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Birstwith Census Returns 1911

The 1911 Census of Birstwith is covered by film RG 14/25832, ED 1. The Census was carried out by enumerator Thomas Kidd Stobbs and contains 488 persons. The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

1. Eccl. Parish Birstwith St James the Apostle (entire):

The Island, Wreaks Mill and Houses, The Square, School-house and dwelling, Elton Bottom, Post Office, The Vicarage St James Church, Allotment, New Row, The Moss, East View, Laurel Bank, New Bridge, Railway Gatehouse at Ross Bridge, Bell House, Reynard Craggs, Hill Top Farm, Swarcliffe Top, Fernwood & Spring Cottages, Somerset House, Woodside, Sleights, Lolly Bogs, Cote Hill, Staups, Trees House, Slack Dyke, Kettlesing Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and School, Mount Pleasant, Crow Trees, Long Scales, Hollin House, Grassmere, Hew Green, Cragg Hall, Emmet Lane, Tang Road, Birstwith Hall, Rehaboth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Duke William Inn, Swarcliffe Farm, Swarcliffe Hall, Sun House, Clapham Green

2. Eccl. Parish Hampsthwaite St Thomas à Becket (part of):

Hirst Grove Lodge and Dwelling House, Fell's Buildings, Clapham Green Primitive Methodist Chapel

1 The Island Birstwith BELLAMY Susannah Head W 72   Hogthorpe Lincolnshire
    HOWDLE George Boarder S 30 Corn Miller Birstwith
    BELLAMY Charles Son M 40 Railway Guard Passenger Birstwith
    BELLAMY Ann Daughter in Law M 6 y 38   Hunslet
    BELLAMY Donald Holmes Grandson   5 School Armley
    BELLAMY Marjorie Granddaughter   4   Armley
2 The Island Birstwith BENSON William Head M 35 Gardener Domestic Birstwith
    BENSON Mary Ann Wife M 10 y 34   Birstwith
    BENSON Hilda Daughter   9   Birstwith
3 The Island Birstwith SMITH Jane Head W 76 Government Pensioner Hughley
    JACKSON Joseph Nephew S 60 Retired Locomotive Engineman Birstwith
    MOORHOUSE Arthur Grandson   9 School Birstwith
4 The Island Birstwith NEWBOULD Joseph Head M 32 Stone Mason Pateley Bridge
    NEWBOULD Emma Wife M 9 y 35   Yorkshire
    NEWBOULD Ernest Son S 8 School Yorkshire
    NEWBOULD Florence Daughter S 6 School Yorkshire
    NEWBOULD Wilfred Son S 3   Hartwith
    NEWBOULD Robert Son S 2   Dacre
5 The Island Birstwith GILL George Head M 34 Waggoner at Flour Mill Staveley
    GILL Annie Wife M 13 y 33   Farnham
    GILL Fred Son   11 School Harrogate
    GILL Selina Daughter   8 School Birstwith
    GILL George Son   4   Birstwith
    GILL Ernest Son   1   Birstwith
6 The Island Birstwith WHITWHAM George Head M 48 Bakers Van-Man Cons Durham
    WHITWHAM Lizzie Wife M 28 y 45   Sawley
    WHITWHAM Lilian Daughter S 18   Birstwith
    WHITWHAM Mary Daughter S 10 School Birstwith
    WHITWHAM Frank Son   4   Birstwith
    PEARSON Robert Boarder S 51 Cow Man Markington
    PITKIN Henry Wetherill Visitor S 18 Farm Labourer Brafferton
7 Mill House Birstwith WOOD Frederick Thomas Head W 63 Corn Miller Burley
    WOOD Arthur Son M 32 Corn Miller Bishop Monkton
    WOOD Frederick Robt Son S 26 Flour Miller Bishop Monkton
    DICKINSON Flora G Servant S 38 House Keeper Follifoot
8 Station Road PEART John William Head M 37 Baker Guisborough
    PEART Eliza Wife   36   Middleton
    PEART Daisy Daughter   8 School Melmerby
    PEART May     5 School Harrogate
9 Station Road THORP Sugden Head M 65 Boot Repairer Hartwith
    THORP Ann Wife M 39 y 66   Darley
    THORP Ann Daughter S 38 Boot Dealer Birstwith
10 Ash Lea Birstwith WOOD George Bland Head M 34 Millers Traveller Bishop Monkton
    WOOD Eliza Jane Wife M 5 y 28   Birstwith
    WOOD Sarah Ann Daughter   4   Birstwith
    WOOD Frederick John Son   3   Birstwith
    WOOD Ernest Son   1   Birstwith
    CLARKSON Mary Ann Servant S 16 General Servant Domestic Clint
11 The Square Birstwith ATKINSON Albert Head M 39 Plumbers Labourer Clint
    ATKINSON Elizabeth Wife M 14 y 35   Markington
    ATKINSON Frederick Son   9 School Birstwith
    ATKINSON Raymond Son   6 School Birstwith
    ATKINSON Ruth Daughter   3   Birstwith
12 The Square Birstwith GRAY Elizabeth Head W 84 Retired Dressmaker Suffolk Bures St Marys
    GRAY Mary Elizabeth Daughter S 44 Dressmaker Birstwith
    GRAY Edith Daughter S 41 Dressmaker Birstwith
13 The Square Birstwith GRANT Emma Head S 55 Retired Teacher Elementary Newby Wiske
14 The Square Birstwith TREES Samuel Head M 45 Carpenter Darley
    TREES Betsy Wife M 15 y 36   Darley
    TREES Joseph Son   10 School Darley
    TREES Mary Daughter   5 School Darley
    TREES William Son   0   Birstwith
15 The Square Birstwith SCHOFIELD Sidney Head M 34 Coachman Domestic Sawley
    SCHOFIELD Martha Wife M 6 y 25   Ripon
    SCHOFIELD Alice Daughter   6   Bishop Thornton
    SCHOFIELD Reginald Son   3   Birstwith
16 The Square Birstwith EWBANK Robert Head M 37 Farm Labourer Birstwith
    EWBANK Fanny Wife M 3 y 32   Peterboro North Hamptonshire
17 The Square Birstwith WHARTON John Robert Head M 44 Plumber Bramham
    WHARTON Harriet Ann Wife M 19 y 42   Thorp Arch
    WHARTON John Percy Son   13 School Tadcaster
    WHARTON George Edward Son   7 School Thorp Arch
    WHARTON Robert Ernest Son   1   Birstwith
18 The Square Birstwith SWALES William Head M 54 General Labourer Birstwith
    SWALES Eliza Wife M 30 y 58   Knaresborough
    SWALES Annie Daughter S 24 Dressmaker All Around Birstwith
19 The Square Birstwith MILLS Tom Head M 31 Teamster on Motor-Waggon Torn Burton Leonard
    MILLS Sarah Ann Wife M 9 y 31   Shaw Mills
    MILLS Harry Son   1   Birstwith
20 Station Road Birstwith BOOCOCK James Head M 50 Tailor Maker Eskott
    BOOCOCK Abie Wife M 11 y 48   Birstwith
    HOWARD Arnold Stafford Boarder S 16 Tailor Apprentice Cheltenham Gloucestershire
21 Grocers Shop Station Road BURTON Arthur Head M 38 Clerk and Grocer Yorkshire
    BURTON Ethel Mary Wife M 18 y 40 Assistant in Business Longford Ireland Resident
    BURTON Eileen Daughter   13 School Birstwith
    BURTON Beauford William Son   14   Birstwith
    BURTON Jane Sister S 18 Elementary County School Teacher Moulton
    POWELL Annie Servant S 24 Assistant in Grocers Shop Birstwith
22 School House Birstwith CRYER James Head M 49 Head Elementary Schoolmaster Sutton in Craven
    CRYER Frederick John Son   13 School Birstwith
    CRYER Sarah Daughter   8 School Birstwith
    CRYER George Son   6 School Birstwith
    HODGSON Annie Elizh Servant S 22 General Servant Domestic Darlington Durham
23 Post Office Birstwith EMSLEY Lilian Maud Wife M 11 y 38 Sup Post Mistress Assisting in General County Supply Store Ealing Common London
    EMSLEY Reginald Adopted Son   8 School Derby
    EMSLEY Horace A Nephew S 18 Post Office and Grocery and Drapery ass. Bradford
    ELLIS Lucy Caroline Servant S 25 General Servant Domstic Hampsthwaite
24 Elton Bottom Birstwith SIDEY Mary Head W 88 Private Means Wath
    BARNETT Jane Daughter S 70   Wath
    REID Mary Servant S 52   London
25 Elton Bottom Birstwith UMPLEBY Harry Head M 31 Drapers Assistant York
    UMPLEBY Hardy Alvey Son   7   Killinghall
26 St James Vicarage Birstwith MARSH Norman Edward Head M 36 Clergyman Church of England Northwich Cheshire
    MARSH Helena Mary Wife M 2 y 36   Etherley Durham
    MARSH Joyce Daughter   2   Birstwith
    NAVE Marian Elizabeth Servant S 26 Cook Domestic Sunderland Durham
    SKERMER Lilian Helen Servant S 22 Nurse Domestic Swanwick Derbyshire
    REAY Ethel Servant S 20 Housemaid Domestic Jarrow Monckton Durham
27 Ivy Cottage Birsthwith SHUTT Joseph Head M 66 Retired Joiner Pannal
    SHUTT Frances Wife M 41 y 74   Spofforth
28 Ivy Villa Birstwith EWBANK Jane Head S 63 Assistant Teacher Elementary Birstwith
    EWBANK Mary Jane Niece S 25 Milliner Birstwith
29 The Allotment Birstwith BURRELLS George Henry Head M 41 Head Forester Easthorpe Essex
    BURRELLS Susan Haddon Wife M 14 y 46   Riccarton Syrshire
    BURRELLS George Godfrey Son   13 School St Barnards Edinburgh
    BURRELLS James Smellie Scott Son   11 School Wadhurst Sussex
    BURRELLS Mabel Daughter   8 School Birstwith
    BURRELLS Flora Daughter   6 School Birstwith
    BURRELLS Herbert Son   3   Birstwith
30 The Allotment Birstwith NETTLETON Elizabeth Head W 67   Hampsthwaite
    NETTLETON Edith Daughter S 34 Dressmaker Birstwith
    NETTLETON Olive Daughter S 26 Assistant in the Business Birstwith
31 The Allotment Birstwith EWBANK William Head M 44 Labourer Farm Birstwith
    EWBANK Annie Wife M 19 y 45   Birstwith
    EWBANK Robert Jackson Son S 15 Dairyman Birstwith
    EWBANK George Arundel Son   12 School Birstwith
    EWBANK Charles William Son   10   Birstwith
    EWBANK Margaret Mary Daughter   7   Birstwith
    EWBANK Harry Son   4   Birstwith
    COPLIFFE Frederick W Cousin S 31 No Occupation Harrogate
32 The Allotment Birstwith JACKSON Helen Head W 71 Charwoman Coulter Lanarks
    JACKSON Maud Daughter S 31   Birstwith
33 The Allotment Birstwith ATKINSON Edwin Head M 46 Gardener Domestic Wetherby
    ATKINSON Nancy Wife M 20 y 43   Hampsthwaite
    ATKINSON Charles Son S 15   Wetherby
    ATKINSON Nellie Daughter S 15   Wetherby
    ATKINSON Sarah Daughter   13 School Wetherby
    ATKINSON Edith Daughter   11 School Wetherby
    ATKINSON Fred Son   9 School Hampsthwaite
    ATKINSON Agnes Daughter   5 School Birstwith
    ATKINSON Nancy Daughter   0   Birstwith
34 The Allotment Birstwith MORLEY William Stephen Head M 34 Assistant Forest Birstwith
    MORLEY Mary Jane Wife M 12 y 34   Hull
    MORLEY Fanny Daughter   12   Birstwith
    MORLEY Robert Stephen Son   9   Birstwith
    MORLEY Annie Daughter   5   Birstwith
35 The Allotment Birstwith EWBANK Robert Head M 50 Stone Mason Birstwith
    EWBANK Elizabeth Wife M 26 y 53   Birstwith
    EWBANK Olive Frances Daughter S 24   Birstwith
    EWBANK Arthur Constantine Son S 17 Baker Birstwith
36 Park Cottage Birstwith ALDRIDGE Charles Head M 35 Butler Domestic Allots Langley Herts
    ALDRIDGE Hilda Wife M 12 y 34   Henly on Thames Oxon
    ALDRIDGE Annie Daughter   11 School Midoumer Norton Somerset
    ALDRIDGE William Son   3 School Malton
37 New Row Birstwith FELL Ann Head S 65 Laundress *sey Yorks
38 New Row Birstwith WHITLEY William Head M 34 Horse Manor Farm Farm Labourer Darley
    WHITLEY Lilly Wife M 11 y 37   Grantley
    WHITLEY Elsie Daughter   9 School Birstwith
    WHITLEY Hilda Daughter   6 School Birstwith
    WHITLEY George Son   5 School Birstwith
    WHITLEY Isabel Daughter   2   Birstwith
    WHITLEY Marion Daughter   0   Birstwith
39 New Row Birstwith MILNER John William Head M 53 General Joiner Birstwith
    MILNER Mary Wife M 16 y 44   Scarborough
    MILNER May Maria Daughter   12 School Birstwith
40 Elton House Birstwith GARRATT Charles Head M 30 Dairy Foreman Wareside Herts
    GARRATT Mary Ann Wife M 7 y 32   Gwinear Cornwall
    GARRATT Lily Mary Daughter   3   Birstwith
41 The Moss Birstwith EDGAR Rose Cook S 23 Cook Domestic York
    DALES Pollie Servant S 31   Langfoss
42 East View Birstwith WALKER Mary Head S 53 Private Means Rawdon
    WALKER Lucy Sister S 47 Private Means Birstwith
    WALKER Emily Sister S 44 Private Means Birstwith
    WALKER Amy Elizabeth Sister S 36 Private Means Birstwith
    WALKER Charles Frederick Thompson Nephew   15   Hull
    CALVERT Amy Servant S 19 General Servant Domstic Ripley
43 Laurel Bank Birstwith THOMSON Peter Head M 74 Retired from Business formerly Ramston
    STEVENSON Mary Elizabeth Wife M 20 y 58   Masham
    MELLOR Deborah Jane Servant S 41 General Servant Domstic Liverpool Lancashire
44 Rose Cottage Birstwith THORPE Thomas Head M 56 Farmer Shaw Mills
    THORPE Jane Hannah Wife M 18 y 41   Bingley
    MORLEY Albert Servant S 31 Horseman on Farm Richinghall Suffolk
45 Darley Road Birstwith REYNARD Edward Head W 71 Gardener Domestic Birstwith
    ROBINSON Frederick Son in Law M 29 Stationary Engine Man Birstwith
    ROBINSON Edith Daughter M 4 y 28   Birstwith
46 The Cottage Birstwith KNOWLES Emily Head W 54   Birstwith
    KNOWLES Willie Son S 17 Errand Boy at a Laundry Birstwith
    KNOWLES Alice Daughter S 15 School Birstwith
47 Birstwith House Birstwith MYERS Annie Servant S 53 Housekeeper Darley
48 New Bridge Birstwith STOTT Mark Head M 55 Farmer Felliscliffe
    STOTT Mary Bernice Wife M 29 y 49   Birstwith
    STOTT Sarah Jane Daughter S 27 Farmers Daughter Birstwith
    STOTT Frederick Son S 24 Baker Assistant Birstwith
    STOTT Hilda Bernice Daughter S 21 Elementary School Teachers ass Birstwith
    STOTT Emily Eunice Daughter S 18 Farmers Daughter Birstwith
    HOBSON Septimus Servant S 20 Working on Farm Labourer Mickley
49 Gate House Birstwith POULTER John Head M 52 Railway Platelayer Mickley
    POULTER Harriet Wife   47   Masham
    POULTER George Wilfred Son S 22 Railway Clerk Ripon
    POULTER Ethel Daughter S 19   Darley
    POULTER Hilda Daughter   14   Hartwith
50 Keepers House Swarcliffe Top WALKER Thomas Head M 53 Housekeeper Bishop Thornton
    WALKER Elizabeth Wife M 31 y 51   Selby
    WALKER James Son S 31 Headman Birstwith
    WALKER Thomas Son S 13 School Birstwith
51 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith WILSON Swyers Head M 33 Stone Quarry Birstwith
    WILSON Elizabeth Wife M 10 y 35 Laundress Crayragg Westmorland
    WILSON May Daughter   9   Birstwith
    WILSON Eric Knowles Son   7   Birstwith
    WILSON Doris Daughter   5   Birstwith
    WILSON Benjamin Son   4   Birstwith
52 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith LEAMON Albert Head M 35 Farm Labourer and Vanman Swaffham Norfolk
    LEAMON Annie Ellen Wife M 6 y 29   Summerbridge
    LEAMON Gladys Margery Daughter   0   Summerbridge
53 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith TOLLEY Samuel Head M 46 Farmer Eardington Shropshire
    TOLLEY Annie Wife M 10 y 55   Milburn Westmoreland
    TOLLEY Helena Daughter S 15 Calendar Hand Innisvail Alberta Canada Resident
54 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith PETTY William Head W 74 Farmer Dacre
    MYERS Elizabeth Servant S 48 Housekeeper Hampsthwaite
55 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith HARPER Major Head M 60 Farm Bailiff Birstwith
    HARPER Emily Wife M 23 y 44   Hampsthwaite
    HARPER Maud Daughter S 21   Birstwith
    HARPER Major Son S 16 Domestic Gardener Birstwith
    HARPER Elsie Daughter   13 School Birstwith
56 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith MOXEN James Head M 56 Farmer Grange Moor
    MOXEN Hannah Amelia Wife M 3 y 48   Emley
57 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith DURHAM James Head M 52 Farm Labourer Selby
    DURHAM Sarah Ann Wife M 30 y 49   Bishop Thornton
    DURHAM Thomas Son S 20 Farm Labourer Birstwith
    DURHAM Joseph Son S 16   Birstwith
    DURHAM Sarah Elizabeth Daughter   10 School Birstwith
58 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith LAWSON Tom Head M 43 Garden Labourer Domestic Follifoot
    LAWSON Elizabeth Wife M 12 y 50   Birstwith
59 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith SNOW Robert Head M 48 Stone Quarry Man Hampsthwaite
    SNOW Sarah Elizabeth Wife M 2 y 44   Peterborough Northamptonshire
    SNOW Robert Arthur Son   12 School Birstwith
    SNOW Fred Son   0   Birstwith
    BEEBY Sarah Elizabeth Boarder S 51 Private Means Bourton Warwickshire
60 Swarcliffe Top Birstwith FAWCETT Walter Head M 72 Farmer Darley
    FAWCETT Susanna Wife M 51 y 70   Birstwith
61 Fernwood Cottage Birstwith REYNARD William   M 39 Working on Farm Labourer Birstwith
    REYNARD Rose   M 4 y 32   Kings County Ireland Resident
    REYNARD Rose Annie     2   Birstwith
62 Fern Villa Birstwith THORPE Fred Head M 35 Groom Domestic Darley
    THORPE Betsy Wife M 10 y 36   Grantham Lincs
    THORPE Hilda Mary Daughter   9   Snape Bedale
    THORPE Eva Emily Daughter   7   Snape Bedale
    THORPE Eric Son   5   Snape Bedale
63 Spring Cottage Birstwith STIRK Jane Head M 24 y 53 Caretaker of Farm Sherburn in Elmet
    STIRK John Arthur Son S 22 Joiner York
    STIRK Frederick James Son S 20 Formerly Rural Postman York
    STIRK Laura Elizabeth Daughter   14   York
64 Somersett House Birstwith PETYT Harry Head M 78 Farmer Keighley
    PETYT Sarah Jane Wife M 18 y 38   Birstwith
    PETYT Dean Son   12 School Birstwith
    PETYT Annie Daughter   10 School Birstwith
    PETYT Harry Son   2   Birstwith
    GENNER Anneline Servant S 17 Servant Parkgate Rotherham
65 Woodside Birstwith SCATCHARD Arthur Head M 35 Stone Mason Summerbridge Hartwith
    SCATCHARD Annie Wife M 12 y 36   Otley
    SCATCHARD Horace Wilson Son   11 School Birstwith
    SCATCHARD Swyers Ernest Son   9   Birstwith
    SCATCHARD Alva Son   3 School Birstwith
66 Woodside Birstwith WILSON Benjamin Head M 62 Stone Quarry Owner Birstwith
    WILSON Mary Wife M 41 y 59   Leeds
67 Woodside Birstwith WILSON Emma Wife M 10 y 33   Birstwith
    WILSON Gladys Daughter   6 School Birstwith
    WILSON Arthur Son   5 School Birstwith
    WILSON Nancy Daughter   3   Birstwith
    WILSON Harry Son   1   Birstwith
68 Woodside Birstwith NEWBOULD Ann Wife M 5 y 28   Birstwith
    NEWBOULD Kenneth Son   3   Birstwith
    NEWBOULD Mabel Daughter   0   Birstwith
69 Lolly Boggs Birstwith WOOD Arthur Edmond Head M 40 Farmer Otley
    WOOD Eliza Wife M 20 y 44   Birstwith
    WOOD Annie Daughter S 15 Assisting on the Farm Farnley
    WOOD Harry Son   10   Birstwith
    WOOD George Son   7   Birstwith
    WOOD Arthur Son   4   Birstwith
    WOOD Allan Son   3   Birstwith
70 Sleights Birstwith MORRIS John Ingleby Head M 41 Farm Labourer General Staveley
    MORRIS Alice Wife M 15 y 41   Hawksworth
    MORRIS Edwin Son   12 School Birstwith
    MORRIS Leah Elizabeth Daughter   5 School Birstwith
    CRAVEN Harold Garfield Boarder S 27 Farmer Calverley
71 Prospect House Birstwith HANNAM Mark Head M 63 Farmer Birstwith
    HANNAM Annie Wife M 9 y 52 Assisting in Farming Pateley Bridge
    HANNAM Frederick Son S 18 Farm Labourer Birstwith
    HANNAM Emmanuel Grandson   6   Birstwith
    HANNAM Lizzie Granddaughter   4   Birstwith
    BOWES Harry Servant   13 Assisting on Farm Hayshaw
72 Cote Hill Birstwith REYNARD J William Head M 54 Farmer and Mason Birstwith
    REYNARD Emma Hannah Wife M 30 y 51   Menwith Hill with Darley
    REYNARD Albert Son M 26 Stone Mason Felliscliffe
    REYNARD Evelyn Daughter   12   Felliscliffe
    MARSDEN Sarah   W 70   Menwith Hill with Darley
    MARSDEN Clarence Grandson   3   Birstwith
    MARSDEN Joseph Son M 22 Farm Labourer Felliscliffe
73 Coronation House High Birstwith TAYLOR James Bert H Head S 24 Farmer Otley
    TAYLOR Edith El Sister S 22 Housekeeper Otley
    TAYLOR Percy Holmer W Brother S 18 Working on Farm Otley
74 Staups Cote Hill Birstwith MARSLAND John Edward Head M 29 Farmer Pool
    MARSLAND Ethel Wife M 6 y 28   Copthwick
75 Staups Birstwith FRYER William Head M 64 Farmer Markington
    FRYER Jane Wife M 67   Hartwith
76 Staups Birstwith HATTERSLEY William Head M 51 Farmer Fewston
    HATTERSLEY Elizabeth Wife M 27   Darley
77 Staups Birstwith SHUTT Henry Head M 38 Wheelwright and Joiner Felliscliffe
    SHUTT Rosetta Wife M 10 y 36   Birstwith
    SHUTT Aurelia Mary Daughter   4   Birstwith
    SHUTT Enid Gertrude Daughter   2   Birstwith
78 Trees House Birstwith HOBKINSON Alfred Head M 51 Farmer Birstwith
    HOBKINSON Mary Jane Wife M 29 y 52   Seaton Ross
    HOBKINSON Emily Daughter S 20 Calendar Hand Laundry Maid Birstwith
    HOBKINSON Rose Daughter S 18 Calendar Hand Laundry Maid Birstwith
    HOBKINSON Arthur Son S 15 Farmers Son Assisting on Farm Birstwith
79 Slack Dyke Birstwith MOSCROP Adam Charles Head S 41 Farmer Richmond
80 Grange Farm Birstwith GRANGE Betsy Head W 53 Farmer Clint
    GRANGE Sarah Daughter S 24 Dressmaker Birstwith
    GRANGE Ada Daughter S 22 Laundry Ironer Birstwith
    GRANGE Ernest Son S 15 Farmers Son Working on Farm Birstwith
    HUDSON Joe Boarder   1   Yeadon
    CULPLAND Elzie Boarder   1   Birstwith
81 Mount Pleasant Birstwith HOLMES Susanna Head S 54 Dressmaker Kettlesing
82 Mount Pleasant Birstwith JACKSON Joseph Husband M 27 General Labourer Birstwith
    JACKSON Mary Ellen Wife M 4 y 27   Wysing Hartwith
    JACKSON John Edward Son   2   Birstwith
    JACKSON Baby Boy Son   0   Birstwith
    FRYER Elizabeth Alice Mother in Law M 31 y 57   Dacre Banks
83 Rose Cottage Birstwith MARSTON Charles F Head M 41 Farmer Birstwith
    MARSTON Eleanor B Wife M 19 y 44   York
    MARSTON Edward Son M 18 Working on Farm Birstwith
    MARSTON Annie L Daughter   14   Birstwith
84 Crow Trees Birstwith MORRIS Jonathan Head M 72 Farmer Staveley
    MORRIS Hannah Wife M 35 y 66 Farmers Wife Burton Leonard
    MORRIS Robert Asquith Grandson S 14 Farmers Grandson Working on Farm Birstwith
85 Long Scales Birstwith GIBSON William Ro Head M 52 Farmer and Shoemaker Hampsthwaite
    GIBSON Mary Ellen Wife M 8 y 53   Norwood
    GIBSON Edith Ann Daughter   12 School Birstwith
    STOTT Walter Servant S 24 Boot Repairer Leeds
86 Long Scales Birstwith SNOW Thomas Head S 65 Farmer Knaresborough
    SNOW Arthur Thomas Nephew S 16 Working on Farm Birstwith
87 Long Scales Birstwith SNOW Richard Head M 56 Farmer Birstwith
    SNOW Fanny Wife M 17 y 36 Farmers Wife Pateley Bridge
    SNOW Florrie Daughter S 15   Birstwith
    SNOW John Richard Son   8   Birstwith
88 Long Scales Birstwith RISPIN George Head M 55 Farmer Kipling
    RISPIN Dinah Wife M 34 y 59   Reeth
    RISPIN Percy Grandson   12 School Birstwith
89 Long Scales Birstwith PYE Dennis Albert Head M 28 Poultry Rearing Norwich Norfolk
    PYE Gertrude Wife M 26   Helmsley
90 The Grange Birstwith HOUSEMAN Robert Head M 38 Farmer Hartwith
    HOUSEMAN Annie Wife M 5 y 32   Clint
    HOUSEMAN Marian Daughter   1   Birstwith
    GORET Harry Servant   15 Farm Servant Leeds
91 Hollin Farm Birstwith WOOD Mark Head M 34 Farmer Pateley Bridge
    WOOD Annie E Wife M 3 y 33   Yeadon
    WOOD Jessie Daughter   2   Birstwith
92 Grassmere Birstwith HARRISON Robert C Head M 35 Horse Breeder Ripon
    HARRISON Mabel E Wife M 2 y 30   Leeds
    HARRISON Annie W Sister S 36   Durham
    FAWCETT Elizabeth Servant S 18   North Ormsby
    HARRISON Henry A Father W 86 Former Horse Breeder Lindrick
    HARRISON Robt M W Baby   0   Birstwith
93 Hew Green Birstwith PALLISER Arthur Head M 34 Farmer Kirkstall Leeds
    PALLISER Cathrine Wife M 9 y 35   Kirk Deighton
94 Cragg Hall Birstwith HULLAH John Head M 80 Farmer Pateley Bridge
    HULLAH Rebecca Wife M 46 y 65   Sawley
    HULLAH James Son S 45 Farmer Sawley
    WATTS William Nephew S 45 Farm Labourer Everton Liverpool Lancs
95 Knowles Lane Birstwith BROWN William Head S 44 Farmer Kettlesing Felliscliffe
96 Knowles Farm Birstwith PALLISER Matthew Head M 29 Farmer Kirkstall Leeds
    PALLISER Margaret Wife M 1 y 25   Kirk Deighton
97 Jonathan's Cottage Birstwith JENNINGS William H Head M 60 Farm Labourer Grafton Warwickshire
    JENNINGS Mary Jennings Wife M 56   Wakefield
    BARRACLOUGH Ellen Daughter M 12 y 32   Rothwell
    WRIGHT John Boarder S 37 Farm Labourer Darfield
98 Back Lane Tang Road Birstwith LUMLEY John William Head S 45 Farmer Birstwith
    TURNER Hannah Servant S 15 General Darley Dale Mattock Derbyshire
99 Cobb Hill Tang Road Birstwith TOPHAM Mary Jane Head S 51 Boarding House Keeper Harrogate
    SMITH Elizabeth Boarder S 83 Private Means Worcester
    LEEMING Elsie Barker Servant   14 General Servant Domstic Harrogate
100 Box Chair Tang Road Birstwith MARSTON George Head M 39 Corn Dealer Thornton
    MARSTON Lily Wife M 9 y 28   Malton
    MARSTON Fred Son   7   Birstwith
    MARSTON Annie Daughter   5   Birstwith
    MARSTON Herbert Son   3   Birstwith
    MARSTON Frank Son   1   Birstwith
101 Bridge House Birstwith REYNARD William Head M 50 Grocer and Corn Dealer Shop Keeper and farmer Darley
    REYNARD Sarah Ellen Wife M 25 y     Osmotherley
    WATSON William Adopted Son   16 Shop Assistant Harrogate
    TOPHAM Edna Mary Niece   12   Boroughbridge
    LYON Annie Niece   6   Upstand Kirklington
    CRAVEN Sarah Jane Servant S 18 Domestic Servant Pateley Bridge
102 Tang Birstwith MARSTON Edward Head M 81 Farmer Birstwith
    MARSTON Susannah Wife M 57 y 80 Assisting in the Business Thornthwaite
    HEBDEN Margaret Sister in L W 85 Retired from Farming Private Means Thornthwaite
    FAWCETT Mary Ellen Daughter W 48 Dairy Work Birstwith
103 Tang House Birstwith LUMLEY George Whitley Head W 49 Farmer Birstwith
    LUMLEY William Son S 17 Farmers Son Working on Farm Birstwith
    LUMLEY John Son   10 School Birstwith
    LUMLEY Whitley Son   9 School Birstwith
104 Tang House Birstwith WORSNOP Joseph Head M 25 Farmer Upper Wortley
    WORSNOP Ethel Cordry Wife M 3 y 29   Blackhead Hill London
    WORSNOP Edmund Son   2   Tang Beck Birstwith
    WALKER Esther Servant S 15 General Domestic Servant Birstwith
    FRANKLAND Foster Servant S 16 Farm Labourer Felliscliffe
105 The Lodge Birstwith SWABY John Head M 52 Coachman Domestic Skidby
    SWABY Ellen Wife M 17 y 50   Seaham Durham
    SWABY Hilda Margaret Daughter   16 Living at Home Skellow
106 Birstwith Hall DOVE George Head M 62 Ironmaster Northumberland Walker on Tyne
    DOVE Margaret Wife M 35 y 54   Sanehead
    DOVE Beatrice Helen Margaret Daughter S 24   Cumberland Carlisle
    CLOSE Christina Servant S 40 Lady's Maid Domestic SCT Inverness
    ANGUS Elizabeth Servant S 55 Cook Domestic Elechuton Durham
    BOLTON Annie Servant S 20 Housemaid Domestic Acton
    SHEPHERD Edith Servant S 18 Kitchenmaid Domestic Staveley Derbyshire
    ROBINSON George Roland Servant S 27 Chauffeur Domestic Otley
    BARKER George Servant S 20 Machinist Domestic Blakeney Hill Gloucestershire
107 Walker Cottage Birstwith TOZER Ruth Head M 18 y 57 Boarding House Keeper Darley
    BAKER Louisa Visitor S 23   Bradford
108 Swarcliffe Birstwith CLARK Robert Head M 55 Domestic Coachman Scrayingham York
    CLARK Eleanor Jane Wife M 22 y 45   Dolby Car York
    CLARK Percy Thomas Son   14 School Gate Hemsley York
    CLARK Ernest Son   10 School Dringhouses
    CLARK Annie Elizabeth Daughter   5 School Swarcliffe
    CLARK Wilfred Son   3   Swarcliffe
109 Duke William Inn Birstwith BRAMLEY Mary Ann Head W 61 Innkeeper and Farmer Cinder Hills Darley
    BRAMLEY Sarah Ann Daughter S 29 Assisting in House Work Birstwith
    BRAMLEY John William Son S 22 Farmers Son Birstwith
    WOOD Frank Servant   13   Farnley Nr Leeds
110 The Farm Swarcliffe Birstwith GRAHAM Frederick Head M 41 Cowman West Witton
    GRAHAM Isabel Wife M 16 y 41   West Witton
    GRAHAM Frederick Cyril Son S 15 Bakers Apprentice Leyburn
    GRAHAM Annie Daughter   12 School Leyburn
111 The Gardens Swarcliffe Birstwith GWYLL Robert Edwin Head M 39 Gardener Domestic Melmerby
    GWYLL Eleanor Margaret Wife M 10 y 38   Blythe Northumberland
    REED Edwin Step Son   11 School Ripon
    GWYLL George Cedric Son   6 School Birstwith
    GWYLL Eleanor Daughter   0   Birstwith
112 The Laundry Swarcliffe WALKER Caroline Head S 29 Laundress Domestic Darlaston Staffs
    WALKER Caroline Mother W 67 Assistant Laundress Dawley Shropshire
113 Swarcliffe Hall Birstwich GREENWOOD Charles Staniforth Head M 53 Retired Army Officer Landlord Farmer Birstwith
    GREENWOOD Margaret Eleanor Wife M 25 y 52   Ribston Hall Hunsingore
    GREENWOOD Ruth Margaret Daughter S 22   Birstwith
    GREENWOOD Marion Daughter S 18   Birstwith
    NEILL Sarah Servant S 35 Cook Domestic Clare Tyrone Resident
    TURNBULL Christina Servant S 26 Lady's Maid Domestic Chollerton Northumberland
    LAWSON Agnes Servant S 22 Lady's Maid Domestic Godmersham Kent
    HAYTON Maud Isabel Servant S 28 Housemaid Domestic Greystoke Cumberland
    LONGDEN Edith Servant S 30 Kitchenmaid Domestic Ockbrook Derby
    HARDY Maria Servant S 24 Housemaid Domestic Branstone Stafford
    CHAMBERS Dora Lucy Wilson Servant S 19 Housemaid Domestic Skegby Nottingham
    STYAN Ann Mackenzie Servant S 16 Kitchenmaid Domestic Great Ouseburn
    FLETCHER Leonard Servant S 24 Footman Domestic Weston
    REED Alfred William Servant S 19 Footman Domestic Burton on Trent Stafford
    THOMLINSON Charles Edwin Servant S 20 Groom Domestic Copmanthorpe
    GLOSSICK Nicholas Watson Servant S 20 Groom Domestic Shotley Northumberland
114 Clapham Green Birstwith WORSNOP Edmund Head M 55 Farmer Wortley Leeds
    WORSNOP Delilah Wife M 34 y 55   Hampton Evesham Worcester
    DURHAM Maria Servant S 23 General Domestic Birstwith
    ELLIS Robert Servant S 21 Horseman on Farm Hampsthwaite
    MARSLAND Walter Servant S 21 Cowman on Farm Marsh Huddersfield
    CROPPER John Servant S 19 Farm Labourer Headingley Leeds
115 Clapham Green Birstwith BASS Ann Head W 48 Laundress Charwoman Bray Berks
116 Clapham Green Birstwith STOCKDALE George William Head M 43 Shoeing and General Smith and Farmer Swincliffe Hampsthwaite
    STOCKDALE Emma Wife M 17 y 43   Scarborough
    STOCKDALE Arthur John Son S 15 Working at Home in Smithy and Farm Swincliffe Hampsthwaite
    STOCKDALE Oliver Son   12 School Swincliffe Hampsthwaite
    STOCKDALE Edith Mary Daughter   9 School Swincliffe Hampsthwaite
    STOCKDALE Marjorie Emma Daughter   6 School Swincliffe Hampsthwaite
    STOCKDALE Gertrude Hannah Daughter   4   Swincliffe Hampsthwaite
117 Hirst Grove Birstwith FAWCETT Herbert Head M 36 Carpenter Birstwith
    FAWCETT Lily Wife M 15 y 35   Spofforth
    FAWCETT Carrie Daughter   14   Birstwith
    FAWCETT Olive Catherine Daughter   13 School Birstwith
    FAWCETT Ernest Lazenby Son   11 School Birstwith
    FAWCETT Ana Graham Daughter   8   Birstwith
    FAWCETT David Son   4   Birstwith
118 Hirst Grove Birstwith BAUL George Head M 41 Farmer Skelton
    BAUL Mary Jane Wife M 11 y 40   Hampsthwaite
    BAUL Mary Winifred Daughter   9 School Clint
    ATKINSON Charles Servant S 23 Cowman on Farm Burnt Yates
    RANKIN Lily Servant S 18 General Servant Sheffield
119 The Lodge Hirst Grove Birstwith BENSON John Head M 60 Highways Labourer Darley
    BENSON Mary Wife M 35 y 72   Bentley
    NETTLETON Minnie Step Daughter S 40 Assist in Household Duties Birstwith
    BENSON Charles Edwin Nephew S 35 Highways Labourer Darley