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Obituaries 1926


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Mrs Martha Ann Ward, at Leeds, native of Pudsey, aged 92, well-known in Fulneck
Seth Whitham, Horsforth, died at Leeds, aged 92
Tobias Brearcliffe, Horsforth tradesman, in his 90th year

Mrs Sarah Gaunt, formerly of Richardshaw Lane, died at Blackpool
Frederick Halliday (80) Lowtown
George Teasdale (87) Bramley, late proprietor of well-known specific Teasdale's Chlorodyne, and founder of Bramley Conservative Club
Fred Fitton (81) Yeadon
Mrs Harriet Boocock (82) Valley Road, Pudsey
Benjamin Cobb (80) Horsforth
Mrs Sarah Ann Wilson (82) Farsley
Miss Annie Benson (85) Calverley, died in March and her brother:
Jonathan Benson, auctioneer and bell-ringer of Calverley, aged 86, in November
Mrs Henry Stansfield (85), connected with Mount Tabor U. M. Church, Pudsey all her life
Mrs Mary Ann Hutchinson (84) Radcliffe Lane, Pudsey
Mrs Nancy Cook (81) Bramley
Mrs Ann Clough (84) Bramley
James Young (86) Bramley
Enoch Darnborough (81) Drighlington
Mrs Emma Guy (83) Pudsey
Mrs Benjamin Powell (80) Farsley
Mrs Sarah Hudson (81) Pudsey
Samuel Hainsworth (84) formerly assistant overseer and poor-rate collector, Farsley
Samuel Cordingley (82) Pudsey woollen manufacturer
Mrs Martha Bennett (82) Pudsey who celebrated her diamond wedding the previous year
Mrs Joseph Muff (84) Pudsey
James Wilson (84) Farsley
Mrs David Johnson (86) Farsley
Joseph Dufton (84) died at Armley, native of Pudsey, formerly a waste dealer and in sport, a bowler
Heaton Ross (87) Bramley
Mrs Sarah Ann Waterhouse (84) Pudsey
Noah Wade (87) old railwayman, Stanningley
John Oddy (82) Farnley
Samuel Holdstock (84) on eof the founders of Eleven Lane Ends Primitive Methodist Chapel
Mrs Hannah Halton (82) native of Pudsey,died at Glanville, South Australia
Walter Blackburn (82) Stanningley
William Snowden Pratt (86) old Calverley cricketer and overseer of the poor
Mrs Margaret Holling (80) Calverley
Mrs Sarah Ann Hainsworth (82) Rodley

Dan Wilson (79) Farsley woollen merchant and a founder of the local Liberal Club
Mrs Annie Marie Fieldhouse (70) Bramley
Sam Dufton (71) at Dewsbury, formerly of Pudsey
Mrs Sarah Emsley (78) Hough Side
Amos Procter (71) Pudsey
William Robinson (72) old Farsley Cricket Club stumper
James Verity (71) life-long Pudsey Bethelite
Mrs Emily Busfield (72) Horsforth
Samuel Scott (70) Calverley
Mrs Martha Thompson (74) Pudsey
Richard Smith (75) a Pudsey painter who had an accident at Pudsey Littlemoor Council School some months previously
Mrs Hannah Isles (76) Pudsey
J. W. Thornton (71) Farsley, formerly a manufacturer
William Dransfield (71) Calverley
William Bennett (76) Bramley
Mrs Elizabeth Wilson (78) Stanningley
Joseph Herd (76) formerly forman at Stanningley Railway station
Mrs Esther Whitehead (74) Farsley
Smith Stead (71) Bramley
David Dixon (70) Pudsey
Mrs Ellen Booth (71) Stanningley
Joseph Beetham (70) Farsley
Joseph Leuty (78) landlord of the Fleece Inn, Pudsey
Joseph S. Lawson (77) Horsforth, native of Pudsey
Mrs Emily Ann Grimshaw (70) Pudsey
Mrs Robert Peel (78) Pudsey
Mrs Sarah Helena Pannett (76) Stanningley
Mrs Walter Grimshaw (71) Calverley
Mrs Joseph Walsh Ives (70) Bramley
Mrs Mary Ann Hemingway (72) Thornbury
John Wood (71) Pudsey
Miles Maudsley (75) Stanningley who had celebrated his golden wedding two years previously
Mrs Elizabeth Wright (74) Farsley
Miss Priscilla Hainsworth (73) Bramley, late of Farsley
Coun. W. H. Harrison (76) Armley, headmaster of Armley Church School for 40 years
J H Wilkinson (74) Horsforth, author of "Leeds Dialect Glossary & Lore"
Henry Wentworth (77) Yeadon
Frederick Platt (70) Bramley
Miss Elizabeth Marston (76) Pudsey
Aaron Barron (73) Stanningley
John Parker (76) Leeds, first headmaster at Richardshaw Lane Council Boys School, Pudsey and a well-known bowler
Samuel Farrer (70) Pudsey
Mrs Martha Dale (76) Adwalton
James Ridgeway (74) Stanningley
Joseph Richardson (72) Fulneck
Mrs Eliza Jane Walton (79) Stanningley
Mrs Mary Webster (72) Pudsey
Wilfred Gray (78) Calverley
Mrs Nancy Wilkinson (72) Stanningley
Mrs Mary Ann Womersley (76) Thornbury, native of Pudsey
George Smith (76) Pudsey
Mrs Martha Lee (71) Pudsey
Mrs Mary Ward (73) Pudsey
Joseph Banks (74) Stanningley
Mrs Martha Murgatroyd (77) Pudsey
Mrs Eliza Tyne (71) Bramley
Mrs A. J. Parker (72) Pudsey
Mrs Sarah Johnson (73) Pudsey
Snowden Sutcliffe (78) Pudsey
Mrs M.H. Northrop (75) Farsley
John Allerton (74) Farsley
William Richard Hepworth (79) Gildersome
Mrs Emily Peate (75) Farnley
Miss Rachel Fawbert (73) Pudsey, who had lived in one house at Littlemoor all her life
Mrs Amelia Blackburn (79) Thornhill, native of Pudsey
Benjamin Lockwood J.P. (75) formerly a member of Horsforth District Council
Mrs Elizabeth Chambers (71) Horsforth
Mrs Mary Hannah Lupton (75) Bramley
Albert Wardman (73) Adwalton
Herbert Smith (71) Stanningley
Mrs Hannah Elizabeth Whitham (77) Farnley
Samuel Stables (77) Pudsey, connected with Church Lane Wesleyan Chapel
James Jeffrey (77) a Calverley plumber
William John Lindsay (70) Bramley, with the fim of W & T Huggan for 50 years
Mrs Margaret Ann Brook (73) Pudsey
Mrs Walker Wilcock (78) Stanningley

Leonard Gaunt J.P. (67) Farsley, connected with John Hainsworth & Sons as partner for 50 years,
died at Torquay where, owing to indifferent health, he had gone to spend the winter
Percy Gaunt C.B.E. (51) member of Reuben Gaunt & Sons
Jonathan Tomlinson, formerly Pudsey Borough Treasurer and prominent worker at Trinity Church. Funeral 1st January.
S. Charles Lund, formerly of Pudsey died Sydney, New South Wales
W. H. Billington of Harrogate, former prominent Horsforth Churchman and Conservative
Fred Mitchell, native of Yeadon, formerly landlord of the Brown Cow Inn, Stanningley
Mrs E. B. Brown, wife of the Rev. E. B. Brown, Vicar of Towse, Norfolk, formerly of Farsley
Mrs W. C. Lumby, Pudsey, sister of the Mayor of Pudsey, Coun. S. Myers
George Jones, jeweller, Pudsey
William Crampton, Rosegrove, near Burnley, formerly a Pudsey baker
William Binks, market gardener
John. William Chadwick, old Bramley bell-ringer
William Walker, book-keeper at the Albion Mills, Pudsey
Fred Shrives, Farsley, greengrocer
Mrs John William Gornall, Farsley, a member of the Salvation Army
Walter Webster Tate, Bramley plumber and temperance worker
Mrs Thomas Bray (69) Stanningley, Sunfield Wesleyan worker
William Walker, Leeds, formerly surveyor of Calverley
Mrs Mary Ann Scarth (55) landlady of the White Horse Hotel, Pudsey
Walter Cook, Bramley, who was caught in the machinery whilst oiling some shafting at Newlay Dye Works and died at the Infirmary
Ned Johnson, Darlington, late of Stanningley
Mrs Mary Walton (56) Granville, South Australia, wife of George Hainsworth Walton
Charles Mathers, landlord of the New Inn, Bramley, a former Yorkshire and international footballer
William Penn, U.S.A., a native of Farsley who went to America over thirty years ago
Fred Milner (61) Bradford, formerly of Stanningley
Mrs Hewitt, daughter of the late Mr & Mrs J. Wood, formerly of the "Sun"
Mrs Fred Overend, wife of the Rev. F. Overend of Rixton, near Warrington, a native of Farsley
Percy Marshall, Farsley, an old army man
Mrs Sarah Allott (65) Farsley
Mrs William Gaunt (65) Stanningley
Ex-P.C. Henry Baron, Farsley
Mrs J. W. Parker, Pudsey
Mrs Annie Hudson Mathers, well-known Bramley vocalist
Coun. J. T. E. Willey, Rodley, a member of Calverley U.D.C.
Mrs H Worsnop, Rodley
William Spencer (69) Pudsey photographer
W. B. Emsley (65) Pudsey newsagent
Mrs Grace Ann Ross, widow of Mr M. A. Ross, who died in New Zealand
John Daley, caretaker of Stanningley Council School
Joseph Barron, Farsley
Mrs J. E. Mann, Pudsey, Mount Zion Chapel worker
Ernest Jones (61) grocer, Chapeltown, Pudsey
Mrs Martha Elizabeth Jessop (64) Stanningley
Miss Emma Procter (49) Farsley
Thomas Brearley Chapman of Heysham, late of Pudsey
Mrs Herbert Webster (61) Pudsey, who died at Morecambe
Fred Harrison (58) Chapeltown, Sheffield, native of Rodley
Mrs Sarah Alice Parish (45) Pudsey
Hutchinson Armitage, prominent member of Pudsey Conservative Club
James Broughton, respected "News Office" employee
Mrs Susannah Brayshaw (67) Stanningley
Miss Jane Hainsworth (39) Pudsey
T. Winn, Farsley, connected with the Richardshaw Lane P.M. Chapel
F. Ramsbottom, Farsley, Workpeoples Hospital Fund worker, died in Norfolk
Arthur Thomas, Farsley, connected with the Celtic Football Club
Joseph Firth, old Calverley cricketer
Mrs Mary Hannah Baker (66) Stanningley
Samuel Parker, Farsley
Mrs Mabel Agnes Bentley, draper, Farsley
Arthur Shaw, Horsforth tradesman
Thomas Percy Darnborough (37) Bramley
Victor Coates (33) Pudsey
Arthur Green (50) Stanningley
Mrs Rebeccah Carter (48) Stanningley
Mrs Emma Crossley (69) Bramley
Southcote Turner (51) Bramley
Tom Carter, old S.& F. Britannia C.C. secretary whose wife predeceased him earlier in the year
Albert Wilson (45) Registrar of Births and Deaths for Pudsey, had a seizure and died whilst driving a motor car in Bradford
Mrs Frances Wilkinson (60) Bramley
George William Barker (57) Calverley Lane, fell from a scaffold and received fatal injuries
John Leach (Orange) (52) Pudsey, manager of the Co-operative Stores
John Denton (51) Bingley, a former Pudsey tenor vocalist
Robert Winterburn (64) Ravensthorpe, a former Pudsey tradesman
Mrs Oliver A. Jowett, Pudsey
James Arthur Sanderson (57) Bramley, Leeds Tramway Inspector who met with a tragic death
Thomas Henry Clayton (67) Pudsey
Mrs Edith Atkinson (41) Bramley
Miss Alice Harrison (48) for a number of years a teacher in Pudsey schools
Mrs C. C. Elsworth (63) Stanningley
John Hinchliffe, former Pudsey shopkeeper
Harry Stillings, Skegness, native of Pudsey
Ben Hainsworth (50) Pudsey
John Edward Dawson, Thornbury, native of Pudsey
Jonas Smith Hemmingway, Farsley who earlier in the year had returned from Australia
Arthur Claughton, Stanningley
George Henry Tinker (48) Bramley, formerly of Pudsey, was fatally injured in a motor accident
Mrs A. E. Chuck (48) Stanningley
Thomas Jubb (56) Horsforth
Ed. Glover (69) Farsley, who was killed in Bradford Road by a motor car
Mrs Beatrice Haley, Farsley Wesleyan worker
Supt. H. Armstrong, Pudsey St. John Ambulance Association
Mrs Oddy Hargreaves, of Bath, native of Farsley, died whilst on holiday in Weston-Super-Mare
Mrs Mary Huggan (60) Pudsey
George Tordoff (59) landlord of the Kings Arms Hotel, Pudsey and an old cricketer
William Chester Turner (66) Bramley
Mrs James Balmforth, Rodley
Herbert Gaunt (58) Bradford, manufacturer, native of Farsley
Albert Beardsell (62) Calverley
Mrs Maurice K. Raistrick (35) Pudsey, connected with Robin Lane P.M. Chapel
John Latimer Hyland (37), Florida, native of Pudsey
County Coun. David Wood (53) Yeadon, native of Pudsey
John Phores Greaves, Thornbury, old Pudsey Unitarian worshipper
Mrs Alex Richards, Bramley
W. H. Whincup, Stanningley
Mrs M. W. Shackleton, Pudsey
Cyril Webster Gaunt, very popular Waterloo young man
Archie Norman Keighley (40) Farsley
William Bradley (61) of Scarborough, native of Pudsey, formerly stationmaster at Grantham
Hudson Davison, Ipswich, formerly landlord of the Owl Hotel, Rodley and member of Calverley U.D.C.
Mark Raistrick (66) devoted Pudsey Primitive Methodist worker
Fred Thornton (62) Bramley P.M. worker
Mrs Sarah Eddison (69) Farsley
John William (Jer) Binns (66) Pudsey
James Harper-Bakes, Eccleshill architect
Bernard Binks (36) Stanningley
Mrs R. Knowling (63) Calverley
Mrs Annie Smith, Rodley
Samuel Birdsall (68) Stanningley
Allan Wright, Pudsey
Mrs Sarah Brown (64) Pudsey
Frederick Hainsworth (63) Farsley
Mr & Mrs Fred Hogg, Bramley
Joseph Thompson (47) Calverley
Joseph Wood (46) Pudsey
Joseph William Law (48) Stanningley
Ed. Dickenson (66) Stanningley
Mrs Harriet Ann Lawson (61) Stanningley
Matthew Ellis Sterriker (65) Pudsey, tailor
John William Gaunt (59) Pudsey, boot & shoe maker
Mitchell Austin Holmes of Middleton, formerly of Stanningley
John Wilson (59) Farsley
Mrs Emily Loker (25) Pudsey
Harry Todd, Stanningley
Coun. William Hainsworth Waterhouse (66) boot & shoe dealer, Bury, who left Pudsey 38 years ago
John Scott (48) Pudsey
Mrs Alice Southern (83) Britannia Hotel, Pudsey
Benjamin Ross (47) Bramley
Patrick Crayton (69) Bradford, native of Pudsey
Joseph Marsden (63) Bramley
John Scott (69) Fulneck
Mrs Sarah Ann Wood (61) Stanningley