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Obituaries 1923


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Joseph Hy. Halliday, old Pudseyite, died at his residence, The Crimbles, in early January aged 82.
Womersley Heap, Pudsey Congregationalist of Pembroke Road, aged 46.
James Booth, of Glebe St, a partner in the firm of Booth & Astin, in January.
Alderman Frank Astin, other partner in Booth & Astin, deputy mayor of Pudsey and at the time, local Chancellor of the Exchequer died at his residence, Alexander Road, in his fifty-eighth year.
David Webster, Sydney Street, Farsley, in January, old Pudsey Britannia cricketer.
Coun. J. W. Rathmell, of Broadgate Lane, Horsforth, in January.
Mrs. H. Wilson, a highly respected Farsley lady, well-known in Baptist and Women's Liberal Association circles. Died in March.
Mr. J. H Dawson, J.P. of Nesbit Hall died at the end of March.
Samuel Wilson died at his residence "Woodroyd" in his seventy ninth year.
Alderman David Webster, member of Pudsey Corporation, in early June.
Dr. C. H. Booth, of Thornbury, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Booth, of Oaklands, Rodley died in July, indirectly the result of a German poisoners attack.
Mr. Alfred Walton, Woodleigh, Calverley, Chairman of the directors of Jn. Walton & Sons, Ind. manufacturers of Lydgate Mills. Died October aged 83.
Mr. Edwin Woodhouse, J.P., D.I., a former Lord Mayor of Leeds, at his residence, Brookleigh, Calverley, in November.
Dr. H. Kershaw, of Radcliffe House, Radcliffe Lane, in November, highly respected medical practitioner.