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Hampsthwaite Census Returns 1911

The 1911 Census of Hampsthwaite is covered by film RG 14/25935, ED 3o. The Census was carried out by enumerator William Hebblethwaite and contains 435 persons. The data is presented here in its original order. Schedule is the number given to each separate household and is reproduced here to help show the whole household.

Hampsthwaite Village, Hampsthwaite Head, Hollins, Rowdon Lane, West Lane, Sattergate Hill (Part of), Flat Top House, Throstle Nest, Cruet House, Gill Thorn, Moor Farm, Skipton Road Cottage, Flockstone School Farm, Victoria House, Nelson Inn, Burley Bank (Part of).


1 Glendale House Ripley HEBBLETHWAITE William Head M 54 Assistant Overseer + Rate Collector Harrogate
    HEBBLETHWAITE Sarah Ann Wife M 32 y 55   Ripon
    HEBBLETHWAITE Elizabeth Adopted D   14 Assisting With Household Work Sharrow Vale Beckwith
2 West Lane Ripley ADDYMAN Alfred Robert Head M 37 Farmer Killinghall
    ADDYMAN Emily Wife M 10 y 30   Whixley
    ADDYMAN Violet Daughter   8   Hampsthwaite
    ADDYMAN Jessie Daughter   5   Hampsthwaite
    ADDYMAN James Henry Son   7   Hampsthwaite
    ADDYMAN William Brother W 31 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    BRAMLEY Nellie Sister i L S 21   Whixley
3 West Lane Hampsthwaite REYNARD Reuben Head W 90 Farm Hampsthwaite
    REYNARD Sarah Daughter S 51 Domestic Hampsthwaite
    REYNARD Frances Daughter S 49 Domestic Hampsthwaite
4 Rowdon Lane Hampsthwaite PUMPHREY John Sly Head M 40 Labourer Gloucestershire
    PUMPHREY Hannah Wife M 14 y 40   Burton Lenard
    PUMPHREY Joseph Stanley Son   11   Hampsthwaite
    PUMPHREY John Edward Son   9   Harrogate
5 Hampsthwaite KAY Frederick W Head M 46 Railway Platelayer Farmer Farlington
    KAY Jane Wife M 21 y 43   Killinghall
    KAY Harry Son S 16 Working On Farm Hampsthwaite
    KAY Richard Son S 11   Hampsthwate
    KAY Gilbert Son S 9   Hampsthwaite
    KAY Frederick Son   7   Hampsthwaite
    KAY Walter Son   5   Hampsthwaite
    RIDSDALE Ann Mother W 66   Killinghall
6 Rowdon Lane Ripley PARLER William Bradbury Head M 45 Farmer Coulton Cowton
    PARLER Jane Ann Wife M 2 y 31   Dallowgill
    PARLER Charles Richard Son   1   Copt Hewick Cowton
7 Ripley ASHFORTH Alfred Head M 42 Farmer Deapcar Nr Sheffield
    ASHFORTH Emily Wife M 13 y 38   Bilton Harrogate
    ASHFORTH Alice Margery Daughter   5   Harrogate
    ASHFORTH Olive Thackray Daughter   4   Hampsthwaite
    ASHFORTH Nellie Towers Daughter   1   Hampsthwaite
    MCDERMOTT Mary Jane Servant S 15 General Servant Domestic Pontefract
8 Rowdon Lane Ripley ADDYMAN James Head M 60 Farmer Hartswith
    ADDYMAN H T Wife M 38 y 59   Bilton
    BICKERSDIKE Eliza Daughter   10 School Hampsthwaite
9 Hampsthwaite PARKER William Head M 56 Postman and Farmer Darley
    PARKER Ann Wife M 31 y 54   Norton Le Clay
    PARKER Charles Stanley Son S 25 Butcher Clint
    PARKER James Edward Son S 19 Farmer Felliscliffe
    PARKER Jessie Daughter   14   Hampsthwaite
    PARKER Hilda Marjorie Daughter   9   Hampsthwaite
10 Hampsthwaite JEFFREY Charles Head M 65 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    JEFFREY Frances Hannah Wife M 39 y 66    
    JEFFREY Hubert Son S 21 Joiner Hampsthwaite
11 Hampsthwaite HARDISTY William Head M 83 Farmer Knaresborough
    HARDISTY Jane Wife M 35 y 66   Hampsthwaite
    HARDISTY Richard Ingram Son M 33 Farmer Working at Home Hampsthwaite
    HARDISTY Emma Elizabeth Daughter i L M 5 y 23   Leeds
    HARDISTY Mary Rebecca G Daughter   4   Hampsthwaite
    HARDISTY John Richard G Son   1   Hampsthwaite
12 Hampsthwaite FRANKLAND Mary   S 47 Dairy Maid Hampsthwaite
    FRANKLAND James Silvester Nephew   13 Farm Labourer Felliscliffe
13 Hampsthwaite RAWSON William Head M 30 Fruit and Potatoes Merchant Ripon
    RAWSON Hilda Ann Wife M 9 y 28   Sawley
    RAWSON James Son   7   Thruscross
    RAWSON Robert Son   5   Crossgate
    RAWSON Minnie Daughter   2   Cookridge
14 Skipton Road Hampsthwaite IVESON John William Head M 60 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    IVESON Sarah Wife M 30 y 62   Hampsthwaite
    IVESON Charles William     27 Assisting on Farm Hampsthwaite
    IVESON Arthur     24 Assisting on Farm Hampsthwaite
15 Hampsthwaite CARRINGTON Thomas Head M 44 Farmer Leeds
    CARRINGTON Mary Wife   41   Hampsthwaite
    CARRINGTON Hetty Daughter S 19 Helping in House and Dairy Work Leeds
    CARRINGTON Claude Bramley Son S 17 Employed on Farm Leeds
    CARRINGTON Edith Daughter   5   Hampsthwaite
    PAWASON Fred Servant   13 Farm Servant Hampsthwaite
16 Burley Bank Hampsthwaite NEWBY James Head M 59 Farmer Norton
    NEWBY Jane Wife M 57   Rytlon
    NEWBY George Son S 21 Farmer Darley
    NEWBY John Son S 18 Farmer Killinghall
    NEWBY Ada Daughter S 16   Killinghall
    NEWBY Eunice Daughter S 14   Killinghall
    NEWBY Albert Son S 12 School Boy Hampsthwaite
    NEWBY Alice G Daughter   2   Felliscliffe
17 Skipton Road Ripley FOSTER Francis Head M 63 Farmer and Roadman Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Hannah E Wife M 39 y 57 Farmers Wife Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Jonathan Son S 32 Farmer on own Account Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Frank Son S 26 Dairy Man on own Account Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Sarah Daughter   13 Worker at Home Hampsthwaite
18 Sattergate Hill Ripley BAREN Edward Head M 57 Farmer Escrick
    BAREN Betsy Wife M 27 y 55   Kirbysindalythe
    BAREN James Son S 21 Farmers Son Working on Farm Bilton Harrogate
    BAREN George Son S 20 Farmers Son Working on Farm Bilton Harrogate
    BAREN Percy Son S 17 Butchers Apprentice Bilton Harrogate
    ADDYMAN Mary Maud G Daughter S 5 School Hampsthwaite
    WALLS James Boarder S 54 Farmers Labourer Kirby Hill
19 Sattergate Hill Ripley HARDCASTLE Ben Head M 38 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    HARDCASTLE Nellie Wife M 28 Good Worker Hampsthwaite
    IVESON Ann Mother W 78   York
    HARDCASTLE Victor Son S 16 Working on Farm Killinghall
    HARDCASTLE Joseph Allan Son   8 School Hampsthwaite
    HARDCASTLE William Son   5 School Hampsthwaite
    TURNER George Servant S 70 Farm Labourer York
    AINSWORTH Wilfred Servant S 15 Farm Labourer Killinghall
    APPLEBY Lily Servant S 24 General Hampsthwaite
20 Killinghall Ripley SCOTT John William Head M 63 Innkeeper and Farmer Bishop Thornton
    SCOTT Sarah Wife M 39 y 61   Pannal
    SCOTT George Son S 33 Labourer Farm Harrogate
    COOPER Alice Servant S 40   Wentworth
21 Ripley STYAN John Head M 39 y 60 Farmer Spofforth
    STYAN Charlotte Wife M 39 y 61   Knaresborough
    STYAN Heurbert Son   20   Killinghall
22 Hampsthwaite HAXBY Charles Askwith Head M 87 Retired Harness Maker Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Ann Wife M 60 y 81   Hunsingore
    HAXBY Elizabeth Daughter S 41   Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Charles Johnson G Son   14 School Harrogate
    HAXBY Minnie G Daughter   13 School Harrogate
    HAXBY John A G Son   12 School Harrogate
23 Hampsthwaite SWALE Ann Head W 67   Hampsthwaite
    SWALE Jeffrey Son S 29 Stone Mason Hampsthwaite
    LOCKWOOD Frank Boarder S 14 Errand Boy Hampsthwaite
24 Hampsthwaite HAXBY William Head M 48 Saddler Harness Maker Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Emma V Wife M 19 y 46   Hull
    HAXBY William T Son   14   Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Charles A Son   11   Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY George T Son   6   Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Mary K Daughter   3   Hampsthwaite
25 Hollings Farm Ripley BARKER Tom Head M 12 y 41 Stone Mason Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Helena Wife M 12 y 41   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Dorothy Daughter   11   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Frances Emma Daughter   7   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Maurice Son   1   Hampsthwaite
26 Reynards Farm Ripley HAINSWORTH George Head M 56 Farmer Burnt Gates on Ripley
    HAINSWORTH Alice Ann Wife M 49   Haverah Park
    HAINSWORTH Frederick Son S 21 Grocers Assistant Haverah Park
    ELLIS Mary Mother i L W 72   Menwith Hill Darley
27 Hampsthwaite HAXBY John Head W 56 Joiner and Carpenter Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Edith Daughter S 27   Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY Charles Earnest Son S 19 Apprentice Blacksmith Hampsthwaite
    HAXBY John Horace Son S 15 Apprentice Joiner and Carpenter Hampsthwaite
28 Vale Cottage FORRIST William Albion Head M 40 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    FORRIST Hannah Langley Wife M 8 y 35   Redcar
    FORRIST Elizabeth Alice Daughter   7   Hampsthwaite
    FORRIST Hilda Daughter   3   Hampsthwaite
    FORRIST Albin Son   1   Hampsthwaite
29 1 Vale Terrace Hampsthwaite TURNER Daniel Head M 40 Delver in Stone Quarry Derbyshire Matlock
    TURNER Sarah Ann Wife M 14 y 32   Harrogate
    TURNER Joseph Son S 13   Harrogate
    TURNER Harriet Daughter S 9   Felliscliffe
    TURNER Daniel Son S 2   Hampsthwaite
30 Vale Terrace Hampsthwaite ASPINALL Ada Wife M 15 y 40 Housewife Leeds
31 Hampsthwaite CLARKE Albert Head M 343 Horseman on Farm Norfolk Stow Bedon
    CLARKE Annie Wife M 11 y 36   Bishop Thornton
    CLARKE Francis Herbert Son   11   Clint
    CLARKE William John Son   10   Clint
    CLARKE Nelly Daughter   8   Clint
32 Vale Terrace Hampsthwaite FORRIST Albin Head M 68 Foreman Waterworks Fewston Norwood Nr Otley
    FORRIST Drusilla Wife M 42 y 70   Hampsthwaite
    FORRIST Mary Emma Daughter S 30 Dress Maker Hampsthwaite
33 Hampsthwaite HAXBY William   S 82 Boot Maker Hampsthwaite
34 Hampsthwaite BARKER George Head W 62 Stone Breaker Hampsthwaite
35 Hampsthwaite INMAN Charles William Head W 48 Late Inn Keeper Harrogate
36 Hollings Ripley CLARK I Head M 50 Farm Labourer Smelthouse
    CLARK Theodora Wife M 18 y 43   Warsill
37 Barton House Ripley BARKER Fredrick William Head W 49 Stone Mason Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Alice Daughter S 23 Dressmaker Darley
    BARKER Fredrick William Son S 19 Stone Mason Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Tom Son S 16 Joiner Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Harold Son S 15 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Ernest Son   12 School Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Hannah Sister S 52 House Keeper Hampsthwaite
38 Hampsthwaite HOLMES William Head S 60 Out of Business Being a Farmer Darley
39 Hampsthwaite WATSON James Head M 48 Labourer Hampsthwaite
    WATSON Annie Wife M 14 y 41 Assisting in Hydro Hampsthwaite
    WATSON John Christopher Son   8 School Hampsthwaite
40 Hampsthwaite BELL George Head M 3 y 60 Boot Maker Hampsthwaite
    BELL Margaret Ellen Wife M 38   West Lane Hampsthwaite
    BELL Alfred Son S 18 Boot Maker Hampsthwaite
    SCAIFE Mary   W 68   Dacre Banks
41 Hampsthwaite ELLIS John Head W 37 Labourer Hampsthwaite
    ELLIS Allan Jeffrey Son   13   Hampsthwaite
    ELLIS Nelson Stanley Son   11   Hampsthwaite
42 Bramley Cottage Hampsthwaite BROWN Frank Head M 52 Farm Labourer Kirbyhill
    BROWN Rebeecca Wife M 21 y 44   Leachlade Gloucester
    BROWN Alice Agnes Daughter S 18 Nursemaid Unemployed Harrogate
    BROWN Annie Daughter S 16 Mothers Help Harrogate
    BROWN Frank Stephen Son   14 Farm Lad Hampsthwaite
    BROWN Robert Edwin Son   8 School Boy Hampsthwaite
    CAWTHORNE Eleanor Nurse Child   5   Hampsthwaite
    KAY Edith Irene Nurse Child   1   Bradford
43 Hampsthwaite BARKER Minnie Wife W 36 Charwoman Birstwith
    BARKER Daisy Daughter S 16   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Oliver Son   13   Hunsworth
    BARKER Hilda Daughter   11   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Frances Darlyn Daughter   6   Hampsthwaite
    NETTLETON Margaret Mother S 65   Birstwith
44 Hampsthwaite KENT Newsome Head M 36 Stone Mason Snowden
    KENT Lucy Wife M 5 y 35   Hampsthwaite
    KENT John Edward Son   4   Hampsthwaite
    KENT Herbert Watson Son   3   Hampsthwaite
    KENT James Emanuel Son   0   Hampsthwaite
    GARDEN Sarah Elizabeth Visitor S 20 Domestic Servant Wetherby
45 South View Farm Hampsthwaite POTTER Richard Head M 27 y 51 Farmer Richerton
    POTTER Mary Ellen Wife M 47   Killinghall
    POTTER Edward Son S 26 Joiner Killinghall
    POTTER Emily Jane Daughter S 19 Farmers Daughter Dairywork Killinghall
    POTTERSTHWAITE Annie Niece   10 School Killinghall
46 Rawdon House Hampsthwaite ELLIS Emily Head W 64   Hampsthwaite
    ELLIS Edith Annie Daughter S 32   Hampsthwaite
    PAPE Lily Sophire G Daughter   4   Knarebro
47 Shann Cottage Hampsthwaite BARKER Sarah Head W 68   Harrogate
    WILSON Ethel Georgina G Daughter M 20   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Dorothy Wilson G Daughter   0   Hampsthwaite
48 Hampsthwaite MORRELL Tom Head W 59 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    MORRELL Elizabeth Daughter S 21 Domestic Servant Hampsthwaite
    MORRELL Irene Grandau   2    
49 Hampsthwaite JEFFREY Mary Ann Head W 70   Ayrshire Scotland
    LONG James   W 89   Old Birstwith Hall Leeds
50 Hampsthwaite BOWERS Phoebe Widow W 62   Hampsthwaite
51 Hampsthwaite METCALFE Arthur Head M 64 Grocer and General Dealer Barley in Wharfedale
    METCALFE Ann Wife M 1 y 34   Dewsbury
52 Hampsthwaite HENDERSON George Edward Head M 67 Retired Butler Darrington
    HENDERSON Rosa Wife M 38 y 67   Rolleston Staffordshire
    HENDERSON William Henry Son S 30 House Painter Harrogate
53 Hampsthwaite WARD Sarah Wife W 63   Swardeston Norfolk
54 Hampsthwaite HYLTON James William Head M 4 y 33 General Labourer Strumpshaw Norfolk
    HYLTON Ada Wife M 30   Otley
    PHILLIPS Edith Cousin   11 School Swinsty
55 Hampsthwaite ASHBY Christopher Whytell Head M 17 y 42 Slaters Labourer Galphay
    ASHBY Ada Wife M 37   Fountains Earth
    ASHBY Ada Elizabeth Daughter S 16   Bishopside
    ASHBY Robert Layfield Son   14   Bishopside
    ASHBY George Christopher Son   10 School Hampsthwaite
    ASHBY Walter Cecil Son   6   Hampsthwaite
    ASHBY Rowland Whytell Son   4   Hampsthwaite
    ASHBY Charles Albert Son   3   Hampsthwaite
56 Hampsthwaite MORRELL Joe Head M 27 Stone Mason Hampsthwaite
    MORRELL Alice Wife M 3 y 22   Summerbridge
    MORRELL Fred Son   2   Skipton
    MORRELL Alice Daughter   1   Hampsthwaite
57 Hampsthwaite BOWERS John W Head M 33 Joiner Hampsthwaite
    BOWERS Violet Emily Wife M 3 y 23   York
    BOWERS Ruby Daughter   3   Shaw Mills
    BOWERS Harold Son   2   Hampsthwaite
    BOWERS Laura Daughter   0   Hampsthwaite
58 Hampsthwaite BALLARD John Stock Head M 66 Groom Gardner Ilford Essex
59 Hampsthwaite MORFITT Harry Head M 56 House Painter Hull
    MORFITT Lucy Ann Wife M 33 y 56   Broughton Linc
60 Hampsthwaite SPINK Ann Head W 72   Helmsley
61 2 Smailes Terrace, Hampsthwaite CARNELL Ann Head W 62   Ilsforth
62 Hampsthwaite APPLEBY Priscilla Head W 49   Hampsthwaite
64 Hampsthwaite PRATT Henry Head S 54 Master Tailor Hampsthwaite
    PRATT Bridget Mother W 78   Osmotherly
    PRATT Wilfred Son M 40   Hampsthwaite
    PRATT Daisie Wife M 2 y 23   Hull
    PRATT Clarence Son   0   Hampsthwaite
    TWIDALE Edith E Niece   12 School Ryhill
65 Winsley Cottage DAWSON Elizabeth   W 82 Private Means Leeds
66 Hampsthwaite GILL Herbert Head M 43 Grocer and Draper Norwood
    GILL Margaret Wife M 3 y 35   Clifford
    GILL John Son S 18 Draper Hampsthwaite
    GILL Willie Son   13 School Hampsthwaite
    GILL Ronald Son   12 School Hampsthwaite
    GILL Thomas Son   10 School Hampsthwaite
67 Hampsthwaite BROWN Joseph Head M 83 Retired Tailor Quantry
    BROWN Emma Wife M 18 y 65   Bradford
68 Hampsthwaite GRANGE Mary Elizabeth Head W 64 Care of my Household London
69 Hampsthwaite ATKINSON Alice Lillian Wife M 3 y 23   Rigton
    ATKINSON Jessie Irenie Daughter   2   Hampsthwaite
70 School View Hampsthwaite PUMPHREY Robert Arthur Head M 35 Gardener Labourer Skelton Cleveland
    PUMPHREY Sarah Wife M 37   Shotton Durham
    PUMPHREY Thomasina Daughter   12   Newsham Nortumberland
    PUMPHREY John Son   9   Gosforth Northumberland
    PUMPHREY Georgina Daughter   5   Seaton Delaval Northumberland
    PUMPHREY Elizabeth Daughter   2   Cowpen Village Northumberland
71 Mill Lane Hampsthwaite GRIMES Elizabeth   W 71   Ripon
72 Mill Lane Hampsthwaite ELLIS Rose Ann Head W 60 Takes in Boarders Bishop Thornton
    WEATHERILL Hannah Sister S 63 Formerly Housekeeper Bishop Thornton
    ELLIS Ada Daughter S 24 Dressmaker Hampsthwaite
73 Manor Farm HORNER Fred Son   21 Farmers Son Working on Farm Tanfield
    PORRITT Sarah Servant W 58 Housekeeper Domestic Whitby
74 Hampsthwaite PECK Herbert John Head M 42 Clerk in Holy Orders Ch of England Cambridge Cambs
    PECK Edith Mary Wife M 14 y 40   Oswestry Salop
    PECK Geraldine Edith Daughter   12 School Girl Hampsthwaite
    PECK Herbert Gordon Savile Son   6   Hampsthwaite
    PECK Mary Gwenneth Daughter   5   Hampsthwaite
    HUNTER Gertrude Servant S 22 Governess Stockton Durham
    FARRINGTON Minnie Servant S 20 Maidservant Cambridge Cambs
75 Bilton Garth ASHBY John Head M 22 y 54 Surgeon Hackney Middlesex
    ASHBY Jane Ellen Wife M 22 y 47   Glasshougton
    ASHBY Harold Crowther Son S 19 Architects Apprentice Castleford
    BROWN Elizabeth Servant S 47 Cook Darrington
    FLETCHER Harriet Ann Servant S 32 Housemaid Scarborough
    ASHBY George Stanley Son   10 School Hampsthwaite
76 Hampsthwaite BRIGGS George Head M 46 Police Pensioner Hirst Courtney
    BRIGGS Sarah Wife M 14 y 47   Stockton Durham
    BRIGGS Edgar Son   13 School Hampsthwaite
    BRIGGS Allan Son   4   Hampsthwaite
77 Hampsthwaite MENNELL John Head M 75 Retired Farmer Sutton Thirsk
    MENNELL Jane Wife M 46 y 71   Bagby Thirsk
    MENNELL Honoria Daughter S 36   Grewelthorpe Ripon
    MENNELL Elizabeth Daughter S 31   Grewelthorpe Ripon
78 Church Street HUTCHINSON Fred Head M 25 Gasfitters Gas Company Agate New York, Yorkshire
    HUTCHINSON Mabel Wife M 21   New Park Agate Yorkshire
79 Hampsthwaite RHODES James Head M 27 Farm Labourer Eccup
    RHODES Martha Wife M 3 y 25   Aislaby
    RHODES Evelyn Mary Daughter   2   Hampsthwaite
    RHODES Lily Daughter   0   Hampsthwaite
80 Hampsthwaite BUSFIELD William Head M 51 Carter Kettering
    BUSFIELD Sarah Ann Wife M 30 y 53   Hampsthwaite
    WHEATLEY Mable G Daughter   11 School Hampsthwaite
81 Hampsthwaite THOMPSON Sarah Head M 53   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Walter Son W 34 Mason Hampsthwaite
    HATTERSLEY George Boarder S 32   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Annie G Child   8   Hampsthwaite
    KIRKHAM Emmie Servant F 30   Hampsthwaite
82 Hampsthwaite WILKS Mary Ann Head S 64   Birstwith
83 Hampsthwaite HALL Elizabeth Head W 67 Private Means White Houses Pateley Bridge
84 Hampsthwaite HAW Elizabeth Head S 60 Private Means Knaresborough
85 Hampsthwaite RIEGELS Annie Head W 44 Private Means Harrogate
    RIEGELS William Powell Son   15 Student Harrogate
    RIEGELS Ernest Rudolph Son   10 School Harrogate
    RIEGELS Basil Carl Son   6   Hampsthwaite
86 Ashley House WRIGGLESWORTH Johnson Head M 12 y 35 Slater and Tiler Wetherby
    WRIGGLESWORTH Ada Wife M 37   Wincobank
    WRIGGLESWORTH Eliza Daughter   11   Starbeck Harrogate
    ATKINSON Hannah Visitor S 31 Dressmaker Leeds
87 Hampsthwaite GILL Ellen Head W 73 Private Means Hampsthwaite
    GILL Mary Eleanor Daughter S 46 Elementary School Teacher Fewston
    GILL Clara Blanche Daughter S 44   Fewston
    GILL Olive Blanche G Daughter S 19   Hampsthwaite
88 Hampsthwaite THOMPSON Alfred Head M 49 Head Master Elementary School Wakefield
    THOMPSON Mary Hannah Wife M 18 y 42 Assist Mistress Elementary School Wakefield
    THOMPSON Elsie Elizabeth Daughter S 15 School Swillington
    THOMPSON Herbert Darbyshire Son   11 School Hampsthwaite
    MURGATROYD Elizabeth Visitor W 76   Wakefield
89 Hampsthwaite ASHTON Margaret Head W 73   Dalwich Peebles Scotland
90 Hampsthwaite BARKER Rowland Head M 31 Butcher Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Eliza Wife M 12 y 30   Birstwith
    BARKER Ethel May Daughter   10   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Lucy Grace Daughter   1   Hampsthwaite
91 Hampsthwaite WADE James Head M 59 Tinplate Worker and Plumber Dewsbury
    WADE Emily Wife M 35 y 58   Dewsbury
92 Hampsthwaite BARKER Mark Head M 59 General Labourer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Mary Elizabeth Wife   49   Harwith
    FOSTER Mark Barker Son S 20 Hall Boy Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Margaret Daughter   17   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Hannah Daughter   15   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Edith Daughter   11 School Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Joseph Edward Son   8   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Herbert Son   2   Hampsthwaite
    FOSTER Constance Vera G Daughter   1   Yeadon
93 Spring Garth Hampsthwaite BARKER Shadrack Head M 32 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Lily Wife M 2 y 26   Shildon Durham
    BARKER Peter James Son   0    
94 Hampsthwaite MYERS John Head M 46 y 77 Retired Farmer Addingham
    MYERS Ellen Wife   73   Felliscliffe
95 Hampsthwaite HOUSEMAN Margaret Ann   W 77 Private Means Bishop Thornton
96 2 West View Terrace Hampsthwaite MILNER Fanny Head W 60 Dressmaker Hampsthwaite
    MILNER Elizabeth Ann Daughter S 34 Milliner Hampsthwaite
97 Post Office Hampsthwaite WILSON Sarah Head W 73 Grocer Clint
    MOON Clara Maude Niece W 45 Subpostmistress Hampsthwaite
    MOON Mabel Elizabeth Stepdaughter S 23 Dressmaker Hampsthwaite
98 Hampsthwaite ROBINSON Walter Head M 31 Steam Motor Wagon Driver Kirkby Overblow
    ROBINSON Ethel Wife M 7 y 31   Thirsk
    ROBINSON Ada Daughter   13   Dishforth
    ROBINSON Elsie Daughter   6   Starbeck
    ROBINSON Edna May Daughter   3   Hampsthwaite
99 Hampsthwaite WOODCOCK John Thurloe Head M 29 Groom Domestic Carleston Pontefract
    WOODCOCK Carrie Wife M 5 y 25   Pontefract
    WOODCOCK John Thurloe Son   3   Pontefract
    WOODCOCK Gertrude Alice Daughter   2   Hampsthwaite
100 Wesley Hill Hampsthwaite BARKER Wilfred Archibald Head M 28 Grocers Traveller Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Sarah Ethel Wife M 7 y 27   Kettlesing
    BARKER Henry Alexander Son   5   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Sarah Emma Daughter   3   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Francis Gibson Son   1   Hampsthwaite
101 Diamond Cottage WILKINSON John Martin Head M 65 Retired Butler Leeds
    WILKINSON Mary Wife M 19 y 58   Bradford
102 Hampsthwaite COWPER Mary Jane Head W 73 Private Means Thornton Wattless
    BURTON Elizabeth Visitor S 78   Bradford
103 Clarence Terrace WHINCUP Ellen Head W 54   Malton
    KENDALL Gertrude Daughter M 3 y 23   Pateley Bridge
    WHINCUP Thomas Son S 16   Pateley Bridge
104 Clarence Terrace SMITH Joseph Bedford Head M 35 Police Constable Nostell
105 Clarence Terrace BROWN Peter Henry Head M 61 Ironmonger Harrogate
    BROWN Eva Wife M 22 y 52   Boroughbridge
    BROWN Donald Son   18 Assisting in Business Harrogate
    BROWN Gladys Daughter   16 Costumiers Apprentice Harrogate
106 Hampsthwaite ANNAKIN George Head M 37 Stone Mason Harrogate
    ANNAKIN Eleanor Wife M 13 y 38   Hampsthwaite
    ANNAKIN Eva Daughter   12   Starbeck
107 Hampsthwaite DAWSON Charles Frederic Head M 47 Solicitor Whitby
    DAWSON Grace Ellen Wife M 10 y 38   Hull
    DAWSON Roland Meredith Son   9   Harrogate
    DAWSON Oliver Bernard Son   4   Harrogate
108 Hampsthwaite BARKER Harry Head M 27 y 52 Builder and Farmer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Ellen Wife M 45   Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Arthur Son S 24 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Stanley Son   11 School Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Nellie Daughter   7 School Hampsthwaite
109 Ripley CARR Frank Head M 32 Insurance Clerk Harewood Leeds
    CARR Florence Wife M 9 y 34 School Mistress Manchester Lancs
    CARR Doris Daughter   8   Manchester Lancs
110 Clarence House Ripley CLOUGH Martha Head W 43 Private Means Holme on Spalding Moor
    CLOUGH Fred Son   11   Leeds
    CLOUGH Ellen Daughter   9   Leeds
111 Red Oak Farm Ripley BARKER Peter Head M 65 Farmer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Sarah Ann Wife M 60   Braithwaite Edge Dacre
    BARKER Meshach Jubilee Son S 23 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Abednego Charles Son S 18 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    BARKER Arthur Harrison G Son   13   Leeds
112 Hollings Lane Ripley BAREN Tom Head M 35 General Labourer Harrogate
    BAREN Ruth Wife M 9 y 42   Gloucestershie Ampey Criens
    BAREN Flora Daughter   8   Hampsthwaite
    BAREN Thomas Edward Son   5   Killinghall Sattergate Hill
    BAREN Wilfred Archibald Son   3   Hampsthwaite
    BAREN George Leonard Son   0   Hampsthwaite
    CHAPHAM John Boarder S 34 General Labourer Ripon Sharom
113 Ripley APPLEBY Fred Head M 21 Builder Labourer Hampsthwaite
    APPLEBY Florence Wife M 2 y 23   Clayton Bradford
    APPLEBY Ada Daughter   2   Hampsthwaite
    APPLEBY Eveline Daughter   0   Hampsthwaite
114 Ripley APPLEBY John Head M 55 Quarryman Delver in Stone Quarry Hampsthwaite
    APPLEBY Sarah Ann Wife M 31 y 55   Hampsthwaite
    APPLEBY Walter Son S 15 Farm Labourer Hampsthwaite
    APPLEBY Ethel Daughter   11   Hampsthwaite
    BROTHERTON John Upton Boarder M 32 Labourer in Bricksworks Birstwith
115 The Hollings Ripley WINTERINGHAM John Head M 56 Farm and Butter Factor Boroughbridge
    WINTERINGHAM Florrie Daughter S 24 Assisting at Home Knaresborough
    WINTERINGHAM John E Son M 22 Labourer Knaresborough
    WINTERINGHAM Mary Daughter S 15 Assisting at Home New Park Harrogate
    WINTERINGHAM Rebecca Daughter in Law M 20   Hartlepool Durham
116 Glencoe House Ripley HEBBLETHWAITE Joseph Head M 30 Insurance Agent Killinghall
    HEBBLETHWAITE Minnie Wife M 9 y 28   Hampsthwaite
    HEBBLETHWAITE Ada Alice Daughter   8   Hampsthwaite
    HEBBLETHWAITE Millicent Anne Daughter   6   Hampsthwaite
    HEBBLETHWAITE Nellie Daughter   5   Hampsthwaite
    HEBBLETHWAITE Maud Mary Daughter   3   Hampsthwaite
    HEBBLETHWAITE Lillie Daughter   0   Hampsthwaite
117 Glen-Allen Hollings Ripley MABIN Albert George Head M 61 Retired Elementary Teacher Devonshire Plymouth
    MABIN Hannah Wife M 38 y 68   Heckmondwike