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Census Indexes 1891 Eccleshill ED4

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The census returns for 1891 were taken on the evening of April 5th and the area of Eccleshill is covered by piece RG12/3651.

ED4, Folios 59-73

1 Dudley Hill Road Emma M ADR---K Head W 59 Living on Own Means LIN Leake 59a
  Bram----st House Mary Jane W------GELL Niece S 22   LAN Manchester 59a
    Sarah FIRTH serv S 36   Westgate Hill, Bradford 59a
2 Dudley Hill Road Esther Alice BOURKE serv S 21 Domestic serv LON Cheswick 59a
  Berkley House Albert Edward BOURKE serv S 19 Domestic serv LON Cheswick 59a
    Annie Grace BOURKE serv S 16 Domestic serv Weatherby 59a
4 9 Artistration Road Julius ROBINSON Head M 31 Plasterer Bradford 59a
    Elizabeth ROBINSON Wife M 27   IND [British subject] 59a
    Jessie ROBINSON Dau S 5   Dudley Hill Road, Bradford 59a
    Emma M ROBINSON Dau S 3   Dudley Hill Road, Bradford 59a
6 13 Artistration Road Alexander RUSSELL Head W 70 Soap Boiler SCT Glasgow 59a
    Elizabeth RUSSELL Dau S 29 Housekeeper SCT Glasgow 59a
    Janet? MC DONALD s in l W 80 Retired Power Loom Weaver SCT Ballardshire 59a
7 8 Artistration Road Mary Ann JAGGER Wife M 36 Charwoman Undercliffe 59a
    Emma GILDARD sis S 24   Undercliffe 59a
    Lavinia GILDARD Dau S 11 Mill Hand [half time] Bradford 59a
    Albert GILDARD Son S 6   Undercliffe 59a
    Edgar JAGGER Son S 3   Clayton 59a
9 33 Tower Street Sarah Jane HEWITT Head W 56   Bradford 59a
    Charles HEWITT Son S 26 Wool Cloth Weaver Bradford 59a
    Hodgson HEWITT Son S 20 A------- Greaser Bradford 59a
10 29 Dudley Hill Road Frederick SCOTT Head M 59 Woolen Spinner Idle 59b
    Emma SCOTT Wife M 56   Bradford 59b
    Eva SCOTT Dau S 17 Wool Mill Hand Calverley 59b
    Mary SCOTT Dau S 16 Wool Mill Hand Calverley 59b
11 15 Artisration Road John WILKINSON Head M 41 General Labourer   59b
    Ellen WILKINSON Wife M 46   Bishop Monkton 59b
    Martha PICKERING Stepdau S 16 Wool Spinner Ra---isttown 59b
    Jane WILKINSON Dau S 12 Scholar Eccleshill 59b
    Sarah E WILKINSON Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 59b
    John WILKINSON Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 59b
    Hannah WILKINSON Dau S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 59b
    Mary WILKINSON Dau S 3   Eccleshill 59b
12 31 Artistration Road Margaret A ARMITAGE Head W 46 Dressmaker Knaresborough 59b
    Sarah J ARMITAGE Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 59b
    Lydia ARMITAGE Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 59b
    William H ARMITAGE Son S 18 Warehouseman Eccleshill 59b
    Emma ARMITAGE Dau S 16 Worsted Winder Eccleshill 59b
    Hilda MARSHALL   S   Nurse Eccleshill 59b
13 25 Artistration Road Charles J SUGDEN Head M 44 Stuff Warehouseman Shipley 59b
    Sarah Ann SUGDEN Wife M 42   Bradford 59b
    Herbert SUGDEN Son S 20 Stuff Warehouseman's Clerk Bradford 59b
    Arthur SUGDEN Son S 18 Stuff Warehouseman's Clerk Bradford 59b
    Marion SUGDEN Dau S 15 Dressmaker's ass. Bradford 59b
    Alice Maud SUGDEN Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 59b
    Charles SUGDEN Son S 8   Eccleshill 59b
14 21 Artistration Road Maria TOWNEND Head W 60   Knaresborough 60a
  Dudley Hill Road Emma E TOWNEND Dau S 33 Worsted Stuff Weaver Bradford 60a
    John T TOWNEND Son S 29 Stone Quarry Labourer Bradford 60a
    Sarah J TOWNEND Dau S 24 Wool Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 60a
    Frederick TOWNEND Son S 21 ?? ass. Undercliffe 60a
15 19 Artistration Road Samuel WILSON Head M 37 HairDresser Bradford 60a
  Dudley Hill Road Sophia J WILSON Wife M 34   IOM Ramsey 60a
    Bertha C WILSON Dau S 14 Scholar Bradford 60a
    Hildebrand WILSON Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 60a
    Ann Jane C---ISH Niece S 25 Worsted Burler IOM Ramsey 60a
16 23 Artistration Road Elizabeth RAWSON Dau S 26 Stuff Warehouse Stockroom Worker LIN South Kyme 60a
  Dudley Hill Road Amos RAWSON Son S 19 Warp Dresser LIN South Kyme 60a
    William C RAWSON Son S 17 Mule Spinner LIN Little Hale 60a
    Ernest E RAWSON Son S 15 Scholar LIN Little Hale 60a
    Jane E RAWSON Dau S 12 Scholar LIN Little Hale 60a
    Emily RAWSON Dau S 9 Scholar LIN Little Hale 60a
17 17 Artistration Road James E THOMPSON Head M 40 Machine Fitter Bradford 60a
  Dudley Hill Road Hannah THOMPSON Wife M 42   Bradford 60a
    Sarah H THOMPSON Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Bradford 60a
    Mary Ann THOMPSON Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 60a
    Ada THOMPSON Dau S 12 Worsted Spinner Bradford 60a
    Harry THOMPSON Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 60a
18 65 Dudley Hill Road Sarah ANDERSON Head W 64   Cleckheaton 60a
    Andrew ANDERSON Son S 27 ?? ass. Calverley 60a
    Alexander ANDERSON Son S 24 Stuff Warehouseman Ilkley 60a
    Lillian A ANDERSON Dau S 15   Bradford 60a
19 Dudley Hill Road Thomas B LEE Head M 37 Stone Mason Eccleshill 60b
  Tower Street Hannah LEE Wife M 36   Keighley 60b
    Maud LEE Dau S 4 Scholar Keighley 60b
    Mary SIMPSON s in l S 27 Worsted Rover Eccleshill 60b
20 Dudley Hill Road Thomas PEEL Head M 43 Stone Sawyer Calverley 60b
  27 Tower Street Ann PEEL Wife M 43   Undercliffe 60b
    Grace H PEEL Dau S 17 Paper Bag Maker Undercliffe 60b
    Lilly PEEL Dau S 16 Factory Hand [Drawer] Undercliffe 60b
    Emily PEEL Dau S 13 Worsted Factory Hand [Drawer] Undercliffe 60b
    Ethel PEEL Dau S 11 Scholar Undercliffe 60b
21 4 Tower Street Tom MARSDEN Head M 29 Painter Tong 60b
    Mary E MARSDEN Wife M 24   Otley 60b
    Squire MARSDEN Son S 2   Eccleshill 60b
    Charles H MARSDEN Son S 1m   Eccleshill 60b
22 6 Tower Street Robert T HEWITT Head M 31 Worsted Warp Twister Bradford 60b
    Mary Ellen HEWITT Wife M 28   Undercliffe 60b
    Arthur Frank HEWITT Son S 4   Eccleshill 60b
    Tom HEWITT Son S 1m   Eccleshill 60b
23 8 Tower Street Arthur GRAY Head M 25 Domestic Coachman Bradford 60b
    Annie GRAY Wife M 24   Bradford 60b
    Eliza GRAY Dau S 1   Bradford 60b
24 12 Tower Street Fred NORTH Head M 27 Mechanic Eccleshill 60b
    Sarah E NORTH Wife M 24 Worsted Weaver Bradford 60b
    Charles NORTH Son S 1m   Eccleshill 60b
25 Dudley Hill Road Jabez Hall BERWICK Head M 51 Stuff Warehouseman Cottingley near Bingley 61a
  14 Tower Street Mary BERWICK Wife M 49   Horton near Bradford 61a
    Grace Louise BERWICK Dau S 27 Tailoress Bolton 61a
    Ruth Hall BERWICK Dau S 19 Tailoress Eccleshill 61a
26 Dudley Hill Road Walter PLATT Head M 44 Stone Mason NTH Oundle 61a
  18 Tower Street Sarah A PLATT Wife M 41 Dressmaker NTH Deanthorpe 61a
    Elizabeth E SMITH Dau S 20 Mill Hand NTH Deanthorpe 61a
    George Herbert PLATT Son S 17 Mechanic NTH Oundle 61a
    Alfred Ernest PLATT Son S 11 Mill Hand NTH Oundle 61a
27 Dudley Hill Road William C SMITH Head M 43 Wool Merchant's Clerk Horton 61a
  20 Tower Street Elizabeth SMITH Wife M 44   Leeds 61a
    George Thomas SMITH Son S 20 Engineer's app. Eccleshill 61a
    John Christopher SMITH Son S 19 Engineer's app. Manningham 61a
    Ann Elizabeth SMITH Dau S 18 Scholar Manningham 61a
    Frederick William SMITH Son S 15 Errand Boy Manningham 61a
    Arthur James SMITH Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 61a
    Joseph E SMITH Son S 7   Eccleshill 61a
    Walter Herbert SMITH Son S 4   Eccleshill 61a
    Emily Mary SMITH Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 61a
28 Dudley Hill Road Eliza SMITHSON Head W 49 Household Work Bishop Monkton 61a
  22 Tower Street Arthur SMITHSON Son S 19 CartDrawer ? Undercliffe 61a
    Sarah SMITHSON Dau S 16 Worsted Drawer Undercliffe 61a
    Lilly SMITHSON Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Undercliffe 61a
29 Dudley Hill Road William DARNBROUGH Head M 54 Printer Tong 61b
  24 Tower Street Mary DARNBROUGH Wife M 50   Bowling 61b
    Sarah Jane DARNBROUGH Dau S 12 Spinner Tong 61b
    Ann DAWSON sis W 65   Bowling 61b
30 Dudley Hill Road Elizabeth PITTS Head W 67 Laundress Eccleshill 61b
  26 Tower Street Clara GRAVES board S 25 Worsted Machine Hand DUR Durham 61b
31 Dudley Hill Road Joseph HOLMES Head M 45 Quarryman - Scrapler Pateley Bridge 61b
  28 Tower Street Emily HOLMES Wife M 38   Eccleshill 61b
    Elizabeth HOLMES Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 61b
    Harriet HOLMES Dau S 13   Eccleshill 61b
    George HOLMES Son S 7   Eccleshill 61b
    Lilly HOLMES Dau S 5   Eccleshill 61b
    Ethel HOLMES Dau S 10m   Eccleshill 61b
32 Dudley Hill Road Samuel CLIFFORD Head M 38 Stone Quarryman Bradford 61b
  30 Tower Street Hannah CLIFFORD Wife M 35   Eccleshill 61b
    Ephraim CLIFFORD Son S 15 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 61b
    Alfred CLIFFORD Son S 11 Mill Hand [half time] Bradford 61b
    Beatrice BIC----SON Adptdau S 1   Bradford 61b
33 Dudley Hill Road George DALBY Head M 56 General Labourer BRK 61b
  34 Tower Street Phoebe DALBY Wife M 54   MDX Hayes 61b
    Frank DALBY Son S 18 Dyer's Labourer MDX Hayes 61b
    William DALBY Son S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 61b
    Emily DALBY Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 61b
    Rossetta DALBY Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 61b
34 Dudley Hill Road Wilson Holmes DALBY Head M 44 Small Wares Dealer Eccleshill 62a
  36 Tower Street Sarah Jane DALBY Wife M 41   Horton 62a
    Johnson DALBY Son S 14 Stuff & Cloth Warehouse Boy Bowling 62a
35 Dudley Hill Road Ellen LOFTHOUSE Head W 51   Bradford 62a
  40 Tower Street Lilly LOFTHOUSE Dau S 19 Mill Hand Bradford 62a
    Rose LOFTHOUSE Dau S 19 Mill Hand Bradford 62a
    Sarah E LOFTHOUSE Dau S 17 Mill Hand Eccleshill 62a
    Abraham LOFTHOUSE Son S 15   Bradford 62a
    Stead LOFTHOUSE Son S 10   Eccleshill 62a
    Alice LOFTHOUSE Dau S 8   Eccleshill 62a
36 Dudley Hill Road Joseph WATMOUGH Head M 66 Green Grocer Undercliffe 62a
  42 Tower Street Martha WATMOUGH Wife M 62   Undercliffe 62a
    Benjamin WATMOUGH s in l M 31 Mason Undercliffe 62a
    Ann WATMOUGH Dau M 26 Spinner Dewsbury 62a
    Sarah A WATMOUGH Dau S 28 Spinner Undercliffe 62a
    Polly WATMOUGH Dau S 22 Spinner Undercliffe 62a
    Clara HOLMES Gdau S 16 Scholar Undercliffe 62a
37 Dudley Hill Road Mary Ann AMBLER Head W 60 Living on Own Means Bradford 62a
  39 Tower Street Hannah E TURNER Dau S 31 Fancy Stuff Weaver Bradford 62a
    Sarah TURNER Dau S 28 Milliner Eccleshill 62a
38 6 Green Place Thomas RAMSDEN Head M 48 Fancy Woolen Weaver Gr------------ 62a
    Alfred RAMSDEN Son S 18 Blacksmith Improver ? Horsforth 62a
    Jane Gertrude RAMSDEN Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Horsforth 62a
    Charles William RAMSDEN Son S 11 Mineral Water Work[er] Laister Dyke 62a
    Annie RYCROFT Visitor S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 62a
39 Dudley Hill Road Richard MIDDLETON Head M 35 Wool Sorter Bradford 62b
  29 Tower Street Amy Hannah MIDDLETON Wife M 34   Bradford 62b
    Anne MIDDLETON Dau S 11 Scholar Bradford 62b
    George Frederick MIDDLETON Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 62b
    Harold MIDDLETON Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 62b
    Harry MIDDLETON Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 62b
    May Alice MIDDLETON Dau S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 62b
    Margaret MIDDLETON Dau S 2   Eccleshill 62b
    Lucy MIDDLETON Dau S 1   Eccleshill 62b
40   Thomas GRANGE Head M 33 Teacher Warsill Hartwith 62b
42 27 Dudley Hill Road Joseph William SMITH Head M 31 Stuff Warehouseman Undercliffe 62b
    Ellen Ann SMITH Wife M 33   Bradford 62b
    Ellen E SMITH Dau S 4   Eccleshill 62b
    Violet H SMITH Dau S 2   Eccleshill 62b
43 51 Dudley Hill Road Jonathan COOPER Head M 35 Painter Yeadon 62b
    Maria COOPER Wife M 36   Horsforth 62b
    Sarah E COOPER Dau S 7 Scholar Yeadon 62b
    Samuel COOPER Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 62b
    Charles E COOPER Son S 4 Scholar Guiseley 62b
    Walter COOPER Son S 2   Guiseley 62b
44 53 Dudley Hill Road James BROADFOOT Head M 48 Night Watchman SCT 62b
    Helen BROADFOOT Wife M 45   SCT 62b
    George BROADFOOT Son S 20 Railway Engine Cleaner Bradford 62b
    David BROADFOOT Son S 15 Blacksmith app. Bradford 62b
    Tom BROADFOOT Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 62b
    Darrel ? BROADFOOT Son S 3   Bradford 62b
45 55 Dudley Hill Road William Lightfoot WILMAN Head M 49 Wood Carver Bradford 63a
    Sarah Ann WILMAN Wife M 48   Idle 63a
    John WILMAN Son S 18 Wood Carver Eccleshill 63a
    James WILMAN Son S 16 Wood Carver Eccleshill 63a
    Flora Thinas WILMAN Dau S 14 Dressmaker Eccleshill 63a
    Arthur WILMAN Son S 11   Eccleshill 63a
    David WILMAN Son S 7   Eccleshill 63a
    Samuel KENDALL Visitor S 7   Idle 63a
46 BLANK               63a
47 59 Dudley Hill Road Adelard CROFT Head S 59 Grocer Calverley 63a
48 61 Ashcroft William SMITH Head M 68 Living on Own Means Eccleshill 63a
    Elizabeth SMITH Wife M 69   Eccleshill 63a
    Alice SMITH Dau S 30   Eccleshill 63a
    Ann WHITTINGHAM serv S 24   Bradford 63a
    Mary Jane WALDEN serv S 21   GLS D-------sford 63a
    William H T------T Gson S 1   Eccleshill 63a
49 4 Green Place William Valentine BRODEN Head M 69     63a
    Elizabeth BRODEN Wife M 71     63a
50 65 Green Place Charles MESSENGER Head M 39 Confectioner Kirkburton 63a
    Eliza MESSENGER Wife M 39   Mirfield 63a
    Annie MESSENGER Dau S 15   Kirkburton 63a
    Walter MESSENGER Son S 11   Kirkburton 63a
51 1 Intake Road John STANLEY Head M 30 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 63a
    Sarah Jane STANLEY Wife M 30   Bradford 63a
    Herbert Harold STANLEY Son S 6   Undercliffe 63a
    Charles Harold STANLEY Son S 4   Undercliffe 63a
    Walter STANLEY Son S 1   Undercliffe 63a
52 3 Intake Road William DOWNING Head M 53 Outdoor Labourer SFK Sa------son 63b
    Ellen DOWNING Wife M 42   SFK Ha--ghley 63b
    Frederick William DOWNING Son S 22 Outdoor Labourer SFK Ha--ghley 63b
    Harriet Eliza DOWNING Dau S 21 Worsted Drawer SFK Ha--ghley 63b
    Ellen DOWNING Dau S 19 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 63b
    Robert DOWNING Son S 16 Boiler Maker Eccleshill 63b
    Sarah Edith DOWNING Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 63b
    Edward DOWNING Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 63b
    Harry DOWNING Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 63b
    Alfred DOWNING Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 63b
    Thomas DOWNING Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 63b
53 5 Intake Road Albert DALBY Head M 30 Worsted Warehouseman Eccleshill 63b
    Anna Maria DALBY Wife M 30   Eccleshill 63b
    William Lockwood DALBY Son S 4   Eccleshill 63b
    Samuel Denison DALBY Son S 1   Eccleshill 63b
54 5 Dighfield ????? Tom SPENCER Head M 31 Chemist Bradford 63b
    Sarah Elizabeth SPENCER Wife M 31   Brighouse 63b
    Bernard SPENCER Son S 7   Calverley 63b
    Clara Evelina SPENCER Dau S 1   Calverley 63b
55 9 Intake Road Charles Edward WAIN Head M 30 Shipping Warehouseman   63b
    Emily WAIN Wife M 28   Bradford 63b
    Ethel Lazenby WAIN Dau S 2   Bradford 63b
    John Bernard WAIN Son S 1   Bradford 63b
56 11 Intake Road Sarah Jane JOHNSON Head W 47   Eccleshill 63b
    Harriet HOLMES Dau S 22 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 63b
    Clara JOHNSON Dau S 20 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 63b
    Mary JOHNSON Dau S 18 Woolen Weaver Eccleshill 63b
    Ethel JOHNSON Dau S 15 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 63b
    Alfred JOHNSON Son S 11 Worsted Spinner Eccleshill 63b
57 57 Intake Road Richard HARTLEY Head M 61 Wool Washer Eccleshill 63c
    Susanah HARTLEY Wife M 57   Bradford 63c
    Mary Ellen HARTLEY Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 63c
    Elizabeth HARTLEY Dau S 23 Draper & Bookkeeper Eccleshill 63c
    William HARTLEY Son S 20 Joiner Eccleshill 63c
    Mary WATERHOUSE board S 54 Worsted Weaver Bradford 63c
58 15 Intake Road Joseph LOFTHOUSE Head M 62 Retired Quarryman Bradford 63c
    Emma LOFTHOUSE Wife M 57   Ch--------- 63c
    Ruth Ann LOFTHOUSE Dau S 36 Worsted Warper Undercliffe 63c
59 17 Intake Road Henry BOYDEN Head M 48 Stuff Merchant LIN Deeping St. James 63c
    Mary BOYDEN Wife M 37   DBY ?--caston 63c
    Mary Marshall BOYDEN Dau S 22   Bradford 63c
    Sarah BOYDEN Dau S 21   Bradford 63c
    Marshall Henry BOYDEN Son S 20 Warehouseman Bradford 63c
    John Luton BOYDEN Son S 19 app. Bradford 63c
    Emily Eaton BOYDEN Dau S 17 Scholar Bradford 63c
    Thomas BOYDEN Son S 13 Scholar Bradford 63c
    Laurence BOYDEN Son S 5   Bradford 63c
    Gladys BOYDEN Dau S 3   Bradford 63c
60 19 Intake Road Nathan M WRIGHT Head M 48 North Bierley ?? Clerk Wilsden 63c
    Elizabeth WRIGHT Wife M 43   Manningham 63c
    Louis WRIGHT Son S 18 Scholar Bolton 63c
    Edith STEWARD serv S 19 Domestic serv SFK Walsham le Willows 63c
61 2 Kilroyd House James WOOD Head M 66 Stone Merchant Farsley 63c
    Elizabeth WOOD Wife M 54   Woodhall Hills 63c
62 1 Providence Place Ann ELLIS Head W 65 Living on Own Means Huddersfield 63c
    Emily FISON Dau W 44 Dressmaker Kirkstall 63c
63 3 Providence Place Edward SCOTT Head M 31 Coal Merchant Idle 63c
    Ann Lilian SCOTT Wife M 29   Bramham 63c
    Mary Elizabeth SCOTT Dau S 10   Bramham 63c
    Thomas SCOTT Son S 6   Eccleshill 63c
    William SCOTT Son S 5   Eccleshill 63d
    Farley SCOTT Son S 3   Eccleshill 63d
    Edward SCOTT Son S 9m   Eccleshill 63d
64 7 Providence Place Fred BROOK Head M 34 Pattern Maker Bowling 63d
    Frances BROOK Wife M 34   Bradford Moor 63d
    Martha Emily BROOK Dau S 8   Bradford Moor 63d
    Lily BROOK Dau S 6   Bradford Moor 63d
    Jabez BROOK Son S 4   Bradford Moor 63d
    Sarah Ann BROOK Dau S 2   Bradford Moor 63d
65 9 Providence Place Bramwell AMBLER Head W 54 Wool Warehouseman Wilsden 63d
    John Robert AMBLER Son S 25 Railway Clerk Bradford 63d
    Emma AMBLER Dau S 34   Bradford 63d
    Mary Ann AMBLER Dau S 28 Worsted Weaver Bradford 63d
66 11 Providence Place John HOLDSWORD Head M 44 Engineer & Pattern Maker Bradford 63d
    Martha HOLDSWORD Wife M 38   Bradford 63d
    Thomas HOLDSWORD Son S 17 Engineer & Pattern Maker Bradford 63d
    Emma L HOLDSWORD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 63d
    Arthur HOLDSWORD Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 63d
    Herbert HOLDSWORD Son S 11 Worsted Spinner LAN Barrow in Furness 63d
    George William HOLDSWORD Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 63d
    Mabel HOLDSWORD Dau S 3   Bradford 63d
    Edith HOLDSWORD Dau S 7 Scholar Bradford 63d
67 13 Providence Place Richard DUCKWORTH Head M 45 Mechanic Bradford 63d
    Hannah DUCKWORTH Wife M 45   Bradford 63d
    Florence DUCKWORTH Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Bradford 63d
    Hannah E DUCKWORTH Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Bradford 63d
    Emma B DUCKWORTH Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Bradford 63d
    William DUCKWORTH Son S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 63d
    Harry DUCKWORTH Son S 6 Scholar Eccleshill 63d
    Annie FARMERY board S 2   Bradford 63d
68 15 Providence Place William NEWBOLD Head M 55 Yarn Packer Ripon 64a
    Annie Susanah NEWBOLD Wife M 53   Keighley 64a
    Elizabeth NEWBOLD Dau S 21 School Teacher Bradford 64a
    John Richard NEWBOLD Son S 19 Merchant's Clerk Bradford 64a
69 16 Providence Place John Turner ?EARSBY Head M 46 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 64a
    Martha ?EARSBY Wife M 47   Yeadon 64a
    Mary Hannah ?EARSBY Dau S 24 Sticker Bradford 64a
70 14 Providence Place Benjamin WEBSTER Head M 49 Mill Hand Pudsey 64a
    Mary WEBSTER Wife M 49   Bradford 64a
    Joseph WEBSTER Son S 25 Worsted Warehouseman Eccleshill 64a
    John WEBSTER Son S 17 Worsted Warehouseman Eccleshill 64a
    Eliza BAKER board S 56 Worsted Mill Hand Bradford 64a
71 12 Providence Place John Richard HAINSWORTH Head M 30 Stuff Warehouseman Pudsey 64a
    Mary Elizabeth HAINSWORTH Wife M 29   Pudsey 64a
    Charlotte HAINSWORTH Dau S 7   Pudsey 64a
    Mary HAINSWORTH Dau S 6   Eccleshill 64a
    Joseph HAINSWORTH Son S 3   Eccleshill 64a
72 10 Providence Place Fred WILLIAMS Head M 35 Dyer's Manager Bradford 64a
    Jane Gertrude WILLIAMS Wife M 36   LAN Churchtown 64a
    Beatrice WILLIAMS Dau S 12   Bradford 64a
    Fred WILLIAMS Son S 11   Bradford 64a
    Ethel WILLIAMS Dau S 8   Eccleshill 64a
    Harold WILLIAMS Son S 5   Eccleshill 64a
    Dorothy WILLIAMS Dau S 3   Eccleshill 64a
    Clara WILLIAMS Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 64a
73 8 Providence Place Thomas GATES Head M 40 Fitter LAN Wigan 64a
    Isabella GATES Wife M 37   LAN Wigan 64a
    Nelly GATES Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 64a
    Lizzie GATES Dau S 8   Bradford 64a
74 6 Providence Place Elisha BARKER Head M 53 Joiner Bradford 64b
    Mary BARKER Wife M 57   Armley 64b
    Charles Henry BARKER Son S 21 General Labourer Bradford 64b
    Emma BARTON board S 12 Scholar Bramley 64b
    John Henry MARSHALL ?   S 5 Scholar Bradford 64b
75 Moor Terrace James CANSFIELD Head M 57 Stone Quarry Master Bradford 64b
  Dudley Hill Road Hannah CANSFIELD Wife M 54   Bradford 64b
    Sarah Hannah CANSFIELD Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Bradford 64b
    Albert CANSFIELD Son S 17 Quarryman Bradford 64b
    James CANSFIELD Son S 15 Quarryman Bradford 64b
    Emma CANSFIELD Dau S 14 Worsted Weaver Bradford 64b
    Herbert CANSFIELD Son S 12 Scholar Bradford 64b
    Edith CANSFIELD Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 64b
    Lambert CANSFIELD Son S 9 Scholar Bradford 64b
    Laura CANSFIELD Dau S 7 Scholar Bradford 64b
76 8 Moor Terrace Frank HUDSON Head M 27 Stone Dresser Bradford 64b
  Dudley Hill Road Mary Jane HUDSON Wife M 28   Bradford 64b
    ?? HUDSON Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 64b
    Francis Bertram HUDSON Son S 3   Bradford 64b
    Florence HUDSON Dau S 8m   Bradford 64b
77 4 Moor Terrace William RAISTRICK Head M 39 Printer & Compositor Idle 64b
    Rachel RAISTRICK Wife M 34   Bradford 64b
    Arthur RAISTRICK Adptson S 2   Bradford 64b
    James RAISTRICK fath W 77 Retired Cloth Weaver Idle 64b
78 6 Moor Terrace John Henry HEATON Head M 37 Stuff Warehouseman Bradford 64b
    Eliza HEATON Wife M 35   Bradford 64b
    Edmund HEATON Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 64b
    Janet HEATON Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 64b
79 10 Moor Terrace Martha Maria BRUMFITT Head M 44   CAM Colne 65a
  Dudley Hill Road Amy Louisa POWELL Dau S 24   WOR Stowbridge 65a
    Henrietta POWELL Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Halifax 65a
80 12 Moor Terrace Benjamin COLE Head M 69 Bookkeeper Bradford 65a
    Eliza Ann COLE Wife M 62   Idle 65a
    Blanche Eva---- COLE Dau S 33 Milliner Bradford 65a
    Edgar Webster COLE Son S 24 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 65a
    Kathleen Eliza COLE Dau S 19 Milliner's ass. Eccleshill 65a
    Ralph HODGSON Gson S 24 Tailor Bradford 65a
81 4 Duck Cliff Place Thomas TOMLINSON Head M 33 Stuff Buyer Bradford 65a
  Dudley Hill Road Maria TOMLINSON Wife M 31   Guiseley 65a
    Willie Popplewell TOMLINSON Son S 5 Scholar Bradford 65a
    Mary Ann POPPLEWELL board S 22 School Mistress Guiseley 65a
    Annie POPPLEWELL board S 20 Dressmaker Guiseley 65a
82 14 Hampton Terrace Thomas CLAYTON Head M 52 Sewing Machine Agent Rawdon 65a
  Dudley Hill Road Sarah Ann CLAYTON Wife M 51   Bramley 65a
    Thomas CLAYTON Son S 26 Cotton Warp Sizer Eccleshill 65a
    Lily CLAYTON Dau S 21 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 65a
    James CLAYTON Son S 19 Worsted Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 65a
    Alfred E FEARNLEY board S 37 Litho Artist ? Bradford 65a
83 12 Hampton Place Hannah WRIGHT Head W 48 Butter Factor ? Shipley 65a
    Benjamin WRIGHT Son S 20 Butcher Eccleshill 65a
    Harriet Ann WRIGHT Dau S 14 Scholar Eccleshill 65a
    Joshua WRIGHT Son S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 65a
    George ?? board S 26 Gardener HEF Brampton Bream 65a
84 14 Hampton Place Jacob BAXTER Head M 46 Retired Tailor Eccleshill 65a
    Esther Ruby BAXTER Wife M 44   ESS Colchester 65a
85 16 Hampton Place Tom Oldfield MURGATROYD Head M 28 Woolen Dyer Halifax 65a
    Mary Alice MURGATROYD Wife M 25   Bradford 65a
    Frank Vincent MURGATROYD Son S 2   Eccleshill 65a
86 18 Hampton Terrace William Lee CRABTREE Head M 41 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 65b
    Mary Ann CRABTREE Wife M 44   Bolton 65b
    Harry CRABTREE Son S 22 Litho Printer Eccleshill 65b
    Annie Cockroyd CRABTREE Dau S 19 Dressmaker Bradford 65b
    Edith Amelia CRABTREE Dau S 15 Pupil Teacher Bolton 65b
87 20 Hampton Terrace William M LA---------- Head M 26 Draper's ass. Hull 65b
    Rachel Ann LA---------- Wife M 26   Pickering 65b
    Herbert LA---------- Son S 2   Eccleshill 65b
    Charles LA---------- bro S 19 Saddler Hornsea 65b
    Francis HASELTINE board S 25 Draper Ha------ 65b
89 26 East Terrace Sarah TAYLOR Head W 59 Living on Own Means Undercliffe 65b
    Lydia HUTTON sis S 58 Charwoman Undercliffe 65b
    Thomas Taylor SAL------------ Adptson S 9 Scholar   65b
90 28 East Terrace George Barrowclaugh WROE Head M 41 Wool Salesman LAN Southport 65b
    Cathrine WROE Wife M 41   LAN Southport 65b
    Sarah Jane WROE Dau S 14 Milliner's app. Bradford 65b
    George Ernest WROE Son S 10 Scholar Undercliffe 65b
    Jonathan Su-------Ackroyd ACKROYD ? lodg M 55 Wool Agent Commissioner Horsforth 65b
    Eliza ACKROYD ? lodg M 59   Bradford 65b
91 30 East Terrace Mary HUTTON Head W 67 Housekeeper Eccleshill 65b
    Albert HUTTON Son S 33 Stuff Warehouseman Eccleshill 65b
    Mary Ann HUTTON Dau S 27 Dressmaker Eccleshill 65b
92 36 East Terrace Joseph W------------ Head M 37 Stone Mason Bradford 65b
    Louisa W------------ Wife M 35   Bolton 65b
    Florence W------------ Dau S 14 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 65b
    Mary W------------ Dau S 7   Eccleshill 65b
    Ethel W------------ Dau S 5   Eccleshill 65b
    Edith Annie W------------ Dau S 2   Eccleshill 65b
93 32 East Terrace William RICHARDSON Head M 64 Groom Leeds 65b
    Ellen RICHARDSON Wife M 60   CAM Cambridge 65b
94 2 High Cliff Place Luke FIRTH Head M 29 Tea Dealer Traveller Bradford 66b
    Esther Ann FIRTH Wife M 29   Bradford 66b
    John Horne FIRTH Son S 4   Bradford 66b
    Elsie FIRTH Dau S 1   Bradford 66b
95 34 East Terrace Thomas PROWSE Head M 47 Fishmonger SAL 66b
    Louisa PROWSE Wife M 47 Artist GLS Chittenham 66b
96 11 Artistration Boul Maria SIMPSON Head W 34 Weaver Pudsey 66b
    William SIMPSON Son S 12 Mill Hand [half time] Eccleshill 66b
    Thomas Benjamin SIMPSON Son S 14 Mill Hand [half time] Eccleshill 66b
    Ann SIMPSON Dau S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 66b
    Fred SIMPSON Son S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 66b
    Elizabeth SIMPSON Dau S 3 Scholar Eccleshill 66b
97 10 Town Street Mary MITCHELL Head W 64 Worsted Weaver Horton 66b
    Ellen FOX sis S 66 Housekeeper Horton 66b
98 16 Town Street Thomas S STANGER Head M 30 Machine Fitter Exeter ??? 66b
    Annie STANGER Wife M 30 Woolen Weaver NTH Deanthorpe 66b
99 32 Town Street William RHODES Head M 25 Wool ?? Knaresborough 66b
    Ellen RHODES Wife M 36 Woolen Weaver Bradford 66b
100 38 Town Street Mary HOLMES Head S 32 Worsted Mule Spinner Undercliffe 66b
101 7 Highfield Place Joseph WHITEHEAD Head M 34 Yarn Turner Mechanic Bradford 66b
    Ann WHITEHEAD Wife M 40   Bradford 66b
    Louisa SCOTT s in l S 32 Worsted Drawer Bradford 66b
    Ada SCOTT sis S 31 Living on Own Means Bradford 66b
102 2 Providence Place Lampleigh CLARKE Head M 45 Chemical Store Keeper Bradford 66b
  Dudley Hill Road Ann CLARKE Wife M 41   Harrogate 66b
    Albert E CLARKE Son S 20 BookBinder app. Bradford 66b
103 4 Providence Place Robert DALBY Head M 34 Grocer's ass. Undercliffe 66b
    Margaret Ann DALBY Wife M 36   Bradford 66b
104 38 Quarry House James ARNOLD Head M 50 Waste Merchant ?? Mills 67a
  Dudley Hill Road Mary ARNOLD Wife M 55   Halifax 67a
    Grace Mary ARNOLD Dau S 22   Bradford 67a
    Frank Ernest ARNOLD Son S 20 Mechanical Engr app. Girlington 67a
    Harry ARNOLD Son S 17 Waste Merchant's app. Clayton 67a
    Kate COWLESHAW serv S 23 General Domestic serv LIN South Kyme 67a
105 5 Boundry Place William WAINWRIGHT Head M 31 Stone Mason Bradford 67a
    Jane WAINWRIGHT Wife M 28   Shipley 67a
    Hannah WAINWRIGHT Dau S 9   Shipley 67a
    John William WAINWRIGHT Son S 8   Bradford 67a
    James Robert WAINWRIGHT Son S 5   Bradford 67a
    Alfred S B WAINWRIGHT Son S 2   Bradford 67a
106 4 Boundry Place Elijah R--MAN Head M 36 Gas Stoker SFK Drink------ 67a
    Maud R--MAN Dau S 10   Bradford 67a
    Charles Henry R--MAN Son S 8   Bradford 67a
    Ethel R--MAN Dau S 5   Bradford 67a
    Elizabeth ISLES serv M 32 Domestic Housekeeper LON 67a
107 8 Boundry Place Francis Houghton FOWLER Head M 38 Druggist Traveller IRE 67a
    Mary Elizabeth FOWLER Wife M 22   IRE 67a
    Minnie Eliza FOWLER Dau S 1   Bradford 67a
    Sarah GRAY m in l W 47 Dressmaker IRE 67a
108 1 Boundry Place Frank BRUMFITT Son M 42 Wholesale Druggist LAN Manchester 67a
    Rachel BRUMFITT moth M 67   York 67a
    Kate BRUMFITT Dau S 18   Bradford 67a
109 2 Boundry Place John THORNTON Head M 38 Auctioneer Undercliffe 67a
    Margaret THORNTON Wife M 36   CAM Cottingham 67a
110 5 Boundry Place Frank JOHNSON Head M 37 Coachman [Groom] Hull Silston ? 67a
    Rachel JOHNSON Wife M 37   Bishop Wilton 67a
    Arthur JOHNSON Son S 7   Eccleshill 67a
111 40 Dudley Hill Road William KNIGHT Head W 61 Gentleman LEI Saddington 67b
    Walter KNIGHT Son S 9   Undercliffe 67b
    Lizzie AINGE Niece S 27 Housekeeper LEI Leicester 67b
    Florrey AINGE Niece S 23 Knitter ? LEI Leicester 67b
112 42 Dudley Hill Road Thomas William PICKARD Head M 37 Clogger Bradford 67b
    Martha Ann PICKARD Wife M 37   Bradford 67b
    Sarah Ann PICKARD Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Bradford 67b
    Elizabeth PICKARD Dau S 13 Worsted Spinner Bradford 67b
    Ada PICKARD Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 67b
113 2 Green Place Ann GELDARD Head W 62 Bonnet Maker W------------ 67b
114 63 Dudley Hill Road John Fred SCHMIDT Head W 58 Pork Butcher DEU [Naturalized British Subject] 67b
  Blake Hill Grange Eva Elizabeth WOOLLSALL Dau W 37   Bradford 67b
    Louisa ? WOOLLSALL Gdau S 5   CHE 67b
    Elizabella WOOLLSALL Gdau S 2   CHE 67b
    Albert Edward SCHMIDT Son S 35 Pork Butcher Bradford 67b
    Anna MULLER serv S 26 Domestic serv DEU 67b
    Leonard MULLER serv S 15 app. Domestic serv DEU 67b
115 70 Wesley Place Will WAITE Head M 46 Wheelwright Eccleshill 67b
  Dudley Hill Road Benjamin WAITE bro M 5? Mill Hand Eccleshill 67b
116 8 Green Place John NELSON Head W 35 Rug Maker Bierley 67b
    Annie HOWARD serv M 29 Housekeeper Bradford 67b
    Wilfred HOWARD   S 11 Worsted Spinner Bradford Moor 67b
    Percy HOWARD   S 4   Bradford Moor 67b
    John Thomas HOWARD   S ?   Bradford Moor 67b
    Mary Ann HOWARD   S 8   Pudsey 67b
117 12 Green Place William WILKINSON Head M 36 Traveller & Commission Agent Shipley 67b
    Margaret WILKINSON Wife M 38   LAN Dalton in Furness 67b
    Agnes Emma WILKINSON Dau S 14 Dressmaker LAN Dalton in Furness 67b
    John Anderton WILKINSON Son S 9 Scholar LAN Ulverston 67b
    Elizabeth Ann WILKINSON Dau S 5   LAN Ulverston 67b
118 16 Green Place Robert E BOARDAN Head M 4? Tailor LIN Market Rasen 68a
  Dudley Hill Road Mary E BOARDAN Wife M 52   Scarboro 68a
    Alfred E BOARDAN Son S 15 Painter Leeds 68a
    George W BOARDAN Son S 13 Mill Hand Undercliffe 68a
    Florence E BOARDAN Dau S 10 Scholar Bolton 68a
    Thomas A BOARDAN Son S 8 Scholar NTT Nottingham 68a
119 20 Green Place John MILNER Head M 74   Ripon 68a
    Rebecca MILNER Wife M 78   Ripon 68a
    Elizabeth BINNS Dau M 37   Bradford 68a
    Rebecca BINNS Gdau S 12 Mill Hand Bradford 68a
    Edward BINNS Gson S 2m   Bradford 68a
120 106 Dudley Hill Road John William BREAR Head M 26 Mechanic Undercliffe 68a
    Mary Jane BREAR Wife M 25   York 68a
    Sam BREAR Son S 6   Undercliffe 68a
    Sarah Ann BREAR Dau S 3   Undercliffe 68a
121 24 Green Place Matthew ELLIS Head W 53 Coal Merchant's Labourer T------dale 68a
  Dudley Hill Road Jenny CAL---------- Cousin W 27   LIN Perry 68a
122 28 Green Place John William HEATON Head M 33 General Labourer Undercliffe 68a
    Elizabeth HEATON Wife M 36   Undercliffe 68a
    William Alexander HEATON Son S 12   Undercliffe 68a
    Henry HEATON Son S 11   Undercliffe 68a
    John Thomas HEATON Son S 8   Undercliffe 68a
    Tom ?? HEATON Son S 2   Undercliffe 68a
123 6 Green Place John Wright CROSSLEY Head M 30 Retired Constable Headingley 68a
  Dudley Hill Road Florence Annie CROSSLEY Wife M 30   Pudsey 68a
    Elizabeth CROSSLEY Dau S 5   Pudsey 68a
    Ethel Amy CROSSLEY Dau S 2   Pudsey 68a
    James CROSSLEY Son S 3m   Eccleshill 68a
124 8 Green Place Tom CRAVEN Head M 35 Worsted Spinning Overlooker Bowling 68b
  Dudley Hill Road Mary Jane CRAVEN Wife M 34   LAN Preston 68b
    Elizabeth Elenor CRAVEN Dau S 13 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Sarah Rebecca CRAVEN Dau S 10 Scholar Manningham 68b
    Thomas CRAVEN Son S 7   Undercliffe 68b
125 18 Green Place James NAYLOR Head M 41 Wool Sorter Eccleshill 68b
  Dudley Hill Road Christine NAYLOR Wife M 41   SCT Glasgow 68b
    Herbert NAYLOR Son S 12 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Oliver NAYLOR Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Elizabeth NAYLOR Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Isabella NAYLOR Dau S 7 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Mary Ann NAYLOR Dau S 5 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Agnes NAYLOR Dau S 2   Eccleshill 68b
    Ellener NAYLOR Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 68b
126 12 Green Place Andrew Bill SCOTT Head M 34 Printer SCT 68b
  Dudley Hill Road Mary Jane SCOTT Wife M 37   Bradford 68b
    Harry Wilfred SCOTT Son S 12 Mill Hand Bradford 68b
    Andrew Bill SCOTT Son S 11 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Clara SCOTT Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Mary Isabella Jeffrey SCOTT Dau S 3   DUR South Shields 68b
    George Warrall SCOTT Son S 6 Scholar DUR South Shields 68b
    Robert Fred SCOTT Son S 1   Bradford 68b
127 1 Green Place William LYTHE Head M 35 Woolen Warehouseman Bolton Leonard 68b
  Dudley Hill Road Eva Elizabeth LYTHE Wife M 35   Huddersfield 68b
    Victor LYTHE Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Ida Eliza LYTHE Son S 6 Scholar Bradford 68b
    Harry Sherwood LYTHE Son S ?m   Eccleshill 68b
128 5 Green Place George LOFTHOUSE Head M 27 Milk Dealer Undercliffe 68b
  Dudley Hill Road Louisa LOFTHOUSE Wife M 26   Idle 68b
    John LOFTHOUSE Son S 1   Undercliffe 68b
129 46 Dudley Hill Road Evangeline KEAGLE Head M 34   Ferrybridge 69a
    ?? Warrington KEAGLE Dau S 10 Scholar Undercliffe 69a
    William KEAGLE Son S 8 Scholar Undercliffe 69a
    George Harold KEAGLE Son S 4   Undercliffe 69a
    Joseph Warrington KEAGLE Son S 1m   Undercliffe 69a
130 48 Dudley Hill Road Albert GREAVES Head M 38 Grocer Leeds 69a
    Mary Ellen GREAVES Wife M 40   Leeds 69a
    Edith Harrison GREAVES Dau S 17   Leeds 69a
    Beatrice GREAVES Dau S 14 Scholar Leeds 69a
    Maud Mary GREAVES Dau S 13 Scholar Leeds 69a
131 52 Dudley Hill Road Timothy HOLLINGS Head M 42 Draper Idle 69a
    Mary Ann HOLLINGS Wife M 39   Bolton 69a
    John Edward HOLLINGS Son S 14 Draper's app. Eccleshill 69a
    Edith Ellen HOLLINGS Dau S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 69a
    Hannah HOLLINGS Dau S 11 Scholar Eccleshill 69a
    Ernest William HOLLINGS Son S 9 Scholar Eccleshill 69a
    Sarah Annie HOLLINGS Dau S 7 Scholar Eccleshill 69a
    Albert HOLLINGS Son S 4 Scholar Eccleshill 69a
    Alice Bertha HOLLINGS Dau S 3   Eccleshill 69a
    Wilfred HOLLINGS Son S 1   Eccleshill 69a
132 54 Dudley Hill Road George SKIRROW Head W 52 Grocer & Fishmonger Undercliffe 69a
    Mary Ann SKIRROW Dau S 17 Housekeeper Eccleshill 69a
    Sam SKIRROW Son S 12 Errand Boy [half time] Eccleshill 69a
    Sophia SKIRROW Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 69a
    Sarah Alice HARTLEY Niece S 26 Wool Cloth Weaver Undercliffe 69a
133 58 Dudley Hill Road Samuel DALBY Head M 57 Grocer Eccleshill 69a
    Mary Ann DALBY Wife M 58   Undercliffe 69a
134 64 Wesley Place Jane AMBLER Head W 50   Thornton 69a
    Emma Jane RUSHTON Dau M 22 Wool Yarn Twister Bradford 69a
    Tom RUSHTON Gson S 3   Bradford 69a
135 60 Wesley Place Susana DENISON Head W 43 House Duties Bradford 69b
  Dudley Hill Road Annie Tetley DENISON Dau S 21 Cloth Weaver Eccleshill 69b
    Abraham DENISON Son S 20 Warehouseman Eccleshill 69b
    John William DENISON Son S 14 Mill Hand Eccleshill 69b
    Mary Ann DENISON Dau S 13 Scholar Eccleshill 69b
    Joseph Henry TETLEY bro S 49 Blacksmith Bowling 69b
136 62 Wesley Place William WILKS Head M 48 Quarryman F--------- 69b
  Dudley Hill Road Mary WILKS Wife M 49   Bradford 69b
    Ann WILKS Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Calverley 69b
    Ada WILKS Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Calverley 69b
    Ellen WILKS Dau S 16 Worsted Drawer Calverley 69b
    Joseph WILKS Son S 14 Mill Hand Calverley 69b
    Martha WILKS Dau S 12 Woolen Spinner Calverley 69b
    Hannah WILKS Dau S 10 Scholar Calverley 69b
    Frank WILKS Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 69b
    Florence WILKS Dau S 6 Scholar Calverley 69b
137 72 Wesley Place Mary SPENCER Head W 54   Bradford 69b
  Dudley Hill Road James Lightfoot SPENCER Son M 23 Carter Eccleshill 69b
    Emma Hall SPENCER d in l M 27   Bolton 69b
    Percy Wilman SPENCER Gson S 3   Bolton 69b
    Mary Jane SPENCER Gdau S 1   Idle 69b
    Willie SPENCER lodg S 21 Carter Eccleshill 69b
138 74 Wesley Place Hannah BROWN Head W 54   Farsley 69b
  Dudley Hill Road Jane Elizabeth BAILEY Dau M 29   Guiseley 69b
    Joseph BAILEY s in l M 29 Stuff Warehouseman Undercliffe 69b
    Asa BROWN Son S 22 Stuff Warehouseman Guiseley 69b
    Hannah Maria BAILEY Gdau S 6   Undercliffe 69b
139 78 Wesley Place Mary BRITTON Head W 70   Eccleshill 69b
  Dudley Hill Road Robert BRITTON Son S 37 Machine Fitter Eccleshill 69b
140 80 Wesley Place Martha BAILEY Head W 57   Undercliffe 70a
  Dudley Hill Road Selena WATKINSON Dau M 21 Worsted Weaver Undercliffe 70a
    Ellis WATKINSON s in l M 21 Stone Quarryman Idle 70a
    Martha Emma WATKINSON Gdau S 1   Undercliffe 70a
    Olive FARMERY lodg S 6   Undercliffe 70a
141 76 Wesley Place Thomas IRELAND Head M 21 General Labourer IRE Wicklow 70a
  Dudley Hill Road Annie IRELAND Wife M 20   LAN North Chapel ? 70a
    Alice Mary IRELAND Dau S 2   Bradford 70a
142 66 Wesley Place Joseph Ed HALSD------ Head M 39 ?? Farsley 70a
  Dudley Hill Road Mary HALSD------ Wife M 38 Charwoman LIN Brigg 70a
    Elizabeth Hopkin HALSD------ Dau S 10   Bradford 70a
    Harry HALSD------ Son S 8   Undercliffe 70a
    Ruth Annie HALSD------ Dau S 2   Undercliffe 70a
143 68 Wesley Place John WILLAR? Head M 34 Joiner Eccleshill 70a
  Dudley Hill Road Annie WILLAR? Wife M 35   Eccleshill 70a
    Fred WILLAR? Son S 8 Scholar Eccleshill 70a
    Maria WILLAR? Dau S 3   Eccleshill 70a
    Ethel WILLAR? Dau S 4m   Eccleshill 70a
    Emily BANKS ? lodg S 33 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 70a
144 84 Dudley Hill Road Mary CLIFFORD Head W 54 Housekeeper IRE ?? 70a
    Annie CLIFFORD Dau S 28 Mill Hand Bradford 70a
    Fred CLIFFORD Son S 26 Mill Hand Bradford 70a
    Emma CLIFFORD Dau S 22 Mill Hand Bradford 70a
    Mary CLIFFORD Dau S 20 Worsted Weaver Bradford 70a
145 86 Dudley Hill Road Benjamin SCHOFIELD Head M 70 Stone Miner Eccleshill 70a
    Elizabeth SCHOFIELD Wife M 70   Idle 70a
    Hannah Elizabeth SCHOFIELD Dau S 44 Worsted Drawer Eccleshill 70a
    Isaac SCHOFIELD Son S 40 Clogger Eccleshill 70a
    Maria SCHOFIELD Dau S 34 Worsted Weaver Eccleshill 70a
    Benjamin SCHOFIELD Gson S 16 Warehouse Boy Eccleshill 70a
146 90 Dudley Hill Road Silvester NAYLOR Head M 41 Labourer Bradford 70b
    Margaret NAYLOR Wife M 41   Eccleshill 70b
    Richard NAYLOR Son S 16 Stone Merchant's Appprentice Eccleshill 70b
    Sarah NAYLOR Dau S 15   Eccleshill 70b
    Harry NAYLOR Son S 12   Eccleshill 70b
    Percy NAYLOR Son S 9   Eccleshill 70b
    Harold NAYLOR Son S 5   Eccleshill 70b
    Frances Victoria NAYLOR Dau S 3   Eccleshill 70b
    Edgar NAYLOR Son S 1   Eccleshill 70b
147 108 Dudley Hill Road Edwin ? Head M 54 Regent ?   70b
    Mary ? Wife M 56   Pudsey 70b
    William Bertram ? Son S 35 Bag Maker Pudsey 70b
    Lilly ? Dau S 18 Unemployed Bradford 70b
148 72 Dudley Hill Road Martin Ellis ? BARKER Head M 26 Board & Case Maker Bradford 70b
    Elizabeth BARKER Wife M 24   Bradford 70b
    Ada BARKER Dau S 2   Eccleshill 70b
    Annie BARKER Dau S 3m   Eccleshill 70b
149 74 Dudley Hill Road Henry BREARLEY Head M 46 Iron Grinder Bradford 70b
    Maria BREARLEY Wife M 37   NTT Bellingham 70b
    Albert Ernest BREARLEY Son S 11   Eccleshill 70b
    Thomas BREARLEY Son S 9   Eccleshill 70b
    Edith BREARLEY Dau S 5   Eccleshill 70b
150 96 Dudley Hill Road William SENIOR Head M 34 Blacksmith Wakefield 70b
    Mary SENIOR Wife M 38   Ardley 70b
    Lilian SENIOR Dau S 15 Factory Girl Bradford 70b
    Bertha Alice SENIOR Dau S 13 Scholar Bradford 70b
    Charlotte SENIOR Dau S 12 Factory Girl Bradford 70b
    William SENIOR Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 70b
    Maud Ethel SENIOR Dau S 8 Scholar Bradford 70b
    James SENIOR Son S 6 Scholar Undercliffe 71b
    Arthur SENIOR Son S 3   Undercliffe 71b
    Mary SENIOR Dau S 1m   Undercliffe 71b
151 92 Dudley Hill Road Robert H MIDDLEBROOK Head M 39 Coal Merchant CHS ?? 71b
    Amelia MIDDLEBROOK Wife M 27   Thackley Idle 71b
    George MIDDLEBROOK Son S 12   Undercliffe 71b
    William MIDDLEBROOK Son S 9   Undercliffe 71b
    Mary Ellen MIDDLEBROOK Dau S 7   Undercliffe 71b
    Edith Ann MIDDLEBROOK Dau S 3   Undercliffe 71b
    Henley MIDDLEBROOK Son S 1   Undercliffe 71b
152 100 Dudley Hill Road George IVES Head M 40 Chimney Sweeper Bradford 71b
    Mary Jane IVES Wife M 42   Bradford 71b
    Thomas IVES Son S 17 Chimney Sweeper Bradford 71b
    George Willie IVES Son S 15 Bottle Washer Bradford 71b
    Charles WHITE board S   Silk Finisher Bradford 71b
    George DAY board S     Thurgal------- 71b
153 102 Dudley Hill Road George Henry POWELL Head M 33 Wool Comber HEF Shear 71b
    Ada POWELL Wife M 31   Bradford 71b
    Edith POWELL Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 71b
    Thomas POWELL Son S 7 Scholar Bradford 71b
154 104 Dudley Hill Road Arthur MESSENGER Head M 19 ?? Mirfield 71b
    Margaret MESSENGER Wife M 19   Rawdon nr Leeds 71b
    Eliza MESSENGER Dau S 2m   Undercliffe 71b
155 Dudley Hill Road Elizabeth ELL-------- Head W 54 Living on Own Means Manningham 71b
156 110 Dudley Hill Road Francis FENWICK ? Head M 27 Life Insurance Agent DUR Darlington 71b
    Emma FENWICK ? Wife M 28   Bradford 71b
    Florence FENWICK ? Dau S 4   Bradford 71b
    Lilly FENWICK ? Dau S 3   WOR Bramingham 71b
    Lena FENWICK ? Dau S 1   Bradford 71b
157 112 Dudley Hill Road William GILL Head M 26 Wool Sorter Bradford 72b
    Annie GILL Wife M 26   LAN Liverpool 72b
    Sarah Ann GILL Dau S 5   Bradford 72b
    Maude GILL Dau S 10m   Bradford 72b
158 114 Dudley Hill Road Alfred PEALLINSON Head M 50 ?? Curator Bradford 72b
    Esther PEALLINSON Wife M 59   HAM Dogmersfield 72b
159 118 Dudley Hill Road Sarah BREAR Head W 53   Halifax 72b
    Page BREAR Son S 24 Joiner Undercliffe 72b
    Harry BREAR Son S 22 Foundry Man Eccleshill 72b
    Abraham BREAR Son S 19 General Labourer Eccleshill 72b
    Frank BREAR Son S 16 Bag Maker Eccleshill 72b
    Susan BREAR Dau S 10 Scholar Eccleshill 72b
160 8 Keighley Place Charles GRAY Head M 30 Worsted Drawing Overlooker Bradford 72b
  Dudley Hill Road Mary GRAY Wife M 30   Bradford 72b
    Emily GRAY Dau S 5   POL [British Subject] 72b
161 10 Green Place Thomas PRESTON Head M 30 Carpetbag Making Foreman Bradford 72b
  Dudley Hill Road Margaret PRESTON Wife M 27 Worsted Weaver LAN ? 72b
162 82 Wesley Place Ben RICHMOND Head M 24 Engine Man Spofforth 72b
    Sarah Jane RICHMOND Wife M 25 Worsted Weaver Undercliffe 72b
    Nathan Deneson RICHMOND Son S 2   Undercliffe 72b
163 44 Dudley Hill Road Edward DANIELS Head M 57 Plumber Ripon 72b
    Nancy DANIELS Wife M 62   Bradford Moor 72b
    Fred UNWIN B-in-L M 63 ?? Ripon 72b
164 20 Green Place William MILNER Head M 46 Blacksmith Ripon 72b
    Mary Ann MILNER Wife M 48   Bradford Moor 72b
165 6 Artistration Boul Charles MILLER Head M 41 Cooper DEU 72b
    Amelia MILLER Wife M 32   Bradford 72b
    Charles An----- MILLER Son S 10 Scholar Bradford 72b
    Sarah Ann M MILLER Dau S 8   Bradford 72b
    John Birnes MILLER Son S 3   Leeds 72b
    Emma MILLER Dau S 1   Undercliffe 72b
166 2 Artistration Boul Rhodes HALLAM Head M 25 Wool Weaver Eccleshill 73a
  Dudley Hill Road Emily HALLAM Wife M 24 Wool Weaver S------------ 73a
    Laura HALLAM Dau S 2m   Undercliffe 73a
167 55 Dudley Hill Road James WILMAN Head S 46 Wood Carrier ? Eccleshill 73a
168 4 Artistration Boul William FIELD------- Head M 33 Stone Mason Leeds 73a
    Rebecca FIELD------- Wife M 33   Bradford 73a
    James FIELD------- Son S 11 Butcher [half time] Bradford 73a
    Ann L FIELD------- Dau S 10 Scholar Bradford 73a
    Samuel A FIELD------- Son S 8 Scholar Bradford 73a
    Sarah Ann FIELD------- Dau S 6 Scholar Bradford 73a