company Clerk 161 North View, Rodley Oliver Lord (dec'd) Engineer John William Thompson   AP291/B/1
  WORSNOP Laura 50 S . 3 Dalmeny Terrace, Pudsey Harry Francis Worsnop (dec'd) Pattern Maker Emma Ratcliffe    
1939 04 10 GRUNDY Frank 23 B Fruiterer 5 Ripley Terrace, Stanningley George Herbert Grundy (dec'd) Salesman Clarence Newman   AP291/B/2
  SMITH Elsie Priscilla 23 S Cloth Burler & Mender 27 High Street, Farsley Harry Smith Woollen Fettler Alice Smith    
1939 06 29 FLOOD Vivian 41 B Wireless Salesman 22 Gordon Street, Keighley Henry Flood Retired William Henry Flood   AP291/B/3
  WATERHOUSE Alice Maud 39 S Shop Assistant 8 Clara Street, Farsley John Hinchliffe Waterhouse Weaving Overlooker Margaret Ogden Wilkinson    
1939 08 31 ANGUS George Bagrie 40 D Chemist 12 Fraser Road, Calverley James Alexander Angus Retired Robert Renwick? By Licence. Divorced from Jean M Angus formerly Anderson? AP291/B/4
  DARGUE Margaret Moffat 20 S . 5 Saville Road, Halifax Algernon William Dargue Managing Director Jean Barbara Angus    
1940 05 11 CRAVEN Robert 28 B Elementary Schoolmaster 4 Francis? Grove, Leeds 7 George Ernest Craven Retired Clerk Dorothy Whitaker   AP291/B/5
  PROCTER Kathleen 23 S Elementary School Teacher 18 Thornfield Avenue, Farsley Joshua Procter Plumber Margaret Mary Stead    
1940 08 10 WILLIAMS Stanley Clifford 36 B Company Secretary 47 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Alexander Williams Works Accountant John Inch Catto   AP291/B/6
  MORLEY Dorothy 24 S Typist (Leather Trade) 47 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Edward Morley (dec'd) Butler Dora Williams, Ellen Williams    
1940 09 30 PEARSON Arthur 21 B Private 120528 R.A.S.C. (Railway Labr) 29 Kirklees Terrace, Farsley Walter Pearson (dec'd) Linotype Operator Harry Glover Strickland   AP291/B/7
  ROBINSON Ivy Doreen 20 S Caf? Waitress 33 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Eccleshill James Edward Robinson Sandfirer Hilda Robinson, Doris Bentley    
1941 03 19 BENTLEY Gordon Edward Settle 22 B Signalman 2331009 Royal Corps of Signals (Grocers Assistant) 10 Fraser Road, Calverley William Bentley Provision Merchant R* Kitson By Licence AP291/B/8
  HOLDSWORTH Kathleen Mary 23 S Worsted Mender 9 Nethercape Terrace, Farsley George Scarbrough Holdsworth Cost Clerk Ruby Iris Davey    
1941 09 12 FRASER Donald 24 B Lieut. H.M.Army (Copperworks Engineer) Tregullow, Oakwood, Leeds 8 Kenneth Fraser (dec'd) Company Director Charles Granville Robinson   AP291/B/9
  HAINSWORTH Ruth Hainsworth 24 S . The Grange, Farsley Charles Hainsworth Woollen Worsted Manufacturer Alice W Fraser    
1941 09 20 NEWMAN Clarence 27 B Oil Blender 12 Ripley Street, Stanningley George Newman (dec'd) Dyer Clifford Turner Higgins   AP291/B/10
  SMITH Alice 22 S Worsted Weaver 27 High Street, Farsley Harry Smith Willier Elsie Priscilla Grundy    
1942 07 02 GUEST John Edward 30 B Driver no.10695219 H.M.Army. (Dyeworks Foreman) 8 Clarence Road, Horsforth Alfred Frederick Richard Guest (dec'd) . James Edward Harmer By Licence AP291/B/11
  WHITAKER Dorothy 27 S Elementary School Teacher 3 Beckbury Street, Farsley Harold Whitaker Mill Manager Kathleen Craven    
1943 12 18 FOSTER John William 29 B General Labourer 28 Bagley Lane, Farsley Albert Foster . Sydney Stanley   AP291/B/12
  STANLEY Wilhelmina 24 S Munition Worker 28 Bagley Lane, Farsley Sydney Stanley General Dealer Elizabeth Elaine Stanley    
1944 08 12 BUSFIELD Harold 26 B Secondary School Teacher 6 Nethercape, Farsley Car* Busfield (dec'd) . John Busfield Whitaker, G Dinneen By Licence AP291/B/13
  DINNEEN Agnes 30 S Clerk 32 Victoria Road, Stroud Green, London N4 George Patrick Dinneen Traveller Gilbert Lincoln Marson, Alice Busfield    
1944 08 12 WRAY John Leonard 23 B Shipbuilder's Plumber 48 Oakley Gradens, West Hartlepool John George Wray Joiner Mary Keighley   AP291/B/14
  KEIGHLEY Ruth Helen 21 S Nursery Assistant 7 Rusholme Drive, Farsley Norman Keighley (dec'd) . Joseph Heal    
1944 10 31 DENTON Kenneth 25 B R.B.D/Jn.172200 Royal Navy (Butchers Assistant) 7 Sagar Musgrave Place, Bramley Harold Victor Denton Tailor's Cutter Leonard Busfield By Licence AP291/B/15
  BUSFIELD Martha 23 S Warper in Woollen Mill 27 South Drive, Farsley Leonard Busfield Fitter Elizabeth Denton    
1945 04 03 PILCH Geoffrey 19 B Sgt.1591879 Royal Air Force (Apprentice Motor Mechanic) Spilsby Benjamin Pilch Warehouseman Albert Atkinson By Licence AP291/B/16
  CAYGILL Mary 17 S Shorthand Typist * Cockshott Hill, Farsley George Caygill (dec'd) . * Pilch    
1945 09 12 ROBINSON Roderick Peter 25 B Lieut. 233332 H.M.Army (Incorporated Accountant) 15 Alexandra Road, Pudsey Clifford Robinson Caterer P Wilson By Licence AP291/B/17
  WILSON Margaret 23 S Shorthand Typist Bradda, Woodhouse Park Crescent East, Stanningley Percy Wilson Wholesaler *    
1945 10 23 WILLBY Tom Keighley 29 B L/Cpl 2591885 H.M.Army (Commercial Clerk) 68 Cape View, Farsley Maurice Heald Wllby Carding Engineer M H Willby By Licence AP291/B/18
  ROBERTS Bessie 28 S Wages Clerk 3 Hammerton Street, Pudsey Harold Roberts Carding Engineer H Roberts    
1946 03 09 GRANT James Alexander 31 B LAC 1172697 Royal Air Force (Hotel Waiter) 4 Cockshott Hill, Farsley James Alexander Grant * Renie? Metcalfe By Licence AP291/B/19
  PEARSON Edith 35 S Burler & Mender 4 Cockshott Hill, Farsley William Pearson . Wilfred Metcalfe    
1946 06 15 HALLAM Herbert 21 B * Royal Navy (Electric Motor Fitter) 81 * Herbert Hallam Innkeeper     AP291/B/20
  KEIGHLEY Betty 21 S Drapers Shop Assistant 7 Rusholme Drive, Farsley Norman Keighley (dec'd) . M Hallam    
1947 01 09 WILCOCK Mark 32 B Mill Furnishers Sales Representative 8 Edgerton Road, Leeds Sylvanus Wilcock . D Wilcock By Licence AP291/B/21
  WILSON Eileen 28 S . Bradda, Woodhouse Park Crescent East, Stanningley Percy Wilson Wholesaler P Wilson    
1948 04 22 WARING Thomas Lawson 27 B Accountant Birkwood, Redhill, Castleford Joseph Earnshaw Waring (dec'd) . C R* Cowie   AP291/B/22
  WILSON Mary 24 S Shorthand Typist Bradda, Woodhouse Park Crescent East, Stanningley Percy Wilson Wholesaler M Wilcock    
1948 06 05 HAMSTEAD John Petain 28 B Oil Refiner's Supervisor 21 East Parade Baildon Henry Benjamin Hamstead (dec'd) Police Constable E L Hamstead   AP291/B/23
  BRADLEY Muriel 27 S . 65 Roseville Terrace, Farsley Harris Henry Bradley Branch Manager Cooperative Society J W Wood    
1949 02 26 SCHOFIELD Norman 51 W Foreman Cloth Finisher 3 Croft Avenue, Farsley William Henry Schofield Foundryman W Ellis Turner   AP291/B/24
  TURNER Marian 44 S Worsted Mender 2 Oaklands Avenue, Rodley Harry Turner Printer H Coates?    
1949 06 11 PEEL Robert Durham 23 B Clerk (Hospital Fund) 18 Somerset Road, Pudsey Willie Peel Professional Musician W Peel   AP291/B/25
  FEARNLEY Barbara 22 S Nursery Class Assistant 6 Rusholme Drive, Farsley Charles Fearnley Cabinet Maker E Cawthray    
1949 07 20 JOHNSON Fred 27 B Monotype Printer (Journeyman) 5 Harley? Road, Bramley * Johnson Electrician G H Watson   AP291/B/26
  PARKINSON Doreen Mary 20 S Hairdressers Assistant 19 Croft Street, Farsley Walter Harrison Parkinson Haulage Contractor D White    
1950 03 04 SLOPER Cecil George Horace 28 B Engineer Fitter (Diesel Engines) 1 Landseer Terrace, Bramley Horace Charles Sloper Civil Servant E M Gurk   AP291/B/27
  STANLEY Elizabeth Elaine 27 S Caf? Cook 28 Bagley Lane, Farsley Sydney Stanley Caf? Proprietor S Stanley    
1951 03 20 ELLIS Jack 23 B Compositors Assistant 38 Aston Crescent, Bramley James Ellis Weigh Clerk Marion Swales   AP291/B/28
  MERTHA Alexia 19 S Shorthand Typist (Engineers) 25 Brookfield Avenue, Rodley Herbert Mertha (dec'd) Soldier Jeannie S Ellis    
1951 03 24 WRIGHT Ernest 33 D Draper 14 Morton Avenue, Robin Hood, Wakefield Thomas Wright (dec'd) Retired Master Grocer C M Ward   AP291/B/29
  RHODES Mavis 24 S Student Nurse (General Hospital) 20 Eddison Street, Farsley Wilson Rhodes Woolsorter H A Pawson    
1951 03 26 COLBECK Anthony Brian 20 B R.A.C. 2436767 R.A.F. 5A Perseverance Street, Pudsey Robert Tyndall Colbeck Schoolmaster T W Riley   AP291/B/30
  RILEY Margaret May 21 S Chemists Shop Assistant 9 Merton Avenue, Farsley Thomas William Riley Baker's Finisher D Verity    
1951 03 31 LUND Douglas Sidney 25 B Engineering Draughtsman 42 Pinderfields Road, Wakefield Walter Sidney Lund Assistant Headmaster *   AP291/B/31
  SIMPSON Joyce 21 S Machinist (Clothing Factory) 12 Belle Vue Drive, Farsley Harold Simpson Labourer R W Simpson    
1951 08 11 PULFORD George Frederick 29 B Clerical Officer, Ministry of Labour & National Service 75 Old Road, Farsley Ewart Pulford Wool Salesman L Brook   AP291/B/32
  BROOK Betty 23 S Mechanical Engineers Office Supervisor 79 Calverley Lane, Rodley Harry Brook Wool Buyer M Pulford    
1951 12 29 BROOK Roy 18 B Private Light Infantry (Motor Lorry Driver) 20 Roker Crescent, Pudsey Roy Brook Coal Man W R Rutherford   AP291/B/33
  RUTHERFORD Sheila Mary 20 S Picker Mender (Woollen Mill) 47 Cotefield Avenue, Farsley William Robinson Rutherford Wool Warehouseman H Rutherford    
1951 12 29 RHODES Colin 18 B Private A.C.C. 22574210 (Wood case repairer) 83 Southroyd Park, Pudsey . . W R Rutherford   AP291/B/34
  RUTHERFORD Maureen 19 S Picker Mender (Woollen Mill) 47 Cotefield Avenue, Farsley William Robinson Rutherford Wool Warehouseman K M Dickens    
1953 04 04 HIGGINS Stanley Clifford 28 B Shop Assistant (Cooperative Society) 11 Aston View, Bramley Maurice Higgins Foreman Mender (Textiles) Dorothy Mary Haddock   AP291/B/35
  HADDOCK Ruth Audrey 25 S Secretary (Wool Merchants) Kirklees House, Bryan Street, Farsley Walter Haddock Mule Spinner Alan Gledhill Saville    
1954 02 23 GILLSON Thomas 26 B Sales Representative 126 West Busk Lane, Otley Rushton Gillson (dec'd) Traveller Lois Blackburn   AP291/B/36
  HOLLINGS Betty 25 S Laboratory Assistant (Dyestuff Manufacturer) Red Royd Bungalow, Farsley Adonijah Hollings Master Painter & Decorator Maureen Hollings    
1954 04 03 SYKES Kenneth 25 B Motor Waggon Driver (Wholesale Grocers) 10 Moorside Road, Drighlington Fred Sykes Grocer (Master) A Bell   AP291/B/37
  TOWN Barbar Jean 19 S Telephonist (Wholesale Grocers) 18 Eddison Street, Farsley William Town Gardener (Domestic) B Simpson    
1954 09 11 HALLIDAY Dennis 29 B Postman (General Post Office) 35a Bryan Street, Farsley Frederick William Halliday Labourer Yorkshire Electricity Board John Moore   AP291/B/38
  STANLEY Patricia 20 S Shorthand Typist 28 Bagley Lane, Farsley Sydney Stanley Caf? Proprietor S Stanley    
1955 02 19 PRITCHARD John Leslie 33 B Clerical Officer, Ministry of Pensions & National Insurance 22 Bampton Place, Bardford John Pritchard Engineer's Turner M Walker   AP291/B/39
  PROCTER Marjorie 36 S Burler & Mender (Textile Manufacturers) 3 Priesthorpe Road, Farsley Raymond Procter Piece Goods Warehouseman A Wilson    
1955 04 02 FLOREY Ronald Arthur 29 B Despatch Clerk (Rayon Manufacturers) 30 Robin Lane, Pudsey Arthur Florey Gardener K Naylor? By Licence AP291/B/40
  WEEDY Marion 20 S Nurse 29 Milton Avenue, Malton James Weedy Post Office Engineer J Weedy    
1955 07 05 JONES Keith Pryce 42 D Bank Clerk 35 Chatsworth Road, Thornbury Thomas Crozier Jones Retired Master Draper D J Arnott?   AP291/B/41
  THOMAS Vera 33 S Bank Clerk 2 Andrew Square, Farsley Frank Thomas Newsagent J Thomas    
1955 07 09 DODDS Rodney Holder 23 B University Student 6 St Johns Road, Cambridge Harold Gordon Dodds Manufacturer's Agent David O Rothera   AP291/B/42
  HAINSWORTH Mary Mercy 21 S . Springwood, Farsley Reuben Gaunt Hainsworth Woollen Manufacturer John Hainsworth    
1955 09 10 HARTLEY Michael Leonard 29 B Executive Officer (Finance Corporation) 43 Old Road, Stanningley Frederick Norton Hartley Manufacturer's Agent Fred N Hartley late of 67 Bulstrode Road, Hounslow, Middlesex AP291/B/43
  WALKER Susan Mary Lillian 20 S . Westview, 4 Old Road, Stanningley John Stuart Womersley Walker Engineer J S Walker    
1955 10 01 CLOSE Gordon Harry 27 B Accounts Clerk (Agricultural Machinery) 56 Mannheim Road, Horton, Bradford Fred Smith Close Fruit Buyer Fred S Close   AP291/B/44
  HAIGH Barbara Jean 23 S Clerk, Health Executive Council 78 Bagley Lane, Rodley Harold Wilson Haigh Shop Manager, Cycle Dealers K W Haigh, O M Haigh    
1956 03 17 BECKTON Anthony 24 B Fireman (Leeds City Fire Brigade) Two Trees, Knott Lane, Rawdon Harry Beckton Fire Engineer's Representative Donald Bank   AP291/B/45
  BARRON Audrey 25 S Calculating Machine Operator 1 Baker Hill, Farsley Hubert Barron Fitter Engineer Audrey Walch    
1956 03 31 COWGILL John Robert 18 B Iron & Steel, Roller Iron Smelter 55 Ringwood Road, Bradford James Cowgill Wool Warehouseman Bernard Docherty   AP291/B/46
  GOUGH Cynthia Alma 18 S Burler & Mender (Textile Manufacturers) 9 Fieldhouse Grove, Farsley Archibald Sydney Gough Piece Taker-in, Textile Manufacturers Dorothy Brice    
1957 06 08 GREGSON Roy 19 B Apprentice Iron Moulder 43 Roseville Terrace, Farsley George Gregson Warehouseman ( Wool Textiles) Joan Walker   AP291/B/47
  WALKER Betty 20 S Mender (Worsted Manufacturers) 10 Fairfield Crescent, Bramley Albert Walker Warehouseman ( Wool Textiles) D C* By Licence  
1957 09 07 PERCIVAL John 22 B Leather Finisher (Tannery) 17 Harker Terrace, Stanningley John Percival Leather Finisher (Tannery) Mary Horn   AP291/B/48
  HORN Sheila Margaret 24 S Manicurist (Department Store) 10 Farfield Avenue, Farsley Edwin Horn (dec'd) Manager (Worsted Weaving) John Brian Knapton?    
1957 10 05 HARDISTY Bernard 24 B Sergeant 2772056 R.A.F. (Pharmaceutical Chemist) 43 Falsgrove Avenue, Bradford William Hardisty (dec'd) Market Porter (Wholesale Fruit & Veg H Poole   AP291/B/49
  SUTCLIFFE Anne Doreen 23 S Pharmacist M/P.S. (Retail Chemists) 42 Stony Royd, Farsley William Sutcliffe Joiner and Cabinet Maker M Sutcliffe    
1958 03 08 BAMPTON John David 28 B Hydraulic Engineers Fitter 132, Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds 16 Thomas Bampton Master Plasterer B R Bampton   AP291/B/50
  SYKES Carole 20 S Arts & Crafts Shop Assistant 34 Bagley Lane, Farsley William Richard Dawson Sykes Cupola Attendant J E Sykes