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Obituaries 1933


In this section are lists of obituaries that appeared in the Pudsey & Stanningley News. The lists appeared in the last issue of the year and contained names for whom obituaries had appeared in the newspaper that year, though possibly only a selection appears, rather than a comprehensive list.. Only a few years are currently available so far, but the list will be added to.

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Maria Richardson (103) Yeadon

Daniel Overend, Farsley
Betsy Smith, Pudsey, a Stanningley woman
Maria Goodman, Bramley
John Cornforth, Morley, formerly Stanningley
Sarah Susannah Iveson, Calverley
Sarah Ann Pickles, Johannesburg, formerly Farsley
Martha A. Kaye, Bramley
Elizabeth Darlow, Horsforth
Elizabeth Collins, Farsley

Martha Ann Rawson, Rodley
John Bolland, Lower Wortley
Harriet Hunt, Meriden
John Wilkinson, Pudsey
Israel Grimshaw, Rodley
Isabella Fletcher, Stanningley
Emma Booth, Calverley
Melinda Dobson, Pudsey
Betsy Wood, Rodley
David Dunwell, Stanningley
Joseph Hainsworth, Pudsey
Eliz. Popplewell, Leeds, old Bramley resident
Jane Gill, Leeds, native of Pudsey
Sarah Wilson, Pudsey
Elizabeth Laycock, Farsley
Joseph Roberts Barnes, Farsley
James Ingham Booth, Pudsey
Eliz. Whitaker, Rodley
Alfred Henry Rayner, Leeds, native of Pudsey
Johnson Blackburn, Frizinghall, formerly Pudsey
Parmella Naylor, Bramley
William Othick, Bramley
Eliza Sarah Cole, Pudsey, formerly Farsley
Geo. Johnson, Pudsey
Martha Whitham, Fagley, native of Stanningley
Sam Milner, Wickersley, native of Pudsey
Mary E. Witty, Pudsey
Nancy Williamson, Pudsey
Mary Sugden, Pudsey
Sarah Nield, Bramley
Hannah Robinson, Pudsey
Geo. Lay, Farsley
William Wilks, Pudsey, late Roundhay Rd.
Geo. Hy. Atkinson, Bramley
Emma Broughton, Pudsey
Ann Eliz. Maudsley, Stanningley
Sarah Rhodes, Farsley
Eliza Ann Turner, Pudsey
Emma Flesher, Bramley
JOhn Walker, Pudsey
Chas. Child, Bramley
Geo. Dixon, Stanningley
Ben Howden, Bolton, attended Pudsey feast for fifty years
JOhn Hy. Marsden, Pudsey
John Lupton, Bramley
Mary Magdalene Beermann, Pudsey
Annie Lee, Calverley
Martha Wharton, Rodley
Moses Anson, Farsley
Mary Siwden Horsfall, Pudsey
Frances Dufton, Pudsey
Jane Eleanor Ellis, Bramley
Holden Waite, Rawdon
Charles Richard Pursor, Gildersome
Rebecca Greenwood, Bramley
Annie Rayner, Bramley, native Pudsey
Jane Rawling, Bramley
Emily Haw, Grantham, late Pudsey
Benjamin Daniel Brayshaw, Toronto, Canada, formerly Pudsey
Zinia Stead, Bramley
Esther Louisa Brook, Stanningley
Ellen Mary Fawkes, Farnley Hall
Samuel Parkinson, Farsley
Harriet Sheard, Pudsey
Tom Grant, Bramley, his wife Lucy (age 77) and his sister Ann Grant
Mary Wharton, Bramley, bone-setter
Jane Kitchen, Stanningley

John Harrison, Bramley
George T. A. Bannister, Rodley
Mary Hare, Pudsey
Martha Skinner, Stanningley
Mary A. Chamberlain, Pudsey
John William Driver, Bramley
Fred Glover, Greengates
Grahan Megson, Farsley
Eliz. Oddy, Gildersome
Emily Gains, Farsley
William C. York, Tickhill, formerly Pudsey
Rebecca Brown, Farsley
Marion A. Binns, Enfield, formerly Bramley
Eliza Jane Clayton, Bramley
Henry Fearnley, Bramley
Ann Gott, Horsforth
William Goldsworthy, Horsforth
Dr. E. R. Wawn, Ilkley, formerly Bramley
Rebecca Calvert, Calverley
Joseph Gice, Pudsey
Angelina Hollings, Farsley
Henry Grimshaw Pilley, Harrogate, formerly Calverley
Richard Rawling, Bramley
William Hy. Rayner, Pudsey
John Robbins, Farsley
Hannah Naylor, Horsforth
Isaac Compton, Stanningley
Harriet Crabtree, Bramley
Mary Esther Balmforth, Pudsey
Sarah Ann Milner, Pudsey
Sam Verity, Clayton, formerly Pudsey
John Pickering, Clayton, formerly Pudsey
Mary Overend, Farsley
Albert Waterhouse Gaunt, Pudsey
Susannah Binns, Farsley
William Marshall, Bramley, retired policeman
Emily Ashby, Bramley
Emma Parkinson, Pudsey
John Parrott, Pudsey
Sarah Ann Scott, Pudsey
Emily Gaunt, Stoke-on-Trent, native of Pudsey
Francis Michael Johnson, Blackpool, native of Pudsey
Sarah Ann Kemp, Ilkley, formerly Farsley
Emma Walker, Horsforth
Sarah Eliz. Clayton, Pudsey
John Crawshaw, Bramley
Priscilla Eliz. Parker, Stanningley
Hannah Wheater, Calverley
Mary Emma Brogden, Stanningley
Jonathan Coates, Pudsey
William Balmforth, Rodley
Robt. Hinchliffe Fenton, Pudsey
John Bickerdyke, Bramley
Sarah Hollenby, Bramley
Joseph Popplewell, Calverley
Thos Simpson, Bramley
Jane Hardaker, Pudsey
Martha Hoyle, Pudsey
Esther Boys, Bradford, formerly Pudsey
Walter Andrews, Stanningley
Frances Farrer Norfolk, Bramley
Thomas John Cox, Horsforth, formerly Pudsey
Mrs A. Davison, Calverley
Maria Thompson, Stanningley
John Ed. Verity, Pudsey
Irwin Smith, Pudsey
Emma Keighley, Farsley
Mary Shaw, Pudsey
Harry Oldfield, formerly Farsley
Mrs Chas. Grimshaw, Thornbury, native of Calverley
Geo. Hargreaves Clegg, St. Anne's, formerly Pudsey
Martha Lazenby, Rodley
Eliza Whitley, Farsley
Hester Ann Appleyard, Linton, native of Bramley
Martha Appleyard, Stanningley, died while on holiday at Scarborough
Emma Jane Roe, Farsley
Charlotte Hunt, Pudsey
Harriet Roberts, Farnley
Joseph Wilson, Pudsey
Eliz. Bailey, Stanningley
Harry Carrick, Stanningley
Barzillai Grimshaw, Greengates
Charles Grimshaw, Bradford Moor
Elias Parkinson, Farsley
Alethea B. D. Ramsden, Roundhay, formerly Pudsey
Jonatha Overend, Batley, native of Stanningley
Joshua Lee, Farsley
Mary Eliz. Dean, Farsley
Frances Eliz. Goldstone, Pudsey
Mary Hannah Habbishaw, Bramley
John Midgley, Pudsey
Mary Sutcliffe, Pudsey
Hannah Simpson, Farsley, formerly Kippax
Rev. Theador Liley Clemens Rugby, formerly Fulneck
William Richardson, Stanningley, formerly Gildersome
Edward Greenall, Farsley, formerly Bradshaw Church
James Blackburn, Pudsey
William Johnson, Stanningley
Sarah Ann Kay, Torquay, formerly Bramley
Jane Marshall, Stanningley
John James Robinson, Stanningley
Harry Musgrave, Rodley
Timothy Carlisle, Bramley
Margerat Entwhistle, Pudsey
Eliz. Tindall, Pudsey
Henry Wright, Pudsey, formerly Park gardener
Sarah Keighley, Morley, formerly Farsley
Hannah Stott, Pudsey
Sarah Taylor, Farsley
Ann Godfrey, Stanningley
Mary Eliz. Dickinson, Bramley
Mary Wood, Farsley
Emma Grace Mirfield, Bramley
William Lynch, Pudsey
Amelia Halliday, Undercliffe, formerly Bramley
Owen Parkin, Farsley
William Holdsworth J.P., Moreton, Cheshire, native of Farsley
Ezra Carter and his wife Martha, of Scarborough, natives of Pudsey
Phoebe Compton, Stanningley
Benjamin Meek Stubley, Farnley
Phoebe Softley, Rodley
Harry Strickland, Pudsey
Joseph Westerman, Bramley
Eliz. Ann Alton, Stanningley
Albert Ed. Asquith, Pudsey
Annie Day, Bramley
Herbert Townsend, Farsley
Mary Turner, Bramley
Ann Wilson, Southport, native of Stanningley
James Hudson, Harrogate, formerly Bramley chemist
Hartley Grunwell, Manningham, formerly Farsley
Margaret Bonner, Horsforth
Rose Hannah Croft, Pudsey
Mary Hannah Denning, Gildersome
Annie Greves, Pudsey
Polly Sowden, Gildersome
Mary Strickland, Pudsey, died a month after her husband
Walter Thompson, Bramley
Joseph Foster, Calverley Bridge
Lavinia Illingworth, Hadleigh, Essex, native of Pudsey
Betty Leadbeater, Pudsey
Emanuel Varey, Brisbane, Australia, formerly Farsley
George Henry Grimshaw, Pudsey
Joseph Busfield, Rodley
Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Bramley
Thomas Jones, Bramley
Emily Emmott, Bramley
Ellen Asquith, Pudsey, her husband died earlier in the year
John Clark, Pudsey
Williamson Dyson, Farsley
Godfrey Hainsworth, Thornton, native of Pudsey
Robert Osborne, Gildersome
Emma Procter, Pudsey
Arthur Waite, Horsforth

Jos. Hainsowrth, Bramley
Eva Hainsworth, Armley, native of Farsley
Leslie Porritt, Pudsey
Eliz. Ann Sewell, Eccleshill, native of Stanningley
Martha Ann Ward, Pudsey
Lorenzo Dober, Stanningley
Ethel Ellis, Pudsey
Alf. Hartley, Winnipeg, late Pudsey
Chas. Lee, Farsley
Mary Ann Norfolk, Bramley
Walter Arran, Bramley
Annie Simpson, Harrogate, native of Pudsey
Lily Thompson, Bramley
Emma Wilman, Pudsey
John Winn, Middlesbrough, native of Stanningley
Jos. Hainsworth, Bramley
Lily Abel, Rodley
John Ed. Emsley, Pudsey
Annie Harper, Pudsey
George Irwin Lambert, Bramley
Eliz. Lobley, Pudsey
George Stillings, Holywell, N. Wales, native of Pudsey
Arthur Newman, Bramley
James Rhodes, Pudsey
John Robt. Smithies, Bramley
Eliza Shaw, Stanningley
Jane Walker, Bramley
Arthur Busfield, Farsley
Harry Garside, Stanningley
William Ackroyd, Pudsey
Arthur Bailey, Bramley
David Brooke, Stanningley
Walter Ed. Dawson, Calverley
Edgar Harrison, Bramley
Ada Jennings, Pudsey
Percival Doughley Mackie, Farsley
Florence Fenton Smith, Stanningley
William Dawson, Stanningley
Liliah Noble, Farsley
Richard Johnson, Farsley
Ernest Kirk, Morecambe, formerly Rodley
Emma Lumby, Pudsey
Alf. Riley, Farsley
Herbert Rushworth, Pudsey
Joseph Spencer, Derby, formerly Pudsey
Edward Andrew Ward, Leeds, formerly Stanningley
Ethel Womersley, Thornbury, formerly Pudsey
Douglas Wardman, Pudsey
Ernest Busfield, Rodley
Mrs A. Cordingley, Calverley
John Westman, Rodley
Ada Barraclough, Stanningley
Margaret Cowling, Rodley
Wilfred Ellis, Pudsey
Florence Gaunt, Kirkham, late Pudsey
Couc. William Hixon, Horsforth
Fred Lucas Halliday, Ashton-under-Lyne, formerly Stanningley
Aliz. Higgins, Victoria, Australia
Fred Jowett, Pudsey
Harry Lister, Calverley Bridge
Fredk. Teet, Pudsey
Walter Renton, Morecambe, formerly Pudsey
Olive Wilson, Stanningley
John William Bedford, Farsley, native of Eccleshill
Ernest Crowther, Horsforth
George W. Naylor, old Horsforth bandsman
Lizzie Illingworth, Pudsey
James Threapleton, Pudsey
Ed. Andrew Ward, Hunslet, formerly Stanningley
Jonathan Parkinson Harrison, Cleethorpes, formerly Farsley
Blanche Clements, Pudsey
Framces Dennison, Pudsey
James Sennett, Pudsey
Rebecca Wade, Bramley
Samuel Bannister, Farsley
Rev. Mother Benedict, Horsforth
Mrs Robert Armitage, Farnley
James Feather, Pudsey
Joseph Jowett, Pudsey
William Sykes Oddy, Tong
Thomas Henry Ramsden, Farsley
David D. Williams, Pudsey
Hugh Bateson, Horsforth
Wilfred Kellett, Calverley
Alice Hague, Horsforth, native of Bramley
David Jenkins, Stanningley
Eva Milner, Stanningley
Keith Walker, Pudsey
Geo H. Lumby, Pudsey
Mary Ann Huggan, Ossett, native of Pudsey
Edith Emma Scott, Pudsey
John Norris Smith, Bramley
Mary Ann Farrer, Pudsey
Geo. Bedford, Pudsey
Henry Wheelwright, Pudsey
Rhoda Barnes, Bramley
William Francis Batson, Bramley
Emma Firth, Pudsey
Clara Novello Frankland, Bramley
Joseph Horn, Stanningley
Thomas Midgley, Bradford Moor, native of Pudsey
Albert Sheard, Bramley
Mary Eliz. Challis, Pudsey
Arthur Hargreaves, Pudsey
Rev. W. F. Flemington, Essex, formerly Bramley
Ada Firth, Calverley
William Hy. Taylor, Holbeck, formerly Bramley
Maud Eliz. Dixon, Bradford, native of Farsley
Jesse Greaves, Stanningley
Florence Taylor, Bramley
William Turner, Pudsey
Walter Trickett, Bramley
William Brook, Horsforth, formerly Gildersome
Florence Coope, Pudsey
John Hy. Doherty, Farsley
Betty Farrer, Pudsey
Ann Heywood, Rodley
Joe Owen Leathley, Gildersome
Arthur Rhodes, Pudsey
Coun. William Brook, Horsforth
Mrs J. A. Yonge, Mentone, France, native of Pudsey
Allison Hainsworth, Farsley
Peter Halliday Gaunt, Pudsey
Joseph Holder, Manningham, formerly Pudsey
Martha Riley, Stanningley
William Tetley Barraclough, Stanningley
Mrs William Newbould, Calverley
Ada Bunting, Pudsey
Fred Ogden, Pudsey
Walter Fitton, Bramley
Thomas Rafton, Farsley
Ernest Thomas, Farsley
Jane Eliz. Aspinall, Pudsey
Watson Bradshaw, Bramley
John Farrer, Pudsey
Christiana Kenworthy, Farnley
George Parkin, Pudsey
Herbert Rhodes, Pudsey
Arthur Rider, Pudsey
Clara Turner, Bramley
Hettie Emsley, Nottingham, formerly Pudsey
Eric Knight, formerly Bramley
Wilson Walshaw Butterworth, Bramley
Herbt. Watkinson, Pudsey
Thomas Warman, Pudsey
Albert Thornton, West Bromwich, formerly Stanningley
Gertrude Tattersall, Horsforth
Robert Henry Ernest Brown, Farsley
Mabel Gaunt, Harrogate, native of Farsley
Ald. Luther Sunderland, Pudsey
Alice Parkinson, Pudsey
Tom Taylor Robinson, Pudsey
Lewis Varley, Rodley
Thomas Wilkinson Neal, Horsforth
Fred Fawcett, Horsforth
Annie Rule, Bramley
Charles Bowman, Pudsey
Annie Jowett, Stanningley, native of Drighlinton
Beatrice Slater, Horsforth
Simon Clayton, Stanningley
Anita Eddison, Armley, formerly Bramley
Mary North Boocock, Pudsey
Harry Duffield, Farsley
John William Parkin, Bramley
James H. R. Bazley, a Bramley schoolmaster
Lily Lumby, Pudsey
Thomas Kelley, Bramley
Edgar C. Newstead, Otley
Fred Burnett, Bramley
Annie Farrer, Pudsey
Eric Gibson, Stanningley
Harriet Humphries, Bramley
Chas. Vivian Spofford, Bramley
Harry Walton, Pudsey
Tom Harker, Bramley
Selina Firth, Pudsey
Jonathan Moore, Pudsey
Walter F. Burgin, Bramley
Annie Eliz. Booth and her husband, Jonathan Booth, Farsley
Sarah Ann Lee, Rodley
Harry Roberts, Farnley
Emily Robertshaw, Pudsey
John Oliver Thorpe, Pudsey
Gertrude Wood, Calverley Bridge
Mrs Harry Isles, Calverley
Stephen Dawson Burgess, Bramley
Annie Bennett, Bramley
Harold Thrippleton, Pudsey
Robert Salmon, Pudsey
Harry Anderson, Calverley Bridge
George E. Ackroyd, Pudsey
Sophia H. Burgin, Lancaster, formerly Pudsey
John Rider, Pudsey
Bertha Lobley, Rodley
James Arundle, Normanton, formerly Pudsey
Norman Wilson Riley, Pudsey
Fred Hainsworth, Pudsey
Ellen Nicholls, Pudsey
John Quinn, Pudsey
Harry Speight, Bramley
Ann Smith, Pudsey
Sir Tudor Walters, London, Liberal candidate P. and O. Division 1922
Florence Coffey, Pudsey
Maud Preston, Pudsey
Hilda Day, Dewsbury, native of Farsley
Arthur Gambles, Pudsey
Seth Wharton, Rodley
Dorothy Eugenie Wood, Pudsey
Margaret Hannah Moorhouse, Farsley
Alice Maud Greenwood, Stanningley
David Holmes, Bramley
Florence Mary Hudson, Rawdon
Emma Thompson, New Jersey, U.S.A., formerly Stanningley
Mavis Walker, Bramley
George H. Smith, Bramley
Ernest John Platt, Pudsey
Thomas Henry Powell, Pudsey
Ann Wheatley, Pudsey
John William Wrightson, Bramley
Annie Boyes, Pudsey
Geo. Hy. Haskett, Pudsey
Charles Sugden, Morecambe, formerly Pudsey
Arthur Towler, Grenadier Guards, formerly Farsley
Edith Marsden, Bramley
Mary Webster, Pudsey
John Ed. Lorrimer, Calverley
Robert Walker, Greengates
William Kirkbride, Horsforth
Mary Ellen Dobson, Pudsey
John Allerton, Stanningley
William Scales Webster, Pudsey
Joseph Dixon, Bramley
Ann Lee, Farsley
Kate Agnes Barker, Calverley
Fred Haw, Lincoln, formerly Rodley
Leonard Harold Sykes, Pudsey
Edna Ingham, Bramley
William Barlow, Bramley, native of Pudsey
Kate Isabel Coates, Pudsey
Rhodes Daniel, Pudsey
Bertha Millicent Hawkshaw, Pudsey
Mary Eliz. Waller, Calverley
Lena Pryor, Pudsey
Vera Vevers, Stanningley
Wybert Donkersley, Bramley
Arba Rushforth, Drighlington
Willie Rushton, Bramley
Dr. Arthur E. Sellers, Bramley
Horace Varley, Pudsey
Clara Wilson, Morecambe, native of Bramley
Rev. Father Versteylen, Pudsey
Eliz. Ann Glover, Farsley
Albert Preston Holdsworth, Thornbury, formerly Farsley
Hinchliffe Myers, Pudsey
Coun. Horace Denning, Gildersome
Gladys Boothman, Bramley
Mary Jane Darley, Bramley
Roy Grimshaw, Calverley
James William Hetherington, Rodley
Eveline Hogley, Pudsey
Francis Samuel Jeffrey, Horsforth, native of Calverley
Albert Peel, Bramley
Fredk. John Riley, Stanningley
Jane Eliz. Tomlinson, Pudsey
Rebecca Watson, Pudsey
Maurice Harwood, Stanningley
Mary Jane Daly, Stanningley
Martha Eliz. Hinings, Pudsey
Thompson Kitching, Farsley
Marion Lambert, Thornbury
Albert Metcalfe, Stanningley
Mary Ann Ryder, Bramley
Minnie Truswell, Farsley
Ethel Briggs, Farsley
Harry Spencer Threapleton, Bramley
Mary Ellen Turner, Greengates
Rev. A. G. Seymour, a former vicar of Tong
Walter Campbell, Bramley
Eliz. Johnson, Bramley
Albert Ingle, Bramley
Mary Margaret Hudson, Stanningley
Mary Christina Lofthouse, Farsley
Amelia Porritt, Pudsey
Mrs Thomas Connor, Mimico, Canada, formerly Stanningley. Fatally injured by being knocked down by a car
Elizabeth Mary Tate, Bramley
Lily Laycock, Farsley
Helen Sheard, Farsley
Leonard Swallow, Pudsey
Annie Appleyard, Bramley
Ivy Chadwick, Stanningley
Eleanor Gildford, Bramley
Squire Jagger, Gildersome
Maria Meegan, Pudsey
John Mirfin, Armley, formerly Bramley
Thomas Smith, Pudsey
Albert Swainson, Stanningley
Annie Webster, Farsley
Harry Coope, Pudsey
Alfred Turner Smith, Farsley
Clara Ambler, Pudsey
Alferd Harman, Stanningley
Ada Spurr, Pudsey
Mrs L. A. Parsons, Calverley
Martha Ingham, Bramley, native of Pudsey
Eliza Hainsworth, Rawdon, native of Stanningley
George Arthur Garbutt, Bramley
Arthur Hodgson Bentley, Farsley
William West, Bramley
William Shires, Armley, formerly Stanningley
Elizabeth Pickles, Farsley
John Williams, Calverley
Joseph Thomas Davidson, Leeds, formerly Calverley
Elizabeth Hood, Calverley
Elizabeth Greaves, Bramley
John Edward Jones, Farsley, native of Pudsey
Thomas Marshall, Leeds, native of Stanningley
James William Roundhill, Pudsey
Frederick William Rydall, Morecambe, native of Bramley
Thomas Thompson Teale, Horsforth
Edith White, Bramley
Elizabeth Ann Rawnsley, Bramley, who nine weeks before lost her adopted daughter Mrs Edna Ingham and nine weeks prior to that, her granddaughter, Blanche Smith was buried
Louis Pickersgill Busfield, Calverley