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Census Indexes 1891 Calverley & Farsley ED5

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Piece RG/3654, Enumeration District 5, folios 73 - 85, Enumerator Wilson Haynes

Rose and Crown Inn - Both sides of Sandsgate. Back and front west side of Town Street from Sandsgate to Brown's Druggist shop - Sunnybank mill, Fairbanks block of shops and houses. Grocers and confectioners shop and houses. Hainsworths house and cottage. Post Office, Co-Operative shop and houses all houses and shops to Browns, The New Inn, butchers shop. Hollings and all cottages. Paradise Street back and front all Charles front and back. Pawsons block, Cockshott block, all Midgleys Square, George St, Wm St, Houses back to Midgley Square front to Water Lane. All Andrews Square from Post Office to Water Lane, all houses in Ware lane and Mr Horns house, Keighleys block, houses behind Sunnybank Mill. Peter Hollings house, Edroyd House and Place. All Alma, High and Low Bank, all Lane back and front Wastefields. Henry Gaunt's house and cottage, I Gaunt's villa and lodge, R Gaunt and farm house, John Wadlands farm and cottages, E Bottomley house and Parker's farm.

1 2 Sandsgate HAINSWORTH Irwin Head M 30 Publican Farsley 73a
    HAINSWORTH Pollie Wife M 28   Wortley 73a
2 4 Sandsgate TIFFANY Samuel Head M 67 Wool Weaver Calverley 73a
    TIFFANY Ruth Wife M 67   Farsley 73a
    PEARSON Ellen Lodg S 72 Living on own means [Blind] Farsley 73a
3 6 Sandsgate PICKERING Joseph Head S 32 Fettler in Iron Works Farsley 73a
    PICKERING John Bro S 21 Plasterer Farsley 73a
    HOLLINGSWORTH John b in l M 25 Planer in Mechanic's Shop LAN Manchester 73a
    HOLLINGSWORTH Martha Sis M 26   Farsley 73a
4 10 Sandsgate PARKER Emma Head W 70 Hawker - Peddler Ramsbury 73a
5 12 Sandsgate WALLBANK Joseph Head M 29 Cattle Drover Hartwith 73a
    WALLBANK Sarah Wife M 23   Farsley 73a
    WALLBANK John Son S 1   Farsley 73a
6 14 Sandsgate THREAPLETON Marshall Head M 45 Mason's Lab. Farsley 73a
    THREAPLETON Jane Wife M 41   Bramley 73a
    HOLMES Maria Dau S 20 Woollen Factory Hand Bramley 73a
    THREAPLETON James Son S 14 Scholar Bramley 73a
    THREAPLETON Mary A Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 73a
7 16 Sandsgate SMITH Charles Head W 38 Worsted Willeyer Farsley 73a
    SMITH Martha A Dau S 17 Worsted Factory Hand Farsley 73a
    SMITH Joseph Ross Son S 15 Worsted Factory Hand Farsley 73a
    SMITH Emily Dau S 12 Scholar Farsley 73a
    SMITH Eliza Dau S 10 Scholar Farsley 73a
    SMITH Matthias Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 73a
8 11 Sandsgate GREAVES George Head M 45 Dresser in Woollen Mill Farsley 73a
    GREAVES Ann E Wife M 45 Dressmaker Kirkstall 73a
    GREAVES Francis Son S 17 Twister of Woollen Warps Farsley 73a
    GREAVES Benjamin Son S 15 Apprentice to Fitting Farsley 73a
9 11a Sandsgate WALKER Henry Head M 42 Woolen Fettler New Wortley 73a
    WALKER Esther Wife M 40   Holbeck 73a
    WALKER Louisa Dau S 20   Holbeck 73b
10 9 Sandsgate KEIGHLEY David Head M 44 General Lab. Farsley 73b
    KEIGHLEY Emma Wife M 50   Bramley 73b
    KEIGHLEY Fred Son S 16 Moulder Farsley 73b
    KEIGHLEY Annie Dau S 13 Scholar Farsley 73b
    KEIGHLEY Lily Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 73b
11 7 Sandsgate GRIMSHAW Mary A Head W 52 Housekeeper Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Ann Dau S 23 Worsted Mender Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Lizzie Dau S 19 Worsted Mender Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Thomas Son S 17 Moulder's App. Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Sarah Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Birkenshaw 73b
12 5 Sandsgate WAITE William Head M 76 Retired Cloth Fuller Farsley 73b
    WAITE Mercy Wife M 63   Bramley 73b
    SELBY Ada step dau S 33 Worsted Weaver Farsley 73b
    SELBY Laura step dau S 28 Worsted Weaver Farsley 73b
13 3 Sandsgate GREAVES Ann Head S 43 Dressmaker Farsley 73b
    BOOTH Mary Niece S 19 Wool Weaver Farsley 73b
    BOOTH Nanny Niece S 18 Woolen Mender Farsley 73b
14 1 Sandsgate WALKER Laurence Head M 28 Woolen Overlooker Leeds 73b
    WALKER Martha Wife M 30   Farsley 73b
    WALKER Malbourne Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 73b
    WALKER Florrie Dau S 1   Farsley 73b
15 28 Town Street GRIMSHAW Hainsworth Head M 27 House Painter Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Harriet M Wife M 27   Skipton 73b
    GRIMSHAW Harold Son S 4   Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Joshua Greaves Son S 2   Farsley 73b
    GRIMSHAW Nellie Dau S 3m   Farsley 73b
16 1 Paradise Square FAIRBANK John Head S 31 Mechanical Engineer Farsley 73b
    FAIRBANK Sarah Sis S 33 Dressmaker Farsley 73b
17 5 Paradise Square HINES Annie L Head S 26 Woolen Mill Condenser Horsforth 73b
    HINES Matilda Dau S 13 Woolen Doffer [Spinning Mill] Farsley 73b
    HINES Bernard Son S * Scholar Farsley 74a
    HINES Harold Son S 4   Farsley 74a
    BATTY Ann Moth   49 Worsted Fuller IRE 74a
    BATTY Sarah Stepsis   19 ? Rodley 74a
18 7 Paradise Square RIDER Sam Head M 33 Boot Riveter Pudsey 74a
    RIDER Nancy Wife M 31   Pudsey 74a
    RIDER James Son S 8 Scholar Pudsey 74a
    RIDER John Son S 6 Scholar Pudsey 74a
    RIDER Wilke Son S 2   Pudsey 74a
    RIDER Arthur Son S 1   Pudsey 74a
19 9 Paradise Square RAMSDEN James H Head M 20 General Lab. Stanningley 74a
    RAMSDEN Nancy Wife M 22   Clayton 74a
    RAMSDEN Ethel Dau S 1   Stanningley 74a
    RAMSDEN John W Bro S 22 Iron Works Fitter Stanningley 74a
20 11 Paradise Square WILSON John Head M 39 Foundry Painter Farsley 74a
    WILSON Edith M Wife M 35   Bramley 74a
    WILSON Clara Dau S 16 Worsted Mill Box Minder Farsley 74a
    WILSON Maud Dau S 14   Farsley 74a
    WILSON Mabel Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 74a
    WILSON Stephen Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 74a
21 15 Paradise Square CARTER Isaac L Head M 43 General Lab. Pudsey 74a
    CARTER Mary Wife M 40 Wool Sorter Bramhope Moor 74a
    CARTER Ada Dau S 4   Farsley 74a
22 17 Paradise Square HOLDSWORTH Fred Head M 23 Engineer Farsley 74a
    HOLDSWORTH Margaret Wife M 27   Tong 74a
    HOLDSWORTH Alfred Son S 3   Farsley 74a
    HOLDSWORTH Agnes Dau S 1   Farsley 74a
23 6 Midgley Street BUTLER Moses Head M 66 General Lab. Bramley 74a
24 21 Paradise Street SMITH Wright Head M 31 Wool Fettler Farsley 74b
    SMITH Margaret Wife M 33   Calverley 74b
25 23 Paradise Street CROSSLEY Eliz C Head W 42   Beverley 74b
    FENTON Benjamin s in l M 26 Iron Works Lab. Pudsey 74b
    FENTON Mary Dau M 21 Worsted Mender Farsley 74b
26 30 Charles Street DOUGILL Reuben Head M 42 Machine Making Fitter Farsley 74b
    DOUGILL Mary A Wife M 42   Farsley 74b
    DOUGILL Ada Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Farsley 74b
    DOUGILL Florence Dau S 16 Worsted Comber Farsley 74b
    DOUGILL Eveline Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 74b
27 27 Paradise Street HOGG John Head M 55 Mill Hand Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Mary A Wife M 47   Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Harriet A Dau S 27 Woolen Machine Minder Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Joseph Son S 24 Wool Mule Piecer Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Mary Dau S 20 Weaver Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Arthur Son S 17 Mule Piecer Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Alice Dau S 16 Worsted Frame Minder Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Lily Dau S 14 Worsted Frame Minder Horsforth 74b
    HOGG Isabelle Dau S 10 Scholar Horsforth 74b
28 Sunny Bank House DOCKRAY Caroline Head M 70 Housekeeper Farsley 74b
    DOUGILL Emily Dau S 30 Wool Weaver Farsley 74b
    ENGLAND Leah Serv S 17 Domestic Serv Aberford 74b
29 34 & 36 Town Street JEFFREY Edwin R Head M 51 Grocer Calverley 74b
    JEFFREY Ellen Wife M 53   Calverley 74b
    JEFFREY Emma Dau S 21   Calverley 74b
    JEFFREY William Swaine Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 74b
30 16 Broad Street EASTWOOD Fred Head M 44 Woolen Machine Cleaner Ossett 74b
    EASTWOOD Rhoda Wife M 46   Pudsey 74b
31 8 Charles Street YEADON Emily Head W 39   Farsley 74b
    YEADON Fountain Son S 17 Moulder Stanningley 74b
    YEADON Alice Dau S 12 Factory Wool Doffer Farsley 74b
    YEADON Harry Son S 10 Bobbin Layer Farsley 75a
    YEADON Alfred Son S 9 Scholar Farsley 75a
    YEADON Lily Dau S 2   Farsley 75a
32 10 Charles Street TAYLOR William Head M 32 Machine Fitter Farsley 75a
    TAYLOR Rose Wife M 44   Farsley 75a
    TAYLOR Harold Keighley Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 75a
33 12 Charles Street GOTT James Head Wr 64 General Lab. Bramley 75a
    GOTT Ernest Son S 27 General Lab. Rodley 75a
    GOTT James Son S 20 General Lab. Rodley 75a
    GOTT Lily Dau S 18 Mill Hand Farsley 75a
    GOTT Clara Dau S 14 Mill Hand Farsley 75a
    HOLLINGSWORTH Sarah Lodg W 25   Rodley 75a
    HOLLINGSWORTH Arnot Lodg S 5 Scholar Stanningley 75a
    HOLLINGSWORTH James Lodg S 7 Scholar Stanningley 75a
34 14 Charles Street MARSHALL Samuel Head M 39 Machine Fitter Farsley 75a
    MARSHALL Sabina Wife M 40   Farsley 75a
    MARSHALL Charley Son S 16 Green Grocer Farsley 75a
    MARSHALL Joan Dau S 10 Scholar Farsley 75a
    MARSHALL Arnold Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 75a
    MARSHALL Martha Dau S 2   Farsley 75a
35 16 Charles Street BARKER Sarah Head W 67 Living on own means Otley 75a
    BARKER Jane Dau S 26 Wool Cloth Weaver Farsley 75a
36 18 Charles Street CROFT Susan Head W 55 Housekeeper Stanningley 75a
    CROFT Jabez Son S 31 Wool Cloth Mill Hand Stanningley 75a
    CROFT Betty Dau S 26 Cloth Mill Mender Farsley 75a
    CROFT Irwin Son S 22 Iron Works Rivetter Farsley 75a
    CROFT Louisa Dau S 19 Cloth Weaver Farsley 75a
    DEAN Emily Niece S 25 Cloth Mill Mender Farsley 75a
    DEAN Harry Neph S 21 Iron Works Rivetter Farsley 75a
37 19 Charles Street WILBY Charles Head M 44 Grocer Farsley 75b
    WILBY Miriam Wife M 45   Farsley 75b
    WILBY Lavinia Dau S 15 Dressmaker's Asst Farsley 75b
    WILBY Alice Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 75b
38 21 Charles Street GRIMSHAW Joseph Head Wr 68 Living on own means Farsley 75b
    HEALD Elizabeth Hsekpr W 50 Housekeeper Eastrington 75b
39 23 Charles Street DRAKE Geo H M 40 Iron Works Striker Leeds 75b
    DRAKE Sarah Wife M 31   Topcliffe near Thirsk 75b
    DRAKE Eli Son S 16 Iron Works Striker Leeds 75b
    DRAKE Florrie Dau S 4 Scholar Stanningley 75b
    DRAKE Annie Dau S 2   Otley 75b
40 25 Charles Street BRETHERICK Mary Head M 58 Wool Cloth Burler Farsley 75b
    FENTON John Son S 20 Bookkeeper Pudsey 75b
    FENTON Emily Dau S 18 Worsted Spinner Pudsey 75b
41 29 Charles Street WOMERSLEY John Head M 36 Carrier [Horse] Bramley 75b
    WOMERSLEY Jane Wife M 37   Leeds 75b
    WOMERSLEY William Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Farsley 75b
    WOMERSLEY Albert Son S 7 Scholar Leeds 75b
42 33 Charles Street KEIGHLEY Alfred Head M 37 Mechanic Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Sophia Wife M 36   Pudsey 75b
    KEIGHLEY William Son S 17 Jobber Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Martha Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Joseph Son S 14 Jobber Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Annie E Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Betty Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Ada Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 75b
    KEIGHLEY Alice Dau S 2   Farsley 75b
43 19 Red Lane OLDRID William Head M 27 Wool Cloth Presser Leeds 75b
    OLDRID Julia Wife M 24   Farsley 75b
    OLDRID Amy Dau S 5m   Leeds 76a
44 7 George Street LOBLEY Benjamin Head Wr 40 Woolen Weaver Stanningley 76a
    LOBLEY Osman Son S 12 Factory Hand Farsley 76a
    LOBLEY Albert Son S 11 Factory Hand Farsley 76a
    LOBLEY Norman Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 76a
45 3 George Street BATTY John Head M 64 Wool Card Picker Leeds 76a
46 8 Queen Street JOHNSON Harriet Head W 35 Worsted Weaver Farsley 76a
    JOHNSON Annie Dau S 13 Weaver App. Farsley 76a
47 6 Queen Street THREAPLETON John Head M 35 Fish Salesman Farsley 76a
    THREAPLETON Jane Wife M 34   HOL Kirkhealdy 76a
    THREAPLETON Myra Dau S 1   Farsley 76a
48 4 Queen Street HOLLINGS John Head M 40 Carrier Farsley 76a
    HOLLINGS Elizabeth Wife M 38   Calverley 76a
    HOLLINGS Mary Dau S 17 Worsted Mender Calverley 76a
    HOLLINGS Arnold Son S 14 Carrier's Asst Calverley 76a
    HOLLINGS Sarah Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 76a
    HOLLINGS Rose Dau S 3   Farsley 76a
49 2 Queen Street BROOK Irwin Head M 30 Joiner Farsley 76a
    BROOK Jane Wife M 21   SCT 76a
50 Poplar House PAWSON Abraham Head M 51 Painter & Decorator Otley 76a
    PAWSON Elizabeth Wife M 53   Farsley 76a
    CARTER Mary H Board S 39 Worsted Weaver Leeds 76a
51 5 Queen Street HALL John Head Wr 70 Boiler? Maker NBL Newcastle 76a
    HALL Hannah Dau S 19 Mill Hand Farsley 76a
52 7 Queen Street PROCTER Joseph Head M 46 Wool Warp Dresser Farsley 76a
    PROCTER Sarah Wife M 45   Elland 76a
    PROCTER John Son S 20 Cloth Finisher Farsley 76a
    PROCTER Hannah Maria Dau S 18 Cloth Weaver Farsley 76a
    PROCTER Emma Dau S 14 Worsted Spinner Farsley 76b
    PROCTER Walter Son S 12 Worsted Spinner Farsley 76b
    PROCTER Ada Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 76b
    PROCTER John Lodg S 33 Cord-- Maker Farsley 76b
53 9 Queen Street LOBLEY Joshua Head M 68 Woolen Warper Greengates 76b
    LOBLEY Hannah Wife M 66   Yeadon 76b
    LOBLEY Riley Son S 27 Wool Warehouseman Farsley 76b
    LOBLEY Herbert Gson S 22 Factory Hand Farsley 76b
54 4 John Street WOMERSLEY Emma Head W 58 Domestic Nurse Eccleshill 76b
    HARDAKER Joshua Son M 40 Gas Stoker Guiseley 76b
55 5 John Street KITSON Joseph Head M 44 General Lab. Farsley 76b
    KITSON Elizabeth Wife M 44   Bramley 76b
    KITSON Arthur Son S 22 Mill Hand Farsley 76b
    KITSON Sarah Dau S 18 Mill Hand Farsley 76b
    KITSON Hannah Dau S 15 Mill Hand Leeds 76b
    KITSON Ada Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 76b
    KITSON Harry Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 76b
56 21 Red Lane CHILD Fred Head M 27 Wool Warp Twister Horsforth 76b
    CHILD Emily Wife M 27   Farsley 76b
    CHILD Joseph Son S 2   Farsley 76b
    CHILD Harry Son S 3m   Farsley 76b
57 1 Midgley Square DAVIDSON William Head M 33 Joiner Calverley 76b
    DAVIDSON Mary H Wife M 35   Farsley 76b
    DAVIDSON Fred Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 76b
    DAVIDSON Annie Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 76b
    DAVIDSON Alison Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 76b
    DAVIDSON Charley Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 76b
58 3 Midgley Square MIDGLEY David Head M 54 Grocer Farsley 76b
    MIDGLEY Elizabeth Wife M 54   Farsley 76b
    COE Jane Dau M 32 Living on own Means Farsley 76b
    COE William Victor Gson S 4 Scholar Farsley 77a
59 5 Midgley Square WOOD Joseph Head M 33 Stone Mason Bramley 77a
    WOOD Sarah Wife M 30   Farsley 77a
    WOOD Lizzie Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 77a
    WOOD Robert Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 77a
    WOOD Walker Wilson Son S 1   Farsley 77a
60 4 Midgley Square HUTCHINSON Richard Head M 41 General Lab. Pudsey 77a
    HUTCHINSON Sarah E Wife M 36   Farsley 77a
    HUTCHINSON Matthew W Son S 18 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 77a
    HUTCHINSON Harriet Ann Dau S 17 Worsted Mill Hand Pudsey 77a
    HUTCHINSON Hannah Maria Dau S 14 Scholar Farsley 77a
    HUTCHINSON Fred Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 77a
    HUTCHINSON Harry Son S 9 Scholar Farsley 77a
    HUTCHINSON Emily Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 77a
    HUTCHINSON Willie Son S 1   Farsley 77a
61 2 Midgley Square SHAW Benjamin J Head M 31 Worsted Twister Overlooker Stanningley 77a
    SHAW Elizabeth Wife M 29   Aberford 77a
    SHAW Joseph Son S 14m   Farsley 77a
    SHAW Emily Dau S 3m   Farsley 77a
62 12 Water Lane ELLIS Betty Head M 55   Stanningley 77a
    BARNES Martha Dau S 24 Worsted Cloth Mender Stanningley 77a
    BARNES Ned Son S 21 Worsted Cloth Cutter Stanningley 77a
    BARNES Simeon Son S 19 Plumber's App. Farsley 77a
63 10 Water Lane NICHOLSON Esther Head W 60   Stanningley 77a
    NICHOLSON Joseph Son S 26 Iron Foundry Lab. Farsley 77a
    NICHOLSON Jabez Son S 23 Crane Fitter's Lab. Farsley 77a
    NICHOLSON Ellen Dau S 21 Woolen Weaver Farsley 77a
    JOHNSON Hannah Dau M 33 Woolen Weaver Farsley 77a
    JOHNSON Harry Gson S 9 Scholar Farsley 77a
    JOHNSON Eva Gdau S 7 Scholar Farsley 77a
    RYDER Ann Sis W 48 Charwoman Farsley 77a
64 Water Lane PARKINSON Elias Head M 31 Publican Farsley 77b
  New Inn PARKINSON Mary Wife M 28   Rodley 77b
    PARKINSON Ernest Son S 3   Farsley 77b
    NORTON Mary J Serv S 15 General Serv Kippax 77b
65 62 Town Street BENNET Joseph Head M 54 Crane Works Foreman Rodley 77b
    BENNET Margaret Wife M 54 Milliner & Dressmaker Farsley 77b
    BENNET Irwin Son S 31 Crane Works Foreman Farsley 77b
    BENNET Harry Son S 22 Crane Works Draughtsman Farsley 77b
    JOHNSON Betty R adpt dau S 21 Domestic Duties Wortley 77b
66 60 Town Street DICKENSON James Head Wr 57 Confectioner Wilsden 77b
67 58 Town Street RHODES Edward Head M 38 Master Plumber Knaresborough 77b
    RHODES Judith Wife M 35   Bradford 77b
    RHODES Annie Dau S 9 Scholar Bradford 77b
    RHODES Sarah Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 77b
    RHODES Alice Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 77b
    RHODES John William Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 77b
    RHODES Ada Dau S 2m   Farsley 77b
68 56 Town Street CHARLES Henry Head M 49 Shoemaker DEV Newton Abbot 77b
    CHARLES Grace Wife M 50   Leeds 77b
    CHARLES Alice Dau S 17 School Teacher Leeds 77b
    CHARLES Henry Son S 15 School Teacher Leeds 77b
    CHARLES Beatrice F Dau S 14   Leeds 77b
    CHARLES Harry Son S 11 Scholar Leeds 77b
69 3 Andrew's Square ROSS John Head M 41 Woolen Warehouseman Farsley 77b
    ROSS Sarah A Wife M 40   Farsley 77b
    ROSS Joseph Son S 17 Blacksmith's App. Farsley 77b
    ROSS Mary H Dau S 11 Wool Factory Hand Leeds 77b
    ROSS Roberta Dau S 9 Scholar Seacroft 77b
    ROSS Cora Hilda Dau S 7 Scholar LAN Mossley 77b
    ROSS John Robert Son S 3   Farsley 77b
    BROOK Mary m in l W 75   Calverley 77b
70 7 Andrew's Square BOOTH William Head M 45 Wool Drier Yeadon 78a
    BOOTH Phoebe Wife M 39   Calverley 78a
    BAKER Florence Dau S 15 Woolen Burler Calverley 78a
    BOOTH Benjamin Son S 16 Wool Drier Farsley 78a
    BOOTH Sidney Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 78a
    BOOTH Harry Son S 2   Farsley 78a
71 9 Andrew's Square CARTER Henry Head M 56 Mason Farsley 78a
    CARTER Alice Wife M 54   Farsley 78a
    CARTER Tom Son S 30 Worsted Weft-Man Farsley 78a
    CARTER Fred Son S 29 Boiler Works Lab. Farsley 78a
    CARTER Mary Dau S 21 Worsted Weaver Farsley 78a
72 11 Andrew's Square RAYNER Thomas Head M 52 Boiler Maker Huddersfield 78a
    MOORHOUSE Elizabeth Serv S 41 Housekeeper Kirkburton 78a
    MOORHOUSE Norman Son S 21 Iron Foundry Lab. Kirkburton 78a
    MOORHOUSE Thomas Son S 15 Cloth Finisher Kirkburton 78a
    MOORHOUSE Richard Son S 13 Spinning Doffer Farsley 78a
    MOORHOUSE Harriet Dau S 12 Spinning Doffer Farsley 78a
    MOORHOUSE Mary Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 78a
    MOORHOUSE Henry Son S 7 Scholar Farsley 78a
    MOORHOUSE Friend Son S 4   Farsley 78a
    MOORHOUSE John W Son S 5m   Farsley 78a
73 13 Andrew's Square GREENWOOD William P Head M 49 Watch & Clock Maker BRK Salisbury 78a
    GREENWOOD Elizabeth Wife M 49   OXF Thames 78a
    GREENWOOD Elizabeth P Dau S 23 Dressmaker BRK Faringdon 78a
    GREENWOOD Agnes A Dau S 22 Worsted Mender BRK Faringdon 78a
    GREENWOOD Mary J Dau S 20   BRK Salisbury 78a
74 15 Andrew's Square TAYLOR Hannah Wife M 38   Stanningley 78a
    TAYLOR Margaret Dau S 14 Mill Yard Worker Farsley 78a
    TAYLOR Ruth Dau S 11 Scholar Undercliffe 78a
    TAYLOR Abram Son S 7 Scholar Farsley 78b
    TAYLOR James Langford Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 78b
    TAYLOR Annie Dau S 1   Farsley 78b
75 22 Andrew's Square WALKER Hannah Head W 66 Charwoman Honley 78b
    WALKER William Son S 25 Iron Lab. Shipley 78b
76 18 Andrew's Square DOUGILL Job Head M 33 Woolen Mill Skinner Farsley 78b
    DOUGILL Sarah E Wife M 28   Calverley Bridge 78b
    DOUGILL Agnes Dau S 7 Scholar Calverley Bridge 78b
    DOUGILL Richard Son S 4   Farsley 78b
    DOUGILL Harriet Dau S 1   Farsley 78b
77 16 Andrew's Square BROOK Jane Head W 40 Washerwoman SCT 78b
    BROOK Lydia Dau S 16 Worsted Mender Farsley 78b
    BROOK Charles Son S 13 Mill Hand Farsley 78b
    BROOK Sarah Ann Dau S 9 Scholar Farsley 78b
    BROOK Harry Son S 7 Scholar Farsley 78b
    BROOK George Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 78b
    BOOCOCK Joseph Lodg M 45 Hand-Loom Weaver Farsley 78b
78 14 Andrew's Square RHODES Benjamin A Head M 49 Grocer Farsley 78b
    RHODES Mary Wife M 42   Yeadon 78b
    RHODES Ellen Dau S 15 Woolen Burler Farsley 78b
    RHODES John Son S 14 Woolen Piecer Farsley 78b
    RHODES Alison Dau S 11 Scholar Farsley 78b
    RHODES Margaret Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 78b
79 12 Andrew's Square WOOD Jonathan Head M 39 Steam Crane Fitter Farsley 78b
    WOOD Alice Wife M 36   Farsley 78b
    WOOD Martha Alice Dau S 16 Worsted Box Minder Farsley 78b
    WOOD Sarah Dau S 14   Farsley 78b
    WOOD Ivy Dau S 2   Farsley 78b
    WOOD Jonathan Son S 7m   Farsley 78b
80 10 Andrew's Square BROOK Richard Head S 26 Woolen Warp Dresser Farsley 78b
    BROOK Sarah A Moth M 57   Farsley 78b
    BROOK Alice Sis S 26 Piece Mender Farsley 79a
    BROOK Fred Bro S 23 Warper Farsley 79a
    BROOK Annie Sis S 19   Farsley 79a
    BROOK Ben Bro S 15 Factory Hand Farsley 79a
81 8 Andrew's Square HARGREAVES George Head M 62 Retired Woolen Weaver Farsley 79a
    HARGREAVES Ann Wife M 60 Retired Woolen Weaver Farsley 79a
    HARGREAVES David Son S 28 Woolen Fettler Farsley 79a
    HARGREAVES Anne Dau S 23 Worsted Weaver Farsley 79a
82 6 Andrew's Square STEAD Peter Head M 57 Painter Farsley 79a
    STEAD Alice Wife M 57   Stanningley 79a
    STEAD Hannah Dau S 26 Woolen Mender Farsley 79a
    STEAD Elizabeth M Dau S 21 Woolen Mender Farsley 79a
83 4 Andrew's Square GODSILL Patrick J Head M 54 Tailor IRE Cork 79a
    GODSILL Mary Wife M 50   IRE Navaugh? 79a
    GODSILL Joseph J Son S 24 Tailor IRE Belfast 79a
    GODSILL Mary E Dau S 18 Spinner NS CAN Halifax 79a
    GODSILL Frances Dau S 16 Spinner IRE Limerick 79a
84 40 Town Street HAINSWORTH Samuel Head M 48 Assistant OverSeer Farsley 79a
    HAINSWORTH Hannah Wife M 44   Bradford 79a
    HAINSWORTH Clara Dau S 20   Farsley 79a
    CRAVEN Annie Serv S 38 Domestic Serv Calverley 79a
85 4 Charles Street DAWSON Charles W Head M 43 Mason Huddersfield 79a
    DAWSON Mary E Wife M 41   Farsley 79a
    DAWSON Walter E Son S 15 Warehouseman Huddersfield 79a
    DAWSON Charles Hainsworth Son S 12 Scholar Farsley 79a
    DAWSON William Henry Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 79a
    DAWSON Hilda Mary Dau S 3   Farsley 79a
86 2 Andrew's Square HAYNES Emilie Dau S 28 Elementary Teacher Farsley 79a
    HAYNES Joseph W Son S 26 Stationer Farsley 79a
    HAYNES Charlotte A Dau S 22 Dressmaker Farsley 79a
    HAYNES Mary Wilson Dau S 15 Stationer's Assistant Stanningley 79b
    HAYNES Norman Ross Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 79b
    HAYNES John Bramwell Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 79b
87 72 Town Street HEMMINGWAY William Head M 52 Grocer Farsley 79b
    HEMMINGWAY Harriet Wife M 49   Farsley 79b
    HEMMINGWAY Jonas P Son S 24 Farmer Calverley 79b
    HEMMINGWAY Fred W Son S 22 Wool Drier Calverley 79b
    HEMMINGWAY Joseph Son S 18 Fitter's App. Calverley 79b
    FLINT Beatrice Board S 13 Grocer's Assistant Bradford 79b
88 76 Town Street LEE Charles Head M 54 Tailor Idle 79b
    LEE Eleanor J Wife M 56   IOM Douglas 79b
    LEE Annie Dau S 27 Mantle Maker Idle 79b
    LEE William Son S 26 Tailor Farsley 79b
    LEE Charles Son S 21 Musician [Cornet] Farsley 79b
    LEE Martha Dau S 19 Dressmaker Farsley 79b
    LEE Mary Dau S 18 Wool Cloth Mender Farsley 79b
    LEE Herbert Son S 14 Scholar Farsley 79b
89 78 Town Street MACINTYRE Daniel   S 16 Chemist's App. LAN Littleborough 79b
90 14 Water Lane LOBLEY Alfred D Head M 41 Woolen Weaver Farsley 79b
    LOBLEY Ann Wife M 38   Farsley 79b
    LOBLEY Leonard Son S 16 Mill Hand Farsley 79b
    LOBLEY Alma Dau S 14 Mill Hand Farsley 79b
    LOBLEY Dean Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 79b
    LOBLEY Hannah Mary Dau S 3   Farsley 79b
    LOBLEY Harry Son S 9m   Farsley 79b
91 16 Water Lane ROBINSON Joseph Head M 31 General Lab. Calverley 79b
    ROBINSON Mary J Wife M 33   Calverley 79b
    ROBINSON Archie Son S 6 Scholar Calverley 79b
    ROBINSON Sarah A Dau S 3   Calverley 79b
92 18 Water Lane STOTT Mark Head M 45 Cart Driver Nidderdale 79b
    STOTT Ruth Wife M 53   Farsley 79b
    STOTT Mark Son S 16 Cab Driver Farsley 80a
    STOTT George Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 80a
93 20 Water Lane THOMAS John W Head M 29 Painter's Lab. Farnley 80a
    THOMAS Eliza Wife M 28   Farsley 80a
    THOMAS James Son S 4 Scholar Farsley 80a
    THOMAS Elizabeth H Dau S 3   Farsley 80a
    THOMAS Betsy Dau S 1   Farsley 80a
94 22 Water Lane ARMSTRONG Elliot Head M 29 Woolen Dyer HOL 80a
    ARMSTRONG Mary Wife M 28   HOL 80a
    ARMSTRONG William Son S 9 Scholar HOL 80a
    ARMSTRONG Elliot Son S 7 Scholar HOL 80a
    ARMSTRONG Janet Dau S 5 Scholar HOL 80a
    ARMSTRONG Edward Son S 1   HOL 80a
    HALLIDAY Lizzie s in l S 18 Woolen Mill Winder HOL 80a
95 1 Sunny Bank ROBINSON James A Head M 30 Cloth Percher Farsley 80a
    ROBINSON Mary Wife M 29 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 80a
96 2 Sunny Bank PICKARD John Head M 52 Retired Worsted Sizer Farsley 80a
    PICKARD Rose Wife M 49 Cloth Knotter Farsley 80a
    PICKARD Clara Dau S 17 Cloth Knotter Farsley 80a
    KEIGHLEY William f in l Wr 81 Living on own Means Farsley 80a
97 3 Sunny Bank KEIGHLEY David Head Wr 67 Woolen Warp Beamer Farsley 80a
    ROBINSON Emma Dau M 29   Farsley 80a
    ROBINSON Benjamin s in l M 31 Scribbling Overlooker Bramley 80a
98 24 Water Lane HAINSWORTH Squire Head M 66 Woolen Goods Traveller Calverley 80a
    HAINSWORTH Ruth Wife M 56   Bradford 80a
    LISTER Annie step dau S 25 Dressmaker CHS Knutsford 80a
99 26 Water Lane HORN William Head M 48 Woolen Manufacturer Farsley 80a
    HORN Mary Wife M 42   Farsley 80a
    HORN Hetty Dau S 18   Farsley 80a
    LUPTON Martha Serv S 17 General Domestic Rawdon 80a
100 11 Water Lane HOLLINGS Peter Head M 67 Dry Salter Farsley 80b
    HOLLINGS Elizabeth Wife M 60   Calverley 80b
    HOLLINGS Betty Dau S 37 Wool Weaver Farsley 80b
101 13 Water Lane WHITELEY Henry Head M 70 Wool Sorter Halifax 80b
    WHITELEY Esther Wife M 66   Bramley 80b
102 15 Water Lane SMITH Fred Head M 26 Wool Sorter Calverley 80b
    SMITH Ellen Wife M 22   Stanningley 80b
    SMITH James Henry Son S 4 Scholar Stanningley 80b
103 Oak Well House WADE John W Head M 42 Worsted Yarn Salesman Farsley 80b
    WADE Sarah Wife M 41   Farsley 80b
    BROOK Pollie adpt dau S 28 Worsted Coatings Mender NBL Newcastle-on-Tyne 80b
    ELLIS Herbert Board S 30 Baptist Minister Dewsbury 80b
    EVANS Thomas Board S 17 Woolen App. LON 80b
104 12 Gladstone Street MAWSON Herbert Head M 24 Grocer Armley 80b
    MAWSON Eliza Wife M 28   Pudsey 80b
    MAWSON Jane Alice Dau S 5m   Farsley 80b
105 20 Gladstone Street BOOTH Joseph Head M 53 Yeast Dealer Farsley 80b
    BOOTH Mary A Wife M 39   Farsley 80b
    BOOTH Elizabeth Dau S 9m   Farsley 80b
106 22 Gladstone Street PICKARD John W Head M 23 Boarding School Teacher Farsley 80b
    PICKARD Rebecca Wife M 23   Farsley 80b
107 24 Gladstone Street STEPHENSON Roszilla Head M 54 Sick Nurse Farsley 80b
    STEPHENSON Edwin Son S 18 Cloth Merchant's App. Farsley 80b
108 26 Gladstone Street DRAKE Hannah Wife M 27 Worsted Weaver Farsley 80b
109 30 Gladstone Street WALKER George A Head M 37 Mason Idle 80b
    WALKER Jane Wife M 46   Yeadon 80b
    WALKER Mary A Dau S 17 Woolen Knotter Farsley 80b
110 34 Gladstone Street HODGSON Mary Head W 62   Whitley 80b
    HODGSON Ada A Dau S 26 Worsted Mender Little Ousebourne 80b
    HAWKRIDGE Annie Gdau S 21 Worsted Mender Rotherham 80b
111 36 Gladstone Street COWBURN Joseph Head M 58 Machinist Bingley 81a
    COWBURN Ann Wife M 50   Baildon 81a
    RICE Albert Neph S 22 Cloth Finisher Bingley 81a
112 38 Gladstone Street GORDON John Head M 29 Engine Fitter Hull 81a
    GORDON Lily Wife M 26   Hull 81a
    GORDON Lily Dau S 6 Scholar Hull 81a
    GORDON John H Son S 4 Scholar Hull 81a
    GORDON Susan Dau S 2   Hull 81a
113 27 Low Bank Street KEIGHLEY Edward Head S 54 Draper Farsley 81a
    KEIGHLEY Ruth Sis S 57 Draper Farsley 81a
    DOCKRAY Nancy Board W 63 Wool Burler Farsley 81a
114 25 Low Bank Street MALOY William H Head M 27 Blacksmith Striker Hull 81a
    MALOY Mary A Wife M 28   Farsley 81a
115 23 Low Bank Street ARMITAGE Rose A Head M 53 Wool Weaver Farsley 81a
    ARMITAGE Clara Dau S 24 Wool Weaver Farsley 81a
116 21 Low Bank Street DOCKRAY Fred Head M 30 Joiner Farsley 81a
    DOCKRAY Henrietta Wife M 29   Sheffield 81a
    DOCKRAY Charles Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 81a
    DOCKRAY Hilda Dau S 3   Farsley 81a
    DOCKRAY Hubert Son S 1   Farsley 81a
117 19 Low Bank Street BUSFIELD Irwin Head M 28 Iron Works Lab. Farsley 81a
    BUSFIELD Hannah E Wife M 29 Worsted Weaver Leeds 81a
118 17 Low Bank Street DODSON Thomas Head M 54 Woolen Overlooker Wilsden 81a
    DODSON Christiana Wife M 53   Bradley 81a
    DODSON Sam Son S 21 Woolen Overlooker Bradford 81a
119 15 Low Bank Street CHILD Ann Head M 50 Housekeeper Horsforth 81a
    CHILD Maria Dau S 28 Wool Weaver Horsforth 81a
    CHILD Sarah Dau S 25 Wool Weaver Horsforth 81a
    CHILD David Hague Son S 17 Wool Twister Horsforth 81a
    CHILD Annie Dau S 14 Wool Twister Horsforth 81b
    CHILD Margaret Louisa Dau S 12 Fancy Knitter Horsforth 81b
120 11 Low Bank Street SLATER Sam Head M 26 Commercial Traveller Farsley 81b
    SLATER Eliza Wife M 26 Worsted Mender IOM 81b
121 9 Low Bank Street BROOK Ernest Head M 28 Woolen Overlooker Farsley 81b
    BROOK Emily Wife M 27 Woolen Weaver Dewsbury 81b
    BROOK Harry Son S 1   Farsley 81b
122 2 Low Bank Street ROBINSON John Head M 34 ?? Waller Farsley 81b
    ROBINSON Emily Wife M 39   Otley 81b
    SCULLY Harry step son S 19 Worsted Factory Hand IN USA 81b
    SCULLY Laurena step dau S 17 Worsted Factory Hand IN USA 81b
123 4 Low Bank Street PICKARD Ruth Head S 64 Housekeeper Farsley 81b
    PICKARD Charles Bro S 41 Woolen Weaver Farsley 81b
124 6 Low Bank Street WOOD Sam Head M 29 Warp Dresser Farsley 81b
    WOOD Mary Wife M 30   Farsley 81b
    WOOD Annie Dau S 1   Farsley 81b
125 9 Low Bank Street KEIGHLEY Eliza Head W 60 Grocer Farsley 81b
    KEIGHLEY Fanny Dau S 31   Farsley 81b
126 14 Low Bank Street HORN Johnson Head M 57 Sewing Machine Merchant Calverley 81b
    HORN Elizabeth Wife M 43   Hull 81b
    HORN Ada Dau S 14 Dress Milliner Calverley 81b
    HORN Edward Caulfield Son S 10 Scholar Calverley 81b
    HORN Allan Son S 8 Scholar Calverley 81b
    ADAMSON Amy Visit S 2   Hull 81b
127 16 Low Bank Street DODSON Thomas H Head M 24 Worsted Mill Overlooker Bradford 81b
    DODSON Hannah J Wife M 25 Worsted Piece Mender LON 81b
    DODSON Herbert Son S 18m   Farsley 81b
128 18 Low Bank Street THOMPSON Richard Head Wr 62 Ag Lab. Coulton 81b
129 22 Low Bank Street WATERHOUSE Joseph Head M 41 Joiner LIN Gunston 82a
    WATERHOUSE Mary E Wife M 42   Leeds 82a
    WATERHOUSE Sam Brook Son S 18 Worsted Cloth Percher Farsley 82a
    WATERHOUSE Lily Dau S 16 Worsted Side Mender Farsley 82a
    WATERHOUSE Herbert Son S 15 Cloth Mill Oiler Pudsey 82a
    WATERHOUSE Emily Bertha Dau S 13   Farsley 82a
    WATERHOUSE Fred Son S 11 Telegraph Messenger Farsley 82a
130 24 Low Bank Street KEIGHLEY Joseph Head M 61 Wool Comber Farsley 82a
    KEIGHLEY Elizabeth Wife M 57   Farsley 82a
    KEIGHLEY Fred Son S 29 Wool Sorter Farsley 82a
    KEIGHLEY Herbert Son S 26 Worsted Warp Twister Farsley 82a
    KEIGHLEY Sarah A Dau S 25 Worsted Piece Mender Farsley 82a
131 26 Low Bank Street HAINSWORTH Hannah Head S 49 School Mistress Farsley 82a
    HAINSWORTH Christiana Niece S 14 Scholar Cape Colony St. Elizabeth 82a
132 21 High Bank Street PROCTER Benjamin Head M 42 Cloth Mill Tuner Farsley 82a
    PROCTER Fanny Wife M 40   Coulton 82a
    PROCTER Charlotte A Dau S 20 Wool Weaver Farsley 82a
    PROCTER Henry W Son S 18 Weft-Man Farsley 82a
    PROCTER John Son S 17 Tier-in Farsley 82a
    PROCTER Eliza Dau S 14   Farsley 82a
    PROCTER Benson Son S 12 Wool Doffer Farsley 82a
    PROCTER Sarah Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 82a
    PROCTER Alan Son S 5 Scholar Farsley 82a
133 23 High Bank Street COWLING William Head M 67 Retired Farmer Burnsell 82a
    COWLING Zillah Wife M 67   Calverley 82a
    COWLING Anne Dau S 30 Wool Weaver Calverley 82a
    COWLING Margaret Dau S 29 Dressmaker Calverley 82a
134 19 High Bank Street PARKINSON David Head M 45 Machine Fitter Farsley 82a
    PARKINSON Mary H Wife M 40   Stanningley 82a
    PARKINSON Beatrice V Dau S 16 Factory Mender HAM Portsmouth 82a
    PARKINSON John C Son S 14 Mill Hand HAM Portsmouth 82b
    PARKINSON Louisa M Dau S 11 Scholar HAM Portsmouth 82b
    PARKINSON Rachel H Dau S 5 Scholar DER Ripley 82b
    PARKINSON Richard Arthur Son S 2   Farsley 82b
135 17 High Bank Street GRIMSHAW William Head M 64 Woolen Warper Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Rebecca Wife M 52   Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Sarah Dau S 41 Worsted Weaver Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW David Son S 39 Weaving Overlooker Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Hannah Dau S 26 Worsted Weaver Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Julia Dau S 21 Worsted Twister Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Acquilla Son S 17 Worsted Overlooker Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Zeno Son S 15 Worsted Doffer Calverley 82b
    GRIMSHAW Nora Dau S 14 Worsted Doffer Calverley 82b
136 15 High Bank Street VERITY Edwin Head M 25 WatchMaker Leeds 82b
    VERITY Louisa Wife M 24   LEI 82b
137 13 High Bank Street WAITE Sarah Head S 60 Baker Guiseley 82b
    WADE Ann Sis W 62   Guiseley 82b
138 7 High Bank Street WOOD James Head M 46 Woolen Willier & Fettler Pudsey 82b
    WOOD Hannah Wife M 44   Howden 82b
    WOOD Joseph W Son S 19 Stoker & Engine Driver Farsley 82b
    WOOD Sarah A Dau S 16 Worsted Spinner Farsley 82b
    WOOD James R Son S 14 Worsted Spinner Farsley 82b
    WOOD John Son S 12 Scholar Farsley 82b
    WOOD Leonard Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 82b
    WOOD Edward Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 82b
139 5 High Bank Street WADE Ben Head Wr 25 Woolen Overlooker Asst Farsley 82b
    WADE Ann Sis S 23 Worsted Weaver Farsley 82b
    WADE James William Bro S 17 Wool Twister Farsley 82b
    WADE Casilla Sis S 14 Woolen Piecer Farsley 82b
140 3 High Bank Street WATSON Maria Head W 58   Farsley 83a
    BOOCOCK Sarah Dau S 28 Woolen Weaver Pudsey 83a
    WATSON Lizzie Dau S 22 Worsted Mender Pudsey 83a
    WATSON Joseph John Son S 16 Iron App. Farsley 83a
    ISLES Samuel Board S 22 Cloth Finisher Farsley 83a
141 1 High Bank Street CARTER James Head M 45 Joiner Leeds 83a
    CARTER Sarah Wife M 42   Farsley 83a
    CARTER George Son S 20 Joiner Farsley 83a
    CARTER Lily Dau S 18 Worsted Weaver Farsley 83a
    CARTER Charlotte Dau S 12   Farsley 83a
142 2 High Bank Street LONSDALE Ann Head W 56   Leeds 83a
    LONSDALE Ann Dau S 25 Worsted Mender Pudsey 83a
    LONSDALE Alice Dau S 19 Worsted Mender Farsley 83a
    LONSDALE Arthur Son S 20 Boiler Maker Farsley 83a
    LONSDALE Ernest Son S 16 Worsted Spinner Farsley 83a
    LONSDALE Alfred Son S 13 Worsted Spinner Farsley 83a
    WILKINSON Mary E Visit S 12 Scholar LON 83a
143 8 High Bank Street HORN George Head M 66 Hand Loom Weaver Bramley 83a
    HORN Mercy Wife M 67   Bramley 83a
144 10 High Bank Street WOOD Matthew E Head M 41 Bookkeeper Farsley 83a
    WOOD Lucy Wife M 43   Coulton 83a
    WOOD John William Son S 15 Cloth Finisher Farsley 83a
    WOOD Walter Son S 11 Scholar Leeds 83a
    WOOD George Ed Son S 8 Scholar Leeds 83a
    WOOD Thomas Son S 5 Scholar Bramley 83a
145 12 High Bank Street WOOD William Head W 73 Living on own Means Kirkstall 83a
    HALEY Rebecca Dau M 39 Housekeeper Farsley 83a
    HALEY Annie Gdau S 9 Scholar Leeds 83a
    HALEY Sarah Hannah Gdau S 5 Scholar Farsley 83a
146 Alma House WINFIELD Alfred Head M 46 Free Methodist Minister Holmfirth 83b
    WINFIELD Henrietta P Wife M 40   LON St. Pancras 83b
    WINFIELD Alice Dau S 13 Scholar DER Newbold 83b
    WINFIELD Mary E Dau S 12 Scholar DER Chesterfield 83b
    WINFIELD Edith Dau S 10 Scholar Leeds 83b
    WINFIELD Frederick Marsden Son S 8 Scholar Leeds 83b
    KING Sarah J Visit S 37 Living on own Means LON St. Pancras 83b
147 Edroyd Place STRICKLAND James Head M 38 Woolen Spinner Stanningley 83b
    STRICKLAND Sarah J Wife M 40   Farsley 83b
    STRICKLAND Fred Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 83b
148 4 Edroyd Place HOLDSWORTH Joseph Head M 49 Boiler & Bridge Maker Farsley 83b
    HOLDSWORTH Eliza Wife M 28   Farsley 83b
    HOLDSWORTH James W Son S 2   Farsley 83b
    HOLDSWORTH Ernest Son S 1   Farsley 83b
    HOLDSWORTH Grace A Sis S 27 Worsted Weaver Farsley 83b
    HOLDSWORTH Hannah Sis S 24 Woolen Mender Bramley 83b
149 Edroyd Place READ Bethia Head W 64 Living on own Means Farsley 83b
    READ Ellen Dau S 32 Dressmaker Farsley 83b
    READ Alison Dau S 30 Dressmaker's Asst Farsley 83b
    READ Albert H Son S 28 Draughtsman Farsley 83b
    READ Thomas E Son S 25 Weaving Overlooker Farsley 83b
150 3 Edroyd Place PICKARD Edward Head M 46 Foreman Mender Farsley 83b
    PICKARD Martha Wife M 44 Wool Weaver Farsley 83b
    PICKARD Herbert Son S 3   Farsley 83b
151 1 Edroyd Place ROBINSON Samuel Head M 49 Woolen Mule Spinner Bramley 83b
    ROBINSON Sarah Ann Wife M 51   Wortley 83b
    ROBINSON Alfred Son S 24 Woolen Mule Spinner Bramley 83b
    ROBINSON Lillian Dau S 21 Dress Milliner Farsley 83b
152 2 Edroyd Place GOTT Joseph Head M 49 Woolen Mill Manager Farsley 83b
    GOTT Emily Wife M 43   Stanningley 83b
    GOTT Benjamin Son S 22 Worsted Overlooker Farsley 83b
    GOTT Jennings Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 84a
    GOTT Sarah Moth W 75 Living on own Means Farsley 84a
153 4 Edroyd Street KEIGHLEY Abraham Head M 59 Worsted Mill Manager Pudsey 84a
    KEIGHLEY Sarah Wife M 50   Farsley 84a
    KEIGHLEY Alice Dau S 22 Worsted Weaver Farsley 84a
    KEIGHLEY John Benjamin Son S 12 Scholar Farsley 84a
154 Edroyd House BARNES Joseph R Head M 38 Oil Extractor Calverley 84a
    BARNES Elizabeth Wife M 32   Bramley 84a
    BARNES John Fairbank Son S 9 Scholar Farsley 84a
    BARNES William Lane Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 84a
    BARNES Howard Son S 3   Farsley 84a
    BARNES Morris Son S 1   Farsley 84a
    BARNES Stanley Son S 6m   Farsley 84a
    BAILEY Elizabeth Serv S 24 General Domestic LON Paddington 84a
    LONGBOTTOM Mary Serv S 15 Nurse Domestic Pudsey 84a
155 11 Red Lane IBBOTSON Alice Serv S 22 General Domestic Sheffield 84a
156 13 Red Lane BRAMFITT Maria Head W 60   Calverley 84a
    BRAMFITT Sarah A Dau S 38 Worsted Weaver Farsley 84a
    BRAMFITT Frances Dau S 24 Worsted Mender Farsley 84a
157 15 Red Lane OLDRID James Head M 61 Cloth Finisher Foreman Wortley Leeds 84a
    OLDRID Charlotte Wife M 58   Kirkstall 84a
158 17 Red Lane WHITELEY Frederick Head M 43 Wool Sorter Farsley 84a
    WHITELEY Ann Wife M 45   Farsley 84a
    WHITELEY Emily Dau S 24 Dress Milliner Farsley 84a
159 14 Broad Street WADDINGTON Henry Head M 34 Wool Cloth Twister Little Horton 84a
    WADDINGTON Mary H Wife M 33 Weaver Undercliffe 84a
160 Great Wood Farm PARKIN Robert Head S 50 Farmer Calverley 84a
    SPENCE Anne Niece S 44 Domestic Housekeeper Ardsley 84a
    HIRST Abigail Aunt W 89 Retired School Mistress Rothwell 84a
161 23 Red Lane HINCHCLIFFE Fred Head M 35 Cloth Presser Huddersfield 84b
    HINCHCLIFFE Annie E Wife M 34   Huddersfield 84b
    HINCHCLIFFE Florence Dau S 12 Scholar Huddersfield 84b
    HINCHCLIFFE Arthur Son S 6 Scholar Farsley 84b
    KAYE Alice Niece S 17 Worsted Weaver Huddersfield 84b
162 25 Red Lane OVEREND Daniel Head M 49 Market Gardener Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Grace A Wife M 47   Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Susannah Dau S 26   Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Randolph Son S 24 Gardener Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Fanny Dau S 22 Worsted Piece Mender Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Florence Dau S 19 Worsted Weaver Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Mary Dau S 17 Worsted Weaver Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Elizabeth Dau S 15 Worsted Weaver Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Samuel Harper Son S 14 Gardener Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Rachel Dau S 12 Half Timer [Wool] Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Ethel Dau S 10 Scholar Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Joseph P Son S 8 Scholar Farsley 84b
    OVEREND Matthew Fath Wr 74 Wool Cloth Weaver Farsley 84b
163 27 Red Lane WADE Noah Head M 47 Carpenter Farsley 84b
    WADE Rhoda Wife M 48   Pudsey 84b
    WADE Ned Son S 23 Coal Dealer Farsley 84b
164 29 Red Lane WILBY Alfred Head M 41 General Lab. Farsley 84b
    WILBY Alison Wife M 41   Farsley 84b
    WILBY Pollie Dau S 12 Scholar Farsley 84b
    WILBY Harry W Son S 10 Scholar Farsley 84b
    WILBY Sarah Elizabeth Dau S 8 Scholar Farsley 84b
    WILBY Lois Dau S 5 Scholar Farsley 84b
165 31 Red Lane DUFFIELD John Head M 34 Steam Engine Fitter Farsley 84b
    DUFFIELD Alice Wife M 33   Farsley 84b
166 33 Red Lane BRAMFITT Joshua Head M 60 Woolen Waste Sorter Kirkstall 85a
    BRAMFITT Sarah Wife M 60   Leeds 85a
    BRAMFITT Emily Dau S 29 Worsted Weaver Farsley 85a
    BRAMFITT Priscilla Dau S 25 Woolen Weaver Farsley 85a
    BRAMFITT Matthew Son S 21 Woolen Spinner Farsley 85a
    BRAMFITT Mary Dau S 19 Woolen Weaver Farsley 85a
167 35 Red Lane KEIGHLEY Benjamin Head M 66 Waste Dealer Farsley 85a
    KEIGHLEY Eliza Wife M 62   Farsley 85a
    KEIGHLEY Clara Dau S 36 Dressmaker Bingley 85a
    KEIGHLEY Nora Dau S 22 Dressmaker Farsley 85a
168 37 Red Lane BUSFIELD Peter Head M 65 Woolen Percher Calverley 85a
    BUSFIELD Grace Wife M 60   Calverley 85a
169 Highfield House HOBLEY Frederick Head M 57 Clothing Factory Manager OXF Thames 85a
    HOBLEY Mary Wife M 57   OXF Thames 85a
    HOBLEY Alice M Dau S 28   BRK Brightwell 85a
    HOBLEY Charles Parker Son S 18 Clothing Factory StockKeeper Farsley 85a
    HOBLEY Robert Arthur Son S 15 Scholar Farsley 85a
170 38 Red Lane HAINSWORTH Charles Head M 33 Horse Breaker & Mill Hand Farsley 85a
    HAINSWORTH Sarah A Wife M 35   Tong 85a
    HAINSWORTH Alice Dau S 3   Farsley 85a
    HAINSWORTH Herbert Son S 1   Farsley 85a
171 24 Broad Street BUSFIELD William Head M 65 Retired Woolen Spinner Leeds 85a
    BUSFIELD Grace Wife M 62   Eccleshill 85a
172 22 Broad Street BOOTH Joshua Head M 34 Woolen Mule Spinner Farsley 85a
    BOOTH Ellen Wife M 34   Farsley 85a
    BOOTH Arthur Son S 11 Scholar Farsley 85a
    BOOTH Minnie Dau S 6 Scholar Farsley 85a
    BOOTH Florrie Dau S 2   Farsley 85a
    BOOTH Emily Dau S 1m   Farsley 85a
    HAINSWORTH Rebecca m in l W 65   Farsley 85a
173 Red Royd House GAUNT Henry Head M 33 Worsted Spinner Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Mary M Wife M 37   Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Bernard Son S 9 Scholar Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Agnes Dau S 7 Scholar Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Marion Dau S 4 Scholar Farsley 85b
    GAUNT John Son S 2   Farsley 85b
    SMITH Carrie Serv S 18 General Domestic Castleford 85b
    SMITH Lily Serv S 14 Nurse Domestic Glass Houghton 85b
174 The Grange GAUNT Isaac Head M 63 Worsted Spinner Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Priscilla Wife M 64   Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Ernest Son S 28 Worsted Spinner Farsley 85b
    GAUNT Agnes Dau S 31   Farsley 85b
    RIDDLE Jane Serv S 23 General Domestic SCT 85b
    COPE Claudia Visit S 17   CON 85b
175 Grange Lodge YORK William Head M 30 CoachMan Catterick 85b
    YORK Martha Wife M 27   Scruton 85b
    YORK Sarah Dau S 2   Scruton 85b
    YORK Julia Ann Dau S 1   Farsley 85b
    YORK John A Son S 1m   Farsley 85b
176 Wadlands GRANGE John Head M 60 Farm Lab. Warsill 85b
    GRANGE Barbara Wife M 57   Sawley 85b
    GRANGE Mary A Dau S 31 Woolen Weaver Farsley 85b
    GRANGE Alena Dau S 25 Worsted Mender Wyke 85b
    GRANGE Fanny Dau S 13   Farsley 85b
177 Wadlands Hall ASHBY George Head M 56 Farm Lab. Ripon 85b
    ASHBY Fanny Wife M 45   Ripon 85b
    NAYLOR Eli Lodg S 25 Gardener RUT Preston 85b
    GLEDHILL George A Neph S 8 Scholar Halifax 85b
178 Wadlands Grange JOHNSON Jabez Head M 57 Woolen Manufacturer Farsley 86a
    JOHNSON Hannah Wife M 56   Farsley 86a
    JOHNSON Sarah A Dau S 22   Farsley 86a
    RICHARDSON Alice Serv S 16 General Domestic Tadcaster 86a
179 Springwood CRAVEN Louisa Dau M 39   Farsley 86a
    BRADBURY Emily Dau M 41   Farsley 86a
    BRADBURY George R J Gson S 10 Scholar Saddleworth 86a
    BRADBURY Robert C L Gson S 5 Scholar Saddleworth 86a
180 Priesthorpe Road MORRELL Herbert Head M 27 Groom & CoachMan Guiseborough 86a
    MORRELL Caroline Wife M 24   Calverley 86a
    MORRELL Maud Dau S 5 Scholar Calverley 86a
    MORRELL William H Son S 1   Middleborough 86a
181 Woodlands BOTTOMLEY Edwin Head M 32 Worsted Mill Manager Bradford 86a
    BOTTOMLEY Mary Wife M 24   Farsley 86a
    BOTTOMLEY Elsie M Dau S 5m   Farsley 86a
    ENGLAND Annie E Serv S 19 General Domestic Aberford 86a